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Speech Translation FAQ by The True Warrior

Version: 3.0 | Updated: 04/12/03

                         The King of Fighters...


                Speech Translation FAQ v.3.0 (April 12, 2003)
For Japanese, American, and European Neo-Geo, Neo-Geo CD, Sega 
Dreamcast, Sega Saturn, Sony Playstation, and Arcade, created by SNK of 
Japan (c) (1978-2001)

FAQ created by The True Warrior [e-mail: thetruewarrior@hotmail.com or 

Legal Stuff:

This FAQ and anything related to and/or associated with it is the 
property of me, (Edwand Rivers).  Anyone viewing this document should 
not, cannot, and will not copy and/or duplicate it without expressed 
written permission from me and only me.  Also, this FAQ is protected by 
Federal Copyright Laws and is written for GameFAQs.com only!

(So in other words: NO unauthorized duplication or copying!)

What this FAQ is about:

Welcome to the first-ever COMPLETE speech FAQ.  In this series, my goal 
is to give YOU, (the reader), the opportunity to look back at many of 
your favorite fighting game series and understand the persona behind 
your beloved characters.  Listed in this particular FAQ are ALL of the 
characters and their signature dialogue that made them famous in the 
world-renown "King of Fighters" saga.  This FAQ begins with the 
legendary warriors of Garou in 1994 and ends with the re-incarnated 
evil of Rugal/Luger Bernstein of 2002.  I hope that you enjoy reading 
this presentation and have a better overall understanding of why the 
King of Fighters Series is so deep with imagination, FIRE, and emotion!  
Also included in this FAQ are the move name translations followed by my 
own translation; as well as individual character winning quotes from 
the Japanese version of KOF  1994, 1995,  1996, 1997, 1998, 1999, and 
2000; it should prove to be an appetizing factor to your total 
enjoyment of one of the greatest fighting game series of all time!

How this FAQ works:

The Character listings go in the order of the series that the character 
first appeared in.  First, there is listed the Japanese pronunciation, 
which is followed by the English translation.  (Note: I am still in the 
process of accurately describing the words and phrases, so some of the 
translations may be off or inaccurate.)

A.C: = Author's Comment

                            THE KING OF FIGHTERS:

Terence "Terry" Bogard
Andrew "Andy" Bogard
Higashi, "Joe"
Shiranui-Bogard, Mai
Blue Mary (Ryan)
Xiangfei, Li

Sakazaki, Takuma
Sakazaki, Ryo
Robert Garcia
Sakazaki, Yuri
Kisaragi, Eiji
Todoh, Kasumi

Mr. Geese Howard
Baron Wolfgang Krauser
Mr. Big
William "Billy" Kane
Yamazaki, Ryuji
Mr. Rugal/Luger Bernstein/OMEGA Rugal/Luger

Kusanagi, Kyo
Nikaido, Benimaru
Daimon, Goro

Kusanagi, Saishuu
Kagura, Chizuru
Yabuki, Shingo

Heavy D!
Lucky Glauber
Brian Battler

Gentsai, Chin
Asamiya, Athena
Kensou, Sie (Shii)
Bao (Pao)

Shijou, Hinako

Kaphwan, Kim
Hoon, Jhun
Jinju "May" Lee
Koehan, Chang
Bounge, Choi

Commander Heidern (Jeidern in KOF 1994-95 for the U.S.A)
1st Lieutenant Randolph (Vince) Jones
2nd Lieutenant Clark (Paul) Steel
Sergeant Leona Heidern/"Yami no Naka Orochi no Chi ni Mezameru Leona"
Private Whip (Seirah)

Nanakase, Yashiro/"Kawa Ita no Daichi Yashiro"
Shermie/"Arekuruu Inabikari no Shermie"
Chris/"Honoo no Sadame Chris"

Yagami, Iori/"Tsuki no Yoru Orochi no Chi ni Kurufu Iori"

K' (K-Dash)
K9999 (K Four-Nine)
Kula Diamond
Angel (An-hel)
Original Krizalid
Zero (00)
Zero (01)


The Strikers

Character Rivalry/Friendly Introductions

Move Name Translations

Song Names and Lyrics Translations

What's left

Commemorations and Credits!

                        "Garou Densetsu no Senshi"

Terence "Terry" Bogard

(Main intro for '94-'97): Hey: C'mon, C'mon!

(Main intro for '02): "No Problem!"

(Taunting in '96): "HURRY UP!"

(Taunting in '97-'98): *Whistles* "HEY! C'MON, C'MON!

(Performing Power Wave in '02): "ROCK YOU!"

(Performing Round Wave in '02): "ROUND WAVE!" 

(Performing Crack Shoot in '02): "KICK BACK!"

(Performing Burning Knuckle in '02): "BURNING!" 

(Performing Power Geyser in '02): "LIVE WIRE!"

(Performing High-Angled Geyser in '97-'01): "OVERHEAT GEYSER!"

(Winpose 1): Terry turns his back to the player and throws away his cap 
while shouting, "Okay!" ('94-'01)

(Winpose 2): Terry stands and tosses his cap up in the air while 
shouting, "All Right!" ('94-'98)

(Winpose 3): Terry lifts his cap up slightly and gives a look of wonder 
while saying, "Good luck!" ('99-'00)

(Winpose 3): Terry lifts his cap up slightly and gives a look of wonder 
without saying anything ('98)

(Winpose 4): Terry takes off his hat, dusts off his knees, turns around 
and gives a sigh as he lowers his head in disappointment ('96-'98) 

(Winpose 5): Terry stands and throws his cap behind him, saying, 
"Okay!" ('96-'02) 

(Winpose 6): Terry poses with his left/right arm and smiles while his 
pet monkey appears and jumps up and down on his right/left shoulder; 
Terry pats his little friend and continues to pose. ('99-'00)

(Winpose 7): Terry leans back slightly while lowering his head, brings 
his right/left arm towards his chest and points at his defeated 
opponent while a six year old Rock Howard runs up and does the same 
(Terry also performs this winpose in Garou: Mark of the Wolves) ('01)

(Winpose 8): Terry leans back slightly while lowering his head, brings 
his right/left arm towards his chest and points at his defeated 
opponent while a six year old Rock Howard runs up as Terry says, "STAND 
UP!" and they point together ('02)


Andrew "Andy" Bogard

(Main intro for '94-'02): Andy stands and beckons his opponent to come 
and attack him.

(Winpose 1): Andy stands brings his fists close with a smile and 
shouts, "YOSHI!" = "ALRIGHT!" ('94-'02)

(Winpose 2): Andy performs a Shiranui Shinobi-ryuu defense stance and 
exhales from his stomach (instead of his lungs). ('96-'98)

(Winpose 3): Andy faces the player and brings his hands together in 
meditation. ('96-'98)

(Winpose 4): Andy performs another Shiranui Shinobi-ryuu defense stance 
and exhales. ('98-'02)

(Winpose 5): Andy turns his back to the player and stands silently, 
with his arms at his side, letting the wind blow his hair as he 
reminisces about the fight. ('99-'00)



(Main intro for '94-'98): "(Saku, saku) Ik uze!" = "I'm comin' for 
ya'!" (A.C: "Saku saku" is actually a sound that Joe makes, so it has 
no real meaning; Thanks for the assist Higashi!)

(Main intro for '01-'02): "Osha!" = "All right!"

(Performing Bakuretsu Finish): "KURAE!!!" = "EAT THIS!!!"

(Performing Screw Upper SDM in '98): "Kore de mo...KURAE!!!" = "Here it 
is...NOW EAT THIS!!!"

(Performing Screw Upper SDM in '99-'02): "Ototoi KIYAGARE!" = GET THE 
HELL OUTTA' [MY FACE]!!!" ("Ototoi kiyagare!" literally means "Come 
back 2 days ago!" but in this case, Joe means "GET OUTTA HERE!")

(Recovery Roll): "Yotto!" = "Whoa!"

(Taunting in '94-'02): "ORA, ORA!!!" = "C'MON!!!"

(Winpose 1): Joe gets on his knees and faces the player with a serious 
face while shouting, "YOSHA!" = "ALL RIGHT!" ('94-'02)

(Winpose 2): Joe performs a small kata, poses, and shouts, "YOSHA!" = 
"ALL RIGHT!" ('96-'98)

(Winpose 3): Joe jumps up in the air out of excitement but lands on his 
butt, all-the-while shouting and then laughing, 

(Winpose 4): Joe turns his back to the player and then turns and points 
at his defeated opponent, saying, "Tate..." = "Get up..." ('97-'98)

(Winpose 5): Joe turns his back to the player and then turns and points 
at his defeated opponent, saying, "Mo, ikai yatemiru ka?" = "So, do you 
want to try [that] again?" ('99-'02)

(Winpose 6): Joe rears back and flat-out laughs at his oppoenent! ('96, 


Shiranui-Bogard, Mai

(Main intro for '94-02): "Shiranui Mai, mairi masu!" = "I [Mai 
Shiranui] am coming [to get you]!"

(Alternate intro): "Kakatte rasai!" = "Come and fight me!"

(Taunting in '94-'95): "Doushita no?" = "What's the matter?"

(Taunting in '96-'02): "Hona, Ganbatte!" = "Okay, do a good job!"

(Winpose 1): Mai throws her fan into the air with her right hand and 
catches it with her left hand, saying, "Yo, Nippon Ichi!" = "Yeah, 
[I'm] Japan's No. #1!"; She finishes with a smile and continues to 
pose. ('94-'02)

(Winpose 2): Mai spins around and turns her back to the player but 
reveals a traditional Japanese umbrella; Mai looks back at the player 
with a smile and says, "Yo, Nippon Ichi!" = "Yeah, [I'm] Japan's No. 
#1!" ('95-'99)

(Winpose 3): Mai, smiling, raises her left arm and releases confetti 
from her fan, saying, "Yo, Nippon Ichi!" = "Yeah, [I'm] Japan's No. 
#1!" ('99-'02)

(Winpose 4): Mai spins around and appears wearing a kimono and poses 
holding two large fans; Smiling, Mai adds a little "bounce" to her 
already-gorgeous body and continues to pose.

(Defeated): ANDY~!!!


Blue Mary (Ryan)

(Main intro for '97-'98): "Are you ready?"

(Alternate intro in '98): "Here we go!"

(Main intro in '99-'02): "Anton!" *stretches* Are you ready?"

(Alternate intro '99-'02): "Are you ready?"

(Performing Backdrop Reel): "Goodbye!"

(Performing Head Crush): "Good Night!"

(Performing Mary's Splash Rose): "Finish!"

(Striker Call): "Hey!"

(Taunting in '97-'98): Mary shakes her waiste and says, "Come on!"

(Taunting in '99-'02): Mary pats her rear and coerces her opponent by 
saying, "Hey!"

(Winpose 1): Mary fans herself and then crosses her arms with a 
determined look on her face, all the while saying, "Phew! I did it!" 

(Winpose 2): Mary fans herself and then crosses her arms, but is 
interrupted when she starts, "Phew...Ooh!"; Anton jumps on Mary and 
licks her face. ('99-'02)

(Winpose 3): Mary turns her back to the player and waves her hand in a 
"this is what happened" manner, remarking, "I did it!" ('97-'99)

(Winpose 4): Mary points her left/right finger at the opponent and 
says, "Bakyun!" = "Bang!" ('97-'02)

(Winpose 5): Mary kneels down and calls to her friend Anton; He then 
runs out and shows his happiness by licking her face. ('97-'98)

(Defeated): "I SHALL RETU~RN!!!"


Xiangfei, Li

(Main intro for '99, '01) "Ooh!" "Chotto Matte!" = "Ooh!" "[Could you] 
Wait a minute!"

(Performing Sou Shouda): "Amai!" = "Pathetic!"

(Performing Senri Chuu'ou): "Nigen nae yo!" = "Don't run away [from 

(Winpose 1): Two swords fall from the sky and are caught by Xiangfei, 
who performs a small dance with them and then merrily shouts, 
"Yarihoo!" = "YE~S!" ('99-'01)

(Winpose 2): Xiangfei brings out some plate, stumbles but then saves 
herself and then smiles while replying, "Maido ari!" = "Thank you for 
[stopping by]!" ('99-'01)

(Winpose 3): Xiangfei spins and poses in glee. ('99)

(Defeated): "NANI~!!!" = "WHA~T!!!"

                          "Ryuu Ko no Ken Densetsu"

Sakazaki, Takuma

(Alternate intro for '94-02): "Osu, Osu!" = (A way of greeting someone 
of high status)

(Throwing): "Dou ja?" = "How was that?"

(Performing Keima Uchi): "CHESTO!" = (Has no meaning; it's just a 
battle cry)

(Performing Mouku Burai Gan): "Mikita wa!" = "I SEE YOU!"

(Taunting): "Kakatte konu ka!" = "Come and attack me!"

(Winpose 1): Takuma poses and smiles with pride, stating, "Mijuku mono 
me ga!" = "You're [still] just a beginner!" ('94-'98)

(Winpose 2): Takuma poses and smiles, stating, "Madda madda geneki 
dekeru wa ii!" = "I'm not gonna' retire yet!" ('98-'01)

(Winpose 3): Takuma inhales while raising his arms and then brings them 
down with a great sigh. ('98)

(Winpose 4): Takuma removes the top of his gi and displays his awesome 
physique! ('98-'02)

(Winpose 5): Takuma performs a small kata and ends in a defensive 
stance. ('00-'02)

(Winpose 6): Takuma faces the player and demonstrates one of the many 
facets of Kyokugen-ryuu Karate by waving his arms clockwise and then 
counter-clockwise very quickly; Takuma then poses with his hands 
together and exhales, finally folding his hands together and solemnly 
lowers his head. ('99)


Sakazaki, Ryo

(Alternate intro for '94-'02): "ORA ORA!" = "COME ON!"

(Performing Ryoku Ranbu): "Moratta!" = "I've got you!"

(Performing Tenchi Haou Ken): "Ichi geki Hissatsu!" = "Strike of 
Certain Victory!"

