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Boss Guide by Kirby Freak101

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 01/17/2003

Metroid Boss FAQ
Author: KFreak101<Blazingfire456@aol.com>
Version: 1.0


This FAQ is Copyrighted(C) 2001 and is not to be reproduced in any Magazine,
NewsPaper, Website, or any other places it can put in.  It is protected by
law.  This FAQ is only aloud on certain websites listed below.  Copyright(C)
KFreak101<BlazingFire456@aol.com> all rights reserved. The following websites
are the only sites that this FAQ is aloud on, and it may be updated. If you
would like a request for this FAQ on your site, please e-mail me.  The
following sites currently hold this FAQ.



This is a Metroid Boss FAQ. There are only a few bosses in Metroid, but they
can be pretty challenging.  Please make sure to read all the FAQ I include.
If you see any errors, or any stradegies you believe should be in this FAQ.
Please e-mail me, and if I think it is good, I will gladly post it up on
this FAQ.  Don't worry, I will give you proper Credit for it!  Now lets get
on to the bosses.


Okay, Kraid may or may not be the first boss you decide to beat first.  But
he is still probably the hardest out of all the bosses.  There are many
tactics to beating him.  First you will notice that he throws a bunch of
pointy claws at you, and swings them like boomerangs.  He also faces his
back on you, and then shoots the spikes on his back like missiles. I guarentee
you cannot beat him without getting hurt some.  You need to find a pattern
in what he is doing.  Here are a few ways of doing this:

1.One tactic is to bring the Ice Beam with you.  Now
whenever he gets ready to shoot the spikes on his back, quickley freeze
them.  They will not stay frozen forever, so you must hurry and try to
shoot at him.  However you cannot freeze the claws, so you will need to
keep jumping over them if you want to avoid them.  Shoot him with missiles
after you freeze the spikes.  This is the one of the ways you can do this.

2.Another tactic that I found useful was instead of getting the Ice Beam,
get the Wave Beam.  This way you most likely will beat him, and not get
hurt at the same time!  Here is what you do. When you start the fight,
jump, yes jump into the sand.  Make sure you have the Varia Suit because
if you do, the amount of damage the sand takes off is slower.  But to
not get hurt at all you need to constantly Jump in and out of the sand.
Now keep shooting Kraid with the Wave Beam.  The Wave beam can go
through solid objects, so you can hurt him, but he can't hurt you. Of
coarse the Wave Beam is weaker then Missiles.  So it is annoying and long.
After you beat him you get a gift set of 75 missiles added to your
Max amount.  If you read this you will notice that he is probably
the hardest boss in Metroid.  That is why I choose to fight him last.


A new stradegy for Kraid was submitted by skullhedface23@yahoo.com:


i just read your metroid boss faq and i thought it was great. i have found what
i think is the easiest way to beat kraid, so i thought i would email you and
see what you thought. it is cheesy but o well. get right beside him on the same
platform and all, turn into a morph ball and roll as close as you can get to
where you are actually touching him. bomb like mad! never stop bombing until he
is dead! i lost just one energy tank this way. while he is flashing from being
hit from the bomb he can't hurt you by touching you so it just leaves a few
seconds during the whole fight where he can even damage you. after about a full
minute of bombs he dies! no falling into the sand, or dodging thorns. just lots
of bombs and a dead boss! try it and let me know what you think, if you find
the time that is. i understand you probably get lots of emails. this doesn't
work on ridley because he jumps and moves around alot more.


aka skullhedface23@yahoo.com"

Thank you skullhedface23@yahoo.com




Well, this boss is sort of a Joke, I have two stradegies for him.  Each
one will let you beat him without you getting hurt once! This is
probably the easiest boss in the game.  Yes this boss also gives a gift
set of 75 missiles to your Max amount!  Here are a few ways of deafeating him:

1.The first way of beating him
is to roll into a ball, and sit on the platform on the right.  He will
spit out Fire Balls, but just stay curled in a ball, and sit on the
little platform on the right, and the fireballs will disappear without
hurting you, now quickly jump on the big platform on the middle, and
shoot missiles at him.  Then when he spits fire balls out again. Do
the same thing, roll into a ball, stand on the right platform, and
wait for them to disappear. Just keep repeating this tactic, and you
shouldn't get hurt once!

2.The other way of doing this is to just go
ahead and jump into the lava.  It is just as powerful as Sand, so make
sure you have the Varia Suit. Just like with Kraid, you need the Wave
Beam.  Now get into the lava and keep shooting up at him using your
Wave Beam.  Remember you need to keep jumping in and out of the lava
if you want to stop yourself from getting hurt.  But this time it
will be even more long and annoying because Ridley is on a higher
platform.  But either way, you should more then likely not get hurt.
But thats not a guarentee because you might mess up, because his
fireballs come out fast. This is the easiest boss of all, and I
recommend you fight him first.  After he is dead you are ready for the
last boss of all.


A new stradegy for Ridley was submitted by

"Hi! This is GodOfGaming from the GameFAQ's Message Boards and I have to say
your Metroid Boss FAQ is really good.

If you want,I have another strat you can use for your Boss FAQ on how to
beat Ridley if you have the time to put it in your FAQ:

I like to freeze Ridley's Fireballs first,Then I like to go up close and
unleash a bunch of Missiles into him. If the Fireball's are about to
unfreeze,I wait for Ridley to shoot another batch of Fireballs and then I
repeat the process.
Freeze Fireballs,Shoot Missiles into Ridley.

Good work on the FAQ!"

Thank you lordmarcus01@hotmail.com(GodOfGaming)



_Mother Brain Chamber_

Here is the final boss,  In the chamber there are poles with holes in
them so you are able to walk through, but every other pole has a tube
blocking it making it inpassable. To destroy these things, shoot them with
missiles. But you must be quick  because if you take too long they will
regenerate.  But after you completely destroy a tube, it can never grow
back. So don't worry.

After you get to the last pipe, there she is, Mother Brain. Mother
Brain has no attacks, infact she can't even move. Just break open the
glass case with one missile, and keep shooting the brain creature.
But watch out, the most annoying part of this battle are those little
fire rings that keep coming out at you.  They can even push you into
the lava next to Mother Brain making it hard to get out. The best way
to get rid of these guys is to freeze them. There can only be 3 on
the screen at once, so freeze them all. Then keep shooting missiles at
Mother Brain like crazy. When the fire rings unfreeze, just freeze them
again.  Another way you can do it which will also save time is to just
avoid the rings.  Keep falling off the pipe, then jump back on the pipe
using your Screw Attack, and you might kill some fire rings.   After
you beat her you completed the game.


Any comments or suggestions? E-mail me at BlazingFire456@aol.com

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