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Ralf by PTR

Version: 1 | Updated: 12/19/99

                     Ralf FAQ for KOF'99 v1
                        By PTR
         Email: PTR_95@yahoo.com or ICQ:35031999

          Hello..... it is I once again to provide you with yet another character
FAQs on KOF'99. Why Ralf? Well, you really wanna know why? Well for
starters, I been getting a few Emails requesting that I do a FAQ for Ralf
since I pretty much did one for Clark already. Secondly, I simply wanna share
stuff that I know about Ralf himself since I been using him too since '94 
along with Clark..... what would you expect from an Ikari mark like me? : )


I Author's note and stuff about the author himself, PTR
II Ralf of '98 and '99: Differences compared
III Specialized normals
IV Special moves, DMs and stuff about them
V Combos
VI Tactics and Strategies
VII Credits

I Author's note and about the author himself, PTR

          If you've read my previous FAQs, you probably know what to 
expect from this one. I always try my best to explain and give you everything 
I know about the character I'm writing about. this FAQs in NOT for sale and
should only be used to enlighten my fellow KOFers about the character. And 
finally, about me. I have been playing KOF since '94 'till now. Hmmm.... what
else can I say about myself..... I'm from the Philippines and if you happen to be
from the same place, well just visit SM Centerpoint so that we could have a 
friendly match huh? : )

About Ralf

          Unlike Clark, Ralf is more of a striking character. Though he has a
command throw, that doesn't make him entirely a grappler. Another difference
between Clark and Ralf is that Ralf's SAB has more speed connecting but
has no follow up. Ralf is better when his moves are utilized fully instead of being a 
one button player like he was in '96-'98. A Ralf player that knows Ralf well 
shouldn't be underestimated under ANY circumstances specially when his life 
is flashing red because Ralf can finish you off in ONE blow.... literally.

II  Ralf of '98 and '99: Differences compared

Ralf of '98:
1. Has an extremely fast and damaging standing C (backfist).
2. Ralf kick executed by charging Back for 2 seconds and forward, B or D.
3. SDM Galactica Phantom has complete auto guard.
4. High priority vertical jump A and C.
5. Uncomboable standing A.

Ralf of '99:
1. Standing C is slowed down a little and canot be abused like in the previous 
2. Ralf kick executed in a different way, by holding any kick button for around 3-5
3. SDM Galactica Phantom can be knocked down by hitting Ralf with a down D.
4. Lessened the priority of the vertical jumpi A and C. The priority is still good 
5. Comboable standing A.
6. Increased damage and priority of the Vulcan Punch.

III Specialized Normals

Usefulness point system are as follows 
*****= very useful 
****= good but not great 
***= decent 
**= near useless
*= worthless

          In this section, I will give you a rundown on Ralf's normals.
Though I WON'T be elaborating them all, I will elaborate on the vital

Far Standing:

A - quick straight jab
This move may seem useless but things are not what they seem to be.
Believe it or not this move CAN be used against high priority jump attacks 
such as Iori's jump D when timed properly AND at the RIGHT DISTANCE. 
Though not comboable, it comes out fast and is arguably one of the best standing 
pokes in the game. Also works well against Iori's crossup attempts.

C - Backfist
This is indeed a very controversial move back then because of the speed, damage 
and priority all together. This punch as good reach and still packs the power it had 
before though the speed is lessened this year. It could also hit opponents who are 
about to jump or those who just did a long or medium recovery moves from a 
character distance for example: Ryo's fireball, Terry's ground wave and some others.
This move is not comboable.

Close Standing:

B - knee to the midsection
This, IMO, is the best substitue for the close C when against small characters 
such as Bao or Chin. Comes out fast, interrupts moves and leads to combos.  

C - does some wierd uppercut/elbow on both sides
Like it's far standing counterpart, this also packs speed, damage and priority but
the downside of this move is that it missed smaller character such as Bao or Choi.
This is the primary normal move that you can use in combos.


A - crouching jab
This move has greatly improved since '98. This year it is now comboable and can 
combo by itself up to 4 hits which also does decent damage for a jab. 

