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Dialogue FAQ by Gavok

Version: 2.0 | Updated: 11/15/2003

The SNK vs. Capcom: Chaos Dialogue FAQ Ver. 2.0

Transcriptions of the dialogue from SNK vs. Capcom: Chaos. These are, of course,
the little discussions between characters before each match. There is a
conversation for every single combination except for Athena vs. Athena, Red
Arremer vs. Red Arremer and Athena vs. Red Arremer. 663 in total.

If you see something that looks like a typo, chances are that it's Playmore's
fault for the SNKgrish. Though admittedly it's not so bad this time. Though they
do keep referring to Shadaloo as Shadawloo.

On the subject of character names, this FAQ will be referring to them by their
US names. Meaning Balrog is the meat-head boxer, Vega is the mirror-loving
maniac and M. Bison is the bus driver with the really big teeth.


Revision History

11/10/03 - Version 1.0- Everything's new. Right now the FAQ is at 320
           conversations out of the total 663, including (but not limited to)
           full sets for Akuma, Athena, Balrog, Choi, Chun Li, Dan, Kim, Shin
           Akuma and Shin Mr. Karate. Everything should be complete by the first
           or second update.

11/12/03 - Version 1.1- More stuff, including finished sets of Demitri, Dhalsim,
           Geese, Terry, Red Arremer as well as plenty of other matches. So far
           it's 443 out of 663.

11/14/03 - Version 1.2- Added the finished sets of Earthquake, Genjuro, Goenitz,
           Guile and Hugo. So far it's at out of 536 out of 663. It should
           hopefully be finished by the next update.

11/15/03 - Version 2.0- Complete! All 663 interactions are there from Akuma vs.
           Akuma to Zero vs. Zero. Probably the last version of the FAQ unless I
           need to make corrections.


The dialogues are laid out in alphabetical order without any repeats. If you
want to see Terry vs. Geese, then you have to look under Geese, since he comes
first alphabetically. This means that Akuma fans get his all bunched together
while Zero fans will have to do some searching. For the hell of it, here's the
order of listing:

Akuma (Gouki)
Balrog (Mike Bison)
Choi Bounge
Chun Li
Dan Hibiki
Demitri Maximov
Geese Howard
Iori Yagami
Kasumi Todo
Ken Masters
Kim Kaphwan
Kyo Kusanagi
M. Bison (Vega)
Mai Shiranui
Mars Aliens
Mr. Karate
Red Arremer
Riot of the Blood Iori (Orochi Iori, Crazy Iori)
Ryo Sakazaki
Shin Akuma (Shin Gouki)
Shin Mr. Karate (Honki Ni Natta Mr. Karate)
Terry Bogard
Tessa (Tabasa)
Vega (Balrog)
Violent Ken
Zero (Megaman Zero)


Akuma vs. Akuma:

AKUMA1: I've got it all. Skill. Strength. And the Wave!
AKUMA2: You're confused. The one left standing is the real thing.
AKUMA1: Destroy!
AKUMA2: Comply!

Akuma vs. Athena:

AKUMA: ....
ATHENA: You are in Heaven. Foul terrestrial evildoer. I cannot let you go back
the way you are.
AKUMA: ...Nonsense.
ATHENA: Defend yourself.

Akuma vs. Balrog:

BALROG: You look pretty tough. How about you and I take over Shadawloo together!
AKUMA: I have not the ears to lend to babbling idiots.
BALROG: Is that so...? Then you can die now. And regret your fate.
AKUMA: There's nothing more ugly than a fool.

Akuma vs. Choi Bounge:

AKUMA: Pest... Fly away!
CHOI: Pest? That hurts. Actually, I'm a master fighter, buddy boy!
AKUMA: ...You can spout off in the Netherworld!
CHOI: Eeeh-hyah! You can't stop me now! Now I'm really mad!

Akuma vs. Chun Li:

CHUN: What terrible eyes. So that's Akuma...
AKUMA: Leave. Immediately! I will not slay you.
CHUN: No, I won't go. My strength... I'll test against you.
AKUMA: You wish a dog's death? You silly creature.

Akuma vs. Dan Hibiki:

DAN: And who are you?
AKUMA: I am Akuma! Master of the Fist...
DAN: Master of what? I'm the true master around here!
AKUMA: Destroy!

Akuma vs. Demitri Maximov:

AKUMA: Supernatural or not. You bow before me.
DEMITRI: Bow before you? That's not even funny.
AKUMA: It's been a while since I felt such rage! Die!

Akuma vs. Dhalsim:

DHALSIM: Master of the Murder Wave! You're in bad need of some saving, I see.
AKUMA: There's no saving me. The Murder Wave's my sole savior.
DHALSIM: Slave to power, you don't understand. Yoga can set you free!
AKUMA: My fists will do that. And send you to Heaven.

Akuma vs. Earthquake:

EARTHQUAKE: Oink! Looks like you don't have any money. Take a hike, buddy!
AKUMA: Do you think I'd listen to a peasant like you?
EARTHQUAKE: What? Snort. Snort. If you're going to be snotty, let's go!
AKUMA: Destroy!

Akuma vs. Geese Howard:

GEESE: The Murder Wave... What nonsense!
AKUMA: Destroy!
GEESE: The folly of the weak! A revery of wimps. For I, Geese Howard, do not
need a fortress to protect me.

Akuma vs. Genjuro:

GENJURO: You were born to be cut. Where would you like me to begin carving?
AKUMA: Do you really think a blade would make me flinch from you?
GENJURO: Admirable pomposity! I think I'll begin by removing your tongue!
AKUMA: Rumble!

Akuma vs. Goenitz:

GOENITZ: Why, you...!
AKUMA: Destroy!
GOENITZ: The last one standing shall certainly be me. Hoo, hoo, hoo. A good wind
blows... Let us begin!

Akuma vs. Guile:

AKUMA: To live or die in battle. Admirable resignation.
GUILE: That's a soldier for you.
AKUMA: You're a fool to come oppose me. Just hear the spirits of my victims!
GUILE: I'll leave that to you. Bring it on, beastie!

Akuma vs. Hugo:

POISON: Oh great! You're a real find! How about it? Care to join us? We're pro
AKUMA: ....
POISON: ...What? Not excited? You can't turn us down. And I mean literally...
Huuuuugo! Get him!
HUGO: Now you can be a good partner. Let's make some mayhem!
AKUMA: ...Destroy!

Akuma vs. Iori Yagami:

AKUMA: The ire of the spirits... Care to face the carnage?
IORI: Oh, unending slaughter. And I'm in the center.
AKUMA: That is Asura's rage...
IORI: It's all Greek to me. If you want to die, bring it on, freak!

Akuma vs. Kasumi Todo:

AKUMA: Young lady... walk away. You needn't die so young.
KASUMI: Do not insult me! The power of Todoh cannot pale to yours!
AKUMA: ...Very well. No mercy. These fists of destruction will dispose of you.
KASUMI: A suitable opponent to prove the power of Todoh! Begin!

Akuma vs. Ken Masters:

KEN: With you as an opponent, I better get serious. You're going down, freak!
AKUMA: Nonsense. With a spirit like yours, I'll shatter you!
KEN: Conversely, it may be you who'll be shattered.
AKUMA: Babble on, bozo! I'll destroy you!

Akuma vs. Kim Kaphwan:

KIM: Why do you not use such overwhelming power for the sake of justice?
AKUMA: There is no good or evil to strength! I seek only pure power!
KIM: You're wrong! Your defeat will prove the error of your ways.

Akuma vs. Kyo Kusanagi:

AKUMA: That stance. That spirit. Kusanagi! Master of Flame!
KYO: You're more studious than you look. You've done your homework.
AKUMA: The ancient martial arts have no effect on me!
KYO: Want to see for sure? You'll eat those words!

Akuma vs. M. Bison:

BISON: You... I haven't forgot you!
AKUMA: Destroy!
BISON: I'll repay you with death!

Akuma vs. Mai Shiranui:

MAI: My! You're a scary one. You look like a devil.
AKUMA: Please die, post haste.
MAI: And me without my crucifix and holy water...
AKUMA: ....
MAI: I guess it's all up to my strength and powers alone.
AKUMA: Destroy!
MAI: Yikes! Right away? I really hate being rushed, you know!

Akuma vs. Mars People:

MARS: Boh beep bah!
AKUMA: ...I sense your murderous intent!
MARS: Bap booh!
AKUMA: Die! Silly shaped thing!

Akuma vs. Mr. Karate:

KARATE: In your quest for power, you lost your humanity. You sad, sad man.
AKUMA: Poppycock!... Rage is my reason!
KARATE: You must fight it! Rediscover your humanity, you hideous, demon freak!
AKUMA: Ludicrous!

Akuma vs. Red Arremer:

AKUMA: ......
RED: Gyah-gyah!
AKUMA: You know my fearsome fists will dispatch you to damnation!

Akuma vs. Riot of the Blood Iori

R.IORI: K...I...L...L...
AKUMA: Lost child. Rest in the Netherworld!
R.IORI: Ohhh-whoa!
AKUMA: Destroy!

Akuma vs. Ryo Sakazaki:

RYO: OK, OK, creepy face. Your capabilities are not of this world.
AKUMA: Then why don't you make yourself scarce? Death's maw awaits you.
RYO: That's quite an ego. Conceit is a fighter's worst enemy, eh?
AKUMA: I do not fear the likes of you!
RYO: Well, then, let's just see how tough you are!

Akuma vs. Ryu:

RYU: Akuma...
AKUMA: ....Save the speech.
RYU: OK... Let's do it!
AKUMA: Destroy!

Akuma vs. Sagat:

SAGAT: I, slayer of Bison, you cannot hope to outshine this emperor!
AKUMA: Equal me do you think? I'll do away with you with one finger.
SAGAT: Your murderous spirit pierces my being. Oh, I'll enjoy this!
AKUMA: Destroy!

Akuma vs. Shiki:

AKUMA: You are in Asura's grip... You intrigue me...!
SHIKI: ...I'll slice you!
AKUMA: Then have at you, wench! I'll show you the true power of Asura's fists!

Akuma vs. Shin Akuma:

AKUMA: ......
S.AKUMA: Away with you, shadow! I'm the true fist master!
AKUMA: Me back down? It's you who have that destiny.

Akuma vs. Shin Mr. Karate:

AKUMA: ....
S.KARATE: ...You are good. A worthy opponent.
AKUMA: ...You too. A fearsome foe.
S.KARATE: Well... let's do it.

Akuma vs. Terry Bogard:

TERRY: I've heard of a totally strong demon warrior... You must be him, eh?
AKUMA: If we do clash, I foresee your death... Do you not fear me?
TERRY: So you are that guy! It's going to be a pleasure whomping you!
AKUMA: Punch drunk fool. Your ignorance will be your undoing.

Akuma vs. Tessa:

TESSA: The Murder Wave, is it? ...I sold it too short. It's beyond rumor.
AKUMA: ...Die!
TESSA: I can't oblige you. You'll help me explain your murderous wave!

Akuma vs. Vega:

VEGA: There is no beauty to your strength. That is, you don't deserve to live.
AKUMA: Deserve to live? Boorish lout. Strength is truth!
VEGA: Beauty is the only thing worthy to exist. Ugliness must perish!
AKUMA: You'll perish, all right. Let's rumble!

Akuma vs. Violent Ken:

V.KEN: Oooooooh. A-Akuma...
AKUMA: Have you come, too? You walk Asura's path?
V.KEN: Ooooh-ohhhh!

Akuma vs. Zero:

ZERO: Get out of my way... I'll hurt you...
AKUMA: You conceited kid! Destroy!
ZERO: Very well...
CIEL: (He's Akuma, ancient assassin from Japan's middle ages. Beware, though...
His abilities go beyond my data.)
ZERO: Beyond your data? What is it? Whatever... Let's do it!

Athena vs. Balrog:

BALROG: What is this place? It's too bright here. I can't relax...
ATHENA: What is going on?! What's a foul man like you doing sullying Heaven's
BALROG: What a nice greeting. Hey, how about sending me back home!
ATHENA: I can't do that. But I can kick you out of here!

Athena vs. Choi Bounge:

CHOI: What's this place?
ATHENA: You're in Heaven.
CHOI: ...You mean... I've passed on...? Say it ain't so, toots!
ATHENA: No, it's a mistake...
CHOI: A mistake? Well, then... Get me out of here!
ATHENA: H-hold on! Just calm down!

Athena vs. Chun Li:

CHUN: Where am I? ...Is this a dream?
ATHENA: No, this is Heaven. Thanks to your silly fighting down there, the
dimensional doors have opened.
CHUN: I don't understand. Send me back! Now!
ATHENA: I can't do such a thing. My mission is but to sit and watch over this
place. And make sure no one undesirable gets in. OK. Put up your dukes.
CHUN: Oh, this's just peachy. Looks like Heaven's no picnic, either.

Athena vs. Dan Hibiki:

DAN: Where am I...?
ATHENA: Whammo!
DAN: Ouch! What's the big idea?
ATHENA: Foul monster! I, Athena, will dispose of you!
DAN: Have you ever seen a monster as cute as I am?! Geesh! I'm really PO'ed!
I'll smoosh you!

Athena vs. Demitri Maximov:

DEMITRI: Where am I...?
ATHENA: You are in Heaven. Foul terrestrial evildoer. I cannot let you go back
the way you are.
DEMITRI: Hmph. Well, then, what do you want me to do about this?
ATHENA: To protect this place is my sole mission... And drive undesirables out
of these environs. So, defend yourself!

Athena vs. Dhalsim:

DHALSIM: Where the heck am I...? Could it be Heaven?
ATHENA: Give the man a cigar. You are in Heaven. Thanks to your silly fighting,
the dimensional doors have been opened.
DHALSIM: Then I'm not dead yet. That's good news... I have many things left to
do down below. You may send me back.
ATHENA: I can't help you. My mission here is to protect this land. And remove
undesirables so put them up.
DHALSIM: Along with the world, Heaven too seems filled with absurdity...

Athena vs. Earthquake:

EARTHQUAKE: Oh! You are one fine female specimen! I'll eat you up! Snort. Snort.
ATHENA: Yeeks! That's disgusting!

Athena vs. Geese Howard:

GEESE: ...Where am I?
ATHENA: Huh? Another human?
GEESE: Honey, where am I?
ATHENA: Such insolence! I will have to teach you some manners!

Athena vs. Genjuro:

GENJURO: I suppose you, too, protest that you "fight for peace." Pah!
ATHENA: "Pah!" yourself, you cynical gloomy gus!
GENJURO: In the end, humans are nothing but beasts!
ATHENA: I know you've had a tough time of it. But I will save you!
GENJURO: Unsavable optimist!

Athena vs. Goenitz:

GOENITZ: What place is this?
ATHENA: This is Heaven. It is no place for the likes of you.
GOENITZ: I... kind of like it here. My lord shall sleep here in future, I
ATHENA: That won't happen. Not while I'm here!

Athena vs. Guile:

GUILE: ? Where...?
ATHENA: Your fighting has openend the dimensional doors. This is Heaven. You
have no place in this place.
GUILE: Did you say Heaven? Where is my family?
ATHENA: Your family are all living down below.
GUILE: Without my family, Heaven would be Hell. Send me back!

Athena vs. Hugo:

POISON: What's this place?
ATHENA: This is Heaven. What're you doing here? You are not suitable to take up
residence in these environs.
POISON: Then send us back. How are we going to find customers here?
ATHENA: Halt! I thought I told you! You are not allowed to exist here! Defend
POISON: This chicks wacked! ...Hugo! Teach this ignorant young lady the ways of
our world...
HUGO: You look weak. Want me to fight one-handed?

Athena vs. Iori Yagami:

IORI: ...?!
ATHENA: What the? Another? Here?
IORI: Where the hell am I?
ATHENA: Tut. Tut. Tut! Watch your language. Show some respect.
IORI: I do... for the dead. And so you will be.
ATHENA: Oh, gracious. You are a meany. I'll teach you manners.

Athena vs. Kasumi Todo:

KASUMI: ...Where am I?
ATHENA: Huh? A human in a place like this? ...
KASUMI: Hmm. This is your doing? Prepare... yourself!
ATHENA: Uh... excuse me. Wait.

Athena vs. Ken Masters:

KEN: Huh? H-hey! What's going on? Where am I?
ATHENA: You're in Heaven. Sadly, your presence is not allowed here.
KEN: So this is Heaven? Looks like all my good deeds paid off!
ATHENA: I told you, didn't you hear me say you can't stay here? ...Very well.
Face your punishment!

Athena vs. Kim Kaphwan:

KIM: Put on some clothes! Have you no shame?!
ATHENA: Do you object to my fashion sense? Doesn't it suit me?
KIM: That's not what I'm talking about! Cover yourself!
ATHENA: I'm rather fond of this outfit...

Athena vs. Kyo Kusanagi:

KYO: A battle with a babe? I must be in Heaven!
ATHENA: Don't let your hormones go wild. You don't want to peak too soon, right?
KYO: When it comes to battle, I last a long time.

Athena vs. M. Bison:

BISON: Where the heck am I...?
ATHENA: You are in Heaven. Foul terrestrial evildoer. I cannot let you go back
the way you are.
BISON: Wow, it's not a myth! Wah, ha, ha, ha. Take me to your leader.

Athena vs. Mai Shiranui:

MAI: What's with the bikini? Are you really that desperate for attention?
ATHENA: ...You're one to talk... Just who's showing more?
MAI: You'll be, sister, when I'm through with you!

Athena vs. Mars People:

MARS: Beep boop?
ATHENA: Huh? What's this?
MARS: Beep bop boop beep!
ATHENA: It seems angry.

Athena vs. Mr. Karate:

KARATE: What place is this?!... Who may you be, my dear?
ATHENA: ...Welcome to Heaven. Thanks to your battles it would seem that...
...the dimensional portal has been rent open.
KARATE: Interesting... OK... Time to go back.
ATHENA: I don't have that power. My mission is simply to stand guard... and
drive out any questionable visitors. That means you, big nose!
KARATE: Talk about mood swings! Don't blame me when you get hurt...

Athena vs. Riot of the Blood Iori:

R.IORI: Ooh-whoaaaa.
ATHENA: What? A human!
R.IORI: Oh-whooooaaa.
ATHENA: Yikes! Hey, watch it! You'll be sorry!

Athena vs. Ryo Sakazaki:

RYO: Huh?! Where am I?
ATHENA: This is Heaven.
RYO: So this is Heaven? ...OK, I've seen enough. Now send me back, toots!

Athena vs. Ryu:

RYU: Where am I...?
ATHENA: Welcome to Heaven. What're you doing here? This place is not for the
likes of you to violate.
RYU: OK. Sorry. Bye.
ATHENA: Hold on there! I just told you. You can't live here. Defend yourself!

Athena vs. Sagat:

SAGAT: What place is this?
ATHENA: This is Heaven. Your fighting has jarred the dimensional door opened in
some way.
SAGAT: I don't follow you, but it looks like you won't send me back. Very well.
Then I'll do it myself.
ATHENA: Here I come!

Athena vs. Shiki:

SHIKI: Where am I...?
ATHENA: This is Heaven. Hear me, you who is evil on Earth. I cannot let you
return in your present state.
SHIKI: ...

Athena vs. Shin Akuma:

ATHENA: Power like that... No, it can't be...!
S.AKUMA: Do you hear the groans of spirits...?
ATHENA: I can't let you run wild here. Defend yourself, demon!
S.AKUMA: I, too... will be their prey...

Athena vs. Shin Mr. Karate:

S.KARATE: Hmph. This... is not my old neighborhood.
ATHENA: Rightee-oh. It's Heaven. Thanks for dropping by. Now, get out!
S.KARATE: You're hee-larious! I'm already immortal! So, angel, bring it on!
ATHENA: Very well, big nose! Your wish is my command!

Athena vs. Terry Bogard:

TERRY: ...Where am I?
ATHENA: This is Heaven.
TERRY: !! Who're you?
ATHENA: I am Athena... Ah! Hey, were you leering at me just now?!
TERRY: ...What?
ATHENA: Unforgivable! I will punish you for your impertinence!
TERRY: W-wait! Hold on there!

Athena vs. Tessa:

TESSA: Where am I...?
ATHENA: ...In Heaven. Resulting from your fighting down below... ...the
dimensional doors have become opened.
TESSA: So this is it?! This could be a valuable experience! In the name of
inquiry and research, I'll ask you to permit me to stay.
ATHENA: I hate to say this, but my mission is to protect this land. I must drive
out all of the undesirables. Now, defend yourself!
TESSA: In the interest of supra-sorcerology... I cannot back away so easily...

Athena vs. Vega:

VEGA: Where am I...?
ATHENA: This is Heaven. I wonder why the dimensional door...
VEGA: With my beauty, the gates of Heaven couldn't help but pull me in.
ATHENA: What conceit...! Defend yourself. You have much to learn after your

Athena vs. Violent Ken:

V.KEN: Ooh-goooooh.
ATHENA: ...Uh, you're in Heaven. Resulting from your fighting down below...
...the dimensional doors have become opened.
V.KEN: I understand... Now I... can destroy... Heaven, too. Oooooh-ohhhh!
ATHENA: Are you listening? I was just getting to the cool part! Hmph!

Athena vs. Zero:

ZERO: Where am I?
ATHENA: ...In Heaven. Resulting from your fighting down below... ...the
dimensional doors have become opened.
ZERO: Did you say Heaven? I'm in the middle of a project. Send me back!
ATHENA: To protect this place is my sole mission... And make sure no one
undesirable gets in. OK. Put up your dukes.

Balrog vs. Balrog:

BALROG1: Dis me will you? I hope that you're ready to die. Huh?
BALROG2: Quiet, imposter! I'm going to peel you like a grape!
BALROG1: I'll tear you a new one!

Balrog vs. Choi Bounge:

BALROG: Move or I'll stomp you! You little pest!
CHOI: Both dumb and rude, eh, buddy boy? I'll just assume Kim's role and start
your rehabilitation!
BALROG: Who is that?! You speak in tongues! I'm gonna stomp you!
CHOI: I'll slice you silly! Let's do it, buddy boy!

Balrog vs. Chun Li:

CHUN: Now I got you, Balrog! Where's Bison? Answer my question!
BALROG: I've no idea! And even if I did, I wouldn't tell you!
CHUN: The once invincible boxer's now a lap dog for Shadawloo, I see.
BALROG: ...Say that again!
CHUN: I see Shadawloo still won't spring for your obedience classes.
BALROG: Why you thick-legged... ...Die!

