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Move List by Roman Niucumir

Version: 1.000 | Updated: 03/21/2005


This may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal,
private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed 
publicly without advance written permission. Use of this guide on any other 
web site or as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited, and a 
violation of copyright.

All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by their 
respective trademark and copyright holders.

Move names & instructions based on various FF1 FAQs.
Most hexcodes taken, iirc, from 'Haggar's Kawaks cheatfile, except for:
 Player 2's x-value (Haggar's file had it wrong), CPU's x-value.

Copyright 2005 Andrew K.K. Ah New

 Address  Value  Effect
 1042f2   99     Stop Timer
 100xb8   60     Infinite Life part 1
 100xb9   60     Infinite Life part 2
 100x30   *      Character Select
  x=3 Player 1
    4 Player 2
    5 CPU
  *=01 Terry
    02 Andy
    03 Joe
    04 Duck
    05 Richard
    06 Michael
    07 Tung
    08 Hwa Jai
    09 Raiden
    0a Billy
    0b Geese
  -If you are going to be one of the bosses, make sure to change only *during*
   the round; changing at any other time causes the game to crash.
-The Genesis and SNES versions of this game are somewhat different; they both
 have extra moves not found in the arcade/Neo-Geo version. I will not detail
 those moves here.
-Some moves are done differently between the JP & US versions
-Standing punches/kicks generally have two animations: a 'base' sprite, and an
 alternate sprite. The alternate sprites' values will be given in the A' & B'
-Two succesful attacks at the same range will start the 'alternation sequence'.
 The next succesful hit will be the alternate, then the normal, then alternate,
 then normal, and so on unless your attack misses, whiffs, or is blocked. Any
 of these three things happening 'breaks' the sequence and forces you to start
 over with two successes.
-The successes can be interupted by attacks at different ranges. So you can
 land a sm.A, then land a sc.A, then land another sm.A; your next sm.P will be
 A'. Any 'failure' at sm will break the sequence, however.
-Characters will sometimes have two block sprites: one for when they actually
 block an attack, and one for when the attack whiffs.
-Just about any attack will sweep an opponant out of the air.
-There are no dizzies in this game.
-Characters can be knocked into the other plane usually by hitting them 2 or 3
 times with sf.B/A or once with sf.A'
-When characters are on different planes, both characters can walk b/f, the top
 character can jump, and the bottom character can crouch.
-The top character can roll straight down by pressing db/d/df. The bottom
 character can jump straight up to the other plane by pressing up, or they can
 vary where they land by a fixed distance if they jump b/f.
-Either the top or bottom character can do a homing row attack by pressing P/K
 while in a neutral state. If they instead press b/f+P/K, they will vary where
 they land much like they would with a row jump.
-Dummy target: Andy
j. jump (any direction and either rising or falling)
ju. jump up
jur. jump up (rising)
juf. jump up (falling)
js. jump sideways
jsr. jump sideways (rising)
jsf. jump sideways (falling)
jf. jump forward
jfr. jump forward (rising)
jff. jump forward (falling)
jb. jump back
jbr. jump back (rising)
jbf. jump back (falling)
s. stand (any distance)
sf. stand far
sm. stand medium
sc. stand close
c. crouch (at any distance and in any direction or lack thereof)
cf. crouch forward
cb. crouch back
cn. crouch neutral
cs. crouch forward/back

l: hits low (must crouch-block)
m: hits medium (can crouch-block or stand-block)
M: (will be blocked if target does a crouch-block or stand-block, but will miss
    entirely if target is in cn/cf)
h: overhead (must stand-block)
H: (will be blocked if target does a stand-block, but will miss entirely if
    target is crouching)
#: (will miss entirely unless target is in the air)
B: unblockable
x: not an attack
-A 'w' added after the main value means that the attack will whiff if the
 target is stand-blocking.

A "|" between rows or a "=" between columns means that the two attacks share
 the same sprites, but are of different speeds.
An "I" between colums or a "-" between columns means that the two attacks 
 share the same sprites and speed.
A "." between attacks means that the attacks cannot connect
A "," between attacks means that the attacks can connect

Just below the chart will be some 'extra notes':
The following are lists of moves with certain properties
Up: can function as anti-air attacks
Sw: will sweep a standing/crouching opponent
As: will 'air sweep' an airborn opponent (they will fall on their backs)
Sl: will cause your base position to move forward and stay there after the
 move has finished
-Numbers in square brackets indicate what hit qualifies for the list.

Also included in the 'extra notes' section are any throws that the character
has. Angle brackets on either side indicate what side the opponent ends up
on. So:
<th> throw left if you press left, throw right if you press right
>th< throw right if you press left, throw left if you press right
>th> throw right regardless of whether you press left or right
<th< throw left regardless of whether you press left or right
-"gb" can be substituted for "th" if the character does a hold
 instead of a toss or slam.

