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Kasumi by Shingo

Version: 1.3 | Updated: 11/24/99

The King of Fighters '99: Millenium Battle
Shingo@canada.com - Version 1.3 - 11/24/1999

1. Disclaimer
  1.2 Updated sections
2. Introduction
  2.1 The Controls
  2.2 The Buttons
  2.3 The Life Meter
  2.4 The New Modes of Attack
  2.5 The Striker System
3. Kasumi Todo
  3.1 Kasumi's Poses and Sayings
  3.2 Kasumi's Moves, Descriptions, and Ranking
  3.3 Combos
4. Tips with Kasumi
5. Possible Updates
6. Credits


This FAQ *UPDATE* was written by me, Raffaele Saccucci, on November 24, 
1999.  If you have any additions to make to this FAQ, or have some 
questions for me, feel free to E-mail me.  My E-mail is at the top of 
the page, and I'm not terribly picky about having someone take this FAQ 
for use on their site.  E-mail me if you want to, for challenges or 
pointers.  I've been a KoF fan since 96, and I think I'm pretty good, 
but I have definitely seen better.  I live in the Toronto area, of 
Ontario Canada.  I wrote an FAQ for Blue Mary in 98, which is also on 
GameFaqs.com (THANX!).  That's about all I've got to say, keep on 
reading for Kasumi Todo tactics!


Updated Sections v.1.1

- Fixed some spelling and grammatical errors.  
- Added ICQ (use this as an alternative to E-mail) and GameFaqs.com to      
  Credits section.
- Expanded on Kasumi's 90% combo. (see Combos section for details)
- Fixed the numbers on her Intermediate and Expert Combos.
- Fixed Kasumi's Chou Kasane Ate SDM notes, and hit range.


- Fixed more spelling and grammatical errors.
- Added more notes to Chou Kasane Ate. 
- Added every possible Striker Combo for Kasumi.  See Combos section.
- Added dodge attack.  See her moves and descriptions.


- Changed Striker Robert's combo, now a 95%! (see Combos section)
- Added a couple Counter Mode combos.
- Credits updated.


King of Fighters 99 has a few new styles and modes of play, which I'll 
explain right here.

The Controls

 ub   u   uf
   \  |  /   
 b -- n -- f    
   /  |  \
 db   d   df

N - Neutral position of the joystick.
B, F - Back and Forward.
UB, U, UF - Up-back, Up and Up-Forward respectively.
DB, D, DF - Down-back, Down and Down-Forward in that order.


The Buttons

  B  C  D   

The above is the control layout on the Arcade machine.  A is the weakest 
punch (in Jhun's case, a weak kick) and B is a weak kick (in Jhun's 
case, another weak kick).  C is a stronger punch and D is a stronger 
kick. (For Jhun, they are both kicks).  Pressing CD at the same time, in 
the air or on the ground results in a very strong hit, that knocks the 
opponent down. Pressing AB at the same time, is a dodge. With the 
control in neutral, or by holding Forward, you will dodge towards the 
opponent. Pressing a button while dodging forward will result in your 
character making a quick counterattack.  If you hold Back while dodging, 
your character will quickly leap back, then forward again.  This avoids 
some close range attacks very nicely.  Pressing BC will result in a new 
Striker system.  More on that further down.


The Life Meter

The life meter is as it was as if you were playing in Extra Mode, from 
97 or 98 with a twist.  When it is flashing, you can perform an SDM, 
ONLY if you have one DM in stock.  You can no longer perform a DM at any 
time you want, unless you are in Counter Mode.  See below for more 
details there.


