• Level Skip

    To skip any level of the game, before you move Chip at all in the level, press the A Button.

    Contributed By: Eevee-Trainer.

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  • Level Passwords

    Enter the following codes at the main menu, then press A.

    Level 001BDHP
    Level 002JXMJ
    Level 003ECBQ
    Level 004YMCG
    Level 005TQKB
    Level 006WNLP
    Level 007FXQO
    Level 008NHAG
    Level 009UBXU
    Level 010KCRE
    Level 011VUWS
    Level 012WVHI
    Level 013OCKS
    Level 014BTDY
    Level 015COZQ
    Level 016AMJG
    Level 017MRHR
    Level 018NXIS
    Level 019LMFU
    Level 020NQFI
    Level 021FHIC
    Level 022JINU
    Level 023UVEO
    Level 024CNPE
    Level 025KGFP
    Level 026UGRW
    Level 027LEBX
    Level 028UNIZ
    Level 029YVYJ
    Level 030VQNK
    Level 031ICXY
    Level 032GKWD
    Level 033LXPP
    Level 034IGGJ
    Level 035GGJA
    Level 036GRMO
    Level 037TKWD
    Level 038SKKK
    Level 039HMJL
    Level 040IGGZ
    Level 041UJDD
    Level 042QGOL
    Level 043RYMS
    Level 044VDTM
    Level 045BIFA
    Level 046YWFH
    Level 047HDQJ
    Level 048ZMGC
    Level 049IJPQ
    Level 050UPUN
    Level 051ZIKZ
    Level 052MJDV
    Level 053OVPJ
    Level 054FLHH
    Level 055EWCS
    Level 056VCZO
    Level 057UJDP
    Level 058TXHL
    Level 059JYSF
    Level 060CGNX
    Level 061FCJE
    Level 062YBLT
    Level 063BLDM
    Level 064ZYVI
    Level 065NLLY
    Level 066MKNH
    Level 067EVUG
    Level 068BIFQ
    Level 069IOCS
    Level 070RPIR
    Level 071KWNL
    Level 072KRQJ
    Level 073FPZT
    Level 074PQGV
    Level 075OVPZ
    Level 076PPXY
    Level 077QBDH
    Level 078PPHT
    Level 079EKFT
    Level 080QCCR
    Level 081WZYV
    Level 082JPQG
    Level 083DTMI
    Level 084REKF
    Level 085WVHY
    Level 086NXYB
    Level 087XBAO
    Level 088JWNL
    Level 089HXMF
    Level 090OSCW
    Level 091PHTY
    Level 092FLXP
    Level 093BPYS
    Level 094SJUM
    Level 095YKZE
    Level 096TASX
    Level 097MYRT
    Level 098JMWZ
    Level 099FTLA
    Level 100HEAN
    Level 101LYWO
    Level 102LUJT
    Level 103MCJE
    Level 104UCRY
    Level 105RMOW
    Level 106GOHX
    Level 107GCCG
    Level 108SCWF
    Level 109XUVU
    Level 110PTAC
    Level 111ECRE
    Level 112LIOC
    Level 113PTAS
    Level 114XHIZ
    Level 115OKOR
    Level 116GVXQ
    Level 117SJES
    Level 118NMHR
    Level 119LLIO
    Level 120NJLA
    Level 121FIRD
    Level 122ZYFA
    Level 123LUZL
    Level 124HPPX
    Level 125SJUK
    Level 126YNEG
    Level 127EGRW
    Level 128RTDI
    Level 129LAJM
    Level 130OLLM
    Level 131KZQR
    Level 132 (final level!)IGSC
    Level 133 (password-only)JHEN
    Level 134 (password-only)COZA
    Level 135 (password-only)RGSK
    Level 136 (password-only)DIGW

    Contributed By: KFHEWUI and Eevee-Trainer.

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