( ) the height of the attacks. A value followed by a number means that that
    number of hits will be of that height. A "/" seperates the weak and strong
    versions. Dashes between two values indicates that the same hit could
    strike at either of the values, depending on the position of the attack.
    Numbers preceding parentheses indicate that the parenthesized sequence
    happens that many number of times.
{ } any special properties. Capital letters followed by a colon means that the
    following values are only valid for that button. Numbers in square brackets
    are the hit numbers for which the property holds.

Special Move instruction key:
 + press both buttons at the same time
 / press either button
 , then

     A  A' B
jur| #   x  #
juf| h   x  h-l
 js| h   x  h
 sf| Hw l.? H   
 sm| Hw  Hw Hw
 sc| Hw  m  m
  c| m   x  l

up: jur.A
sl: sf.B
th< sc/sm.C

-sc.A' will whiff targets that are in cf/cn
-sf.A' will knock standing targets into the opposite row.

Power Wave (m)

Rising Tackle (m)
hold d,u+P

Burn Knuckle (H,H) {sw}

Crack Shoot (?.#.m)
JP:qcb,ub+K (try cancelling into this from c.A or from 'quickly tap d,release')

      A  A' B
jur| #.# x  #
juf|  h  x  h-l
   |  |
 js|  h  x  h
 sf| Hw  Hw Hw
 sm| Hw  Hw Hw
 sc|  H  H  M
  c|  m  x  l

up: jur.A[2]
th<: sc/sm.C (shadows must be touching)

Hi Shou Ken (M) -Sweeps targets if done at a close distance.
JP: qcb+P
US: qcf+P

Shou Ryuu Dan (M.#.#)
JP: qcf,uf+P (try cancelling into from c.A or from 'quickly tap d,release')
US: hold d,u+P

Zan Ei Ken (m) {sw(but not if target is crounching)}
JP: db,f+P (can replace db with qcb or bqcd) or hcf+P
US: b,f+P

Ku Ha Dan (m,#.m)
hold db,uf+K

     A  A' B
jur| #  x  #
juf| M  x  h
   | |
 js| M  x  h
 sf| H m.? H
 sm| H  H  m
 sc| H  M  m
  c| m  x  l

up: jur.A
sl: c.B
th<: sc/sc.C (shadows must be touching)

Hurricane Upper (m)
JP: hcf+P
US: qcf+P

Slash Kick (H,H) {sw}
JP: db,uf+K
US: qcb+K

Tiger Kick (m,m)
JP: qcf,uf+K (try cancelling into from c.A or from 'quickly tap d,release')
US: db,uf+K

Baku Retsu Ken 3(H4),(H) {sw[11]} -There are 11 hits total because the
mash P                                  first hit only connects on the first
                                        cycle and misses on the second two.

    A' B'  A   B
 j| x  x   h===h
sf| ?  ?   H---H
sm| Hw-Hw  m===m
sc| m==m   H===H
 c| x  x  l,l-l,l

up: sm.A'/B'
sl: sf.B
th<: sc/sm.C (considerably more generous than the Wolves' distances)

-sm.A/B become (B) against a standing foe.
-I'm not sure if Duck has any sf.A' or sf.B' attacks.
-Duck doesn't seem to be able to block.

(cannonball) (M) {sw} -Duck will row switch after making contact with a target.

CPU Duck can:
-s.block, s.dodge, c.block
-Rowswitch freely.

     A'   B'  A  B
 j|  x    x   h==h
sf| Hw,m=Hw,m Mw=Mw
sm| Hw,H=Hw,H-Hw=Hw
sc|  Hw===Hw  l==l
  |              |
 c|  x    x   ?  l

up: sc.A'/B'
sl: c.A
th>: sc/sm.C

-Richard must press down to block (he cannot block (l) attacks). After blocking
 a single hit, Richard will do a weird handstand move for as long as you hold
 down; he is vulnerable during this. To block another hit, you must release
 and re-press down.
-Richard's c.A causes him to block momentarily and move back slightly. Doing
 this multiple times acts as a quicker way to escape.

