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    FAQ/Walkthrough by JHarring

    Version: 1.1 | Updated: 03/22/99 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Version 1.1 (3/22/99)
    Table of Contents
    I.    Intro
    II.   Revision History
    III.  The Classes
    IV.   The Walkthrough
    V.    Weapon List
    VI.   Armor List
    VII.  Magic List
    VIII. Monster List
    I. Intro
    Hello there, brave adventurer!  Welcome to my FAQ/Walkthrough, created for one 
    of the best RPGs available for the NES.  For most of this information, I 
    consulted Nintendo Power's Players Guide to Final Fantasy.  Some of the material 
    contained in that book is wrong, so I tried my best to correct any errors.  
    However, in the course of reading this, you find a mistake or omission, please 
    don't hesitate to email me at harring@student.umass.edu and I will revise this 
    document.  Thanks and enjoy!
    II. Revision History
    Version 1.1 (3/22/99) - Grazer (grazer321@aol.com) sent me a couple of cool
    tricks for quickly gaining experience.
    Version 1.0 (10/24/97) - First release.
    III. The Classes
    1) Fighter -> Knight
    Definitely the most powerful character at the beginning of the game, he will 
    continue to be a major force throughout it.  He also has the most HP out of any 
    of the classes.  He can use almost every weapon and armor (with a couple of 
    exceptions), and when he becomes a Knight, he can use White Magic up to Level 3.  
    An excellent choice for a character.
    2) Black Belt -> Master
    Although he will start off weak, as he develops in levels he will become 
    exponentially more powerful.  When he reaches level 7 or 8, you should STOP 
    equipping him with weapons, because his fists and feet will begin to do much 
    more damage and hit more often.  By the end of the game, he'll be even more 
    powerful than the Fighter.  Drawbacks include no magic whatsoever and just 
    decent armor.  Another really good choice.
    3) Thief -> Ninja
    You'll find the Thief to be pretty useless, as he can't use much weapons and 
    armor and no magic at all.  However, upon his transformation into a Ninja, he 
    becomes an amazing character.  All of a sudden, he can use just about any 
    weapons or armor, and he can learn Black Magic up to Level 4.  If you can live 
    through the time when he's just a Thief, you'll be definitely rewarded when he 
    becomes a Ninja.  It's up to you.
    4) Red Mage -> Red Wizard
    A really interesting fellow.  You might say he's a hybrid Fighter/White 
    Mage/Black Mage.  He has good fighting ability, plus he can use magics from both 
    types, so he is definitely the most versatile character.  However, his 
    transformation into a Red Wizard isn't very significant, as you will find that 
    he can only go up to a certain point in weapons, White Magic, and Black Magic.  
    However, he can learn the spell of Exit, which makes him a good choice if you 
    don't have a White Mage/Wizard.
    5) White Mage -> White Wizard
    One of the two pure magic users in the game.  He learns all White Magic spells, 
    and his ability as both a healer and protector against bosses is extremely 
    valuable.  However, he never learns to fight very well, and his armor is weak, 
    so against regular enemies he isn't much help.  But he's the only other person 
    who can cast Exit, the most important magic, and his many protections spells 
    give him worth.
    6) Black Mage -> Black Wizard
    The other pure magic user.  He learns all Black Magic spells, allowing him to 
    cast destructive forces upon groups of enemies.  Sometimes he's even more 
    valuable than fighting people, for example when you encounter a group of enemies 
    who are all weak against one particular spell.  He can't fight very well either 
    (although better than the White Mage), and he has little armor too, but you 
    probably want him in your party just because of all those nasty spells he can 
    So what kind of party is the "best"?  In my opinion, it would consist of a 
    Fighter, Black Belt, White Mage, and Black Mage.  That way you have two powerful 
    fighters and two potent magic users.  Other combinations work well, too, like 
    the default party.  I would say the hardest combination to win with would be 
    four White Mages.  If you can win the game with them, you are definitely a Final 
    Fantasy master.
    And now without any further hesitation,
    1. Coneria Castle
    You all start off unarmed and weak.  Immediately walk north into Coneria Castle.  
    Talking to the people there reveals that the Princess has been kidnapped, and 
    that the King is looking for the Light Warriors to come save her.  Well, you are 
    those Light Warriors.  The staircase that leads to the King's chamber is 
    directly north of the entrance to the castle.  The King will tell you that 
    Garland has kidnapped the Princess, and you must save her.  At the bottom left 
    of this floor, a guard will tell you that the Princess is held in a temple to 
    the northwest.  You also find out from the wise men on the first floor that the 
    treasury has been locked and you will need a mystic Key to open it.  Remember 
    2. Coneria Town
    You don't get too much out of the townspeople at this point, except that a 
    prophet named Lukahn foretold the coming of the Light Warriors, and that he has 
    joined his colleagues at Crescent Lake.  You also hear about the port town of 
    Pravoka to the east.  Your next order of business is to get weapons, armor, and 
    magic.  For weapons, the best choices are the Rapier for Fighters, Thieves, and 
    Red Mages, the Wooden Nunchuck for the Black Belt, the Iron Hammer for the White 
    Mage, and the Small Dagger for the Black Mage.  For armor, buy the Chain Armor 
    for Fighters and Red Mages, the Wooden Armor for Thieves and Black Belts, and 
    the Cloth for White and Black Mages.  Don't forget to equip your purchases!  
    With your remaining gold, buy some spells.  You want Cure and Harm for the White 
    Mage and Fire and Lit for the Black Mage.  The Red Mage can't use Harm, so have 
    him learn the other three spells.  Of course, you don't have enough money for 
    all these spells right now, so what you need to do next is go out into the world 
    and fight.
    3. Overworld
    You're too weak right now to go storming into the Temple of Fiends, so it's time 
    to build up your levels and get some gold as well.  Walk around on the green 
    grass just outside Coneria until you get attacked.  Fight and defeat whatever 
    monsters attack; they shouldn't be too difficult.  You'll fight mainly Imps and 
    Wolves, although perhaps you may encounter Madponies.  Fight creatures until you 
    have enough money to buy the spells you haven't bought yet.  You'll probably 
    advance one or two levels while doing this.  When you finally have everything, 
    save your game at the Inn (it costs 30 gold) and prepare to head to the Temple 
    of Fiends.  It's directly northwest of the town, and you won't get lost because 
    there's only one way to go.  If you want, you can save up to buy a couple of 
    Tents (75 gold each), so you can save your game right outside the Temple, but 
    you don't have to.
    4. Temple of Fiends
    You start off at the bottom-center of the Temple.  In the bottom-left is a Cap.  
    Give that to someone who doesn't have strong armor on.  In the top-left is a 
    Cabin and a Heal Potion.  In the top-right and bottom-right are locked doors, 
    which you will need that Mystic Key for.
    You should use magic (especially Harm) on the monsters that are weak against it, 
    physical attacks on the rest of them.  First, get the treasures you can.  You 
    can use the Cabin you found to recharge your health and save your game before 
    fighting Garland if you want to.  Remember that it doesn't recharge magic, 
    though, you would need to go back to Coneria and stay at the inn for that.  
    Garland is in the center room, which you must enter from the bottom.  When you 
    talk to him, he insults you, and then attacks.
    HP: 106  
    He's not very difficult, all he uses is physical attacks.  Your fighting types 
    should just pound away on him.  The White Mage should act as the healer, 
    utilizing the Cure Spell.  The Black Mage should not fight, but instead use Fire 
    or Lit on Garland.  If you don't have a Red or White Mage and someone gets hurt, 
    use the Heal Potion you found.  When you beat him, talk to Princess Sara.  
    She'll thank you and then teleport you back to Coneria Castle.
    5. Coneria Castle
    Talk to the King.  He'll tell you that he ordered a bridge built to the north, 
    allowing you access to the rest of this continent.  Your journey now can truly 
    begin.  Talk to the Princess.  She will give you a Lute.  What's it for?  Well, 
    you'll find out much, much later.  A man on the first floor will only tell you 
    that the Lute can break the evil gate.  Well, that will be useful if you ever 
    encounter an evil gate.  No one else has anything important to say, so leave and 
    go back to the town.
    6. Coneria Town
    An old woman tells you that north of Coneria lives a witch named Matoya and a 
    young lady will tell you that Matoya needs the Crystal to see because she has 
    poor eyesight.  So now we know that Matoya's cave is to the north and Pravoka is 
    to the east.  Let's go to Matoya's cave first.  Save your game at the inn, buy 
    any supplies if you want, and then head out.
    7. Overworld
    A short distance north of Coneria is the bridge the King built.  When you step 
    on it, you will see the credits for the game.  No, the game's not over, it's 
    just beginning.  Continue north, passing by the port in between the two mountain 
    ranges.  Then travel through the forest, around the river, and you'll see a 
    cave.  This is Matoya's cave.
    8. Matoya's cave
    You'll see a broom outside the room.  Talk to it and it will say "TCELES B 
    HSUP".  Read that message backwards.  Go in the room and get the two Heal 
    Potions and Pure Potion on the left side (you can walk over the skulls).  Now go 
    around Matoya's desk and talk to her.  She will tell you that she has been 
    blinded because someone has stolen her Crystal.  Should you get it back for her 
    or not?  Maybe the answer lies in Pravoka, to the east.
    9. Overworld
    When you get outside, hold B and push Select (the message the broom told you).  
    Presto!  The World Map appears.  The flashing crosshair is your location, and 
    the flashing dots are places of interest.  To get to Pravoka, head back down 
    through the forest and around the river again and go east at the mountains.  