C - extends his arms forward
this move does damage. It can be used as an anti air due to the fact that Ralf gets
really low when he executes this. this move can do serious damage and can be 
comboed. Another attribute of this move is the reach and speed. high priority.

D - long range sweep
As the description implies, this move has long range. Great to use when against 
opponents who abuse Clark, Ralf or Benimaru's high hitting high prioritized moves.

Jumping (straight/vertical):

A - light elbow attack
This move can beat almost any air borne move that comes towards Ralf. The 
priority is high, quick recovery, and attack wears off a long time due to the fact 
that this is only a light attack.

C - downwards chop
this my my personal fav of Ralf's air attacks. this move simply out prioritizes 
most, if not all air moves specially when timed right. Besides the priority, it 
also inflicts major damage. Use when you see the opponent attampt an air 

Jumping (forward/backward)

A - a short range common jab
This jab is quite good when used in pressuring. When done deeply, it prevents 
opponents from jumping.

B - extends one leg forward
The priority of this move is also quite good for it even beats high priority air 
attacks such as King's jumping CD when timed right. This move is also effective 
in pressuring so if you're an offensive player, use this often.

C - elbow drop
For me, this is the best air attack to start a combo with. does great damage, 
decent priority and comes out with decent speed. If you know the timing, you 
can also use this as a crossup (though I find it quite hard to do)

D - downward pointed kick
I use this move often as a crossup. Quite good and has lots of downward range

IV Special moves, S/DMs and stuff about them

          Here are the rundown of Ralf's special moves, DMs (deperation moves or 
"supers") and SDMs (super desperation moves). everything I know about them 
I will explain here in this section.

Bck- Back
Dwn- Down
Fwd- Forward
Up- make a wild guess
QCF - quarter circle forward (Dwn Fwd or fireball motion)
QCB - quarter circle back (Dwn Bck or Hurricane kick motion)
HCF - half circle forward (Bck Dwn Fwd or Original Yoga Flame motion)
HCB - half circle back (Fwd Dwn Bck or reverse Yoga Flame motion)
DP - Dragon punch or uppercut motion (Fwd, QCF)
RDP - reverse Dragon Punch motion (Bck, QFB)

Special Moves:

Flaming Vulcan Punch, done by rapidly pressing/tapping A or C

This move's priority and damage increased from the previous years. This now 
became a good wakeup move and can inflict a great amount of damage when hit 
with twice or when your opponent is presistent enough to attack you when he is 
in armor mode.

Gattling Attack, done by charging back for 1 seconds, then forward A or C

I sometimes prefer to use this move in combos instead of the SAB because it can 
connect even when your opponent is pushed far for the SAB to connect. Use the C 
version in combos and situations similar to the one mentioned above.

Rising Bomb Dive (dunno what it's called ^_^; ), done by charging down 2 sec, 
then up A or C

The A version is much move effective here. This is one of his best wakeup moves 
due to the priority and the damage it can inflict. I strongly recommend using the A 
version more than the C.
A version:*****
C version:***

Bomb Dive, done by doing a QCF A/C in mid air

I don't use this move often only when I want to sucker my opponents into doing anti 
air DMs such as Iori's or you can use this as sort of a rush attack on charaters who 
fired a projectile from a far and can't be punished by a combo. Other than this, I 
find no other use for it.... yet.

Ralf Kick, done by holding B or D for 3 seconds (at least)

This move has now deteriorated.  In '98 it was done by holding back then forward B 
or D and the D versoin I used as a crossup. Theres nothing much (yet) that I could 
say about this move....probably in my next update.

Super Argentine Backbreaker, done by doing HCF B/D near opponent

This move is one of Ralf's assets, IMO. This command throw connects faster but 
it's drawback is the range that it covers. Use this move tactically or/and in combos.

Ralf Tackle, done by HCB B/D

First of all this new move can eat projectiles during it's running stage. When 
connected with, it sends opponent flying through the air and when blocked, the D 
version fills up your power bar faster than you can imagine.

