How do I save?

  1. I'm playing the Wii version using a GameCube controller.
    How do I save?

    User Info: Brinda_Wolff

    Brinda_Wolff - 11 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. There are two ways to save. When you rest at an Inn the game will save automatically. When you use a tent, cabin, or house on the world map it will save too. Something important about this version you should know about the house item.

    In the NES version there's a bug with the house where it will refill your MP AFTER it saves. Therefore if you use a house, then quit and resume the game your MP will not be refilled. To remedy this just use a tent, cabin, or another house (tent would be the most cost efficient choice) after using a house and save to retain the MP refill. I'm not sure if the bugs from the NES version were carried over, or if they fixed it when porting it to the VC.

    User Info: izzymc85

    izzymc85 - 11 years ago 8   1

Other Answers

  1. Use a tent, cabin, or house on the world map.

    User Info: PaperSpock

    PaperSpock - 11 years ago 1   2

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