    There are stronger enemies in this area, and if you feel you aren't strong 
    enough to fight someone, run away.  You'll pass through a small desert and some 
    more forest.  Follow it south until you find the town of Pravoka.
    10. Pravoka
    The man with the mohawk will tell you that this town has been invaded by 
    pirates, which explains why the streets are deserted.  Before confronting the 
    pirates, head directly north to the Inn (50 gold) to heal and save.  If you have 
    the gold, you can buy better weapons for the battle with the pirates, but don't 
    worry if you can't because they're easy to beat.  Talk to the pirate on the left 
    side of the town and he will order his crew to attack you.
    Pirate  HP: 6
    There are nine pirates, but they are easily beaten.  Just be careful of them 
    ganging up one guy.  You'll get 360 gold from this battle, useful indeed.  Talk 
    to the pirate after you've beaten his crew, and he'll relinquish his Ship.  Now 
    you can take to the seas.  The townspeople are now out of hiding.  You'll learn 
    that ships can stop only at ports, but there aren't any ports in the northern 
    part of the world.  So how do you get there?  You'll find out later. You'll also 
    learn that there are Elves across the sea, and their prince is under a sleeping 
    spell and needs Matoya's Herb.  So, it would seem like you need to help Matoya 
    find her Crystal before you can get the Herb.  But where's the Crystal?  Looks 
    like we need to talk to the Elves.  But not just yet.  First you need to buy 
    weapons, armor, and magic.  Here is what to buy:
    Fighter - Short Sword (550), Iron Armor (800), Wooden Shield (15), Gloves (60)
    Black Belt - Gloves (60)
    Thief - Scimitar (200), Gloves (60)
    Red Mage - Short Sword (550), Gloves (60), Mute (400), Alit (400), Ice (400)
    White Mage - Gloves (60), Mute (400), Alit (400), Invs (400)
    Black Mage - Gloves (60), Ice (400), Slow (400)
    It will take quite a bit of time to buy everything, so you need to go out and 
    fight.  You can either fight land enemies or sea enemies.  It's your choice.
    11. Overworld
    The sea enemies yield more experience and gold than the land enemies, plus most 
    of them are weak against the lightning spells, so they're probably a better 
    choice to build yourself up with.  However, they're also quite powerful so they 
    might cause you some trouble at this stage.  When you've got everything you 
    need, set sail.  This body of water that you're in is the Aldi Sea.  If you 
    check your map you'll see that it's enclosed (for now).  Head south along the 
    coastline until you reach the shore on the south side.  Then head west until you 
    see a port.  Directly south of this port through the forest is the village and 
    castle of Elfland.
    12. Elfland Castle
    Talking to the people here reveals that someone named Astos attacked the castle, 
    putting the Prince under a sleeping curse.  The only thing that can wake him is 
    Matoya's Herb.  You also hear about the Cave of Dwarf on the west side of the 
    Aldi Sea.  If you go around the right edge of the castle, you'll find the 
    treasury.  Of course, it's been locked with the mystic Key.
    13. Elfland Town
    The townspeople here tell you that Astos is the Dark Elf.  He wears a disguise 
    and secludes himself.  Someone tells you there is an ancient castle to the 
    northwest with a spooky air about it.  You also gain information about weapons 
    and armor, namely that those of silver are very powerful.  Your next destination 
    should be the Dwarf Cave.  Don't worry about the weapons, armor, magic, and 
    items in Elfland just yet.  You're going to be coming back here right after this 
    trip.  Save your game at the Inn and then go back to your ship.
    14. Overworld
    Go west along the coast and then turn to the north and hug that coast.  Along 
    the way, notice a tiny little strip of land on the west side that seems to be 
    blocking passage to the west.  Remember where that is.  Keep going north until 
    you find a port.  The Dwarf Cave is just a little ways to the southwest.
    15. Dwarf Cave
    There are quite a few dwarves walking around here to talk to.  A couple of them 
    inform you that Astos also stole Matoya's Crystal.  It seems this Astos guy is a 
    troublemaker and we should do something about him.  When you talk to the 
    blacksmith, he'll tell you that he'll make you a legendary sword, but he 
    requires Adamant.  The dwarf named Nerrick is digging a canal, but he needs TNT 
    to finish it.  Someone also tells you about something called a Floater, which, 
    not surprisingly, makes things float.  You also find out another important fact 
    about armor, and that is that bracelets protect you as well as regular armor 
    does.  It is more advantageous to wear a bracelet because it doesn't weigh you 
    down like heavy armor does.  Therefore, you get the protection without your 
    evade % suffering.  Useful indeed.  The last clue you get is that the earth is 
    rotting in the west.  Perhaps that has something to do with the town of Melmond 
    you heard about earlier?  You won't be able to go there yet until Nerrick 
    finishes his canal.  The room directly north of the stairs has 1025 gold in it.  
    Cool!  But the room to the far south is locked with that elusive mystic Key.  So 
    you still have some unanswered questions, like where to find the stuff the 
    Dwarves mention, but all will be revealed in time.  So you know you have to 
    explore that castle the Elf mentioned, but first you need to upgrade yourself 
    again.  It's time to return to Elfland.
    16. Elfland Town
    ote:  From this point on, I'm not going to tell you what weapons and armor to 
    buy. The reason why I'm doing this is because once you start exploring all the 
    caves and dungeons and such, you'll find lots of treasure, some of it weapons 
    and armor.  You will find things that are better than what can you buy in a 
    town.  You should always try to have the best equipment, so keep track of how 
    strong something is, and upgrade it in a town if necessary.
    It's going to take quite a long time to get everything this town has to offer.  
    The Level 3 magic you should get is Cur2, Afir, and Fir2 for Red Mages, Cur2 and 
    Afir for White Mages, and Fir2 and Lit2 for Black Mages.  The Level 4 magic you 
    should get is Aice, Fast, and Ice2 for Red Mages, Pure and Aice for White Mages, 
    and Fast and Ice2 for Black Mages.  This is also the first point in the game 
    when you're going to have start buying items.  You'll need Heal Potions for the 
    dungeons, and Pure Potions for the poisonous creatures running around.  Soft 
    Potions aren't really necessary just yet, but will be at some point.  The House 
    will recharge both your HP and magic, but it's quite a blow to your wallet.  So 
    looks like you've got some work to do, so get to it!
    "Northeast of Pravoka there is a thin penninsula that, due to a bug in the
    game, allows you to fight enemies from the northern continent. it only works
    on the very tip of the two space wide penninsula and the enemies are rather
    strong, but if you are on at least lv 9 or 10 and you have the spells FIR2 and
    HRM2 you can beat them." - Grazer
    17. Overworld
    While you're building yourself up, stick with the grassland in front of Elfland.  
    You'll run into Ogre/Creep combinations frequently.  They become much easier 
    once you gain the Fir2 spell.  This is going to take a bit of time, so you must 
    be patient.  When you're finally done getting everything, you should be at least 
    Level 10.  It's time to check out the Northwest Castle.  Go west until you see a 
    space between two mountain ranges.  Travel northwest through the forest until 
    you see a small river and lake.  At that point, go north and you'll find the 
    castle.  Make sure you've got some Pure Potions before you take this trip in 
    case you get poisoned on the journey.
    18. Northwest Castle
    The castle halls are deserted except for a few bats.  Bats?  Hmmm...the center 
    room has a lone king on his throne.  He informs you that Astos double-crossed 
    him, stealing his Crown and taking it to the Cave of Marsh.  The king wants you 
    to retrieve it for him.  Well, okay, since you don't have any other leads, it 
    looks like you're going to have to do this.  You also notice another treasury in 
    this castle, but surprise!  It's locked too.  
    19. Overworld
    The Cave of Marsh is directly south of the Northwest Castle.  It will be your 
    first real test in this game.  Before you enter it, make sure you've got at 
    least 50 Heal Potions and 15 Pure Potions.  You can bring more if you think 
    you'll need them.  You could also bring a couple Houses along if you want to, 
    but Houses are expensive.  If you're strong enough, you can get all the treasure 
    in one trip, so Houses wouldn't be necessary.  Go back and get your supplies in 
    Elfland, and save the game.  To reach the Cave of Marsh from Elfland, go back to 
    where the river and lake was.  Instead of going north, go west through a space 
    between mountain ranges, and then turn and go south through some swampland.  
    You'll spot a hole in the ground.  This is the Cave of Marsh.
    20. Cave of Marsh
    1st floor - You start in the center of this floor.  You can go either north, 
    south, or east.  North and south leads to stairs, east a dead end.  The north 
    stairs lead down to the second floor and some treasure rooms.  The south stairs 
    also lead down to some treasure rooms, and the stairs down to the third floor.  
    Take the north stairs first, then go back and take the south stairs.
    2nd floor (north stairs) -  
    Northwest room:  680 gold
    Northeast room:  Large Dagger 
    Southwest room:  620 gold, Short Sword 
    2nd floor (south stairs) - None of the treasure boxes contain anything, so just 
    head right to the stairs to the 3rd floor in the southeasternmost corner of this 
    3rd floor - This floor has 16 rooms in a 4 x 4 layout.
    1st row, 1st room - Iron Armor
    1st row, 4th room - 295 gold
    2nd row, 1st room - Copper Bracelet
    2nd row, 2nd room - House
    3rd row, 2nd room - Crown (battle with Wizards)
    3rd row, 3rd room - 385 gold
    3rd row, 4th room - Nothing
    The 4th row rooms are all locked.  When you've cleared out what you can, head 
    back outside.
