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FAQ/Walkthrough by Chzn8r

Version: 1.3 | Updated: 12/09/06

Complete Walkthrough / FAQ for Final Fantasy 1

Copyright © 2003 Aaron Ringgenberg

This may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for
personal, private use. It may not be placed on any web site or
otherwise distributed publicly without advance written permission.
Use of this guide on any other web site or as a part of any public
display is strictly prohibited, and a violation of copyright.

To ask for permission, email me at chzn8r@gmail.com


I'd like to thank the following for helping me create this walkthrough:
-Brian Carper (aka Dr. Unne) of Final Fantasy Classic, who was the
largest help, since I used his site for reference most every
time I couldn't remember something. Thanks a bunch!
-All the friendly people in the Eyes on Final Fantasy FF1 forum that
have ever helped me when I had a question.
-My older brother Jonathan for letting me watch him play through Final
Fantasy many times while I was young, and letting me start playing
it by age 5!
-A person I know as Graham, aka FF1CXWF, for also lending me a lot
of help and for proofing my entire walkthrough!
-The official Nintendo Power Final Fantasy strategy guide, printed
about 1990, which was key in me and my brother conquering this game.
-And finally, all my friends on and off line who encouraged me to
make this guide!


(Use ctrl+f to search to any of these sections)

Walkthrough Chapters:

Getting Started
Chapter 1 – Saving the Princess
Chapter 2 – Bikke and the Pirate Ship
Chapter 3 – The Elven Prince
Chapter 4 – The Orb of Earth
Chapter 5 – The Ice Cave
Chapter 6 – Class Change
Chapter 7 – The Orb of Fire
Chapter 8 – The Orb of Water
Chapter 9 – The Orb of Air
Chapter 10 – The Temple of Fiends: Revisited


   I. Characters
  II. Weapons
 III. Armor
  IV. Items
   V. Black Magic
  VI. White Magic
 VII. Enemies
VIII. Bosses
  IX. Special Attacks
   X. Optimal Equipment & Spells
  XI. Game Genie Codes
 XII. Version History

Getting Started

Choosing a Party

First off, when you start your brand new quest in Final Fantasy 1,
you have to choose a party. Not every character is the same, as you
can read in the characters appendice, and thus not every party is as good
as another. If you are totally new to this game, like I suspect you
are if you are reading this, then I can suggest a good starter's party,
which will be the one I use the rest of this walkthrough. Choose a
Fighter, a Black Belt, a White Mage, and a Black Mage. This has a
good balance of magic, fighting power, strength, and speed, and has
solutions for most any situation. You will have a fun and easy time
using these 4 characters together.

Intro to basic game aspects:

Alright, so you've chosen your party! You start off right underneath
a town with a big castle. Don't go to the castle, there's nothing
there. Walk into the town. Take time to browse around, and you should
find an Inn, a Weapon Shop. Armor Shop, Black Magic Shop, White Magic
Shop, Item Shop, and a Clinic. These are the standard buildings that
you will find in a town, though they are rearranged for each new place
you visit. Here is a general description of all these buildings and
why you will:

-At the Inn, you pay a certain amount of G (the unit of money in this
game that you earn/find) to have all the members of your party restored
to full health and full magic power.

-At the Weapon Shop, you purchase things like swords, staves, daggers,
etc... which your characters will use to increase their attacking power
against enemies. For information on who can equip what weapons and what
are your best choices, see the weapons section of this FAQ.

-At the Armor Shop, you purchase things like body armor, helmets, and
arm gear that make your characters take less damage from enemy attacks
in battle. For information about who can equip what armor and what are
your best choices, see the armor section of this FAQ.

-In this game, you purchase the spells you want your mages to have. And
you do that at the White/Black magic shops.

-At the Item Shop, you purchase necessities like Potions and portable
lodging. For all the stats on what all the items cost, do, and where
they can be found, look through the item section of this FAQ.

-The last, and sometimes unneeded building that you find in towns is
the Clinic. Here, you can resurrect a party member who has fallen in
battle. The cost seems heavy early, but you should make sure not to
lose anyone in the early parts of the game. When the dead ally is
brought back to life, he/she will have 1 health, so you must make
sure to use magic, potions, or an Inn to bring that person back to
stable health.

Now, once you have bought all the correct weapons and armor, and a few
spells (following my guidelines, of course) for your magic casters, I
will introduce you to the menu system:

-To get to your main menu screen, press Start while in a town, cave, castle,
dungeon, or on the world map. You will see a blue screen with white borders
and words. There will be a box with 4 gray orbs in the upper left. We'll
worry about those later. Underneath that is a box that shows the amount
of G you have. And more importantly, beneath that is a menu with 5
options. The first, "item", lets you view what important items you are
holding, and you can use potions and portable lodging items through
this menu.

-The second option on the list of 5 is "magic". You can view what spells
your characters know, how many magic points you have, and you can
also use any spells that can be used for an effect outside of battle.
For more information, see the black and/or white magic sections.

-The third choice on the list is "weapon". When you enter this menu, you
see all the weapons of battle that your characters are currently holding.
At the top, you have the choices "equip", "trade", and "drop".
Important: many people who are new to this game do not realize that you need
to equip a weapon and not just carry it in order for it to be effective.
So, to equip your weapons, select "equip" and for each character, select
the best weapon for them to be using. If they can equip it, an E= will
appear next to the weapon. If not, then you will hear an odd noise. When
you want to switch items between party members, select "trade", and then
select the two slots you want to switch. To get rid of something when
selling is not an option, go to "drop" and select the item to completely
get rid of it. For item in the menu, "armor", the layout and the way you
use it is exactly the same as it is in the weapon menu. Last, but not
least, is the "status" menu. You can find anything you need to know about
your character,including all of their physical statistics, how much
experience they've earned, and how much experience they are going to
need to go up a level.

-Now, the largest part of the menu screen is the 4-way character display.
Here you will see all the members of your party, listed in the order they
line up in for battle. You can see their name, picture, HP (this is
changed to their health status if they are poisoned/stoned/dead), level,
and for those who cast magic, the number of magic points for each tier
of magic they currently have. 

So, you know how to fully use the menu. However, if you needed those
instructions, then there is probably still a lot more fundamental knowledge
you'll need. As you walk around places, of course you will see many
people. In order to hear what they have to say to you, face them and
press "A". You can also examine things and open treasure chests in this way.

Now, let's exit Corneria, and head out into the world. For starters, just
start walking around in the forest area around the city. Whenever you are
out on the world map, you will fight many battles with random enemies in the
area. When you are entering a battle, the screen will flash and the music
will change. You suddenly appear on the battle screen. On the left, you see
the monsters you are fighting. On the right side, you see all the members
of your party and how many hit points they have. When you are choosing what
to do on your turn to attack, you have 5 options:

-The first is simply to make a character fight, you select an enemy to attack,
and then sometime between this turn and the next, that character will
damage or attempt to damage that enemy. For information on enemy health
statistics, see my enemies section in the FAQ.

-The second choice is to use magic. You can have your spell casters use a
spell either to harm your foes or to aid your party.

-The third option is drink. When you select this, you will be shown how many
heal potions you have and how many pure potions you have. Use them in the
appropriate situations (see the items section).

-The fourth option, on the bottom, is item. You will be shown all the equipment
that the person is holding. Some equipment can be used in battle for a
special effect. Most, however, do nothing at all, so you won't be using this
option much until later in the game.

-The last option, on the right of the others, is to run. If you feel you
cannot win the fight, that your characters are struggling to harm the enemy,
or you just need to avoid fighting and get to your next destination quickly,
then you run. It does not always work, but when it does, you will exit the
battle and gain no experience points or G.

-Now, if you complete a battle, by destroying all the attackers before they
do so to you (and you shouldn't expect to be routed very much, ever, so you
will normally be winning battles), then all your living party members will
earn a certain number of experience points and G depending on how difficult
the monsters were. When your party members gain enough experience, they will
go up a level, say from 1 to 2 or 2 to 3. Your character will be stronger,
faster, and have more hit points (HP) when their level increases. Magic
users will also obtain a larger maximum amount for the number of spells
they can cast before needing to go to the inn. 
Well, this should cover all the basics of how to play. Anything you
need to know, but I didn't cover, please email me, and I can add the
answer or direct you to it.

So, onto what you really want - the walkthrough!

Chapter 1 - Saving the Princess

The first part of this game is simple, short, and straightforward.
This actually should not take very long at all to explain to you.

Alright, so you've bought all the good weapons, armor, and spells, (see
appendice X if you are unsure) and you know how to fight any battles you
come across. Fight battles until all your members reach at least level 3.
Make sure to drop in at the inn occasionally, because getting to level 3
is going to take a good few battles. Once you are at that level, your
mission is simple: go north and west of Corneria. When you can go no
further north you will find a temple. This is the Temple of Fiends, which
becomes much more important later. Anyways, walk into the building
and turn left as soon as possible. Walk left and down into a small room
where you will find a chest containing a plain Cap. It is not worth much
defensively, but it's better than no head armor at all- put it on your
weakest character, likely your White Mage. Return to the entrance and go
up, where you will proceed into a larger middle room and see a mean-looking
person. This is Garland, your first boss. The battle is very plain; with
1-2 competent fighters in your party, you will only have to attack for a few
rounds and maybe use one offensive magic spell to kill him quickly.
When you defeat Garland, you will be returned to the castle at Corneria.
Talk to the princess, and she will give you the Lute (not to be used
until near the end of the game). Talk to the king and he will have his
men build a bridge for you directly to the north of the castle over a
straight which was obstructing you from getting anywhere else in the world.
That obstacel removed, you are free to carry on.

Go outside, and build your characters' levels up to 4. Once you
have done that, cross the bridge north of Corneria. Travel due east
for a ways until you can turn south (check a map if necessary). You will
reach the port town of Pravoka and have begun chapter 2! Note that
none of the other chapters of this game are as short as this first
one. Are you doing well so far? Let's hope you are.

Chapter 2 - Bikke and the Pirate Ship

Here you now find yourself already in the second part of Final Fantasy,
and into your next new adventure we go!
You have just arrived at Pravoka and you are wondering what on earth
to do. If you try talking to the people walking around in the village,
you will find that they have been taken over by pirates! How horrible.
Well, that seems like a problem fantastical heroes like you should solve.
Before we take action, let's get familiar with this town. Through
searching around, you will discover that this town has all the same
buildings that were in Corneria. They are just arranged differently.
Now, though, you will have to start making wise decisions about what
magic spells and what weapons/armor you choose to purchase and use.
Carefully look at what the options you have and don't buy anything
because it's expensive or sounds cool. Note that hit percentage is
much more valuable at this point in the game than actual damage. You
need to make sure you're actually reaching your opponents.

So, about those pirates, they'll seem like Imps. Walk over to the upper
left part of the town, and talk to the guy with the patch over his eye
and the big hat. This will initiate a battle between you and 9 pirates.
As you attack them, you will see them drop like leaves in autumn. If you
want their specs, read the bosses section.

When the battle concludes, you will be left with a fair sized amount
of G. Now, Bikke will give you his ship! This allows you to travel
through the vast seas of Final Fantasy. But, don't use it yet. Stay
around Pravoka, fighting battles until your party reaches level 6.
You should expect to have the following equipment and spells before
leaving (and this includes what you got from Corneria at the beginning):

-Everyone- Gloves 
-Fighter- Short Sword, Iron Armor, Wooden Shield 
-Black Belt- Nothing but the Wooden Armor and Wooden Nunchucks you
began with. Note that once the Black Belt reaches level 5, he will
in most cases not need any armor anymore, ever again. 
-Thief- Scimitar, Wooden Armor 
-Red Mage- Short Sword, Chain Armor; For level 1 magic- Fire,
Cure, Lit; For level 2 magic- Ice 
-White Mage- Iron Hammer, Cloth; For level 1 magic- Cure, Harm;
For level 2 magic- Mute, Invs, Alit (not all needed now, they can
wait until later) 
-Black Mage- Small Dagger, Cloth; For level 1 magic- Fire, Lit;
For level 2 magic- Ice 

So, assuming you have all members at level 6 with these things
equipped, you are set to head to your next destination- Elfland!
Start by going outside to your ship. You will notice it travels
quickly. However, you still will meet up with random battles.
Water monsters such as Sharks, Odd Eyes, Sahags, and Kyzokus
(strong pirates who yield great G) will bombard you. These
monsters are all difficult to kill, generally because they are
so hard to hit. Only Sharks deal dangerous damage, however.

To reach Elfland, head south and west of Pravoka until you
reach a port next to a big forest that has a clearing with
houses and a castle in the center. If you do not know what
I mean, look at the world map (push B and select at the same time)
and make sure you're in the right place. If the greeter in the town
says "This is Elfland" or something like that, you've reached
the correct place and can move on to (unofficial) chapter 3!

Chapter 3 - The Elven Prince

You've reached Elfland. I trust you've had a pleasant trip. You're
at the point in the game where things are going to take time,
and lots of it.

For starters, take a tour around Elfland. You will notice something
different than what you've seen before. There are 2 white magic
shops and 2 black magic shops. That's because this town offers
both level 3 and level 4 magic. Also, as you browse through the
shops, you will see prices that probably popped your eyeballs
out of their sockets.

So, now it's time to go out and start earning all that money.
Leave the town and wander around outside. You will often run
into Ogres, who give you 195G (the most anyone gives you at this
point). This is the part of the game you will spend the most
time building your characters' levels up. You should strive to
have everyone get up to level 10, and have the following equipment
and magic:

-Everyone except the Fighter and Red Mage- Cap, Gloves, Copper
-Fighter- Silver Sword, Iron Armor, Iron Shield, Wooden Helmet 
-Thief- Sabre 
-Black Belt- Iron Nunchuck 
-Red Mage- Silver Sword; For level 3 magic- Fire2, Lit2, Cure2;
For level 4 magic- Fast,  Ice2 
-White Mage- Iron Hammer; For level 3 magic- Cure2, Harm2;
For level 4 magic- Pure 
-Black Mage- Large Dagger; For level 3 magic- Fire2, Lit2;
For level 4 magic- Fast, Ice2 

Important Notes

-Instead of always going to the inn at Elfland and paying 100G
to heal, try going back to Corneria in your ship. You only have
to pay 30G there. 
-Don't be buying heal potions yet, because the inn is much more
cost-efficient at this point. However, you should start carrying around
3-5 pure potions at a time, because Arachnids, Asps, and Werewolves
will be poisoning you a lot in this area. 
-If you are using a blackbelt, don't be discouraged by how bad he
is doing. When he reaches level 10 (and from that point on), you
will be unequipping his weapon and he will be fighting with his
bare hands the rest of that game. His attack damage should go up
to roughly how much your fighter does, and he will never (or almost
never) miss anymore. 

