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Move List by MONeill

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 06/05/94

                              FATAL FURY II (SNES)
                         Come-back moves & boss moves
Ver 1.0

This is a list of all the Special 'Come back' moves for each character when
their energy bars start to flash red.  The moves are quite devastating!  All
the moves shown are for the left-hand character when facing to the right.

Index of abreviations used;

     HP - Hard punch
     LP - Light punch
     HK - Hard kick
     LK - Light kick
     Joypad movements:-
     B  - Back
     DB - Down and back
     D  - Down
     DF - Down and forward
     F  - Forward

Moves for the 8 characters are as follows;

     Big Bear      - F,DF,D,DB,F + HP&LK           (FLAME BURST)
     Andy Bogard   - Hold Down 2secs, DF,F + HK&LK (FLAMING LEG CUTTER)
     Terry Bogard  - D,DB,B,DB,F + HP&LK           (POWER GEYSER)
     Joe Higashi   - F,B,DB,D,DF + HP&LK           (DUNE UPPER)
     Mai Shiranui  - F,DB,F + HP&LK                (FIRE FURY TACKLE)
      (why don't her breasts bounce in the SNES version?)
     Jubei Yamada  - Hold DB 2secs, D,F + HP&LK    (DYNAMITE SPIN)
      (must be done close to opponent)
     Kim Kapwhan   - D,DB,B,DB,F + HK&LK           (THRESHER WEDGE)
     Cheng sinzan  - Hold DB 2secs, DF,F + HP&LK   (SUPER NAPALM)
     [I don't know the bosses come-back moves at present - I'll add them
      to this list when I know them].
     Note that the moves can be countered if done early enough while you are
     beginning the move.
Here are the standard moves I know for the bosses;

     Billy Kane    - Hold Back 2secs, F + HP or LP (CLUB BLOW)
                     Hold DB 2secs, FU + HP or LP  (SPARROW DROP)
                     Tap HP or LP repeatedly       (CLUB TWIST)
                     B,DB,D,DF,F + HK or LK        (SUPER POWER CLUB)
                     Throws/holds; HP or HK plus towards when close
     Axle Hawk     - Hold B 2secs, F + HP or LP    (SMASH BOMBER)
                     B,DB,D,DF,F + HP or LP        (SPINNING FIRE-FIST)
                     Throws/holds; HK plus towards when close
    Laurence Blood - B,DB,D,DF,F + HP or LP        (BLOODY SABER)
                     Hold B 2secs, F + HP or LP    (BLOODY SPIN)
                     Hold Down 2secs, U + HK or LK (BLOODY CUTTER)
                     Throws/holds; HP or HK plus towards when close
                      Also, press HP and LP together, this makes him
                      turn away for a second to dodge fireballs!
  Wolfgang Krauser - D,DB,B + HP or LP             (BLITZ BALL 1)
                     D,DB,B + HK or LK             (BLITZ BALL 2)
                     Throws/holds; HP or HK plus towards/towards and down
                      when close


* FLEA *

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