(Recover Roll): "Otto!" = "Whoa!"

(Taunting): "ORA ORA!"

(Winpose 1): Ryo fixes his gi and shouts, "Osu!" ('94-'02)

(Winpose 2): Ryo bows while adjusting his belt, smiles, and then shouts 
(with a smile) "YOSH!" = "ALL RIGHT!" ('96-'98)

(Winpose 3): Ryo performs a small kata and poses, shouting, "Osu!" 

(Winpose 4): Ryo stands with his arms crossed and has a serious look on 
his face; perhaps he's focusing on the fight? ('98)

(Winpose 5): Ryo performs another small kata and ends in a defensive 
stance while shouting, "Osu!" ('00-'02)

(Defeated in '96-'98): "Shikuji ta~!" = "I'VE FA~ILED!"

(Defeated in '99-'01): "Kuso~!" = "Sh*t!"


Robert Garcia

(Main intro in '94-'01): "Hona, Ikimase!" = "Well, let's get started!"

(Performing Ryoku Ranbu): "Donai ya?!" = "How was that?!"

(Taunting in '94-'01): "Donnai shi tan ya?" = "What's the matter?"

(Winpose 1): Robert raises his left/right arms in victory and then 
swings it towards his chest, making a thumb's up, saying, "Yosha!" = 
"All Right!" ('94-'98)

(Winpose 2): Robert stands and says, "Ma, zato kona wi ya!" = "Hey, 
that's all it takes!" ('94-'95)

(Winpose 3): Robert turns his back to the player but then looks back 
with a smile, saying, "Donai ya?" = "How was that?" ('96-'99)

(Winpose 4): Robert turns to his left, flips a coin, and catchs it with 
smile. ('95-'02)

(Winpose 5): Robert turns to his left, flips a coin, but fails to catch 
it and looks on in surprise. ('98)

(Winpose 6): Robert performs a crescent kick and poses with a smile 
while facing his opponent. ('99-'00)

(Winpose 7): Robert hunches over and clenches his right/left fist, 
looking at his opponent with anger. ('02)

(Defeated in '96-'02): "KUSOTARE!" = "MOTHER****ER!"


Sakazaki, Yuri

(Main intro in '94-'01): "Babitto yattsu kechau so!" = "I'm gonna' 
bash/beat you up quickly!"

*(Alternate intro for '01-02'): "Meow!" (A.C. as Kao Megura explains 
it, Yuri is doing a parody of Felicia's intro from the 
Vampire/Darkstalker's series)

(Performing Hyakkuretsu Binta): "Kono...too!" = "This [one]...too!"

(Performing Yuri's Chou Enbu): "Ichi geki Hissatsu!" = "Strike of 
Certain Victory!"

(Un-used Yuri's Chou Enbu): "Messatsu!" "Ware kobushi 
kiwametari...Nante!" = "Destroying kill!" "I am the Master of the Fist! 
"Just kidding!" ;p

(Un-used Quote in 2001): "Mita? Kimari suga." = "Did you see that? That 
was just too perfect!"

(Un-used Quote in 2001): "Saikyou Makedashi!" = "That was an ultimate 

(Un-used Quote in 2001): "Watashite sugoi!" "Sou Omoudeshou?" = "I'm 
too much!" "Don't you agree?"

(Un-used Quote in 2001): "Dou datta? Kekkou Yarushou?" = "How was that? 
I'm pretty good, eh?" ;p

(Taunting in '96-'97): "Anta baka?" = "Are you a/an idiot/moron?"

(Taunting in '98-'00): "Kotchi, kotchi!" = "Here, here!"

(Calling Striker in '01): "Tekagen nashi da yo!" = "I won't hold back!"

(Winpose 1): Yuri airs out her gi and then poses with a smile and a 
thumb's up, saying, "Chou, Yoyutchi!" = "Super, easy!" ('94-'99)

(Winpose 2): Yuri waves her left/right index finger in disappoinment, 
saying, "Saabisu, saabisu!" = "Service, service!" ('96)

(Winpose 3): Yuri cheers while shouting, "Ei! Ei! Oh! Oh! Jump! V! V! 

(Winpose 4): Yuri raises her right/left arm and shouts, "Yari!" = 
"Y~ES!" ('96-'99)

(Winpose 5): Yuri performs a small kata and then shouts, "Osu!" ('99-

(Winpose 6): Yuri raises her arms and then brings them to her hips, 
saying cheerfully, "Osu!" ('99)

(Winpose 7): Yuri makes the V sign with her left/right hand and then 
poses, shouting, "Yuri [is the winner]!" ('01)

(Winpose 8): Yuri poses with two V signs and smiles! *(NOTE: This is 
only done after she defeats her opponent with the "Yuri's Chou Enbu") 

(Un-used Winpose Quote in 2001): "Shori no atono Shake nigiri wa 
saikouda!" = "Eating a fish rice ball after a victory is great!"

(Defeated): "Oto-san, Gomen!" = "I'm sorry [I let you down] Father!"

**(It is the agreed opinion of The True Warrior (the author of this 
FAQ) and Saiki (a very helpful contributor) that Yuri was most likely 
supposed to be two different personas (i.e. characters) in KOF 2001.  
The proof being that she has more un-used quotes than anyone else in 
the game; and a few of her quotes are direct translations of Satsui no 
Hadou ni Mezameta Ryu's quotes from the series "Capcom vs. SNK: 
Millenium Fight 2000-01", meaning that her alternate persona was to be 
an "Evil" Yuri of sorts; therefore affirming that she was to be a 
secret/hidden character in KOF 2001.)



(Main intro in '94-'01): "Ai te ni naru wa..." = "I'll take you on..."

(Alternate intro): "Come on, baby!"

(Performing Mirage Kick) "Mikireru ka?" = "Can you dodge this?"

(Performing Illusion Dance): "Iku yo!" = "Here I come!"

(Performing Silent Flash in '97): "Tekagen shinai yo!" = "I'm gonna 
hold back!"

(Performing Silent Flash in '98-'01): "Kore de owari yo!" = "This is 
[the finish]!"

(Knockdown Recovery): "Madda madda!" = "[It's] Not [over] yet!"

(Striker Call): "Come on, baby!"

(Taunting in '95-97): "Honki deio de yo!" = "Give me everything you've 

(Taunting in '98-00): "Come on, baby!"

(Winpose 1): King takes out her handkerchief and thows it on the grown 
in a show of disrespect, saying, "Humph! Nasakenai! = "Humph! 
Pathetic!" ('96-'99)

(Winpose 2): King smiles and puts her left/right hand on her hip while 
facing the player and blows her hair out of her face, saying, "Karui 
mono ne!" = "Nothing to it!" ('96)

(Winpose 3): King removes her blazer and throws it over her shoulder, 
saying, "Konna mona no kai?" = "Is that all?" ('97-'98)

(Winpose 4): King turns her back to the player and then looks back 
while revealing a glass of Dom Perignon, saying, "Tanoshi katta 
wa...mattaoi de..." = "That was fun...let's do it again sometime..." 

(Winpose 5): King turns to her left/right, takes out a rose, and then 
throws it at the opponent, saying, "Tanoshi kata wa...mattaoi de..." = 
"That was fun...let do it again sometime..." ('99-'01)

(Winpose 6): King fixes her bowtie and then rakes her hair with her 
right/left hand while her friend Marie brings her a drink. ('96-'98)


Kisaragi, Eiji

(Main intro for '95): Eiji performs a small kata and gets ready to 

(Taunting): Eiji crosses his arms and remarks, "Kakatte ki na!" = "Come 
and fight me!"

(Winpose 1): Eiji takes out his two daggers and swips twice with them, 
finishing in a defensive stance. ('95)

(Winpose 2): Eiji crosses his arms and scorfully remarks, "Humph, 
Shoshi!" = "Humph, pathetic!" ('95)


Todoh, Kasumi

(Main intro in '96, '99-'00): "Onegai shimasu!" = "Please face me 

(Alternate intro): "Ikimasu!" = "Here I come!"

(Knockdown Recovery and Rolling): "Madda madda!" = "Not yet!"

(Striker Call): "Onegai shimasu!" = "Please fight with me!"

(Taunting in '96): "Motto honki de koi!" = "Come at me with your true 

(Taunting in '99-'00): "Honki de kite kudesai!" = "Show me your true 

(Winpose 1): Kasumi takes out her small pocket dictionary and points at 
her opponent, saying, "Come back when you grow up!" ('96) (A.C: This is 
actually a tribute to one of her winposes from Art of Fighting 3: Path 
of the Warrior because she does the same thing!)

(Winpose 2): Kasumi removes her headband and while holding within the 
palm of her hands, states, "Matta kachi mashi ta!" = "I won again 
[father]!" ('99)

(Winpose 3): Kasumi puts her hands on her hips and shakes her head in 
disappointment. ('00)

(Winpose 4): Kasumi performs a kata and ends in a defensive stance. 

(Winpose 5): Kasumi crosses her arms and laughs at her defeated 
opponent. ('96)

(Defeated in '96): "Kona yatsuni makeru nan te!" = "How could I lose to 

                           "The Legendary Bosses"

Mr. Geese Howard

(Main intro in '96): Geese points at his vict-err, "opponent", says, 
"You..." and clenches his fist, signifying that he's going to crush 
them with is awesome power!

(Rolling): "Humph!"

(Taunting): Geese beckons, saying, "C'mon!"

(Winpose 1): Geese crosses his arms and looks at his defeated opponent 
with scorn, saying, "Humph!" ('96)

(Winpose 2): Geese waves his arms around in a mystical motion and 
brings them to his chest as he closes his eyes and meditates. ('96)

(Winpose 3): Geese puts his hands on his hips and roars in laughter at 
his foolish opponent. ('96)


Baron Wolfgang Krauser

(Main intro in '96): Baron Krauser removes his legendary armour and 
shouts, "LET'S BURN IT UP!"

(Taunting): Baron Krauser wipes the dust off of his hands and says, 
"Give it up, loser!"

(Winpose 1): Baron Krauser points at his defeated opponent and says, 
"You can get up by yourself!" ('96)

(Winpose 2): Baron Krauser wipes the blood and sweat from his hands and 
remarks, "Thanks for a good time!" ('96)

(Winpose 3): Baron Krauser poses victoriously, saying, "Humph!" ('96)


Mr. Big

(Main intro in '96): Mr. Big walks in with two women and they begin:
Woman 1: "Kare wa sugoi wa yo!" = "He's simply amazing!"

(Alternate intro in '96): Mr. Big shrugs and says, "Happy kai?" = "Are 
you happy?"

(Taunting): "Happy kai?" = "Are you happy?"

(Winpose 1): Mr. Big peforms a small dance and strikes a pose, 
shouting, "Yeeeeaaah!" ('96)

(Winpose 2): Mr. Big rests his sticks on his shoulders and says, 
"Mattaku great o da ze!" = "I'm great [ain' I]!" ('96)

(Winpose 3): Mr. Big performs a small kata and then faces the player 
with his sticks rested against his shoulders. ('96)


William "Billy" Kane

(Main intro for '95, '97-'98, '02): "HEY! HEY! HEY!

(Performing Kyou Shuu Hishou kon) "[I'M GONNA'] KILL YOU!"

(Performing Chou Haen Senpuu kon) "FIRE!"

(Performing Chuudan Uchi): "FIRE!!!"

(Performing Dai Senpuu): "GO TA' HELL!!!"

(Taunting in '95): Billy throws his staff into the air, shouting, "HEY! 

(Taunting in '97-'98): Billy poses while de-segementing his staff and 
shouts, "HEY! HEY! HEY!

(Winpose 1): Billy points to his defeated opponent with is staff, 
shouting, "HEY! HEY! HEY!" ('98)

(Winpose 2): Billy dismembers his staff and removes his bandana, 
saying, "whose turn is it?" ('97-'98)

(Winpose 3): Billy shrugs with a smirk and sighs. ('95, '97-'98, '02)

(Winpose 4): Billy spins his staff and then stands with his back to the 
player...but on the back of his jacket is a NO SMOKING sign! ('95, '97-
'98, '02)


Yamazaki, Ryuji

(Main intro for '97-'98, '02): "Kono zako ga!" = "You guppy!"

(Performing Hebi Tsukai): "Iku zo...(x3)" = "I'm coming [ta' get 
ya']...I'M coming [ta' get ya']...I'M COMING [TA' GET YA'] [AND NOW I 

(Performing Bai Gaeshi Kyushuu): "Hore!" = "Here!"

(Performing Bai Gaeshi Dan Hassha): "KAESU ZE!" = "[Now] TAKE IT BACK!"

(Performing Sadomaso): "Kakatte koi yo...Itidaro ga yo!" = "C'mon and 
hit me...THAT HURT!"

(Performing Bakudan Pachiki): "Keshi tobi na!" = "Explode!"

(Performing The Guillotine): "SHARAKUSE...KONO AMATERU GA!!!" = "Shut 
your face! YOU AMATEUR!!!"

(Performing The Drill): "IPPEN SHINU DE KOI!!!" = "TRY DIEING ONCE!!!"

(Taunting): "Mono tari ne na!" = "You ain't enough for me!"

(Winpose 1): Yamazaki turns his back to the player and taunts 
scornfully at his defeated opponent, saying, "Chi! Kudarane!" = "Damn! 
You ain't funny/sh*t!" ('97-'98, '02)

(Winpose 2): Yamazaki turns away and crouches while angrily looking 
back at his defeated opponent and utters, "Chi..." = "Damn..." ('97-

(Winpose 3): Yamazaki takes out his tanto and throws it on the ground 
while shouting, "Hyakkunen haiyen dai yo!" = "You came 100 years too 
early [punk]/You're outta your league!" ('97-'98, '02)

(Winpose 4): Yamazaki laughs and covers his face, but rears back and 
shows everyone his psychotic appearance by screaming, 
"Hahahahaha...YE~A~!!!" ('98)


Mr. Rugal/Luger Bernstein/OMEGA Rugal/OMEGA Luger

(Main intro in '94): Rugal throws away the top of his tuxedo and 
prepares for battle.