The "Fingerpoint Glitch" 
Once the people in your party are all up to level 8 (9 preferably),
there is an alternate option for getting money and experience points.
If you go southeast of Pravoka for a ways, and then go due north, you
should be on a finger-like peninsula. Head on up to the topmost 4 squares
of land- they are FAR, FAR beyond what you should be facing. Thus, they
would be very useful for leveling and getting rich quickly. They are
VERY dangerous to you at this time, so DON'T go there until you are
at least level 8. You'll want a silver sword on any fighters, and
you should have Fire 2 or Harm 2 learned by some magic user in the party.
Bring along lots of tents so you can rest and save after every 2 battles
or so. If you come out of a lot of battles successfully, then you will have
drastically shortened the amount of time you'd spend building up in this

Now for the quests of this chapter! 

Mission 1 - The Marsh Cave 

I trust you now feel insanely powerful, and are ready to take on anything.
If you are level 11 or so, then by all means you should feel that way.

First off, buy about 25 heal potions, and 15 pures. Get 2 tents/cabins
(depends on your money situation). Now, go as far west of Elfland as
possible, and then south until you see a hole in the ground. That's the
entrance to the Marsh Cave. Inside is like a nightmare if you are not
prepared. But you are. Use a tent/cabin right outside so you enter the
cave with full health and you are saved just in case. Enter. There are 3
floors to this cave, and none of them are difficult to navigate.

-TIP: Run from every battle on your way into the cave. Coming out may be
a different story. 
-On the first floor, go as far down, down, down as you can. You will see a
small room. Enter it and go down the ladder inside to the floor beneath. 
-On the 2nd floor, you start out in a room. Get out of it, and go down to the
lowest wall. Go around the row of pillars, and to the farthest room to your
right. Pass through that room and you will see a stairwell. Go to it and
down to the 3rd floor. 
-This floor is arrange like a grid for the most part. Go 2 rooms to the
right and 3 down. In this room you should see a treasure chest surrounded
by decorations. DO NOT go near the chest yet, for that initiates a boss
battle. Make sure you heal everyone with potions, and make sure no one
is poisoned. After doing that, walk up to the chest. 2-5 wizards will
confront you. Remember that they have strong physical attacks and your
mages should be wary. Use Lit2 once or twice and the battle is over.
-After defeating the wizards, remember to get the item in the chest before
walking away, or you'll have to fight again. The treasure is a CROWN. 
-Now, heal your party so that you are not a bunch of running cripples.
If you feel you are in good condition, you can stop to fight a few battles
on the way out.
-When you reach the exit back to the outside world, IMMEDIATELY use a
tent/cabin. You don't want to have to do what you just did all over again
because you accidentally died on your way back to Elfland. 

Mission 2 - The Crown for Astos

Be sure to return to Elfland after your journey into the Marsh Cave and
heal up. Make sure that you have: Another tent/cabin; the spell Mute (level
2 white); and he spell Fast (level 4 black). Go as far west of Elfland as
you can, then go north past some rivers until you reach "The Northwest
Castle". Use a tent or a cabin here. Enter the castle, and look around
for the person sitting in the throne room. This is Astos in disguise.
Talking to him and giving him the CROWN will start a battle. His true
form is revealed. He is an ugly "dark elf" as they say. This battle can
be very quick and easy, or take many tries to win, depending on what spells
he casts. First off, have someone cast MUTE and someone else cast FAST on
your fighter/black belt. The only way to do good damage to Astos is to
land critical hits, so FAST is a necessity. The reason you need him muted
is because he uses Fire2, Lit2, Ice2, and other harmful spells, including
RUB, which will more than likely kill the target (one of your guys)
immediately. If he does manage to kill anyone in your party with rub, by
all means restart the game and go to where you saved right outside the
castle, and do the battle over. It's not worth it for someone to die this
early on. When the battle ends, he gives you a Crystal [ball]. 

Mission 3 - Saving the Prince

Now, return to Elfland, and go to your boat. Sail north, past Corneria
on the east side, go under the bridge there, and north a bit more until
you reach a port. Get out of your ship there and head north until you
reach a cave. This is where the good witch Matoya resides. In return
for the Crystal, she will give you an Herb.

Head once again back to Elfland, and this time go into the castle. Go
to the room with the bed in it. On that bed is the prince who was put
under a sleeping curse. Give the herb to him, and he will awaken! He
will then give you the Mystic Key. 

Mission 4 - Getting Out of Here

With this new key, there are a LOT of things that you can do now.
Mainly, there are loads of good treasure chests awaiting unlocking.
There are 5 locations where you can find locked treasure, now accessible:

-In the castle at Elfland, you should find a Silver Hammer, some gold,
and a Copper Gauntlet. Give the hammer to your white mage, and the
gauntlet to your fighter. 
-In the Northwest Castle, there is a Power Staff, a Falchon, and an
Iron Gauntlet. Sell the staff and the Falchon, and equip the gauntlet
to your Fighter (it's better than the Copper one you got in Elfland). 
-In the Temple of Fiends, there are a few locked chests. The only things
worth grabbing are a Rune sword (strong against magic users) and a Were
sword (good against Were monsters). Both of these could be used by your
thief, but there is something much better for him, so sell these swords
for big $$$ 
-On the bottom level of the Marsh Cave, there were a few chests locked
up that you couldn't get your first time through. They include a Silver
Bracelet, a Silver Dagger, and about 1,000 G. If you go in to get those,
give the bracelet to anyone with a copper one, and give the dagger to
your black mage. 
-In the castle at Corneria, there are 6 treasure chests. The one worth
your while is the one that holds the TNT. 

Now, let's make use of this explosive you just found.
Travel west of Corneria, to a dock that seems in the middle of nowhere.
Park your ship there, and travel south and west until you reach a cave.
It is the Dwarven Cave. Inside are 2 areas. In a room in the upper area
is about 1K in G. Go down to the lower area, and there will be a lone
Dwarf by a large room. Give the dwarf (Nerrick is his name) your TNT,
and he will make a big explosion. This is a canal being completed.
Before going outside, go into the large room and you can obtain the
following treasure: about 1.5K in G, a Dragon Sword (give to your Thief
to equip if you have one, otherwise sell it); an Iron Helmet for your
Fighter; a House; and Silver Armor, which you should give to your Fighter,
unless you have a Red Mage (they need it more than the Fighter would).
Go back outside and back to your ship. Travel a little south with it,
and you will see a water passage that was not there before. Go west
through it, and northwest after that. You will reach the port for the
town Melmond! Congratulations, you have not only completed the 3rd
part of Final Fantasy, but have also reached the point where the
storyline really comes into play (and the game stops being tedious and
moreso an adventure of discovery).

Chapter 4 - The Orb of Earth 

You are now past all the troubles in Final Fantasy that keep many
players from continuing. You have reached the turning point in the
game, and now there will be confusing maze like dungeons to navigate
and horrendous monsters to fell. This is sounding more like a good
epic story, no? The town Melmond should be where you just arrived.
Walking inside, you notice that this town is all messed up. And yes,
it is supposed to be this way. The fiend of Earth has been tormenting
these people with earthquakes, and it is a day to day struggle for
them to survive. But, they manage to have top of the line equipment
and magic available. Here's what you'll want to buy in this town:
-Fighter- Steel Armor
-Thief- Long Sword, Silver Bracelet
-Black Belt- Nothing
-Red Mage- Nothing; For level 5 magic- Fire3*, Cure3*, Life
-White Mage- Silver Bracelet; For level 5 magic- Cure3*, Harm3*, Life
-Black Mage- Silver Bracelet; For level 5 magic- Fire3*, Bane, Warp**

*These are the spells you should have before entering the Earth Cave.
**You cannot teach your Black Mage Warp until he has been promoted to
a Black Wizard (chapter 6). 

You will need to increase your strength a fair amount before attempting
our next challenge. If you are not at level 12 yet, wander around west
of Melmond (preferably in the blue cave where the Titan lives) until
you increase. Or, if you feel, you can reach your goal at Fingerpoint
very quickly.

Head west of Melmond, and have two tents/cabins, 30 heal potions and
15 pures (at least, more is better). Once you can no longer go west,
go south. Save outside and enter.
The monsters in the Earth Cave are not necessarily difficult- you can
fight each one casually. And though it is annoying, there are many enemies
who will poison or paralyze you. Run from any fight with large numbers of
scorpions or werewolves, because I'm sure you don't want to be using pure
potions all the time.

That taken care of, you want directions now. There are 6 possible ways to
go from the center of the floor where you enter. Head directly right, and
this will lead to the second level. However, had you gone directly left
from the entrance, you would come to "giant hall" where, you guessed it,
every encounter involves the Giant type of enemy. Iguanas often tag along.
On floor two, you will be heading in a down-right direction. There aren't
any major dead ends, but make sure not to go into any of the rooms, which
don't contain any treasure of value. Actually, on second thought, the far
upper-right room may be worth a visit if you have a Thief, since the Coral
Sword is quite good against water-based monsters and he'd get the most use
out of it. When you get to the stairs on the right side, you will reach the
third floor.

This floor is larger, but simpler to navigate. Immediately when you arrive,
you see a wide room, which is your destination. Travel right, up, left,
down, and right again, in a large circle, to get to this room. Do not go
in any other rooms, which would waste your time and energy. Beware on this
floor that there are Cocatrices, which can turn you to stone upon attack.
Run from any of these.

In the middle room is an ugly, undead vampire. I describe how to beat him on
my bosses section, but in short, just use a Fire3 or Harm3, and anything left of
him can be knocked off by your fighter. Open the treasure chest to your left.
It has a Ruby. You’re going to hate this, but you have to leave the Earth Cave,
and there is no quick way to do it. Just retrace your steps back to the
entrance. If you are in trouble, start running from battles.

After you have gotten back outside in the bright open world, save with a
tent/cabin, and if you really need to, return to Melmond to restore health
and magic, and save.

Go directly west of Melmond to the Titan's cave. He is the blue guy inside.
Hand him the Ruby, and he grants you passage through the cave. There are a
few treasures in here, and it shouldn't hurt to grab them. Exit out the
west side, and go into the cave behind the Titan's cave. This is where Sarda
the sage lives. Talk to him, and he gives you the Rod.

Spend some time increasing your party's level until you are all at 14. Go
to Elfland or any other town and purchase 30-50 heal potions (Melmond does
not have an items shop), depending on how many you have right now, and how
often you judge you will need them. Also, buy about 5 soft potions in case
you are ever turned to stone; and don't forget a few more pures.

Return to the Earth cave, and make your way back to the room of the vampire.
Now, go right out of that room and up to a block on the floor. You couldn't
have moved this without the Rod, but since you have it, use the Rod to break
it open and head down to the 4th level of the Earth Cave.

This floor is darker, and there will be larger enemies to fight. There are 2
treasure rooms. If you want, come back later when you have more time and
energy, because you don't want to put your party any worse off than it should
be for fighting the Fiend of Earth. Travel left as far as you can, as well
as up a few times to reach the next stairwell.

The last floor of the Earth cave is small and very easy to navigate. There
is 1 large room, which is where you want to be. Upon reaching that room,
heal your party with heal potions until you are all at maximum health. Step
up to the round thing, which happens to be Lich (the Fiend of Earth). Talking
to it will initiate the battle. The strategy from my bosses section reads:

For this battle, you simply have to save 1 or 2 Fire 3s. Along with Fast
on your Fighter, Lich won't last long. His attacks are pretty powerful, so
just keep an eye on your health. Luckily for you, when you are fighting
Lich here, he/she won't use Zap!, Rub, XXXX, or Nuke, which he/she has the
capacity to (he/she will later on in the Temple of Fiends revisited near
the end). Make sure at the beginning of the battle to cast Afir, Aice, and
Alit in case she uses Fire2, Lit2, or Ice2.

Upon victory, one of your orbs on the menu screen will glow. Doesn't seem
like much now, but this is very important for you. Fortunately, there is an
exit just above where you fought Lich that will teleport you outside and
almost back to safety. Use a tent, cabin, or a house immediately, so no
accidents can occur on your trip back to Melmond.
That's it, you've done it! You beat the fourth part of Final Fantasy, and
one of the four orbs is now shining! Congratulations, on to chapter 5!

Chapter 5 - The Ice Cave 

Time for you to head once again to a new area. This time we are going to
the southeast corner of the world, to a place called Crescent Lake. If you
take a look at the world map (push B and Select simultaneously), you should
spot the place I speak of easily- it's a town with a crescent-shaped lake
surrounding it. To reach it, travel to the lower of the 2 ports on its eastern
side. A quick way to reach here from Melmond would be to travel WEST of
Melmond for a short distance (after all, the world IS round). You have to
walk a short way from the port to reach the town, and the enemies here are
good for EXP (and aren't too difficult). Upon your arrival, the first thing
you must do is make your way to the farthest up and right area of the town,
and travel through the break in the bushes. In here you will find a circle
of many red-gowned wisemen, or "The Circle of Sages". They provide a lot of
useful information, and a few mysterious phrases as well. One of them will
give you a canoe as a reward for defeating Lich.

