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FAQ/Move List by Kao Megura

Version: 0.1 |

by Chris MacDonald
for the Sega Saturn  (import)

 Unpublished work Copyright 1998-2001 Chris MacDonald

 This document is protected by US Copyright Law, and the Berne Copyright
 Convention of 1976.  It is for private and personal use only--it cannot
 be reprinted in part or in whole, or reproduced in any way or in any
 form (written or otherwise).  It is a free document that cannot be used
 in any sort of commercial transaction, including selling it or giving
 it away as a gift.  This FAQ cannot be referenced, altered, or used by
 anybody (including webmasters, publishers, and magazine staff) without
 my express written permission.  This FAQ was created and is owned by
 me, Chris MacDonald <kmegura (at) yahoo (dot) com>.  It can be found
 exclusively at (www.GameFAQs.com).  All copyrights and trademarks are
 acknowledged and respected that are not specifically mentioned herein.

 I expressly forbid the following publishers/publications from using this
 FAQ, namely: Ziff-Davis Video Game Group (publishers of Expert Gamer),
 Future Publishing, Ltd. (publishers of PlayStation Power, Official UK
 PlayStation Magazine, etc.), IDG Media, Game 13th Magazine, Brady Games,
 and Prima Games.  Remember, plagiarism is a crime and is punishable by
 The Fatal Fury series series is (c) SNK Corporation.


       - Andy Bogard
       - Billy Kane
       - Blue Mary
       - Bob Wilson
       - Cheng Sing Zan
       - Duck King
       - Franco Bash
       - Geese Howard
       - Hon-Fu
       - Jin Chonshu
       - Jin Chonrei
       - Joe Higashi
       - Kim Kaphwan
       - Laurence Blood
       - Mai Shiranui
       - Ryuji Yamazaki
       - Sokaku Mochizuki
       - Terry Bogard
       - Tung Fue Rue
       - Wolfgang Krauser
       - EX Andy Bogard
       - EX Billy Kane
       - EX Blue Mary
       - EX Tung Fue Rue
       - How to Play
       - Translations
       - Special Thanks


Here's a quick key for directions, buttons, and FAQ terminology:

  ub   u   uf        Jump Backward         Jump Up      Jump Forward
    \  |  /
 b --     -- f       Retreat/Block         Neutral      Approach
    /  |  \
  db   d   df        Defensive Crouch      Crouch       Offensive Crouch

Reverse the left and right directions when on the right side of the
screen or if you are the second player.

     L     R                  Special 3        Special 4

  X     Y     Z      Special 1      Special 2      Line Idou
                                                   (Line Move)
  A     B     C      Punch          Kick           Iryoku Tai Kougeki
                                                   (Powerful Attack)

You can rearrange these buttons in Option Menu.  Note that the X, Y, L,
and R buttons have no effect unless you turn on the "Special" option.

 qcf - d,df,f    hcf - b,db,d,df,f    360 - f,df,d,db,b,ub,u,uf
 qcb - d,db,b    hcb - f,df,d,db,b

These shorthand directions are used in the FAQ to save space, but
what's written above is what you are actually required to input.

Other Terminology:

 Reversed - When you've been attacked and are about to hit the floor.
 Down     - When your foe has been reversed and is lying on the floor.
 (air)    - The move listed can be used on the ground or in the air.
 ?~?      - Anything listed can be used (and anything between that, for
            example, A~C does not list B, but that will work.  Z is not
            grouped with the rest of them and will not work.

Basic Abilities:

 Guard  (Block)          Hold b to defend against a high attack.
 Low Guard  (Low Block)  Hold db to defend against a low attack.
 Crawl Forward           Hold df.
 Dash                    Tap f,f.
 Backstep                Tap b,b.
 Small Jump              Tap ub / u / uf.
 Large Jump              Press ub / u / uf.
 Change Direction        Jump, press Z in mid-air.
 Throw                   When close to an opponent, f + C.
 Down Kaihi (D. Evade)   When reversed, b,db,d + Z (requires H.Power)
 Kaifuku (Recovery)      When dizzied, tap A~D and shake the joystick.
 Line Surashi Kougeki    When close, press A,B,(f + C) rapidly to knock
 (Line Switch Attack)    your opponent to the opposite line of play.


 Commands are listed in this order: Special Moves, Command Attacks,
 Throws (if there is a follow up or if I have the official name), Pursuit
 and / or Recovery (if any), S. Power (Chou Hissatsu Waza) moves, and
 P. Power (Senzai Nouryoku) moves.   Moves listed in lowercase and in
 parenthesis are unoffical and made up by me.

 The (Breakshot) notice appears next to a move that can be used as a
 Breakshot.  The (Dual Line) notice appears when a move hits in both
 lines of play.  While everyone can use a Breakshot, not everyone has
 a dual line attack.


