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Story Guide by KLantis

Updated: 04/04/02

(by Kailu Lantis)

	Greetings, and welcome to the cronology of the events that have occured in
the legendary King of Fighters tournament. This document has been recorded up to
April 1, 2002, only months after the conclusion of the seventh tournament that
introduced the team battle mode. This goes way back to the year of 1994, but the
story of the tournament goes way more back than that. However, I shall cover the
events that have occured ever since, and the present situation in the
tournament. The King of Fighters '98 event is not covered, since it has no
official link with the main storyline (as well as the KOF R-1/R-2 games, as they
are basically the retelling of some KOF games), but there are some interesting
features in it, which I will mention in the right moment...
	First, let me state that, behind the glamour and glimmer of the
tournament, lies true carnage and passion. The fights in the event not only
represents advancing, winning positions, and earning a lot of money out of it.
It also involves honor, glory, fame, and even taking care of several grudges,
personal vendettas, or longtime rivalries between families. The warrior must
dedicate their mind, body, soul, even their very lives into perfecting their
skills, to overcome all obstacles and come out a winner at the end. However, if
he/she doesn't rely on their partners, defeat is not only a choice, but a
reality. That is why, as of late, some fighters have decided to enter the
tournament alone, since they feel they have no need for partners to aid them.
However, this is also a proof of true courage, strength, and determination.

	I haven't had this experience yet, but after watching so many cases
(especially Kao Megura), I want to avoid misinterpretations:
	This FAQ is created for public use, and intends to inform people about the
story of the King of Fighters series. This FAQ is NOT to be sold in any way
possible, nor can it be published in any page or printed media (aka those lazy
bums at EGM and such) without the permission of yours truly. This FAQ does NOT
include gameplay info, so if you're looking for strategies, combos, or the like,
go take a look elsewhere. If these rules are not applied, I will be tempted to
send the messengers of the Orochi down to your quarters, and you'll be wishing
that you had kissed that girl/boy you had this terrible crush, or punch your
chemistry teacher's face, or what not.
	The King of Fighters, Fatal Fury, and Art of Fighting series are
registered trademarks of SNK Corporation (for now!). The info contained in this
document contains mostly real data that I've extracted from the SNK sources
(drama CDs, SNK home page) and the endings. Of course, there is also made-up
info made to tie loose ends (which, at the end, always works and can be hardly
denied). Obviously, you can tell where they are (the final battles, for
example). This was put in because some people think I'm making fool out of
people, especially some certain lousy URL whore Brit whose name begins with G
and ends with unsmith. Yeah, that guy actually put in his page that some info on
my FAQ was made up. Look, I'm not ashamed! Wanna pick a fight? >:)

1.-The Beginning
2.-The Evolution
3.-The Chaos
4.-The Resurrection
5.-The City of Sins
6.-The Downfall
7.-The Fighters of Legend

	Now, let me begin with has happened before the team battle mode was
introduced back in 1994.

	Southtown. A city overflown with industrial activity, and most of all,
well known for it's passionate nightlife, and the interesting fights that take
place in the innards of the small city. Because, basically, that is the
lifestream that feeds the veins of Southtown: Fighting has stopped being a hobby
to become a way of life, a way to survive in a town gone mad. Even if you chose
anotehr path, ultimately, your life will sooner or later head you to the battle
arena. This reflects, in summary, the violent nature of the citizens of
Southtown. However, this has been more evident ever since the arrival of a
mysterious man named Geese Howard.
	Geese Howard soon established himself as the most powerful man in
Southtown, thanks to his illegal operations in gun and drug dealing. His
personal wealth became far beyond anybody could ever imagine, even surpassing
that of the mayor of Southtown. Even though he was not the mayor of the city,
Geese began to insert the flow of corruption and fear in the hearts of
Southtown's policy. It has reached such high levels, that the police barely does
something about it. Not only have they been paid well to keep their mouth shut,
they also fear for their very lives. People in Southtown were no different.
Geese's illegal operations couldn't be stopped in any way. And even if they
tried, they would soon be violently rejected by Geese's forces. But Geese was
not a man who needed personal protection all day. Geese himself is a master in
the Hakkyokuseiken school of martial arts, and his strength is so terrible that
no one had survived while facing him. Wielding an incredible power at his hands.
Geese ruled Southtown with an iron fist, indeed.
	However, to keep himself entretained and to eliminate any possible
opposition, Geese created the "King of Fighters" tournament. The competition
involved having a group of fighters fight among themselves the prove who is
truly the most powerful, and the one with the right to challenge Geese in the
championship match. However, nobody has ever reached him, since Geese placed as
his number one contendant his own personal bodyguard: pole master, Billy Kane,
from England. His ability with the stick was so admirable, he made short work
out of anyone who challenged him. That was why Geese almost never fought
anybody. Until one faithful day...
	On the outbreak of yet another tournament, new contenders came in. It
seemed practically normal, except for one thing: a certain pair of brothers who
came in to make things harder for Geese and his men. And it was quite obvious,
considering that their father, another great Hakkyokuseiken master named Jeff
Bogard, was killed by Geese since Jeff was alywas a better student and stronger
fighter than Geese. That's why Geese eliminated him as any possible threat to
his grip on the city. However, Jeff's two sons, Terry Bogard and Andy Bogard,
along with their friend, Japanese kickboxer Joe Higashi, had come to exact
revenge from Geese, and this time, Geese's championship was put in serious
jepordy, even more notable by their incredible easiness in winning their
battles, and even in smashing Billy Kane. Geese saw in this the perfect
opportunity to squish the worms. However, he was surprised by the incredible
strength of the elder brother, Terry Bogard. He used all the techniques his
father had used, but he had a certain something that separated him from Jeff:
the fact that he actually enjoyed fighting and in defeating stronger opponents.
Geese wasn't expecting so much enthusiasm out of a man, and he was even more
surprised by the fact that he also knew a few more tricks. In his agony of
defeat, Geese was knocked out of the window on the top of his tower where he and
Terry were fighting. Geese was presumed dead afterwards.
	A year later after Geese's defeat, the world was shuddered when a man by
the name of Wolfgang Krauser took the role of the tournament and increased it
from a local stage to a worldwide stage. Krauser was a German noblesman, but his
fighting skills, extracted from the Strolheim boodline, were devastating and
ruthless. His strength was many times more bigger than Geese's, and his skills
were twice as deadly. Krauser began a intensive search of the man who defeated
Geese Howard, but not precisely to take revenge, but to challenge him, as
Krauser enjoyed having a little fun with men inferior to him. So, as the
tournament was taking place in several parts of the world, Krauser himself began
his own streak in smashing reknown fighters around the world, making more and
more evident his power to the world. Once again, the Lonely Wolves (as the trio
formed by Terry Bogard, Andy Bogard, and Joe Higashi was later known as) took on
the challenge of Krauser, but they were no longer alone in their battle. Five
other warriors from around the globe gathered to compete for the right to face
Krauser in the last, fateful battle. Once again, Terry managed to reach the
finals, passing through such tough opponents like the ex-heavyweight boxing
champion Axel Hawk, and Krauser's right-hand man, the Spanish bullfighter
Lawrence Blood.
	Once again, a fatal battle was about to begin. Terry and Krauser engaged
in a legendary battle, indeed. Both had finesse, skills, and the enjoyment of
battle in their souls. It was the clash of two inmense powers. However, Terry
had learned a lot from his previous battles, and gained enough experience, thus
which Krauser did not gain in his previous encounters with other fighters. So
while Krauser was only goofing around, Terry actually learned something from his
previous opponents. Taking a new air, Terry used his ultimate techniques, and
managed to defeat Krauser. Thus, the second King of Fighters tournament ended,
and as last year, it was unknown who would take the tournament in his/her own
hands. Until...

	1994. The modern age is now in it's total fulfillment. The world has
suffered various changes, and technology has advanced as well. However, in the
fighting world, a more dramatic outbreak was to take place...
	This year, the man known as Rugal Bernstein began to make waves in the
world. His reputation as a black market leader and expert in weapon and drug
trafficing were unsurpassed, and known by many as one of the more wealthy men in
the world. Aboard the Blacknoah, his private air carrier, from where he receives
and delivers his stocks, Rugal cruised the seas of the world, without being able
to be stopped by the world governments. And not only was Rugal feared and
respected in the crime world. He was also known to be quite a formidable
fighter, and it is known that anybody who has faced him aboard the Blacknoah,
has not escaped alive.
	Rugal, bored by the lack of competition, had an ominous idea. He ordered
one of his personal secretaries, Mature, to go around the world, and give eight
invitations to certain people around the world. These invitations were enclosed
in white envelopes, with red seals marked the "Rugal" sign. He was to retake the
old King of Fighters tournament, and take it in his own hands. However, he was
going to create some new rules this year. Instead of one-on-one fights, the new
competition system was to include battles between teams of three people. Fights
will take place between these teams, in a tag-team fashion. If one of the
members were to be defeated by one of the other team's members, the next member
will come in to fight the winner, and will go on until all three members of one
team would be defeated. However, before the tournament was to be commenced, a
man stood before Rugal...ready to fight him to the end and finish his stupid
ambition. Of course, Rugal was not the one to be intimidated...
	Days later, the new King of Fighters tournament began. Eight teams had
entered, representing eight different countries. Japan, with the newest breed of
Asian heroes. Italy, having no other than the legendary Lonely Wolves. Mexico,
showing the power of Kyokugenryo Karate. Brazil, represented by Ikari
mercenaries. China, combining both old and new generations. Korea, sporting some
weird combination of justice and crime. England, the only all-female team. USA,
and the three most important country sports. Thus, the battles began. Emotive
encounters took place, and the passion and fury of battle once again raged on,
with more emotion than ever before. So many different fighters, so many
different styles. It was a delight to see so many fighting skills facing one
another, in a battle not presenting hatred, just the satisfaction and honor of
winning. The battles were long and winded, and the winners were only defined by
short instances.
	At the end, it was not the Lonely Wolves, but the Japan Team which came
out the winner. This team had two young fighters and one experienced warrior.
One of the young ones was Kyo Kusanagi, latest descendant of the Kusanagi clan,
reknown for their crimson flames. The other was Benimaru Nikaido, a brash and
arrogant fighter, expert in shooting karate (a variation of Muay Thai
kickboxing), and also having the power of lightning. The experienced one was
Goro Daimon, the large Judo champion, who's impressive strength made the earth
itself tremble. All three were defined by a national martial arts championship
which took place in Japan: Kyo came out on top, beating Benimaru in the finals;
Daimon was third, after being beaten by Kyo in the semifinals.
	Mature, Rugal's personal secretary, invited the Japan Team atop a
helicopter, which was to transfer them to the Blacknoah: their final battle was
about to begin. Rugal saluted the team as they came in the Blacknoah, aside his
pet panther and a glass of wine. He laughed and honestly thought they wouldn't
come this far. Shocked at this statement, the three fighters were paralyzed at
the sight around them: groups and groups of statues of fighters extended
everywhere. With another evil laughter, Rugal admits that all those fighters
were alive once, and that he had defeated them all, and bathed their bodies in
steel so that they would be inmortalized. And the Japan Team was the next in the
eerie collection...
	Rugal fought the three fighters. Benimaru and Daimon fought well, but they
only managed to make Rugal a lot more angrier, obligating him to use his best
techniques. He confesses that he never had to reach to such instances, but the
circumstances so applied for it. Using his full power, Rugal even took the best
techniques of Geese and Krauser, past hosts of the tournament! After defeating
Benimaru and Daimon, Kyo was the last one standing. Although Kyo fought with all
his might, Rugal turned out to be a ruthless fighter, and began to make Kyo feel
the heat of the battle. Almost on his knees, Kyo, with sore eyes, saw a body
lying in a corner of the room. With disbelief, he saw that it was no other than
his own father, Saisyu Kusanagi. He had turned out to face Rugal prior to the
tournament, but had been defeated...perhaps even killed. Kyo couldn't take it
anymore. He bursted in rage, and in sheer fury, attacked Rugal like a crimson
tornado. Unable to avoid the rage of the Kusanagi, Rugal fell in defeat. With
his voice paused by the pain, Rugal silently condemns the Japan Team to a swift
death...crazy of revenge, and a poor loser, Rugal took a strange device, and
pressed the button. The Blacknoah was now to autodestroy itself! Kyo, Benimaru,
and Daimon barely made it out alive, as the Blacknoah, engulfed in flames, sank
to the bottom of the ocean. Thus, the King of Fighters tournament ended yet
again, and as the same as the past two years, nobody was seen to be able to take
hand of the tournament.
	A year passes. It's 1995. All the fighters of the past tournament remember
the competition with fond memories, but now know that now that Rugal is dead,
the tournament would die with him. That was, until seven of the eight teams
began to receive invitations once again...
	This time, the envelopes were signed by some "R" fellow. Who was he, and
what was that he wanted? Nobody knew, and many didn't even care, as the fighting
will take place yet again...in 1995! All the teams gathered again, except
one...the USA team was nowhere to be seen. This year, the teams were no longer
affiliated to no country, but it was strange not to see or hear from them.
However, one team did show up in their place...and, for some of the fighters, it
wasn't a very grateful team at all. The team was formed by: Billy Kane, ex-
champion of the tournament, and with a grundge against the Lonely Wolves. Eiji
Kisaragi, a ruthless ninja with unfinished business with the Sakazaki family.
And, the captain of the team, a lonely, but yet, incredibly strong fighter, whom
used similiar techniques to Kyo, but with the difference that he wielded purple
flames! The mysterious young man was known no other as Iori Yagami, a descendant
of the Yagami family, eternal rivals of the Kusanagi family. Now, the tournament
would be filled of personal interests, giving way to more passionate fights than
last year!
	With this frame of hatred, emotion, and excitement, the battle began once
again. Warriors once again took one another, now with one year of experience,
and some new techniques, making the battles more intriguing and exciting. This
time, the results of the battle were decided in some times in the last fighter
of each team, and the winner was nowhere to be defined. Not even the current
champion, the Japan/Hero Team had an easy path. Revitalized warriors, combined
with the new blood, made this tournament much more emotive and skillful than the
last one.
	As the Hero Team was about to enter one of the last battles, they
concentrated in the locker room. However, all of a sudden, a green smoke began
to surround them. The trio noticed that they were losing their senses, and
suddenly, all became black. Sleeping gas...
	Kyo woke up in a dark place. He could barely see his fainted companions
next to him. He was received with a certain familiar laugh. It was no other than
Rugal! Kyo, Benimaru, and Daimon were skeptical, but it was indeed him! He had
something new about him...besides his cybernetic arm, he had a lot more power
than before! How could this be? It seems that Rugal is also in terrible need of
revenge! Rugal beckoned for the Hero Team, but he had a new partner up his
sleeve...His other secretary, Vice, let way to a familiar man. Benimaru and
Daimon were surprised, but Kyo was speechless...It was Saisyu Kusanagi, his own
father! Kyo was filled with joy and happiness, but was stopped cold when his
father challenged him to a fight. His eyes indicated that he was not himself.
Rugal had brainwashed him, and ordered him to kill his own son! Kyo was so
confused in fighting his own father...but Benimaru and Daimon fought the battle
for him. Saisyu was a formidable opponent, being the father and master of Kyo,
but he couldn't fight at his whole potential, due to his resistance to the
brainwash. He was finally defeated, but both Benimaru and Daimon were exhausted
and couldn't fight anymore. Saisyu regained his senses, and summoned Kyo. He bid
his son to defeat Rugal, and avenge him. Then, Saisyu loses consciousness. Kyo
slowly gets up, and faces Rugal once again. However, facing Kyo's rage, was
Rugal's hatred! He suddenly began to emit a previously undetected aura, and his
power began to rise to unexpected heights! His appearance took a different form,
now with a demon look! It was the fury of Omega Rugal!
	The last battle began in the missile platform of Rugal's hidden
underground base. Even though Kyo fought with the same entusiasm as last year,
the new power acquired by Rugal was far too much for Kyo to handle. His power
and speed had now been doubled, and along with his feelings of hatred and
revenge, things began to become bleak for Kyo. However, at the same time, he was
aided by his friends, Terry, Ryo, Athena, between others. They all gave him
strength to go on. Kyo got up once and once again. However, the tide had began
to turn in Kyo's favor. And to boot, Rugal was beginning to lose control of his
own body. Kyo forced Rugal to go all out, but that was his own downfall: the
power in his body began to go out of control, and his body began to twitch and
begin exploding. During his suffering, a deep voice could be heard in a far
place: "You fool! Only those of the bloodline can control such power! You didn't
have a chance!" Rugal vowed vengeance, and a pillar of light consumed Rugal,
blinding Kyo. When he turned around, both Rugal and Iori had vanished. Taking
Benimaru and Daimon with him, Kyo escapes from the base. Now, even though Rugal
was gone for sure, nobody could tell if the tournament was dead or not.
	And nobody could tell what horror lied behind the power Rugal had...

	A year passed since the last tournament ended. It is the year of 1996, and
once again, most of the past tournament's teams were invited to the ultimate
fighting tournament. This time, the host was to be unknown, but it was certainly
not Rugal; not just by the fact that the host was known to be a famous business
woman, but also, the tournament broke it's own solemn seal of silence, and
turned into a commercial, worldwide known event. The fights would be broadcasted
by international T.V., and many sponsors would be watching the tournament. Soon,
the King of Fighters tournament got as much attention as the Olympics or the
soccer World Cup.
	As mentioned before, the same teams of last year were invited, but most of
them presented some interesting changes. Some of the more veteran fighters, such
as Heidern and Takuma, retired from the battle scene, leaving their places to
those of the younger generation. Takuma sent his daughter, Yuri, in his place in
the Kyokugenryo Team, and teh Gorgeous Team welcomed Kasumi Todoh as their new
teammate. Heidern gave his place to his student, Leona, a young woman with
mysterious powers. Iori, after severly beating up his old partners, had made an
eerie union with both of Rugal's secretaries: Mature and Vice. But the one team
that got the most attention, was the most evil team: the one leaded by Geese
Howard and Wolfgang Krauser. Both of them showed by themselves that they were
pretty much alive, and ready to claim rights for the tournament. Alongside them,
was one of Geese's lackeys, Mr. Big, who had a very bad grudge against the
Kyokugenryo school. It seems that this year would be filled of passion and honor
as well!
	Before the main event began, Kyo, the fateful warrior that defeated Rugal
twice in the past, was challenged by a mysterious man. Attending the invitation
alone, Kyo faced this ominous man, whom offered Kyo a fight. However, even
before the battle began, Kyo sensed a terrible power behind that man. The same
power that Rugal possesed, and the one that destroyed him at the end. Kyo was
even more anguished by the fact that the man was outrageously strong, making
short work of Kyo in an instance. Kyo winded up in the hospital, forced to
improve his techniques, and to fight him once more.
	As fights took place, everything seemed to go perfectly on the outside:
the battles went on with a more dramatic sense to it, the fighters putting their
own life on the line in order to win, thus, creating much more intense fights to
decide the winner. Personal vendettas, such as the Kyo-Iori, and the Terry-Geese
rivalries, took central stage in the tournament. However, an evil presence
surrounded the tournament. The shadow of Rugal wasn't quite gone from the
tourney, and something even worse was presented to come. Iori and the new Ikari
member, Leona, began to show powers far beyond those of the fighters'
comprehension, and the entrance of Geese was also quite disturbing. What was all
this ominous feeling about? As the life-and-death battles raged on, the sense of
evil power remained more and more resident in the mind of the fighters.
	As the finals drew nearer, the host finally revealed herself: it was no
other than Chizuru Kagura, latest descendant of the Clan of the Yata, the group
in charge of taking care of the seal that was imposed over an evil power.
Chizuru revealed to the competitors that the seal upon this dangerous power was
broken ten years ago, and that now, it has began to run amok, now more than
ever. She now needs the help of the strongest team in order to aid her in her
quest to seal off the power once again. She called for the Hero Team, past
champion of the two tournaments, and they responded. The Hero Team was invited
to a very big stadium, property of the Kagura family. The many people united
there was pretty impressive. Chizuru appeared in front of the Hero Team, and
asked them, if they were worthy, then they should have a battle with her.
However, Chizuru gave more attention to Kyo than any of the other two teammates.
	The Hero Team won the emotive battle against Chizuru, but she stood up to
tell Kyo and his two friends that the power that ultimately vanquished Rugal
was, indeed, the power of the Orochi. Benimaru and Daimon did not understand,
but it did seem to ring a bell in Kyo's head. He had heard from his father that
the Kusanagi was destined to battle the Orochi once again, as they did 1800
years ago in order to seal the power. However, in the present day, the Orochi
power was released by a messanger of Orochi, and that Rugal, in a haste to
control that power, winded up being defeated and his right eye taken, but that
he received the Orochi power anyway, the messanger knowing that it would kill
him sooner or later. As they talked, a strong wind began to blow in the stadium,
and suddenly, a huge gush of wind blew everyone away...
	As the Hero Team got up, the festive and happy background had been morphed
into that of death and destruction. The stadium was a bit less than destroyed,
and a very big power began to surface. Chizuru was barely standing, badly
wounded by the past gust. With her last breath, she tells Kyo to join Iori in
order to seal the Orochi power. Kyo couldn't believe that he had to ally with
his age-old enemy in order to seal the Orochi power. However, a strange voice
emerged from the middle of the wind. Benimaru and Daimon did not know who that
voice was, but Kyo knew for sure, since it was no other than the man who
defeated him prior to the tournament. The surface materialized. The man
introduced himself as Goenitz, and that he was the one would liberate the Orochi
power completly. Kyo stood in front of him, daring Goenitz that he would be the
one to stop him. Goenitz chuckled and warned Kyo the same result as the first
battle. Kyo grinned and tells Goenitz he is not the same man he defeated
earlier. Kyo tells Benimaru and Daimon to stand back, as they would only get
killed by Goenitz subsequently. Soon enough, Kyo and Goenitz began the fight
that would decide the fate of all mankind.
	Kyo fought with every ounce of strength in his body, making a lot more
effort than the battle he lost. However, it was not enough to match the
humongous power of Goenitz, whom, unlike Rugal, did know how to control his
power, and using it in a devastating way. However, even Goenitz had trouble
subduing the brave Kusanagi, and was glad that he had improved. The huge bursts
of power made the wrecked stadium tremble, and both auras were expanded to
unimaginable heights. However, one blow sent Kyo flying away, and Goenitz was
ready to dispose of him once and for all, until he was caught off guard by a
mysterious man. Kyo recovered and saw that it was no other than Iori! He was
surprised that he would help him, but Goenitz looked even more pleased. He
laughed and tells Kyo that he is finished, since Iori himself posseses the power
of Orochi. Not only Iori, but also the young Ikari woman, Leona, was of Orochi
blood as well.  Kyo was shocked. Was that the reason why Iori was able to launch
purple flames? Iori just stood there, motionless. Iori than laughed maniacally.
He tells Goenitz that only he can kill Kyo, and that's that. Goenitz grumbled,
and dared both enemies to take him on. So, two eternal foes forgot their rivalry
for a while, and fought side by side against a common enemy.
	This time, Goenitz payed his overconfidence dearly. Facing both a Kusanagi
and a Yagami was a huge mistake, and he even noticed that Iori was beginning to
launch crimson flames himself! With a weakened Goenitz, Kyo and Iori winded up
for the final blow. A huge crimson blast from both warriors was more than enough
to take Goenitz away. Goenitz gasped. He kneeled down, and was living his final
moments. Suddenly, Chizuru surged behind him. Kagura tells him that both the
Kusanagi and the Yagami were both allies before the war, and both had aided in
sealing the Orochi power 1800 years ago. Chizuru also demands payback, since
Goenitz killed her sister in order to unleash the Orochi power. Goenitz grins,
and tells Chizuru that the battle is far from over. With a gust of wind, Goenitz
vanished in thin air.
	The wind receeded. Chizuru tells both Kyo and Iori that they should become
allies once again, in order to face the inminent danger that would unfold in
front of them. Iori grumbles, and says he has his own intentions. And has he
walks away, Iori finally stops and begins to clutch his chest. He then launches
a blood-curling scream, and spits out blood. Chizuru is surprised, and says Iori
is now passing through the Riot of Blood, process in which the Orochi blood
inside him begins to awaken. Iori begins to terribly freak out, becoming more
monster than human. His teammates, Mature and Vice, try to stop him, but they
pay for their interference by being ripped away by the insane Iori. Kyo now
stands alone, with the danger of Orochi still fresh in his mind and soul.
	One year flew by. Although the last tournament had a tragic ending, the
sponsors were satisfied by the success of the tournament in gathering millions
of spectators worldwide. Thus, many of the more richer men in the world began to
sponsor what would be the fourth tournament, to be taken place in 1997. This
time, though, there would be preelimanry rounds before the definitive matches.
This time, the excitement would build up even before the actual tournament, and
more people would see the battles worldwide.
	This time, most of the teams which have always participated in the last
tournaments won the right to compete yet again.  Chizuru, the past host of the
tournament, teamed up with Mai and King, whom had lost Kasumi. Iori and Kyo's
student, Shingo Yabuki, entered as single entries. Two new teams were
introduced, however. One of them was a team sent out by Geese Howard, whom had
quitted to the tournament, as well as Krauser and Mr. Big. In it was Billy Kane,
Geese's bodyguard, with direct orders to watch over Iori, and investigate about
the Orochi power, despite Billy's hatred towards Iori. Alongside him was Ryuji
Yamazaki, a madman who would kill his own mother for a dime. Yamazaki was
promised double the tournament's prize money if he could win. The third member
was Blue Mary, an agent who was working undercover to investigate Yamazaki, and
even Billy. The other team was unexpected; a last minute entry, to be precise.
The three fellows were known to be members of a music band, but they suddenly
emerged as the new team of the King of Fighters tournament. The team was formed
by Yashiro Nanakase, Shermie, and a little kid named Chris. The three seemed to
be innocent, but lethal fighters...
	Thus, began the tournament once again. This time, the final matches would
take place in six different countries around the globe, always receiving a huge
propaganda, mostly on T.V.. The matches were more intense than ever, but the
danger of the Orochi was covering the competition with it's eerie shadow. What
would happen with Iori and Leona? What does the New Face Team really want?
Nobody dared to ask those questions, as perhaps, the answers would be
catastrophic. The fights were still held on, and the people were satisfied by
the huge amount of competition, mostly since all of the fighters came back with
more and better techniques than ever before. It was unexpected to see who would
win, and the fighters gave all they got in order to keep the heat on. That is,
until the last days of the tournament...
	During the final days, Iori and Leona were reported missing. A frantic
search began for the two Orochi blood members. Also, the New Face Team began to
act a lot more stranger these past days. As if they knew something...
	Finally, Iori and Leona were encountered. However, they were no longer the
same: the Riot of Blood had gained total control of their minds, and since they
were not able to control the power, they became just bloodthirsty monsters,
seeking out to kill as many people as they could. Kyo and the rest of his
friends had a hard time trying to stop the enraged Iori and Leona. Ralf and
Clark, Leona's partners, promised they would stop Leona's rampage, and told Kyo
to do the same with Iori. Thus, the heroic fighters began to fight again. But,
if they went berserk, was that because it was a sign of Orochi being near? They
tried to spare the thought, but as they met and fought the freaked out Iori and
Leona, it became more and more evident...
	Kyo and his friends managed to stop the crazed Iori in his tracks, and
Ralf and Clark finished their mission as well, successful in stopping Leona.
However, this was no more than the beginning... Three figures stood besides
them. The figures were more than familiar. It was the New Face Team! However,
they had certainly changed. Their clothes had a different color, but most of
all, their aura was filled with the evil stench of Orochi. That could only mean
that the New Face Team were of Orochi blood as well! However, they seemed to be
perfectly normal. Yashiro took a step forward, and smickered. He beckons that
they are three of the Four Heavenly Kings of Orochi, the fourth being Goenitz.
Yashiro also tells the surprised competitors that they are out to finish
Goenitz' mission. It seems that although defeated, Goenitz was successful in
gathering enough fighting energy from the fighters, and this time, even more
fighting aura was gathered, and the Orochi was close to being resurrected! Even
so, it was revealed that even the crazy Yamazaki was an Orochi blood member! Kyo
and his friends vowed to the Orochi New Face Team, that they would stop them
before they realize their ambition. Yashiro grins, and clenches his fist,
calling out arrogantly: "You do not have to pray...even if you win, a living
hell will be waiting for you all!"
	Kyo and his justice friends, Benimaru, Terry, Ryo, Daimon, Athena,
Kim...all did their best in fighting against the inmensly powerful Orochi New
Face Team. Their powers were superb, surpassing far more those of Goenitz. Their
powers, however, simulated those of the Hero Team. It seems that they copied
their techniques since they were so useful in the past! However, evil can not
triumph. With a great deal of sacrifice, an all-out battle took place, the age-
old war between good and evil took place once again. Every fighter did their
best effort to stop the three Heavenly Kings, even though most of them were
terribly underpowered. But the human spirit, the need to defend their world
prevailed. The good will always triumph against evil. Thus, the Orochi New Face
Team, after a long and difficult battle, was finally defeated. Few fighters were
left standing, but all glad they were able to protect their world...
	However, the worst part of the battle had not yet come. Yashiro and
Shermie both laughed, and congratulated the fighters. Kyo demanded their real
purpose, and it seemed that they only fought as long as to gather the remaining
energy for the Orochi to awaken! Suddenly, Chris, the innocent kid, began to
float among the other two Orochi kings. And, all of a sudden, Yashiro and
Shermie killed themselves right in front of Chris' eyes! The fighters were
dumbfounded. Chris had began to gather a VERY strong amount of energy. Chris
opened his eyes. He began to talk in an omnipotent voice. He claimed that all
humankind would die at his hands, and that this time, he would finish what began
1800 years ago. Chris then morphed, from becoming an innocent kid, to a young
man, with such a goldike feeling to him. His hair was white, his chest tattoed,
and his eyes gleeming with the scent of death. This time, the moment had
arrived, the time to fight Orochi!
	It didn't take long for Orochi to prove his true power. With no effort at
all, he blew the rest of the fighters away. This was the true power of the
Orochi! Even Kyo fell to the ground, defeated. He began to lose his
consciousness, and everything turned black around him. Suddenly, amidst the
darkness, Kyo could hear voices...faint voices, similiar to those of spirits.
The ghosts told Kyo that they were the spirit of the Yagami, dead ancestors of
Iori. The Yagami pledged Kyo to end the curse that has been imposed on the
Yagami ever since their blood pact with the Orochi 660 years ago. It seems that
the Orochi power was the cause of the Yagami's short lifespan! Kyo then heard
the voices of his friends, and his girlfriend, Yuki. Yuki was one of the eight
Kushinada girls, destined to be sacrificed in order to awaken Orochi. Yuki says
that since she was the only Kushinada to not be sacrificed, she would aid him.
Kyo slowly got up. He found Iori standing right next to him. He had seems to be
able to get back to normal, and smiled at Kyo. "It seems that we will die
together, eh Kusanagi? How ironic that you will not die by my hand...". Kyo just
grinned, and tells Iori that they have a lost job to do. Chizuru calls both from
behind, and tells them they she will take care of the seal once they have
defeated Orochi.
	Kyo and Iori go into battle...a mortal battle, a battle were no one could
live. Somebody was going to die that day, and the one who would live, would take
the world. Kyo and Iori fought with the last amounts of power left in their
tired bodies, but managed to turn Orochi back. They fought with no regrets, no
preoccupations. They would die anyway, so it was better to make the most of it!
Even Chizuru colaborated a bit to fight Orochi, and the battle of 1800 years ago
repeated itself...Kusanagi and Yagami fighting together, Kagura taking care of
the seal.
	At the end of the battle, Orochi grew tired, and used all his power to
input the Riot of Blood on Iori once again. Iori began to go insane again, but
Kyo pledged for him to regain senses. But it was too late...Iori had gone
berserk again. Orochi commanded Iori to attack both Kyo and Chizuru, and kill
them both. However, it was Orochi who was attacked by the powered Iori! Iori
grabs Orochi by the neck, and Chizuru bids Kyo to hurry up and finish him. Kyo
denies, and exclaims he would kill Iori as well. Chizuru says he has no time,
since Iori will hold no longer, since Orochi was using the remaining of his
power to take Iori out of the way. Kyo then gathers all the strength given to
him by Yuki and his friends, and gives a full, crmison blow to Orochi...
	The sky's dark clouds clear. The sun shines again. The world is safe once
more. Everybody still remember the heroic deeds of the tournament fighters.
Orochi sleeps once again, but still, it is yet to be defined who will be the


	Two years had passed since the fateful battle against the Orochi clan.
During this period of time, the winds of peace blew again throughout a world
that had suffered the consecuences of the ambition of the Orochi power. Once
having been a fighting stage to the death between the Kusanagi and Yagami clan
against Orochi, the people of the world once again lived with joy and
satsifaction. The fighters of the past tournaments could finally get a rest from
so many years of battle, and decided to only hone their skills in local
tournaments, in order to maintain themselves in practice. Thanks to these
warriors, the human race could live to see the dawn of another day.
	However, unknown was the fate of the two main fighters that fought bravely
against the menace of the Orochi power: Kyo Kusanagi and Iori Yagami. After the
final battle, the two latest descendants of the legendary clans had vanished,
and nobody had heard anything about them. Not even Chizuru Kagura, the
descendant to the Clan of the Yata, protectors of the Orochi seal, knew what was
the fate of the two young warriors. Despite that, all the fighters decided to
take a rest, knowing that now that the Orochi threat was gone, the world would
be at rest, since nobody could attempt the revival of the Orochi power for 100
years. But destiny does not respect personal thoughts....
	All of a sudden, and out of nowhere, invitations were sent out once again
to the most powerful fighters in the world in order to gather around for the
fifth King of Fighters tournament. This time around, the tournament would return
to the shades of secrecy from where it surged, away from the glamour of public
attention and massive communication transmission. The battles would once again
retain its category of honor and glory battles from the bases of the fight.  No
longer was there any business profits among the battles, but just sheer, pure
brawls to the finish. However, that was the least important modification to the
tournament. For the first time in 5 years, the basic rules of the tournament had
changed. This time around, now up to 4 fighters could make up a team: three of
them would act as main fighters of the match, the remaining warrior was only
allowed to participate for a short while in the match, executing any attack they
would prefer, and their appearances would be restricted to a certain number.
This would made the battles a lot more dramatic than ever before, with up to
four fighters dueling at the same time!
	Basically, the main teams of the past four tournaments were to be invited
again to this ultimate brawl, some of them bringing back faces from the past in
order to do battle again, and some of them had new faces among their lineup, for
a shocking new experience. The Lonely Wolves finally accepted the red-haired
female ninja Mai Shiranui in their team (of course, to fight aside her one true
love, Andy Bogard). The students of Kyokugenryo Karate joined their master,
Takuma Sakazaki, once more in order to show the world the might of their martial
art! The Ikari Warriors recruited a new mercenary among their ranks: another
young female soldier, whose name reflected her weapon of choice: Whip. The
Psycho Soldiers introduced a new child with psychic powers called Bao, but with
the Sie Kensou enigma, who had began to lose his own powers himself. Kim
Kaphwan's old training partner, Jhun Hoon, joined the Tae Kwon Do justice
fighters in order to show which way of justice was more adequate (much to Chang
Koehan and Choi Bounge's dismay!). King gathers her Southtown female friends
(Blue Mary, Kasumi Todoh, and newcomer Li Xiangfei) to form a more beautiful and
more lethal gorgeous team! However, the new fighters were to create quite the
mysterious athmosphere in the tournament....
	Benimaru Nikaido, decided to take Kyo's spot as number one fighter, and
Shingo Yabuki, intent of honoring the memory of his master, were teamed with two
enigmatic warriors. Both were silent, but had furious looks in their eyes,
showing no trace of feelings. A gloomy aura and violent fighting techniques soon
awaked the bad feelings of the other participants. Their names, as mysterious as
their lives: K' and Maxima. Nobody knew their real purpose, but many obviously
suspected about them....
	The most incredible thing ever saw was the two new single entries. It was
Kyo Kusanagi...times two! It was unbelievable how the two fighters had such a
striking resemblance to the most powerful fighter that ever graced the King of
Fighters scene. Both clones used the legendary Kusanagi techniques that made Kyo
the legend he was, precise to the drop of a dime. How could they appear? Did
they knew anything about the fate of the real Kyo? Before any questions could be
asked, the tournament was already in progress....
	Despite having been out of activity for two long years, the fighters could
develop new and devastating techniques that were prompt in lighting up the
battle stage in a more brilliant way than ever! It was almost like a new battle
once again...the battle that indicated the beginning of a new millenium! The
four member rule made the fights a lot more strategic than ever before, and the
will of becoming the new champion impulsed the warriors to make their best
effort, more than ever before. With the memory of Kyo in the minds of many
fighters, and the shadow of the Orochi power being only a bad dream, the
contestants could unleash forward their true power with no withdrawl or regrets.
This time around, the sense of vengeance and score-settles were replaced by the
glory and excitement of facing a worthy opponent and fighting with all their
might to become a more complete fighter and hone their skills!
	Taken by the hand by K' and Maxima, Benimaru and Shingo realized their
dream of arriving to the final match, and becoming the new figures of the King
of Fighters scene. The last fight was scheduled at a very rare spot: the sewers.
Not quite the place to fight the last match. While the new Hero team was waiting
for the last team to arrive, the sewer stream suddenly dried out, running
through some shafts below them. They suddenly found themselves standing on a
metal surface. As if it weren't enough, the floor began to move, and sent the
four warriors down! It was no other than a huge elevator platform that was
sending the young fighters underground, to an unkown location....
	Meanwhile, at the Ikari Warriors command room, the commander of the
mercenary squad, Heidern, was monitoring several parts of the world, and
detected a weird signal pattern. Several bizarre radio patterns were being
emitted from many countries worldwide. Heidern ordered the origins of such
signals, and to his surprise, all the signals came from exact replicas of Kyo
Kusanagi! There were Kyos all over the world: among the citizens of the big
cities, hidden in the deepest forests, underwater, in the air...everywhere!
Heidern could present an evil stench at the core of the tournament, and the
source came from the more powerful signal: sector 70599.
	The elevator that was taking Benimaru, Shingo, K', and Maxima finally
stopped in front of a huge metallic door, with the inscription "70599" at the
front. Benimaru and Shingo are confused with the whole situation, but K' and
Maxima don't seem to be altered at the very least. Before Benimaru and Shingo
could realize what was going on, the huge door opened. It was too unexpected.
Suddenly, red lights flashed everywhere, and several computer screens turned on.
Among the whole show, a deep, daring voice invited the team to enter his domain.
The finals would begin as soon as possible. Benimaru and Shingo demanded the man
to show himself. The man who came out was more than intimidating: he was rather
tall, not very well built, but his eyes expressed anger and bloodlust. He weared
a very thick clothing, not revealing anything of his body. Stranger than that,
the fighters could not feel any fighting spirit from him...but his strength
showed otherwise. Benimaru cried out: "What is this all about?!". K' sneered and
said: "I don't know, but it's a challenge that I'm sure we can't decline!".
	The ultimate match began. The bloody fight raged on, with the mystery man
showing no effort in executing devastating moves. The Hero team suspected that
this ravaging warrior wasn't using his whole power, and was merely playing with
them. Sensing something funny going on, they decided to hold back to see his
reaction. However, despite not using their full power, the ominous fighter was
getting the upper hand with his overwhelming, unnatural power. The fight was
certainly getting nowhere, and becoming terribly long. All of a sudden, in a
display of raging outburst, Benimaru attacks the man with his full power. K'
tries to stop him, but strangely enough, Benimaru knocks the man down to the
ground rather easily. Could this be the end of the match...?
	The mysterious man slowly stood up, and began to chuckle eeringly. All of
a sudden, all the computer screens surrounding the whole dark room lighted up,
displaying a bunch of computer data. The whole chamber lighted up, to show an
inmense base, displaying the ultimate technology! Benimaru and Shingo are
puzzled at the size of the facility. The man begins to laugh manically, and
grumbles in a low pitched voice: "You knew, didn't you, K'?". Benimaru and
Shingo turn back to K' looking for an answer, but are met with the cold gaze of
the mysterious warrior. Shingo wants to know who he is and what he wants. The
man introduces himself as Krizalid, and that he brought them here to accomplish
his ultimate purpose. Shingo affirms that what does the King of Fighters
tournament have to do with anything. Krizalid smiles and says he used the King
of Fighters name to call the strongest fighters, so he could bring them to his
facility, and accomplish his goal. Suddenly, all the screens display the same
image: scenes of the Kyo Kusanagi replicas all around the world. Krizalid
accepts that he took the unconsicious body of the original Kyo Kusanagi, worn
out by the effort made in the last battle against the Orochi clan, and took his
DNA to clone him into several clones, two of which entered the King of Fighters
tournament. However, the real Kyo Kusanagi escaped midway through the process,
and his whereabouts unknown. He would input the fighting data that he had
collected through the last battle in order to activate the clones, and create a
unified attack that would take out all the governments of the world, and
surrender to him! Benimaru and Shingo gasp in terror.
	At the Ikari Warriors command room, Heidern orders the deploy of his units
in order to stop the Kyo invasion, and that he would soon follow. However,
before the operation begins, one of the radios manages to capture the dialogue
in the underground base. In it, Benimaru asks how could Krizalid capture the
fighting data. Krizalid informs him that it was sent through his body, and
channeled through the computers. As a matter of fact, Krizalid reveals that K'
is no other than his clone, since Krizalid infused himself with the power of the
Kusanagi through a battle suit, and K' being a clone of himself. However, since
K' had no control over his power like Krizalid could, he was forced to use a
special glove in order to retain the inmense power inside him. K' refuses to
believe this, but when Krizalid asks him about his parents and childhood, K' is
speechless, as he can't remind it. Krizalid reveals that one last data is to be
collected...the killer instinct! And he would do that by killing them all!
Suddenly, Krizalid burns his clothes out, and remains with his battle suit. The
true battle was about to begin....
	The change of pace of the fight soon began to become terribly one-sided.
The power of Krizalid was more than godlike, his inhuman powers just plowing
through Benimaru and Shingo. Using the power of the Kusanagi, Krizalid's violent
attitude was more than anyone could withstand. His speed and strength had no
match. Soon enough, Maxima and K' were alone to fight Krizalid. Despite fighting
with all their might, Krizalid's superior power almost obligates them to kneel
before his advantage. Krizalid laughs, and is impressed by their resistance, but
it would soon end. Suddenly, Maxima nails Krizalid with a power punch from
behind, making Krizalid reel. Maxima shouts out for K', who in an instant, used
his whole power to channel a full-fledged flame blast at Krizalid. The
consequent explosion sends Krizalid flying away. Maxima and K' fall   to the
ground, sure of their victory.
	However, as both help Benimaru and Shingo up, Krizalid still stands behind
them. Maxima and K' are dumbfounded, having no remains of strength. Krizalid is
downright mad, and is about to eliminate the couple of traitors. He just can't
believe that he had lost with his inmense power. Suddenly, a very bright light
shines from above. Everybody is dumbfounded at the shine of it. An omnipotent
voice shouts: "You have failed."  Now fearful and insecure, the once raging
Krizalid begs for his life, as he can still activate the clones with the data he
has collected. However, the clones have already been deactivated, and the data
shall be saved for another time...and all the agents of this project must be
eliminated. Krizalid is paralyzed by the fear, but he does not have any time to
think it over...a huge rock falls from above, burying Krizalid to the ground.
	As Krizalid's prone body lies motionless on the ground, K' and the others
go to check on the man who was behind the complot of NESTS. Suddenly, K' felt
insecure and restless. Maxima knew his partner well, and quickly asked what was
K' up to. But K' just stood there, motionless. Benimaru notices K's odd
reaction, but he too, becomes aware of the power that approaches them. It was
vaguely familiar, but this raging aura came from a man with insane power. Shingo
then spotted a man who was standing beside them, shrouded in the darkness cast
on the room. Benimaru knew it was him. Shingo couldn't hold back his inmense
joy. K' felt that his own power was reflected in that man. Maxima didn't know
what was going on, but it was so obvious now: the figure smiled, and walked
towards the light which once destroyed Krizalid. The figure turned out to be a
revitalized Kyo Kusanagi, back from his trip to rediscover himself and prepare
himself in the battle against the NESTS cartel, although his work seemed very
much cut out for him.
       But while everyone was anxious about Kyo's return, Kyo, enraged, demands
the true intention to the light. The omnipotent voice rings again: "We, the
NESTS cartel, plan to forward the plan for 10 years! But you must be
eliminated!". Kyo laughs, and says arrogantly: "Don't mess with me, pal!".
Suddenly, the base begins to shake, and pieces of scrap begin to fall from
above. The base is beginning to crumble! However, K' is more than intent on
fighting his original. "I've been waiting to fight a powerful opponent...someone
like you, Kyo Kusanagi!", K' growls. However, a door shuts between him and Kyo,
as well as closing Benimaru and Shingo out of the room. Shingo wants to help Kyo
out, but Benimaru warns that their own lives are in danger, and persuades him to
escape from the base.
	Meanwhile, K' and Maxima are ambushed by the unit of the Ikari
Warriors.... and the leader of the unit nears Krizalid's inert body. A female
	Outside the crumbling NESTS base, a tall figure stands near the edge of a
cliff, watching over the chaos that was unleashed beneath him. He notices
several figures rushing out of the base as fast as they could. The red-haired
man didn't flinch a bit at the sight. He always stayed so cool and precise. His
own eerie aura glowed, and the ground beneath him trembled. The man known as
Iori Yagami had came here in search for answers about the proliferation of Kyo
clones worldwide, hoping to find Kyo himself. But Iori knew he wasn't here...at
least not any longer. He had been following his rival's trail for so long, and
found nothing. Iori just grinded his teeth, clenched his fists, as purple flames
surround his body. As his wild red hair flows in the sheer energy of his aura,
Iori vows: "Just you wait, Kyo! Next time, I won't let anyone stand between us.
Our battle will not end until one of us dies!"

	The last King of Fighters tournament signified the appearance of a new
enemy that threatened to break the reigning peace in the world: the NESTS
cartel. It was more than clear that Krizalid was a mere pawn in a game of life
and death, and that the participants of the King of Fighters tournament were
nothing more than actors in a planned stage. However, there were still many
doubts about the ominous NESTS cartel. What was their real purpose? What do they
really intend to do with the fighting energy of the competitors? So many
questions, but little time to answer them, as another year cruises by, and the
dawn of a new millenium approaches in the horizon....
	Despite being a new year, the King of Fighters tournament was in jeopardy.
Now that everyone knew about the evil intentions of the NESTS cartel, it was
doubtful that anybody would dare participate again and colaborate in the
downfall of the world. However, as long as the NESTS cartel remained unpunished,
the threat of world domination was never far behind. The situation reached a
critical peak, until one day....
	Sitting in his office in the Ikari Warriors mercenary squad HQ, Heidern
receives a notice from Ling. Ling was a commander of a fellow mercenary agency,
closely linked to the Ikari Warriors. Ling informed Heidern about a plan to lure
the NESTS cartel out of its' hideout, and take them down. The plan followed as
this: The King of Fighters tournament would be held once again, in the year
2000! This time Ling and his agents would control everything that happened in
the tournament, and track any suspicious characters. The main objective of the
tournament was to attract former NESTS agents, K' and Maxima, who had once
escaped from the Ikari Warriors a year ago. They would surely know about the
NESTS cartel's whereabouts. The plan is accepted by Heidern, who will once again
play an important role in the sidelines.
	And so it begins again. Invitations are sent out once again to the most
powerful fighters of the world in order for them to form their teams of 4
members each, and fight once again in a memorable battle of emotions and
passion! It was made clear that this time, NESTS would be out of any involvement
with the tournament. This clearly relaxed the worries of all the warriors who
feared that their strength would be misused for the wrong intentions of NESTS.
Now, the stage would be set for yet another battle of epic proportions,
involving many different fighting styles, many different stories, but most of
all, many different lives that gathered in one single goal: to become the best
there is, to become the King of Fighters!
	Since the same rules of the past tournament applied here as well, many
teams remained unchanged: Of course, the Ikari Warriors couldn't be left out in
order to seek for the NESTS agents. The Psycho Soldiers will make sure that this
year, no sort of interference will come from the ominous NESTS cartel! Kim
Kaphwan and Jhun Hoon will stage their politics of justice one more time, using
the former convicts Chang Koehan and Choi Bounge as their guinea pigs. Some
other teams suffered slight variations, mostly a change of members: Yuri
Sakazaki, who wishes to pay her debt with Mai Shiranui and team up again for old
times' sake, invite their old friend Kasumi Todoh along, as well as a newfound
friend who hails from a Japanese ladies' school: Hinako Shijou, who also happens
to practice Sumo. Now, it's Terry Bogard's time to cope with his oldtime love
affair: Blue Mary, who has decided to tag along with the Lonely Wolves in hopes
of catching NESTS red-handed. Due to the absence of Yuri, the patriarch of the
Kyokugenryo school of karate, Takuma Sakazaki, decides to recruit his son Ryo's
beloved woman: former-enemy-turned-ally King. Two new teams, however, are the
main attractions of this year's competiton, due mostly to their strange collage
of individuals....
	As previewed, K' and Maxima are back again, more than intent on breaking
their past links with the NESTS cartel. This time, Benimaru Nikaido and Shingo
Yabuki are no longer their teammates: a sexy, yet deadly woman known as Vanessa
and a fancy Mexican wrestler called Ramon shall be their comrades this year.
Meanwhile, Benimaru and Shingo have plans of their own: to not allow last year's
incidents to happen once again. Their new partners, however, are not precisely
the warmest people in the world: an elegant strongman known as Seth, and an
eerie and bizarre ninja called Lin, complement this lively duo with their own
mark of coldness and bitterness. And, of course, the immortal legends of Kyo
Kusanagi and Iori Yagami, who now cast off their cloak of secrecy and deciding
to participate in a all-new no-holds barred match!
	Once again, the battles take place amidst a climate of doubt and danger.
The nasty influence of the NESTS cartel might have vanished, but still the
menace of a new evil arising in the world was more than inminent. However,
during the battles in the tournament, these worries flied away with the greatest
of ease, since the feeling of battle and testing one's own skill against a
strong opponent is stronger than any other negative feeling! After all, there
was no need to worry about exteral problems. What mattered, most of all, was to
increase one's own fighting spirit, concentrating on the battle completely, and
being able to unleash not only their amazing skills, but also deliver their
whole souls for the sake of the fight! After all, the philosophy of the true
fighter is to not allow themselves to be fazed by threats, but to fight to
accomplish their goals in life: to become the best there is!
	All of a sudden, the fights led towards one final location, where weird
things were going on. The most suprising fact was that the place was the city
where the King of Fighters tournament first saw the light of day: Southtown, the
city where fighting was the bloodstream that gave the city life. With Geese
Howard gone, Southtown had fallen into the hands of those who live for the
fight, a lawless pithole. The city had gone far beyond recognition, and
corruption wasn't even existent, because Southtown itself, had become a city
straight out of hell. In short, the whole city became the world's biggest
fighting arena, and the King of Fighters tournament had once again returned to
its' origins.
	During their arrival at Southtown, K', Maxima, Vanessa, and Ramon were
wandering through the docks of Southtown, hiding from the Ikari Warriors'
mercenaries. It seemed likely that the NESTS cartel could be operating in
Southtown. K' and Maxima were deeply concerned about it, but Vanessa wasn't all
that amused (and Ramon ignored all that cartel stuff). Suddenly, a fine, cool
breeze began to blow through the wind. K' sensed something terribly wrong, and
sends Maxima and his friends off. Maxima wants to know why K' is so jumpy, but
K' does not heed reason. Mindful about K's stubborness, Maxima takes Vanessa and
Ramon and heads directly for the factory zone of Southtown, and seek for cover.
Meanwhile, K' stands in the middle of a full-fledged snow storm. The water of
the docks freeze instantly, and the ships hold in place. K' sneers, and greets
his next opponent: a young woman with long blue hair, and lost eyes. She used a
suit very similiar to that K' weared, down to the glove. The figure introduced
herself as Kula. K' shrugs her off, and so begins the eternal fight between the
rival elements: fire and ice.
	Meanwhile, Maxima, Vanessa, and Ramon have managed to take shelter in an
abandoned factory located near downtown Southtown. Maxima wonders about the fate
of his friend, and thinks about the involvement of NESTS in all this. Suddenly,
a noise is heard behind them. When battle seemed unavoidable, it came to a
surprise that it was no other than Benimaru and Shingo, with Lin and Seth along!
It seems that they, too, had been lured into the abandoned factory. Nonetheless,
reunion time is cut short, since Ling's mercenaries have already surrounded the
building. With no other place to run to, Benimaru suggests they should hide in a
huge room nearby. Ramon thinks everybody's crazy, and Shingo protests based on
the fact that they would be trapped there. "It's better than being slaughtered
out here", Benimaru replies. So, the 7 fighters head towards the dark room....
	At the same time, in the Ikari Warriors' command room, Heidern attempts to
contact his best lieutenant, Ralf Jones. Ralf is located far from the designated
location, which disturbs Heidern, since the soldiers are already there, and they
will be needing all the help they can get (after all, K' and Maxima did trash a
whole unit of mercenaries last year). Ling interrupts, and says: "That will no
longer be a problem.". Heidern demands an explanation, and Ling suggests that
the soldiers located at the factory should turn on the elevator, and then
activate the underground generator. Heidern is left with even more doubts, and
Ling continues: "This way, we should be able to activate the Zero Cannon.".
Heidern recalls the name: a satellite that had been launched in order to detect
and destroy the hideouts of the NESTS cartel, done by Ling prior to the mission.
Heidern reminds Ling that their only purpose is to capture K' and Maxima, and
investigate the whereabouts of the NESTS cartel. "Yes, officially", says Ling
with a sinister grin. When Heidern is about to complain, he is instantly held at
gunpoint by Ling's soldiers! "What kind of loony ideas do you have in mind?",
demands Heidern. "You don't have to know anything", Ling laughs. "You're just a
mere spectator, and I...I am the executor!".
	Meanwhile, in the abandoned factory, Maxima wonders why the soldiers have
stopped looking for them. When the tension level has raised to pitch fever
levels, the roof begins to open. Much to the warriors' surprise, they have been
located underground! The floor raises them to ground level, where they find
themselves inside an ancient temple, which, in turn, turns out to be Ling's
command center! The fighters see with disbelief as Heidern and his agents are
held at gunpoint by Ling's soldiers. Suddenly, out of nowhere, an ominous figure
surges in the middle of the room. Seth and Vanessa are quite a bit surprised,
which sparks the attention of their teammates. The mysterious shadow welcomes
the fighters. Vaneesa shouts out: "Commander! What is this all about?!". His
cover blown, the mystery person steps into the light. It is Ling, but dressed in
a more extravagant fashion. Upon further inspection, it turns out to be that
Ling is, simply put, not Ling at all! Heidern demands the fake Ling to spit out
his true name, and the false Ling gives him the expected answer: Zero.
	As it turns out to be, Zero used his cloning abilities to create Ling, and
give him specific orders of gaining the trust of the Ikari Warriors and the
world leaders, before deactivating the clone. Zero was also the man responsible
for Krizalid's elimination last year, as the voice of the ominous light.
Consecuently, it is revealed that Seth and Vanessa are also NESTS' agents, under
the command of Zero. However, they had been duped into bringing the strongest
fighters of the the last King of Fighters tournament, after their separation.
This turns Seth and Vanessa against Zero for having used them as his pawns. But
Seth and Vanessa own Zero a great deal, as they had been infused with Zero's
fighting power enclosed in his DNA. And Zero, no doubt, had a truly fearsome
power: his eerie aura could be felt all around the temple, making the whole
walls shake beneath him!
	Not content with duping the fighters for his own personal ambitions, Zero
has an extra something in store for the daring fighters. He now intends to fight
them so he can extract enough fighting energy in order to charge up the Zero
Cannon! This is achieved via the underground generator, which siphons the energy
released in the main chamber of the temple. The generator will then transmit the
data to the Zero Cannon (of which 20 units were placed, each aimed at strategic
locations around the world) in outer space, and Zero can use it to destroy any
designated point on the face of the earth! "So, this must be the ultimate plan
of NESTS, huh?", mumbles Lin. "NESTS? That was just a gimmick!", growls Zero.
"The future of this world isn't NESTS. It's me!". Seth gestures, and vows: "This
time, you won't get away with your pitiful plans, you filth!".
	Easier said than done, as Zero soon proves to his gullible guests. Ramon
and Shingo are the first two fighters to fall. They stood up bravely against
Zero, but due to his quick movements, they proved to be no match for the crazed
commander. Another upsetting fact was that all the energy of the fight would be
used for the Zero Cannon, so the brave warriors were a bit more than reluctant
about displaying their full strength. Would they be responsible of the downfall
of society as we know it? Everyone had that doubt in mind, as Ramon and Shingo
get blown away by Zero's quick skirt movements.
	Benimaru and Maxima now stand against the confident Zero. They knew that
this battle couldn't be won no matter what, but there was no choice: it was kill
or be killed. Benimaru and Maxima begin to attack Zero with everything they got,
but Zero has some more tricks up his sleeve: he now uses dark shadow arts to
sneak upon the heroes! These sinister tricks soon pay their price, as Benimaru
and Maxima begin to get whacked by invisible figures, and then followed up by
Zero himself. The battle was turning gruesome, until unexpected help came.
	Taking Zero by surprise, Seth and Vanessa jump on their former commander.
Zero begins to feel the incredible pressure of fighting both his enemies AND his
former allies. The noble fighters begin to inflict damage on the pressured Zero,
but Zero attempts one last desperate trick: surrounding himself with magnetic
energy, Zero becomes a huge damage void. Sucking in energy from every living
being in the room, and gathering it in his own aura, Zero makes the finalists
fly through the air. After a few seconds, everyone falls flat. Zero already
brags his victory, until....
	Suddenly, Lin jumps from behind, and stabs Zero in the back with his hand.
Zero quickly makes short work out of Lin, but Lin already gloats about his
victory. Zero doesn't understand what he means, but he soon realizes another
weird fact: someone has just entered the room. Another challenger? Yes, it's K'!
However, K' is weak from his battle against Kula. Zero bursts into laughter, and
taunts K': "How can you ever hope to defeat me in such a battered state? You
can't even deal with your own soul!", brags Zero. But, when Zero is about to
proceed to finish K', he feels his whole body getting weak. What is this all
about? It was Lin's doing: his stab in the back had it's own share of poison,
which had began to make Zero feel the heat. With his remaining strength, K'
gathers the last ounces of his flaming power, keeps it in his gloved hand, and
rushes directly at Zero. The inminent impact makes the whole temple and it's
surroundings to shudder like no tomorrow.
	K' begins to help his partners and former friends. He appears to have
defeated Zero...or so he thinks. In bad shape, a bruised and bittered Zero walks
up to his defeaters. He holds a trigger in hand and a nasty smile on his face.
"You're doomed!", laughs Zero. "Even if you have defeated me, nothing can stop
the Zero Cannon now! Now vanish into the light of a new world!". Things get
worse when the world leaders receive the notice of Zero's "capture"...by Ling. A
decoy notice that will take them by surprise. Zero presses the trigger's button
in order to fry the wounded warriors with the Zero Cannon...but nothing happens.
The generator suddenly shuts down, and Zero is more than confused by it. Out of
the blue, Zero is inmoblized by a strange force around him. Inmediately after,
two women, going by the name of Diana and Foxy, appear by Zero's side.
	The two femme fatales approach Zero. They are beautiful, yet deadly,
women. Diana and Foxy silently seal Zero's fate. Traitors to the NESTS deserve
no less than death. By attempting to destroy his superiors with the Zero Cannon,
Zero himself has signed his own pact of destruction. Diana calls someone via a
radio transmittor. It is Kula, who is located atop the Zero Cannon in outer
space! Kula had reprogrammed the Zero Cannon to not respond to the main controls
(in Zero's possession), and activate it manually instead. Kula fires the Zero
Cannon, which is directly aimed at Zero's position. Zero reels in fear and
agony. The surviving fighters are urged to escape from the inminent impact.
	Meanwhile, inside the temple, where everything was shaking and falling due
to the incoming Zero Cannon shot, Zero lied on the ground, exhausted from
battle, unable to move and condemned to death by his superiors. After all, he
was just a clone for a higher purpose. But he beatryed the trust of his
superiors, and now he would pay for it. As Zero awaits the moment of his death,
a person walks near him...asking for questions....
	Moments later, among all the chaos and all the explosions that the Zero
Cannon had caused, the temple was falling down to ruins. But a lone man still
approached Zero in his agony. The young man noticed a small gray mechancial box
near Zero's fallen body. Something must have been contained there, but no idea
of what it was. Zero smiled when he saw the figure approach him, and just
managed to mutter in his delusions: "Well, well...what a honor to have you as my
final witness to my death, Kyo Kusanagi!". It was indeed the young Kusanagi who
came near Zero, demanding explanations about the experiments conducted on him 2
years ago, and which created the army of Kyo clones. But Zero knew that the army
of Kyo clones was just the final stage of the process. But instead of telling
him everything he knew, and looking at the sheer determination in Kyo's eyes,
Zero smiled and told him: "Dont you think you have one opponent to defeat yet,
Kyo Kusanagi?". Kyo didnt know what he was talking about, but a deep voice
behind him thundered in his eyes...a familiar voice....
       Kyo Kusanagi stands among the chaos around him. He seems confident, as
always. He smiles, closes his eyes, and says: "So, you're still around, eh?".
The mysterious voice approaches Kyo: "You knew that I would come back for
you...". Kyo waves his hand and affirms: "Well, that guy's toast, anyway.
Besides, only those of the bloodline could control such power! He didn't have a
chance!". The figure behinds him laughs, and stands into the light. It's Iori
Yagami, who has returned as well. He smiles and says: "Good memory of
yours...shall we get this show done?". Kyo just shrugs his shoulders and says:
"Really need to ask?".
	The two legendary fighters engage in battle once more. No longer is there
hatred in their eyes. Only the feeling of fighting a worthy opponent, and the
excitement of battle....
	The skies of Southtown emit a blinding light, and suddenly, there is a
huge explosion, the shock effect wiping out everything in its' path, like paper
dolls. The noise is unsurpassed. Metal, wood, glass, and people fly around, as
if swapped by an incredible force. Minutes later, nothing can be heard
	As K' and his friends emerge from among the rubble, the sight that unfolds
beyond their eyes couldn't be more desolating. Everything, in shambles. Nothing
remains but a huge pile of ruins and destruction. And with destruction, comes
death. Corpses cover the streets of what was once called as Southtown. After
being controlled by so many years by the NESTS cartel, the city of Southtown has
suffered its' inevitable fate: after having been build upon the history of
fighting, crime, and bloodshed, the city of sins, Southtown, has finally
crumbled down to nothing. A city which once strived upon the fight, has now died
by it.
	All the twenty Zero Cannon units that were flying in outer space were
deactivated and promptly removed from their orbit around Earth to be destroyed
later on. The question about how many innocent people should die is irrelevant,
up until this point. The point now, is that this tragedy should never repeat
itself. And one name remains unpunished:

