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FAQ/Walkthrough by Frankie_Spankie

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 01/17/17

       __        __    _ _        _              _   ____            _ 
       \ \      / /_ _(_) |_     / \   _ __   __| | / ___|  ___  ___| |
        \ \ /\ / / _` | | __|   / _ \ | '_ \ / _` | \___ \ / _ \/ _ \ |
         \ V  V / (_| | | |_   / ___ \| | | | (_| |  ___) |  __/  __/_|
          \_/\_/ \__,_|_|\__| /_/   \_\_| |_|\__,_| |____/ \___|\___(_)

 This FAQ was made for the NES FAQ Completion Project. You could contribute to 
        this yourself! Just check out Devin Morgan's web site about it:        

Table of Contents
          1. - Introduction....................................WAS001
          2. - Walkthrough.....................................WAS002
          3. - Contact.........................................WAS003
          4. - Disclaimer......................................WAS004
*Please Note - This entire FAQ/Walkthrough has been designed for easy access. 
This means that you can use your browser's search function to find any section 
immediately. Just bring it up by pressing ctrl+f and search for either the 
section name or the code to the right. You will go right to that section.
1. - Introduction                                                        WAS001
Wait and See is a Russian only 2D platformer. The game features you as Bugs 
Bunny while you run to the right and avoid any obstactles and enemies as until 
you complete each stage. One thing worth noting is you always have a jump 
available. If you just run off a ledge, you can still jump. You will also 
sometimes get another jump when you hit a wall to reach a higher platform. You 
will also always get it after a spin mid jump. This only works for one extra 
jump though, you can't abuse this to get infinite jumps without touching the 
ground. If you need some extra distance on a jump, you can spin at the top of 
your jump to get a little bit of a boost.

The only collectable item in this game is carrots, which for some reason is 
displayed as mushrooms on the HUD in the bottom left corner. Once you collect 
thirty carrots, you will get an extra life, which is displayed in the bottom 
right corner of the screen. The health will obviously be in the middle on the 
bottom. You get three hearts. Taking damage from anything will make you lose 
one heart and losing all three will mean you die. You cannot regain hearts in 
any way which makes this already difficult game even more difficult.


                        Select...................No Use
2. - Walkthrough                                                         WAS002

                                   Stage  1

Collect the two carrots at the top and kill the duck with a spin attack. Jump 
the next gaps while killing the bird flying at the first gap. You'll run into a 
skunk to kill and then into a car. You cannot attack the car, just jump over 
it. It travels a small distance and turns around so wait to see where it's 
patrol area is. Jump over it in the middle of its patrol area. You don't want 
to take any unnecessary damage in this game and trying to jump over it while 
being impatient could hurt a lot more than you would think. Jump the next car 
as well.

You will now see a skateboard. Jump on it. Not only will you travel quicker but 
it will allow you to take damage without losing any hearts. This is necessary 
to complete this level. You will approach a bear after another jump. You can't 
kill the bear, you will take damage from it, unless, of course, you're on the 
skateboard. Just go right through the bear and continue to the right.

Jump the next gap and kill the bird. Run down the next hill. Kill the bird 
coming towards you and jump the gap while killing another bird. Collect some 
carrots, jump the gaps, and kill the next duck. Hop on the next skateboard when 
you see it. Jump over this motorcycle enemy at the bottom of the first hill. 
Jump over the two tractors when you see them and ride up the hill. There are 
two birds here that can be really tough to avoid. Try slowing down to give 
yourself time to jump over both. 

Whether you're still on the skateboard or not by the time you reach the bear, 
you'll have to go through it. Take damage if you have to because there's no 
other way to avoid it. Continue jumping over a couple gaps and killing the 
skunks and birds in your way. Soon you will see a car and tractor to jump over. 
Hop on the skateboard and jump over the first skunk you see. Jump over the next 
duck as well. Skate through the bear to avoid damage and continue to the right. 
Kill a couple more enemies and you will complete this stage.

                                   Stage  2

Jump on the log floating in the waterfall. Wait for the rat enemy to look to 
the right with its polearm and quickly jump to attack him. Now kill the bird 
that will come in. Jump onto the next log and over the next gap. Avoid this 
pineapple. It will explode and hurt you if you touch it. Jump over it and kill 
the snail on the other side. 

This part is very difficult to pass without taking damage. You have to jump to 
the right when the log just appears. Quickly jump off to the right to the next 
platform. you'll have to spin when you're at the top height to make the jump. 
If you don't make it, you will get another jump once you touch the wall so just 
jump again. The tricky part is the rat with the polearm on the other side. 
You'll have to quickly jump and attack again to kill it without taking damage. 
You will very likely take damage here.