Balrog vs. Dan Hibiki:

DAN: Hey, hey! Bring it on, boxer!
BALROG: Here come the clowns. Make me laugh!
DAN: What did you say? I am Dan Hibiki of the Saikyo Groove.
BALROG: That's a good name for a comedian. Very well. Put 'em up.
DAN: You'll eat your words! Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey!

Balrog vs. Demitri Maximov:

BALROG: Who are you? I'll wipe that snotty smirk off your face.
DEMITRI: Away with you, peon. You're filth!
BALROG: I don't know how little you know of the world... But I'm gonna give you
a crash course in its ways!
DEMITRI: What can the dominated teach the dominator?

Balrog vs. Dhalsim:

BALROG: What a reach! If you take up boxing, be sure to call me.
DHALSIM: I am sorry but I have no intention to become a boxer.
BALROG: Why not? You'd make a fortune.
DHALSIM: Money is not the object of my training.
BALROG: Then what is it?
DHALSIM: It is something a slave of desire cannot grasp...
BALROG: Self-important ascete! Enough of your sermons. Say your prayers, monk!

Balrog vs. Earthquake:

EARTHQUAKE: You make your living boxing, don't you? Show me your money!
BALROG: Are you trying to take me down? Huh?! Are you stupid?!
EARTHQUAKE: Snort. Stupid? I'm looking at the fool. You simple-looking nub!
BALROG: I'm going to pummel you unrecognizable!

Balrog vs. Geese Howard:

BALROG: Wait. You're Geese, huh? You have a great rep for being on evil dude,
GEESE: Get lost, punk. I've nothing to say to you.
BALROG: You might after I pummel you into goo. Gah-ha-ha-ha!
GEESE: Oh, brother... Why do I have to waste my time on this clown? I should've
brought Billy along with me.

Balrog vs. Genjuro:

BALROG: What are you gaping at? And what's that little toy in your hand, huh?
GENJURO: Cross me and you will add to my blade's rust.
BALROG: My fists. Your blade. Heh, heh. Cool! Which is deadlier?
GENJURO: ...Die.
BALROG: If I win, you'll lose that sword!
GENJURO: I'll chop off your arms, then kill you by inches.

Balrog vs. Goenitz:

BALROG: Hey, you there. You, padre guy. Float me some bills.
GOENITZ: Oh, ho, ho. Although I have what you seek... I have no desire to give
you it.
BALROG: C'mon, father. I'll pay you back. You don't want to convert on your butt
GOENITZ: The ways of my god would not allow that.
BALROG: Babbling loudmouth! I'm going to ring your gong!
GOENITZ: Oooh, hoo, hoo. Care to pay a tithe to my god, do you? Even your brute
power could help a little.

Balrog vs. Guile:

BALROG: You! Guile! Nice timing! My punching bag's shot. I've been looking for
something to beat on.
GUILE: Me. A punching bag?
BALROG: That's right. I'll punch and punch and punch till you bleed.
GUILE: How can you punch me if you can't hit me?
BALROG: You talk too much.

Balrog vs. Hugo:

POISON: You're a perfect villain. I bet even your mother despised you. You're a
natural! ...How about trying the world of wrestling?
BALROG: If the money's good, I'd be up for it.
POISON: You'll get no money. You'll work for free. I get all the profits.
BALROG: W-why you! No way!
POISON: You got spunk, kiddo. But will it last? Oh, Huuuugo!
HUGO: Hey, bub, you'll make a fine wrestler! I guarantee it.

Balrog vs. Iori Yagami:

IORI: ...Ugly brute. Be gone with you!
BALROG: With hair like yours, who you calling ugly?! Can you eve see? Gah ha ha
IORI: Cretin... And to think you could have lived...

Balrog vs. Kasumi Todo:

BALROG: Oh, ho, young lady. From whence do you wander in from?
KASUMI: Realize my hand.
BALROG: Very nice. And so slim. How about you and me...?
KASUMI: You foul little man! ...Defend yourself!

Balrog vs. Ken Masters:

KEN: Hey, ya bum! Preparing for another Vegas loss!
BALROG: Shut up! Gambling's my life!
KEN: Oh... So you put the money on your losing?
BALROG: I'm in a bad mood. You'll regret p'ing me off!

Balrog vs. Kim Kaphwan:

KIM: Oh, so it's you?
BALROG: You know me? Impressive. It deserves a smidge of mercy or two.
KIM: In spite of your ability, you fight dirty. And it got you banned.
BALROG: ...And you'd like to say?
KIM: With my rehabilitation, I can turn you around. Rehabilitate two.
Rehabilitate three. It's no difference to me.
BALROG: Rehabilitate? Say what? If you think you can, give it a shot!
KIM: Evil blocks your sincere understanding! Evil is my enemy!

Balrog vs. Kyo Kusanagi:

KYO: Have you got your mouthpiece in place?
BALROG: You just shut up! Why don't you worry about yourself? (Hmph!)
KYO: Oops... heh, heh. You're mouth seems fine, but what about your brain?
BALROG: You little punk... I'm gonna crush you!

Balrog vs. M. Bison

BALROG: ....
BISON: Balrog, what is this? You dare face off against your master?
BALROG: After I erase you, I'll become Shadawloo's CEO. Not a bad story, eh?
BISON: Hmph. Only a fool would have such dreams. And yours die with you.

Balrog vs. Mai Shiranui:

BALROG: Be my bride. And I will make you a queen.
MAI: Sorry, Mr. Goon. I'm already spoken for. Phhhhhht!
BALROG: I'm a lot stronger than those other flippy fops! You still can
MAI: Brute strength alone won't cut it with me! And anyway... Andy is way
tougher than you!
BALROG: Why you! I'll ruin you! Chicks like you only learn the hard way!
MAI: You simple musclehead. Your limbs are going to learn my lesson of pain.

Balrog vs. Mars People:

MARS: Beep bop boop boop bop.
BALROG: What is this thing?
MARS: Beep bop boop!
BALROG: If I caught it, it could bring me some dough. Hey! Don't move!

Balrog vs. Mr. Karate:

KARATE: You should train your head too, big boy.
BALROG: My head butts are a work of art, eh?
KARATE: Oh, good grief. That's not what I meant. Whatever. Put 'em up!
BALROG: What did you mean, you Halloween reject!
KARATE: How about shock therapy? Punch a few TVs and you might feel better.
BALROG: Say what?

Balrog vs. Red Arremer:

BALROG: ...What's this place? What's happened to me?
RED: Gya-gyah!
BALROG: Geesh! I've really hit bottom this time! I'll take out my despair on
your face!

Balrog vs. Riot of the Blood Iori:

R.IORI: Gyaaaaah!
BALROG: Holy Christmas... This guy is totally in another world.
R.IORI: Oh, whoa, whoa!
BALROG: I'll moidolize you!

Balrog vs. Ryo Sakazaki:

RYO: You deserve a good dis.
BALROG: Do it and die.
RYO: Blah, blah...
BALROG: Why you... I'll cave your face in!

Balrog vs. Ryu:

BALROG: Oooh-whoaaaa!!!
RYU: Huh? You. You're... Balrog. Right?
BALROG: Hmph. Blocked? Me?!
RYU: Same as ever.
BALROG: How about killing some time. And you, too?
RYU: I accept your offer. The first part, that is. Bring it on!

Balrog vs. Sagat:

SAGAT: Boxing's all hands. You can't match me.
BALROG: Weak dogs bark loudest. And you prove it.
SAGAT: ...I won't kill you. But know you will give me your hand.
BALROG: I'm gonna carve a new wound in that chest of yours. And smash that other
blob of foul jelly!

Balrog vs. Shiki:

BALROG: Oh, a pretty young lady. Just hold on there.
SHIKI: ...
BALROG: I told you to wait, didn't I, honey?
SHIKI: ...You are not he. You nuisance... Die!

Balrog vs. Shin Akuma:

BALROG: (What awesome power!...)
S.AKUMA: Rumble!
BALROG: (I gotta fight dirty... It's my only hope!) Gah!

Balrog vs. Shin Mr. Karate:

BALROG: What's with the mask? To hide your shame when you run away?
S.KARATE: ....
BALROG: You're serious, I see. You do know who I am, and what I'll do to you?
S.KARATE: I know who you are. You think that big body's going to save you?
BALROG: Now I'm upset! This day is the last day of your whole life!
S.KARATE: This is the day when your strength betrays you.

Balrog vs. Terry Bogard:

TERRY: You know, all you boxers look really stupid.
BALROG: In other words, we must look like you.
TERRY: Ha ha ha. Toosh! OK! Time for these two birds of a feather to get jiggy!

Balrog vs. Tessa:

TESSA: You can't control your own violence, I see... I don't know how useful
it'll be, but I'll record the data anyway.
BALROG: What the...? Who are you?
TESSA: I ask for your cooperation...
BALROG: If you want favors, show me your money. And lots of it, too!
TESSA: So you lack the nobility to contribute to my research? Volunteering is
important too, you know.
BALROG: I don't need your big talk, little girl. (Bong.)
TESSA: (...Hee, hee. Looks like I'll get data after all.) And away I go!

Balrog vs. Vega:

VEGA: Elegance. Delicacy. Refinement. You lack them all. Pathetic ponce!
BALROG: I'll take good care of that mask, fancy pants!
VEGA: ...What do you mean?
BALROG: I'm going to cave in your precious face! And right now!
VEGA: Such foul language. Death's to good for you.

Balrog vs. Violent Ken:

BALROG: What gives, Ken? You look worse than me. Hyah, ha, ha!
V.KEN: Oooooooh... Balrog...
BALROG: I'll give your eulogy. Let's end it, Ken.
V.KEN: Oooh-gaaah!

Balrog vs. Zero:

BALROG: Uh, uh. You won't be getting by me.
ZERO: ....
BALROG: Hmph. There's no point mixing it up with you. Ah, what the heck. I'll
kill some time, and you along with it.
ZERO: ...You have 3 minutes until you're terminated.

Choi Bounge vs. Choi Bounge:

CHOI1: Hmph. I guess I've become famous, too.
CHOI2: But this world's only big enough for one of us, buddy boy!

Choi Bounge vs. Chun Li:

CHOI: Hey, I know you... You're a cop!
CHUN: You're quite perceptive. Hey! Didn't I put you in the slammer...?
CHOI: Yeah! I'll teach you to toss me in the big house! You'll die on duty!
CHUN: Such bitterness. Ah, OK. Try taking it out on me!

Choi Bounge vs. Dan Hibiki:

CHOI: Huh? Hey, you're... the Kyokugen Karate guy!
DAN: Huh? Who're you talking to?
CHOI: What the...? Who're you, buddy boy?
DAN: What's with everybody? I'm Dan Hibiki of the Saikyo Groove!

Choi Bounge vs. Demitri Maximov:

CHOI: Vampire... Those don't exist!
DEMITRI: Heh, heh. You'll be my slave.
CHOI: Oooh-geee! I gotta be dreaming! You're a hallucination!

Choi Bounge vs. Dhalsim:

DHALSIM: You're a slave to desire. You must train and learn yoga to save
CHOI: I'll leave the preaching to Kim. Can it, buddy boy!
DHALSIM: Even if you'll be able to become taller, too? I know you want that.
CHOI: T-taller? OK. You got me curious. Start talking.
DHALSIM: First, you must purge all desires.
CHOI: ...You gotta be nuts! I guess I'm just doomed to enjoy myself. Let's go,

Choi Bounge vs. Earthquake:

CHOI: H-holy cow! You're bigger than Chang.
EARTHQUAKE: Who're you, tiny? Got a deathwish?
CHOI: Tiny?! Why you! I'll slice you up and sell you, buddy boy!

Choi Bounge vs. Geese Howard:

CHOI: Evil is my enemy! Just kidding, buddy boy!
GEESE: Hmph.
CHOI: Why you! You got me all riled up now!

Choi Bounge vs. Genjuro:

GENJURO: ...Who're you?
CHOI: Nobody... buddy boy.
GENJURO: Pesky flea. Die!

Choi Bounge vs. Goenitz:

GOENITZ: I have no business with those of your stature.
CHOI: Ack! Dis me, will you? Big things come in small packages, padre!

Choi Bounge vs. Guile:

GUILE: Kids like you should not play with knives.
CHOI: I'm no kid, buddy boy. I'm a full-fledged adult, I am!
GUILE: Yeah, sure. You kids always say that.
CHOI: Gyah! That did it! You're mine, buddy boy!

Choi Bounge vs. Hugo:

HUGO: ...You are small! Want to join us?
CHOI: Eeee-gyah! Did you call me small? Yes, you did, buddy boy!
HUGO: Stay away from my feet. I just might stomp you flat as a pancake.
CHOI: Ooo-hah!

Choi Bounge vs. Iori Yagami:

IORI: Move, troll!
CHOI: Ooh, hyah! Having a bad hair day? Bet you didn't even see my coming. Did
you, huh?
IORI: You're history, dwarf!

Choi Bounge vs. Kasumi Todo:

KASUMI: What gives? Aren't you Kim's...
CHOI: Curses! Curses! Don't tell Kim about this, OK, Tootsie?
KASUMI: Hmm. Something's fishy.
CHOI: N-no. Anyway... Shush! Eh, Tootsie?

Choi Bounge vs. Ken Masters:

KEN: Hey little geezer. Care to spar?
CHOI: Who, me, buddy boy? You're a rude one!
KEN: There's nothing like mixing it up with a freaks like you!
CHOI: Eee-ya! You'll be sorry when I make sashimi out of you!

Choi Bounge vs. Kim Kaphwan:

KIM: And just what are you doing here?
CHOI: Eek! Master Kim! Me?... Uh, training! That's it! Training!
KIM: Uh, huh... Well, then. Let's spar a little, okay?
CHOI: Oh, brother... I'm done for!

Choi Bounge vs. Kyo Kusanagi:

KYO: Oh, good grief! Another bonehead...
CHOI: Don't pooh-pooh me! I'll slice you, buddy boy! Oooh-kee!
KYO: You're toast, pal!

Choi Bounge vs. M. Bison:

CHOI: Evil I do not forgive. Just a joke, buddy boy.
BISON: Hmph. I see you get me. I can use you as a gopher in my organization. Now,
bow down to me.
CHOI: Don't play me! Even I've got some pride, buddy boy!
BISON: Very little. Ha ha! Oh, I kill me. So how 'bout it. Bow!
CHOI: Pass!

Choi Bounge vs. Mai Shiranui:

MAI: Choi! Have you seen my little Andy-kins?
CHOI: How should I know where he is, Tootsie? ...Andy-kins... yee, hee!
MAI: Huh?! "Yee, hee!" What? You do know something!

Choi Bounge vs. Mars People:

MARS: Beep boop boop bop.
CHOI: An unusual creature. I'll catch it and sell it for a fortune!

Choi Bounge vs. Mr. Karate:

CHOI: ...? Have we met somewhere before, buddy boy?
KARATE: N-no. Not possible. We've never met... Really!
CHOI: ?! Are you by any chance... Yeah, you're Tak...
KARATE: SHHHHT! Enough chit-chat! Put 'em up, tiny!

Choi Bounge vs. Red Arremer:

CHOI: I knew it! Cast into the fires of Hell!...
RED: Goo-gyah!
CHOI: Eeeeeeh. It's the Devil!

Choi Bounge vs. Riot of the Blood Iori:

CHOI: What? You seem different, eh? A change of image?
R.IORI: Oooh-whoaaaa!
CHOI: What, buddy boy?

Choi Bounge vs. Ryo Sakazaki:

RYO: You're alone today? Where's the giant?
CHOI: It's none of your beeswax, buddy boy. I'm gonna make mincemeat out of you
by my lonesome, I will, buddy boy.
RYO: You're a spunky dwarf. Bring it on, troll boy.

Choi Bounge vs. Ryu:

RYU: That's a weird stance. Looks a bit like... Tae Kwon Do!
CHOI: Eeee-yaoh! I'm a genuine Tae Kwon Do disciple!
RYU: Tae Kwon Do with a touch of steel, eh? Cool! How about a match?
CHOI: Eee-ya, hah! You'll add to the rust on my claws!

Choi Bounge vs. Sagat:

SAGAT: Vermin. Get out of my sight!
CHOI: Why don't you see if I'm vermin or not!
SAGAT: No need. Vermin is vermin. I've no time for vermin. An emperor like me
touches not vermin.
CHOI: Vermin. Vermin. Vermin. You're really making me mad!
SAGAT: ...Looks like you, you're vermin to me!

Choi Bounge vs. Shiki:

SHIKI: Move or die!
CHOI: Well, I won't be dying, Tootsie!
SHIKI: ......

Choi Bounge vs. Shin Akuma:

CHOI: Th-this one looks reeeeeally tough!
S.AKUMA: Rumble!
CHOI: Holy freakshow! Game over, buddy boy!

Choi Bounge vs. Shin Mr. Karate:

S.KARATE: Bring it on!
CHOI: Bring what on?
S.KARATE: Either you start it, or I end it now!
CHOI: What's up, buddy boy? What'd I do to you?

Choi Bounge vs. Terry Bogard:

TERRY: Hey, kiddo, what's wrong? Are you lost?
CHOI: Yeeee! Who are you calling kiddo, buddy boy!
TERRY: What's this? A tiny geezer?
CHOI: Doh! Gyah! You're going down, buddy boy!

Choi Bounge vs. Tessa:

TESSA: ...(How miniscule is everyone like him?)
CHOI: Huh? You think me "miniscule" do you? How rude!
TESSA: What? You have the power to read my mind?
CHOI: Eeee-ya! I knew it!
TESSA: You're so intriguing. Let me study you to establish sorcerology!
CHOI: Cut. Cut. Cut. Cut. Mince! Chop!

Choi Bounge vs. Vega:

CHOI: Hmm. I guess I'm famous now, huh? But I'm not wearing a mask now, buddy
VEGA: How repulsive.
CHOI: Eeeek! I don't need guff from you, masked moron!
VEGA: Enough of you... Pay with your death!

Choi Bounge vs. Violent Ken:

V.KEN: Ooooooh-whoooo.
CHOI: Oh, great. Another freak.
V.KEN: Ooooooh-whoooo. I'm gonna kill you!
CHOI: But why, buddy boy?

Choi Bounge vs. Zero:

CHOI: Hey, you're small. You're OK in my book! Shake, buddy boy!
ZERO: Move, gnat!
CHOI: ...you're outta my book.

Chun Li vs. Chun Li:

CHUN1: !? You look just like me... Just like a clone.
CHUN2: But I got nicer legs. And softer skin.
CHUN1: Say what?! I'm a lot more slender than you are!
CHUN2: That does it!

Chun Li vs. Dan Hibiki:

DAN: Dan of the Saikyo Groove challenges you!
CHUN: ...Is this a put-on? Where's the camera?
DAN: If you're a fighter, you should be excited.
CHUN: Not one iota.
DAN: Gahh... Whatever. Put 'em up! This's war!
CHUN: War? What is it good for? It'll be over in a minute, then I'll be on my

Chun Li vs. Demitri Maximov:

DEMITRI: Even the fairest woman someday grows old... Do you not fear that? To be
an ugly hag, then one day die!
CHUN: Become a vampire...? Are you bonkers...!
DEMITRI: Do so and you'll be eternally beautiful... ...Look into my eyes!
CHUN: ...Ugh! Stand down, clown. I'm taking you in.
DEMITRI: Ha, ha, ha! So you like it rough? Very well. I will soon make a willing
captive of you!

Chun Li vs. Dhalsim:

CHUN: I can't get used to those stretching legs and arms.
DHALSIM: You lack training. You must devote yourself harder to your training.
CHUN: Will you help me?
DHALSIM: Be your sparring partner? Very well. If that will be of service to you.
CHUN: Oh, thank you! Okay... let's do it!

Chun Li vs. Earthquake:

CHUN: Why not stop stealing and get a real job! With a body like that, you'd get
work anywhere.
EARTHQUAKE: Cackling harpy! You're going down!
CHUN: Give it your best shot, bacon head!
EARTHQUAKE: Your wish is my command. Let's get it done! Snort, snort!

Chun Li vs. Geese Howard:

GEESE: Oh, no. You're a cop. Silly Interpol fool. Would she dare?
CHUN: Of course I would, Geese Howard. Come quietly!
GEESE: ...Come quietly? Ha! Me? Geese Howard? No your place, cop! What can you
do to me?
CHUN: Silence! You're busted! Interpol's reputation is at stake, after all!

Chun Li vs. Genjuro:

CHUN: Halt!!
GENJURO: What is it...?
CHUN: I got a bad feeling... Just how many people have you disposed of?
GENJURO: Tch! I have no time for tallying my victims.
CHUN: I bet you could tally up some innocents too! You'll answer to me!
GENJURO: Enough of your impertinent whelping! Die, you cackling hen!

Chun Li vs. Goenitz:

GOENITZ: ...I know you've been following me around quite a while ago. Why not
just show yourself?
CHUN: ...Very perceptive. You caught me, huh?
GOENITZ: Oh, ho. Such a beautiful young woman you are. What'll become of me?
CHUN: I can't let someone like you run around creating havoc!
GOENITZ: Oh, ho. Lock me up will you? You think you have that right?
CHUN: Pipe down! Regardless... I can't just turn a blind eye on you!
GOENITZ: So, you will not let me on my way? ...Very well. Young lady.... know
that you too are a sinner!

Chun Li vs. Guile:

CHUN: Oh, Guile! Fancy meeting this. What brings you here?
GUILE: That's a military secret.
CHUN: Always so devoted, eh?
GUILE: I've heard that you're working out more. How about a match or two?
CHUN: Are you sure? I won't hold back.
GUILE: Don't worry about me. Bring it on!

Chun Li vs. Hugo:

POISON: Oh, nice! She's got the goods. Hey, you, can you sing?
CHUN: Huh? Me? Sing? Uh, I can carry a tune...
POISON: All right, OK! A post-match song! The singing and dancing wrestling
idol! We'll rake it in!
CHUN: Me, a wrestler?
POISON: Yeah, yeah. Later, kid. Hugo!
HUGO: You look light. No use running away because I will catch you.
CHUN: Aren't you mistaken? You're the one who'll get the three count!

Chun Li vs. Iori Yagami:

IORI: If you wish not to die, get thee to a nunnery.
CHUN: I'm not going to die. And I'm not religious.
IORI: Why you...
CHUN: What's with you? If you got a problem, bring it on, fool!
IORI: You'll be sorry, cop.