	The destruction of Southtown and the investigation that began against the
criminal organization NESTS, as the main suspect of the massive catastrophe,
were a couple of events that shaked the whole world, which groveled in its' own
hierachy of corruption and insecurity. The example of Southtown was but a
warning to many countries throughout the world, that NESTS would not stop at
anything to accomplish their evil ambitions, and no country would be safe as
long as they maintained a strong presence in the world of crime.
	Strangely enough, NESTS had maintained a low profile ever since the
destruction of Southtown was confirmed. Having covered up their tracks, NESTS
has retreated to seclusion, even though the Ikari Warriors mercenary agency has
been leading an extensive investigation on the former facilities of NESTS. On
the other hand, those who have abandoned the ranks of NESTS were also doing
their own kind of investigation. These former NESTS agents, led by the
mysterious K', were also trying to keep on NESTS' trail, but both the Ikari
Warriors and K's squad could not find any trace of the activities of NESTS. What
was going on? Did NESTS know that they were being followed? The situation seemed
rather hopeless, until one day, invitations to the greatest fighting tournament
of all time once again reached the hands of those worthy enough to go into
combat, and do battle against the greatest warriors the world has ever known....
	The King of Fighters tournament enters the scene once again...the first
competition of the 21st century!
	But something odd was going on. The invitations were signed by the NESTS
cartel themselves! It was obvious that NESTS was going to sponsor this
tournament directly, and they didn't even seem fazed that several governments
were searching for them the world out. Something seemed terribly wrong, but all
the fighters knew that NESTS was up to no good, as usual. Would NESTS try to
collect fighting data for yet another evil project? Why would they make a public
appearance, hosting such an important event as the King of Fighters tournament,
after leveling a whole city down to a burning heap of rubble? But this time,
everyone knew that NESTS could not get away with this this time around. With the
disaster of Southtown still fresh in their minds, the fighters gather around to
find the best of the best, the ones who could stand up to NESTS and destroy them
once and for all!
	On one side, the main actors stepped on stage. K', his newfound sister
Whip, and their android friend Maxima, all renegade NESTS agents, plan to make
NESTS pay for their crimes, mostly the atrocities that NESTS performed against
their own lives. This time, they would be joined by the enigmatic Hizoku ninja
Lin, who is also after NESTS for personal reasons. The former Hero Team reunites
once again, and this time, Shingo Yabuki gets to realize his golden dream of
fighting alongside his master, the legendary fighter Kyo Kusanagi, in a King of
Fighters tournament. Iori Yagami also finally gets a team to fight in once
again, this time with the help of former NESTS underdogs Seth and Vanessa, along
with goofy Mexican wrestler Ramon. Terry Bogard and the rest of the "Lonely
Wolves" don't plan to remain idle and let the destruction of Southtown be for
nothing! The Sakazaki family now has to help their old friend, Robert Garcia,
who has fallen into a financial crisis due to the huge recession that the world
economy had witnessed. The Ikari Warriors are more than intent on concluding
their investigation on the NESTS cartel by busting them, and this time, Heidern
would finally leave the sidelines and join the battle fray once more! The Psycho
Soldiers dig further down on the whole issue of Sie Kensou and Bao sharing the
same psychic power source. Once again, the Gorgeous Team has a nearly complete
remaking, and this year, Jhun Hoon is forced to be left out of the tournament
due to a street accident, and his place will be taken by a young and
enthusiastic young girl called May Lee, a member of Kim's honorable school of
Tae Kwon Do justice fighters!
	But one team watches the whole development of the events from among the
shadows. Their intentions are not yet known. But leading the team is no other
than Kula Diamond, the anti-K' biological weapon that NESTS ordered to do away
with the traitor Zero. She is closely followed by her superior and close friend,
the swordswoman Foxy. But behind them, are a couple of new faces that will
surely create a new reign of chaos in the tournament. They are new NESTS agents
assigned especially for this tournament. One of them is a slender, yet deadly,
female warrior, whose good looks match her killer moves. Her name is Angel, the
high-spirited and lethal agent. And behind her, is the image of a frail young
man. His physical appearance looks to be majorly deteriorated and incredibly
fragile. But inside him rages the fire and power of a demon. He is the new
biological weapon that NESTS plans to use against the traitors to their cause.
His name...K9999. And he now targets K' and his team of renegades!
	And so, the cry of batle can be heard once more! Now, teams have the
choice of deciding their own lineup. Will one fighter prefer to fight alone,
using his three partners as backup in the battle, or will all four warriors
engage in combat, with no one to support them in the fight? The variety of
strategies and the newcomers make this tournament more than a simple display of
sheer strength and skill, but also requiring a great deal of mind power, of
intelligence, of planning in order to emerge victorious. As the shadow of NESTS
looms over the competitors, everyone tries their best, putting in their best
efforts into battle, in order to find out those who could be worthy enough to
fight against those who have caused so much pain. In the middle of this fight
for revenge and justice, sometimes personal affairs are left aside, but even the
flame that rages within the blood of those who are guided by hatred can't be
easily swayed away. With that in mind, K', Kyo, Iori, and K9999 fight their own
personal battles of resentment and harsh feelings.
	As the final matches approaches, the battles are being monitored to a high
technology base. Three mysterious figures watch the screens as the fights rage
on with the maximum degree of passion ever seen in a fighting tournament.
Throughout the world, the fights that are bound with glory and honor are being
supervised by an ominous old man, cloaked in elegant clothing, sitting on a
majestic throne. He is the very leader of the NESTS cartel, who watches the
tournament as if it were his own show that he staged by himself, and as if the
fighters were his mere puppets. Two persons stand on both his sides. On his
right side, a man with long blond hair and drapped in an eerie black cloth. On
his left side, a beautiful woman with blond hair, the leader's secretary, who
couldn't look more similiar to a Hollywood star. The evil headmaster of NESTS
gloats as his play takes place. But his plan should be wrapped up, so he now
summons the best man for the job. Attending to the leader's call, is a man who
inspires a certain feel of familiarity. His clothing is definetly similiar to
that worn by Zero...but his face was very much different. The man who the leader
of NESTS trusts in accepts the orders given to him, and he sets out to fulfill
the evil plans of his boss.
	Meanwhile, K's team is once again declared the winner of the 2001 King of
Fighters tournament! But as the crowd and the millions of fans following the
tournament through the news rage on, K' and his teammates remain emotionless.
They know that the fight is far from over. As it turns out to be, they are
invited by officials of the tournament to a celebration ceremony that is shaped
out to be pretty unique: atop a floating blimp! K' tries to hide his suspects as
the blimp takes flight. Maxima makes K' weary of the team's worries about this
so-called reception party, but K' assures him that they will get to the bottom
of this. The peculiar team reaches a huge hall, with only a narrow bridge that
crosses above the whole engine room. An impressive woodwork and the advanced
machinery fill the room. But as soon as they get there, the blimp begins to
shake violently! The whole engines begin to work at maximum capacity, as the
blimp splits into half! It is revealed that one half of the blimp hides a rocket
ship, which blasts into the sky at an incredible speed. Whip is shocked at the
unexpected turn of events, but K' places his attention on the other side of the
bridge. A man with white hair and a familiar uniform stands in the door at the
other end. A ferocious black lion lies by his side, sneering and growling at the
team with a beastlike look in its' red eyes. It was the man who was assigned by
the leader of NESTS to do away with the winning team!
	Everyone knows who this man is...he looks vaguely familiar to Zero, the
lunatic NESTS exceutive who tried to use the Zero Cannon against his own
superiors! Indeed, the man admits he is Zero, but the Zero they knew (and his
clone, Ling) who tried to blast them away with the Zero Cannon was in fact his
clones. He accepeted that there was a mistake in his plans, as the clone
developed his own consciousness. But he knew of other clones who must be
disposed of, and pointed out to K'! He had received direct orders to do away
with K' and his band of traitors. But this time, things would be a lot more fair
for them. Zero called forth two of his most trustworthy helpers for a REAL four-
on-four brawl! Another shocking revelation is shown as Krizalid, the advanced
clone of K' who was thought to have died 2 years ago, appears aside the true
Zero. Zero had retrieved the remaining data of the Krizalid project to create
another clone of the late NESTS agent. The other figure was a familiar person
for Lin. It was Ron, who had betrayed the Hizoku cause to join NESTS, and had
been enhanced with NESTS' diobolical genetic technology to become a fearsome
menace! As Zero's pet lion also readied for battle, Zero calls forth for the
battle to end all battles to begin!
	What followed was a cruel fight that would define who would live or die in
this merciless combat. Lin inmediately went after Ron, in a fight of two members
of the Hizoku clan. Maxima and Whip had to deal with Krizalid and Zero's pet
lion, while K' came face-to-face with Zero himself. The intense action made the
whole ship shake from the force of the blows inflicted by each side, but Zero
was the one showing off the greatest amount of power, his incredible strength
creating huge vortexes around him. But everyone was familiar with the style that
the NESTS agents displayed. Lin knew Ron well because they both came from the
same village, and had a repertoire of moves similiar to Lin's. Krizalid was no
secret, having fought him 2 years ago, and Zero made the big mistake of inputing
several of his moves into his clones. True, they all had greater power than what
the group was used with, but their strategy was to wear down their power until
they could finally finish them off. Finally, K' was able to strike down Zero
after a troublesome battle, as well as his assistants. However, Lin could not
capture Ron, who escaped from the battle in a rush.
	However, this time, Zero did not make a big deal out of his defeat. Zero
admits that he was bested by K' and his crew. As Zero says this, K' and the
others feel how the ship rumbles once more. Zero tells the group that they have
just arrived at NESTS' main HQ, and that they should hurry up and find the truth
behind their past. Having said that, the whole ship begins to shake once more,
but this time, it was beginning to fall apart! Wood and metal crashed down one
another, as the ship began to suffer a series of violent explosions. Zero
pointed out the exit for the cast of fighters, but before he could get out of
the ship, K' turned back to look at Zero, who had given his back towards him and
his comrades among the whole chaos in which the ship had turned into. K' smiled,
and continued his path inside the main base of NESTS.
	  K' and the others now find themselves inside a highly advanced base. The
impressive amount of technology was adorned with the details taht one could only
see in European castles. Carpets spread over the floor, and several ornaments
and paintings hung on the walls. As the group stares in awe at the amazing
scene, Maxima calls for K's attention. Maxima is motionless at the sight he
witnesses outside the window. K' and the others go to where Maxima, and the
sight they see is also overwhelming. The entire planet Earth could be seen from
the window! The ship had taken them to an outer space base! But there were more
important matters to attend, as Lin points out a huge door at the end of the
	As the group enters, they are met with 3 figures standing in the darkness.
Once again, the NESTS leader and his assistants make their star appearance! K'
and Whip know that they must be the upper executives of NESTS, as they ready
themselves for any sort of unpleasant surprises. The old man sits still, as a
loud voice boom towards the foursome. The voice introduces himself as Igniz, the
CEO of NESTS. Igniz congratulates K' and his partners for coming this far, and
for defeating Zero. But he doubts that some worthless products of NESTS could
ever get to topple the cartel! K' sneers, and replies that it is NESTS who
should be worrying about their fate, as they had come here to destroy them once
and for all!
	Meanwhile, back on Earth, Foxy and Kula stare at the star-filled sky at
nighttime. The night sky was so pretty, but they had been too busy following
orders from NESTS to ever notice it. They watch as the remains of Zero's rocket
ship plummets to the ground, engulfed in flames, down to the sea. Kula, who had
gone through a whole deal of experiences of human feelings and life itself
through the last 2 years, smiles. Maybe it was time for her and Foxy to begin a
new life. But as she turns to Foxy, her friend and superior is speared in the
back! Foxy falls to the ground, dead. Kula is in utter shock as Foxy's killer
shows his face. It was K9999, who shapes his glove from a blade back to its'
normal form. Angel smiles, and tells Kula that there are enough capable
assassins in NESTS, and that they didn't need any sort of agents who would turn
against them like K' did. Kula's tears flow freely down her cheeks, but they
freeze before they can even fall down. Kula shouts out that she will never
forget them for killing Foxy. But K9999 just shrugs her off as a biological
defect, and both he and Angel get ready to dispose of Kula, before she can
develop a will of her own!
	Back in the space base, Igniz continues to taunt K' and the others. The
cloning process that they had experimented on Kyo Kusanagi after the Orochi
battle spawned 4 products: K', Krizalid, Kula Diamond, and K9999. Now that the
experiments had proven succesful, their battle experience was already recorded
on NESTS' supercomputers, so they had all the data they needed, data collected
ever since 2 years ago. They had erased K's memories, because clones have no
need of memories in order to fight to their full potential. But as soon as Igniz
finishes his line, the blond man standing at the left of the old man grabs the
NESTS leader by the head! It seems that Igniz was the assistant of the leader of
NESTS, not the old man! In a moment, the old man turns into dust under Igniz'
great power. Igniz stands forward, and claims that he will rid the world of all
those who would stand in his way. That's why NESTS organized the King of
Fighters tournament after all: to find out who was the strongest of the world,
and then eliminate them to vanquish all possible threats to world conquest! And
once he had done that, he would become the god for the new era...the era of
NESTS! Igniz removes his cloak, and beckons for the team to attack him!
	But Igniz was definetly no common underling. Having collected all the
fighting data stored in the NESTS' database from the past 3 KOF tournaments, he
channeled it to his own body, all that sheer fighting potential made quite a mix
inside his organism! His incredible, overwhelming power, had the force of a
deity, a superior being who could take down a whole army by himself! Igniz
shurgged all attacks by Maxima, Whip, Lin...and even K' was like a mere toy to
Igniz. Their attacks could not even faze him. Igniz was too fast, too powerful,
his energy channeled into inhumanly strong explosions, which made the whole base
shudder in its' vast strength. The team fell like paper dolls, and K', although
brave and insistent, soon fell quickly. Igniz laughs at the team's futile
attempts to impress him. But before K' could close his eyes and lose
consciousness, as Igniz looms over with a glowing hand, ready to give him the
final blow, a crimson flame blast shoves Igniz' hand aside!
	Now, Kyo Kusanagi has entered the scene! But not only him...Terry, Athena,
Ryo, Kim, even Iori all stood up to Igniz! Kyo wipes his mouth, and tells Igniz
that NESTS has benefited themselves too much thanks to him. Now, after 2 years
of hunting them down, Kyo would finally exact revenge from those who dared
attempt to ruin his life! Likewise, the other fighters blamed Igniz for his
divine delusions, which have costed the life of many, innocents and even the
people of NESTS themselves! Igniz laughs, and explains that it was all just a
means to an end...and that the end would be the destruction of those who stood
against him! Now, the fight against Igniz would start once again...this time no
one would allow him to realize Igniz' ambition of an utopia!
	All the fighters put in their best effort, their bravest attempt, their
whole energy, their whole souls into the battle. Igniz was still overpowered,
and was too much for all them to handle, but the immortal will to survive and to
keep on living by the rest of the fighters was what led them to keep on trying.
Igniz could not understand why they would prefer to lose their lives than to
accept a new world order! K' was inspired by the bravery of the other fighters,
and stood up to fight once again! K' stands by Kyo's side, and tells Kyo that he
never thought he would fight along him one day. Kyo turns to Iori, smiles, and
tells K' that his quote is all too familiar. Now, the heat was on Igniz!
	With the force of the 3 flames combined, Igniz could no longer stand
strong. His whole numerical data was just that...numbers and statistics. Kyo and
Iori knew what the real deal behind those numbers where, and K', who was a
result of a biological experimient, had also came to realize that as well! Igniz
was soon beginning to falter, until after being worn down by Iori and Kyo's
flames, K' gave him the final blow, a huge flaming explosion which burned all
the machines in the room to a crisp!
	With his last ounce of strength, Igniz drags his battered body to a couple
of pillars which stood in the highest point of the room, above some stairs.
Igniz is surprised and enfuriated that the humans would shun the existence of a
god among them. But, if the humans didn't desire a god, then he would become a
demon! With those words, Igniz placed his hands on the cravings atop the
pillars, and his whole body was surrounded with a beam of light. Not long after,
the whole space station began to tremble violently. K' noticed that Earth had
grown bigger and bigger outside the window. The space station was set on a crash
course to Earth! The rest of the brave heroes tried to stop Igniz from his
suicidal attempt, but a huge door closed the way to where Igniz was standing.
The whole base became a flaming comet upon entrance to the atmosphere, and
headed towards the planet in a quick path to final destruction.
	Meanwhile, down on Earth, Kula tried her best to fight off K9999 and
Angel. She fought bravely, using her freeze powers to her maximum capability.
But two NESTS assassins against a young and confused girl was just too much. And
K9999's violent behavior didn't allow for much, either. When Kula began to
falter and feel weak from the effort, she noticed a bright light coming from the
morning sky. K9999 and Angel also noticed it, and stood there, staring at the
huge flaming sphere shooting down to the ground. The wrecked NESTS space station
made a huge splash in the middle of the ocean, as the disturbed water and the
raging flames shoot up to the sky. Angel wonders if that was the NESTS station,
and if so, what would have happened to the leader of NESTS? But K9999 was
determined to finish his job at any cost. The mere existence of Kula disturbed
him to no end, so K9999 launches himself at Kula to finish her off. As K9999's
hand mutates into a bizarre shape, a crimson flame blast shoves his mutated hand
	The man who interfered was K'! He was in quite a bad shape, but he could
still stand tall, and face his advanced clone head to head. Now, Kula and K'
stood together as partners for the first time ever, leveling the odds. K9999 was
beginning to get really mad, as his hair waves in the wind, flashing tones of
white. But Angel made to his notice that some helicopters were drawing nearby.
They could be the remaining troops of NESTS looking for them! K9999 decides its'
not time to stay around and play, as they should reunite with what's left of
NESTS and think of a new plan. Angel and K9999 vanished, not before K9999 gives
Kula and K' a final death sentence before he departs!
	Diana, the other NESTS executive, meets with Kula and the others, trying
to talk the situation out. Diana is disappointed that NESTS would have gone this
way, but Whip reassures her that everything will be OK now that the higher ranks
of NESTS have been dealt with, but Whip knows that her past is far from being
resolved. Maxima and Lin watch over the other survivors of this faithful
tournament as they walk away to their places of origin. Another year has flew
by, but this time, a climate of peace and tranquility could be felt roaming in
the air. Maxima is relieved that the nightmare that was once NESTS is finally
over, as he looks over to the sinking NESTS space station, which is no better
than ashes right now. But Lin knows better...Ron is still out there, perhaps
planning a new scheme. Indeed, in a cliff not faraway from where the fighters of
destiny are reunited, Ron and the mysterious NESTS secretary watch the scene of
joy and triumph that overwhelms the warriors of faith. But Ron knows better. He
vows that things won't stay like this for too long, and those who dare to
interfere would have to prepare themselves, as Ron makes plans of his own....
	Walking on the coast line, two similiar figures walk along the humid sand,
as the waves splash against their feet. The sun has already placed itself atop
the middle of the sky, lighting up the heavens...as well as their souls. Kula,
one of the figures, walks in a jolly fashion, kicking away the incoming water.
She turns towards K', who has been walking along her the whole time. With his
shades on, K' can't conceal the marks of his past battle, but his face does
express a certain deal of relief. Kula nears K's side, and as she snucks up to
him, she asks what would be in store for them now that NESTS is done for. K'
seems reluctant to answer at first, but after some more insistence, he takes off
his shades, and smiles at Kula. He knows that a new life, free from slavery and
personal torments, would soon dawn on their lives...just like the morning sun.

	The following is the personal story of each and every of the 64 fighters
that have participated in each of the six tournaments. I have divided them in
alphabetic order, and have developed a list of them all. After this, I will
detail the story of every fighter:

*Andy Bogard
*Athena Asamiya
*Benimaru Nikaido
*Billy Kane
*Blue Mary
*Brian Battler
*Chang Koehan
*Chin Gentsai
*Chizuru Kagura
*Choi Bounge
*Clark Steel
*Eiji Kisaragi
*Geese Howard
*Goro Daimon
*Heavy D!
*Hinako Shijou
*Iori Yagami
*Jhun Hoon
*Joe Higashi
*Kasumi Todoh
*Kim Kaphwan
*Kyo Kusanagi
*Li Xiangfei
*Lucky Glauber
*Mai Shiranui
*May Lee
*Mr. Big
*Ralf Jones
*Robert Garcia
*Rugal Bernstein
*Ryo Sakazaki
*Ryuji Yamazaki
*Saisyu Kusanagi
*Shingo Yabuki
*Sie Kensou
*Takuma Sakazaki
*Terry Bogard
*Wolfgang Krauser
*Yashiro Nanakase
*Yuri Sakazaki

	Here's the list of the teams, composed by these characters. Notice that I
have divided them in certain sections, depending on their appearances and
changes in each tournament. This way, you will know which fighter pledged
alliance to whom. However, never assure that a team will remain the same every

*Teams which have appeared in every tournament/no changes:
-Japan/Hero Team:
 Kyo Kusanagi-Benimaru Nikaido-Goro Daimon

-Italy/Fatal Fury Team:
 Terry Bogard-Andy Bogard-Joe Higashi

-China/Psycho Soldier Team:
 Athena Asamiya-Sie Kensou-Chin Gentsai

-Korea/Kim Team:
  Kim Kaphwan-Chang Koehan-Choi Bounge

*Team which have appeared in one tournament:
-USA Sports Team:
  Heavy D!-Lucky Glauber-Brian Battler

-Boss Team:
  Geese Howard-Wolfgang Krauser-Mr. Big

-New Face Team:
   Yashiro Nanakase-Shermie-Chris

-'97 Special Team:
   Ryuji Yamazaki-Blue Mary-Billy Kane

*Teams which have changed from tournament to tournament:
-Mexico/Kyokugenryo Team:
  Ryo Sakazaki-Robert Garcia-Takuma Sakazaki (The King of Fighters '94-'95)
  Ryo Sakazaki-Robert Garcia-Yuri Sakazaki (The King of Fighters '96-'97)

-England/Gorgeous Team:
   Mai Shiranui-King-Yuri Sakazaki (The King of Fighters '94-'95)
   Mai Shiranui-King-Kasumi Todoh (The King of Fighters '96)
   Mai Shiranui-King-Chizuru Kagura (The King of Fighters '97)

-Yagami Team:
   Iori Yagami-Eiji Kisaragi-Billy Kane (The King of Fighters '95)
   Iori Yagami-Mature-Vice (The King of Fighters '96)

-Brazil/Ikari Team:
   Heidern-Ralf-Clark (The King of Fighters '94-'95)
   Leona-Ralf-Clark (The King of Fighters '96-'97)

*Single entries:
-Rugal Bernstein (The King of Fighters '94-'95)
-Saisyu Kusanagi (The King of Fighters '95)
-Chizuru Kagura (The King of Fighters '96)
-Goenitz (The King of Fighters '96)
-Shingo Yabuki (The King of Fighters '97)
-Iori Yagami (The King of Fighters '97)
-Orochi (The King of Fighters '97)

*The King of Fighters '98 teams:

-Hero Team (Kyo Kusanagi, Benimaru Nikaido, Goro Daimon)
-Fatal Fury Team (Terry Bogard, Andy Bogard, Joe Higashi)
-Art of Fighting Team (Ryo Sakazaki, Robert Garcia, Yuri Sakazaki)
-Ikari Team (Leona, Ralf Jones, Clark Steel)
-Psycho Soldier Team (Athena Asamiya, Sie Kensou, Chin Gentsai)
-Gorgeous Team (Chizuru Kagura, Mai Shiranui, King)
-Kim Team (Kim Kaphwan, Chang Koehan, Choi Bounge)
-New Face Team (Yashiro Nanakase, Shermie, Chris)
-Special Team (Ryuji Yamazaki, Blue Mary, Billy Kane)
-Yagami Team (Iori Yagami, Mature, Vice)
-Middle Age Team (Heidern, Takuma Sakazaki, Saisyu Kusanagi)
-USA Sports Team (Heavy D!, Lucky Glauber, Brian Battler)
-Rugal Bernstein (single entry)
-Shingo Yabuki (single entry)

*The King of Fighters '99 new teams:

-Hero Team (K', Maxima, Benimaru Nikaido, Shingo Yabuki)
-Fatal Fury Team (Terry Bogard, Andy Bogard, Joe Higashi, Mai Shiranui)
-Art of Fighting Team (Ryo Sakazaki, Robert Garcia, Yuri Sakazaki, Takuma
-Ikari Team (Leona, Ralf Jones, Clark Steel, Whip)
-Psycho Soldier Team (Athena Asamiya, Sie Kensou, Chin Gentsai, Bao)
-Gorgeous Team (King, Blue Mary, Kasumi Todoh, Li Xiangfei)
-Kim Team (Kim Kaphwan, Chang Koehan, Choi Bounge, Jhun Hoon)
-Kyo Kusanagi ver.1 (single entry)
-Kyo Kusanagi ver.2 (single entry)
-Shin Kyo Kusanagi (single entry)
-Iori Yagami (single entry)
-Krizalid (tournament host)

*The King of Fighters 2000 teams:

-Hero Team (K', Maxima, Ramon, Vanessa)
-Benimaru Team (Benimaru Nikaido, Shingo Yabuki, Lin, Seth)
-Fatal Fury Team (Terry Bogard, Andy Bogard, Joe Higashi, Blue Mary)
-Art of Fighting Team (Ryo Sakazaki, Robert Garcia, Takuma Sakazaki, King)
-Ikari Team (Leona, Ralf Jones, Clark Steel, Whip)
-Psycho Soldier Team (Athena Asamiya, Sie Kensou, Chin Gentsai, Bao)
-Gorgeous Team (Mai Shiranui, Yuri Sakazaki, Kasumi Todoh, Hinako Shijou)
-Kim Team (Kim Kaphwan, Chang Koehan, Choi Bounge, Jhun Hoon)
-Kyo Kusanagi (single entry)
-Iori Yagami (single entry)
-Kula Diamond (unknown participant)
-Zero (tournament host)

*List of "special" strikers in KOF 2000 (note: This list contains the extra
strikers that can be chosen aside from the regular striker version of your
character, and who have not appeared in past KOF games as playable characters.
Obviously, they don't have any relation with the original KOF timeline.):

-Rocky (Maxima's special striker)
-Duke Edwards (Ramon's special striker)
-Fio (Vanessa's special striker)
-Kyoko (Shingo Yabuki's special striker)
-Duck King (Joe Higashi's special striker)
-Kaede (Ryo Sakazaki's special striker)
-G-Mantle (Ryo Sakazaki's hidden special striker)
-Gai Tendou (Takuma Sakazaki's special striker)
-King Lion (King's special striker)
-Baijang (Chin Gentsai's special striker)
-Kaoru Watabe (Bao's special striker)
-Nakoruru (Yuri Sakazaki's special striker, she also appeared in the Game Boy
version of KOF '95, by the way)
-Unknown (Kasumi Todoh's hidden special striker, who is no other than Ryuhaku
Todoh, Kasumi's father)
-Lilly Kane (Hinako Shijou's special striker)
-Kim Sue-il (Kim Kaphwan's special striker)
-Kim Dong Hwan (Chang Koehan's special striker)
-Kim Jae Hoon (Choi Bounge's special striker)
-Kang Baedal (Jhun Hoon's special striker)
-Syo Kirishima (Kyo Kusanagi's special striker)
-Neo and Geo (Ramon's hidden special striker)

*The King of Fighters 2001 teams:
-Hero Team (K', Maxima, Whip, Lin)
-Japan Team (Kyo Kusanagi, Benimaru Nikaido, Goro Daimon, Shingo Yabuki)
-Yagami Team (Iori Yagami, Seth, Vanessa, Ramon)
-Fatal Fury Team (Terry Bogard, Andy Bogard, Joe Higashi, Blue Mary)
-Art of Fighting Team (Ryo Sakazaki, Robert Garcia, Takuma Sakazaki, Yuri
-Ikari Team (Heidern, Leona, Ralf Jones, Clark Steel)
-Psycho Soldier Team (Athena Asamiya, Sie Kensou, Chin Gentsai, Bao)
-Gorgeous Team (King, Mai Shiranui, Hinako Shijou, Li Xiangfei)
-Kim Team (Kim Kaphwan, Chang Koehan, Choi Bounge, May Lee)
-NESTS Team (Kula Diamond, Foxy, K9999, Angel)
-True Zero (middle boss)
-Igniz (tournament host)

1.-Name of character/meaning of name (if applicable)
2.-Bio data
  *Birthplace                             *Birthdate (age as of the end of 1999)
  *Height                                 *Weight
  *Blood type                             *Hobbies
  *Favorite food                          *Favorite sport
  *Most valuable                          *Hates the most
                               *Fighting style

4.-Alternate versions (if applicable)
5.-Fun fact
6.-Cloth changes (if applicable)
8.-Other games (if applicable)

	Now, with no more prologues, the stories begin now!

Birthplace:    USA
Birthdate:     August 16, 1974 (28 years old)
Height:        1.71 m (5'6")
Weight:        69 kg  (152 lbs)
Blood type:    A
Hobbies:       Practicing martial arts
Favorite food: Spaghetti ala Natto
Favorite sport:  Short track
Most valuable: Picture of him and Hanzo Shiranui
Hates the most: Dogs
Fighting style: Kopo-ken and Shiranui Ninjitsu

*Natto = fermented soy beans

	Andy Bogard is the younger brother of the great fighting legend, Terry
Bogard, champion of the first two King of Fighters tournament. Both are sons of
the great martial artist, Jeff Bogard, whom was killed by his training partner,
Geese Howard. The orphan Andy's heart was crushed when he knew about the death
of his father, whom he respected and saw as his greatest idol. Being a lot more
sentimental, and a lot more brash, Andy vowed revenge against Geese, and
promised to kill him no matter what it takes: even if it cost him his own life.
	Andy, using some of the money inherited to him by his father, traveled to
Japan, in order to train himself in what he had learned to be the most deadly
martial art in close-combat: Kopo-ken. He then went to see the great Hanzo
Shiranui, a very skilled ninja who also happened to be a Kopo-ken master. Andy
pledged for Hanzo to train him, and Hanzo, seeing the dedication and spirit in
his eyes, accepted his offer.
	Andy began to train in the mountains of Japan, amidst the forests and
rivers. He first only thought of Geese, and he was unlucky in learning the
basics due to his stubborness. With the help of constant training and the
advices of his master, Hanzo Shiranui, Andy managed to mildy surpress his
feeling of revenge. Now completly dedicated to his skills, Andy began to make
exceptional progress, and quickly began to learn the more advanced skills of
	During his stance in Japan, Andy met the beautiful grandaughter of Hanzo,
Mai Shiranui. While he managed to completly ignore her for the first couple of
months, Andy began to involve himself more and more with the young red-haired
girl. Although he has developed strong feelings for her, Andy always pretends to
be uninterested, since he thinks of Mai as a foster sister, due to his
admiration towards Hanzo as sort of a paternal figure.
	After the completion of his training period, Andy decided it was time to
go back to Southtown to reunite with his brother, Terry (despite the evident
sadness of Mai). During his trip back, he saw a fight between two Muay Thai
fighters in a secluded area of Japan. Seeing the very impressive skills and
arrogance of one of the Muay Thai fighters, Andy decided to challenge him. Of
course, it wasn't an official bout, but the Muay Thai fighter accepted anyway.
However, his happiness soon ran away as Andy began to show his incredible skill,
and finally, defeated the astounished Muay Thai champion. However, the Muay Thai
warrior just laughed, and shaked Andy's hand. He introduced himself as Joe
Higashi, world Muay Thai champion! Ever since, both have become the best of
friends, although ever since that moment, Andy thinks Joe always talks too
	Andy and Joe agreed to go back together to the United States, and reunite
with Andy's brother, Terry, in order to exact revenge on Geese. Andy then was
informed by Terry upon his return that there was going to be a tournament called
"The King of Fighters", and that the winner of the competition would end up
fighting Geese. Andy's sense of revenge once again grew strong, truly straying
him from the true sense of fight. Although he managed to gain enough road in the
tournament, he couldn't win against the mighty Geese, due to his rashness and
too much emotion. His brother was the one who, in the end, who managed to defeat
Geese. Seeing that revenge blinded him, Andy then began a new journey ever
since: to surpass his brother's skills, and perhaps defeat him in battle.
	Once in a while, Andy travels back to Japan, where he resumes his training
and continues to improve his skill. Of course, he is constantly pestered by Mai,
and although she has grown into quite a woman during the last few years, Andy
still tries to remain focused on his skill improving, and this requires quite
some willpower, because no normal man would ever resist Mai's attributes!
	Andy has always agreed to follow his brother Terry whenever he decided to
enter the new version of the King of Fighters tournament, not as much as helping
him, but just to show who's the best brother around! He was about to not enter
in the King of Fighters '97, despite Joe's pestering, but since his brother
decided to enter as well (to investigate on Geese's involvement in the
tournament), he had no choice but accept as well.
	All seemed to be perfectly normal when Terry received the invitation to
the King of Fighters '99 tournament, since he and Joe would be joining once
again, and he would be glad to show his brother what he had learned the last two
years! However, it seemed they needed a fourth team member. Before Andy could
think about anything, a person requested the fourth position in no time. Andy
was more than surprised that it had been Mai, who didn't lose anytime in taking
advantage of the situation to be close to Andy! Before Andy could object
anything, the tournament was well underway....
	The battles of the Lonely Wolves finally took them to a sewer, where they
had been scheduled for their next battle. Suddenly, the sewer began to tremble,
and began to crumble! Andy dashed right out, but Terry remained for some unknown
reason...Andy tried to save his brother, but the rocks had already falled and
blocked the pass. Andy wonders about the fate of his brother, but deep within,
he knows he just can only train harder for the next time they meet!
	Andy's training would once again be put at test in the year 2000, to prove
his worth against the menace of NESTS. This time around, Mai had left the Lonely
Wolves to join her old friend Yuri Sakazaki. This eased Andy's mind, but not his
soul. He felt a bit guilty for having mistrusted Mai in last year's tournament,
but there was no time to be sorry. Andy should not fail his brother Terry's
trust this year, and so, Andy focuses all his inner strength into finishing the
evil reign of NESTS!
	Ironically, the final battle takes the Lonely Wolves to Southtown: Andy's
city of origin. Andy feels bad about how Southtown keeps degrading itself by the
actions of the crime lords, but he also feels somewhat assured for being at home
again. But since NESTS was around, there was no kicking back. Andy and his
friends are directed to the factory zone of Southtown, where NESTS is suspected
to be hiding out. Andy and Terry know this well, and lead Joe and Mary there. By
the time they reach the factor district, a legion of soldiers are found
surrounding an abandoned factory. Andy wonders that this is odd, but as soon as
they approach the soldiers, they begin to fire! Fighting for their lives, the
Lonely Wolves have to deal with an army of NESTS agents! Andy helps out in order
to knock the corrupt troops down.
	While fighting inside the factory, the troops keep falling like chess
pieces. But more seem to appear everytime they fall. Andy begins to feel
somewhat tired, but has decided to keep on fighting, not allowing his friends
and brother to die. Suddenly, the whole building begins to shake, and the
soldiers freak out instantly. Terry feels something wrong, and with right
reasons: a wounded soldier reports that the Zero Cannon has just been fired, and
that the city is doomed! During the previous shock, the building begins to fall
down at the seams, and Terry is knocked by a falling rock. Andy is shocked and
stops at nothing to help his brother, but Terry pushes him aside, and urges him
to escape. Andy looks at Terry's eyes, and recognizes his brother's determined
look. Andy nods, and leads the others to shelter.
	Minutes later, all is gone. Southtown had crumbled down to nothing. Andy
feels a great deal of pain in his heart, for the city that he has been raised in
has fallen, but he knew it was just a matter of time, as Southtown had always
lived upon the principles of fighting, and it could only lead to destuction.
Suprisingly, Andy knows Terry is alive, because he knew, by his brother's sight,
that he would be determined to come back soon, as stronger as ever. Andy gives a
slient promise that he, too, will keep on fighting, and training to become ever
stronger and not lag behind his legenadary brother. In the meantime, he still
has to cope with one little problem: having to avoid Mai's crazy marriage
attempts for one whole year!
	As the year 2001 looms over the horizon, Andy decides to take a trip back
to Southtown, however, he tries his best to avoid Mai at any costs (he has left
his student, Hokutomaru, to deal with her in the meantime). There, in the middle
of the devastation that rules the city, he finds his brother Terry safe and
sound, lending a helping hand to the orphans in Southtown, who had lost their
parents in the Southtown explosion. Andy watches with joy how Terry overcomes
his sadness, and claims that he will fight to give the orphans a new home! Andy
notices a little kid by Terry's side. His blond hair makes him look like Terry's
disciple, but his inner energy...what was it? Andy can't think about that
anymore, since the next King of Fighters tournament quickly arrives!
	Andy employs his maximum strength against his opponents, as he gets more
and more recognized in his own right. His efforts find a deserved reward: the
destruction of NESTS. However, even after their downfall, Andy still has to make
amends and settle down the raging fury of Mai!
	As explained before, being a sentimental fellow, Andy has very extreme
cases of depression, like when fighting in order to exact revenge. Since the
only thought on his mind was hatred, he was distracted from battle. However,
Andy, when not disturbed, is always a cool and serene guy, a good natured fellow
at heart. He also seems to be very serious around the always-kidding Joe! Ever
since his sttuborness to defeat Geese, Andy has decided to hide his emotions,
even his love for Mai, but from time to time, he shows how much she cares for
her, but he doesn't want to make it too evident!

	REAL BOUT: FATAL FURY 2 ANDY BOGARD (The King of Fighters '98): Alternate
version of Andy based on his Real Bout: Fatal Fury 2 incarnation. He regains his
long-range Hishoken, his Shouryuu Dan has been altered in its' look, loses his
Dam Breaker Punch and the Gen'ei Shiranui (as well as its' follow-ups) and gains
a new DM: the Dan Da Dan (sort of like a quick version of his Flying Meteor Fist
DM, which he loses in this version by the way).

*Fun fact = -If you possess a copy of the PSX version of The King of Fighters
'97 (I don't know if this happens in other home versions), you have two art
galleries featuring SNK official artwork. In Art Gallery I, there is a drawing
of Andy hugging a dog! Hum, wasn't he supposed to HATE dogs? Maybe it's another
display of sheer willpower. ^-^
            -Do you remember Hokutomaru, the little ninja boy who appears in the
latest Fatal Fury game, Garou: Mark of the Wolves? You may have noticed that the
kid has some of Andy's moves (note: the Kuuha Dan), and is well trained in
Shiranui-style Ninjitsu. This is because, well, Andy IS Hokutomaru's master!
Hokutomaru receives a letter from Andy at the end of Garou, congratulating his
student by surpassing his own skills. But don't ask me if Hokutomaru is Andy and
Mai's son...from the likes of it, it doesn't seem likely.
*Cloth changes = In KOF '94 and KOF '95, Andy wears handguards and boots. He
adds more protection on these places (apparently to deliver more devastating
impacts?), more evidently on his legs, where he wears some sort of leg
protectors, by KOF '96. His flame design on the shirt of his uniform from KOF
'94/'95 also disappears, and a red zig-zag pattern appears on his "skirt"
appears instead. By KOF  '98, he loses all this protection, and wears only very
light gloves and shoes. In KOF 2001, Andy loses any trace of flame designs on
his uniform (it's all white now, including the handguards), and with a black
body suit beneath it, that covers all of his upper body skin (the only exposed
skin is the head).

Appearances: The King of Fighters '94, The King of Fighters '95, The King of
Fighters '96, The King of Fighters '97, The King of Fighters '98, The King of
Fighters '99, The King of Fighters 2000, The King of Fighters 2001, The King of
Fighters: Kyo, The King of Fighters EX: Neo Blood
Other games: Fatal Fury, Fatal Fury 2, Fatal Fury Special, Fatal Fury 3: Road to
Final Victory, Real Bout: Fatal Fury, Real Bout: Fatal Fury Special, Real Bout:
Fatal Fury 2, Fatal Fury: Wild Ambition, Real Bout: Dominated Mind, Fatal Fury:
First Contact

Birthplace:      Mexico
Birthdate:       March 6, 1982 (20 years old)
Height:          1.68 m (5'5")
Weight:          Unknown (she won't tell)
Blood type:      O
Hobbies:         Going to live concerts
Favorite food:   Sliced cactus, tequila
Favorite sport:  Soccer
Most valuable:   Vintage B-3 and Deck Coat P.D. series clothing
Hates the most:  Gambling
Fighting style:  No style in particular

	One must not be fooled by Angel's slender and well-shaped body, and
neither by her happy-go-luck personality she displays at times. This "femme
fatale" is actually yet another dangerous agent that works for the feared NESTS
cartel. Her bizarre blend of several martial arts make her quite unpredictable,
as her style and moves can change in just a mere instant. After the increasing
shortage of personal over the past few years, thanks to the King of Fighters
tournament, Angel is called forth to defend the pride and honor of the NESTS in
their moment of truth, where they will finally reveal themselves to the world in
the 2001 King of Fighters tournament!
	Being a friendly spirit at heart, Angel tries to seek the most human
traits in her best friend, a friend that she met in NESTS: the heartless
Kusanagi clone, K9999. Ever since they met, Angel had a hard time trying to get
through K9999, since he refused to accept the friendship of anyone, and would
rather live by himself without any trouble. But Angel knew that K9999 deserved
the chance of being happy, and refuses to believe that he was created just to be
a mindless assassin for the NESTS. Slowly, but surely, Angel has managed to gain
herself the trust and friendship of K9999, as she attempts to open the warm
heart within K9999's chest.
	Angel and K9999 are assigned by their superiors to team up with Foxy, a
high-ranked officer of NESTS, and one of their latest biological creations, Kula
Diamond, to enter the next King of Fighters tournament. As usual, K9999 hates it
when he gets ordered around by Foxy and her comrade Diana. Angel tries to cheer
K9999 up by claiming that he is a lot more powerful than Foxy and Diana will
give credit for. But she knows that K9999 won't stand the pressure for too long.
Angel makes it her duty to look over her friend so that Foxy and Kula won't try
anything funny against him, may he attempt to overthrow them.
	During the tournament, Angel does a precise and clean job, carrying out
her duties in the best way possible. She is soon noticed as a superb newcomer,
but Angel knows better. Her skills are no fluke, but instead tries to stay sharp
and precise during the whole fight. Soon, the tournament draws to an end, and
Angel soon receives new orders by the higher commands. He informs them to K9999,
who is instantly pleased and anxious. As the winners are transported to a blimp
to stage their final battle, Foxy and Kula stay behind as they watch the blimp
vanish in the precious star-filled night sky. Foxy wonders what will be NESTS'
next move, but as soon as she says this, she is stabbed in the back by K9999!
Angel stands right behind K9999 as he gloats over the fatally wounded Foxy.
	Angel informs the shocked Kula that NESTS no longer needs so many agents,
so both Foxy and Kula were assigned for swift elimination! Kula vows revenge for
her fallen friend, but both K9999 and Angel are ready to assault the young anti-
K'. Angel teams up with K9999 to attack Kula, who proves to put up quite a
fight, mostly fueled by her anger for Foxy's death. But she is soon put against
the ropes by the two NESTS agents. As Angel anticipates the killing blow,
renegade NESTS agent K' appears and saves Kula from K9999's attack! Angel is
terribly surprised that K' is still alive, and at the same time confused that
NESTS could have been eliminated so easily by their own creations. A helicopter
squad flies over the scene, and Angel assumes that it's the remaining NESTS
troops. Angel suggests K9999 to retreat and regroup for their next plan. K9999
doesn't seem very pleased to leave his business unfinished, but he regretfully
retreats, as Angel wonders when will the moment come and K9999 will go
completely out of control!
	Even if she is a NESTS agent who carries out illegal orders by her
superiors, Angel is not cold-hearted or blood-thirsty as one might suppose by
her status. She is actually quite friendly if not met as an opponent, and acts
in quite a cheerful way, always trying to spice things up. Her blazing fast
speed and limber legs allow her to quickly hit the opponent in many places with
a single stroke. The only known friend to K9999, Angel also begins to doubt the
true purpose of her superiors at NESTS.

*Fun fact = -For your personal information, the way you pronounce the name
"Angel" is the same way you would pronounce it in Spanish: "An-hell".
		-That weird Angel pose (where she points her fingers upwards at the
sides of her head) is actually part of a rather popular dance here in Mexico
that has to do with a cow. Yes, you heard right, a song about a cow (hence, the
"horns"). So, what else is new? We have made up dances about chickens, deers,
worms, horses, even snail soup! O_O;;;

Appearances: The King of Fighters 2001

"Athena of the Hemp Shrine"
Birthplace:    Japan
Birthdate:     March 14, 1979  (23 years old)
Height:        1.63 m (5'3")
Weight:        49 kg (108 lbs)
Blood type:    B
Hobbies:       Astrology
Favorite food: Ichigo-daifuku
Favortie sport:  Lacross
Most valuable: Peter Rabbit teacup set
Hates the most: Grasshoppers
Fighting style: Kung Fu and Psychic Powers

*Ichigo-daifuku = strawberry cakes

	Athena is said to be the present incarnation of the Greek goddess Athena
(Saint Seiya?), the goddess of the earth. However, even if she did held her
divine reputation, Athena always tries to act like a normal girl, doing such
typical stuff for girls such as going to school, shopping, and of course,
listening to music! In fact, Athena likes to sing a lot. Her voice almost lets
out her divine attributes, and Athena seems to put a lot of feeling in it
(although most people think the contrary!).
	Athena has always been concerned of the evil roaming around the world, and
the increasing amount of crime as well. Having been born with a special psychic
power, based on the power of the ressurection bird, the Phoenix, Athena vows to
use her powers in order to protect justice, and make evil recoil! However, even
the job a justice fighter needs some help. While she was traveling back to home
from school, she finds a pair of Chinese fellows fighting against a local tough
guy. One of them was about Athena's age, the other was just an old drunkard!
Both seem to have problems with the big lug, since they don't seem to take the
battle too seriously. Athena, taking away any suspicion, blows the strongman
away, and seeing the skills of both men, asks them if they want to be her
sidekicks. The young boy, later known as Sie Kensou, accepted inmediately, much
in favor thanks to his infinite liking towards Athena, and as for the old man,
soon known as Chin Gentsai, well, he decided to tag along as well...
	Soon enough, all three began to fight against crime and evil in Japan.
Since Kensou also seemed to manage psychic powers as well, the trio was soon to
be known as the Psycho Soldiers! All three fought bravely against any evildoear,
although most of them didn't pass from your run-of-the-mill criminal or a mob
	Meanwhile, Athena decided to continue her studies in high school. She is
certainly very attracted to Kyo Kusanagi, one of her classmates, but she decides
to leave it alone, since she is also a very good friend of Yuki, Kyo's
girlfriend (even though it causes quite a scene of fury from Kensou!). She then
begins to hear rumors of the King of Fighters tournament, and soon enough, she
receives an invitation to participate. Taking along her sidekicks, Athena
decides to show the world what true justice does, and in the meanwhile, fight
those who threaten mankind.
	During the pass of the tournaments, Athena has grown more mature and
responsible in order to keep up with her duties as a justice fighter. She also
has to keep up rejecting Kensou, since the young man doesn't seem to understand
when to quit proposing himself to Athena! However, after three tournaments, the
Psycho Solider team begins to spark more and more popularity among the world,
especially among the young people, who are encouraged with the actions of the
brave Psycho Soliders. Athena always forces herself to be the best, not
pretending to lose the confidence of thousands of young men and women around the
world who send her thousands of letters each week! It was even one fan letter
from a invalid girl named Kaoru Watabe which encouraged her to enter the King of
Fighters '97, competition which she did not accept to enter at first. After all,
Athena is fighting for the goodfare of all mankind, so she is always up and
ready for the challenge!
	After defending justice for so many years, Athena and her Psycho Soldiers
got a well-deserved rest for two years...Period of time in which Athena met Bao,
an adoptive student of Chin. Athena liked the kid very much, since he was so
cute and so friendly. Bao seemed to like Athena very much as well, and since he
too, had very potent psychic powers, he decided to take a cue from Athena's
psychic techniques in order to get started. However, Athena could not resist her
worries about Kensou, who had began to lose his psychic powers for some unknown
reason. And so, arrived The King of Fighters '99....
	Athena fought bravely along her comrades, but once she realized the real
purpose of the tournament, being a set-up by Krizalid, Athena decides to take
the bad guy down! However, before Athena and the Psycho Soldiers could arrive to
the underground base, there was an explosion, and the passage began to fall
down! Athena demanded an escape, but midway through, a heavy rock falls on
Athena's leg, and can not budge it free. Another rock is about to fall atop
Athena, and Athena faints before it can hit her. However, Kensou, turning on
what remained of his psychic powers, manages to rescue her and exits to
	Having barely escaped the hands of death in last year's tournament, Athena
comes back in the King of Fighters 2000 tournament, in order to demand justice
from the NESTS cartel! This time she has dedicated herself to become stronger
and exploit her psychic powers to stand against the evil forces of NESTS. Athena
still wonders about what the relation between Kensou and Bao really means, but
relaxed by master Chin, Athena is impulsed to dedicate herself completly to the
	After many rounds of fighting, Athena manages to find out that the final
battle would take place in Southtown, where NESTS is supposed to hide out.
Athena feels a lot more braver, and injects her inspiration to the rest of her
companions (although Kensou really doesn't need any words for that). However,
upon arriving at Southtown, it is too late. The whole city has been reduced to
nothingness, destruction and deoslation spreading everywhere. Athena senses a
great deal of withdrawl in her heart, for not having been able to do anything to
save the citizens of Southtown, no matter how corrupt they were. However, there
are other things to worry about: Athena notices a falling star in the sky, but
it's no ordinary falling star...it turns out to be the wrecked Zero Cannon,
which plummets to the ground. It is still active, however, and in its' crazy
descent, still manages to fire several laser blasts! One of these blasts is
directly aimed at the young psychic heroes, and their loyal follower, Kaoru!
	With Athena in shock, the young heroine manages to notice her little
friend Bao leaping towards the approaching beam. Athena urges Bao not to do so,
since he would be risking his life. But it's too late for reason now: Bao has
now come intro direct contact with the laser blast, and creates a huge impact,
which Bao suprisingly absorbs into his body! This brave doing does not remain
without a price, though: Bao falls to the ground, badly wounded. Not even
Athena's healing psychic powers are enough to soothe Bao's pain. When everything
else seems hopeless, Kensou comes into contact with Bao, and absorbs his psychic
powers. Athena is happy now that Kensou has regained his psychic powers, but
what about Bao...?
	When the new King of Fighters tournament is announced, Athena is faced
with yet another dillema: Kensou seems to have regained his psychic powers back
to normal, but now it's Bao who suffers from psychic power shortage! Athena
thinks it has something to do with the incident last year, when Kensou absorbed
Bao's psychic powers last year with the "kiss of life". But her determination to
put NESTS away for good this year is stronger than any kind of suspition! Now
that NESTS has exposed itself to the public, Athena considers it the perfect
time to stop their reign of terror once and for all! With her help, and with her
huge psychic powers placed on the ulitmate test, Athena plays a crucial role to
defeat Igniz, the CEO of NESTS, and put the evil cartel to an eternal rest, as
their space base crashes into the ocean. Athena is glad to see that her friends
are safe, and thanks the heavens that no one got hurt this year. But not too far
away, two survivors of NESTS brew up a plan which will directly involve Athena
and her closest friends in a plot for global domination...
	Athena is known to be a very sweet girl among her friends, and very polite
too. She is never rude except among gangsters and sometimes, Kensou (whenever he
decides to pester a lot). She always helps her friends, and always takes her
time to live her life as a normal girl. After all, she has a lot more to live,
and life is short! Athena also respects master Chin a lot, although she wishes
she will stop drinking for his own health. Being very concerned to where the
world is heading to, Athena decides to fight hard for all mankind!

*Fun fact = -If you ever play KOF '98, Athena will seldomly change her outfit to
a bikini while executing her Shining Crystal Bit DM! This is no glitch at all.
This is what she was supposed to look like back in her 8-bit action games!
            -For the record, Athena is the character with the most changes in
their voice actors (named "seiyuus" in Japan, for the record). Being a "seiyuu"
for Athena means that you will usually not keep your job for more than 2
straight years! ^_^
*Cloth changes = Athena has been the only KOF character to change clothes every
year! In KOF '94, she wears a long. floppy shirt with floppy pants, with some
sort of red dress covering the upper part and her waist. In KOF '95, the sleeves
are shortened. In KOF '96, she dons some shorts instead of pants. In KOF '97,
she now wears a skirt (but with long red silk pants, sorry men!), and some
strappers above her white shirt. In KOF '98, she wears a costume similiar to
that of KOF '96, but a lot more tighter (could it be leather!?). In KOF '99 ,
Athena gets herself a hair cut (mushroom style), and she wears a red blouse
(with a white shirt beneath it) with red shorts. In KOF 2000, Athena's hair is
fixed in two bunches (think Chun Li), and she wears a red body suit (no sleeves,
includes shirt and shorts), with yellow trims. She has a blue shirt beneath the
red one. In KOF 2001, Athena loses the sleeves on her costume, and her shoulders
are now exposed, and her hair is now cut VERY short. The only constant
accesories are her beads and her star hairdress!

Appearances: The King of Fighters '94, The King of Fighters '95, The King of
Fighters '96, The King of Fighters '97, The King of Fighters '98, The King of
Fighters '99, The King of Fighters 2000 (also appears in her old Athena game
version as her special striker, wearing Xena-like clothes, fully equipped with
sword and shield!), The King of Fighters 2001, The King of Fighters: Kyo, The
King of Fighters R-1, The King of Fighters R-2, The King of Fighters EX: Neo
Other games: Athena, Psycho Soldier (two 8-bit side-scrolling games, being
Athena the heroine), Athena: Awakening from Ordinary Life (a Playstation quest
game where you play as Athena as she wanders around her hometown trying to
figure out about her newfound psychic powers. Only available in Japan), SNK Gals
Fighters, Capcom vs. SNK 2: Millionaire Fighting 2001, SNK vs. Capcom: Match of
the Millenium. She also plays the host of the photo-editing machine, called "Neo
Print", made by SNK, in which you could create your own photo designs.

Birthplace:       China
Birthdate:        July 18, 1987 (15 years old)
Height:           1.53 m (5')
Weight:           40 kg (88 lbs)
Blood type:       Unknown
Hobbies:          Playing on home versions of video games (console gaming)
Favorite food:    Hot milk (without sugar)
Favorite sport:   River fishing
Most valuable:    B-type games (FMV games?), games that are tough to beat (i.e.
		      he likes Viewpoint)
Dislikes:         RPG-making games
Fighting style:  Psychic Powers

	Bao is a young child who has yet to live enough experiences in life. Being
born without knowing who his parents were, Bao lived wandering China as an
adventurer, a kid with no lead at all. His only hobby was found in playing video
games at local stands to pass the time. Aside from that, there was no place that
Bao considered to be "home". That was until Chin Gentsai, a respectful, but
drunk-propense old man, decided to adopt the child out of pity and good will.
Thus, Bao finally stays at Chin's home with his wife.
	During the next few days, Bao begins to display enormous amounts of
psychic power that he never had realized about. Before it could get out of
control, Chin deems it neccesary that Bao should train with him in order to
control such power. And thus, Chin introduces Bao to Kensou, his other adoptive
student, and Athena, the reknowned Psycho Soldiers, fighters of justice! Bao
quickly begins to get acquainted to his two new friends, whom he sees as his
elder brothers. He gets particularly worried at the sadness of Kensou, who has
began to lost his psychic powers. Being too young, Bao has yet to understand the
real meaning of feelings.
	Bao is gladly admitted as the new Psycho Soldier for the new King of
Fighters tournament in 1999. Bao accepts to do his best effort in the
tournament, and not let his adoptove family down. Bao results to be quite a
surprise, not just for his martial arts skills but for his impressive display of
psychic powers. Added to that was his innocence and purity, and the fact he
never fighted with hate or mocking in his attitude. The path of Bao leads him to
follow Athena and the others into an underground passage in search of the
hideout of the evil host of the tournament, Krizalid. Bao feels a little afraid,
but doesn't want to quit out now. Suddenly, the whole passage begins to shake,
and fall down in a hurry! Bao freaks out, and Chin tells him to run. Bao just
runs and doesn't look back. He quickly escapes with Chin, but is worried about
Kensou and Athena, who remain in the passage as it crumbles down. Bao wishes
that nothing had happened to his dear friends. The heavens hear the child as
Kensou bursts out of the ruins with his remaining psychic powers, carrying
Athena in his arms. Bao suddenly feels a sting in his head, and passes out. It
seems that Bao's psychic powers are somewhat bonded to those of Kensou's. Chin
then reminds a passage of the "worst day in history", and wonders about
Bao...the mysterious psychic boy.
	After the whole tense situation, Bao resumes his training, apparently
unaware of his psychic potential. Not to anyone's surprise, though, as Bao is
always a happy-go-lucky kid! Unlike other people, who train in hopes of fighting
the forces of NESTS in the King of Fighters 2000 tournament, Bao just wants to
have a fun time, and see how strong everyone has become. And so, the day
	Bao follows his grandfather Chin and his elder brothers Athena and Kensou
in their fights, with the innocence and humor of a young child. His journey
finally leads him to Southtown. Bao feels sad about the tragic destiny of the
city, but something catches his eye: a bright light in the sky, which glows more
and more, as if it was approaching...And it is! A lost shot by the crumbling
Zero Cannon has fired directly at Bao and his friends. Decided to save his
foster family from the path of destruction, Bao does a long leap to meet the
Zero Cannon blast head on, despite everybody's objection. But Bao has made up
his mind: he can't let his loved ones die. After a while, Bao is at the meeting
end of the Zero Cannon shot. Bao is met with incredible pain, but he still
gathers enough concentration and strength to absorb the force of the impact, and
avoid it from doing any harm.
	Bao's brave efforts take its' toll on him, however. Bao plummets to the
ground, mortally wounded. Everybody tries to help Bao, but to no avail. It seems
as if Bao's young life is about to vanish into thin air. Bao painfuly asks
Kensou for help. Kensou, in one last desperate attempt, comes into close contact
with Bao, and absorbs his huge source of psychic powers. This manages to regain
Kensou's lost psychic powers, but Bao's fate is yet to be known...will he be
able to fight again? Only Bao knows for sure....
	Suprisingly, Bao manages to recover before the next King of Fighters
tournament begins. He seems to be as glad and merry as ever before, but when bao
attempts to release his psychic powers, his energy seems to fade away! These
were the same symptoms that Kensou suffered the last 2 years. But Bao doesn't
make a big fuss about it. He feels happy only to enjoy life and the experiences
he lives with it. He once again enters the King of Fighters tournament with his
self-proclaimed "family", hoping to be of use again! In the end, after the
demise of NESTS, Bao is happy that his friends were not hurt, and thinks that
the nightmare is finally over. But Ron, and the secretary of the president of
NESTS, sole survivors of the cartel, have another plans for Bao. The shared
psychic power of the Dragon that lives both in Bao and Kensou has proved to be a
inmense source of energy, that Ron plans to harness in a near future! Will Bao
be safe from Ron's dark intentions?
	Bao doesn't let the feeling of hatred and vengeance displayed in some
battles get to his heart. Being an innocent child, he is reluctant to such
emotions. Bao looks at life as a precious gift, and is thankful for everything
he has: his "grandfather" Chin, and his "elder brothers", Kensou and Athena.
Despite being somewhat of a brat sometimes, Bao can keep his cool in extreme
situations, and always bear a huge smile on his face.

*Fun fact = Bao's outfit belongs to the typical Chinese communist uniform. Now,
I don't know if Bao is conscious enough to realice that communism is pretty much
dead these days, but hey...

Appearances: The King of Fighters '99, The King of Fighters 2000, The King of
Fighters 2001, The King of Fighters EX: Neo Blood

"The Two-Story Shrine of the Sun"
Birthplace:    Japan (of American heritage)
Birthdate:     June 6, 1976 (26 years old)
Height:        1.80 m (5'9")
Weight:        70 kg (154 lbs)
Blood type:    O
Hobbies:       Being the center of attraction
Favorite food: Sashimi
Favorite sport:   Clay shooting
Most valuable: Himself
Hates the most:  Otaku
Fighting style: 'Shooting' (Japanese variation of Muay Thai)

*Otaku = Japanese animation fan
*Sashimi = typical Japanese dish, similiar to sushi

	Benimaru Nikaido presumed himself, for a lot of years, to be not only the
most skilled fighter in Japan, but also to be the most handsome! Being a half-
American, Benimaru combines the best of both worlds, and besides being a very
good looking fighter on the outside, he dresses well too, also doning several
hairstyles. The problem is, since he always presumes his own beauty, women,
instead of finding him attractive, find him to be very annoying!
	A few years ago, Benimaru finally found someone to object about his so-
called "beauty". It was a man named Kyo Kusanagi who began to steal his crowd,
and was enfuriated at it. He challenged Kyo to a fight and define who would be
the most popular student. Kyo shrugged and said he would only accept a challenge
if he participated in the national martial arts tournament, which was taken
place in order to decide the three members of the team that would participate
for Japan in the next King of Fighters tournament. Benimaru promised Kyo he
would be there, and then, he would proceed to humilliate him.
	Being a master of 'shooting' boxing, and able to channel his inner power
into bursts of electricity, Benimaru had no problems in confirming his
superiority among other fighters, and advanced up to the finals. In the final
match, Kyo was waiting for him. Both already had a place in the Japan team, but
Benimaru desired so badly to be number one. So, he took on Kyo. But since
Benimaru never did polish his skills against real fighters, he was no match for
the sheer power and the crimson flames of Kyo! Benimaru had no choice but to
accept Kyo's victory, and although they wouldn't talk to each other at first,
they then became the best of friends, and hence, along with third team member
Goro Daimon, made quite a powerful team that would be champion of the King of
Fighters tournament several times.
	Even though Benimaru respects Kyo a lot, he has always disliked being
second place. That's why he always trains hard to become better than Kyo and
eclipse the Kusanagi sun. He also loses no time in praising himself to the women
in the tournament, although they too, think Benimaru is nothing more than a
pushover!  Since he goes to school along with Kyo as well, it's pretty tough to
try and surpass your own best friend when he's so popular!
	In the last tournament, Benimaru fought against the Orochi menace to the
very end along with Kyo. They had been together in very tight situations, and
now, they would fight together, and Benimaru finally lost his obsession to be
number one, and decided to fight against the most powerful enemy of mankind.
After the faithful battle, Benimaru ventures throughout the world and becomes a
very popular fighter among the people. Whether he has become better than Kyo has
yet to be seen, but for now, Benimaru takes the limelight, and loves being the
number one!
	Benimaru sees the King of Fighters '99 as his big chance to be the number
one fighter for one huge reason: Kyo was nowhere to be seen, and although
Benimaru worries for his friend, it's no time to worry about where he is. It's
about time that the whole world would see the power of the most beautiful
fighter of them all! Suddenly, Benimaru is met by Shingo, who is more than
willing to help Benimaru out, and by two mysterious man, whose roles would be
very important until the very end...their names: K' and Maxima.
	As his wish would have had it, Benimaru arrives to the final match, but
after seeing K' and Maxima in action, he wonders what is it they really want.
Not before long, Benimaru receives answers in the form that Krizalid, the host
of the tournament, had been using them for his own ambitions, and that K' and
Maxima were his aides! Benimaru decides to fight Krizalid head-on, but realizes
he needs the help of K' after all. There was something in K' that reminded him
of Kyo...and is there were Benimaru realizes he should have fought for himself,
not just for overcoming Kyo. And as of fate would have had it, Kyo appears in
the nick of time to save them from Krizalid's final assault. However, the
reunion is cut short when the NESTS cartel brings the whole underground HQ down.
Benimaru helps Shingo to escape as Kyo, K', and Maxima are trapped. He knows
that his friends may have been lost for now, but he would practice a lot more,
for the true battle is yet to begin....
	The moment of truth comes one year later, in the year 2000. Despite his
efforts, Benimaru hasn't managed to make contact with his lost friends: K',
Maxima, and most of all, Kyo. K' and Maxima have become fugitives, for being
former agents of the NESTS cartel, and Kyo, as usual, has vanished into thin
air. Benimaru's worries increase when he receives the invitation for the King of
Fighters 2000 tournament, since he is short two members (along with Shingo).
Benimaru receives his expected answer when he meets face-to-face with an eerie
ninja called Lin, who begs Benimaru for a chance to join his team this year.
With his own share of doubts, Benimaru accepts. The man who presents Lin to him
is no other than Benimaru's old friend, Seth, who is glad to see Benimaru once
again, after so many years in which Benimaru has been busy wandering off
fighting. The table is set for Benimaru to prove his value once more!
	During the course of the tournament, Benimaru gets into constant quarrels
with Lin, since Lin seems to be ruthless, in contrast to Benimaru's precious
style. Benimaru even suspects about his old friend, the big, silent guy, Seth.
He seems to be all cool about the whole situation, which kind of reminds
Benimaru about K' last year. Nonetheless, Benimaru proves that he's back,
tougher than ever! Ranked as one of the best fighters of this year's tournament,
Benimaru and his incredible electric powers lead his team to the finals...which
is scheduled to take place in the legendary crib of the King of Fighters
tournament: Southtown.
	Benimaru and his friends are supposed to meet their final rivals at an
abandoned factory in the industrial district of Southtown. Smelling something
suspicious, Benimaru relcutantly enters the building. To his surprise, who is
there but his former teammate, Maxima! Benimaru wonders about the whereabouts of
K', but his suspicions are cut short when NESTS agents surround the building.
Benimaru and the rest of the fighters take shelter in a back room of the
factory, which turns out to be an elevator to a hidden temple, and another of
NESTS' main agents: Zero!
	Benimaru once again fights with his whole might against the evil plans of
Zero. He may still be powerless against Zero's cheap tricks, but Benimaru plays
an important role in deteriorating Zero's strength in order for K' to deliver
the final blow. After Zero's defeat, the whole temple begins to crumble in
anticipation of the Zero Cannon's impact. On his way out, Benimaru meets with
his eternal friend, Kyo Kusanagi once more. Reunion time is short, though, as
Kyo urges his friend to get out quickly. Benimaru and Kyo exchange arrogant
smiles, and Benimaru runs out just in time for the huge blast caused by the Zero
Cannon's shot.
	Once outside, Benimaru wakes up to see his friend Lin being harassed by a
ninja who was similiar to Lin. Invoking his last ounces of strength. Benimaru
grabs the intruding ninja, and executes one of his most well done Elec-Triggers.
Futile, however, as the ninja has summoned an old ninja trick to escape from
Benimaru's grasp, and replace his presence with a log. Benimaru has a lot of
doubts about the ninja's power, but when he is getting chewed out by Lin for
having helped him, Benimaru firmly replies: "Shut up! I can't let those NESTS
traitors escape next time!"
	As both Seth and Lin vanish to unknown whereabouts (although Benimaru
could care less what happens with Lin anyway), Benimaru stays in Japan until the
invitation for the next King of Fighters tournament. This time, though, NESTS
seems to have gone public, and will expose themselves to the world. Benimaru
smells something fishy behind their plot. But this time, an old friend has came
back to help him out once again: Kyo Kusanagi has finally decided to help
Benimaru once again in their attempt to foil NESTS and upset their evil
ambitions, whatever they may be. Benimaru sets out to look for his old friend,
Goro Daimon, and invite him back to active duty, as the old Hero Team returns
with a blast once again! Benimaru and Daimon join Kyo and Shingo, and they enter
the tournament to be a force to be reckoned with, as the former champions once
again enter the battle fray!
	Glad to help his friends once again, and perhaps even missing the old days
as a champion, Benimaru ends the tournament safe and sound, and with NESTS
finally destroyed, he can rest up for once. "It was fun while it lasted",
Benimaru exclaims as he bids his friends farewell. The reunion of the Hero Team
was short-lived, but still passionate and tainted with nostalgia. As he heads
back home, Benimaru wishes he can be able to fight like this once again, because
he had forgotten that fighting was so fun with Kyo and Daimon by his side.
	Benimaru likes being payed attention, and hates those who steal his
popularity. Although Kyo has stolen much of it, he has developed a very stable
friendship (despite their constant quarrels!). Benimaru mostly likes to be
praised by women, but as said, he just is more of an arrogant man than anything
else, but he always concludes that they can't resist him!  Benimaru, despite
always wanting to be number one, will always support Kyo in the very end!

*Fun fact = Much rumors have surged that Benimaru is supposed to be gay (maybe
due to his kiss-blowing and "Airabyu" statements). But he is not. Not only is he
attracted to women (or he either wants them to be attracted to him!), he is a
narcissist, which means, he praises himself. Narcissists have been commonly (and
mistakenly) taken for gays, also taking the example of Samurai Shodown's
Amakusa, and Street Fighter's Vega.
*Cloth changes = In the past KOF, he wore a sort of tight shirt (with no sleeves
at all), which has changed slightly from KOF '94/'95 to KOF '96 (it had a
separate collar from the shirt in KOF '94/'95, while his KOF '96 shirt has the
collar attached to it). In KOF '98, he has a sort of gym shirt (which reveals
his abdomen), and which suspiciously has an opening in the middle of the chest.
Was it that the shirt was originally designed for women?

Appearances: The King of Fighters '94, The King of Fighters '95, The King of
Fighters '96, The King of Fighters '97, The King of Fighters '98, The King of
Fighters '99, The King of Fighters 2000 (also appears dressed almost like
Shermie and with his hair pulled down as his special striker), The King of
Fighters 2001, The King of Fighters: Kyo, The King of Fighters EX: Neo Blood
Other games: Capcom vs. SNK: Millenium Fight 2000, Capcom vs. SNK: Millenium
Fight 2000 - Pro, Capcom vs. SNK 2: Millionaire Fighting 2001

Birthplace:    England
Birthdate:     December 25, 1969 (33 years old)
Height:        1.79 m (5'9")
Weight:        77 kg (169 lbs)
Blood type:    B
Hobbies:       Washing clothes
Favorite food:  Food with eggs
Favorite sport: High-jump with rod
Most valuable:  His little sister, Lilly
Hates the most:  Commands
Fighting style: Fighting techniques with long rod

	Billy Kane, and his little sister, Lilly, grew by themselves in the
underground England. Having no parents, Billy had to take care of his sister
alone, and was desperate in getting a stable job. Having no fortune in England,
he and his sister traveled to the land of promise: the United States. They soon
surfaced up in Southtown, a town filled with filth (lousy rhyme) and crime.
Billy tried to stay away from such influences, and soon got a job in a local
steel factory. Even though he worked a lot to sustain his sister, he couldn't
see an end to such a tedious and unsatisfying job. One day, Billy got so
frustrated, he tore out a metal pipe, and began wielding it wildly, threatining
the physical integrity (politically correct term here!) of the workers there.
The owner of the factory had happened to pay a visit that day to see how things
were going, and saw the whole incident. The supervisor was more than willing to
fire Billy, but the owner, seeing the sheer will of the worker, decided to have
more interesting work for him.
	Billy was then introduced to his boss, and he introduced himself as Geese
Howard. Geese admitted that that show back there at the factory was quite
impressive, and he likes people with creativity and guts. So, Geese proposes
Billy to be his personal bodyguard. Billy accepts, thinking it would be a lot of
a better pay. Geese recommended him, however, to polish up those rod fighting
techniques. In no time flat, Billy picked up a staff and began practice.
	Billy's skills soon became a natural thing to him, and he became a walking
threat with a big stick. Billy improved his own stick so that it could divide in
three parts with the help of a chain. Geese became more and more impressed with
Billy's work, that he even proposed him to be the King of Fighters champion, and
that anybody who would want to fight Geese, would have to pass through Billy
first. Billy grew more and more united with Geese, and even though Billy hates
orders, he takes his boss' commands as a pleasure. Soon, every year, anybody who
got a shot at Billy, was soon to painfully realize the futileness of being in
the King of Fighters tournament. Billy had soon realized of Geese's criminal
activity, but had become so used to it, he didn't even bother.
	However, one day, on the latest King of Fighters tournament, Billy was to
face three fighters who were destined to break the monopoly on the tournament
imposed by Geese. They were Terry Bogard, Andy Bogard, and Joe Higashi, three
lonely wolves decided to put an end to Geese's reign, and soon reached Billy
with no trouble. Even though doing his best, Billy couldn't resist the power of
the Bogards, and was defeated. Later, Terry Bogard defeated Geese, and the
hatred of Billy rose against the Bogards. Thinking he was too predictable with
his stick, Billy decided to train harder in order to exact revenge against the
Lonely Wolves.
	However, it was one day when Geese received an invitation for the next
King of Fighters tournament in 1995. Geese commanded Billy to go in his place
instead, since he was pretty bored. Billy soon seeked out teammates in order to
participate in the tournament, and he found them faster than he thought: the
killer ninja, Eiji Kisaragi, motivated by his grudge against the Sakazaki clan;
and, one distinctive young man, whom had a particular power of launching purple
flames, his name, as mysterious as the man himself: Iori Yagami.
	The three fought in order to satisfy their own personal needs. Obviously,
they didn't reach too far, and even Iori, at the end of the tournament, winded
up beating up his two teammates badly, Billy included. Billy recovered after a
while, but his hatred towards the Bogards now focused entirely on Iori.
	The next year, Geese decided to enter himself, in order to investigate the
so-called Orochi power. Billy was frustrated since he was burning for a rematch
against Iori. However, Billy ended saving Geese's life at hands of Mr. Big, who
shot him, but Billy managed to block the bullet with his stick.
	The next year, Billy was sent once again by Geese, whom now assigned Billy
to take notes on the Orochi power. Surprisingly for Billy, he had to watch over
Iori, and see his reaction to the Orochi power, in order for Geese to see could
exploit him. Billy was enfuriated, but was a bit calm at the idea of having
Geese's permission to kill Iori (after all, if Iori died, that was all he was).
Geese had already prepared Billy his two partners: Blue Mary (whom Geese had
contracted through a dummy agent), and Ryuji Yamazaki, promising a pay for him
if he managed to win.
	Billy entered with Mary and Yamazaki, and no doubt tried his shot against
Iori, but was doubtful when Iori entered his Riot of Blood self. When Billy
finally decided to kill him no matter what, Iori had already been dealt with.
Billy's worries didn't finish there, as soon he found out Yamazaki was of Orochi
blood himself! So, this was Geese's plan all around. Billy managed to barely
escape the Orochi threat, but he lost sight of Yamazaki in the action. He
reported to Geese, and both heard a knock at the door. It was Yamazaki...and
demanding his pay! Yamazaki fought with Geese and Billy, and the result was
unknown, but it was heard that Yamazaki got his pay, and retired happy...after a
bit of struggle though!
	Billy isn't really that bad. The problem is people drive him the wrong
way. Billy serves Geese loyally, and considers him something like a friend. He
also takes care of his little sister, Lilly, very much, and is concerned that
she is dating Joe Higashi, one of his enemies! Billy is also a bit sarcastic,
and will seek revenge on those who humilliate him. Billy is concerned of the
growing Orochi power, but decides to not take it so deeply. Billy, as most
English young people, also loves rock and roll!

	REAL BOUT: FATAL FURY 2 BILLY KANE (The King of Fighters '98): An
alternate version of Billy based on his incarnation in Real Bout: Fatal Fury 2.
He gains back his Sparrow Drop special move (his diagonal stick attack), and
gains a new DM: the Salamander Stream (which is mostly like his Super Flaming
Whirlwind Cane DM), but loses his Great Whirlwind DM, his uppercut move, and
both counters.

