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Xiang Fei by Boo Boo

Version: 1.4 | Updated: 01/19/00

Title: Li Xiang Fei KOF99 FAQ v1.4
Author: Boo Boo
Last Updated: 1-19-00
email: booboo33_33@yahoo.com

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Legal Stuff: This document is intended for public use. Do not use for
profit in any manner, unless you have first received permission from
me. If you wish to post this elsewhere or use material from this faq,
please notify me first. I'd like to know where this faq is going.

Table of Contents:

1. Version History
2. Who is Xiang Fei
3. Why Play Xiang Fei
4. FAQ Notation
5. Her Attacks
6. Combos
7. Strategies (Quite lengthy)
8. What's Needed 
9. Fun and Useless Stuff
10. Credits and KOF Links
11. Comments, Suggestions, Corrections?

1. Version History:

v1.4 : Well, shiiiieooot. I guess v1.3 isn't going to be the last 
     update for this faq after all. VERY BIG overhaul of strategy
     section. Added a separate Striker combo section. Corrected and
     modified some of the old combos. Added non-DM combo #8 (section
     6.2). Added a "What's Needed" section. All right, this will 
     probably be the last update for this FAQ. And this time, I mean 
     it. I think.

v1.3 : Added more details on her Grab DM and 2 x qcf + P DM. Changed 
     my thoughts on her multi-hit DM's priority (it comes out slower 
     than I'd like). Changed my rating on her qcf + K rolling grab
     (it's better than I thought). Added a bug involving Maxima in the
     Miscellaneous section. Prolly last update for this faq.

v1.2 : Added the follow-up to her command throw. Added Counter Mode 
     Combo #9 and Non-Dm Combo #6. Added the translation for Xiang 
     Fei's First Round Intro quote.

v1.15 : Added her taunt followup to her qcf, qcf + P DM. Added Non-DM
     combo #3 in section 6.2.

v1.1 : Changed content and format of combo section, and added a
     separate section for purely chain combos. Changed my rating on
     her Jump C. Added more round introductions and her win quote.

v1.0 : The first draft. Nothing much to say here.

2. Who is Xiang Fei:

Okay, Xiang Fei is this super-hyper cutsie Chinese-American teenage
girl that made her fighting debut in Real Bout Fatal Fury 2. 
Apparently, when she's not fighting, she works as a waitress in some
Chinese-food restaurant; I guess this would explain why she happens to 
hate freeloaders (people who eat but don't pay). She also has a 
tremendous appetite... she's awful noisy and silly when she fights, 
but I think she's hilarious and entertaining.

Here is her profile, thanks to Gunsmith's KOF99 FAQ:

Place of Birth : America
Fighting Style : Chinese Martial Arts + Drunken Master
Age            : 17
DOB            : 5/25
Blood Type     : B
Height         : 160 cm
Weight         : 45 kg
Hobby          : Catnap
Favourite Food : Chaozu (fried parcels) with Prawn inside
Best sport     : Short Distance Running
Important Thing: Friend
Hated Thing    : Etiquette

3. Why Play Xiang Fei:

If you enjoy using quick characters and fighting hand-to-hand in-close
against your opponent, you really should give Xiang Fei a try. She is
one of the fastest characters in KOF99, if not THE fastest character;
and she can be very effective from mid to close range. Also, Xiang Fei
can be a very confusing character to fight against. Xiang Fei's
moves can be hard to read and predict, especially when combined with
her speed. Because of this, I think she is best played as a confusion
character. She has a ton of moves, and each of them are effective if 
used properly. She definitely can't win with straightforward poking,
and you will also find it tough to win with her if you do stupid
patterns all day. Stupid patterns won't beat smart opponents.

4. FAQ Notation:

A = light punch 
B = light kick 
C = heavy punch 
D = heavy kick 

+ = press button at the same time as joystick motion
/ = you can use either button (that is, Stnd C/D means you can use 
     either Stnd C or Stnd D).

CM = Counter Mode
AM = Armor Mode

cancellable = the attack can be cancelled into a command move if it
     makes contact with the opponent.

whiff-cancellable = the attack can be canceled into a command move 
     at any time, regardless if it hits or misses an opponent.

d   = down joystick motion
u   = up joystick motion
b   = hold joystick in blocking direction 
f   = joystick forward motion
db  = hold joystick down and back
df  = hold joystick down and forward
qcb = quarter circle back joystick motion (d, db, b)
qcf = quarter circle forward joystick motion (d, df, f)
hcb = half circle back joystick motion (f, df, d, db, b)
hcf = half circle forward joystick motion (b, db, d, df, f)
dp  = uppercut joystick motion (f, d, df)
rdp = reverse uppercut joystick motion (b, d, db)

5. Her Attacks:

Note: Her moves will be rated from * to *****, where * = sucky,
*** = so and so, and ***** = awesome.