The New Modes of Attack

There are 2 new modes of attack in KoF 99.  One is Counter Mode, and the 
other is Armor Mode.  Counter Mode is accessed when you have 3 stocks of 
the Super Meter. (2 stocks, and a full meter) You utilize it by pressing 
ABC at the same time.  The Counter Mode is similar to KoF 96/97/98's 
Extra Life Meter, you have unlimited DM's until the time runs out.  
There are advantages and disadvantages to using Counter Mode.  An 
advantage is that most moves can be quickly cancelled into another move.  
A good example is King.  She can perform her Mirage Dance (Half-circle 
Forward *HCF*+P) then while the hits continue, perform Silent Flash 
DM(Quarter-circle Back *QCB* x2+K).  The disadvantage to using Counter 
Mode, is that DM's will come out at a slightly slower time for most 
characters, than if you weren't using Counter Mode.  Also, even if you 
are in danger (life meter is flashing red), you won't perform an SDM.  
Your attacks will do more damage in Counter Mode.

The other is Armor Mode.  This mode is accessed by pressing BCD at the 
same time.  There are advantages and disadvantages to using this as 
well.  If performing a move, such as a fireball, and the opponent hits 
you while you perform it, you won't get knocked out of the move.  You 
can still be knocked down, however, if hit by a CD attack.  The time on 
Armor Mode is MUCH faster than the time on Counter Mode.  Your life 
meter suffers less damage if you are attacked in Armor Mode.


The Striker System

This is an interesting system and is brand new to KoF.  When choosing 
your teammates, you no longer choose 3, but instead choose 4 for your 
team.  The fourth person will end up being your striker, and some 
strikers are VERY useful.  Strikers have stocks as well.  You begin with 
3 stocks, and if you lose a round, your next character will be granted 
another stock.  Stocks do not refill per character, so if my first 
character didn't spend a Striker stock, but my second spent 1, and lost, 
my third character would only have 4 stocks, because one was spent 
during my second character.



Kasumi first made her debut to KoF in King of Fighters 96, where she was 
teamed with King and Mai.  She was the best counter fighting character 
in 96, but wasn't seen as very popular then.  Kasumi is Todo's daughter 
(Todo, from Art of Fighting fame) and she is certainly a very good 
student.  She has powerful counter attacks, and some nice damaging 
combos.  Played well, she can beat most teams alone, but she has some 
serious drawbacks. 

Kasumi's clothing consists of a white shirt, and blue pants, that are 
flared out largely near the bottom. (I know there is a word for this 
type of clothing...) They are tied together by a large red sash, which 
has a charm hanging by the side.  In Kasumi's black hair is a red hair 
ribbon.  On her feet, are red sandals and her hands are equipped with 
blue gloves.  If you choose the second option of clothing, her hair, 
pants and gloves are green, and her sash and charm, hair ribbon, and 
sandals are violet.  Her shirt remains white.


Kasumi's Poses and Sayings

Taunt: She gets into a stance, and says something really fast.

Beginning a Match: She has a wood frame umbrella open, closes it, drops 
to the floor, and throws it behind her.  She then says something in 
Japanese. (Ready?)

Jumping in Rounds 2-5: She gets into her stance, and says something else 
in Japanese.

Against Shingo: She taunts Shingo, while he looks through his notebook.
Again, she says something else in Japanese. 

Against Ryo, Yuri, Robert or Takuma: She bows in respect and says more 
stuff in Japanese. (AoF!)

Win Pose A: She performs a small kata (routine, or exercise) and then 
says Ai! at the screen.

Win Pose B: She fixes up her clothing, then looks behind her, with a 
breeze blowing her hair and clothes. (RYU!!)

Win Pose C: She removes her hair ribbon, and holds it in her hands, then 
says something.

Lose the Round with 0 health: She screams.  That's all.

Lose the Round by timeout: She puts a hand to her face, then drops to 
floor and sits down with a blank look on her face. 

Win the whole match: The way of Todoh prevails!  The martial arts!  They 


Kasumi's Moves, Descriptions and Rankings

The words behind the : are the position and the button pressed, as well 
as the distance at which they are performed.  The words after the : is 
the move's description, how many hits it does, and ranking with *'s. 5 
*'s is the maximum.