*Fun fact = In Fatal Fury 1, Billy had a special move where he threw his stick,
leaving him waeponless! However, some grunt from the background would throw a
new stick back at him. The weird thing was Billy was invulnerable until he
received the stick (he seemed to be whining while he was waiting for his
*Cloth changes = Billy wore a sort of "mechanic" (as in a mechanic who works
with tools) cloth back in KOF '95, with no shirt. In KOF '97, he changes to a
leather jacket and leather pants, still no shirt. His jacket also sports a no-
smoking sign on the back! (supposedly, most punks/hooligans in England have such
weird signs on their clothes)

Appearances: The King of Fighters '95, The King of Fighters '97, The King of
Fighters '98, The King of Fighters '99: Evolution (Dreamcast version, as a
secret striker), The King of Fighters 2000 (Andy Bogard's special striker), The
King of Fighters: Kyo
Other games: Fatal Fury, Fatal Fury 2, Fatal Fury Special, Real Bout: Fatal
Fury, Real Bout: Fatal Fury Special, Real Bout: Fatal Fury 2, Fatal Fury: Wild
Ambition, Real Bout: Dominated Mind, Fatal Fury: First Contact

Birthplace:      USA
Birthdate:       February 4, 1974 (28 years old)
Height:          1.68 m (5'5")
Weight:          49 kg (108 lbs)
Blood type:      AB
Hobbies:         Bike touring
Favorite food:   Beef cup
Favorite sport:  Baseball
Most valuable:   Her leather jacket
Hates the most:  Cats
Fighting style:  Commando Sambo

	Blue Mary was raised since a child by his father, whom had a very busy
life. Ever since she was young, Blue Mary began to learn the arts of Commando
Sambo and build up her body, following the lessons of her father, whom in turn,
had been a student of Geese Howard, Southtown's mob leader. Learning from his
father how crime is a society disease, Mary quickly learned what her vocation
would be: that of a police agent.
	Mary trained very hard and became, in time, one tough woman! Not only was
she deadly from afar, she could easily get in and grapple her opponent, leaving
almost no bone unwrecked. Blue Mary then got her chance as a secret agent at a
very young age. There is where she met what she thought at the time, was the man
of her life. His name was Butch (why do I always picture a bulldog when I hear
that name?).
	Blue Mary and  Butch worked together in several missions, sucesfully
completing each and every one. They got to know each other more and more after
every mission. Mary was charmed by Butch's lovely attitude, his will for doing
the job well done, and most of all, his will to live. Butch was also very
impressed with Mary, since he had never known a woman so tough and decided as
her! Soon, Mary and Butch began to learn a lot about each other, and both were
very happy with each other. Mary saw Butch as a man who would never surrender
until he got the job done. She admired him for that. Once, when they were
drinking at a bar, Butch got up, stood behind the barstool, and began to whip
out a drink. After it's completion, Butch named it the "Blue Mary", his favorite
drink, and something he would always rely on. Thus, that's where the name Blue
Mary came from.
	One day, Butch was assigned a very precarious mission of high risk. Mary
offered to accompany Butch, but he refused, excusing that Mary was still not up
for the job, and that it was for her own sake. With a tender smile, Butch bid
Mary farewell, and went out to complete the mission as soon as possible. Mary
waited for days, for weeks...and Butch never came back...and he never did.
	Finally, Mary received from a member of her agency a leather jacket. It
was Butch's, and it was found right in the place where Butch had died. Mary took
the jacket, and still puts it on, reminding her of her love for Butch. Mary then
realized she  would complete Butch's mission: that of erradicating the scum of
society and wipe them off the face of the earth.
	Mary soon began even more popular than Butch. Her missions were always
realized with quickness, and efficiency. She always had a way to get things
done, always at her way. Mary, and her pet dog, Anton, traveled the whole world,
cracking cases and trapping the bad guys. However, in one mission, she
discovered a very serene man who was fighting once. Mary distinguished him as a
strong man with long, blonde hair, and a trademark red cap. After finishing his
battle, the man took a look at Mary, and recognized her as a pretty tough woman.
Mary laughed, and ever since, the man and her have been very close friends. The
man was no other than King of Fighters legend, Terry Bogard, the man whom
defeated Geese and Krauser.
	As of late, Mary has began being more and more involved with the Lone
Wolf. She was amazed on so many experiences Terry had ever since his father died
at the hands of Geese Howard. Mary found a lot in common between her and Terry,
and she was beginning to feel something she had not felt for a long time.
Something she had not felt ever since Butch was with her. Mary was truly
enchanted by Terry, and she began to fall in love with him.
	However, her work was far from over. One day, a secret person, in charge
of a personal investigation agency, sent a letter to Mary for a secret meeting.
Mary attended the meeting, and the person was there, waiting for her. The man
told her that soon, Ryuji Yamazaki would be entering the King of Fighters '97
tournament. Mary was familiar with Yamazaki, who was reknown as a very infamous
gangster. The mystery man told Mary to keep an eye on him and Billy Kane, who
was sent by Geese to look after Yamazaki as well. Mary's suspicions grew more
and more: what did Geese want with Yamazaki? Without any other clue, Mary teamed
up with Yamazaki and Billy, forming one of the more peculiar teams of the
tournament. During the outcome of the tournament, Mary discovered, from
Yamazaki's reactions to the manifestations of the Orochi power, was that indeed,
Yamazaki was of Orochi blood! Mary was surprised, and figured out that Geese had
sent Billy in order to keep an eye on the Orochi power of Yamazaki. But, then,
what did the mysterious man want with Yamazaki and his Orochi power? This became
very suspicious for Mary, but during her moment of confusion, Yamazaki had run
	With no other cue more than to investigate the true intentions of the
secret man, Mary began a new case. She soon found out that the mystery man was
working for Geese Howard, and that he was using her to aid Billy to control
Yamazaki, and bring the gangster to him! Mary was enfuriated, and taking a new
case in her hands, Mary went out to catch the most powerful man of Southtown.
	After two years of being on the trails of Geese Howard, Mary received a
surprise invitation by King, one of her contacts in Southtown and personal
friend. She was asked to join King in the latest King of Fighters tournament.
Thus, Mary decides to leave the case temporarily, and helps her friend out.
After all, it's always time to have some fun breaking some bones!
	Ever since Mary became aware of the existence of the NESTS cartel at
action in the King of Fighters tournament, Mary now directs all her attention in
investigating the whereabouts of the evil organization. Upon futher inspection,
she finds out that NESTS is now very active in Southtown: her own hometown. She
decides to join the Lonely Wolves and her beloved Terry in order to warn them
about the evil at work in their own turf. To this end, Mary has a new purpose:
to stop the NESTS cartel ay any cost!
	After the matches ended, Mary urges Terry and the others to hurry to
Southtown, as NESTS might already be formulating another twisted plot. Upon
arrival, Mary's contacts inform her about some suspicious actions taking place
in the factory zone of Southtown. Mary leads the Lonely Wolves into the
abandoned industrial district, where they suddenly find a factory surrounded by
soldiers. Mary warns Terry and his friends about the danger, and is futher
confirmed when the soldiers begin attacking the intruders! Mary uses her police-
honed skills to stop the NESTS agents in their tracks. But the sheer number of
soldiers down their throat is so intense, Mary and the others are forced into
the building itself.
	During the fight to survive, the whole building begins to shake, and the
soldiers escape hastily. Mary makes a soldier cough up the truth: the Zero
Cannon has just fired, and is now directed towards Southtown. The previous shock
of the Zero Cannon blast makes the building begin to fall, and one fallen rock
knocks Terry, wounding him. Not ready to give up her beloved one again, Mary
hurries to help Terry, but Terry tells Mary that she won't be any good for him
if she dies here. Mary, reminding Terry's sheer will to survive, escapes along
with Andy and Joe.
	After the complete destruction of Southtown, Mary's rage towards NESTS now
knows no end. She begins to scout the areas around Southtown in hopes of finding
out about NESTS. The several thugs she meets doesn't giv her any useful info. In
a police hunt at a local criminal hideout, Mary violently wishes to punch the
truth out of the thugs. She finds no answer, but she does feel that somebody is
following her. It turns out to be Terry! He's pretty much alive, and on her way
out, Mary promises Terry that she'll take care of NESTS for good.
	Using her superior detective skills, Mary has managed to find out that
NESTS is finally going to go public at the next King of Fighters tournament as
the new hosts! Mary finds is surprising that NESTS would reveal themselves and
cast away their disguise after they had just totalled Southtown, but the only
thing she can think about now is to inform Terry. Terry tells Mary that the sins
of NESTS will not go unpaid. He offers Mary to help him once more to deal with
NESTS once and for all, and Mary isn't the woman to back out of a case!
	During the fights in the tournament, Mary begins to realize something very
important: even though NESTS has brought everyone lots of despair and suffering,
and their actions could not be forgiven, she owned them the pleasure and honor
of being able to team up with her beloved partner: Terry. Throughout the last
years, Mary and Terry, more than fighting together, have lived more and more
experiences as a couple, and Mary has been able to find more attributes in Terry
than ever before. After the end of the tournament, and after NESTS falls to its'
destruction, Mary and Terry have a whole new life to see in the future,
	Mary is a very spirited young woman, and since she is pretty well known of
how men fall for her beauty. She even exploits her enchants to make her fights
more easier! She is as gracious as a rose, but also with deadly throns. Once in
a while, Mary feels a bit lonely, that's when she begins to sing a blues.
However, Mary is also a very dedicated woman, who has no other vision in mind
than to complete her mission, and trash the bad guys!

*Fun fact = In Real Bout: Fatal Fury, characters can fall out of the edge of the
rings, and lose the round. There was a stage which was surrounded by water, and
encased in wooden boards, which would break if the opponent broke through them,
and fall into the water. Now, if Blue Mary knocked her opponent into the water,
and she fell as well, she would come out of the water...topless! Woooooowww!!! A
bit of eye candy for the pacient gamer! ^_^

Appearances: The King of Fighters '97, The King of Fighters '98, The King of
Fighters '99, The King of Fighters 2000, The King of Fighters 2001, The King of
Fighters: Kyo
Other games: Fatal Fury 3: Road to Final Victory, Real Bout: Fatal Fury, Real
Bout: Fatal Fury Special, Real Bout: Fatal Fury 2, Real Bout: Dominated Mind

Birthplace:       USA
Birthdate:        April 15, 1970 (32 years old)
Height:           2.19 m (7'2")
Weight:           152 kg (335 lbs)
Blood type:       O
Hobbies:          Car racing
Favorite food:    Mashed potatoes
Favorite sport:   Hunting
Most valuable:    His Viper (car)
Hates the most:   Steady exertion
Fighting style:   None in particular, mainly power-based attacks

	Brian was a very powerful linebacker, and was overwhelming in the football
field. His impressive physique allowed him to literally plow through the team's
defensive line, and his great pleasure was to crash the quarterback, not
mattering what or who would cross his way. However, this violent behavior only
brought hardships towards Brian, accusing him of unnecesary roughness. Brain
held that the philosophy of football was too much for weaklings such as them,
and left the football field.
	While was fooling around, Brian was encountered by his friend, Heavy D!.
Heavy D! told Brian he was only wasting his time, and that he should do
something good out of his life. Brian told him that the only thing he wanted was
to crush a couple of heads, since that was the only thing in what he found
pleasure. Heavy D! found this the perfect opportunity, and tells Brian that the
King of Fighters tournament would be starting soon, and that it would introduce
the team battle mode. Brian was interested by the idea, and accepted Heavy D!'s
offer to enter the King of Fighters tournament.
	Brian is known to be a very rude man, and that the only way in what he
feels truly alive is when he breaks some bones. He also seems to find pleasure
in seeing people recoil from his attacks, and uses his huge bulk to crash
through the competition. However, Brian wishes he finds something else to
distract himself on, but since he's so involved in rudeness, he discards the
thought and dedicates himself to be the strongest!

*Fun fact = Doesn't Brian's "Number one" victory pose (from KOF '98) remind you
of World Heroes' Muscle Power? Reminds me of pizza! ^_^

Appearances: The King of Fighters '94, The King of Fighters '98

Birthplace:       Korea
Birthdate:        October 21, 1958 (44 years old)
Height:           2.27 m (7'4")
Weight:           203 kg (447 lbs)
Blood type:       B
Hobbies:          Breaking things
Favorite food:    Roasted whole sheep
Favorite sport:   Table tennis
Most valuable:    His iron ball
Hates the most:   Centipedes
Fighting style:   Tae Kwon Do combined with power attacks

	Chang was a feared criminal throughout Korea. Using his huge body mass
like a giant wrecking ball, and his bald head as hard as iron, it was not hard
at all for Chang to accomplish his robberies and escape, literally flattening
any police resistance. If his huge humanity wasn't enough, Chang wielded a very
heavy iron ball, which aided him in breaking through walls and thrashing any
police car in his way.
	Once, while he was comitting a crime in a humble Korean suburb, Chang met
a little man named Choi, who was outside a butchery. Chang found him to be very
funny, and offered Choi to aid him in his crime business. Choi refused as he
already had a job to sustain him. Still resistant, Chang tells Choi that it
would be fun anyhow, and with his help, they won't ever get caught. Choi finally
accepted his offer, as he was quite bored of his daily life, and wanted a bit of
excitement...but they agreed that they shouldn't tell anything to Choi's wife!
	So, began the evildoings of Chang and Choi, a duo feared among the banks
and tiny shops. With their combined powers, it was unlikely to stop them! Chang
and his impressie strength allowed them to break through barricades, allowing
him and Choi to run away with the loot. Chang didn't only did this for the
money, but he also found it very funny. He was also very happy to have Choi with
him, since he found him to be a very good friend. However, Chang, not being so
bright, wasn't so smart to think about everything, and he was once caught by the
police, which had formed quite an impressive number around Chang and Choi.
However, as promised, Chang made one last attempt to free Choi, and he helped
him in his escape, while Chang was sent to prison, where he obviously, didn't
stay for much time.
	When Chang escaped, he quickly reunited with Choi and planned their next
crime. They soon found a client in a passing woman, whom seemed to have a lot of
booty on her. It was the time to attack! Suddenly, a white stream passed in
front of their eyes. What was that? Then the duo was swept away. A man stood in
front of them. With a challenging pose and a serious sight, the man introduced
himself as the fighter of justice, Kim Kaphwan! Chang and Choi laughed at such a
puny man, but they unexpectedly got thrashed by him in no time. Kim then picked
them up and told them that he would take care that they would be men of good
once again! Chang sighed and moaned...his life of crime was at a hault. Now he
would know true punishment at the hands of Kim Kaphwan.
	Chang, during the past years, has been obligated to train himself in the
art of Tae Kwon Do, and fighting in the King of Fighters tournament. However,
Chang never loses hopes that he will be free again and begin his crime life
again, but when he always expresses his mind, he always gets caught by Kim and a
subsequent beating. It seems Chang won't be a free man anytime sooner!
	While enduring the harsh training with Kim, Chang was surprised by the
arrival of a man that was once the training partner of Kim: Jhun Hoon. His bad-
ass attitude made it seem that Chang would finally have someone aside him
(besides Choi). However, it seems Jhun shares the same ideals as Kim, but marked
with his own tone of violence and cruelty! It seems that the punishment for
Chang would be never-ending! And it will soon get worst, as Chang is assigned to
Kim at the end of the fifth King of Fighters tournament, in order to settle the
personal difference between Kim and Jhun regarding which justice method is best.
	After another hellish period of training with Kim for one eternal year,
Chang comes to the brilliant resolution that, if he and Choi manage to defeat
the NESTS cartel, they will be justified enough to be free! And so, Chang
strangely fights with all his might in order to make a good impression on Kim's
eyes, but he isn't so convinced by Jhun (who really doesn't impress himself too
often). His hopes grow high as they near the final match in Southtown, but once
they arrive at the crime-filled city, they are met with the inminent collision
of the Zero Cannon shot! Chang and Choi do not manage to escape from damage's
path, but they are saved in the nick of time by their own punishers: Kim and
	After waking up from unconsciousness, Chang realizes with shock that he
has exchanged bodies with his friend Choi! Now, Chang has to deal with yet
ANOTHER ordeal...having to live in an incredibly small body for his huge anger.
That is, until they manage to find a solution from NESTS themselves.
	The problem of the body exchange was quickly resolved thanks to Kim's
creative plan: the two former convicts would bash their heads together
repeatedly until their bodies switched again! Both partners-in-crime ended with
a huge headache (but Chang was used to it, banging his head against his iron
ball for so much time), but finally returned to their original bodies. Just in
time, too, as the next King of Fighters tournament would begin soon, but things
were looking pretty bleak as Jhun got wounded in a street accident, and was out
of comission. Chang's joy didn't last long, as a substitute was quickly found
for him. The new member was a young woman, no less! Her name was May Lee, and
she was totally different from Kim and Jhun: aside from being greatly skilled in
Tae Kwon Do (she hailed from the Tae Kwon Do dojo that Kim ran), she was quite a
nice young lady, and acted generous towards Chang and Choi. It seemed like this
year would go smoothly as never before!
	The tournament once again staged the chance for Chang and Choi to show
their so-called "improvement" as men of justice, and the destruction of NESTS
actually did kind of did something for their image. The people of Korea
celebrated their return, considering they were the ones who destroyed NESTS. But
Chang felt happy for May Lee, who had finally made her dream come true: to fight
for true justice. As Kim and Jhun quarrel about their claim for fame, Chang
agrees with Choi in that the only true figure this year, was May Lee. Chang will
fight for his dream for liberty as well!
	Chang is a joyful man, always seeing the bright side of things, and
laughing at them. However, his life with Kim has left him very sad, and though
he thinks Kim is a boring man, there's nothing he can do to avoid it! Chang is
also very reluctant to keeping his mouth shut, and when he always talks ill of
Kim, it's always in the wrong moment, earning him and Choi a swift beating.
Chang cherishes his friendship with Choi, and both pass most of the time
planning their escape when they're not training.

*Fun fact = What CAN'T you find funny about Chang? Patting his stomach, cleaning
his iron ball with his shirt while humming, moving his belly, picking his
nose...you sure will get a laugh out of this man! And his constant humming
through the fights also sounds so funny!
*Cloth changes = In KOF '94/'95, he wears a grey outift, possibly his prison
uniform. In KOF '96, Kim gives him and Choi uniforms similiar to that he wears.

Appearances: The King of Fighters '94, The King of Fighters '95, The King of
Fighters '96, The King of Fighters '97, The King of Fighters '98, The King of
Fighters '99, The King of Fighters 2000 (also appears in a "handsome" version of
himself, like a strong, beardless, and tall man with a Benimaru-like shirt and
tooth necklace, as his hidden special striker), The King of Fighters 2001, The
King of Fighters: Kyo, The King of Fighters EX: Neo Blood
Other games: Capcom vs. SNK 2: Millionaire Fight 2001 (along with Choi Bounge as
a team)

Birthplace:         China
Birthdate:          April 27, 1908 (94 years old)
Height:             1.64 m (5'4")
Weight:             53 kg (116 lbs)
Blood type:         A
Hobbies:            Mah-jong
Favorite food:      Sake (alcohol in general)
Favorite sport:     A walk in the park, skipping
Most valuable:      Alcohol
Hates the most:     Pandas
Fighting style:     Kung Fu and Suiken (drunk-style martial art)

	Chin was reknown many years ago as a very skilled warrior and an expert
martial artist. However, during the pass of the years, Chin's physique has
deteriorated, and from being a well-built warrior, Chin became a midget,
disaligned old man. Chin now enjoys the company of his wife, and is constantly
submerged into smoking his pipe and drinking "sake" (Japanese alcohol drink
based on rice). However, Chin's fashion for "sake" is so high, that Chin has the
bad habit of getting drunk very often...even when it's time to fight!
	While enjoying a moment of peace and tranquility, Chin was met by a little
boy. The boy had heard much about Chin, and he would feel honored if Chin would
teach him. Under the dizzying effects of the "sake", Chin accepts the boy as his
student, and when Chin finally realized what he did, he had no other choice but
to keep his promise. Chin then teaches the boy named Sie Kensou, and is
surprised that Kensou is a host of incredible psychic powers, while Chin himself
masters himself in the art of the Drunken Monkey, a fighting style which tends
to be very confused and mortal, since the opponent is lead into believing that
the fighter is drunk, and is then nailed by several martial arts moves.
	Kensou grew to be a spirited young man, and Chin was so revitalized by the
attitude of Kensou, that he found spirit once again to keep on fighting. Much
like the son he never had, Kensou and Chin always wandered together around China
and other countries around the Asian area, in order to keep their training
constant. One day, both traveled to Japan in a training journey. They soon found
a competitor in a form of a bulky man. While Chin just sat by and smoked his
pipe, Kensou had to deal with the strongman alone. However, both did not count
on the help of a ceratin somebody, who blew the big bully away. Both turned
around to see a girl in a Japanese school uniform. She introduced herself as
Athena Asamiya, fighter of justice! Athena wanted both Kensou and Chin to help
her against the crime in town, and both accepted, but Chin was reluctant until
he saw Kensou's inmediate interest in Athena. Seeing how his boy became a young
man, Chin considered it to be fun, and that he would tag along awhile.
	The trio, quickly to be known as the Psycho Soldiers (mostly, because
Athena and Kensou possesed psychic powers), made a lot of remarkable feats
around Japan, thwarting crime wherever it would surge. Chin, however, did not
participate too much in the fights: he was happy just training the both
youngsters, and was proud of their evolution as fighters. Being a follower of
the old rules of fighting, Chin induced Athena and Kensou the principles of the
true meaning of fight, and what can somebody take from the fights.
	In 1994, the team was invited to the first King of Fighters tournament
which introduced the team battle concept. Chin once again accompanied the
youngsters, and demostrated his skillful fighting style. However, sometimes, the
"sake" reached up to Chin's head, and then you really wouldn't know if Chin was
fighting seriously, or if he was just fooling around! However, Chin was never
blind at the evil at work in every tournament, so that's why before every
tournament, Chin always trains Athena and Kensou, as well as himself, very hard
to be able to face the evil forces. Chin soon recognized the power of Orochi at
work, and warned the teenagers. All three proposed to fight the evil power to
the end.
	However, since the fights of the Psycho Soldiers have become so popular,
thousands of fans gathered around the group. Seeing this, Chin feared the young
children would stray from the real sense of battle. So, told them not to enter
the King of Fighters tournament in 1997. However, a fan letter from a certain
Kaori to Athena cheered the two young fighters very much, and Chin had no other
option but to accept to enter as well, but admiring the spirit of the two
youngsters. They would fight together for mankind...until the end!
	Almost right after the final battle with Orochi, and after peace settled
somewhat, Chin encountered a little kid named Bao. He was very young...perhaps
even younger than Kensou the first time he met him. Feeling pity for the child,
he decided to bring him to his home with his wife, and give him shelter for
awhile. However, as of late, Chin had noticed two very exceptional cases: the
impressive psychic powers of Bao, and the loss of such powers from Kensou. Both
curious and worried, Chin decides to train Bao in the basics of martial arts,
while he tries to train Kensou in new techniques that no longer require Psycho
Power. The results would soon be appreciated at the fifth King of Fighters
	Always aware of the evil at work behind the curtains of the tournament,
Chin keeps silent, not to distract the youngsters during the battles. However,
the evil deeds of Krizalid becomes more and more evident by the hour as the
tournament advances, so Chin has no other choice but to lead his disciples to
the location of the evil source. However, the explosion of the base obligates
the Psycho Soldiers to escape. Chin and Bao manage to escape, but Athena and
Kensou lag behind...Chin refuses to believe that the two teenagers died beneath
the ruins of the underground base. As if the heavens would have heard him, a
super-psycho charged Kensou emerges from the ruins, Athena in his arms. Just in
that moment, both Bao and Kensou pass out. Chin is surprised by this fact, as he
begins to investigate the bond between the two powers of his two adoptive
students....which leads to a certain term..."the worst day in history".
	Despite his worries about Bao, and the new menace of the NESTS cartel in
the King of Fighters tournament, Chin finds himself more inspired than ever, due
to the excitement of his young disciples in anticipation of the next King of
Fighters tournament in the year 2000. Also cheered by their eternal fan and
inspirator, Kaori, Chin trains with new vigor in order to help his disciple's
intentions to vanquish the NESTS cartel once and for all. This, of course,
involves lots of drinking and sleeping by Chin!
	After the fights end in the tournament, Chin and his youngsters receive
the awaited notice: NESTS is now hiding out in Southtown, where the finals will
take place! Chin is reluctant about risking their lives by going to that
hellhole, but the hopes in the eyes of the children raises his spirit, and
decides to lend a helping hand. However, upon reaching Southtown, they find out
that it has been reduced to dust. Chin wonders about the true fate of humanity,
if really inclined towards destruction, as Southtown was. No time for moaning,
though, as Chin and the others spot a shining object in the sky. It turns out to
be the trashed Zero Cannon, fallen from outer space. However, the Cannon is not
yet completely disabled. Out of control, the Zero Cannon fires several shots,
one headed directly at Chin and his disciples!
	Chin urges his children to hide, but suprisingly enough, Bao takes the
initiative and leaps to meet the blast head-on. Chin desperately shouts for Bao
to come back, and not allow his young life to extinguish like this. But Bao has
already made up his mind: he faces the beam, and receives the explosion
directly. It looks bad, but Bao, in a suprising manuever, absorbs the impact of
the laser! This refreshes Chin, but not for long, as Bao silently falls to the
	Chin is worried about Bao's fate. He doesn't react to Athena's healing
powers, and Chin is faced with the guilt of being able to lose one of his
disciples at such a young age. In an unexpected outcome, Kensou touches Bao
closely, and absorbs his psychic powers in a huge blast. Chin is overwhelmed
about Kensou's new psychic powers, but Bao's shape is bad. This teaches Chin a
valuable lesson about life: a young, yet fulfilled, life is better than a long
	As one year flies by, Chin watches over the progress of Kensou and Bao.
Bao has apparently recovered faster than last year, but now he suffers the same
symptoms that Kensou did the last couple of years: his psychic powers were
slowly vanishing. Did it had anything to do with Kensou's "kiss of life" last
year to save Bao? On the other hand, Kensou seems to have returned to his
original state, with his psychic powers back to full again. Chin smells trouble
as NESTS steps forth from the shadows to host the next King of Fighters
tournament. It seems that NESTS is planning to give their final step towards
world domination. Chin has no other choice but to rely on his students as he
always has, and hope he can help them out in order to save the world for the
	Old age doesn't stop Chin, as he continues to be a great asset to the
group of psychic warriors as they participate in the new tournament. Chin's
dream of finally watching the fall of NESTS comes true as the space station of
NESTS crashes down to the sea. Chin puts special attention in Kensou and Bao,
who far from feeling ill, are filled with life and enthusiasm. Chin wonders why
there is a new feeling to Kensou's psychic aura, as if something totally new was
arising in Kensou's body. What could be the end of this puzzle? Chin hopes he
can live long enough to resolve what's going between the shared powers of Kensou
and Bao.
	Chin is sometimes very distracted, and once in awhile, he gets so dead
drunk, nobody can tell what he'll do next. However, Chin is a jolly man, and
since he always takes fighting as a sort of game (thanks in part to all that
"sake"), he is always so cheerful, dancing, smoking, and most of all, drinking!
However, he uses all resources possible, such as using his own sake jug, and
igniting the sake with his inner power so that he becomes a walking
flamethrower! Chin also likes to accompany Athena's singing with his drums, in
which he is also very skillful at.

*Fun fact = The way how Chin fights won't seem likely that he has began very
powerful in the lastest versions! I mean, when you see that old man lying on the
ground all of a sudden, wobbling in his place, or inducing his opponent to drink
from his sake jug, won't you feel humilliated?
*Cloth changes = In KOF '94 to '98, he wears a brown vest with no shirt (showing
off that big belly of his), white pants, sandals, and that wacky hat. In KOF
'99, he now wears a traditional Chinese karate garb (green shirt with sleeves,
red belt, green pants, much like Tung Fu Rue of the Fatal Fury series).

Apperances: The King of Fighters '94, The King of Fighters '95, The King of
Fighters '96, The King of Fighters '97, The King of Fighters '98, The King of
Fighters '99, The King of Fighters 2000, The King of Fighters 2001, The King of
Fighters: Kyo, The King of Fighters EX: Neo Blood (as a striker for the Psycho
Soldier Team)

"A Thousand Cranes that dances to please God"
Birthplace:          Japan
Birthdate:           June 26, 1974 (28 years old)
Height:              1.69 m (5'5")
Weight:              52 kg (114 lbs)
Blood type:          AB
Hobbies:             Sleeping, bike racing
Favorite food:       Hot/spicy food
Favorite sport:      Bike racing
Most valuable:       Pet bird 'Chi-chan'
Hates the most:      Irrational things
Fighting style:      Kagura style Ancient Martial Arts

	Chizuru is the last remaining survivor of the Clan of the Yata, whose
obligation is to take care of the seal which is held over the Orochi power.
Chizuru is actually the youngest of two sisters which were born in the latest
Kagura generation. Her older sister was the rightful heir to the power of the
Clan of the Yata, and she was granted the power to protect the seal. Chizuru, in
the meanwhile, look up to her sister, since they had a very fraternal
relationship, and Chizuru's sister also taught her the secrets of the Clan of
the Yata. Everything was going well until...
	It was a cold night, when suddenly, an evil wind blew through the village
of the Clan of the Yata. Chizuru woke up aware of the evil power at work in her
village. Her older sister had felt that too, and she had come out to face the
malignous entity. Suddenly, a man surged in the middle of the mist. A tall man,
with very familiar clothes. Chizuru's sister called out for the Orochi messenger
to come out. The man came out. He named himself Goenitz. He had come to destroy
the seal that is imposed over the Orochi power. Chizuru's sister refuses and
challenges Goenitz to battle. Both engage in a deadly battle, but Goenitz, being
one of the Four Heavenly Kings of Orochi, wields inmense power, and since the
power of the Kagura can not fight the Orochi without the help of the other two
clans, Chizuru's sister loses. Goenitz laughs, and claims that the seal over the
Orochi power has been broken, but it is still weak. So, there's no other thing
to do than wait. Goenitz vanishes. Chizuru runs to her sister's side. With her
dying breath, Chizuru's sister asigns the task of sealing the Orochi power once
again. If she fails, chaos and destruction will take over the world. Chizuru has
to make the Kusanagi and Yagami clans unite one again so that the seal will be
imposed again. With that, Chizuru's sister dies.
	Ten years has passed since the faithful incident. Chizuru has became a
very succesful business woman, and is a very prestigious woman in Japan. She has
secretly followed the King of Fighters tournament since it began, and after
being aware of Rugal's death, Chizuru takes his place as the new host of the
tournament, in 1996. She sends invitations to several teams...including Kyo
Kusanagi and Iori Yagami. In the finals, Chizuru takes on the Hero Team, where
Kyo is captain. In the middle of a bustling stadium, Chizuru fights the Hero
Team, but is more interested in the skills of the Kusanagi. Using illusions to
confuse the fighters, Chizuru manages to put Daimon and Benimaru away. But Kyo
was different. Kyo uses his Kusanagi power to fight Chizuru, and finally wins.
Chizuru is then happy, since she knows Kyo is ready to face the challenge in
front of him. However, soon enough, the same evil wind that blew ten years ago,
now once again appeared. Chizuru and the Hero Team are blown away, but Chizuru
takes the worst part. She bids Kyo to join with Iori and help defeat the Orochi
power. Then, she faints. When she regains consciousness, Goenitz is at the edge
of defeat. Chizuru promises Goenitz that the Orochi power will be taken away
once and for all. Goenitz then vanishes, and so does Chizuru.
	Chizuru did not appear until days before the next tournament in 1997.
Since many sponsors were in charge of the tournament, Chizuru's job was a lot
more easier. However, she needed a team to enter the tournament this year. She
then knew that Kasumi Todoh, the third member of the Gorgeous Team of last year,
had disappeared. Chizuru took this chance, and reunited Mai Shiranui and King,
the remaining members. She then begins to fight in the tournament, never letting
an eye away from Kyo and Iori.
	As she previewed, Orochi was about to grow stronger and stronger, and the
situation went critical with the rampage of Iori under the effect of the Riot of
Blood, and the appearance of the other three Heavenly Kings of Orochi, in the
form of the New Face Team. But fate lend it's lucky hand, and both Kyo and Iori
were up and ready to face the faithful and final battle against the Orochi
power. Chizuru wishes both Kyo and Iori good luck, and Chizuru begins developing
the seal against Orochi. As the battle reached it's climax, Kyo prepared for the
final punch as Iori held Orochi. Chizuru then invokes the seal, and everything
goes blank.
	Nobody knows where Chizuru has gone now, but it's presumed she lives with
ease now that the Orochi power is sealed once again...for now.
	Chizuru seems to be a very serious woman, and using the power of the
mirror of the Clan of the Yata, she manages to create multiple images of
herself. However, she is still a very spirited young woman at heart, and
sometimes acts like a teenager. However, she is always ready to fight the Orochi
power, and takes in her hands the hard duty of joining Kyo and Iori once again.

*Fun fact = -Acting so seriously, Chizuru can do some pretty loony dances...
		-You may have noticed that Chizuru carries out a wand and dresses
differently in her special intro against Orochi clan members in KOF '98. Those
are the garments of a Shinto priestess, and that weird paper wand she carries
around is used in purification rituals. Shinto priests usually go around
cleansing people's souls or objects from evil spirits. You can also notice the
same pattern in the last boss of Samurai Shodown II (Rashoujin Mizuki, who
possesses the spirit of a Shinto priestess, and even attacks with her wand!), as
well as Rei (Sailor Mars) from the Sailor Moon manga/anime series.
		-Chizuru's talk and use of mirrors have to do a lot with the legend
about her (regarding the Clan of the Yata), in which the Orochi was sealed away
in a mirror, and supposedly Chizuru can see things through mirrors. The sealing
effect also has a lot to do with her Reigi no Ishuze DM, in which she seals you
from performing special moves/DMs.
Appearances: The King of Fighters '96, The King of Fighters '97, The King of
Fighters '98, The King of Fighters '99: Evolution (Dreamcast version, as a
secret striker), The King of Fighters 2000 (Mai Shiranui's special striker), The
King of Fighters: Kyo, The King of Fighters R-1

Birthplace:            Korea
Birthdate:             October 25, 1961 (41 years old)
Height:                1.53 m (5')
Weight:                44 kg (97 lbs)
Blood type:            B
Hobbies:               Cutting things
Favorite food:         Crabs
Favorite sport:        Gymnastics
Most valuable:         His claws
Hates the most:        Kongyaku
Fighting style: Tae Kwon Do combined with self-taught fighting skills with claws

	Choi lived a pacific life once, as an owner of a butcher shop in a suburb
of Korea, and happily married. However, both the tedium of his life and the lack
of excitement made Choi a bit desperate for action. He was very skillful, from
an early age, in slicing and dicing things, learning to cut the meat that came
to the butcher shop. However, sometimes Choi thrived in cutting other things
besides animal meat.
	One night, Choi was standing in front of his butcher shop, contemplating
the stars. Once again, the need for some action in his life invaded his mind.
And as of fate would have wanted it, a huge, bulky man came running into Choi.
After a few minutes of recoil, Choi was astonished at the giant individual. He
was fat, bald, bearded, and wielding a huge iron ball. It was Chang Koehan, the
infamous criminal, who had just broke out of jail. Soon, Chang told Choi about
all the fun and excitement in his crime life, and Choi got excited all of a
sudden. Seeing Choi's gleer, Chang decided to invite him as a partner at night.
Choi soon took out his steel claws which he had built himself, and began his
adventures with Chang, without his wife ever knowing.
	Chang and Choi thrived in terrorizing the local population with their
evildoings. Mugging is the best thing that they practiced. Choi now led a double
life: pacific butcher man by day, little terror by night. He finally found
himself alive by seeing the face of horror of his victims. That is, until he
	In a cold night, Chang and Choi had located their latest targets, one of
them being a young woman. As soon as the duo prepared for the assault, a sudden
white streak cruised their eyes. Quickly and efficiently, Chang and Choi were
sent flying into the air. Having a hard time recovering, Chang and Choi barely
distinguished a man in a white "dogi" (uniform). It was the fighter of justice,
Kim Kaphwan! Kim had already heard about them, and decided to rid the world of
the evil scum, he decides to reform the two criminals by taking them to his dojo
and training them on Tae Kwon Do. Choi opposed instantly, but he was swiftly
whacked by Kim (and Chang, too, even though he was just looking!).
	Thus, began the personal hell of Chang and Choi. Choi was promptly
"retired" from his night criminal life, and had to train instead. Choi soon
regretted the day he desired having emotions in his life, since all that it led
him to was a lifetime of training under the sadistic Kim. Day after day, Chang
and Choi planned their escape, but failed miserably each time (and gaining a
subsequent beating afterwards). Choi saw the liberty a few feet away a few
times, but Chang always screwed up. However, Choi never loses hopes to run away
from Kim and finally go back in business!
	During a normal, hard training day with Kim, Choi met a man that had
trained aside Kim long ago, but was totally different from him: he was ruthless,
and quite a short-tempered fellow. Choi saw in him a last chance in escaping
from the clutches of the merciless Kim, but it would soon turn out totally
against him: the man, Jhun Hoon, was there to show the TRUE ways of justice: the
way of violence! The cavalry continues for Choi, and more so when, just after
the 1999 version of the King of Fighters tournament, he is assigned to the same
Jhun to see which method of training is best. It seems that there will be no way
in hell that the criminal duo will be escaping soon!
	Upon training during a very long year with Jhun, Choi gets more and more
hopeless about escaping one day, since Jhun has made it clear that he and Chang
are going to be around for a long time if they don't make amends! When Chang and
Choi finally get reunited for the King of Fighters 2000 tournament, Chang
proposes Choi to do his best to destroy the NESTS cartel in order to give Kim
and Jhun a good impression. Choi thinks it's a good idea, and that he will do
his best in order to be free once and for all!
	Destiny plays a cruel card, however, when Choi finally reaches Southtown
in time for the finals. He and Chang arrive just in time of the Zero Cannon
explosion...Choi and Chang are the only persons who don't escape at time from
the inminent blast. Kim and Jhun manage to rescue the two ex-convicts, but when
Choi and Chang finally wake up, the realize in panic that they have changed
bodies! Now it seems that they will be attached with Kim and Jhun for awhile
until they manage to find a solution, even if it means going up to ask NESTS for
a favor.
	Choi was living a pure hell living in Chang's gigantic body, not being
able to move as quickly as before. But Kim had the perfect solution for this
exceptional case: Chang and Choi should butt heads repeatedly until they
switched back again! Much to Choi's surprise, the plan actually did work, and he
happily returns to his midget self, only to know that he must train once again
for the next King of Fighters tournament. Another year of suffering seems to
loom in the horizon, but Choi's take on life changes when Jhun is wounded in a
street accident. This leaves the team short one member, and Choi considers this
the chance to finally rest one year of the King of Fighters tournament. But Kim
had a backup plan, which involved recruiting a new member, straight from his
	Choi cringed at the idea of yet another Kim wannabe in his team, but the
student that Kim referred to was no other than a young woman called May Lee. She
shared the same justice principles than Kim and Jhun, but she wasn't even half
as cruel or psychotic. Choi was surprised that some student of Tae Kwon Do could
actually be tolerant with him and Chang! Aside from Kim's strict discipline,
Choi sees in May Lee a chance to actually have fun in the tournament. Choi puts
his best effort in the tournament, and the result is the ultimate destruction of
NESTS. Choi and the others are received as heroes in their native Korea, even
though they weren't the main stars of their downfall. In the celebration parade,
Kim and Jhun get in an arguement about who is the true hero of the story. But
Choi and Chang know better: they couldn't have done it without the help of May
Lee, as Choi claims with pride and joy!
	Choi is always taking advantage of the opportunity to show off and impress
Kim, and see if that way he can finally gain his liberty. He is the best of
friends with Chang, but he truly hates that Chang always says the wrong things
in the wrong times! Choi always loves the excitement of battle, and loves to
gouge claws into the opponents' flesh.

*Fun fact = -In KOF '97, when Kim executed his "C" throw against Choi (the grab-
by-the-head-and-slam-them-on-the-floor throw), it caused double damage! I guess
Kim always takes it hard against poor Choi! ^_^
		-Choi's "D" throw (from KOF '97 and beyond), where he pokes his
clawed fingers up your arse, is supposed to be a popular Japanese prank (like
pinching), of course, minus the clawed fingers...^_^;
*Cloth changes = In KOF '94/'95, Choi wore black pants, green shirt, and some
strappers. In KOF '96, he is given an uniform similiar to Kim, courtesy of his

Appearances: The King of Fighters '94, The King of Fighters '95, The King of
Fighters '96, The King of Fighters '97, The King of Fighters '98, The King of
Fighters '99, The King of Fighters 2000 (also appears as a taller, more human-
like version of himself with a tight shirt, as his hidden special striker), The
King of Fighters 2001, The King of Fighters: Kyo, The King of Fighters EX: Neo
Other games: Capcom vs. SNK 2: Millionaire Fight 2001 (along with Chang Koehan
as a team)

Birthplace:           Sweden
Birthdate:            May 3, 1983 (19 years old, assumed dead at age 14)
Height:               1.60 m (5'2")
Weight:               48 kg (105 lbs)
Blood type:           AB
Hobbies:              Cooking
Favorite food:        Butan
Favorite sport:       Orienteering
Most valuable:        Nature
Hates the most:       Gummy candy, people who touch his head
Fighting style:       No style in particular, mainly speed-based attacks

	Chris is a little, innocent child who has to live forever with the curse
of being the host of the Orochi power. Even though Chris seems to be cute and a
funny kid (though he hates beging touched in the head), his dark little secret
can lead to the inminent end of the world.
	As the legend says, a boy will be born with the power of the Orochi, and
when he fully awakes, Orochi will be released in the world once again, and chaos
will prevail. One would say that the last person on Earth that would carry this
power would be Chris, but he is. In fact, he is one of the Four Heavenly Kings
of Orochi, being able to wield, in his awakened form, the purple flames of
disaster, the same which Iori so painfully wields.
	Ever since he has memory, Chris never had any parents. He grew up by
himself, being self-dependant, and being able to live by himself. He learned to
cook and clean by himself. He was also a bit anti-social, since he got a bit
tired of hearing everyone praising his cuteness. However, one day, he was
encountered in the streets by a young man named Yashiro Nanakase. It seemed he
was about to form a music band, and Chris inmediately presumed his skills on the
drums. Yashiro was reluctant, but something beyond mere recognition was
attracting him to that kid. Yashiro sent Chris to a casting for the band, and he
passed very well. Thus began the musical career of the music band, lead by
Yashiro, Shermie, and Chris. Chris saw in Yashiro and Shermie his best friends
in the world...perhaps his ONLY friends. He, too, felt that something beyond
friendship was bonding them.
	Several years passed, and the new music band got a lot of attention. But
soon, they would find their position in the show biz world. Being invited to
lead a concert in Japan, the music band traveled with a lot of joy and emotion.
Their first stellar appearance! However, when they arrived at the concertplace,
the managers had told them they had to wait their turn. Yashiro demanded that
they were proposed to be the leading band, but one last band had been admitted
in their place instead. Taking a peep at main stage, the crowd was going wild at
the enhancing music of the band onstage. Chris recognized a red-haired man as
the leader of the band. Yashiro cursed him, and they all went away.
	Soon enough, Yashiro entered the band in the King of Fighters tournament
of 1997. He claimed it was the perfect opportunity to take revenge on the red-
haired man who stole their spotlight. He would be entering the tournament as
well. His name seemed to be 'Iori Yagami'. Shermie and Chris really did not know
what to do: they didn't have much experience at fighting anyway. But Chris was
also decided, as long as he had fun (still a kid). Thus, the New Face Team was
born and all three entered the tournament.
	However, it didn't take long before some weird things began to happen. The
New Face Team began to felt weird, but Chris was absolutely going wild. Their
Orochi blood began to awaken, but in Chris, it had a lot worse effect. Being the
actual vector of the Orochi power, his body was controlled completly. Having
fought the fighters of the tournament, more and more energy was given into
Chris' body. Soon, the Orochi inside Chris was powerful enough to surge again,
after 1800 years. Even though the Orochi has godlike powers, it could not resist
the power of those who sealed it 1800 years ago: the Kusanagi and the Yagami.
Having been defeated, it is unknown whether Chris had survived the battle or
	Chris, despite being a cute being, dislikes being treated like one: that
is, being touched in the head, and his cheeks being pulled! In fact, he is
pretty quiet and anti-social. His only friends are Yashiro and Shermie. Unaware
of the fact that he resides the Orochi power in his body, Chris likes to fight
for fun, not for the violence thingy. He also constantly mocks the opponent's
skills, and sometimes, his own.

	OROCHI CHRIS (The King of Fighters '97/The King of Fighters '98/The King
of Fighters R-1/ The King of Fighters R-2): The awakened form of Chris, becoming
one of the Heavenly Kings of Orochi. This Chris gains much more power, and
wields purple flames, which Iori wields as well (but can not resist as much as
Chris). His clothing also  turns into a purple hue, and constantly has two
purple flames in his hands. His special powers and super moves are all different
from the normal Chris (although one of his super moves mimics one of Kyo's super

*Fun fact = Those cute eyes and laughs are enough to make your opponent cry and

Appearances: The King of Fighters '97, The King of Fighters '98, The King of
Fighters 2000 (Whip's special striker), The King of Fighters: Kyo, The King of
Fighters R-1, The King of Fighters R-2

Birthplace:         USA
Birthdate:          May 7, 1963 (39 years old)
Height:             1.87 m (6'1")
Weight:             99 kg (218 lbs)
Blood type:         A
Hobbies:            Collecting guns
Favorite food:      Oatmeal
Favorite sport:     Wrestling
Most valuable:      His sunglasses
Hates the most:     Slugs
Fighting style:     Martial Arts and Heidern style assasination techniques

	Clark is part of the Ikari Warriors mercenary agency. He is currently
under the orders of commander Heidern and lieutenant Ralf, but since he is so
involved with them, Clark treats them as friends more than superiors. He is
mostly united with Ralf, since they have gone through several missions together,
and practically even know what each other thinks of the other! Clark gets so
excited when he gets a gun on his hands, you can never know what he'll do next.
Clark's past is filled with severe trauma, after losing almost all his unit in a
failed operation as a rookie. He even got to see all of his comrades being
tortured, and then killed, one by one. After barely escaping with his life,
Clark decided to cover his eyes with some sunglasses to hide his sadness, and
refuse to see the light of the sun, which he avoids to not see the face of his
fallen partners....
	However, his first meeting with commander Heidern was more eventful. While
Ralf and Clark were realizing a secret operation in the Amazon jungle (in
Brazil), their helicopter crashed, and they had to venture alone in the jungle.
When they were about to give up hope,a helicopter suddenly appeared above them.
Heidern got down from the helicopter, and knowing of the missions of the two
mercenaries, he offered to recruit them in the next King of Fighters tournament
that had the team battle mode, in 1994. The two soldiers soon accepted.
	Having passed most of his military training capacitating himself in close
quarter combats, Clark soon became a danger up close, where he could grab and
smash anything in front of him. Though not being too talkative, Clark prefers to
make his actions talk! He follows Heidern loyally, and frequently jokes with
Ralf. They passed two tournaments together, investigating on Rugal, host of the
tournament, and murderer of Heidern's wife and daughter. After Rugal's death,
Heidern gave up the tournament, and Ralf and Clark received a new partner:
Heidern's personal student, Leona. Clark accepted Leona as a partner, since
Clark is so serious in military duty. However, Clark began acting more like a
friend to Leona after she knew of her cursed Orochi blood heritage. However,
since Clark is not good for words, he has to let Ralf do all the smooth talking!
	After the Orochi menace ends, Clark and his friends focus more on other
operations ever since the King of Fighters tournament was suspended. However,
Clark soon gets bored with the missions, and misses the action of fighting hand-
to-hand. His request gets granted, when commander Heidern assigns the Ikari
Warriors to investigate the force behind the tournament this time around. As an
added bonus, Clark gets to have a new partner: another female soldier, Whip.
Being the experienced side of the team (along with Ralf), Clark is charged with
the responsibility of the mission, and he will surely not fail!
	The Ikari Warriors and Clark begin a deep investigation on the NESTS
cartel once they find out their involvement in the latest version of the King of
Fighters tournament. Once again, Heidern bids Ralf and Clark, his most
trustworthy mercenaries, to go out and search for NESTS in Southtown, a
dangerous city that thrives on the history of fighting. This time they will be
aided by a fellow mercenary commander, Ling. Clark and Ralf, taking Leona and
the former NESTS member, Whip, begin one of their most dangerous missions ever.
	Once Clark and his teammates arrive at Southtown, the Ikari Warriors try
to contact Heidern, but to no avail. Sensing something wrong, Clark goes to the
designated reunion poin, given by Ling. Once there, located in an abandoned
factory in the industrial zone, Clark finds his commander badly wounded, but
alive. Heidern informs his soldiers that Ling was just a fluke, and that he was
really Zero, a high-ranked NESTS agent. Clark proposes himself to stop Zero, but
Heidern forbids it, as the Zero Cannon has already been fired and headed towards
Southtown! However, Clark realizes that Whip is missing. Too late to go back.
The Zero Cannon impacts on Southtown, leveling the whole city to nothingness.
	Back at the Ikari Warriors headquarters, Clark, Ralf, Heidern, and Leona
find a video addressed to them in Whip's room. In it, Whip bids her former
comrades farewell, and congratulates them for being such a friendly bunch. The
farewell is a sad one, but Clark, with his typical soldier calmness, gives a
silent salute to Whip's memory...he knows that they will meet again some day.
	The operation to dismantle NESTS quickly begins as the tournament ends,
and Clark is in the front line of duty for this dangerous mission. They raid and
attack several buildings where NESTS operations are supposed to take place, but
to no avail: almost no one seems to be there. Clark attends to a meeting called
by his commander Heidern, in which he tells everyone that Whip has informed them
that NESTS will finally play their hand in the next King of Fighters tournament
as the new hosts. Clark is suspicious about the true intentions of NESTS, but
they have faced this question before, so he won't surrender this time. Clark
once again straps his uniform and goes into battle once more!
	Quietly, but surely, Clark manages to realize an undercover operation in
the King of Fighters tournament along with his fellow Ikari Warrior comrades
while he still fights in the competition. Their investigation soon takes them to
a common clue: the main HQ of NESTS, located in outer space. Clark leaves the
task of eliminating NESTS up to Whip, who has now teamed up with her lost
brother K' to take down NESTS once and for all. The mission is accomplished once
the NESTS base falls to the ocean, but there is no rest for the reckless.
Inmediately after, Clark and the others are sent to another mission in which
they were requested. Clark begins to think about what his commander Heidern told
him, that Whip was indeed another clone created by NESTS. Clark knows how Whip
must feel right now, but considering how she's so strong and brave, he also
knows that she will find a way out of this enigma somehow.
	Clark is very quiet, and doesn't show too much emotion in his cold face.
His melancolic eyes, hidden by some shades. Since he has known nothing more than
fighting, it is hard for him to relate with others. He's also not good for
sentimental words, but he is a very warm man in the inside. He cherishes his
relation with his military partners, being Ralf, Leona, Whip, and commander

*Fun fact = There was a victory pose from Clark where he took out some "dog
tags" (tags which you receive in the military), and clenched them in his hands.
There are more than one there. Clark reminds his fallen partners, and tells his
opponent that he shall suffer the same fate if he won't take care of his own
comrades. Clark actually looks at the sky for a brief time in his intro in KOF
'98, before putting on his shades, perhaps recalling old days, and avoiding the
pain of his partners' lost.
*Cloth changes = In KOF '94 to '98, Clark wears a heavy black vest, white shirt
(with a bullet belt aligned across it), and jeans. In KOF '99, he changes to a
lighter, blue military vest (lots of pockets), black shirt (no bullets
anymore!), and darker blue jeans.

Appearances: The King of Fighters '94, The King of Fighters '95, The King of
Fighters '96, The King of Fighters '97, The King of Fighters '98, The King of
Fighters '99, The King of Fighters 2000, The King of Fighters 2001, The King of
Fighters: Kyo, The King of Fighters EX: Neo Blood
Other games: Ikari Warriors, Ikari Warriors II, Ikari Warriors III (in these
three games, Clark was known as 'Paul')

Birthplace: Japan
Birthdate:  December 25, 1968 (34 years old)
Height:     1.72 m  (5'6")
Weight:     70 kg (154 lbs)
Blood type: B
Hobbies:    None
Favorite food: Unknown
Favorite sport: Unknown
Most valuable: Nothing
Hates the most: Sakazaki family
Fighting style: Kisaragi-ryu Ninjitsu

	Eiji is an assasin ninja from the feared and respected Kisaragi clan. Eiji
has learned since he was little, the killing arts of the Kisaragi, and he also
became an expert in teletransportation, as well as being able to wield two
blades in his hands like if it where his own. Eiji eventually became a cold
blood killer, and would work for anybody who paid him enough money for his
	Eiji still held one personal grudge, though. His family had been in war
with the Sakazaki family for some time now, and he has decided to end the
rivalry now, with their deaths! He once traveled to Southtown to kill them all,
but found no one in their dojo. That's where Eiji learned of the King of
Fighters tournament, which the Sakazaki clan is participating. So, the rumors in
town where that Billy Kane, Geese's personal bodyguard, was looking for some
teammates for his team for the next tournament. Eiji saw in this a perfect
opportunity to face the Sakazaki family one last time. After the tournament, he
would know how to take care of the "pests" he had for teammates. But he had
overlooked the new Yagami fellow...
	Eiji fought like a authentic killing tornado, using his stealth
techniques, and bone cutting techniques. However, he never could get a clean
shot against any of the Sakazaki family. When he was about to escape and go
search for them on his own, Iori appeared in front of Billy and Eiji. Using some
unknown techniques, Iori defeated Billy and Eiji in a very bad way, and left.
However, Eiji did survive the encounter with Iori, and after that, he has
desperatly sought for another chance in the tournament. It is unclear if Eiji
wants to enter to kill the Sakazaki family or Iori...
	Eiji is ruthless, unsensitive, and heartless. For him, human life has no
meaning, and will not doubt in killing any person, of any sex, and of any age.
His cold eyes, and his mortal silence truly makes him sinister at first sight.
He is also very skillful at dispatching several people at once. Few people know
his past, but all remain silent, fearful of Eiji's fury.

*Fun fact = -Eiji has appeared in several background cameos in every game after
KOF '95. In KOF '96, he appears in Chizuru's stage. In KOF '97, he appears in
China. In KOF '98, he appears in U.S.A.. He even appears in the battlefield,
teaming up with Billy to insult Iori! (I wonder why can't Eiji knock Billy out
and fight himself? That would be cool...)
		-In the sword-fighting game The Last Blade 2, if you've seen the
ending of Zantetsu (the guy with the straw hat and pair of daggers), you could
have noticed that Eiji makes a cameo appearance. This should mean that Eiji is a
descendant of Zantetsu's bloodline, considering that both have similiar slashing
moves, and that both are somewhat cold-blooded assassins.

Appearances: The King of Fighters '95, The King of Fighters 2000 (Lin's special
Other games: Art of Fighting 2

Birthplace:         Venezuela
Birthdate:          December 9, 1973 (29 years old, assumed dead at age 28)
Height:             1.81 m (5'10")
Weight:             61 kg (134 lbs)
Blood type:         A
Hobbies:            Gardening
Favorite food:      Foei Gras
Favorite sport:     Fencing
Most valuable:      NESTS cartel and her assistants
Hates the most:     Elite troop leaders
Fighting style:     Fencing

	A high-ranked officer of the NESTS cartel, Foxy has been a member of the
NESTS since the very beginning. She was honored with a high position in the
organization by the president of NESTS, thanks to her superior skills with a
sword (thanks to many years of practice of fencing) and her undisputed loyalty
towards the cartel. She instantly became friends with another fellow female
executive, Diana. They both were assigned to the Kusanagi cloning project after
the NESTS cartel managed to get ahold of Kyo Kusanagi, who was exhausted from
the battle against the Orochi. But Foxy was comissioned to do a different job:
she would supervise the creation of a new biological weapon that would use the
data from the Kusanagi DNA, but instead of wielding the typical crimson flames
of the Kusanagi cland, it would use the power of ice instead. Foxy and Diana
instantly got involved with the project as soon as they could.
	Known for being a strict, yet gentle leader, Foxy carried her crew along
in this ambitious project. The product was a female warrior, in the shape of a
young lady, who could wield the power of ice in the same way a Kusanagi would do
with the flames. Taking some data from the Kusanagi cloning project, Foxy
inputed the fighting data into the clone's system. More than her creation, Foxy
saw the new agent, named Kula Diamond, as a young sister, a daughter even. Foxy
was then informed that the clone of Zero, one of the most higher ranked NESTS
executives, has attempted to rebel itself against NESTS. Foxy thought it would
be perfect combat experience for Kula, and she soon ends her creation to the
battle fray, accompanied closely by her android bodyguard, Candy, assigned to
watch over Kula in case she decided to turn herself against NESTS.
	Foxy watched with interest at how Kula did battle with K'. Foxy now knew
what her superiors meant by classifying Kula as the 'anti-K'': she had the same
fighting ability as the short-tempered renegade NESTS agent, and both didn't
seem to let go of the advantage! The battle ended with a tie, and soon after,
Foxy informs Kula that she must do away with the Zero Cannon, the lethal killer
satellite that the Zero clone planned to use against them! Meanwhile, Foxy
attends to Zero's hideout with Diana, in the moment when the Zero clone was at
the brink of defeat at the hands of K'. He had already attempted to fire the
Zero Cannon, but it was evident that Kula managed to arrive at the Zero Cannon
just in time to deactivate the remote transmission. Foxy stands next to the fake
Zero, and arrogantly tells him that those who betray NESTS are most likely to
pay the price of their ambition. Diana gives the final regards to Zero as Kula
manually fires the Zero Cannon atop the Zero clone's temple! The subsecuent
explosion had also leveled the city of Southtown to rubble, causing the death of
many innocent people. Foxy and Diana retreat back to HQ, bringing with them a
devastated Kula, who was in grief after the death of Candy, with whom Kula had
developed an unlikely friendship.
	Along with the president of NESTS, Foxy and Diana planned their next move.
The president of NESTS plans to make the cartel public for the next King of
Fighters tournament, as a way to inform the people of the world who shall be
their new leaders! Foxy wonders if the decision is not too sudden, but the
president replies that the destruction of Southtown had pushed their plans. A
catastrophic event such as that could no longer be ignored by the general
public. The leader of NESTS ordered Foxy to set the stage for the incoming
uprising of NESTS, and assigned her to lead the team of NESTS in the next King
of Fighter tournament! Her assistants would be Kula herself, the jolly Angel,
and a new biological creation, created completely through the Kusanagi cloning
project: K9999. Foxy didn't sympathize with K9999 at all, tagging him as an
emotionless brute who couldn't even follow orders. Foxy departs to carry out her
assignment, but she can't avoid feeling uncomfortable by the sight of the CEO of
NESTS, Igniz, who stares her down as she exits the operation room.
	Foxy thought the tournament would be a perfect opportunity for Kula to put
her mind away from Candy's death. But still, Foxy couldn't stop feeling
suspicious about K9999 and Angel, who always seemed to be in conspiracy. Foxy
led her team bravely, and proved to be quite a decided and courageous leader.
Foxy even began to felt the same way as Kula: that maybe the world did deserve
another chance to be free. But the tournament was already closing by then, and
the winning teams were assigned to be transported to a blimp, where they would
hold their final match. Foxy knew that her president had a plan in between hands
as the blimp vanished in the darkness of the colorful night sky. But not long
after, Foxy felt a piercing pain in her back. Foxy's senses began to vanish
slowly as falls to the ground, feeling how her very life escapes her prone body.
K9999 had unleashed a killing stab to Foxy from behind, following orders from
Igniz to do away with those still loyal to the president. Foxy cursed herself
for not noticing Igniz' plot before, and cursed even more that she couldn't move
in order to do something about it. A tearful Kula tried to attend Foxy, but it
was too late. Foxy's wound was lethal, and wishing Kula a promising future, and
hoping Igniz would fail in his plot for world domination, Foxy dies, still loyal
to her beliefs.
	Having joined NESTS in hopes of creating a new world ridden of violence
and personal ambitions, Foxy fights bravely, without any reserves, to accomplish
her dream. However, she never realized that her own organization was plagued
withe same flaws, and paid the price for her blind loyalty. As her final wish,
she hopes that Kula and Diana can carry out her dream of a world where peace can
finally overcome the whole wave of war and violence.

*Fun fact = It seems to me that Foxy was meant to die in KOF 2001. Besides the
part where she gets killed by K9999 in the cinema before you fight Igniz, one of
her SDMs is called the "Honey Bee". In this SDM, Foxy lunges herself against the
opponent, and will instantly KILL them...but at the cost of Foxy's own life
(whether it hits or not, Foxy still dies). As you may know, whenever honey bees
sting, they lose their stinger and die shortly after. So sad! Foxy, we barely
knew ya!

Appearances: The King of Fighters 2000 (Kula Diamond's striker), The King of
Fighters 2001

Birthplace:        USA
Birthdate:         January 21, 1953 (49 years old, assumed dead at age 45)
Height:            1.83 m (6')
Weight:            82 kg (180 lbs)
Blood type:        B
Hobbies:           None (gets tired quickly of things)
Favorite food:     Red fried steak
Favorite sport:    None
Most valuable:     Himself
Hates the most: People that stand in his way
Fighting style: Kobojutsu/Hakkyokuseiken

	The most powerful man in Southtown, and also the most feared and
reverenced, Geese Howard has created a monopoly over Southtown, using his dirty
businesess to buy the law, and impose fear on all those who dare challenge him.
A man with an evil heart and a treacherous mind, Geese will do anything to
reafirm his position as the strongest man in the world!
	Geese began learning the arts of Hakkyokuseiken under the teachings of
Tung Fu Rue, a very old, but respectable master, who was a skilled and very
admired warrior back in his time. Among all the other students, two students
brighted more than the others: Geese Howard and Jeff Bogard. While Jeff trained
to perfect his skills and to become a true warrior, Geese only wanted the power
to crush the world. Being a man with lots of money, Geese felt that physic power
will ultimately prevail upon economic power, and that the Hakkyoukuseiken style
would bring him true strength. But master Tung, seeing Geese's ambition, and
Jeff's dedication, decided to teach the style's secrets to Jeff, rather than
Geese. Enfuriated by this, Geese vowed to kill both Tung and Jeff. Several days
later, Geese accomplished his mission: he killed Jeff in cold blood, and claimed
that if he didn't learn the arts of Hakkyokuseiken, nobody would! Laughing,
Geese returns back to his tower, symbol of his power, and continues growing his
reign of terror and fear over Southtown.
	But, Geese felt bored real quick, and out of boredom, created the King of
Fighters tournament (which makes Geese the father of the tournament). He
proposed fighters around the world to come and challenge him at his turf, and
many did so. But Geese had everything under control; with his dirty treats under
the water, and with the help of his personal bodyguard, Billy Kane, Geese took
care of all those who he considered a "bother" for his plans. Once in a awhile,
when Geese felt forgiving, he would face that fighter himself, and that fighter
would never come back alive. The truth was, Tung did not want to teach Geese the
secrets of Hakkyokuseiken because he was also too powerful to be able to wield
the secret techniques without causing a disaster. So passed many years until one
	The latest King of Fighters tournament was organized, and it was previewed
to be better than ever. More fighters gathered this year, but three mainly
caught Geese's eye: Terry and Andy Bogard, the two sons of Jeff, ready to exact
revenge from Geese, and the Muetai champion, Joe Higashi. Geese did not consider
them a threat until they all advanced very far into the tournament. Even Billy
was defeated by them, and now Geese was the last opponent left. Geese now faced
Terry face to face. Both Andy and Joe were not in conditions to fight against
Geese, and were quickly dispatched. Geese and Terry faced off. Geese had more
power and experience, but Terry had youth and one thing Geese was lacking: the
enjoyment of fighting. While Geese fighted for sport, Terry fighted for
improving his skills. Then, Terry displayed never-before-seen techniques, and
with a swift blow, sent Geese flying through the window of his office, located
on the top of his tower, and plummeted to his doom. Or so they thought...
	Nothing was heard about Geese for awhile, presumed dead. However, in 1996,
when the new format of the King of Fighters tournament was in pure
consolidation, Geese made a public appearance once again. Sporting one huge scar
on his back, and calling himself "the inmortal Geese", Geese teamed up with
Wolfgang Krauser, German noblesman, and his right-hand man, Mr. Big. These three
fighters were considered the biggest threat of the tournament, and most of the
warriors were very careful about them. But Geese had other intentions; the same
intentions he had by sending Billy into the last tournament: to investigate the
Orochi power, and take it over! Geese remained a passive figure at the
tournament, until the final matches. Then Geese showed his true power, a much
more fearsome and terrible power than before. His strength became bigger and
bigger, but something suddenly kicked in: the Orochi power now showed itself in
full scale! The messanger of Orochi, Goenitz, had appeared. Geese was
dumbfounded, and ran to meet with the power he had seeken for so much time.
However, when he arrived, he found Goenitz near death. And then he saw both Kyo
and Iori. Geese then grunted, shrugged his shoulders, and considered the Orochi
power "useless". However, when Iori entered his Riot of Blood, Geese once again
became interested...
	The next year, Geese refused to enter the tournament, and once again sent
Billy in his place. he also made arrangements for Billy's other two teammates:
one, being Blue Mary. Geese sent a false agent to contract her to keep sight
over Yamazaki, the other member, whom Geese promised double the amount of the
prize money if he won. Then, Geese ordered Billy to take a look on Iori, whom he
considered to be a very powerful Orochi blood member. However, he also sensed
something towards Yamazaki, an aura he had never felt before, and had suspicions
about it. His suspicions became true, when Billy informed after the tournament
that Yamazaki was of Orochi blood! While Geese pondered on this, Yamazaki bashed
in, and demanded Geese his pay!
	It was unknown who won the riot between Geese and Yamazaki, but Geese has
survived worse enocunters with deat. You can never know where this guy will
surface again!
	Geese belongs to the old school of evil: he is not interested in world
conquest, but in obtaining the highest power possible. Sometimes, Geese even
considers himself bored and refuses to enter in more tournaments! He is
arrogant, and desires all his enemies to be sixt feet under. He is constant seek
of eternal power: like the scrolls of inmortality (this belongs to the Fatal
Fury series), and the Orochi power. However, Geese is always undercover, and the
next time he surfaces, it will not be pretty!

*Fun fact = -In Real Bout: Fatal Fury Dominated Mind (exclusive game for the
Playstation), Geese appears with a golden ring on the top of his head, like an
angel! This is like something out of the anime/manga series Dragon Ball, but
does this mean Geese is truly dead? We may never know for sure! (He could have
received some horns instead, but hey, it doesn't suit him...)
		-If you didn't know by now, the main character of the latest Fatal
Fury game, Garou: Mark of the Wolves, is actually Geese's son (Rock Howard).
Geese had a child with a woman called Marie Heinlein (who is sister to the last
boss of Garou, Kain R. Heinlein), but refused his responsibility as a father,
and shortly after, died in the incidents following the end of Real Bout: Fatal
Fury. As a result, Rock keeps harsh feelings towards the memory of Geese, but
the evil blood within Rock still beats hard....

Appearances: The King of Fighters '96, The King of Fighters 2000 (Terry Bogard's
special striker, appears with no shirt), The King of Fighters: Kyo, The King of
Fighters EX: Neo Blood
Other games: Fatal Fury, Fatal Fury Special, Fatal Fury 3: Road to Final
Victory, Real Bout: Fatal Fury, Real Bout: Fatal Fury Special, Real Bout: Fatal
Fury 2, Fatal Fury: Wild Ambition, Real Bout: Dominated Mind, Fatal Fury: First
Contact, Art of Fighting 2, Capcom vs. SNK: Millenium Fight 2000, Capcom vs.
SNK: Millenium Fight 2000 - Pro, Capcom vs. SNK 2: Millionaire Fighting 2001,
SNK vs. Capcom: Match of the Millenium

(Bio sheet unknown)

	Goenitz is one of the Four Heavenly Kings of Orochi, and controls the
element of Wind. He is the man who broke the seal that was imposed on the Orochi
power 1800 years ago, by the Kusanagi and the Yagami. It is unknown about the
past and origins of Goenitz. It has been only recently when the world shaked at
the demostration of his power.
	Goenitz did not appear with strength until the year of 1986, while many
fighters where only young boys and girls. He showed up at the village of the
Clan of the Yata, the people that took care of the seal that was imposed on the
Orochi power. He then invoked for the heir to the Clan of the Yata to come out
and face him in battle. The woman came out, and cursed both Goenitz and the
Orochi power for ever being present in this world. Goenitz just chuckled and
began to display his inmense power. His aura was so powerful and devastating it
was too much for the Yata clan member to hold. With an inmense gust of wind,
Goenitz blew the Yata clan member away. Leaving her mortally wounded, Goenitz
laughs and tells her that from now on, the Orochi power will be free again.
However, the Orochi power is still dormant, and too weak to be able to do
anything. So, he would gather fighting energy for the Orochi to feed on, and
that his task would be much easier if he had allies with him. Saying this,
Goenitz vanishes in a night breeze.
	Sometime later, an ambitious man named Rugal Bernstein tried to keep hold
on the Orochi power, wishing to absorb his power to himself and become the most
powerful man in the world. Sensing a disturbance in the Orochi power balance,
Goenitz soon transports himself to where the entity attempts to steal the
precious Orochi power. Rugal was surprised by the inmediate appearance of
Goenitz. Goenitz menacingly informs Rugal that any mortal who dares lend a hand
upon the Orochi power is sure to die. Rugal sneers and says he will have that
power no matter what. Rugal then attacks Goenitz very quickly, but Goenitz just
raises his hand, and strikes it towards Rugal, gouging his right eye out. Rugal
reels of pain. Goenitz, however, is surprised that Rugal had survived his
attack. Grinning, Goenitz tells Rugal that possesing the Orochi power will be
his own doom. He then transfuses some Orochi power into Rugal's blood. Rugal is
reeked with pain, and is left near unconsciousness. Goenitz leaves, and finally
tells Rugal that he must not use this power until completly necessary, since it
will kill him. Goenitz then leaves Rugal to his fate, not before ordering his
two aides, the assasin women Mature and Vice, to keep an eye on him, and  see
that he never uses the power of Orochi against them.
	Goenitz then goes to a remote village, where several Orochi blood members
still live. He presumes that they would gladly help him in his task to gather
fighting energy for the Orochi. However, Guidel, the leader if the village,
refuses to help Goenitz since they have found peace and tranquility and does not
want to colaborate in the destruction of the world. Goenitz gets furious, but he
then spots a little girl coming out of Guidel's house. Seeing how gracious and
full of spirit she was, Goenitz then gleers at Guidel and tells him that he will
regret ever having betrayed their own bloodline. That same night, the little
girl called Leona began to feel sick, and soon enough, she lost consciousness.
Before her family could take care of her, she mysteriously woke up, with a very
sinister look in her eyes. Guidel recognized those blood-filled eyes...it was
the Riot of Blood! But it was too late. The mortal rampage of Leona began, and
did not stop until the whole village was destroyed, not leaving anybody alive.
Goenitz contemplates with glee the death and destruction, and heads towards the
blood-stained Leona. Goenitz touches her head, and tells her that she is still
too young to be able to control the power for too long, so he would have to wait
until she became an adult. Saying so, he begins to walk away. Goenitz laughs, as
he knows that Leona would be of use to him pretty soon...
	A time passed before something was heard from Goenitz, who had seemed to
go out and scavange the world for more fighting energy for the Orochi. He once
took a journey to Japan, and decided it was time to see how much the Kusanagi
have improved since 1800 years ago. He decided to challenge Kyo alone, the
latest descendant of the Kusanagi clan. He fought him, but Kyo's techniques
seemed so primitive for Goenitz, who had no trouble in putting the young warrior
out of comission. Sensing that that was not all the young warrior could do, he
beckoned for him to challenge him when he was more prepared...say, for the next
King of Fighters tournament. He left a wounded and humilliated Kyo wretching on
the ground
	 Soon, he sensed it was time to wrap up the job. He heard about Rugal's
death by using the Orochi power, and he comissioned Mature and Vice to now keep
an eye on Iori Yagami, who also had Orochi blood in his veins, due to the unholy
pact the Yagami and the Orochi had 660 years ago, unleashing the war against the
Kusanagi. He followed the King of Fighters tournament of 1996 closely, always
hidden in the shadows. He was impressed by all those strong fighters, and wished
he could fight them all, but he had to concentrate on the strongest only. He was
also very pleased at seeing Leona there as well. She had grown alright, but he
was still unsure of using her just yet. Soon, the finals began, and Goenitz was
there. He then saw a woman coming out for the final battle against the Hero
Team. Goenitz identified her as a Clan of the Yata member. She seemed so much as
that woman she killed ten years ago. Maybe her sister...? Anyways, Goenitz
stalled until the defeat of Chizuru. Then, taking advantage that everybody was
dumbfounded, Goenitz gathered all his power and unleashed it, reducing the
plethoric stadium into mere rubble.
	Goenitz then greeted Kyo once again, and asked if he had improved anything
since the last time they met. Kyo smiled and tells Goenitz he had changed a lot.
It was true, since Goenitz now had a harder time trying to neutralize Kyo. And
when it was evident that he would finish Kyo, Iori appeared to help him. It was
rare for Goenitz that this would happen. Iori shouts to Goenitz that Kyo is his
alone, and Goenitz suspects that Mature and Vice must have left him alive in
order for him to kill her. Cursing both of them, Goenitz now has to face Kyo and
Iori, reviving the ancient battle between the Orochi and the Kusanagi/Yagami
alliance from 1800 years ago. However, it was too much for Goenitz to handle
himself, despite his incredible strength. Goenitz is then defeated by a double
crimson flame blow from both Kyo and Iori. Before disappating, Goenitz chuckles,
and tells Chizuru, Kyo, and Iori that the Orochi power is far from erradicated,
and that soon they would have to bow to Orochi's incredible power! Goenitz then
raises his hand, and a gust of wind vanishes him, never to be seen again.
	Goenitz is an ambitious man, and as a Heavenly King of Orochi, he is
obssesed with the destruction of the mortals and the resurrection of Orochi. But
Goenitz is not your run-of-the-mill badguy. He is very polite, and always seems
to talk with so much confidence in himself. After all, he didn't plan to revive
Orochi by himself. Soon, the other three Heavenly Kings of Orochi would help
finish what he began...