Go back into the main part of the town and visit the shops. Considering this
town only sells Silver equipment, you shouldn't be needing much from here.
Make sure that you buy a buckler for your thief and red mage, and a silver
gauntlet for your fighter. You can go into the Magic shops, but I doubt you
will buy much. All the spells cost 20,000 G apiece, and most of them are not
learnable yet. Use the money you have to buy 99 heal potions, and make sure
you have at least 10 soft potions. You are about to embark on a dangerous

The Ice Cave 

The route to the Ice Cave is only accessible by river travel. And, the rivers
that lead to the it are not connected to the area by Crescent Lake. You must
travel north along the eastern shore until you reach a small bay, where you
will dock your ship and begin using your canoe. Along the rivers you will
fight rough enemies such as Hydras and Ochos, but don't worry too much.
At the first intersection, go up. At the second, go right. At the next,
go left. At the last one, go left again.

When you reach your destination, use a cabin or house. Cross your fingers,
suck in your gut, and enter.

The ice cave is full of some of the most deadly and certainly the scariest
encounters you will have in Final Fantasy. Cocatrices (also in the Earth
Cave) can turn you to stone with a simple attack. Even worse are Sorcerers,
who can actually kill you just with an attack. Just as deadly are Mages
and Fighters, who know the spell RUB, which instantly kills its target.
If this weren't bad enough, there are also Frost Dragons, which are large
monsters that have ice attacks which will inflict scores of damage upon
each of your characters (and you can't run from them). Sound fun? Alright,
let's begin!

On the first floor, walk all the way to the right, and turn in a U and start
heading left (making sure to run from every battle with Cocatrices). When
you find the stairway, step on it and go to the next floor.

This floor is a large square, and it doesn't matter if you go right or left-
they are the same length and lead to the same place. You will more than
likely encounter Mages and Fighters on this level- don't hesitate to run
away and live to fight another day. The stairwell here will lead to a very
tiny floor, which you just have to walk a few paces to get to the next.

Here you see a large room. Circle around to the bottom of it, running from
any sorcerer or mage battles. Inside the room are many little circles- DO NOT
STEP ON THEM yet. Go around to the top left and grab the treasure, which is
the Flame Sword (equip to your Fighter). Now, drop through any of the holes.

You will land in a tiny room. Beware, for immediately when you move forward,
you will be ambushed by up to 9 undead monsters. Dispose of them with Harm3
or Fire3, and be on your way. Note that there are many squares of ground on
this floor that look weird. Those do a bit of damage to all of your characters
each time you step on them, so don't do that too often and always check all
your characters' HP so you don't get caught with your guard down at your next

Outside the room where you came in, you will see another to your left. If you
wish to obtain the Ice Armor (very strong armor for the Fighter), then go to
this room. A Frost Dragon guards it, however, so make sure to weigh your
choices carefully.

To get off this floor, go downward from the room you started in. Go right at
the fork, continue downward, and go right at the next fork also. This will
lead you off the floor.

There are some chests with G on this floor. Get them all. You will see a
stairwell on your right side. DON'T GO TO IT, It leads out of the Ice Cave.
Instead, go into the long vertical room with 3 chests and a hole inside.
Get the chests (equip the Ice Shield to your Fighter), and then drop in
the hole.

You are now in a very precarious position- you are surrounded by holes, so
don't fall through any yet. Move over to the chest at right by you. The Eye
will meet you. It has multiple lethal spells and is not afraid to use them.
However, a FAST on your fighter or black belt will have it dead very quickly.
See the boss section for more info if you need it. Your reward is the FLOATER.
Kind of an odd name. What could it be used for? We'll find out later.

Drop through a hole. You are back in the small room with the undead monster
battle. Make you way off this floor, and in the next, take the stairway I
told you not to use before. Outside at last! Freedom and fresh air! If this
was your first try and you made it through all in one piece, consider
yourself lucky. You have just beaten the most difficult task in this game
(next to the final dungeon, that is).

By now you should know that the first thing to do when you exit a dungeon is
to save. Do so with a tent or cabin. Use the picture above (or you memory)
to exit the river system. Instead of going immediately back to Crescent Lake,
go to the farthest south tip of this region. There should be a small desert.
Dock your ship by the river near there. Walk over into the desert and use
the Floater. All of the sudden, a ship appears out of the sand! It's the
Airship, and it will be replacing your boat for good. Say hi to everyone's
favorite way to get around in Final Fantasy, and kiss chapter 5 goodbye-
you have just completed it!

Chapter 6 - Class Change 

What you want to do first with your brand new airship, I'm sure, is
explore the world map. After you feel you know your way around (it's
a very small and simple map), set your destination for a place called
the Castle of Ordeals. It is in a marsh, on the far west of the
north-east continent (with the huge desert), and it's west of a large
group of long islands. When you find this castle, you will notice that
you can't land your airship anywhere around it, or even near it! You'll
have to land far east of it and walk there. If you are brave enough to
take on the extremely hard foes (we're talking Sand Worms, Anklyos,
Suarias, Wyrms, Wyverns, Tryos, etc...), then use this method to reach
the castle. However, if you don't mind spending a bit of extra time
getting there, but wish to be safe, you can go and get your ship and
sail it into the river right near the Castle of Ordeals. Either way
you choose, make sure to use a tent/cabin/house before entering.

The Castle of Ordeals 

when you walk inside, an elderly guy greets you. After you talk to him the
first time, he disappears and you can pass by him. Walk up and into the left
room, and touch the throne. You will be whisked away to a labyrinth-like
floor. On this floor, you are in small rooms that contain pillars, and
when you touch the right pillars, you advance to the next room. Touch
the wrong ones, and you'll have to start all over! The pattern for
which to touch teleports is really
very simple. Just choose the bottom-most one every time. That means
for the last, when you have
to choose between 4, take the 3rd you see.

Also, beware. On this floor lie monsters such as Red Gargoyles, Medusas,
and Sorcerers (your pals from the Ice Cave). They all come in groups,
and each is as deadly as the next. Red Gargoyles cast Fire2, Medusas can
turn you to stone with an attack, and like you learned before, Sorcerers
can kill you with one attack. If you run into any of these monsters, RUN!
Dying is not a small thing in FF1.

And finally, before you touch the last pillar, make sure to go into the
upper-right room and grab the Zeus Gauntlet from the treasure chest. With
it, any character can cast Lit2 in battle! A must for any party.

The last floor of this castle is not difficult to navigate, and there
are not as many deadly encounters here, either. There is a lot of
valuable treasure, though. In the upper-right room is the Heal Staff,
which allows its holder to cast Heal in battle (Cure 1 on every
character). In the upper-left room is an Ice Sword. A very strong
weapon for your Fighter or Red Mage, much better than the Silver
Sword or Flame Sword. And finally, in the lower-right is the TAIL.
But, to obtain this, you must take on a Zombie Dragon or two. They
are undead monsters, so a dose of Harm3 or Fire3 and maybe an attack
or two will eliminate them. For more details, see the boss section.
After defeating the dragons, touch the throne in this room to return
to the first floor. Make your way out the building, save outside,
and get back to your ship.


Once you are back on your airship, fly to the group of long islands in
the northern center of the world. These are the Cardian Islands, where
Bahamut and his dragons live. There are many ways to enter their caves,
and there is much treasure (mostly G) to be had in those caves. You could've
come here before you went into the castle, but it wouldn't have made a

Anyways, the place where you want to go is the southern-most cave on the
large forested island. This is where Bahamut's lair is. Inside, when you
reach him and talk to him, he will promote all your party members to their
higher classes! Fighters become Knights, Thieves become Ninjas, Black Belts
become Masters, and Mages become Wizards. What advantages does this have?
Well, everyone can equip a wider variety of weapons and armor, and your
mages can now learn higher level magic. As a bonus, now you Knight can
learn up to level 3 white magic and your Ninja can learn up to level 4
black magic!

With your newly grown-up party, there are a few places you should visit.
First, go to Melmond. There, purchase Warp for your Black Wizard, and Life
for your Red Wizard. Leave there and go to Crescent Lake. Purchase Exit
for your White and Red Wizards, and Lit3 for your Black and Red wizards.
There are other spells you can get, but none of those are very necessary.

Finally, travel to Gaia, a small town tucked in the mountains in the
north-east. In the weapons shop, buy a Catclaw for your Black Wizard
if you have one, because that's his best weapon. Also buy ProRings for
everybody. They take the place of gauntlets and gloves, and they guard
your warriors from the instant death effects of Rub and XXXX. They are
definitely worth the money.
If you are at a high enough level to where your wizards have points for
level 7 magic, buy Cure4 and Harm4 for your White Wizard, Brak for your
Black Wizard, and Ice3 for your Red and Black wizards.

Alright, now you're pumped up, fully grown warriors! Off to your next
mission- obtaining the Orb of Fire!

Chapter 7 - The Orb of Fire

This is going to be one of your easier journeys, mostly because you've gone
out of the natural order of this game already. You're normally supposed to get
the orb of fire before venturing into the ice cave, and definitely before you
go through the Castle of Ordeals. So, pumped up as you are, take your airship
and land next to the volcano in the heart of the mountains around Crescent
Lake. This is the Gurgu Volcano, your next playground (hehe). This is obviously
a fire oriented place, and so Ice2 is a must have spell, and if you can, bring
in some Ice3. Also, Afir will be a big help since many enemies in here can use
mass fire effects which hit for big damage if you're not protected. One more
thing: there are birds in here called Perilisks. They can kill you using their
Squint attack. But, if you have ProRings on everyone, they're no trouble. Also,
if you skipped grabbing the Ice Armor in the Ice Cave, it's worth it to go
back in and get it. It provides a lot of fire protection.

Gurgu Volcano

As always, save before entering. Your first floor is a circular room, filled
with lots of red spots on the floor. This is lava. It hurts. Throughout the
volcano, there is much lava. Avoid walking on it as much as possible. Go
straight left to find the stairs.

This floor has one large room with corridors like a maze. But it's filled with
treasures. Now, none of those treasures are necessary, but if you want a lot
of cash to stuff your pockets, go ahead and wander around through the hordes
of chests. Fires and Agamas, both of which are very strong enemies, guard
a lot of spots in here. Agamas use a heat attack, so Afir is a must while
fighting them. Use the heal staff every turn against them, because likely
you can heal back all the damage they do. Fires are just have really strong
attacks. To get off this floor, just follow the bottom pass all the way to
the left.

This floor also has much lava. Keep an eye out on your HP as you walk over
it. Go to the right and you will find the stairs quickly. The next floor is
nothing but lava with a few square things here and there. Go down and to
the right, and heal your HP often. Once again you will come to a floor
packed with lava. Go down, left, down, left. Finally, you're at the
stairway that will bring you to a floor with lots of treasure!

And the treasure on this floor is definitely worth getting. Grab the bounty
from the first room. At the next intersection, go into the room there and
get the treasure, then go up and left. This leads you to a room at a dead
end. There's a flame shield here, and while not as good as the Ice Shield
(you want the Ice Shield for extra fire protection), you can give it to
an extra Knight or a Ninja if you have one. Also, you will find another
Ice Sword. Equip it on anyone who can use it. Now, backtrack to the
intersection and go downwards to the stairs.

This last floor has 8 ways to go. Head straight left to get the Flame Armor.
You will have to fight for it, though. An Agama, and then even worse, a Red
Dragon more specifically. Cast Afir and then use Ice2 or Ice3 for a quick
victory. Now, reap the rewards. If you don't have the Ice Armor for your
Knight, equip him with it. If you do, put it on another Knight or a Ninja.
If you have none of those, then save the armor and sell it for huge cash later.

Now, head diagonally down and left from the stairs. This takes you to the
room where Kary, fiend of fire resides. Use heal potions to bring your
characters up to full health, and then talk to the orb to initiate the
fight. Kary has only 600 HP, but as with any large enemy, it is more
difficult to do damage to her. She is surprisingly not weak to Ice, so
don't use any of that. Try to put her to sleep, which makes fighting her
a lot easier. If you need some extra help, refer to the boss section. Upon
victory, you will walk a few paces forward and light the second orb! Step
on the portal to exit.

That's it for this quest. Time to move on to the fiend of water!

Chapter 8 - The Orb of Water


Travel to the northwest corner of the map in your airship. You will find a
semi-large continent with a desert, one main river, and a small sea-side
town. The only place to land is on a pad of grass on the south most part
of the region. The enemies are nothing to fret over, just some frost enemies
and some aquatic (river) enemies. If you have at least 50,000 G right now,
head into the large desert. There is a patch of sand on the northern part
separated from the rest of the sand. Step on the middle of it and you will
enter the Caravan. This is just a simple shop. It has one item for sale-
the bottle. It costs a whopping 50,000 G, but you need to buy it. Purchase
it, and head back outside. Go back down to your ship, and take it back to
Gaia. Once in Gaia, you're going to have to go through its maze-like wooded
back area. You should eventually find a pond. Stand by the pond and use
the bottle. A fairy will appear and give you Oxyale to put in your bottle.
Exit Gaia, and take your ship back to that western continent (from Gaia,
you can just travel east- the world is round). Land on the same part of
the land, and walk north-east. Go up to the tiny town of Onrac. Here, stock
up with many heal potions, and rest at the inn. None of the magic here is
very good, unless you want Heal3 for your white wizard. Leave the town and
go back outside and go to the river. Travel upwards in it until you reach
the Waterfall.

The Waterfall is sort of an interesting place. It has some fairly
challenging enemies, such as Nitemares and Mudgols, but you have faced
those already in the Castle of Ordeals, so they're old hat now. Do make
sure, though, that if you run into any Gas Dragons, you cannot run
away. They have a very large poison attack that hits everyone, and
their physical attack is no less painful. Just attack with all your
might and try to use Ice Magic on it.