Standing A (far): A quick body blow with her left hand.  Short range.
                  (1) **
         (close): A quick elbow. (1) ***

Standing B (far): Walking forward, she does a high snap kick.  Middle
                  range. (1) ***
         (close): She does a high-angled side kick to the opponent.
                  Not really comboable. (1) **

Standing C (far): She moves in close for a horizontal knife chop.  
                  Lots of lag time if you don't follow up with HCB+P.    
                  (1) **
         (close): She does a high palm strike.  Perfect for combos. (1) 

Standing D (far): Turning around, she does a backwards kick.  Very long 
                  range. (1) ****
         (close): She delivers a right kick to the midsection.  Can be 
                  comboed. (1) ***

Jumping A: She does a small elbow drop.  Has priority, but no
           range. (1) **

Jumping B: She does a long kick with her right leg.  Slightly
           angled downwards.  Good range. (1) ***

Jumping C: She does a low knife chop.  Not a lot of range. (1) **

Jumping D: A basic horizontal jump kick.  Because it's horizontal
           it has good range, but uppercuts stop her cold. (1) **

Squatting A: A low body punch.  Can't be comboed well. (1) *

Squatting B: A short outward sweep kick.  Can't be comboed. (1) *
Squatting C: A high elbow.  Can be comboed by HCB + P. (1) **

Squatting D: A full sweep kick.  Can't be comboed. (1) ***

Forward + A: She delivers a double elbow punch.  The first hit can be     
             blocked high or low, but the second hit must be blocked 
             high.  Either hit is cancelable. (2) ****

Standing CD: She pushes both per palms outward for a forceful blow to 
             the midsection.  Not a lot of range. (1) ***

Jumping CD: She does a 360 spin in the air, and does a low-angled jump 
            kick.  Great range. (1) ***

Grab + C: She grabs the opponent, then palm punches them away. (1) ***

Grab + D: She kneels, and tosses the opponent over her. (1) ***

Dodge attack (AB, then A,B,C or D): She does a low punch. Very pathetic 
                                    range. (1) **

Those were the basic moves, now for the specials.

P - Punch. A or C.
K - Kick. B or D.
QCF - Quarter circle Forward. D, DF, F.
QCB - Quarter circle Back. D, DB, B.
HCF - Half circle Forward. B, DB, D, DF, F.
HCB - Half circle Back. F, DF, D, DB, B.

QCF + P 
Kasane Ate - Piled Hitter (was called Ecstasy Crunch in 96) (1) ***

Her only fireball like move.  It comes out in a small wave, and knocks 
down any opponent who touches it.  Has the average strength for a 
fireball, but pretty bad range.  This can be performed in the air, but 
it loses about 50% of it's range, and that's bad enough.  Luckily, it 
loses no speed or has no lag if you're using A or C. 

Senkou Nagashi - Fan sinking into the Gutter (Up to 4) ***

A new move since 96, this move covers the entire length of the screen.  
You must repeat QCB+P 3 times to get the full effect.  She begins with a 
far C, then a close C (Elbow into Palm Strike), then a low strike, and 
finally into a roundhouse that knocks the opponent down.  Not big on 
damage, but useful for draining away health.  Combos easily from close C 
or D.

Hakusan Tou: Dageki Bougyou - Snowy Mountain Peach Tree: Strike Defense 
(2) ****

I believe she had this in 96, but I don't remember all that well.  This 
is a good counter attack, and her only likeness of an uppercut move.  It 
has nice vertical range, but it's true strength lies in countering the 
normal hits of others.  Try to time it so if the opponent comes running 
at you with a regular attack, like a standing C, this move counters and 
hits them up into the air.  You cannot combo them in the air 
unfortunetly.  Using B has a bit more speed to it than D.