5.1 Throws:

I give both her normal throws *****. She needs them to keep her
opponent from turtling.

When close, b/f + C : She dumps the opponent onto his back in front of 
     her. Good for keeping cornered opponents cornered.

When close, b/f + D : She whips the opponent around, and delivers an 
     elbow into his gut. Good if she's in the corner and want to trade 
     places with the opponent.

5.2 Normal Attacks:

Far Standing A (****) (cancellable on either hit):
     X-Fei does a quick two-hit strike at her chest-level. Does not 
     have very good range, but it is faster than most Far A and B 
     attacks. Definitely use this move if your opponent is within its
     range. One of her main combo starters. The only way an opponent
     can duck under it is if he does a low-to-the-ground move, (i.e. 
     Bao's Dwn C or Beni's Dwn B).
Far Standing B (**) (not cancellable):
     A spinning head-level kick (well, it hits at Xiang Fei's head
     level, but on Maxima, it hits him in the waist). Rather slow to
     come out and to recover. Range is decent. Don't use too much.

Far Standing C (**) (not cancellable):
     A two-handed palm strike at belt-level. Pretty bad range. Decent
     speed. Don't use it much, her Far D and Crouching D are better.

Far Standing D (***) (not cancellable):
     A roundhouse kick to the waist. Has good reach and speed, decent
     priority. Her second-longest-ranged poke, and one of her better 
     pokes overall.

Near Standing A (*****) (cancellable):
     A quick elbow at her head-level (once again, this means she's
     hitting the big guys in the belly). Probably her best in-close
     attack. Use it a lot to start combos. If Far Standing A comes out 
     instead, don't worry, Far Standing A is cancellable, too.

Near Standing B (***) (cancellable):
     A knee to the opponent's waist. It is noticeably slower than her
     quick hand-strikes. However, it is the easiest way to combo into 
     her Grab DM. Other than for DM combos, you're better off using 
     her A attacks.

Near Standing C (***) (cancellable):
     Looks very similar to her Far Standing C. Don't use it in 
     priority battles, since it will lose to most Standing C's (i.e. 
     Clark's). Use it for combos and pressuring.

Near Standing D (***) (cancellable):
     She kicks up high at the opponent's face. Although it looks like
     it hits high, it will still hit crouchers. Very similar to
     Near Standing C in terms of usage.

Standing CD (***) (cancellable, whiff-cancellable):
     She slides forward with a shoulder ram. Comes out pretty fast
     for a CD, and has good range. Use it to keep the pressure on.

CD Counter (**) (not cancellable):
     She does her Standing CD animation. It is slow to come out, so
     it isn't very useful.

Crouching A (**) (cancellable):
     She does a kneeling hand-strike. TERRIBLE range. Only use when 
     you're right in front of the opponent (i.e. after a crossup 
     jump attack).

Crouching B (*) (not cancellable):
     She sticks out her foot and kicks you in the shin.  Pretty bad
     range. It is noticeably slower than her A attacks. Don't use 

Crouching C (****) (cancellable, whiff-cancellable):
     She does some sort of uppercut. Bufferable and good for combos.
     Pretty good anti-air, but not great. She can still cancel moves
     off it even if she whiffs.

Crouching D (*****) (cancellable, whiff-cancellable): 
     A fast turnaround sweep with good reach. Easily her best long-
     ranged poke. It is not whiff-cancellable all the time; I've 
     noticed that I can whiff-cancel it only if the opponent is within 
     a couple steps from her kicking foot.

Jumping A (****):
     She sticks out a quick knife-hand to her front and below her, 
     making it decent for jump-ins. Very quick. In air battles, this
     is her best air attack to out-quick an opponent's air attack.

Hopping and Horizontal Jump B (*****):
     She does a quick downward kick. Great downward range, good 
     forward range. Great crossup attack, too. It is her best jumping 
     attack overall, IMHO. It's speed is not the greatest, so when you 
     jump-attack with it, you have to press the B button a bit early.

Vertical High Jumping B (***):
     She does a quick kick to her front. Good reach, and can be used
     to defend against air-attacks.

Hopping and Horizontal Jump C (***):
     She does a hand-strike to her front and slightly above. Do not
     use this for jump-ins. Comes out pretty fast, and is decent as an 
     air-to-air attack against jumpers above you.

Vertical Jump C (***):
     She does a knife-hand that looks a lot like her Jumping A. Due to
     its downward angle, it is her best jump-in attack after you've 
     executed a high vertical jump.