Now, for getting through the waterfall, which is a viable maze. Travel
up, and at the first 3-way intersection, go down-left. At the next
3-way intersection, again take the down-left path. At the next
intersection, which has 5 paths, go to the upper-left. At the last
intersection, again 3 ways, go downward. This will take you to a
small room. Enter, and you will be immediately faced with a battle
that will have a random combination of Cocatrices, Perilisks, Mummies,
and Wizard Mummies. If everyone is wearing ProRings, then the Perilisks
can't kill you with their special attack. Cocatrices can still turn
you to stone, so beware. If you have the Zeus gauntlet, you should
fight this battle multiple times, because it is worth a lot of exp/G.
Now, inside this room are some chests and a robot. Talk to the robot,
and he gives you the Cube. Forget about this for now and go get
what's in the chests. You will find your first ribbon. Though the
ribbons have very low absorb and evade, they are the best pieces of
armor in the game. They greatly reduce the damage done to their wearer
from enemy spells and special attacks, and guard from negative status
effects. Put this one on your main healer, most likely your white
wizard. In another chest you will find the Defense. It is a very
mighty sword, which can be used to cast Ruse on its wearer in battle.
Equip it on your strongest attacker. After you have gotten your fill
of experience from the mummy/bird battle, if you bothered to stick
around for more, use EXIT to get out of the waterfall, and travel
back to Onrac. In the southeast corner of the town is a submarine
with a woman in the way. Because you have the Oxyale, she lets you
pass through.

The Sea Shrine 

Enter the submarine and you will be whisked away to the sea shrine. On
this first floor, there are lots of rooms. A few of them have chests
with a bit of G, but I never bother to look for the right ones. There
are 2 staircases. Take the one in the upper-right.

On this next floor there are many valuable treasures, such as the Opal
Armor (very strong, equip on your Knight), the Mage Staff (casts Fire2
in battle), the Light Axe (casts Harm2 in battle), and 10,000 G. Grab
it all, and take the stairs at the bottom-right of the floor.

You come to a floor with many rooms, all containing either mermaids or
treasure chests, or both. Make sure to go into every room and get all
the treasure, which includes much Opal equipment. You will see that one
room in the upper right is inaccessible. To reach it, go to the far left,
and walk along the pathway at the top. The floor somehow wraps around and
you wind up coming out on the right side of the floor. Enter the room and
get the treasure, which includes the SLAB. Forget about this for now, but
it is a very important item. Use EXIT to get out of the Shrine. 

**Side Path** 
Note: If you feel like making your second trip into the Sea Shrine much
smoother and quicker, or just feel like doing something else right now,
then do the following. If not, scroll down to the second part of the Sea
Shrine. Also bear in mind that you would be doing this same thing later
anyways. Make sure you are on level 20-22 if doing this now.

Leave Onrac and walk back to your airship. Fly south to Melmond. In Melmond,
go to the upper right corner of the town and talk to the smart looking guy,
Dr. Unne. He will read your slab, and translate the language of Leifenish
for you. This allows you to talk to the people of Leifen. Leave Melmond,
and travel to the gigantic desert in the north-east part of the world.
East of the desert is Leifen, but you cannot land near it. Go north of
it for a ways, and you should find a spot of grass to land on. On your
trek southward to Leifen, you will meet up with Giants, Tyros, Zombulls,
and Frost Wolves/Giants. Don't fret, these are not really difficult.

Upon reaching Leifen, you will notice it is just a bunch of people walking
around. There are two main courtyard areas, to the left and right of the
entrance. Go into the right one, and talk around. One of the people will
give you a Chime. This is needed to enter the Mirage Tower. There are also 2
magic shops here, 1 black and 1 white, both with level 8 magic. Life2 and
Nuke are the spells, and though they are very expensive and you probably don't
have level 8 points, buy them anyways. The shops are sort of hard to find.
Go through a break in the bushes in the upper-right and then walk a ways
until you see two small conjoined shops. Get out of Leifen now, and head
north to your airship. Fly around a little bit, and look for a spot of grass
on the right side of the huge desert where you can land. Walk a bit west
and north, and you will see a tower. Use a tent/cabin/house outside before
entering. Go inside, and enter the large room. Get all the treasure chests,
which include the Heal Helmet (works like the Heal staff) and the Aegis
Shield (equip to your Knight). Don't worry about the Vorpal, it's not good.
Leave the room and take the stairs to the next floor. On this one, you have
to circle around to the top and back around to get into the room with the
treasure. Inside, however, is Thor's Hammer, which is the best weapon for
the White Mage, and it casts Lit2 in battle. There is also the Dragon Armor,
the best armor in the game. Equip it on your Knight. Also, the Sun Sword is
in here. It is about as good as the Defense, having a bit more attack but
less hit %. Give it to whoever doesn't have the Defense. Finally, there is
a bunch of G, though that is not very crucial anymore.

EXIT out of here, save outside, and return to your ship. Fly back to
Onrac, stock up on Heal potions, rest, save, and head back into the Sea

**End Sidepath**

Sea Shrine, part 2 

Once again, you are on the entrance floor to the Sea Shrine. This time,
take the stairway on the upper-left part of the floor. This takes you
to a large, empty floor. Travel due upwards, and to the next floor.
Now, there are 3 very small floors all in a row. Once you are through
all 3, you come to a lovely floor filled with treasures. There is another
Light Axe, another Ribbon, a Power Gauntlet (casts Sabr on the user in
battle), and about 40,000 G to be had. When you are done treasure hunting,
take the stairs in the top left corner of this level.

This final floor has no treasure. It’s just a big mess of space leading
to Kraken, the Fiend of Water. Walk up for a ways, then turn left. You
should wind up in a huge room. More than halfway up on the left side is
a door leading out. Go up and back around the top until you get to the
small room at the top. Make sure everyone's health is maxed out with
Heal Potions, and walk up to & talk to Kraken to initiate a battle.

Kary is very easy, considering its favorite attack is Ink, which "darkens"
your characters. Not very effective. Cast Inv2 and Alit, to protect your
party from Kraken's only worthy attacks (Lit2 and his physical attack).
Being the big ugly water oriented monster he is, he's weak to lightning.
Just cast fast on your Knight/Ninja/Master, and Kraken will go down pretty
quickly. Light your 3rd orb and get out of here!

Chapter 9 - The Orb of Air

If you opted not to take the "sidepath" in Chapter 8, you can read all
the steps between the Sea Shrine and the Mirage Tower by scrolling back
up and reading it in Chapter 8. 
Also bear in mind we are in the middle of the Mirage Tower right now. 

Exit the treasure room, and circle back around to the top and take the
stairs to the 3rd floor. Walk around to the bottom and heal up your party
before walking through the door. You will have to fight a Blue Dragon.
Cast Alit to lessen its Thunder attack, and just attack it. It should go
down in 2 turns. Walk upwards and onto the transport. Using the Cube,
you are warping to the "ancient" Sky Castle, which actually is a very
advanced place. The music is very techy and it all looks very shiny. The
first floor has 4 ways to go. The left, right, and down paths all lead
to treasure rooms with very good bounty, including the Bane Sword and
a second Heal Helmet. Take the top path to the next floor. On this one,
there are 8 paths. The very bottom one leads to the next floor, but don't
go there yet. There are 6 rooms of treasure, which include the White
Shirt and Black Shirt (keepers for White and Black mages, and great in
battle), and the ADAMANT.

Note: with the adamant, the Dwarven blacksmith can forge the Xcalibur,
the second best sword in the game and a Knight-only weapon. If you wish
to exit now and go to the Dwarf cave (the place where you delivered the
Dynamite to open the canal) to get this sword, it is not a bad choice.
If you do, by the time you get back to this point you'll be much stronger.
If you don't, it’s fine to stay here until we're done with Tiamat and
then go do it.

Now once you have all the treasure off this floor, take the portal on
the bottom up to the third floor. This floor has 2 treasure rooms- one
to the right and the other to the upper left. Both contain worthwhile
bounty, so grab it all. The teleport to the 4th floor is to the left
and then downward.

This fourth floor could seem very large if you didn't know it wrapped
around. Well, it does, and it's very simple to get to the next stairwell.
Go two rows in any direction, then turn and go two in another, like 2 up
and 2 left. Once you reach the stairway, brace yourself for the most
nerve-wracking walk in FF1.

This floor is nothing but a long bridge with Tiamat (Fiend of Air) at the end.
However, a monster of a machine, Warmech, looms on this bridge. As you walk,
you have every right to freak each time a battle ensues. One of them could be
this horror. What is it? Well, Warmech has 1,000 HP. But, his defense makes
that a tough goal to reach. Most likely he'll surprise attack you. And that
won't be fun, since he'll either use Nuclear, which is his fire-based attack
that does 150-300 to everyone in your party. Warmech's physical attack is no
nicer. It can do 400 damage to a Knight. And mages don't have 600 HP and
shining armor- one hit and they're toast. If you meet up with Warmech, say
a prayer, and cast Inv2 and Fog2 right away. Have your physical attackers
just keep hitting, and hope for critical hits. FAST could help a lot, if a
mage lives long enough to cast it. In the end, however, it all depends on
your level. You really only stand a chance if you are level 27 or higher.

Hoping that you did not encounter Warmech, continue up this bridge until
you reach Tiamat. Use heal potions to return to full health, and talk to
him. This battle is fairly tough, but can be cut surprisingly short. Start
the battle casting Alit, Aice, and Inv2 in whatever order you feel. FAST
your fighting people. If you're feeling lucky, you can hit Tiamat with his
weak spot. Using BANE or BRAK can kill him instantly. But its all luck- it
could work the first time or never. Just make sure you don't solely rely
on that and don't let up attack him and healing. Once you've reduced Tiamat's
1,000 HP to nothing, your 4th orb is lit, and you can go home happy. For
a while at least. Your biggest challenge still lies ahead...

Chapter 10 - The Temple of Fiends: Revisited


Alright, you've made it this far. Can you come out victorious from
your final quest? Let's find out.

First of all, make sure all your magic users have 3 spells for each
level. If you never got EXIT or WARP, those are necessary, because
you can't get out of the last dungeon without them. Also, make sure
you have level 8 magic: Nuke, Zap, and XXXX for your Black Wizard
and Fade, Wall, and Lif2 for your White Wizard. Stock up on 99 heal
potions- the time you spend buying them is more than worth it, since
you will probably use up each one of them. If you haven't gotten the
Adamant forged into the Xcalibur yet, do so. Everyone should also be
equipped with a ProRing if for some reason you aren't. And make sure
you have 3 ribbons- if you don't, there's one in the Waterfall, one
on the second floor of the Sky Castle, and one in the 5th floor down
in the Sea Shrine. Make sure you have all of those. Let's see... anything
else... ahhh yes.

Now is the time to start leveling up. If you are not at least level 29+,
the Temple of Fiends in the past could prove to be more difficult than
it should be. There are some nice places to get your levels up,
though. A major one at this point is the first few floors of the
Temple of Fiends in the past. But the enemies don't cough up their
EXP very easy- most are big guys with painful special attacks, like
Frost and Gas Dragons. But if you have EXIT and are tough enough to
take on these enemies, then level here. If you want to stay out in
the world or are forced to because you don't have a white or red
wizard, try these places: the Ice Cave, fighting the Eye over and
over; the desert area around the Mirage Tower; and finally, Warmech.
If you actually want to go looking for him, because you feel brave,
you're probably at a level where you would be victorious against him.
Plus, you'll gain a lot of EXP along the way in the Tower and the Castle.

The Final Test 

Are you all poofed up and ready to go? Let's find out.

Head to the original Temple of Fiends, and use a tent outside. Walk in,
and go into the room with all the bats. Walk up to the Black Orb, and
you'll create a portal with all your orbs. Step on it, and you're whisked
away to 2000 years ago. Weird. Anyways, on this first floor are Frost
Dragons, Wurms, Chimeras (and their big cousins Jimeras). Wurms are easy
and give good EXP. Just go down and to your right into the stairway in the
corner. You're taken to a closed off section of another floor- just walk
to the stairs to the right.

This floor is a bit perilous, because here is where the Gas Dragons lurk.
They have a Poison Gas attack, which can rip apart your party if they don't
have Ribbons and a lot of HP. If you meet any, just attack, because it's
impossible to run from them. Sorry guys =/. Anyways, walk all the way down,
and then turn right before the corner. Go into the room in the middle, where
a Phantom greets you. It has lots of deadly spells and about 350 HP, but at
this level it should go down in 2 hits or so. There are 2 chests here with
like 100,000 G, which would've been much more useful earlier in the game,
but whatayagonnado. Walk up to the blocked stairway. Use the Lute given to
you by the Princess of Corneria early in the game. The block disappears and
you are free to go to the next floor.

You come out in the room you passed by on your second floor. Head out of it,
down, to the left, and all the way up to the stairs. You find yourself on the
first floor again, on the top half. This is once again where Frost Dragons
and Chimeras crawl around. Fight them if you can withstand their special
attacks. Go all the way to the left and take the stairs.

You're now on the bottom left of the Earth Floor. Enemies here include Earths,
RockGols, MudGols, and Green Medusas. The Medusas can turn you to stone unless
you're wearing Ribbons. Nothing bad. Go up, to the right, and back down around
to the other side of the giant floor. Before going to the stairwell, use some
heal potions and get back to regular health. You must fight a Lich that is
twice as strong and now uses Nuke, XXXX, and Zap!. Start the battle with Inv2,
and hope he doesn't devastate you with Nuke. Use Fast on your best fighter
and get Lich dead quick. Your reward is a crappy 500 EXP and 1 G.

The next floor is the Fire Floor, where you'll fight Agamas, Grey Worms, Fires,
and Red Giants. Nothing you can't handle. There is some sweet treasure on this
floor though. A second Katana, a ProCape, and a ProRing, along with some G.
If you need any of this, then you'll find it on the bottom half of the floor.
If you ever need a health refill, sit in an Agama battle and use the heal staff.
Before taking the stairwell off of this floor, heal up again and prepare for
a fluffed up Kary. Not much different than before, just a bit stronger. Use
the White Shirt for Inv2, and maybe cast a Haste, and do away with him. Onto
the Water Floor.

Now, you'll be fighting Waters, SeaTrolls, SeaSnakes, Lobsters, Grey Sharks,
and Wizard Sahags. None of these are particularly dangerous. This floor
is kind of a maze. Go into the first small room, then go down into the area
with the pillars. Go left and into the room on the side. Go down and out of
that, up and around some more pillars, back down, until you get to where there's
a long path made of pillars on the bottom of the floor. Along this path is
Kraken. Heal up before walking along the path. Against Kraken, use Inv2 right
away, since now it has a much more damaging physical attack. Haste your best
fighter, and be rid of the Kraken. Take the stairs to the next floor.