(???) (?) {?}

CPU Richard can also:
-Block (standing)
-Row switch on his own
-Hang from the ceiling kick around wildly
-Stay in the handstand, during which he can:
 -move b/f
 -row switch
 -go directly into his ceiling hang

     A' B' A    B
 j|  x  x  x    x
sf|  x  ?  Hw   x
  |     |
sm|  Hw ?  Hw Hw,Hw
  |     |
sc| m,? ?  m====m
 c|  x  x  m====m

up: sc.A'[2]
th>: sc/sm.C

-Holding d also makes Michael stick out his fist in a manner similar to
 c.A/B. This hit is unblockable and will rehit (i.e. an enemy can keep walking
 into it and be hit every time) as long as Michael stays in this animation.
 Michael will stay in this animation until he is hit or you press db/A/B. He
 will then crouch like a 'normal' fighter.
-Michael's row attack does not hit or do any damage.
-Michael can't seem to block (though I've seen the CPU s.block and even s.dodge

Tornado Upper (m)
JP: qcb+P
US: qcf+P

CPU Michael can backhop (a la FF2), during which he is immune.

    f+C A   B  
 j| x  H,h=H,h
sf| m===m===m
  |         I
sm| M===M   m 
  |         I
sc| l===l   m
  |     I
 c| x   l===l

-Tung cannot block (though I've seen the CPU s.block).
-Tung's row attack does not hit or do any damage.

CPU Tung can:
-Row switch freely
-Do sf.A/B with energy around his palm (only seems to do this in his third
-Actually *use* his Hyde form (he seems stuck in perpetual transform when I use
-While in Hyde form, Tung can:
 -row switch freely
 -s.P, s.K
 -shoot two fire waves (one forward and one backward)
 -do a 'helicopter' move (similar to his dm in FFS)

***Hwa Jai***
      A'  A B
jur|  x   # H
   |        I
juf|  x   M h
   |      I
 js|  x   M=M   
 sf| m.?  H H
 sm| H,H--H m
 sc|  M   H m
  c|  x   m ?

up: sf.A'
sw: jur.B
th<: sc/sm.C

-Hwa Jai doesn't seem to be able to block.

-CPU Hwa Jai can actually do stuff in drunk mode (he seems to get stuck in a 
 perpetual 'pass me the bottle!' when I use him).
-While drunk, Hwa Jai can use his dreaded Rocket Kick (similar to Joe's Tiger

      A'  B'  A  B
jur|  x   x   Hw=Hw
   |            I
juf|  x   x   h===h
 js|  x   x   h===h
 sf|  x   x   H   l
 sm| M,M  x   M===M
 sc| #.m=#.m H,m=H,m
  c|  x   x   l===l

up: sc.A'/B'[1]
th<: sc/sm.C

(slide kick) (H)
qcf+P (over a half-screen away)

(face grab) (B) {sw}
qcf+P (up to a half-screen away)

(spit) (H) {sw}
JP: qcb,ub+K
US: db,uf+K

CPU Raiden can:
-Block (standing)
-Row switch freely
-Use another throw that causes him to switch places with you.

     A'  B'  A   B
jur| x   x   H  H.H
   |         I   I
juf| x   x   h  h.h
 js| x   x  h.h  h
 sf| M  H,H  M  H,H
 sm| ?3 Hw3  H   Mw
   |     I       I
 sc| x  Hw3  m   Mw 
  c| x   x   m   x

sw: jur.A
sl: sm/sf.B
th<: sc/sm.C

-Billy cannot be thrown.
-Billy cannot block.
-Holding d before recovering from a hit will make Billy completely intangible
 (i.e. all hits/projectiles/characters will pass right through him) as long as
 d is held.
-sm/sf.B will hit foes 'from behind' at certain distances. The only sure way
 for a foe to avoid getting hit is to duck.
-c.B still makes enemies go into block animation (if they are holding b/db)
-sm.A' is cosmetically identical to sc/sm.B' but does not seem to actually hit
-sm.A' has autoguard; Billy will stop after blocking.

(pole twirl & throw) (M.m) {up[1],sw[unless foe is crouching]}
JP: qcb+P
US: qcf+P
 -Can be used to dissipate projectiles.
 -If the first hit connects/is blocked/counters a projectile, Billy will not
  finish the throw.
 -Human-controlled Billy does not have a 'wait period' between throwing a pole
  and having another one.

CPU Billy:
-Can block (standing or ducking)
-Can be thrown.
-Has a 'wait period' between throwing a pole and retrieving a new one.
-Will lose his pole if thrown.
-Can take damage when in his waiting state.

      A  B
jur|  Mh=Mh
juf|  h==h
jsr|  Mh=Mh
jsf|  h==h
 sf|  H--H
 sm|  H==H
 sc| m.?-m
  c|  m--m

up: sc.B
sl: sf.A
th<: sc/sm.C

-Geese can c.block, but he will have to take a hit before he actually starts

Reppu Ken (m) {sw[unless foe is crouching]} -only seems to work facing left.
JP: Mash P
US: Mash P OR

(counter) {sw} -Geese will counter anything that involves bodily contact w/foe.
JP: qcf,uf+K   -Projectiles will pass right through Geese.
US: ???

(throw) (B) {sw<}
JP: sc.hcf+P
US: sc.qcf+P

CPU Geese can:
-block (standing)

3/21/05 Initial version

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