Chun Li vs. Kasumi Todo:

CHUN: (Nice legs. She must tell me her secret.)
KASUMI: Huh? Menace! Yah!
CHUN: Yeek! What's your problem?
KASUMI Silence! You tried to ambush me. I read your thoughts.
CHUN: Hold on. I was just noticing your legs and... uh, oh!
KASUMI: You dare insult me! Defend yourself!

Chun Li vs. Ken Masters:

KEN: Hey, there. I see your training as usual, huh?
CHUN: Fancy meeting you here. What a surprise!
KEN: I suppose so. How about mixing it up? For old time's sake.
CHUN: Sounds good to me. If I don't have to pull my punches, OK.
KEN: Then it's a plan!

Chun Li vs. Kim Kaphwan:

CHUN: Excuse me, I'm with Interpol. My sources tell me you're harboring some
criminal types...
KIM: Oh, you mean those two wastrels? They're my rehab project. Could you leave
them with me a little longer?
CHUN: I can't permit such liberty with the law. I'm taking them in.
KIM: You dare doubt my sincerity?
CHUN: If you obstruct me, I'll have to get tough!

Chun Li vs. Kyo Kusanagi:

CHUN: Freeze! It's the police!
KYO: Liar, liar! No cop would be seen in duds like those!
CHUN: Yeah, cops who look as good as me are rare. I'm from Interpol. Hands
behind your head...
KYO: I haven't done anything. You got the wrong guy!
CHUN: Yeah, tell me in the box. You'll come quietly, eh?
KYO: And if I say, "Bite me!"?
CHUN: I'll drag you in!

Chun Li vs. M. Bison:

CHUN: Bison. Shadawloo's CEO! I've finally found you. I'll avenge my father!
BISON: Avenge? What's that? I don't remember all of my victims, toots.
CHUN: I'll remind you when you've got more time. In prison, that is!
BISON: There is no defeat with my Psycho Power! You'll soon know that.

Chun Li vs. Mai Shiranui:

CHUN: Hey, you there! You need more clothes to walk out in public here!
MAI: You're one to talk! How dare you belittle my ninja traditions!
CHUN: Traditions shmaditions! Put on some decent clothes or I'm taking you in!
MAI: And what about you? You call those "decent"? But I guess with those chunky
legs, that's the best you could do!
CHUN: OK, that does it! The nerve of you!
MAI: The nerve of you!
CHUN: Say what?!
MAI: That's what!

Chun Li vs. Mars People:

MARS: Boop bap!
CHUN: Uh, uh... Ni hao!
MARS: Boop beep boop boo!
CHUN: (Chinese's useless.) K-konnichi wa! Annyo hase yo!
MARS: Boop bap bop beep boop!
CHUN: Yikes! Did I upset it?

Chun Li vs. Mr. Karate:

KARATE: For a woman you are really ripped!
CHUN: How can you tell with but one glance?
KARATE: Just how tough are you?
CHUN: Are you implying that you're tougher than I? Bring it on, grandpa!

Chun Li vs. Red Arremer:

CHUN: Where am I?
RED: Gya... gyah!
CHUN: What? Huh? Hey, back off!
RED: Goo-gyah!

Chun Li vs. Riot of the Blood Iori:

R.IORI: Oooooh-ohhhhh.
CHUN: No reason remains in this one. What a bother.
R.IORI: Uh... ohhhhhh!
CHUN: Are you human? And so it goes. I'm putting you down!

Chun Li vs. Ryo Sakazaki:

RYO: Even if you are a chick, you'll get no favors.
CHUN: That's the way I want it. And you none from me.
RYO: Bring it on! All right!

Chun Li vs. Ryu:

CHUN: Hah! Yah! Hyah! Hah-yeeeeeh!
RYU: Zealous as ever. How about a break?
CHUN: Ryu! What's the word? You just missed out on the fun. Just wait a while.
RYU: Nice timing. How about a little fisticuffs, then?
CHUN: Hee, hee. You sure?

Chun Li vs. Sagat:

CHUN: I know you won't tell me anyway, but it can't hurt to grill you.
SAGAT: Give it a shot.
CHUN: Where is Bison? Cough it up!
SAGAT: ...You got me.
CHUN: I didn't see that coming. Very well. I'll just beat Bison's location outta
SAGAT: You got the look. But it ends here.

Chun Li vs. Shiki:

SHIKI: ...I have no business with other women. Bye.
CHUN: Huh? What's that? Hey, you! You just plant it there!
SHIKI: ...I will slice those who stand in my way!
CHUN: ...Hey, watch out! Now you're definately going nowhere, honey.
SHIKI: ...I'll slice you!

Chun Li vs. Shin Akuma:

S.AKUMA: You fear my Wave...?
CHUN: Yeah, well... just the stress of an impending fight, I guess.
S.AKUMA: Can you handle me...? Feel my furious fists!
CHUN: If you ask if I'm ready, I've long been so. Eat this, freak!
S.AKUMA: Comply!

Chun Li vs. Shin Mr. Karate:

CHUN: You! What are you? The air has frozen like ice...
S.KARATE: If you picked up on that, you're pretty sharp. I'll teach you more.
CHUN: Overwhelming spirit... but!

Chun Li vs. Terry Bogard:

CHUN: Hmmmm. So you're Southtown's famed "Hungry Wolf."
TERRY: Who are you? You're female, all right. But I'll bet you're tough.
CHUN: Care to make a crack about my legs, huh?
TERRY: ...Farthest thing from my mind. Honest!
CHUN: Enough! Time to see if the legend is true... I'll show you, blondie!
TERRY: If you wanted to fight then just say so! And you are?
CHUN: Chun-Li.
TERRY: Chun-Li, eh? I'll remember that. Bring it on, legs!

Chun Li vs. Tessa:

CHUN: What's this? What a cute outfit? Where's the festival?
TESSA: These are street clothes.
CHUN: Oh, is that so? (Talk about eccentric!) Well, I'll have to take you in for
questioning. Is that a problem?
TESSA: I'm kind of busy so I can't comply with your wishes. I beg your pardon.
CHUN: Hey, you, freeze! You're going nowhere!

Chun Li vs. Vega:

CHUN: Yoo hoo, noble wannabe! Care to answer a few questions I have for you?
VEGA: Hmmm... The secret of my beauty?
CHUN: Oh, you are amusing. Hey, where's Bison? If you tell me now, I'll spare
your life.
VEGA: My, you're a spunky one. I wish to hear your lovely screams shortly.

Chun Li vs. Violent Ken:

V.KEN: Chun, Chun-Li. Oooooh-whoa.
CHUN: Ken, what's happened? You're not well.
V.KEN: I, I am... Oooooh-ohhhhh.
CHUN: This dark spirit!

Chun Li vs. Zero:

CHUN: Excuse me. I'm looking for this guy, can you help me?
ZERO: No... I'm in a hurry...
CHUN: Have you seen a big guy around here with red hat and clothes?
ZERO: Can't help you...
CHUN: You're a pretty snotty little kid. ...Hmm. What's that? Are you packing?
Show me that weapon.
ZERO: Don't touch me...!
CHUN: What's with you? I won't pamper you just because you're a kid!

Dan Hibiki vs. Dan Hibiki:

DAN1: So it's you?! You, that Robert guy!
DAN2: You gotta be Robert! For I am Dan Hibiki of the Saikyo Groove!
DAN1: I'm the one who's Dan! You whacked-out freak!
DAN2: You cheap bastard! I'm gonna pummel you!

Dan Hibiki vs. Demitri Maximov:

DAN: Hey, hey! Vampire... shmampire... Whatever you my be you can't put a fang
to me! Bring it on, ghoulie!
DEMITRI: You will not serve me? Your strength eternally... Strength... Ah, let's
forget it.
DAN: What the...? Inconsistent imp!
DEMITRI: Only the beautiful and strong can serve me. You fail on both counts.
DAN: Why you! Whaddya mean?! You'll eat those words!

Dan Hibiki vs. Dhalsim:

DAN: What the...?! Your arms stretched!
DHALSIM: That surprises you? Your training is lacking, my friend.
DAN: Uh, I wasn't that surprised, bean pole! So listen and freak out! Dan of the
Saikyo Groove is none other than me!
DHALSIM: ...Yoga?
DAN: Aw, nuts! Bring it on, skinny!

Dan Hibiki vs. Earthquake:

DAN: Hey, you, hog head! If you want to be as strong as I am... ...be my
EARTHQUAKE: Why you! Just who do you think you're talking to? Seems you want to

Dan Hibiki vs. Geese Howard:

DAN: Oh, ho! Geese Howard! We gotta have a bout!
GEESE: Another small fry....
DAN: Here I come! Hyah-ho!

Dan Hibiki vs. Genjuro:

GENJURO: You demoralize me.
DAN: What? Are you challenging me? OK. I'm up for it!
GENJURO: Ignorant fool!

Dan Hibiki vs. Goenitz:

GOENITZ: You are unaware of your limits, my son...
DAN: Who the hell are you? There are no limits to my abilities.
GOENITZ: Ignorant lamb....
DAN: Keep pushing me and you'll regret it.

Dan Hibiki vs. Guile:

DAN: Hah! Cha! Doh-yaaaah!
GUILE: (What dance is that?)
DAN: ...Who are you?! You got a problem?
GUILE: No, you just looked so happy dancing...
DAN: Why you! Berating the secrets of the Saikyo Groove, eh?
GUILE: Those are... secrets?
DAN: I can't take it no more! It's war, yankee! I'm going to extract your bone
marrow with my Saikyo Groove!

Dan Hibiki vs. Hugo:

POISON: No, no, no! There's no way we can use you!
DAN: Say what? Hey! Give me another chance.
POISON: ...Shut up! Huuugo! Shut this guy up!
HUGO: Hey, you. Give our scout any more grief and I'll pulverize you.
DAN: Just try it! Hyah-ho!

Dan Hibiki vs. Iori Yagami:

DAN: Yahooo! You look tough. Show me what you got!
IORI: ...Be gone with you!
DAN: Hey, hey, hey. What's with you? Feel the fear, huh?
IORI: You'll be sorry. And dead.

Dan Hibiki vs. Kasumi Todo:

KASUMI: What? Robert Garcia! Defend yourself! I'll avenge you, father!
DAN: No! No! No! I'm Dan Hibiki. OK? Get it right!
KASUMI: It's useless to feign innocence. Defend yourself!

Dan Hibiki vs. Ken Masters:

KEN: Yuck!
DAN: Hey, USA fighting champ! Fancy meeting you here. Hey, why do you back off?
KEN: Ah, hey. How're you? Oh, look at the time. Gotta run. Later.
DAN: Hold on. Don't run away. Ha, ha. I get it. Up against awesome me, it's only
KEN: Yeah. Yeah. That's it. You terrify me. You're awesome. Bye!
DAN: I said hold on! I'm not buying it...! I'm going to show you my true
strength! Here I come. Yee-hah!
KEN: He's got me... What can I do? I'll kill him quick!

Dan Hibiki vs. Kim Kaphwan:

KIM: If you too are a fighter, you really should work on that gut, my friend.
DAN: Hey, do I know you? Want a knuckle sandwich?
KIM: You just don't get it. I'm just saying I'll put you into shape!

Dan Hibiki vs. Kyo Kusanagi:

KYO: I sense something. An unbearable presence...
DAN: Oh, enough of this! Once and for all, I'm not that Robert guy!
KYO: What?
DAN: I am Dan Hibiki of the Saikyo Groove! Hyah-hah!

Dan Hibiki vs. M. Bison:

DAN: What a sourpuss. Have you come to seize my strength?
BISON: What strength? Just how much do you think you possess?
DAN: Agh! Insult my Saikyo Groove and you'll be hurting!
BISON: I'll give you 3 minutes, then send you to Hell.

Dan Hibiki vs. Mai Shiranui:

DAN: I am it! For I am Dan Hibiki of the Saikyo Groove! Hey, ninja chick! Care
to see what a living legend can do?
MAI: You... my friend... are one big noodnik!

Dan Hibiki vs. Mars People:

MARS: Bee boh bap.
DAN: Now an alien? Time for me to make my name in the universe!
MARS: Beep boop bap!
DAN: ...No way! Get out here! I understood you! I'm telling you, the camera's
are running.

Dan Hibiki vs. Mr. Karate:

DAN: ...Are you... father?
KARATE: What the...?
DAN: No, you can't be. My father's dead! You imposter! You dare play with my
damaged psyche.

Dan Hibiki vs. Red Arremer:

DAN: Where am I...?
RED: Gyah-gyah!
DAN: W-what the?

Dan Hibiki vs. Riot of the Blood Iori:

R.IORI: Ooh whoa whoa!
DAN: Relax my wild friend. I'm gonna pummel you to piece of mind!
R.IORI: Oh...gach...belch!

Dan Hibiki vs. Ryo Sakazaki:

RYO: What a waste of time.
DAN: It's fight time... you Kyokugen wanna-be!
RYO: What a waste of time.
DAN: Daaaaah! Yaaaaah!

Dan Hibiki vs. Ryu:

DAN: Huh? It's Ryu, isn't it?
RYU: Oh, Dan! How's it going? ...Like I need to know.
DAN: Hey, I've been working out... I've taken my Saikyo Groove to new heights of
RYU: I'm anxious to see it. So, without further adieu, show me what you got!
DAN: Heh. You'll be blown away. I'll knock your socks off. Don't cry! Don't beg!
RYU: Oh, get on with it! Bring it on!

Dan Hibiki vs. Sagat:

DAN: Finally! The time's come. I will avenge my father! Here I coooooome!
SAGAT: Clamorous brat! If you want to die, just bring it on. But keep your voice

Dan Hibiki vs. Shiki:

DAN: What? A girlie?
SHIKI: No... Definately not you.
DAN: Who is this chick? I'll slap you silly!

Dan Hibiki vs. Shin Akuma:

DAN: Who're you?
S.AKUMA: I am Akuma. Master of the Fist...
DAN: All that punching's made you punch! Thank me cause I'm gonna send you to
S.AKUMA: Destroy!

Dan Hibiki vs. Shin Mr. Karate:

DAN: ...Are you... father?
S.KARATE: Unh-uh. Not me...
DAN: No, my father's dead! You cruel imposter! Don't mess with me!

Dan Hibiki vs. Terry Bogard:

TERRY: Hey! Robert!
DAN: Huh? You talkin' to me?
TERRY: What the... Who're you?
DAN: Oh, brother... Another one! For the last time! I am Dan Hibiki of the
Saikyo Groove!

Dan Hibiki vs. Tessa:

TESSA: Hmmm. You leave a lot to be desired...
DAN: Say what? Hey! Where exactly? I'm a perfect specimen!
TESSA: Well, excuse me. I got to run.
DAN: Get back here!

Dan Hibiki vs. Vega:

VEGA: Repulsive... A loathsome sight! Be gone... No. Die!
DAN: Hey! The beauty of my Saikyo Groove is the ultimate, you know?
VEGA: I can't tolerate to breath the same air. You'll be pig food!
DAN: Try it, freakshow!

Dan Hibiki vs. Violent Ken:

V.KEN: ...My power increases. ...You... are next.
DAN: Relax my wild friend, I'm gonna pummel you to peace of mind!
V.KEN: Ooooh whoaaa!

Dan Hibiki vs. Zero:

DAN: Yahooooo! A piece of cake!
CIEL: (What is it, Zero?)
ZERO: Nothing, a mere irregular.
DAN: What did you say! I'll turn you into blocks!

Demitri Maximov vs. Demitri Maximov:

DEMITRI1: ...! Who are you? You look familiar.
DEMITRI2: Hm hm hm. My name? Demitri Maximov...
DEMITRI1: A whim of the spirits of the Netherworld, huh? I will ignore your
insolence this time... now get off with you!
DEMITRI2: Such will not be. There can only be one dark lord. Don't you agree?
DEMITRI1: ...Indeed. Me. You cannot hope to imitate my noble power!
DEMITRI2: My victory's assured.

Demitri Maximov vs. Dhalsim:

DHALSIM: Evil spirit! Go back to your world.
DEMITRI: This is my world. For I shall rule it!
DHALSIM: Yoga! Purify this fiend with the holy flames!
DEMITRI: Such vain effort...

Demitri Maximov vs. Earthquake:

DEMITRI: Ugly beings have no reason to draw breath. I sentence you to death!
EARTHQUAKE: Snort. Oooh, boy, am I hungry!

Demitri Maximov vs. Geese Howard:

DEMITRI: You don't desire eternal life and supernatural powers? Become my servant
and you shall have it!
GEESE: What creature are you...? Speaking of me being your servant's priceless!
DEMITRI: It's once in a death time chance, you know. Why just be a mortal?

Demitri Maximov vs. Genjuro:

GENJURO: Who... are you?
DEMITRI: You cannot begin to grasp who I am, worm.
GENJURO: Those who hinder me, be they even gods, face my blade's fury!

Demitri Maximov vs. Goenitz:

GOENITZ: Creature of the dark. What do you want of me?
DEMITRI: I'm confident that one day this world will all be mine!
GOENITZ: It seems that I must directly handle you myself.

Demitri Maximov vs. Guile:

DEMITRI: Hey, would you care to give me a hand? And for your trouble, I offer
eternal life.
GUILE: No, thanks. I won't give up being a human.
DEMITRI: What? Do you refuse? There's nothing to be gained from mortality.
GUILE: You're one wild dude. You just don't get it. If I may speak, I say there's
no value in eternal youth.
DEMITRI: Hmph... If you don't value life, I'll take it from you.

Demitri Maximov vs. Hugo:

POISON: That can sell! "The Vampire and The Giant". We'd clean up for sure with a
card like that!
POISON: Excuse me, but would you consider working for us? ...Oh, Huuuuugo!
HUGO: You look a bit pale. Want me to take it easy?
DEMITRI: I don't get this, but I'll play along. Come, big one!

Demitri Maximov vs. Iori Yagami:

DEMITRI: Two conflicting blood lines... interesting.
IORI: Hmph... I've had enough of your piffle!
DEMITRI: Rejoice! I've decided to make you one of my select servants.

Demitri Maximov vs. Kasumi Todo:

KASUMI: You! My father's blood... Now he's a zombie... Wandering around! Fiend!
DEMITRI: Uh, excuse me, I don't drink male blood...
KASUMI: No, don't play dumb! Defend yourself!

Demitri Maximov vs. Ken Masters:

DEMITRI: Oh, ho! You... Looks like I'm bless with a worthy partner. I smell a
sweet odor.
KEN: Huh? You mean Eliza?
DEMITRI: Eliza? ...A sweet name. I swear I will use her as my servant.
KEN: Servant? Are you mistaken? Are you freaking out?! Huh? Fangs...? No way! A
DEMITRI: You just realized this? Whatever. Tonight will be sweetly spent...
KEN: We'll see, won't we? I'm going to drive my fist through your heart!
DEMITRI: Ah, ha, ha, ha! You amuse me. Bring it on, mortal!

Demitri Maximov vs. Kim Kaphwan:

KIM: Ungodly creature! What brings you to this world?!
DEMITRI: Hmm hmm. This world... is ripe for my rule.
KIM: As long as I'm around, evil will never reign!

Demitri Maximov vs. Kyo Kusanagi:

KYO: What now? ...Feel's like... my blood's on fire...
DEMITRI: Hmm. Hmm. Hmmm. That's your blood craving to be sucked.
KYO: What the...?!
DEMITRI: Yes, it looks like tonight it'll be special.

Demitri Maximov vs. M. Bison:

BISON: You... are no human.
DEMITRI: Heh, heh. You don't look that human, either.
BISON: Kah, kah, kah... Yup. With my Psycho Power I've transcended that! I'll
make you a blood offering. Your own!
DEMITRI: Hmph. You think you can equal one who is actually supernatural?

Demitri Maximov vs. Mai Shiranui:

DEMITRI: Fair maiden, if you bid, let me have you for dinner tonight.
MAI: Hmm... A beauty like me and all Blondie thinks about is training...
DEMITRI: What is wrong... fair maiden?
MAI: Oh, clam up! Back off, bloodsucker!

Demitri Maximov vs. Mars People:

MARS: Beep boop bop blap!
DEMITRI: I haven't even seen this in the Netherworld.
MARS: Beep boop boop bap!

Demitri Maximov vs. Mr. Karate:

KARATE: I can't choose my phone. Put 'em up, bloodsucker!
DEMITRI: I'll make juice of you!

Demitri Maximov vs. Red Arremer:

DEMITRI: Ah, the old neighborhood.
RED: Gyah-gyah!
DEMITRI: Now I understand... The Abode of Astaroth! Hm hm hm...
RED: Gyah!

Demitri Maximov vs. Riot of the Blood Iori:

R.IORI: Ooh whoa whoa!
DEMITRI: Have you foresaken your humanity...? Then follow me to the Netherworld!
Quit that frail human shell and be an immortal!
R.IORI: Ooh whoooa!

Demitri Maximov vs. Ryo Sakazaki:

RYO: A vampire... I can dig it.
DEMITRI: Affectless human.

Demitri Maximov vs. Ryu:

RYU: A vampire... You'll make a worthy opponent.
DEMITRI: I'd be priviledged to have you defeat me.
RYU: All I seek is a powerful opponent! Do it, Nosferatu!
DEMITRI: I am stronger than you can imagine. If you value not life, then bring it

Demitri Maximov vs. Sagat:

DEMITRI: Have you any inkling to serve another? I offer eternal life.
SAGAT: I'm an emperor now. I bow to no one.
DEMITRI: Prideful mortal. Very well. I'll make you crawl before me.
SAGAT: Hmph! I'll make you eat those words. You're in for a rude awakening!

Demitri Maximov vs. Shiki:

DEMITRI: Oh, a doll. Amusing. I'll use you as one of my servants.
SHIKI: It is not you... I seek another...
DEMITRI: Hmm hmm hmm. We'll see how long you keep the attitude!

Demitri Maximov vs. Shin Akuma:

DEMITRI: Hmph. Such power...
S.AKUMA: Destroy!
DEMITRI: How amusing. You shall become my loyal servant!

Demitri Maximov vs. Shin Mr. Karate:

DEMITRI: Hmph! Not bad for a mortal...
S.KARATE: Huh? An undead?!
DEMITRI: Hm hm hm. Silly mortal. Become my servant.
S.KARATE: Believe you can defeat a Kyokugen master, eh? Keee-yah!

Demitri Maximov vs. Terry Bogard:

TERRY: Vampire? You got a sick sense of humor, pal.
DEMITRI: Hmph. It won't hurt. It'll end in a flash!
TERRY: Hah! I'm going to show you what you can suck!