(Main intro in '95): Rugal, rising from a kneeling position, chuckles 
at his next victim as he gets ready to fight.

(Main intro in '98): Rugal, rising from a kneeling position, rears back 
and gets ready as his left/right eyepiece glows brightly.

(Main intro as OMEGA Rugal in '98): Rugal, rising from a kneeling 
position, rears back and shouts, "IKU ZO~!" = "LET'S GO!" 

(Main intro as OMEGA RUGAL in '02): As his bio-mechanical life support 
systems and cloak falls from his shoulders to the floor, Rugal states, 
"Sa, miru go yoi...waga chikara!" = "Now BEHOLD...my power!" and gets 
ready to fight.

(Performing Destruction O.M.E.G.A): "Nigasan!" = "You can't escape!"

(Performing Gigantic Pressure): "SHINE~!" = "DIE~!"

(Hit): "Nani!" = "What!"

(First Taunt in '94): Rugal wipes the blood and sweat from his tuxedo 
while laughing.

(Second Taunt in '94): Rugal beckons his opponent forward with a 

(Taunting in '95): Rugal beckons his opponent forward with a chuckle.

(Taunting in '98): Rugal poses and taps his right/left bicept, laughing 
and mocking his opponent.

(Taunting as OMEGA Rugal in '98): Crossing his arms, Rugal laughs and 
wipes the blood off of his left/right hand.

(Winpose 1): Rugal stands with his right/left hand covered in blood and 
then clenches his fist while remarking, "Yowai suguru!" = "You're too 
weak!" ('98)

(Winpose 2): Rugal wipes the blood and dust from his tuxedo while 
laughing. ('94)

(Winpose 3): Rugal turns and crosses his arms while his cybernetic eye 
gleams, stating, "Kudaran!" = "That was a poor show!" ('98)

(Winpose 4): Rugal gives his opponent a thumb's up and laughs! ('94-

(Winpose 5): Two women drop out of the sky; one holds a bottle of 
champagne while the other holds a serving dish. Rugal smiles and gives 
a slight laugh as he shows off his new secretaries. ('98)

(Winpose 6): Rugal brings his fists together and releases a small jet 
of steam while grimacing. ('98)

(Winpose 7): OMEGA Rugal stands and tears at his chest, leaving bloody 
claw marks, and roars, "GWA~!!!" ('95)

(Winpose 8): OMEGA Rugal rears back and roars. ('98)

(Winpose 9): OMEGA Rugal stands with his right/left hand covered in 
blood and then clenches his fist while remarking, "Yowai..." = "You're 
so weak..." ('02)

                     "The World-Renown Shujinkou Team"

Kusanagi, Kyo

(Main intro throughout KOF '94-'02): "Iku ze!" = "Here I come!"

(Performing Style No. #108: "Yami Barai"): "KURAE!" = "EAT THIS!"

(Performing Style No. #114: "Aragami"): "BODY GA AMAI!" = YOUR BODY IS 

(Performing Style No. #115: "Doukugami"): "KURAE!" = "EAT THIS!"

(Performing Style No. #127: "Yano Sabi"): "GARA AKI DA ZE!" = YOU'RE 

(Performing Style No. #128: "Kono Kizu"): "AMAI ZE!" = "PITIFUL!"

(Performing Style No. #202: "Koto Tsuki You"): "MOERO!!!" = "BURN!

(Performing Style No. #425: "Hikigane" in 1999): "MOERO!!!" = "BURN!"

(Performing Style No. #425: "Hikigane" in 2000): "OSE ZE!" = "TOO 

(Performing Style No. #425: "Hikigane" in 2001-'02): "BUKKO WASHITE 

(Performing Style No. #717: "Koma Hofuri" in '99-'02): "KOCCHI DA ZE!" 
= "I'M [UP] HERE!"

(Performing Style No. #910: "Nue Tsumi"): "NAME NA!" = "DON'T EVEN TRY 

(Performing "Mu Shiki" in '97): "Kore ga...KUSANAGI NO KEN DA!" = "This 

(Performing "Mu Shiki" in '98): "Misette yaru...KUSANAGI NO KOBUSHI 
YO...Rekishi ga chigaun da yo!" = "I will show you the true power...OF 
THE KUSANAGI FIST...Our histories are totally different!"

(Performing Reverse Style No. #108: Orochi Nagi): "Gwo~o...KURAE 
YAGARE!!!" = "Gwo~o...EAT THIS!!!"

(Performing Style No. #182 in '99): "Ukero...KONO BURO!!!" = "[Hey, 
you] TAKE...THIS [BLOW]!!!"

(Performing Style No. #182 in 2000): "Kore de...KIMERU ZE!!!" = "THIS 

(Performing Style No. #524 in 2001): "ASOBI WA OWARI DA!!!" = 

(Performing Style No. #524 in 2002): "ASOBI WA OWARI DA!" "KOREKARA WA 

(Knockdown Roll): "Otto!"

(Taunting in '94-'95): "Tsk, tsk, tsk..."

(Taunting in '96-'97): "Nani kusubuten da?" = "Why'd you stop?"

(Taunting in '98): "Mo, oyasumi ka?" = "Oh, is it bedtime already?"

(Taunting in '99): "Akubi ga teru ze." = "You're gonna' make me yawn."

(Taunting in '00): "Asobino tsumori ka?" = "Do you think this is a 

(Taunting in '01): "Ason deru no ka, oi?" = "Hey, are you playing 

(Taunting in '02): "Kore kara nan daro?' = "Haven't we already 

(Winpose 1): Kyo brings his left/right index finger (which is one fire) 
towards his mouth, blows out the flame and jeers, saying, "Heh 
heh...Moetaro!" = "He he...you got burned!" ('94-'02)

(Winpose 2): Kyo raises his right/left fist ove his head in victory, 
saying, "Ore no...KATCHI DA!" = "I...AM THE WINNER!" ('94-'02)

(Winpose 3): Kyo begins to bring his left/right index finger towards 
his mouth, but stops and turns away from the opponent, remarking, "Anta 
ja moene (na)!" = "You're not enough to make me burn!" ('96-'99)

(Winpose 4): Kyo turns his back to the player while holding up a hand 
of flame; bringing it down and lowering his head, he extinguishes the 
flame. ('98)


Nikaido, Benimaru

(Main intro for '94-'98): "Kaku go wa dekita ka na!" = "Get ready to 

(Alternate intro for '99): "Kaku go wa deki taka na!" = "Get ready to 

(Main intro for '99-'02): "Hajime yo ka?" = "Are you ready to begin?"

(Performing Genei' Hurricane): = "...Kimatta na!" = "...Perfect!"

(Taunting in '94-'99): "Yare yare..." = "Oh man/Oh boy/So lame..."

(Taunting in '00-'01): "Yare yare...Komata chan da na." = "Oh 
man...you're so hopeless."

(Winpose 1): Benimaru turns around and then twists his torso so that 
he's facing the player and points saying, "Thank you!" ('94-'99, '02)

(Winpose 2): Benimaru stands backwards while blowing a small kiss and 
saying, "I love you..." ('96-'98)

(Winpose 3): Benimaru rears back as lighting courses through his body 
and leans over looking at the player and states, "Understand?" ('96-

(Winpose 3): Benimaru rears back as lighting courses through his body 
and leans over looking at the player, without saying anything. ('99-

(Winpose 4): Benimaru stands with his hands on his hips and looks 
sternly at his opponent, saying, "Understand?" ('99)

(Winpose 5): Benimaru raises his left hand/right hand above his head, 
makes a fist and brings it towards his face as lighting strikes his 
palm. ('94-'99)

(Winpose 6): Benimaru turns and brings his left/right hand towards his 
face with lightning streaking from it, turns to the player, and 
remarks, "See you next time!" ('00-'02)

(Winpose 7): Benimaru takes a step back and blows a kiss to the player, 
saying, "I love you!" ('96-'98)


Daimon, Goro

(Main intro in '94-'98): Daimon-sama removes his top and gets ready to 

(Recovery Roll): "Nanno!" = "[That was] Nothing!"

(Winpose 1): Daimon-sama bows in honor of his defeated opponent. ('98)

(Winpose 2): Daimon-sama raises his left/right hand to his chest and 
makes a fist ending with a grimace towards the player. ('97-'98)

(Winpose 3): Daimon-sama raises his right/left arm in victory and 
grimaces. ('94-'02)

(Winpose 4) Daimon-sama rears back and stamps his right/left foot on 
the ground (causing the screen to shake) and roars in a guts pose. 

(Defeated in '95): "Nanto!" = "What!"

                            "Special Characters"

Kusanagi, Saishuu

(Performing Style No. # 108: Yami Barai): "SHINE!" = "DIE!"

(Performing Reverse Style No. # 108: Orochi Nage): "Kore de...OWARI 
DA!!!" = "This is...THE END!!!"

(Performing Style No. # 1127: Tsumugari): "Kaku go..." = "Prepare 
yourself/Get ready..."

(Throwing): "Dou ja?" = "How's that?"

(Recovery Roll): "Amai wa!" = "That was pathetic!"

(Taunting in '95): "Nusumi wa ikan na!" = "Stealing isn't good!"

(Taunting in '98): Saishuu picks his right/left ear and blows aways the 
gunk that he pulls out on his finger.

(Winpose 1): Saishuu stands and scratches his stomach, grumbling, 
"Nurui no!" = "[You're] too slow!" ('95, '98)

(Winpose 2): Saishuu stands and strokes his chin, saying, "Hiasubi ga 
kiken ja zo!" = "Playing with fire is dangerous!" ('95, '98)

(Winpose 3): Saishuu laughs and bends over, remarking, "Atsuikata ka? 
Suman! Suman! = "Was that too hot? Sorry!" ('98)

(Winpose 4): Saishuu stands, cups his chin and shakes his head, saying,  
"Gokuro jata na!" = "You're pretty good!" ('98)


Kagura, Chizuru
(Main intro for '96-'98): "Sa, Hijime mashou?" = "Well, are you ready 
to begin?"

(Performing Tamayura No Shitsuke): "Harau!" = "Purify!"

(Performing Shinsoku No Norito): "Sore!" = "Here!"

(Performing Choumon No Isshin): "Ugatsu!" = "Drill!"

(Performing Reigi No Ishidzue in '96): "Kore de...Dou, kashira?" = "How 
is it...with this?"

(Performing Reigi No Ishidzue in '97-'98): "Sono chikara...Fuujimasu!" 
= "You're power...is [nullified]!"

(Performing San Rai No Fu Jin in '96): "Kore ga ukereru?" = "Can you 
block this?"

(Performing San Rai No Fu Jin in '97-'98): "Kore ga mikiri te?" = "Can 
you see through this?"

(Taunting): "Madda owate nai wa yo!" = "This isn't over yet!"

(Winpose 1): Chizuru turns and fixes her her hair while saying, "Ma, 
kona mono ne!" = "That was quite an ordeal!" ('96)

(Winpose 2): Chizuru stands and glares at the players with a serious 
look on her face, saying, "Kagami no naka no honto no anata ga mieru!" 
= "I can see your true self in the mirror!" ('97-'98)

(Winpose 3): Chizuru does one of three extraordinary dances. ('96-'98)

(Winpose 4): Chizuru does another one of three extraordinary dances. 

(Winpose 5): Chizuru does yet another one of three extraordinary 
dances. ('97-'98)

(Winpose 6): Chizuru closes her eyes, turns her head toward the sky, 
raises her left/right hand and brings it down with a woeful sigh. ('96)

Yabuki, Shingo

(Main intro for '97-'98): "Kuru ni ikuze...Shingo!" = "[Let's] stay 

(Main intro for '99): "Ichi...Ni...San...Shi...Shingo ichibante...iki 
ma~su!" = "1...2...3...4...Shingo is...the first one to go!"

(Alternate intro for '99): "Kotoshi wa edit janai ze, Shingo!" = "This 
year, [Shingo's] not an edit character!"

(Main intro for '00): "Kono nichirin no kagayaki wo oserunu no 
nara...KAKATTE KOI!!!" = "If you don't fear the shine of THIS 
sun...THEN BRING IT ON!!!"

(Main intro for '01): "Kono ichiban deshi no Shingo ga aittesu!" = "I 
(Shingo Yabuki) Kyo's first/best student challenge YOU!"

(Performing Self Made Style: Nie Togi): "BISHI! BASHI! DOKAN!" = "BING! 

(Performing Style No. #104: Aragami Mikansei): "BODY GA AMAI ZE!" = 

(Performing Style No. #105: Doukugami Mikansei): "KURAE!" = "EAT THIS!"

(Performing Foreign Style: Kake Hourin in 1997): "Makerare naen da yo!" 

(Performing Un-used Foreign Style: Kake Hourin in 2001): "Toukon aru 

(Performing Original Style: "Mu Shiki" in 2001): "Mo, Genkai..." = "Oh 
no, This's is all I can do/This is my limit..."

(Performing Un-used Original Style: "Mu Shiki" in 2001): "Koko 
wa...cho, cho, cho!" "Machi, machi, machi!!!" "Mo, Genkai..." = "This 
is...hey, hey, hey!" "Wait, wait, WAIT!" "Oh no, this is all I can 
do/This is my limit..."

(Recovery Roll in '97-'98) "Otto!"

(Recovery Roll in '99) "Sugoi! "(abunai!)" = "Amazing!" "(Watch out!)"

(Recovery Roll in '00-'01): "Abunai te!" = "Watch it!"

(Rolling in '00-'01): "Kiki ipatsu!" = "Watch it [Shingo]!"

(Calling Striker in '99-'00): "Waza doko Itano?" = "Hey, where did my 
move go?"

(Calling Striker in '01): "Suimasen, onegai shimasu?" = "[Sorry to ask, 
but] can you do this for me, please?" 