 Hishou Ken                     qcb + A
 Baku Shin                      hcb + C
 Zan Ei Ken                     db,f + A / C
 Shippuu Ura Ken                db,f + C during db,f + C
 Shou Ryuu Dan                  f,d,df + C
 Kuu Ha Dan                     db,qcf + B  (Breakshot)

 Age Omote                      df + A
 Abise Geri                     f + B
 (pursuit)                      When your opponent is down, d + C

 Chou Reppa Dan                 Charge d,df,f + BC
 Zan Ei Reppa                   db,qcf + C


 Senpuu Kon                     Tap A rapidly
 Suzume Otoshi                  qcb + A
 Ka Ryuu Tsuigeki Kon           qcb + B  (Breakshot)
 Kyou Shuu Hishou Kon           db,qcf + B, move b / f
 San Setsu Kon Chuudan Uchi     Charge b,f + A
 Kaen S.S.K Chuudan Tsuki       b,f + C during Chuudan Uchi

 Jigoku Otoshi                  When close, f + B
 Ibbon Zuri Nage                When close, f + C
 Zugatsu Gegata Geki            When your opponent is down, d + C

 Chou Kaen Senpuu Kon           d,df,hcb + BC
 Dai Senpuu                     d,df,hcb + C


 Spin Fall                      qcf + A
 M. Head Buster                 qcb + B  (a counterattack)
 Stun Gun Smasher               qcb + C  (a counterattack)
 Vertical Arrow                 f,d,df + B  (Breakshot)
 M. Snacher                     f,d,df + B during Vertical Arrow
 Straight Slicer                Charge b,f + B
 Stun Fang                      b,f + B during Straight Slicer
 Backdrop Real                  When close, df,df + AB

 Double Rolling                 b + B
 (throw)                        f + C, then b,b + C
 (pursuit)                      When your opponent is down, u + C

 M. Splash Rose                 f,hcf + BC
 M. Typhoon                     f,hcf + C


 Rolling Turtle                 qcb + B
 Sidewinder                     qcb + C, move b / f
 Monkey Dance                   f,d,df + B  (Breakshot)
 Wild Wolf                      Charge b,f + B
 Bison Horn                     Charge d,u + C

 Elephant Tusk                  df + A
 Hedgehog                       Dash, f + A
 Igloo Step                     Jump, d + B
 (air throw)                    Jump, when close, db~df + C
 (throw)                        f + C, then df,df + C
 Frog Hunting                   b,f,f + BC after f + C, df,df + C
 (pursuit)                      When your opponent is down, u + B / C
 Flying Fish                    When reversed, tap C rapidly

 Dangerous Wolf                 f,hcf + BC
 Mad Spin Wolf                  qcb,qcb + C
 Mad Spin ~ Bison Horn          Tap C rapidly during Mad Spin Wolf

  - I can't get Bob's pursuit or the Frog Hunting to work.  Any tips?


 Ki Rai Hou (Zenpou)            qcf + A
 Ki Rai Hou (Taikuu)            f,d,df + A
 Chou Handou Manpuku Hougan     hcb + B  (a counterattack)
 Chou Taiko-bara Uchi           Charge d,u + A
 Ha Gan Geki (Jaku)             Charge b,f + B
 Ha Gan Geki (Kyou)             Charge b,f + C  (Breakshot)

 Raku Ha Sou Ken                f + A
 Hakkei Ura Ken                 AB
 Kiai Nage                      When close, df + C

 Bakurai Hou                    Charge db,d,f + BC
 Tenchi Houraku Mujin Hou       hcb + C, move b / f


 Head Spin Attack               qcf + A / C
 Overhead Kick                  Tap C during qcf + C
 Dancing Dive                   qcb + B  (Breakshot)
 Cross Head Spin                qcb + Z
 Break Storm                    f,d,df + B
 Flying Spin Attack             Jump, qcb + A
 Duck Feint (Kuu)               Jump, d,d  (then move b / f)
 Duck Feint (Chi)               Dash, df + C
 Flying Spin Attack 2           qcb + A from Duck Feint (Kuu)

 Mad Spin Hammer                b + A
 Needle Low                     df + B
 N. Reverse Breaker             In air, when close, db~df + C
 Shocking Ball                  When enemy is down, d + C

 Break Spiral                   When close, hcf,uf,d + BC
 Duck Dance                     d,d + ABC  (hold ABC to power-up)
 Dance ~ Rolling Banisher       Charge b,f,b,f + BC  (Level 1 Dance)
 Dance ~ Diving Banisher        Jump, f,df,d + BC    (Level 1 Dance)
 Dance ~ Dancing Caliber        qcb,d,db + BC  (Level 2 Dance)
 Dance ~ Break Hurricane        qcf,d,df + BC  (Level 3 Dance)
 Dance ~ Super Pumping Machine  hcb + C  (Level 4 Dance)
 (S.P.M. follow up)             S.P.M., then A,A,B,A,B,B,C,C,(f,d,df + C)