Get to the right of this little island and you will see two palm trees to the 
right. The log will fall in between those two palm trees. Jump and spin in the 
air for the extra distance to reach that log. Jump across the logs to the right 
until you reach the next island. Kill the snail and wall jump to reach the 
higher platform. Avoid the pineapple and continue to the right. Jump to the 
right for the next island.

Jump across the next log to clear this gap. Jump across one more log but watch 
out for the pineapple in the middle of the next island. Jump across yet another 
log and continue to the right. Jump and kill this rat with the polearm. Inch to 
the edge of this platform and jump right to show the hippo to the right and 
quickly go back left to land on the ledge again. Time your jump to land on the 
hippo using a spin dash in the air for the added boost. 

Once the hippo reaches as far to the right as it can, jump to the island to the 
right. Do the same jump trick on the next island to spawn an alligator. Jump on 
the alligator using a spin dash and ride it to the right. Jump to the next 
island. Now hop on the next hippo and continue to the right. Again, use the 
jump trick to spawn the log on the next waterfall. Jump to it and then to the 
next island. Kill the rat with the polearm here. 

Jump across a couple more islands, killing the bird when you see it. Wall jump 
up to the next rat when it's safe and kill it. This area is a little bugged and 
you may have to spin in the air to get your jump. I suggest jumping right when 
the rat turns to the left and this should give you the timing to kill it 
safely. Jump the next few logs and avoid the pineapple on the next island. Jump 
across the next set of logs and kill the rat. I suggest once you land to jump 
away and then back to the right mid jump to give yourself time to adjust for 
the rat. Avoid the pineapple on the next island and kill the snail on the 
following island. 

Jump using a spin boost and extra jump to the next island and kill the bird 
there. Ride the next alligator to the right. Use the jump, spin dash, double 
jump trip to the next platform. Jump to the right and then back left to spawn 
the next alligator. Time your jump to jump onto the next alligator and ride it 
to the right. Jump onto the next hippo, then onto the next alligator, and onto 
the following island. Kill the rat when it's safe. Jump the next gap to 
complete this stage.

                                   Stage  3

Collect the carrot at the start. You will notice the ice on this level will 
make you slide on slopes. The glacier in the next gap will float in and out of 
the water. Jump on it when it's there and jump to the next gap. Kill the 
penguin and grab the next carrot above. Kill the crab to the right. Jump to the 
floating glacier while spinning to kill the fish. Quickly jump across another 
floating glacier and onto the next island. Kill the penguin that is already 
sliding towards you.

Jump onto the platforms above to avoid the rolling enemy. Pick up the carrot 
while you're up here. Jump across two more glaciers to the next island. Kill 
the penguin here and jump up to the carrot above. Jump to the next floating 
glacier and kill the fish jump around it while you land. Jump to the platform 
to the right and climb up the hill. Kill the bird that will attack you at the 
top of the hill. Jump onto the platform up here to avoid the rolling enemy and 
for a carrot.

Keep going to the right. Stop at the very top of the hill. The yeti up here 
won't patrol this far. Jump onto the platform above and over the pineapple up 
here. Pick up the carrot. Slide down the hill and kill a penguin on the hill. 
You will keep sliding once the hill levels out even if you try to stop. Jump 
acros the glaciers here and over the pineapple on the next island. Jump across 
another glacier to reach the next island.

Climb up this hill and jump onto the higher platform. Jump over the pineapple. 
Slide down the next slope and kill the penguin on the hill. There will be 
another penguin at the bottom of this long hill. Just like the last long hill, 
you will keep sliding when you reach the bottom even if you try to stop. Jump 
across a few more moving glaciers. You will have to use the spin dash double 
jump trick to reach a higher platform. Continue right and kill the penguin on 
the next hill.

Jump onto the platform above the yeti and kill the crab. Jump up to the carrot 
above. Continue across three more moving glaciers for the next island. Kill the 
crab there. Jump across another glacier and avoid the rolling enemy and 
pineapple on the next island. Jump across a couple more glaciers, killing the 
fish jumping around one of the glaciers, and hop onto the next island. Kill the 
penguin here. Jump onto the platforms above the yeti and grab the carrot up 
here. Jump across another glacier. Kill the penguin on the next island. Pick up 
the two carrots on this island and jump across another glacier to the next 

If the next glacier floats away, it won't float back. Don't worry though. Just 
run to the left until the water is off screen and go back to the right. This 
will respawn the glacier. You'll have to be quick to jump on it though. Kill 
the fish while jumping on it. Jump across four more glaciers until you reach 
the next island. Grab the carrots here and continue to the right to complete 
this stage.