(Taunt '97): "Aeto...Aragami wa?" = "Wait...How do I perform the 

(Taunt '98): "Waza wa? hokani waza wa nai no ka? Ah dada!" = "Moves? 
Are there any moves left? O~h..."

(Taunt '99-'01): "U-waaa! Na, Nagutta ne anta!" "O, oyanimo nagurare ta 
kotonae no ni!" = "U-waaa! Y, You hit me!" "MY PARENTS DON'T EVEN HIT 

(Armor/Counter Mode Activation in '99 and '00): "NANKAKITTA~!!!" = 

(Winpose 1): Shingo raises his left/right arm in victory, declaring, 
"Ore no, KATCHI DA!" = "I, WON!" ('97-'01)

(Winpose 2): Shingo poses, brings his left/right fist to his chest, and 
then turns his back to the player, saying, "Yo~shi! Yarimashita yo, 
Kusanagi-san! = ALL~RIGHT! I did it, Mr. Kusanagi!" ('97-'99)

(Winpose 3): Shingo breathes heavily and falls to his knees exhausted, 
muttering, "Kate ta..." = "I did it..." ('98)

(Winpose 4): Shingo stands and brings his left/right index finger to 
his mouth and blows out an invisible flame, smiling and saying, "Heh 
heh...Moetaro!" = "He, he...you got burned!" ('97-'98)

(Winpose 5): Shingo stands and smiles while rubbing his nose, saying, 
"Yatta ze!" = "I did it!" ('98)

(Winpose 6): Shingo takes a pen and his memo pad and writes down the 
important highlights of the battle, claiming, "Aeto! memo, 
memo...OKAY!" = "Wait! Gotta' right that one down...OKAY!" ('99)

(Winpose 7): Shingo puts his arms behind his back and sings, "KOBUSHI 
('00) :(

(Winpose 8): Shingo puts his arms behind his back and sings, "AKA, AOU, 

(Defeated in '97): Kusanagi-san, GOMENASAI!!! = "I'M SORRY MR. 

(Defeated in '98): "ORE TE SHIMPO NE~!!! = "MY SKILLS AREN'T GROWING AT 

(Defeated in '99): "KUSANAGI-SA~N!!!"

(Defeated in '00-'01): "ARIGATO SHOSHITE SAYONARA~!!!" = "THANK YOU AND 

                         "The American Sports Team"

Heavy D!

(Main intro for '94 and '98)): Heavy D! removes his shades, puts them 
away, and gets ready to fight.

(Alternate intro for '98): "Machi kani ta ze!" = "I've been waiting for 

(Performing Shadow): "Tsui te koreru ka?" = "Can you follow me?"

(Performing Shadowed Rolling Soul Driver): "Nigasuka yo!" = "You're not 
going anywhere!" 

(Performing D. Crazy): "Mo, aki ta ze!" = "Man, I'm tired of this!"

(Performing D. Magnum): "Tsuri wa ira ne...TOTTOKI NA!!!" = "You can 
keep the change...TAKE THIS/IT!!!"

(Rolling): "Amai!" = "Pathetic!"

(Taunting in '94): "Hey, Hey, HEY!"

(Taunting in '98): "Utukoi yo!" = "Hit me!"

(Winpose 1): Heavy D! turns his back to the player while taking off his 
jacket (revealing his huge eagle tatoo) and raising his right arm, 
saying, "Utsu wa oshire!" = "Know your limits/You're outta your 
league!" ('94, '98)

(Winpose 2): Heavy D! performs a small combination and finishes with an 
uppercut, saying, "Kore ga shosha no kobushi de yatsu da!" = "THIS IS 

(Winpose 3): Heavy D! stands with his head hung low and right/left fist 
clenched, saying, "Anta no kobushi wa, karuin dai yo!" = "You're fist, 
is [way] too light!" ('98)

(Winpose 4): Heavy D! turns his back to the player while scraching his 
head and then points to his defeated opponent, saying, "Yare, 
yare...Tsumanai ze!" = "Oh man...You're a joke!" ('98)


Lucky Glauber

(Main intro for '94 and '98): Lucky bounces a basketball and throws it 

(Winpose 1): Lucky spins around and ends with a defensive stance, 
shouting, "Yoyu da ze!" = "TOO EASY!" ('94, '98)

(Winpose 2): Lucky snaps his fingers, spins around and then points to 
the player, saying, "Ore yapari kimari sugida ze!" = I'm just too cool 
every time!" ('98) (Thanks for the assist Saiki!)

(Winpose 3): Lucky gets into a defensive stance with a serious look. 
('94, '98)

(Winpose 4): Lucky stands and holds up his right/left arm just in time 
to catch a basketball falling out of the sky; all the while smiling. 


Brian Battler

(Main intro '98): "Sasa ta kiagare!" = "Hurry up and C'mon!"

(Taunting): "Hey, Come on!"

(Winpose 1): Brian points to the sky and states, "I'M NUMBER 1/No. #1!" 
('94, '98)

(Winpose 2): Brian flexes, shouting,"I AM A SUPERSTAR!" ('98)

(Winpose 3): Brian rears back and raises his left/right arm in victory 
while shouting. ('94, '98)

(Winpose 4): Brian rears back and flexes so hard that he rips the strap 
of his shoulder guard. ('98)

                           "The Psycho Soldiers"

Chin Gentsai

(Main intro for '94-'00): "Bochi, bochi! Hajimeru ka no!" = "Well, 
well! Shall we start?"

(Main intro for '01): Chin, fast asleep on the ground, wakes up and 
tumbles into his fighting stance.

(Performing Gou En Shourai): "Atchi! Atchi! Kurokogeja!" = "OUCH! OUCH! 

(Performing Gou Ran En Pou): "Dou ja?" = "How was that?"

(Rolling): "Horai!"

(Taunting): "Hate, doko ita ka no?" = "Hey, where'd you go?"

(Throwing): "Ma, nome! Nome!" = "Hey, drink! Drink!"

(Winpose 1): Chin takes a whiff of his pipe and smiles, saying, 
"Nimaaaa!!!" = "Delicious!" ('94-'99)

(Winpose 2): Chin skips off the screen singing to himself. ('96-'98)

(Winpose 3): Chin takes a sip from his gourd and then hiccups while 
scratching his temple. ('94-'99)

(Winpose 4): Chin turns his back to his opponent, crosses his arms and 
smiles as the wind blows peacefully. ('00-'02)

(Winpose 5): Chin smiles as he swings his gourd around and catches it 
in his left/right hand. ('99-'02)

(Winpose 6): Chin tumbles over and smiles as he reels in his gourd, 
saying, "Nimaa..." = "Delicious..." ('97-'98)

(Defeated): "Dame ja koryaaaaa!" = "This isn't goooooood!"


Asamiya, Athena

(Main intro for '94-01): "Asamiya, Athena IKIMASU!" = "Athena Asamiya 
is ready to go!"

(Main intro for '02): "Sa, IKU YO!" = "Now, HERE I GO!" 

(Alternate intro '99-'00): "Ganbare masu!" = "Good luck [to you]!"

(Performing Shining Crystal Shoot): "IKE!!!" = "GO!!!"

(Striker Call): "Onegai!" = "Please!"

(Activating MAX Mode): "Gara gara getchu!" = "Gara Gara get you!"

(Taunting in '94-'95): Athena yawns and stretches.

(Taunting in '96-'02): *Sneezes* "G...Gomenasai!" = "[Oh, please] 
Excuse me!"

(Winpose 1): Athena jumps up and poses, saying, "Yatta! Good!" = "I did 
it! Good!" ('94-'95, '99)

(Winpose 2): Athena spins around and poses, saying, "Yatta! Good!" = "I 
did it! Good!" ('98)

(Winpose 3): Athena jumps up and down in joy, shouting, "Yay! Kampeki!" 
= "Yay! Perfect!" ('95,'96-'98)

(Winpose 4): Athena turns and looks back, smiling, "Haha...Ganba, 
ganba!" = "Great, great!" ('99)

(Winpose 5): Athena performs a sailor pose and winks at the player, 
saying, "Athena ni omakase!" = "[Just] leave it to Athena!" ('98) 

(Winpose 6): Athena performs another sailor pose and winks at the 
player, saying, "Watashi tachi wa makenai wa!" = "I won't lose!" ('96)

(Winpose 7): Athena solutes the player with a cheerful face, 
exclaiming, "Arigato gozai-masu!" = "Thank you very much [for 
playing]!" ('98)

(Winpose 8): Athena snaps her fingers and smiles, saying, "Nice 
fighto!" = "Nice fight!" ('00-'01)

(Winpose 9): Athena snaps her fingers and smiles, saying, "Good Fight!" 


Sie (Shii) Kensou

(Main intro for '96-'99): "Ka! Shinukata omotta!" = "Oy! I thought I 
was a goner!"

(Performing Ryuu Renda): "Younai, younai!" = "[Uh, oh] Not good [for 

(Performing Shin Ryu Tenbu Kyaku): "Donnai ya?" = "How was that?"

(Performing Senki Hakkei SDM): "ITADAKI YA...MO, AKA~N!" = "I GOT 

(Taunting in '94-'95): "Nani yatten na?" = "What are you doing?"

(Taunting in '96): "Benkyo shimasu!" = "I'll study more!"

(Taunting in '97-'02): "Nandeya nen!" = "Why?"

(Winpose 1): Kensou jumps and performs a backflip ending with a guts 
pose, saying "Yatta de!" = "I did it!" ('94-'02)

(Winpose 2): Kensou points arrogantly at the opponent and shouts, 
"Madda madda shugyo taran na!" = "You haven't trained [hard] enough 
yet!" ('95-'98)

(Winpose 3): Kensou stands abashed with a smile, stating, "Ore no 
katchi da na!" = "I'm the winner [this time]! ('98-'99)

(Winpose 4): Kensou turns to do his Second Winpose, but as he raises 
his arm his shorts fall down revealing his under shorts. ('97-'98)

(Winpose 5): Kensou jumps and performs a backflip, but as he lands, his 
shorts rip at the crotch area and he freaks out! ('96)

(Winpose 6): Kensou stands, clenches his left fist, and looks up to the 
sky with a sad face, saying "Madda ya...madda todokahen!" = "I 
haven't...reached [my true power] yet!" ('99-'02)

(Defeated in '94): "Nandai yo nai~!!! = "WHAT'S GOING ON!"

(Defeated in '95): "Nade ya!" = "WHY ME!"

(Defeated in '96): "Kyou wa koregurai ni shitoi taruwa!" = "I'LL LET 

(Defeated in '97-'02): "Hona, sayanaraaaaa!" = "Okay, GOODBYEEEEEE!"


Bao (Pao)

(Main intro in '99-'01): "Oteya wara kani!" = "Be easy for me, okay!"

(Alternate intro in '99): "Yoroshiku onegai shimasu!" = "I'm pleased to 
meet you!"

(Performing Psycho Ball Attack: Deluxe): "Iku yo!" = "Here I go!"

(Performing Psycho Ball Attack: Maximum): "IKE~!!!" = "GOOOOO!!!"

(Taunting): "Tsuman na ii!" = "THIS IS BORING!"

(Knockdown Recovery): "Abunai!" = "Watch out!"

(Striker Call): Go! Go!

(Winpose 1): Bao, still in his fighting stance, stands and says, "Are! 
Datta no?" = "Hey! What happened?" ('99)

(Winpose 2): Bao raises his left/right arm and states, "Teleport o 
shimasu! (hehehe-Yappuri muri ka!)" = "I'm going to teleport! (hehehe-I 
better practice more!) ('99-'00)

(Winpose 3): Bao gets on his knees and plays with the floor while 
humming to himself. ('99-'01)

(Winpose 4): Bao gets into a defensive stance as a small blue bird flys 
onto the screen and lands on his hat.

(Defeated): "Shishou!!!" = "TEACHE~R!!!

                              "Single Entry"

Shijou, Hinako

(Main intro for '00-'01): "Dosukoi!" (Just a battle saying)

(Alternate intro for '00-'01): "Hinako, Mairi masu!" = Hinako, is 

(Performing Gashou Hinari): "Ikimasu!" = "Here I come!"

(Taunting): "Chanto shimeta kashira?" = "I wonder if I tightened my 
[mawashi] enough?" ("Mawashi" is the belt sumo wrestlers wear; Thanks 
again Saiki!)

(Rolling) "Yokenakya!" = "Gotta' avoid that!"

(Winpose 1): Hinako's great dane walks out onto the screen as Hinako 
bends over slightly and says, "Anou, ishyoni sumo yarimasen ka?" = 
"Hey, do you want to do sumo with me?" ('00-'01)

(Winpose 2): Hinako falls to her knees and looks up at the sky with 
teary eyes, saying, "Shinken shobute subarashi desu wa!" = "Fighting 
seriously feels great!" ('00-'01)

                            "The Korean Team"

Kim Kaphwan

(Main intro for '94-'01): "IKU ZO!!!" = "HERE I GO!!!"

(Alternate intro for '94-'98): "Kakatte koi!" = "Come and attack me!"

(Performing Hou'ou Hiten Kyaku): "MIKI TA!!!" = "I SEE YOU [NOW]!

(Knockdown Recovery in '96): "Doushita?" = "What's wrong?"

(Winpose 1): Kim faces the player and gets into his ready stance. ('94-

(Winpose 2): Kim performs four kicks and then gets into his ready 
stance. ('99-'01, '02)

(Winpose 3): Kim stands, clenches his fist, smiles at the player and 
winks as his teeth sparkle. ('94-'98)

(Winpose 4): Kim wipes off the sweat from his forehead and puts his 
hands on his hips, remarking, "Naka naka no otemae (re)!" = "You're a 
worthy opponent! ('96-'02)

(Winpose 5): Kim puts his left/right hand on his head and smiles. ('96-

(Winpose 6): Kim puts his left/right hand on his head and smiles while 
his teeth sparkle. ('99)

**(It has been found that entire Korean Team (with the exception of 
Jhun Hoon) has an alternate set of quotes that are spoken in Korean for 
KOF 2001.  Most likely done at the behest of Eolith)


Jhun Hoon

(Main intro for '99-'00): "Sore de wa hajime mashou ka!" = "It's time 
for us to begin!"

