Review by DuckAndCover

Reviewed: 02/02/04

Mad, Bald, Scientists that sodomize special agents with paint cans and screwdrivers

I remember first playing this game when I was a kid at the grocery store. I didn't understand it at first, but now that I'm older and wiser I can appreciate just how different and funny this game is.

Now this was a concept that was completely different. They took Mike Tyson's Punch Out and mixed it with James Bond. It is something that has never before been done in video game history, and they made it work. The moves were simple, it was hard, addicting, and long. All the ingredients to make a classic game were in this one, and it is so sweet. If you've seen my track record of reviewing games, and read my reviews, then you know my underlining philosophy. Superspy is truly a buried treasure that almost nobody knows about. What's best about it is the scientists and the theme music when they appear. These scientists are evil with a killer headbutt, and will try to assault you with their screw drivers! Screwdrivers! I didn't know they would be considered a deadly weapon. As the game goes on, things progressively get harder and guns become more hidden. I found nothing wrong with the gameplay. This was a good idea, designed very well, and everybody will be hooked on this game just like I am right now.

Very good for a Neo Geo game. The hit sounds are a bit cheesy but the enemies really express their pain of getting hit.

It was standard fare for a Neo Geo game. Not as pretty as King of Fighters, but it got the job done.

It's a shame that the company that designed the game didn't get the recognition that it deserved. It never helped matters that the Neo Geo costed more than a next generation system either. The Neo Geo wasn't that widely popular, and the only games that got people's attention on it was the Fatal Fury series, King of Fighters series, and Metal Slug. It's ideas like these that are new and fresh that is what the video game industry needs right now. If developers would just look at the games of the past, and really learn about what made them so popular we wouldn't have games like Final Fantasy in which Square is too chicken to deviate from their current formula, and keep putting out piss poor games with pretty graphics that suffer from a lack of good ideas. That's why a group of them splintered off and made a little known game called Koudelka for the Playstation, but even they didn't deviate too far from the current rpg formula, and that's why nobody remembers that game either. They became what they hated and produced a game like Square's with a strong storyline but bad gameplay. You have to download this game and play it by any means necessary. It is completely different from what you have ever played before, and it'll get the bad taste of Final Fantasy out of your mouth.

Rating: 10

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