*Fun fact = There has been many rumors that Goenitz and Ryuji Yamazaki are
possibly blood-related (aside from both being of Orochi blood). This is said
because both have similiar physique, similiar hair, and even some moves that are
the same! It is unknown what they are, but one thing's for sure...Goenitz is a
LOT more self-controlled than crazy Yamazaki! ^_^

Appearances: The King of Fighters '96, The King of Fighters 2000 (Leona's
special striker)

"Fifth Child of the Great Gates"
Birthplace:     Japan
Birthdate:      May 5, 1968 (34 years old)
Height:         2.04 m (6'7")
Weight:         138 kg (304 lbs)
Blood type:     A
Hobbies:        Be in unison with nature
Favorite food:  Zaru-Soba
Favorite sport: Judo
Most valuable:  Geta sandals
Hates the most: Complex machinery
Fighting style: Self-taught Judo skills

	Goro Daimon is the current world champion of Judo style, and an all-around
national hero. But not only his Judo tournament sucesses have taken him to where
he is now. His participation with the Hero Team has also been recognized, as
much or even more as his Judo wins.
	Daimon, being a large boy, took advantage of his large physique to began
learning on Judo, a mainly close-contact style, based on throws mostly. Building
up his body and even creating his own moves, Daimon quickly rose to be the
surprise in the Judo world. He became the Japanese champion in no time, and
shortly after, conquered the world champion. After several winning streaks,
Daimon retired and hid in seclusion in the mountains of Japan, seeking some more
moves, since he felt restricted to the Judo world, and liked to prove himself
against other fighters of other styles. His chance came soon enough with the
national martial arts tournament to decide the three fighters that would
represent Japan in the new King of Fighters tournament. Daimon entered, hoping
to come out on top and show the power of Judo to all!
	Daimon had no real trouble advancing to the semfinals of the tournament,
using his imponent physique to plow throught the other fighters, who couldn't
stop this walking mountain of power, and were defeated by one of Daimon's earth-
trembling moves. His opponent in the semifinals was, suprisingly, a young man
named Kyo Kusanagi. Daimon had been friends with Kyo's father, Saisyu, and only
knew Kyo when he was a little boy. Now he had grown, and become very strong.
Daimon got excited on testing Saisyu's son's skills, and both climbed up to the
	Daimon soon found out how strong Kyo really was when he felt how powerful
Kyo's blows where, scorching Daimon everytime he wanted to grab him. It was a
very close fight after all, but Kyo was the winner of the match. Daimon was
happy for Kyo, though, since he had become stronger than he thought. Daimon and
Kyo shaked hands, but Kyo whispers to Daimon that he should better win in the
losers match to make a team with him and Benimaru (the other finalist). Daimon
smiles and promises. And having said that, Daimon used his entire strength to
win his next match and become the third member of the Japan Team.
	The rest is history. Daimon has been like the experienced side of the Hero
Team, and often gives advice to the young Kyo and Benimaru, and also being so
serene, he tends to be the windbreaker between Kyo and Benimaru's constant
quarrels. After every tournament, Daimon takes his time to win the next Judo
tournament as a warm-up for the next King of Fighters tournament. He has no
personal interest to surpass Kyo as Benimaru does, only to show the power of
Judo to the world! However, it is also very often for Kyo and Benimaru to help
Daimon around women, since he seems to be pretty bad at it! (and he really wants
to get married)
	Daimon is also like a parental figure to Kyo, since Saisyu is out
travelling most of the time, and advices him during hard times. He doesn't talk
too much, but his confident smile and friendly grunt often proves to be more
than enough. After the last tournament, Daimon decides to lead the Japan Judo
team towards the world championship, and finally lead a life of peace and
happiness up in the mountains.
	After so many years of retirement from the King of Fighters tournament,
Daimon has actually established himself, and even make up a family. With his
little son, Daimon resumes his training in his own Judo dojo. He has no worries,
and lives peacefully, but he knows something is amiss. After so many years of
not seeing Kyo or Benimaru, Daimon wonders what happened to them after their
separation following the battle of the Orochi. Soon enough, after a training
session, Benimaru comes visit Daimon at his dojo! Daimon is overwhelmed with joy
at the reunion, but Benimaru has better plans: they should reunite with Kyo and
Shingo to resurrect the old Hero Team! Daimon doubts at first, but accepts with
nostalgia and anxious to rejoin his friends for the rebirth of the Hero Team.
	After reuniting with Kyo and Shingo, Daimon once again enters the King of
Fighters arena, and his skills haven't seemed to deteriorate one bit. Even
though he has not developed any sort of new moves, that ones he still has are
sharped and tweaked to perfection. Daimon is still considered to be a huge
fighting machine who likes to work out his opponents. Just like old times,
Daimon helps Kyo and the others in their struggle to destroy the evil NESTS
cartel, who have messed up Kyo's life for long enough. After the demise of
NESTS, and barely escaping with their lives from the downed NESTS space station,
Daimon and his son retreat back to their dojo in Japan. Daimon does not know if
they will team up again next year, but one thing is for sure, and it's that
Daimon sure had a lot of fun fighting like this once more! His heart burns with
passion in anticipation for the next time they will fight together again....
	Daimon always seems to have a very serious expression, and grunts a lot.
However, he has a very warm heart, as he always takes his time to coexist with
nature and encounter himself there. He also likes to teach youngsters about Judo
in his free time. He also takes his time to serve as advicer and as a mediator
between Kyo and Benimaru. However, Daimon really wants to get married someday,
but the problem is, he is too nervous!

*Fun fact = -Did you know the only ACTUAL word that Daimon has said in his
fights has been "Nan-no" (That's nothing!)? He says this during his recovery
roll in KOF '96 and beyond.
		-Check out whenever Kyo and Benimaru fight against each other in
Capcom vs. SNK: Millenium Fight 2000. You can see that Daimon always stands in
the middle of the background with his arms crossed, and his shirt over his

Appearances: The King of Fighters '94, The King of Fighters '95, The King of
Fighters '96, The King of Fighters '97, The King of Fighters '98, The King of
Fighters '99: Evolution (Dreamcast version, as a secret striker), The King of
Fighters 2000 (Seth's special striker, appears with his shirt on), The King of
Fighters 2001, The King of Fighters: Kyo

Birthplace:       USA
Birthdate:        March 25, 1969 (33 years old)
Height:           2.08 m (6'8")
Weight:           113 kg (249 lbs)
Blood type:       A
Hobbies:          Listening to "New Jack Swing"
Favorite food:    Anything that's big
Favorite sport:   Wrestling
Most valuable:    Puu (his cat)
Hates the most:   Tidyness
Fighting style:   Boxing

	Heavy D! trained since very young to be a professional boxer. He builded
up the power in his fists and arms, but he never got his chance in the big
leagues. Frustrated and alone, Heavy D! dedicated himself to random fights in
private boxing rings, and then retired to seclusion in his turf, where he
thrived his feeling of combat in the streets.
	After several years, a new chance appeared for Heavy D!. He received an
invitation for the new King of Fighters tournament introducing the team battle
concept. Happy to finally do battle in the professional ring, Heavy D! knew just
the people who would help him: his friends, Brian Battler and Lucky Glauber.
Forming the USA Sports Team, the three enter the tournament, but do not have
much success. Heavy D! then goes back to training in order to perfect his skills
and be ready for the next invitation to the King of Fighters!
	Heavy D! is quite a cool and calm man, and in fight, he moves like a bird
and strings like a mosquito. He is also pretty calm in battle, and does not
dispair under any circumstance. He respects all fighters who are very skillful,
and also gets disappointed by those who do not show their true power. Heavy D!
also likes to visit bars and the slums frequently, and encourage young ones in
practicing a sport.

*Fun fact = Heavy D! also seemed to appear frequently in the King of Fighters
backgrounds after KOF '94. In KOF '95, he appeared in King's bar drinking it up
with Duck King. In KOF '97, he also appeared in the China stage twice! (With his
team, and with Duck King).

Appearances: The King of Fighters '94, The King of Fighters '98

Birthplace:                   Unknown
Birthdate:                    September 1, 1954 (48 years old)
Height:                       1.92 m (6'3")
Weight:                       90 kg (198 lbs)
Blood type:                   B
Hobbies:                      Metal figurine collection, fishing
Favorite food:                Stout beer and home-made sausages
Favorite sport:               Hunting
Most valuable:                Picture of his family
Hates the most:               Rugal
Fighting style: Martial Arts and self-taught assasination tecniques

	Heidern, inside his cool exterior, hides a man full of guilt and haunt.
This strict commander hides a very dark past, all thanks to a cruel and evil man
that reduced his life to shambles in a blink of an eye.
	Heidern was a very spirited soldier in his young times, training very hard
and accomplishing his goal of being the best of his class. Participating in
several wars as a mercenary, Heidern was feared as a man with hands like claws,
and his cutting-edge fingers. Heidern also fell in love with a precious woman
named Sandra, and decided to marry her. Not much time later, they had their only
daughter, Clara. Heidern was very happy with his family, and after having
received the title of commander, he retired to pass more time with his family.
	However, there was one last mission assigned to Heidern. He and his unit
must investigate a man who has gained a name for himself in the black market,
and has become such a powerful man, that he represents a menace to the world
governments. He was called Rugal Bernstein. Heidern accepted, conditioning that
his family must be safe at all moments. The governments located a security group
in front of Heidern's house, so Heidern was free to investigate Rugal. Or so he
	Heidern dedicated himself day and night to follow the trace of Rugal. He
seemed to pop up everywhere, even in two different continents the same day!
Heidern did not know what made Rugal so fast, but he managed to bust some
criminal warehouses and other illegal locations properties of Rugal. However,
Rugal was nowhere to be found. Amidst the tedium and desperation, Heidern wanted
to see his family again. Given permission to do so, Heidern traveled back to his
house for a certain period of time. When he came back, he saw the security force
totally wiped out, and his family missing, his house trashed. Then, Heidern saw
a letter on the table. It was signed by a certain "R" individual. Heidern opened
the letter, and it was Rugal! He told Heidern he had his family, and that he
should better stop all that foolishness of trying to stop him and play hero. If
he declined the investigation, he would free his family again. Heidern slashed
the letter to pieces, and now more than ever, was dedicated to trap Rugal.
	Sooner than ever, Heidern located Rugal's trail. It seemed he had a
personal air carrier called the 'Blacknoah', where he voyaged with an impressive
arsenal. Heidern gathered his unit, and took the plane that would take them to
the Blacknoah. They landed on the Blacknoah soon after, surprisingly finding no
resistance. After penetrating the carrier, Heidern found Rugal ready for battle.
Rugal laughed and considered them all to be fools. Before they could do
anything, the unit was almost plowed by Rugal's inmense power. Just in a few
minutes, Rugal had taken out all of Heidern's unit. Heidern was so shocked he
barely noticed how Rugal got closer to him. Heidern, enraged, took Rugal on. But
his fury did not allow him to fight well, and Rugal and his huge strength made
short work out of him. In a single move, Rugal managed to gouge out Heidern's
right eye. Wounded and unable to go on, Rugal prepared to deliver the final
blow, but if he had to die, he must at least die in style. Rugal then began to
gather huge power, and before he unleashed it, Sandra and Clara appeared to
cover Heidern. Heidern shouted for them to stay away, but they did not listen. A
blinding light fazed Heidern, and then all became blank.
	Heidern woke up in a hospital bed. He was wrapped up in bandages, and his
eye covered with a patch. His nearest nurse got closer to him, and Heidern
desperately asked her for information on his unit and his family. His unit:
Almost all killed, the survivors badly wounded. His family: Dead. Heidern was
destroyed. He passed many months in grief and pain, and burned in desires of
taking revenge on Rugal. As of destiny would have had it, a little girl appeared
sleeping in the jungle near Heidern's house. She was filled with blood, but she
had no wounds. Maybe it was other's blood? Heidern felt compassion for the
child, and took her home. Once, he noticed the incredible power she had, and he
decided to train her personally in martial arts. She said they used to call her
Leona, but that's all she reminded of her past. Also having the company of his
best mercenaries Ralf and Clark, Heidern's pain was quenched, but his revenge
was soon to be realized: he received a personal invitation to the new King of
Fighters tournament, which had the new team battle mode. Taking Ralf and Clark
with him (since Leona was still too little), Heidern faced the tournament. He
didn't reach the finals, but he was relieved when he knew about Rugal's death
after his carrier being destroyed. That was, until next year...
	Heidern was invited once again to the King of Fighters tournament, and he
suspected that something fishy was going on since the invitations were signed by
"R". Calling Ralf and Clark back to duty, the trio once again investigated, and
indeed, it was Rugal once again! Heidern was ready to end the score with Rugal,
but realized it was all up to Kyo and his team. He aided the Hero Team in all he
could, and when Rugal was finally destroyed by his own power, Heidern considered
it a proper death for a man thirsty of power, and walked away.
	After that, Heidern declined all future invitations to the King of
Fighters tournament, since Rugal was destroyed, and he had nothing to do with it
anymore. So, he sent his best student, Leona, to fight along with Ralf and
Clark, the persons he sees as his sons. He especially cares for Leona, not only
just because she resembles Clara so much, he also wishes that Leona can finally
get over her past, and when she does, Ralf and Clark will be with her. Heidern,
after all, is still able to care for other people.
	Shortly after the 1997 version of the King of Fighters tournament ends,
and with the situation back to normal again, Heidern receives the visit of a
young girl. She calls herself Whip, and wants to enter the Ikari Warriors squad.
After seeing her impressive skills with a whip, Heidern brings her in, and
decides to train her in his own assasination techniques. After two years,
Heidern detects some strange anomalies during the King of Fighters 1999
tournament, so he dispatches his best Ikari squad to investigate. And soon,
results would jump to sight....
	Heidern manages to detect from his command room several images of Kyo
Kusanagi around the world. This is a weird success, indeed, and it makes it look
like the tournament is nothing more than a set-up. Heidern tries to contact his
unit, but fails. Thus, he decides to dispatch several elimination squads to the
location of the Kyo clones, and prepare to eliminate them. After that, Heidern
directs himself to the main base of the enemy. Upon arriving, he notices the
several wounded bodies of his soldiers among the ruins, and one dead body: that
of the past host of the competition, Krizalid. Heidern closes the eyes of the
deceased man, and asks for any survivors. One soldier noticed two persons
evacuate the place before they arrived. Heidern feels the menace is barely
starting...and not yet reached the full terror.
	After a while upon investigating the NESTS cartel, Krizalid's
organization, Heidern finds himself stumped and without a clue. It is then when
he is given a helping hand by a fellow mercenary commander Ling. Ling informs
Heidern about the most recent location of NESTS: in Southtown. Heidern considers
it ironic for the tournament to return to its' origins. Ling also tells Heidern
that he will organize the new King of Fighters tournament in the year 2000 in
order to get the strongest fighters to do battle against the NESTS agents if
they ever appear. Heidern assists to Ling's command room in order to supervise
the mission. Their primary objective, aside from destroying NESTS, is to locate
K' and Maxima, who also have close ties with the NESTS.
	As the winning teams approach Southtown, Heidern senses something going
terribly wrong as his soldiers investigate the wrong direction. Ling tells
Heidern that he has sent the soldiers to the factory zone in Southtown in order
to turn on the elevator and activate the generator in the abandoned factory.
Heidern is dumbfounded, but before he can ask anymore questions, he is held at
gunpoint by Ling's soldiers! It turns out to be that Ling is not really Ling,
but Zero, a NESTS officer who had created a clone of himself (in the form of
Ling) in order to gain the trust of the participating fighters and the world
leaders, fooling them into believing that he realy had a clue in order to find
and destroy NESTS. Heidern then knows about the sinister plans of Zero,
involving using the energy of the warriors in order to activate the Zero Cannon,
and being able to destroy any designated point on earth! Heidern is then knocked
out cold by Zero's agents, but is later waked up by his elite mecenaries: Ralf,
Leona, and Clark. The whole Ikari Warrior squad decides to escape before the
Zero Cannon destroys Southtown completely...all, except one.
	Heidern realizes with panic that Whip is missing. Heidern desperately
calls Whip via radio, calling Whip by her real name, which only he knew up until
then: Muchiko. However, Whip does not respond to Heidern's demands, and the
commander of the Ikari Warriors is forced to escape before the Zero Cannon
vanquishes Southtown into dust. After that, Heidern finds a video in Whip's
quarters directed to Heidern and his closest followers. The video contains a
warm goodbye by Whip, and a reminder to Heidern that her name is not Muchiko,
but Whip. Heidern gives a sad smile, and hopes that, wherever she is, Whip might
find happiness.
	After scouting the ruins of Southtown, Heidern realizes that NESTS has
abandoned Southtown without leaving a trace. So, he begins to gather his forces
in order to attack and arrest all NESTS officers in several locations around the
world. Heidern sends his best men to do the job, but unfortuantely, they have no
success at all. It is then when Whip sends a letter to her former commander,
telling him that NESTS is about to make their move, and they're planning to use
the King of Fighters tournament was their new arena! Heidern summons his best
officers to his quarters: Leona, Ralf, and Clark. Heidern thinks it's pretty
obvious that NESTS is planning something big, entering the tournament when they
had just destroyed a whole city. And since the Ikari Warriors were short one
member ever since Whip leaved, Heidern thought it was time to make his official
comeback to the fighting scene once more!
	During the progress of the tournament, Heidern tracked down the movements
of NESTS, and also took special care in Whip's actions as she teamed up with her
lost brother K'. Heidern followed the tracks of NESTS up to the point where the
winning teams met inside a flying blimp, where the final battle was supposed to
be hosted. Heidern knew for sure that it was a trap used by NESTS to lure the
winners into their inminent death. But Heidern trusted the warriors would defeat
the evil within NESTS, and his wishes came true when NESTS main HQ, their space
station, fell into the ocean. Heidern inmediately sent a reconissance squad to
the crashing site of the NESTS space base after the fighters had been placed in
a safer place. The report confirmed that most of the base was still kept intact
after the crash, which helped Heidern resolve that they could investigate on
that basis. But what bothered Heidern, was the report confirming that his dear
Whip was yet another clone brewed by the evil technology of NESTS. Heidern must
now start worrying about the fate of those close to him, instead of looking
after the world.
	Heidern is a lonely man, and passes most of the time enclosed in his
office and meditating. He sees in Leona the chance to start all over, and get
over the death of his family. His old friends, Ralf and Clark, are also with him
and make him feel good in those grim moments. Heidern, even after Rugal's death,
still feels pain in his heart, but decides life goes on, and his soldiers are
the only family he now has.

*Fun fact = -What's with Heidern's salute ala Nazi? Or is it just me? (Nah, he
is so cool who cares? ^_^)
		-Did you know that "Ikari" is supposed to mean "to get angrier"?
*Cloth changes = His primary color was light brown in KOF '94/'95/2001, and dark
blue in KOF '98.

Appearances: The King of Fighters '94, The King of Fighters '95, The King of
Fighters '98, The King of Fighters 2001, The King of Fighters: Kyo

Birthplace:                   Japan (of part-Russian heritage)
Birthdate:                    March 3, 1984 (18 years old)
Height:                       1.54 m (5')
Weight:                       41 kg (90 lbs)
Blood type:                   B
Hobbies:                      Collecting sumo ranking lists, making herbal
	                        products (potpurris and herbal tea)
Favorite food:                Sumo stew made by her private cook, tea, and
Favorite sport:               Horse riding, halberd jousting
Most valuable:                A teddy bear she received as a girl
Hates the most:               Bugs, sour stuff, piano practice
Fighting style: 			 Sumo wrestling

	Normally, a junior high school girl would prefer to spend their free time
practicing a sport at school. Among the most popular female sports are:
volleyball, gymnastics, and softball. By doing so, not only did young women
support their health, but also their sheer femininity. Hinako Shijou, a
passionate young woman with lots of incredible dreams, is a different case. She
has decided to practice a traditional Japanese sport, only practiced by large,
heavy men: Sumo!
	After Hinako first joined a prestigious ladies-only school, the expected
pressure for such institutions instantly fell upon young Hinako. Not only was
she demanded good grades and exceptional behavior, she also had to be the first
in her class in any sport. She was offered many different sports, but none of
them raised Hinako's attention. That is, until she visisted a Sumo arena....
	Once she saw a Sumo match, Hinako's world turned around completely. Sumo
was an art in itself, much more than any other martial art. She realized that
Sumo should not only be practiced by overwhelming men, but also normal women
could be able to exceed themselves in the practice of this art. Hinako decided
she would restore the grace and beauty that Sumo is supposed to represent.
	Back in her school, Hinako wanted to join a Sumo club, but everybody just
laughed at her, and deemed her as a crazy brat. Sumo was just out of the
question for the refined and delicate ladies of her school. Hinako didn't bother
to hear any reasons, as her mind was already decided. Everyday she practiced the
arts of Sumo, and instead of gaining weight, she decided to train her arms and
legs to be able to support the weight of any huge Sumo wrestler. After all, it
wasn't the size that counted, but the refinement of the technique that mattered.
	After a long period of training, Hinako has decided to prove her worth as
a Sumo wrestler. After trying (and failing) to convince her school's superiors
to show her fellow students the beauty of Sumo, she decides to go to a local
martial arts tournament, and smash the tough-looking opponents with her Sumo
style. Surprisingly, many martial artists were caught off-guard by the strength
of this fragile woman. It was outrageous how a simple junior high school girl
could practice Sumo so well! After the tournament finished, Hinako was content
about her performance, as many men stare at her in awe. On her way out of the
fighting arena, she is faced by a red-haired, ravaging woman called Mai
Shiranui, and another younger, spunky girl named Yuri Sakazaki. The two consider
Hinako worthy enough to join their team and participate in the next King of
Fighters 2000 tournament. Hinako is overwhelmed: this time, she can really prove
her true Sumo strength against the best fighters in the world!
	During her vacation period of junior high school, Hinako decided to take a
school trip back to the place where the whole nightmare had developed last year:
Southtown. The city was still reduced to shambles, but people were trying their
best to rebuild what was left of it. Hinako was proud and felt compassionate for
those people who still struggled. She wished she could have done more for them
back then.
       Hinako and her schoolmates were starving after so much walking and
sightseeing, so they decided to stop at a local establishment that was still
standing (even though a bit wrecked). Hinako entered, and there she found her
old friend Mai, along with King, who owned the bar. King was also a female
warrior that entered the last King of Fighters tournament. The other girl was a
young Chinese lady with a big forehead and strange hair style. Hinako wonders
what's going on, and Mai tells her that the King of Fighters tournament is being
held again. Hinako said she would be glad to join, and nobody seemed to have a
problem with that. But first, she and her friends needed a meal, and King was
forced to offer all her fleet a nice dinner! Hinako also didn't seem to carry
too much money with her...in fact, after the tournament ended, and the four
women went for a celebration dinner honoring the fall of NESTS, everyone
expected Hinako to pay the bill (since she came from a prestigious family) and
fed their hearts off, only to realize with grief that Hinako no longer had any
money! We'll see if Hinako can make up to it next time....
	Hinako, despite being of a rich family and in a top-class ladies school,
is not spoiled by money or social class. She has lots of dreams which she hopes
to accomplish some day. She is very feminine despite the masculine art she
practices. Despite getting down and rough with her opponents, she takes care of
her personal appearance a lot. She defends the opinion that anything can be done
with grace and style if done correctly!

*Fun fact = After many people saw the official drawings of Hinako, many people
assumed she would be somewhat like Karin Kanzuki (of Capcom's Street Fighter
Alpha 3), only that she dressed like a plane waitress. What a surprise it was to
see her practice Sumo!

Appearances: The King of Fighters 2000, The King of Fighters 2001

(bio sheet unknown)

	Acting as the CEO of the NESTS cartel, Igniz is second in command only
behind the president of NESTS. As one would think about a CEO, Igniz does
everything he can to make NESTS arise to the top of the criminal world, and make
sure it becomes an organization to be feared worldwide through their advanced
cloning technology, always accompanied by his gorgeous secretary. But no even
bothered in suspecting about Igniz and his lethal plans to take over NESTS, and
claim his "rightful position" as the new god to reign over all humans!
	Actually, Igniz has been the mastermind behind the Kusanagi cloning
project, manipulating the process at his own twisted will. With the information
he gathered from the extraction of Kyo Kusanagi's DNA, he created his own
advanced Kyo clones: first, the rebel K', then the loyal agent Krizalid, and
later on handed over the Kula Diamond project to Foxy, and he directly
supervised the creation of K9999, a purely artificial Kusanagi clone. All the
pieces were being moved by Igniz on his own board of corruption and treason.
	Igniz watched with certain interest how Krizalid and the clone of Zero
were eliminated in the King of Fighters tournament, ironically defeated by his
own creations. However, the destruction of Southtown thanks to the Zero Cannon
had impulsed the NESTS cartel to reveal itself to the world in the brink of the
disaster. Argumenting a malfunction in a satellite, Igniz and the rest of the
NESTS organization tried to justify their horrible actions. But there was no
time to lurk any further. NESTS had to put its' plan in motion. The president of
NESTS left the responsibility of holding the 2001 King of Fighters tournament to
Igniz, as he would order his agents to do their job. Igniz thought it would be
the perfect chance to show that old coot who truely ran things in NESTS.
	Cautiously watching over the development of the tournament, Igniz gloated
as his theory came true: the products of NESTS were slowly, but surely, making
their way up in the tournament. Kyo and Iori were also doing their part as well.
But even though the fighters displayed new techniques and totally different
power levels than ever before, Igniz knew all their secrets. He had the fighting
data that was collected from the past KOF tournaments, and he had an even darker
idea. He would use that data to infuse it in his body, and become more powerful
than any mortal!
	Soon enough, fellow agent Zero was sent to deal with the winners in the
special space shuttle designed by NESTS, in the disguise of a blimp. Free from
any meddling from Foxy, Diana, or Zero, Igniz could easily deploy his plan.
Before they could arrive, Igniz issued orders to Angel and K9999, the agents
that were teaming up with Foxy and Kula Diamond for the King of Fighters
tournament, to do away with them as soon as possible, to erradicate all
followers of the president. Waiting for the winners in the NESTS space station,
Igniz could expect no less that it would be K' and his team who would show up.
Sitting along the president of NESTS and her secretary, Igniz congratulates K'
and company for defeating Zero, as it was no easy task to accomplish. Igniz
explains his plan to K' and his partners, and he would confess his ultimate
ambition: to become the new god that would rule the existence of the world!
Having said that, Igniz grabs the head of the NESTS leader sitting on the
throne, and reduces him to dust! Igniz now stands strong against his
challengers, the products of NESTS, that he once created, and now vows to
	It was astonishing how Igniz displayed his incredible amount of strength.
His energy strikes were faster than lightning, striked with the force of a
mountain, and quickly threw away the opposition! All that sheer, raw fighting
data amassed in Igniz' body caused a huge reaction, and it was surprising that
Igniz could manage to control it. All attacks were futile, any countermeasure,
useless. Igniz anticipated all the moves he already knew of, and those that he
didn't, were promptly overwhelmed by the inmense display of strength from Igniz!
	But soon after Kyo and the rest of the strongest fighters of the
tournament joined in the battle, Igniz began to grow tired of such pests, and
tried to eliminate them as fast as possible. But while the strength of Igniz
came from numbers and computer data, the force of these brave warriors came from
within, they fought with the soul, fighting with every ounce in their body! That
was what Igniz could never understand. Soon enough, the 3 main targets of NESTS
got together: K', Kyo, and Iori. Igniz really appreciated what they all did for
the cartel (indirectly, of course), and soon began to gather what was left of
his energy to deal with the three bugs. But it was Igniz who was surprised when
the 3 flame wielders channeled their energy through K', who blasted a huge flame
of justice straight towards Igniz! Igniz was overpowered, as the whole data room
they were fighting in began to crumble by the force of the impact.
	Battered and bruised, dragging along his burnt body, Igniz could not hold
back the frustration of his defeat. All these years of planning and gathering
fighting data to be finally defeated by his own creations. Igniz could not stand
such humilliation. Igniz could not come to understand why humans would deny the
existence of a new god. As he slowly walked towards a couple of pillar atop some
stairs, Igniz, in his insanity, claims that if the world will not accept a god,
then they shall yield to a demon! Igniz places his hands on the pillars, and is
soon surrounded by a pillar of light. Amazed by Igniz' actions, K' and the
others are surprised when they feel the whole space station tremble, as they
draw closer to the atmosphere of the Earth! Igniz was activating the space
station on a crash course towards the planet! K' and the rest try to stop his
ambition, but a huge metal door shuts them out from any possible meddling. Igniz
is left laughing out of sheer madness, surrounded by chaos and destruction, as
the whole space station is engulfed in flames upon the entrance to the
atmosphere. Flames...how did Igniz hate flames. Consumed by his own evil, Igniz
falls to his death, just like the whole ambition of NESTS. Those who will
succeed him will surely take his example, and not yield to ambition.
	Rather elegant and with good manners, Igniz doesn't seem to lose his
temper so easily. He usually remains calm, cool, and precise, as his superior
intelligence always analyzes the situation, and exploits it to his advantage. A
conspirating and creative person, Igniz had prepared himself well for the King
of Fighters tournament via his own resources. But he could never predict the
outcome, and finally losing any trace of sanity, burns to his doom along with
his own cruel plot.

*Fun fact = Usually, all of the upper ranked agents of NESTS have the names of
things that usually mean the beginning of something. Krizalid was already
mentioned (his name meaning "cocoon"), Zero is, well...zero, and Igniz is an
abbreviation for "ignition" (as when something is turned on).

Appearances: The King of Fighters 2001

"Hearth of Eight Gods"
Birthplace           Japan
Birthdate:           March 25, 1976 (26 years old)
Height:              1.82 m (6')
Weight:              76 kg (167 lbs)
Blood type:          O
Hobbies:             Band
Favorite food:       Meat
Favorite sport:      All
Most valuable:       Base guitar of Rickenbacher
Hates the most:      Violence
Fighting style:      Yagami style Ancient Martial Arts and Instinct

	Iori is the latest descendant of the Yagami clan, a cursed bloodline which
has been condemned to living a short lifespan due to the Orochi blood flowing
through their veins. The story goes as far as 1800 years ago...
	The Orochi power was devastating the world. With all the chaos and panic
running amok, two clans came together to fight the menace: the Kusanagi,
representing the sword that seals, and the Yagami, the shield that holds.
Uniting the power of the both clans, and using the mythical crimson flames, the
two bloodlines managed to seal away the Orochi power, then assigning the task to
the Clan of the Yata to look over the seal. After that, both clans retired to
their respective villages.
	1140 years later (which means, 660 years ago), however, the bond between
both clans would break dramatically. The Yagami, thirsty of the magnificent
Orochi power, broke the pact between them and the Kusanagi clan, and decided to
strike a deal with the Orochi: an unholy pact that would grant the Yagami
tremendous power, and their crimson flames would turn into purple flames of
death! The Kusanagi reclaimed that the Yagami disobeyed the pact, and they were
considered as traitors. Since then, the two clans have been in a mortal war,
resulting in the death of many clan members on both sides, much to the glee of
the Orochi clan.
	Now, in the modern ages, Kyo and Iori are out to settle the score.
Although their destiny was resolved before they were ever born, Kyo and Iori
seem more than willing to finish the 660 year grudge! And mostly, Iori is
decided to kill Kyo at all costs, although he is destined to a horrible fate: to
die before his time, victim of the ambition of his ancestors, and his cursed
blood. However, Iori does not to seem to care too much about it. His heart keeps
no happy feelings, and is only interested in ridding the path of enemies.
However, wielding the purple flames is painful even for Iori, since the power is
so great that it even hurts him!
	Iori and Kyo have similiar techniques because both clans had developed
together a very special martial art before they engaged in the war. That's why
Iori has developed some mortal techniques, and even uses his hands as cutting
weapons, his fingers tearing through the opponent's flesh. He has known to be
very violent in battle, even though he hates using violence (???). His clan
symbol is the crescent moon of the Yagami. His physique also allows him to be
very famous among the women, but he doesn't seem to care about that, either!
	Once Iori was training, he was informed about the entrance of Kyo in the
King of Fighters tournament. Iori was interested and supposed he would have a
perfect shot against Kyo. He then knew that a man named Billy Kane was looking
for some teammates for the next tournament. Iori volunteered, and so, the trio
entered the tournament. However, Iori was not interested in any of the only
fighters. He only focused on Kyo. But, it seemed that he couldn't have a clean
shot against him, since prior to their battle, Kyo was missing. However, Iori
still felt Kyo's combat aura burning in a faraway place. When Iori arrived to
the secret underground base were Kyo was fighting, he found him fighting Rugal,
who was about to be destroyed by his own power. Iori felt something strange
boiling in his blood while Rugal was being destroyed by the inmense power.
Recognizing the power, Iori mocked Rugal, "Only those of the bloodline can
control such power! You didn't have a chance!". Saying that, Iori walks away
while Rugal is vanished by the huge power. Taking advantage of the power he felt
in his veins, he used it to beat his teammates badly. Considering them only a
bother, Iori decides he will take on Kyo next time.
	By next year, Iori trained very hard, and practiced until near the border
of unconsciousness. He considered himself ready to kill Kyo this time! While he
was walking through a forest, Iori was confronted by two women. Iori recognized
one of them as one of the secretaries of Rugal. Actually, both were the
secretaries of Rugal. Iori wanted them to get out of his way, but one of them
began attacking him. While he fought the women, the other told Iori that they
had been watching over them, and that he would be perfect as their teammate in
the next King of Fighters tournament. Iori stopped, and turned towards the other
woman. Iori just smiled and released a maniacal laugh. He said he would help
them if they wanted to. "But nobody touches Kyo, he's mine! Mine only!", Iori
	The tournament begins, and once again, considers the other fighters as
trash, only thinking in his battle against Kyo. His wish comes true as his team
will face the Hero Team. Kyo and Iori waited paciently until their turn to
fight. Then, Kyo and Iori got their shot. It was a very dramatic battle, with
flames bursting everywhere, and so much power released that it was overwhelming!
However, the time ran up, and the match ended in a draw. Both fighters were
exhausted, but Iori was determined to kill Kyo. Then, the host, Chizuru Kagura,
interfered. She said it was useless that the two must kill each other, and
instead, must be helping each other in order to erradicate the terrible power
that draws nearer. Iori is enraged, and demands that she gets away. But Chizuru
takes Kyo away, and disappears. Iori then shouts of madness, and begins to
destroy everything around him. He would not be left without killing Kyo, and not
by any smartass woman!
	Iori inmediately searched out Kyo, but when he found him, he suddenly felt
that feeling in his blood again. What was that feeling that made him feel so
powerful, but at the same time, so painful? When those thoughts cruised Iori's
mind, a very strong gush of wind blew him away. When Iori woke up, it was Kyo
fighting against a very powerful man. Iori recognized the power as the same that
had destroyed Rugal. So, it had to be of Orochi blood! Iori then begins to
attack the man called Goenitz. He tells him that only him can take care of Kyo,
and he can not interfere! Both fighters battle with all their strength, and Iori
even manages to surpress his cursed blood and begin wielding crimson flames.
With a final, double crimson blow, Kyo and Iori take out Goenitz, but before he
dies, Goenitz tells Iori that he is doomed to serve Orochi as a servant! Iori
then bids Goenitz farewell, as he disappears. Iori begins to walk away, and
encounters his companions, Mature and Vice, who had let him live in order to
kill Goenitz. However, Iori begins to feel extremly bad, and his blood begins to
boil. His eyes get hazy, and he begins coughing blood. The Riot of Blood was in
full effect! Going berserk because he can not control the Orochi power. Going
crazy, Iori rips through his companions, and continues to walk away, roaring and
slashing madly.
	Nothing was known from Iori up to next year. He had seem to feel the Riot
of Blood several times, causing several deaths. Cursing his own weakness, Iori
realizes he has been entered in the next King of Fighters tournament of 1997 as
a single entry. It must have been Chizuru, thinking he may help her again. Iori
just laughs and, since he has no more bothers in his way, he can concentrate on
killing Kyo this time! He views the spectacular display of shows and
commuinications, and decides it was the perfect backdrop for Kyo's death.
However, not much later, Iori once again entered the Riot of Blood yet again,
and went into a killing rampage. His craziness had reached unsuspected limits,
and since Orochi was involved as ever in the tournament, his power grew stronger
and stronger. However, he also wasn't too much conscious of what he was doing,
allowing the other fighters to submit him, and cooling him down. Iori then loses
	When Iori was sleeping, he receives a message from his ancestors, bidding
him to aid Kyo in this final fight against the Orochi. This would rid the
dishonor of the Yagami name, and would cleanse their own cursed bloodline. Iori
woke up, and almost like if controlled by someone, he walked towards the Orochi
awakening spot. He finds Kyo and Chizuru there. They are surprised to see Iori,
and he just smiles, and tells them that it is ironic that after so much time of
war, they should fight together. Kyo smiles as well, and both go against Orochi.
They display their huge strength, as 1800 years ago, and begin to turn the tide
in their favor. However, Iori gets controlled by Orochi via the Riot of Blood,
but now, Iori will not be easily subdued! He takes a grasp of Orochi, and allows
Kyo to punch right through them...
	Nobody knows what happened after that faithful battle. However, it seems
that Iori and Kyo began their last battle, to see which one prevails...
	Iori awakes, surrounded by a strange place. His whole body aches, but
that's the less of his worries. Kyo was nowhere to be found. He later knows that
nobody knew where he had gone, but Iori knows that Kyo will not be so easily
eliminated. Iori's scouting takes him to a hidden laboratory, where he believes
bizarre experiments are talking place (I'm not talking Resident Evil here, OK?).
To his disbelief, he finds several Kyo clones being produced! They must have
taken Kyo's genetic code, and insert it into these mindless clones, obeying some
twisted plot! Enraged for the tampering with his rivalry with Kyo, Iori tears
the place down with an incredible display of rage and anger. The name "NESTS" is
soon to pop up, and Iori vows he will find them and destroy those who dared mess
up with his plans for revenge!
	Not long after, Iori finds out about the King of Fighters tournament being
held again. He senses that the person responsible for the Kyo clonage might be
here. Iori takes a hidden role in the tournament, following the battles closely.
He finally manages to catch up with the hidden NESTS base, but unfortunately for
him, it is already ruined and crumbled. Iori can feel Kyo's presence, but does
not see him. Iori knows that NESTS must be destroyed so he can have a fair
showdown with Kyo to the very end.
      After being shrouded in secrecy for awhile, Iori hears about the rumors of
the NESTS cartel in action again. However, Iori does not seem too interested,
but since Kyo Kusanagi was determined to stop the NESTS at any cost, Iori
decides that he shouldn't let Kyo die at the hands of NESTS, but his own.
Following Kyo's trace, he finally arrives at the hidden NESTS hideout in
Southtown. It seems that the city was doomed for destruction by the rampant Zero
Cannon, but Iori could care less how many innocent lives were lost. He dwelled
deep into the base, and finally finds Kyo standing next to a fallen body.
However, Iori takes things easy. He has learned to control his anger. He
approaches Kyo, and like always, demands a true fight. This time, it wasn't
family rivalry going on. This time, only the feeling of fighting a worthy
opponent was the only thing Iori felt...and he was sure Kyo felt the same way.
	The whereabouts of Iori were unknown after that tournament, and he seemed
the person who less cared about what happened in Southtown. He's just unpleased
that he lost his chance to kill Kyo last year. Former NESTS agent Seth actually
went out to search for the miscarried youngster. Upon finding out where he was,
he politely invited Iori to join his team for the next King of Fighters
tournament, with a promise that he would get his shot against Kyo if he entered.
Iori did not care about what his other teammates did, his purple flames of
disaster only hungered for Kyo. Iori's own overwhelming aura made Seth tremble
with fear. The power that Iori harnessed within him was beyond any logic! As
Iori retreats with his promise to enter the King of Fighters tournament with
Seth, the huge tough guy wonders what kind of surprises will Iori give them.
	Iori made it clear from the beginning of the tournament that teamwork was
definetly not in his plans, as he could take on whole teams by himself. His
vicious attitude was even more notorious than before. Iori was indeed a threat
to be considered, but as if fate would have had it, he would even have to help
Kyo defeat the NESTS executives once again. This time, he had to assist Kyo's
clone, K', to defeat Igniz, the CEO of NESTS, in their own space station. Once
Igniz was defeated, Iori thought that since there were no longer any obstacles,
he would challenge Kyo right there and now! But he was cut short when he was
forced to escape from the falling space station. Iori and his teammates escaped
with their lives, but Iori then realizes that his own team has considered him
"expendable" by his superiors, and attempt to get rid of him before he can cause
any more trouble than needed. Iori just shrugs his shoulders, and threatens that
if anybody should stand against him, he would tear them down like the trash they
	Iori is a single, self-important person who cares of nobody but himself.
He considers other people to be no more than "bothers". He dislikes being
controlled by Orochi, since he doesn't like to be bossed around! His only goal
in life seems to kill Kyo, and won't rest until he does. He also plays music in
his band in his spare time, and also manages to gather quite a number of people.

	RIOT OF BLOOD IORI YAGAMI (The King of Fighters '97/The King of Fighters
R-1): This is the uncontrolled, the crazed version of Iori. His Orochi blood
completly awaken, Iori now is only a mindless monster, thirsty for blood and for
death. He is always hunched over, his eyes lost, and foam coming out of his
mouth. Iori is unable to control his Orochi blood, that is why he becomes a
mindless zombie. His techniques are all identical to those of normal Iori, but
more faster, and a lot more powerful.

*Fun fact = -Can anybody understand why a man so propense to violence can be so
popular among the ladies? Totally uncomphrensible!
		-If you take a nice look in the far background of the Japan Street
stage in KOF '98, you can see a small Iori standing in front of a shop, in his
traditional "hands-in-pocket" pose. This could lead to some mismatches if you're
happening to use Iori at the moment! ^_^ Maybe a cosplayer...?
		-Iori bases his DMs usually on the legend of the Yagami, and the
whole Orochi incident. For example, his "Maiden Masher" DM (which is actually
called the Ya Otome) is named after the "Eight Maidens" that were supposed to
sacrifice themselves in order to satisfy the Orochi's ferocious hunger (and
check out how many hits the Ya Otome usually delivers: eight). His other DM, the
Ya Sakazuki (a DM in KOF '97/'98, and his striker action from KOF '99 and
beyond), is translated to "Eight Wine Cups". In the actual legend of the Orochi,
it took eight cups of wine (one for each head of the eight-headed Orochi dragon)
to get it drunk, and finally put it to sleep long enough for the Kusanagi sword
to strike and do away with the Orochi. And what does the Ya Sakazuki actually do
in the game? It pins the opponent down long enough for Iori to strike them
again. You gotta love how SNK actually follows the actual Orochi legend. ^_-

Appearances: The King of Fighters '95, The King of Fighters '96, The King of
Fighters '97, The King of Fighters '98, The King of Fighters '99, The King of
Fighters 2000 (also appears as a pseudo-Riot of Blood version of himself,
dressed like a punk rocker, as his hidden special striker), The King of Fighters
2001, The King of Fighters: Kyo, The King of Fighters R-1, The King of Fighters
R-2, The King of Fighters EX: Neo Blood
Other games: Capcom vs. SNK: Millenium Fight 2000, Capcom vs. SNK: Millenium
Fight 2000 - Pro, Capcom vs. SNK 2: Millionaire Fighting 2001, SNK vs. Capcom:
Match of the Millenium (also appears as Riot of Blood Iori Yagami in all of
these games)

Birthplace:         Korea
Birthdate:          July 26, 1967 (35 years old)
Height:             1.77 m (5'8")
Weight:             77 kg (169 lbs)
Blood type:         O
Hobbies:            Collecting perfumes and admiring idols
Favorite food:      Eel, clams, and kaddou
Favorite sport:     Billiards
Most valuable:      All of Yuso Mimori's debut CDs, a seagull-shaped ornament
                    kept in an alcove at home
Hates the most:  Squids, and his family name
Fighting style:    Tae Kwon Do

*Kaddou = Boiled arrowroot

	Jhun Hoon has always been eager of imparting justice ever since he was
little, but since he was so weak, it was rather hard to accomplish such task. In
order to get stronger, Jhun decides to train himself in Tae Kwon Do, a national
sport in his native Korea. When he is admitted in the class, he quickly meets
who would be his best friend, but at the same time, most bitter rival: Kim
	Jhun and Kim trained in the same martial art, but each developed their own
technique. Besides being different in their style, they also had different
justice ideals. While Kim trusted people and aided them when in need, Jhun
supported the idea of an iron fist justice, and strict discipline. This is what
made the two masters rivals in their own game. After completing their training,
each one goes their own way, to see who was finally right.
	After years of kicking the living hell out of criminals worldwide, Jhun
decides that it is time to go back to Kim and show him the results of his
travels. Upon arriving at Kim's dojo, he watches two particulary funny figures
training in the backyard: one being a small midget with a hat and iron claws,
the other being a large giant wielding an iron ball. Jhun recognizes them as the
two famed Korean criminals, Choi Bounge and Chang Koehan. After Kim greets him,
Jhun wants to know what those two are doing in his dojo. Kim tells Jhun that he
has accepted his fate to train those two and completly reform them. Jhun laughs
and considers Kim's methods obsolete. He shall join him so he can teach him how
it is really done!
	Things couldn't get worse for Chang and Choi. Besides having to support a
good-natured psycho, they had to get the worst out of a psycho by nature. While
Jhun and Kim can't fix their differences in training, Kim proposes Jhun to enter
the King of Fighters tournament with him, and then they would see who's who.
Jhun agreeds, and makes a promising entrance in the battle arena. However, after
the battles end, both still argue about the same tune. Only one thing is left to
do: each one will take one of the convicts and train them their own way. Jhun
chooses Choi, and vows to deliver him completly reformed by next year. Only hard
discipline can take you anywhere!
	Jhun begins his ferocious training on the poor Choi. His iron-hand
discipline is determined to beat the evil right out of Choi! More than
attempting to reform Choi, however, Jhun trains himself a lot in order to show
Kim who the real master of Tae Kwon Do is, and to show him his wrong ideals of
justice...and assisting to the concerts of Athena and her band (which Choi
doesn't really understand the relation with training). Jhun considers himself to
be worthy enough to be the new Korean justice fighter, so when he reencounters
with Kim after a year, Jhun considers it to be a final test. The goal: To see
who can destroy NESTS with their beliefs. Jhun will concentrate all his fury in
doing just that!
	After arriving at Southtown, the location of the final battle, Jhun burns
in anticipation of destroying NESTS once and for all. His plans fall short,
though, as he finds himself in the middle of the destruction of Southtown by the
Zero Cannon! Jhun manages to leap out of the path of destruction, but he sees
how Chang and Choi don't. With drawbacks, Jhun, along with Kim, saves the two
ex-criminals from sure death. As they wake up, it is revealed that Chang and
Choi have now changed bodies! Jhun considers it to be quite a bad omen, but no
matter who has to pay, he will get things even sooner ot later.
	The next King of Fighters tournament looks pretty promising for Jhun, as a
new year comes around. He has trained for a whole year to participate once
again, and with new enthusiasm after Kim managed to brew up an idea to exchange
Chang and Choi's bodies back (due to a quite rude head-butting therapy). But
after hearing news of a new Athena Asamiya concert in Korea, Jhun wasted no time
in going to the event. He was running a little late, so he rushed down the
traffic-filled streets. As he ran down the street, a glimpse of a young woman
who looked like Athena crossed his eye. Confused by the vision, Jhun tried to
call the attention of the Athena lookalike. But he never paid attention to the
car he was just about to run into, and hit the vehicle violently. Jhun ended up
in the hospital with a broken leg, and so was his dreams about entering the next
King of Fighters tournament (although it was said that the car was even in a
worst condition than Jhun himself!).
	While at the hospital, Kim showed Jhun who would be his replacement for
the King of Fighters tournament: a young Tae Kwon Do student called May Lee. She
was quite enthusiastic, and Jhun never did complain (although he was being
ignored when he tried to give out his opinion). Jhun was forced by medical
advice to watch the tournament from the sidelines. He lost contact with Kim and
the others when they were about to board a blimp for the finals. Soon after,
news of the fall of NESTS' space station and their demise reached Jhun and all
the other Koreans. The people thought it was Kim and the others who finally
punished NESTS for their sins, but Jhun also wants a bit of credit in the whole
celebration. As soon as Kim arrives in the welcoming party, Jhun and him get
involved in a rowdy bash to define who truly deserved the credit. It looks like
they won't be agreeing on anything for quite some time!
	Aside from being so sarcastic and short-tempered, Jhun's ideals are noble
at heart, and only desires to fight for justice and thwart evil. His rants
normally end in violence, but he is usually a calm man if not messed with. He
passes a lot of time by himself, contemplating on life more often than not. He
is also a big fan of Athena's music career, and he doesn't like to show his
weakness towards her in front of Kim in the KOF tournament (in which Athena has
always been a regular participant). He respects Kim as a person and fighter, but
totally disagrees in his philosophy!

*Fun fact = Notice that the relationship between Jhun and Kim sort of reminds
the one Goku and Vegeta had in the Dragon Ball manga/anime series: one likes to
do justice in a pacific manner, one loves to wreck havoc in the name of justice!
Isn't justice a great pretext to gather up quite a fuss? :)

Appearances: The King of Fighters '99, The King of Fighters 2000, The King of
Fighters EX: Neo Blood (as a striker for the Kim Team)

"The Healthy East"
Birthplace:           Japan
Birthdate:            March 29, 1974 (28 years old)
Height:               1.80 m (5'9")
Weight:               72 kg (158 lbs)
Blood type:           AB
Hobbies:              Brawling
Favorite food:        Deep-fried alligator meat
Favorite sport:       All martial arts
Most valuable:        Hachimaki
Hates the most:       School
Fighting style:       Muay Thai

*Hachimaki = bandanna

	Joe is the current world champion of Muay Thai, which is Thai kickboxing.
Despite being born in Japan, Joe passed most of his youth training in Thailand,
home of the Muay Thai style. There he trained both in the gym and the jungle in
order to fortify his knees, fists, and feet. When Joe was ready, he entered the
Muay Thai world championship, and suprisingly breezed through the opposition,
rising as world champion in no time, a title which he conserves up until today.
	Joe has taken his time to travel the world defending his championship
belt, and has bragged himself to be the strongest fighter in the world! However,
in one fight in his native Japan, after pummeling his opponent in turn, a man
with long, blond hair challenged him to a fight. Still whole after that
"sparring match", Joe accepts the challenge of the stranger. However, this time,
Joe meets more than his match, and gets whacked by Andy, leaving the crowd
around Joe astonished. Joe slowly gets up, and suddenly breaks out in laughter.
He shakes the man's hand, and he realizes the man's name is Andy Bogard. Joe
asks where Andy is going from here, and he says that he is going back to the
United States "to set an old score." Joe gets so emotive, he decides to go with
Andy. Ever since, the both fighters have been the best of friends, and Joe
constanly pesters Andy with his constant talk, and his arrogancy.
	Joe and Andy arrive to Southtown. Joe sees all the fear and resignation in
the townspeople's face, all due to the iron rule of Geese Howard. So, when they
reunite with Andy's big brother, Terry, Joe decides to help them defeat Geese.
Ever since, the trio known as the "Lonely Wolves" have become a feared team in
the fighting circuit, and Joe never loses a chance to brag how good he is, and
how his Bogard friends are really some excellent fighters, but he is the number
one! However, actions speak more than words, and that's where Joe tends to not
be believed...
	Joe has always been with the Bogard brothers in all the King of Fighters
tournament, and all their fights against both Geese and Krauser. Joe knows he
doesn't have the inmense skill of the Bogard brothers, but he sure can put up a
fight. Joe is determined to both win and give a good show for his fans. After
all, you always have to impress your fans before going in the main spot!
	In the 1999 King of Fighters tournament, Joe has once again defended the
Muay Thai world championship, and this time he will surely prove his might
against all challengers! This time, however, he finds himself in a fix when he
finds out that Mai is to be with him, along with the Bogard brothers. Both have
explosive tempers, and they are more than willing to engage in verbal (and
sometimes, physical) fighting! However, their fights are cut short when they
lose Terry in the explosion that crumbles the base of Krizalid, the evil host of
the tournament. Joe is the only one who is sure that someone like Terry just
can't die that way. After all, he has yet to show Terry just how powerful Muetai
really is!
	Joe gets quite happy as Terry comes back to join the Lonely Wolves again,
and gets even more happy when Mai abandons the team in order to join her old
friend Yuri Sakazaki. Now Joe can concentrate better on showing NESTS (and the
world) the true magnificence of his Muay Thai! With Mary in their team, she
informs them about NESTS' current operation in Southtown. Joe is surprised that
NESTS would use Southtown as their current hideout, but he is glad that he can
once again fight in the city that launched him towards worldwide fame.
	Upon arrival at Southtown, things get hairy as Mary leads the team to the
abandoned factory zone of Southtown. There, in a rundown building, is where the
final battle is supposed to take place. Joe thinks Mary has been drinking one
too many lately, but soon he will be proved wrong: a bunch of soldiers, which
had surrounded the building, begin attacking Joe and his friends! Joe makes
short work out of several soldiers using the overwhelming power of his Muay
Thai. The vast number of NESTS agents, however, obligates Joe and the others to
retreat inside the building and fight them off there.
	After a while of fighting, the whole factory begins to tremble. The
attacking soldiers cease to do so, and retreat in a flash. Joe thinks he has
initimidated them, but he is once again left short: the Zero Cannon has just
condemned Southtown to destruction! Joe and the others also escape in a rush,
but Terry is knocked by a rock and can't keep up. Joe helps Andy and Mary take
shelter, since he is perhaps the best person who knows Terry: he won't die as
easily. After Southtown is leveled, Joe mourns the passing of his beloved city,
but now his life takes a new meaning: he will become a true Muay Thai master in
order to make NESTS pay for their insolence!
	After a while of helping out the survivors of Southtown and attending to
the wounded, Joe returned to his training site in Thailand to prepare himself
for the payback against NESTS which would surely come the next year. But once he
returned to the dojo where he had trained for so long since he was a kid to
become the world Muay Thai champion, he found his master and the whole dojo to
be in a precarious economical situation. Joe was in shock to see that the place
where he had passed the most part of his life as about to disappear. Joe vowed
that as long as he was still the king of Muay Thai, he wouldn't allow that to
happen. Hoping to promote his dojo in the next King of Fighters tournament, Joe
once again resorts to his friends of the "Lonely Wolves" to help him out in his
noble task!
	Joe puts in his best performance in the tournament, hoping that his
victories would bring glory and recognition for his old dojo. For once in his
life, Joe no longer fought for his own personal status: he fought for those who
would be left out of practicing the most popular sport in Thailand, and for
those who died in Southtown after the Zero Cannon incident. After NESTS was
destroyed and everything went back to normal, Joe could finally return back to
Thailand, not only as a national hero, but also as a man who fulfilled his
promise and saved his dojo from certain demise.
	Joe always talks too much. He does some lousy jokes even in bad times, and
although he seems to be pestering most of the time, his friends find him to be
motivating due to his very good humor. However, Joe also likes to brag himself,
and is so arrogant he gets so annoying! However, Joe is also a very good friend,
and a man you can always count on. He is currently dating Lilly, Billy Kane's
little sister, despite Billy's constant objections.

	FATAL FURY JOE HIGASHI (The King of Fighters '98): An alternate version of
Joe based on the first games of the Fatal Fury series. He regains his long-range
Hurricane Upper, and his Bakuretsuken has a different animation (besides, the
finisher is also different now: it's a rising uppercut). His only DM is the
Screw Upper, and loses the Exploding Hurricane Tiger Heel DM, and his Golden
Heel Hunter.

*Fun fact = When Joe "moons" his opponent by showing his butt! That has to be
one of the most insulting taunts in a fighting game! ^_^
*Cloth changes = Joe had bandages in his feet in KOF '94/'95. This changes for
some foot protectors in KOF '96. He adds some ribbons on his biceps for KOF '99
and beyond.

Appearances: The King of Fighters '94, The King of Fighters '95, The King of
Fighters '96, The King of Fighters '97, The King of Fighters '98, The King of
Fighters '99, The King of Fighters 2000, The King of Fighters 2001, The King of
Fighters: Kyo, The King of Fighters EX: Neo Blood (as a striker for the Fatal
Fury Team)
Other games: Fatal Fury, Fatal Fury 2, Fatal Fury Special, Fatal Fury 3: Road to
Final Victory, Real Bout: Fatal Fury, Real Bout: Fatal Fury Special, Real Bout:
Fatal Fury 2, Fatal Fury: Wild Ambition, Real Bout: Dominated Mind, Fatal Fury:
First Contact, Capcom vs. SNK: Millenium Fight 2000 - Pro, Capcom vs. SNK 2:
Millionaire Fighting 2001

Birthplace:          Unknown
Birthdate            Unknown
Height:              1.83 m (6')
Weight:              65 kg (143 lbs)
Blood type:          Unknown
Hobbies:             None
Favorite food:       Beef jerky
Favorite sport:      None
Most valuable:       Nothing
Hates the most:      The King of Fighters tournament
Fighting style:      Violence

	K' is the result of an unnatural creation. Planned to become the ultimate
Kyo Kusanagi clone by the NESTS cartel, they begin to work on a prototype that
would carry the overwhelming power of the Kusanagis. They succeeded, but only in
part. While K' inherited the inmense Kusanagi flames, his weak body is unable to
sustain so much power. Thus, K's creators decide to place a special glove on his
hand so K' can wield the power with no problem at all. Since K' was to become
Krizalid, but was an incomplete clone, was just named with his incomplete name:
	However, unlike many people tend to believe, K' was a normal human being
before the cloning operation. He led a normal life, but only for a few years
after his birth. As an infant, K' was taken away by the NESTS agents, as the
experiment subject for the prototype. He would be infused with Kusanagi power,
and then the NESTS cartel would prove how feasible it was to inject the inmense
Kusanagi power in a human being (obviously, the results were to be expected:
normal human beings were unable to control the power, and thus, the neccesity of
a special glove). The only thing K' reminds of his past life is a little girl
that kept calling him "brother" and cried out for him. But this memory only
exists in dreams now....
	After activation, K' is sent out by his master, Krizalid, to join with his
partner Maxima, and team up with Benimaru Nikaido and Shingo Yabuki in order to
enter the King of Fighters tournament and collect battle data from the fighters
of the competition in order to activate the Kyo Kusanagi clones around the
world. Disgusted by such petty orders, K' joins Benimaru and Shingo with little,
if at all, interest in the King of Fighters tournament. He didn't even talk with
Maxima a lot, either. He was just a clone on a mission...and soon, many would
fear the new beast of fire!
	K' demonstrated his capacity as a fighter in the tournament, using
interesting variations to the Kusanagi crimson flame power. Based on his sheer
violent spirit, K' became a force to be reckoned with. Soon enough, he jumped to
be the most sighted fighter of the tournament, not only by his cruelty and
quickness, but by his totally different attitude and techniques from Kyo. K'
doesn't mind any of it, and soon enough, he guides Benimaru and Shingo to the
place of reunion set by Krizalid, in a sewer. The sewer drains to reveal a
secret elevator that takes the whole team to the underground base of Krizalid.
Somehow, K' sensed something exceptional would happen that day....
	K' watches with little amusement as Krizalid does battle with Benimaru and
Shingo. He knew that their attempts would be futile, but why did they keep
trying? K' felt something exceptional in those persons...something he had failed
to sense before: human compassion. He knew that the plot of Krizalid was to
extract enough data from Benimaru and Shingo in order to activate the clones.
So, as Benimaru was about to deliver a devastating blow, K' tried to stop him,
to no avail. Krizalid had finished his process, and thanks K'. K' refuses to
follow orders for Krizalid anymore, but Krizalid reminds him of his position as
a clone. When in doubt, Krizalid asks K' about his parents or childhood...to
which K' can not reply. However, one final data is amiss: the killer instinct.
Krizalid asks K' if he desires it, but K' is not so sure anymore. However,
before he can know it, Krizalid's final rampage is already in its fullest....
	K' fights Krizalid alongside Maxima with unexpected feelings. He felt both
excited and angry. He was tired of living under the shadow of Krizalid, and he
would show him who manages the Kusanagi flames best! K' puts it all into his
techniques, and manages to make Krizalid pass a hard time. However, it is not
enough to defeat Krizalid. The end seems near, when all of a sudden, a crimosn
flame blast puts Krizalid down. The assailant was no other than the original Kyo
Kusanagi! K' finds in him the true challenge he was looking for, but before he
has the chance to fight his original, a steel door slams in his face, closing
both him and Maxima. A voice from above thunders in K's ears, asking him if he
would prefer to live the life of a normal human. K' demands him to shut up,
since he can do whatever he wants. The omnipotent voice of the NESTS cartel
dooms both K' and Maxima to a swift death, as they are surrounded by the Ikari
extermination squad that have already infiltrated the facility.
	However, K' is not the one to be impressed by such toys. At the limit of
his capabilities, K' unleashes the remaining force he has to blow several
soldiers away, making his glove collapse. Now unable to stop his hand from
flaming, he is aided by Maxima in escaping the collapsed base. There is still
much to do for K', at the beginning of a new millenium...and a new life.
	During a whole year, K' and his friend Maxima have been running away from
two parties: first, the Ikari Warriors, who have been hunting them as fugitive
criminals, and second, the NESTS cartel, who wishes to exact punishment for the
traitors. K' has been on the run ever since, and managed to get away fighting
from several precarious situations. K' thinks he should enter the next King of
Fighters tournament, in the year 2000, in order to clean up his image, and
eliminate his persecutors at the same time. However, he can't blow his cover by
teaming up with Benimaru and Shingo again, so the situation gets even more
complicated. It is then when K' is met by an enigmatic woman called Vanessa, who
is accompanied by a jolly Mexican wrestler called Ramon. She offers to team up
with them. K' doesn't trust Vanessa at all, but if you want to beat the lions,
you might as well go in the den with them....
	And so, K' gets another chance of proving his own worth, aside from the
fact that he was just as Kyo clone. However, during the last few nights, K' has
been having some weird nightmares: in each nightmare, a little girl shouts out
for him in a lonely background. She claims to be her sister, but K' remembers
nothing about her. What could all this mean? This further fuels K's rage to burn
every poor commoner that cruised his way. This earns K' and his partners to once
again return to Southtown for the final encounter. K' feels a lot of deja vu
once he enters Southtown, and feels deeply connected to it. K' and his teammates
walk through the docks in order to arrive at the factory zone, where they are
supposed to fight their final match. It is then when K' senses a cold wind in
the air...something that makes him feel full of fear. K' bids Maxima and the
others to hurry on to the factory zone, and that he will stop the threat here.
Maxima tries to talk K' out of it, but K' activates the flames in his hand.
Maxima understands, and leads Vanessa and Ramon out.
	K' shouts for the intruder to show himself. Oddly enough, an innocent
young woman with long, blue hair, and a similiar outfit to K's, appears in front
of K'. She claims to be the "anti-K'", and proceeds to attack K' with identical
attacks to his own! K' has a hard time fending off the girl's ice attacks, as he
tries to counter with his own fire attacks. Each attack counters the other, and
the battle begins to wear out both of them. K' wonders who this girl really is,
but by wandering off in his own thoughts, K' is blasted by a full-fledged ice
blast from the girl. The memory of the young girl calling out for K' flashes in
his mind again. Could this girl really be his sister? Desperate to know the
truth, K' invokes a wave of fury, and creates an inmense raging fire aura around
him. He gathers them to blast the young woman with a final flaming attack. K'
drops to his knees, spent and exhausted.
	To his surprise, the young woman is still standing! Burned badly, but with
a kind smile on her face. The girl introduces herself as Kula, and she has been
sent here to stop Zero, a NESTS agent that has become power-drunk, and intends
to destroy his superiors with the help of the Zero Cannon. K' doesn't understand
anything, but he gets animated when Kula tells him to go look for his sister,
since she is looking for him. With new enthusiasm, K' rushes to aid his friends
in the abandoned factory.
	When K' arrives, he notices how Zero has already dealt with most of his
partners, and even former partners. Zero notices K', and bluffs about how K' is
in such a bad shape. K' realizes this will be a tough match, but is futher
simplified by the fact Lin has poisoned him previously, and Maxima and the rest
had already worn him out. With this in mind, K' calls upon the remaining ounces
of strength, and fires Zero to oblivion. This unleashes the fury of Zero, who
now intends to fry K' and the other fighters with the Zero Cannon. K' is
dumbfounded, since he is too weak to attempt anything else. Nothing to worry
about, though, as NESTS itself takes care of Zero via two female agents. With a
bad feeling about all this, K' leads his friends to safety before the Zero
Cannon destroys Southtown completely.
	On their way out, K' finds out that Ramon and Vanessa were lost, but there
was no time to stay around and think. Suddenly, a familiar figure appears in
front of him. Is that the girl in his dreams? She seems older...but once she
calls out K's name, there is no doubt: it is K's sister, and it turns out to be
Whip, a member of the Ikari Warriors, K's persecutors! K', along with Maxima,
escape from the devastated Southtown amidst a beautiful meteor shower. A
beautiful show to eclipse the disaster. K's decides to willingly discard his
protective glove. Maxima warns him, but by taking a glimpse at Whip, he promptly
tears it off. To everyone's surprise, K's flaming power does not go out of
control! He has finally learned how to control the legendary crimson flames of
the Kusanagi. With a smile on his face, K' burns in anticipation of his final
match with his former bosses...the NESTS.
	Throughout his trips to several NESTS bases located around the world,
accompanied by his sister Whip and by Maxima, K' finds something very suspicious
in his findings: the bases they have tried to raid for such a long time are now
deserted. Why is it that no one was there? K' suspects that someone is tracking
their steps. During another ambush to yet another abandoned NESTS building, K'
and the others stumble upon Lin, who has also been on the track of NESTS in
search of the the traitor to his clan, Ron. Whip suggests taking him in to enter
the next King of Fighters tournament, where NESTS will finally reveal themselves
to the world. K' couldn't care less about Lin, but he was rather curious of what
NESTS planned to do with trying to go public after destroying a whole city.
	K', who still wears his special red glove out of sheer tradition (he no
longer conceives himself without it), once again makes a smashing appearance in
the King of Fighters tournament along the people whom he really cares about
(except Lin). This is finally the chance K' has been waiting for all these
years: the chance to exact revenge on NESTS. He didn't care who got in his way,
everyone should fall! K's burning desire for victory allowed him to gather a
strong spirit, and be able to classify to the finals, which would take place
atop a blimp. K' noticed that something was terribly wrong the moment he boarded
the blimp, and was proven right when a familiar figure appeared to challenge on
the ship's bridge: the original Zero had came to defy them to a fight to the
very end!
	K' had to deal with Zero just as he did with his clone one year ago. While
his friends dealt with Zero's companions, K' focused on trashing Zero. Even
though the original Zero had a lot more power and skill than his clone, the
techniques were almost the same, so K' took this as his cue to finish Zero once
and for all. The defeated Zero accepts his defeat as a true warrior, and motions
for the team to continue. The blimp, which had turned into a rocket ship of
sorts, docked on a station in the heavens, and suddenly, the ship began to
crumble. K' and the others hurry to board the station, not before giving a final
glimpse at the man that he thought was a mere NESTS underdog, but was proud
enough to let his enemies leave before they went down with him.
	After boarding the station, K' notices that they have arrived at outer
space! This should be the main HQ of NESTS, without doubt: a place which could
not be discovered even if you scouted every inch of the world. K' knew he would
meet his true destiny here, and he indeed encountered himself face to face with
the president of NESTS himself in his own throne room! K' growled and cursed the
leader of NESTS and his two companions, an attractive blonde secretary, and some
tall man dressed in a cloak. The old man in the center seemed calm and didn't
move at all, even under the pressure of K's insults. While K' was addressing the
old man, the young man in the cloak grabbed the president by the head, and
vaporized him! K' was surprised to realize that the lackey of the president
(Igniz, the CEO of NESTS) was actually conspirating to overthrow the president
and take his rightful place as the new god of the humans!
	Igniz arrogantly tells K' about his plans and the project that involved
the usage of the DNA of Kyo Kusanagi. Krizalid, Kula, and K' himself were the
results of several experiments, and the final product turned out to be another
clone called K9999, who was a completely artificial product of NESTS'
technology. Then he confesses that he had to erase the memory data of K' so he
could fight at his whole capacity, but since he thought it would be fun to watch
a clone to actually have full awareness, granted K's memories back to him. With
the memories of his childhood and his family now burning deep within his mind,
K' stands poised to return the favor to Igniz and put an end to his twisted
plot! But Igniz has already begun to set his plan in motion, as he summons all
the inhuman power he had hiding deep within him (as a result of the fighting
data that was collected the past few years), and challenges K' to do or die!
	A cruel battle ensued, a fight which K' couldn't seem to win, terribly
overpowered by Igniz and his incredible power. When all seemed lost, Kyo, Iori,
and the other main heroes of the King of Fighters tournament arrived to get rid
of Igniz and NESTS once and for all! With the help of the flames of Kyo and
Iori, K' managed to channel a huge flame blast that overpowered Igniz himself
and made the whole room tremble! A defeated and embittered Igniz slowly
condemned all of his clones, and even tagged Whip as a useless clone herself!
Amidst K's surprise, Igniz climbs a set of stairs to where two pillars were
located. Since the humans would deny the existence of a god among them, they
would have to be cursed with a demon instead! With those words, Igniz places his
hands on the pillars, and sends the whole space station on a crash course
towards Earth! As a huge door closes the passage to where the maniacal Igniz
was, K' attempts to make a hasty retreat.
	After escaping from the space station which crashed into the ocean, K'
washed up on a nearby shore, exhausted and wounded. Still, he managed to go in
Kula's rescue, who was trying to fight off K9999 and Angel, who were trying to
finish her off, as ordered by Igniz. K' manages to drive a furious K9999 and
Angel away, and promises that if K9999 ever messed with him again, he would know
who was the true "beast of fire"!
	Leaving Maxima, Whip, and the others to survey the ruins of the wrecked
NESTS space station and the deceased Foxy, K' and Kula took a stroll down the
beach. K' was trying to ask himself who was Whip, and if she really was her
sister. He also wanted to know if NESTS was dead for sure, and what would K9999
do next? His eyes of sadness and confusion were hidden behind his trademark
shades, but Kula could read right through them. Kula walks up to K', asking what
would be in store for them now that NESTS is gone. K' just limits himself to
respond that a new life would soon dawn on them, a life where they could make
their own decisions, and be free from personal revenge from NESTS, as the
morning sun begins to light on the young biological weapons.
	K' is certainly bitter with life, being an unnatural creation and living
underneath the shadow of Krizalid. He dislikes being ordered around, and wishes
to live his own life as he pleases. His furious attacks in battle are to be
feared indeed, since he seems to lose it. Antisocial and only friend to Maxima,
K' is impervious to human feelings, and is a very cold and ruthless young man.