(Alternate intro for '99-'00): "Sa, hajime mashou ka?" = "Well, let's 
get ready to begin!"

(Performing Hiko Geki): "Soko da!" = "There!"

(Performing Taikyoku Hi): "Mudda desu yo!" = "[That was/is] 

(Rolling): "Mudda desu yo!" = "[That was/is] Meaningless/Pointless!

(Taunting): "Kimi no tokui waza de kinasai!" = "Come [at me] with your 
best move!"

(Striker Call): "Deban desu!" = "It's your turn!"

(Winpose 1): Jhun stands and remarks, "Doryoku wa mitome masu yo!" = "I 
revere your effort!" ('99-'00)

(Winpose 2): Jhun spreads his legs apart while leaning back and says, 
"Waza ga midarette iru yo." = "Your techniques are bad." ('99-'00)

(Winpose 3): Jhun poses and exclaimes, "Tattakau kara ni wa, katta naku 
te ha ne." = "If you are going to fight, then you must/should always 
win." ('99)

(Defeated): "Watashi toshi ta koto gaaaaaaa!!!" = "HOW COULD I HAVE 


Jinju Lee - a.k.a. - "May-Lee" 

(Main intro for '01-'02): "Oaite shimasu!" = "I will fight against 

(Performing Shinjuu Kick DM): "Nigashimasen! Ike!" = "YOU'RE NOT 

(Performing Ragetsu Kourin DM): "Kore de...OWARI!!!" = "This is...THE 

(Performing the Dynamic May Lee): "Ikimasu!" = "HERE I COME!!!"

(Performing May Lee's patented, "The End..."): "Kore ga...watashi 
no...chikara!!!" = "BEHOLD/THIS IS...MY...POWER!!!"

(Performing The Way of the Frog): "SHOOT!" "DOUBLE KICK!" "BACK 

(Taunting): "Te wa tsukawa nai youni shimasho ka." = "Let's try not 
using our hands."

(Winpose while in Timid Taekwondo Student Mode): May Lee stands and 
sighs in relief.

(Winpose while in Model for Heroism and Justice Mode): May Lee places 
her right/left hand on her hip and points at the sky with a smile.

(Defeated): "NAZE DA~!!!" = "WHY!!!"


Chang Koehan

(Performing Tekkyuu Dai Bosou): "Iku zo!" = "I'M COMING!"

(Performing Tekkyuu Dai Bokusatsu): "Koehan, Iku zo!" = "Koehan's 

(Taunting in '94-'98): "Doushita?" = "What's wrong?"

(Taunting in '99-'00): "Okawari ikuka?" = "Do you wanna' eat more [of 

(Winpose 1): Chang poses victoriously and shouts, "Yatta ze Koehan!" = 
"Koehan did it!" ('96-'98)

(Winpose 2): Chang gets on one knee and poses like an airplane, saying, 
"Iyyan Pokkin!" = "?" ('99)

(Winpose 3): Chang gets on one knee, grabs and shakes his belly, 
shouting, "Super Gachiri kei!" = "[I'm a] SUPER MACHO MAN!" ('99)

(Winpose 4): Chang cleans off his metal ball with his shirt while 
humming to himself. ('94-'02)

(Winpose 5): Chang does a little dance by swinging his body side to 
side while humming to himself. ('00-'02)

(Winpose 6): Chang gets on one knee and poses while his head sparkles. 

(Winpose 7): Chang stands and spins his great iron ball around his 
right/left finger and says, "Ora! Sukurete koi!" = "Hey! GO GET SOME 
HELP!!!" ('96)

Choi Bounge

(Main intro in '94-'98): "Kaku go suru de yansu! = "Get ready [for 

(Alternate intro for '98): "Odoru ahouni watashi aha!" = "I'm a dancing 

(Main intro for '99): "Odoru ahouni watashi aha! = "I'm a dancing 

(Alternate intro for '99): "Aku wa yurosan de yansu!" = "I cannot 
forgive EVIL!"

(Performing Shissou Hishou Zan): "Iku de yansu! = "I'm coming!"

(Performing Tatsumaki Shippu Zan): "Kiru de yansu!" = "[I'm gonna'] Cut 

(Performing Senpuu Hien Sashi): = "Sasu de yansu!" = "[I'm gonna'] Stab 

(Performing Shin Chouzetsu Tatsumaki Shippu Zan): "KIRI KIRI MAI MAI!" 

(Performing Hou'ou Kyaku): "Shinu de yansu!" = "[I'm gonna'] kill 

(Taunting in '99-00): "Mooko, mooko, mooko!" = "Cluck, cluck, cluck!"

(Winpose 1): Choi spins and poses, saying, "Katchi de yansu!" = "I 
won!" ('94-'01)

(Winpose 2): Choi spins and poses, saying "K-i-a-kan!" = "victory!" 

(Winpose 3): Choi rubs his claws together and creates a small flame, 
which he blows out and smiles, saying, "Moetaro de yansu!" = "You got 
burned!" ('99-'01)

(Winpose 4): Choi gets onto the ground and poses with a puzzled face. 

(Winpose 5): Choi bends over and puts his right hand on his rear and 
mockingly taunts the player. ('96)

(Defeated in '96): "Otegami choudaiiiiii!" = PLEASE SEND ME A LETTER!"

(Defeated in '97): "Aiwo choudai de yansuuuuuu!" = "PLEASE LOVE ME~!"

(Defeated in '98-'02): "Binbou himanashi de yansuuuuu!" = "POOR GUYS 

                         "Ikari Densetsu no Senshi"

Commander Heidern (Jeidern in '94-'95 for the US versions of K.o.F)

(Main intro for '94-'95, '98): Heidern appears out of the shadows and 
makes a cross slash.

(Performing Moon Slasher): "KILL!"

(Peforming Storm Bringer): "STORM BRINGER!"

(Performing Death Bringer): "GO TO HELL!"

(Performing Heidern's End): "GO TO HELL!"

(Winpose 1): Heidern turns his back to the opponent and raises his arm 
as his coat flys at him; He puts on the coat and then looks at the 
player, saying, "Ninmu kanryo!" = "Mission/Task Completed!" ('98)

(Winpose 2): Heidern removes his beret, takes out a picture of his wife 
and daughter, and reminisces on the past. ('94-'95)

(Winpose 3): Heidern removes his beret and states, "Jokyo shuryo!" = 
"Situation [averted]" ('98)

(Winpose 4): Heidern points to the player in all gravity, saying, 
"Tsugi wa omae da!" = "YOU'RE NEXT!" ('98)

(Winpose 5): Heidern turns his back to the player while extending his 
right/left arm flicking off the blood from his glove and then holds his 
head down. ('94-'95, '98, '01)

(Winpose 6): Heidern points to the player in all gravity, saying, 
"Ninmu Kanryo!" = "Mission/Task Completed!" ('01)


1st Lieutenant Randolph (Vincent) Jones

(Main and Alternate intro for '94-'98): "Gwa~a...totto to kakatte koi!" 
= "Gwa~a...LET'S GET IT ON!"

(Performing Baribari Vulcan Punch): "FIRE! HAKAIRYOKUUUU!!!" = "FIRE! 

(Performing Galatica Phantom in '02): "ORA~!"

(Performing Umanori Vulcan Punch SDM in '95-'98): "TOTTE OKI DA ZE; 

(Performing Umanori Vulcan Punch SDM in '99-'01): "TOTTO OKI DA ZE; 

(Performing Galactica Phantom in '96-'98): "Galactica 
Phantom...DOKAN!!!" = "Galactic Phantom...BOOOM!!!"

(Performing Umanori Vulcan Punch in '02): "TOTTE OKI DA ZE; MADDA 

(Performing Galactic Phantom in '99-'00): "Galactic Phantom...OTOKO NO 
IPPATSU DA!!! = "Galactic Phantom...THIS IS A REAL MAN'S FIST!!!"

(Taunting): "Yoshi; Todo me ikuka?" = "Alright; Should I finish this?"

(Striker Call): "TOTTE OKI DA ZE!!!" = "I SAVED [THE BEST] FOR LAST!!!"

(Winpose 1): Ralf performs a guts pose and shouts, "Yaaaaay! Ninmu 
Kanryo!" = "Yaaaaaay! Mission/Task Completed!" ('94-'96)

(Winpose 2): Ralf performs a guts pose and shouts, "Yaaaaay!" ('97-'02)

(Winpose 3): Ralf rears back and cracks his knuckles, saying, "Ninmu 
kanryo!" = "Mission/Task Completed!" ('98)

(Winpose 4): Ralf bends to his left side and then stands tall while 
posing to the opponent and saying, "Shia!  Utsu wa ja nenda kora! = 
Shia! "Talent isn't everything [pal]!" ('96-'98)

(Winpose 5): Ralf poses and states, "Ketaga chigau ze!" = "[Now] the 
level is different!" ('99)

(Winpose 6): Ralf taps his fists together and then rears back in a 
strange pose, all the while roaring. ('94-'02)

(Defeated in '95): "Kuso!!!" = "SH*T!!!"


2nd Lieutenant Clark (Paul) Steel

(Alternate intro in '99 and Main intro in '00): "Anta senaka ga susuke 
teru ze..." = "You're back is [going to get] dirty..."

(Performing Sleeper Lift): "Kimari da!" = "This is it!"

(Performing Gattling Attack): "Hakuishi bari na!" = "Hold your teeth 

(Performing Super Argentine Back Breaker DM): "DEATH VALLEY BOMB!!!"

(Performing Super Argentine Back Breaker SDM): "CLARK SPARK!!!"

(Performing Mega Running Three): "Imada! Ya~! Kimari da!" = "NOW! Ya~! 

(Taunting): "Hey! Come on!"

(Striker Call): "Hey!"

(Winpose 1): Clark lifts his cap, smiles and gives a thumb's up, 
shouting, "Hey! Ninmou Kanryo!" = "Hey! Mission/Task Completed!" ('94-

(Winpose 2): Clark lifts his cap, smiles and gives a thumb's up, 
shouting, "Hey!" ('97-'02)

(Winpose 3): Clark turns to the player and states, "Ninmu kanryo!" = 
"Mission/Task Completed!" ('98)

(Winpose 4): Clark solutes by bringing his right/left index finger 
across the brim of his cap and shouts, "Ninmu kanryo!" = "Mission/Task 
Completed! ('99-'02)

(Winpose 5): Clark removes some dogtags from his shirt and looks at 
them, remarking to his opponent, remarking to his opponent, "Nurui, yo 
na?" = "Pathetic, aren't you?" ('96-'97)

(Winpose 6): Clark makes a circle with his left/right arm and brings 
his fists together, "Amai yo na!" = "You're just flat-out weak!" ('98)

(Winpose 7): Clark turns to the player and poses, saying, "Otaku 
shibuine..." = "That was cool..." ('99-'00)

(Winpose 8): Clark lowers his head and solutes to his opponent, and 
finishes with a thumb's up. ('98)

(Defeated in '95): "Shimattaaaaaaa!" = "[Awwww] SH*********T!"


Sergeant Leona/"Yami no Naka Orochi no Chi ni Mezameru Leona"
(Main intro for '96-'01): "Ninmu suiko shimasu!" = "I will complete my 

(Main intro as Y.N.O.C.M in '97): Looking down and clenching her fist, 
Y.N.O.C.M Leona turns and faces her opponent while giving out an 
inhuman shriek.

(Performing Leona Crush): "APPLE JUICE!" ('99-'01 only)

(Performing Moon Slasher): "KILL!"

(Performing Earring Bakudan No. #2: Heart Attack): "Heart 
Attack...Makete owari!" = "Heart Attack...You lose and [now] it's 

(Performing Rebel Spark DM): "Sayonara..." = "Goodbye..."

(Taunting in '96): "Doushita no?" = "What's the matter?"

(Taunting in '97-'01): "Nigeru no yo!" = "Run away!"

(Taunting as Y.N.O.C.M in '97): Leona meows like a cat.

(Winpose 1): Leona puts her right/left hand on her hip and says, "Ninmu 
Kanryo!" = "Mission/Task Completed!" ('96)

(Winpose 2): Leona speaks into the transmitter in her watch, saying, 
"Ninmu...kanryo!" = "Mission/Task...Completed!" and then removes the 
chain in her hair, letting in fall to her shoulders. ('97-'02)

(Winpose 3 as Y.N.O.C.M): Leona rears back and faces the sky while 
vomiting a fountain of blood.

(Winpose 4 as Y.N.O.C.M): Leona rears back, clenches her fists while 
taking a deep breath, and emitts an unholy scream.

(Winpose 5): Leona fixes her top (revealing her shirt) and then crosses 
her arms while looking at the player, saying, "Anata: watashino na wo 
itemite!" = "You: Say my name!" ('98)

(Winpose 6): Leona stands with her right/left hand partially covering 
her face and exclaims to the opponent (while transforming into her Riot 
of the Blood persona), "Chikara wa seigyo dekirukedo, sore ni tayoru 
tsumori wanae!" = "I can control my power, but I have no intention of 
using it!" ('99)

(Winpose 7): Leona stands, clutches her right arm and shakes her head 
low in pity, stating, "Anata de wa...kattenai." = "You just...couldn't 
win." ('99-'02)

(Winpose 8): Leona gets on one knee and ties her shoes and finishes by 
glancing at her defeated opponent. ('98)

(Winpose 9): Leona stands, lowers her head, closes her eyes and folds 
her hands together in meditation. ('98)


Private Muchiko (Whip)/(Seirah)

(Main intro for '99-'01): "Koko ga anata no deadline!" = "This is your 

(Alternate intro for '99-'02): "Kaku go wa ii; Watashi wa deki teru!" = 
"Are you ready; Because I am!"

(Performing Alpha): "ATTA~CK!"