    21. Overworld
    Before you return the Crown to that nameless king, go back to Elfland to heal 
    and save and sell off the stuff you found in the Cave of Marsh.  Once that's 
    done, go to Northwest Castle.
    22. Northwest Castle
    Talk to the nameless king.  Oh gosh!  It turns out it was Astos disguised all 
    along.  You've got a fight on your hands.
    HP: 168
    Magic:  Rub, Slo2, Fast, Fir2, Lit2, Slow, Dark, Slep
    That Rub spell of his is dangerous.  Fortunately, he only uses it once.  If it 
    hits someone, it kills them instantly.  He's also quite resistant to weapons.  
    Your fighting people should attack, of course.  Whoever you designate as the 
    healer (either Red or White Mage) should cast Mute on Astos as soon as possible, 
    hopefully before he can get that killer Rub spell off.  Once he's silenced, you 
    only have to worry about his physical attacks.  Use Cur2 when he attacks 
    someone.  The Black Mage is important because Astos doesn't have much resistance 
    to magic so whip out your best attacking spells.  Fast can also be useful to the 
    fighting people.  When you win, you'll get back Matoya's Crystal.
    23. Overworld
    Return to Elfland to heal and save (and resurrect anyone who got wasted by Rub).  
    Then head back to your ship and sail north towards Matoya's cave.  Remember the 
    port you passed by on the way there the first time?  Dock at that one.  You can 
    get there by going right underneath the bridge.
    24. Matoya's Cave
    In return for giving her the Crystal back, she'll give you a Herb which can wake 
    the Prince of Elfland.  Do I need to tell you where to go now?
    25. Elfland Castle
    Talk to the assistant guarding the Prince, and he will give him the Herb.  The 
    Prince, awakened, will now give you the Mystic Key, like the legend said.  
    Hooray!  Now you can open all those locked doors.  There were a lot of them, 
    weren't there?  Plus, the townspeople and the Dwarves will also tell you some 
    more information, so make sure to talk to everyone again.  Here's a list of 
    where all the locked doors were:  Coneria Castle Treasury, Temple of Fiends, 
    Elfland Castle Treasury, Dwarf Cave, Northwest Castle Treasury, Marsh Cave.  Go 
    get the treasure!  Here's what's where:
    Elfland Castle Treasury:  Silver Hammer, Copper Gauntlet, 730 gold
    Coneria Castle Treasury:  Iron Armor, Iron Shield, TNT, Iron Staff, Sabre,
     Silver Dagger
    Temple of Fiends:  Rune Sword, Were Sword, Soft Potion
    Dwarf Cave:  Cabin, Iron Helmet, Dragon Sword, Silver Knife, Wooden Helmet,
     Silver Armor, House, 575 gold
    Northwest Castle Treasury:  Power Staff, Falchion, Iron Gauntlet
    Marsh Cave:  Silver Bracelet, Silver Knife, 1020 gold
    When you've cleared out all the places and sold off all the junk you don't need, 
    you should have quite a bit of gold now.  The TNT you found in Coneria is to be 
    given to the Dwarf Nerrick, so he can finish his canal.  Remember the little 
    strip of land blocking passage to the west?  That will be gone now and you can 
    exit the Aldi Sea.  Someone in Elfland mentions another rumor, that an Airship 
    is buried somewhere.  Your next destination is to the west and the town of 
    Melmond.  It's right next to the first port you see when you go west.
    26. Melmond
    There is a lot of new information here in Melmond.  You hear about the Titan, 
    the Vampire, the Earth Cave, and Sarda.  It goes like this.  The Vampire, who 
    lives in the Earth Cave and attacked Melmond earlier, is stealing the power of 
    the earth, and must be defeated.  This is also the first time someone mentions 
    something about the Orbs the Light Warriors possess.  It is suggested that when 
    the Orb of Earth shines again, the earth will stop rotting. The Titan lives in 
    the tunnel, but must be given a Ruby before he will let you pass.  Sarda, the 
    Sage, lives beyond the Titan's tunnel.  You meet a character named Dr. Unne 
    who's exasperated that you haven't heard of him.  You also hear that a 
    prosperous civilization used to exist in the northern world.  And another clue - 
    the ancient people used a stone to make their ship float.  Huh?  Could that be 
    the Floater...floating the Airship?  Interesting.  But first we have to take 
    care of the Vampire.  But before we can do that, we have to hang around Melmond 
    and build up money to buy the weapons, armor, and magic necessary.  The magic to 
    buy is Cur3 and Fir3 for Red Mages, Cur3 and Life for White Mages, and Fir3 for 
    Black Mages. Note that there is no Item Shop in Melmond, so you will have to 
    return to either Elfland or Coneria to buy Heal Potions.  
    27. Overworld
    All set?  You should have 99 Heal Potions (in fact, you should always have 99 in 
    every dungeon from now on) and 20 or so Pure Potions.  Again, Houses and Soft 
    Potions are optional, although there are Coctrices that can turn you to stone, 
    which is just like dying unless you have a Soft Potion.  You are to now head for 
    the Earth Cave with the plan of defeating the Vampire.  To get there, head west 
    from Melmond until you see grassland that leads south.  Travel that way and 
    you'll find a mountain cave with a small swamp in front of it.  This is the 
    Earth Cave.
    28. Earth Cave
    1st Floor - You see paths leading in all directions when you first enter.
    North path:  Treasure room with 1975 gold
    West path:  Hall of Giants (battles with Giants, not necessary)
    Southeast path, then left:  Treasure room with 880 gold and a Heal Potion
    Southeast path, then right:  Treasure room with 795 gold and a Pure Potion
    East path:  Stairs down to 2nd Floor
    2nd Floor - You start in the northwest corner of this floor.
    Northeastern room:  Coral Sword, Cabin, 330 gold
    South room:  Wooden Shield, 5575 gold
    Southeastern corner:  Stairs down to 3rd Floor
    3rd Floor - You start in the south-center of this floor.
    Southeastern room:  Tent
    Eastern room:  Heal Potion
    Northern room:  3400 gold
    Western room:  1020 gold
    Center room:  Vampire
    HP: 156
    Special Attacks:  Dazzle(Stun)
    He's not too difficult.  His physical attacks are powerful, but easily countered 
    with Cur3.  His Dazzle attack can be kind of a pain, but it's manageable.  Your 
    fighting people do good damage, and your Mages should use Fire spells on him, 
    since he is a member of the undead, which also means Harm works, too.  After a 
    short time, he'll be defeated.  The treasure chest behind him contains the Ruby.  
    Just the thing for the Titan blocking the tunnel in the other cave.  If you 
    continue on past this room, you'll find a Stone Plate that can't be moved (yet), 
    and you sense an evil presence radiating from beneath it.  But first you have to 
    visit Sarda beyond the Titan's tunnel.  So exit the Earth Cave.
    29. Overworld
    Return to Melmond to heal, save, and sell.  The people notice that even though 
    the Vampire is gone, the earth still rots.  It appears that there is another 
    source of evil to be defeated, the evil radiating from beneath the Stone Plate.  
    Sarda has more information, so you must travel through Titan's tunnel to find 
    him.  It is as far west as you can go from Melmond.  
    30. Titan's Tunnel
    When you talk to the Titan with the Ruby in your possession, he'll take it from 
    you, eat it (!), and then allow you free passage from now on.  Go south first so 
    you can raid his treasury.
    Titan's Treasury:  Silver Helmet, Great Axe, 1070 gold
    Then proceed north out of the cave.  Sarda's cave is just south of where you 
    31. Sarda's cave
    Talk to the old sage and he will give you the Rod.  This is what to use on that 
    Stone Plate.  Sarda tells you that deep inside you will find the cause of the 
    earth's rot.  Well, time to head back to the Earth Cave and exterminate whatever 
    the threat is.  But first, make sure your Heal Potions are replenished.  Also, 
    take along a few Soft Potions this trip.  You'll probably run into Coctrices and 
    you don't want to risk losing someone.
    32. Earth Cave
    Head back down to where the Stone Plate was.  Use the Rod (by going to the Item 
    screen) and the plate will shatter, revealing a stairway.  Go down.
    4th Floor - You start on the eastern side of this floor.  
    Northern room:  Wooden Staff, 11825 gold
    Southwestern room:  Silver Shield, Cabin, 1250 gold
    Northwestern corner:  Stairs down to 5th Floor
    5th Floor - You start on the southern side of this floor.
    Western room:  Lich
    When you approach and examine the Fiend's ball, it cracks open and Lich 
    materializes.  He is the Fiend of the Earth, the one responsible for the Earth's 
    BOSS:  LICH  
    HP: 400
    Magic:  Ice2, Slp2, Fast, Lit2, Hold, Fir2, Slow, Slep
    His physical attacks aren't too devastating.  However, you should protect 
    yourself from his magic.  Mute does not work on him; he's too powerful.  So, 
    instead, cast your anti-elemental spells (Aice, Alit, Afir) to significantly 
    decrease the damage done by his attack spells.  You should also use Fast on your 
    fighters so they can inflict more damage on Lich.  Your Mages should never 
    attack because they will only do 1 damage.  Just watch your HP and you should 
    have Lich beaten rather easily.
    When you step on the altar in front of the teleporter, a gray light will rise 
    from the ground.  This indicates that an Orb has regained its power.  If you 
    check the menu screen, you'll see that your bottom-right Orb shines once again.  