On this floor, you'll be encountering some old friends from the Sky Castle.
Large enemies such as RockGols, Airs, Wizard Vampires, and Worms. Also, our
pals the Sorcerors, whom you met in the Ice Cave, lurk around here. Don't get
your undies in a bundle, though. The best sword in the game also is on this
floor, begging to be found. Go down from the start, then right, and go down
and left all the way into a far off corner, where you should find a small
room. In it lies the Masmune. Any of you modern gamers have heard of that
in FF7, where it is Sephiroth's sword. It’s just as awesome in its original
form here in FF1. It is leagues above every other weapon in this game, even
the Xcalibur. Put it on anyone using a different weapon and watch his or her
damage go up by at least +200 average. If you have a Red Mage, this is the
best option for them. If you don't but have a White Mage, give it to her
because she can actually help damage Chaos with it. Now is the time where
some people will EXIT out of the ToF, save, and come back in stronger a
second time. Or, if you are still very beefed up, you can continue to your
last two obstacles.

Go back to about the beginning of the floor, and this time go right. When you
see a small hallway connecting 2 larger rooms, heal up before walking across.
This is where the charged up Tiamat awaits you. Either fight him like you did
in the Sky Castle, or use Bane/Brak on him. Note that he loves to use Bane
a lot now, so Arub would be a great spell to have. Whatever you do, you should
come out fine. Go right and walk down the stairs.

This final floor is just a big circle. Go around to the bottom of the room in
the center. Before walking in, make sure that everyone is healed to the max,
and get ready for the final battle. You talk to Garland for a little bit, and
he tells you all this confusing story crap. Whatever. When you enter the
battle, prepare for a hard, tense fight. that could take a while, depending
on your luck. Here is the strategy I typed up at the bottom of the guide:

"So, you've made it this far eh? I hope you know what you're getting into, and
you didn't just go all the way through the Temple of Fiends once through. If
you read this and you thought you could face him on like level 27, think again.
Make sure you've gotten the Masmune, and Exit back out. Build up your levels
a bit, then your second trek through the Temple will boost you to about 30,
which is a minimum level for fighting this loser.

Well then, you ready? Ok, let's plunge into the hardest battle in the game
(next to Warmech if you met him by accident). First off, Chaos has almost
every massively destructive spell you could imagine, and he uses them a lot.
Fire 3, Lit 3, Ice 3, and some other odd ones: Tornado, Swirl, Inferno, and
Crack (instant death, watch out). On top of this and unlimited MP (of course),
he can use Fast on himself, so you'd be dealing with a Chaos that used to do
100-200, and you're in trouble. To put a little icing on the cake, Chaos has
Cure 4. Yes, you heard right. He can Cure 4 himself back up to 2,000 at any
time he feels, so just hope he doesn't.

Now the, how to fight him. Start out by having your Knight cast an Anti- spell,
which hopefully you got for him. Have your Master simply attack. If you have a
Ninja, he should cast Fast on himself. Your Red or Black Wizard should cast Fast
on the Knight. And your White Wizard should use Wall on herself. Next turn, have
your Knight use another Anti-Spell, and have your Master/Ninja start attacking.
If you are lacking in mages with Fast, cast in on your other strongest attacker.
Use the White Wizard's White Shirt to cast Invisibility 2. Of course, if Chaos
is being a b****, then make sure you don't have someone at 1 HP or dead. From
here on, have your White Wizard finish casting Anti- spells, and also Fog 2. If
she has spare turns, do walls on other characters, because this battle can be
LONG if Chaos is healing himself. Don't waste all your black magic right away on
Chaos. If he heals himself, it is all wasted. Try to keep track of his HP, and
if it is around 500, then have one turn where everyone goes all out (if your
White Wizard has the Masmune, she can help). Good luck, and hopefully you'll
beat him!”

Well, did you win? If you did, sit back and enjoy the end of Final Fantasy, and
congratulations for beating the most confusing Final Fantasy game ever!!!


 I. Characters

  Fighter / Knight:
This character is a must have for any party that you want to be successful. He
seems to not only be a strong fighter, but compared to other characters'
attacks, his are insane. In the beginning, he is your only character who can
really pack a punch, and gains HP like crazy. By level 4 he has over 100. He
also can equip most any weapon or armor (as a knight), and so any good sword or
odd equipment you find can go right onto him. He is expensive to buy for,
though. At top efficency (level 30, ending equip), compared to a top Master
(or ninja for that matter), the Knight has about 50% more health, does at least
double the damage, and takes about 10 times less. If you are up against some
crazy hard battle, he'll pull you through and if it's REALLY bad be the last
one standing.

Anyways, now you know you'll need him, so let me say a few more things. When he
is promoted, he gains the ability to have level 1-3 white magic. It actually
does help having even a few more cures and cure 2s when you make your way
through long, end-of-game dungeons. His strongest weapon is the Xcalibur, which
you get when a dwarf forges it out of the adamant you find in the Sky Castle.
Always have this character on the top in battle. He'll take half the blows for
minimal damage.  

  Blackbelt / Master:
The Blackbelt is another great choice for your party. He is VERY cheap to equip,
because he uses his fists as his weapons later in the game. He also wears light
armors, but still seems just as protected as a Red Mage or Thief with a heavier
armor on. He starts out apparently only doing as much damage as a normal
character, but later, with his fists, he starts to do multiple hits that go
for hundreds of damage. When he is promoted, he doesn't gain any abilities,
just looks cooler. All in all, he is a good choice and I would definately take
him over the Thief.  

  Thief / Ninja:
The thief is kind of a pointless character, however some people use him anyways.
He has not too high of health or attack compared to the fighter or even the
blackbelt. Some say he's a good runner, but the blackbelt or fighter or red
wizard are just as good. He gets a few cruddy spells once he is promoted to
ninja, which are simple level 1-4 black magic. The only good point is an extra
Fast, but that would be a waste of his turn (any magic he could use would be).
He can't get anything like warp or bane, so if your black or red mage dies he
doesn't help much. He is, at most, an average character with moderate equipment
ability, and I suggest not using him, but that's just a suggestion. Blackbelt
or Red Mage are fair picks above him.  

  Red Mage / Wizard:
This character seems to be the most well rounded, being able to equip about
half the things out there, being able to use more than 50% of all the magics,
and gaining more HP than other mages and easily doing more damage. If you are
doing an odd combo for your party, then he will be a necessity, bringing in
Cure 1-3, Fire 1-3, Lit 1-3, and Life. When he is a red wizard, he gains the
ability to use a few more magics, but he cannot use any of the level 8 power
spells (Nuke, Fade, Life2, Wall), but it is easy to get by without those if
you have another person able to attack and hit every turn. Anyway you look at
him, the red mage is a well rounded character with few to no low points.  

  White Mage / Wizard:
All those with a little bit of sanity will opt to use a white mage. You may
not need the force of black magic because you have strength with your other
fighters, but this mage is a must. She can cure, purify, un-stone, and revive
any character. Without her you would spend WAY to much on revival and inns in
the early game, and wouldn't be able to be as adventureous in battling unless
you carried lots of heal potions and tents/cabins/houses. Plus, without her
protective spells such as Invisibilty 2, Fog 2, Wall, and Anti-Rub, you wouldn't
last a second against Chaos. She is also helpful to be able to use her turn
for the Heal Staff (casts Heal) to keep your party constantly refreshed. Also,
when you are in element specific areas, Anti-Fire, -Ice, and -Lightning will
save your skin a million times over. Trust my judgement and use her.  

  Black Mage / Wizard:
Here we have a character that even if he could equip an Xcalibur, he wouldn't
do more than 5 damage a hit with it (figuring he even hit). He takes about 11
levels to get over 100 HP, and takes about twice normal damage as, say, a red
mage or thief. However, nowhere else will you find the capacity to cast
devasting and massively awesome spells such as the Fires, Lightnings, Ices,
and instant death spells like Rub, Quake, Zap, Bane, Break. and XXXX. Plus,
he has the utlity spells that can put your foes to sleep, turn them to stone,
make them confused, make them flee, slow them, blind them, and weaken them.
The choice comes down to brute strength or deadly magic. If you love ripping
up your foes with tooth and claw, don't use this guy. But if you like to sit
back and watch your enemies burn, then be my guest and take this character
and use him wisely. 

 II. Weapons

   Bought Weapons:
Name            Where at      Cost    AP Hit% Users

Wooden Staff    Corneria      5G      6  0%   All but TH
Wooden Nunchuck Corneria      10G     12 0%   N, BB, MA
Rapier          Corneria      10G     9  5%   K, F, N, TH, rm, RW
Small Dagger    Corneria      5G      5  10%  K, F, N, TH, rm, RW, bm, BW
Iron Hammer     Corneria
                Pravoka       10G     9  0%   K, F, N, wm, WW
Short Sword     Pravoka       550G    15 10%  K, F, N, rm, RW
Scimitar        Pravoka       200G    10 10%  K, F, N, TH, rm, RW
Hand Axe        Pravoka       550G    15 5%   K, F, N
Iron Nunchuck   Elfland       200G    16 0%   N, BB, MA
Iron Staff      Elfland
                Melmond       200G    14 0%   K, F, N, BB, MA
Large Dagger    Elfland       175G    7  10%  K, F, N, TH, rm, RW, bm, BW
Silver Sword    Elfland       4,000G  23 15%  K, F, N, rm, RW
Sabre           Elfland
                Melmond       450G    13 5%   K, F, N, TH, rm, RW
Falchon         Melmond       450G    15 10%  K, F, N, TH, rm, RW
Long Sword      Melmond       1,500G  20 10%  K, F, N, rm, RW
Silver Hammer   Crescent Lake 2,500G  12 5%   K, F, N, wm, WW
Silver Axe      Crescent Lake 4,500G  25 10%  K, F, N
Silver Knife    Crescent Lake 800G    10 15%  K, F, N, TH, rm, RW, bm, BW
Catclaw         Gaia          65,000G 22 35%  K, N, RW, BW

   Found Weapons (plain):
Name         Where found               AP Hit% Users

Were Sword   Temple of Fiends          18 15%  K, F, N, TH, rm, RW
Rune Sword   Temple of Fiends          18 15%  K, F, N, rm, RW
Power Staff  Northwest Castle          12 0%   All but TH
Dragon Sword Dwarf Cave                19 15%  K, F, N, TH, rm, RW
Great Axe    Titan's Tunnel            22 5%   K, F, N
Coral Sword  Earth Cave                19 15%  K, F, N, TH, rm, RW
Flame Sword  Ice Cave 2BF              26 20%  K, F, N, rm, RW
Ice Sword    Castle of Ordeals 3F
             Gurgu Volcano 4BF         29 25%  K, F, N, rm, RW
Giant Sword  Gurgu Volcano 2F          21 20%  K, F, N, TH, rm, RW
Vorpal       Mirage Tower 1F           24 25%  K, RW, N
Sunsword     Mirage Tower 2F           32 30%  K, F, N, rm, RW
Katana       Sky Castle 3F
             ToF Revisited, Fire floor 33 35%  N
Xcalibur     Forged with Adamant       45 35%  K
Masmune      ToF Revisited, Air floor  56 50%  All but TH

   Found Weapons (magical):
Name          Where found          AP Hit% Users     Battle Ability

Heal Staff    Castle of Ordeals 3F 6  0%   N, wm, WW Casts Heal
Light Axe     Sea Shrine 4F
              Sea Shrine 2BF       28 15%  K, F, N   Casts Harm 2
Mage Staff    Sea Shrine 4F        12 10%  N, bm, BW Casts Fire 2
Defense       Waterfall            30 35%  K, N, RW  Casts Ruse
Wizard Staff  Waterfall            15 15%  BW        Casts Confuse
Thor's Hammer Mirage Tower 2F      18 15%  K, N, WW  Casts Lit 2
Bane Sword    Sky Castle 1F        22 20%  K, N, RW  Casts Bane

 III. Armor

Name            Where at            Cost    Abs / Evd% Users
Cloth           Corneria            10G     1 / 2%     All
Wooden Armor    Corneria            50G     4 / 8%     All but wm/WW/bm/BW
Chain Armor     Corneria            80G     15 / 15%   K, F, N, rm, RW
Cap             Elfland             80G     1 / 1%     All
Wooden Shield   Pravoka             15G     2 / 0%     K, F, N
Iron Armor      Pravoka
                Elfland             800G    24 / 23%   K, F, N
Gloves          Pravoka             60G     1 / 1%     All
Copper Gauntlet Melmond             200G    2 / 3%     K, F, N
Iron Shield     Elfland             100G    4 / 0%     K, F, N
Copper Bracelet Elfland             1,000G  4 / 1%     All
Wooden Helmet   Elfland             100G    3 / 3%     K, F, N
Iron Gauntlet   Melmond             750G    4 / 5%     K, F, N
Steel Armor     Melmond             45,000G 34 / 33%   K, F, N
Silver Bracelet Melmond             5,000   18 / 8%    All
Silver Helmet   Crescent Lake       250G    6 / 3%     K, F, N
Silver Shield   Crescent Lake       2,500G  8 / 0%     K, F, N
Silver Armor    Crescent Lake       7,500G  18 / 8%    K, F, N, rm, RW
Buckler         Crescent Lake       2,500G  2 / 0%     K, F, N, TH, rm, RW
Silver Gauntlet Crescent Lake       2,500G  6 / 3%     K, F, N, RW
Flame Armor     Gurgu Volcano 5F    Found   34 / 10%   K, F, N
Flame Shield    Gurgu Volcano 4BF   Found   12 / 0%    K, F, N
Ice Armor       Ice Cave 3BF        Found   34 / 10%   K, F, N
Ice Shield      Ice Cave 1F         Found   12 / 0%    K, F, N
Gold Bracelet   Gaia                50,000G 24 / 1%    All
Zeus Gauntlet   Castle of Ordeal 2F Found   6 / 3%     K, N, RW
ProRing         Gaia                20,000G 8 / 1%     All
Power Gauntlet  Sea Shrine 2BF      Found   6 / 3%     K, F, N, RW
Opal Bracelet   Sea Shrine 5F       Found   34 / 1%    All
Opal Armor      Sea Shrine 4F       Found   42 / 10%   K
Opal Helmet     Sea Shrine          Found   8 / 3%     K
Opal Shield     Sea Shrine 5F
                Sky Castle 2F       Found   16 / 0%    K
Opal Gauntlet   Sea Shrine 5F
                Sky Castle 2F       Found   8 / 3%     K
Ribbon          Waterfall
                Sea Shrine 2BF
                Sky Castle 2F       Found   1 / 1%     All
Dragon Armor    Mirage Tower 2F     Found   42 / 10%   K
Aegis Shield    Mirage Tower 1F     Found   16 / 0%    K
Heal Helmet     Mirage Tower 1F
                Sky Castle 1F       Found   6 / 3%     K, N
ProCape         Sky Castle 3F
                ToF Fire Floor      Found   8 / 2%     All
White Shirt     Sky Castle          Found   24 / 2%    WW
Black Shirt     Sky Castle          Found   24 / 2%    BW

Special Armor:
Name           Attribute/Ability

Zeus Gauntlet  Casts Lightning 2 in battle
White Shirt    Casts Invisibility 2 in battle
Black Shirt    Casts Ice 2 in battle
Heal Helmet    Casts Heal in battle
Power Gauntlet Casts Saber in battle.
Flame Shield   Defends against ice attacks
Flame Armor    Defends against ice attacks
Ice Shield     Defends against fire attacks
Ice Armor      Defends against fire attacks
ProRing        Defends against instant death attacks
Opal Shield    Defends against lightning attacks
Opal Armor     Defends against lightning attacks
Ribbon         Defends against all enemy magic and status effects
Dragon Armor   Defends against all fire, ice, and lightning attacks
Aegis Shield   Defends against gas attacks

 IV. Items

Shop Items:

Heal Potion
 Heals 30 HP out of battle, but varies in     
   Once you have the money, especially if you only have 1 healing
   character, stock up on these. It is wise to have 99 when you can
   afford them all. They're vital!