(Performing Whip Shot): "Ukete! Minasai! Shore mo! Muchi o! Hora! = 
"Eat this! Everybody! ???! Whip! See!

(Performing Sonic Slaughter DM): "Shall we dance?"

(Performing Sonic Slaughter SDM): "Wakenae wa...Anata gotoki...Wakanae 
koto da wa!" = "It's [just] too easy to beat you!"

(Taunting): "Okogaso gare ta wa!" = "You made me loose my 

(Knockdown Recovery): "Wakenae!" = "I'll beat you!"

(Winpose 1): Whip performs a small kata and then faces the player, 
saying, "Gokigen ne, Uddodu?" = "Don't you feel good, [my] widow?" 

(Winpose 2): Whip uncoils her "widow" and taunts her defeated opponent, 
saying, "Haiagare ba? Ito wa tareteiru wa!" = "Why don't you crawl?  
There's a string in right front of you?" ('99)

(Winpose 3): Whip poses by "intimately" kissing her whip. ('99-'02)

                            "Orochi no Senshi"
Nanakase, Yashiro (Kawa Ita no Daichi Yashiro)

(Main intro for '97-'98): "Yotto!" = "Whoa!"

(Main intro for '97-'98): "Meza mero...Daichi yo!" = "[Force] of the 
(Main intro for '02): "Chini ogomeku chikara, ware ni!" = "The power 
that lies beneath the Earth, IS NOW GIVEN TO ME!"

(Performing Upper Duel): "Ora!" = "Come on!"

(Performing "Kujiku Daichi"): "To taa!" = "I've got you [now]!"

(Performing "Odoro Daichi"): "Ugoku na...tendaro ga!" = "Stay right 

(Performing Million Bash Stream in '97-'98): "ICHIMAI NA!!!" = "GO 

(Performing "Hoeru Daichi"): "ICHIMAI NA!!!" = "GO AWAY!!!"

(Performing Final Impact): "Otonashiku netero!!! = "Just stay [RIGHT 

(Performing "Araburu Daichi"): "Otonashiku netero...sugu owaru kara 
yo!" = "Just stay [RIGHT THERE]...cuz' this'll be over soon!"

(Performing "Ankoku Jigoku Gokuraku Otoshi" DM): "Choshi koiten ja ne 
zo kora! Hore!" = "DON'T YOU MAKE LIGHT OF ME! HERE!"

(Performing "Ankoku Jigoku Gokuraku Otoshi" SDM): "Choshi koi ten ja ne 
zo kora...Sono inochi moratta!" = "DON'T YOU MAKE LIGHT OF 

(Performing Harmaggedon): "Koukai sasette YARU ZE!!!" = "I'm gonna make 

(Taunt 1): "Mukini naru nai yo!" = "Don't get so stressed out!"

(Taunt 2): "Namaiki da!" = "You've pissed me off!"

(Winpose 1): Yashiro leans back with his right hand in his pocket, 
smiles, and points at the player, asking, "Tanoshin deru? = "Are you 
enjoying this?" ('97-'98)

(Winpose 2): Yashiro poses and arrogantly states, "Kenka ga tsuyoi 
ueni; otokomae!" = "Not only am I strong; but handsome as well!" ('97-
'98, '02)

(Winpose 3): Yashiro turns his back to the player and waves, "Bye bye!" 

(Winpose 4): Yashiro stands and takes out a bottle of water from his 
right/left pocket, pours it all on his face, and shakes his head in 
relief. ('98)

(Winpose 5): Yashiro stands and whistles as he holds up his left/right 
arm as an eagle flys in and lands on his forearm. ('97) 

(Winpose 6): Yashiro raises his arms and growles while the ground 
beneath him shakes violently; Yashiro then lowers his arms and exhales 
deeply as the grown stops shaking. ('97-'98) 

(Winpose 7): Yashiro turns his back to the player and waves, saying, 
"Tanoshin daru?" = "Did you have fun?"

(Defeated): "Nani~!" = "Wha~t!"


Shermie (Arekuruu Inabikari no Shermie)

(Main intro for '97-'98): "Hajimete da kara, yasashi kushite ne..." = 
"This is my first time, so could you please be gentle..."

(Alternate Intro for '97-'98): "Itaku shicha iyayo!" = "I won't like it 
if it hurts!"

(Main intro for '02): "[Giggling] Jirashicha iyayo!" = "[Giggling] I 
hope you don't tease me!"

(Main intro for '97-'98): "Orite kinasai!" = "COME [DOWN] HERE!"

(Performing Shermie Spiral): "Shitsurei!" = "Pardon me!"
(Performing Shermie Spiral in '02): "Suki nan deshou, kou yo ni?" = 
"You like this [stuff], don't you?"

(Performing Shermie Whip): "Tsukamae ta!" = "I caught you!"
(Performing Shermie Whip '02): "Ei, nagge panashi!" = "Ei, Throw away!"

(Performing Axle Spin Kick): "Da, kimata?" = "Oh, Wasn't that perfect?"

(Performing F-Captured): "Kite mite! Captured!" = "Come on! Captured!"

(Performing Shermie Clutch): "Shitsure! [Giggles]" = "Excuse Me! 

(Performing Shermie Flash): "Nigechatta dame yo! 1...2...3!" = "You 
won't run away from me! 1...2...3!"

(Performing Shermie Carnival SDM): "Watashi kara no Presento...Omake!" 
= "This is a "Present" to you [from me]...[and] a little extra!"

(Performing "Raijen no Tsue"): "Koko yo!" = "Right Here!"

(Performing "Yatanagi no Muchi"): "Shibire no sae!" = "Be paralyzed!"

(Performing "Shuukumei...Gen'ei...Shinshi"): "Ii wa ne?  Ikuwai yo!" = 
"Are you ready? [Because] HERE I COME!"

(Performing "Raikou no Tsurugi"): "Ten ni yudane mashou...shin naru 
sabaki yo!" = "Heaven shall decide...who will be punished!"

(Activating MAX Mode): "Ikazuchi yo!" = "The Lightning!"

(Taunt 1): "Moshi moshi? Ah, matta atode ne?" = "Hello? Ah, [can I] 
meet you later?"

(Taunt 2): "Anata shinu wa!" = "You are going to die!"

(Winpose 1): Shermie spins around, shouting, "Saikyo no kibun!" = "I 
feel great!" ('97-'98)

(Winpose 2): Shermie calls attention to herself by shouting to her 
opponent, "Aha! Nante kao!" = "Aha! [look at you]!" ('97-'98)

(Winpose 3): Shermie cheerfully blows kisses to everyone watching the 
fight (this includes the opponent, the player, and her teammates!) 
('98, '02)

(Winpose 4): Shermie performs small dance while stepping side-to-side 
and humming to herself. ('97-'98, '02)

(Winpose 5): Shermie raises her right/left arm to the sky as lightning 
strikes it, saying, "Sore ga anata no unmei yo...oyasu minasai! = "This 
is your Fate...sleep well! ('97-'98)


Chris (Honoo no Sadame Chris)

(Main intro for '97-'98, '02): "(Yada na)...tsuyo so!" = "(Oh 
man)...[you] look strong!"

(Main intro for '97): "Deteoi de, boku no honoo!" = "Come [to me], my 

(Main intro for '98): "Sa; tanoshi mo, boku no honoo!" = "C'mon; let's 
have some fun, my flames!"

(Main intro for '02): "Sa, mitegoran boku no honoo!" = "Hey, everyone 
see my flames!"

(Performing Shooting Dancer Thrust in '97): "Ue da yo!" = "[I'm] above 
(Performing Shooting Dancer Thrust in '98): "Ue desu!" = "Up here!"
(Performing Shooting Dancer Thrust in '02): "Ue kamo!" = "Maybe the 

(Performing Shooting Dancer Step in '97): "Shita de yo!" = "[I'm] below 
(Performing Shooting Dancer Step in '98): "Shita desu!" = "Down here!"
(Performing Shooting Dancer Step in '02): "Shita ka na!" = "Is it the 

(Performing Direction Change in '98): "Ushiro desu!" = "Behind you!"
(Performing Direction Change in '02): "Torimashi ta!" = "I've got you!"

(Performing Chain Slide Touch): "Honki dashimasu ne!" = "I'll show you 
everything I have!"
(Performing Chain Slide Touch in '02): "Mou, ii?" = "It this good?"

(Performing Twister Drive): "Enryonaku, ikimasu!" = "I'm coming, but 
without any mercy [for you]!"

(Performing Orochi no Chikara Kaihou Saseru): "Kawaru yo!" = "I'm 

(Performing "Sanagi wo Yaburi, Chou wa mau..."): "Sanagi wo Yaburi, 
Chou wa mau..." = "From it's cocoon, the Butterfly flutters away..."

(Performing Taiyou Wo Iru Honoo in '97): "Sore!" = "There!"
(Performing Taiyou Wo Iru Honoo in '98): "Honoo!" = "Fire!"

(Performing Ankoku Orochi Nage): "Hai; shinde kudasai!" = "Yes; please 

(Performing Daichi Wo Harau Gou ka): "Sa, yakitsukuso ne!" = "Okay, 
let's burn it all!"

(Taunt 1): "Konya, nani tsukuro ka na?" = "[Oh boy,] I wonder what I 
should make for dinner tonight?"

(Taunt 2): "Izure, mina shinundesu yo!" = = "In time, everyone will 

(Taunt 3): "Hai ni shite ageru yo!" = "I'll turn you into ashes!"

(Taunting in '02): "Doushi te sonna koto suru ka na?" = "Why would you 
do something like that?"

(Winpose 1): Chris turns his back to the player and looks up into the 
sky, stating, "Ashita mo hareruka na?" = "[I wonder if] it will be 
sunny again tommorow?" ('97-'98)

(Winpose 2): Chris turns his back the player and looks up into the sky, 
stating, "Omoshiro katta?" = "Was this fun?" ('02)

(Winpose 3): Chris smiles and says, "Tanoshikatta desu; hai!" = "Yes; 
that was fun!" ('97-'98)

(Winpose 4): Chris steps forward, smiles and gives a small chuckle. 
('97-'98, '02)

(Winpose 5): Chris turns his back to the player and chuckles. ('97-'98)

(Winpose 6): Chris raises his arms above his head and brings them 
together, shouting, "Sa, mitegoran haisha no sugata da yo!" = "Hey 
[everybody], take a look at this loser!" ('97-'98)

(Defeated): "Oh...h, hikari ga..." = "Oh...the light..."



(Main intro for '96): "Sa, kami ni inorinasae!" = "[Now, without 
haste], to pray to [your] God!"

(Performing "Yonokaze"): "Koko desu ka?" = "Right here?" (A.C: Goenitz 
is actually toying with his opponent, asking if he wants to drop his 
tornado right where the opponent is)

(Performing "Hyuuga"): "Osoi desu ne!" = "You're too slow!"

(Performing "Yamidoukoku"): "Ikaga desu!" = "How is this!"

(Performing "Shinyaotome Mizumi"): "SHINBATSU DESU!" = "[FEEL] THE 

(Performing "Shinyaotome Jittsuoko"): "OWAKARE DESU!" = "THIS IS 

(Taunting): "Nurui desu, ne!" = "[How] Pathetic, you are!"

(Winpose 1): Goenitz clasps his hands, stating, "Mada mada desu ne..." 
= "You are not there yet..." ('96)

(Winpose 2): Goenitz poses and says, "Kui aratame nasai!" = "Offer 
penance while there is still time!" ('96)

(Winpose 3): Goenitz bows and states, "Kami no gokago ga aran koto wo!" 
= "[I see] Your god has relinquished his graces from you!" ('96)



(Main intro for '97): "Sanagi wo Yaburi, Chou wa mau." = "From its 
cocoon, the Butterfly flutters away."

(Performing Soul Stealer): "Hakanai mono yo!" = "[Tragically,] It is 
such a brief life!"

(Performing Bright Light): "Sa, mu ni kaerou..." = "Come, let us return 
to oblivion..."

(Taunting): "Namaiki da!" = "You are annoying me!"

(Winpose 1): Orochi poses explaining that, "Ware yori sugure mono wa 
nashi!" = "I am above all others!" ('97)

(Winpose 2): Orochi waves his arms in a small circle and brings his 
fingers together, stating, "Ware, Gaia to tomori ari!" = "I am one with 
the [Earth Spirit]" ('97)

(Winpose 3): Orochi smears the blood covering his hands onto his chest. 

                            "The Yagami Team"

Yagami, Iori/"Tsuki no Yoru Orochi no Chi ni Kurufu Iori"

(Main intro for '95-'02): "Sugu raku ni shite yaru!" = "I'll release 
you of your suffering very soon!"

(Performing "Sakahagi"): "Jama da!" = "GET OUT OF MY WAY!"

(Performing "Saka Sakahagi"): "Jama da!" = GET OUT OF MY WAY!"

(Performing Style No. #108: "Yami Barai"): "DOUSHITA!" = "WHAT'S 

(Performing Style No. #212: "Kototsuki In"): "SHINE!" = "DIE!"

(Performing Style No. #311: "Tsumagushi"): "Chi!" = "Damnit!"

(Performing Reverse Style No. #108: "Ya Sakazuki"): "Raku ni wa SHINEN 
ZO!" = "You won't die THAT EASLY!"

(Performing Reverse Style No. #311: "Saku Tsumagushi"): "IKU ZO!" = 

(Performing Reverse Style No. #327: "Yami Sugi"): "Guzuga...MADDA 
DA...!!!!" = "[You] piece o' [****]...[I'M] NOT [THROUGH] YET!!!"

(Performing Forbidden Style No. #1211: "Ya wo tome"): "Asobi wa owari 
da...Nake, Sakebe, Soshite, SHINE!!!" = "Playtime is over...Cry, 
Scream, Shout [to your heart's content] AND DIE!!!"