*Fun fact = -K's outfit supposedly reflects the typical image of a Japanese
cyberpunk (for further references, please consult the anime movie Akira). Also,
it was once rumored that K' was Benimaru Nikaido's brother.
		-My guess is that K' is supposed to represent Susano Orbatos, the
main character in the Orochi legend. Susano was the entity who wielded the
Kusanagi sword and slained the eight-headed Orochi dragon in the ancient tale.
So, what makes him so similiar to K'? Well, K' wields the Kusanagi power, even
though he's not a member of the Kusanagi bloodline himself. Also, Susano wasn't
precisely a benevolent god: he was pretty badass, and didn't care how many
humans he could kill in order to eliminate the Orochi. K' is also distinguished
for being a rather emotionless bastard. Now you see where I'm getting at? ^_^

Appearances: The King of Fighters '99, The King of Fighters 2000 (also appears
as a K' with red, combed hair and purple outfit as his special striker), The
King of Fighters 2001, The King of Fighters EX: Neo Blood (secret striker)

Birthplace:          Unknown (probably Japan)
Birthdate            Unknown
Height:              1.68 m (5'5")
Weight:              58 kg (128 lbs)
Blood type:          B
Hobbies:             Working on bikes
Favorite food:       Peanuts
Favorite sport:      None
Most valuable:       His bike
Hates the most:      Orders and those who give orders
Fighting style:      Sheer power

	After the NESTS cartel captured Kyo Kusanagi shortly after the battle with
the Orochi battle ended, they extracted his DNA from his body, and was later
experimented with. The product of this research are the Kyo clones that wander
around the fighting scene, using the power of the Kusanagi clan in their own
way: one of them is K', a loner, who had left the NESTS cartel out of his own
free will in search of his own past to discover his future. The other is Kula
Diamond, whose genetic tampering allowed her to wield ice in the same way K'
used fire. The third clone, Krizalid, had died in the advanced stages of the
project. But although that seemed enough, NESTS was not content. All these
experiments were conducted on normal people, injected with the DNA of the
Kusanagi, and analyzed their reaction to the power. But, what would happen if
you could create your own clone, artificially modified, start it up from zero,
and create a new fighter altogether?
	That was the premise behind the creation of K9999. Viewed to be the
ultimate Kusanagi clone, the NESTS organization used their advanced technology,
and based on the experimient data they had already gathered in the past, created
a young man frail in appearance, but who represented the evolution of the
Kusanagi power. This clone could gather an incredible amount of power, so
frightening that even his original, Kyo Kusanagi himself, would be shocked at
the result. But K9999 had his own thoughts....
	Despising his unnatural origin, K9999 quickly showed traces of rebellion
in his attitude. He hated the fact that everybody treated him like some product
they could use at their will, a mere object, something they could toy around
with. K9999 thought no one could understand him, that he was alone in a place
where everyone saw him as a number. Only one woman was bold enough to go beyond
such formality: fellow NESTS agent, Angel. Angel was interested more in K9999's
feelings than his possible potential, but K9999 was already too bitter to trust
	Ever since he has memory of it, K9999 was assigned to eliminate and do
away with K', the traitor to the cause of NESTS. But K9999 didn't hate K'
because they ordered him to do so. He loathed K' because he wouldn't be treated
so badly, not even created, if K' wouldn't have turned against NESTS. Thanks to
his rebellious nature, K9999 had to pay the price. K9999 now aims all his anger
and hatred against K9999, as his superiors assign him to team up with other
NESTS agents (including Angel) to enter the King of Fighters tournament. The
objective of K9999 was clear: to eliminate the deserted clone, K', and set the
stage for the rising of NESTS to power!
	The incredible power of K9999 was inmediately shown to the world, and
everyone was amazed by it. K9999 could not only control flames at will, he could
also shape his body into piercing blades and the such. But one flaw was not
being seen: K9999's fragile body was not too adapted to the Kusanagi power.
Being just a genetic product, K9999 was not able to control the Kusanagi flames
without suffering horrible mutations in his body when he channeled his power at
full force. His hair would turn white and raise up at the maximum level of
power. The power he could display could destrou whatever he wanted, but what was
the price he had to pay for such suffering?
	The tournament was soon drawing to an end, as K9999 and the rest of the
team awaited orders from the HQ of NESTS. They all stood on a cliff near a
coastline, watching how the winning teams got up on a blimp that would surely
take them to the main HQ of NESTS, located in outer space. K9999 watched with
passionate fury as K' was among the entries, and burned with resentment. But
soon, Angel would soothe his pain. She tells K9999 that she has received direct
orders from Igniz, CEO of NESTS, to eliminate their other 2 companions, as a way
to erase all trace of loyalty to the president of NESTS. K9999 grinned and
almost laughed out in pleasure. He could no longer stand Foxy's pestering
orders, telling what to do, and what not. He was also disgusted of Kula, because
she reminded him every day what he was. K9999 sneaked up behind Foxy as she and
Kula were talking, and promptly stabbed Foxy in the back!
	Foxy's dying body slumped to the ground, as Kula stood poised to object
against K9999's actions. But K9999 and Angel were more than willing to do away
with Kula as well. K9999 even called out Kula as a "biological defect", as he
readied himself to eliminate Kula. But Kula's rage for losing her friend maked
up up for the disadvantage in number against the 2 NESTS agents. But K9999 was
also a fire ablaze, raging with anger, and slowly deteriorated Kula's status.
Dawn arised as K9999 continued to pressure Kula. Kula was on the brink of
defeat, and K9999 was too anxious to finish her off. But when he was about to do
so, he was stopped by K'! K' had survived his adventure to the NESTS space
station, and now stands along Kula to fend off the remaining NESTS members.
K9999 gets more and more angry, but Angel warns him that NESTS helicopters are
on their way, probably looking for them. Angel advices that it should be wise to
escape now and regroup, since more backup for K' and Kula could be on the way.
K9999 grinds his teeth, and quickly condemns the two clones to death, before he
makes a hasty retreat. What will be in store for K9999 next time? What will
happen if he continues to exploit his power like this...?
	A man not to be tampered with, K9999 has a short temper and is easily
driven to violence. He attacks with enough ferocity and strength that sometimes
he doesn't even mind being attacked, as long as he gets the opponent down. His
only known friend is Angel, but for the most part, K9999 despises all those
around him, even his superiors. A true sociopath, K9999 contiunes to walk down
the path of self-destruction.

*Fun fact = You can smell what's going to be in here, right? Yep! It's the
obvious ripoff that SNK made of Tetsuo, one of the main characters of the epic
anime, Akira! And it couldn't be so obvious...First, K9999 has a near-identical
physical appearance (with that ragged cape, and his prominent forehead).
Secondly, K9999's arms mutate in rather grotesque ways, just like Tetsuo when he
could no longer control his inmense psychic powers. Also, K9999's Get in there!
special move resembles an actual move by Tetsuo, where he creates a shockwave
with just a mere scream. Also, notice K9999's bio sheet: working on bikes? Hates
orders? And last, but not least...SNK hired the same voice "seiyuu" (actor) that
played Tetsuo for K9999! Oh my...KANEEEEEEDA! ^_^;

Appearances: The King of Fighters 2001

Birthplace:            Japan
Birthdate:             March 29, 1980 (22 years old)
Height:                1.54 m (5')
Weight:                45 kg (99 lbs)
Blood type:            B
Hobbies:               Watching movies (especially horror movies)
Favorite food:         Croquette (piece of beef), given to her by the local
	                 butcher on her way home from school
Favorite sport:        Aikido
Most valuable:         Charm, given to her by someone
Hates the most:        Skills that bride prospects have to possess (dancing,
	                 arrange flowers, serving tea)
Fighting style:        Todohryo Kobujutsu

	Kasumi Todoh is the single daughter of Ryuhaku Todoh, a master of
Kobojutsu. She has grown up learning the strict ways of her style, induced to
her by her father. Being the single heir of the Todoh family, Kasumi has to do
all she can to stand up to the honor of the family! Being trained in close-
contact techniques, Kasumi grows up becoming more stronger and with a stronger
respect for her father and for her martial art.
	When Ryuhaku travels to Southtown to set an old score with a man named
Takuma Sakazaki, Kasumi remains in her house, waiting for his father's reaturn.
After a couple of months, he comes back with bad news: he had been defeated by
the son of Takuma, Ryo Sakazaki. Kasumi then tells her father to rest up, and
let it all to her. Now, Kasumi takes the Todoh name and decides to fight Ryo and
anybody else in her way to avenge her father!
	When Kasumi travels to Southtown, she is surprised to not see Ryo
anywhere. She visits the Kyokugenryo dojo, to no avail. Losing all hopes, Kasumi
goes to a bar in downtown Southtown (excuse the pun). She bids the owner for a
drink, and the owner tells her that sale is restricted for females. Kasumi
stands up enraged and demands her drink. The owner sees this, and admires the
young woman's spirit. The host introduces herslef as King, and sees in Kasumi a
chance to enter the King of Fighters tournament. She invites Kasumi to the
competition, with the promise that she would meet Ryo there. Kasumi gleefully
accepts, but she still wants her drink...
	Kasumi is then sent by King to look out for Mai, who may be wandering
around with no idea of what to do. Kasumi goes and finds Mai, and attacks her to
see her worth. After seeing Mai sucessfully dodging her attack, Kasumi laughs
and tells Mai she is pretty good. She introduces herself, and as that, the
Gorgeous Team of 1996 is formed!
	Kasumi fights in the tournament, but when she faces Ryo, she sees that her
attempts are futile. She then understands why her father lost to him. Without
having nothing to do, Kasumi runs away after the tournament, and is said to be
in a training journey, although everybody considers her "lost".
	Having trained strictly under the orders of her father, Kasumi is anxious
to return to the battle scene once again, and show Ryo how much she has
improved! However, since the King of Fighters tournament was put on hold ever
since the end of the battle against the Orochi clan, Kasumi's chances seemed
slim. One day, Kasumi visited a Chinese restaurant, reeling in hunger, in
downtown Southtown. She gets to eat so much, she doesn't even have enough money
to pay the bill! Inmediately after, she picks a fight with the rowdy waitress of
the restaurant, a young girl named Li Xiangfei. Despite the fact that Xiangfei
was a waitress, she gives Kasumi quite a fight, which Kasumi finds to be a tough
match. During the battle, she receives a visit by her old friend and teammate,
King, who invites her to the new King of Fighters tournament, taking place with
new rules. Kasumi accepts, and she is more ready than ever to kick some major
butt! But she also has to accept the fact that her new opponent, Xiangfei, will
be in the team as well!
	A year flies by, and Kasumi still hangs around King in hopes for another
participation in the King of Fighters tournament. However, she is suddenly
turned down when King tells her that she has decided to lend the Kyokugenryo
Karate clan a helping hand. This increases Kasumi's fury against the Sakazaki
family, but King suggests that she should go meet Mai and tell her. Kasumi
thinks it's the right thing, and realizes she is just in time! Mai needed a last
team member, complemented by a young school girl practicing Sumo named Hinako
Shijou...and Yuri Sakazaki. Kasumi isn't very fond of the idea of teaming up
with a Kyokugenryo Karate fighter, but she is ready to do anything in order to
raise the Todoh name up high!
	Kasumi can be a strong woman, but unfortunately, she is so stubborn and
clueless she often loses track of her next opponents. Some say she inherits this
from her father, but if one things' for sure, Kasumi will always fight for the
honor of her family, and will defend it against anyone! She says that soon
everyone will know the Todoh...not the dog!

*Fun fact = -In the KOF '96 drama CD, Kasumi Todoh appears in King's bar with a
bunny outfit ala Playboy! This causes a nose bloodgash from Ryo, and King's
		-Kasumi appears a lot of times along her father, Ryuhaku Todoh, in
several of his intros and victory poses in Capcom vs. SNK 2: Millionaire
Fighting 2001. I think this time she finally has to let her father take the
spotlight! ^_^;

Appearances: The King of Fighters '96, The King of Fighters '99, The King of
Fighters 2000, The King of Fighters R-2
Other games: Art of Fighting 3

Birthplace:          Korea
Birthdate:           December 21, 1967 (35 years old)
Height:              1.76 m (5'8")
Weight:              78 kg (171 lbs)
Blood type:          A
Hobbies:             Karaoke
Favorite food:       Hefake
Favorite sport:      Gymnastics
Most valuable:       His two sons
Hates the most:      Evil
Fighting style:      Tae Kwon Do

*Hefake = Korean barbecue

	Kim is a master of Tae Kwon Do, and also considers himself a fighter of
justice. Since Kim was little and during his Tae Kwon Do training sessions, he
was always reminded to fight for justice, and use the martial art as a way to
accomplish this. Taking it at heart, Kim has now grown up to a man that will
fight evil wherever it surges, and he will use the power of his kicks to make a
	Being the current world Tae Kwon Do champion, Kim has been able to use
this in his favor and fight against the best fighters in the world. He first
traveled to fight Krauser, who was looking for some decent challenges. On the
way, he met Terry Bogard and his friends. They soon became very good pals, and
ever since, Kim always agrees to help Terry in all that he can, but that doesn't
mean that they won't fight once in awhile!
	Kim always takes care of his free time to pass time with his wife and two
sons. He trains both of them in Tae Kwon Do, as well as many others in his dojo.
One day, when Kim was watching the T.V., he saw a report of a huge man with an
iron ball and a little clawed man causing panic among the people of Korea, and
that the huge man known as Chang Koehan had escaped from prison recently! Kim
suddenly gets up, and vows he will make those criminals retire from the path of
crime and go back to the way of justice!
	Going out at night where he would surely find them in action, Kim inspects
the streets. He then comes upon some female screams. Attending the call of help,
Kim rushes forward. Seeing the two mischief makers, Kim enters in action, and
puts the two criminals away. Still unaware of what just happened, the two
criminals try to catch on. Kim tells them that he has come to put an end to
their evil ways, and would personally take care of their way pack to the good
ways! The little man called Choi Bounge stood up and refused to accept Kim's
orders. Then, Kim decides to teach him and Chang (even though he was just
standing there) the strength of Tae Kwon Do by knocking them silly. Now, with
resignation and fear, both criminals retire to Kim's dojo, where their torture
would just begin...
	During the King of Fighters tournaments, Kim has entered with his two
"students" to show the world the power of Tae Kwon Do (even though the only
thing those two have in mind is escaping from Kim's clutches). Kim has not
allowed the duo to escape, and everytime they try to, Kim induces them to a more
harder training (even though Kim thinks it's not too hard). Kim always thinks
his students are closer to the good path, but he always manages to overhear
their macabre conversations, and has no other choice but to reel them back
again. Kim's goal, to impart justice, is neverending!
	After the Orochi menace was rid of the world, Kim feels that finally the
world might have a chance to enjoy some peace. However, he is soon challenged by
his old training partner, way back in the times when Kim was just a child
learning Tae Kwon Do. It was Jhun Hoon, old friend and rival. Jhun denies Kim's
ways of wielding justice, since he is so gullible, and tends to trust on people
too much. He will prove how an iron hand and strict discipline go farther than
that! Kim wishes to prove the contrary, and to do that, he takes Chang, one of
his students, and agrees with Jhun to see who can reform the criminals best, and
lends Choi to Jhun. Justice, after all, will be the only winner at the end!
	Training day after day, Kim and Chang train harder than ever in order to
face the menace of the NESTS cartel next year (much to Chang's dismay). Kim
feels inspired by Jhun's appearance, since he now feels more determined than
ever to show who has the best justice principles! The long year ends, and the
new King of Fighters 2000 tournament arrives. Kim is surprised to know that the
final battles will take place in Southtown once more. To that end, Kim fights
harder than ever in order to make amends in the criminal city of Southtown.
	Upon arrival at Southtown, Kim seeks everywhere for clues of the
whereabouts of the NESTS organization. He is instead received by the pitiful
notice that a deadly device known as the Zero Cannon has fired a mortal laser
blast straight towards Southtown! Kim and Jhun manage to escape from the Zero
Cannon at time, but much to Kim's despair, Chang and Choi are paralyzed with
fear. With Jhun's help, Kim manages to save his two formal students and take
cover. When all the dust clears off, Kim is powerless against the destruction of
Southtown, but something else turns out a lot worse...Chang and Choi have
exchanged bodies! Kim now feels more compelled than ever to show the evil NESTS
who is the real justice fighter.
	Fortunately for Chang and Choi, Kim had a very bright idea to exchange
their bodies back to their original selves: they would butt heads until they
switched back! The idea turned out well, and after a tiring session of
headbutts, Chang and Choi got back to their bodies. But Kim was then facced with
another problem: Jhun was wounded in a street accident and was not fit to
compete in the next King of Fighters tournament. Kim really needed Jhun this
year to exact justice from those evildoers at NESTS! But a student in Kim's dojo
catches his eye for being so dedicated to justice and training: a young lady
called May Lee, who also happened to admire Kim and Jhun a lot. Kim considered
her to be the perfect replacement for Jhun this year, and now more than ever,
Kim focuses all his justice power to bring down NESTS now more than ever!
	Kim's style was tweaked to perfection, and he helped out May Lee by giving
her some pointers throughout the tournament. After NESTS was destroyed and their
HQ met its' ultimate resting place at the bottom of the ocean, Kim and the
others returned to Korea, where they were received as true heroes! A huge
celebration party was hosted for the winners, and Kim finally felt that his
principles of justice were rightfully recognized! But, like always, Jhun tries
to object about his part in Kim's victory, and they soon get into a huge brawl.
The eternal fight between Kim and Jhun's ideals continue!
	Kim is a very kind man, mostly because he is so determined to impart
justice, and his love for his family. His opponents also consider him a very
honorable fighter, and a very wise man too. He considers Chang and Choi to be
strayed souls that must be corrected. He despises evil and will fight whomever
fights for that cause. Kim trains very hard every day to show the world the
power of Tae Kwon Do!

*Fun fact = -You may never know it by seeing his calm face, but Kim is a true
psycho! Those who see his ominous looking face in the end of KOF '96 will know.
Not all is what it seems!!
		-For more reference to Kim's two sons, look at Garou: Mark of the
Wolves, the latest Fatal Fury game. His two sons (now teenagers), Kim Jae Hoon
(the responsible one) and Kim Dong Hwan (natural fighter, but always wandering
off) set out to avenge Kim's defeat at the hands of the creepy murderer Freeman.
It is unknown whether if Kim died or not at the hands of Freeman (he does appear
in one of Dong Hwan's victory poses, haunting him, but he could easily pass as a
ghost). I guess all doubts will be cleared when Garou 2 comes out....

Appearances: The King of Fighters '94, The King of Fighters '95, The King of
Fighters '96, The King of Fighters '97, The King of Fighters '98, The King of
Fighters '99, The King of Fighters 2000, The King of Fighters 2001, The King of
Fighters: Kyo, The King of Fighters R-1, The King of Fighters EX: Neo Blood
Other games: Fatal Fury 2, Fatal Fury Special, Real Bout: Fatal Fury, Real Bout:
Fatal Fury Special, Real Bout: Fatal Fury 2, Fatal Fury: Wild Ambition, Real
Bout: Dominated Mind, Fatal Fury: First Contact, Capcom vs. SNK: Millenium Fight
2000, Capcom vs. SNK: Millenium Fight 2000 - Pro, Capcom vs. SNK 2: Millionaire
Fighting 2001

Birthplace:              France
Birthdate:               April 8, 1973 (29 years old)
Height:                  1.75 m (5'7")
Weight:                  58 kg (127 lbs)
Blood type:              A
Hobbies:                 Collecting wine glasses
Favorite food:           Vegetables
Favorite sport:          Billiards
Most valuable:           Her own beauty
Hates the most:          Gross people
Fighting style:          Muay Thai

	King is a very beautiful woman that hides her beauty under men clothes,
mainly for several reasons. First, when King was a little girl, she was sent to
Thailand in order to learn Muay Thai, with her baby brother, Jan. King, despite
being a woman, demostrated to be a skillful Muay Thai fighter, and could even
face the best of fighters. However, she could not fight in an official
tournament because she was a woman. King was very disappointed and at certain
point, she despised being a female herself. She also had to take care of her
brother Jan. However, the clever mind of King began to brew something in her
	In the next Thai Muay Thai tournament, all fighters were surprised by a
certain fighter who wore a shirt, and very short blond hair. They were even more
surprised when that person began advancing in the tournament, with his
impressive skills. The mysterious person quickly reached the final battle, where
he had to face the current champion. The fight was pretty even, but the man
named only "King" was getting the upper hand. In a rage burst, the champion took
hold of King's shirt, but King kicked him back. The force of the impact made the
champion tear King's shirt, and King's secret soon became evident to the crowd:
she was a woman. Everybody was dumbfounded. The organizers considered the final
invalid, and threw King away. The humilliated King traveled to the United
States, where she would begin a new life with her brother Jan.
	King arrived at Southtown, a city with a lot of problems and crime due to
the reign of Geese Howard. King opened a bar in downtown, since she always liked
to drink. However, King hated her womanhood now more than ever, ever since that
incident back in the tournament. She now dressed elegantly as a man, and
received all her guests. One day, a man named Ryo Sakazaki broke into the bar.
He demanded information about his kidnapped sister, Yuri. King tells Ryo that
that isn't a way for man to barge in a bar, and if he wants information, he
would have to fight her. It had been awhile before she had fought, and wanted to
feel what it was to fight again. The fight was pretty even, but Ryo was
determined to find her sister, his only family left. He also wasn't aware that
King was a woman, so that's why he fought with more spirit than ever. However,
that incident once again became present. Ryo gathered inner spirit in his hands,
and threw a Ko'ou Ken towards King. This caused King to be blown away, her
shirt tearing apart. Ryo was then surprised when he noticed King trying to hide
her now exposed chest. But now, Ryo said he was sorry, and helped King up. No
man had ever treat King that way. Ever since, even though she refuses to accept
it, King always likes to see Ryo.
	King then received one day a invitation to participate in the new King of
Fighters tournament, introducing the new team battle mode. Before she even knew
what to do with the invitation, the ninja girl, Mai Shiranui, and Ryo's sister,
Yuri, appeared to team up with her. Accepting anyway, the troublesome, but
beautiful trio entered the next two tournaments. By 1996, Yuri had to return to
her father's team, and King then received the visit of Kasumi Todoh to her bar.
King was friend of her father, Ryuhaku, so she accepted her in the team.
Although, she also had to worry about her sick brother Jan, but he managed to
recover thanks to King's effort. He decided to fight too, as much as her sister.
King was very excited by that. After that tournament, King liked to pass more
time with Jan, but King was then invited by the host of last year's tournament,
Chizuru, to participate with her in the tournament. She had also taken Jan with
her, so King had no worries. King is now ready to show her female power to the
	The battles have ended, and King once again returns to her bar and keep an
eye on things. Everything seemed to be easygoing, before the next invitation for
the 1999 King of Fighters tournament arrived. Things were looking pretty bleak,
after Mai decided to join Andy this time around, since the teams where to be of
four warriors this time around, and Chizuru had retreated to a peaceful life of
watching over the seal imposed on the Orochi power. Not the one to be left
behind, King seeks out two of her best friends in Southtown: Blue Mary and
Kasumi. She is also approached by Li Xiangfei, an enthusiastic (but very hungry)
Chinese martial artist, who was happening to fight Kasumi at the moment King
arrived to recruit Ryuhaku's daughter, due to an unpaid bill. Once again, the
most beautiful (and lethal) fighters would gather again, and all who
underestimates them will surely fall!
	Once the tournament ends, King returns to her bar in Southtown and
continues her hard work. Clients diminish, however, due to the malevolent
influence of the NESTS cartel towards her business. One night, Ryo pays a visit
at King's bar, and finds it desolated. Ryo wonders why, but even King wants to
know what the devil is going on. Not baring to see King's pain, Ryo goes as far
as inviting King to the Kyokugenryo Karate team for the new King of Fighters
2000 tournament, being held soon. King asks about Yuri, and Ryo tells her it
isn't any problem, since Yuri has left the Kyokugenryo Team on her own will, and
has reunited with Mai now. After sending Kasumi to team up with Mai and Yuri,
King finally takes a chance with the big boys, and finally gets to fight
alongside her secret love, Ryo, and demand revenge against the NESTS. But she is
met with the opposition of one of the members of the Kyokugenryo clan, Robert,
who is oblivious about the fact that his beloved Yuri is gone, and now refuses
to accept King as a teammate, even if she is an old friend of his. Robert plans
to fight King to prove her worth, and seeing the determination in Robert's eyes,
King accepts. They both fight a long and winded battle, in which both end
exhausted. Robert accepts King's value as a fighter, and finally King gets to
fight with some dependable partners, for once!
	The destruction of Southtown left King's bar badly wrecked, but it still
stood afoot. King was terribly shocked at the result of the Zero Cannon blast,
and decided it was time to help the city that received her from so faraway like
a lost child. She stayed in order to rebuild her bar and Southtown. But she
forgot all about the upcoming King of Fighters tournament! Without warning,
Xiangfei and Mai came to her bar, wanting to team up with her again! King didn't
know what to do when Hinako, former teammate of Mai's in the past King of
Fighters tournament, dropped by, and overheard their talk. Hinako was on a
school trip to Southtown, and decided to help them out, willing to help the
people of Southtown. King was not only forced to accept to enter the King of
Fighters tournament, but she also had to invite dinner to Hinako and her bunch
of hungry friends, as well as the bottomless pit called Xiangfei!
	King is always very reserved, and does not like to act femine around
strange men. She also tries to even talk like a man, but her woman side is
always so evident due to her warm feelings. King likes to take some drinks, but
never gets drunk. King only feels safe when she is around Ryo, the only man
important for her. King also cares for her brother Jan very much, taking care of
his sickness. King is aided in her bar works by the twin maitress sisters, Sally
and Elizabeth.

*Fun fact = When King was defeated by a special move/DM, her shirt tore and her
bra was revealed. This happened in the first two AOF games, as well as the first
two KOF games. However, sometimes, there was some bugs where the bra sprite
seems to DISAPPEAR! Oh God! An involuntary nudity? Booooooooy! o_O
*Cloth changes = King wore an elegant suit in KOF '94/'95 and 2000/2001, and
removed her jacket for KOF '96/'97. In KOF '98, she wears some sort of white
vest with purple trims, and long sleeves. In KOF 2000/2001, her gloves are

Appearances: The King of Fighters '94, The King of Fighters '95, The King of
Fighters '96, The King of Fighters '97, The King of Fighters '98, The King of
Fighters '99, The King of Fighters 2000, The King of Fighters 2001, The King of
Fighters: Kyo, The King of Fighters EX: Neo Blood
Other games: Art of Fighting, Art of Fighting 2, Capcom vs. SNK: Millenium Fight
2000, Capcom vs. SNK: Millenium Fight 2000 - Pro, Capcom vs. SNK 2: Millionaire
Fighting 2001

Birthplace:              Ireland
Birthdate:               October 23, 1970 (31 years old, assumed to be dead at
          			  age 29)
Height:                  1.88 m (6'1")
Weight:                  83 kg (182 lbs)
Blood type:              AB
Hobbies:                 Collecting clones of celebrities, working as a
Favorite food:           Butter and cracker sandwiches
Favorite sport:          None
Most valuable:           His inferiors
Hates the most:          Meetings with no significance
Fighting style:          Collected combat data (his battle suit collects
        feedback which he uses to fight with)

	Krizalid is the latest incarnation of evil that attempts to conquer the
world by means of the King of Fighters tournament. After this competition was
left behind after the defeat of the Orochi power, Krizalid decides to take it
and use it for his own ambitions. Being the host of the tourney, its no wonder
that he means business, and his power will be most feared indeed!
	However, Krizalid's past is full of grief and bad experiences in itself.
Krizalid was designed to become the ultimate Kyo Kusanagi clone, infused with
the power of the Kusanagi family. Being a more advanced prototype than K',
another clone, Krizalid is now skillful enough to control the overwhelming power
of the crimson flames of the Kusanagi family! As a bonus, Krizalid is dressed
with a special battle suit that helps him analyze combat data during battles,
and will help him gather more strength as he fights more and more. The NESTS
cartel, Krizalid's creators, urges for him to gather enough data to activate the
crowd of Kyo Kusanagi clones along the world in an unified strike! However, he
has to support the lost of his adoptive sister, Whip, as she decides to no
longer continue by the side of someone who has lost his mind....
	Krizalid wastes no time in dispatching his two most trusthworthy
subordrinates, K' and Maxima, to join Benimaru Nikaido and Shingo Yabuki, the
stronger candidates for winning the tournament, and collect enough battle data
to activate the Kyo clones. Thus, Krizalid changes the established rules, and
decides to add another member in the original three fighter team-up. From the
depths of his underground base, Krizalid watches with glee as how his plans are
taking place. The tournament arrives to the end he had expected it to be: K' and
Maxima, along with Benimaru and Shingo, arrive to the final battle. To wrap it
up, Krizalid leads them to a sewer, drains the sewage water, and activates the
hidden elevator. In no time, the final team arrives at Krizalid's facility.
	Krizalid laughs and congrats the team for having arrived this far, but he
would proceed to extract the battle data out of their bodies. Not willing to
fall that easily, Benimaru and Shingo decide to fight, which is was Krizalid was
looking for. He stalls enough time to extract a great amount of battle, before
Benimaru strikes him down with a powerful blow. Krizalid chuckles, and condemns
them all to a swift death. He burns his outfit to reveal his fully-charged
battle suit. However, he now receives the surprise that his own lackeys will
attack him too! Krizalid damns the traitors, and uses all the power of the
Kusanagis, and his own battle information to blow the whole team away. With the
aid of his crushing power, Krizalid turns the tide of the battle in his favor
rather quickly....
	However, Krizalid gets overconfident, and the moment is taken care by
Maxima, who nails Krizalid long enough for K' to blast him with a crimson flame
blast. Protected by his battle suit, Krizalid survives the shot, and proceeds to
finish the already battered warriors. However, as soon as he walks toward them,
a huge flame sails through the room and impacts on Krizalid. This time, the blow
is too much for Krizalid to resist, and slumps on the floor. Upon watching up to
his assailant, he wretches in anger at seeing the same man who meant his very
existence: the original Kyo Kusanagi! Krizalid takes what's left of his power to
fight Kyo, but he is stopped by the NESTS cartel. They will certainly not
forgive Krizalid's weakness, and considers it pertinent to eliminate him.
Krizalid desperately affirms that he can still activate the clones, but it's too
late for him. A huge rock falls from the sky, and impales over Krizalid.
	Among his pain and sorrow, Krizalid hears the steps of someone coming
near. It is Whip, who had came with the Ikari extermination squad. Krizalid
calls out for his sister, but Whip tells Krizalid not to be fooled. She wasn't
her sister, but just a memory implemented in him by the NESTS cartel. Whip
informs to Krizalid about his origin as an advanced clone of K', and Krizalid is
filled with grief. He passes his last moments in his desperation, and when the
Ikari Warriors' commander, Heidern, arrives at where Krizalid is, he asks him
his name. Krizalid just can't remember, and dies shortly after.
	Two years later, Zero, Krizalid's superior and the one who had punished
him for his mistake, once again resorted to the Krizalid project data and
created another clone that would help him in his fight against the winners of
the King of Fighters tournament. This Krizalid clone no longer had any self-
consciousness, but only a zombie-like will to obey his master and destroy his
enemies, a mere shadow of what Krizalid once was....
	Krizalid is a man whose destiny was that to be a ruthless power monger,
but his life, being controlled by the NESTS cartel, was filled with lies and
ambitions. The wreckless attitude and evil disposition were no more than harsh
feelings inflicted in him by his superiors. His only human trace lies within his
love for Whip, whom he presumes to be his sister. A sad destiny for a sad

*Fun fact = Krizalid's name supposedly means "cocoon", from which life surges. I
suppose this has something to do with the supposed future ressurection project
of Orochi (notice the "10 year process" and the scheduled "Rising" project).
Time will tell....

Appearances: The King of Fighters '99, The King of Fighters 2001 (as one of True
Zero's strikers)

Birthplace:              Unknown
Birthdate:               May 29, 1986 (16 years old)
Height:                  1.69 m (5'5")
Weight:                  48 kg (105 lbs)
Blood type:              Unknown
Hobbies:                 Spray painting on Candy
Favorite food:           Strawberry sherbert, peropero candy
Favorite sport:          Ice skating
Most valuable:           Candy
Hates the most:          Crowds, flames
Fighting style:          Anti-K'

	The current year is 1999. The King of Fighters tournament of this year
ends with the defeat of Krizalid, and by failing to convince his superiors at
the NESTS cartel, the disgraced Kyo clone is promptly eliminated. After the
Krizalid Project is ended, the next operation is about to take place. It will
certainly take time for NESTS to regather their strength and accomplish their
evil plans, but one of their most important agents, Zero, has threatened to
destroy them with their own weapon: the Zero Cannon. To erradicate the black
sheep of the organization, NESTS begins the creation of a new human weapon....
	A year later, in the year 2000, Zero makes his move: he takes the place of
Ling, a very important mercenary commander, and organizes the new King of
Fighters tournament in order to gather enough fighting energy to charge up the
Zero Cannon. NESTS deems it fit to display the power of their new weapon. Her
name: Kula, mentioned as the 'anti-K'. This beautiful young woman, with the
innocence of an infant and the instincts of a killer, was designed in a totally
different manner than K' and Krizalid. Her power did not came from the crimson
flame power of the Kusanagi family, but from the rival element of fire: ice.
With her perfectly recognizable leather outfit, and her trademark gauntlet,
which signals her as a NESTS' creation, Kula begins her mission: to eliminate
all traitors to the NESTS cause.
	Kula is promptly dispatched at Southtown, nearby the location of Zero's
hideout. She is accompanied by Candy, an assassin cyborg with no trace of human
feelings, created in order to keep an eye on Kula and avoid any possible treason
(which has became a common evil among NESTS agents as of late). Kula and Candy
are dropped at the docks of Southtown, and Kula inmediately begins her scouting.
After a while of searching, Candy spots two ex-agents: Maxima, and the original
K'. Kula shall eliminate them with no mercy, according to her principles. As a
sheer display of her power, Kula unleashes a full-fledged ice aura blast that
freezes nearly the entire dock. When she nears the objective, she only
encounters K'. Fine, a solitary target is more easier. Thus, Kula begins battle
with K', in a battle of the two elements.
	It is a tough fight. Both warriors fight each others with identical
techniques. K' violent behavior is contrasted by Kula's serenity, and both
attacks counter each other. With no other possible solution, Kula and K' resort
to their finest techniques. Kula invokes a powerful ice blast that sends K'
reeling. Kula is sure of her victory, but K' surprisingly recovers, stronger
than ever. This time, it is hard for Kula to avoid K's inhuman flaming assault,
and it's her turn to get whacked. If it weren't for the help of her ice shield,
Kula would have been fried to a crisp. Kula walks up to the tired K', and tells
her about his sister, which has been installed in her memory since K's sister
was a former NESTS agent as well. Kula sends K' off to meet Zero. Seeing this,
Candy knows that this would be reason enough to eliminate Kula for not
accomplishing her objectives. However, the pure humanity of Kula under that
cold, ruthless appearance triggers something inside Candy's mechanical heart,
and spares her life. Kula smiles, and tells Candy that one thing is left to do
	Kula asks Candy to take her to outer space, to the location of the Zero
Cannon. Her ice energy would take care of the oxygen in her lungs, so there was
no problem at all. Once she arrives at the orbiting Cannon, Kula fixes the
controls so the Cannon can be operated manually from up there. There, she will
await for the signal of the two NESTS' agents sent to see to Zero's death. Once
the signal arrives, Kula fires the Cannon. The subsecuent blast not only
destroys Zero, but the whole city of Southtown as well. After the destruction,
Kula is contacted by her fellow agents, which inform her about the completion of
their mission. Kula denies this, as there is one thing left to do: destroy the
Cannon itself. The two agents thinks it's crazy to attempt such a thing, but
Kula's mind is decided. Once again, Candy is moved by Kula's interest in helping
and such love for life. Kula swears that the Zero Cannon will not kill anymore
people, and inmediately destroys the machine. Kula drops directly towards the
atmosphere, where she is almost sure to burn upon entrance. From out of nowhere,
Candy grabs Kula, and shoots into the atmosphere like a shooting star....
	When Kula wakes up, she is in Southtown...or what is left of it. The two
female agents, Diana and Foxy, wonder about her condition, but when Kula looks
around her, she can only worry about the person who saved her life: her only
friend, Candy. Candy had burned up completely, except for her trashed head.
Candy keeps repeating the word 'friend'. Kula cries, and promises to make her
friend proud no matter what.
	During the next year, Kula was covered in grief and self-pity for having
lost Candy. The executives of NESTS tried to fool her with so-called phone calls
from Candy to Kula so she wouldn't deteriorate her fighting abilities due to
depression. But Foxy knew that she needed a lot more distraction than that. To
fool Kula like that was not a very trusty method. So, Foxy decided to take her
along for the next King of Fighters tournament, along with the newcomer NESTS
agents Angel and the ever troublesome K9999. Kula entered the new NESTS team,
unaware of the evil plot brewing up behind her.
	Kula's amazing freeze powers were once again put to test in th new King of
Fighters tournament. Being the first time she ever fought as an official
competitor, Kula did her best to help Foxy and to sway her mind away from the
whole Candy incident. After many fights, Foxy tells Kula to await for orders
from the NESTS HQ. Kula and Foxy watch how the winning teams board the blimp
that would carry them away to the final battle. Foxy knows that the blimp is
merely a trick by NESTS to lure them to their HQ in outer space. But while Foxy
was telling this to Kula, she suddenly fell to the ground, covered in blood!
K9999 had speared her in the back with his hand! Kula was shocked and stared in
disbelief. One of her last friends was killed right in front of her very eyes,
by people she trusted in! Not only that, but K9999 and Angel now focused their
killing attempts at Kula! Kula began to burn with rage and anger, and swore that
they would pay for all that they did! But K9999 tells her that no biological
defect is going to threaten him, and so, the fight for survival begins....
	Driven by her anger and the pain of losing Foxy, Kula manages to hold
Angel and K9999 back for awhile. But still, the disadvantage in number was
evident, and Kula began to yield to K9999 and Angel's attacks. Near sunrise,
Kula was exhausted. She could no longer avoid K9999's assault. The advanced Kyo
clone tried to do her away, but Kula was surprised when K' came to her rescue!
K' had managed to survive the trip to NESTS' HQ, and now came to face K9999.
Angel and K9999 were forced to retreat and analyze their next move, although a
ticked K9999 vowed that he would kill K' and Kula some day!
	Diana, Kula's last remaining friend, came to assist her and comfort her
for the lost of Foxy. She tells Kula that there is no longer anything that ties
them with NESTS, as they have been eliminated by their own personal ambitions.
But Kula looks around her, and realizes she has made many new friends! Whip, K's
long lost sister, tells her she is no longer alone, and that this tournament
helped her realize that she had a lot more friends than what she was willing to
admit. Candy and Foxy were gone, but she still had many friends to look up and
to trust into. Kula shed a tear, and thanked Whip for her consideration.
	While Diana, Whip, and the others were considering the destruction of
NESTS, Kula and K' walk down the coastline. Kula watches K' as he walks with his
battered self, wounded and bashed, but still with his cool composure. Kula
smiled and stood up to K'. Kula wanted to know what K' thought now that NESTS
was no more. K' just limited himself in replying that they had a new life to
look forward to, a life free of NESTS and all those nightmares of persecution.
Kula smiled, and knows that she too, has a whole new world to discover, and lots
of friends to help her on the way.
	Kula may be tagged as a merciless assassin created by NESTS in order to
eliminate any treason to the NESTS cause, but despite her violent techniques,
Kula is pure hearted and does not mean any real harm. She just follows orders,
and secretly desires a normal life far away from the pressures of being an
assassin. Filled with hope, Kula represents the good side of the evil interior

*Fun fact = The woman that always appears with Kula during her intros, victory
poses, and even in some of her moves is Diana, one of Kula's fellow NESTS
assassins. Both she and Foxy consider Kula to be some sort of "little sister" to
them, that's why Diana is always so mushy around Kula!

Appearances: The King of Fighters 2000, The King of Fighters 2001

"Metropolis of the Dragon Slayer"
Birthplace:               Japan
Birthdate:                December 12, 1976 (26 years old)
Height:                   1.81 m (5'9")
Weight:                   75 kg (165 lbs)
Blood type:               B
Hobbies:                  Writing poetry
Favorite food:            Barbecued fish
Favorite sport:           Ice hockey
Most valuable:            Motorcycle and his girlfriend, Yuki
Hates the most:           Hard work
Fighting style:           Kusanagi style Ancient Martial Arts

	This is the story of the greatest fighter that ever fought in the King of
Fighters tournament...
	Kyo is the latest descendant of the legendary Kusanagi clan, which is one
of the two families that managed to seal away the Orochi power 1800 years ago,
along with the Yagami. However, ever since the Yagami striked an unholy pact
with the Orochi, the Kusanagi have objected to this and due to the challenge of
the Yagami, the Kusanagi now engage in a mortal war with the Yagami, and now
they use their crimson flames, which were once used to put Orochi to sleep,
against their ancient allies. Many members of both clans have perished up until
this day, where Kyo and Iori must now finish the battle of 660 years.
	Kyo, despite his respect for Iori, considers he can not escape his fate,
and that he has to fight, and maybe kill Iori one day. Meanwhile, Kyo studies in
high school (where he had been for quite some time, due to his lack of will to
study), and passes most of the time with his girlfriend Yuki, his best friend
Benimaru, his confident Athena, and his pesky student Shingo. He also likes to
talk with his mother, Shizuka, whenever he gets home. Since Kyo's father,
Saisyu, is always out searching opponents to fight, Shizuka is the one to carry
on the legacy of the Kusanagi and pass it on to Kyo. However, Kyo also seems to
be a very cold and arrogant man, and pretty unsocialable to all those who he
sees as bothers. Meanwhile, Kyo keeps on training, and learning to wield the
crimson flames of the Kusanagi. He uses specially designed gloves in order to
wield the flames effectively.
	After fighting so many opponents, Kyo is attracted by a poster that
announces a martial arts tournament, that will take place in order to define the
three most powerful fighters of Japan, so they can form a team and fight in the
new format of the King of Fighters tournament. Inspired to fight, and more due
to the challenge from Benimaru, Kyo enters the competition. Not using his whole
power, Kyo manages to reach the semifinals with not too much effort. There, he
faces a huge Judo fighter. His name was Goro Daimon, and he turned out to be an
old friend of the family. Either way, Kyo has to fight Daimon, and for the first
time, Kyo has to go all out, and manages to defeat Daimon in the end using his
crimson flames for the first time. Daimon congratulates him, and Kyo is so
impressed with Daimon that he would like to see him in his team. Daimon
promises, and said that, Daimon wins the third-place match. The final battle was
against no other than Benimaru, the narcissist who dared Kyo to a fight. Now,
they both had their shot. The fight was very spectacular, with flames and
electricity flying everywhere. However, Kyo won at the end. Benimaru accepted
his defeat, and decided to be friends with Kyo. The duo has been the closest of
friends, but they also tend to quarrel too much when they discuss aout their
skills, having to be cooled down by Daimon!
	Kyo and his team now enter the King of Fighters tournament. Kyo now has to
fight living legends such as the past champion, Terry Bogard, the fighters of
Kyokugenryo Karate, and others. Kyo was very excited to fight so many good
warriors, and extracted a bit of knowledge from each battle. The Japan Team
fought with all their might, and won the right to fight in the last battle. A
beautiful woman invited them to a helicopter, which transported them to a air
carrier in the middle of the sea. Inside, Kyo saw a man sitting in a black chair
with a pet panther aside him. The man introduced himself as Rugal Bernstein, the
host of the tournament. Rugal admits that their skills were quite impressive,
but he had to finish them now. Then, the Hero Team realizes with horror that
Rugal has a personal collection of statues of fighters who were actually alive,
but bathed into metal once defeated. Refusing to accept this horrible destiny,
Kyo and his team fights against Rugal. Although Benimaru and Daimon fight well,
they only manage to increase Rugal's wrath, and once he reveals his true power,
he blows Benimaru and Daimon away, and now Kyo has to face him. But Kyo doesn't
fair any better, and begins to get trashed. However, Kyo notices a man lying on
the ground in a corner of the room. Upon closer inspection, it was his father!
Fill with rage, Kyo now attacks Rugal with all the rage of the Kusanagi. Pushing
Rugal to the limits, the evil fighter bombs his own carrier, and Kyo and his
team barely escape with their lives. However, Kyo worries about his father, and
thinks if he managed to survive...
	A year later, Kyo is invited again by a certain "R" fellow. Suspecting
something going on, Kyo enters again to look for his father. However, he also
has to be aware of one man who has entered the tournament to kill him...Iori
Yagami! Now with two worries, Kyo fights with all his might. While the Hero Team
was preparing themselves for one of the final battles, gas fills the room. Kyo
feels doozy, and falls unconsicious. When he wakes up, he finds himself in a
hidden base. But then, a laughter catches his attention. It was Ruagl! He seemed
pretty much alive, and ready to take revenge from last year. Kyo challenges
Rugal, but he instead calls for his "partner". Kyo is dumbfounded when he meets
Rugal's aide. It was no other than his father! Kyo is so happy to see his father
alive again, but he doesn't seem to care that much. In fact, he challenges Kyo
to a fight! With no courage to fight his own father, Benimaru and Daimon decide
to take care of him. Finally, when Saisyu loses control, he is defeated. Then,
with his last breath, he tells Kyo to fight and take out Rugal for him. Enraged
again, Kyo faces Rugal. But this time, Rugal was ready. Kyo suddenly felt a
terrible power surging from Rugal's body. It seemed so powerful, and now Kyo had
to fight a certainly ticked Omega Rugal! It was pretty useless for Kyo to attack
Rugal, since his power had increased beyond imagination. However, with a bit of
help from his friends, Kyo managed to fight back. When Rugal was about to use
his full power, his body suddenly began to destroy itself. Rugal couldn't
control his own power! Unable to withstand the inmense surge of power, Rugal and
his base begin to explode. Kyo goes where his father lied, but he isn't there
anymore. With no time to lose, Kyo exits the base, and begins to ponder on what
sort of power was that destroyed Rugal.
	Some time later, a mysterious man challenges Kyo to a fight...alone.
Having a bad feeling, Kyo attends the battle scene, and is then greeted by a
tall man in strange clothes. An eerie wind begins to blow, and Kyo feels chills
up his spine. The man seemed to have the same power as Rugal, but this time, he
DID know how to use it. Kyo never had a chance, and was promptly defeated by
that man. Standing next to Kyo's battered body, he tells him to keep on
training, since the fight is not over yet. He then promises Kyo to fight again
if he reaches the finals of the tournament. Kyo loses consciousness and wakes up
in a hospital. Yuki and his friends are around him, but Kyo suddenly gets up and
goes outside, with his friends hopelessly watching how he painfully walked. Kyo
then begins to charge his crimson flames, and concentrates it in his fist. He
then releases it with a very strong blast of power and flames; a punch filled
with hatred and passion. Fazed by the blast, Kyo's friends watches how he still
stands up. Kyo has finally developed a new technique, born from the desperation
and the feel of battle.
	Kyo enters the next tournament with his team again to go look for that
man. Kyo proves to be next to new by using his new techniques against his
opponents. However, Kyo notices how all his fights are overlooked by the new
host of the tournament...a very elegant woman. Kyo would soon know who she was
when she fights against them amidts a stadium filled with emotive people. Kyo
feels familiar with the woman's aura, but doesn't realize what it is until he
defeats her. She reveals to be Chizuru Kagura, heir of the Clan of the Yata, and
protector of the seal imposed over the Orochi power. It had been awhile before
Kyo heard that word. It seemed that some man broke the seal by killing Chizuru's
sister, and now it menaces all the world. Said that, a huge gust of wind blows
through the stadium, but Kyo resists the wind blast. However, everything else
gets blown to pieces, and Chizuru is wounded. She tells Kyo that he has to fight
aside Iori if he wishes to defeat him. Before Kyo could ask anymore questions,
Chizuru faints, and once again, a familiar figure appears from the mist. Kyo
identifies him as the man who had defeated him earlier. The man tells his name:
Goenitz. He was pretty impressed with how much Kyo had improved. Kyo clenches
his fist, and beckons for Goenitz. Both engage in a fatal battle, but Kyo's
powers seem useless against Goenitz' huge strength. When all indicated that the
same result would take place, Iori appeared from out of nowhere. Kyo is
surprised, but Goenitz laughs and tells Kyo that since Iori has Orochi blood in
his veins, he would help him in killing Kyo. But Iori thinks otherwise, and
attacks Goenitz instead. He tells him that Kyo can only be his to kill. Confused
by the moment, Kyo clears his mind by fighting Goenitz with Iori. Although Kyo
was using his whole crimson flame power, he noticed that Iori's purple flames
gradually became crimson as well, and with a final double crimson blast, Kyo and
Iori defeat Goenitz. Goenitz promises that the Orochi threat would never end,
and saying that, Goenitz vanishes. Chizuru wants Kyo and Iori to become allies
again, but Iori refuses, and walks away. Kyo knows that the two would encounter
again next year...until somebody gets killed.
	A long year passes, and Kyo has been having nightmares of a strange man
defeating him. Including that, he has to train a young fanboy named Shingo
Yabuki, whom desires to be as strong as Kyo, and be able to wield crimson flames
just like him (but of course, he can't). Having some bad thoughts about the next
tournament, Kyo has no other choice but to enter. He then fights  all his
battles like if it where the last, and it esentially where. By the final stages
of the tournament, Iori and Leona, the new Ikari warrior, disappear without
further advice. Kyo is worried about Iori's fate, knowing both he and that Leona
girl were of Orochi blood. Iori and Leona are found in full Riot of Blood. Kyo
aids in stopping them, but when they do, more trouble looms in the horizon. It
was the New Face Team, but they seemed to have planned everything, and used the
tournament to gather as much fighting energy as they could to feed Orochi. Kyo
vows to stop them, and engages in a desperate battle with the rest of the
fighters, a fight where the fate of the world rests. Kyo then knows from
Yashiro, that her girlfriend, Yuki, is one of the 8 Kushinada girls, the women
destined to sacrifice themselves for Orochi! Kyo refuses such a fate for his
beloved, and fights for more than the world, but for Yuki and for him! But even
after defeating them, the fight was not over. The kid, named Chris, revealed
himself as the host of the Orochi power, and soon, it would awaken completly!
Kyo then had to face the Orochi power itself. It was useless battle for Kyo,
even with Chizuru aiding him. But suddenly, Iori out of nowhere, comes to help
Kyo. Iori smiles, and feels it is ironic for him to help Kyo at this moment. Kyo
was satisfied that Iori and him could finally fight together as friends. And
during the fateful battle, it became more evident that both wanted it more than
ever. During a moment of the battle, when Kyo and Iori had the upper hand,
Orochi began to control Iori, once again making him enter the Riot of Blood. But
this time, Iori grabbed Orochi by the neck! It was the perfect time for Kyo to
finish Orochi off. Kyo, with Yuki in his mind, gives a bone-crushing cry and
punches both Iori and Orochi.
	The fight was over...and Kyo and Iori were never to be seen again. It was
said that he and Iori now engage in their final fight...a fight for detsiny!
	However, destiny proved otherwise. Being knocked out by the inhuman effort
against Orochi, Kyo lies unconscious. He is then approached by a mysterious
figure, who takes Kyo's limp body, and takes him to an underground base. Kyo is
then subjected to several experiments, while being kept out cold by some
narcotics. Samples of blood of Kyo are extracted, as well as memory images from
his brain. Several clones are created by these experiments, and the mystery man
deploys them to several parts of the world. As long as Kyo's body remained
there, there would be no deadlier weapon than him!
	Kyo manages to open his eyes one day, and finds himself surrounded by
weird gadgets and needles. Decided to find some answers, Kyo breaks out of
captivity, and while still woozy by the drugs, he manages to make a way out of
the hidden fortress. During his path, he constantly hears references to the
NESTS cartel and to some certain "Krizalid". Who can they possibly be? With no
time to ask himself, Kyo finally breaks out, and begins to recover slowly from
his sleepy effect, and decides to perfect his techniques, and deploy the best of
the Kusanagi power in order to make that Krizalid fellow pay for his daring
	Ready and as powerful as ever, Kyo follows the trail of the King of
Fighters tournament, in hopes that he would get his chance of payback. Suddenly,
everything began to turn familiar as he reaches the same place where he had been
taken to for the experiments. Taking a familiar path, Kyo quickly arrives in
time to see his best friend, Benimaru, and Shingo, his student, fighting against
a familiar face: Krizalid, no doubt! However, there was also two unknown
fighters helping them out: a skinny, but explosive young man named K', and a
huge man with heavy armor called Maxima. Kyo felt something familiar about the
energies of K' and Krizalid. Could it be Kusanagi power? They should have
infused his power into their bodies in order to acquire his strength. Kyo stared
in awe as his own clone, K', dispatched Krizalid with a final flaming blast.
Before he could knew it, Kyo was standing next to a defeated Krizalid, and
facing his friends (and not-so friends).
	Kyo is quite happy to finally see some familiar faces, but reunion time is
cut short when an omnipotent voice begins to echo in the room. He had heard that
voice during his bold escape...It was the NESTS cartel! Kyo demands their true
intentions, and they explain that they would forward the 10-year process. Kyo
begins to get a bad feeling about this, but not after long, the base begins to
fall down to nothing, and Kyo is trapped by steel doors. However, Kyo remains
cool and calm. He is glad about how much he has improved, and feels he can take
anything on! Kyo gets a chance to escape from the base in ruins, but he knows
that NESTS must no be allowed to continue doing such atrocities. He must put an
end to their ambition with his flames of justice!
	One year passes by, and Kyo is ready to face the menace of the NESTS
cartel once again, this time, in Southtown. Upon locating the hideout of the
NESTS, Kyo suddenly finds his friend Benimaru, his student Shingo, and his clone
K'. It would be very grateful to talk to them once again, but now is not the
time. Kyo finds the voice that had talked to him in Krizalid's base, but he was
now rendered hopeless and didn't have much time left in his life. His name was
Zero, but Kyo wanted to know a lot more. Zero might have been Krizalid's
superior, but he knows he's not the highest command. Kyo demands Zero where his
superiors are, but Zero warns Kyo that a much bigger menace draws near. And as
fate would have heard him, a familiar voice invites him to a friendly match. Kyo
turns around to face his eternal rival, Iori. This would be the time that they
would fight with no hatred in their souls, but just the feeling of fighting and
giving their bests with no regrets....
      Everyone assumed that Kyo would be lost once again for a year as Southtown
was destroyed and Kyo was not heard from ever since. But suprisingly, he shows
up to meet his old friend Benimaru Nikaido before the next King of Fighters
tournament, expressing his interest in participating this year with him again.
It would be a very special occasion, as Daimon would also come back from
retirement, and lend his friends his strength once again. The former Hero Team
now regroups to find the obscure truth behind NESTS! Kyo knows that several
spies have been following them, but he also knows that they can't avoid the
inevitable: that he would kick their butts! Even if it means having to stand his
annoying student Shingo as the fourth team member....
      Kyo made his official return to a team in the next King of Fighters
tournament, quickly confirming that both he and his team have returned to run
things once again in the new tournament! Kyo lends his incredible power to the
cause, and even helps out his own clone K' to fight Igniz, the man behind his
cloning operation. Kyo was pretty tired that both Igniz and NESTS would mess up
their life so much, and he made it his business to finish them off! After K'
defeats Igniz, Kyo realizes that Igniz has a familiar suicidal behavior, and
persuades the others to escape as soon as Igniz sets the whole NESTS space
station (the place where the final battle was held) on a crash course to Earth.
Kyo and the others manage to survive the crash on the ocean, and after his
friends and him set foot on dry ground, Kyo confesses that he was really happy
to see his friends again and fight along them once more. The old partners bid
their farewells once again, but Shingo wants to know why aren't they happy for
winning. Kyo arrogantly replies that Shingo should just buzz off, and leaves him
on his own! But Kyo knows that in order for Shingo to progress, he must walk the
path of a fighter alone. Feeling assured, Kyo goes back to his girlfriend Yuki
to continue his life.
	Kyo is a very proud and arrogant man, and is sometimes very cold with
those he deems to be a bother. However, his friends know him to be a warm and
caring man. He cares a lot for Yuki, his girlfriend, and is also very romantic,
since he likes to write poems. He quarrels with his friend Benimaru a lot, and
sees in Daimon a sort of parental figure. Kyo respects all the fighters in the
tournament, and about Iori, he really doesn't want to kill him, but he also
doesn't seem to have another choice.

	THE KING OF FIGHTERS '94 KYO KUSANAGI (The King of Fighters '97/The King
of Fighters R-1): Alternate version of Kyo based on his KOF '94 self. He regains
his Yami Barai (projectile) and his spinning kick, but loses ALL of his other
special moves with the exception of the Oniyaki (uppercut). His only DM is the
Orochi Nagi (he loses the Saishuu Kessen Ougi DM).
	THE KING OF FIGHTERS '95 KYO KUSANAGI (The King of Fighters '98/ The King
of Fighters R-2): Alternate version of Kyo based on his KOF '95 self. Much like
his '94 self, he has his old moves back, and still retains his Modify (double
kick) and Koto Tsuki You (rushing grab) special moves. He still has one DM,
though (the Orochi Nagi).
	KYO KUSANAGI VERSION 1 (The King of Fighters '99): First replica of Kyo
Kusanagi, created by Krizalid, extracted from the original Kyo Kusanagi's DNA.
This clone takes from the first fighting experiences of Kyo, using his Yami
Barai, Oniyaki, Modify, and the Twilight Ride (spinning kick). He also has an
all-new move, the Blue Demon (similiar to the Koto Tsuki You). His only DM is
the Orochi Nagi. Some of his normal moves are different than the original Kyo's
(but are just variations).
	KYO KUSANAGI VERSION 2 (The King of Fighters '99): Second replica of Kyo
Kusanagi, created by Krizalid, extracted from the original Kyo Kusanagi's DNA.
This clone copies the latest techniques of Kyo, used in the past 2 tournaments,
which includes his whole Ara Gami and Doku Gami fire punch combos, the Oniyaki,
the R.E.D. Kick (the arc kick), and the Koto Tsuki You. His only DM is the
Saishuu Kessen Ougi. Some of his normal moves are different than the original
Kyo's (but are just variations).

*Fun fact = Could Kyo ever enter the Riot of Blood? This could be unknown, but
after a session of The King of Fighters: Kyo (an adventure game, exclusive for
the PSX), it has yet to be seen. His older brother (uncle?) Souji also seems to
enter what seems to be the Riot of Blood. Could he have stroke a pact with the
Orochi as well? Since I don't understand Kanji all that well, who knows...
*Cloth changes = From KOF '94 to '98 (as well as both of his clones in KOF '99),
he wears a typical Japanese male black school uniform. His jacket is opened,
with a white shirt beneath it, and his sleeves are wrapped up. He wears a
bandanna, and special Kusanagi gloves (to control his power). In KOF '99, he
gets more casual: a shirt sporting a black cross, white jacket, jeans, normal
black gloves, and no bandanna (he burns it at the beginning of each match).

Appearances: The King of Fighters '94, The King of Fighters '95, The King of
Fighters '96, The King of Fighters '97, The King of Fighters '98, The King of
Fighters '99, The King of Fighters '99: Evolution (Dreamcast version, as a
secret striker, wearing a brown leather jacket), The King of Fighters 2000, The
King of Fighters 2001, The King of Fighters: Kyo, The King of Fighters R-1, The
King of Fighters R-2, The King of Fighters EX: Neo Blood
Other games: Capcom vs. SNK: Millenium Fight 2000, Capcom vs. SNK: Millenium
Fight 2000 - Pro, Capcom vs. SNK 2: Millionaire Fighting 2001, SNK vs. Capcom:
Match of the Millenium

Birthplace:              Unknown
Birthdate:               January 10, 1978 (24 years old)
Height:                  1.76 m (5'8")
Weight:                  65 kg (143 lbs)
Blood type:              B
Hobbies:                 None
Favorite food:           Vegetables
Favorite sport:          None
Most valuable:           Nothing
Hates the most:          Blood
Fighting style:          Martial Arts and Heidern style assasination techniques

	Leona has a very blurry past, and a even more bleak future. It all began
when Leona was just a little girl, living with her family in their village.
Leona liked being in company with her father, Guidel, more than anything. It all
seemed too good to be true, and it was...ever since that man came. One day, a
tall man arrived to the village, and demanded to talk with Guidel, who was the
leader of the village. Goenitz asked Guidel to join him in his quest to awaken
the Orochi power. It seemed that the village was made up of Orochi bloodline
members! However, Guidel refused, since his family had lived in peace for such a
long time, and now will not return to the violent ways of the Orochi. Goenitz
got mad, and before retiring, he said that the Orochi will not forgive the
traitors to their cause. Then, Goenitz gave a quick glimpse to Leona, grinned,
and walked away.
	That afternoon, Guidel talked to Leona. As if he was predicting the
future, Guidel puts his hands on Leona's shoulders, and tells Leona that she
must fight against her own destiny, no matter how cruel and sad it may be. Night
falled, and all was calm. However, Leona began to feel sick, and her head ached
a lot. Her family began worrying, and then, Leona coughed up blood. Guidel was
shocked. It was signs of the Riot of Blood! And since Leona was never taught how
to control the Orochi power in her veins, the consecuences could be terrible!
Everybody tried to calm her down, but soon, Leona's eyes were lost, and she
began to howl and sneer. It all happened very quickly...blood, screams, and
then, nothing. Most of the villagers ran away, fearful of the wrath of the
child. But Leona was thirsty for blood, and managed to get some of them. After
many deaths, Leona was alone in the ruined village. She was stained with blood
all over. Then, Goenitz came near the child. She puts a hand on her head, and
tells her that she would go back to sleep again, and that she would only wake up
again when the time comes. But, she would wake up in good company, so there was
nothing to worry about. Goenitz goes away, and Leona is left with no memory of
her past, due to the mental overrush she had when she was in her Riot of Blood
	Leona began to walk with no particular destiny in the jungle. She was then
found by an army man. His name was Heidern, and he took her back to
headquarters. Heidern asked her so many questions, but Leona remained silent.
Realizing it was useless to talk any further, Heidern decided to keep her at the
base for some time, and then send her to an orphanage. However, when Heidern
came back from a mission, he noticed how Leona slashed a tree to the ground.
Surprised at this display of power, Heidern thought it would be better for the
girl to stay with her and train as a female soldier.
	Leona began her  training under Heidern's orders. She learned all of
Heidern's techniques, due to her incredible facility to cut things down with her
hands. Heidern was surprised at how much Leona progressed, as if she was
predisposed towards fighting... Anyway, it was not until 1996 when Leona
received her first official mission order: she was to take Heidern's place in
the Ikari Team that would participate in the King of Fighters tournament. Her
new partners would be Heidern's favorite mercenaries: Ralf and Clark. Their
mission was to investigate Geese Howard, the Southtown mob leader who has
entered the tournament in search of something important (and it is known that
anything Geese seeks will be something very bad). So, the new Ikari Team began
their mission in the tournament. It was all going fine, until the finals...
	Heidern orders the Ikari Warriors to go to the stadium where the finals
are taking place in order to investigate any possible incident by Geese. While
there, however, the stadium just got wrecked when a strong gust of wind blew.
Leona was still reeling, when she felt an ominous presence. It was so
familiar...then, Goenitz appeared. While he was fighting Kyo Kusanagi, Leona
began to remember so many things...blood, screams, death. She began to lose her
cool, and Ralf and Clark had to calm her down. Then, when Iori Yagami appeared,
Goenitz laughs and tells Kyo that both him and Leona are of Orochi blood! Leona
was shocked, and so where Ralf and Clark. Even when Goenitz vanished after being
defeated by Kyo and Iori, Leona remained full with doubts and fear, with no idea
of what to do...
	By next year, Leona was so tense that she barely could do anything right.
During a mission in a burnt village, Leona revived moments of her dark past when
she saw a fearful kid trying to run away from her. The mission was almost a
failure thanks to Leona's distraction. Afterwards, Ralf bids Heidern to give
them a suspension period so they can go to the King of Fighters tournament to
distract Leona a bit. They did, but Leon was afraid that she may kill Ralf and
Clark, and go out on a rampage. She also had a bad feeling about the tournament.
Her fears became real in an instant. During the final laps of the tournament,
Leona began to feel sick again. When she began coughing blood, Leona began to
panic. Ralf and Clark tried to keep hold of her, but once again, Leona entered
her Riot of Blood self, and goes berserk. Along with Iori, both begin going on a
killing rampage. Ralf and Clark then decide to go after Leona and take her back.
Leona manages to go back to normal with the help of her friends. When she wakes
up, Leona tries to kill herself so that she won't cause anymore trouble.
However, Ralf stops her and tells her she's not alone anymore, not as long as
they are there with her. Then, Leona goes back home with her friends, ready to
start a new life.
	Leona finally finds some mild happiness after the Orochi menace ceased to
exist. Enjoying more time with her partners during several missions, Leona also
manages to control her hidden Orochi blood somewhat, and use it to become ever
stronger! After quite some time of not fighting seriously, Leona is commanded by
Heidern to participate in the King of Fighters tournament again, but she gets to
have a new companion: another female soldier, Whip. Leona quickly finds a lot in
common with Whip, as they seem to be very reserved, and not too talkative.
However, they seem to get along quite well, which sort of gives Ralf and Clark
something to worry about...after all, it's not good to pair up two violent women
against two poor mercenaries!
	Once the Krizalid project is dealt with, Leona and the rest of the Ikari
Warriors are more than ready to do battle with the true menace behind Krizalid:
the NESTS cartel. Their commander, Heidern, reports that he and his fellow
comrade, Ling, will take care of the organization of the next King of Fighters
tournament in order to lure NESTS out of there hole. Leona is considered to be
of major importance, and so, the unit is dispatched to Southtown, last location
of the NESTS.
	There, Leona feels something at unease. He urges her partners to hurry
towards the designated meeting point, informed by Heidern. Leona and the others
hurry to an abandoned factory in the industrial zone of Southtown. There,
Heidern is found, badly wounded, but with life still in his body. Leona helps
her foster father up, and Heidern thanks her. Leona tells her commander that it
was finally time for her to do something for Heidern. Heidern smiles, but is
soon removed when he notices that Whip is missing. Heidern contacts Whip with
desperation, but to no avail. Leona, Ralf, and Clark escape with Heidern in the
nick of time: the Zero Cannon, NESTS' ultimate weapon, destroys the whole city
of Southtown with one huge blast!
	After scouting the area for possible survivors and traces of NESTS, the
Ikari Warriors sorrowfully return to their base. Leona is, once again, depressed
for the lost of a fellow friend, who she thought she could save if given the
chance. Soon enough, Heidern shows them a video that Whip had left them as a
reminder. In it, Whip bids her former partners farewell, and confesses her deep
affection for all of them. She hopes to meet again soon, and gives a final
salute. Leona, for once, finally manages to break open a smile, and shed a tear
for her fallen friend.
	As her life keeps going on, Leona now focuses her spirit in taking down
NESTS, as ordered by her commander and foster father, Heidern. But in every
operation that she carries out, even with her amount of skill and stealth, she
does not have much success inflitrating the several bases of HQ around the
world. Leona thinks it's weird that these places were abandoned in such a short
notice. Attending to Heidern's call, Leona hears from her commander that Whip is
still around, and has sent them info regarding NESTS. It seems that NESTS is
going to host the next King of Fighters tournament, and go public. Leona knows
NESTS is up to no good, and will help Heidern in all she can to take them down.
	Leona keeps her real mission of investigating NESTS under wraps as she
continues to fight in the tournament. She is happy to see Whip once again, even
though she has to see her as a rival, as Whip is now participating with K' and
the other NESTS renegades. However, as usual, Leona keeps her emotions to
herself as they continue tracking down the trail of NESTS. They finally manage
to locate their main HQ, which is no other than a base located in outer space!
Leona now has to settle herself with watching the whole fight from afar. In the
end, the space station of NESTS comes crashing down, and Leona's mission is
considered over. Leona inmediately asks Heidern about Whip's whereabouts, and
Heidern confirms that she managed to escape the space station in time, but there
was also some disturbing news concerning Whip: she was just another clone
created by NESTS' diabolical bio-technology! Leona knows what it is not being
able to know oneself, and she hopes Whip manages to pull it together one day, as
she takes out on another mission along with her loyal comrades, Ralf and Clark.
	Leona is very quiet, and does not like to talk too much. She has a very
cold attitude, and other than Ralf, Whip, and Clark and commander Heidern, Leona
does not talk to anyone. She seems fearless from the outside, but she's always
afraid that she may cause harm to her friends. Leona also seems to hate the
sight of blood ever since killing her family, but when she fights, she seems to
always get covered with it. She feels lonely, but knows that Ralf, Whip, and
Clark are always behind her.

