How does the American Final Fantasy main series work?

  1. Sorry that this isnt actually a question for the nes final fantasy, but its number 1 so i assumed i would get the best advice from a seasoned veteran. So, I'm new to final fantasy and I really like the series. They're very good, but I am very confused as to the order of games. I know that there is a Japanese and American version of the series, but since I only have access to American nes, snes, etc, so I am only curious as to the American one. I am also only interested in the original order of 1-15, so not legends for gameboy or others like that. Thank you so much for any help, because I really want to collect and play the series.

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  1. A good rule of thumb: If you are looking at a Final Fantasy game, if it is in English, and it is not a Super Nintendo Cartridge, then it is correctly numbered.

    Here's the background info:
    FFI was released in Japan and the US, and did very well.
    FFII and FFIII were considered too hard (or quirky or whatever) and therefore remained as Japan-only releases.
    Because they were never released overseas, when FFIV was ported overseas, it was redubbed FFII.
    FFV was not originally ported overseas.
    FFVI was ported overseas and was redubbed FFIII.
    So, it's not as if there are two different series, merely localization necessitated that the games be called different titles as to not confuse non-Japanese.
    Of course, FFVII breaks this train of logic. Because of FFVII's success, most of the older games were remastered for the PSOne, and were reissued their original titles.

    So, as a US citizen, you can purchase most Final Fantasies in their remastered PSOne edition (remastering, by the way, rarely changes much except adds CGI cutscenes, some slowdown necessitated from the CD format, and sometime updated translation and graphics).

    In short: If it is a Super Nintendo Cartridge, and it says Final Fantasy II, it is actually the port of what in Japan was called Final Fantasy IV. And if it's an SNES Cart that says Final Fantasy III, then it is actually the port of what in Japan was called Final Fantasy VI.

    Assuming you are not purchasing the original US SNES Carts (Which are INCREDIBLY hard to find and are VERY expensive for reasons unknown to me), everything else is properly numbered.
    A quick rundown of the series goes:
    FFI (US NES, later rereleased on PS1)
    FFII (Japan NES only, until rereleased on PS1 worldwide)
    FFIII (Japan NES only, until rereleased on Nintendo DS worldwide)
    FFIV (Called FFII on US SNES, until rereleased as FFIV on PS1 worldwide)
    FFIV: The Afteryears, (A direct sequel made 10 years after the original game, available on PSP, Wii, iOS)
    FFV (Japan SNES Only, until rereleased on PS1 worldwide)
    FFVI (Called FFIII on US SNES, until rereleased as FFVI on PS1 worldwide)

    Everything from here on follows numbering logic, correctly, with no translation mishaps.

    FFVII (Called FFVII everywhere, which made US citizens collectively go "wtf happened to FFIV-VI, which necessitated this whole rename business to begin with)
    FFX, FFX-2 (PS2 releases, available as HD remasters on PS3)
    FFXI (An MMORPG whose console servers will be shutting down soon; I'm not too sure how the PC servers are doing)
    FFXII (PS2 only, for some reason hasn't gotten the HD Remaster treatment)
    FFXIII, XIII-2, Lightning Returns: FFXIII (Because one game needed two direct sequels?)
    FFXIV (Another MMORPG)
    FFXV (Coming Soon)

    Yes, some of the games have sequels, which may or may not be considered part of the main series (depending on the amount of foam clinging to a ravenous fanboy's lips), however, Final Fantasy games do not share plot or characters with one another, not being sequels in a true sense. The title Final Fantasy can be seen to denote more a common sense of themes and mechanics, with each story, world, characters, religions, etc. being unrelated to the last. But FFX was very popular, so it got a direct sequel with FFX-2, so there's that. Yay, markets.

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