(Performing Forbidden Style No. #1211: "Ya wo tome SDM" in '00): "Asobi 
wa owari da...Nake, Sakebe, Soshite...SHINE!!! KOKO MADE DA!!!" = 
"Playtime is over...Cry, Scream, Shout...[AND] DIE!!! THAT'S THE END OF 

(Performing Forbidden Style No. #306 "Saika" in '01-'02): "Asobi wa 
owari da...Nake, Sakebe, Baka me!!! = "Playtime is over...Cry, Scream, 

(Performing Forbidden Style No. on Kyo Kusanagi in '02): "KYO~!!!"

(Rolling): "Muda da!" = "[That was] Pointless!"

(Knockdown Recovery): "Baka me!" = "YOU STUPID [****]!"

(Knockdown Recovery in '02): "Baka ga!" = "IDIOT!"

(Taunting): "Ore ga kowaii no ka?" = "Do I scare you?"

(Taunting as T.Y.O.C.K): Iori rears back and screams, "KYO~!!!!"

(Striker Call): "Chi!" = "[Aw,] ****!"

(Winpose 1): Iori puts his hands into his pockets, bends over and 
shouts, "Sonomama shine!" = "Die like that!" to his defeated opponent. 

(Winpose 2): Iori turns his back to player and raises his right/left 
arm to the sky, stating, "Tsuki o miru tabi omoi da ze!" = "Remember me 
on the next full moon!" ('95-'99)

(Winpose 3): Iori stands and puts his left/right hand on his forehead 
while laughing maniacally. ('95-'02) 

(Winpose 4): Iori rears back and screams, "KYO~!!!!!" ('97)

(Winpose 5): Iori stands and steps backwards a bit while causing a 
trail of flame to disperse from his left/right hand. ('98)

(Defeated): "Kono mama de wa owaran zo~!!!" = "IT CAN'T END LIKE 


(Main intro for '96, '98 and '02): "Sa, Irassai..." = "Now, come to 

(Performing Death Blow): "Mezawaru yo!" = "You're an eyesore!"

(Performing Back Rush): "Jama ne!" = "You're in my way!"

(Performing Despair): "Soko!" = "There!"

(Performing Sacriledge): "Dou?" = "Well?"

(Performing Metal Massacre in '98): "Koroushite ageru! = "I'm going to 
kill you!"

(Performing Metal Massacre in '02): "Kimochii wa!" = "Doesn't that feel 

(Performing Nocturnal Lights in '96, '98 and '02): "Tomara nai wa! 
Soko! "Soko! "Soko yo!" = "I CAN'T STOP! Here!" "Here!" "Right here!"

(Performing Heaven's Gate HSDM in '02): "Subete wo watashi ni...yudane 
nasai!" = "Just entrust everything...to me!"

(Taunting in '96): Mature stretches her arms and yawns.

(Taunting in '98): "Hyaku!" = "[Please] Hurry!"

(Taunting in '02): "Hyaku kite!" = "Hurry up!"

(Winpose 1): Mature embraces herself and displays a look of rapture, 
saying, "Kimochii deshou? = "Doesn't this feel good?" ('96, '98, '02)

(Winpose 2): Mature poses and gives a sly smile, saying, "Kedamo no 
nioi ga suru yo!" = "[You're flesh] reeks of wild beasts!" ('96, '98)

(Winpose 3): Mature gets on one knee and bows, saying, "Mo, au kotomo 
nai deshou." = "It seems that we will not meet again." ('96)

(Winpose 4): Mature gets on one knee and bows, saying, "Sore de wa 
shitsurei..." = "Pardon me..." ('98) 

(Winpose 5): Mature removes a small compact from her skirt and fixes 
her make-up, merrily saying, "Tanoshikatta wa, arigato..." = "That was 
most enjoyable, thank you..." ('98, '02)



(Main intro for '96 and '98): "Omoshiroi, yaro ka!" = "Interesting, 
let's do it!"

(Performing Death Blow): "Doki na!" = "MOVE!"

(Performing Back Rush): "Kutabare (na)!" = "DIE!"

(Performing Outrage): "Soko da!" = "There!"

(Performing Raven's Fest): "Soko da!" = "There!"

(Performing Gore Fest): "Tanoshii ne!" = "This is fun!"

(Performing Decide): "OCHIRO!" = "[GET OUT OF HERE]!" ("Ochiro" 
literally means, "Drop Down", but in Vice's case, that doesn't seem to 
fit; Thanks again Saiki!)

(Performing Mithan's Robe): "Bibi ten janai yo!" = "Don't you get 

(Performing Withering Surface in '96 and '98,): "Okorasin janai 
yo...OCHIRO!" = "Don't piss me off...[Oops! Too late! Now] GET OUT OF 

(Performing Withering Surface in '02): "Kyoro kyoro surun janai yo!" = 
"Don't look around so much!"

(Performing Negative Gain): "Itai yo...taishita koto nain janai!" = 
"This will hurt...[Bah!] You're not good enough!"

(Rolling): "Amai!" = "Hopeless!"

(Knockdown Recovery): "Osoi!" = "Too slow!"

(Taunting in '96): "Anmari bakarashii kara!" = "You are indeed quite a 
[hopeless] simpleton!"

(Taunting in '98): "Ha! Guzuga!" = "Ha! Trash!"

(Taunting in '02): "Fuka shiten janai yo!" = "Don't play around tough 

(Winpose 1): Vice poses and smiles, saying, "Mangetsu no youru ni, 
matta auo ka!" = = "We shall meet again on the next full moon!" ('96, 
'98, '02)

(Winpose 2): Vice vomits and then clutches her stomach, saying, "Nanka 
hakisouda yo!" = "You made me puke!" ('98)

(Winpose 3): Vice gets on her knees and raises her left/right arm to 
the sky, screaming, "Hayaku koroushite yooooo!!!" = "HURRY UP AND KILL 
ME!!!" ('98)

(Winpose 4): Vice stands and giggles while putting her left/right hand 
on her hip; she then turns her head away from the opponent and sighs. 
('96, '98, '02) 

(Winpose 5): Vice bows in the face of her opponent and the players. 

(Defeated): "Baka na~!" = "THIS ISN'T HAPPENING!"

                    "The Warriors of the New Millennium"

K' (K-Dash)

(Main intro for '99-'02): "Ore hitori de jubun da..." = "I'm [more 
than] enough for you..."

(Performing Ein Trigger~Blackout or the Narrow Spike): "Koko da!" = 

(Performing Heat Drive in '99): "Owari ni suru ze..." = "I'll finish 

(Performing Heat Drive in '00-'01): "Owari ni shio ze..." = "[Just] let 
me finish..."

(Performing Chain Drive '02): "Soko yo!" "Ora Ora Ora x3!" "Doushita?" 
"Anh!" = "Right there!" "C'MON x5!" "What's the matter?" "Got it!"

(Performing Red Star Road): "Tekagen nashi da!" "Kuro da!" "Makuro!" = 
"I'm not holding back!" "Black!" "[Pure] Black!"

(Taunting in '99-'00): "Namenja ne zo temae!" = "Don't you 
underestimate me!"

(Taunting in '01-'02): "Temae...kuzu darou?" = "You're...a piece of 
shit aren't you?"

(Knockdown Recovery): "Yaru janai ka!" = "You're pretty good!"

(Winpose 1): K' removes his sunglasses, puts them on, and snaps his 
fingers while smiling and remarks, "...Anta ja yakubu soku da ze!" = 
"...You're [just] not enough for me!" ('99)

(Winpose 2): K' turns his back to the player, spits on the ground, and 
looks at his opponent, saying, "Doitsumo koitsumo!" = "EVERY SINGLE ONE 
O' YOU!" ('99-'01)

(Winpose 3): K' smirks and gives a thumb's down, saying, "Ore ni 
sawaruin ja ne!" = "You can't touch me!" ('00-'01)

(Winpose 4): K' stands with his eyes closed and his right hand out 
below his waist full of flames. K' then clenches his fist (which 
extinguishes the flame), opens his eyes and gives a sly smile. ('99)

(Winpose 5): "K' smirks and gives a thumb's down, saying, "Temae ja 
yaku busoku nan da yo!" = "You're not enough for me!" ('02)

(Winpose 6): K' turns his back to the player, spits on the ground, and 
looks at his opponent, saying, "Waka cha inee na..." = "You just don't 
get it/understand..." ('02)



(Main intro for '99): "Yoku mieru ze..." = "I can see you clearly..."

(Main intro for '01-'02): "Iku ze, abibo..." = "Here I come, buddy..."

(Alternate intro for '99-'01): "Iku ze, aibo..." = "Here I come, 

(Performing Bulldog Press): "Iku zo!" = "I'm coming!"

(Rolling): "Chorui ze!" = "Too easy!"

(Striker Call): "Tanomu ze!" = "[If you would] Please!"

(Winpose 1): Maxima faces the player with a grin, aims his left/right 
arm towards the ground and shoots out a jet of steam. ('99, '02)

(Winpose 2): Maxima faces the player and closes his eyes as his 
internal damage scanner runs throughout his body. ('99)

(Winpose 3): Maxima crosses his arms, takes a deep breath, and lets out 
a deep sigh. ('99-'01)

(Winpose 4): Maxima smiles while raising his right/left arm and 
revealing the chain-gun mechanism in his rist; Maxima spins the barrell 
and clocks it back to a stop while continuing to smile! ('00-'02) 


K9999 (K Four-Nine)

(Main intro for '01): "Kiite mirou...hai doumo!" = "Come here...you 

(Performing "Warero"): "WARERO!" = "SHATTER!"

(Performing "Kudake"): "KUDAKE!" = "BREAK!"

(Performing "Acchi ke Ittero"): "Acchi ke Ittero!" = "Get away from 

(Performing "Temae mo Ichimae!" in '01): "Temae mo Ichimae!!!" = "NOW 

(Performing "Tsuki" '02): "Gakki domo!!!" = "DAMN KIDS!!!"

(Performing "Chikara ga...katte ni...UWA~AH!!!"): "Chikara ga...katte 

(Taunting in '01): "Sa~te...dou suru?!" = "So...what are you gonna 

(Un-used Quote): "Doke baka!" = "Move, you idiot!"

(Un-used Quote): "Rika no jikan jya nainda yo!!!" = "THIS ISN'T SCIENCE 

(Taunting in '02): "Buchi Koroushi te yaru ze!" = "I'm gonna kill you!"

(Winpose 1): K9999 looks away from his opponent while he transforms 
into his real self, saying, "Kaze ga dekita ta na..." = "[More] wind 
[blows at me]..." ('01-'02)

(Winpose 2): K9999 poses while his right/left arm turns into a drill 
and says, "Kore mo...ore no chikara na no ka?!" = "Is this...also part 
of my power?!" and finishes with a long laugh. ('01-'02)

(Un-used Winpose): K9999 looks away from his opponent while he 
tranforms int his real self, saying, "Mitame wa waruiga, naka naka 
tsukaeru ze." = "This look might be bad, but may still have a use."

(Defeated): "Chanto Itee janei ka yo!!!" = "THAT REALLY HURT!!!"



(Main intro for '00-'01): "Otano shimi wa kora korai yo!" = "The fun's 
just about to begin!"

(Main intro for '02): "Kore ga honban yo!" = "This is where we go 
live/It's Showtime!"

(Performing Machinegun Puncher): "Body, body, body, UPPER!"

(Performing Hunting Eagle): "HELLION!"

(Performing Crazy Puncher DM): "Donpishya!!! = "RIGHT ON THE 

(Performing Crazy Puncher SDM): "Kono...Uppaaaaa! Itatata! = 
"THIS...UPPER! [Damn, that hurt]!

(Performing Champion Puncher): "Kore de...taore te!" = "[Now] go 
down...WITH THIS!"

(Taunting): "Darashi nai wa ne!" = "This is too easy/Don't be sloppy!"

(Winpose 1): Vanessa crosses her arms and lowers her head with a sigh, 
only to give a smirk and say, "Ii pai yaritai kibune!" = "I really need 
a drink!" ('00-'01)

(Winpose 2): Vanessa crosses her arms and lowers her head with a sigh, 
only to give a smirk and say, "Shirafunara makenai te ta deshou!" = "I 
can beat anyone if I'm not drunk!" ('02)

(Winpose 3): Vanessa stands tall while wiping the hair from her eyes 
and removing her left/right glove with her teeth.  She then blinks and 
looks on, showing to the audience her divinely sculpted body! ('00-'01)

(Winpose 4): Vanessa stands tall while wiping the hear from her eyes 
and removes her left/right glove with her teeth.  She then blinks and 
says, "Madda madda Aoi wa ne!" = "You haven't [butched] up yet/You're 
still just a kid!"  ('02)



(Main intro in '00-'01): "Karu ku ikimasu ka!" = "I'll go easy on you!"

(Performing Jumping Sobat in '00): "SI!" = "YES!" (In Spanish)

(Performing the Gambit Step in '00): "Otto! [Hold on a sec.]" = "Whoa! 
[Hold on a sec.]"

(Performing Tiger Spin in '00): "Tora da...toro ni narun da!" = "A 

(Performing El Diablo Amarillo Ramon in '02): "Tora da...toro ni narun 
da!" = "A tiger...TURN INTO A TIGER!"

(Striker Call): "Yoroshikai yo!" = "Nice to meet you!"

(Winpose 1): Ramon poses and raises his left/right arm above his head 
and smiles, saying, "Thanks!" ('00)

(Winpose 2): Ramon raises both arms and merrily shouts, "Viva Mexico!" 

(Winpose 3): Ramon poses and raises his left/right arm above his head 
and smiles, saying, "Hasta la vista!" = "Goodbye!" and laughs in 
victory. ('01-'02)



(Main intro for '00-'01): "Sa, sasato sumaseche maou ze!" = "Okay, 
let's get this over with!"

(Performing "Koh-Getsu" Counter-Attack): "YOME TA!" = "I READ YOU!"

(Advance Rolling): "Atare ne ze!" = [Ah, that] won't hit me!"

(Knockdown Recovery): "Yaru na..." = "Pretty good..."

(Rolling): "Madda madda!" = "[It's] not [over] yet!"

