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Bao by Edwin.C

Version: 1.8 | Updated: 11/14/99


Version 1.0- September 19 1999- The Beginning
Version 1.1- September 22 1999- Updated some of the errors I've made and added 
the profile of Bao.(Forgive me for any error I make on the profile part. I 
translated the whole thing from a Japanese magazine.)
Version 1.2- September 24 1999- Added some more combos and further corrected 
some mistakes I made.
Version 1.3- September 28 1999- Added a shortcut combo and names for Bao's 
normals. PHEW! The translations of Bao's normal moves are finished.
Version 1.4- October 2 1999- Add a "secret" normal attack of Bao, added a bug 
section and a CM strategy for Bao.
Version 1.5- November 6 1999- Finally an update after more than a month of 
exams. Added more bugs and a new fatality combo for Bao! May be starting a 
section that focuses on whatever Bao says in the game and what they mean in 
English!( But I will need help on this as I have difficulty translating just 2 
of Bao's speeches. I have managed to translate the rest of it.) Anyone who has 
the translations or is willing to help me, can contact me using my e-mail 
address. THANX!
Version 1.6- November 9 1999- Added a speech translations section for Bao! Also 
added a section that concentrates on Bao's intros! Hurrah! Updated Bao's 
Version 1.7- November 11 1999- Added more in-game speech translation.
Version 1.8- November 14 1999- Added even more in-game-speech translations.

Created on September 19, 1999 by Edwin "Shinji" Chow




















1 - INTRO:

Well, for starters, I want to say that this is my first FAQ, so please forgive 
me if I left out anything. I'm trying my very BEST. Let's get on with it. First 
of all let us give a salute to the CUTEST (not to mention the youngest, ^_^) 
character that ever stepped into KOF.

Lot's of people looked down on Bao. Well, all I have to say is that this kid 
packs a punch more than you can chew. He can be a menace and a pain in the neck 
when used correctly. Being a new character, it takes slightly more time to 
master him than the rest of the characters.



- Small in size. Can easily get pass attacks
- Lots of people looked down on him. PUNISH them for their shortsightedness.
- Tired of mainstream characters.
- Being unable to stand his innocence and cutes (Like me ^_^), you know that you   
  just have to try him out.



Fighting Style                      : Chinese Kung-fu + ESP(Psycho powers)
Date of birth                       : 18th July
Age                                 : 12
Place of Birth                      : Unknown, probably from China
Blood type                          : ???
Height                              : 153 cm
Weight                              : 40 kg
Hobbies                             : Home use game console
Favourite food                      : Hot milk without sugar in it
Favourite sports                    : Fishing
Most valuable thing                 : Grade B games and family 
Most hated things                   : Epic Role Playing games
Primary Colour                      : Yellowish-orange clothes
Secondary Colour                    : Pink clothes with darker skin
Seiyuu(Voice actor/actress)         : Kanako Nakano
Endquote                            : "Oh yes! I am victorious! And happy as an 



  u                : Move Joystick Upward
  d                : Move Joystick Downward
  f                : Move Joystick Forward
  b                : Move Joystick Backward
  P                : Punch [A (light) / C (heavy)]
  K                : Kick [B (light) / D (heavy)]
  dp               : Dragon Punch (f, d, df)
  rdp              : Reversed Dragon Punch (b, d, db)
  qcf              : Quarter Circle Forward (d, df, f)
  qcb              : Quarter Circle Back (d, db, b)
  hcf              : Half Circle Forward (b, db, d, df, f / b, db, f)
  hcb              : Half Circle Back (f, df, d, db, b / f, df, b)
  delay+           : Press and hold button to delay move
  overhead         : A move that must be guarded high
  striker          : Call out the striker (Press BC buttons together)
  AM               : Armor Mode
  CM               : Combo for Counter Mode only



Senheki Shuu
f + B (***)
Cartwheel attack. Bao does a small leap forward, flips himself, attacking the 
opponent with his legs. 1 hit. This is an overhead move and must be guarded 
high. Cannot be comboed though. Can be used to confuse the opponent who is 

Senshou Shuu
df + B(**)
Same as above except Bao jumps high up before executing the move. Don't use it 
too often though as it can be countered with an anti-air move.

f + A(****)
The move is cancelable only when chained. Bao aims a punch forward 
at the opponent's kneecap area. This move comes out quickly and can be used to 
disintegrate fireballs. But beware of King's Double Strike though. If you do the 
move alone, it is an overhead and must be guarded high. If done in comboes, it 
can be guarded low.