Hopping and Horizontal Jump D (*****):
     She does a long-ranged kick to her front. Good for jump-ins
     and air-battles. It can crossup, but it's a lot harder to cross
     up with than her Cross-Up Jump B.

Vertical High Jumping D (***):
     She does an upwards kick that looks like it has bad range, but
     it seems to win a lot of air battles for me. Maybe it's my 

Jump CD (***):
     It looks a lot like her Hopping D. Comes out quite fast. Nice for
     air battles. Not a good jump-in due to its angle.

5.3 Striker Attack:

Rating: (*)

Xiang Fei jumps in, does her taunt (wow, her face is stretchy), and
your opponent's POW meter keeps dropping, so long as the opponent 
doesn't hit Xiang Fei. The most she can take off is one bar of POW
meter, I think. She doesn't do anything else, except act as some sort 
of shield. Bottom line: she's a terrible striker.

5.4 Slide Attack: (hit A, B, C, or D during AB forward slide)

Rating: (****)

This is a new attack featured in KOF99, where you can cancel during
the middle of a forward AB slide into an attack by hitting A, B, C, or
D. Xiang Fei's Slide Attack is a back-fist with good range and speed. 
Useful against fireballers. In Counter Mode, it becomes bufferable, 
and you can combo off it.

5.5 Command Attacks:

f + A (*****) (cancellable only when chained):
     She does a downward two-fisted strike. When used alone, it is
     an overhead. When used in a chain, it is no longer an overhead.
     Very useful for combos. I almost always chain this after a 
     Standing A.

f + B (****) (cancellable only when chained):
     She does a low turn-around kick that does not knock down. It
     always hits low, whether used alone or in a chain. Although it 
     has a slow start-up, it is still useful for mind games. See
     strategy for further details.

df + D (***) (not cancellable):
     She does something like f + B, except it comes out a lot faster.
     It is a lot like her Crouching D, actually, except that it
     does not knock down. Overall, not that useful. But it is good
     for mind games, since it hits low whether it is chained or not.
     See strategy for further details.

5.6 Special Attacks:

qcf + P (*****) (CM cancellable):
     She spins as she stomps forward, her palms creating a big ball of 
     chi in front of her. It is her primary combo move, and a pretty 
     good poking tool. If blocked, has good recovery and pushes 
     opponent away. Almost useless fact: the ball of chi absorbs 

     Use this move a lot, but do not abuse it TOO much. She can be hit 
     out of this move before her energy ball comes out, and the ball 
     itself only has pretty good priority. Also, there are ways for
     the opponent to get around this move. BTW, this is not good for

     Only the A version is comboable. The C version is too slow to 
     combo, but it does have better range than the A version. Use the
     C version only if you are attacking a blocking opponent so that
     your attacks are pushing the opponent too far away for the A 
     version to reach.

dp + K (*) (CM cancellable on first hit only):
     She stomps on the ground, then flies upwards with a shoulder-ram.
     It is SLOW to come out. Do NOT use as anti-air. As a matter of 
     fact, never use it, unless you want some variety in your combos.

qcb + P (**):
     This is a LOT like Shin Kyo's counter move. She does this slow
     funny-looking upwards strike. If the opponent blocks the strike, 
     Xiang Fei recovers quite quickly from her strike. If the opponent
     gets hit by the strike, he gets popped into the air while X-Fei
     lets out this weird little squeak. If the opponent attacks during 
     X-Fei's strike, she will "catch" his attack and lash out with her 
     own counter-attack.

     This move only counters normal punches and kicks; it does not 
     counter special moves, as far as I know. Use this move 
     occasionally to annoy your opponents, but don't use it much.
     It's not as good as Shin Kyo's counter move.

qcf + K (**) (unblockable):
     She SLOWLY rolls forward, grabs her opponent, then knocks him 
     down. Can NOT be used in combos. Although it is unblockable, it 
     is very SLOW. Also, she can not grab the opponent until she 
     reaches the end of her roll. So, if she does it at point-blank 
     range, she still has to go through her entire roll before she can 
     grab her opponent. Not a very good move. Use rarely.

     If you use qcf + B, you can follow up with another qcf + B. The 
     qcf + D version has no follow-up. The qcf + B, when combined with 
     its follow-up, does a little more damage than the qcf + D. 
     qcf + D will have X-Fei switch positions with her opponent, while 
     qcf + B does not.

hcb, f + P (unblockable up close) (***):
     This is a throw move. She grabs her opponent and trades places
     with him or her, leaving the opponent open for a quick attack.
     This is a lot like Iori's scum gale throw.

     Unfortunately, this throw is rather slow, has bad range, and
     has no priority compared to other command throws. As of now, I 
     cannot find a way to combo it. However, don't give up on this 
     move. When used with her annoyingly fast attacks, you can get 
     one in here and there, thus setting up an easy DM combo.