    Three more to go!  Touch the teleporter and you will be transported to the cave 
    33. Overworld
    Head back to Melmond to heal, save, and sell.  All right, so now what do you do?  
    If you look at the World Map, you'll see that there's an area east of Elfland 
    that you haven't been to yet.  Because you're out of the Aldi Sea now, you can 
    go to any part of the world.  However, the mohawk-haired man in Pravoka stated 
    that there were no ports in the northern part of the world.  So therefore the 
    only place you can go is that area east of Elfland.  Remember that the world is 
    round, so you can go west of Melmond to get to this area.  Go around the Earth 
    Cave peninsula and sail west until you run into land.  You should see a port.  
    Dock here and head southwest through grassland and forest and you should spot 
    the town of Crescent Lake.
    34. Crescent Lake
    At first, it looks like there are hardly any townspeople here.  One of them is 
    sleeping.  However, there's a little path going east behind the magic shops.  
    Follow it and you'll find the Circle of Sages.  They have much to tell.  They 
    explain that the Orbs have lost their power because the Fiends of Earth, Wind, 
    Fire, and Water have seized that power to aid them in their quest of world 
    destruction.  200 years ago, the Fiend of Wind and the Fiend of Water teamed up 
    to destroy civilization.  Remember the clue about an ancient civilization that's 
    now in ruins?  Perhaps the Fiends were the ones responsible?  You also hear that 
    in the Gurgu Volcano awaits the Fiend of Fire.  One of the Sages gives you a 
    Canoe which you can use to get to the Volcano.  It's obvious your next task is 
    to destroy the Fiend of Fire.  You finally meet Lukahn as well, who is now 
    certain that the prophecy regarding the Light Warriors shall be fulfilled.  In a 
    somewhat eccentric sense, the Sages say that they will reveal more secrets as 
    you restore power to the Orbs.  Therefore, you will need to visit them 
    repeatedly.  Well, of course, before you head to the Volcano, you need to do the 
    usual routine of buying stuff.  The magic you want is Inv2 for White Mages and 
    Lit3 and Rub for Black Mages.  Red Mages can't buy any magic here.  When you get 
    promoted to Wizards (later on), you should return and buy Exit because it allows 
    you to escape any dungeon, very important indeed.
    35. Overworld
    To reach the Gurgu Volcano, follow these directions on your Canoe.  Take the 
    direction indicated when you come to a fork in the river:  west, north, east, 
    west, west.  After paddling a long way to the west, you'll see a forest with the 
    Volcano in the middle, surrounded by water.
    36. Gurgu Volcano
    1st floor - Throughout this volcano, there are lava squares which take 1 HP from 
    each party member every time you step on them.  In most cases, they're 
    unavoidable, so you're just going to have to suck it up and take the damage.  
    You start on the east side of this floor.  Go straight west to find the stairs 
    down to the 2nd floor.
    2nd floor - Enter the door right next to you.  This leads to a very large room 
    with lots of treasure.  Go north until you can go west.  Get the Silver Helmet 
    in the treasure chest.  Go south to find another chest with 1520 gold.  Go back 
    north until you're above the first chest.  You have a choice of going left or 
    right.  Go left to find a chest with the Giant Sword.  Then head back and take 
    the right path to find 4150 gold in the next chest.  Head north as far as you 
    can go, then go west until you spot two chests.  The path that leads down to the 
    right of them leads to them.  They contain 1545 gold.  Head south to find a room 
    with a truckload of chests.  They contain 2 Silver Helmets, a Silver Shield, a 
    Silver Axe, a Cabin, 2 Heal Potions, a Pure Potion and 6710 gold.  Wow!  Then 
    take one of the doors back to the room with the lava and go all the way to the 
    west to find the stairs down to the 3rd floor.
    3rd floor - Just head east to find the stairs down to the 4th floor.
    4th floor - You start in the northwest section of the floor.  The stairs are in 
    the southeast corner.  Try to minimize how much lava you walk on.  The stairs 
    actually lead to a different part of the 3rd floor.
    3rd floor B - You start in the northeast corner of the floor.  Walk south, west, 
    south, and west to find the stairs down to 4th floor B.
    4th floor B - Enter the door right next to you to find a treasure room with a 
    Soft Potion and 2750 gold.  Go west and south to find a treasure room with 1760 
    gold.  Go north and west to find a lucrative treasure room with the Flame 
    Shield, Ice Sword, a Pure Potion, and 8220 gold.  Go back to the second room and 
    go south and east to find a room with 165 gold.  Then head north and east to 
    find a room with a House and 2000 gold.  Go back to the previous room and head 
    south and east to find a room with a Wooden Staff and 1250 gold.  Then head and 
    south and west to find the stairs down to the 5th floor.
    5th floor - You start in the center of the floor.
    Western room:  Flame Armor (guarded by Red Dragon)
    Southwestern room:  Kary
    BOSS:  KARY  
    HP: 600
    Magic:  Fir2, Dark, Hold
    What Kary lacks in magic, she makes up for in physical strength.  If she attacks 
    someone other than a Fighter, they will be hit for probably over 200 damage.  So 
    you should cast Inv2 to help lessen Kary's blows, and Afir to counteract her 
    Fir2 spell.  Fast should be employed on the fighting people because Kary's armor 
    is very strong.  Strangely, Ice spells do NOT work well on Kary at all.  In 
    fact, none of the elemental spells do.  Just pound away and use Cur3 on anyone 
    who gets the crap kicked out of them.  When she's defeated, move forward and 
    touch the Altar to restore the glow to the second Orb.  Then step on the 
    teleporter to get out of this place.
    37. Crescent Lake
    Go back to Crescent Lake to heal, save, and sell.  You've probably got lots of 
    junk, and when you're through selling it all, you should be loaded.  That's 
    good, because things will start getting really expensive.  You won't get too 
    much new information out of the Sages (kind of contrary to what they said 
    before), but the fellow who was sleeping will tell you that the Floater is in 
    the Ice Cave to the north.  Cool!  
    38. Overworld
    So how does one reach the Ice Cave?  Well, there's no river leading from 
    Crescent Lake to it.  You'll have to take another river.  Head back to your 
    ship.  Directly north of the port you docked in is a mini-lake with a port and 
    the mouth of a river.  You have to weigh anchor in the mouth and use the Canoe 
    to go inland.  Then follow these directions to get to the Ice Cave:  north, 
    east, west, west.  There'll be a path of grassland and then the opening to the 
    39. Ice Cave
    1st floor - The path takes you east and then comes back west and leads to the 
    stairs down to the 2nd floor.
    2nd floor - You start in the northeast corner of the floor.  The stairs down to 
    the 3rd floor are in the southwest corner.
    3rd floor - The stairs to 2nd floor B are right there.
    2nd floor B - Circle around and enter the treasure room.  There are two treasure 
    chests which you can get and one surrounded by holes.  Guess what's in that 
    chest?  So, how do you get to it?  Which hole should you enter?  Fall through 
    the one just right of the inaccessible chest.  You'll fall to 3rd floor B.
    3rd floor B - You land in a room full of undead monsters.  Going west from this 
    room leads to a treasure room with a Silver Gauntlet and Ice Armor.  Note that 
    there are "cold squares" on this floor which are like the lava squares of the 
    volcano.  Head all the way south and then go west to find a treasure room with 
    40780 gold!  Then head east to find the stairs back up to the first floor.
    1st floor - Enter the door right next to you to find a room with a chest 
    containing a Heal Potion.  Exit and enter the door south of you to find a chest 
    with 10000 gold.  Go east to find a room with a Tent, Ice Shield, and 9500 gold.  
    There's also a hole here.  Fall through it and you'll end up back on 2nd floor B 
    between the holes, able to reach the chest.
    2nd floor B - You'll have to fight an Eye before you can get the chest.  In the 
    chest is...the Floater!  Fall through the hole again and go back to the 1st 
    floor.  East of the room with the hole in it is the stairs leading out.  
    40. Overworld
    Sail back to Crescent Lake to heal, save, and sell.  Okay, so now what are you 
    supposed to do with the Floater?  Well, I'm going to save you some wandering 
    around and tell you that the clue is in Elfland.  One of the elves there tells 
    you that in the desert south of the crescent, you must use the Floater.  Why, he 
    must mean the Ryukhan Desert, south of Crescent Lake.  So go there, walk into 
    the middle of the desert, say "Abracadabra" (no, just kidding), and use the 
    Floater on your Item screen.  Ta-daah!  The Airship rises!  This thing is really 
    really fast.  You may now go anywhere, anytime.  Hmmm.....so where do you want 
    to go?  How about the whole northern world, since we couldn't get there before?  
    There's just one catch to using the Airship, and that is it can only land on 
    grass or plains.  This means that sometimes you will have to land it in a remote 
    field and hike to your destination.  But what is your destination?  There's lots 
    to explore, but you won't be able to go everywhere just yet.  Look at your map.  