 Zapper                         qcf + A
 Double Kong                    qcb + A  (Breakshot)
 Waving Blow                    hcf + Z
 Guts Dunk                      qcf,uf + B
 Golden Bomber                  Charge db,f + C

 Bash Tornado                   f + B
 Barom Punch                    Press BC
 Smash                          When reversed, tap C rapidly

 Megaton Screw                  qcb,db,f + BC
 Harmageddon Buster             hcb + C
 (H.B. follow-up)               Hold b / d / f / neutral + A~C rapidly


 Reppuu Ken                     qcb + A
 Double Reppuu Ken              qcb + C
 Shippu Ken                     Jump, qcb + A
 Double Shippuu Ken             Jump, qcb + C  (can do twice in air)
 Jyoudan Atemi Nage             hcf + B  (a counterattack)
 Ura Kumo Gakushi               hcf + C  (a counterattack)
 Ja Ei Ken (Jaku)               b,f + B  (Breakshot)
 Ja Ei Ken (Kyou)               b,f + C

 Shouten Myoujyou Uchi          df + A
 Raikou Mawashi Geri            b + B
 (command attack)               Press AB
 (throw)                        df + C
 (pursuit)                      When your opponent is down, d + C

 Raging Storm                   db,hcb,df + BC
 Thunder Break                  f,df,d + C  (Dual Line)
 Deadly Rave                    hcb,f + A, then A,A,B,B,B,C,C,C,(qcb + C)


 Honoo no Taneuma               qcb + A, then tap A rapidly
 Denkousekka no Ten             qcb + B
 Denkousekka no Chi             Charge db,f + B,B
 Kuu Long no Yomi               hcf + C  (reverses ground / air attacks)
 Hisshou Gyakushuu Kyaku        qcb + C
 Seikuu Rekka Kon (Jaku)        f,d,df + A
 Seikuu Rekka Kon (Kyou)        f,d,df + C  (Breakshot)

 Hae Tataki                     df + A
 Fumikomi Sou Geri              f + B
 (throw)                        When close, df + C
 Todome Nunchaku                When opponent is down, d + C

 Bakuretsu Goro                 qcb,db,f + BC
 Cadenza no Arashi              qcb,db,f + C

  - Supposedly there is a "finisher" to the Bakuretsu Goro if you rotate
    the joystick 1440 degrees (360x4) while he is attacking (if on the
    1P side, rotate clockwise, rotate counter-clockwise if on the 2P
    side).  However, I can't get it to work.


 Bakuretsu Ken                  Tap A rapidly
 Bakuretsu Hook                 qcf + A during Bakuretsu Ken
 Ougon no Kakato                qcb + B
 Hurricane Upper                hcb + A
 Bakuretsu Hurricane            hcb + C
 Tiger Kick                     f,d,df + B  (Breakshot)
 Pressure Knee                  f,d,df + C, then qcb + B
 Slash Kick                     db,f + B / C

 Shagami Chuu-uchi              df + A
 Sliding                        df + B
 Vertical Upper                 b + A
 Joe Sobat                      b + B
 Joe Special                    When close, f + C, then hold d
 Hiza Jigoku                    When close, df + C
 Honoo no Yubisaki              When opponent is down, d + C

 Screw Upper                    f,b,db,d,df + BC
 Slide Screw                    f,b,db,d,df + C


 Ryuu Tenshin                   qcf + B
 Teiou Ta Shin Ken              qcb + B  (a counterattack)
 Teiou Ten Gan Ken              qcf + C  (hold to power up)
 Teiou Ten Ji Ken (Jaku)        f,d,df + A
 Teiou Ten Ji Ken (Kyou)        f,d,df + C  (Breakshot)
 Teiou Jin Soku Ken             f,f + A
 Shin Jin Soku Ken              f,f,f + A
 Teiou Ro Jin Ken               qcb,f + C

 Ryuu Sakkyaku                  f + B

 Teiou Shukumyou Ken            f,b,db,d,df + BC
 Teiou Ryuu Sei Ken             f,b,db,d,df + C


 Teiou Ten Gen Ken              qcf + A / C
 Teiou Ten Ji Ken               f,d,df + A / C
 Teiou Jin Gan Ken              hcb + A / B
 (follow up)                    If hcb + B, press A~D
 Teiou Shin Gan Ken (Haigo)     hcb + C  (Breakshot)
 Teiou Kuu Satsu Jin Gan Ken    Jump, f,df,d + B
 Teiou Jin Soku Ken             f,f + A

