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by rainwarrior

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Walkthrough by rainwarrior

Version: 1 | Updated: 08/04/16

Legends of Owlia is a game for the NES released by Gradual Games in 2016. It is an action adventure game, with some puzzle and RPG elements, similar to StarTropics or Crystalis.


  • Directional pad: moves the player
  • B button: throw owl using the currently selected technique
  • A button: use sword, open chest, or talk to person
  • START: pause and inventory, quick end conversation
  • SELECT: select between two owl techniques


  • GP: you need enough of these (gold pieces) to enter dungeons
  • Keys: you will collect these to progress through dungeons
  • Bombs: you can carry up to 7
  • Lanterns: you can carry up to 7
  • Hearts: you can carry up to 7, select this row and press A to use one to refill your health
  • Tech: you can choose two active owl techniques (switched by the SELECT button)


Maps have been omitted from this guide, because you need to go to most places in the game (e.g. to collect gold or keys), and the layout is not very complex. Most points of interest are at easy to reach dead-ends.

In a dungeon, if the doors to a room close violently (with a shake) when you enter, you must kill all enemies in the room before you can leave. Some rooms will reveal hidden treasure chests if you kill all the enemies in it (usually revealing gold).

Each section of the starts with an open area to explore and collect GP (gold). Once you've collected enough GP you'll be permitted entry to the dungeon. Each dungeon will have several keys, which unlock a series of doors, and behind the last locked door will be a boss.

This guide may use the terms north, south, west, east to refer to up, down, left and right on the screen.

Part 1: Town and Forest

You begin with the rush and fetch abilities. Fetch will occasionally be useful to grab items out of reach, but rush is an extremely useful attack; it allows you to keep yourself safely at a distance from enemies as you dispatch them.

Find the library on the east side of town. There are two readable books here; one of them has a note about colour sequences that will be needed much later (write them down).

There is a heart in the middle of town that you can fetch. Hearts are a usable item, they don't just refill your current health, you can save up to 7 for later.

Exit the town and head to the southeast. In a clearing here you will need to walk directly south of a tree (it's the only single tree in this area, nearby an octopus enemy). When you reach this point, you will be visited by a white owl. You will gain the unlock ability, and be able to proceed to the west.

Continue exploring, and collect enough gold (6000 GP) to enter the dungeon, and go inside. If you don't have enough, you can leave and re-enter a map to respawn its treasure chests and collect their gold again.

Key 1: Use your rush to hit an anglerfish when it is shining its light on the right spot (you will see a glowing hint when it reaches that spot). The key will appear.

Key 2: Use your rush to stun two anglerfish when both of their lights are shining on the same spot. You must be quick to stun them both in the same place. The key will appear.

Boss: Stand in the middle and threw my rush northward to hit the boss. Occasionally you may get hit by a tentacle when it stops, but remember that you can press START and use heart items you have collected to refill your health.

Use your rush attack to break the cage and free another owl. You will gain the bomb ability, and proceed to the Tundra area.

Part 2: Tundra

Explore the area and collect gold until you are able to enter the dungeon. There is a person who will give you a hint about laying bombs by throwing your owl at a wall (see Key 2 below).

Key 1: Found in a room with a jellyfish, a reaching eel hidden in the east wall, and a spiky urchin bouncing back and forth. Kill the jellyfish, then carefully time a bomb to destroy the urchin, then finally use a bomb to kill the eel and the key will appear. The eel must be killed last, or the key will not appear. (I could not find any hint in the game to explain this.)

Key 2: Found in a room with two balls of ice. To trigger the key, you must destroy them both with bombs at nearly the same time. To accomplish this, stand in the middle of the north wall, facing into the wall. Throw your owl at the wall and walk away from it and stand one tile east of the west ice ball and face east; as soon as the owl reaches you, it will drop a bomb at your feet. Immediately throw the owl again when it reaches you, at the east ice ball, to leave a second bomb. Throwing the owl at a wall or an obstacle will delay its detonation when it finally drops, allowing both of these bombs to explode at nearly the same time and reveal the key. If you make a mistake, you can leave the room and re-enter to try again; if you're down to only 1 bomb, go to the next room and kill an eel with it (each eel drops 3 bombs). There is also a chest with 3 bombs a few rooms back.

