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    Tam Tam Advanced by Kazuki

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    Tam Tam Advanced FAQ v.1.0
    By Kazuki
    Tam Tam is a low level character who relies almost entirely on his 
    dominating slashing speed and range.  His special moves and his super 
    are relatively weak and not very effective against most experienced 
    players.  However, a good Tam Tam player can put up quite a fight is 
    used properly.  You can even be remotely honorable if you try.
    General Attack overview:
    Tam Tam is almost completly dominant in terms of air defense.  His 
    jumping C covers a huge part of the screen, and keeps Tam Tam out of 
    danger.  Use it.  On the ground, his A slash is fast enough to get in a 
    hit after most blocked B slashes, and even some A slashes.  His running 
    D allows a quick short pursuit at the end, which does good damamge.  
    This is really all you need.
    Technique specific:
    Slash:  Slash Tam Tam's moves are all rather poor with the exception of 
    the flame burst.  His sword spin has little range, damage, and has a 
    start up time.  Also, if you press the buttons just a bit too fast 
    (either while doing a pursuit or chain combo) it just might come out and 
    leave you open.  With the exception of the A version, the leg spin is 
    pathetic, leaving you screaming for a C slash/combo in the end as he 
    floats to a stop.  The skulls have incredibly long recovery time and can 
    be slashed out of the air.  However, the flame spout does good tick 
    damage and is strong against airborne enemies.
    Bust: Tam Tam Bust sacrifices the sword spin (yippe) and the flame burst 
    (ouch) for a better skull toss and a throw.  His skull toss can be used 
    to trick opponents since the high skull actually provides decent air 
    defense.  His throw has a very long start up time, but does good damage 
    and has great range.
    Fighting As Tam Tam:
    As Either (Dirty):  Stay on the ground and A slash like a madman.  Mix 
    in flame burst (Slash), throws (Bust), or the old run-up-and-guard-
    crush.  Everytime they try to jump.  Jump back and C slash.  People will 
    hate you for this.
    As Slash (Fair):  Fight like a real man.  Use more flame bursts and curb 
    your desire to play like the previous style.
    Fighting Against Tam Tam:
    General (Kinda dirty): This is using cheap to fight cheap, but heck.  
    Stay in the corner and block.  Turtle like crazy.  Watch for flame 
    bursts and throws and punish him when he does.  Tam Tam, especially 
    Bust, has very few safe ticking moves and can be punished.  Keep in mind 
    that a mad A slashing Tam Tam, is waiting for YOU to attack, so he can 
    counter.  Don't let him.
    As Jubei Bust (Evil): Abuse the fact that Tam Tam slashes a lot and 
    counter him a lot.  Everytime Tam Tam gets airborne, go ahead and 
    counter since he's not going to land anytime soon.  Don't fire 
    projectiles since Tam Tam can get a slash in after.
    Fast Characters (Stylish): Everytime Tam Tam goes into the air, rush 
    under him.  If he attacks on his way up, just block and whack him in the 
    air, otherwise, just whack him with a jumping C.
    When POWed:
    Only thing that gets better is the flame burst.  No big deal.
    Using the super:
    Both: Don't unless you want to tick.  The only times this has ever 
    landed is if the enemy got too agressive and tried to jump over it.  No 
    way.  Keep in mind that this has a set range and long startup.  
    Opponents can also run straight at you before the burst hits the ground 
    and waste you when you land.
    After Guard Crush:  Low C always
    "BBC" chains: nothing good
    During chain: nothing good
    Nasty Tricks: None
    Winning in style:  Finish with the super
    	                Win with his Weaponless running D =)
    Questions? E-mail me at perseus@uclink4.berkeley.edu
    Note: As long as you give me credit for my work, and don't use this FAQ 
    for profit, do whatever you like.

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