 Kou Rin Satsu                  b + A
 Ryuu Tenshin                   df + C

 Teiou Ro Jin Ken               qcb,f + BC
 Teiou Shukumyou Ken            qcb,f + C  (air)


 Haki Kyaku                     qcb + A
 Han Getsu Zan                  qcb + B / C
 Kuu Sa Jin                     f,d,df + A  (Breakshot)
 Hi En Zan                      Charge d,u + B
 Ten Sou Zan                    d + B during Hi En Zan
 Hishou Kyaku                   Jump, d + B
 Kai Kyaku                      df + B during Hishou Kyaku

 Neri Chagi                     f + B
 Karata Otoshi                  When close, f + C

 Houou Tenbu Kyaku              Jump, hcf + BC
 Houou Kyaku                    qcb,db,f + C


 Bloody Saber                   qcf + A  (repeat 3 times)
 Bloody Axle                    qcf + C
 Bloody Cutter                  Press A / B / C after Bloody Axle
 Bloody Shooter                 qcb + A / B / C after Bloody Axle
 Bloody Press                   When close, b / f + C after Bloody Axle
 Bloody Spin (Jaku)             Charge b,f + A
 Bloody Spin (Kyou)             Charge b,f + C  (Breakshot)

 Aerial Saber                   Jump, db~df + A
 Heat Saber                     b + A
 Tornado Kick                   f + B
 Ole!                           AB
 Ole! ~ (high kick)             AB, f + C
 Ole! ~ Bloody Cutter           AB, f + C, f,df,d + C
 Matador Slash                  When close, f + C
 Matador Buster                 Jump, when close, db~df + C

 Bloody Flash                   df,hcf,db + BC
 Final Death Bloody             qcf,df,qcb + C


 Ka Chou Sen                    qcf + A
 Ryuu En Bu                     qcb + A  (Breakshot)
 Midare Ka Chou Sen             qcb + C  (repeat 4 times)
 Hissatsu Shinobi Bachi         hcf + C
 Kagerou no Mai                 Charge d,u + C
 Musasabi no Mai                Jump, d + AB

 Ryuu no Mai                    b + A
 Sankaku Tobi                   Jump against a wall, press uf
 Fuusha Kuzushi                 Jump, when close, db~df + C
 Hane Geri                      When reversed, tap C rapidly

 Chou Hissatsu Shinobi Bachi    f,db,f + BC
 Gekka Midare Botan             f,db,f + C


 Hebi Tsukai                    qcb + A / B / C
 Dai Hebi                       Hold A / B / C from Hebi Tsukai
 Hebi Damashi                   Press D during Dai Hebi
 Sabaki no Aikuchi              f,db,f + A  (Breakshot)
 Bai Gaeshi                     qcf + C  (hold to reflect projectiles)
 Sadomazo                       hcf + B  (a counterattack)
 Bakudan Pachiki                When close, f,b,d,u + C

 Bussashi                       f + A
 Shouten                        df + A
 Kachi-age                      Jump, BC
 (pursuit)                      When your opponent is down, d + C
 Metsubushi                     When reversed, tap C rapidly

 Guillotine                     f,df,d,db,f + BC
 Drill                          When close, rotate 360 + tap C rapidly


 Ja Kon Bu                      Tap A rapidly  (then do K. Tsuigeki)
 Ja Kon Bu ~ Kakushu Tsuigeki   db / df / f / uf + C  or press D
 Makibishi                      qcf + A
 Nozaru Gari                    qcb + A  (Breakshot)
 Ka En Jin                      qcb + Z
 Katsu                          hcb + B
 Rai Jin Gu                     f,d,df + B
 Hyoui Dan                      f,b,f + C
 Ki Mon Jin                     When close, rotate 360 + C

 Suzu Jou Uwadan Uchi           df + A
 (air throw)                    Jump, when close, db~df + C
 (throw)                        When close, b + C, b,db,d + C
 (pursuit)                      When your opponent is down, d + C

 Ikazuchi                       f,df,qcf + BC
 Muzan Dan                      f,d,qcf + C

  - Sometimes electricity appears around Sokaku's face during the
    Katsu.  Anyone know the point of this?