     There is a follow-up to this command throw, which is qcb + P. 
     Execute the follow-up while she is grabbing the opponent, and she
     will do a shoulder-ram that resembles her Standing CD, only 
     quicker. It doesn't do that much damage by itself. But in Counter 
     Mode, she can combo off the follow-up. Very neat, indeed.

5.7 Desperation Moves:

qcf, hcb + K (***):
     Xiang Fei lets out a tremendous yell, then charges forward with
     a shoulder ram. This DM looks scary, but her shoulder ram only
     has mediocre priority. The start-up is VERY SLOW and cannot be 
     comboed, except in Counter Mode. Its only use, other than in
     Counter Mode, is juggling off a striker attack.

hcbx2 + P (unblockable up close) (***):
     Xiang Fei reaches out, plants her hand on her opponent's chest,
     then proceeds to blast him for 100 hits (102 if SDM)! This throw
     DM is a lot like Benimaru's Grab DM from KOF98. It comes out
     slow, but has invincibility frames at the beginning. This throw 
     also has VERY good range, almost her arm's length. If she misses
     the throw, she rears back and fires a short-ranged blast, which 
     knocks her back to relative safety. She then fixes her hair. ^_^

     This DM can be used as anti-air. When an opponent jumps in and 
     attacks, his attack passes through Xiang Fei during her 
     invincible startup; and then she grabs him. Your timing has to be 
     REALLY good, because although the beginning of her DM is 
     invincible, the rest of her DM is NOT invincible. So, she can be 
     thrown or hit right after the DM's startup. In other words, doing 
     this DM too early as anti-air could result in Xiang Fei getting 
     hurt. For anti-air, you have to do this DM a split-second before 
     your opponent lands in front of you. 

     If you have quick hands, this DM can also be used to snatch an 
     opponent who is in your face and pummeling you with non-chained
     attacks. This DM has good grab range, so the opponent doesn't 
     have to be too close for this to work.

     In Counter Mode, this DM seems to come out a little faster. It
     may not actually be faster, but it sure does seem like it. 
     Dash-in grabs become more useful for Xiang Fei when she's in
     Counter Mode.

qcfx2 + P (***):
     Xiang Fei does three slow close-ranged painful-looking hits for
     the DM, four hits for the SDM. She can be hit out of it before
     she starts her attacks, but once she starts punching, it has good 
     priority against ground attacks, mediocre priority against air 
     attacks. It is not great anti-air. 

     I use the DM and SDM mostly as a follow-up to to her hcb, f 
     command throw. Overall, probably her most damaging DM. 
     Note: mash on the buttons while she's doing this super and, at 
     the end, she will make a funny face at the opponent!  It's like 
     Ryuji's and Kyo's taunts after their Drill and Firefist DMs in 

6. Combos:

If you know of any combos that are not listed here, I would greatly 
appreciate it if you sent them to me, so I can put them in and give 
credit to you...

Has anyone out there seen the combo video for Xiang Fei? If you have, 
could you please email me and tell me what combos my FAQ is missing?

For combos that use her Dwn C, you can substitute her Dwn C with a
Stnd C/D.

6.1 Chain Combos:

## = can be chained, but will not combo

1) Dwn C, f + A

2) Dwn C, f + B

3) Dwn C, df + D

4) Near Stnd A, f + A

5) Near Stnd A, df + D

6) Dwn A, Stnd A or Near Stnd B, f + A

7) Dwn A, Stnd A or Near Stnd B, df + D

8) Dwn A, Far Stnd B

9) Dwn A, Dwn B

10) Far Stnd A (2 hits), f + A (can chain off 1st or 2nd hit)

11) Far Stnd A (2 hits), df + D (can chain off 1st or 2nd hit)

12) ## Dwn D, f + B

13) ## Dwn D, f + A

14) ## Dwn D, df + D

15) ## Stnd A, f + B

16) ## Dwn A, f + B

17) ## Dwn A, Stnd A or Stnd B, f + B

6.2 Non-DM combos:

1) Jump B/D, Stnd A (first hit only if Far Stnd A), f + A, qcf + A 

     *(You must learn this combo if you want to win with Xiang Fei.)

2) Crossup-Jump B, Dwn A, Stnd A, f + A, qcf + A

     *(Xiang Fei's crossup B is very useful. You need to learn this
     combo too, although you can skip the Dwn A if you want.) 

3) (Opponent in corner) Dwn C, qcf + A, Stnd B

     *(Yup, you can juggle after the qcf + A! Neat, huh? Don't try
     to time it, just mash on B once you land the qcf + A.)