    There's a group of islands between the two deserts in the north.  That's where 
    you should head next.  Or, you could do this:
    "In the Ice Cave, right before you walk into the treasure chest to get the 
    Floater, you fight an Eye. You may
    notice that its only attacks are instant death spells. What you do is, after
    you get the airship, you go to the town of Gaia and buy Prorings for your
    characters. These protect against ALL instant death spells.(beware though,
    they cost 20,000 each. If you can afford them, by all means, get them; they 
    will pay for themselves. Now go to the Ice Cave and attack the Eye. He has 
    only 162 HP, so one or two slashes from your fighter should take care of him by 
    now, and killing him will net you 3225 exp and 3225 g. Then just back up and do 
    it again. At the rate of four battles a minute you can have paid for the rings
    in about 20 minutes, not to mention the almost 10,000  exp each warrior
    recieved during that time. This is the very best way of gaining game finishing
    levels." - Grazer
    41. Cardia Islands
    On each island, there is a cave.  Inside each cave there are treasures and 
    dragons.  Dragons?  Don't worry, they are friendly.  Many of them talk about 
    tests and courage.  One of them mentions that there used to be palaces and 
    mechanical castles in the north.  One of the caves is a long hallway which leads 
    to the King of Dragons, Bahamut.  He tells you that if you can return to him 
    with proof of your courage, he will grant you the honor due true warriors.  
    Another dragon tells you that the test of courage takes place in the Castle of 
    Ordeal to the northeast, where proof of courage can be found.  But what is that 
    proof?  None of the dragons say.  In fact, that is part of the test, to go 
    inside the Castle and bring back what you find.  So that's your next task.
    42. Overworld
    Fly just a bit to the northeast and you will see the Castle of Ordeal, 
    surrounded by swamps and forests.  So where are you supposed to land the 
    Airship?  Far to the east, there's a grass field.  You have to land there and 
    then trudge through desert, forest, and swamp to reach the Castle.  Oh, and make 
    sure you've got 99 Heal Potions before you enter.  It's dangerous.
    43. Castle of Ordeal
    1st floor - The sage in the center tells you that you need the Crown to test 
    your courage.  Well, you have that.  He says to take it to the royal throne, and 
    bring back proof of your courage.  In the northwest corner is the royal throne.  
    When you step on it, you get transported to the 2nd floor.
    2nd floor - This is a semi-confusing trial and error puzzle.  Touching the poles 
    transports you elsewhere on the floor.  The object is to find the correct 
    sequence so as to lead to you to the stairs to the 3rd floor.  Exit the room 
    you're in and touch the pole (1).  Touch the next pole (2).  Then choose the 
    bottom pole (3).  Touch the next pole (4).  Choose the bottom pole (5).  Walk 
    down the hall and touch the next pole (6).  Choose the right pole (7).  Walk 
    right and enter the room to find a chest with the Zeus Gauntlet.  Then touch the 
    bottom-most pole (8) to enter the room with the stairs.
    3rd floor - You start in the southeast corner of the floor.  
    Northeast room:  Heal Staff
    Northwest room:  Gold Bracelet, Ice Sword, Iron Gauntlet
    Southwest room:  House, 8795 gold
    Center room:  Tail
    The Tail is the proof of your courage.  Strange, but true.  Step on the throne 
    in the room and you will be transported back to the 1st floor, and can exit.
    44. Overworld
    Go back to Bahamut.  He rewards your courage by changing all of you to a higher 
    class.  Hooray, now you actually look like adults!  A good thing to do now would 
    be to go back and buy the magic you couldn't buy before (like Exit).  It is 
    definitely useful.  Once that's done, you should now explore the towns in this 
    part of the world.  There are three:  Gaia, Onrac, and Lefein.  Gaia is 
    northeast of the large eastern desert.  Onrac is east of the western desert.  
    Lefein is southeast of the eastern desert.  However, if you try to go to Lefein 
    right now, you won't get anything at all out of it because all of the 
    townspeople speak Lefeinish, an ancient language.  Go to Gaia first.
    45. Gaia
    You learn much from the townspeople here.  The fairy at the spring has been 
    kidnapped.  The pirate who kidnapped her put her in a Bottle and sold her to a 
    caravan.  She is the only one who can draw a material called Oxyale from the 
    spring.  Also, someone mentions that the city south of here (Lefein) speaks a 
    strange language, but there was a professor who studied it.  The tower in the 
    middle of the Yahnikurm Desert (the large eastern one) is thought to be a 
    mirage.  A people called the Sky Warriors flew about from a castle in the sky.  
    And one more thing, someone saw a shining object fly towards the east.  Wow.  
    Information overload.  You need to buy the stuff for sale in this town, but it's 
    all really expensive.  Unfortunately, the monsters in this area don't really 
    give much Gold.  However, in the dungeons coming up, you'll find so much 
    treasure that you can easily come back here and buy what you need after clearing 
    them out.  So, buy what you can.  The Level 7 magic you want is Cur4 and Hrm4 
    for the White Wizard, and Ice3 and Brak for the Black Wizard.  The Red Wizard 
    can only learn Ice3.  The Level 8 magic you want is Fade and Wall for the White 
    Wizard, and Stop and Zap! for the Black Wizard.  The Red Wizard can't learn any 
    Level 8 magic.  When you're done here, it's time to explore Onrac.  
    46. Onrac
    The people here tell you a lot about this town's history, that it was protected 
    by the Mermaids who lived in the Shrine.  Then, 200 years ago, the Water Fiend 
    came and sank the Shrine, leaving the Mermaids' fate unknown.  One of the people 
    has created a submarine to go underneath the sea to find the Mermaids, but it 
    needs Oxyale to run.  You meet the daughter of the caravan master, who is having 
    a sale at the oasis in the western desert.  You also meet Dr. Unne's brother, 
    who tells you his brother is the professor who studied Lefeinish, the language 
    of the Sky Warriors.  Dr. Unne needs a Slab to be able to teach the language.  
    There is also another rumor of the shining object, as a man named Kope tells you 
    that it was a robot that fell near the waterfall north of this town.  More 
    information overload.  The next thing to do is to go to the western desert and 
    meet the caravan master.  You don't need to buy anything in this town. 
    47. Overworld
    Go to the river and canoe south and west until you reach the swampland.  Walk 
    north and you'll find the desert.  The caravan is in the northern section of 
    this desert.  The master has for sale a "Bottle" priced at 50,000 gold.  Ouch!  
    But, the pirate said he bottled Gaia's fairy and sold her to a caravan, so this 
    GAIA'S SPRING.  If you do, the fairy will fly away and you'll have wasted 50,000 
    gold.  So fly back to Gaia now.
    48. Gaia
    Stand next to the pond and use the Bottle.  The fairy will appear and give you 
    Oxyale.  Now you can use the submarine in Onrac.  So go back there now.
    49. Onrac
    Make sure your supplies are replenished, and your game is saved.  Then talk to 
    the person who was blocking the submarine.  You can pass because you have 
    Oxyale.  Touching the submarine transports you to the Sea Shrine.
    50. Sea Shrine
    3rd floor - This is where you start, in the bottom-center.  Take the stairs up 
    Western room:  9900 gold
    Eastern room:  2000 gold
    Northwestern corner:  Stairs down to 2nd floor
    Northeastern corner:  Stairs up to 4th floor
    4th floor - You start in the northeast corner.  Walk south and west (ignoring 
    the first room you see) to find a room with 20 gold.  Then walk northwest to 
    find a room with Opal Armor.  Walk south as far as you can to find a room with 
    the Light Axe.  Then walk east and take the upper path to find a room with the 
    Mage Staff.  Then go back and take the lower path to find a room with 12350 gold 
    and also the stairs up to the 5th floor.  
    5th floor - There's a bunch of little rooms with treasure and the Mermaids can 
    also be found here.  Talk to each one of them.  You learn that the Fiend of 
    Water, Kraken lives on the bottom (1st) floor of this shrine.  Also, you get a 
    clue about the Mirage Tower (the one in the Yahnikurm Desert).  To unlock it, 
    the Lefeinish people used a musical tone.  Perhaps that's why people think it's 
    a mirage, because they don't know its secret.  Among the numerous treasures you 
    will get on this floor (including lots of Opal stuff), you will get the Slab 
    that Dr. Unne needs.  Now if you return to him, you can learn the Lefeinish 
    language.  But first, we need to take care of Kraken.  Go back down to the 3rd 
    floor and take the stairs down to the 2nd floor.
    2nd floor - You start in the southeast corner of this floor.  The stairs down to 
    3rd floor B are in the northeast corner.
    3rd floor B - Take the stairs up to 4th floor B.
    4th floor B - Take the stairs down to 3rd floor C.
    3rd floor C - The chests in the room contain 560 gold.  The stairs down to 2nd 
    floor B are just outside the south exit of this room.
    2nd floor B - You start on the east side of this floor.  Walk west until you 
    reach an intersection, then go south and east to find a room with 15825 gold.  
    Then walk as far west as you can to find a room with a Power Gauntlet and 5835 
    gold.  Then walk to the north to find a room with a Light Axe.  Walk to the east 
    to find a room with a Ribbon and 19990 gold.  Finally, walk northwest to find 
    the stairs down to the 1st floor.
    1st floor - You start in the southeast corner of this floor.  Walk west until 
    you see a path going north.  Then walk north until you see another path going 
    west.  Follow this path to reach a room.  Work your way through this room to the 
    other exit and then follow the path to reach the room with Kraken.
    HP: 800
    Magic:  Lit2
    Special Attack:  Ink (Dark)
    Kraken's physical strength is a threat (up to 8 hits per attack!), so use Inv2 
    to help you lessen that.  Getting blinded by Ink can be annoying, but don't 
    worry to much about it.  If you have Lamp you can remove the darkness.  Use Alit 
    to counter Lit2, Fast to boost the fighting people, and Cur4 on anyone hurt.  
    Lit3 is a very effective attack spell to utilize.  In a short time, Kraken will 
    be defeated.  Do the usual - touch the altar to restore the Orb, and touch the 
    transporter to go back to Onrac.