Demitri Maximov vs. Tessa:

TESSA: A vampire... I'm impressed. Walking around the human world as if it was
DEMITRI: Hmph. A sorcerer, huh? Haven't seen one of you here for a while...
TESSA: I'm a sorcerologist. Not the same as a sorcerer, really.
DEMITRI: Hmph. Whatever. Let's see your powers and kill some time.
TESSA: Well, I know a little about exorcising demons. Knuckles up, Nosferatu!

Demitri Maximov vs. Vega:

DEMITRI: You have a fine form for one of my servants. Rejoice! You'll be under my
wings for the rest of eternity.
VEGA: I'm a servant to beauty. I've no intention of serving a pale antique.
DEMITRI: Oh, a comedian too? However soon you will realize the joy of being in my
VEGA: Now who's the comedian? Bow at the feet of true beauty!

Demitri Maximov vs. Violent Ken:

V.KEN: Voo goo oooooooh.
DEMITRI: Miserable marionette. I will presently snip your puppeteer's strings.
V.KEN: ...You-ooooh... What can you do for meeee...?
DEMITRI: I can make you one of my devoted minions! Ha ha ha ha!

Demitri Maximov vs. Zero:

CIEL: (Neither human... nor reploid... but I sense something...)
ZERO: (I got it... Leave it to me.)
DEMITRI: No blood to suck, but I'll enjoy this. Hoo hoo hoo.

Dhalsim vs. Dhalsim:

DHALSIM1: Th-this is... a test from God.
DHALSIM2: Or the Devil's trap?
DHALSIM1: However... without facing myself, I cannot attain peace.
DHALSIM2: You speak wisely. Transcend yourself, and grow!

Dhalsim vs. Earthquake:

EARTHQUAKE: Hey, a walking twig! One of my snorts would blow you away!
DHALSIM: Size is no measure of one's strength. What matters is the power of your
EARTHQUAKE: Snort! Soul? You silly shaman. Don't make me laugh.
DHALSIM: To know true strength, you must first know your own weakness.
EARTHQUAKE: And how do I do that?

Dhalsim vs. Geese Howard:

DHALSIM: I sense evil!
GEESE: If I'm evil, then everyone is. Wah ha ha!
DHALSIM: I believe that I can cleanse your heart!

Dhalsim vs. Genjuro:

DHALSOM: Such evil... Friend, why do you walk the dark way?
GENJURO: I don't walk the dark way. The path I walk is the dark way.
DHALSIM: I will rescue you.
GENJURO: I need not your charity. In turn I will send you to damnation!

Dhalsim vs. Goenitz:

DHALSIM: What evil wind is this?
GOENITZ: A good wind blows. Dear yoga master, may have some of your time?
DHALSIM: Oh, Fire God Agni. Lend me the power of your purifying flame!
GOENITZ: Oh, such lovely flames! Very well, I accept your challenge.

Dhalsim vs. Guile:

GUILE: Dhalsim. How goes it? How long has it been?
DHALSIM: A long time. I have evolved. I'm not what you know.
GUILE: Neither am I. Of course, my limbs don't stretch.
DHALSIM: You still seek vengeance, I see.
GUILE: Yes...
DHALSIM: Even one as you fails to find enlightenment... But the wheel of hate
must one day stop spinning.
GUILE: No matter what you say, you cannot stop me.

Dhalsim vs. Hugo:

POISON: Hey, wait, you! Didn't your arm stretch?
DHALSIM: That's yoga! My legs stretch, too.
POISON: Aw-awesome! If only you could spit out flames, too...
DHALSIM: Yoga Fire!
POISON: Ah ha ha. Great! You gotta join our troupe. Hugo!
HUGO: We can use this clown. You'll do a fine job warming up the crowd.

Dhalsim vs. Iori Yagami:

IORI: !?
DHALSIM: That's the power of yoga! And I can teach you all about this wonderful
IORI: ...Pass. I hate clowns...
DHALSIM: Phew! Saving the damned is just another kind of training, I guess. But I
will save you!
IORI: You'll save me?! Take your best shot. You'll only regret it.
DHALSIM: May you be enveloped in the grace of Vishnu.

Dhalsim vs. Kasumi Todo:

KASUMI: Your appendages stretch? Will wonders ever cease?
DHALSIM: The miracles of yoga. With a little practice, you can do the same.
KASUMI: Are you serious? Then, enlighten me.
DHALSIM: Very well. Assume stance!

Dhalsim vs. Ken Masters:

KEN: Greetings, yoga master. Care for a bout?
DHALSIM: Excitable as ever. But your conceit may be your undoing.
KEN: Enough sermonizing! Have you tarried in your training and forgotten yoga's
DHALSIM: I'm always training. I entrust all to Agni, God of Fire.

Dhalsim vs. Kim Kaphwan:

KIM: The secrets of yoga. I've heard of them, but who'd of thought...?
DHALSIM: Your surprise is tenable. With a little practice, anyone can do this.
KIM: Tae Kwon Do with yoga? I'd be invincible! Please, spar with me!
DHALSIM: Very well. Show me your stuff!

Dhalsim vs. Kyo Kusanagi:

DHALSIM: Oh, it's you? So, you wish to learn the ways of yoga?
KYO: No, not especially.
DHALSIM: Jeesh! Kids these days! I know it's no picnic. But with my teaching, you
can be just like me.
KYO: Hey, I don't give a rip about yoga, bud!
DHALSIM: But before we start, I guess I must see what you're made of. Very well,
my child. Show me your stuff.
KYO: You haven't heard a word I said, have you? Very well. I'll bop you and make
you see that you need the training.

Dhalsim vs. M. Bison:

DHALSIM: You cannot achieve inner peace if you intend to conquer the world,
BISON: Hmph. Inner peace? Take a hike, hippie!
DHALSIM: You don't intend to see the error in your ways? Then I shall lead you.
BISON: What nonsense... You will bend to my supreme power!
DHALSIM: If you do not see, then so shall it go. You'll get no mercy!

Dhalsim vs. Mai Shiranui:

DHALSIM: First you must remove all unwanted fat from you. Then you will swift.
MAI: ...Put a sock in it! My body hasn't an ounce of unwanted fat!
DHALSIM: Do not deceive yourself. Training must begin with complete honesty...
For example... Learning your true weight.
MAI: Yaaah! Stop! Stop! Enough! I am going to put a sock in it for you!

Dhalsim vs. Mars People:

MARS: Beep boop bop.
DHALSIM: I don't understand. Even yoga doesn't work. What creature is this?
MARS: Beep boop boop!
DHALSIM: Yoga cannot help me. It's a trial, perhaps?

Dhalsim vs. Mr. Karate:

KARATE: A secret yoga ceremony... Levitation. Meditation. Elastified limbs...
DHALSIM: Verily. But yoga's secret rituals are not for violence. I use it not
KARATE: If you desire mercy, I will back away. Spare the guilt trip.
DHALSIM: You are berzerk. If this is destined, then I must abide...

Dhalsim vs. Red Arremer:

DHALSIM: Huh?! What is this place?
RED: Gya-gyah!
DHALSIM: Oh my! I'm in Hell. I've supressed my desires with yoga, and this is the
reward I get...?
RED: Gya-gyah!

Dhalsim vs. Riot of the Blood Iori:

R.IORI: K...I...L...L...
DHALSIM: Ill-omened sensations... Even my yoga secrets may not protect me from
this lost one.
R.IORI: Ooh-Ohhhh!

Dhalsim vs. Ryo Sakazaki:

RYO: ...You're impervious! Way to go, pops.
DHALSIM: Belligerant young one. Learn the ways of yoga, and regain tranquility.
RYO: Enough of your sermons. Any more and I'll bop you right back to bombay.

Dhalsim vs. Ryu:

RYU: Dhalsim! Time you showed me what's new with yoga!
DHALSIM: As self-involved as ever. End your foolish conceits and watch and learn.
RYU: Yeah, yeah! Let's get it on!
DHALSIM: Ho, ho, ho. Surprisingly, a guy like you may... Just one day find
spiritual enlightenment.

Dhalsim vs. Sagat:

DHALSIM: Gigantic sir, you have suffered long...
SAGAT: What do you know...? Beat it!
DHALSIM: You won't fight well with a disturbed soul. And I will defeat you.
SAGAT: You talk too much... I'm going to put you in a coma for a few days!

Dhalsim vs. Shiki:

DHALSIM: Hmmm, my child... You are possessed.
SHIKI: ...I am Shiki... Ooooh...
DHALSIM: Yoga! Yoga! Yoga!
SHIKI: Aaaaah!
DHALSIM: Unh... I'm too late. One final option! I will exorcise the possessor
with Agni's flames!
SHIKI: You confound me... Die...

Dhalsim vs. Shin Akuma:

DHALSIM: What is this? An evil spirit... And bigger than before.
S.AKUMA: Are you prepared... to go to Heaven?
DHALSIM: By my life... I will stop you!
S.AKUMA: Nonsense!

Dhalsim vs. Shin Mr. Karate:

S.KARATE: Oh, ho! You are no ordinary human.
DHALSIM: You, too, are strong. A yoga master knows this.
S.KARATE: You cannot equal me, but you make a wild opponent. Here I come!
DHALSIM: Yoga rules!

Dhalsim vs. Terry Bogard:

TERRY: Man, you're thin! One punch and "Snap!"
DHALSIM: Don't worry, friend. My body tempered with yoga's mysteries will not
TERRY: OK! Then no guilt here. Let's go, bean pole.

Dhalsim vs. Tessa:

TESSA: Your pretty unique to be able to alter your body like that.
DHALSIM: Do you have an interest in the secrest of yoga?
TESSA: I have oodles! However, I'll need some time to compile my data on the
DHALSIM: Stranger, the miracles of yoga are but a part of deep enlightenment. If
you don't devote all of yourself, you'll get diddley.
TESSA: Oh, foo, foo. All creation can be explained scientifically.
DHALSIM: Your knowledge hinders your way to true sagacity. You'd do well to go
back to the drawing board. Do you understand me?
TESSA: Indeed. In addition to theory and sorcerologic data, you say I need actual
empirical proof, do you?
DHALSIM: Are you ready to begin? Yoga!

Dhalsim vs. Vega:

VEGA: You don't bathe in training? Back off! Foul, foolish freak.
DHALSIM: Those who are taken by appearance alone are truly foolish.
VEGA: An argument like that is but the simperings of the foul and ugly.
DHALSIM: You won't understand until I scold you. See yoga's secrets!
VEGA: Taste the pain... that comes from beauty!

Dhalsim vs. Violent Ken:

DHALSIM: Pathetic fool. Such power dominated by the force of evil.
V.KEN: Oooh-whooooo. D-Dhalsim!
DHALSIM: Close your eyes. My power will restore your sanity.
V.KEN: Uggh. N...no need!

Dhalsim vs. Zero:

DHALSIM: What do you seek in your wanderings? Speak, little one.
ZERO: I cannot tell you.
DHALSIM: Mastering yoga's secrets permits me to read your mind, you know...?
ZERO: ....
DHALSIM: And yours doesn't make for interesting reading...
ZERO: Hmph... You may be right.

Earthquake vs. Earthquake:

EARTHQUAKE1: Snort... You look terrible!
EARTHQUAKE2: Snort... Don't you have a mirror?

Earthquake vs. Geese Howard:

EARTHQUAKE: Snort. Snort. I'll do away with you then the gold's mine!
GEESE: Hmph! It's a plan! Put 'em up!

Earthquake vs. Genjuro:

EARTHQUAKE: Why, you're Genjyuro! What're you doing here?
GENJURO: Brigand... Bottom dweller...
EARTHQUAKE: Snort. Snort. You're a nuisance. I'll crush you!

Earthquake vs. Goenitz:

GOENITZ: Do you believe in the Orochi?
EARTHQUAKE: Hah! Pagan gods. I place my faith in nothing but money!

Earthquake vs. Guile:

GUILE: Are you an American?
EARTHQUAKE: Sure am. It's great to meet a fellow countryman. Nice to meet you.
GUILE: Sorry, pal. You disgrace the USA!
EARTHQUAKE: What did you say?
GUILE: Choose your weapon! I can destroy you with one hand behind me!
EARTHQUAKE: You've gone too far! It's the trough for you!

Earthquake vs. Hugo:

EARTHQUAKE: Hey, big guy! You got quite a build! Show me your stuff!
POISON: Now, hold on there! All business talk goes through me first.
EARTHQUAKE: Back off, woman! I'll deal with this!
POISON: Why you! Now I'm mad! We won't lose!
HUGO: You look tough. We'll be glad to have you with us!

Earthquake vs. Iori Yagami:

IORI: ...Back off, warthog.
EARTHQUAKE: Snoooooort!
IORI: So you wish to die, eh?

Earthquake vs. Kasumi Todo:

KASUMI: P.U.! What stinks?
EARTHQUAKE: Stinks? Eat this! Arrgh!
KASUMI: Th-that nose! Prepare yourself, piggy!

Earthquake vs. Ken Masters:

KEN: Hey, pal, you should cut down on the fat. Don't you think?
EARTHQUAKE: Snort. Snort. Another thin toad croaks his mind!
KEN: I am light on my feet, but being called a toad by a pig... Agh!
EARTHQUAKE: Pipe down, toad, and let me stomp you!

Earthquake vs. Kim Kaphwan:

KIM: Now here's a candidate for rehabilitation...
EARTHQUAKE: Who are you, freak? Want to die?
KIM: I'm gonna straighten out your warped personality!
EARTHQUAKE: No one's going to change my ways, fool!

Earthquake vs. Kyo Kusanagi:

KYO: And what are you all about, prune face?
EARTHQUAKE: Why you... I'm gonna mash you!

Earthquake vs. M. Bison:

BISON: You have such speed for a big body! Ever consider a job with me and
EARTHQUAKE: Doesn't sound so bad.
BISON: Hmph. You're quick. Smarter than you look.
EARTHQUAKE: If you let me be the CEO, I'd consider joining your group.
BISON: I hate impudence. Know your place, or pay the price.
EARTHQUAKE: Gah ha ha! Bring it on, big chin!

Earthquake vs. Mai Shiranui:

MAI: Yikes! Now that is one obese belly!
EARTHQUAKE: Gah, f, f, f. You're a bit too bulgy in places, too!
MAI: Oh, how rude! You can't compare my bulges with yours!

Earthquake vs. Mars People:

MARS: Beep boop boop bop!
EARTHQUAKE: You're gonna be sashimi!

Earthquake vs. Mr. Karate:

KARATE: This guy's a blockhead.
EARTHQUAKE: Snort. Snort.
KARATE: Read a book, clown.
EARTHQUAKE: Snort. Snort.

Earthquake vs. Red Arremer:

EARTHQUAKE: Looks like there's no money to be found here.
RED: Gyah-gyah!
EARTHQUAKE: Snort! Wh-who are you?

Earthquake vs. Riot of the Blood Iori:

R.IORI: Ooh-whoa-whoa!
EARTHQUAKE: Snort. Oiiiink!

Earthquake vs. Ryo Sakazaki:

RYO: Hey, I just thought it was a good idea.
EARTHQUAKE: Snort. You're quite the little pest, huh?
RYO: Pretty keen trinket you got there, pal.
EARTHQUAKE: Just the thing to slice and dice the likes of you. Come on, I'll show

Earthquake vs. Ryu:

RYU: A bad guy face... Bad guy clothes...
EARTHQUAKE: What did you say? Do you want to die?
RYU: And bad guy banter. I must therefore guess: you are a villain!
EARTHQUAKE: You're a real comedian!

Earthquake vs. Sagat:

EARTHQUAKE: Hey, you kick boxers must have a lot of cash. Snort. Just leave it
with me and you can walk away.
SAGAT: Defeat me and you'll get enough money to play around a while.
EARTHQUAKE: Snort. Really? If you're lying, I'll take more than money!
SAGAT: Commoner. In the end, I guess you're just one of the many...

Earthquake vs. Shiki:

EARTHQUAKE: Snort... You're a spunky one! Come to me!
SHIKI: ...You... are dead...

Earthquake vs. Shin Akuma:

EARTHQUAKE: I don't know, but being stared at really freaks me out!
S.AKUMA: I'll fling you into Hell in a flash!

Earthquake vs. Shin Mr. Karate:

EARTHQUAKE: Hey, that mask looks pretty valuable... Then again, maybe not.
S.KARATE: It's my treasure!
EARTHQUAKE: Well then, hand it over. Snort!

Earthquake vs. Terry Bogard:

EARTHQUAKE: Hey, boy. Put 'em up!
TERRY: Huh? Are you human? I thought you were a pig statue!
EARTHQUAKE: You and me! I'll mince you up!

Earthquake vs. Tessa:

TESSA: Ooh, what a stench! Bo, halitosis, unwashed clothing. A potpourri!
EARTHQUAKE: Just who stinks? Oink! Snort!
TESSA: A creature that emits such a foul stench... It's a first!
EARTHQUAKE: Want to get another bop in the chops? Snort! Snort!
TESSA: You mean you can stink even more? How intriguing... But I've had enough of
you and your odor.
EARTHQUAKE: Snort! I'll make sure you get more of me!

Earthquake vs. Vega:

VEGA: What is this? Is this walking glob of meat a human?
EARTHQUAKE: W-why you! I'll smoosh you!
VEGA: I haven't had such an ugly foe in quite a while. You'll die slowly!

Earthquake vs. Violent Ken:

V.KEN: Ooh-goooooh.
EARTHQUAKE: What's wrong? Want me to end your misery? OK. Whenever you like!

Earthquake vs. Zero:

EARTHQUAKE: Nice threads you got. How about undressing and handing them over?
ZERO: Pass.
EARTHQUAKE: Snort. You'd rather have me remove them, then?

Geese Howard vs. Geese Howard:

GEESE1: You can't be me just by dressing up. Your docility's showing.
GEESE2: You're a disgrace. Buzz off, fly!
GEESE1: I'll crush you!

Geese Howard vs. Genjuro:

GENJURO: I destroy all who stand in my way!
GEESE: Oh, the samurai! It's an honor to meet the real thing.
GENJURO: We'll see how long you think so.
GEESE: Heh, heh, heh. You'll need more than a sword!

Geese Howard vs. Goenitz:

GEESE: The supreme Orochi... I'll have you tell me the secrets of Orochi!
GOENITZ: It's no use. ...A mediocrity like couldn't grasp it.
GEESE: I, Geese Howard, a mediocrity, am I. Judge for yourself!
GOENITZ: I pity you...

Geese Howard vs. Guile

GUILE: ? You! Why you're Geese Howard!
GEESE: Hmm. I guess I'm famous!
GUILE: Why are you here...? Plan to join Shadawloo and enlarge the organization?
GEESE: What the...? Somebody's misinformed.
GUILE: Well, if you don't want to tell me, fine. Just one more reason to smack
you around!
GEESE: That's why I love messing with soldiers! And just how will you achieve
such an impossible goal?
GUILE: Like this!

Geese Howard vs. Hugo:

POISON: Very nice. What a distinctive look! Hey, bud, ever wanted to be scouted
by the pros?
GEESE: Heh, heh. I'm expensive.
POISON: Right to the point. I like that. So, how much are you asking for?
GEESE: Hmm. Let me think... The entire world and your freedom will do.
POISON: Whew! That's steep! ...Hugo! Make sure you get the change. And a receipt,
too. Don't forget that!
HUGO: You look tough. But pro wrestling's pure kraft, uh, strength. And I'm

Geese Howard vs. Iori Yagami:

GEESE: The Orochi power... I still crave it!
IORI: Do not seek what you can't control...
GEESE: I have always got what I have wanted and I will the Orochi power too!
IORI: Your foolish pride... shall bring you death!

Geese Howard vs. Kasumi Todo:

KASUMI: I am Kasumi, daughter of Ryuhaku Todoh. Defend yourself, Geese!
GEESE: Hmph. I've met this daughter of a fly before...
KASUMI: My father's been here? Am I a tough enough martial artist yet? But I must
not show my Achilles' heel in front of my enemy!
GEESE: You're a spunky one. OK. I'll oblige you. Bring it on, fly!

Geese Howard vs. Ken Masters:

KEN: Huh? You... I can tell you're one wicked dude!
GEESE: Kiddo, if you want to die, try someone else.
KEN: They turned me down. You're the only one who looked promising. Geese.
GEESE: Oh, so you've heard of Geese Howard, have you? Very well. I'll kill some
time... and you, too.

Geese Howard vs. Kim Kaphwan:

KIM: I cannot leave one who is so possessed by evil...
GEESE: Another pest...
KIM: You'll regret that snotty remark!
GEESE: Hmph!

Geese Howard vs. Kyo Kusanagi:

GEESE: Come on, Kusanagi! Show me your stuff!
KYO: Hmph. Very well... Let's do it, chump!

Geese Howard vs. M. Bison:

GEESE: Well, well. The leader of Shadawloo. So you're Bison?
BISON: ...Geese Howard, is it? What brings you here?
GEESE: You can't control the world, but I can. So... now you can die happy.
BISON: Foo ha ha! How amusing.

Geese Howard vs. Mai Shiranui:

MAI: Geese! Yikes! A ghost!
GEESE: Oh, Bogard's lady!
MAI: I'll exercise you!

Geese Howard vs. Mars People:

MARS: Beep boop boop bop!
GEESE: ...!?
MARS: Beep boop!

Geese Howard vs. Mr. Karate:

GEESE: What's with that ridiculous mask? Insulting me, Sakazaki?
KARATE: Don't know Sakazaki. They call me, Mr. Karate, the Karate Goblin...
GEESE: Imbecile.
KARATE: Yeah, but Mr. Karate's no ordinary imbecile... You'll see for yourself!

Geese Howard vs. Red Arremer:

GEESE: Where am I...?
RED: Goo-gyah!
GEESE: What a wild welcome... A little lacking, but... Hoo, hoo, hoo.
RED: Gyah! Gyah!

Geese Howard vs. Riot of the Blood Iori:

GEESE: ...Consumed by Orochi.
R.IORI: Ooh-whoaaaaa!
GEESE: Hmph. Come on!

Geese Howard vs. Ryo Sakazaki:

RYO: You villain. I'll pulverize you!
GEESE: Hmph! You don't think you can beat me, do you?

Geese Howard vs. Ryu:

RYU: Ancient martial arts...?
GEESE: I'm not sure what it is, but it ain't much.
RYU: Let your fists show if "it ain't much."
GEESE: Hmph. Very well. Taste the strength of I, Geese Howard!