4) ## Dwn D, qcf + A

     *(This is not a real combo. This is a pressure tactic that helps 
     you get closer to your opponent, when he is outside the range of 
     your Dwn C or Stnd A.)

5) Connect with hcb f + P, Dwn C, qcf + A

     *(If you don't have a DM stock, you can do this if you land her 
     command throw.)

6) Connect with hcb f + P, qcb + P

     *(This is just the follow-up to the command throw. It looks nice,
     but Combo 5 does more damage. However, it's worthwhile to get the
     timing down for this combo, because in Counter Mode, she can do 
     more afterwards...)

7) Cross-up Jump B, Stnd C/D, dp + B/D

     *(This might be a little more damaging than combo #2.)

8) (Opponent in corner) Stnd CD (Counter-Hit), qcf + C, Stnd D

     *(If you ever counter your opponent with her Stnd CD, this is the
     combo you will want to try.)

6.3 Normal Mode DM Combos:

1) Cross Up Jumping B, Stnd B, hcbx2 + P (DM or SDM)

     *(You have to be fast in comboing this DM/SDM, cuz if you buffer
     the DM a bit on the slow side, the DM will miss... there is a
     shortcut for executing this DM combo, in case you didn't know.
     Do Cross Up B, hcb + B, hcb + P. It's a lot easier to time than
     trying to do both half-circles after Stnd B.)

2) (Opponent in corner) Jump B, Stnd B, 2xhcb + P (DM or SDM)

     *(Not a reliable combo, since the DM is so slow. Use at own 

3) Cross Up B, Stnd C/D, qcfx2 + P (DM only)

     *(Don't use a regular jump-in here, it might push the opponent 
     too far away.)

4) Connect with hcb f + P, qcfx2 + P (DM or SDM)

     *(This is so nice. A free DM or SDM if you land her command

6.4 Counter Mode Combos:

Note: Keep in mind that Normal Mode's DM combos will work in
Counter Mode. Also, I find Xiang Fei to be pretty effective in
Counter Mode. Try to use her a lot in this mode.

1) (Opponent's back near corner) Stnd A, f + A, qcf + A, qcf hcb + K
     or qcfx2 + P

     *(You can't do this off a jump-in, since the opponent usually 
     gets pushed too far away for the qcf + A to connect. This combo 
     is a built-in shortcut, where you only have to do hcb + K or 
     qcf + A after the initial qcf + A. The qcf hcb + K does a lot
     more damage for this combo, so use that DM instead of the qcfx2 

2) (Opponent's back near corner) Jump B/D, Stnd C/D, qcf + A,
     qcf hcb + K or qcfx2 + P

     *(Similar to combo 1, except that this starts with a jump-in.)

3) AB slide attack, f + A

4) AB slide attack, f + B

5) AB slide attack, qcf + A

6) AB slide attack, qcfx2 + P

7) (Opponent in corner) AB slide attack, qcf + A, qcf hcb + K or 
     qcfx2 + P

8) Connect with hcb f + P, qcb + P, qcfx2 + P

     *(This combo looks very nice indeed! Also, the timing for this
     combo seems pretty easy; I can do the qcf qcf + P rather slow,
     and I still get it to combo off the qcb + P. BTW, the qcb + P
     is referring to the follow-up to her command throw, NOT her
     counter move.)

6.5 Armor Mode Combos:

Yeah right. Who'd use Xiang Fei in armor mode? Go to the next 

6.6 Striker Combos:

1) Connect with Kim Striker, qcf hcb + K (DM or SDM)

     *(The timing for this juggle is quite hard. Have Xiang Fei start 
     her DM right when Kim releases the opponent into the sky. It's
     possible to juggle this DM off other strikers, but I haven't
     learned the timing for those strikers just yet.)

2) Crossup Jump B, call Terry Striker, qcf + C, Jump CD

     *(Do the qcf + C as soon as you can. The Jump CD is a juggle 
     after the opponent is popped up by Terry's Geyser. Terry's Geyser 
     does not always hit the opponent in this combo, so the Jump CD
     afterwards is not always possible. BTW, the opponent has to be
     rather near to his end-of-the-screen, or the opponent will 
     recover in time to block Terry.)

7. Strategies:

These are just some of my suggestions and thoughts on how to use
Xiang Fei. They are not foolproof methods to victory, but I'd like to
think that they are somewhat useful tactics...

7.1 Which Mode to Use:

Counter Mode is great for Xiang Fei. Once she gets the opponent in the
corner, she really has some deadly CM combos at her disposal. So, once
you get the opponent stuck in a corner, activate her Counter Mode, if
you want. Plus, while her Grab DM is not faster in Counter Mode, at 
least there isn't as much of a warning when she first starts it; thus, 
dashing up and DM-Grabbing the opponent is a bit easier to do.