(S)DMs or Supers

Super Vulcan Punch, done by QCF, HCB A or C

This is one of the best DMs in the game, IMO. The startup has invincibility and can 
even go through things such as projectiles and even DMs or SDMs like Ryo/Robert/
Takuma/Yuri's superfireball or Joe's Screw Upper SDM. The SDM version takes a 
lot of life even when blocked but be sure that your opponent has NO stock if you want 
to "shave" or cheese them to death with this otherwise they'll emergency escape their 
way directly behind you to give you a major punishment.

Horse Mount Vulcan Punch (HMVP), done by QCB, HCF B/D

The DM version is another form of setup for the Galactica Phantom and the SDM 
version is a vital part of his very devastating combo. Both can be followed up by 
summoning striker Ryo as soon as possible and when his fireball connects, do the 
Usefulness: (DM)**** (SDM)***

Galactica Phantom, done by QCF 2X A/C

One of the most damaging (if not the most damaging) DMs in the game eversince '97. 
This DM requires skill, experience and practice (LOTS of it) if you want to connect 
with it . My standard setup for this move is the jump CD. Another good setup is the 
HMVP DM which I mentioned above but THE best setup, IMO is using Clark as 
striker. It is quite easy to connect with both versions of the move (DM AND SDM) 
once you know when to execute. 
How you ask? here it is:

Once Clark connects with his grab slide or jump behind him and wait for the exact 
moment when his finger points to the direction where he's throwing the opponent. 
You MUST execute the Galactica at the EXACT MOMENT where Clark points. 
timing is very crucial here.

Same procedure as mentioned above. the only difference is that you do the SDM 
while Clark is still trying to put the opponent to his back. Once again, timing must 
be right.

Note: Once your opponent gets thrown to the corner by the Galactica Phantom DM 
and you're in the right distance to connect with another one (not too close nor too 
far), simply repeat when the opponent's head is less than half a character's distance 
to the floor and another connection is guaranteed. If he survives then do it again. 
Timing and practice required.
Usefulness of the Galactica Phantom:*****

V Combos
Ones with the "<-" mark are the ones I recommend


Close A/B, SAB
Close A/B, Gattling
Close C, SAB <-
Close C, Vulcan Punch
Close C, Gattling Attack <-
Close C, Ralf Tackle
Close C, Super Vulcan Punch DM/SDM <-
Close C, HMVP DM/SDM <-

Dwn A, SAB
Dwn A (can be up to 3 times if you see fit), Gattling Attack <-
Dwn B, SAB <- best used in mind games though the timing can be tricky at first
Dwn C, SAB <- 
Dwn C, Gattling Attack <-
Dwn C, Ralf Tackle
Dwn C, Vulcan Punch
Dwn C, Super Vulcan Punch DM/SDM <-

Just add a jump C or D to any of the standing/crouching C combos.

Gattling Attack into Super Vulcan Punch <- use the A version of the Gattling Attack <-
Ralf Tackle into Super Vulcan Punch

VI Tactics and Strategies

          As I said in my previous FAQ, the Clark FAQ I can't give you "strategies in 
this FAQ because you know the lots of things can happen in KOF because it IS the 
deepest and most complex 2D fighting game ever. If you got problems about scrubby 
tactics and stuff like that from the guys you play against, Email me or ICQ me about it.

VII Credits

Dark Fire, Shingo (Kasumi FAQ 99 writer): For the respect. Nuff said

Erwin Balicoco: the man who told me about the Dwn B, SAB or UAB combo, personal
buddy of mine

Special mention: my friends on the net such as Shingo, Crossblade, KyoForever, 
M00nrun, Blash, KOFreak, Orochi Yamazaki, Yasakani, K',... and the list 
goes on and on and on and on..... way longer than the Energizer Bunny could ever go. 
To those not listed here, pls don't get pissed at me OK?

KOF or King of Fighters is copyright of SNK and so are it's characters. 
The Energizer Bunny is owned by....uh.... Energizer? and this FAQ is 
copyright of me, PTR, The Tainted Hero. All rights reserved. Copyright 1999. 
PTR property..... or whatever 


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