Geese Howard vs. Sagat:

GEESE: Won't you work for me? I could use someone with you brute power.
SAGAT: I serve only my heart...
GEESE: Then I'll just have get your heart to have you work for me.

Geese Howard vs. Shiki:

GEESE: Whoa. It's you. You look like a doll.
SHIKI: ...I'll slice you!
GEESE: A puppet can't kill me. You'll realize that!
SHIKI: I will... ...slice you...

Geese Howard vs. Shin Akuma:

GEESE: Wh-what's this!
S.AKUMA: Destroy!
GEESE: Hmph! So this is the real Murder Wave, eh? Bring it on!

Geese Howard vs. Shin Mr. Karate:

S.KARATE: Who would've thought that young punk would be what he is today?
GEESE: I know you! Takuma Sakazaki!
S.KARATE: Don't you think you've gone a little over the top, Geese. Huh?
GEESE: Hmph! I'm not the kid I used to be!

Geese Howard vs. Terry Bogard:

TERRY: Geese! You're alive!
GEESE: Hmph! I'm immortal! Now it's time to end our accounts.
TERRY: Oh. We'll even things up all right. For good.

Geese Howard vs. Tessa:

TESSA: Geese Howard... Ruler of Southtown, I presume?
GEESE: If you want an interview, you'll have to get in touch with my agent.
TESSA: I don't need comments. I've come for one of your possessions: The Secret
Scrolls of Jin!
GEESE: Hmph. Disagreeable child. I'm going to swat you.

Geese Howard vs. Vega:

GEESE: So you're Vega? I've heard of you. Don't you ever think about using your
strength for me?
VEGA: I serve no one! I live for beauty. And may die for it.
GEESE: Pah! ...Very well. You can seek beauty in the hereafter!
VEGA: Hyoh-hee!

Geese Howard vs. Violent Ken:

V.KEN: Geese Howard... Your hide's mine...!
GEESE: Hmph!
V.KEN: Ooh-whooaaaa!
GEESE: A perscription for evil sans esthetics...?

Geese Howard vs. Zero:

CIEL: (Zero, beware... I have a bad feeling...)
GEESE: What's a punk like you doing in this place...?
ZERO: Hmmm... Not even I know.
GEESE: Foo, ha, ha! Funny! Come on!

Genjuro vs. Genjuro:

GENJURO1: Hmph! What silly clothes!
GENJURO2: Buffoon. I'll slay you!

Genjuro vs. Goenitz:

GENJURO: You dress oddly. Are you a... priest?
GOENITZ: Ooh, hoo. I travel all lands to save fools such as you...
GENJURO: Absurd! Only fools depend on silly rituals.
GOENITZ: Not accepting your own weakness... That is the absurdity.

Genjuro vs. Guile:

GUILE: Hmmm. If you need a blade, you're no warrior.
GENJURO: ...So you're saying?
GUILE: I can take down someone like you barehanded!
GENJURO: ...I'll make sashimi out of you! Defend yourself!

Genjuro vs. Hugo:

POISON: Whoa! A samurai! He'd really draw in the customers, huh?
GENJURO: Who are you knaves?
POISON: Uh, well. To be brief, I'm a scout. ...You're up, Hugo!
HUGO: You can't expect to pierce my mighty muskles with that little blade!

Genjuro vs. Iori Yagami:

GENJURO: Vermin! ...Die!
IORI: Vermin! ...Die!

Genjuro vs. Kasumi Todo:

KASUMI: Ooh. What gloom.
GENJURO: Oh-ho! You are an observant wench.
KASUMI: Backstabbing fiend! Prepare yourself!

Genjuro vs. Ken Masters:

KEN: You're quite a fancy pants, aren't you?
GENJURO: ...Be off with you.
KEN: Well, I didn't know you samurai types were such wimps!
GENJURO: ...You wish to die?

Genjuro vs. Kim Kaphwan:

KIM: Hey, stop spinning that thing around!
GENJURO: Hunh? Who are you?
KIM: I'll teach you that you can be strong enough without weapons!
GENJURO: It would seem... you wish to die.

Genjuro vs. Kyo Kusanagi:

GENJURO: My next prey is you...
KYO: A sword? Are you kidding me? Those're dangerous!
GENJURO: Calm down, pup. It'll be over soon.
KYO: I don't need this... You remind me of someone who really peeves me off!

Genjuro vs. M. Bison:

BISON: Haoh! Kill. Steal. Kill again. You're the type of guy I'm looking for.
GENJURO: You have no right to evaluate the worth of my way of life!
BISON: Wah, ha, ha! Then I'll teach you the joy of defeat!
GENJURO: I'd rather die than become your lap dog! Enough! Die!
BISON: Moo-ha, ha, ha! You got pluck! Show me more!

Genjuro vs. Mai Shiranui:

MAI: What a samurai stud! Have you seen my Andy?
GENJURO: A female ninja, eh? You'll do well not to work your wiles on me.
MAI: Now just a darn minute! I'm not interested in...
GENJURO: Cackling hen... Annoying wench! Die!

Genjuro vs. Mars People:

MARS: Beep boop boop bee.
GENJURO: Curious...
MARS: Boop beep.

Genjuro vs. Mr. Karate:

KARATE: Hmm hmm hmm. I sense an evil presence about to be unleashed.
GENJURO: ...You got that right. Get on my bad side and I'll destroy you!
KARATE: Wah ha ha ha. You're funny! Take your best shot!
GENJURO: ...Prattling simpleton!

Genjuro vs. Red Arremer:

GENJURO: ...This I don't need.
RED: Gyah-gyah!
GENJURO: Hmph! The king of the idiots appears!

Genjuro vs. Riot of the Blood Iori:

R.IORI: Ooh-whoa-whoa!
GENJURO: Lost to darkness.
R.IORI: Goooo-whoaaa!
GENJURO: Relax. I will presently send you to a more agreeable place!

Genjuro vs. Ryo Sakazaki:

GENJURO: Hmph. Martial artists. I hate your kind...
RYO: The dickens you say. Why not put your corpse where your mouth is?
GENJURO: You'll be sorry. And dead.

Genjuro vs. Ryu:

RYU: Whoa! What're you doing? Those're dangerous!
GENJURO: You evaded my blade! Tell me your name.
RYU: Put your sword away and I'll consider it. Just who are you?
GENJURO: I had intended to give you a gravestone, but now you can forget it!

Genjuro vs. Sagat:

SAGAT: Only a fool would believe a sword makes you any stronger. A fool like you.
GENJURO: Just like a buffoon who's big believes that makes them tough. A buffoon
like you.
SAGAT: Touche. Care to find out how tough I really am?
GENJURO: I don't plan to use the back of my blade. Prepare yourself!

Genjuro vs. Shiki:

GENJURO: Silly wench. Why do you pursue him. He's but my prey.
SHIKI: That man is all I desire...
GENJURO: You heed me not. Then die!
SHIKI: You're nothing but a nuisance. You die!

Genjuro vs. Shin Akuma:

GENJURO: You dare hinder me! Move! Or I'll fillet you!
S.AKUMA: Draw a blade on me? You risk destruction!
GENJURO: I risk my life, do I...? Delightful. What's life without a little

Genjuro vs. Shin Mr. Karate:

GENJURO: For those who hinder me only death awaits.
S.KARATE: You're quite confident. Can you defeat me?
GENJURO: Someone like you wouldn't slow me down! Die!

Genjuro vs. Terry Bogard:

TERRY: Lighten up there, dude. You're bringing me down.
GENJURO: We shall see.
TERRY: Come on, samurai guy!

Genjuro vs. Tessa:

TESSA: An actual samurai from the far east. Now this's intriguing...
GENJURO: Who are you?
TESSA: Oh, my. Is that a samurai sword, then...? I've heard of various mystical
blades... Can I try it out?
GENJURO: Try it... out? Amusing. It looks like I must kill another idiot!

Genjuro vs. Vega:

VEGA: You samurais have unique and lovely rituals... but they pale to me!
GENJURO: Hmph! Is that so? Shall I add to your beauty with your blood?
VEGA: Oooh, hoo, hoo. Think you got the ability to do so?
GENJURO: Hm. Hm. Hm. You'll satisfy me with a most splendid end!
VEGA: Kyoh-hee!

Genjuro vs. Violent Ken:

V.KEN: Gah... You better mean it. ...If not... you won't fight again.
GENJURO: Silence! Die!

Genjuro vs. Zero:

GENJURO: Do you use a blade, boy?
ZERO: What... Again?... There's just no end...!
GENJURO: Hmph. Fellow swordsman... I suppose I could take time for amusement.
ZERO: (End it quickly...)
CIEL: (Beware... Zero.)

Goenitz vs. Goenitz:

GOENITZ1: My, my...
GOENITZ2: Heavens. Heavens. Some more of that girl's silliness?
GOENITZ1: The power of sacred mirror...? I'll get nowhere this way.
GOENITZ2: Which one is genuine...? Let's battle it out to decide, shall we?
GOENITZ1: His will be done.

Goenitz vs. Guile:

GOENITZ: How many times have you escaped death? You've got that look.
GUILE: And what have you seen? A crazy psycho killer? Or the devil's servant?
GOENITZ: Heh, heh. I only see the path on which to lead you silly humans. Now
then, let me show you the path you must take.
GUILE: I can walk my path all by myself!
GOENITZ: Such ignorance... You are but a fool.

Goenitz vs. Hugo:

GOENITZ: Oh, merciful heavens. You are excessively large, aren't you?
HUGO: "Excessively?" Do you have a complaint about my awesome bod?
GOENITZ: Hmph. Alas, it seems that your brain is made of muscle, too.
POISON: Boo ha ha ha! You said it, Hugo? What'll it be?
HUGO: Smack... Crush... Pummel!

Goenitz vs. Iori Yagami:

GOENITZ: It's been... ages.
IORI: ...What do you want?
GOENITZ: The Orochi power. I had hoped you'd return it to me...

Goenitz vs. Kasumi Todo:

KASUMI: A priest? I'm a Buddhist. And... that suits me just fine.
GOENITZ: Oh no, my child. I don't seek converts. However...
KASUMI: ...You seek a fight?!
GOENITZ: Hoo, hoo, hoo. A good wind blows... His will be done!

Goenitz vs. Ken Masters:

KEN: Just who are you? You're no saint, huh?
GOENITZ: Greetings. I am Goenitz. I wish the honor of observing your power.
KEN: No biggie with me, but don't complain if I beat you silly.

Goenitz vs. Kim Kaphwan:

KIM: An evil fiend in holy vestments!
GOENITZ: And you must be the "Justice's Hypocrite" I have heard of.
KIM: Fiddle faddle! I'll set your twisted aright again!

Goenitz vs. Kyo Kusanagi:

KYO: You... You're still alive? Hey, I've got nothing to do with the Orochi!
GOENITZ: Kusanagi, young sinner. You will not escape from your destiny.

Goenitz vs. M. Bison:

GOENITZ: If you wound me with your destestable power, I will hold no grudge.
BISON: Foo ha ha. Detestable power, huh...?
GOENITZ: Prepare thyself!

Goenitz vs. Mai Shiranui:

GOENITZ: Mademoiselle... It's been ages.
MAI: Who are you?
GOENITZ: I am I. Goenitz, of course.
MAI: Yeah, now I remember. Are you back playing the field these days?
GOENITZ: I still serve my lord... But enough of me. Please. Become my sacrifice.

Goenitz vs. Mars People:

MARS: Beep boop boop bop.
GOENITZ: What's that...?
MARS: Beep boop bop!

Goenitz vs. Mr. Karate:

GOENITZ: Mr. Karate... I've come to test your strength.
KARATE: Hmph. You do have guts there, padre... But will they last?
GOENITZ: Ha ha... This bodes a promise of secular amusement.

Goenitz vs. Red Arremer:

GOENITZ: What place is this?
RED: Gyah-gyah!
GOENITZ: Indeed... Now I see. I'll make you regret your summoning me here.

Goenitz vs. Riot of the Blood Iori:

GOENITZ: Ha ha ha ha! You are on your way to a greater consciousness.
R.IORI: Ooh-whoa-whoa!
GOENITZ: How laughable. Isn't it?

Goenitz vs. Ryo Sakazaki:

RYO: You...!
GOENITZ: Ryo Sakazaki. I wish the honor of witnessing your strength.
RYO: The honor? OK. I'll show you Kyokugen Karate tell it hurts.
GOENITZ: A good wind blows... His will be done.

Goenitz vs. Ryu:

RYU: This intense aura! Who is it?
GOENITZ: Greetings. I am Goenitz. ...No need to tell me your name. I know.
RYU: I'm honored. By the way, what brings you here?
GOENITZ: A simple request. I've come to test your abilities.
RYU: Then what?
GOENITZ: Hoo, hoo, hoo. You'll find out.

Goenitz vs. Sagat:

GOENITZ: Hmph. Insult, hate, revenge, rage.... How... exceptional!
SAGAT: Who are you...? You're awfully chummy.
GOENITZ: That raw bellicosity. You'll make quite a catch.
SAGAT: You seem to think that I'm making idle threats. I'll make you crawl!
GOENITZ: Hoo, hoo, hoo. A good wind blows... Let us begin!

Goenitz vs. Shiki:

SHIKI: ....
GOENITZ: Young maiden, you possess a considerable spirit. One which would serve
the Orochi well...
SHIKI: I pursue one thing... That is one man only...
GOENITZ: Ohh, hoo, hoo. A good wind blows... By his grace!

Goenitz vs. Shin Akuma:

GOENITZ: So you are the Fist Master I hear of. Impressive, indeed.
S.AKUMA: Rumble!
GOENITZ: Hoo hoo... yah ha ha! Let me uplift you... And don't disappoint me.
Whoo ha ha ha!

Goenitz vs. Shin Mr. Karate:

S.KARATE: I don't know how tough this Orochi is, but it'll be weak as a baby for
GOENITZ: Foolish masked man. You cannot compare it with your paltry power!
S.KARATE: Hnh! Exaggerations! Very well, prove it!
GOENITZ: I'll teach you what is and what is not exaggerations...!

Goenitz vs. Terry Bogard:

GOENITZ: Terry Bogard. I wish the honor of witnessing your strength.
TERRY: OK! See for yourself!

Goenitz vs. Tessa:

TESSA: That spirit! ...Orochi!
GOENITZ: Oh, can you tell?
TESSA: The world's will... It's proxy. Orochi. But Orochi's primarily a force for
GOENITZ: The Orochi are not evil... It's the humans who are the world's enemy! I
am simply removing the world of all its destructive pests.
TESSA: If you wipe out all humans, it will ruin all my research. After I pacify
Orochi, I must imprison it.
GOENITZ: Self-centered girl...

Goenitz vs. Vega:

GOENITZ: To be so wrapped up in your own beauty... In one way, I respect you.
VEGA: A beautiful existence has a certain absolute power. Take me for example...
I'm downright gorgeous.
GOENITZ: Seeing your wounds will be my day's highlight.

Goenitz vs. Violent Ken:

GOENITZ: ...?!
V.KEN: Oooooooooh.
GOENITZ: Hmm. You're lost. I will bless you with salvation!

Goenitz vs. Zero:

GOENITZ: How about it? Come with me and I guarantee you the promise land.
ZERO: Who would believe in your promises...?
GOENITZ: My, my. You too are ignorant of the world's ways...

Guile vs. Guile:

GUILE1: It's like a nightmare. I'm looking at me.
GUILE2: So this is what a doppelganger is?
GUILE1: There's only one thing to do at such times.
GUILE2: So, we do agree. Put 'em up!

Guile vs. Hugo:

POISON: Oh, I'm in love. What a physique!
GUILE: Flattery gets nothing.
POISON: No, don't thank me. You'll earn it back through your work.
HUGO: Hey, you! Become my partner! We'll make quite a tag team!
GUILE: I've decided to give my life to the army. Try someone else!
POISON: You don't get it. You have no choice.

Guile vs. Iori Yagami:

GUILE: You sure are strong. But your evil's getting in the way of your moves.
IORI: Silence!
GUILE: Nothing comes of evil. And that means... you can't beat me, baby!
IORI: Enough prattle... Continue to hinder me ...and die!

Guile vs. Kasumi Todo:

KASUMI: Hey, you there! Where's my father?
GUILE: Beats me. What are you yammering about?
KASUMI: Hmm. Guess you're sworn to secrecy. But please, tell me.
GUILE: I'm really sorry. But I'm clueless. Pack it in, sister.
KASUMI: You still refuse after my entreaties? Very well then, jarhead!
GUILE: What're you doing?!

Guile vs. Ken Masters:

GUILE: ...You can't trick me.
KEN: So, you got me. Way to go, Guile!
GUILE: Long time, no see, Ken. You've still got it!
KEN: As do you. How about seeing how tougher we've got?
GUILE: Hold on a sec!
KEN: What's up? You can't chicken out, you're a major now, right?
GUILE: ...I gotta set my hair!
KEN: ...Get the lead out!

Guile vs. Kim Kaphwan:

KIM: Magnificent! Both speed and power, and an ideal physique to boot!
GUILE: You're not bad yourself. You look tough.
KIM: Have you ever come up against Tae Kwon Do?
GUILE: Nope. But I hear it's used by the military in Korea.
KIM: You know many things. Care to spar?
GUILE: There's a plan.

Guile vs. Kyo Kusanagi:

KYO: I guess in the end, martial arts is all about power, huh?
GUILE: Military martial arts are far superior to your antiquated ways of combat.
KYO: Yap, yap, yap. Why not try me, bud?
GUILE: Try you! That's funny. I'm the real thing, pal!
KYO: That's the spirit!

Guile vs. M. Bison:

GUILE: This evil power... I can't be mistaken. Bison!
BISON: Don't be shy. Hit me with whatever you're able to.
GUILE: I'm nothing like you. I'll avenge Charlie fair and square!
BISON: Is that so? Fight pure and die... eh? Honor for your remaining family...
is that it? Do what you got to!
GUILE: Mess with me and I'll clean your clock!

Guile vs. Mai Shiranui:

GUILE: I've heard Japanese women are both reserved and prudent.
MAI: That's about right, wouldn't you say?
GUILE: ...But I guess every country is guilty of a little propaganda.
MAI: The nerve! This reserved and prudent Japanese maid will rearrange your face!

Guile vs. Mars People:

MARS: Boop bap bop beep boop!
GUILE: Huh? An alien life form? HQ... I gotta contact HQ right away...
MARS: Beep boop bap boop boop!
GUILE: Hey, wait! Don't run away! Rats! Ah, what can I do?

Guile vs. Mr. Karate:

KARATE: Hm. No wasted movement. You must be a soldier.
GUILE: A look at my duds and any idiot'd know that!
KARATE: You got me there. So, are you ready for combat, soldier?
GUILE: If you keep this secret.
KARATE: Relax! Tennnn-shun!

Guile vs. Red Arremer:

GUILE: What's this place?
RED: Gya-gyah!
GUILE: ...Is this Hell? It would make sense. A soldier's lot. A natural fate.
RED: Gyah!
GUILE: Regardless, even in Hell, a soldier's a soldier. I must face the enemy.

Guile vs. Riot of the Blood Iori:

R.IORI: Gooh-ohhhh.
GUILE: What's the matter?
R.IORI: Oooooh-ohhhhh.
GUILE: Have you lost it?

Guile vs. Ryo Sakazaki:

GUILE: Don't get closer. Or I'll Sonic Boom you all over the pavement.
RYO: You and what army? One step closer, and I'll tear you apart.
GUILE: ...
RYO: ...
GUILE: Argh.
RYO: Gyaaah!

Guile vs. Ryu:

RYU: Guile! It's been a while.
GUILE: You look as fit as ever. Not only that, seems you've gotten tougher.
RYU: How about you showing me your stuff?
GUILE: Hey, no problem. I'll show you everything I got!
RYU: Goes without saying. It's showtime!

Guile vs. Sagat:

GUILE: Where's Bison? Answer me, Sagat!
SAGAT: Me, tell you. Insulting! Without a fight, you think I'd tell you?
GUILE: Then I'll make you talk after I beat you silly.
SAGAT: I'll break your jaw so you can't beg for mercy.

Guile vs. Shiki:

GUILE: What? Where'd you come from?
SHIKI: ...Where? Where am I?
GUILE: ...Are you lost? Shall I take you to a safer place!
SHIKI: ...Don't touch me!

Guile vs. Shin Akuma:

GUILE: You give even me goose pimples...
S.AKUMA: Back off... There's no reason to throw your life away.
GUILE: What're you joking? If I must turn tail, I'd rather die.
S.AKUMA: There's no glory in being a courageous corpse.

Guile vs. Shin Mr. Karate:

GUILE: Wh-who is this...? If I move foolishly, he'll destroy me.
S.KARATE: What's up? You can't win if you don't move.
GUILE: This sinking feeling. What are you?
S.KARATE: Hmph. These fists will answer you. You got the courage?
GUILE: Sad to say, a soldier fears nothing. It's impossible.

Guile vs. Terry Bogard:

GUILE: Undefeated in Southtown. The legendary Hungry Wolf, Terry Bogard, I
TERRY: Huh? Who're you? ...Ha, ha, ha! Sorry, I don't know any cauliflower heads!
GUILE: Drole. Very well. I hear you and Mary are in cahoots, right?
TERRY: Hey, cauliflower head! That's top secret!
GUILE: As I thought. Time for the interrogation to begin. Let's go!
TERRY: You're as subtle as a skunk! OK! Come on!

Guile vs. Tessa:

TESSA: Oh, I get it! A sonic-speed punch... And that makes the shockwave.
GUILE: Who are you?
TESSA: Just a sorcerologist! I wish to speak with you more? Can you spare me the
GUILE: Sorcerologist...? Never heard of it, but I'll tell you no secrets.
TESSA: Is that so? Then I'd like to test you out in battle.
GUILE: H-hey!

Guile vs. Vega:

GUILE: Tell me where Bison is. And I'll spare your life.
VEGA: You lack ability and beauty, and talk beyond your station. What
GUILE: Will you tell me or not?
VEGA: It seems I'll have to slice you up good. An ugly brand of defeat.

Guile vs. Violent Ken:

KEN: Oooh-ohhhhhh! G-Guile...
GUILE: What's wrong, Ken? This's serious...
KEN: Ooooh-ohhhhhh. Die!
GUILE: Ken! Excuse my roughness, but it's nappy time.

Guile vs. Zero:

GUILE: Hmm? You're Megaman? Yeah, we've got the goods on you... some.
ZERO: You're mistaken... Get out of my way.
GUILE: As you insist. But how about a little performance test, huh?