7.2 Close-Range Offense:

WARNING: This particular section is ridiculously long!

This is Xiang Fei's ideal fighting range, IMHO. She has the speed and 
the moves to constantly pressure her opponent, and once Xiang Fei goes
on the offensive, she can really push the opponent around.

When Xiang Fei is close to her opponent, it is a good idea to start
all of her combos with Stnd A. Both her Near Stnd A and 2-hit Far Stnd 
A are very quick, and they are quick enough to either trade with or 
beat most normal punches/kicks that her opponent can try. After her
Stnd A, you should usually chain her Fwd A; however, there are certain
situations where you should chain her Fwd B or DwnFwd D instead, and I
will explain why in a moment... after you chain her Fwd A or Fwd B, 
you should do her qcf + A quite often, whether her combo is blocked or
not. But don't do her qcf + P ALL the time, since there are ways for 
her opponent to get around it. However, if the opponent doesn't know 
how to get around her qcf + P, then abuse the move until he learns how
to get around it.

Push the opponent around with chains like these, and get him to block
a lot. If he starts to block all the time because he's expecting her
to do her chain combos all the time, that's when you can start fooling
around with some mind games...

Xiang Fei's Fwd A is a good quick overhead; use it a lot on your 
opponent (especially when he's getting up), and your opponent will 
eventually start blocking high. If you see that your opponent is 
blocking high a lot, do Stnd A -> Fwd B -> qcf + A. The Fwd B must
be blocked low, so if the opponent keeps blocking high after the 
Stnd A, the Fwd B will hit him; then the qcf + A will combo 
afterwards. If the opponent is quick enough to see the Fwd B coming, 
try using the DwnFwd D after the Stnd A; the DwnFwd D is a lot faster 
than the Fwd B, although it is not cancellable. If the opponent 
blocks low all the time after blocking her Stnd A, then pause a split-
second after her Stnd A, then do her Fwd A overhead; this will not be 
a chain, so her Fwd A will retain its overhead properties, and 
hopefully it will catch the opponent off guard.

Xiang Fei can also use her Hop B a lot at this range. It has great
downward range, so you should do it quite early during her jump. 
After her Hop B, you should continue the jump-in combo with her 
Stnd A most of the time; her Stnd C and D are too slow to be 
reliable for jump-in combos.

If the opponent is turtling for eternity, you should throw him every
once in a while. You can also run up and use her "Scum-Gale" throw, 
but it is risky because her Scum-Gale is slow, has bad range, and 
bad priority. Also, you can try using her qcf + K rolling grab,
although I would not recommend using it too much. You can set up her
rolling grab by doing a lot of whiffed Dwn C -> qcf + A chains when 
you are close to the opponent. Your opponent will eventually think
that you always do qcf + A after a whiffed Dwn C, and that's when you
use her rolling grab. Keep in mind, her rolling grab is unblockable 
only if done after a WHIFFED Dwn C; if the Dwn C hits the opponent, 
her rolling grab will NOT grab the opponent, and she will be punished.

Never run up to the oppponent and do her Grab DM, because opponents 
can jump away from it. In Counter Mode, however, it's not as easy for 
the opponent to see the Grab DM coming; so if you're in Counter Mode, 
you can try running Grab DM's more often.

Bottom Line: All of these mind games are set up by her offensive
barrage of chains. Make sure you get the opponent to block a lot; then
it becomes a lot easier to implement these mind games.

7.3 Mid-Range Offense:

This is pretty simple. Use her Dwn D. A LOT. Cancel her Dwn D into her
qcf + P a LOT. But don't use her qcf + P all the time, because smart
opponents can get around it. If the opponent is out of the range of 
her Dwn D, doing qcf + P by itself is pretty good too. But, once 
again, don't use qcf + P TOO much...

At this range, she can also do her hop B and crossup Jump B. Hop D
isn't that bad, either, and its timing is similar to her Hop B timing.

Don't forget to use her slide attack against fireballers like Takuma
and Athena. It has good range and will hit the opponent before he or 
she can recover from his or her fireball. Sometimes, I also use Xiang
Fei's slide attack as an advancing technique.

7.4 Long-Range Offense:

Uh, this is not an ideal situation for her, unless she's ahead in
life and time is running out. In general, try to get closer to the 
opponent, but don't recklessly dash or jump in.

7.5 Air Defense:

If you're fighting a guy who uses K' and does jump D all day, you
better stay on your toes. Xiang Fei doesn't have a good anti-air
uppercut, so you have to know all your available options. Here are
a few that might work against jump-happy opponents:

1) Her quick Jump A can stuff a lot of air attacks.