    51. Onrac
    Now that you have the Slab, you can return to Dr. Unne in Melmond.  But before 
    you do that, remember the clue about a robot in the waterfall to the north?  
    That's where you should go now.  You'll get something very important.
    52. Overworld
    Go back to the river next to Onrac and canoe north until you find the waterfall, 
    then enter it.  Make sure you've got supplies, though.
    53. Waterfall
    You start in the southeast corner of the maze.  Follow these directions for when 
    you come to forks in the path:  west, north, west, west, then walk all the way 
    south.  Inside the room is the Robot, who gives you the Cube, which he says will 
    allow you to transfer to the Floating Castle.  Huh?  Is that the one the Sky 
    Warriors used?  Take the treasure in the room and then use Exit to get out.  Now 
    it's time to go visit Dr. Unne.
    54. Overworld
    Go talk to Dr. Unne in Melmond and he will teach you the language of the 
    Lefeinish.  You may now converse with the inhabitants of Lefein.  So you should 
    next head for Lefein.  There's only one problem.  You can't land anywhere near 
    it.  There's a tiny little patch of grass far to the north (next to the 
    mountains at the right side of the desert) and you have to land there and go far 
    to the south to reach the town.  There's no way around it.  Sorry, but that's 
    the way it is.  You could rationalize it by saying you gain lots of experience 
    by fighting monsters all the way to town.  :)  
    55. Lefein
    This is the ancient prosperous civilization, now in ruins because Tiamat, the 
    Fiend of the Wind, took the Power of the Wind and inhabited the Floating Castle, 
    which is where the Lefeinish ancestors lived.  The entrance to the Floating 
    Castle is the Mirage Tower, which you can enter with the Chime.  Someone will 
    give you that Chime so you can enter it.  The Lefeinish sent their five bravest 
    Sky Warriors to combat Tiamat, but they never returned.  The Airship you have 
    was theirs.  The robot you saw earlier is a product of the Lefeinish 
    civilization.  There are others like it in existence.  There is also a hint that 
    some great power controls the four Fiends, meaning they're not acting 
    disjointedly.  You must now enter the Mirage Tower and find a way to get into 
    the Floating Castle so you can defeat Tiamat and recover the last Orb.  Remember 
    what the robot said - the Cube he gave you is the key to entering the Floating 
    Castle.  Before you go, there is a secret magic shop in this town.  Go through 
    the break in the trees in the northeast part of the town and keep walking east.  
    You'll find a Level 8 magic shop which sells Lif2 and Nuke.  Buy them!    
    56. Overworld
    To get to the Mirage Tower, you have to land your Airship in a tiny little patch 
    of grass on the east side of the desert, then walk west to the Tower.
    57. Mirage Tower
    1st floor - This floor is a circle with a giant room in the center with lots of 
    treasure chests.  They contain the Aegis Shield, Vorpal, Heal Helmet, a Cabin, 
    and 30040 gold.  There's a robot here that asks if you are the master.  The 
    master of what?  The stairs up to the 2nd floor are actually right next to the 
    entrance, on the other side of a wall.
    2nd floor - This floor is another circle that you have to loop around to get 
    inside the room in the center.  The treasures in the center are Thor's Hammer, 
    Sun Sword, Dragon Armor, a House, and 59075 gold.  The stairs up to the 3rd 
    floor are just north of the room.  There's a robot nearby who tells you about 
    his companion who floated west with the Cube.  You've already met that one, 
    3rd floor - Just walk around to the entrance of the room.  A Blue Dragon is 
    right inside.  The robot will tell you that you need a Cube to operate the 
    transporter.  This must be the one that goes to the Floating Castle.  Well, 
    you've got the Cube, so away you go!
    58. Floating Castle
    1st floor - All right, where's that Tiamat?  I'll tear him limb from...what?  
    There are five floors to this place?  Jeez.  Oh well, much treasure to be had 
    here though.  You start in the center and can go up, down, left, and right.  
    Left leads to a room with a Heal Potion and 21950 gold.  Down leads to a room 
    with the Bane Sword.  Right leads to a room with a ProRing, Heal Helmet, and 
    11900 gold.  Up leads to the stairs, ahem, teleporter to the 2nd floor.
    2nd floor - You start in the northern section of this floor.
    Northeastern room:  Opal Gauntlet
    Eastern room:  Ribbon, Opal Shield
    Southeastern room:  White Shirt, Black Shirt
    Southwestern room:  Adamant
    Western room:  13880 gold
    Northwestern room:  Silver Helmet, House
    The Adamant you find here is what the blacksmith in the Dwarf Cave needed.  
    Bring it to him and he will make the sword Xcalber, which your Knight can equip.
    The teleporter to the 3rd floor is in the southern section of this floor.
    3rd floor
    You start off in the center, next to a window and a robot.  The robot says that 
    you can look out over the world through the window.  When you examine the 
    window, you learn that the Four Forces are flowing into the center of the Four 
    Altars, the Temple of Fiends.  What does that mean?  You'll find out.
    Northern room:  ProRing, Heal Potion, 14450 gold
    Western room:  Katana, Soft Potion, 7550 gold
    Eastern room:  ProCape, Cloth, Soft Potion, 24125 gold
    West, then south:  Teleporter to 4th floor
    4th floor
    This floor is a repeating maze if you walk in one direction.  To reach the 
    teleporter to the 5th floor, follow these directions: up, left, up, left.
    5th floor
    Just walk north along the bridge.  You'll be attacked a lot.  There's a slight 
    chance you'll have to fight WarMech, who is even more powerful than Tiamat.  
    Speaking of Tiamat, at the end of the bridge is the Fiend's Orb.
    HP: 1000
    SPECIAL ATTACKS:  Thunder, Poison Gas, Blizzard
    His physical attacks aren't too much to worry about, and if you're all equipped 
    with Ribbons and other protective armors, his special attacks aren't too much 
    either.  Use the usual Inv2 and Fast to give yourself more of an advantage.  The 
    elemental spells have little effect, though.  Do the Altar/teleporter routine 
    after eliminating Tiamat.
    59. Overworld
    Okay, so now that you have all four Orbs lit once again, the game is over, 
    right?  Wrong, you silly fool!  There has to be some gigantic final end boss of 
    course.  But where is he?  Well, if you remember looking out the window in the 
    Floating Castle, you learned that something is flowing into the center of the 
    Four Altars, the Temple of Fiends.  But you really don't know what that means.  
    So, remember how the Circle of Sages said to visit them as you restore power to 
    the Orbs?  That's what you must do now.  They will tell you about your final 
    60. Crescent Lake
    The Sages explain that the real source of evil is the person who has travelled 
    2000 years in the past, and sent the Fiends forward in time to destroy the 
    world.  He travels back in time every 2000 years, causing time to repeat itself 
    over and over again.  You must break the Time-Loop.  You must travel back 2000 
    years in time to confront this person by breaking the Time Gate at the Temple of 
    Fiends.  It can be broken because the four Orbs shine once again.  Then, you can 
    destroy this source of evil.  It is time to travel to the Temple of Fiends.
    61. Temple of Fiends
    Approach the Orb in the center room.  You will use the four Orbs to cover the 
    black Orb, allowing you to travel back 2000 years in time.  Make sure you've got 
    all the weapons, items, and magic you need, because once you go, you can't come 
    1st floor -  Well, actually, you can come back by using Exit so don't worry too 
    much.  You're in the center of this floor to start.  The stairs to the 2nd floor 
    are in the lower right corner.
    2nd floor -  The stairs to the 3rd floor are right near you.
    3rd floor -  You start in the upper left corner.  Enter the center room from the 
    bottom.  You'll be attacked by a Phantom as soon as you enter.  The treasure 
    chests contain 110000(!) gold.  Move to the Stone Plate on the floor.  No, the 
    Rod doesn't work on this one.  The Lute does.  You were probably wondering when 
    you were going to use that.  Descend.
    2nd floor - You start in the center room.  The stairs down to the 1st floor are 
    in the upper left corner.
    1st floor - You start in the upper right corner.  The stairs down to floor B1 
    are in the upper left corner.
    Floor B1 - You start in the lower left corner.  The stairs down to floor B2 are 
    in the lower right corner.  However, before you can descend them you must fight 
    the Fiend of the Earth, Lich, once again.  Beat him and go down.
    Floor B2 - The stairs down to Floor B3 are right next to you, but you have to 
    take the circuitous route to get to them.  When you do reach the stairs, don't 
    go down them at first; instead go south to the rooms down there.  Take the right 
    door to find a treasure chest with a ProCape.  Go through this room and into the 
    next to find a chest with 26000 gold.  Go back and take the left door to find a 
    chest with a ProRing.  Go through this room and down the next corridor to find a 
    room with a Katana.  Go back and take the stairs down to Floor B3.  Of course, 
    you'll have to fight the Fiend of Fire, Kary, before you can do that.
    Floor B3 - You start in the upper left corner.  The stairs down to Floor B4 are 
    in the lower right corner.  You have to fight the Fiend of Water, Kraken.
    Floor B4 - You start in the upper left corner.  The most powerful sword in the 
    game, the Masmune, is in a room in the lower right.  The Fiend of Wind, Tiamat, 
    is in the corridor linking the top two square areas.  The stairs down to Floor 
    B5 are in the upper right.