Hugo vs. Hugo:

HUGO1: Hey, what a physique! Care to team up with me?
HUGO2: How about you team up with me?
POISON1: Hmph. Either combo would be awesome... Let's decide who's the leader,
POISON2: Then we'll talk business! Huuugo!

Hugo vs. Iori Yagami:

POISON: Hey, you're pretty good. You just need ability.
IORI: Who are you?
POISON: I've been scouting you. ...So show me your stuff.
HUGO: You are one thin dude. But team up with me, and I'll pump you up!

Hugo vs. Kasumi Todo:

KASUMI: So you are the culprits! Forcing my father into pro wrestling...
POISON: Huh? What'd this chick say? Do you know her?
HUGO: Never seen her before. Maybe she's related to some clown we moidelized?
KASUMI: I'll jog your memories. Defend yourself.

Hugo vs. Ken Masters:

POISON: Hmmmm... A little too conventional. Make his face up, give the guy a
cape, that'd do it, you think?
KEN: Hey. Hey! One look at me, and talk like that?
POISON: Hey, by the way, can you spit poison? Ever hit someone with a metal
KEN: ....
POISON: You're useless. Oh, well. I'll learn you. Oh, Hugo! Crushin' time!
HUGO: If you lose to me, you gotta join us. You got that?
KEN: That sounds fair. I'm going to beat you silly, anyway!

Hugo vs. Kim Kaphwan:

KIM: ...Impressive specimens. Far superior to Chang.
HUGO: What do you want? Are you looking to become my partner?
KIM: How about making the most of your gifts and master Tae Kwon Do?
POISON: A wager then... If you lose, you must join our troupe!
KIM: Wah ha ha! Me lose? That's funny!

Hugo vs. Kyo Kusanagi:

HUGO: Hey, pal. How about you and me rassle?
KYO: Rassle?... Sorry, not interested.
HUGO: I challenge you. And if you lose, you gotta team up with me.

Hugo vs. M. Bison:

POISON: Hey, you're a find. You got presence, kid. OK. You're hired. You can even
team up with Hugo.
BISON: What nonsense do you speak of, woman? It may cost your life.
POISON: Nonsense? No, I'm serious. Oh, Huuuugo!
HUGO: I got you. You're tough... Join our troupe.
BISON: You fool. Die!

Hugo vs. Mai Shiranui:

POISON: Hmm. Well, you pass. A bit too bumpy though.
MAI: Hey! Watch it, bub!
POISON: I'm sorry, but you'll be working for me.
HUGO: Don't worry though. You'll be well fed.

Hugo vs. Mars People:

MARS: Beep bop bap!
POISON: An a-alien! Is it real??? This'll make us a fortune! What're you doing,
Hugo? Catch it quick!
HUGO: ...If we team up in a tag match it would be cool!
POISON: Okay. Okay. Tag battles. Singles. We could do anything! Hurry up and
catch it!

Hugo vs. Mr. Karate:

KARATE: Hmm. What a monster... But to rely only on brute strength has its limits.
HUGO: Shut up! Rag, rag, rag! I'm going to crush your mask... and your skull!
KARATE: Your speed is gone. Your chances for victory are past.
HUGO: I can't lose!

Hugo vs. Red Arremer:

POISON: What's this place?
RED: Gya-gyah!
POISON: A monster! Hu-Huuuugo!
HUGO: Taking on all comers is my freude(joy). Even a thing like this.

Hugo vs. Riot of the Blood Iori:

R.IORI: Oooooh-whoaa!
POISON: Oops, this guy's gone. Let's have him sleep it off, eh, Hugo?
HUGO: And we'll put him in our troupe when he wakes. He'll be quite a draw.

Hugo vs. Ryo Sakazaki:

RYO: Back off, you sweaty goon!
HUGO: Proof I'm warmed up. The proper lubrication for battle, buddy!
RYO: You're but a brutish oaf. Don't think you're tough just because you're big!
HUGO: You I will flatten, like a pancake.

Hugo vs. Ryu:

RYU: ...What a monster!
POISON: Are you going to whine about weight classes? I don't give a rip!
RYU: Nor do I. The bigger the enemy, the better I battle.
POISON: You talk a good fight. If you lose, though, you work for us. Hugo!
HUGO: Nyaaaaaaah!

Hugo vs. Sagat:

POISON: Not much presence with this one. Well, you can't have all stallions in
your stable. He'll do.
SAGAT: What is this chatter?
POISON: Talk of business. But it won't mean anything to you. Oh, Huuuugo!
HUGO: A kick boxer, eh? Not bad, but you can't hope to equal me.
SAGAT: And what can a useless lug like you hope to do with one such as me?
POISON: Do with you? Pulverize you, of course.

Hugo vs. Shiki:

SHIKI: ....
POISON: What a creepy chick. What can I do for you?
SHIKI: I have no need of you.
POISON: What rudeness! The nerve! I'll teach you manners!
HUGO: I'll send you to the krankenhause, uh, hospital!

Hugo vs. Shin Akuma:

POISON: This guy looks pretty tough. This guy's for real!
S.AKUMA: ....
POISON: Think you can take him? May be out of your league.
HUGO: I'll show how tough a pro wrestler can be!

Hugo vs. Shin Mr. Karate:

POISON: Just what I was looking for, pal. What should we use for your ring name?
"Tengu Man" sound good?
S.KARATE: Who are you freaks?
POISON: I'm a wrestling scout. Okay, Hugo! Let's see his stuff.
HUGO: You'll love our wrestling troupe. All you can eat!
S.KARATE: The dojo's not doing so hot, but I don't need to sink this far.

Hugo vs. Terry Bogard:

TERRY: Whoa! You're huge! Hmm. If you don't catch me, I'll be all right.
POISON: Heh, heh... That's a big "if," runt! ...Let's do it!
HUGO: I got the power of a million megatons! You can't escape me!

Hugo vs. Tessa:

POISON: She'll do fine in a leotard.
TESSA: ...What's all this talk out of the blue?
POISON: To be brief, I'm a scout. You're too tough to be a round girl, but...
Anyway, let's see what you got! Huuugo!
HUGO: We'll initiate you into wrestling soon. Don't worry.
TESSA: How selfish... You'll be sorry! Are you listening?

Hugo vs. Vega:

POISON: Lucky! You'll do well in the cage death match!
VEGA: I'm polishing my claws. Be gone with you.
POISON: C'mon, pal, is that any way to greet a scout. Be happy! Huuuugo! It's
HUGO: A masked wrestler. You'll make a nice addition to the group.

Hugo vs. Violent Ken:

V.KEN: Oooh-whooa!
POISON: He looks dangerous. One or two smacks should do the trick.
HUGO: I don't think so. I'll beat him sane!

Hugo vs. Zero:

POISON: Oh, a kid, huh? Can't use that, though.
ZERO: Hmph. Size isn't everything, you know!
HUGO: Poison, this kid gives me the creeps for some reason...
POISON: Hmm. That's unusual. Very well. Do as you like.

Iori Yagami vs. Iori Yagami:

IORI1: You got a death wish?
IORI2: The future corpse... ...is gonna be you!

Iori Yagami vs. Kasumi Todo:

IORI: ...Pathetic.
KASUMI: How dare you insult the way of the Todoh! You'll take that back!

Iori Yagami vs. Ken Masters:

KEN: ...What do you want?
IORI: Hmph. I don't talk to flies like you... I swat them!
KEN: You don't see kids like you around these days. Come, learn something.
IORI: Hmph. It'll cost you your life.

Iori Yagami vs. Kim Kaphwan:

KIM: I've always wanted to do what I'll do now: I'm gonna mend your ways.
IORI: ...Hmph.
KIM: Walk the righteous path! ...Let's do it!

Iori Yagami vs. Kyo Kusanagi:

KYO: Yagami... You are really one, big recurring nightmare!
IORI: Did you just realize this? I'll trail you until I grind you into the
KYO: Bring it on... Yagami!
IORI: Ohhh-whoaa!

Iori Yagami vs. M. Bison:

BISON: Oh, ho... You possess a most peculiar power.
IORI: ...What's it to you?
BISON: If you'd join me, you'd gain power you couldn't imagine.
IORI: Hmph. I'd rather just see you dead, windbag.

Iori Yagami vs. Mai Shiranui:

MAI: That won't do! Stunned by my beauty's no excuse for losing!
IORI: Maiden... you dare insult me?
MAI: Get ready, Gloomy Gus, cause here I come!
IORI: Little one... know your place!

Iori Yagami vs. Mars People:

MARS: Beep boop bop bee!
IORI: ...?!
MARS: Beep bop!

Iori Yagami vs. Mr. Karate:

IORI: Who are you, peon?
KARATE: They call me Karate. Mr. Karate. One punch... and it's all over!
IORI: Balderdash... Time for you to expire.

Iori Yagami vs. Red Arremer:

IORI: Just who're you?
RED: Gyah-gyah!
IORI: What demon is this! I'll roast your hide.

Iori Yagami vs. Riot of the Blood Iori:

IORI: ...! That's it?... That's me, is it?
R.IORI: Ooooh-ohhhhh... K...I...L...L...
IORI: You won't see me yield to the Orochi! Silly charlatan. I shall erase you.

Iori Yagami vs. Ryo Sakazaki:

RYO: All right!
IORI: Who're you?
RYO: Well, Yagami, I've come to teach you a lesson!
IORI: Want to die, do you?

Iori Yagami vs. Ryu:

RYU: Ancient martial arts, eh? You sure remind me of Kyo Kusanagi.
IORI: You dare compare me! For that, you'll die!
RYU: Whatever. You look tough enough for me. C'mon!
IORI: Are you loopy...? Die, fool!

Iori Yagami vs. Sagat:

IORI: Hmph. Loser...
SAGAT: ...Say what, tiny? You must be at one with meaningless defeat.
IORI: And just what is a meaningful defeat, fool? To be is to live or die.
SAGAT: Impudent knave! You dare mock me? An emperor?
IORI: Ah, to live in disgrace. Don't worry, I'll say a nice requiem for you.

Iori Yagami vs. Shiki:

SHIKI: Your soul craves another, I sense...
IORI: ...
SHIKI: You pathetic creature...
IORI: ...If that's the case, then your soul's mine.

Iori Yagami vs. Shin Akuma:

IORI: Argh... Why you...!
S.AKUMA: I am the Fist Master! Now you will feel the sting of Asura's might!

Iori Yagami vs. Shin Mr. Karate:

IORI: What do you want?
S.KARATE: You'll taste the fury of my Kyokugen fists!

Iori Yagami vs. Terry Bogard:

TERRY: Oh, Yagami! Cheerful as ever.
IORI: Get lost.
TERRY: Hey, wait up. It's been so long since we've battled.
IORI: Want to die, do you?

Iori Yagami vs. Tessa:

IORI: What're you looking at?
TESSA: The mixture of your power is simply... intriguing.
IORI: ...Get lost!
TESSA: You're just the subject to quench the fires of my intellectual curiosity.
IORI: Not if you die first...

Iori Yagami vs. Vega:

VEGA: Hmph. A bit labored but not exactly not beautiful.
IORI: You'd better keep that mask on... to keep those whelps of despair to
VEGA: Such evil. Such rage. Such beauty...
IORI: Beg for your life... 'coz you picked the wrong guy, fashion cop! Die!

Iori Yagami vs. Violent Ken:

V.KEN: ...Whoever you are... ...you're dead!
IORI: Who are you?
V.KEN: Ooooh-whoaaaa!

Iori Yagami vs. Zero:

CIEL: (Zero! Beware, I sense... a terrible power...)
IORI: ...
ZERO: Perhaps you are... a human irregular...?

Kasumi Todo vs. Kasumi Todo:

KASUMI1: A poor impersonation of the Todoh way...
KASUMI2: You're the phoney!
KASUMI1: Prepare yourself... uh... myself?!

Kasumi Todo vs. Ken Masters:

KASUMI: Disciple of Kyokugen! Defend yourself!
KEN: Hey, wait! Wait! I've got nothing to do with that Keeyokugen!
KASUMI: Hmm. A closer look... Oops. Excuse my rashness.
KEN: But I'll be able to use that move I saw. What disciple are you?
KASUMI: I'm a disciple of Todoh.
KEN: Is that so? How about it? Let's spar a little.
KASUMI: I don't spar. I battle for keeps!
KEN: Very well! Let's do it!

Kasumi Todo vs. Kim Kaphwan:

KASUMI: Greetings, Kim! It's been a while.
KIM: Oh, Miss Todoh... Care for a little match, do you?
KASUMI: Sounds good to me.

Kasumi Todo vs. Kyo Kusanagi:

KYO: Well, well, well. So, you're in KOF, too...
KASUMI: Kasumi Todoh, here. Are you up for it?
KYO: What? Just like that?

Kasumi Todo vs. M. Bison:

BISON: Hey, there, young lady. You know well the ways of the warrior, I see.
KASUMI: You have a keen eye. I am a Todoh disciple... And who may you be?
BISON: Interesting. If I temper her with my Killer Bees, she'll be quite useful.
KASUMI: Another villain! Defend yourself!

Kasumi Todo vs. Mai Shiranui:

KASUMI: Oh, Mai... Keeping fit as ever, I see.
MAI: Love is the secret.
KASUMI: ...Love. Hard love, right?
MAI: Hey! Just what are you hinting at? These are real!
KASUMI: What? Huh?

Kasumi Todo vs. Mars People:

KASUMI: Wow! An alien. G, greetings.
MARS: Beep boop boop bop!
KASUMI: I-it looks angry!
MARS: Beep boop!

Kasumi Todo vs. Mr. Karate:

KASUMI: Oh, Takuma Sakazaki. Who are you trying to fool with the mask?!
KARATE: Takuma Sakazaki? Hah! Why I'm Mr. Karate!
KASUMI: You can't fool me! Prepare yourself... Tak... uh... Mr. Karate!

Kasumi Todo vs. Red Arremer:

KASUMI: Hey, red guy! Where's my father?
RED: Gyah, gyah!
KASUMI: It's useless to feign innocence. Defend yourself!

Kasumi Todo vs. Riot of the Blood Iori:

R.IORI: Ooh-whoaaaa.
KASUMI: "Ooh-whoaaaa." What does that mean? Where's my father?
R.IORI: Whoaah-ooooh.
KASUMI: Still playing dumb? Then defend yourself!

Kasumi Todo vs. Ryo Sakazaki:

KASUMI: Ah! Ryo Sakazaki!
RYO: Oh, Todoh
KASUMI: My father'll be avenged! Prepare yourself, Sakazaki!

Kasumi Todo vs. Ryu:

KASUMI: Eee-yah! Hah!
RYU: Oh, a Todoh disciple!
KASUMI: Who are you?
RYU: Oh, forgive me. I heard you training.
KASUMI: You'll pay for barging in on my secret exercises!
RYU: .........
KASUMI: Disciple of Todoh, Kasumi Todoh. I challenge you!

Kasumi Todo vs. Sagat:

KASUMI: Cough it up! Where's my father?
SAGAT: What chatter is this? You have the wrong man.
KASUMI: You dare act stupid? Defend yourself!

Kasumi Todo vs. Shiki:

KASUMI: Oh, it's you? Have you seen my father?
SHIKI: ....
KASUMI: Hm. With that attitude, I bet you know something. It's useless to deny
it. Prepare yourself!

Kasumi Todo vs. Shin Akuma:

KASUMI: A d-demon! And here I am with no talisman...
S.AKUMA: Destroy!

Kasumi Todo vs. Shin Mr. Karate:

KASUMI: I knew it all along. Takuma Sakazaki! You're the ringleader!
S.KARATE: I'm not Takuma Sakazaki! I'm Mr. Karate!
KASUMI: It's useless to feign innocence. Defend yourself!

Kasumi Todo vs. Terry Bogard:

KASUMI: Where's my father? If you have hidden him, you'll pay!
TERRY: Are you talking about that antique, Todoh? Haven't seen him.
KASUMI: Hmph! Prepare yourself, Terry!

Kasumi Todo vs. Tessa:

KASUMI: It's you then! The fortune teller with the bizarre vestments.
TESSA: Time for introductions. I am no fortune teller. I am a sorcerologist.
KASUMI: Huh? Are you crazy? Whatever it is called, it's all tommy-rot!
TESSA: I pity you. Calling what you can't grasp, "tommy-rot."
KASUMI: Hmm. Enough! Tell me where my father is. Now!
TESSA: Very well... But in your quest for someone... ...you need catalysts not
found in this world in the first place...
KASUMI: Enough prattling! Tell me my fortune or... defend yourself!
TESSA: ...Oh good grief!

Kasumi Todo vs. Vega:

VEGA: Ooh-hoo-hoo. Such clean beauty. Not too shabby.
KASUMI: What're you looking at?
VEGA: The future, your wimpering self, sliced, diced and julienne fried.
KASUMI: You really do have the heart of a demon... Then feel the sting of Kasumi
Todoh! Defend yourself, OK...?

Kasumi Todo vs. Violent Ken:

KASUMI: What's wrong? Are you okay? Where's my father?
V.KEN: Ooh-whoaaaa. Who is that...? You... you're dead!
KASUMI: Lend someone a kind ear and this is the thanks you get! Defend yourself!

Kasumi Todo vs. Zero:

CIEL: (Zero! Beware!)
ZERO: Unh.
KASUMI: Muttering sissy! Come on! I'll beat some courage into you.
ZERO: ...Hopeless...

Ken Masters vs. Ken Masters:

KEN1: You may be my foe, but damn your cool!
KEN2: No, it is really you who is my better. You ooze coolness!
KEN1: Aw, shucks. You kill me with your kindness. But I hate imposters!
KEN2: Very well! Give it your best shot!

Ken Masters vs. Kim Kaphwan:

KEN: Karate, you say? No, that's not right. Tae Kwon Do, isn't it?
KIM: That is correct. The pride of my land. The ultimate martial art!
KEN: How do you know it's the ultimate?
KIM: Well, then, let me prove it to you now. Start warming up.
KEN: You're quite a gentleman. There'll be no need. I'm always warmed up.
KIM: Such diligence! Then let's do it!

Ken Masters vs. Kyo Kusanagi:

KEN: You got spunk, kiddo. Who says kids these days are wimps?
KYO: Who're you calling "kid?"
KEN: Oh? You're not a kid?
KYO: Unh! What's it to you?!
KEN: Chill out, Buster. I'll give you a bout to show I'm sorry. ...With a kid's
KYO: You'll be sorry when I scorch you buns, pops!

Ken Masters vs. M. Bison:

KEN: Hey, Shadawloo CEO guy! You're not up to anything fish again, eh?
BISON: Hmph. What's it to you? What can you do, bug?
KEN: I can do more than you! I'll plant pain on that big face of yours!
BISON: You cretin! Traveling so far to die.

Ken Masters vs. Mai Shiranui:

KEN: ...Gag!...
MAI: Gag?
KEN: Are you a geisha?
MAI: How rude! Can't you tell right away from my clothes?
KEN: Sorry. Sorry. It's just... well... What the...
MAI: You scraggly rogue. It's time to teach you some Japanese manners!

Ken Masters vs. Mars People:

MARS: Boop bap beep bop!
KEN: Hey, give me a break!
MARS: Boop beep bap!
KEN: Huh? A land octopus?
MARS: Boop! Beeeeeep!
KEN: W-what? Is it angry?!

Ken Masters vs. Mr. Karate:

KARATE: Think those limp wrists can possibly beat me? You got to be kidding!
KEN: Bring it on, big nose!
KARATE: Then attack and learn!

Ken Masters vs. Red Arremer:

KEN: Hunh? Where am I...
RED: Gyah-gyah!
KEN: Hey! Hey! This is one realistic theme park, isn't it?

Ken Masters vs. Riot of the Blood Iori:

R.IORI: Oooooh-ohhhh!
KEN: Fudge! What're you doing?
R.IORI: Oooooh-ohhhh!
KEN: Aw, nuts! Why waste my breath?

Ken Masters vs. Ryo Sakazaki:

RYO: If you're going to wear those duds, you must further temper your mind.
KEN: Who are you to talk like that to me?!
RYO: That's it... I'll make tomato paste of you!

Ken Masters vs. Ryu:

KEN: You're terrible!
RYU: You're a tyro!
KEN: ...Hmph. That's the stuff. You still can take it.
RYU: And you can dish it out. That was close.
KEN: Well, then, let's keep going! Ryu.
RYU: Bring it on! Ken.

Ken Masters vs. Sagat:

KEN: The kick boxing emperor! You'll make a formidable opponent, I hope.
SAGAT: I have no time for you. If you see Ryu, tell him I'm looking for him.
KEN: Yeah, I'll tell him. I'll tell him that I kicked your butt!
SAGAT: Don't monkey with me!

Ken Masters vs. Shiki:

KEN: (She's no Eliza, but she's cute.)
SHIKI: ...What?
KEN: Nothing in particular... But if you're free, care to spar with me?
SHIKI: ...You may not survive.

Ken Masters vs. Shin Akuma:

KEN: We haven't yet met, and I'm sweating like a pig! I can tell this guy's
going to be tough.
S.AKUMA: You've no taste for murder, I see. Die!
KEN: I can't do that. I'm a man. Sorry, but I'm staying.
S.AKUMA: ...Then suffer my rage!

Ken Masters vs. Shin Mr. Karate:

KEN: The air quivers... What power! This guy's... tough!
S.KARATE: Oh, ho! You realize that, huh? You've a discerning eye. You may go
home, train 'til you're ready, then drop by again.
KEN: You flatter me too much. Are you saying that I cannot defeat you?
S.KARATE: Kah kah kah kah. That's the spirit, kiddo. Bring it on!

Ken Masters vs. Terry Bogard:

KEN: You and I share a similar smell, eh?
TERRY: For sure. I was just thinking the same thing as you.
KEN: Up for a fight?
TERRY: OK! Let's go wild!

Ken Masters vs. Tessa:

KEN: Trick or treat! Ah, brings me back.
TESSA: I get it, a joke! Your stupid humor's not lost on me... These clothes are
much more than a passing fashion, you know.
KEN: Huh? Really?... You gothic guys are getting out of hand.
TESSA: ...A typical reaction. Now you'll learn all about supra-sorcerology.

Ken Masters vs. Vega:

VEGA: Golly, you're ugly. Why is it that all others pale to me?
KEN: Yeah, right! I'm going to plow your beauty into dirt.
VEGA: Impossible. The ugly cannot defeat the fair. ...It's a law of nature.
KEN: I never studied law! Defend yourself, creep!