Messhin Mutou: Joudan Atemi - Body Destroying without Throwing: Upper 
Self Hit (1) ****

The REAL strength of Kasumi.  Her counters.  Using B, she gets into a 
stance of counter attacking any airborne attack.  This includes jumping 
in, Krizalid's 3-part kick, and most any other move where the opponent 
is in the air, even if it wasn't a jump. (Mai's HCF+K, or Blue Mary's 
QCF, HCB+P) Kasumi will grab the opponent from the air, and toss them to 
the other side. (if Whip does her Hook Shot, Kasumi will LOOK like she's 
throwing her to the other side, but she ends up behind Kasumi)
Can also counter aeriel SDM's.

Sesshin Inshuu: Chuudan Atemi - Deadly Palm Shadow Kick: Middle Self Hit 
(1) ****

Kasumi's other counter.  This one counters anything coming at her from 
the ground.  Running C's or D's, and specific specials or DM's.  Her 
counters are very strong. (Shingo's QCF+P, or Iori's QCF, HCB+P) When 
she grabs her opponent, she kicks them away.  This counter can even stop 
SDM's.  Just don't try to counter fireballs.

Tatsumaki Suda: Nage Dageki - Tornado Spear Strike: Throwing Strike (4) 

This move can only be performed in close range, and is unblockable.  
This move is also key to her DM combo, as it is a powerful air juggle.  
It has no miss frame, so don't bother trying it out in the middle of 
nowhere.  Using A gives the opponent more air time than C does, and C 
should only be used if the opponent is in the corner.  Things to do 
after hitting the opponent with it are standing CD, jumping CD, QCF+P in 
the air, QCB+K, or (my personal favourite...)

Chou Kasane Ate - Super Piled Hitter (DM - 5, SDM - 10!) *****

This is the super version of her fireball, and does it ever rule.  Using 
A gives it ZERO lag, but it also only covers 50% of the screen.  Using C 
gives it some lag, but carries the DM all the way across.  The SDM has 
no lag, whether using C or A.  Use DM with C only if you have to, or if 
you want to trick someone, but it doesn't do much good using C in 
combos, especially Striker combos; the A button should ALWAYS be THE 
button to use.  A side note, if you're in Counter Mode, you might as 
well hit the C button for doing this DM.  The lag time is equal with A 
(and it actually feels like less time using C in Counter Mode). This is 
a great DM to drain away large amounts of health.  If used in a combo 
with HCB+P, it looks very nice.  Some things to be said here, though.  
If you are in the corner, and are comboing with HCB+P, make sure it's a 
DM only, not SDM.  No matter where you do that combo from, it will only 
do 1 hit.  If you have SDM capability, try to bring the opponent out 
away from the corner, then combo.  You will easily get 7 or 8 hits from 
it, if timed correctly, otherwise, in the corner, you'll only get 1 hit.  
I've gotten a solid 15 hit combo, which dealt about 80% damage to the 
opponent.  Looks pretty ^_^  If the opponent is running right next to 
you, the DM will miss completely.  Also, you won't always get the full 5 
or 10 hits.  For the full 5 on DM, you must use the C version.  Usually, 
however, with the SDM, I can never get 10 hits.  I always seem to end up 
with 7, 8 at the very most.  Sometimes, with luck, the SDM will take 
away 75% health when the opponent is positioned just right as a stand-
alone move.

Shingen Tsuzura Otochi - Heart and Eye Arrowroot Drop (DM or SDM - 1) 

Her super counter, the god of damage.  (I'm not kidding) This looks like 
it hurts, and it really does.  This counter counters everything (except 
fireballs) from the air OR ground, making it VERY useful.  When it 
connects, she slams them over her shoulder, then punches the back of 
their head.  The slamming does serious damage, and the punch is VERY 
strong.  As an SDM, it's INCREDIBLY strong, easily taking away more than 
60% of the life meter. 