2) Her Dwn C is good anti-air against badly-timed jump attacks. 
However, don't use it against jump attacks like Shin Kyo's Hop B or 
Mary's Hop D; X-Fei's Dwn C will lose all the time.

3) Use her Grab DM, let the opponent's jump attack go right through 
her, and watch X-Fei suck him in for 100+ hits. Read my description of 
her Grab DM for further details. I can do this quite often now, and 
boy, my opponents hate it when I do this.

4) Block and CD counter. Xiang Fei can build stocks pretty fast, so
she can afford to use one to change the momentum of a match (try to
save her stocks for Counter Mode, though).

5) Pick a defensive striker (i.e. Terry, Kim, Yuri, etc.)

6) Do her dp + K... no, no, just kidding! NEVER use this move, unless
your opponent is some predictable idiot.

7) Block and look for an opening. Watch out for faked-jump-in throws.

8) Backdash away, as in tap the joystick backwards twice. She's FAST,
so she can give herself a little distance and time with this. Don't do
this all the time, though, or you'll end up in the corner, which is a 
bad place to be.

As you can see, her anti-air isn't all that strong. It's preferable
that she be the one on the offensive, or at least control the flow
of the match.

7.6 Jump-Ins:

1) Use her Jump B and Crossup Jump B most of the time. Occasionally
do a normal throw or her scum gale after her Crossup Jump B.

2) Use her Jump D if you're certain that you can get a hit (i.e.
you have just jumped over a fireball).

7.7 When you are getting up and the opponent is standing next to you:

1) Pay attention, especially if opponent is a grappler!

2) Her hcbx2 + P DM beats out pretty much anything. But it's slow
and leaves her open if she misses, so it's not the best wake-up move.
At least, if she misses, she puts a little distance between herself
and the opponent.

3) Most opponents are afraid of her Grab DM as a wake-up move. 
Sometimes, they'll stand next to you, then jump the instant you get 
up, hoping that you will execute and miss with her Grab DM. If you see 
this happen, don't do her DM, and as they jump, just do her Dwn C 
and smack them in the air.

4) Just be alert, in general.

7.8 When the opponent is getting up:

1) My favorite thing to do is to have X-Fei stand beside her opponent
at her Far Stnd A's maximum range. I wait a moment to see if the 
opponent is attempting any wake-up moves, and if he does something, I 
block it, of course. If the opponent doesn't do a wake-up move, I 
immediately stick out her Far Stnd A and go from there. If the 
opponent keeps blocking all the time when they get up, occasionally I 
will walk up and throw the opponent, or do X-Fei's Scum Gale throw.

2) Mix up between f + A and f + B as he gets up, since one hits high,
and one hits low. The start-ups for both moves are the same, so your 
opponent literally has to guess which one you're doing. Use these two 
moves at their maximum range, since if you're too close, grapplers can 
grab you.

3) If the opponent has weak anti-air, jump up. Then attack him as he
gets up. Do this several times, so you can set up a fake jump attack
into a normal throw or the hcb, f + P command throw.

4) Don't do anything. See if the opponent does something reckless.

7.9 Oh crap! I've just blocked Iori's dp + A, and I don't have time to
run up and combo him! What do I hit him with?!

1) Dwn D is good for quickly punishing minor mistakes at a 
distance. Her qcf + A is quick, too.

7.10 Specific Characters Strategies:

I'll do these when I feel like it...

8. What's needed:

I have not seen the Sham Bun combo video for Xiang Fei yet. Does 
anyone know what combos I'm missing out on?

9. Fun and Useless Stuff:

Xiang Fei's Costume Colors:

     Select with A: Red top with bright blue trim, white pants
     Select with B: Yellow top with dark blue trim, white pants

     I personally always use B-button Xiang Fei. I dunno why.

Xiang Fei's First Round Intro:

     You see her tying up her braided hair as she says in a flustered
     voice: "Ch - chotto matte!" (W - wait a minute!)

Xiang Fei's Second and Third Round Intro:

     She jumps in, happily waves her arms in front of her as she 
     squeaks something, then thrusts her arms out to her sides. She
     has this big cheerful smile on her face the whole time. Cute and

Xiang Fei's Special Round Intros:

     vs. Fatal Fury Team (Terry, Andy, Joe, Mai):

          She has this confident grin on her face as she winds her arm 
          up. And she says "Makenaizo!" (I won't lose!) She's
          probably referring to their Real Bout connections.

     vs. Sie Kensou:

          Kensou is chomping on a meat bun, as usual, while Xiang Fei
          looks at him with a hungry expression on her face (she 
          drools, too). Her stomach growls, and she rubs it as she 
          wistfully says, "Hm onaka ga heta na." (I'm hungry). Greedy 
          Kensou, why can't he share with her? :-)

Xiang Fei's Striker Call Animation:

     She smiles happily and waves her hands in the air, and she yells
     with her big mouth, "Come on!", as the striker flies in.