Ken Masters vs. Violent Ken:

KEN: Who are you? ...Me?
V.KEN: Ooh-whoaaaaa. There's one more me...
KEN: What are these vibes of homicidal intent? It's not me. But... (Do I wish
this...? Somewhere in my psyche?)
V.KEN: Oooh-ohhh!

Ken Masters vs. Zero:

KEN: Hey, you're about as big as my boy back home. That gives me pause.
ZERO: ...Enough. ...I am no child.
KEN: ...OK. No guilt here. Let's do it, sonny! I'll teach you that it's a good
idea to be polite to elders!

Kim Kaphwan vs. Kim Kaphwan:

KIM1: What? You again? Why not give this Kim schtick a rest?
KIM2: That's my line, pal!
KIM1: I see you're just not going to listen!
KIM2: That's my line, too!

Kim Kaphwan vs. Kyo Kusanagi:

KIM: Just how long have you been in high school? Well, put 'em up! I'm pumped
now, sonny! Bring it on!
KYO: What? Just like that?

Kim Kaphwan vs. M. Bison:

KIM: Again... genuine, 100 proof... pure, unadulturated evil! Compared to you,
Chang and Choi are choirboys.
BISON: Gya ha ha ha. I am Bison, Evil's Emperor! Ruler of the world!
KIM: Evil... is my enemy!
BISON: Pathetic fool... My Psycho Power'll make mincemeat out of you.

Kim Kaphwan vs. Mai Shiranui:

MAI: Oh, Kim! Have you seen Andy?
KIM: Not hide nor hair.
MAI: No? Well, later!
KIM: Hold on there. Looks like I'm going to have to teach you about being more
of a lady.
MAI: Say what?!

Kim Kaphwan vs. Mars People:

KIM: What is this?
MARS: Beep boop boop bop!
KIM: In invader from space! I'll drive it back!

Kim Kaphwan vs. Mr. Karate:

KIM: Huh? And you are...?
KARATE: Why, I'm Mr. Karate!
KIM: Oooo-kay... How about it? May I have the honor of a bout with you?
KARATE: Very well, sonny! Show me your stuff!

Kim Kaphwan vs. Red Arremer:

KIM: There's something really wrong with this guy!
RED: Gyah-gyah!
KIM: I'll rehab you!

Kim Kaphwan vs. Riot of the Blood Iori:

KIM: He's lost it...
R.IORI: Oooh-whoaaaa!
KIM: I'll put you back on the straight and narrow!

Kim Kaphwan vs. Ryo Sakazaki:

RYO: ...So where're your ghoulish flunkies today?
KIM: Ha ha ha. I don't always lead 'em by the nose, you know.
RYO: Whatever. How about teaching me some new moves, eh?

Kim Kaphwan vs. Ryu:

KIM: It's just like you. Scouting me out before a bout.
RYU: Going against a famous Tae Kwon Do master would give anyone pause.
KIM: And I have heard your name praised, too. Don't be shy. Step into the ring.
RYU: ...All right!

Kim Kaphwan vs. Sagat:

KIM: How could such a noble fighter become a lap dog of evil?
SAGAT: Evil and justice do not exist. I crave power!
KIM: If you do not believe in justice's might, I'll prove it exists.
SAGAT: Very well. Prove it. As emperor, I will vanquish all challengers.

Kim Kaphwan vs. Shiki:

KIM: What's eating at you, young lady?
SHIKI: ......
KIM: This too is justice. May I help you?
SHIKI: Leave me...

Kim Kaphwan vs. Shin Akuma:

KIM: A real fighter fights responsibly! Got that?
S.AKUMA: Ludicrous!
KIM: For the likes of you, justice's hammer's coming down hard on your head.

Kim Kaphwan vs. Shin Mr. Karate:

KIM: Hnh! I can do this!
S.KARATE: This is what I'm all about, sonny!
KIM: Is that so? Then I'll have to show you my full capabilities!
S.KARATE: Very well, then! I'll show you my true power, too!

Kim Kaphwan vs. Terry Bogard:

KIM: How about a match, for old time sake? What do you say?
TERRY: OK! Let's go wild!

Kim Kaphwan vs. Tessa:

TESSA: Tae Kwon Do? Too many foot moves... Not interested.
KIM: Wait! It is time you learn the wonder of justice's strength!
TESSA: Justice, you say? Sounds intriguing. This justice... I'd like to study it
KIM: You don't need to. Justice courses through my body.
TESSA: Ooh, how inviting. That's more reason to look into it.

Kim Kaphwan vs. Vega:

KIM: You've gotten bigger. You could be Choi's splitting image.
VEGA: You're pathetic. Unable to appreciate my unparalelled beauty!
KIM: What a cruel glare... Just what evil have you done so far?
VEGA: To attain pure beauty, the deaths of a few are of no consequence.
KIM: What stupidity...! I cannot forgive you!

Kim Kaphwan vs. Violent Ken:

KIM: It seems you are fully in evil's grip...
V.KEN: Ooh-whoaaaa! ...Pure destruction... No evil. No good...
KIM: What can I do? It's up to me to pry you loose, I guess.

Kim Kaphwan vs. Zero:

ZERO: Beat it, bub...
KIM: You dare say to me... justice incarnate... "Beat it, bub"? Could it be...
that you are evil? (Ping!)
ZERO: No, it couldn't... It is! You nub!

Kyo Kusanagi vs. Kyo Kusanagi:

KYO1: Good grief! Just how many clones of me are there...?
KYO2: Hey, you're the clone, you two-bit mimic!
KYO1: Say what?! The genuine article is this guy here, bud!
KYO2: You just don't get it.... Oh, well what the heck? Let's see what's what!

Kyo Kusanagi vs. M. Bison:

BISON: Your spunk... amuses me. Why not join me?
KYO: Sorry, but I can't. You wouldn't have enough to pay me.
BISON: Then I have no choice but to destroy you.

Kyo Kusanagi vs. Mai Shiranui:

MAI: Kyo! Hey... have you seen Andy?
KYO: Hmm. Nope. ...Geez! Talk about one love sick puppy!
MAI: What did you say? Hey, bub, are you hiding something?
KYO: Who me? No!

Kyo Kusanagi vs. Mars People:

MARS: Beep boop bop bee.
KYO: What's this?

Kyo Kusanagi vs. Mr. Karate:

KYO: Ryo's father?... What's up, pops? What's with the mask?
KARATE: I'm Mr. Karate! There ain't no Takuma Sakazaki here!
KYO: All right. All right. Don't freak out on me. Bring it on, big nose!

Kyo Kusanagi vs. Red Arremer:

KYO: ...What's this place?
RED: Gyah-gyah
KYO: Aw, nuts! Who's this guy?

Kyo Kusanagi vs. Riot of the Blood Iori:

KYO: You never change, do you?
R.IORI: ...K...I...L...L...
KYO: That's some spirit... ...It's exorcising time!
R.IORI: Kyo-ohhhhhhhhhhh!

Kyo Kusanagi vs. Ryo Sakazaki:

KYO: So, how goes the dojo?
RYO: Don't ask!
KYO: ...Oh, yeah?

Kyo Kusanagi vs. Ryu:

RYU: Hmm. A martial artist. Kusanagi, I believe.
KYO: ...Just who are you? You're no slacker, I see.
RYU: They call me Mr. Ryu! And I've come to fight. Is that OK with you?
KYO: Heh, heh. Don't blame me when you're a bloody pulp.
RYU: And you are?
KYO: Kyo Kusanagi. Let's do it, dude!

Kyo Kusanagi vs. Sagat:

SAGAT: Get lost, punk. You can't hope to touch this!
KYO: Quite an attitude, pops. Underestimate me and I'll do more than touch you.
SAGAT: Oh, yeah, junior? Take your best shot.

Kyo Kusanagi vs. Shiki:

KYO: What's with the attitude? A gloomy face doesn't suit a babe like you!
SHIKI: ...A kid like you... and a babe like me? It's not in the cards.

Kyo Kusanagi vs. Shin Akuma:

KYO: Agh! Who now?!...
S.AKUMA: I've mastered my fists. Show me your power.

Kyo Kusanagi vs. Shin Mr. Karate:

KYO: What is this? Something new?
S.KARATE: Hmm. Hmm. Hmmmm. Come on, punk.

Kyo Kusanagi vs. Terry Bogard:

TERRY: Hey! How 'bout it, Kyo?
KYO: I'm game! With a foe like you, it'll be a blast.

Kyo Kusanagi vs. Tessa:

TESSA: I heard that long ago there was a tribe... who exorcised evil. Are you
their descendant?
KYO: How would I know? I hate history.
TESSA: You'll have to let me test your strength.
KYO: Don't cry to me if you get burned.

Kyo Kusanagi vs. Vega:

VEGA: Hmm. Rather attractive. However you can't hold a candle to me.
KYO: Shut yo' mouth! You sill narcissistic little fancy pants! I'm going to torch
you to your bones!
VEGA: Heh, heh. Relax. You should take a break before I tear you to shreds, huh?
KYO: I've got stuff to do. I can't waste my time with freaks like you.

Kyo Kusanagi vs. Violent Ken:

V.KEN: Ooh-gooh-oooooooh.
KYO: Another Orochi?
V.KEN: Your death will... bring me peeee-ace!

Kyo Kusanagi vs. Zero:

CIEL: (Is this child human? I sense a great power. Zero! Beware!)
KYO: Who's this bozo? Some wind-up doll?
ZERO: Humans are my enemy... Enough of this... Shall we?...

M. Bison vs. M. Bison:

BISON1: Ho-ho. You'll make a fine body double for me.
BISON2: That's my line. I'll give you the glory of being in my service.
BISON1: You realize I'm the boss? Oh, whatever... I'll prove it now.
BISON2: Crawl before me and beg for my mercy, bug!

M. Bison vs. Mai Shiranui:

BISON: Wah ha ha. A girl! Such sweet prey for my psychic powers!
MAI: Psycho...? When you say that, it really freaks me out!
BISON: Wah ha ha. You're pretty funny. Soon you'll know how foolish you are.

M. Bison vs. Mars People:

MARS: Bee bo bop boo!
BISON: Oh, ho. An alien! I've found something really interesting.
MARS: Bee bop bah!
BISON: Foo, ha, ha! Take me to your leader and show me new worlds to conquer!

M. Bison vs. Mr. Karate:

KARATE: You have unusual moves. I mean... parlor tricks.
BISON: Enough of your prattle. Show yourself!
KARATE: In your dreams. If you want to see me, remove it yourself.
BISON: There's no need. I'm not interested in those about to die!

M. Bison vs. Red Arremer:

BISON: What is this place? Power is oozing out from every pore...! Whoo ha ha
RED: Gya-gyah!
BISON: Worthless beast! You dare cross me. You need some discipline.
RED: Gyah!

M. Bison vs. Riot of the Blood Iori:

R.IORI: Heeeeeh... Gaaah... Mmmmmmm....
BISON: Koo koo koo. You look good for a broken man. Such power!
R.IORI: Ooooh-ohhhhhhh.
BISON: This should be one of my funnier fights.

M. Bison vs. Ryo Sakazaki:

RYO: Hey, how did you attach those big old knee and shoulder pads in there?
BISON: That's enough chatter.
RYO: Those babies in-sewn?
BISON: You prattling cretin... Put a sock in it!

M. Bison vs. Ryu:

BISON: Why are you here, Ryu? Have you come to beg me for forgiveness?
RYU: No way. I've come to kick your butt!
BISON: Yah hya hya. Why the hurry to die so young?
RYU: Back at you!

M. Bison vs. Sagat:

BISON: Hmph! Sagat, you dare rise up against me?
SAGAT: Those who keep tigers risk becoming prey.
BISON: Very well. I'll make you realize your fantastic folly.
SAGAT: Here I come!

M. Bison vs. Shiki:

BISON: You've enchanted me. You'll be my bodyguard.
SHIKI: It is not you... The one I seek is... All others, I slice...
BISON: Foo, ha, ha! Lovely! I'll force you to be my bodyguard!

M. Bison vs. Shin Akuma:

BISON: I have you now, Akuma. There's no place to run or hide. Put 'em up!
S.AKUMA: Undiscerning fool! I've no reason to run.
BISON: Don't act so tough. I'll wring every last drop of blood from you.
S.AKUMA: Rumble!

M. Bison vs. Shin Mr. Karate:

BISON: You, I can use. You'll be my confidant.
S.KARATE: Don't misjudge me. I don't give my services to criminal organizations.
BISON: Always the goody-goody. You'll regret your choice.
S.KARATE: Don't worry. You'll be going on a little trip--to Hell!

M. Bison vs. Terry Bogard:

TERRY: Hmm. Well, I'm really gonna enjoy knocking you on your butt! Talk about
your stereotypical evil leader! You reek of evil, huh?
BISON: You goody-goody hero type. You don't know what you're coming up against,
do you?
TERRY: Oh, I know exactly. This'll be a good one!
BISON: Hmm hmm hmm. Ignorant cretin!

M. Bison vs. Tessa:

TESSA: This wave of evil...?! This is Psycho Power... I'm intrigued.
BISON: Foo ha ha ha. Out of my way, girlie.
TESSA: I won't move. I'll explain your power sorcerologically.
BISON: Very well. I'll make you the prey of my Psycho Power!

M. Bison vs. Vega:

BISON: Oh, Vega. Have you lost it?
VEGA: The time has come for you to cower before my limitless beauty.
BISON: Foo, ha, ha. Funny. I'll humor you.

M. Bison vs. Violent Ken:

BISON: How do you feel, Ken? Bet you're exhilirated. Koo koo koo.
V.KEN: Ooooooooh... B-Bison....
BISON: Let's see what's become of you. If you're not any stronger, you're dead.
V.KEN: Ooooooh-ohhhh!

M. Bison vs. Zero:

BISON: Hmm. A human weapon. Tell me how your creator may be.
ZERO: Sorry. I can't.
BISON: Then I'll make you want to tell me. For the sake of Shadawloo.
CIEL: (Zero! It's Bison, CEO of the secret organization, Shadawloo. He possesses
a unique ability, Psycho Power. Beware, Zero!)
ZERO: I know... Truly I do. ...Anyway... shall we get it done?
BISON: So you dare oppose me. Amusing! I'll see all you have to offer!

Mai Shiranui vs. Mai Shiranui:

MAI1: No matter how much you look like me, you still won't convince Andy!
MAI2: So you're the one! You've got my Andy!
MAI1: Get ready, honey! You'll feel my scorn!
MAI2: You'll never get Andy!

Mai Shiranui vs. Mars People:

MAI: A jellyfish?
MARS: Beep boop boop bop.
MAI: It talks!
MARS: Beep bop!

Mai Shiranui vs. Mr. Karate:

MAI: Oh! Mr. Sakazaki. Have you seen Andy?
KARATE: The name is Mr. Karate! I know not this Sakazaki.
MAI: Is that so? So, what about Andy?
KARATE: If you wish to know, you first must defeat me.

Mai Shiranui vs. Red Arremer:

MAI: What's this place?
RED: Gyah-gyah!
MAI: W-what's this freak?

Mai Shiranui vs. Riot of the Blood Iori:

MAI: Hey, buddy. You just can't go berzerk all the time!
R.IORI: Oooh-whoaaaa!

Mai Shiranui vs. Ryo Sakazaki:

RYO: Well, well... Let's see this mighty Shiranui power, shall we?
MAI: Always the cocky one. Very well, then. Bring it on, beefcake!

Mai Shiranui vs. Ryu:

RYU: Better ask directions... Holy cow!
MAI: W-what's the deal? Getting all worked up over someone's clothes.
RYU: Those are rather unusual. Where's the circus?
MAI: How rude! This is the traditional Shiranui ninja style.
RYU: Ninja style? People can see you coming miles away!
MAI: ...Looks like I'll have to teach you a lesson!

Mai Shiranui vs. Sagat:

MAI: Being up against a honey pie like me, how about a little smile?
SAGAT: Is that how you face life-and-death battles? Foolish little girl.
MAI: Now don't get all shy. Let's do it, big boy!
SAGAT: ...

Mai Shiranui vs. Shiki:

MAI: You, wouldn't have a clue where Andy is, huh?
SHIKI: ...I only live for one other...

Mai Shiranui vs. Shin Akuma:

MAI: Who're you?
S.AKUMA: Destroy!

Mai Shiranui vs. Shin Mr. Karate:

MAI: Oh, Mr. Sakazaki. I may be wrong, but you look different.
S.KARATE: I'm not Mr. Sakazaki. I'm Mr. Karate. Enough talk! Come on!
MAI: Huh? What?

Mai Shiranui vs. Terry Bogard:

MAI: I can't find Andy anywhere around here. Terry!
TERRY: A, Andy? I'm not his keeper.
MAI: ...Terry, you're hiding something.

Mai Shiranui vs. Tessa:

MAI: Oh, gracious. You do dress boldly.
TESSA: All the better for mastering sorcery. You, on the other hand, leave too
little to the imagination.
MAI: H-hey! Shut your mouth! You'll get bonked!
TESSA: Have I angered you? Fighting's so wasteful, but what the heck?

Mai Shiranui vs. Vega:

VEGA: Oh, you're quite lovely.
MAI: Finely, someone who appreciates true beauty. You must be a gentleman.
VEGA: Your body covered with vermillion blood. It gives me goosebumps!
MAI: ...I take it all back. You're a psycho freak! It's clobbering time!

Mai Shiranui vs. Violent Ken:

V.KEN: Oooh-whoaaaa! Must destroy... everything.
MAI: Huh? What? Could it be everyone's going berzerk?
V.KEN: Oooh-whoaaaa!

Mai Shiranui vs. Zero:

MAI: Oh, what do we have here? What a cute dolly-wolly! I want one!
ZERO: ...? What? This cyber elf?
MAI: Ooooh... Can I get one of those, too?
ZERO: Another irregular...? Oh, how tragic...
MAI: What do you mean by that? You dare insult me! You'll be sorry! Big time!

Mars People vs. Mars People:

MARS1: Beep boop?
MARS2: Beep boop boop bop!?
MARS1: Boop bap beep bop!

Mars People vs. Mr. Karate:

KARATE: What's this freak up to?
MARS: Beep boop boop bop.
KARATE: What brings you here?
MARS: Beep bop bop.

Mars People vs. Red Arremer:

MARS: Beep boop bop blap!
RED: Gyah-gyah!
MARS: Beep boop bap!
RED: Gyah!

Mars People vs. Riot of the Blood Iori:

MARS: Beep boop bop blap!
R.IORI: Oh-whooooaaa.
MARS: Beep bop bop.

Mars People vs. Ryo Sakazaki:

RYO: Who's this clown? What's he up to?
MARS: Beep boop bop bee.
RYO: I don't get it.
MARS: Beep boop boop bap.

Mars People vs. Ryu:

MARS: Boop bap beep bop!
RYU: What's this...?!
MARS: Boop boop beep bap!
RYU: You want a fight?

Mars People vs. Sagat:

MARS: Beep boop boop bap!
SAGAT: ....
MARS: Beep boop bop!
SAGAT: Is this too part of being an emperor...? Forgive me...

Mars People vs. Shiki:

SHIKI: ....
MARS: Beep boop bop boop.

Mars People vs. Shin Akuma:

MARS: Beep bo ba bo bee.
S.AKUMA: Rumble!
MARS: Boop blap!

Mars People vs. Shin Mr. Karate:

MARS: Beep boop boop bap!
S.KARATE: No way!
MARS: Beep boop bap.
S.KARATE: Impossible!

Mars People vs. Terry Bogard:

TERRY: ...A snakehead!
MARS: Beep boop boop bop.
TERRY: ...Guess I was wrong.

Mars People vs. Tessa:

MARS: Beep boop bap.
TESSA: Hmm. Hmmm.
MARS: Beep boop bap bep.
TESSA: ...Whoa! I can't just sit by and let it get away.

Mars People vs. Vega:

MARS: Beep boop bah bop.
VEGA: Hideous thing... I must rid the world of it!
MARS: Boop baaah!

Mars People vs. Violent Ken:

V.KEN: ...Why? I... Hmmm?
MARS: Beep boop bop blap!
V.KEN: Gooo... Shut up!
MARS: Boop bee?

Mars People vs. Zero:

CIEL: (Huh? What's this? I have no data...)
ZERO: (Understood. Leave it to me.)
MARS: Beep boop blap bap!

Mr. Karate vs. Mr. Karate:

KARATE1: You buffoon! Masquerading in my name!
KARATE2: Masquerading in my name! You buffoon!
KARATE1: I'll rip that mask right off your mug!
KARATE2: Right off your mug I'll rip that mask!

Mr. Karate vs. Red Arremer:

KARATE: What's this place...?
RED: Gyah, gyah!
KARATE: Overpowering evil... I challenge you!

Mr. Karate vs. Riot of the Blood Iori:

KARATE: This is what neglecting mental training brings.
R.IORI: Ooh-whoaaaa.
KARATE: So it shall be. My fists will beat you back to sanity.

Mr. Karate vs. Ryo Sakazaki:

RYO: Time for a changing of the guard, old timer.
KARATE: In your dreams, sonny.
RYO: I'll show you, pops.

Mr. Karate vs. Ryu:

RYU: This guy's impervious...
KARATE: What's wrong, sonny? We can't start until we make your move!
RYU: You're quite the master. You lack nothing.
KARATE: You got that right. Attack, and learn. Hi-yaaaaah!

Mr. Karate vs. Sagat:

KARATE: Strength, moves, speed. Quite remarkable. However...
SAGAT: Hey, silly masked man. What do you mean by that "However"?
KARATE: I can't express it. Let me beat it into you.
SAGAT: Supercillious jester. You stick in my craw.

Mr. Karate vs. Shiki:

SHIKI: You upset me. Die, banana nose!
KARATE: ...Huh? Who may you be?
SHIKI: I said, die!
KARATE: ...Are you titched? OK, have it your way. I'll humor you!

Mr. Karate vs. Shin Akuma:

KARATE: Whoa. Neanderthals still exist.
S.AKUMA: I am the fist master! Show me your strength!
KARATE: First, you must purge all desires. OK. I'll teach you the power of

Mr. Karate vs. Shin Mr. Karate:

KARATE: I know what is best for the likes of you. You've got the talent, the
constitution, but no one to shape you.
S.KARATE: You can't improve on perfection like me.
KARATE: Listen to the dope!

Mr. Karate vs. Terry Bogard:

KARATE: Hey, sonny! If you want to pass, you gotta get by me.
TERRY: Sonny? What gives, Takuma?
KARATE: Silence! I know not Takuma? I'm Mr. Karate!
TERRY: If I were to tear off that mask, I'd know for sure!