STRIKER (B+C together)
Katsu - Scold (1) ****

At first, Kasumi jumps out about 1/6th the screen width with a jump 
kick.  Whether or not it hits something, she will taunt for about 2 
seconds, then jump away.  The jump kick actually does damage, and if the 
opponent is hit with it, they will get caught by Kasumi's stretched arm, 
and she'll throw them towards you.  If the opponent didn't get hit with 
the jumpkick, her pointing finger will get them.  Just like her 
QCF,HCB+P DM, she will grab anything on the floor or in the air, and 
throw them WAY across the screen.  Even if the opponent didn't attack 
Kasumi, she'll just grab them and throw them away.  It will only work 
when she throws out her arm.  After she begins speaking, and waving it 
up and down, she will no longer throw the opponent, but she drains away 
the opponents super meter, almost up to a whole stock!



Beginner Combos:
Jump C/D - C/D - QCF+P (3)
Jump C/D - C/D - QCB+K (4)
Jump C/D - C/D - HCB+P (6)
Jump CD (deep) - CD (2)

Intermediate Combos:
Running C/D - Forward+A - HCB+P - CD (8)
Running C/D - Forward+A - QCB+Px3 (7)
Down C - Forward+A - HCB+P - CD (8)

Expert Combos:
Jump C/D - C/D - HCB+P - QCFx2+P (7-16)
Running C/D - Forward+A - HCB+P - QCFx2+P (8-16)

Counter Mode Combos: 
Dodge Attack - Forward+A - HCB+P - QCFx2+P (8)

With Yuri as your Striker: The opponent must be within hitting range of 
Yuri, for her to do her Hien Rekkou.  Call Yuri out, and Yuri will begin 
performing her Hien Rekkou.  Do QCFx2+P (SDM ONLY).  The many hits will 
freeze the opponent on the spot, but Yuri will continue doing her Hien 
Rekkou.  Do QCFx2+P again, and if Yuri was still hitting your opponent, 
the second DM will rack up MORE hits.  The maximum I've seen done with 
this is 90%, more than 20 hits! (Difficulty: TOO HIGH!)

With Robert as Striker: You need to be close to the opponent to do this, 
and it takes some timing and practice.  Call Robert, and immediately 
after she's done looking through her book, perform Chou Kasane Ate SDM 
(only).  You know you'll have done it right if the Hit Meter only shows 
about 3 or 4 hits, any later than that, and Robert's final kick won't 
hit them into the air.  When Robert does his final kick, you should be 
out of SDM lag, and able to perform it again, with the opponent coming 
down.  More than 90% and 21 hits was the max I got.
(Difficulty: HIGH)

Striker Combos: (Starting from the top of the character select screen):

Benimaru: Holding the opponent in place sets up perfectly for DM.

Maxima: Same deal as Benimaru.  Abuse Chou Kasane Ate to no end!

Shingo: Be quick to run in with the ground combo as Shingo is the 
easiest striker to use for setting up the entire 16 hit combo.

Andy: Even at halfway across the screen, Chou Kasane Ate can be comboed.  
Just make sure you use A.

Joe: If you have to use DM, use A.  C lags too much that the combo is 
either ineffective, or you miss. 

Ryo: Death from above and on the ground make for a strong offensive.  As 
always, use Chou Kasane Ate here.

Robert: 95% combo!  This one is MUCH easier to do than Yuri's, but it's 
also under the PROFESSIONAL COMBOS section.

Yuri: See her 90% combo above!!

Shin Kyo: Team up time! If your opponent is really stupid enough to 
allow getting hit by this, they deserve the damage they'll get.  Make 
sure the enemy is far enough away so Shin Kyo doesn't do his Serpent 
Wave immediately, but holds it in, then do Chou Kasane Ate with A, and 
there will be a double flash, and a nice 6-10 hit combo, depending on DM 
or SDM.  It's all for the looks!

Leona: The blast from the dynamite knocks the opponent into the air, and 
Chou Kasane Ate can do more damage.

Ralf: Timing must be good on this to get the full effect.  Wait until 
the opponent is already halfway in the air to begin your DM, otherwise, 
your DM will either go under the opponent, or only get one or two hits.

Clark: Wait for Clark to throw the opponent at you, or else the DM will 
have no effect.