 Power Wave                     qcf + A
 Round Wave                     qcf + C  (Dual Line)
 Passing Sway                   qcf + Z
 Burn Knuckle                   qcb + A / C
 Crack Shoot                    qcb + B
 Power Charge                   b,f,f + A
 Power Dunk                     f,d,df + B  (Breakshot)
 Rising Tackle                  Charge d,u + A

 Wild Upper                     df + A
 Back Spin Kick                 f + B
 Charge Kick                    Dash, f + C

 Power Geyser                   qcb,db,f + BC
 Triple Geyser                  qcb,db,f + C


 Dogan Hou                      qcf + A
 Sen Shippo                     qcb + A / C
 Ressen Kyaku                   f,d,df + B  (Breakshot)
 Dai Shou Ha                    Charge db,f + C

 Migi Kou Ryuu                  df + A

 Senpuu Gou Ken                 f,df,d,u + BC  (Dual Line)
 Geki Hou                       f,b,db,d,df + C  (hold C)


 Blitz Ball (Jyoudan)           qcb + A
 Blitz Ball (Gedan)             qcb + C
 Leg Tomahawk                   qcf + B  (Breakshot)
 Dangerous Throw                hcf + A
 Phoenix Throw                  hcf + C
 Lift Up Blow                   hcb + B

 Kaiser Body Press              Jump, d + C
 (ground pound)                 f + BC
 Diving Elbow                   When opponent is down, d + C

 Kaiser Wave                    Charge b,uf + BC  (hold BC for Dual Line)
 Gigatech Cyclone               When close, hcb,f,df,d + C
 Unlimited Desire               hcb,f + A, then A,B,C,B,C,A,B,C,C
 Unlimited Desire ~ G. Cyclone  U.D., then A,B,C,B,C,A,B,C,(b,d,db + AC)


To access any of these characters, highlight them, hold BC, then press
A (for the 1P color), or D (for the 2P color).


 Geki Hishou Ken                qcb + C
 (ex zaneiken)                  db,f + C
 Kumo Nage                      Jump, d,d + C
 Yami Abise Geri                b,d,db + B  (Breakshot)
 (ex genei shiranui)            Dash, f,df,d + D

 Age Omote                      df + A
 (pursuit)                      When your opponent is down, d + C

 Chou Reppa Dan                 Charge d,df,f + BC
 (ex zaneireppa)                db,qcf + C


 Shuuten Ren Ha Kon             Tap A rapidly
 Suzume Otoshi                  qcb + A
 Ka Ryuu Tsuigeki Kon           qcb + B  (Breakshot)
 Sui Ryuu Tsuigeki Kon          qcb + C
 Kyou Shuu Hishou Kon           db,qcf + B
 San Setsu Kon Chuudan Uchi     Charge b,f + A
 Kaen S.S.K. Chuudan Tsuki      b,f + C during Chuudan Uchi

 Jigoku Otoshi                  When close, f + B
 Ibbon Zuri Nage                When close, f + C
 Zugatsu Gegata Geki            When your opponent is down, d + C

 Kaen Chou Senpuu Kon           qcf,hcb + BC
 Guren Sakkon                   f,df,d + C


 M. Spider                      qcf + C  (Breakshot)
 Straight Slicer                b,f + B, hcf + B
 M. Snatcher                    f,d,df + B, then db,f + C

 Hammer Arch                    df + A
 (dodge)                        Press AB, then hcb + C
 (throw)                        f + C, then f,df,d + C
 (pursuit)                      When opponent is knocked down, d + B

 M. Typhoon                     f,hcf + BC
 M. Dynamite Swing              A,A,b,B,C


 Sen Shippo (Jaku)              qcb + A
 Sen Shippo (Kyou)              qcb + C  (Breakshot)
 Dai Shou Ha                    Charge db,f + A
 Ressen Kyaku                   When close, f,d,df + B
 Geki Hou                       Tap C rapidly

 Migi Kou Ryuu                  df + A

 Senpuu Gou Ken                 f,df,d,u + BC  (Dual Line)
 (ex ressen kyaku)              f,df,d + C



  You and your opponent fight on a 2-D field.  You can use punches,
  kicks, powerful attacks, and special moves to inflict damage, etc.
  These attacks may change depending on the distance between you and
  your opponent.  If one person inflicts enough damage on the other,
  they collapse and that person is declared the winner of the round.
  Win two rounds and you go onto the next battle.  However, it's
  possible for players to tie if they both collapse at the same time
  or if the round timer reaches zero and both players have the same
  amount of life left.  In that case, a bonus round is played to
  determine the winner.  Note that when your life is reduced
  sufficiently, the Life Bar changes color and indicates that you are
  half defeated.  If you continue to get damaged, it will flash when
  it is very low indicating that you will get knocked out if you don't
  do something about it.

  The attacks listed above can be done at anytime.  There are also
  very powerful techniques you can only use when a certain amount of
  Power energy has been built up in the Power Gauge.  To build up
  power, perform a special move or damage your opponent with any sort
  of attack.  Not all special moves build up power, and command attacks,
  throws, and pursuits and recoveries will not build up power meter.