	RIOT OF BLOOD LEONA (The King of Fighters '97/The King of Fighters R-1):
This is the unleashed version of Leona. Since her family never trained her in
controlling the power inside her Orochi blood, she can not control it, and thus,
once she enters the Riot of Blood, she becomes a blood thirsty beast. She
hunches over, her eyes are lost, and begins to growl and roar like a feline. Her
moves are the same as normal Leona, but are more faster and a lot more powerful.

*Fun fact = So...who does Leona prefer, Ralf or Clark? It all seems that Clark,
since in a drawing displayed in the PSX version of KOF '97, she draws a heart
over Clark in a drawing also including Heidern and Ralf. She is never displayed
in the picture, but the drawing is indeed signed "Leona". What does she look in
the bland, silent Clark? Makes me feel bad for Ralf (after all, HE is the only
guy who seems to bother in cheering Leona up).

Appearances: The King of Fighters '96, The King of Fighters '97, The King of
Fighters '98, The King of Fighters '99, The King of Fighters 2000, The King of
Fighters 2001, The King of Fighters: Kyo, The King of Fighters R-1, The King of
Fighters R-2, The King of Fighters EX: Neo Blood
Other games: SNK Gals Fighters, SNK vs. Capcom: Match of the Millenium

Birthplace:           U.S.A. (of Chinese heritage)
Birthdate:            May 25, 1982 (20 years old)
Height:               1.60 m (5'2")
Weight:               45 kg (99 lbs)
Blood type:           B
Hobbies:              Taking midday naps at home
Favorite food:        Shrimp gyoza
Favorite sport:       Short-distance running
Most valuable:        Her friends
Hates the most:       Etiquette
Fighting style:       All Chinese martial arts

*Gyoza = Fried dumplings

	Li Xiangfei is a cute female fighter who had just only appeared recently
in the battle scene. Being of Chinese heritage, but raised in Southtown,
Xiangfei grew up with vast knowledge about the several Chinese martial arts, and
her extensive training soon pays up, as she becomes a quick and lethal fighter.
She enters the battle arenas of Southtown, where she gets to meet true Southtown
legends: Koppoken master Andy Bogard, Muay Thai champion Joe Higashi, and most
of all, the "Lone Wolf" himself: Terry Bogard. Having grown with an intense
admiration for such heroes, Xiangfei feels honored to compete with them.
	Xiangfei soon knows about the entry of the "Lonely Wolves" in the King of
Fighters tournament, and decided to follow them and fight with them again,
Xiangfei tries to enter, but realizes she needs three more partners to enter as
a team. During a normal evening of work at the Chinese restaurant where she
lends her servies as a waitress, Xiangfei attends the table of a young woman who
seemed like she was a martial artist. She seemed dead hungry, and with no
reservations, she bidded for a lot of food. This woman had as much appetite as
Xiangfei herself! But it soon was obvious that the girl didn't have enough money
to pay such a harsh meal. Furious, Xiangfei demands her payment, and both soon
engage in a ferocious battle. Xiangfei finds this customer to be toughter than
other thugs who planned on eating for free. Her theroies were right: this young
woman was a fighter, and boy, was she good! The fight was at all its' rage, when
suddenly, she is approached by King, a female Muetai fighter and owner of a bar
in Southtown, who proposes Xiangfei to enter, having seen her fights in
Southtown. Xiangfei's stomach growls. She needs some food! Upon the promise that
she would get enough food to feed her face, Xiangfei joins along with Blue Mary
and Kasumi Todoh (the woman who denied to pay) to form the new all-female team!
	Having missed out on the 2000 King of Fighters tournament after being too
late for the inscriptions, Xiangfei promises she won't be left out this time!
Since Southtown was reduced to a crisp due to the Zero Cannon, she was left
without Chinese restaurants to attend to. Now who satisfy her appetite?
Wandering the wrecked Southtown like a miscarried soul, Xiangfei arrives at
King's bar, which hasn't suffered much wreck after the incident. Xiangfei
decides she should team up with King and her friend, Mai Shiranui for the next
King of Fighters tournament! The fourth member arrives at the bar soon after:
Hinako Shijou, the sumo school girl who fought in the last King of Fighters
tournament. Now, Xiangfei is all set to show off her amazing skills in the
tournament...but not before talking King out to inviting her to dinner! That
ferocious appetite of Xiangfei's will not subdue, not even after the
	Xiangfei is an innocent young girl whose appetite rivals her own martial
art skills! Being a quick fighter, Xiangfei is able to connect dozens of hits in
matter of seconds, focusing on the vital spots of the opponents. Having grown
with an intense admiration for the Chinese culture (and food), Xiangfei follows
several discipline codes, which she doesn't seem to obey too much once she gets
all crazy!

*Fun fact = Chinese people could have some really big egos...Please notice
Xiangfei's forehead (and Lee Rekka's forehead, of the Last Blade series). Now if
they could only headbutt opponents...the match would be over pretty soon! :) (An
apology for all Chinese readers...it's loony American humor!)

Appearances: The King of Fighters '99, The King of Fighters 2000 (Kasumi Todoh's
special striker), The King of Fighters 2001
Other games: Real Bout: Fatal Fury 2, Fatal Fury: Wild Ambition, Fatal Fury:
First Contact

Birthplace:                   China
Birthdate:                    February 16, 19??
Height:                       1.95 m (6'4")
Weight:                       75 kg (165 lbs)
Blood type:                   Poison
Hobbies:                      None
Favorite food:                None
Favorite sport:               Anything (mostly long-distance running and
Most valuable:                The Dictates of Hizoku
Hates the most:               Nothing
Fighting style: 			Qing Shen Gong and Zhang martial arts

	Lin hails from the legendary Hizoku ninja clan, shrouded in secrecy ever
since the middle ages, hidden in seclusion among the mountain range of China.
For years, the Hizoku clan has been feared as a dangerous race of assassins, a
fatal group of stealth warriors that could slice anything without the use of
weapons, but with their own hands. Another feared ability is the poisoned blood
of the Hizoku, which can haunt an enemy even after a Hizoku ninja dies. Few,
however, have managed to attain such ability among the Hizoku clan....
	Lin began his training hidden away from any contact with modern society,
and ever since he can remember, he only lived to obey orders, and to eliminate
all those who represented a threat to his clan. Grown bitter and cold, Lin
gathers enough features to be a ruthless ninja: along with his antisocial
behavior, Lin's abilities exceed those of any other Hizoku ninja. His incredibly
quick speed allows him to move in a blur, his hands as sharp as any sword, and a
hidden presence, which not even the wind could find. Lin had became a true
Hizoku ninja, except for the fact that he couldn't turn his blood into
	Throughout the years, as time flew by, Lin was assigned the task of
eliminating all those who would betray the Hizoku. And while several students of
the Hizoku style tried to escape the harsh training periods, or attempted to
reveal its' secrets, would quickly end up being swiftly dispatched with excess
of violence by Lin himself, who would eliminate them with his killing
techniques, making his victims suffer and finally die from utter pain by
consuming the poisonous blood of Lin.
	Years later, Lin discovers that several villagers have disappeared the
last few months. The number grew considerably, so Lin was sent to investigate.
Using his supreme stealth tactics, Lin manages to track down a suspicious
kidnapper. When he finally follows him to his hideout, Lin ambushes the
criminal, and obligates him to cough up the truth. The name "NESTS" sprouted for
the first time in Lin's mind. After informing this to his superiors (and
eliminating the spy), Lin is assigned his most important task yet: to infiltrate
the next King of Fighters tournament, and eliminate any NESTS agent in his way.
	To enter the tournament, however, Lin needed a team. By then, Lin had
finally managed to gain the ability to turn his blood into poison, but
regretfully finds the risk of it: doing the process wrongfully would quickly
lead the user to a swift death. Lin needed full concentration in order to
survive, not just from NESTS but from himself as well.
	In a nice day of training up in the mountain range of China, Lin could
feel the presence of an incoming man, who was brave enough to show his foolish
carcass near Lin's whereabouts. Lin devised the man as a rather tall, bulky,
black man, wearing a fancy suit. No doubt, some fancy agent trying to follow the
track of his murders. Lin said nothing to the man, despite his constant
questions about his skills. He should die. There was no other way. Lin attempts
to stab the large man in the chest for a quick kill, and resume his training,
but surprisingly, the huge oaf pushes Lin aside. Lin is surprised at the man's
speed and skill to avoid such a lethal blow. Before Lin could strike again, the
man introduces himself as Seth, a man who knew the whereabouts of the NESTS
organization. Lin was interested in what Seth had to say, and although quite
reluctant to form a team (being the sociopath he is), Lin accepts Seth's offer
to enter the KOF tournament.
	When Seth and Lin travel to Japan to meet up with their new teammates, Lin
gets to meet Seth's old friend, Benimaru Nikaido, and Benimaru's close
companion, Shingo Yabuki. Lin tags them as worthless fighters. When the ever-
friendly Shingo tries to strike a conversation with the ominous ninja, Lin's
short temper runs dry, and in a swift rage attack, attempts to do away with
Shingo. Having seen Lin's obscure intentions, Benimaru anticipates the attack,
and strikes Lin away. This was the first time Lin was ever repelled like that.
Lin now vows that he won't let Benimaru get away with his audacity....
	During the tournament battles, Lin constantly gets into fights with
Benimaru, due to contrasting personalities (sounds a lot like a formal
relationship, eh?). The sheer rudeness and violence of Lin clashes with the
beautiful, self-centered attitude of Benimaru. The problems, however, don't seem
to affect the team's performance at all, as the team reaches the finals. There
next battle will take place in Southtown, in the factory zone. Lin boils in
anticipation of a final battle with NESTS.
	When Lin and the others arrive at the designated point, they find it odd
to be an abandoned factory. Lin feels a strange presence among them, but
suddenly, Benimaru rejoins with Maxima, former partner of Benimaru and Shingo,
as well as a former NESTS agent. Lin, ignorant of this fact, asks who they are,
but the question is cut short when suddenly, the whole factory is surrounded by
NESTS soldiers! Lin confirms his suspicions, and escapes along with the other
fighters, to a dark room.
	In the room, Lin is shocked by the fact that it was a set-up by one of the
main NESTS followers, Zero. He plans to use everybody's fighting energy in order
to activate the Zero Cannon and destroy everything from outer space...even
NESTS! Lin vows vengeance, as he discovers that several Hizoku ninjas have been
eliminated for snooping around NESTS' business. Lin takes action when the
situation is most desperate, and when Benimaru and the others are near defeat.
He manages to concentrate all his strength and poison blood in one stab in
Zero's back. Zero beats Lin around afterwards, but the damage had already been
done: Lin's deteriorating blow weakens Zero enough for K' to deliver the final
	After Zero is defeated and the Zero Cannon fired, Lin barely manages to
survive. However, he is met with one final challenge: Ron, his old rival, has
shown up to kill him! Lin senses something odd about Ron: not just his
disfigured appearance, but also his incredibly evil aura. As Ron reveals later,
he has offered to be a NESTS' guinea pig, and now he has sold his soul in favor
of eternal power. Lin condemns him as a traitor to the Hizoku cause, but Ron is
ready to eliminate him anyway. Benimaru manages to save Lin at the nick of time,
though, as he appiles an Elec-Trigger against Ron, who manages to break free
from Benimaru's grasp. Lin recriminates Benimaru's action, but inside him, he is
grateful that someone would do something for him. Perhaps friendship might have
a meaning after all....
	Ever since, Lin has been conducting an investigation of his own. Lin has
scouted several NESTS locations, according to his sources and using his ninja
stealth to infiltrate these places. Lin was seeking out the traitor Ron
throughout the world, but could not yet find him. Every place was just
abandoned, leaving Lin to find out from scratch again. During another raid on
yet another abandoned NESTS base, Lin casually stumbles upon K', Maxima, and
Whip, who also happen to be renegade NESTS agents. Lin was tied up by the trio
and talked into confessing his plans. Despite refusing to talk at first, Whip
knew he was after Ron, considering his objective in the last tournament, and
offers Lin to join them in the next King of Fighters tournament to find out
where Ron is. Lin will not bother with the three of them, but accepts to help
only out of personal desire. Having said so, Lin escapes, but promising to come
back to the tournament....
	In fact, Lin did arrive to help K' and the others out in order to exact
revenge on NESTS for ruining their lives. Lin would not comunicate too much with
the other team members, but he did his job done: he would inject his lethal
poison into the blood of his opponents to wither them down to nothing. Lin was
precise and deadly. It seemed like he couldn't be stopped. Lin felt an ominous
presence creep in his heart as he entered the blimp that would take him and his
team to the final battle. Fully aware that it would be nothing more than a trap,
Lin follows. It is, in fact, a plot held by the original Zero to eliminate them.
After having his clone stage the last King of Fighters tournament, Zero would
now do the job personally. But Lin is not interested in Zero. Lin spears the
floor with his hand, and almost in an instant, Ron materializes from beneath.
Lin knew Ron was in hiding all this time, but now that the games are over, he
should eliminate Ron for the lost honor of the Hizoku clan. As K' and the others
deal with Zero and his other teammates, Lin stands ready to finally fight Ron.
	The power of the two Hizoku ninjas clashed over and over again. Their
blinding speed cruised the whole chamber, slashing and hacking at each other. It
seemed like no one could gain the upper hand. But after K' defeats Zero, the
ship in which they were travelling finally docks in some dark place. Ron takes
advantage of the confusion to escape, leaving Lin a bit disappointed. But Lin
has to force himself into escaping from the ship as it begins to self-destruct.
With a bitter feeling, Lin now has to stand against Igniz and his ambition to
become a human god, betraying his own cartel to fulfill his purposes. But it
seems like Lin's purpose is gone: he no longer bothers with the tournament, even
after Igniz is defeated by K', and sets the whole space station where the ship
docked into a crash course straight towards the planet. Lin has no trouble in
escaping among the whole chaos, but he wonders how much time it will take, and
how much will he resist hunting Ron down for so long? His only answer seems to
rely in the hope of a better life that everyone seems to express after NESTS has
	Having been trained to be non-sentimental and downright cruel, Lin is not
the one to lend others a helping hand. He only thinks about what's good for him
or his clan. Never having learned the true meaning of love or friendship, Lin is
a bitter man with little to say but a lot to kill. His poison blood is risky for
his health, but he considers it a risk that he must take in order to become
stronger. Lin admires Benimaru's courage, and Shingo's tenacity. Perhaps he can
learn something from it...?

*Fun fact = Ninjas in fighting games, up until now, have always been perfect
examples of incredibly cool and well-dressed characters. Lin, on the other hand,
is mostly bald and with some crazy post-war ninja outfit of sorts. Oh yeah, and
the poison blood in his hand could easily be mistaken by snot or the like (don't
ask why).

Appearances: The King of Fighters 2000, The King of Fighters 2001

Birthplace:              USA
Birthdate:               December 2, 1970 (32 years old)
Height:                  2.22 m (7'3")
Weight:                  105 kg (231 lbs)
Blood type:              AB
Hobbies:                 Magazine postcard subscriptions
Favorite food:           Nimame
Favorite sport:          Baseball
Most valuable:           His basketball when fighting
Hates the most:          Sound of glass being scratched
Fighting style:          Basketball techniques + Karate

*Nimame = Cooked beans

	Lucky is a basketball player who also practices martial arts when he's not
jamming and slamming in his local basketball court. Taking advantage of his long
body, Lucky combines his skills using a basketball with his karate skills to
create a deadly and spectacular new style.
	After a game at the street court, Lucky is approached by his old friend,
Heavy D!. Heavy D! tells Lucky that he has received an invitation for the new
format of the King of Fighters tournament, which would be introducing the team
battle mode. So, he was anxious to hear if Lucky would join him. Since Lucky
seems to owe Heavy D!, he gladly accepts. After the tournament, Lucky goes back
to his turf and keeps polishing his skills in martial arts, of course, never
overlooking a good one-on-one ocassionally!
	Very different from Brian, who is always so violent, Lucky is very kind
and very friendly. His jolly attitude and optimism always inspires a good fight.
He also inspires teamwork, as he feels it is essential for victory. He never
feels bad when he loses, he just takes it as a step towards perfection (so he
doesn't seem to care about his team's mediocre participation in the tournament).
In all, Lucky is a pretty nice guy, and never loses his cool.

*Fun fact = Has Lucky ever played in the NBA? Perhaps so, as in KOF '98, he has
three colors which represent three historic teams in NBA history! His original
color is purple and yellow for the Los Angeles Lakers. His second color is green
and white for the Boston Celtics. His third color is red, black, and white for
the Chicago Bulls. The black and white color could be the one for the San
Antonio Spurs (a recent NBA champion, prior to the victories of the Lakers)

Appearances: The King of Fighters '94, The King of Fighters '98

"The Dance that knows not of Flames"
Birthplace:              Japan
Birthdate:               January 1, 1976 (26 years old)
Height:                  1.64 m (5'4")
Weight:                  50 kg (110 lbs)
Blood type:              B
Hobbies:                 Making Osechi
Favorite food:           Ozouni
Favorite sport:          Hane-Tsuki
Most valuable:           Hairpin of  dead grandmother
Hates the most:          Spiders
Fighting style:          Shiranui-style Ninjitsu

*Ozouni = special soup made on New Year, accompanied with rice cakes

	Mai Shiranui is the grandaughter of Hanzo Shiranui, master of Ninjitsu and
Kopo-ken. Mai has learned from her father the secrets of Ninjitsu, and as such,
she is an expert in stealth and other sneaky tricks. Although she was a very
beautiful girl, she rejected all the boys who proposed to her, considering them
	However, one day, she would be obssesed with a young boy by the name of
Andy Bogard. Andy had came from Southtown in the United States to train under
the orders of Hanzo Shiranui in Kopo-ken. Mai then had to take alternate courses
from his grandfather's friend, Jubei Yamada in Ninjitsu. However, far from
hating him, Mai fell instantly in love with the American kid, since he was so
strong and so handsome. However, Andy never did pay attention to Mai, too
absorbed in his training. Mai, by the other hand, had even made plans when Andy
would marry her! When both grew up, Andy became a good-looking young man, and
Mai a very attractive woman. Even more men desired her, but she still remained
tied to Andy. However, Andy decided to travel back to the United States, and
reunite with his brother Terry to exact revenge on Geese Howard, the man who
killed their father. Mai was enfuriated, but had no choice but to stay and keep
training. She knew that Andy would come back one day...and he did...
	Not much time later, Andy returned to Japan in order to continue his
training. He had found out in his fights in Southtown that he had been fighting
for personal emotion, and not for the real sense of fighting. Mai didn't care
for any of that, she just wanted Andy to be close to her again! So, when Krauser
decided to go out in search of worthy fighters, she follows Andy to fight
Krauser! After the journey, Mai felt more attached to Andy, and thought it was
the time to wrap things up. However, the new King of Fighters tournament came
across. The fights would take place between teams of three persons each. Mai
felt it a sure bet to make a team with Andy, but he thought otherwise: he would
team up with Terry and his friend, Joe Higashi. Mai felt left out, but she
promised Andy that she would be in the tournament as well. Once she found out
that the Southtown bouncer King had received an invitation as well, and had no
present team, Mai inmediately assisted to propose herself as a team member,
along with Yuri Sakazaki. King was not expecting but had to accept the two
"bimbos" anyhow. During the next two tournaments, the Gorgeous Team was seen as
a beautiful, but deadly team, like three roses with some nasty thorns!
	However, by 1996, Yuri was obligated to take her father's place in the
Kyokugenryo Team,and King and Mai were left without a third team member. Mai got
so disturbed at this, since she wanted to see Andy again so badly. When all
seemed hopeless, a strange woman attacked Mai out of the dark. Mai avoided the
attack and got ready for the fight. The woman just laughed and praised Mai's
skills. She introduced herself as Kasumi Todoh, the new third member of the
Gorgeous Team! Once again, the Gorgeous Team was back in action.
	However, by next year, King and Mai were in trouble once again. Kasumi got
lost all of a sudden, and there wasn't anybody who like to be a third team
member anytime sooner. They got reunited, and they resigned to lose the
tournament this year. King had to take care of her brother, Jian, anyway.
However, Chizuru intervened, and tells Mai and King that she would gladly be the
third team member, and that she would take care that Jian would go with them.
Mai gets inspired once again. People must be aware of female power!
	Mai took the two year recess to go back to Japan and perfect her Ninja
skills...and, of course, to pass some more time with Andy! Mai insists in that
next time, she would team up with Andy, which he takes more as a joke (after
all, it had been four tournaments where they didn't). However, a stroke of luck
gets Mai to finally accomplish her wish: an invitation for the new King of
Fighters tournament, with the new four team member rule! Mai loses no time in
joining along with Andy, not minding the presence of his brother Terry, or the
bothersome Joe. After all, she gets her golden wish by fighting alongside Andy!
However, the disappearance of Terry after the tournament, after disappearing
under the ruins of Krizalid's base (the host of the tournament). She will now
help Andy in a more useful way: trying to cheer him up, not allowing him to
think that Terry is dead.
	Even though it hurts to leave her beloved one once again, Mai has decided
to abandon the Lonely Wolves. After finding out that Terry was alive, Mai and
Yuri finally reunite after a long while. They decide to team up once again,
since they miss the fun times way back when the King of Fighters tournament was
just beginning to soar. They also decide to accept Kasumi along as well, but one
team member was amiss. The answer came soon enough, during a local martial arts
tournament in Japan, where they saw a peculiar little girl practice the unusual
art of Sumo. They later discovered that her name was Hinako Shijou. Mai was so
impressed with her skills, that she was taken in as the fourth team member of
the legendary all-female team, which hypnotizes with their beauty, and strikes
with deadly force!
	By next year, Mai wants to team up with Andy once again, but it seems that
her place had already been taken, and Andy doesn't seem to bother about it. Once
again, Mai seeks her old friend King for a chance to team up with her for the
next King of Fighters tournament. She visits King in her bar at Southtown, which
has barely managed to stay afoot after the Zero Cannon blast. King seems a bit
reluctant to enter this year, but she is soon convinced when Li Xiangfei comes
back to ask King the same favor as Mai, and soon after by Hinako, who has came
to visit Southtown with her school on a trip. Mai is convinced that there is
nothing that these four dangerous women can't do. They are about to show the
whole world just what the new female power is capable of!
	Mai doesn't seem a danger when she attacks, since she uses fans and the
tail of her dress to attack. However, they turn into deadly weapons when Mai
flames them on and burns the opponent down! Mai is also always praising her
beauty, and does not think a beauty such as her can ever lose. She loves Andy so
much, she never even bothers to tak a glimpse at other men. She also seems so
careless with her skimpy outfits, since she considers her body her best weapon.
However, she is a bit of an airhead, and doesn't think logically in most

	REAL BOUT: FATAL FURY 2 MAI SHIRANUI (The King of Fighters '98/ The King
of Fighters R-2): Alternate version of Mai based on her Real Bout: Fatal Fury 2
incarnation. She doesn't seem to change much: she loses her Hakuro no Mai (fan
spin), and wins a new fan slash instead. She still conserves her Chou Hissatsu
Shinobi Bachi DM, and gains a new Shinryuken like DM (Hana Arashi), but loses
the other two DM (the Mizudori no Mai and the Hou'ou no Mai).

*Fun fact = -Mai the Samurai! Anybody who finished Samurai Shodown I back in the
day with Gen-an Shiranui (cousins? Not quite likely!) and Haohmaru. She appeared
in both character's endings, and always ends up doing her Ryuu Enbu attack. She
seems to KILL Gen-an with it (ouch! ^_^), and the result with Haohmaru was
unknown (the action freezed). Pretty zany!
		-Please refrain yourself of sending any hate-filled mail to me
regarding Mai's lack of "bounce" since KOF 2000. Come on, it's not like Mai is
represented as a fanservice sex symbol! *sarcasm* ^o^

Appearances: The King of Fighters '94, The King of Fighters '95, The King of
Fighters '96, The King of Fighters '97, The King of Fighters '98, The King of
Fighters '99, The King of Fighters 2000, The King of Fighters 2001, The King of
Fighters: Kyo, The King of Fighters R-1, The King of Fighters R-2, The King of
Fighters EX: Neo Blood
Other games: Fatal Fury 2, Fatal Fury Special, Fatal Fury 3: Road to Final
Victory, Real Bout: Fatal Fury, Real Bout: Fatal Fury Special, Real Bout: Fatal
Fury 2, Fatal Fury: Wild Ambition, Real Bout: Dominated Mind, Fatal Fury: First
Contact, SNK Gals Fighters, Capcom vs. SNK: Millenium Fight 2000, Capcom vs.
SNK: Millenium Fight 2000 - Pro, Capcom vs. SNK 2: Millionaire Fighting 2001,
SNK vs. Capcom: Match of the Millenium

Birthplace:              Unknown
Birthdate:               April 8, 1969 (33 years old, assumed to be dead at age
Height:                  1.77 m (5'8")
Weight:                  58 kg (127 lbs)
Blood type:              O
Hobbies:                 Playing with machines, making figurines with sculpy
Favorite food:           Poultry (especially chicken)
Favorite sport:          Snow boarding
Most valuable:           Her legs
Hates the most:          Pigeons, the Kagura family
Fighting style:          No style in particular, mainly speed based attacks

	Mature is one of the two Orochi assasins that work for Goenitz, one of the
Four Heavenly Kings of Orochi. Being the most attractive one, Mature's beauty
mesmerizes all, but at the same time, is deadly.
	Mature has taken care of many of those who oppose to Orochi as commanded
to her by her master Goenitz. She uses her cutting fingers and moves her arms so
fast, she creates wind slashes with it. Her ultimate goal was to liberate the
Orochi power, and accomplished it when Goenitz killed the heir of the Clan of
the Yata. However, the Orochi power was still weak, so they decided to wait.
However, a man named Rugal Bernstein, a powerful man hungry for power, tried to
take control of the Orochi power. When he knew about this, Goenitz goes and
faces Rugal, and in punishment, gouges his right eye out. Surprised he was still
alive, Goenitz allows him to possess a small part of the Orochi power, but warns
him not to use it until the last moment, since it would eventually kill him. He
then assigns Mature and Vice to keep an eye on Rugal, and make sure he doesn't
do anything smart against the Orochi clan. so, Mature and Vice became the two
secretaries of Rugal, and aided him in the organization of the first two King of
Fighters tournaments which had the team battle mode. Mature was assigned to take
care of the details of the first tournament, in 1994. Mature did not see any
display of Orochi power from Rugal in that year, but he did next year. As
scheduled, Rugal died from the overdrive of power, and Mature and Vice
accomplished their mission and returned to Goenitz.
	Once reunited with their master, Goenitz assigns them a new "client". He
was Iori Yagami, of Orochi blood and a candidate for joining the Orochi cause.
Mature and Vice both go meet Iori, and to have a little bit of fun, decide to
play with him before offering their help. So, Iori and his two female assasins
form a team for the new King of Fighters tournament.
	However, during the tournament, Mature noticed how powerful Iori could be,
from his display of strength and determination. Mature even considered him more
powerful than Goenitz! So, Vice and her thought it was the best idea to side
with Iori against Goenitz. So, when the finals came up, Mature and Vice knew
that Goenitz was going to strike, so they warned Iori, who went after Goenitz.
As planned, Iori fought against Goenitz, since he considered Kyo to be his to
kill. Goenitz suspected how Iori knew about this, but it could only be two women
he knew...Mature and Vice! Upon his defeat, Goenitz curses both assasins, and
tells them that they would die by the hands of their own "savior". Unknown of
this, Mature and Vice go to help Iori, but Iori begins to already enter the Riot
of Blood. Realizing too late that Iori was not able to control his Orochi power,
Mature suffers the cutting edge of Iori's hands, and is left to die...or so it
is said.
	Mature is a ruthless woman, who doesn't reflect her beauty image and slim
figure. She only cares to kill who opposes her, and those who stands in her way.
She desires to awaken Orochi without the help of Goenitz, and sides with Iori in
order to do so. Mature usually enchants men before she goes for the kill. After
all, she thinks that everything is valid to win, even if it means to use one's
own attributes!

*Fun fact = -Mature Monroe? You may believe so, especially when Mature does her
victory pose where she grabs her arm and says something in a sexy way. And with
that skimpy dress, boy can she be a sex symbol for the 90's! (Well, any blond
bimbo can, but hey...)
		-During Vice's special intro with Rugal in Capcom vs. SNK: Millenium
Fight 2000, Mature makes a small cameo by bowing before Rugal, and then
disappearing. Fitting, but many people would prefer Mature would also be a
playable character....

Appearances: The King of Fighters '96, The King of Fighters '98, The King of
Fighters 2000 (Iori Yagami's special striker along with Vice)

Birthplace:             Canada
Birthdate:              March 2, 1970 (32 years old)
Height:                 2.04 m (6'7")
Weight:                 204 kg (449 lbs)
Blood type:             A
Hobbies:                Motorcycle touring
Favorite food:          Anything sweet
Favorite sport:         Rugby
Most valuable:          Momiage
Hates the most:         Natto, people requesting his opinion
Fighting style:         "Type-M" fighting techniques

*Momiage = Sideburns
*Natto = Fermented soy beans

	 Being a boy that has always lived in the streets of Canada, earning his
life as he could, Maxima grew up being quite an antisocial fellow, with lots of
harsh feelings towards society. Since brawling was the only way he knew to
survive, Maxima developed an inmense body that is potent enough to resist the
hardest of blows and plow through the opponent at the same time. Maxima begins
to earn a name for himself, when he is approached by several mysterious
	The mystery people explain that they are from the NESTS cartel, and have
seen that Maxima's abilities were superb. They would offer Maxima a REAL job:
working for Krizalid, one of the main agents of the cartel, and enhance his
strength far beyond his belief. Seeing this as his exit from the harsh life,
Maxima accepts. He is soon transported to an underground base, where he meets
with his new boss, Krizalid. Krizalid dons Maxima with a special battle armor,
that aside from enhancing his physical attributes and giving him built-in
weapons, also allows him to perform battle data analisis. Then, Maxima is
introduced with his new partner, a quiet and short-tempered chap named only K'.
Maxima and K' don't talk too much, but they both share a grudge against life
that allow them to be closer than they think....
	After eliminating several threats to the NESTS cartel, Krizalid assigns
Maxima to a new mission. He must go with K' to join Benimaru Nikaido and Shingo
Yabuki, two of the strongest fighters, and collect battle data to activate the
Kyo Kusanagi clones that Krizalid had created in order to conquer the world. The
scene would be the King of Fighters tournament that Krizalid himself would be
host of. Maxima joins up with Benimaru and Shingo, and thus begins their venture
in the competition, where Maxima displays an incredible amount of strength,
delivering blows that would make whole buildings shake at impact!
	Maxima is comissioned to meet at a designated point in a sewer in order to
travel back to the underground base, along with his partners. Upon arriving,
they are greeted by Krizalid himself. Not willing to fight his own boss, Maxima
holds back while Benimaru and Shingo fight it out. However, it seems illogical
to Maxima that they would fight without a chance of winning. Maxima notices
something special in those fighters' hearts, and accords with K' to help them.
In that moment, Benimaru manages to strike Krizalid down, and Maxima knows that
this would be the time for the true battle. Krizalid dons his battle suit,
charged with battle data from the past battle, and demands the traitors to die
as the scum they are. Maxima and K' proceed to prove him otherwise....
	Despite being as strong as a mountain, Maxima can't stop Krizalid's divine
power. However, he manages to hold out for his life, and during a moment of
distraction by Krizalid, Maxima manages to tag him for long enough for his
friend K' to finish the job with a well-timed crimson flame blast. However, this
doesn't seem enough as Krizalid still stands, furious and more than willing to
end their lives. Maxima awaits his death, when suddenly, a huge flame shot
cruises the room, and strikes Krizalid down. Maxima wonders, and it is then when
the original Kyo Kusanagi jumps into scene. So this is the person from which K'
was taken from.... Soon after that, the NESTS cartel condemns all to death.
Maxima feels betrayed by his superiors, and shrugs them off. A steel door closes
both him and K' off. Maxima is then pointed by several laser aims. It seems they
got company...the Ikari extermination squad had arrived to scout the place.
Maxima manages to stop the impact of several bullets with his bare hands.
"Shish-kabob, K'!", shouts Maxima, urging for his friend to help him out in the
time of need....
	Maxima and K' manage to push the squad back with their remaining forces.
Maxima wields his gattling gun from his forearm, and blows the rest of the
competition away. After spending all his strength, Maxima helps his friend K'
up. K's special glove, which worked as a shield for his inmense power, had been
broken, and K's hand was engulfed in flames. Still, Maxima helps him up. K' is
worried about the flames burning Maxima. "Don't worry", Maxima happily replies.
"I'm used to play with fire".
	After barely escaping from the NESTS underground base, Maxima and K' are
left to wander the world. From here on, they become fugitives, and have to
escape from both the Ikari Warriors (who wish to prosecute them for their
crimes), and the NESTS cartel (who wishes to punish their treason). Maxima and
K' have been covering each other's backs, but they knew it wouldn't be long
before they are caught off guard.
	Hearing about the new King of Fighters tournament, Maxima realizes that
this is their big chance to destroy the NESTS cartel and finally win some favor
in the eyes of the Ikari Warriors. The problem is that they no longer have
Benimaru or Shingo with them. Suddenly, during one of Maxima and K's bold
escapes from the Ikari Warriors, they meet up with an enigmatic woman, named
Vanessa, who is accompanied by a high-hoped Mexican wrestler called Ramon.
Vanessa offers them their services, which Maxima doubts. But if they are going
to take a risk, they might as well do it now. Maxima and K' accept the two
onboard, but not without according to keep a watchful eye on them.
	With the help of Maxima's incredible strength, K' and the others raise
once again to the top of the charts in the King of Fighters tournament. Now that
he has liberated himself from the chains of opression of the NESTS cartel,
Maxima can now concentrate on doing what he does best: beating the living hell
out of his opponents! Maxima proves to be a vaulable asset up until the finals,
set to be in Southtown, where Maxima expects a final shodown with the NESTS
	However, during a scouting through the docks, another NESTS bio weapon
takes them by surprise. It is the "anti-K'": Kula. Maxima is more than ready to
fight, but K' affirms that he will take her down, and that they should keep
going to the designated point for the finals. Maxima tries to object, but deep
inside, he knows he can't do anything to convince K'. With a bit of regret,
Maxima leads Vanessa and Ramon to the industrial zone of Southtown, wishing K'
the best of luck.
	Upon arrival at an abandoned factory, Maxima seeks out for their last
rivals. To his surprise, though, he reunites with Benimaru and Shingo, who have
also made a new team with two mean-looking persons: Lin and Seth. Surprisingly,
Maxima and the others are caught off-guard by the NESTS soldiers which now
surround the whole complex! Maxima leads the others to a dark room in the back
of a factory...straight to a trap.
	Maxima regretfully finds out that the whole tournament had be plotted by
Zero, a NESTS madman that plans to use their ultimate weapon, the Zero Cannon,
and use it against NESTS themselves! Zero needs the fighting energy of the
others in order to charge the Zero Cannon. Maxima fights bravely in order to
stop it, but Zero keeps Maxima at bay with his sort of dirty tricks. Despite all
that, Maxima fights to the bitter end, and with the final help of Lin and K',
manages to defeat Zero.
	After Zero is defeated, and the Zero Cannon activated, Maxima helps the
others to escape. On his way out, he catches a running figure pass by him. Was
it Kyo Kusanagi? With no time to figure out, Maxima sends the others off, and
remains with K'. Maxima shelters them both with his super armor body from the
incredible explosion, that levels Southtown to nothingness. Maxima is left weak,
and K' thanks him. Suddenly, a mysterious figure appears in front of them. K'
suffers a bad case of deja vu, which awakes the suspicions of Maxima. It turns
to be one of their persecutors: Whip, of the Ikari Warriors. Maxima doesn't
trust her one bit, but K' seems to accept her. Maxima realizes that she may be
the figure in K's dreams: his sister! Maxima watches how K' finally rips his
glove off, and does not burn out of control. With a beautiful meteor shower as a
background, Maxima can finally consider some peace and quiet. That is, until
next year...!
	Always by K's side, Maxima travels with K' and Whip to scout on several
NESTS bases that Whip has managed to investigate thanks to her contacts. But
when they arrive to each base, they find out that it's already deserted. Could
this mean that NESTS has anticipated their moves? Maxima notices something funny
is going around, but remains alert when he notices that they are having company
with them. Maxima analyzes the area, and finds out that Lin, the lethal Hizoku
ninja, has also been tracing the steps of NESTS. Whip tells the others that Lin
must be looking for Ron, a traitor to the Hizoku cause and who happens to be a
member of NESTS as well. Whip offers Lin to team up with them in the upcoming
King of Fighters tournament, and he accepts out of his own personal affair.
Maxima doesn't trust Lin one bit, but in order to destroy NESTS, they even had
to trust the devil himself in order to win!
	As the King of Fighters tournament begins once again, Maxima shows off his
updated moves. His incredible power, enhanced by his own superior technology,
allows K' and the others to access to the finals once more. Despite having
worked for NESTS for so many years, Maxima is baffled at what they will do next.
Their final match is scheduled to take place in a blimp that would cruise the
skies. But as soon as they get on, the blimp reveals itself to be a rocket ship,
and when they arrive at the ship's bridge, a familiar figure reveals himself:
Zero! This happened to be the original Zero, and that the one that was destroyed
last year was merely a clone. Maxima previews a huge battle, and more so by the
fact that Zero has a few partners of his own: a clone of Krizalid, Zero's pet
lion, and Ron. While K' is left to deal with Zero, Maxima and Whip have to deal
with the lion and with Krizalid as Lin settles his score with Ron.
	The fight turns out to be rather gruesome, but Maxima already knows the
tactics of Krizalid, and the lion is not a really decent match. K' deals with
Zero as well, and Zero admits defeat, something that isn't really normal for
NESTS agents to do. The ship docks in a strange place, and as soon as it does
so, it begins to self-destruct! Zero hurries the team to enter the facility
where they have just docked, as he stays behind. Maxima realizes that Zero
wasn't really a bad guy to begin with, and rushes out of the crumbling ship.
	Maxima and the others realize upon arrival that they have docked in a
space station! Maxima knows almost for a fact that this must be the main HQ of
NESTS. And they soon get to meet the NESTS president himself, face to face! The
president is accompanied by two people by his sides: a tall blond man in a cloak
and an attractive female secretary. The voice that sounds in the the throne room
is mostly directed to K' and his whole past. Maxima is willing to help K' out in
any way he can, but it turns out that the old man that was sitting in the throne
was merely a decoy! The president's head is grabbed by the blond man by his
side, who calls himself Igniz, the CEO of NESTS. Igniz disintegrates the
president, and claims that he will assume the role of a leader to the new world
order ahead of them! He soon claims that he will eliminate K' and the others as
his first act as a human god!
	No matter how hard he tries, Maxima and the others are no match for the
incredible strength of Igniz, who proves why he was so highly ranked in the
NESTS cartel. Maxima has to let K' and the other heroes to do the job on Igniz.
Once Igniz is defeated by K', he drags himself to a couple of pillars atop some
stairs. Igniz begins to lose his sanity as he condemns those who defeated him to
a swift death! Igniz places his hands on the pillars, and sets the whole space
station crashing down to Earth! Igniz then encloses himself, and Maxima and the
others are left to escape on their own. The NESTS space station falls on sea,
and Maxima escapes. After arriving at shore, Maxima looks back on the sinking
station, and wonders what it will be like to finally be free from the shadow of
NESTS. He also wonders what lies ahead for K' and Whip, who has been proven to
be another clone created by NESTS. Maxima knows that whatever should happen,
this should be a head start for their new life.
	Maxima is a silent and lumbering giant with the need for some action! His
harsh behavior really hides a vulnerable person, who has lived in need for
friends. K' is the closest person to a friend that he can mention. During the
past fights, Maxima realizes the importance of friendship. Still, when Maxima
gets berserk, it's recommended to stay out of his way!

*Fun fact = Maxima was rumored to be Goro Daimon's student prior to the release
of KOF '99 (but, anyways, this rumor turned out to be false, seeing how Maxima
is NOT a grappler, and doesn't even practice Judo in the first place!).

Appearances: The King of Fighters '99, The King of Fighters 2000, The King of
Fighters 2001, The King of Fighters EX: Neo Blood (secret striker)

Birthplace:         Korea
Birthdate:          May 24, 1984 (18 years old)
Height:             1.64 m (5'4")
Weight:             47 kg (104 lbs)
Blood type:         B
Hobbies:            Watching TV
Favorite food:      Fried chicken, cold noodles
Favorite sport:     Tae Kwon Do
Most valuable:      Her red scarf and gloves
Hates the most:     Evil
Fighting style:     Tae Kwon Do

	Training in the Kaphwan dojo are hundreds of students who hope to improve
themselves, and to one day fight for justice just like the dojo's master, Kim
Kaphwan. Women are few and far between, but one of these students is actually a
young girl who has gone a long way since she entered the dojo. The belief of
justice burns deep within her heart. Her name is May Lee, and she has became one
of the most outstanding students in the Tae Kwon Do discipline.
	Inspired by the actions of her idols, Kim Kaphwan and Jhun Hoon, and with
a great flexibility in her legs, May Lee has managed to create an interesting
blend between the styles of her two masters. Her legs can move in quite a
flurry, and bedazzle the opponent in a short notice. She doesn't tolerate evil,
and will do anything to stop it wherever it shows up. She continues to train
until one day, she is granted her greatest wish: to fight aside her hero, Kim
Kaphwan, in the King of Fighters tournament no less!
	Since Jhun has injured his leg due to a street accident, May Lee is
required to replace him as a member of the greatest team of Tae Kwon Do! Kim
suggests she also keeps an eye on her teammates, former criminals Chang Koehan
and Choi Bounge. But unlike her masters, who thrived on strict discipline, May
Lee liked to talk and make jokes with the ex-convicts. Chang and Choi finally
saw a chance to actually see this tournament through without suffering a great
deal of pain....
	Even though she is just a rookie, May Lee surprises the audience with her
unique Tae Kwon Do style in the tournament. Kim and the others are surprised by
her achievements, and she soon gains a pretty strong reputation. After the
tournament ends, May Lee returns to Korea along with her partners, where they
are received like heroes for ending the menace of the evil NESTS cartel, that
was at work behind the tournament. While Jhun and Kim argue about the validity
of Kim's celebration, Chang and Choi tend to agree on one thing: that May Lee
has definetly proven herself to be the most outstanding newcomer the tournament
has seen this year!
	With a warm heart and a passionate feeling for justice, May Lee takes
after her masters Kim and Jhun, but she doesn't follow the same line of swift
punishment that they perform on Chang and Choi. Eager to know the world, and to
fight worthy opponents and evildoers alike, May Lee's dream is to one day become
a master herself, even though she isn't aware that she's closer to achieving
this goal than what she thinks.

*Fun fact = Yuri might be the Sakura ripoff when it comes to moves, but May Lee
resembles Sakura's principles the most. She loves to personally worship her
idols, Kim Kaphwan and Jhun Hoon, and even shares the same theory of defending
justice! Oh well, I guess there goes more fanservice for all of ya!

Appearances: The King of Fighters 2001

Birthplace:         Unknown
Birthdate:          July 4, 1963 (39 years old)
Height:             1.87 m (6'1")
Weight:             81 kg (178 lbs)
Blood type:         B
Hobbies:            None
Favorite food:      Unknown
Favorite sport:     Unknown
Most valuable:      Southtown
Hates the most:     Pests
Fighting style:    Stick fighting

	Mr. Big has always been involved in the crime life since he was little,
and due to his deep involvement in the high ranks of the mob, he is very skilled
at managing the mob links. He has also learned to fight with two batons, one in
each hand, and has become feared both in the crime circles and fighting
circuits. Mr. Big now resides in Southtown, a city which fits his tastes: filled
with crime and disorder, and where a mob leader like him could live the good
life. However, he had to pay tribute to the greatest crime leader of them all,
and practically the leader of Southtown: Geese Howard. So, Mr. Big decided to
join the ranks of Geese's organization, and his experience took him very high,
even being Geese's right hand man.
	Once, Geese was going to be out of the city for awhile, so he comissioned
Mr. Big to take care of things in "his town", and that nothing should stand in
their way. However, he was fearful that the Kyokugenryo Karate master, Takuma
Sakazaki, could interfere in his plans, so Geese kidnapped Takuma's daughter,
Yuri, and blackmailed him into working for Geese's organization. Then, Geese
left, and Mr. Big was to keep an eye on things. He never considered that both
Yuri's brother, Ryo, and his friend, Robert Garcia would go out to rescue her,
but Mr. Big was so confident that he decided to take them on himself. This was
received painfully by Mr. Big, who was defeated and Yuri had been rescued.
	Upon Geese's return, Mr. Big had to face him and tell him about the
Sakazaki situation. He saved it though, since Geese was pretty busy himself with
the Bogard brothers, who came to exact revenge from Geese from the death of
their father. But Mr. Big never did forgive the Sakazaki clan, so he planned his
revenge. His time came when Geese invited him to enter the King of Fighters
tournament of 1996. Mr. Big wished for his chance to take his revenge on the
Sakazaki family, but he soon realized that Geese was just using him to control
the Orochi power. Enfuriated, Mr. Big tried to kill Geese at the end of the
tournament by shooting at him. The shot was blocked by Billy Kane, Geese's
personal bodyguard. Then, Mr. Big retires, and vows Geese he will return for
payback some day!
	Mr. Big is pretty cocky and is so confident in his abilities that he
sometimes gets carried away. He is also a pimp, always getting the women, and
they all consider him such a stud! Mr. Big is also very respected in the inner
crime circles, and is known to be one of the most powerful. He marks for death
all those who defy him or challenge him. He is also pretty sarcastic when he's
feeling good.

*Fun fact = -So, what does Mr. Big do to be such a pimp? It must be the
shades...chicks dig the shades ^_^.
		-Mr. Big makes a small cameo in the U.S.A. Wharf background in KOF
'98, during the first rounds, always blessed with the company of those two fine

Appearances: The King of Fighters '96, The King of Fighters: Kyo
Other games: Art of Fighting, Art of Fighting 2

(Bio sheet unknown)

	The Orochi has been considered an evil entity, and a messanger of the gods
to purify the world of the human race. Many fight against it, and many fight for
it. However, one thing is for sure: the Orochi posseses incredible power,
capable of vanquishing the human race with it's incredible powers.
	The Orochi first appeared in the human world 1800 years ago, where it made
it's power feel in the world, beginning to cause destruction and death. The
world was enveloped in darkness until two clans, the Kusanagi (the sword that
seals), and the Yagami (the shield that holds) faced the Orochi, ready to
sacrifice their life to erradicate the entity. Despite the incredible and
devastating power displayed by the Orochi, the Yagami managed to keep it under
hold with their power, while the Kusanagi eliminated it by sending several
crimson flame blasts. Once defeated the Orochi power, the Clan of the Yata
imposed a seal on the Orochi power, never allowing it to be run amok in the
world once again.
	However, Orochi planned it's revenge, and tempted the Yagami clan, which
were the more problematic clan. The Yagami thought it would be a good idea if
they had abit of the Orochi power, in order to have the upper hand on the
Kusanagi, whom everybody considered to be the more powerful clan. Then, the
Orochi and the Yagami dealed an unholy pact, and the Yagami were conceded a
portion of Orochi power into their blood, turning their crimson flames into
purple flames of destruction. Then, the Kusanagi objected, and then both clans
engaged into a war. This happened 660 years ago, and the Orochi saw with glee
how both clans, which had ruined it's plans, were now killing themselves.
	The Orochi was kept sealed up until the year of 1986. There, one of the
Four Heavenly Kings of Orochi, Goenitz, killed the heir of the Clan of the Yata,
and broke the seal which was imposed on the Orochi power. Still weak and unable
to display it's full power, the Orochi seeked a new host for it's power, and
found it in the figure of a little child, a young Heavenly King named Chris. Not
long after the seal was broken, however, a man named Rugal Bernstein, who had
the evil ambition of being the most powerful man in the world, seeked to claim
the Orochi power for himself. Goenitz stopped him, however, and since Rugal was
so willing to see how powerful the Orochi was, he granted him a tiny part of
Orochi power. This, in 1995, was the reason why Rugal was destroyed: simple
mortals such as him just can not aspire to control such power as the Orochi.
	However, Orochi was still awaiting to wake up, and Goenitz would take care
of this, by gathering fighting energy to strengthen the Orochi power. This
energy was taken from the battles in the King of Fighters tournament in 1996,
but Goenitz did not live enough to gather enough energy. His task was taken on
by the other three Heavenly Kings of Orochi by next year: Yashiro Nanakase,
Shermie, and the Orochi host, Chris. They accomplished their task after fighting
the warriors of the King of Fighters tournament. Then, Orochi awaked inside of
Chris' body, and took his new form: that of a spirited young man which reflected
the passionate battles that took place in the fights of the King of Fighters
tournament. Once again, Orochi regained it's whole power, and the world was once
again in grave danger. However, Orochi did not count on the union between the
Kusanagi and Yagami clans once again, represented by Kyo and Iori, and once
again managed to stop the Orochi, even when Orochi activated the Riot of Blood
in Iori's blood. Orochi was once again banned from this world, but by now, the
dimensions will remain pacific, as for Orochi every hundred years will be like
ten years for human, until the next time...

*Fun fact = -Everybody and the cat must be of Orochi blood! As of last year, we
found out many bloodline members of Orochi, even including Ryuji Yamazaki of the
Fatal Fury series! Now, who will be an Orochi next year? Not Athena??!
		-The strange tattoo on Orochi's chest is an abstract drawing of the
eight-headed Orochi dragon from the legend (count the number of extensions). Did
you know that a violent god known as Susano Orbatos was the one who did away
with the Orochi in the original legend? He was the one who wielded the Kusanagi
sword to kill the Orochi (there is also a manga drawn by Masamune Shirow called
"Orion" which depicts such events, aside from the Blue Seed manga/anime series).

Appearances: The King of Fighters '97, The King of Fighters: Kyo, The King of
Fighters R-1

Birthplace:            Brazil
Birthdate:             August 25, 1958 (44 years old)
Height:                1.88 m (6'1")
Weight:                100 kg (220 lbs)
Blood type:            A
Hobbies:               Collecting knives
Favorite food:         Bubble gum
Favorite sport:        Baseball
Most valuable:         Badge of Honor
Hates the most:        Snakes
Fighting style:        Martial Arts and Heidern style assasination techniques

	Ralf Jones, along with his lifetime friend, Clark Steel, have passed
through so many missions that many mercenaries would wish doing even half of
them. However, no mission was as tough for Ralf as those he passed in the King
of Fighters tournament.
	As said, Ralf and Clark have been partners for a long time, and
accomplished a lot of missions with unarguable results. Their combination of
power and intelligence represent a threat for criminals and corrupt politicians
alike. While Clark loves to use guns, Ralf prefers the down-and-dirty work of
his knives to get the work down. He has also been very skilled in the uses of
punches and close-contact moves, even being able to move his arms so fast and so
powerful that they create explosions upon contact!
	During a mission, Ralf and Clark had to penetrate the Amazon jungle to
destroy a local weapon warehouse. Upon completion of the mission, Ralf and Clark
had noticed that they were left in the jungle. They kept walking (and Ralf,
unfortunately, had to trip with a couple of snakes on the way), until a
helicopter located their position. Then, their commander, Heidern, leaped out of
the helicopter. He tells his two most effective mercenaries that he needs their
help to take out Rugal Bernstein, a criminal merchant and a menace for the world
governments. He also happened to kill Heidern's family awhile back, so it was
also personal for Heidern. Both mercenaries accepted, and thus began the
adventures of Ralf and Clark in the King of Fighters tournaments. Ralf was much
more enthustiatic than Clark, since Ralf always seeked a good brawl wherever he
went. Ralf also respected Heidern a lot, not onyl for being his superior, but
also his master and the man who trained him in combat situations. He helped
Heidern up until Rugal's death, and then, one day, Ralf was called to Heidern's
	Clark was there as well, and Heidern began to speak. He says that the King
of Fighters tournament is coming up once again, but this time, he won't be
coming along. Rugal was dead, so Heidern can finally sit back and rest, but he
would not leave them alone, of course. Heidern then called Leona in. Ralf was
astonished as his new partner was to be a woman! And a very tomboy woman at
that...Ralf decided to protest very harshly, but Heidern did not pay too much
attention, and only tells Ralf: "Don't underestimate her until you have seen her
in action.". Heidern then briefed the trio of their new mission: to track down
Geese Howard, main mob leader of Southtown, and investigate his intentions of
entering the tournament. If his actions represent a threat for humanity, then
they were ordered to stop him. Ralf accepts for Heidern's sake, but still has
his doubts of Leona. Although, he has this strange feeling of respect towards
her as well...
	Ralf investigates Geese as ordered, but finds out a lot more things about
Leona as well. As Ralf knew more about Leona, more he became interested in her.
Then, Heidern calls the Ikari Warriors and orders them to reunite in the stadium
to keep an eye on the final battle. As soon as they arrived, a huge gust of wind
blew and destroyed the whole stadium. Ralf then saw a tall figure amidst the
rubble. He said his name was Goenitz, but that wasn't the most surprising thing
he heard: when Goenitz confesses that both Iori Yagami and Leona are of Orochi
blood, Ralf is more than surprised. Once Goenitz is defeated, Ralf decides to
comfort the confused Leona by doing a funny scene with Clark. This manages to
cheer Leona up, but Ralf knows things would only become harder from now on.
	By next year, Ralf had to almost abort a mission due to Leona's flashbacks
of her past in the middle of a mission. Ralf then asks for Heidern a temporal
suspension to enter the King of Fighters tournament, as a mode of distracting
Leona from her bad memories. However, the worst was yet to come. In the final
stages of the tournament, Leona enters the Riot of Blood, and then goes out on a
killing rampage. Worried for his friend, Ralf takes Clark and decides to go
search for Leona and stop her. They manage to stop Leona, but after the sealing
of the Orochi power for good, Leona decides she is too dangerous to be allowed
to live, and is about to pierce herself with her blade hairdress, but Ralf stops
her, and tells her that she was alone before, but now she had her friends to
look up to. Then, Ralf gives her his headscarf, and all three friends walk back
looking towards a new future.
	Ralf feels kind of relaxed once the fights are over, and back in the life
of mercenaries along with Clark and Leona, taking some extreme missions. While
none of them even got close to the experience of Orochi, Ralf is relieved to see
Leona a little bit more calmed down, and of course, always trashing the house
with Clark! The happy times don't last forever, however, as commander Heidern
informs Ralf about the new King of Fighters tournament, and the urge in
investigating the evil intentions of the host this time around. He also gets to
have a new member with him: the female mercenary, Whip. Ralf accepts, but begins
to wonder if the Ikari Warriors have became a women's club....
	But the danger is not over yet. The NESTS cartel, the organization behind
Krizalid, was still at large, and Ralf had vowed to stop them. Along with his
commander Heidern, they analyze the next objective: it seems that NESTS was last
located at Southtown. Heidern assigns his mercenaries to the attack site.
Heidern would remain with his fellow commander Ling and supervise the mission.
As the field leader, Ralf sends his comrades out.
	Upon arriving at Southtown, Ralf orders a scouting. Nothing has been found
yet, but once a building begins to shake in the horizon, Ralf senses something
ominous. He rushes his partners to the abandoned factory, were he found his
commander Heidern wounded. It turns out to be that Ling was actually Zero, a
high ranked NESTS agent that assumed Ling's identity. Too occupied evacuating
the buliding, Ralf notices that Whip is amiss! Before he can get into action,
Ralf has to retire in order to avoid the inminent impact of the Zero Cannon.
	After scouting the area and finding no trace of NESTS whatsover, Ralf goes
back to his headquarters with a feeling of defeat. Back in the base, Ralf is
summoned by Heidern. He has a gift to give him, Leona, and Clark. Whip actually
left a video before the mission. In it, Whip bids the mercenaries farewell, and
acclaims their big feeling of friendship, and begs them not to miss her. Ralf
wonders if it's too late for that....
	During the next year, Ralf commands the Ikari Warriors into investigating
several locations were NESTS is supposed to have operation bases. However, by
the time they arrive and raid the places, they are already empty, with no track
of NESTS ever being there. Ralf starts to get incredibly frustrated until
Heidern orders the Ikari Warriors to a new task: to enter the next King of
Fighters tournament! It seems that NESTS has finally decided to go public as the
tournament host this year, even after they destroyed Southtown with their Zero
Cannon. Ralf knows that something just isn't going right, but is surprised to
know that the one who gave them this information was Whip, with whom they had
lost all contact for a whole year. Ralf knows he must make it up to Whip by
trashing those losers at NESTS!
	Ralf fights with all his might in the King of Fighters tournament, but
this is yet a decoy to foil the possible NESTS spies. What Ralf really aims is
to find the secret hideout of NESTS. Thanks to their contacts, Ralf now knows
that the main location of NESTS is in outer space, in a space station. Ralf
leaves the task of defeating NESTS up to Whip and company, and watches with joy
how they managed to accomplish the mission by taking NESTS down. Not long after,
Ralf and his partners are assigned to another mission, but along with him, he
takes a recent photograph of Whip, who seems to be going along just fine with
Kula, a former NESTS bio-weapon. Ralf knows Whip must understand Kula very well,
since it was confirmed that Whip was also a clone created by NESTS. But Ralf
knows how strong Whip really is, and says to himself: "Keep it up, you
	Ralf is sort of cocky, unlike his serious partner Clark. However, when
paired up together, this duo sort of does the most loony things! However, that
doesn't mean Ralf doesn't take the missions seriously. He is aware of his
responsibility, and will do anything to get the mission done. He cares a lot for
Leona, and seems to like her, but doesn't want it to be revealed. So, Ralf
decides to be a counselor for Leona, and help her pass her crisis.

*Fun fact = Ralf and Clark are always pure dynamite when paired up! These guys
do the silly Cross Changer pose dance whenever they face themselves since KOF
'96. They also do some funny scenes, like when Clark gets Ralf in a hold to
cheer Leona up. Maybe Chang and Choi are loony, but these two certainly don't
hold back!
*Cloth changes = Ralf wears a camoflague headscarf, heavy black vest, white
shirt (with a bullet belt aligned across it), and jeans from KOF '99 to '99. In
KOF '99, Ralf's headscarf is plain red, brown pants, a lighter, green military
vest (lots of pockets), has no bullets on his shirt, and has two red gloves. In
KOF 2000, Ralf changes his shirt to black, and his dog tag is now exposed.

Appearances: The King of Fighters '94, The King of Fighters '95, The King of
Fighters '96, The King of Fighters '97,  The King of Fighters '98, The King of
Fighters '99, The King of Fighters 2000, The King of Fighters 2001, The King of
Fighters: Kyo, The King of Fighters EX: Neo Blood
Other games: Ikari Warriors, Ikari Warriors II, Ikari Warriors III (in these
three games, Ralf was known as 'Vince')

Birthplace:                   Mexico
Birthdate:                    December 3, 1975 (27 years old)
Height:                       1.70 m (5'6")
Weight:                       80 kg (176 lbs)
Blood type:                   A
Hobbies:                      Playing with children
Favorite food:                Tacos, tequila (a good ol' Mexican choice! :)
Favorite sport:               Pro wrestling
Most valuable:                Mask given to him by his mentor
Hates the most:               Foul play, losses outside the ring
Fighting style:               Lucha libre

*Lucha libre = Pro wrestling

	Ramon was a poor kid with limited resources as a child. He had to work
overtime in order to sustain himself and his family, doing multiple jobs. He was
desperate since not even working day and night could he earn enough money. That
was until one faithful day, when Ramon entered a wrestling arena....
	Ramon was marveled at the sights of pro wrestling. Wrestlers were living
idols in Mexico, as popular as the president himself. Their actions were
worshipped, and their techniques, admired by thousands of fans. Ramon was so
submerged into this world, that his life took only one path: that of becoming
the best wrestler there ever was!
	Ramon began his training under the teachings of a famous ex-wrestler, and
ever since the beginning, Ramon was pushed to the limits. He had to have a lot
of flexibility, movement, and strength in every hit and throw he executed. Ramon
was a bit clumsy, so it took him some time. His short size allowed him to move
fast and scurry himself through the opponent's arms and inflict damage himself.
It wasn't long until Ramon finally got into the big leagues, and he stayed there
for a long time....
	As a famous pro wrestler, Ramon gained the admiration of thousands of
wrestling fans by putting it all in every match. His spectacular techniques and
superb moves were more than enough to get the crowd wild. His charity actions
towards the poor allowed him to sooth the pain of the past. After a short while,
Ramon became the most famous wrestler in all Mexico. But he knew he was limited
to one country and one style, so he was anxious to test new waters. His chance
would arrive soon....
	After a championship match which Ramon won with ease, the Mexican wrestler
met up with a gorgeous woman in the dressing room. Ramon shamefully tells the
woman that the ladies' room is next door, but the mystery woman was actually
looking for him, which ashamed Ramon even more. The woman introduces herself as
Vanessa, and she is looking for another partner to team up with her and two
other partners, yet to be defined, and participate in the next King of Fighters
tournament. Ramon didn't know what that meant, but he knew he would be able to
expand his horizons futher, so he accepeted, his shame vanished.
	Ramon has the "great luck" of teaming up with K' and Maxima, former NESTS
agents, but he is still unknown to the fact of what NESTS was. Ramon lends the
joy and light to the naturally-gloomy team members, and contrasts a lot with K's
violence, Maxima's coldness, and Vanessa's inner despair. With Ramon's help, he
and his team manage to reach the finals, that will take place in Southtown.
Ramon finally gets to know the NESTS cartel better, when the location for their
final battle, an abandoned factory, is ambushed by NESTS soldiers, and they head
right into a trap set up by one of the top head-honchos of the NESTS cartel,
Zero! Although Ramon can't fight too well against the powerful Zero, his desire
and passion for winning inspire the others to do their best as well.
	When Zero is finally defeated, and the Zero Cannon condemns Southtown to
death, Ramon takes the wounded Vanessa on his shoulders and escapes through an
underground passage. As Vanessa awakens, Ramon explains the situation to her.
Vanessa is worried about Ramon's physical condition, but Ramon, with his
classical optimism, claims with a wide grin on his face: "Being like this, I
just couldn't be better!".
	After escaping his own ordeal, Ramon and Vanessa take a vacation to rest
up from their wounds of battle. Ramon takes his spare time to refine his
techniques and define his own style. He can't wait for the day where his skills
would be needed in battle once again, and that day comes during a day off near a
pool with Vanessa. The attractive lady tells Ramon about the next King of
Fighters tournament, which gets Ramon all hyped up! But his new teammate makes
him cringe in suspition: the ever-unpredictable Iori Yagami.
	Even with the presence of his ominous partner, Ramon resolves to help his
friends Seth and Vanessa in their task to take down NESTS. His high-flying
skills and quick grapples make him a very popular figure in the tournament,
moreso thanks to his desire of self improvement, and to never give up. As the
King of Fighters tournament ends with the final destruction of NESTS and their
HQ striked down from outer space, Ramon is required to accomplish one last task:
to supress Iori himself! Since Iori was too dangerous to be wandering around
like that, Vanessa and Seth resolved to do away with him. Ramon jumps into
action, wondering if Iori's bitter hatred can surpass his optimistic attitude.
	Ramon is a very jolly and hopeful wrestler. His excitement in battle and
his determination to fight to the very end no matter what, makes all the
gloominess vanish around him. He wishes his partners would be more happy, and
share this passion he feels when he wins. His compassion for the poor children
has made him a very admired person in Mexico, and Ramon can only do his best in
order to not let his fans down.

*Fun fact = -As of late, Mexican wrestlers have been gaining a lot of reputation
in the video game business. They were mildy known by T.Hawk (from Capcom's
Street Fighter series), and Stinger (from Capcom's Saturday Night Slam Masters
series). But now you should know them better by the likes of King (from Namco's
Tekken series), Tizoc (from SNK's Garou: Mark of the Wolves), and now Ramon. It
was about time, since Mexican pro wrestlers don't fake it as much as those of
the WWF. :)
		-Speaking of King and Tizoc, has anybody noticed a trend with the
Mexican wrestlers in fighting games? I mean, these two and Ramon have this habit
of helping the children in need. Not that this is too farfetched, mind you.
Several Mexican wrestlers have been known to help organizations that assist
children with cancer, orphans, or kids who live in the street. There was even
one Mexican wrestler called "Fray Tormenta" who was actually a masked priest who
wrestled to help the children of his orphanage (this sounds a HELL lot more
similiar to the concept of King from Tekken, but it still applies to the SNK
wrestlers somewhat. ;)
		-The blue mask that Ramon holds in his hands in his official KOF
2001 drawing looks a lot like the mask of Blue Demon, one of the most famous
Mexican wrestlers of all time.