Pure Potion
 Cures poison                                 
   Simple enough, just use these when you're poisoned. Make sure to
   carry about 20 (especially around Elfland and the Marsh Cave).

Soft Potion
 Cures stone                                  
   Make sure to have a good number of these when you are in the Ice
   Cave, because the cockatrices in their are NASTY with stone!

 Saves game on world map                      
   For as cheap as they are, the tents save you from paying a lot for
   saving at inns, and the fact that they are portable is invaluable on
   long trips.

 Saves game and heals lots of HP on world map 
   Only good for a short amount of time, after you have enough money
   for them but not houses. However, for the HP boost, and the fair price,
   these are a very good deal.

 Saves game and heals most HP and MP          
   These things are an ultra expensive portable inn, but by the time
   you use them, price doesn't matter. You don't need to carry more than
   10 at a time, but because of the MP AFTER the save glitch, be sure to
   have tents to save your MP.

Quest Items:
 Received from

 Princess Sara after defeating Garland and rescuing her
 Use it to gain access to 2,000 years in the past in the Temple of Fiends

 Defeating the Wizards in the Marsh Cave
  Give to Astos (in Northwest Castle)

 Astos, after beating him
  Take it to Matoya (north of bridge by corneria) to get the herb

 Matoya when you give the Crystal to her
  Give this to the sleeping prince in Elfland

 Elf Prince after you awaken him
  This allows you to open ANY chest or door ANYWHERE!

 Chest in Corneria Castle, key needed to get to
  Give to Nerrick the dwarf, he blows a whole that allows your ship
  access to the rest of the world's waters

 Vampire in Earth Cave
  Give to the Titan in a cave near Melmond, he moves out of the way

 Sarda the Sage, in his cave
  Smash the thing stopping you from getting into the rest of the Earth

 Chest by EYE in Ice Cave
  Get the airship in the Ryukahn desert to work

 Chest by zombie dragon in the Castle of Ordeal
  You give this to Bahamut to get prmoted!

 Caravan for 50,000G
  Take it to the pond in Gaia, and the Fairy gives you Oxyale

  Breathe underwater (in the Sea Shrine)

 Chest in Sea Shrine (around the mermaids)
  Translate what the heck Lefeinites are saying, with the help of Dr.
  Unne in Melmond

  This is how you get from the Mirage Tower to the Sky Castle

 A man in Lefein
  Gain access to the Mirage Tower

 Chest in Sky Castle
  The smith in the Dwarf Cave will forge the Xcalibur for you with it
  (the strongest sword for the Knight)

 V. Black Magic

Spell (abrv)       Lvl  Effect
                          Best Use

Fire (Fire)        1    Small amount of fire damage to an enemy
                         Early bosses, undead monsters
                          N rm RW bm BW 
Lightning (Lit)    1    Small amount of lightning damage to an enemy
                         At sea
                          N rm RW bm BW 
Lock (Lock)        1    Increases party's hit % a little bit
                         Don't get it
                          N rm RW bm BW 
Sleep (Slep)       1    Put's enemy to sleep
                         Against hordes of annoying monsters
                          N rm RW bm BW 
Dark (Dark)        2    Lowers enemy's hit %
                         Don't get it
                          N rm RW bm BW 
Ice (Ice)          2    Small amount of ice damage to an enemy
                         Early bosses, small fire enemies
                          N rm RW bm BW 
Slow (Slow)        2    Enemy attacks are less harmful
                          N rm RW bm BW 
Temper (Tmpr)      2    Slightly increases char's damage
                         On your main fighter
                          N rm RW bm BW 
Fire 2 (Fir2)      3    Fair amount of fire damage to all enemies
                         Groups, especially ice enemies
                          N rm RW bm BW 
Hold (Hold)        3    Temporarily paralyze's an enemy
                         Regular enemies with high HP
                          N rm RW bm BW 
Lightning 2 (Lit2) 3    Fair amount of lightning damage to all enemies
                         Large groups of sea creatures
                          N rm RW bm BW 
Lock 2 (Lok2)      3    Better version of Lock
                         Don't get it
                          N rm RW bm BW 
Confuse (Conf)     4    Makes enemy attack itself/allies
                         For fun
                          N rm RW bm BW 
Fast (Fast)        4    Makes char do multiple hits
                         Bosses N rm RW bm BW 
Ice 2 (Ice2)       4    Fair amount of ice damage to all enemies
                         Gurgu Volcano
                          N rm RW bm BW 
Sleep 2 (Slp2)     4    Tries to make all enemies sleep
                         Don't get it
                          N rm RW bm BW 
Bane (Bane)        5    Poison gas, 1 hit kill
                         Certain bosses
                          RW bm BW 
Fire 3 (Fir3)      5    Very good fire damage to all enemies
                         Groups, Ice cave
                          rm RW bm BW 
Slow 2 (Slo2)      5    Makes targets loose intelligence
                         Don't get it
                          rm RW bm BW 
Warp (Warp)        5    Takes you up one level in caves/dungeons
                         Missed items or exiting without EXIT
                          RW BW 
Lightning 3 (Lit3) 6    Very good lightning damage to all enemies
                         Water enemy groups (Water Temple)
                          RW bm BW 
Quake (Qake)       6    Chance to kill all enemies
                         Groups (or if a boss is weak to it)
                          bm BW 
Rub (Rub)          6    Tries to kill an enemy
                         Big regular enemies
                          bm BW 
Stun (Stun)        6    An improved Hold
                         Don't get it
                          bm BW 
Blind (Blnd)       7    Enemies can't hit
                         Groups with strong physical attacks
                          bm BW 
Break (Brak)       7    Tries to kill one enemy
                         Against Tiamat
Ice 3 (Ice3)       7    Very good ice damage
                         Fire area of Temple of Fiends
                          RW bm BW 
Sabre (Sabr)       7    Better version of Temper
                         Your strongest fighter
Stop (Stop)        8    Longer version of Hold that hits all enemies
                         Don't get it
Zap (Zap!)         8    Tries to kill all enemies
                         You can get it, you won't use it.
Rub 2 (XXXX)       8    Tries to kill all enemies
                         Large groups in late game
Nuke (Nuke)        8    MASSIVE non-elemental damage to all enemies
                         Against Chaos

 VI. White Magic

Spell (abrv)          Lvl Effect
                           Best Use
Cure (Cure)           1   Heals small amount of HP
                           All throughout the game
                            K rm RW wm WW
Fog (Fog)             1   Raises armor (absorb) of char
                           Early boss battles
                            K rm RW wm WW
Harm (Harm)           1   Damages all undead
                           Any time you face undead groups, first Temple
                           of Fiends
                            wm WW
Ruse (Ruse)           1   Caster's evade increases
                           Don't get it
                            K RW wm WW
Anti-Lightning (Alit) 2   Increases party's lightning defense
                           Against bosses with Lit 1, 2, or 3
                            K rm RW wm WW
Invisiblity (Invs)    2   Increases one char's evade (half the strength of
                          Ruse, but on any ally)
                           Boss battles
                            K rm RW wm WW
Lamp (Lamp)           2   Cures darkness
                           Don't get it
                            K rm RW wm WW
Mute (Mute)           2   Stops enemies from using spells
                           Against all mage class enemies
                            K rm RW wm WW
Anti-Fire (Afir)      3   Raises party's fire defense
                           Gurgu Volcano, or bosses with fire spells
                            K rm RW wm WW
Cure 2 (Cur2)         3   Heals more HP than
                           Cure on any char All through the game
                            K rm RW wm WW
Heal (Heal)           3   Cure 1 on all chars
                           Don't get it (you get Heal Staff)
                            wm WW
Harm 2 (Hrm2)         3   Better than harm, against all enemies
                           Big undead groups
                            wm WW
Anti-Ice (Aice)       4   Raises party's ice defense
                           Ice cave
                            rm RW wm WW
Anti-Mute (Amut)      4   Cure's char's mute
                           Uhhh, if you're muted
                            RW wm WW
Fear (Fear)           4   Makes enemies flee
                           Don't get it
                            wm WW
Pure (Pure)           4   Cure's char's poison
                           Uhhh, if you're poisoned
                            rm RW wm WW
Cure 3 (Cur3)         5   Improved Cure2
                           All through the game
                            rm RW wm WW
Heal 2 (Hel2)         5   Improved Heal, but not as much HP as Cure2
                           Don't get it
                            wm WW
Harm 3 (Hrm3)         5   Better than Harm2
                           Big undead groups
                            wm WW
Life (Life)           5   Raises char from dead w/ 1 HP
                           Uhhh, if you're dead
                            RW wm WW
Exit (Exit)           6   Leave dungeon/cave
                           If you don't wanna retrace your steps, or if you
                           NEED to escape
                            RW WW
Fog 2 (Fog2)          6   Raises party's armor (absorb)
                           Boss battles
                            RW wm WW
Invisiblity 2 (Inv2)  6   Increases all chars evade
                           Boss Battles
                            Rw wm WW
Soft (Soft)           6   Cures char's stone
                           Uhhh, if you're stoned (hehe)
                            wm WW
Anti-Rub (Arub)       7   Stops Rub, XXXX, and Squint (stoning) from working
                           In some places it's vital (certain mage enemies)
                            RW wm WW
Cure 4 (Cur4)         7   Heals ALL HP of a char
                           If you are near death, but ONLY then.
Heal 3 (Hel3)         7   Better than Heal2
                           Don't get it
                            wm WW
Harm 4 (Hrm4)         7   Greatest undead-damager
                           Against undeads in the end game
Fade (Fade)           8   Does huge non elemental damage to target
                           If the WW needs to whoop badguys (it wastes MP)
Life 2 (Lif2)         8   Raises and fully cures a party member
                           Uhhh..., if you're dead and can spare some MP
Wall (Wall)           8   Protection from ALL magic
                           Bosses in late game
XFER (Xfer)           8   Removes and enemies special defenses
                           Don't get it

 VII. Enemies

Just to let you in on something I only recently discovered: Each
monster in Final Fantasy has way more EXP than you would think.
It's that the exp is usually split 4 ways, so you can't tell.
However, if you only had 1 living character, you would be able
to tell that they get loads of exp (making a 1 character game
viable). Anyways, I am putting the TOTAL amount of EXP each monster
has, and you can do the dividing by 4. 