  When the Power Gauge is filled halfway, the message "H.Power" appears.
  At this point, you can now use two special abilities.  The first is
  called the Breakshot.  Every character has a certain special move that
  doubles as a Breakshot.  Simply block an incoming attack and quickly
  perform that special move, and you will do that attack while being
  trailed by afterimages.  Since a Breakshot is done from a block, it's
  a great way to punish overly-offensive opponents while defending
  yourself.  However, once you've performed a Breakshot, you lose
  exactly half of the entire Power Gauge.

  The second ability is the Down Kaihi (Down Evade).  When you're
  knocked down (reversed), you can press b,db,d + Z and you'll roll
  into the opposite line of play.  This is useful if you want to
  avoid getting hit by a pursuit attack or don't want to get trapped
  in a corner, etc.  It also drains half of the Power Gauge, though.

  If you continue to build up Power energy until the Power Gauge is
  full, you'll get the message "S.Power".  You can now use the
  Breakshot (described above), or your S.Power move (aka the Chou
  Hissatsu Waza or Super Deadly Attack).  S.Power moves usually do
  a great deal of damage and are more useful than normal moves.
  However, once you perform an S.Power move, your Power Gauge empties
  completely.  Even if you don't perform an S.Power move, your Power
  Gauge will begin to deplete slowly, so unless you do use it (or a
  Breakshot), the built-up energy will be wasted.  Note that if your
  life is extremely low (your Life Gauge is flashing), you can use
  S.Power moves repeatedly with no loss in Power Gauge energy, or even
  if you have no Power energy stored up.

  The final level of power, "P.Power", is only obtained by having
  already gotten the S.Power message.  If your Life Gauge is very
  low when you get this message (or at any time after you get it),
  you'll get to use your P.Power move (also called the Senzai Nouryoku
  or Unlimited Potential attack).  Despite the fact that you must
  have a flashing Life Gauge (very low life), to use P.Power, once
  you are in this state you can use the Breakshot or S.Power move
  repeatedly without having the Power Gauge drain.  Like in S.Power,
  if you perform your P.Power move, your Power Gauge will empty.  Also,
  your Power Gauge will slowly empty even if you do nothing, so you
  only have a limited amount of time to use your P.Power.

  A neat system found in all Fatal Fury games is the ability to step
  into the background in order to evade attacks, launch a suprise
  attack, etc.  So, even though the playing field is 2-D, you can get
  a sort of 2.5-D effect :)  To move into the background (or back "line"
  of play), press Z.  To return to the foreground, press Z again.  If
  your opponent moves into the background as well, fighting continues
  normally as it always does.  However, if one person goes into the
  back line and one person doesn't, the gameplay changes a bit:

   - Pressing A or B makes you Punch or Kick into the background.
   - Pressing C makes you do a Powerful Attack, but you stay where
     you are.  You can also do d + C to perform a low Powerful Attack.
     If you hit your opponent with either Powerful Attack, they are
     dragged into your line of play (foreground or background).
   - You can't use command attacks, pursuits, or recoveries.  You also
     can't do _anything_ in air, no attacks, no special moves, no
     changing direction, etc.
   - If you perform a special move, S.Power, or P.Power move, it will
     most likely miss, since your opponent is not in your line of
     fire.  However, some moves have the ability to hit in both planes,
     allowing you to still attack your opponent.  And some moves can
     be used to propel yourself into another line of play (any move
     performed with Z.

  Every character has a set of normal punches, kicks, and powerful
  attacks that can be comboed into.  These combinations are shown as
  flowcharts in each character's section (well, not yet, they will be
  in the next revision).  Not only are the combos good for causing
  damage, but you can usually interrupt them at some point with a
  special move.

  In every stage, there are obstacles to the far left and right that
  can be destroyed.  To destroy them, back your opponent up against
  them and attack them.  Hit them enough times and the obstacle will
  weaken, then collapse.  If your opponent is near the obstacle when
  it collapses, they will be dizzed and will be left open to attack.
  You can destroy an obstacle from either the background or foreground.

  There are several modes of play in this game.  "Arcade" is the
  standard arcade-style mode of play.  You'll fight eight opponents,
  then Wolfgang Krauser.  "Vs. Mode" lets you an a friend duke it out
  and choose your characters after every battle.  "Original" mode is
  a truly lame additon which works just like Arcade mode.  However,
  a computerized "opponent" will ocassionaly join in and fight you,
  usually playing at a much higher difficulty level.  What's supposed
  to be so great about that, I have no idea.  The final mode available
  is "Practice" mode, which lets you pick a non-moving opponent to
  fight against in case you want to test out moves, combos, whatever.
  You also get permanent P.Power in this mode so you can do any attack
  you'd like.  However, since the CPU doesn't attack you and doesn't
  block, you can't use recoveries or test your overhead attacks.