                                   Stage  4

Enter the cave to the right and hop in the train. The train will move on its 
own, the only thing you can do is jump. Jump over any other trains and gaps 
until you reach the end of this small auto scrolling section. Jump the gap and 
kill the bat flying around. The worm on the next platform is similar to the 
snail from the second stage except it will fall off ledges instead of turn 
around so make sure to hit it before it hits you. Kill the next little hopping 
monster and bat. Pick up the carrot and continue to the right.

Attack the next couple of hopping enemies while jumping over the gaps. Hop in 
the next train when you reach it. Jump over the next few trains and stones that 
get in your way until you stop. The worm on the next platform will not fall off 
the ledge so jump up and kill it. Continue up the platforms to the right while 
killing another hopping enemy. The next worm will fall off the platform so kill 
it quickly. Use your double jump trick up the next platform and kill the 
hopping enemy.

Pick up the carrot and continue to the right. Kill the bats as you fall down 
the platforms. Kill the hopping enemy at the bottom of the hill and jump the 
next gap. Kill the worm here and jump to the train. Jump over the next set of 
trains and rocks in your way until you get outside. Jump over two more stones 
out here and you will enter another cave. Jump over a few more trains, gaps, 
and stones until you stop. Kill another bat and jump up the platforms. Kill the 
hopping enemies and then the worm when you see it. Hop in the next train and 
avoid the obstacles until the end of this stage.

                                   Stage  5

Jump onto the moving platform the right. Jump at its maximum height to the 
right and kill the rat from above so its polearm doesn't hurt you. Jump onto 
the next moving platform. Hop to the next island and kill the ladybug there. 
Jump onto the next moving platform. Again, jump at its maximum heigh to kill 
the next rat from above. Jump across the next set of moving platforms and kill 
the ladybug on the next island. Use your spin dash and double jump to jump over 
the whale and kill the rat from above on the next island. Jump on the next 
moving platform and then continue to the right for the next part of this stage.

Hop onto the jet ski. This is another auto scrolling section, just like the 
trains in stage 4. You can press up to do a hand stand on the handlebars to 
reach higher carrots. However, the main focus is to jump above all the 
obstacles. The carrots are only going to give you an extra life if you collect 
thirty. But you won't need the extra lives if you focus on the obstacles to 
jump over. After a minute or so, you will complete this stage and the game.
3. - Contact                                                             WAS003
Do you have any suggestions, comments, critiques, or just a simple thanks to 
me? Well you could e-mail me at FrankTheTank3388@gmail.com and tell me what you 
think! You could tell me whatever you'd like about the game whether it's a tip 
not listed in this guide that you think would help a lot of people, a mistake I 
made, or just a simple thanks. I will try to get back to you as quickly as 
possible answering any questions you may have. Just make sure to include 
something about Wait and See in the subject of the e-mail or I will delete it. 
Please don't send any attachments or I will immediately delete the e-mail 
without opening it. I have recently received a virus through an e-mail and was 
forced to reformat and I'm not going to go through that again.

Things/How to E-Mail me about:
-What you think about this guide.
-If you need any additional help or clarification.
-Some tips for maps or strategies that aren't in this guide.
-Anything you think would be a good addition to this guide.
-Make sure your subject indicates you're trying to contact me about this game.
-Just a simple thanks!

Things/How NOT to E-Mail me about:
-Things that don't have anything to do with the game.
-Anything that is already clearly discussed in this guide.
-Any file attachments.                                     
-With really bad grammar! I understand that for some people, English isn't 
  their first language but that doesn't mean you should send me something 
  completely unreadable because you're too lazy to use punctuations or spaces.
  If I can't understand what you're trying to say, your e-mail will be ignored.

***Also, I would greatly appreciate it if you liked the guide, to also click on 
the "Would you recommend this FAQ?" "Yes" button at the top of the page!
4. - Disclaimer                                                          WAS004
This FAQ/Walkthrough is copyrighted © 2017 to Frank Grochowski. International  
Copyright laws protect this FAQ/Walkthrough. You cannot sell this              
FAQ/Walkthrough for a profit of any kind. You cannot reproduce this            
FAQ/Walkthrough in any way with out my written consent. You are however allowed
to download this FAQ/Walkthrough for personal use. You can also post it on your
web site as long as you give me full credit, don't change it in any way, and it
is free. The latest version will always be found at:                           

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