What's the highest level you can reach?

  1. Most of the guides I've seen have them done at level 30, however I've seen mentions to level 50, and level 99 is just logical.

    User Info: Wise_dude321

    Wise_dude321 - 11 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. 50 is the highest level in the original NES version. 30 is just the "average" level to finish the game.

    User Info: x_loto

    x_loto - 11 years ago 7   0
  2. I've played every character you could imagine. My favorite was 3 fighters and a black belt. Don't know how long it took but I finished at 23. I tried 4 black mages I finally gave up at level 54 I was in the final the final tower but had to keep warping
    out and saving.

    User Info: bmoore9

    bmoore9 - 1 year ago

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