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Reviewed: 07/18/06

An upbeat, fast, and furious action platformer

Spinmaster is a sidescrolling action platforming title made by Data East. Data East was known for making fast-paced and purely fun arcade games, and Spinmaster is no exception. Made for the Neo Geo in 1993, it seems that this title was fairly overlooked. Though not very innovative, Spinmaster is a very fun game.

Spinmaster involves two cowboys who look pretty much alike. The two heroes of the game are out to rescue a damsel in distress and find buried treasure. Your characters can jump, slide, and attack with various weapons, ranging from a yo-yo(hence the title) to a bomb or boxing glove if powerups are found. Holding the attack button initiates a charged attack, and a bomb can be used to wipe out bosses and get out of tough spots. The gameplay in Spinmaster is much like Data East's Joe and Mac on steroids. It combines simple platforming and tons of enemy destroying. Usually, levels feature two planes to jump back and forth from to destroy various enemies and find treasures.

Spinmaster’s gameplay has a very frenetic pace. Using an aiming scheme that lets you attack diagonally along with the usual directions. you’ll be fighting enemies all over the place. Stages are split up into portions, and the movement through each portion is extremely fast, with each part taking a few minutes. The stages are designed with a few areas needing careful platforming to progress, just to keep the player alert. The fast-paced gameplay is what makes the game so fun. The game is all about quickly beating up monsters and zooming through stages. Along the way, you can switch up powerups and try different styles of weapons. At the end of a stage is a huge boss that is a sight to see and destroy. The stages do vary in design, with some moving vertically and some requiring more platforming than others.

Graphically, Spinmaster is very pleasing. The game uses very colorful backdrops with nice background animations, showing off the Neo Geo’s power. There are many small background details that add to the scenery. Despite all this the fast action takes place on the screen with no slowdown. Also, The game’s art style is cutesy and vibrant. The colorful graphics help to create a very upbeat atmosphere. The music is also pleasing and upbeat. The sound effects feature cute voices and bosses make a funny grunt with every hit they take. While not particularly memorable, the music does its job in setting setting the tone for the pure arcade fun.

In the end, Spinmaster is all about enjoying frantic action as you take in the beautiful scenery. The game lasts under 30 minutes, making it ideal short for a short, action-packed arcade game. Overall, the gameplay is basic but highly entertaining.

Rating:   4.0 - Great

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