Name         HP  EXP   GP    Special Attacks

Agama        296 2,472 1,200 Heat
Air          358 1,614 807   N/A
Anklyo       352 2,610 1     N/A
Arachnid     64  141   50    N/A
Asp          56  123   50    N/A
Badman       260 1,263 400   N/A
Bigeye       304 3,591 3,591 Gaze, Flash
Blue D.      454 3,274 2,000 Thunder
Bone         10  9     3     N/A
Bull         164 489   489   N/A
Caribe       92  240   20    N/A
Catman       160 780   780   N/A
Cerebus      192 1,182 600   Scorch
Chimera      300 2,064 2,500 Cremate
Cobra        80  165   50    N/A
Coctrice     50  186   200   N/A
Crawl        84  186   200   N/A
Creep        56  63    15    N/A
Earth        288 1,536 768   N/A
Evilman      190 2,700 3,000 Nuke, Xfer, XXXX, Blind
Eye          162 3,225 3,225 XXXX, Break, Rub, Lit 2, Hold, Mute, Slow,
                             Sleep, Glance, Squint, Gaze, Stare
Fighter      200 3,420 3,420 Wall, Xfer, Heal 3, Fog 2, Invisibility 2,
                             Cure 4, Heal 2, Cure 3
Fire         276 1,620 800   N/A
Frost D.     200 1,701 2,000 Blizzard
Frost Gator  288 1,890 2,000 N/A
Frost Giant  336 1,752 1,752 N/A
Frost Wolf   92  402   200   Frost
Gargoyle     80  132   80    N/A
Gas D.       352 4,068 5,000 Posion Gas
Gator        184 816   900   N/A
Giest        56  117   117   N/A
Ghost        180 990   990   N/A
Ghoul        48  93    50    N/A
Giant        240 879   879   N/A
Great Pede   320 2,244 1,000 N/A
Green Medusa 96  1,218 1,218 Glance
Green Ogre   132 282   300   N/A
Grey Imp     16  18    18    N/A
Grey Naga    420 3,489 4,000 Ruse, Mute, Slow, Dark, Sleep, Fire,
                             Lit, Heal
Grey Shark   344 2,361 600   N/A
Grey Wolf    72  93    22    N/A
Grey Worm    280 1,671 400   N/A
Guard        200 1,224 400   N/A
Hydra        212 915   150   N/A
Hyena        120 288   172   N/A
Iguana       92  153   50    N/A
Image        86  231   231   N/A
Imp          8   6     6     N/A
Iron Golem   304 6,717 3,000 Toxic
Jimera       350 4,584 5,000 Cremate, Poison
Kyzoku       50  60    120   N/A
Lobster      148 639   300   N/A
Madpony      64  63    15    N/A
Mage         105 1,095 1,095 Rub, Lit 3, Fire 2, Bane, Slow 2, Stun
Mancat       110 603   500   Fire 2, Slow, Dark, Sleep, Fire, Cure,
Manticor     164 1,317 650   Stinger
Medusa       68  699   699   Glance
Muck         76  255   70    N/A
Mud Golem    164 1,257 800   Fast
Mummy        80  300   300   N/A
Naga         356 2,355 2,355 Lit 2, Hold, Slow, Dark, Lock, Lit, Sleep
Naocho       344 3,189 500   N/A
Nightmare    200 1,272 700   Snorting
Ocho         208 1,224 102   N/A
Oddeye       10  42    10    Gaze
Ogre         100 195   195   N/A
Ooze         76  352   70    N/A
Pede         222 1,194 300   N/A
Perelisk     44  423   500   Squint
Phantom      360 1     1     Stop, Zap!, Xfer, Break, Rub, Hold, Mute,
                             Slow, Glare
Pirate       6   40    40    N/A
Red Anklyo   256 1,428 300   N/A
Red Bone     144 378   378   N/A
Red Caribe   172 546   46    N/A
Red D.       248 2,904 4,000 Blaze
Red Gargoyle 94  387   387   Fire 2, Fire, Hold
Red Giant    300 1,506 1,506 N/A
Red Hydra    182 1,215 400   Cremate
Red Sahag    64  105   105   N/A
Rock Golem   200 2,385 1,000 Slow
Saber Tooth  200 843   500   N/A
Sahag        28  30 30       N/A
Sand Worm    200 2,683 900   Crack
Sauria       196 1,977 658   Glance
Scorpion     84  225   70    N/A
Scum         24  84    20    N/A
Sea Snake    224 957   600   N/A
Sea Troll    216 852   852   N/A
Sentry       400 4,000 2,000 N/A
Shadow       50  90    45    N/A
Shark        120 267   66    N/A
Slime        156 1,101 900   N/A
Sorceror     112 822   999   Trance
Specter      52  150   150   N/A
Sphynx       228 1,160 1,160 N/A
Spider       28  30    8     N/A
Tiger        132 438   108   N/A
T Rex        600 7,200 600   N/A
Troll        184 621   621   N/A
Tyro         480 3,387 502   N/A
Vampire      156 1,200 2,000 Dazzle
Water        300 1,962 800   N/A
Werewolf     68  135   67    N/A
Wizard       84  276   300   N/A
Wz. Mummy    188 984   1,000 N/A
Wz. Ogre     144 723   723   Ruse, Hold, Dark, Sleep, Ice 2
Wz. Sahag    204 882   882   N/A
Wz. Vampire  300 2,835 3,000 Mute, Anti-Fire, Lit 2, Fire 2, Ice 2
Wolf         20  24    6     N/A
Worm         438 4,344 1,000 N/A
Wraith       114 432   432   N/A
Wyrm         260 1,218 502   N/A
Wyvern       212 1,173 50    N/A
Zombie       20  24    12    N/A
Zombie D.    268 2,331 999   N/A
Zombull      224 1,050 1,050 N/A

 VIII. Bosses


HP: 6 each
EXP: 40 each
GP: 40 each
Reward: Boat
  You'll fight the Pirates in Pravoka. This is the most simple, easy battle
you'll ever fight, and it is very rewarding. Just beat 'em up one at a
time. Shouldn't take much effort.
Recommended level: 3 or 4

HP: 84 each
EXP: 276 each
GP: 300 each
Reward: Crown
  Wizards are only hard if you make them hard. If you decide to get macho
and run through the marsh cave fighting every battle, you'll be in pieces
for this one. Flee every battle you can until you make it to these guys.
The battle can contain 2-5 of these, it's all random. The simple strategy
is to just save a few lit2s, and if you have multiple mages who have black
magic, then it is even easier. To beat them, just have your strong guys attack,
and your Lit 2 users will do all the work. You can beat these wizards in 1
Recommended level: 9 or 10

HP: 156
EXP: 1,200
GP: 2,000
Reward: Ruby
  This is another easy mini-boss. You face him in the middle of the Earth
Cave. To beat him, simply cast Fire3 or Harm3, and he's toast. If he lives,
just swing at him once or twice. This battle isn't hard at all.
Recommended level: 12

HP: 162
EXP: 3,225
GP: 3,225
Reward: Floater
  To kill this weak little punk in the Ice Cave who wishes to be chicken
and use Rub, XXXX, and Break on you, just put Fast on your fighter who
should have the Flame Sword, and kill him in one hit. That was easy.
If you really wanna load up on G (and the experience earned here is not
shabby either), then you can just fight this battle repeatedley. Oh yeah.
Recommended level: 15

Zombie Dragons
HP: 268 each
EXP: 2,331 each
GP: 999 each
Reward: Tail
  The ZombieDs are undead. So, as long as you've saved a few Harm 3s or
Fire 3s on your way through the Castle of Ordeal, you'll take these
suckers out in no time. Of course, if there's 4 of them, it may be a
bit harder. Just don't walk up to the chest with the Tail in it without
being healed up.
Recommended level: 16

Blue Dragon
HP: 454
EXP: 3,274
GP: 2,000
  The BlueD guards the entrance to the room in the Mirage Tower where
you put the Cube in and go up to the Sky Castle. He actually can be
quite hard the first time around. He likes to use Thunder, which is a
VERY damaging spell that hits all your guys. To beat him, just try and
stay healed and beat him up with physical attacks.
Recommended level: 22

HP: 1,000
EXP: 32,000
GP: 32,000
Reward: PRIDE!
  If you are looking to take on Warmech on purpose, you are most likely
high enough not to need a strategy. However, if you meet up with him by
accident on your way to Tiamat, you're probably screwed, but I'll try to
help you anyways.
First off, he can usually swing first, and one of his attacks can do well
over 200 to a Knight, and kill a mage. Also, his special attack, Nuclear,
does 200+ to all your characters. If you are only level 23 or so and haven't
died yet, don't be ashamed. Nobody at your level will beat him. I kind of
like sitting back and letting him roast me. Putting up a fight will just
make it take longer. My advice is to hope he doesn't find you, and if he
does, that he makes it snappy so you can get back to making up your hours
of lost progress in the Mirage Tower / Sky Castle!
Recommended level: 27+ if you wanna win.


HP: 106
EXP: 130
GP: 250
Reward: The Princess
  This is your first "boss" in this game, and all you have to do is wait
until you have Fire, Cure, and fully equipped characters to take him on
at the Temple of Fiends. Simply be aggressive. It should take about 3
turns if you are just attacking, but a mage using Fire can chop it to 2.
That seems short, but he can deliver hard blows, especially on a mage. Of
course, experts on this game don't take caution at all, but if this is
your first time, we don't want you losing.
Recommended level: 3, but it's completely possible to do it at 1.

HP: 168
EXP: 2,250
GP: 2,000
Reward: Crystal
  Astos surprises a lot of players. You wouldn't think an early boss like
this could have Rub, but Astos does. To combat this, try as hard as you
can to mute him. If 2 of your mages are trying, it'll be all the faster.
Once you don't have the threat of instant death, Astos is just a rented
mule waiting to be beaten. If you have been swinging at him every turn,
especially if you used Fast, then he won't last long. But since a character
dying right now means you can't resurrect him/her, and dying means falling
behind on good exp, save before the fight (outside with a tent or cabin),
and restart if you do get Rubbed.
Recommended level: 10

HP: 400
EXP: 2,200
GP: 3,000
Reward: First Orb
  For this battle, you simply have to save 1 or 2 Fire 3s. Along with fast
on your Fighter, Lich won't last long. His/her attacks are pretty powerful,
so just keep an eye on your health. Luckily for you, when you are fighting
Lich here, he/she won't use Zap!, Rub, XXXX, or Nuke, which he/she has the
capacity to (he/she will later on in the Temple of Fiends revisited near the
end). Make sure at the beginning of the battle to cast Afir, Aice, and Alit
in case she uses Fire2, Lit2, or Ice2.
Recommended level: 14

HP: 600
EXP: 2,475
GP: 3,000
Reward: Second orb
  To kill Kary, you won't be using Ice (which you would think would work but
doesn't). Instead, she is suceptable to Sleep. If she wakes up, put her back
to sleep. And just beat away with a Fasted Fighter/Blackbelt. But make SURE
she's sleeping. Otherwise she'll be all up in your face. That means large
attacks with the potential to kill wizards in single hits. Also, Kary's arsenal
includes dangerous spells such as Fire2, so casting Afir could help.
Recommended level: 18

HP: 800
GP: 5,000
Reward: Third orb
  The Kraken is so easy that it's funny. You'd think they'd make a challenge
for your 3rd orb, but apparently not. He may be able to hit you hard, but he
usually uses Dark, which won't hurt you but makes it harder to hit him. Just
Lit 2 (or 3 if you have it) and beat him to a pulp. Make sure to cast Alit,
because he can use Lit and Lit 2.
Recommended level: 21 (you only need to be about 18, but you'll be 21 by
                   this time).

HP: 1,000
EXP: 5,496
GP: 6,000
Reward: Your last orb!
  I don't know why they did it, but they made the Fiend of Air weak to Bane
and Break, two instant kill spells. They have a very good chance of working
on him, so I would use those instead of hand fighting him. If you have the
Bane Sword, have it on someone without Bane, so you can use it twice per
turn. If you are going to fight Tiamat the real way, then be prepared for
a HARD fight. This guy has a load of HP, and of course higher defense than
normal enemies, so the big attacks you thought all your guys could do are
diddley squat. To beat him, you have to load up with spells like Fog 2,
Invisibility 2 (use the white shirt for that), Wall, and Aice/Alit. Why?

Not only does he have huge normal atacks, but his three abilities Thunder,
Blizzard, and Poison Gas are all capable of wiping out your party in a
few turns. Make sure to cast Fast on your 2 or 3 fighting characters, and
never skip the chance to have your healer heal. It is vital.
Recommended level: 22 for the easy way, 24 for the hard way

  Well, well, well. You've made it as far as this gargantuan beast eh? I
hope you didn't just go all the way through the Temple of Fiends once
through. If you read this and you thought you could face him on like level
27, think again. Make sure you've gotten the Masmune, and Exit back out.
Build up your levels a bit, then your second treck through the Temple will
boost you to about 30, which is a minimum level for fighting this loser.
Well then, you ready? Ok, let's plunge into the hardest battle in the game
(next to warmech if you met him by accident). First off, Chaos has almost
every massively destructive spell you could imagine, and he uses them a lot.
Fire 3, Lit 3, Ice 3, and some odd ones, Tornado, Swirl, Inferno, and Crack
(instant death, watch out). On top of this and unlimited MP (of course),
he can use Fast on himself, so you'd be dealing with a Chaos that used to
do 100-200, and you're in trouble. To put a little icing on the cake, Chaos
has Cure 4. Yes, you heard right. He can Cure 4 himself back up to 2,000 at
any time he feels, so just hope he doesn't.

Now the, how to fight him. Start out by having your Knight cast an Anti- spell,
which hopefully you got for him. Have your Master simply attack. If you have
a Ninja, he should cast Fast on himself. Your Red or Black Wizard should cast
Fast on the Knight. And your White Wizard should use Wall on herself. Next
turn, have your Knight use another Anti-Spell, and have your Master/Ninja
start attacking. If you are lacking in mages with Fast, cast in on your other
strongest atacker. Use the White Wizard's White Shirt to cast Invisibility 2.

Of course, if Chaos is being a b****, then make sure you don't have someone
at 1 HP or dead. From here on, have your White Wizard finish casting Anti-
spells, and also Fog 2. If she has spare turns, do walls on other characters,
because this battle can be LONG if Chaos is healing himself. Don't waste all
your black magic right away on Chaos. If he heals himself, it is all wasted.
Try to keep track of his HP, and if it is around 500, then have one turn where
everyone goes all out (if your White Wizard has the Masmune, she can help).
Good luck, and hopefully you'll beat him!
Recommended level: 30+ 

 IX. Special (non-magical) Enemy Attacks & Abilities

Name     Effect
Blaze    Fire attack, all characters
Blizzard Extreme Ice attack, hits all characters
Crack    Instant Death attempt on all characters
Cremate  Roughly Fire2 equivalent damage to all characters
Dazzle   Paralyzes targeted character
Flash    Darkens all characters
Frost    Medium Ice attack on all characters
Gaze     Paralyzes one character
Glance   Turn target character to stone
Glare    Kill one character
Heat     Low Fire damage to all characters
Inferno  Large Fire damage to all characters
Ink      Attempts to darken all characters
Nuclear  Over the top non-elemental damage to all characters. Can do up to
         400 damage.
Poison   Huge non-elemental damage to all characters
Scorch   Weak Fire attack on all characters
Snorting Darkness to one character
Squint   Rub effect, kills targeted character
Stare    Damage to one character
Stinger  Attempts to poison all characters
Swirl    Damage to all characters
Thunder  Intense Lightning attack, hits all characters
Tornado  Damage to all characters
Toxic    Attempts to kill all characters
Trance   Attempts to paralyze all characters

 X. Optimal Levels, Equipment, & Spells

Point                 Level
Garland               3
Leaving Corneria      4
Pirates               4
Arrival at Elfland    6
Surviving Fingerpoint 9
Marsh Cave            10
Astos                 10
Melmond               11
Vampire               12
Lich                  14
Ice Cave              15
Castle of Ordeals     16
Kary                  17
Sea Shrine            18
Kraken                20
Mirage Tower          21
Sky Castle            22
Tiamat                24
TofR                  27
Chaos                 30

Note: I am not covering every part of the body for each point. If something
is not shown, it has not changed since the previous point. And also, not
all of these are bought items, but things you have obtained since the
previous point (for instance you find the Dragon Sword between Elfland
and Melmond).