Appearances: The King of Fighters 2000, The King of Fighters 2001

Birthplace:             Italy
Birthdate:              December 25, 1973 (29 years old)
Height:                 1.80 m (5'9")
Weight:                 85 kg (187 lbs)
Blood type:             AB
Hobbies:                Collecting cars
Favorite food:          Sushi, yakisoba
Favorite sport:         Motor sports
Most valuable:          His collection of cars
Hates the most:         Rakkyou
Fighting style:         Kyokugenryo Karate

*Sushi = Japanese dish, made mainly of raw fish

	Robert is the son of the wealthy Italian business man Alberto Garcia. Due
to Alberto's friendship with Takuma Sakazaki, master of Kyokugenryo Karate, and
willing to teach some discipline to Robert, the multimillionaire sends Robert to
Takuma's dojo, where he begins to train. While acting like a spoiled brat the
first few days, Takuma shows him the state of things in his dojo, and Robert had
no other choice but to stay put and obey, and began to wield the power of the
dragon. He quickly made friends with both of Takuma's children: the older son,
Ryo, and the younger daughter, Yuri. While Robert and Ryo were very good
friends, Robert had a special relationship with Yuri. He felt she was something
special, and all three grew up being the best of friends...until...
	One day, Takuma disappeared, and soon after that, Yuri vanished as well.
Ryo and Robert felt something bad was behind all this, so they accepted to go
out and search for her in the hostile and crime-filled Southtown. Robert and Ryo
divided themselves to search clues for where she could be. Robert was determined
to find her, since he knew he was very much in love with her, but he wasn't able
to tell both Ryo and Takuma, fearful that they would be very angry at his idea.
Still, Robert faced most of the criminals in Southtown in order to find Yuri,
and all clues pointed towards Mr. Big, one of the more powerful gang leaders of
Southtown. Robert managed to defeat the bluffing Mr. Big, and demanded where
Yuri was. Mr. Big laughed and called for Mr. Karate. This warrior used a "tengu"
(bird) mask, but his fighting spirit was very powerful. He also seemed to use
Kyokugenryo Karate as well! Ryo was the one to fight him, and once defeated, Ryo
decided to finish him off, as he thought he was the mastermind behind all this.
But then, Yuri barged in, and tells Ryo not to harm him, as Mr. Karate was
really Takuma! Robert and Ryo were surprised by this, and decided to go after
the man who had fooled them, Geese Howard. However, he was already in trouble
for facing the Bogard brothers, whom were ready to exact revenge for the death
of their father at Geese's hands. So, the Sakazaki family and Robert decided to
go back to the dojo.
	Robert, always benefited by the money of his father, always wore fancy
clothes and drived in luxurious cars. He also likes to impress Yuri with his
presents, but Ryo and Takuma always keep a handy eye on him. By 1994, Robert was
invited by Takuma to represent the Kyokugenryo Karate in the new King of
Fighters tournament, which now introduced the team battle mode. Robert was a bit
confused that Yuri would not enter with them, but he accepted anyway. After two
tournaments, the Kyokugenryo Team has shown the power of their style, and Robert
has done a pretty well role in honoring the Kyokugenryo Karate. However, Robert
and Ryo have to run away after each tournament to avoid Takuma's orders to train
again! Robert had a little pause in the action to help a childhood friend save
her brother, Wyler, who had gone berserk using a demonic power. After a short
trip to Southtown, Robert returned to the dojo, to be known that Takuma would
retire his position as leader of the Kyokugenryo Team and deliver his place to
his daughter Yuri. Robert was glad that Yuri would fight with him, but Ryo will
keep an eye on him!
	Since that moment, Robert has represented Kyokugenryo Karate the best way
possible. He gets very excited when Yuri fights, and more when she wins. Problem
is, Ryo is always behind him and does not let him do anything smart. After the
tournament of 1996, Robert arrived one day to the Kyokugenryo dojo. He saw it to
be destroyed and many students to be wounded. He then consulted with Ryo and
Yuri. Ryo tells them that Takuma has told him to tell both of them to fight in
the next tournament and clean the honor of the Kyokugenryo Karate. Robert and
Yuri accept, and now, Robert is more willing than ever to fight and show that
the Kyokugenryo Karate is the best martial art in the world!
	Robert decides to focus more on trying to sweep Yuri off her feet during
the two year break after the Orochi battle, but is abruptly brought back to
training by his master, Takuma, and friend, Ryo, in punishment for his
insolence! Robert gets more serious in his training, however, when he realizes
the next King of Fighters tournament coming up, and this time around, he will
have both Takuma AND Yuri in his team, so he's got a lot to prove. Despite being
the only foreigner among the team, he feels as if he was in his own family. He
just can't lie back and do nothing while the others trust in him!
	Once the tournament ends, Robert takes some time off in order to rearrange
his thoughts. The whole NESTS business has been quite wild, so Robert decides to
take a well-deserved vacation. Upon his return, however, Robert dedicates
himself entirely to training in order to fight the NESTS menace for the next
King of Fighters tournament. However, Robert realizes with shock that Yuri will
once again leave the Kyokugenryo dojo in order to reunite with her old friend,
Mai Shiranui. And to add more to his suffering, Ryo tries to get King into the
team, which triggers Robert's anger, refusing to lose his beloved to some
tomboy! Robert challenges King to a fight, to see if she deserves to fight in
name of the Kyokugenryo. King accepts, and as Robert expected, it was a tough
fight. No matter how hard he tried, he couldn't pin King down. Robert's energy
finaly starts to falter, and in the agony of the battle, he gives it to King
that she has proved herself worthy. Now, Robert would have to live without Yuri
this year. Now her place has been taken by King, and the time for Robert to
really prove himself to Yuri, now that she has became her rival, and show her
how worthy he really is!
	The year after Southtown was destroyed, the Garcia foundation passed
through a lot of trouble. A world financial crisis, in fear of the awakening of
NESTS or their possible reaction against economic superpowers who might
challenge them, deteriorated and finally made the business of the Garcia family
go bankrupt. Devastated and penniless, Robert turns to his old friends, the
Sakazaki family, for guidance. The Sakazaki clan can not bear the sight of a
morally destroyed Robert, deprived of all hope. So, they resolve to help Robert
out by winning the next King of Fighters tournament, win the prize money, and
even get rid of NESTS in the process! Robert thanks them all for their support,
and promises that he will do his best as well to lift his company from the
	Out of sheer desperation and in terrible need of honoring his family name,
Robert fought in the King of Fighters tournament like never before, improving
his skills to the upmost. Finally, the end of the King of Fighters tournament
was signed by the destruction of the HQ of NESTS in outer space, and the
Kyokugenryo Team was left to cash the money. The Sakazaki family is relieved
that they will finally make Robert rich again, so he can fulfill their financial
needs! Robert is enfuriated, and chases the Sakazaki clan away. But deep inside
he knows that they are just like his family, and his debt can be hardly paid
with his life.
	Robert thinks he has put the style and finesse in the Kyokugenryo Karate,
and is always bragging about himself. He has been interested in Yuri ever since
he first met her, even though he has the money and power to get other girls. He
respects both Takuma and his best friend, Ryo, but is really bothered when both
of them interfere in his intentions to propose to Yuri. He also avoids Yuri's
wrath whenever he helps his childhood friend.

	ART OF FIGHTING ROBERT GARCIA (The King of Fighters '98): Alternate
version of Robert Garcia, based on his Art of Fighting series incarnation. His
Ryuugeki Ken recovers it's long range, and his Genei Kyaku returns (the multiple
hit kick). Robert's Hien Shippu Kyaku also changes back to its' original state.
He still has two DM: the Ryuko Ranbu and the Haoh-Sho-Koh-Ken, but loses the Mu
Ei Shippuu Jyu Dan Kyaku DM.

*Fun fact = Remember Robert's trusty coin which he has always flipped since KOF
'95? Well, it was included as a limited edition coin in certain Neo Geo Art of
Fighting 3 games. Now...well...you can flip it and try to catch it yourself!
(And don't feel bad if you don't, even Robert misses once in awhile, as shown in
one of his KOF '98 victory poses).
*Cloth changes = Robert had a black shirt and brown vest in KOF '94/'95, and
then dons a blue shirt with long sleeves and white neck from his AOF 3
incarnation for KOF '96. In KOF '99, he goes back to his KOF '94/'95 outfit, but
his black shirt has longer sleeves now.

Appearances: The King of Fighters '94, The King of Fighters '95, The King of
Fighters '96, The King of Fighters '97, The King of Fighters '98, The King of
Fighters '99, The King of Fighters 2000 (also appears dressed like Ryo, but in
white, as his special striker), The King of Fighters 2001, The King of Fighters:
Kyo, The King of Fighters EX: Neo Blood
Other games: Art of Fighting, Art of Fighting 2, Art of Fighting 3

Birthplace:               Unknown
Birthdate:                February 10, 19??
Height:                   1.97 m (6'4")
Weight:                   103 kg (227 lbs)
Blood type:               Unknown
Hobbies:                  Resurrection
Favorite food:            Eats anything
Favorite sport:           None in particular, is good at anything
Most valuable:            Evil soul
Hates the most:           Anything that gets in his way, justice
Fighting style:           Compilation of several martial arts

	Rugal has been admired and feared throughout the world, by crime leaders
and politicians alike, by his influence and power in his illegal deals. He
controls all his operations from his personal air carrier, the Blacknoah, and
his pet panther always by his side. However, Rugal is not only feared in the
higher social circles, he is also a personality in the fighting world, where he
has been known to be a man who does not allow his defeated opponents to live.
Nobody who has faced him had come out alive. Not only that, but Rugal takes his
defeated opponents, and covers them in liquid metal, and keeps them as morbid
statues. He even wiped out a whole unit of mercenaries, commanded by a certain
Heidern, and when he was about to kill him, Heidern's family, whom Rugal had
captured to keep Heidern away from his plans, protected Heidern and ended up
being killed. However, Rugal's downfall was his own ambition, as all those who
desire absolute power.
	Even though he was already an expert martial artist, and gathered the best
techniques of the best fighters in the world (including Geese Howard and
Wolfgang Krauser, past two hosts of the King of Fighters tournament), Rugal
still felt he needed extreme power. While he was cruising through the seas with
the Blacknoah, he felt a very powerful source in a remote part of the world.
Rugal decided to take a trip there, and when he arrived, he sensed a magnificent
power, a very calm, but devastating energy source. Ruagl's eyes gleamed with
ambition, and reached out to control it. Suddenly, a tall man appeared in front
of Rugal. He was very menacing, and Rugal sensed a huge power emanating from
him. Rugal tells the man to stand aside, and the man, named Goenitz, tells him
that the Orochi power will be of no simple mortal. Rugal then decides to teach
the man not to be so impolite, but before Rugal can do anything, the man swoops
his hand, and gouges his right eye off. Rugal reels in pain,and Goenitz praises
Rugal for surviving his attack. He then acceeds to give Rugal a small part of
the power he seeks. Goenitz then infuses Rugal with a portion of the Orochi
power. Rugal's body is trembled with pain, but then, Rugal laughs maniacally. He
now feels the true power! Goenitz informs Rugal that if he ever overuses this
power, the result would be fatal for him. Rugal then goes back to the Blacknoah,
with the huge sense of power flowing through his body. Shortly after, Rugal
receives the visit of two mysterious women, who offer to be Rugal's secretaries.
Their names were: Mature and Vice. Rugal accepts them, unknown of their true
	Upon his return, Rugal implants a powerful sight orb in place of his right
eye, and plans his next step. Rugal then has an incredible idea: he decides to
invite the most powerful fighters to fight each other, and the most powerful
will face him in the final battle. He then takes the King of Fighters
tournament, which was carried before by Geese Howard and Wolfgang Krauser, and
decides to change it's rules: instead of being one-on-one fights, the battles
will take place between teams of three people each. Then, Rugal sends
invitations to the best fighers in the world, signed personally by him, and then
awaits the outcome of his tournament. However, Rugal receives an unexpected
visit of a mysterious fighter. Rugal identifies the symbol on the warrior's
clothes to be that of a Kusanagi. Indeed, it was Saisyu Kusanagi, head of the
Kusanagi clan. He dares Rugal that he will not accomplish his evil plan to rule
the world. Rugal chuckles and decides to take him on. The battle then begins...
	At the end, Rugal receives the visit of the Japan Team. He then laughs and
tells them that they will be next in in their collection. Benimaru and Daimon
fight Rugal, whom is too confident in his abilities, and manage to put him in
serious jeopardy. But Rugal does not surrender, and decides to fight at full
potential. He takes Benimaru and Daimon and wipes them out easily with his
superb skills. Then, Rugal faces Kyo. Having to fight a Kusanagi again, Rugal
almost reads Kyo's mind, and previews all his moves. Rugal uses his superior
power to knock Kyo around. Kyo then notices his father lying in a corner of the
room, he gets enfuriated, and attacks Rugal with all his power. This time, Rugal
is unable to control the wrath of the Kusanagi, and is constantly burnt and hit
by Kyo's attacks. At the edge of defeat, Rugal sneers and takes out a remote
control device. He presses the red button, and he puts the Blacknoah in
autodestruction mode! The Japan Team manages to escape, but Rugal is presumed to
be blown to bits...Or at least, that is what it seems...
	But Rugal was not dead yet. Using the Orochi power for first time, Rugal
has managed to survive the blast almost harmless. His right arm, however, is
terribly wounded, and decides to implant a cyborg arm instead. He then begins
his plan of revenge. He comissions Vice to brainwash Saisyu so he would help him
in his plot. Then, Rugal invites almost the same teams as last year, but with
one new team thrown in. He is especially interested in the Hero Team...and
mostly, Kyo Kusanagi.
	Before the final battles, Rugal decides to put sleeping gas in the locker
rooms of all the most important teams. He then takes them to his new underground
base, and when the Hero Team finally wakes up, he finally introduces himself.
The mysterious "R" who had signed the invitations was no other than Rugal once
again! He decides to have fun with his victims before they die. He then sics
Saisyu at the Hero Team, knowing Kyo wouldn't attack his own father. However,
Benimaru and Daimon take care of him, and now Rugal has to do the dirty job
himself. This time, Rugal is sure of his victory, as he uses the Orochi power to
turn into a godlike entity by the name of Omega Rugal! Rugal makes short work of
Benimaru and Daimon again, and even Kyo can not avoid the huge power Rugal
displays. The power seems to be too much, but Rugal seems to handle it quite
well. However, thanks to the help of other fighters such as Terry, Ryo, and
Athena, Rugal has to go all out, and in doing so, the Orochi power in Rugal's
body begins to get out of control, and Rugal begins to feel how his body begins
to burn and explode. He has overused the power, and is now unable to control
it's limits. Before Rugal vanishes, Iori Yagami appears. He considers Rugal a
fool, as only those of the bloodline could control such power. Rugal promises to
return, and is dissipated by a beam of light...
	Rugal is an evil man with no warm feelings at all. His only desire is to
have eternal power in order to conquer the world, and uses the Orochi power in
order to do so, which finally killed him at the end. He loves the smell of
blood, and is a sadistic maniac by nature. He likes to take a sip of his glass
of wine once in awhile, as like a preview of all the blood he is gonna spill out
from all his enemies.

	OMEGA RUGAL BERNSTEIN (The King of Fighters '95/The King of Fighters '98/
The King of Fighters R-2): The super powered version of Rugal, where he uses the
Orochi power and becomes a blood thirsty monster. He doesn't lose consciousness
like Iori and Leona do, but rises his sense of killing. His hair turns white,
his eye gets lost, and normally begins acting very weird (roars, rips his own
chest). He is very powerful in this version, but this ends up being the
catastrophe of Rugal in the end. He also has the Omega symbol (something like a
horseshoe) tatooed in his back, as a mark left to him by Goenitz.

*Fun fact = Rugal has seemingly replaced Mature and Vice in KOF '98, as now, in
one of his victory poses, his two new secretaries (dressed in pretty elegant
gray costumes) come to refresh him. Note how one of them even has a cyborg eye
as Rugal does! (Now that's fanatism for ya!)

Appearances: The King of Fighters '94, The King of Fighters '95, The King of
Fighters '98, The King of Fighters 2000 (Kula's hidden special striker)
Other games: Capcom vs. SNK: Millenium Fight 2000, Capcom vs. SNK: Millenium
Fight 2000 - Pro, Capcom vs. SNK 2: Millionaire Fighting 2001

"Good beyond the Hill"
Birthplace:            Japan (of American heritage)
Birthdate:             August 2, 1973 (29 years old)
Height:                1.79 m (5'9")
Weight:                68 kg (149 lbs)
Blood type:            O
Hobbies:               Weekend carpentry
Favorite food:         Mochi, natto
Favorite sport:        Sumo wrestling
Most valuable:         Restored motorcycle, horse
Hates the most:        Bugs with multiple legs
Fighting style:        Kyokugenryo Karate

*Mochi = rice cake
*Natto = fermented soy beans

	Ryo is the older son of Takuma Sakazaki, master of Kyokugenryo Karate, and
older brother of Yuri Sakazaki. Being the oldest of the two children of Takuma,
he has been chosen to be the heir of the Sakazaki legacy, and Ryo tries to live
up to it by training very hard every day in the Kyokugenryo Karate dojo, using
the power of the tiger to fight. He has trained since he was a little kid, and
wants to make his father proud. He considers Yuri to be nothing more than a
pest, and that she must not be training in Kyokugenryo Karate, since she is just
a girl, and besides, Ryo fears she might be hurt in a battle.
	While still training, Ryo receives a new training partner, the son of one
of Takuma's friends, Robert Garcia. Both became the best of friends, joined by
the same style. They quarrel a bit, especially when Robert gets close to Yuri.
However, they both respect each other, and sometimes get in a little battle once
in awhile. Both fighters become the top students of the dojo, but suddenly,
Takuma disappears with no notice, and Yuri is kidnapped shortly after. Ryo is
resolved to go and seek his family in the dangerous and criminal Southtown,
aided by Robert. Ryo and Robert divide themselves to look out for clues of
Yuri's location. Ryo then meets a lot of enemies and friends, one of them being
King, a bouncer of a bar which Ryo thought to be a man, and upon using a Ko'ou
Ken on her, Ryo breaks King's shirt, revealing Ryo that she is a woman. Pretty
ashamed, Ryo offers to help King, and ever since, both have become the best of
friends...and even a bit more than that, but both refuse to accept their true
	Finally, Ryo is informed that the man who kidnapped his sister was no
other than Mr. Big, one of the more important gang leaders of Southtown. Ryo and
Robert go to his lair, and Ryo furiously demands Mr. Big to give him back his
sister. Mr. Big obviously smiles and tells them that the won't do anything
unless they defeat him. Robert takes care in doing so, but then, the defeated
Mr. Big calls infor Mr. Karate. This man wore a strange "tengu" (bird) mask, and
Ryo sensed a powerful, but familiar, aura from him. Mr. Big orders Mr. Karate to
attack them. Robert is exhausted from his battle with Mr. Big, and Ryo takes the
battle on. The two warriors fight, and Ryo realizes with astonishment that this
man uses Kyokugenryo Karate as well! However, Ryo is determined to save his
sister, and with an exceptional display of courage and strength, defeats Mr.
Karate. About to finish him off, determining he was the cause of Yuri's
kidnapping, it is no other than Yuri herself who bids Ryo not to finish him. It
turns out that Mr. Karate was really Takuma, who had been blackmailed by Geese
Howard, main criminal leader of Southtown, to fight for him if he did not want
Yuri to die. Ryo accords to stop Geese, but he already has his hands full with
the Bogard brothers, who had come to exact revenge from him for the death of
their father. Ryo decides to retire back to the dojo and continue with his
training, now that his father and sister are all right.
	Ryo, after a few years, has been invited by Takuma to form a team with him
and represent the Kyokugenryo Karate style in the new King of Fighters
tournament, which introduced the team battle mode. Ryo personally refuses that
Yuri to join in their team, since she is too unprepared to fight with them. So,
Robert comes with them instead. Ryo then helps his father to show the world the
power of Kyokugenryo Karate, and since Ryo is the heir to the family, he fights
to live up to expectations, and fights with all his will. However, he dislikes
being ordered to train again by Takuma after every tournament. Ryo takes a break
in the King of Fighters tournament when Yuri asks him to help her in looking for
Robert in Southtown, trying to help a childhood friend. After his return, Ryo is
told by his father that Yuri will replace him instead. Ryo refuses that idea
with fury, but Takuma has already made a decision. Not willing to stop showing
the power of Kyokugenryo Karate, Ryo has to resign. He also has to keep an eye
on Robert so he doesn't do anything smart as well! Ryo fights with spirit, but
next year. Ryo is faced with the humilliation of the dojo being wrecked and the
students in the dojo being defeated and wounded. Ryo is told by his father to go
fight in the tournament once again, and clean the name of Kyokugenryo Karate.
Now, Ryo is the leader of the Kyokugenryo Karate, the best martial art in the
	Ryo does not rest his discipline even after the world was rid of the
Orochi presence. He knows he must prove that the Kyokugenro Karate is the best
martial art in the world any chance he can get. His efforts would soon be
rewarded, as he gets another chance to fight in the King of Fighters tournament,
this time fighting with his whole family, and of course, his friend, Robert.
This time is better than ever to prove once and for all the true power of
Kyokugenryo Karate!
	The King of Fighters tournament ends once again, but the future looks
bleak. Ryo is now aware of the evil at work in his own hometown, and prepares to
fight the plague of NESTS by training harder every day. He knows he must become
ever stronger in order to keep the Kyokugenryo name high! One night, after
finishing an intense period of training, Ryo retreats to the local bar of his
great friend and secret love, King. Upon entering, he finds the bar pretty much
deserted. King sorrowfully explains that NESTS, due to its' huge sphere of
influence in Southtown, has earned the bar a bad reputation. Unable to bear
seeing King suffer, Ryo takes King in as his new team member. Ryo now had to
think what he should do in order to make a vacant place in his team, but the
answer arrived by its' own, when Yuri, tired of being the underdog for the
Kyokugenryo masters, decides to leave in order to join her old friend Mai
Shiranui. But the entrance of King does not come without opposition: King first
has to deal with the enraged Robert, who previewing Ryo's intentions, challenges
King to a fight to see if she's worthy. Ryo stands poised to defend the woman he
loved, but King is determined to do the job herself. The inminent fight ends in
a draw, as Robert and King wind up exhausted after the intense effort. This
makes Robert finally accept King in the team. Knowing this was a test of fate,
Ryo takes a step forward in order to concentrate all his Kyokugenryo Karate
against the evil forces of NESTS!
	It was real hard work for Ryo to help rebuild the Kyokugenryo dojo, which
was almost totalled by the explosion in Southtown thanks to the Zero Cannon.
During the process of construction, a sad Robert arrived with bad news: his
company had bankrupted thanks to a world financial crisis that wiped out his
foundation's savings. Ryo is determined to help his friend in need, since he has
done so much for him and his family. Ryo makes it his sworn duty to enter the
King of Fighters tournament, win the prize money, and destroy NESTS to cheer up
his friend once more!
	The raging tiger enters the fray of battle once more, this time to aid
those in need of his strength. With his amazing prowess, Ryo manages to see the
tournament through, as well as being a main spectator to the downfall of NESTS
as their space station HQ crumbles down to nothing. Ryo is satisfied to cash the
prize money, as nobody bothered to do so, and moreso, that Robert is wealthy
enough to finance their needs once again! Robert shuns the Sakazaki family away,
and Ryo couldn't be more happier to see that Robert has finally returned to his
old self.
	Ryo is a proud man, and is a very friendly man, but sometimes pretty
stubborn. He cares for his sister very much, that is why he does not want her to
be hurt by fighting. He also respects Robert as his friend, but since he is so
jealous, he does not want him to get close to his sister. He wants to train hard
to keep on to Takuma's exceptions. He is also very interested in King, but he
thinks she will not pay attention to him, he tries to stay away.

	ART OF FIGHTING RYO SAKAZAKI (The King of Fighters '98/ The King of
Fighters R-2): Alternate version of Ryo, based on his incarnation of the Art of
Fighting series. He regains his long range Ko'ou Ken (ground and air versions),
and his Zan Retsu Ken (multiple punch move). He still has two DM: the Ryuko
Ranbu and the Haoh-Sho-Koh-Ken, but loses the Tenchi Ha Ou Ken DM.

*Fun fact = Ryo represents the Tiger, and Robert the dragon. Both animals are
said to be the most lethal enemies in the Chinese mythology (thus, explaining
the rivalry between Ryo and Robert).

Appearances: The King of Fighters '94, The King of Fighters '95, The King of
Fighters '96, The King of Fighters '97, The King of Fighters '98, The King of
Fighters '99, The King of Fighters 2000, The King of Fighters 2001, The King of
Fighters: Kyo, The King of Fighters R-1, The King of Fighters R-2, The King of
Fighters EX: Neo Blood
Other games: Art of Fighting, Art of Fighting 2, Art of Fighting 3, Fatal Fury
Special, Fatal Fury: Wild Ambition, Capcom vs. SNK: Millenium Fight 2000, Capcom
vs. SNK: Millenium Fight 2000 - Pro, Capcom vs. SNK 2: Millionaire Fighting
2001, SNK vs. Capcom: Match of the Millenium

"Two Dragons beyond the Mountain"
Birthplace:             Japan
Birthdate:              August 8, 1964 (38 years old)
Height:                 1.92 m (6'3")
Weight:                 96 kg (211 lbs)
Blood type:             A
Hobbies:                Collecting knives
Favorite food:          Basashi
Favorite sport:         None
Most valuable:          Anything that financially benefits him
Hates the most:         Labor
Fighting style:         Self-taught brawling skills

	Ryuji Yamazaki is a man with a tormented past. Ever since he was young,
Yamazaki had no parents to look up to, so he became a dweller in the streets of
Hong Kong, trying to survive in the harsh life of the streets, escaping from the
dangers of crime and weather. That is, until Yamazaki met a very powerful man,
respected in the criminal circles of Hong Kong. Seeing a spirit and
determination in Yamazaki's eyes, this man takes the little boy with him, and
soon, Yamazaki becomes acquainted with the criminal activities that happen in
Hong Kong.
	Yamazaki grew up to be the right man of this mysterious fellow. He
certainly was not wrong about him: Yamazaki sported a cunning sense of crime,
and was also very skilled in using his trusty knife, his eternal partner.
Yamazaki also likes to dress with class, and have the highest priorities. This
all changed when Yamazaki and his boss went to strike a deal with another gang.
Yamazaki felt something was terribly wrong, but his boss discarded it as a
simple premonition. Yamazaki was right, as the rival gang ambushed them, and the
results were terrible. Yamazaki's boss and benefactor, who was almost like his
father, was killed in the ambush. This turned out to be fatal for Yamazaki, who
then became a crazy, sadistic maniac, who loves to torture and make his victimes
suffer before they finally die. With his maniac laugh and dirty tricks, Yamazaki
will do anything to win, even if the opponent is killed in the outcome.
	Since then, Yamazaki has worked as an assasin for hire. He has worked for
many powerful crime leaders, and they have been more than satisfied with
Yamazaki's work...even more than they expect to. That is because Yamazaki takes
pleasure in killing people and making them suffer, and his salary is not bad,
either. One day, he was signed up by the two Jin twins (Jin Chonrei and Jin
Chonshu), to protect them and the scrolls of inmortality. After that job,
Yamazaki kept working upon other people's lives. However, taking some time for
himself, Yamazaki went to a local dojo, and found a lot of competition there. He
dedicated himself to have a good time and trash the fighters. As he was having
some fun, Yamazaki was faced by Billy Kane, personal bodyguard of Geese Howard,
main crime leader of Southtown. Billy offers Yamazaki to join him and
participate in the King of Fighters tournament. Yamazaki refuses at first, but
after terribly mauling one of the warriors, he felt a adrenaline rush through
his blood. It was as if he was excited to meet some worthy fighters for him to
demolish. Feeling a need to fight and kill, Yamazaki accepts Billy's offer, and
Billy offers to Yamazaki double the amount of the prize money if he wins.
	Yamazaki fights in the tournament, and both Billy and Blue Mary (his other
partner) notice how Yamazaki goes more and more berserk. His thirst for blood
becomes more and more uncontrollable. He is seemed to be lured by something, and
when the Orochi New Face Team finally appears, they reveal that Yamazaki is of
Orochi blood! That surely explains his violent attitude and pleasure in killing.
However, Yamazaki refuses to obey the Orochi as he does not like to follow other
person's orders. However, after the tournament, the Orochi blood in Yamazaki's
veins finally awakens, and goes to Geese's office to demand his pay!
	Yamazaki is a man propense towards violence, and loves to kill his
opponents with sadism. He even doesn't care if he takes a hit or two to make the
opponent suffer! He loves to use dirty tricks such as wielding his sharp knife
and kicking sand in the opponent's eyes. He also works only for those who can
reach his price. However, far beyond the money, Yamazaki loves the smell of
blood and the sound of broken bones!

*Fun fact = Yamazaki, after KOF '97, does not seem to adopt a Riot of Blood form
like Iori and Leona do. Maybe it is because he is so familiar to violence that
he has already adopted his Orochi blood as part of himself?

Appearances: The King of Fighters '97, The King of Fighters '98, The King of
Fighters '99: Evolution (Dreamcast version, as a secret striker), The King of
Fighters 2000 (Blue Mary's special striker), The King of Fighters: Kyo
Other games: Fatal Fury 3: Road to Final Victory, Real Bout: Fatal Fury, Real
Bout: Fatal Fury Special, Real Bout: Fatal Fury 2, Fatal Fury: Wild Ambition,
Real Bout: Dominated Mind, Fatal Fury: First Contact, Capcom vs. SNK: Millenium
Fight 2000, Capcom vs. SNK: Millenium Fight 2000 - Pro, Capcom vs. SNK 2:
Millionaire Fighting 2001

Birthplace:          Japan
Birthdate:           November 27, 1947 (55 years old)
Height:              1.77 m (5'8")
Weight:              69 kg (152 lbs)
Blood type:          B
Hobbies:             Fishing
Favorite food:       Curry/Udon noodles, strawberry charlotte
Favorite sport:      Golf
Most valuable:       Pride as head clansman, Shizuka (his wife)
Hates the most:      High places
Fighting style:      Kusanagi style Ancient Martial Arts

	Saisyu is the father of the legendary Kyo Kusanagi, and current head of
the Kusanagi clan. He has carried on with the legend of the Kusanagi, and has
passed it down to his son, Kyo, so he can contiune his legacy.
	When very young, Saisyu was inculcated with the legend of the Kusanagi,
it's eternal battle against the Orochi and the war that they are raging against
the Yagami. Iori Yagami's father and him faced many times, following the bloody
tradition of their ancestors. However, it was finally Yagami's own cursed Orochi
blood that killed him in the end, due to the short lifespan the Orochi blood
gives. Despite having to battle the Yagami, Saisyu wishes that some day the
madeness will end. When Saisyu was a young man, he fell in love with a woman
named Shizuka. She accepted Saisyu despite his fate, filled with combat and
pain. They both got married, and had their son, Kyo. But since then, Saisyu has
been out in constant training journeys, looking for the next good battle. Some
say he  was aware that the Orochi would awaken soon, but did not know when.
Meanwhile, Shizuka had to teach Kyo the principles of the Kusanagi, during
Saisyu's trips.
	Saisyu is, obviously, an expert in wielding the crimson flames that
distinguish the Kusanagi clan. He does not need special gloves like Kyo does,
since he is already skilled enough to wield it without much pain. Using the
crimson flames to burn all those who oppose him, Saisyu soon hears about a man
named Rugal Bernstein. He was a very powerful criminal merchant, and his power
extended to very high limits. Saisyu desired to prove himself against this new
test. So, he searched out for the Blacknoah. Upon arrival, Saisyu sensed a
terrible power. It was definetly an evil power, and it was incredibly strong. He
had a bad feeling that it must be the Orochi power. He now felt compelled to
destroy Rugal as soon as he could. Entering the Blacknoah, Saisyu challenges
Rugal to a fight to the very end. Rugal accepts happily. The battle begins, but
Saisyu is unable to fight back the inmense power of Rugal, and gets soundly
beaten. Before passing out, Saisyu notices a shadow behind Rugal. Saisyu had no
doubts...it was the Orochi power! After that, Saisyu's eyes went blank.
	After his son, Kyo, took revenge, Rugal, who had survived his own suicide
bombing by using the Orochi power, decided to use him as a new ally. He ordered
Vice to use her power to brainwash Saisyu so he can serve Rugal. But Saisyu's
mindpower was strong, and did not submit so easily. Always thinking about his
son and wife, Saisyu held on to his own mental health. But he was too weak to
resist for too long. Soon enough, Saisyu became the loyal follower of Rugal,
looking behind his steps for revenge. After Rugal captures the strongest
fighters, Saisyu is comissioned by Rugal to kill his own son. Kyo was shocked,
as he could not attack his own father. His friends, Benimaru and Daimon, took
care of Saisyu instead. Daimon was an old friend of Saisyu, so it was also
painful for him to have to hurt Saisyu. Saisyu fought, but since he was not in
his right mind, he could not fight with his full power, and finally lost. Saisyu
then bids Kyo to fight Rugal and destroy him. He then passes out. After fighting
with Rugal, and after he gets destroyed by his own power, Kyo seeks for Saisyu,
but he is already gone. Saisyu had escaped, and now keeps searching the world
for worthy opponents, but he knows now that the Orochi will be loose again in
this world. Until then, he has nothing else to do but wait...
	Many years have passed since Saisyu was last seen, and many events had
happened: the sealing of the Orochi power, and the appearance of the new menace
to the world, the NESTS cartel. Shortly after the demise of the NESTS cartel in
the King of Fighters tournament, a familiar figure approaches the young fighter
Shingo Yabuki, who had been abandoned by his master Kyo and his other friends.
The legendary Saisyu offers Shingo his help and his assitance to become the
strongest warrior ever. Shingo's tearful eyes lighten up upon realizing who the
man is. The two warriors depart on a new training journey.
	Saisyu is in some ways just like Kyo: proud and arrogant. He loves his
wife Shizuka very dearly, and hates to leave her to go out training, but he
feels his fate lies elsewhere. However, it seems that old age is finally coming
to Saisyu, as he seems to be too lazy in his fights (scratching his own belly,
picking his ear). However, Saisyu is a fearful fighter for his experience, and
his Kusanagi power. He is also very proud that his son has finally overcome him,
since he feels that the Kusanagi always get better by each generation.

*Fun fact = Saisyu's matters don't seem to be so polite! Always scratching his
beard, belly, and ear, he looks more like a lazy bum than the Kusanagi clan

Appearances: The King of Fighters '95, The King of Fighters '98, The King of
Fighters 2000 (Kyo Kusanagi's hidden special striker), The King of Fighters:
Kyo, The King of Fighters R-2

Birthplace:           USA
Birthdate:            August 1, 1959 (43 years old)
Height:               1.90 m (6'2")
Weight:               108 kg (238 lbs)
Blood type:           B
Hobbies:              Wiretapping, driving
Favorite food:        Vegetables, fruits (vegetarian menus)
Favorite sport:       Any individual event
Most valuable:        Neckties, his family
Hates the most:       Airplanes
Fighting style:       Art of self-defense

	As a survivor of the ghetto, Seth has became an overall tough guy
throughout his life. Ever since he can remember, fighting to live was his only
goal. The risk of death lied around every corner, so Seth had to be prepared to
face the worst. Many a friend has Seth seen dying. Unable to take it any longer,
Seth begins to work his body out and study several martial arts.
	Time passes, and Seth has finally adopted an inmense body and an
incredible strength. His sheer power is more than enough to take several blows
without even getting fazed. On the other hand, a single blow delivered by Seth
could destroy brick walls in itself. Always taking care of his family, Seth
takes advantage of his powerful status to earn jobs as bouncers or bodyguards.
Seth was the ultimate line of defense, and his abilities were soon to be noticed
by a certain organization.
	Approached by several people, Seth is offered to join a certain agency
that deals with weapons development. Deeming it as nearly harmless, Seth
accepts. Before beginning his new job, Seth is given a rather extravagant
medical treatment. Soon enough, Seth gets to know his boss: a certain fellow
named Ling. Seth was now in the mercenary business. Working part time as a
professional hitter, Seth convinces himself that this should be the perfect job.
But not everything was settling for him. Upon further inspection, Seth became
conscious about the several biological experiments at work in his own
organization. Unable to ask in fear of losing his job, Seth follows orders
	One faithful day, Seth is asked by commander Ling to join Benimaru Nikaido
and Shingo Yabuki in order to fight in the next King of Fighters tournament,
which he will be holding in order to lure NESTS out of their hole. NESTS sounded
familiar to Seth, but he was ready to set out on his journey. His contact would
be Vanessa, a sexy yet deadly woman that was also a skilled fighter. She would
go after K' and Maxima, fugitive NESTS agents, herself, and Seth would follow
Benimaru and Shingo, former teammates of K' and Maxima. NESTS will no doubt be
after both duos since they frustrated their plan last year. Arranging the last
details of the misson, Seth and Vanessa continue their paths.
	Before Seth can rejoin his old friend Benimaru, he first has to go to the
mountain range in China to find a certain ninja that would be most interested if
he ever told him about NESTS. When he gets there, Seth is received by haunted
village people and skeptical wanderers who dare not give Seth information about
the man he seeks. Finally, Seth's track leads him to a nearby waterfall, where
he hopes to find the person he has been searching for. The person referred to
doesn't last long to appear. It is a tall, skinny ninja, with a dead man look in
his eyes, and strange, ominous aura surrounding him. Seth previewed his obscure
intentions, but tried talking to the man anyway. No use, as the ninja takes no
time in trying to eliminate Seth as quickly as possible. Seth uses his great
agility to avoid all of Lin's deadly blows, enough to amuse Lin enough and
finally convince him to join him, as he would bring Lin to NESTS. As it was
foretold, Lin was interested in Seth's plan. Seth then travels to Japan, and
finally joins his friend Benimaru, and his partner, the young Shingo. It was now
time to get in the tournament!
	Not surprising, Seth was more than enough to plow through several
opponents, or leave them in bad shape for the next one in line. His sheer
strength and skill have gained him and his team a place in the final battle.
Ling comissions Seth to meet at Southtown, since there is where NESTS is
supposed to be hiding out. Seth guides the others, and awakes some suspicions in
Lin's eyes. Upon arriving at the abandoned factory in the industrial zone of
Southtown, Seth is surprised to see Vanessa, who was also told to meet in the
same place. Before realizing what was going on, the whole building was crawling
with NESTS soldier. Seth fends the soldiers off as his friends escape to a
secluded dark room. Seth follows suit, only to realize they have fallen into a
	The most impressive revelation up until then was that Ling was no other
that one of NESTS high-ranked officers, Zero, who had taken Ling's identity, and
later finished Ling off. More to Seth's surprise was the fact that he and
Vanessa were injected with Zero's genetic code in order to become ever-stronger.
Enraged by the fact they were used, Seth vows to make Zero pay. Seth's strength
now matches with Zero's dark abilities. Seth may be at a disadvantage, be he
plays a major role in toning Zero down for K' to deliver the final blow. After
Seth realizes that the Zero Cannon, one of his agency's most devastating
weapons, was about to fire upon Southtown. So, he leads his partners to freedom
before Southtown is blasted to bits.
	When Seth awakens after the explosion, more than the ruins that the city
was left in, Seth was more worried by the mysterious ninja assaulting Lin and
Benimaru. Seth had definetly seen him before around his headquarters, but he
never knew that that sort of bio-weapon was such in late stages of development.
Seth is now very expectant about NESTS' next action, and how to stand against
it, fearful it might be too late....
	The time came, one year later, for Seth to claim payback on NESTS. He
regrouped with Vanessa and planned their next move. Vanessa told Seth that she
had Ramon by her side, but they were still missing one partner. It would be
tough since both Vanessa and Seth's former partners had already found a team to
stay in. Then, Seth had a crazy, but practical idea. He would push his luck by
asking the only man who he knew would still not have a team to fight in the King
of Fighters tournament: the dangerous and unpredictable Iori Yagami. Seth left
to propose Iori his new offer.
	When Seth finally caught up to Iori, the rumors were proven true: Iori
really did not like having company around, and Seth could feel his cold, yet
terribly powerful aura. Seth began to sweat cold as Iori replied furiously to
Seth's questions regarding the King of Fighters tournament. It was almost like
the ground shaked whenever Iori made a statement. But Iori finally accepted only
out of sheer boredom and his burning desire to bury Kyo. Seth wonders what Iori
really has in store for them this tournament.
	Seth used his cunning and intelligence to trace the steps of NESTS through
out the tournament, while he was realizing a decent role in the tournament. The
huge powerhouse was a force to be dealt with, after all. Finally, Seth gets to
experience the final downfall of NESTS as their space station explodes and falls
from the skies to their fiery demise. Seth once again leads his team to safety,
but he has another plans for Iori as they reach to shore: he had to terminate
him before Iori would present more trouble. Seth and Vanessa stand poised to do
away with Iori, who just slumps his shoulders, and beckons for the others to
come. Seth knows this task would prove to be harder than anything they had ever
faced before, but he attacks Iori, sure that he can do something to stop Iori's
crazed ways.
	Seth isn't precisely the world's most friendly man. His toughness and
brute strength reflects a rude and insensitive man, but deep inside, he tends to
see to his partners' welfare. Seth is very homesick, but he tries to keep his
mind off nostalgia by fighting constantly. Seth admires his partner Vanessa's
determination, and Seth himself hopes that one day he can finally call quits
with NESTS once and for all.

*Fun fact = The first designs of Seth made us assume he was to be a Heavy D!
clone, but it turns out to be that it is Vanessa who is similiar to the American
boxer and not Seth.

Appearances: The King of Fighters '99: Evolution (Dreamcast version, as a secret
striker), The King of Fighters 2000, The King of Fighters 2001, The King of
Fighters EX: Neo Blood (secret striker)

Birthplace:           France
Birthdate:            February 13, 1976 (26 years old, assumed to be dead at age
Height:               1.73 m (5'7")
Weight:               68 kg (149 lbs)
Blood type:           B
Hobbies:              Band, watching French movies
Favorite food:        Fish
Favorite sport:       Ice skating
Most valuable:        Personal computer
Hates the most:       Stew, celery, high school baseball
Fighting style:       No style in particular, mainly throws and holds

	Shermie is a very sexy woman who lives mostly like any modern girl:
shopping, dreaming with romance, and living her own life as much as they can.
However, her destiny is already marked, as her Orochi blood and her place as one
of the Four Heavenly Kings of Orochi indicate what her life will be.
	Shermie was a young, unworried woman who lived in France, and loved to go
to the local shops and buy anything new. She also loved to play the keyboard in
her free time, and she liked to play the most popular radio songs in it. Once,
she met a tall, handsome man playing a guitar in a local mall. She just loved
how he rolled his fingers through the strings, but Shermie just could not
explain why she felt something else attracting her to him. She soon joined the
man with the keyboard, and the duo were gathering quite a crowd. After the
fabolous performance, and the roar of the crowd, the man offered Shermie to join
him and form a music band. He introduced himself as Yashiro Nanakase, and
Shermie was pleased. Soon after, a kid named Chris joined too, and the three
formed a popular music band, which played all around the world, and winning a
lot of fans. Shermie felt like in her own family, but she felt like something
that bonded them far more than friendship.
	When the band was going to have one of their most important performances
in Japan, Shermie was impatient to go out on stage. However, soon, the manager
came out and told them that they had to wait until the band on-stage finished.
Yashiro demanded to go out, since they were supposed to be the leading band. But
another band had been taking their place. Shermie saw that it was a very
mysterious red-haired man who was playing on the stage and the crowd was getting
wild. Yashiro did not last long in losing his patience, and told them all to get
	Soon after, Shermie was told by Yashiro that they were joining the King of
Fighters tournament, in order to exact revenge from that man who seemed to be
named "Iori Yagami". Shermie was not quite sure, as she did not have any
previous fighting experience. Then Yashiro recommended her to always get in
close and smash them, as her attributes would help her a lot. Soon, the New Face
Team made their appearance in the King of Fighters tournament as the newest
attraction. However, the Orochi power had already made a strong presence in the
tournament. And the Orochi blood in Shermie's veins began to awaken. Soon, the
three fighters showed their true face, as the Heavenly Kings. Shermie was then
compelled to gather energy for the Orochi, and then fought the other warriors.
After gathering enough energy for the Orochi, they channeled it to Chris, the
host of the Orochi power. Shermie and Yashiro ended up killing themselves, for
the sake of Orochi. It is unknown if Shermie managed to survive afterwards...
	Shermie is a very attractive woman, and not unaware of it, Shermie
exploits it to her advantage. She always mesmerizes her opponents to get in
close enough and slam them on the floor. She also uses VERY explicit sexual
phrases to the opponent as a manner of distracting them even more. She likes
Yashiro a lot, and cares over Chris as if a little brother. She still acts like
a normal woman, even though she is destined to sacrifice her life for the
Orochi, as she takes her time in battle to call her friends with her cell phone!

	OROCHI SHERMIE (The King of Fighters '97/The King of Fighters '98/The King
of Fighters R-1/ The King of Fighters R-2): The awakened form of Shermie, as one
of the four Heavenly Kings of Orochi. She gains much more power, and she is able
to channel electricity from every part of her body. Her clothes also gain a
purple hue to it. She is destined to sacrifice herself for the Orochi. All of
her special moves and DM are different from those of normal Shermie (one of her
DM even mimics one of Benimaru's DM!)

*Fun fact = -Yeah, I bet anybody would just luuuuuuv to be in between Shermie's
legs like in her Shermie Spiral special move. But, as somebody said, the pain
soon overrides that sense of pleasure down flat!
		-If you ever get the chance to watch the anime series called "Saber
Marionette J" (or its' follow-up, "Saber Marionette J to X"), you can get to see
a character who looks a whole lot like Shermie. It's one of the "evil" cyborg
ladies called Linx. Straight down to the hair covering the eyes! o_O

Appearances: The King of Fighters '97, The King of Fighters '98, The King of
Fighters 2000 (Clark Steel's special striker, her outfit no longer has sleeves),
The King of Fighters: Kyo, The King of Fighters R-1, The King of Fighters R-2
Other games: SNK Gals Fighters

"The True Boy of the Blowing Arrow"
Birthplace:            Japan
Birthdate:             April 9, 1980 (22 years old)
Height:                1.78 m (5'8")
Weight:                69 kg (152 lbs)
Blood type:            O
Hobbies:               Fan of 'Lizard Man'
Favorite food:         Microwavable dishes
Favorite sport:        Water polo, swimming
Most valuable:         Life, girlfriend, his student handbook
Hates the most:        Milk
Fighting style:        Kusanagi style Ancient Martial Arts, taught to him by Kyo

	Shingo is a mild-mannered student, who studies a lot and goes to high
school every day to become somebody in life in the near future. However, he not
only goes to school just to study. He is also very excited in seeing his idol
and "master", the great Kyo Kusanagi!
	Always being a fan of Kyo ever since his participation in the martial arts
tournament that defined the Japan Team for the King of Fighters tournament,
Shingo could not believe his luck when it turned out to be that Kyo also studied
in the same school as he did. When he first entered high school, he could not
believe that Kyo was still studying there, despite being the age of a college
student. He always pesters Kyo so he can teach him, but several times has Kyo
refused to. Being a persistant young man, Shingo knows that he will do it one
day. One day, being hungry and the cafeteria full of already lined students, Kyo
just needed a lunch break! Then, he noticed Shingo was getting near. He then
exploited the admiration Shingo felt for him, and tells Shingo that if he gets
some sandwiches for him, he would teach him. Getting all excited, Shingo bolts
in the cafeteria and disputes with other students, but finally manahes to
retrieve a bunch of sandwiches. After chowing them down, Shingo reminds Kyo of
his promise. Having nowhere to hide, Kyo then decides to teach Shingo. The deal
is like this: Kyo performs a special move once, and Shingo has to learn it from
there. However, even though Kyo does it only once, Shingo is always so careful
in deatils, and writes down all the steps in his handbook. From there on, Shingo
executes all the moves of Kyo, hoping even one day that he can be able to wield
crimson flames as Kyo does! (Of course, it is not possible since Kyo can wield
them due to his Kusanagi blood)
	Shingo trains without rest night and day, and his big chance finally comes
when he passes the preliminary battles for the King of Fighters tournament in
1997, and makes it as a single entry. Shingo always takes his chance to learn
the moves of the other fighters, for his later battles. Shingo is like a friend
for everyone, even for those who do not seem to care too much about others.
However, his trial comes when the Orochi power makes an appearance in the
tournament, and he has to fight for real. Since Shingo has no notes on this new
opponent, he has to do whatever he can do to fight the evil entity. Finally, the
Orochi shows itself, but before Kyo goes to his final destiny, Kyo gives Shingo
his gloves. He then bids Shingo farewell. Shingo wants to help him, but Kyo
tells him to stand back, as his opponent is stronger than anybody he has known.
Shingo then sees how Kyo vanishes in the mist, and Shingo remains to keep on
	It has been two years since Shingo last saw Kyo. Only his gloves remain as
his only legacy Kyo left to him, but Shingo misses him a lot. He wonders where
he would be as keeps trying to perfect the Kusanagi martial art style. One day,
Shingo is approached by Kyo's best friend, Benimaru. Shingo likes to know if
Benimaru has any news of Kyo lately, but he has other news: an invitation to
participate in the next King of Fighters tournament! This is the perfect way to
show Kyo, wherever he would be, how much he has improved! He would certainly
feel proud!
	Shingo then meets his new partners, K' and Maxima. It seems weird to him,
having participated as a single entry last tournament. Although the two fighters
are quite cold and insensitive, Shingo greets them warmly. And soon, Shingo
begins to fight with all his might in the tournament. He also gets really down
when he sees K' wield flames. "Geez, why can't I can", moaned Shingo. His
question would soon be answered by Krizalid, host of the tournament, who had
taken Shingo and his teammates to his underground facility for the final battle.
It seems that Krizalid kidnapped Kyo to create clones and infuse both him and K'
with Kusanagi power in order to conquer the world! Shingo curses Krizalid, and
fights with Kyo's memory burnt in his mind and heart. Despite being severly
overpowered by Krizalid, Shingo never holds back. However, he is about to be
eliminated by Krizalid, when all of a sudden,a huge crimson blast fills the room
and blows Krizalid away. It was Kyo! He had saved him! Shingo's eyes filled with
tears. He had so much to say to Kyo! However, a steel door slams in front of
him, and the whole base begins to fall apart! Shingo has no choice but to run,
but as he looks back, he promises Kyo that one day, he would see him turn into a
true man!
	After training for a whole year with the sole promise to his master Kyo of
becoming a better fighter, Shingo is more than ready to face the new challenges
that can be seen in the next King of Fighters tournament! The only problem
resides in that neither him nor Benimaru have any idea of how they are going to
complete their team for this year's tournament. K' and Maxima have been missing
ever since the Krizalid battle, and there were no other qualified warriors to
replace them.
	One day, Benimaru tells the anxious Shingo that there might be a chance
yet to enter the next KOF tournament. Shingo trembles in excitement, and
Benimaru quickly tells him that an old friend of his will help them out to form
the new team. At the meeting place, Shingo finds himself face-to-face against a
huge black man in a suit. He looked rather impressive, and he looked quite
serious, unless around Benimaru, where the lumbering oaf was kind and gentle.
Along with the man was an ominous ninja who seemed very unfriendly. Since
Benimaru was talking with his longtime friend, Shingo saw it fit to strike a
conversation with his new partner. Shingo kindly introduced himself, but the
ninja seemed unimpressed. Shingo insisted on making the creepy guy talk, up to a
point where the ninja finally grew tired, and in a swift motion, tried to strike
Shingo down. Benimaru saves Shingo in the nick of time, knocking the eerie
warrior away. Shingo may seem out of place in a team of bitter people, but his
high spirits of a youngster can't be quenched!
	Suprisingly, Shingo performs superbly in the tournament, complementing the
great work of his partners. With his help, the new team makes their way into the
finals. Shingo is burning with excitement to finally prove himself (and Kyo) the
real man he has become! Shingo and the others travel to Southtown for the final
battle, but things begin to go wrong the moment they set foot in the industrial
zone: NESTS agents surround the abandoned factory, site of the last match.
Forced into a dark room at the back, Shingo realizes that he was set up for a
trap by Zero, one of NESTS' officers!
	Dumbfounded by Zero's plans to use their fighting energy in order to
charge up the Zero Cannon, Shingo fights with all his might in order to stop
Zero's evil plans. Shingo, despite being no match for Zero, puts it all he's got
into the fight, reminding the burning spirit of his master Kyo. The rest are
surprised by Shingo's fierce determination. Being one of the main pillars in
Zero's defeat, Shingo and the others escape from the unavoidable destruction of
Southtown at the hands of the Zero Cannon. On his way out, Shingo barely gets a
chance to exchange words with Kyo, who has been watching over them. Kyo pats
Shingo's shoulder, and has now seen how powerful he has become. Shingo is so
excited, but Kyo hurries him on his way. Shingo turns back, and wishes Kyo good
luck, for a new life begins for Shingo, a life dedicated to the fight!
	They say if you fight hard enough for your dreams, they just might come
true. And Shingo's golden dream finally comes true one year later, when he
receives news from Benimaru that Kyo will be joining them for the next King of
Fighters tournament! Shingo is overwhelmed with joy and just can't believe that
he will be fighting along his master in a King of Fighters tournament after so
many years. During the final meeting in a local park with all the teammates
(which includes the former partner of Kyo and Benimaru, Judo tough guy Goro
Daimon), Kyo confesses that spies might be behind their tracks, and most likely,
they must be NESTS spies. Shingo wonders what his master will do about it, and
Kyo answers that the solution is simple: enter the King of Fighters tournament
and destroy them!
	The tournament was almost like a walk in the clouds for Shingo. To
experience the power of his master Kyo firsthand was an event that just couldn't
be explained with words. He feeled totally inspired, and put his best effort to
help out the former Hero Team members. Shingo never gave up, even during the
final battle against the NESTS cartel, which took place in their main HQ, a
space station floating around the planet! Shingo was severly underpowered, but
he mustered enough courage and dedication to surpass his lack of technique and
skill. As the CEO of NESTS, Igniz, was defeated and the space station crumbled
to the sea by his own ambition, Shingo and the others manage to escape to shore.
Shingo is at a lack of words from the experience. To be part of history, to be
part of the downfall of NESTS, and he was on the front row of it all! Shingo
turned around to meet his shared happiness with his friends, but all he met was
with cold shoulders, especially from Kyo, whos just turned him down in a rude
fashion! Shingo was abandoned to his luck, as his partners walk away from the
scene. The dream had came to a sudden and harsh end. Shingo was left alone with
a feeling of wasted emotion...until a familiar man approaches him and offers
Shingo the chance to become stronger than ever before. Shingo looks into the
man's eyes, and realizes that it is Saisyu Kusanagi, Kyo's father and mentor!
Shingo happily accepts, and both depart on a journey to encounter themselves,
and for Shingo to find a new purpose.
	Shingo is a bright, funny, and good natured young man. He is always so
jolly, and never seems to get angry. He considers all the fighters as his
friends, and everybody sees in him as a weird kid, but a good kid nonetheless.
Shingo admires Kyo like a idol, and dedicates his victories to him. However, he
also seems to tire due to his inexperience! He always takes out his handbook if
he seems to forget a move. An all-around good guy, Shingo always fights with his
best moves, but he is also afriad his mother may come and put him to study

*Fun fact = Shingo always thinks he can wield crimson flames like Kyo can one
day! He always keeps blowing his finger and saying "Moetarou!", but he doesn't
seem to wield out anything! There was a rumor about an alternate version of
Shingo that could wield green flames, but that rumor is discarded (as the only
person who seems to wield green flames is Omega Rugal).
*Cloth changes = In KOF '98, Shingo replaces his wristbands for Kyo's gloves,
but painted blue to match his uniform.

Appearances: The King of Fighters '97, The King of Fighters '98, The King of
Fighters '99, The King of Fighters 2000, The King of Fighters 2001, The King of
Fighters: Kyo, The King of Fighters R-1, The King of Fighters R-2, The King of
Fighters EX: Neo Blood (as a striker for the Hero Team)

Birthplace:            China
Birthdate:             September 23, 1977 (25 years old)
Height:                1.72 m (5'6")
Weight:                61 kg (134 lbs)
Blood type:            B
Hobbies:               Reading manga
Favorite food:         Niku-man
Favorite sport:        Soccer
Most valuable:         Debut album of Yu Hayami
Hates the most:        Practicing martial arts
Fighting style:        Kung Fu and Psychic Powers

*Niku-man = meat bun
*Manga = Japanese comics

	Sie Kensou is a young man who possess a special gift of psychic powers,
but he is not really all that weird like most psychics are. He is currently
fighting for justice in the Psycho Soldier Team, but he really seems to be a
careless boy always neck-up in trouble.
	Kensou was an orphan since a young boy, and had nowhere to turn to. He
vagued through China like a homeless child. When he reached a camp village, he
heard that the legendary Chin Gentsai lived there. Kensou hurried to his house,
where he found him lying on the floor, dead drunk. Kensou pledged to be his
student, and suprisingly he was accepted without too much effort. Kensou thus
began his training under Chin's orders, who was drunk the most time, but managed
to show Kensou the basics of kung fu. This was when Kensou began displaying his
psychic power, being able to launch energy blasts. Chin, seeing this much power,
decided to take Kensou on a training trip through the Asian area. Kensou enjoyed
being with Chin, since he was like his father...er, grandfather, but they mostly
got in trouble due to Chin's drunk rampages. Meanwhile, Kensou lived his life
like any normal kid: reading "manga" (Japanese comics), and eating rice buns all
the time. The training journey reached up to Japan.
	While in Japan, Kensou and Chin met against a big bully, who challenged
them to a fight. Kensou was to fight first, to show the fruits of his training,
but the strongman was so silly looking, Kensou could not help but laugh. Then
Chin had to butt in, but he too did not fight with seriousness. Suddenly, the
big man was sent flying by a psychic blast. Kensou noticed a very beautiful
young woman who had launched it. Kensou inmediately fell in love with the girl,
and when she offered to join them and fight for justice, Kensou did not hesitate
and accept. Of course, Chin had no other choice but to stay as well. Since then,
Kensou has followed Athena and fought the bad guys along her side. Kensou has
tried to get closer to Athena, but she keeps kicking him away. Kensou knows
Athena likes Kyo, but despite his desperation, he knows Athena will fall for him
	Kensou of course did not doubt into following Athena when she received an
invitation for the new King of Fighters tournament, introducing the team battle
mode. Kensou fights bravely, always trying to show Athena how powerful he is!
Even though sometimes he falls short of expectations, he always creates a good
impression every year. At the end of each tournament, Kensou tries to show off
to Athena, but ends up doing something humilliating. He was also pretty shamed
that Athena always got the fan letters of people who admired their brave actions
and justice fights. He got some, once in awhile. But Chin, seeing that the
youngsters were getting too confident in their abilities, he decided to restrain
them from entering the tournament of 1997, but a fan letter from a certain Kaori
cheered Athena and Kensou up, almost obligating Chin to accept their entrance.
Now, this is Kensou's chance to finally show Athena what he is really made of!
	All seemed perfectly normal after the fall of Orochi, but in the
subsequent months, Kensou's psychic powers began to vanish. With no logical
reason to such success, Kensou began to grow desperate, angry at the idea that
he would no longer be of help to Athena in her quest for justice. Around that
time, a little kid named Bao was taken in by master Chin, and the child soon
displayed enormous amounts of psychic powers! This made Kensou's sorrow grow
even stronger, but Chin helped him out in perfecting other techniques that no
longer needed psychic powers. Even so, Kensou could not stop feeling powerless,
and unable to help his team in the new King of Fighters tournament.
	Anyways, Kensou decided to follow Athena in her quest to stop Krizalid's
ambition, being Krizalid the evil host of the tournament. After all, Kensou
still loved Athena deep within, and would go anywhere for her. But as soon as
they approached the base, the whole place began to tremble and fall down to
pieces. Kensou runs right behind Athena in their hasteful escape. Athena,
however, gets trapped by a rock, and is about to get squashed by another one.
Kensou can't resist the image of her dead beloved, and turning on what was left
of his psychic powers, manages to save Athena from sure death, and blasts out of
the ruins. Afterwards, Kensou and Bao, who had been waiting outside, pass out.
What secret connection lies between Bao and Kensou? Will Kensou ever recover his
psychic powers? The question lies inside them....
	But the question remains without answer. Kensou, despite his incredible
actions, continues without a spec of psychic power in his body. The situation
becomes certainly critical when Kensou is not as recognized as his fellow Psycho
Soldiers in their justice acts. On the border of madness, his beloved Athena,
and his foster family, Chin and Bao, help him out in the times of need. Without
their help, Kensou would have become a sad young man. Determined to not let them
down, Kensou will put all his strength into the fight, in order to maintain
	Following their devotion, Kensou and the rest finally arrive at Southtown,
where the hideout of NESTS is supposed to be located. However, the moment is not
the adequate. With the whole city in ruins, Kensou is shocked at the destructive
power of human beings. Suddenly, Kensou notices a falling star in the sky. It is
actually the destroyed Zero Cannon, falling to the earth. Despite being reduced
to junk, the Zero Cannon still manages to fire several shots before exploding.
And one shot is heading right towards Kensou and company! Unable to move because
of the fear, Kensou reacts when Bao leaps directly towards the beam. Kensou
tries to warn Bao, but it is too late. Bao absorbs the impact of the Zero Cannon
blast, but the effect is merciless: Bao plummets to the ground, mortally
	Athena's healing powers are futile, and Chin is hopeless. But Kensou will
not allow the only friend he considered to be like a brother to him die like
this. Responding to the dying cries of Bao, Kensou makes contact with Bao, mouth
to mouth. In doing this, a huge transmigration of psychic power takes place.
After the effect passes, Kensou emerges, as powerful as ever! But, at what cost
did this power come from...?
	Despite the sacrifice of Bao, Kensou has managed to harness his psychic
powers once more. Being able to use his energy for justice once more, Kensou is
even more pleased when he realizes that Bao has also recovered from the initial
shock, but now it is he who is lacking psychic power now. Kensou wonders if this
happened when he gave Bao the "kiss of life". Either how, there is no time to
ponder such things, as the next King of Fighters tournament is just around the
corner, and Kensou joins Athena once again to demand justice from the criminals
at NESTS for their atrocities!
	Everyone is surprised by how Kensou could recover to full strength in such
a short time, after several years of psychic power lack. Kensou has returned to
his former self, and will not let anyone stand in his way now! By the end of the
tournament, after the downfall of NESTS, Chin notices that there is an
increasing power in Kensou's body, the likes that Chin never imagined possible.
Kensou admits that he is indeed feeling quite stronger by the minute, but does
not know exactly why. Unknown to Kensou is the fact that Bao really does know
something about the power dormant within him...and so does an evil man who
watches the youngsters from afar: a survivor of NESTS, the renegade Hizoku ninja
Ron. Ron makes it his duty to harness the Dragon Spirit that Kensou and Bao
share, and use it to build his own empire!
	Kensou is a very distracted young fellow. He gets confused easily, but is
force to reckon with when in battle. While madly in love with Athena, he tries
to do anything to grab her attention, but ends up doing something embarassing
instead (his shorts either ripping or falling down, choking on his rice balls).
He respects Chin very much, but hates it when he gets all crazy and has to drag
him away. He treats Bao as a little brother, but is mad at the fact that he can
wield psychic powers and he can't. He's a lively young man, always seeking to
live his life at it's fullest.

*Fun fact = Rice ball fiesta! Kensou has gained a new funny DM in KOF '97 where
he munches on his rice ball. This move is called the Niku Man o Kuu, and in
normal DM mode, he regains a bit of life, but in SDM, he chokes and loses life
afterwards! Do it under your own risk...
*Cloth changes = Has white shirt/shorts with blue jacket in KOF '94 to KOF '97.
In KOF '98, he wears a blue sports sweater, and blue shorts.

Appearances: The King of Fighters '94, The King of Fighters '95, The King of
Fighters '96, The King of Fighters '97, The King of Fighters '98, The King of
Fighters '99, The King of Fighters 2000 (also appears dressed in the way he was
back in the Psycho Soldier game, with a green ninja-like outfit and red
headband, as his special striker), The King of Fighters 2001, The King of
Fighters: Kyo, The King of Fighters EX: Neo Blood
Other games: Psycho Soldier (an 8-bit side-scroller action game, being Athena
the heorine, and Kensou the second player).

Birthplace:              Japan
Birthdate:               February 4, 1947 (55 years old)
Height:                  1.80 m (5'9")
Weight:                  70 kg (154 lbs)
Blood type:              O
Hobbies:                 Making Soba noodles
Favorite food:           White rice, miso soup
Favorite sport:          All martial arts
Most valuable:           His two children, his students, and Kyokugenryo Karate
Hates the most:          Snakes
Fighting style:          Kyokugenryo Karate

*Soba = buckwheat

	Takuma is the current head of the Sakazaki family, and leader of the
Kyokugenryo Karate style. He has two children: his older son, Ryo, and his
younger daughter, Yuri. He also has a lot of students training in his dojo, but
his most cherished student is Robert Garcia, son of one of his friends, the
millionaire Alberto Garcia.
	Takuma learned Kyokugenryo Karate from his father, and trained very hard
since he was to be the sole heir to the Kyokugenryo Karate style. Takuma became
a skillful fighter in no time, due to his constant training and desire of
superation. After being named the heir of the Kyokugenryo Karate style, Takuma
meets an American woman, called Ronnet. He falls in love, and they get married,
both moving to Southtown, a small city which was still peaceful at the time.
Takuma and Ronnet had their two children, but Ronnet gained a disease, and died
time later. Takuma was filled with grief, but his hopes now rely on his two
children. He resolves to make them the best fighters in the world!
	Takuma begins training his son Ryo, using the same method his father used.
He left Yuri since she was still too young to be training. Soon after, Takuma
received Robert, and began training him as well. There were not many students,
but Takuma vowed that soon Kyokugenryo Karate would gain many followers!
However, Southtown slowly became plagued with crime and dispair. Geese Howard
was in charge, and he had corrupted any way of justice in town. Now, Southtown
was nothing more than a criminal central. Not able to tolerate so much evil,
Takuma decides to go and stop Geese. He leaves the dojo, and heads for Geese's
tower. Easily taking out any resistance, Takuma arrives to Geese's personal
office. He demands Geese to stop the madness, but Geese just grins, and snaps
his fingers. Then, some of his lackeys take out Yuri with them! Takuma is unable
to do anything, since Geese promises that if Takuma does anything smart, he
would kill her. Then, having Takuma under control, Geese demands Takuma to work
for him, and so he can not be recognized and dishonored, Geese gives him a
"tengu" (bird) mask for him to wear. Then Geese leaves on a business trip, and
leaves his right-hand man Mr. Big in charge. Now Mr. Big ordered Takuma around
and obligated him to do criminal stuff, the things that Takuma hated to see and
now had to do.
	However, Takuma soon was informed that his son, Ryo, and Robert had went
on a journery around town to search for the disappeared Yuri. Secretly wishing
that they may have success, Takuma then sees how old rivals of his come out to
fight his students. There was Rhiyaku Todoh, and Lee, but he was happy to see
that both Ryo and Robert overcame all obstacles. That rised Kyokugenryo Karate's
pride, and soon, they arrived to where Mr. Big was. Watching from a secret room,
Takuma saw with pleasure how Robert thrashed Mr. Big. Kyokugenryo Karate rises
high! However, Mr. Big calls out for Mr. Karate, which was Takuma's name now.
Now he had to face his own son, as Robert was unable to fight. Both engaged in a
heavy, passionate battle. Takuma liked to prove how much his son has improved,
and became evident when Ryo defeated him. The new generation had won, and Takuma
was happy. When Ryo was about to finish him off, considering him the mastermind
behind Yuri's disappearance, Yuri appeared. She begs Ryo not to harm him, as he
was his father! Indeed, Takuma removes his mask to reveal his true face. Once
again, the family is reunited, and all vow to defeat Geese, but they abandon the
plan when Geese gets involved in trouble with the Bogard brothers, sons of Jeff
Bogard, who was murdered by Geese. Takuma once again leaves to his dojo, where
he begins training Yuri at Ryo's back (since he opposed to Yuri being trained).
He also begins to receive lots of students, and Takuma finally sees how the
Kyokugenryo Karate has finally been honored as it should be.
	One day, Takuma received an invitation for the new King of Fighters
tournament, introducing the new team battle mode. Takuma tells Ryo to join him
and represent Kyokugenryo Karate in the competition, but then Ryo opposes that
Yuri should come with them.  Takuma accepts anyway, and invites Robert to tag
along. So, all three now desire to make Kyokugenryo Karate proud, and Takuma
proves that you can still teach an old dog some new tricks! Being one of the
last fighters of the past generation, Takuma fights to show true Kyokugenryo
Karate power! He always puts Ryo and Robert to train again after ever tournament
still! (Much to Ryo and Robert's dismay)
	After the second King of Fighters tournament, though, Takuma feels too old
after seeing all that display of young power. He then decides to leave it to his
children and Robert. He calls for Yuri to make a team with Ryo and Robert, but
since she is not too sure now, Takuma threatens to cancel all her credit cards,
and Yuri is obligated to go fight in place of her father. Takuma then takes a
seat back and watches the tournament, but he is always trying to pass by a
secret guy using his Mr. Karate identity! However, he now goes back to action
after his dojo and his students get trashed by some maniac. He then decides to
go out on his own and look for this man, and meanwhile, he tells Ryo to go to
the tournament cleanse the name of the Kyokugenryo Karate. Saying this, Takuma
follows his own path...
	After his sons and best student successfully defended the name of
Kyokugenryo Karate for the last two tournaments, Takuma feels that his martial
art style has finally earned a name for itself. However, the new King of
Fighters tournament rekindles Takuma's fighting spirit, and is obssessed with
the idea of showing the whole world that Kyokugenryo Karate has not grown old
during the two-year recess period. This time, taking advantage of the four
fighter system, he would once again leap into action as the patriarch of the new
generation of Kyokugenryo Karate!
	Last year was a good year for Kyokugenryo Karate, but Takuma is worried
about the future destiny of the clan. Takuma considers the relation between
Robert and Yuri, but Yuri is still his little girl, so the idea is discarded for
now. On the other hand, Ryo has that crush on the bar Muetai girl, King. She was
strong, determined, and brave...everything that Takuma could ever ask for!
Takuma is decided to sustain that relationship to the very end, but how can he
demonstrate his support? Suddenly, Ryo meets him, and tells him that, since Yuri
has gone away with her friend Mai Shiranui, they should might as well take King
in their lap. Perfect! With enthusiasm, Takuma welcomes the entry of King, much
to Ryo's surprise (he thinks Takuma has a few loose bolts).
	The year didn't end well for Takuma, as the Zero Cannon explosion had
wrecked his dojo big time. But Takuma vowed he would build it up back from
scratch again. But while he was busy supervising the process, his student Robert
came up to him with bad news: Robert's company had gone bankrupt thanks to a
world financial crisis. Takuma instantly made ends meet, and he knew that
without Robert's financial support, he wouldn't expand his dojo anymore! Takuma
hurried his sons into the task of entering the next King of Fighters tournament,
in order to win the prize money and help Robert out!
	With his wealthy experience and stiff battle skills, Takuma was a veteran
to be watched in the tournament. His wise knowledge and vast experience against
many martial artists proved to be his ticket to many victories, and ultimately
prevail in the end. After NESTS was destroyed, Takuma saw it fit to cash the
prize money in order to help Robert, but Takuma admits that he did it in order
for Robert to keep supporting his financial needs. Robert gets pretty ticked,
but Takuma is already used to the fact that his students easily disrespect him!
	Takuma seems to be a strict man, but he is really kind-hearted and loves
his children and respects Robert a lot. He is proud of how Kyokugenryo Karate
has evolved, but still feels that it has more path to follow. Takuma still
trains whenever he has the chance. He has not left his "tengu" mask, though, as
he has taken quite a liking for it. He is also always giving corny speeches to
his students, which they more likely seem to be bored.

*Fun fact = -Takuma or Mr. Karate? Although Takuma had revealed himself as Mr.
Karate way back in AOF 1, he still keeps the "tengu" mask, and always puts it on
in the Kyokugenryo Team's endings of KOF '96/'97. He thinks his students do not
know who he is (although they think he's just getting senile), and gives some
lengthy speeches. They leave him talking by himself in KOF '96, and punch him to
the sky in KOF '97! Such caring students! ^-^
		-Takuma makes a special appearance in Capcom vs. SNK: Millenium
Fight 2000, in his own stage in the Kyokugenryo dojo, which is under
construction. Takuma stands in the middle of the background in utter panic as
the heat of battle slowly batters down his dojo!

