Review by faji_ru

Reviewed: 05/07/06

...and then there was Metal Slug

Before Metal Slug, there was Cyber Lip; a horizontal scrolling 2D action/run-and-gun heavily inspired by Konami’s classic Contra franchise. A good fifteen years after its release, it has aged into a pretty mediocre game that really has no relevance except for dedicated SNK collectors.

Cyber Lip’s game play is slightly more complicated than Metal Slug. The control is your standard action game fare. What gives this game the potential critical depth that Metal Slug lacks is, besides shooting and jumping, a character that has the ability to hold multiple weapons that can be switched with a simple tap of the C button. Also, the ability to hold down on the joystick with the B button (jump button) to pull off a ground slide and drop from higher platforms give the game more strategic options.

But what is the point of extra ability if it’s generally useless throughout the levels. What has made Metal Slug a far superior action game over the years is the game pacing. Metal Slug stresses white knuckle action over aesthetic complexity…Cyber Lip is indeed challenging, but becomes a bore after the first boss encounter. Moving through levels happens very slowly, while the controls feel sluggish and chunky. The multiple weapons throughout the game offer nothing to the game play except for added fire power for easier enemy encounters, while the ability to drop directly down from higher levels is too slow and leaves the character open for an easy hit.

In some levels, you have the option of selecting your own path…again pretty useless as these parts all generally look and feel the same. The game isn’t particularly hard if you have a powerful weapon, especially that you can fill up ammo periodically in special ammunition rooms. Boss encounters are easy as cake once you’ve nailed their patterns. So even without a memory card, with some practice the game can be beat with some hours of practice.

Cyber Lip can be a decent time waster if you own the cart. Metal Slug fans will be pleased to see the first of its kind on the Neo Geo…while classic game enthusiasts will have some fun picking out its shortcomings next to its predecessor, Contra. The casual game will obviously be left feeling cold.

Rating:   2.5 - Playable

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