Point         Fighter
              Red Mage
              White Mage
              Black Mage
Start         Rapier / Chain Armor
              Rapier / Wooden Armor
              Wooden Nunchuck & Armor
              Rapier / Chain Armor
              Iron Hammer / Cloth
              Small Knife / Cloth
Provokia      Short Sword / Iron Armor / Wooden Shield / Gloves
              Scimitar / Gloves
              Short Sword / Gloves
Elfland       Silver Sword / Iron Shield / Wooden Helmet
              Sabre / Copper Bracelet / Cap
              Iron Nunchucks / Copper Bracelet / Cap
              Silver Sword / Cap
              Copper Bracelet / Cap
              Large Knife / Copper Bracelet / Cap 
Melmond       Steel Armor / Iron Gauntlet / Iron Helmet
              Dragon Sword / Silver Bracelet
              Fists / Silver Bracelet
              Silver Armor
              Silver Hammer / Silver Bracelet
              Silver Knife / Silver Bracelet 
Crescent Lake Silver Shiled / Silver Helmet / Silver Gauntlet
              Nothing New
              Nothing New
              Nothing New 

Best Ending Gear

  Xcalibur (or Masmune)
  Dragon Armor
  Aegis Shield
  Opal Helmet (or Ribbon)

  Katana (or Masmune)
  Ice Armor
  Ice Shield
  Heal Helmet (or Ribbon)

  Opal Bracelet

  Red Wizard
  Sun Sword (or Masmune)
  Opal Bracelet

  White Wizard
  Thor's Hammer (or Masmune)
  White Shirt

  Black Wizard
  CatClaw (or Masmune)
  Black Shirt

Level Red Mage           White Mage         Black Mage 
1     Fire, Lit, Cure    Cure, Harm, Ruse   Fire, Lit, Sleep 
2     Ice, Alit,         Invs Alit, Mute,   Invs Ice 
3     Fire2, Lit2, Cure2 Cure2, Harm2, Afir Fire2, Lit2 
4     Ice, Fast, Aice    Aice, Pure         Ice, Fast, Conf 
Level Red Wizard         White Wizard       Black Wizard 
5     Fire3, Cure3, Life Cure3, Harm3, Life Fire3, Warp, Bane 
6     Lit3, Inv2, Exit   Exit, Fog2, Inv2   Lit3, Quake, Rub 
7     Ice3 Cure4,        Harm4, Heal3       Ice3, Break 
8     N/A Life2,         Wall, Fade         Nuke, XXXX, Zap! 

 XI. Game Genie Codes

Code and Effect 
SZULIEVS "LIFE" Spell never uses up Magic Points  
SZVULEVS "LIF2" Spell never uses up Magic Points  
TESGTYZA Magic Users start with 6 Magic Points  
PESGTYZE Magic Users start with 9 Magic Points  
ELEXVLEY + AESGANGA + AESGGNAA Non-magic users can use Level 1 Magic  
AZOUGAEP + LAOUIAPA Start with 800 Gold 
TGKLPALZ Double Fighter Hit Points  
GPKUAEZA Double Fighter's Hit  
ZTKUPAIU Double Fighter's Evade  
ZAKLTAIE Double Fighter's Luck  
GLSLPETO Double Thief's Hit Points  
TASLYAZA Triple Thief's Damage  
ZASUAAIE Double Thief's Hit  
GYSUPEZL Double Thief's Evade  
TPSLTEYE Double Thief's Luck  
ZGVLPAPZ Double Black Belt's Hit Points 
TAVLYAZA Triple Black Belt's Damage  
ZAVUAAIE Double Black Belt's Hit  
ZTVUPAIU Double Black Belt's Evade  
ZAVLTAIE Double Black Belt's Luck  
GLNLPETO Double Red Mage(tm)'s Hit Points  
ZANLYAIE Double Red Mage's Damage  
TANUAAYE Double Red Mage's Hit  
GYNUPEZL Double Red Mage's Evade  
ZANLTAIE Double Red Mage's Luck  
AUELPEGO Double White Mage(tm)'s Hit Points 
TEELYAZA Triple White Mage's Damage  
ZEEUAAIE Double White Mage's Hit  
ZVEUPAIU Double White Mage's Evade  
ZEELTAIE Double White Mage's Luck  
ZUOLPEPP Double Black Mage's Hit Points  
LEOLYAPA Triple Black Mage's Damage  
ZEOUAAIE Double Black Mage's Hit  
GNOUPEZL Double Black Mage's Evade  
GOOLTEZA Double Black Mage's Luck  
GXSZPKSV + GXSXZKSV Almost infinite Gold  
Fighter NYGLZA O7 Strength NYGLGA O7 Intelligence* NYGLIE P5 Vitality* 
        NYGLLE P5 Agility
Red Mage NYYLZE P5 Strength* NYYLGE P5 Intelligence* NYYLIA O7 Vitality 
         NYYLLA O7 Agility
THIEF NYILZA O7 Strength NYILGE P5 Intelligence NYILIA O7 Vitality 
      NYILLE O7 Agility
Black Belt NYTLZE P5 Strength* NYTLGE P5 Intelligence NYTLIA O7 Vitality
      NYTLLA O7 Agility
White Mage ZEEUAAIE Double White Mage's Hit. NNELZIAE P5 Strength
      NNELLAIE P5 Agility NNALGE P5 Intelligence NNALIE P5 Vitality  
Black Mage GOOLTEZA Double Black Mage's Luck NNOLLEZE P5 Agility
      NNPLZE P5 Strength NNPLGE PE Intelligence NNPLIE PE Vitality  
TGLYZA Start a new game, go to the Weapon screen and Armor screen, now your
       first player should have 176 Absorb, and the second player will have
       around 250 Damage and Hit %  
NYLULE Start with P5 Soft (At the very start of the game.)  
NYLUZE Start with P5 Pure  
NYLUAA Start with O7 House  
NYKLYEZE Fighter starts with 255 damage  
OOTPKU Everyone levels up one level after battle!!!! 
NYGGAE Everyone knows Cure, Lamp, Cure 2, Pure, Cure 3, Soft, Cure 4, and
       Life 2. The non magic users have 1 mp for each level. The 3rd and
       4th players won't be able to buy any magic, The first player can
       only buy two level 5 spells, and 2 level 7 spells, the second player
       can only buy one spell for level 1. So have your first and second
       players be the magic users.  
NYZYLA Start with 16 Giant Swords and 16 Aegis Shields. 
NYZYGA Start with two Iron Armors, two Thor Hammers, two Houses, two Short
       Swords, four Ice Shields, two ???, four Xcalbers, and four Light
AEAGGN Every character has the fighter's statistics  
ANSGTYZE Infinite MP  
NYOUTAAE Get more than 999999 gold when starting a new game  
OOTPOV Get 32,767 after each battle  
OOTPVP Use this code to repel enemies. The game will still try to enter
       battles, but instead of your characters having to fight; they return
       to the world map and are able to continue walking. 
USAUSA Begin adventure with an orb lit. 
AEGGGN "WEIRD START" Start a new game and you will begin in a shop. When you
       leave the shop, you will be in the middle of the sea - with the ship!
       Most of your characters have 0 hit points and stats, but I thought it
       was kind of neat. Tip: Buy Oxyale for 0 gold and sell it for 1,975 for
       a profit. 
       characters will have increased hit points and stats, but don't pick a
       thief; or he'll have 0 of everything. 
OOTPOV "TONS OF EXPERIENCE AFTER BATTLE" Get 32,767 exp. after each battle,
       but you will only gain one level per battle. Note: Be sure not to use
       this code too much at the start, or you'll not be as strong when your
       charcters get their class changes. 
OOTPVP "MONSTER REPELLENT" Use this code to repel enemies. The game will still
       try to enter battle mode, but instead of your characters having to fight;
       they return to the world map and are able to continue walking.  
AEAGGN "START WITH FIGHTER'S STATS" Start a new game and all characters will
       have the fighter's stats.  
ANSGTYZE "INFINITE M.P." Infinite magic points when starting a new game.  
NYOUTAAE "START WITH LOTS OF GOLD" Get more than 999,999 gold when starting
         a new game.  
 NYKLPALX Start with 255 hit points NYKUAEZE Start with 255 hit%
 NYKUPAIU Start with 255 evade% NYKLTAIE Start with P5 luck (more than 99, I
 think this stands for 255)  
 NYSLYAZE Start with 255 damage NYSLPETO Start with 255 hit points
 NYSUAAIE Start with 255 hit% NYSLTEYE Start with P5 luck NYSUPEZU Start with
 255 evade%  
 NYVLPAPX Start with 255 hit points NYVLYAZE Start with 255 damage
 NYVUAAIE Start with 255 hit% NYVLTAIE Start with P5 luck NYVUPAIU Start with
 255 evade%  
 NYNLPETO Start with 255 hit points NYNLYAIE Start with 255 damage
 NYNUAAYE Start with 255 hit% NYNLTAIE Start with P5 luck NYNUPEZU Start with
 255 evade%  
 NNELPEGO Start with 255 hit points NNELYAZE Start with 255 damage
 NNEUAAIE Start with 255 hit% NNELTAIE Start with P5 luck NNEUPAIU Start with
 255 evade%  
 NNOLPEP0 Start with 255 hit points NNOLYAPE Start with 255 damage
 NNOUAAIE Start with 255 hit% NNOLTEZE Start with P5 luck NNOUPEZU Start with
 255 evade%  
       airship on the world map. You will be able to fly over water, mountains,
       Note: you can still get into battles.  
AATPOT "WEIRD 1" This code will make it so that your character in the fourth
       position will not celebrate.  
AATPOA "SLOWED DOWN SPEED" This code seems to affect the speed at which the
       game calls its graphics. Because of this, if you are in battle and
       you choose to fight, the cursor will stay on the screen through the
       whole fight. One other note is that it seems to slow down the sub screen
       music (Just one part of it) so it sounds like there is new music playing
       at the sub screen.  
SLZIAA- "WALK THROUGH WALLS CODE!" Okay, I know its not in any ways perfect,
        but I haven't had time to perfect it yet. To use it, go to the status
        screen and exit. Your character will move up one square. Repeat as
        neccessary. You can get some really cool items early in the game using
        this technique. Remember, this works when you are in the water or any-
	where else you can activate the status screen. Using this code, you can
	go to places that you aren't supposed to yet early in the game! NOTES:
	When you try to walk through walls into a room, you will land on the
	room with the white on it and will have to find the treasure by looking
	around; You will walk through walls down in towns, castles, or dungeons;
	The part of the screen that was at the bottom of the screen will be moved
	up to the top when used; Whenever you enter a dungeon, battle, castle, or
	town you will automatically activate this code and you will move one
	square. Whenever you WTW, I don't think that you can encounter an enemy.  
TGIXIA- "OWOWOWOW!" You can now have 8 letters in your name-sort of. In place
        of the 8 on the name screen will be ow. You can now have characters
        with names of owowowow. This screws up nearly everything spacial wise
        (but who really cares? You can have someone with the name OW!). The ow's
        in battle will appear as D's with dots over them.  
TTTTTA- "Ummmm.... Menus?" All the status windows are in VERY weird places! I
        haven't completly tried this code out yet, there may be some secret
        windows to be found since this switches windows sometimes.  
AAAPAA- "Squares?" Enter a town and there will be little black squares all
        over it.  
AAAZAA- "Freaky Shops!" Enter a shop, the screen will start changing colors
        to really weird ones. Leave and the screen will be gray tinted. Go back
        in a shop to change this.  
AAAIAA- "Where is Everyone?" Enter a town or castle and there will be nothing
        but fields. 

This code changes Coneria around to have stuff from other towns. This 
includes people, shops, and arrangements. Here are some of my two letter 
combinations and what they have: 

PP- A perfect town. Almost every other town will not have much stuff for you 
to do there except leave and get in a glitched weapon shop. Here is what is 
in it: 
Inn: 500Gold 

Armor Shop: 
Gold Bracelet 

Weapon Shop 

White Magic Shop 1: 

Black Magic Shop 2: 

White Magic Shop 2: 

Black Magic Shop 2: 

DOORS!!!!! DOORS!!!!!! There is nothing but doors!!!!!! (The doors go into a 
glitched weapon shop. A glitched weapon shop is one where you can't buy 
anything and when you sell something, you can buy it back)

 XII. Version History

 November 12th, 2002: Guide Started

 December 23rd, 2002: Version 0.9 Completed

   January 5th, 2003: Version 1.0 Completed and put in text format,
                        sent to GFAQs, not posted.

  January 18th, 2003: Version 1.1 Completed with full appendices,
                        sent to GFAQs.

    April 21st, 2003: Optimal Stuff, Special Attacks, and Game Genie Codes
                        added. Version 1.2 sent to GFAQs.

  December 9th, 2006: After a long hiatus, many typos and factual errors
                        corrected for re-submission to GameFAQs. Some style
                        issues also updated. This is version 1.3.


                    _________   ___  ___   ________
                   /___  ___/  /  / /  /  /  _____/
                      / /     /  /_/  /  /  /___
                     / /     /  __   /  /  ____/
                    / /     /  / /  /  /  /___
                   /_/     /__/ /__/  /______/

                       ________   ___    ___   _______
                      /  _____/  /   |  /  /  / __   /
                     /  /___    /    | /  /  / / /  /
                    /  ____/   /  /| |/  /  / / /  /
                   /  /___    /  / |    /  / /_/  /
                  /______/   /__/  |___/  /______/


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