Appearances: The King of Fighters '94, The King of Fighters '95, The King of
Fighters '98, The King of Fighters '99, The King of Fighters 2000, The King of
Fighters 2001, The King of Fighters: Kyo
Other games: Art of Fighting, Art of Fighting 2

Birthplace:                USA
Birthdate:                 March 15, 1973 (29 years old)
Height:                    1.82 m (5'10")
Weight:                    77 kg (169 lbs)
Blood type:                O
Hobbies:                   Video games
Favorite food:             Junk food
Favorite sport:            Basketball
Most valuable:             Gloves from Jeff Bogard
Hates the most:            Slugs
Fighting style:            Martial Arts, taught to him by Jeff Bogard

	Terry Bogard is considered to be the first champion of the King of
Fighters tournament before even Kyo Kusanagi was ever known. Considered to be
one of the greatest fighters of all time, Terry Bogard has gone a long way since
he was just a little kid trying to survive in the dangerous streets of
	Terry and his younger brother, Andy, lived happily with their father, Jeff
Bogard, considered to be one of the greatest fighters of Southtown. Jeff trained
in the style of Hakkyokuseiken under the orders of his master Tung Fu Rue.
However, he had a partner named Geese Howard, who was more powerful than Jeff,
but had evil ambitions. Seeing this, Tung Fu Rue decided to teach the secrets of
his style to Jeff, who always wanted to surpass his skills constantly. This
caused the rage of Geese, and vowed revenge. Years later, Geese became the most
powerful man in Southtown due to his great criminal actions and many earnings.
However, he never forgot the humilliation imposed on him, and one day, he
murdered Jeff in combat. Terry and Andy, now orphans, decided to go separate
ways and train in their own style and come back one day to exact revenge out of
Geese. While Andy flyed over to Japan to learn the deadly art of Koppo-ken,
Terry decided to stay in Southtown and face his destiny in the rough streets
were the secrets of fighting are made.
	Equipped with only his gloves given to him by his father and his eternal
cap, Terry wanders the streets of Southtown, and begins to train himself in
several martial arts, mixing it along with what he had learned from his father.
Almost living near the edge, Terry manages to survive the hellbound streets of
Southtown, and begins to adapt to it after many years of training and surviving.
Terry grew up, and his combination of several martial arts made him a very
dangerous opponent to consider.
	Terry awaited the arrival of his brother, Andy, but when he arrived, he
did not come alone. He had taken a friend, a Japanese kickboxer named Joe
Higashi. The trio agreed to participate in the King of Fighters tournament,
which Geese held each year to clean the path of any opposition. Terry entered,
and soon began to show himself as the most dangerous menace to Geese. He totally
plowed his way towards Billy, the champion put by Geese to defeat anybody who
won the final match. After defeating Billy, Terry arrived with Geese at the top
floor of his tower. Geese mocked Terry, saying he was still too young and weak
to fight him. Terry vowed to exact revenge, and fought against Geese. However,
unlike Andy, Terry did not fight just for revenge: he also fought because he
liked to battle, and defeat worthy opponents, to enjoy the fight rather than
feeling obligated to win. This, joined with some new techniques he had learned,
impulsed Terry to victory, and on the final hit, knocked Geese out of the
window, and sent him plumetting to his doom.
	His blood filled with the sense of victory, Terry kept training to keep in
shape. His victory had resounded in the whole world, far more than Southtown.
This also happened to reach the ears of Wolfgang Krauser, a German noblesman who
enjoyed the sense of fighting. He was excited to fight the man who defeated
Geese Howard, but he did not know who the man was, so he began a quest around
the world, beating all the fighters that could be this man. Terry was informed
about him, and decided to give him a chance, went out to look for him. He met
some new faces along the way, new fighters and new friends: Kim Kaphwan, the Tae
Kwon Do justice fighter; Mai Shiranui, the red-haired bouncy ninja; Jubei
Yamada, the Judo master. Fighting and learning a bit from everyone, came his
faithful fight with Krauser. The battle was more than even, since both did not
fight for personal feelings, but for the pleasure of fighting. The difference
was that instead of fooling around with inferior fighters as Krauser did, Terry
did progress in his trips, managing to channel all that experience into his
techniques and defeating Krauser. Once again, Terry became a worldwide figure,
and it seemed that nobody could stop him.
	Of course, Terry was one of the first fighters to be invited to the new
format of the King of Fighters tournament, which was taken by a new host. It
introduced a new team battle mode, so Terry invited his brother, Andy, and Joe
to accompany him. Ever since, the team that was to be known as the "Lonely
Wolves" became one of the most powerful teams in the tournament. Although they
never won the tournament, they always reached the finals, and Terry was always
an excellent fighter, always overcoming himself. He always helped Kyo in his
fights against Rugal and the Orochi clan. Terry retained his tag of a great
fighter, since no fighter seems to close to his dedication and spirit. A true
fighter, Terry seeks the next challenge...
	Terry does not rest his fighting spirit during the last few years. Still
waiting for the true combat to begin, Terry trains and fights every day in the
lawless streets of Southtown. He is worried about his friend Kyo, nonetheless,
who has been reported as missing ever since the last King of Fighters tournament
ended. He is once again hurled into battle when he is one of the main guests to
the 1999 King of Fighters tournament, and now accepts Mai as his new teammate
(though he leaves to Andy the task of controlling her). During the last pace of
the tournament, however, as Terry nears the underground base of the mysterious
host, Krizalid, Terry senses a strange aura. Could it be Kyo's?! Before he could
think any further, the whole passage begins to collapse. His partners manage to
escape, but Terry refuses to leave his friend alone. The ruins fall to the
ground shortly after, and none of the Lonely Wolves knows the fate of Terry.
However, Terry still fights on the streets, always willing to take one anyone
who challenges him, as he is the one and only "Lone Wolf"!
	After his strict period of training, Terry finally returns to the fighting
scene, ready to join his brother Andy, and eternal friend, Joe, in order to
fight one more time in the King of Fighters tournament. However, now that Mai
has gone to join her past friend Yuri Sakazaki, one partner was needed. Before
they could even consider, Mary offered herself to become the new member of the
Lonely Wolves. Terry assumes this tournament will be most interesting....
	Much to Terry's surprise, the final battle is scheduled to be in
Southtown, where it all began. Terry is suspicious about NESTS' actions in his
hometown. Terry, who knows the city like the palm of his hand, leads the others
to their meeting place: an abandoned factory in the industrial zone. Upon
arrival, Terry notices a huge hustle around the factory. They look like
soldiers, but are they good or evil? His answer soon arrives when the soldiers
attack without warning. Terry has no problems in dealing with the trash with his
incredible fighting skill. But the overwhelming number of troops forces Terry
and the others to retreat inside the building.
	Once inside, and while Terry is starting to have some fun, the whole
factory begins to tremble. The mercenaries run away like scared children. From
what he managed to hear, some sort of cannon has fired a destructive laser beam
straight at Southtown! Terry aids his partners in the escape, but Terry himself
is knocked by falling debris. Andy and Mary try to rescue him, but Terry urges
them to escape, as there is no time left. Having said that, Terry remains in the
building up until the final explosion...and destruction, of Southtown.
	Nothing is known about Terry ever since, but he is still around...perhaps
mourning the death of his beloved town, which, despite being a city filled with
criminals and perverted intentions, he knows deep inside that Southtown never
belonged to NESTS, but to those who fought for it. Now he helps Mary out in her
investigation, but Terry knows more than anyone that it will take more than just
harsh words to take down NESTS next time, but the strength of a hungry wolf!
	Terry stays in Southtown, his beloved home city, as he tries to rebuild
what was once left of his glorious town. It is painful for Terry to have to see
his hometown reduced to ashes, but he knows that the city was already condemned
ever since it gave in to NESTS. What Terry is worried about most is that he must
take care of the orphans who now wander around the ruins of Southtown. He knows
that he was once like them, and he must make up to them as a tribute to his late
father, Jeff Bogard, who also helped him out when he was just a street urchin
wandering around Southtown. He knows it is his sworn duty, since he has already
taken a kid under his wing ever since he defeated Geese for the last time, 3
years ago....
	After knowing that his children are sure and safe, Terry meets up with
Mary, who also happened to be roaming around Southtown, following the tracks of
NESTS. Terry is more than intent on taking NESTS down for what they did to
Southtown, and he also knows for sure that Andy and Joe would soon show up to
enter the next King of Fighters tournament. Terry knows that this time, he must
fight for a lot more than just his pride as a fighter and his desire to
encounter worthy opponents: he must for the fate of the world, which has once
again been jeopardized by the evil ambition of NESTS.
	The "Lone Wolf" once again shows his fangs as the King of Fighters
tournament kicks off this year! His fists and power now aim towards the downfall
of NESTS, and he won't rest until he has found ultimate justice! But, Terry
knows that deep inside, the disaster of Southtown allowed him to appreciate his
beloved ones a lot more than before: his younger brother Andy, his close friend
Joe, and his dearest Mary. He also knows that he made many friends in the
tournament, and for that, he should be grateful. For them, Terry fights to the
very end, once again helping out inmensely in the final downfall of NESTS, and
the defeat of Igniz, the CEO of NESTS, atop his own space station. The space
base falls to the ocean back on Earth, but Terry does manage to escape, hoping
that a whole new era of peace will finally dawn on their planet.
	Terry, as his nickname "Lone Wolf" implies, is always alone, but he is a
very good natured fellow. He always seems to be cool and calm, but in battle, he
attacks with fury and determination. He has many friends, many of which he met
in battle. He also likes to play with kids and meet with his brother Andy and
remember the good old times. He and Blue Mary seem to be attracted to each
other, but Terry always seems to lose her phone number! When Terry fights, he
does not always seek to win, but to take something from the fight.

	REAL BOUT: FATAL FURY 2 TERRY BOGARD (The King of Fighters '98/ The King
of Fighters R-2): Alternate version of Terry based on his Real Bout: Fatal Fury
2 incarnation. He regains his long-range Power Wave, and his Rising Tackle goes
back to being a charge motion. His Power Charge is nixed in favor of the Fire
Kick (which esentially has the same functions as the Power Charge). He only has
one DM: the Power Geyser (he loses the Angled Power Geyser DM).

*Fun fact = -What does Terry's cap read? In FF 1, it had the old King of
Fighters logo. In later versions, it either has nothing on it, or "Fatal Fury"
engraved in it. Once, he even had "Neo Geo" engraved on the cap! Cheap plug-ins
really make a difference! ^-^
		-Who is that little kid that is with Terry in his victory poses in
KOF 2001? Well, it's no other than Rock Howard, the main character in Garou:
Mark of the Wolves (the latest Fatal Fury sequel), just 6 years away from hiis
official debut (Garou takes place in the year 2008).

Appearances: The King of Fighters '94, The King of Fighters '95, The King of
Fighters '96, The King of Fighters '97,  The King of Fighters '98, The King of
Fighters '99, The King of Fighters 2000, The King of Fighters 2001, The King of
Fighters: Kyo, The King of Fighters R-1, The King of Fighters R-2, The King of
Fighters EX: Neo Blood
Other games: Fatal Fury, Fatal Fury 2, Fatal Fury Special, Fatal Fury 3: Road to
Final Victory, Real Bout: Fatal Fury, Real Bout: Fatal Fury Special, Real Bout:
Fatal Fury 2, Fatal Fury: Wild Ambition, Real Bout: Dominated Mind, Garou: Mark
of the Wolves, Fatal Fury: First Contact, Capcom vs. SNK: Millenium Fight 2000,
Capcom vs. SNK: Millenium Fight 2000 - Pro, Capcom vs. SNK 2: Millionaire
Fighting 2001, SNK vs. Capcom: Match of the Millenium

Birthplace:           Unknown
Birthdate:            January 9, 1970 (32 years old)
Height:               1.82 m (5'10")
Weight:               67 kg (147 lbs)
Blood type:           B
Hobbies:              Saving money, catalogue shopping
Favorite food:        Beer
Favorite sport:       All
Most valuable:        Her wedding ring
Hates the most:       Indecisive people, ghosts
Fighting style:       Boxing

	Perhaps once you consider Vanessa's past life, you may never have realized
how this beautiful woman became the way she is now. As a matter of fact,
Vanessa's youth was pretty much that of a normal girl. As a young woman, she
fell in love with a tender and caring man, who promised her the best in life.
Time passed, and both got married. Vanessa almost had her life drawn out for
	But one can not erase the mistakes of the past. Her husband worked for
some corporation which specialized in the fabrication of weapons. It's name was
unknown, but Vanessa sort of heard the word "NESTS" mentioned a couple of times.
It seemed that her husband was having trouble with this organization, and they
he wanted out, once he realized what kind of man his commander has become. One
day, Vanessa's husband went out to work...never to come back. He suddenly
vanished, and later reported as dead.
	The news caused havoc in Vanessa's soul. As a way to distract from the
pain, Vanessa practiced boxing, which her husband exceled at. Her mind was full
of questions, with no one to answer them. Her fury grew and grew, but no one to
unleash it against. No longer could Vanessa hold back her suspicions. Vanessa
now joins the organization which her husband was once part of to find out the
truth about NESTS, without actually knowing the real truth....
	Working under the orders of commander Ling, Vanessa realizes that the
organization was mostly a mercenary agency. Vanessa gained her superiors'
confidence after several successful missions. Her sheer determination to find
out the truth behind NESTS was what made her the ferocious woman she is now.
After a while, Ling summons her to his office. She is comissioned with the job
of joining the next King of Fighters tournament, held by Ling himself. They are
to follow the footsteps of the NESTS cartel, which Ling and his agency
persecuted. Vanessa thought it would be the perfect time to find out what's
going on. Vanessa is introduced with Seth, another top mercenary. Vanessa is
assigned the hardest job: win the trust of K' and Maxima, former NESTS agents,
and perhaps they could lead them to NESTS themselves. Vanessa is also assigned
to find another fighter for the team, and Vanessa is given info about this
man...not before given a strange medical treatment....
	After the briefing, Vanessa and Seth go their separate ways. First,
Vanessa goes to Mexico and recruits Ramon, a professional wrestler which was
glad to show his power and skill to the world. After that came the hard part:
trying to convince K' and Maxima to participate in the tournament. After all,
both of them did not want to risk their lives by becoming the main target of
NESTS. However, Vanessa, just like them, wants to destroy NESTS in order to bury
her past, and live without drawbacks. Vanessa's dramatic story is what leads K'
and Maxima to believe the same way, and finally accept.
	Vanessa and the others have no problems in getting to the finals after
letting their sheer sense of vengeance lead them to victory. Vanessa is
contacted by Ling, and assigned to Southtown, where the finals are supposed to
take place, in the industrial zone of the city. Weird things begin to happen
once they set foot in Southtown, however, as they are suddenly attacked by a
woman with similiar features to those of K'. K' stays to fight his alter-ego,
and urges the other to destroy NESTS. Vanessa accepts and heads towards the
designated spot: an abandoned factory.
	With surprise, Vanessa finds out that Seth and his team are in the same
spot as well. Once inside, Vanessa and the others are forced into a dark room by
the unexpected assault of NESTS' agents that surround the complex. Once inside,
Vanessa realizes that it was a set-up, staged by her own commander, Ling, or
should we say, Zero! Zero congratulates Vanessa for her efforts, but her final
job is yet to be done. She must give her fighting energy to Zero in order to
activate the Zero Cannon and use it against NESTS! Vanessa realizes now what
killed her husband, and even gets to know that she was injected with Zero's
genetic code in order to enhance her abilities! With pure rage and anger,
Vanessa dooms Zero to a swift death.
	The memory of her departed husband burns into Vanessa's mind, and that is
what finally helps her out in the final battle against Zero. After a hard fight,
Zero is finally defeated by K'. Zero plans to fry everyone with the Zero Cannon
anyway, but he is stopped by two enigmatic women. Without fully knowing what's
going on, a huge stone falls on Vanessa's head, and everything goes dark...
	When Vanessa finally wakes up, she finds herself being carried off by
Ramon. Vanessa wonders about the fate of K' and Maxima, but Ramon, as always, is
optimistic about them. Vanessa understands that the Zero Cannon has been fired,
and that Southtown is doomed. She wonders about Ramon's current status, but
Ramon jokes her off. This certainly ticks Vanessa off, but Ramon reminded her,if
not for a while, of her husband. Now Vanessa is determined to live free from her
anger, but not before making NESTS pay for their evil deeds!
	Vanessa rests up for the next year, trying to think over the things that
happened during the last King of Fighters tournament. She keeps in touch with
her eternal partner, Seth, upon the activities of NESTS and the way to finally
do away with them. The name of the King of Fighters tournament once again pops
up, and Vanessa realizes that the chance to fight again has came. Vanessa tells
Ramon the news, as Seth goes out to recruit a new teammate that proved to be of
high risk: the insane Iori Yagami. Vanessa knew full well what Iori was capable
of, as well as his blood-stained past. But Vanessa needed to take the risk in
order to get to the bottom of NESTS.
	The fists of Vanessa blaze once again in the King of Fighters tournament,
pummeling faces to her heart's content. Vanessa's lightning paced speed and
solid blows take her far into the tournament, up where she finally gets the
chance to visit the main HQ of NESTS: a space station! Vanessa witnesses with
relief how NESTS is finally thwarted, and falls in ruins down to Earth. But even
after her nightmare ends, one problem remains: Iori, who could most likely turn
against them in any minute, just like he did to all his former teammates.
Vanessa thought it was the right moment to strike first, and Seth seemed to
understand her perfectly. Reading their thoughts, Iori stands poised to mow down
anybody who dares to challenge him. Vanessa and the others commence their attack
on Iori, knowing that perhaps something good might come of all this.
	Vanessa may act like a bitter woman, but she is really still a dreaming
woman deep im her heart. She pretends to act tough and whack people around, but
her real nature is that to be a caring woman and a good friend. The past memory
of her husband still haunts her, which makes her sort of cold towards other men.
Nonetheless, Vanessa's tough exterior contrasts a lot with her soft, tender

*Fun fact = OK, so boxing women are not precisely a common sight nowadays, but
to be sincere, Vanessa is the tallest and heaviest woman in the whole KOF
series, so perhaps she can adapt to the style perfectly. Besides, sex doesn't
really matter when a devastating left hook is blown in your face. Ouch!

Appearances: The King of Fighters '99: Evolution (Dreamcast version, as a secret
striker), The King of Fighters 2000, The King of Fighters 2001, The King of
Fighters EX: Neo Blood (secret striker)

Birthplace:              Unknown
Birthdate:               November 28, 1970 (32 years old, assumed to be dead at
        age 26)
Height:                  1.78 m (5'8")
Weight:                  59 kg (130 lbs)
Blood type:              A
Hobbies:                 Collecting American comics
Favorite food:           Plums
Favorite sport:          Bench press
Most valuable:           The signatured comic book of Dan Brereton
Hates the most:          Saisyu Kusanagi
Fighting style:          No style in particular, mainly power based attacks

	Vice is one of the two Orochi assasins that work for Goenitz, one of the
four Heavenly Kings of Orochi. Considered to be the most ruthless and sadistic
of the duo, Vice is like a wild panther: always stalking their prey, and killing
them with so much brutality. That could define Vice's work as an assasin for
Goenitz, as her victims can no longer tell after falling prey to her slashing
kicks and her incredible strength that allows her to carry some opponents which
double her in weight and toss them like pieces of paper.
	Always expecting the awakening of the Orochi, Vice works along Goenitz and
aids him in killing the heir to the Clan of the Yata, who holds the seal. After
liberating the power of Orochi, Goenitz still feels it is weak, and it will not
help now. So, Vice awaits new orders, until an ambitious man known as Rugal
Bernstein came looking for the Orochi power. Vice was about to enter into
action, but Goenitz decides to take care of it himself. He faces Rugal, and
tells him no mortal can ever possess the Orochi power. Rugal fights Goenitz to
accomplish his plan, but Goenitz just swifts his hand, and it gouges Rugal's
right eye. Surprised that he had survived the attack, Goenitz decides to lend
Rugal a bit of the Orochi power. Rugal's body is racked in pain as the Orochi
power is introduced in him. Then, Goenitz comissions both Vice and Mature to
look over him. If he misuses the power and tries to use it against the Orochi,
they will kill him. Vice and Mature go join Rugal, and keep a watching eye over
	Vice always serves Rugal with her supposed loyalty, and Rugal, sensing her
to be rather trustworthy, assigns Vice to brainwash Saisyu Kusanagi, whom Rugal
had defeated earlier. Rugal had already been defeaten by Kyo Kusanagi the year
before, and now he plans revenge, and Saisyu would be of use to blackmail Kyo.
Vice proceeds to brainwash Saisyu with her power, but Saisyu turns to be more
persistent than she thought. She uses all her mind power to clean Saisyu's
brain, but is left almost without strength. Vice despises Saisyu for having
exhausted her power, and is pretty glad when both Saisyu and Rugal fail in
eliminating Kyo once again. Vice then prepares herself to dispose of Rugal,
since he has used the Orochi power, but it is no need, since Rugal's power
destroyed himself at the end. With their mission accomplished, Vice and Mature
return to Goenitz.
	But this time, Goenitz assigns the assasins to keep an eye on Iori Yagami.
He is of Orochi blood, and he would become useful in the near future. So, he
wants Mature and Vice to make a team with him for the next tournament, and lead
him towards the Orochi bloodline. Vice and Mature go have a little tussle with
Iori before offering their help. So, Iori has two new teammates to join the next
	But Iori began to display an inmense power during the tournament, and Vice
was amused at it. This man certainly had Orochi blood in his veins, but Vice
never thought it was so powerful! Iori could even result a more powerful man
than Goenitz, so Vice decided to rely on Iori to awaken Orochi instead of
Goenitz. By the end of the tournament, Vice and Mature advice Iori to go to the
stadium, since Goenitz would plan to attack there and kill Kyo for sure. Iori,
not letting anybody kill Kyo but himself, goes to fight Goenitz. Goenitz thought
Iori was going to help him, but it went all wrong, and ends up being defeated
after Kyo and Iori join forces. Goenitz thought Mature and Vice were going to
make him join the Orochi cause, but instead of that, they betrayed him! Goenitz
curses both assasins, and vows that the treason will not go without pay. Goenitz
then vanishes, and Mature and Vice go to help Iori out. But Ioir begins to feel
sick, and enters the Riot of Blood, his Orochi blood beginning to awaken. Vice
realizes too late that Iori is not of complete Orochi blood, but has gained his
Orochi power via an unholy pact by his ancestors 660 years ago. Vice then
suffers a miserable death at Iori's slashing hands, but is unknown if she is
actually dead or not...
	Vice is a blood-thirsty monster. She always likes to kill her opponents
with so much violence, and finds to be quite relaxing to see blood all around.
Mature and her are not precisely friends, they just help each other to free the
power of Orochi. Vice also seems to be in an eternal state of anger and
frustration, and always seems to be in the mood. She also despises Saisyu for
having making her pass so much trouble in brainwashing him.

*Fun fact = Is Vice suffering the Riot of Blood? Perhaps, but it doesn't seem to
have full effect on her yet. She dangles her arms, just like Riot of Blood Iori
does. She coughs up blood too, and that is one of the syntoms of Riot of Blood.
It seems that all that violence that Vice seems so alike to, has made her Orochi
blood awaken more than usual. She also seems to be want to be KILLED, as in one
of her victory poses in KOF '98, she kneels and begs to kill her! Whoa...I wish
Iori wanted that too...the loony bastard. ^-^

Appearances: The King of Fighters '96, The King of Fighters '98, The King of
Fighters 2000 (Iori Yagami's special striker along with Mature)
Other games: Capcom vs. SNK: Millenium Fight 2000, Capcom vs. SNK: Millenium
Fight 2000 - Pro, Capcom vs. SNK 2: Millionaire Fighting 2001

Birthplace:                    Unknown
Birthdate:                     October 12, 1983 (19 years old)
Height:                        1.73 m (5'6")
Weight:                        59 kg (130 lbs)
Blood type:                    O
Hobbies:                       None
Favorite food:                 Honey
Favorite sport:                None
Most valuable:                 Uddodou (her whip)
Hates the most:                Angels, abuse of the Internet (shame on you! :),
Fighting style:                Soubenjutsu and Heidern style assasination

	Whip's past is as shrouded in mystery as the young woman herself. She only
remembers that she was looking for her brother, and the only name in her mind
was NESTS, so that is where she heads to. She has always worked for the NESTS
cartel as an assassin, expert in the use of firearms, and of course, her weapon
of choice ever since she began her life of fighting: her whip, Uddodou. Whip,
actually named Muchiko, never learned to do anything else, and it becomes
troublesome for her. However, during her stance in the cartel, she meets a
troubled young man, who at the same time, seems to act nicely around Whip: he
called himself only Krizalid.
	Whip is confessed that Krizalid is the most advanced Kyo Kusanagi clone to
date, and that he is destined to make the NESTS cartel the reigning order of the
world. However, Whip just can't imagine Krizalid as a world destroyer. They
passed a lot of time together, up until the point that Krizalid considered her
to be just like a sister. Whip knows the truth, but refuses to shatter the
precious dream of Krizalid. Soon enough, Krizalid is doned with his battle suit,
and he begins to change for the worst. During that period of time is when Whip
finds out a shocking truth about Krizalid...and her lost brother.
	Soon enough, Krizalid becomes obssessed in dominating the world, and pays
little to no attention to Whip's warnings. Seeing how his dear friend had become
mad of power, Whip realizes she has nothing to do in the NESTS cartel anymore.
She leaves one night, and wanders around for awhile, before she hears about a
mercenary agency named Ikari Warriors. Whip goes to the main Ikari base, and
reports to commander Heidern. She would like to recruit herself in the Ikari
Warriors. After seeing a display of her skills, Heidern deems her worthy of such
honor, and soon enough, Whip raises her rank up to where few had reached
	Whip is introduced to the main members of the Ikari Warriors: lieutenant
Ralf, field leader. Clark, most important man. And Leona, another rookie in the
Ikari lines. Whip and Leona soon find a lot in common. Both having personal
conflicts that they don't want to share with anyone but themselves. They also
were haunted by ghosts of the past. But in order to resolve their problems, they
should first try to depend on others. Whip gets to go along with the unit quite
well, as Heidern assigns Whip her first important mission: investigate the evil
host of the next King of Fighters tournament. Somehow, Whip knew what was coming
for them.
	The familiar settings brings back some memories to Whip. She can't believe
how much her friend has changed, and much less trying to activate the Kyo clones
worldwide. Whip slowly guides her companions to the underground base, hoping
Krizalid would reconsider sooner or later. As they near the base, Whip contacts
Heidern, and summons the extermination squad. However, as soon as she does so,
the whole base begins to crumble down. Whip urges her partners to flee as soon
as possible. Leona vida for Whip to come with them. But Whip's mind is decided:
she would face her past no matter what!
	Whip slowly enters the main facility. Among the havoc, Whip sees a body
underneath a rock in agony. It was Krizalid, severly battered up. Krizalid calls
out for his sister, but Whip demands him to stop calling her that. All his past
memories were just infused to him by the NESTS cartel, and that he was nothing
more than an advanced clone of K', the ultimate Kyo clone. Krizalid curses his
destiny, as Whip bids him farewell for the last time. "Thanks for the good
memories", Whip silently whispers as she exits the base.
	Outside, Whip is awaited by her commander and by her friends. Heidern
demands an explanation. Whip simply salutes, and says she had to say goodbye to
an old friend. Having said that, tears freely flow out of Whip's eyes. She knows
Krizalid would be happier whereever he would be....
	But Whip has finally found her desired answer to her prayers: since
Krizalid was K's clone, then K' must be her brother! The memories of K' were
implanted into Krizalid's mind, so it must be true. Filled with joy, Whip has
dedicated herself to find K' on her own, but since K' was a fugitive, the Ikari
Warriors had set a manhunt the likes that were never seen before. Worried for
her brother and for the future actions of NESTS, Whip is the most decided member
of the Ikari Warriors squad to enter the next King of Fighters tournament. But
before anything else, Whip records a video, as if foretelling the outcome of
this competition....
	Growing concerned about her brother's fate, Whip arrives at Southtown,
where the final battle (and surely, the NESTS cartel) is located. Whip scouts
the area, to no avail. Suddenly, she receives orders from Ralf to hurry over to
an abandoned factory in the industrial zone of Southtown, since he has lost
contact with commander Heidern. While Leona, Ralf, and Clark go to assist
Heidern, Whip takes an alternate route. After cruising a dark room, Whip finds a
battered man on the ground, with a small, grey box. Whip is certain she has met
him before, and it is true: it was Zero, one of the main NESTS agents. Zero
opens the box to reveal an optic disk, knowing that Whip would come for it. Whip
doesn't fully understand, but she takes the disk with her, knowing that it was
the project data for this year. Heidern begins to contact her, but Whip ignores
his commands. Whip then hurries from the exploding city....
	Once outside, Whip looks over a precious meteor shower in the sky. It has
been a long time ever since she saw such an amazing show. Suddenly, a more
happier sight appears in front of Whip: it's K', who has managed to barely
survive the explosion! He is accompanied by Maxima, but is a bit dumbfounded by
the appearance of Whip. Once his memory returns, K' rips his special glove from
his hand, and this time, he does not burn out of control. This means that he has
controlled his power! K' and Whip smile at each other, but reunion time should
wait for a better time. Whip leads her newfound brother and Maxima out of the
burning ashes of Southtown...towards a new life.
	As a way to make up for her absence in K's life, Whip joins K' in his
quest for revenge against NESTS. Thanks to the information located in the optic
disk that Zero gave her, Whip could locate several NESTS bases around the world.
K' was resolved in destroying them all, searching for the missing ends of his
past, but when they arrive at these locations, they are mysteriously empty.
Almost as if NESTS knew they were coming. Place after place, not even a single
NESTS agent could be found. Whip didn't understand what was going on, until they
finally stumble upon someone who was also following the footsteps of NESTS: the
lethal Hizoku ninja, Lin. Whip and the others manage to catch on Lin, but Whip
knows better than anyone else what Lin is after: the traitor to the Hizoku clan,
Ron, who also happens to be an active member of the NESTS cartel. Lin is amused
that Whip knows so much, and Whip makes him an offer: to team up with them for
the next King of Fighters tournament to finally defeat NESTS! Since NESTS was
going public during this tournament, it would be their chance to find out what
they're planning. Lin accepts, and Whip previews a mortal battle ahead.
	For the first time ever, Whip enters the tournament without the help of
his former partners, the Ikari Warriors, who she now has to fight against. But
Whip is confident that she will resolve her brother's missing past if she gets
to NESTS...and quite possibly even hers. Whip and the others, after winning
several matches, are summoned to attend to the final match, which would take
place in a blimp in flight. Whip knows something is definetly wrong, especially
when the blimp takes off, gains speed, and sheds its' disguise: a rocket ship!
But that's not the least of surprises...a familiar man steps up to challenge
Whip and her comrades. It's Zero, but he is actually the real Zero, while the
Zero that was defeated last year was merely a clone. Whip is surprised by this
scheme, and suddenly, a clone of Krizalid and Ron himself appear by Zero's side!
Zero predicts that a carnage will ensue, but they are going to be the victims
now! Whip now stands by her brother's side to fend off the attack of Zero....
	Whip and Maxima fight to fend off Krizalid and Zero's pet lion, while K'
deals with Zero and Lin fulfills his destiny by fighting Ron. Whip and the
others are victorious in the end as K' thrusts Zero to the ground. Zero
honorably accepts defeat, and as he speaks, the ship begins to shake, and all of
a sudden it begins to explode! Confused in the mayhem, Zero hurries them to exit
the ship towards their destiny, which might not be nice, but will define a lot
of things in their life. Zero bids the strong warriors farewell, as Whip is
moved by Zero's honor. Whip hurries with K' and the others to the place where
the ship docked...which turns out to be a space station! Whip knows for sure
that this must be the main base for NESTS, as she locates a throne room where
several ominous figures wait for them....
	An eerie voice, claiming to be Igniz, the CEO of NESTS, greets the
fighters. Whip notices that there is an old man sitting in the throne, and two
tall figures standing next to him: a cloaked blond man and a female secretary.
Whip assumes that the old man is Igniz as he keeps talking trash to K' and his
comrades. K' gets cocky and talks back some more smack. Igniz claims that he
will grant K' back his memories, so K' can fight him at full strength and
without a doubt in his mind. In a moment, K' recovers from his amnesia, and the
tall blonde man grabs the old man's head, and disintegrates him! He is actually
Igniz, who has turned against his own president. Even though he was just a
lackey, Whip knows that Igniz has more power than what they can actually see
about him...which is proved right soon after when Igniz begins to pummel K' and
the others around with incredible ease. Igniz' power is indeed fearful and
awesome! It takes help from Kyo and the others to finally aid K' in defeating
Igniz after a long, twisted battle for life and death.
	With his delusional divine dreams crumbled, Igniz slowly walks his way up
to where some pillars are located. But before he places his hands on it and
sends the space station crumbling down, Igniz claims that even Whip herself is a
clone, and now that she has shunned the existence of a human god among them, she
would never know her true past! The following events for Whip are totally passed
by: she never even paid attention to the space base falling down to sea, and
escaping from certain death. Whip regroups with Diana and Kula, former NESTS
agents, to find out certain details of NESTS that could lead them to knowing
what is left of them, but most of all, Whip wants to know if there is some
evidence that can lead her to her own mysterious past. Whip is happy that K' has
recovered his memory, but she knows that her own quest for self-encounter has
just begun.
	Whip is quite enigmatic and silent for a young woman of her age, but is
comprehensible once you realize that she didn't pass too much with the rest of
society. Despite being surrounded by violence and death, Whip secretly desires
true happiness one day. It hurts her to see what Krizalid had turned into, for
she knows that Krizalid is not truly evil. She finds new hopes in her friends
Ralf, Clark, and Leona. A family, that Whip never enjoyed of and keeps looking
for, and one that she hopes Krizalid may find one day.

*Fun fact = The fact that we thought that Whip's original name was to be that of
"Uippu" (which, once you see it right, is just "Whip" spelled in Japanese).

Appearances: The King of Fighters '99, The King of Fighters 2000, The King of
Fighters 2001, The King of Fighters EX: Neo Blood (as a striker for the Ikari
Other games: SNK Gals Fighters

Birthplace:                   Germany
Birthdate:                    Unknown
Height:                       2.00 m (6'5")
Weight:                       145 kg (319 lbs)
Blood type:                   A
Hobbies:                     Collecting antiques
Favorite food:               Anything
Favorite sport:              Has no interest, but can play anything
Most valuable:               Chivalry
Hates the most:              Vanity, falsehood
Fighting style:              Combination of several martial arts

	Wolfgang Krauser is the latest heir to the Strolheim bloodline, which has
produced a very long line of terrible dictators, which besides being a threat
for Europe in past centuries, they have also been distinguished as admirable
warriors. Krauser is now aimed to be the most powerful in his family, as his
strength is more than a match for many fighters. Some say that Krauser even
killed his own father to gain the title of heir to the Strolheim clan, but one
fact remains true: Krauser lives to fight worthy opponents, and trash them and
claim honor for the Strolheim way.
	Since very young, and surrounded by a middle-age climate, Krauser learned
the tradtional gentleman values, but he is very different in the battlefield.
Having been trained by his father, Krauser has learned to wield the inmense
power that was inherited to him. But Krauser was not satisfied in just
practicing. He wanted to prove what was going on in the rest of the world. When
Krauser grew up, he began to do some random travels to different places in the
world, in order to face the strongest fighters. Krauser had no fun in destroying
them, and once he returned to his castle in Germany, he dedicated himself to
listening to his personal orchestra. Such was Krauser's life, always bored with
the lack of competition...until one day.
	Krauser was informed about a man named who had defeated Geese Howard, the
main crime leader of Southtown. Krauser personally knew Geese, and he was
surprised somebody could defeat him. His blood boiling with excitement, Krauser
decides to once again travel the world to meet this man. Krauser met several
people whom he considered to be the candidates for having defeated Geese, but
none where as worthy. Some challenged Krauser too, but he just blew them away.
The power and skills Krauser had were fearful. Being able to devastate an entire
group of fighters in just a few seconds, Krauser did not last long in passing
undetected by several fighters who wanted a shot at him. But one of them was the
only man worthy to fight him: Terry Bogard, the man who had defeated Geese. The
battle ensued in Krauser's castle, where Krauser and Terry displayed an inmense
show of power and speed. The battle was very even, both fighters enjoying the
most out of the fight. Krauser delivered his best blows, but Terry resisted, he
too giving away terrible hits. However, soon Krauser was getting tired while
Terry was still up and going. While Krauser had lost his time fooling around,
Terry had gained much experience and skills from his past battles, and was able
to defeat Krauser at the end.
	Nothing was heard from Krauser until 1996, where he joined Geese and his
lackey, Mr. Big, and formed a very powerful team. Krauser wished to fight Terry
again, but he was also very excited to fight all those other great fighters.
Even though Geese was using him to take over the Orochi power, Krauser had a
great time. He now realized how Terry got so good last time, and decides to
fight for fun as well, as he too, extracts experience from the battle.
	Some may say Krauser is an evil and ruthless man, but this only happens in
the battlefield, where Krauser displays an incredible brutality. In real life,
Krauser is a honorable man, always using his rights as a gentleman. He always
wears the Strolheim armor wherever he goes, disposing of it when he fights. He
loves to fight and defeat worthy opponents, but sometimes his strength is so
great few people can resist it.

*Fun fact = Krauser seems to get his payback when he defeats Terry in RBS, and
this also happened in the second Fatal Fury anime. It seems that Krauser is the
only man who can brag defeating Terry!

Appearances: The King of Fighters '96
Other games: Fatal Fury 2, Fatal Fury Special, Real Bout: Fatal Fury Special,
Real Bout: Fatal Fury 2, Real Bout: Dominated Mind, Fatal Fury: First Contact

"Shrine of Seven Shackles"
Birthplace:                Japan
Birthdate:                 December 31, 1973 (29 years old, assumed to be dead
           at age 24)
Height:                    1.90 m (6'2")
Weight:                    99 kg (218 lbs)
Blood type:                O
Hobbies:                   Band, travelling
Favorite food:             Menma
Favorite sport:            Swimming
Most valuable:             Amber
Hates the most:           Eggplants, narrow places
Fighting style:           No style in particular, mainly power based attacks

	Yashiro is a lonely man who wanders the world playing his guitar. Ever
since he has memory, Yashiro only remembers playing his guitar in local places,
and getting in a brawl once in awhile. Getting tired of his hometown, Yashiro
grabs his things and begins to travel around the globe.
	Yashiro then finds two persons who he seems to identify himself with: in
France, he meets Shermie, a beautiful woman who plays the keyboard. Besides
noticing something very familiar in her, Yashiro was very attracted to her.
Then, in Sweden, Yashiro meets a little kid called Chris, who was an antisocial
child, but seemed to be very friendly with Yashiro. He plays the drums, so
Yashiro has formed a music band. Soon, the band begins to play around the world,
and thousands of fans claim them. Yashiro feels alive, and sometimes even feels
the souls of the crowd. But Yashiro also feels a sort of special bond between
him and his two partners. Something beyond life and death...
	Yashiro was excited when he was invited to play at a big performance in
Japan as the lead stars. Yashiro rehearsed hard to be as good as ever, and
Shermie and Chris were a bit tired out because of this. The big day arrived, and
a roaring crowd arrived at the scene, a number which Yashiro had never seen. His
fingers were trembling with excitement, but was left out cold when the manager
tells them they have to wait their turn. Yashiro furiously demands an
explanation, and the manager tells them a new band has appeared recently and has
gained a large number of fans. Yashiro walks with rage towards front stage. He
then sees a red-haired man at stage, driving the crowd wild. Yashiro left, anger
flowing in his eyes, but he also seemed to feel something in that man's soul
that made him feel so familiar...the same feeling he sensed with Shermie and
Chris as well.
	Yashiro passed the last few days training in his fighting style rather
than rehearsing, and get his chance against the red-haired devil. His chance
came when the King of Fighters tournament arrived. Yashiro did not have an
invitation, so he recommended his friends to go get some "free" invitations.
When they accomplish their mission, Yashiro is now ready to kick that man's
butt! It seems his name is Iori Yagami, and Yashiro now marks him as his prey in
the tournament. However, not much later, Yashiro begins to feel how his blood
boils, as his Orochi blood begins to awaken. He would soon arise as one of the
four Heavenly Kings of Orochi, and would fight to gather fighting energy for
Orochi! Yashiro becomes the most fearful threat for the fighters, and when he is
finally defeated after many sacrifices, Yashiro tells them that it is useless
now, since Orochi has received enough energy. He and Shermie then kill
themselves to fully awaken the Orochi. It is unknown if Yashiro survived
	Yashiro is a proud, arrogant man, who thinks that his good looks rival his
own skills. He also always seems to appear that after a fight, he is not tired.
He also makes fun of the opponent's skills, and does not like to be accompanied
by weaklings. Yashiro's passion lies in his music, though, and in his friendship
with Chris and Shermie. He seems to like Shermie as well. However, Yashiro has
no other path but to follow his duty as a Heavenly King of Orochi, and fight to
sacrifice his life for the Orochi.

	OROCHI YASHIRO NANAKASE (The King of Fighters '97/The King of Fighters
'98/The King of Fighters R-1/ The King of Fighters R-2): The awakened form of
Yashiro Nanakase, as one of the four Heavenly Kings of Orochi. He gains
tremendous power from the earth, and is able to shaken the earth beneath his
feet with his power! His clothes gain a purple hue. Yashiro is destined to
sacrifice his life for the Orochi cause. All of his special moves and DM are
different from those of normal Yashiro (one of his DM even mimics one of
Daimon's DM!).

*Fun fact = It seems that Goenitz' clothes are the official clothes of a
Heavenly King of Orochi! Yashiro and Chris wear identical clothes to Goenitz.
It's all in the style! ^_^

Appearances: The King of Fighters '97, The King of Fighters '98, The King of
Fighters 2000 (Ralf Jones' special striker), The King of Fighters: Kyo, The King
of Fighters R-1, The King of Fighters R-2

"The Lily beyond the Hill"
Birthplace:                Japanese (of American heritage)
Birthdate:                 December 7, 1976 (26 years old)
Height:                    1.68 m (5'5")
Weight:                    59 kg (130 lbs)
Blood type:                A
Hobbies:                  Karaoke
Favorite food:            Sweet curry rice
Favorite sport:           Softball
Most valuable:            Friends, Ronnet's (her mother) earrings
Hates the most:           Octopus
Fighting style:           Kyokugenryo Karate

	Yuri Sakazaki is the younger daughter of Takuma Sakazaki, and the little
sister of Ryo Sakazaki. Ever since she was very young, Yuri's mother died, and
her father was left to take care of her and her brother alone. Takuma loved both
of his children, but he dedicated more time to Ryo, as he was to be the heir of
the Kyokugenryo Karate style. However, he never let Yuri out of the picture, and
was always a loving father. Yuri always looked up to her father, and wishes that
someday she will be as strong as he is. But Ryo never accepted the idea of his
sister training, since it could get her into trouble. Yuri then found a friend
in the new boy that had just arrived from Italy: Robert Garcia. She had much fun
talking with him, but her father and her brother always seemed to be obssesed in
separating them. However, Yuri liked to be with Robert, as she considered him to
be an invaluable friend.
	Yuri was in the dojo one day, when she suddenly received the visit of
several strange people. All dressed in black, and they refused to answer Yuri's
questions. Realizing they were not there for anything good, Yuri tried to
escape, but she was too slow, and got kidnapped. She was stashed in a dark room,
and remained there for several days. She was very worried about her family, and
was also thinking a lot about Robert. Suddenly, one day, the door opened, and
Yuri was able to crawl out. She then finds out Ryo and Robert fighting a man
with a "tengu" (bird) mask. Being so unite with her father, Yuri recognizes the
man to be Takuma, and bids Ryo not to hurt him anymore. Takuma then removes his
mask, and reveals his true identity. The whole family and Robert now go back to
the dojo, and plot their comeback against Geese Howard, the man who kidnapped
Yuri, and blackmailed Takuma into working for him. However, Geese already had
his hands full with the Bogard brothers, who had came to exact revenge on Geese
for the death of their father. After rescuing her father, Yuri asks Takuma to
train her in Kyokugenryo Karate without letting Ryo know. Takuma accepts, and
both begin training, making Yuri some exceptional progress in quite a few time.
	When Yuri considered herself ready for action, she received a terrible
notice. When she was looking forward to making a team with her father and her
brother in the new King of Fighters tournament. But Ryo refuses since he does
not want her to make fun of Kyokugenryo Karate. They admit Robert insetad, and
Yuri is so furious, she goes to a bar in Southtown, and demands a drink. Then,
she sees an invitation for the King of Fighters tournament, held by the host of
the bar, King. Yuri then rushes over to beg her to join her and make a team.
Unfortunately, so was a bouncy ninja girl called Mai Shiranui. Both got in an
argument, and King had no other way but to accept both of them. Now, the all-
female team of England now enters, and all shall fear both their beauty and
fighting skills!
	After fighting in two tournaments, Yuri is called back to the dojo by her
father. Upon her return, Takuma tells her to take his place in the Kyokugenryo
Team, since she has showed her value to him. But Yuri has already found somebody
to fight with, but Takuma persuades her a bit more by threatening to cancel her
credit cards. Yuri then has to join Ryo and Robert and fight to represent
Kyokugenryo Karate, much to Ryo's dismay and Robert's joy. Now, Yuri vows to
honor her father by fighting in the King of Fighters tournament, although she
just wishes that he stops being such a pushover at the end of each tournament,
when he gives very boring speeches using his old "tengu" mask and calling
himself Mr. Karate! She also accepts to clean the honor of Kyokugenryo Karate
when the dojo gets trashed and the students get whacked. Yuri is always ready to
help in anyway she can!
	Yuri lives her life as a carefree young woman after Orochi is erradicated
of this world, but not for very long. She is once again called back to action
when the next King of Fighters tournament comes up. Not the one to let down her
family and friends, Yuri trains harder to ever that she too, despite being the
only female of the team, can put up quite a display of what Kyokugenryo Karate
can do!
	Once the tournament ends, a sense of nostalgia invades Yuri. It has been a
long time since Yuri has joined her father's team, but she misses the days where
she wrecked havoc in the tournament along with Mai and King. Tired of being tied
to her father's quelms, Yuri finally declines to be in the Kyokugenryo Team once
more, and leaves her team without a clue of who they would team up with (leaving
Robert grief-stricken). One day, she meets up with Mai, and the decision is
made: they are to make a team again! King now replaces Yuri's place in the
Kyokugenryo Karate team, and Mai invites her old friend Kasumi Todoh over.
However, one team member is missing, but the answer arrives in the form of
school-girl-turned-Sumo-wrestler Hinako Shijou, during a local martial arts
tournament. Now, Yuri determines herself to prove the world the power of true
female power!
	Yuri returns to Southtown in order to attend to the rebuilding of the
Kyokugenryo dojo that was heavily damaged after the Zero Cannon explosion,
willing to help his father and brother out. But it is then when tragedy strikes!
A sad Robert arrives at the dojo, and admits that his company had gone bankrupt
thanks to a world financial crisis that went directly against his empire. Yuri
is worried about Robert's stamina, so she decides to help him out, for once!
Yuri will have to team up with his family and Robert once more, this time to
help her beloved Robert.
	Putting in her best effort, Yuri does her best to hold the Kyokugenryo
name up high. This time, she can't let anything hold her back! As the tournament
draws to an end, with the final demise of NESTS, Yuri watches with joy as Robert
gets his wealth back from the prize money of the tournament. But now, she
wonders what Robert is going to buy her now that he's rich again? Robert is mad
at the fact that the Sakazakis are only interested in his financial resources,
but Yuri knows that they appreciate Robert for what he is and not for what he
has (although that sure helps!).
	Yuri is a very sweet young lady, always caring about her friends and her
family. She loves her father and sees him like an example, and respects her
brother as well, but is bothered when he always gets involved in her business.
She also likes being with Robert, but she has denied to show him her feelings
since his journey to Southtown to help a childhood friend. She has lots of
friends in the tournament and outside of it, and likes to go out with them. In
all, she is a very friendly young lady.

	ART OF FIGHTING YURI SAKAZAKI (The King of Fighters '98/ The King of
Fighters R-2): Alternate version of Yuri based on her Art of Fighting 2 and King
of Fighters '95 incarnations. She regains her long-range Koh-Ho-Ken, her Saiha
(a shield move), and her Rai-Ou-Ken (jumping projectile). She also gains back
her Hundred Slaps special grab. She still regains two DM: the Hien Houou Kyaku
and the Haoh-Sho-Koh-Ken, and her Yuri Cho Upper DM is changed for the Shin Cho
Upper DM.

*Fun fact = Yuri really needs to stop watching Street Fighter! Lately, she has
gained two DM which are similiar to two supers of Ryu and Ken, the heroes of the
SF series. The Yuri Cho Upper is a ripoff of Ken's Shoryureppa, and the Shin Cho
Upper is a ripoff of Ryu's Shin Shoryuken. She also has Sakura's Shun-pu-Kyaku.
And now, in KOF 2001, Yuri gets herself a ripoff of the infamous Shun Goku Satsu
from Akuma (better known as the "Raging Demon"), and guess how it's called? The
Shin Yuri Satsu! Whoopie! ^_^; If that was not enough, she even ripoffs the
"Service, service!" victory pose from Misato Katsuragi of the Neon Genesis
Evangelion anime series. Random ripoffs is every day's history! ^_^

Appearances: The King of Fighters '94, The King of Fighters '95, The King of
Fighters '96, The King of Fighters '97,  The King of Fighters '98, The King of
Fighters '99, The King of Fighters 2000, The King of Fighters 2001, The King of
Fighters: Kyo, The King of Fighters R-1, The King of Fighters R-2, The King of
Fighters EX: Neo Blood (as a striker for the Kyokugenryo Team)
Other games: Art of Fighting 2, SNK Gals Fighters, Capcom vs. SNK: Millenium
Fight 2000, Capcom vs. SNK: Millenium Fight 2000 - Pro, Capcom vs. SNK 2:
Millionaire Fighting 2001, SNK vs. Capcom: Match of the Millenium

Birthplace:               Unknown
Birthdate:                October 7, 1956 (46 years old, assumed to be dead at
          age 46)
Height:                   1.93 m (6'3")
Weight:                   88 kg (194 lbs)
Blood type:               O
Hobbies:                  Working
Favorite food:            Sukiyaki, sushi
Favorite sport:           Golf, baseball
Most valuable:            Transformation skills
Hates the most:           Traitors
Fighting style:           No style in particular, mainly a striking style and
  cutter attacks

*Sushi = Japanese dish, made mainly of raw fish

	Zero is one of the higher-ranked NESTS agents. Due to his rank, Zero
managed to become one of the most important men among the NESTS cartel, aiding
them in their evil plans. A man who was purely devoted to the cartel, Zero was
always loyal and faithful to his organization, and along with his fellow
executive Igniz, carried NESTS to new heights as ordered by their wise leader.
When their plan for world conquest was set in motion, Zero was commanded to
watch over the performance of the Kusanagi cloning process, set forth by one of
their lower ranked officers, Krizalid.
	Zero began his true work when the Krizalid project had begun. Acting as
the project supervisor, he was to monitor all actions done by Krizalid, and also
analyze the performance of K', who is a human being infused with Kusanagi power.
After Krizalid was defeated, Zero was the ominous voice who talked to the heroes
of the battle. Zero considers Krizalid to be a worthless agent, and dispatches
him by launching a huge boulder over Krizalid. After proclaiming the superiority
of NESTS, Zero retreats to seclusion once again....
	During one full year, Zero begins the fabrication of what should be the
most fearsome weapon ever created by man: the Zero Cannon. A killer satellite
that would orbit the Earth in outer space, it would contain a huge laser cannon
that would be able to fire at any designated spot on the ground. But this type
of destructive energy needed an equally powerful energy source. Using the same
technology that was used for Krizalid's battle armor, Zero fabricated a power
generator that would be able to absorb the fighting energy of any human being.
The generator would then channel the energy towards the Cannon, and power it up
enough for it to destroy whole cities at once. Not one, but twenty of these
death machines were created. Zero knew these were weapons capable of wiping out
any designated point on the face of the planet. But he needs someone outside the
organization to launch it, to avoid suspitions....To accomplish this, Zero
created a clone of himself that would assume another image, and infiltrate a
local mercenary agency that would prove most valuable for his plans.
	The Ikari Warriors proved to be the perfect target for Zero's evil plans.
That way, he could avoid any possible investigation by his bosses. But there was
no direct way to approach the mercenary squad. Zero, using the advanced clone
technology of the NESTS cartel, created a clone of himself, and programmed him
to pass as a fellow mercernary commander named Ling, who would lead the fighters
straight into his trap. His plan would soon begin....
	Taking advantage of the friendship between Ling and Heidern, Zero launches
the Zero Cannon to outer space, saying that it would be a weapon to use against
NESTS. After that, Zero suggests Heidern to organize a new King of Fighters
tournament in order to attract NESTS out of their hideout. In order to do so,
Zero advises that Heidern should follow K' and Maxima, former NESTS agents, who
should be able to confess something about NESTS' whereabouts. While Zero fixes
that situation, he also makes some movements on his side. He dispatches two of
the most important agents that worked for Ling, and sends them to attract the
former members of the fighters of the faithful battle one year ago. Seth and
Vanessa are assigned to search out for K', Maxima, Benimaru Nikaido, and Shingo
Yabuki, and bring them to Southtown for the final battle. Zero's plan begins as
	But NESTS has also moved their pieces. After sending the "anti-K'" Kula to
stop Zero's plans, NESTS plans to wipe their trace in Southtown. Meanwhile, as
the tournament advances under the happy gesture of Zero, the final battle in
Southtown nears. After Heidern realizes that things aren't going as planned,
Zero puts the final part of his plan into motion. He captures Heidern using his
soldiers, which posed as Ling's soldiers, to stop Heidern from any further
interference. Now, Zero prepares himself for the final match in a temple located
behind an abandoned factory in the industrial zone of Southtown.
	When Maxima and the others arrive with Zero, he tells them his malevolent
intentions. He even used his own agents, Seth and Vanessa, as pawns in his
maniacal game. He injected them with his own genetic code to enhance their
abilities so they could perform better in battle. Facing the rage and anger of
many of the fighters in front of him, Zero manages to get one step closer. The
warriors are so angry that they will fight with no drawbacks. This will gain him
enough energy to charge the Zero Cannon!
	During the battle, Zero manages to display two styles: one of them was
pure strength and speed, using his power and his razor-edged skirt. The second
part of the battle, when things suddenly got serious, Zero used dark arts in
order to surprise his opponents, and even use his own fighting aura to create
chaos around him. After wiping out practically all the resistance, Zero declares
himself the winner, but not before Lin stabs him in the back. Furious, Zero
gives Lin a sound beating, but now he has to face K'. Zero feels that his body
doesn't reply to his commands anymore. The stab from Lin injected poison into
his body, downgrading his physical status, allowing K' to deliver the final
	Badly wounded and enraged, Zero is ready to activate the Zero Cannon,
since it should already have enough energy to blow his enemies to bits. However,
the generator does not respond to his command inputs. Suddenly, Zero is
inmobilized, and two mysterious women, called Diana and Foxy, appear at his
sides. They condemn Zero to death for trying to betray NESTS. Amidst his anguish
and pain, Zero watches how Kula activates the Zero Cannon from outer space. The
beam falls on the temple itself, and Zero receives the impact head on. In his
dying place, Zero delivers Whip the project data, and watches over as Kyo and
Iori engage in their faithful battle, before finally being buried by the debris
of the falling temple, with Southtown as his crumbled tomb....
	But the original Zero was still safe and sound in the main NESTS HQ. He
was disgusted at the clone's feeble attempts to destroy NESTS. His superiors
were shocked that Zero's clone would attempt such an outrageous action against
their own organization. But Zero discarded the action as an individual action
carried out by his clone. What was important now was to plan the scheme for next
year, as the leader of NESTS intended to set out their primary plan to world
conquest. The fighting data information had already been gathered and saved in
the main database of NESTS' computers, so all that was left was to take care of
all those fighters once and for all. This way they would ruin the world of the
strongest fighters they had, leaving the planet hopeless! Zero was more than
willing to clean his image to his superiors, but he noticed a funny way in which
his comrade Igniz had been acting lately.
	Zero was summoned by the president of NESTS as the King of Fighters
tournament was well underway. There he was faced by Igniz, but said nothing to
the president about his suspitions. The president of NESTS commands Zero to
destroy the winners of the King of Fighters tournament as soon as possible, and
tells Zero to take one of their rocket ships and lead them to their main HQ,
where they will surely become guinea pigs for NESTS in their new world order.
Zero accepts, and soon comes up with an idea to camoflage the ship as a mere
blimp so it won't cause any suspition. Zero does so, and leads the winning teams
into his own trap....
	As soon as the teams board the blimp, Zero discards the blimp disguise,
and sets the ship towards a new course: the main HQ of NESTS in outer space!
Meanwhile, he walks down to the bridge along with his pet lion to face the
winning team himself. He is pleased to see that it is K' and his partners who
have arrived this far. Everyone is surprised to see Zero still alive, but Zero
tells them about his treacherous clone. But this time, things would be very
different since they would now face the original! But Zero knows that facing
them alone would be a mistake. He summons the help of his sidekicks: a clone of
Krizalid, which Zero had made from the Krizalid project data, scrapped 2 years
ago. He also summoned Ron, who had bone to pick with Lin, one of K's teammates.
He even pits his own lion into battle, as Zero comes face to face with K', and
claims that he won't be getting away this time!
	Zero indeed shows that he has a lot more power and skill than his clone,
and it shows when he displays a great amount of force behind his techniques. But
K' knows what he is going up against, having faced Zero's clone a year before.
After a moment of letting his guard down, K' begins his assault, and Zero is
unable to resist for too long. Zero is then defeated by K', as well as his
sidekicks are defeated by K's partners. But Zero doesn't seem to take harsh
decisions as his clone did. He just stands there, disappointed but calm. He
admits his inferior technique, and notices that the rocket ship has finally
arrived at the NESTS space station. Knowing what would come next, Zero tells K'
and the others to keep on going, since the real fight has yet to begin. Then,
Zero notices that the whole place is beginning to explode and come down in a
heartbeat. Zero hurries the others, as he stands there with resolve. K' and his
friends manage to escape, as K' bids farewell to Zero. Zero knows that whatever
Igniz is planning, he won't get away with it. Zero stands tall to the very end,
as the ship explodes and vanishes into the dark void of space.
	The two sides of Zero are expressed in the 2 tournaments in which he took
place in: one, his clone, which expressed his own ambition and desire to control
NESTS and take over the world using the power they wielded. But his true self,
although loyal to NESTS, is not evil at all. He is actually quite honorable, and
likes to have a fair match. He will do anything for the cause of NESTS, and will
not hold back against anyone. Zero pledges his alliance to the president of
NESTS even during his final hour, as the true warrior he is.

*Fun fact = From hero to zero? Many people didn't like Krizalid that much, but
mostly because he was cheap, not precisely because he was a bad design (although
he dressed like Prince or something). However, Zero has been tagged as the worst
last boss of the KOF series, mostly since his design is lame (somewhat of a two-
bit Rugal), and he's THAT easy to beat once you've gotten the hang of it. Well,
at least the True Zero from KOF 2001 doesn't look so bad, but still his attacks
are so-so.

Appearances: The King of Fighters 2000, The King of Fighters 2001 (as True Zero)

	Well, that's all, folks! This is my second videogame story FAQ (well, the
second fighting game story FAQ, to be precise), the first one being that of the
Street Fighter series. Why a story FAQ? Well, many people don't know much about
the story of the characters, and when they finish the game, questions like "Why
did he/she did that?" or "Why did that guy appear there?" always pop up. Then,
many questions arise of the characters themselves. So, here you go. Also, I just
LOVE writing! It's one of my favorite hobbies, aside of drawing and (of course!)
videogaming. Of course, most of the fanfics of videogames and anime in general
where the ones to cultivate this passion. The SF story FAQ came from a insistent
request of the stories of some characters, and can you believe I did this FAQ
just because Hanzo (S.Holmes) had some doubts of some character's profiles?
Geez, I'm such a crazy bastard looking for some stupid excuse, eh? Well, the
credits go in order of importance...well, sort of :P.

1.- SNK (http://www.neogeo.co.jp/)
     Of course, the primary credit goes to the company who made the King of
Fighters series possible, SNK! Honestly, SNK has gone a long way from being a
third-party company for the 8-bit Famicom/NES (Crystalis and Iron Tank still
rock! :) and from their first fighting games (Fatal Fury, Art of Fighting,
etc.), to being one of the top fighting game companies in the business. Some
people may say they have surpassed the daddy of all fighting game companies,
Capcom, but they have yet to make a game as balanced and skillful as Street
Fighter II: Turbo Hyper Fighting or Super Street Fighter II Turbo. However, as
of late, SNK is winning in the long run, due to great games such as The King of
Fighters '98 and '99 and both Last Blade games, while Capcom has four certain
games that truly ruin their reputation (*coughcoughVersusseriescoughcough*). Of
course, a company is recognized more by other games aside from those of   the
fighting genre (and SNK has yet to create series as legendary as Mega Man and
Resident Evil, but Metal Slug and Pulstar still rule!), but SNK is gaining a lot
of terrain! Truly, a company in the uprise...

2.- Local arcade stands
      SNK produces the games, but it is no use if somebody doesn't get them! And
I know many people just can't afford a Neo Geo and play them in the comfort of
their own home (or wait for their conversion for other systems, and sometimes
they have to buy import games to do that!). So you can just only go to your
local arcade, pass the local Mortal Kombat 4 and Versus game (and if you can,
spit at 'em!), and plink a quarter in the SNK arcade cabinet! And thank God KOF
'98 has gotten a larger distribution than past SNK games...is it just me, or is
Capcom losing its sphere of influence in the Mexican arcade scene? I have only
seen TWO Third Strike machines in a lot of states that I have visited, and while
KOF '99 isn't all that hot, either, at least you see a plethora of these games
compared to recent Capcom games. My most uttermost thanks now go the only stand
I visit in my new hometown (Leon, Guanajuato, a couple of miles away from
Irapuato): Delijuegos! It's located in downtown Leon (among a bunch of other
stands), but they get all the KOF games (and they got Marvel vs. Capcom 2, as
well) before anyone else! I visit there every Saturday evening, so if you want a
good beating (hah hah, did you believe that? :) you know where to find me. I
will still extend a thanks (though I'm a bit reluctant, mind you) to the best
arcade stand in Irapuato, the small arcade 'Cerebro', owned by my personal
friend, Arturo "Oni Man" Rocha (he has one of the high scores in Kao Megura's
The King of Fighters '97 FAQ, with his bizarre team of Shingo Yabuki, Chizuru
Kagura,and Riot of Blood Iori Yagami). Dude, invite me to the next KOF
presentation, don't be such a hog! And thanks to all the competiton as well
(skilled and scrub players alike)!

3.- Chika (http://members.aol.com/iorin/chika)
       Thanks for the bio sheets of most of the characters. Now, she draws cute
characters, has a really nice page (fanfics and J-pop), but do you think she's a
very nice girl? Well, you're in for a surprise, because she is pretty harsh with
people who are not friends to her! She has gotten very antisocial due to all
those spammy bastards that always bother her. However, despite all her
conditions and closed mind, she's still a pretty nice girl. Warning to all:
better NOT send senseless crap to her mail, or else I'll beat ya down with a
dead raccoon! Too bad there is no more KOF info on the page. Guess Chika just
snapped, and voila, no more nice info for us. I wonder why she won't like fans?
Is she like Benimaru or what?

4.- Kao Megura (http://i.am/kao)
        Thanks for some names of some moves, extracted from his FAQ. In fact, he
is THE FAQ man! He has created lots and lots of FAQs, and he has taken Joe
Palanca's throne in doing the most complete KOF FAQs. He also the most complete
Dan Hibiki FAQ in the net! Fear the power of Saikyo-ryuu, ya Shoto lugs! ^-^
	Kao, you're da man. I hope someday, we can join minds and perhaps create
one BIG, most complete FAQ in history. How 'bout it? Can we call it amends for
SNK vs. Capcom? A big FAQ for a big game!

5.- The King of Fighters Mailing List (kof-request@dhp.com with subject
"Subscribe" to subscribe)
        The most complete source for KOF info in the net. Whatever you want to
know about strategies, combos, and other random KOF stuff you can find it right
here! However, don't think we are so dumb to accept that Iori Yagami rules with
skill in The King of Fighters '96, or that Benimaru Nikaido, Terry Bogard, and
Blue Mary were the coolest team of KOF '97, because it might blow up in your
face! Most important members (not in any particular order): EX Andy, Shlomo
Abraham, Brian Lui, Yasakani, Yuhang, Pancho, and well, me! ^_^
	Extra thanks: Sheila "Mao" Kohsla, Ikuzo, Raymond Leung, Tony W, Matt
Greer, Travis Fahling, Javier Aparicio, hell, I'll even give credit to the URL
whore, Gunsmith (oh yeah, he was whining that I stole his info. I never saw the
reason why, but to stop any misunderstandings, HERE YOU ARE, YA NOISY BRIT! NOW
SHUT YOUR TRAP!). You guys are simply the best bunch of pals on the Net today. I
feel like I can share anything with you guys, being videogames or whatever. I
might as well take this chance to rant and rumble whatever I want, so from the
bottom of my heart, thanks a lot guys!!! You are the men! :)

6.- The Neo Geo Mailing list (neogeo-request@dhp.com with subject "Subscribe" to
        Wanna know where the most loony and delusional guys in the net are? Yep,
in the Neo Geo mailing list, no doubt. Here you can find the guys who had the
enough dough (and cash!) to afford a Neo Geo, and buy it's games too! Of course,
just by that action alone, these people seem like they rule the world, wielding
their huge Neo Ego! The worst thing you can do is go in and  say that the
Playstation rules...and don't even THINK about praising the Nintendo 64 if you
don't want to get more flamed that a summer in Chicago! Most important members
(again, no particular order): Dion, Chris, Deuce, Travis, Shidoshi Naga, and
well...me again (well, sort of)! (*gasp* Are you surprised? :)

7.- ...........
	Errrrrrrr....lots of things happened this last year. No, I don't mean
about the KOF series as a whole! Well, I have pretty much returned to being a
loner right now...no girl, no interest, no nothing. I think I need a freakin'
break! I'll dedicate my time to writing FAQs now...try to keep my mind off the
pain. Boy! Women are sometimes REALLY materialistic...and that's bad. WAY bad.
Bad for me, because I'm no casanova...Ah, well! Just my luck! Let's see what's
in store for me in the future...OK, now I'm ranting...o_O

8.- YOU!!! (Place your homepage or e-mail address here)
	There can't be enough words to thank everyone who has read this FAQ, and
sent me comments about it! You know who you are, because I have made sure to
send a reply to each and every reader of this FAQ! Send me anything people!
Complaints are certainly most welcome! But to all of those people who sent me
mails, you are the ones who make this FAQ possible (because if you didn't read
it, what is it the point of making it in the first place). From those on the top
of my mind: Renato Henrique, Ivo (Mephisto), Mr. Geese Howard, Omar Mosqueda, Al
Amaloo, James Howard, Terry Bogard (GameFAQs board member, from Phllipines),
Billy Kane (GameFAQs board member, from France), Kunio, Miss Yuki (Singapore
sweetheart), Umgogo, Orochi K, Beni Jenkins, Phwang, Shoto Man, Hurricane
Higashi, Shin ATproof, Ed!, Neo Rasa, and everybody else! Thanks a million! My
love for all of you!

Say no to drugs and Versus games, say yes to sliced bread and KOF 2000! ^_^ ^_^


Hey, buddy! Show's over! If you've read THIS far, you must be COMPLETELY out of
your minds, pals. Go get some! :)

-First update: January 18, 2000
Just added the story of The King of Fighters '99, plus the bios of the new
characters: K', Maxima, Jhun Hoon, Li Xiangfei, Whip, and Krizalid, plus some
updates to all the returning characters. Phew...college can get the best of you,
but nevertheless, KOF is something you just can't quit that easily. Besides,
devoting your writing to love letters...sort of gets you off-balanced for
videogame FAQs. Geez...
Nevertheless...I still love Rubi...
Things can only up once you've touched rock bottom, I suppose...

-Second update: September 24, 2000
Added the story of The King of Fighters 2000. Man, the second update in the same
year? Yeah, as busy as a bee. Also new are the bios of the new characters:
Ramon, Vanessa, Lin, Seth, Hinako Shidou, Kula, and Zero. Boy, can you really
believe that I'm having one of my best months of college? Surprising, eh? Also
noticed how the stories of the new characters have been extended? To be
perfectly honest, info on the new characters is rather bleak, so I exploited the
little info given and blew it up. If it changes, I'll be sure to include it in
the next update.
Work, work, work! Now on to more story FAQs, asked by you!
Have to recover a bit, though. Still a bit jumpy after Rubi's car accident.

-Third update: June 23, 2001
Damn! Fingers crossed that KOF 2001 will become a reality! After all the hoopla
involving SNK's bankrupcy, alliances, etc., I hope we can still get our annual
KOF game! Anyways, I just updated this thing because of some minor (Muetai for
Muay Thai, for example) and not-so-minor (the story for the Benimaru Team in KOF
2000, duh! Major goof-up) mistakes, so I hope this makes the FAQ pinpoint
perfect. Like I said, this happened thanks to YOU, who went beyond fascination,
and actually pointed out my mistakes! ^_- Ah! Thanks to Ed! for passing me the
bios of Krizalid, Kula, and Zero. Thanks, man!
Duuuuhhh...the Rubi fad is gone. I'm so ashamed!! Well, back to being a loner
ago (and if Ryu can live alone for 37 years, hey, so can I! Well, not for so
long, but for the time being...).

-Fourth update: April 1, 2002
BOOYA! It's April Fools' Day, but don't expect any lame jokes here (no "Garou 2
coming next month!" kind of crap). What IS for sure, is that you bet that SNK is
coming back with a bang, and we know that KOF 2002 is looming over the horizon,
so wait for it, dudes! *phew* Finally managed to get this update through, sorry
for all those who were kept waiting. I mean, how tough is that bastard Igniz
anyways? What a cheap loony! OK, you MAY expect another update soon as I get
more info on KOF EX: Neo Blood, the KOF game for the Game Boy Advanced which is
SUPPOSED to be the REAL KOF '98 tournament, but we shall see. The tournament
doesn't seem too important anyways. I'll keep you informed on that....
Busy like a bee!

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