 Abise Geri                     Bathing Kick
 Age Omote                      Surface Pull
 Baku Shin                      Exploding Quake
 Chou Reppa Dan                 Super Rending Bullet
 Hishou Ken                     Flying Fist
 Kuu Ha Dan                     Sky Rending Bullet
 Shippuu Ura Ken                Gale Reverse Fist
 Shou Ryuu Dan                  Rising Dragon Bullet
 Zan Ei Ken                     Shadow Slash Fist
 Zan Ei Reppa                   Destroying Shadow Slash


 Chou Kaen Senpuu Kon           Super Flaming Whirlwind Cane
 Dai Senpuu                     Great Whirlwind
 Ibbon Zuri Nage                Snare on a Fishing Rod Throw
 Jigoku Otoshi                  Hell Drop
 Ka Ryuu Tsuigeki Kon           Fire Dragon Pursuit Cane
 Kaen S.S.K Chuudan Tsuki       Flaming T.P.C. Mid-Level Pierce
 Kyou Shuu Hishou Kon           Strong Attack Flying Cane
 San Setsu Kon Chuudan Uchi     Three Part Cane Mid-Level Thrust
 Senpuu Kon                     Whirlwind Cane
 Suzume Otoshi                  Sparrow Drop
 Zugatsu Gegata Geki            Head Splitting Low Attack


 Bakurai Hou                    Depth Charge Cannon
 Chou Handou Manpuku Hou Gan    Super Reactionary Glutton Cannonball
 Chou Taiko-bara Uchi           Super Drum Belly Thrust
 Ha Gan Geki (Jaku)             Stone Breaking Violence (Weak)
 Ha Gan Geki (Kyou)             Stone Breaking Violence (Strong)
 Hakkei Ura Ken                 Mental Power Release Reverse Fist
 Ki Rai Hou (Zenpou)            Mind Thunder Cannon (Forward)
 Ki Rai Hou (Taikuu)            Mind Thunder Cannon (Anti-Air)
 Kiai Nage                      Releasing Throw
 Raku Ha Sou Ken                Falling Dual Paired Fist
 Tenchi Houraku Mujin Hou       Heaven & Earth Collapse Infinite Cannon


 Duck Feint (Chi)               Duck Feint (Ground)
 Duck Feint (Kuu)               Duck Feint (Air)


 Double Reppuu Ken              Double Gale Fist
 Double Shippuu Ken             Double Hurricane Fist
 Ja Ei Ken (Jaku)               Wicked Shadow Fist (Weak)
 Ja Ei Ken (Kyou)               Wicked Shadow Fist (Strong)
 Jyoudan Atemi Nage             Upper-Level Body Hit Throw
 Raikou Mawashi Geri            Lightning Spin Kick
 Reppuu Ken                     Gale Fist
 Shippu Ken                     Hurricane Fist
 Shouten Myoujyou Uchi          Morning Star Ascention Thrust
 Ura Kumo Gakushi               Reverse Hidden Cloud


 Bakuretsu Goro                 Sound Eruption
 Cadenza no Arashi              Storm of Brilliant Flourish
 Denkousekka no Ten             Lightning Speed of Heaven
 Denkousekka no Chi             Lightning Speed of Earth
 Fumikomi Sou Geri              Side Trampling Kick
 Hae Tataki                     Flourish Attack
 Hisshou Gyakushuu Kyaku        Certain Victory Counterattack Leg
 Honoo no Taneuma               Horse of Flames
 Kuu Long no Yomi               Nine Dragon Reading
 Seikuu Rekka Kon               Mastery of Sky and Air Raging Fire Cane
 Todome Nunchaku                Arriving Nunchaku


 Bakuretsu Hook                 Exploding Hook
 Bakuretsu Hurricane            Exploding Hurricane
 Bakuretsu Ken                  Exploding Fist
 Hiza Jigoku                    Knee Hell
 Honoo no Yubisaki              Blazing Finger
 Ougon no Kakato                Golden Heel
 Shagami Chuu-uchi              Crouching Elbow Strike


 Ryuu Sakkyaku                  Dragon Slash Leg
 Ryuu Tenshin                   Dragon Revolve
 Teiou Jin Soku Ken             Emperor God Leg Fist
 Teiou Ro Jin Ken               Emperor Leak Out Fist
 Teiou Ryuu Sei Ken             Emperor Dragon Roar Fist
 Teiou Shukumyou Ken            Emperor Destiny Fist
 Teiou Ta Shin Ken              Emperor Secret Purpose Fist
 Teiou Ten Gan Ken              Emperor Heaven Eyeball Fist
 Teiou Ten Ji Ken (Jaku)        Emperor Heaven Ear Fist (Weak)
 Teiou Ten Ji Ken (Kyou)        Emperor Heaven Ear Fist (Strong)