Boss: Stand in the middle and watch it go back and forth in the water. Always face the direction it will be coming from, usually after two passes through the water, it will pass over land and you can quickly hit it with a rush attack. Get out of the way before it gets up, and repeat.

Break another cage and the next owl gives you the lantern ability before taking you to the caves.

Part 3: Caves

Near the start of this area is a cave with a person inside. Use the lantern and talk to them to be given a sequence of numbers, to be used later (write this down). Explore, collect gold, and enter the dungeon.

Key 1: Stop three anglerfish in the correct locations. If your owl is holding up the lantern, you can still reach them with your sword.

Key 2: Touch the bottom of the four pillars in the order given by the person from the cave (1, 4, 2, 3).

Key 3: Touch the bottom of the four pillars in the other order from the cave (4, 3, 1, 2).

Boss: Stand at the bottom of the screen facing up. Watch the crab, and whenever it stops, if it's directly above you, move out of the way. The rest of the time use your fetch technique to grab its eyes and slash them with the sword (facing north) as it brings them to you.

Free another owl to gain the carry ability.

Part 4: Island

You can fetch gold from the purple clam enemies. Gain enough GP to enter the temple. You will need to use your new carry ability to climb the steps of the temple. Outside the entrance, a person will give you a hint about counting "left to right, top to bottom".

Key 1: A room with 6 buttons. Use the carry ability to jump between them, and try to push all buttons down. Some buttons will make other buttons pop up. Pay attention to this, and with persistence all of them will be pushed down and the key will appear.

Key 2: Four pillars like the previous dungeon, but arranged differently. Use the first code from the previous dungeon (1, 4, 2, 3), but number the pillars as "1, 2" in the top row, and "3, 4" in the bottom row.

Key 3: A room with 8 buttons. Again, use the carry ability and push them all down.

Boss: Try to keep your distance from these three rays, and use your rush attack to wear them down.

You will now gain the shield ability.

Part 5: Docks

You'll need to earn 60,000 GP to proceed.

Shooting gallery: Costs 10,000 GP. Use the rush attack, and get a score of 20 to win 20,000 GP.

Ring toss: Costs 3,000 GP. Use fetch to grab a ring, and try to line up the owl's return to cross the top of a bottle. Land rings on all of them to win 6,000 GP.

Once you have enough funds, you can carry to the submarine on the east side of the dock and enter it.

Boss: If you stand on the southern two rows of this room, the tentacles cannot reach you and you can safely attack them with the shield. If you stand just to the east of a block in the centre of the room, the eye bullets should not be able to reach you either (they will only shoot directly down or diagonal from a window), and you can safely wait there for tentacles to run into your shield.

You will now gain the homing ability.

Part 6: Fortress

The open area here has a strange hexagonal structure. You can use the carry ability to move horizontally, and sometimes vertically across the hexagons, but vertical movement skips over a row. You will find teleport tiles that will let you navigate to other rows.

Inside the dungeon, the shield ability will be very useful for defending against multiple jellyfish at once, but otherwise the homing technique will probably be your most useful weapon. This dungeon contains two puzzles that require knowledge gained from a book at the library in the very beginning of the game (you can save your password and restart to go read them, if you forgot). The rest of the puzzles reference ones used in previous dungeons.

Key 1: In the first room there are four owls in the corners. Use the homing attack to change their colours according to the book from the library. "Red, Yellow, Purple, Pink".

Key 2: Room with 8 buttons. Just keep pushing them until they all stay down.

Key 3: Four pillars, order 1, 4, 2, 3.

Key 4: Four owls in a diamond pattern. You will need to use bombs (3) to reach the rearmost owl, but the rest can be hit with the rush attack. Again, colours according to the book, in this case "Red, Purple, Pink, Yellow", in a North, West, East, South arrangement.

Boss: Use the homing attack, and avoid standing at a cardinal or diagonal direction away from him. The second form is harder to avoid, but the same strategy applies; keep your distance, avoid the diagonals, and use the homing attack. Remember your health items when you're down to one heart.

Now the game is complete. Enjoy the ending!