Beed to know which hole in the ice cave to step in to get to the next level?

  1. I have tryed 6 times so far, which hole do i step in the ice cave to go to next level?

    User Info: ItchySniper41

    ItchySniper41 - 2 months ago

Top Voted Answer

  1. All the holes on the floor with a large amount of holes in a single room lead to the same small room on the bottom floor. Just pick one and hop in. Once there continue until you find the stairs up to the top floor. There will be single hole on that floor that leads to that will drop you on that small island with the chest that on the small island in the middle of all the previous holes.

    Note: Be careful to not use the stairs up on the top floor before dropping down to grab the treasure on that middle island. It takes you outside and you'll have to do the whole dungeon again.

    User Info: shadow_master01

    shadow_master01 (Expert) - 2 months ago 4   0

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