 Kou Rin Satsu                  Light Ring Slash
 Ryuu Tenshin                   Dragon Revolve
 Teiou Ten Gen Ken              Emperor Heaven Eyeball Fist
 Teiou Ten Ji Ken               Emperor Heaven Ear Fist
 Teiou Kuu Satsu Jin Gan Ken    Emperor Sky Slash God Eyeball Fist
 Teiou Jin Gan Ken              Emperor God Eyeball Fist
 Teiou Jin Soku Ken             Emperor God Leg Fist
 Teiou Ro Jin Ken               Emperor Leak Out Fist
 Teiou Shin Gan Ken (Haigo)     Emperor God Eyeball Fist (Rear)
 Teiou Shukumyou Ken            Emperor Destiny Fist


 Haki Kyaku                     Ambition Leg
 Han Getsu Zan                  Half Moon Slash
 Hi En Zan                      Flying Swallow Slash
 Hishou Kyaku                   Flying Leg
 Houou Kyaku                    Phoenix Leg
 Houou Tenbu Kyaku              Phoenix Heavenly Leg Dance
 Kai Kyaku                      Commandment Leg
 Karata Otoshi                  Body Throw
 Kuu Sa Jin                     Sky Sand Dust
 Neri Chagi                     Descending Kick


 Bloody Spin (Jaku)             Bloody Spin (Weak)
 Bloody Spin (Kyou)             Bloody Spin (Strong)


 Chou Hissatsu Shinobi Bachi    Super Deadly Ninja Bees
 Fuusha Kuzushi                 Whirlwind Demolisher
 Gekka Midare Botan             Moonlight Riot Tree Peony
 Hane Geri                      Hopping Kick
 Hissatsu Shinobi Bachi         Deadly Ninja Bees
 Ka Chou Sen                    Flower Butterfly Fan
 Kagerou no Mai                 Dance of the Heat Haze
 Midare Ka Chou Sen             Riot Flower Butterfly Fan
 Musasabi no Mai                Dance of the Flying Squirrel
 Ryuu En Bu                     Dragon Blaze Dance
 Ryuu no Mai                    Dance of the Dragon
 Sankaku Tobi                   Triangle Jump


 Bai Gaeshi                     Double Return
 Bakudan Pachiki                Bomb Headbutt
 Bussashi                       Stabbing
 Dai Hebi                       Great Snake
 Hebi Damashi                   Snake Trick
 Hebi Tsukai                    Snake Tamer
 Kachi-age                      Lift
 Metsubushi                     Eye Crusher
 Sabaki no Aikuchi              Dagger of Judgment
 Sadomazo                       Sadism / Masochism
 Shouten                        Rising Heavens


 Hyoui Dan                      Dependance Bullet
 Ikazuchi                       Lightning Flash
 Ja Kon Bu                      Wicked Cane Dance
 Ja Kon Bu ~ Kakushu Tsuigeki   Wicked Cane Dance ~ Many Pursuits
 Ka En Jin                      Flame Whirlpool Camp
 Katsu                          Scold
 Ki Mon Jin                     Demon Gate Camp
 Makibishi                      Diamond Sow (Caltrop)
 Muzan Dan                      Cruelty Bullet
 Nozaru Gari                    Field Monkey Hunting
 Rai Jin Gu                     Foolish Lightning God
 Suzu Jou Uwadan Uchi           Copper Staff Upper Strike


 Dai Shou Ha                    Great Piercing Wave
 Dogan Hou                      Angry Cannon
 Geki Hou                       Attack Release
 Ressen Kyaku                   Thousand Violent Legs
 Migi Kou Ryuu                  Right Descending Dragon
 Sen Shippo                     Rapid Arrow Walk
 Senpuu Gou Ken                 Whirlwind Strength Fist


 Blitz Ball (Gedan)             Blitz Ball (Lower Level)
 Blitz Ball (Jyoudan)           Blitz Ball (Upper Level)


 Geki Hishou Ken                Flying Fist Attack
 Kumo Nage                      Spider Throw
 Yami Abise Geri                Darkness Bathing Kick


 Guren Sakkon                   Red Lotus Killing Cane
 Shuuten Ren Ha Kon             Focus Point Rapid Wave Cane
 Sui Ryuu Tsuigeki Kon          Water Dragon Pursuit Cane
 Suzume Otoshi                  Sparrow Drop


 Mark O'Neill           - some names and moves taken from his RBS FAQ.
 Chern Min & Fan Ti Zi  - assorted info from their RBS Moves/Combo List.
 Ferral                 - for inspiring me to finish this darn thing.

 Unpublished work Copyright 1998-2001 Chris MacDonald

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