Rikotsu Shuu
df + D(*****)
Your main weapon. Bao turns his back and kicks downwards. This move can be used 
in combos and must be guarded low. The opponent will be knocked across the 
screen if it connects. Comes out rather quick and can be annoying at times. 
Abuse it to the MAX!

Ban Hebi(*)
In air, d + B
Bao dives downward attacking with his head. Causes a circular wave of energy
to appear if Bao hits the ground. Opponent will be knock down immediately if 
this move connects. Horrible recovery time.

In air, d + A
Bao attacks with the palms of his hands aimed downwards sort of like Kyo's in 
the air d + C move. Lots of people do not know how great this move is. Though it 
has very litte range( will lose against most air attacks) it is an excellent 
jump-in combo starter. Use it often.

A button(**)
Bao aims a straight punch. Not very effective as it has short range. Comboable.

Close A
Same as A button.

B button(**)
Bao kicks downwards towards the opponent's shin area. Again a rather useless 
move. Can be use for poking though. 

Close B
Same as B button.

C button(***)
Bao turns and uses his back to attack. Comboable.

Close C(****)
A shoulder knock. Combo starter. Abuse it.

D button(****)
A jumping straight kick. Good against opponents who like to trip a lot.

Close D(****)
A straight kick to the tummy area followed by a kick to the chin. 2 hits. 
Comboable. Does slightly more damage than the close C.

Ducking A(*)
Bao attacks with the back of his fist. Can win against some air attacks.

Ducking B(**)
Reminds me of the Russian Cossack Dance if you ask me.^_^

Ducking C(****)
A two fisted attack at an angle of 45 degrees. Will win against most air 
attacks. Comboable.

Ducking D(***)
A leg split.

Jumping A(**)
A straight punch downwards. Good for jumping in attacks.

Jumping B(*)
A knee thrust sort of like Benimaru's jumping B. Utterly useless. Will lose out 
to almost all air attacks.

Jumping C(****)
A punch downwards similar to the jumping A. A combo starter.

Jumping D(****)
A leg split in mid-air. Will win against most air attacks. Good priority.

A head butt at an angle of 45 degrees. Will win against some air attacks. It has 
the most range of any of Bao's normals, has good priorty and it has this 
annoying "sticking" animation. However, it seems to be rather difficult to 
cancel this move though. Weird if you ask me.

Jumping C+D(****)
Looks a bit like Clark's jumping D. Has good range.

Dodge Attack(Press A+B, then f + any button)(**)
Bao uppercuts the opponent.



Gen'ei Tougi: bk+C or fw+C(**)
Bao climbs to the opponent's chest and head butts. Press A and C rapidly for 
more damage.

Critical Throw: bk+D or fw+D(****)
Bao lifts the opponent up and drops him on the other side. Looks rather funny.



Psycho Ball Attack.Front: (air+)qcb+A (****)
A blue projectile flies horizontally across the screen. Looks like Athena's. 
Comes out fast and has anti-air properties.

Psycho Ball Crash.Front : (air+)qcb+C (**)
Bao transforms into a blue ball and charges at the opponent. But beware though 
as Bao's recovery is rather slow when this move is used.
Note: You can do a backhop(b,b) then follow up with this move. This move which 
normally have a lag will have no lag at all as the air version has no recovery 

Psycho Ball Attack.Reflector   : qcb+B (****)
A projectile reflector. 7 hits. Can be used as an unreliable anti-air move. Will 
give you one power bar EVEN WHEN BLOCKED. So if you are in need of a power bar, 
you know what move to use....

Psycho Ball Crash.Reflector : qcb+D (**)
Similar to the Psycho Ball Crash.Front but you can still use it as a reflector. 
You can anticipate a projectile, use it and with luck you will get 2 hits. But 
overall it is rather useless....

Psycho Ball Attack.Rise : qcf+A (****)
A blue projectile that rises vertically upwards. An anti-air move.

Psycho Ball Crash.Rise : qcf+C (***)
Bao transforms into a blue ball and jumps upward. A 2 hit move.

Psycho Ball Attack.Bounce : (air+)qcf+B (*****)
A projectile bounces across the screen. If done in air, the projectile will hit 
the floor then bounce vertically upwards.