Mr. Karate vs. Tessa:

KARATE: ...That's quite a get-up. And I sense you are not of this world...
TESSA: ...Very perceptive. Does that strange mask possess magical powers?
KARATE: No, it's nothing that is so special as that.
TESSA: You saw my true form? Your perspicalicity... Or is your mask magic? I will
need to make sure by myself...

Mr. Karate vs. Vega:

KARATE: That mask tells me you have no self-confidence.
VEGA: ......
KARATE: I'll pluck those talons, break that mask, and then you can start all over.

Mr. Karate vs. Violent Ken:

V.KEN: Ooh-whoaaaa.
KARATE: Wow, a man-beast.
V.KEN: Ooh-whoaaaa!
KARATE: ...For Pete's sake!

Mr. Karate vs. Zero:

KARATE: Ho-hoh! Your eyes tell me you carry a great burden.
ZERO: Not... as big as yours.

Red Arremer vs. Riot of the Blood Iori:

R.IORI: Whoooo-ooooh... Kooo-chooooo...
RED: Gyah-gyah!
R.IORI: Ohhh-whoa!

Red Arremer vs. Ryo Sakazaki:

RYO: It's not bear hunting... This is exorcism...
RED: Gyah, gyah!
RYO: Here I come. All right!

Red Arremer vs. Ryu:

RYU: Where am I...? A creepy feeling. Such stagnant air...
RED: Gyah-gyah!
RYU: What fiend is this? Gulp!

Red Arremer vs. Sagat:

SAGAT: Where am I?
RED: Gyah-gyah!
SAGAT: Hmph... Foul creature! Can you amuse me more than a tiger?
RED: Gyah!

Red Arremer vs. Shiki:

SHIKI: ...Where am I?
RED: Gyah-gyah!
SHIKI: ....

Red Arremer vs. Shin Akuma:

RED: Gyah?! Gyah-gyah!
S.AKUMA: ...No more chit-chat. Destroy!
RED: Gya-gyaaaah!

Red Arremer vs. Shin Mr. Karate:

RED: Gyah?! Gyah-gyah!
S.KARATE: Believe you can defeat a Kyokugen master, eh? Keee-yah!
RED: Gya-gyaaaah!

Red Arremer vs. Terry Bogard:

TERRY: Where am I?
RED: Goo gyagu gyagu gya!
TERRY: Man, I've tangled with some ugly foes, but... I never thought I'd actually
come up against one of Satan's minions!
RED: Go-gyah!

Red Arremer vs. Tessa:

TESSA: Where am I...?
RED: Gya-gyah!
TESSA: R-Red Arremer! It can't be... Such a legendary creature right before my
eyes. I'm on a lucky streak!

Red Arremer vs. Vega:

VEGA: What place is this?
RED: Gyah-gyah!
VEGA: Disgusting... In Hell and Heaven does ugliness rule?
RED: Gyah!
VEGA: I will kill and destroy everything!

Red Arremer vs. Violent Ken:

V.KEN: Oooh, where am I...?
RED: Gyah-gyah!
V.KEN: Oooh-whoaaaa!

Red Arremer vs. Zero:

RED: Gya-gyah!
CIEL: (Geesh!... What is going on with this world?)
ZERO: (Ah... You said it.)
RED: Gyah!

Riot of the Blood Iori vs. Riot of the Blood Iori:

R.IORI1: Ooh-wooh-whoaaaa!
R.IORI2: Ooh-wooh-whoaaaa!

Riot of the Blood Iori vs. Ryo Sakazaki:

R.IORI: Oooooh-whoaaa!
RYO: ...You're loopy.
R.IORI: Oh-whoa!

Riot of the Blood Iori vs. Ryu:

R.IORI: Ooh-whoa-whoa!
RYU: Y-you! What a fearsome spirit. Are you human?
R.IORI: Ooh-whoaaaaa!
RYU: Are you insane? I have no choice!

Riot of the Blood Iori vs. Sagat:

R.IORI: K...I...L...L...
SAGAT: The end of the road for a drunkard of power. Is this my future, too?
R.IORI: Oooooh-whoooaa!

Riot of the Blood Iori vs. Shiki:

R.IORI: Oooooooh-whoa.
SHIKI: ...What?
R.IORI: Oooh... oooooh!
SHIKI: ...It is painful, huh? ...I'll end it for you.

Riot of the Blood Iori vs. Shin Akuma:

R.IORI: Oh-whooaa!
S.AKUMA: Destroy!
R.IORI: Gah-aah-aaaah!

Riot of the Blood Iori vs. Shin Mr. Karate:

S.KARATE: That'll happen when you don't temper your mind.
R.IORI: Ooh-whoa-whoa!
S.KARATE: Very well. I'm gonna beat you senseful!

Riot of the Blood Iori vs. Terry Bogard:

R.IORI: Whew, gasp... phew.
TERRY: What's the matter? Not feeling so hot? Iori Yagami?
R.IORI: Ohhh-whoaa!
TERRY: Now just relax. I'm going to send you to nappy-nap land!

Riot of the Blood Iori vs. Tessa:

TESSA: What is this! This youth is consumed by his own will...
R.IORI: Oh-whoooa!
TESSA: I can't leave him like this.

Riot of the Blood Iori vs. Vega:

R.IORI: Ooaaahhh...!
VEGA: Repulsive... You deserve to die!
R.IORI: Oooh-whooooo.

Riot of the Blood Iori vs. Violent Ken:

R.IORI: Y... you...?
V.KEN: All right...! I've been waiting for this guy! Oooh-whoaaaa!
R.IORI: Oh-whooaa!

Riot of the Blood Iori vs. Zero:

CIEL: (What is this... It doesn't compute... Is it really human?)
R.IORI: Oooh-whoaaa!
ZERO: (It's not only reploids that become irregulars I see...)
R.IORI: Oooh-ohhhh!

Ryo Sakazaki vs. Ryo Sakazaki:

RYO1: There's nothing more offensive in this world than one more you.
RYO2: I hear you, brother.
RYO1: Then let's do this: Let me pummel you till you're unrecognizable.
RYO2: You're the one that's gonna get the pummeling!

Ryo Sakazaki vs. Ryu:

RYU: The Mighty Tiger. I've heard of you.
RYO: ...That's my father. I'm the Dragon.
RYU: P-pardon me. I heard the ratty one was the Dragon.
RYO: Who you calling "ratty?" You can't rile me. I'm way past that!
RYU: W-wait! What's the hassle?

Ryo Sakazaki vs. Sagat:

RYO: Wow! I've never seen a kick boxer as big as you are, jumbo trunks!
SAGAT: What's it to you?
RYO: Never, ever, ever.
SAGAT: ...That's why I'm the ruler here, tiny. An army cannot wipe out that fact!!
You'll see for yourself.

Ryo Sakazaki vs. Shiki:

SHIKI: You're not fit to battle such as I.
RYO: ? Say what, toots?
RYO: What a rude dame. I'll beat you senseful!

Ryo Sakazaki vs. Shin Akuma:

S.AKUMA: I am the Fist Master..
RYO: Fist Master? Ha, ha. That's rich!
S.AKUMA: Destroy!

Ryo Sakazaki vs. Shin Mr. Karate:

S.KARATE: Coming at you, big time.
RYO: Bring it on, big time.

Ryo Sakazaki vs. Terry Bogard:

TERRY: It's high time we settled accounts, eh?
RYO: I'll be glad to.

Ryo Sakazaki vs. Tessa:

TESSA: Kyokugen Karate... Your peculiar concept of "spirit" intrigues me.
RYO: What? Care to become one of my disciples?
TESSA: Unfortunately, my interest is limited to scientific analyses.
RYO: The soul of Kyokugen cannot be understood by cool, analytical methods.
TESSA: Ooh, hoo, hoo. Nothing cannot be explained scientifically.
RYO: All right! Bring it on!

Ryo Sakazaki vs. Vega:

RYO: Iron claws are for wimps. And masks are for timid, little tulip pants...
VEGA: Keep it up, kimono head. In a few minutes you'll be doing nothing but
whining a different tune.
RYO: For Kyokugen Karate... there is no defeat.
VEGA: Not until now. Your first defeat will be your last. Cheer up. You can't
lose again if you're stone-cold dead.

Ryo Sakazaki vs. Violent Ken:

RYO: You're inexperience led to this, you know.
V.KEN: Hmmmmmmmph...
RYO: It makes no difference, you're going down!
V.KEN: Do you think... you can stop me?

Ryo Sakazaki vs. Zero:

RYO: Huh? A ro...bot?
ZERO: You... could say that.
RYO: What's with you? Looking for trouble...

Ryu vs. Ryu:

RYU1: What are you...?
RYU2: I am I. It seems you are you.
RYU1: Stupid socratic method!
RYU2: Then say it with fists! Bring it on!

Ryu vs. Sagat:

SAGAT: I've been waiting, Ryu.
RYU: Sagat. I knew it was you. Your bloodthirst beckoned me to this place...
SAGAT: This wound still hurts. Unless I defeat you....
RYU: Put 'em up, Sagat!
SAGAT: Come, Ryu!

Ryu vs. Shiki:

RYU: A murderous intent? No, but...
SHIKI: Hesitate and die!
RYU: Who are you?
SHIKI: Shiki.
RYU: Shiki? Is that it?
SHIKI: That's it. ...Now, you die.

Ryu vs. Shin Akuma:

RYU: Th-the Murder Wave...
S.AKUMA: Take yourself back, kid. You got what it takes...
RYU: Me... I won't go there. I don't need to sell my soul to become tough!
S.AKUMA: It's too late... You're on your way there.

Ryu vs. Shin Mr. Karate:

RYU: The air quivers... Such strength! He's off the charts!
S.KARATE: Oh, ho! You realize that, huh? You've a discerning eye. I suggest you
go home. Train. Then come back.
RYU: You underestimate me. Let's go, big nose.
S.KARATE: Kah kah kah kah. That's the spirit, kiddo. Bring it on!

Ryu vs. Terry Bogard:

TERRY: Hey! Katera man!
RYU: Karate! It's Karate! Furthermore, I'm not some two-bit Karate guy.
TERRY: Oh, sorry about that. I guess I'll have to learn more about Katera.
RYU: Let me teach you, with these two fists!

Ryu vs. Tessa:

RYU: What a weird get-up... Reminds me of a fortune teller I met in Genova.
TESSA: A Genoese fortune teller? That sounds intriguing. If you would be so kind,
tell me more, stranger.
RYU: I'd be happy to, but first let's do it!
TESSA: Hoo hoo hoo. You're weird, too.

Ryu vs. Vega:

RYU: Vega?! What're you doing here...?
VEGA: To clean up all of the ugliness... I see no value in garbage like you...
RYU: Weird as ever... Fancy meeting you here. How about it?
VEGA: Kah ka ka. Very well. I'll make up your corpse with fresh blood.
RYU: If you can... Hee yah!

Ryu vs. Violent Ken:

V.KEN: Ooh-whoaaaaa! R-Ryu!
RYU: Ken? Is it really you? What's wrong. Snap out of it!
V.KEN: Ryu... Fight me! Ooh-waaaagh!
RYU: Argh! Ken! Pull yourself together!

Ryu vs. Zero:

RYU: Eyes of a fighter. Care to show me what you got, tiny?
ZERO: ...Impressive... You're good...
RYU: Yeah, and I must keep up my training. To be a real fighter...
ZERO: Here I come!
RYU: Do it!

Sagat vs. Sagat:

SAGAT1: Things sure get weird in a life of combat.
SAGAT2: But this is too much: meeting your imposter.
SAGAT1: Who's the imposter?
SAGAT2: I don't really care. The last one standing is the real emperor.
SAGAT1: I agree on that. Let's see who it is!

Sagat vs. Shiki:

SHIKI: ...
SAGAT: What, a female?
SHIKI: I'm looking for... someone not like you...
SAGAT: ...

Sagat vs. Shin Akuma:

SAGAT: What a spirit! What murderous intent!
S.AKUMA: You won't escape... Die!
SAGAT: Me? ...Escape?! I'm not a cowardly emperor like you!
S.AKUMA: Destroy...

Sagat vs. Shin Mr. Karate:

SAGAT: I will test you with my fists!
S.KARATE: Hah, ha, ha! A kick boxer? How nostalgic!
SAGAT: I'm an emperor! No one can beat me!
S.KARATE: Very well. Whenever you're ready.

Sagat vs. Terry Bogard:

SAGAT: ....
TERRY: Whoops. Hey, you're big! OK, big boy. Bring it on!
SAGAT: Itching for a fight, huh? ...Very well... You'll taste the burn of this
emperor's wrath!

Sagat vs. Tessa:

TESSA: A formidable physique. Hidden power within. A wonderful subject. But those
wounds hold you back... How unfortunate.
SAGAT: What would a girl like you know about it?
TESSA: Sorcerologically speaking, it's just a wound. You're just hindered by your
own mawkish self-pity, big boy.
SAGAT: If you want to live, leave it there.

Sagat vs. Vega:

VEGA: Sagat, your life's mine.
SAGAT: An interesting jest, Vega. How do you propose to get it?
VEGA: I cannot permit one so ugly to defeat me. After you, Bison's next.
SAGAT: Judging all by beauty. A narrow standard, indeed, young nobleman.
VEGA: Die!

Sagat vs. Violent Ken:

V.KEN: Oooooh-whoa! S-Sagat?
SAGAT: Whoa, Ken. Your thirst for power brought you to this. And I still rule!
V.KEN: Still rule, do you... Ooooooh-whoa!
SAGAT: That's right, and I'm gonna prove it!

Sagat vs. Zero:

SAGAT: ....
CIEL: (Zero. It's the kick boxing emperor, Sagat. Beware. He's tough.)
ZERO: I hear you... Ciel. Anyway, let's do it.
SAGAT: What a charming tot. Be honored to become victim of the emperor!

Shiki vs. Shiki:

SHIKI1: ....
SHIKI2: ....
SHIKI1: ...You'll never have him. That man is mine...
SHIKI2: ...I'll slice you!

Shiki vs. Shin Akuma:

SHIKI: ....
S.AKUMA: ....
SHIKI: ....
S.AKUMA: ...Expire!

Shiki vs. Shin Mr. Karate:

S.KARATE: Hoo hoo hoo. A woman! Show me your stuff!
SHIKI: ...I'm busy!
S.KARATE: Hmph. Afraid, are you? Just like a woman... I was wrong about you.
SHIKI: I'm not afraid... I have no emotion...
S.KARATE: Then I'll provide you with some... Let's go, honey!

Shiki vs. Terry Bogard:

SHIKI: I find you lacking...
TERRY: Ha! Why don't you see how lacking I am?
SHIKI: ...It'll kill you.

Shiki vs. Tessa:

SHIKI: ...Yes, Yuga... No... not that!
TESSA: Yuga? Do you speak of Yuga the Destroyer?
SHIKI: ....
TESSA: What's wrong? Huh...?!
SHIKI: Die...
TESSA: Those eyes... Oh, whatever. I'll oblige you.

Shiki vs. Vega:

VEGA: What do we have here?
SHIKI: Speak your mind, or let me on my way.
VEGA: Ooh, hoo. I'll fix up that tattoo... ...with your blood!
SHIKI: ...Yeah, OK. Now die!

Shiki vs. Violent Ken:

V.KEN: Oooh-whoaaaa.
SHIKI: ...What do you want?
V.KEN: ...I must defeat you. ...You won't escape.
SHIKI: ...If you hinder me ...I'll slice you!

Shiki vs. Zero:

SHIKI: ....
ZERO: ....

Shin Akuma vs. Shin Akuma:

S.AKUMA1: Darkness charms light... Light seeks darkness...
S.AKUMA2: Between we two, which is the light...?
S.AKUMA1: The answer will soon be revealed! Have at you!

Shin Akuma vs. Shin Mr. Karate:

S.AKUMA: Why... do you not flee? Only despair faces you.
S.KARATE: Flee? Get serious! The battle that settles my true potential awaits!
S.AKUMA: What will be settled... is but your death!
S.KARATE: Oh-hoh! If that's all you got, I am not daunted!

Shin Akuma vs. Terry Bogard:

TERRY: !!! What is this strange sensation?
S.AKUMA: Destroy!
TERRY: Uh, oh. This could be trouble!

Shin Akuma vs. Tessa:

TESSA: A growing evil! Asura controls this soul. The Murder Wave!
TESSA: Hoo hoo hoo. No can do. This is my job, too. Defend yourself!

Shin Akuma vs. Vega:

VEGA: This one... has a powerful spirit.
S.AKUMA: I am the Fist Master. You are no foe of mine. Die!
VEGA: It will not be... One as ugly as you cannot be the mightiest!
S.AKUMA: Destroy!

Shin Akuma vs. Violent Ken:

V.KEN: Ooh-woooh-ooh.
S.AKUMA: Destroy!
V.KEN: Ooh-waaaagh!

Shin Akuma vs. Zero:

CIEL: (Error... I cannot analyze this opponent.)
ZERO: This, too, is another form... of a mighty mortal? ...Curious.
S.AKUMA: I am the Fist Master. Show me your strength!

Shin Mr. Karate vs. Shin Mr. Karate:

S.KARATE1: Whoa! Well, what do we have here...?
S.KARATE2: The road to Kyokugen is no Sunday drive.
S.KARATE1: I'm going to beat you till I drop! Ready to become pulp?!
S.KARATE2: I should be asking you that! Kee-yaaaah!

Shin Mr. Karate vs. Terry Bogard

TERRY: That's the spirit. I've been waiting to tangle with you!
S.KARATE: ...Come, then!

Shin Mr. Karate vs. Tessa:

TESSA: What's this sensation?
S.KARATE: You sensed my spirit?! You're no ordinary girl!
TESSA: Hoo hoo hoo. I'm Tessa, noted sorcerologist.
S.KARATE: Please, indulge me.

Shin Mr. Karate vs. Vega:

VEGA: Intolerable. You deserve to die.
S.KARATE: You're pretty self-confident! I'm going to rip that mask right off
your mug!
VEGA: It's I who'll slice your silly mask into shreds and shreds!

Shin Mr. Karate vs. Violent Ken:

S.KARATE: That'll happen when you don't temper your mind.
V.KEN: Ooh-goooooh. ...You. Who're you...? I'll kill you!
S.KARATE: Very well. I'm gonna beat you senseful!

Shin Mr. Karate vs. Zero:

CIEL: (He, too... a human irregular... per... haps?...)
ZERO: Not quite... In one way he's the ultimate human... maybe.
S.KARATE: You'll get no mercy. Witness the power of Kyokugen prevail!

Terry Bogard vs. Terry Bogard:

TERRY1: Hey, hey. You should be ashamed of yourself!
TERRY2: So, you really think that you're the real Terry? You Bogard wannabe!
TERRY1: Ha!! Babble on, bub. You can't impersonate my true power. Oh yeah!

Terry Bogard vs. Tessa:

TERRY: How do your clothes float like that? Magic? Tell me how to do it!
TESSA: It is not magic, just supra-sorcerical science. ............ Hey there...
You listening to me?
TERRY: I-I'm sorry... You've already lost me.
TESSA: Then I shall explain myself in Layman's terms. Care for a demonstration?
TERRY: OK! That I can understand.
TESSA: On with the demonstration!

Terry Bogard vs. Vega:

TERRY: Conceited fancy-pants like yourself tick me off!
VEGA: The common folk like you cannot grasp my refined values and spirituality.
Know your own disgrace. And kneel before me.
TERRY: A wolf yields to nothing.
VEGA: Don't worry, wolfie. I'll dress your corpse up ...with your blood.

Terry Bogard vs. Violent Ken:

TERRY: Huh?! Your eyes are blanker than... usual. Are you hypnotized?
V.KEN: Ooh... I... must... ...kill! Kill! Kill! Kill!
TERRY: Well, then, guess I'd better snap you out of it!
V.KEN: Oooh-whoooooah!

Terry Bogard vs. Zero:

TERRY: Hey there, kiddo. It's awfully dangerous around here for a tyke.
ZERO: Ugh... Watch it...! Kiddo?
TERRY: You exude confidence. I like that. Let's mix it up!

Tessa vs. Tessa:

TESSA1/TESSA2: S-so this is a... doppelganger? This will make an interesting
subject. Come on!

Tessa vs. Vega:

VEGA: Do not move, lady. My claws... desire your blood.
TESSA: Is that so? You cannot suppress a desire to slice flesh... A predictable
VEGA: An inability to grasp the pursuit of beauty... I'll teach it to you with
your fresh blood.
TESSA: Hoo, hoo, hoo. OK. Let the lesson begin!

Tessa vs. Violent Ken:

TESSA: What's wrong? Are you ill...? What's this...!
V.KEN: Oooh-ohhhhhhh!
TESSA: His soul's been overtaken. Very well. I will bring him back!

Tessa vs. Zero:

TESSA: An irregular hunter in this realm, too? How intriguing!
ZERO: So you too know what a reploid is...?
TESSA: In this land and his... there is nothing that I don't know of.

Vega vs. Vega:

VEGA1: Hmm. A beautiful imitation. I'll take great pleasure in bloodying you up.
VEGA2: What fine vestments. What cultivated sense. But you can't come close to
me, I fear.
VEGA1: But a little touch of blood and you may come close.
VEGA2: Shall we find out?
VEGA1: We already know who's most beautiful.
VEGA2: Yes, we do. And I'm it.

Vega vs. Violent Ken:

V.KEN: Ooooooh-ohhhh!
VEGA: This's Psycho Power? Not a shard of beauty.
V.KEN: Ooooooh-ohhhh!

Vega vs. Zero:

VEGA: The beauty of function? I don't understand this. Another manifestation?
ZERO: What do you babble about?
CIEL: (Zero. Watch out! An arial fighter. Deadly claw attacks.)
ZERO: I hear you... Let's get it done!

Violent Ken vs. Violent Ken:

V.KEN1: Oooooh... A hallucination...?
V.KEN2: Ooh-woooh-waaaagh!
V.KEN1: Oooh-aaaaah!

Violent Ken vs. Zero:

CIEL: (This is... mind control... Treachery. How could it be...?)
V.KEN: Ooooh-ohhhh!
ZERO: (Brain washed... eh?)
V.KEN: Ooooh... gaaah!

Zero vs. Zero:

ZERO1: There's...
ZERO2: One more... of me...
ZERO1: Hmph... Interesting.
ZERO2: Quite... Up for a bout?


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