Chin: You can't hit them while Chin is.  You must hit before he does.  
I've manage to time it so that when I do SDM, his hits go together with 
mine, for a 12 hit, 50% combo, but for this to work, the opponent but be 
slow enough to allow being hit after Chin looks around a bit.

King: King doing her slide into Silent Flash sets Kasumi up perfectly 
for a Chou Kasane Ate... (possible 100%, if done similarily to Yuri's? I 
know K' has one...)

Blue Mary: You can hit the opponent as they fall, after Mary tosses them 
into the air, but this takes some practice.  You have to start up a 
couple seconds after Mary throws them, or else you miss or don't get 
maximum hits.

Kim: After the Phoenix Kick, hit them with Chou Kasane Ate as they drop 
to the floor.  Use A if it's DM. 

Choi: His attack fortunetly lags just enough for a DM to be possible to 
hit the opponent as they both rise into the air.

** The rest of the strikers are too fast for Kasumi to get out a DM in 
time, or they don't set up Kasumi at all.

I know there are MANY more combos out there... it'll take a little time 
to figure them all out.



As you can see, I've ranked most of her normal hits pretty low.  That is 
her one MAJOR drawback.  Her normal hits lack any serious punch to them, 
and she has only 2 or 3 normal moves with any serious range.  Her most 
valuable normal moves, are forward+A, close C, and far D.  Close C is by 
far her best normal move to combo from, and far D is just the perfect 
poking hit.  It might be a bit slow to come out, but when she's finished 
her turnabout, she isn't lagged.  Instead, if you used far C, and failed 
to come through with HCB+P, you'll be sorry if the opponent jumps on 
your mistake.  Forward+A is great for tricking opponents who are lower 
blocking.  The second hit will connect, and with timing, HCB+P will hit 
them for more damage, as well as setting them up for combos.

By far, her specials and DM's especially are her most valuable asset.  
Take full advantage of them when you can, whether you want to be cheap 
and drain away health with Chou Kasane Ate, or catch someone by surprise 
with HCB+P, then complete it with your own brand of style.

Kasumi's lack of range makes her a perfect close range fighter, but he 
normal hits don't deal the damage you seek.  Kasumi is best played 
defensively, using her counters to deal all the damage you require.  Her 
QCB+K is her only air offensive attack, and it counters most normal 

Kasumi does not make a bad striker, she's pretty good because of the 
length of time she stands there taunting the opponent.  I've used her 
sometimes to help me block Ryo's HCB,F+P DM or timing it perfectly to 
throw away Ralf from his Galactica Phantom DM.  It's too bad that her 
throw doesn't deal damage but you can set up for a hit, or let them 
fall, because while their back is turned, timing a DM to hit from behind 
never fails.

One last serious problem she has, is that she can't really combo a Jump 
C/D - C/D - Forward A.  If she tries, her first hit on Forward A misses, 
and you end up risking the opponent blocking the second hit, making the 
rest of your combo useless.  There might be a way of getting around this 
somehow, but I'm still experimenting, and the money only lasts so long 



Counter Mode and Armor Mode Combos...
More normal Combos, as I figure them out...
A team strategy guide: How to beat the game with Kasumi alone...
Bugs, if there are any...



PTR - Pushed me into writing this thing, also for some hints on some 
characters with 99, and his nice FAQ's. 

Kao Megura - for letting me use his Japanese names and translations of 
the moves on this FAQ.

Can't forget GameFaqs.com for letting this FAQ on their site ^_^

Thanks to Vincent Chua. Cool site with incredible amounts of KoF 
information. hello.to/vinckof 

Thanks to Another Gamer, who showed me Vincent's site with the 95% 
combo, among other combos.

Thanks to Xeno102, for I got the Counter Mode combo from Vincent's site.

Anyone else who will be contributing to this FAQ, and I know a lot of 
you will, I need some help with translations for what she says in her 
opening rounds and such.

ICQ: 38583711

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