Psycho Ball Crash.Bounce : (air+)qcf+D (**)
Bao transforms into a blue ball and bounces across the screen. This move can get 
you out of a tight spot. But use it only when the oponent is dazed or confused.

Comes in, charges a psycho ball big then shoots it at the opponent. If the 
opponent is near the corner of the screen he/she will be hit by Bao while he is 
running out, 
thus resulting in a two hit.


8 - Desperation Moves

Psycho Ball Attack.MAX: qcb x 2 + A or C
Bao charges a large psycho ball and sends flying across the screen at a very 
fast rate. Good damage. Especially when done at MAX. But beware though, as Bao 
has a lag when he rolls back after executing this move. You can be punished 
severly for a mistake. 

Psycho Ball Attack.DX: (delay+)f, hcf+ B or D
A very small psycho ball that will eventually turn big upon contact. Multiple 
hits.  Can connect with anything you want if it scores a successful hit.

Psycho Ball Attack.SP: qcb x 2 + B or D 
A huge blue orb of psycho energy engulfs Bao. Quite good too, but lags a lot. A 
big glowing Psycho Ball surrounds him like Athena's Shining Crystal Bit DM. He 
glows only a while and then sits down for a long lag. But what makes it so good 
is that it has 100% hit accuracy, 100% priority and 100% speed. Some characters 
who like to combo (e.g. Iori/K') can get into a trap. If they jump to you, do 
it. If they slide towards you, they will get it too. The damage is slightly 
lesser than the first DM. Even if Athena and Bao does their DM together Athena 



Jump D or C -> Close C -> any special move 

Close to opponent, Ducking C -> Psycho Ball Crash.Front 

Standing C -> fw + A -> Psycho Ball Attack.Front or Psycho Ball Attack.SP 

Cornered opponent and in CM, Psycho Ball Crash.Front -> Psycho Ball Attack.SP

Jump C or D -> Close C -> df + D (My most recommended combo)

Cornered opponent, Psycho Ball Attack.Reflector -> Psycho Ball Attack.SP (Very 

df+B, d+C, df+D

In CM, jump C or D -> Close C -> fw + A -> Psycho Ball Attack.Front -> Psycho 
Ball Attack.SP

In CM, Dodge attack -> Psycho Ball Attack.Front -> Psycho Ball Attack.SP

*In CM, jump C or D -> Close C -> qcb + A -> qcb + A(The Psycho Ball Attack.MAX 
will be executed.) 
*Can someone please try this out for me and see if it works? A friend of mine 
gave it to me.



Before I go into this, I would like to remind all players that this move is more 
or less banned against human players and that conditions apply. So don't get 
one's hope too high. Condition 1: 2 or more stocks of power bar. Condition 2: 
Life Meter flashing red (near death).

Fatality Combo- Execute Bao's Psycho Ball Attack.DX move. If it connects, follow 
up with the Psycho Ball Attack.MAX or Psycho Ball Attack.SP(you need to run 
towards the opponent to do this). The next thing you know it is SAYONARA to the 
opponent!!!!! THAT'S RIGHT! It's so simple. Even if it is done when Bao's life 
meter is not flashing red, it is enough to take off at least 70% of the 
opponent's life bar. POWERFUL, HUH?!

Fatality Combo2- You will need Ralf as a striker. Execute Bao's Psycho Ball 
Attack.DX move in SDM format. After the ball hits for about 9-10 hits call Ralf 
out. Execute another Psycho Ball Attack.DX at the split second Ralf executes his 
Galactica Phantom. Result: The opponent will get hit by Ralf's move, but due to 
the fact that it has a "sticking animation", the Psycho Ball Attack.DX will hit 
the opponent again. Now followup with any another SDM of Bao's and the opponent 
is a goner.



Throw lots of psycho balls and don't try to jump too often. If the opponent gets 
too close throw him. An occasionally combo or two might be useful. In CM, keep 
Psycho Ball Attack.Front. When the opponent jumps cancel into his Psycho Ball 
If the opponent slides (fw + A+B) cancel into his Psycho Ball Attack.MAX.

Against Krizalid (Form 1):
His projectile will go over Bao if Bao ducks. Don't try to reflect Krizalid's 
projectile as you will get hit. Instead try to get close to him and throw or 
combo. Just relax. He can be easily defeated.

