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Mini-FAQ by Munster

Version: 1.01 | Updated: 03/29/00

The King of Fighters Evolution
F.A.Q ver 1.01
System: Dreamcast
March 29, 2000
By Munster (Herman Woo)
Email: wherman@singnet.com.sg

Version History
1.0	Game just arrived last night at 11.30p.m. Posting a few notes 
regarding the modes and what's new in the game. Naming the new 
strikers and how to get them. Info on Seth and Venessa as 
1.01	Updated the new strikers section and a little stuff 
regarding points.

1.	Intro screen
2.	Gameplay modes
3.	Points earned
4.	Stages
5.	New Strikers
6.	Misc.
7.	Credits

Intro Screen
The intro played on Kof99 Evo is slightly different from the arcade 
version. Added a few new clips on Seth and Venessa plus also a glimpse 
of the other new strikers. Otherwise all remains the same.

Gameplay Modes
Here are all the modes within the game.
a.	Team Play – Just your normal arcade mode.
b.	Team Vs. – Normal versus mode.
c.	Single Play – One character fight until you reach Krizalid.
d.	Single Vs. – One on one versus mode with single character.
e.	Survival ( Time Attack ) – Your average time attack mode.
f.	Survival ( Endless ) – One character fight until energy bar 
g.	Single All – One character fight with the whole cast.
h.	Practice – Do I have to explain this one??
i.	Neo Geo Pocket – Download to and from NGPC for points. New 
strikers?? Hmm..
j.	Network – For internet play.
k.	Extra Strikers – Use points to unlock new strikers.
l.	Option – Toggle with game options, configs and save/load menus.

Points earned
Don't have much here yet. But need to know the exact amount when 
playing the game in various modes and difficulty settings. The harder 
the level, the more points you'll earn. Expert level nabs you around 
800 to 1000 over points.

A few new stages in 3D. they scroll for a little before each match 
begins. Some are even linked such as the Sewer stage and the Sewer Lift 
stage. Eg. After you finish a fight in the Sewer stage, a gate will 
close. Then the platform is actually the Sewer Lift you are standing 
on. More updates on this later.

New Strikers
You will start the game with only two new strikers, Seth and Vanessa. 
The rest have to be earned and opened up as you go along. The points 
you earn during the game are used to open up the new extra strikers. 
There are a total of 10 new strikers in the game with 8 of them having 
Justice and Dark variations. Only Seth and Vanessa has only one striker 
type. This brings the total of new striker types up to 18!! Here's the 
order of unlocking the strikers and the points needed to unlock them.
1.	Default 2 strikers are Seth and Vanessa. Now unlock the other 
Justice version strikers for Kyo SP, Daimon, Chizuru, Athena, Billy 
and Yamazaki for 800 points each.
2.	Then Justice versions of Fio and Alfred will appear. They both costs 
2000 points each.
3.	Now the Dark versions of the first 6 strikers will appear for 
unlocking. Points needed??
4.	Then the last two to appear will be Dark versions of Fio and Alfred.

Here's what they do when called into play.
Seth – Dives in ala Clark striker. If hit, he does an uppercut which 
juggles. If not, he moves forward a little and does a two hit uppercut.
Vanessa – Comes in with a dashing straight punch. If connected, it hits 
for five. Last hit is a launcher.

The game could have more secrets. It has a timer that tracks down how 
many hours you clock on the game. No idea what other hidden stuff 
though. The game also contains a screensaver mode for your tv. Just 
leave a game playing halfway in a match for a few minutes and it will 
come on. Cool feature.

SNK Japan – For making such a kickass version.
Henry Woo – For trying out some stuff.
All of you for reading!!


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