    Floor B5 - Walk down to the entrance of the center room and make sure you have 
    full HP, your nerves are steeled, you are prepared...oh hell, just enter the 
    room.  What?  It's Garland!  He's the guy!!!  The Four Fiends sent him back 2000 
    years in the past, and he sent them into the future.  Then the Fiends will send 
    him back again...basically this is the Time-Loop.  After 2000 years, the Time-
    Loop will close, and Garland will become immortal, dooming the world.
    Garland then transforms into the giant winged demon, Chaos!
    HP: 2000
    MAGIC:  Ice3, Cur4, Lit3, Slo2, Fir3, Fast, Nuke, Qake
    Oh boy!  It's party time!  Chaos can throw everything in the book at you.  And 
    that's right, he has a Cur4 spell.  So what are you supposed to do against this 
    creation?  Although he looks plenty intimidating, there is effective strategy 
    against him.  Use Wall on the White Wizard to protect him the most from Chaos's 
    magic.  That way he can use Inv2 and Cur4 on anyone who needs it (and they will 
    need it if Chaos hits them).  Fast should of course be employed to the fighting 
    chaps, as it will help very significantly.  You should also cast all the anti-
    elemental spells you've got to further protect you.  Even with all this 
    protection, Chaos can still put a hurtin' on you.  But if you're at at least 
    level 27 or so, you have a good chance of winning.  When you win, sit back and 
    watch the slightly ambiguous epilogue...
    V. Weapon List
    Name           Damage    Hit %      Who can use          Comments
    Bane Sword       22       20         Kn,Ni,RW            Casts Bane spell
    Catclaw          22       35         Kn,Ni,RW,BW
    Coral Sword      19       15         Fi,Kn,Th,Ni,RM,RW
    Defense          30       35         Kn,Ni,RW            Casts Ruse spell
    Dragon Sword     19       15         Fi,Kn,Th,Ni,RM,RW   
    Falchon          15       10         Fi,Kn,Th,Ni,RM,RW
    Flame Sword      26       20         Fi,Kn,Ni,RM,RW
    Giant Sword      21       20         Fi,Kn,Ni,RM,RW
    Hand Axe         16        5         Fi,Kn,Ni
    Heal Staff        6        0         Ni,WM,WW            Casts Heal spell
    Ice Sword        29       25         Fi,Kn,Ni,RM,RW
    Iron Hammer       9        0         Fi,Kn,Ni,WM,WW
    Iron Nunchuck    16        0         Ni,BB,Ma
    Iron Staff       14        0         Fi,Kn,Ni,BB,Ma
    Katana           33       35         Ni
    Large Dagger      7       10         Fi,Kn,Th,Ni,RM,RW,BM,BW
    Light Axe        28       15         Fi,Kn,Ni            Casts Hrm2 spell
    Long Sword       20       10         Fi,Kn,Ni,RM,RW
    Mage Staff       12       10         Ni,BM,BW            Casts Fir2 spell
    Masmune          56       50         Everyone!
    Power Staff      12        0         Fi,Kn,Ni,BB,Ma,WM,WW,BM,BW
    Rapier            9        5         Fi,Kn,Th,Ni,RM,RW
    Rune Sword       18       15         Fi,Kn,Th,Ni,RM,RW
    Sabre            13        5         Fi,Kn,Th,Ni,RM,RW
    Scimitar         10       10         Fi,Kn,Th,Ni,RM,RW
    Short Sword      15       10         Fi,Kn,Ni,RM,RW
    Silver Axe       25       10         Fi,Kn,Ni
    Silver Hammer    12        5         Fi,Kn,Ni,WM,WW
    Silver Knife     10       15         Fi,Kn,Th,Ni,RM,RW,BM,BW
    Silver Sword     23       15         Fi,Kn,Ni,RM,RW
    Small Dagger      5       10         Fi,Kn,Th,Ni,RM,RW,WM,WW,BM,BW
    Sun Sword        32       30         Fi,Kn,Ni,RM,RW
    Thor's Hammer    18       15         Kn,Ni,WW            Casts Lit2 spell
    Vorpal           24       25         Kn,Ni,RW
    Were Sword       18       15         Fi,Kn,Ni,RM,RW
    Wizard Staff     15       15         BW                  Casts Conf spell
    Wooden Nunchuck  12        0         Ni,BB,Ma
    Wooden Staff      6        0         Everyone except Thief
    Xcalber          45       35         Kn
    Note:  Although Nintendo Power claims that certain swords work better against a 
    particular group of enemies, I found that this isn't really the case.  
    Therefore, I didn't bother writing down which group a sword is "supposed" to be 
    better against.
    VI. Armor List
    Name           Absorb    Evade %    Who can use           Comments
    Aegis Shield     16        0         Kn                   Protects vs. Glance
    Black Shirt      24        2         BW                   Casts Ice2 spell
    Buckler           2        0         Fi,Kn,Th,Ni,RM,RW
    Cap               1        2         Everyone except Black Belt
    Chain Armor      15       15         Fi,Kn,Ni,RM,RW
    Cloth             1        2         Everyone
    Copper Bracelet   4        1         Everyone
    Copper Gauntlet   2        3         Fi,Kn,Ni
    Dragon Armor     42       10         Kn                   Protects vs. dragons
    Flame Armor      34       10         Fi,Kn,Ni             Protects vs. Ice
    Flame Shield     12        0         Fi,Kn,Ni             Protects vs. Ice
    Gloves            1        1         Everyone
    Gold Bracelet    24        1         Everyone
    Heal Helmet       6        3         Kn,Ni                Casts Heal spell
    Ice Armor        34       10         Fi,Kn,Ni             Protects vs. Fire
    Ice Shield       12        0         Fi,Kn,Ni             Protects vs. Fire
    Iron Armor       24       23         Fi,Kn,Ni
    Iron Gauntlet     4        5         Fi,Kn,Ni
    Iron Helmet       5        5         Fi,Kn,Ni
    Iron Shield       4        0         Fi,Kn,Ni
    Opal Armor       42       10         Kn
    Opal Bracelet    34        1         Everyone
    Opal Gauntlet     8        3         Kn
    Opal Helmet       8        3         Kn
    Opal Shield      16        0         Kn
    Power Gauntlet    6        3         Fi,Kn,Ni,RM          Protects vs. Sabr
    ProCape           8        2         Everyone except Black Belt
    ProRing           8        1         Everyone             Protects vs. Rub
    Ribbon            1        1         Everyone             Protects vs. magic
    Silver Armor     18        8         Fi,Kn,Ni,RM,RW
    Silver Bracelet  15        1         Everyone
    Silver Gauntlet   6        3         Fi,Kn,Ni,RM
    Silver Helmet     6        3         Fi,Kn,Ni
    Silver Shield     8        0         Fi,Kn,Ni
    Steel Armor      34       33         Fi,Kn
    White Shirt      24        2         WW                   Casts Inv2 spell
    Wooden Armor      4        8         Fi,Kn,Th,Ni,BB,Ma,RM,RW
    Wooden Helmet     3        3         Fi,Kn,Ni
    Wooden Shield     2        0         Fi,Kn,Ni
    Zeus Gauntlet     6        3         Kn,Ni,RM             Protects vs. Lit
    Note:  The evade % listed by each armor is how much your evade % goes DOWN when 
    you equip it.  Think about it, if you wore heavy armor, you wouldn't be as fast.  
    Therefore, the best kind of armor is one with a high absorb and a low evade % 
    (like a bracelet).  Does this mean that something like Chain Armor (15 absorb, 
    15 evade %) is pointless to wear or that Iron Armor (24 absorb, 23 evade %) and 
    Steel Armor (34 absorb, 33 evade %) have the same effectiveness?  No!  It is 
    much more to your advantage for a character to have a high absorb and a low 
    evade % then the other way around.  Therefore, strive to have the highest absorb 
    rating you can get.