Against Krizalid (Form 2) :
Do a double jump (by reflecting against the corner of the screen) and then while 
in air execute his Psycho Ball Attack.Bounce. Keep repeating this technique and 
you will eventually win with a timeout.



Don't jump too often. Jump only when necessary. Play a mind game by throwing 
different types of psycho balls. Don't forget to abuse his df+D move as much as 
possible. A general strategy is to analyze the situation. Be close to the 
opponent if they think you are far and be far when they think you are close.  



1) Condition: Bao Vs Whip

Have Bao execute Psycho Ball Attack.Rise. At that exact spit second time, have 
Whip grab Bao with her Boomerang Shot special move. This will result in Whip 
getting hit by the projectile before she can step on Bao. As a result, Whip 
is bounced off and Bao is still hanging in the air with his face still with 
that suffering look! Whip can move but not Bao. All of Whip's move both 
special and normal can't hit Bao. The only thing that can inflict damge on 
Bao is her Sonic Slaughter DM.

2) Condition: Bao Vs Chin

This one is simple. It shows the principal of an unstoppable old man! Have Chin 
execute his DM( the one where he breathes fire). Use Bao to jump over the 
flames. In this way, Bao 
successfully escapes Chin's DM and the back of Chin is now facing Bao. Have Bao 
attack Chin( Any attack will 
do. I'm not sure if this works for Bao's DMs though). Strangely though, Bao's 
DAMAGE on Chin and Chin was not knocked out of his DM move. Wow, just what we 
need, an unstoppable DM....
P.S This bug worked with King too.

3) Condition: Bao Vs anyone as long as Iori Yagami is the striker

Execute Bao's Psycho Ball Attack.DX in SDM format when the opponent is far away 
from you. When Bao releases his SDM, immediately call out Iori. After that wait 
for the SDM to deal about 14-15 hits of damage to the opponent, then call Iori 
out again. Make sure that the SDM is still hurting the opponent. There you have 
it, a "Task Over" sign appears at the center of the screen and the game jams!



Legend: Jap-Japanese speech, Trans-English translation

1) Jap   : "Oteyawarakani!" (Bao's quote at the start of a match)
   Trans : Not too tough please.( He's trying to tell his opponent to show him a 
           little mercy.^_^)

2) Jap   : "Tsumanmai!" (Bao's taunt)
   Trans : Boring!

3) Jap   : "Are? Datta no?"
   Trans : "What's wrong?"/"What happened?"

4) Jap   : "Teleport o shimasu!"
   Trans : "I'm going to teleport."

5) Jap   : "Yappari murika!"
   Trans : I definitely/still cannot (do it).

Much much more to come!^_^



1) Bao vs Athena
Athena bends down to Bao's height with her hands on her knees. Bao stands up 
straight, places his hands together and bows saying "Ganbarimasu!" (Study/Work 
hard!). Athena replies with a wink "Gambatte ne?" (Study/Work hard, ok?)

2) Bao vs Chin
Bao stands up straight, places his hands together and bows saying "Ganbarimasu!" 
(Study/Work hard!). Chin nods.

3) Bao vs Kensou
Bao stands up straight, places his hands together and bows saying "Ganbarimasu!" 
(Study/Work hard!). Kensou moves his neck left and right while cracking his 
knuckles. He ends up hurting his neck. He then says, "Honmonono chugoku kempou 
Oshietaru wa" [ I will teach you (this/the) real Chinese Kempo.]

4) Bao vs any female
Bao scratches the back of his head, looks down nervously, and smiles
while saying "Iiroro, oshiete kudasai, ne?" [Please teach me (lots of things), ok?] 



- Game FAQs <<www.gameFAQs.com>> OF COURSE!
- Vincent's KOF 99 Page (An excellent page for all KOF 99 fans) 

- Shlomo Abraham. <shlomo@accepted.com> For correcting the mistakes I made. 

- ShawnL <scool85@hotmail.com>. I took some bits and pieces from your FAQ. Hope 
you don't mind.^_^

- Gunsmith <gunsmith@i.am>. For helping me translate the Bao verus any female 
intro and giving me Bao's end quote and the name of his seiyuu. Also thanks for
correcting my mistakes in the in-game-speech translation section.

If I left any one out please e-mail me. THAT'S ALL. HOPE YOU ENJOYED READING MY 


1999 Copyright Edwin "Shinji' Chow

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