Xiang Fei's Counter Mode Activation Animation:

     She flexes her arms as she cheerfully smiles.

Xiang Fei's Armor Mode Activation Animation:

     She holds her arms out to her sides for a moment. Amazingly 
     enough, she is not smiling when she does this. It's probably
     because she SUCKS in Armor Mode... anyway, I recognize this pose 
     as one of the animation frames from her qcfx2 + P DM.

Xiang Fei's Taunt (hit Start button):

     She turns away from the opponent, crosses her arms, and sniffs at
     him. Then she suddenly turns around and makes an unbelievable
     face, sticking out her tongue and using her hands to stretch out 
     her mouth until she could probably swallow a watermelon. 
     Hilarious stuff!

Fun tidbit about her qcfx2 + P DM:

     When doing her qcf, qcf + P, remember to mash on the buttons
     while she's doing her DM. After she's done with the DM, watch for 
     the funny face she makes! ^_^

Xiang Fei's Win Poses:

     A button: This is a pose taken from Real Bout 2. She jumps in the
          air and catches two swords (I think they're the swords that 
          wushu exhibitionists use). She then beams and says something
          really cheerful (I have no idea what she says, although I
          thought I heard her say "Nihao!" somwhere in there).

     B button: She strikes a crane-like pose, standing on one foot
          while holding her hands out and up. She has this goofy look 
          on her face.

     C button: She whips out these boxes from out of nowhere (they're 
          containers for dim sum, her favorite food). She almost drops 
          the boxes, regains control of them, then holds them with a 
          happy smile on her face. Looks like she's about to chow 

     D button: Randomly selects from her A, B, and C poses.

Xiang Fei's Win Quote:

     "Since I win, you buy dinner.  First, some dim sum, then..."

Bug with Xiang Fei and Maxima (not confirmed by author yet):
     If Xiang Fei does her qcf + P at the same time when Maxima
     does his qcf + P, the two get stuck together until time runs
     out. Also, the screen moves forward and backward, or does
     something to that effect... weird stuff.

Top 5 Reasons Why Xiang Fei Is Better Than Chun Li:

     5) Xiang Fei doesn't rely on cheap godlike-priority pokes like
          Chun Li's Crouching Forward.

     4) Xiang Fei's pants are way cooler than Chun Li's prissy skirt.

     3) Xiang Fei has never been in a scrubby Capcom Vs. game, unlike
          Chun Li, who's been in three of those dial-combo games.

     2) Xiang Fei's squeaky voice is actually lower-pitched than Chun 
          Li's ultra-squeaky voice. And Xiang Fei still has time to
          grow up and let that voice mature.

     1) Xiang Fei could whoop Chun Li's ass in a pie-eating contest 

Some nicknames for Xiang Fei and her Special Moves:

     Xiang Fei = "The Chinese Bitch From Hell", "That Fast Little 
          Turd", "That Cheap Whore"

     qcf + P = "The Stomp Ball", "The Cheese Ball"

     dp + K = "The Worst Uppercut in History"

     qcb + P = "The What-the-hell-is-wrong-with-her-face Counter Move"

     qcf + K = "The Worst Running Grab in History"

     hcb, f + P = "The Second-Worst Command Throw in History" 
          (Heidern's Storm Bringer is THE worst)

     qcf, hcb + K = ...

     hcbx2 + P = "The Gee-those-100-Hits-didn't-hurt-as-much-as-I-
          thought-they-would DM"

     qcfx2 + P = "The Ow-Ow-Ow-HEY-SHE'S-TAUNTING-ME DM"

10. Credits and KOF Links:

Thanks go out to:

- Gunsmith and his very nice KOF99 faq. I got translations and moves 
     from his FAQ. Also, thanks for telling me what her first round
     intro quote is.      http://i.am/wu-tech

- Nathan TS Kho for information about her command throw's follow-up, 
     and Counter Mode combo #9.

- Tan Ah Beng for telling me about the Xiang Fei/Maxima bug.

- the KOF mailing list, kof@dhp.com. I got one of Xiang Fei's counter 
     mode combos from there.

- SNK for creating KOF99. http://neogeo.co.jp  or  

11. Comments, Suggestions, Corrections?

Please send comments, suggestions, and corrections to 


I especially crave for new combos! If you know any that I don't
got on this faq right now, please let me know, and you'll get credit
on this FAQ! Thanks!

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