    VII. Magic List
    White Magic
    Name          Level     Who can cast      Effect
    Afir            3        Kn,RM,RW,WM,WW   Reduces fire damage by 50-75% (allW)
    Aice            4        RM,RW,WM,WW      Reduces ice damage by 50-75% (allW)
    Alit            2        Kn,RM,RW,WM,WW   Reduced lit damage by 50-75% (allW)
    Amut            4        RW,WM,WW         Counteracts Mute spell (oneW)
    Arub            7        RW,WM,WW         Protects against Rub spell (allW)
    Cure            1        Kn,RM,RW,WM,WW   Restores 10-30 HP (oneW)
    Cur2            3        Kn,RM,RW,WM,WW   Restores 32-64 HP (oneW)
    Cur3            5        RM,RW,WM,WW      Restores 64-128 HP (oneW)
    Cur4            7        WW               Restores all HP (oneW)
    Exit            6        RW,WW            Escapes a dungeon (allW)
    Fade            8        WW               Instantly kills enemies (allE)
    Fear            4        WM,WW            Causes enemies to run away (allE)
    Fog             1        Kn,RM,RW,WM,WW   Absorb rating +8 (oneW)
    Fog2            6        RW,WM,WW         Absorb rating +12 (allW)
    Harm            1        WM,WW            20-80 damage to undead (allE)
    Heal            3        WM,WW            Restores 12-24 HP (allW)
    Hel2            5        WM,WW            Restores 24-48 HP (allW)
    Hel3            7        WM,WW            Restores 48-96 HP (allW)
    Hrm2            3        WM,WW            40-160 damage to undead (allE)
    Hrm3            5        WM,WW            60-240 damage to undead (allE)
    Hrm4            7        WW               80-320 damage to undead (allE)
    Invs            2        Kn,RM,RW,WM,WW   Evade % +20 (oneW)
    Inv2            6        RW,WM,WW         Evade % +40 (allW)
    Lamp            2        Kn,RM,RW,WM,WW   Counteracts Dark (oneW)
    Life            5        RW,WM,WW         Resurrects warrior to 1 HP (oneW)
    Lif2            8        WW               Resurrects warrior to all HP (oneW)
    Mute            2        Kn,RM,RW,WM,WW   Silences enemies (allE)
    Pure            4        RM,RW,WM,WW      Counteracts poison (oneW)
    Ruse            1        Kn,RW,WM,WW      Evade % +40 (oneW)
    Soft            6        WM,WW            Counteracts stone (oneW)
    Wall            8        WW               Protects against all magic (oneW)
    Xfer            8        WW               Destroys special defense (oneE)
    Black Magic
    Bane            5        RW,BM,BW         Instantly kills enemies (allE)
    Blnd            7        BM,BW            Blinds enemies (oneE)
    Brak            7        BW               Instantly kills enemy (oneE)
    Conf            4        Ni,RM,RW,BM,BW   Confuses enemies (allE)
    Dark            2        Ni,RM,RW,BM,BW   Blinds enemies (allE)
    Fast            4        Ni,RM,RW,BM,BW   Doubles hits per attack (oneW)
    Fire            1        Ni,RM,RW,BM,BW   10-40 HP of fire damage (oneE)
    Fir2            3        Ni,RM,RW,BM,BW   30-120 HP of fire damage (allE)
    Fir3            5        RM,RW,BM,BW      50-200 HP of fire damage (allE)
    Hold            3        Ni,RM,RW,BM,BW   Paralyzes enemy (oneE)
    Ice             2        Ni,RM,RW,BM,BW   20-80 HP of ice damage (oneE)
    Ice2            4        Ni,RM,RW,BM,BW   40-160 HP of ice damage (allE)
    Ice3            7        RW,BM,BW         70-280 HP of ice damage (allE)
    Lit             1        Ni,RM,RW,BM,BW   10-40 HP of lit damage (oneE)
    Lit2            3        Ni,RM,RW,BM,BW   30-120 HP of lit damage (allE)
    Lit3            6        RW,BM,BW         60-240 HP of lit damage (allE)
    Lock            1        Ni,RM,RW,BM,BW   Hit % +10 (allW)
    Lok2            3        Ni,RM,RW,BM,BW   Hit % +25 (allW)
    Nuke            8        BW               Extreme fire damage (allE)
    Qake            6        BM,BW            Instantly kills enemies (allE)
    Rub             6        BM,BW            Instantly kills enemy (oneE)
    Sabr            7        BW               Damage +15% and Hit % +40 (oneW)
    Slep            1        Ni,RM,RW,BM,BW   Puts enemies to sleep (allE)
    Slp2            4        Ni,RM,RW,BM,BW   Puts enemies to sleep (allE)
    Slow            2        Ni,RM,RW,BM,BW   Halves hits per attack (allE)
    Slo2            5        RM,RW,BM,BW      Halves hits per attack (allE)
    Stop            8        BW               Freezes time for enemies (allE)
    Stun            6        BM,BW            Paralyzes enemy (oneE)
    Tmpr            2        Ni,RM,RW,BM,BW   Damage +14 (oneW)
    Warp            5        RW,BW            Goes to previous floor (allW)
    XXXX            8        BW               Instantly kills enemy (oneE)
    Zap!            8        BW               Instantly kills enemies (allE)
    Key: oneE - one enemy
         allE - all enemies
         oneW - one Warrior
         allW - all Warriors
    VIII. Monster List
    Name             HP     Special Attacks/Magic           Weaknesses
    Agama           296     Heat (damage)                    Ice
    Air             358
    Ankylo          352
    Arachnid         64     Poison
    Asp              56     Poison
    Astos           168     Rub,Slo2,Fast,Fir2,Lit2,Slow...
    Badman          260
    Big Eye         304     Stun,Dark                        Lit
    Blue Dragon     454     Thunder (damage)                 Fire
    Bone             10                                      Fire,Harm
    Bull            164     
    Caribe           92                                      Lit
    Catman          160     Poison
    Cerebus         192     Scorch (damage)                  Ice
    Chaos          2000     Ice3,Cur4,Lit3,Slo2,Fir3,Fast...
    Chimera         300     Cremate (damage)                 Ice
    Cobra            80
    Coctrice         50     Stone                            Ice
    Crawl            84     Stun
    Creep            56                                      Fire
    Earth           288                                      Fire
    Evilman         190     Xfer,Nuke,XXXX,Blnd
    Eye             162     XXXX,Brak,Rub,Lit2,Hold,Lamp...
    Fighter         200     Wall,Xfer,Hel3,Fog2,Inv2,Cur4...
    Fire            276                                      Ice
    Frost Dragon    200     Blizzard (damage)                Fire,Lit
    Frost Gator     142                                      Lit
    Frost Giant     336                                      Fire
    Frost Wolf       92     Frost (damage)                   Fire
    Gargoyle         80
    Garland         106
    Gas Dragon      352     Poison Gas (damage)              Ice
    Gator           184                                      Lit
    Geist            56     Stun                             Fire,Harm
    Ghost           180                                      Fire,Harm
    Ghoul            48     Stun                             Fire,Harm
    Giant           240
    Great Pede      320                                      Ice,Fire
    Green Medusa     96     Stun,Glance (Stone)              Fire
    Green Ogre      132
    Grey Imp         16
    Grey Naga       420     Poison,Ruse,Lamp,Slow,Dark,Slep...
    Grey Shark      344                                      Lit
    Grey Wolf        72
    Grey Worm       280                                      Ice
    Guard           200     Stun
    Hydra           212
    Hyena           120
    Iguana           92
    Image            86     Stun                             Fire,Harm
    Imp               8
    Iron Gol        304     Poison Gas (damage)
    Jimera          350     Cremate,Poison Gas (damage)      Ice
    Kary            600     Fir2,Dark,Hold
    Kraken          800     Ink (Dark),Lit2                  Lit
    Kyzoku           50
    Lich            400     Ice2,Slp2,Fast,Lit2,Hold,Fir2...
    Lobster         148     Poison                           Lit
    Mad Pony         64
    Mage            105     Rub,Lit3,Fir3,Bane,Slo2,Stun
    Mancat          110     Fir2,Slow,Dark,Slep,Fire,Lit,Cure
    Manticor        164     Stinger (Poison)
    Medusa           68     Poison,Glance (Stone)
    Muck             76                                      Lit
    Mud Gol         176     Poison,Fast
    Mummy            80     Sleep                            Fire,Harm
    Naga            356     Poison,Lit2,Hold,Slow,Dark,Lit.. Lit
    Naocho          344     Poison
    Nitemare        200     Snorting (Dark)                  Ice
    Ocho            208     Poison                           Lit
    Odd Eye          10     Stun                             Lit
    Ogre            100
    Ooze             76                                      Ice,Fire
    Pede            222     Poison
    Perilisk         44     Squint (Rub)                     Ice
    Phantom         360     Stun,Stop,Zap!,Xfer,Brak,Rub...  Fire,Harm
    Pirate            6
    Red Ankylo      256
    Red Bone        144                                      Fire,Harm
    Red Caribe      172
    Red Dragon      248     Blaze (Damage)                   Ice
    Red Gargoyle     94     Fir2,Hold,Fire
    Red Giant       300                                      Ice
    Red Hydra       182     Cremate (Damage)                 Ice
    Red Sahag        64                                      Lit
    Rock Gol        200     Slow
    Sabretooth Tiger200     
    Sahag            28                                      Lit
    Sand Worm       200     Qake
    Sauria          196     Glance (Stone)
    Scorpion         84     Poison
    Scum             24     Poison                           Ice,Fire
    Sea Snake       224                                      Lit
    Sea Troll       216                                      Lit
    Sentry          400                                      Lit
    Shadow           50     Dark                             Fire,Harm
    Shark           120                                      Lit
    Slime           156     Poison                           Fire
    Sorcerer        112     Rub,Stun
    Specter          52     Stun                             Fire,Harm
    Sphinx          228
    Spider           28
    Tiamat         1000     Thunder, Poison Gas, Blizzard
    Tiger           132
    T Rex           600
    Troll           184                                      Fire
    Tyro            480
    Vampire         156     Dazzle (Stun)                    Fire,Harm
    WarMech        1000     Nuclear (Damage)
    Water           300                                      Ice
    Werewolf         68     Poison
    Wizard           84                                      Lit
    Wizard Mummy    188     Sleep                            Fire,Harm
    Wizard Ogre     144     Ruse,Dark,Slep,Hold,Ice2
    Wizard Sahag    204                                      Lit
    Wizard Vampire  300     Stun,Afir,Lamp,Ice2,Lit2,Fir2    Fire,Harm
    Wolf             20
    Worm            448
    Wraith          114     Stun                             Fire,Harm
    Wyrm            260
    Wyvern          212     Poison
    Zombie           20                                      Fire,Harm
    Zombie Dragon   268     Stun                             Fire,Harm
    Zombull         224                                      Fire,Harm
    This FAQ was created by me, Joshua Harring (harring@student.umass.edu).  Feel 
    free to distribute it to whomever and post it on whatever website as long as 
    appropriate credit is given.  Thanks to Jeff Veasey at www.gamefaqs.com for 
    posting this, and to Nintendo Power, for without their strategy guide, this FAQ 
    could not have been this detailed.

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