(Taunting): "Ii ze, ute koi!" = "Okay, hit me!"

(Striker Call): "Makazetta ze..." = "I'll let you take over..."

(Winpose 1): Seth takes out a comb from his pocket, fixes his hair, and 
gives his opponent a mean look, stating, "Seto ga midarichi matta janei 
ka!" = "My hair got ruffled!" ('00-'02)

(Winpose 2): Seth performs his Koh-Getsu but lands short of the 
opponent, shouting, "TODOME DA!" = "[get ready for] THIS LAST ONE!", 
but then he bends over and jokes, "Ashin shina, jodun dai yo!" =  Don't 
worry, it was just a joke!" ('00-'02)

(Defeated): "Share ni naran ze..." = "This isn't funny..."



(Main intro in '01): "HAHAHAHA!!!"  "MESSATSU!" = "HAHAHAHA!!!" 

(Performing "Hizoku Ougi: Doku Shizuku" in '00): "Kimochio kunare..." = 
"This will make you feel better..."

(Winpose 1): Lin stands, crosses his arms, and then laughs sinisterly 
as poison drips from his fingers. ('00)

(Winpose 2): Lin stands back and displays a sinister pose with his 
left/right held out. ('00)

(Winpose 3): Lin poses and says, "Subete messastu!" = "I will destroy 
everything!" ('01)


Kula Diamond

(Main intro for '00): Kula, covered in ice, appears, followed by Diana, 
who points her sword at your character and says, "Itsumo dore ni suru 
baii no yo..." = "[Now,] do what you have always done..." and Kula 
replies saying, "Wakateru." = "I know."

(Main intro for '01): Kula, covered in ice, appears, followed by Diana, 
who points her sword at your character and says, "Itsumo dore ni suru 
baii no yo..." = "[Now,] do what you have always done..." and Kula 
replies saying, "Un!" = "[Okie Dokie]!"

(Main intro for '02): Kula, covered in ice, appears, followed by Diana, 
who points her sword at your character and says, "Itsumo dore ni jubu 
yo!" and Kula replies saying, 

(Alternate intro in '02): Candy stands next to Kula wearing her outfit 
(thus, the two look identical); Candy then transforms into her regular 
suit, looks at Kula and then disappears, saying, "Ganbatte!" = "Good 

(Performing the Counter Shell): "Iranai!" = "I don't want it!"

(Performing Diamond Edge): "Iku yo...OKIIINO!!!" = "[Okay,] Here I 
come...[with a] BIG ONE!!!

(Performing Freeze Execution): "Hontou ni shiranai yo..." = "I really 
don't know [if I can hold it]..."

(Performing Freeze Completion): 

Diana: "Chou no younai mai, hachi no youni sasu!" = "Fly like a 
Butterfly, sting like a bee!"

Kula: "Dondeke!" "Deban de yo!" = "Fly Away!" "It's your turn!"

Candy: "Rocketo Punch!" = "Rocket Punch!"

Kula: "Bye Bye!"

(Striker Call): "Deban de yo!" = "It's your turn!"

(Taunting): Kula yawns.

(Winpose 1): Kula begins to say something, but Diana appears and hugs 
her really tightly and in playful manner, saying, "Ii ko da!" = 
"[You're such a] good [girl]!" ('00-'02)

(Winpose 2): Kula stretches and then waves, saying, "Bye bye!", while 
Candy appears pointing a gun at the opponent. ('00, '02)

(Winpose 3): Without Candy next to her, Kula stretches and then waves, 
"Bye bye!" ('01)



(Main intro for '01): "Kuritikaru!" = "CRITICAL!"

(Performing the Planunium): "KIRU!" = "SLASH/CUT/SLICE!"

(Performing the Poetry of Cygnus): "Imakoso shouki...BAKA NA KIRU!!!" = 

(Performing the Prayer of the Planet): "...Kono yowa kouya yo..." = 
"...The world is but a desert..."

(Performing the Honey Bee): Foxy humms for a bit and then states, 
"...Hatchi ga tobu!" = "...A bee flies!"

(Taunting): Foxy humms to herself while swinging her rapier about and 
says, "baka ga tobu!" = "A stupid fly [stands before me]!"

(Un-used Quote): "Madda wo ki wo nukinaide!" = "Don't let your guard 

(Winpose 1): Foxy stands and says, "Yume o sute...Yabo o sute..." = "By 
throwing away dreams...Throwing away ambitions...", while holding out 
her left/right hand as Diana appears and holds it (as a sign of 
friendship), and they say together, "...Onna wa ikirareru no ka?" = 
"Would a woman be able to survive?"

(Winpose 2): Foxy spins and removes the N.E.S.T.S flag from her hair 
and stands with it (and her long hair) blowing in the wind, saying, 
"N.E.S.T.S wa sekai saidai bouryouku kikou yo!" = "N.E.S.T.S is the 
world's ULTIMATE difference!"


Angel (An-hel) OR (Ang-hel)

(Main intro for '01): "Oisu!" = (No real meaning; just like saying 

(Performing The Red Sky of Japanezia): "Jya~n! = "Tada~!"

(Performing Mad Murder Rulette unsuccessfully): "Ara?" = "What?"

(Performing Mad Murder Rulette successfully): "Baka-san!" = "Stupid 

(Performing Enter the Rouge): "Hai! Sore!" = "Yes! Here!"

(Performing the Test of Loyalty for the Liberalists DM): 
"Ichau...hai(x7)...GO~...YA~NO~!!!" = "Here I go...YES (x7)...GO~... 
[Battle cry]!!!"

(Performing the Test of Loyality for the Liberalists SDM): 
"Ichau...madda yo, madda yo...Haina...OSHIMAI!!!" = "HERE I GO! [Oh,] 
not yet...[I SAID NOT YET]...[NOW, I'M] FINISHED!!!" 

(Performing The Wind's Fairground): "Gokuto ajiwae...Angel-sama no 
myougi wo!" "Mawate!  Mawate!"  "Uu~ura!!!" = "Feel the might...of 
Angel's exquisite skills!"  "Round!" "[And] Round!" "Uu~ura!"

(Advanced Rolling): "Haitu!" = "Whoa!"

(Taunting) "Kori kori shitai!" = "Do you want to be all [busted up]?"

(Winpose 1): Angel poses by immitating a cow and bends over with a 
smirk, saying, "Mo, owari?" = "Oh, it's over?" ('01)

(Winpose 2): Angel poses by immitating a cow and bends over with a 
smirk, saying, "Konna mon ya ne!" = "This is what I expected!" ('01)

(Winpose 3): Angel poses by imitating a cow and bends over with a 
smirk, saying, "Bero, bero!" (This is just a sound that Angel makes; It 
has no real translation) ('01)

(Winpose 4): Angel poses by imitating a cow and bends over with a sly 
smile, saying, "Kari kori te ne!" = "All nice and chunky!" ('01)

(Winpose 5): Angel sways as she unzips her top (thus showing the player 
her bare chest!) and faces the player, and smiles, remarking, 
"Oshi...mai." = "The...end." ('02)

(Winpose 6): Angel turns away from the player as she unzips her top and 
pulls it down, exposing her back and small tattoo on her left/right 
shoulder, stating, "Konna kanji?" = "Like this?" ('02)  


Original Krizalid

(Main intro for '99): "Heh, heh, heh!" (Mid-boss)

(Main intro for '99, '01): "Miniyatsukete...shinugaii..." = "Burn this 
[image] into your eyes/mind...and die..."

(Performing Lethal Impact): "Amai...SHINE!" = "[You're such a] 
Weakling...[Now] DIE!"

(Performing Desperate Overdrive): "BUTSU BURERO~!!!" = "[Time for your] 

(Performing End of Heaven and End of Eden): "Mesette yaru...WAGA 
CHIKARA O!!!" = "[Now] I will unleash...MY TRUE POWER!!!"

(Winpose 1): Krizalid stands with a flame burning within the palm of 
his left/right hand, which he holds in front of him.  Smiling, Krizalid 
clenches his fist and extinguishes the flame. ('99)

(Winpose 2): Krizalid rears back slightly and smiles as his power suit 
channels the energy from his computer throughout his body. ('99, 01)

(Winpose 3): Krizalid turns his back to his opponent and clenches his 
fist, saying, "Konna mono de katteru no ka?" = "How can you hope to 
defeat me [with your pathetic abilities]?" ('99, '01)

(Defeated): "KONNA HAZU~!!!!" = "HOW COULD THIS~!!!!!

**{It has been discovered that Advanced Krizalid was most likely 
supposed to a separate boss in KOF 2001 due the rather large amount of 
quotes he has; the same can be proven for Long)



(Main intro for '00): Zero cracks his knuckles with a smile and says, 
"Kouyu jikan wa tanoshi mono da na..." = It's times like this that I 
find most entertaining..."

(Performing Zenkaze Enpa Ouga): "Baka me!" = "Fool!"

(Performing Zenkaze Enpa: Shouha): "Amai wa!" = "Weakling!"

(Performing Mabukousou): "Wakaru ka...Kobiyo koto da!" = "Now 
understand...BOW BEFORE ME!"

(Performing Gokusa Zanjin): "Norui!" = "Too slow!"

(Performing Hakkura Messhou): "Shine!" = "Die!"

(Winpose 1): Zero crosses his arms and laughs at his foolish opponent.

(Winpose 2): Zero poses, saying, "Zero wo koeru mono wa, Zero 
shikainae!" = "Only "I" can defeat "myself!" (A.C: This can be taken in 
one of two logical ways: only Original Zero (Zero's creator) can defeat 
him, or "he himself" can defeat him) (Much thanks to everyone who sent 
me their interpretations!)

(Defeated): "Konna mono de..." = "How could I lose..."


Original Zero

(Main intro): Zero, kneeling next to Gorgon, arises (with an evil 
smile) and says, "Welcome to [your] DEATH! I am your Executioner..."

(Performing Zenkaze Enpa: Ouga) "Baka me!" = "FOOL!"

(Performing Zenkaze Enpa: Shouha): "Amai wa!" = "Weakling!"

(Winpose 1): Zero crosses his arms, taunting, "Mogaku mono domo 
yo...sono teido ka?!"  "Sore mo matta yoshi..." = "All of you who 
struggle to live...is that all you have?!  Well, this is acceptable..." 
and laughs.

[Note: Zero acknowledges his opponents attempts to defeat him, despite 
the fact that they were themselves just defeated]

(Winpose 2): Zero hunches over for a second and then stands tall as his 
"winged" cape sprouts from his back and covers his battle suit; Zero 
continues to look devilishily at his defeated opponent.

(Time Over Loss): Zero turns his back to his opponent and lowers his 
head in shame, muttering, "Ka koku no michi no you da..." = "The road 
is [unforgiving]..."

(Defeated): "Konna mono de..." = "How could I lose..."



(Main intro in 2001): Igniz announces, "N.E.S.T.S yami no shihaisha, 
ware koso saikyo...migoto koete miseru!" = "If you think you can 
prevail over N.E.S.T.S, the Masters of Darkness, and ME, its highest 
authority...then by all means come and try!", while his garments emitt 
a "divine" aura and levitate as he prepares for battle.

(Performing the Idiom Blade): "OCHIRO!" = "BEGONE!"

(Performing the Chaos Tide): "MAI ORIYO!!!" = "[SWEEP DOWN]" (A.C: 
Deuce-Mugen and I find that this doesn't have a very good translation 
other than "Sweep Down", but if you can find something better (since 
Igniz is kinda acting like god and saying "Sweep down my angels and 
destroy him/her!" I'd most appreciate it) 

(Performing The Brutal God Project): "Owari...Nozomi dourini...TEN KARA 
OCHIRO!!!" = "It is over...as you so desired...[I NOW] CAST YOU FROM 

(Taunting): "Sa, kuru ga ii...chance wo ataete yarou..." = "[Now] 
Come...quickly...take your [only] chance..."

(Un-used Quote): "Naze omae wo ikiteiru?" = "Why are you still alive?"

(Un-used Quote): "Chi no namida wo...nagasuka?" = "Will you cry...tears 
of blood?"

(Winpose 1): Igniz raises his right/left arm and states, "Ware ni ken 
wo atteta koto...homete yaru..." = "I am [honored/surprised]...you [of 
all others] would dare to lay a [hand] upon me..."

(Winpose 2): Igniz turns to his right while looking at his opponent and 
stands as the wind blows his super-powered garments.

                            "Special Character"


(Main intro for '02): "Bibi ten noka, Eh?" = "You're getting' scared, 

(Perfoming Style No. #75): "Ora!" "Doushita?" = "Come on!" "What's the 

(Performing Style No. #101 "Oboro Guruma"): "Ochiro yo Ora!" = "Drop 

(Performing Style No. #108 "Yami Barai"): "Kurae!" = "Eat this!"

(Performing Style No. #212 "Koto Tsuki You"): "Iku ze!" "Makka ni 
MOERO!!!" = "Here I go!" "I'M BURNING RED!!!"

(Performing Style No. #910 "Nue Tsumi"): "Kono!" = "Why YOU!"

(Performing Inverse Style No. #108 "Orochi Nagi"): "Komura ni...KURAE 
YAGARE~!!!" = "These flames...EAT THIS!!!"

(Performing "Rei Shiki"): "Gouka no maede...Mu ni...KEERE!!!" = "By 
these flames...Go back/Return to...TO NOTHINGNESS/OBLIVION!"

(Winpose 1): "Tende hanashi ni naran ze..." = "Words can't describe how 
pathetic you are..."

(Winpose 2): "Hokage sugata ni...mihoretaro?" = "Did you fall in love 
with the...blaze of fire?" 

(Defeated): "Koukai sun na yo!!!" = "DON'T YOU PITY ME!!!"


Terence "Terry" Bogard - Performs Power Geyser

Andrew "Andy" Bogard - Performs Zanei ken

"Joe" Higashi - Performs Ora Ora Bakuretsu Ken and moons his opponent; 
in 2001, Joe performs his Saikyo no Low kick and leaves

Mai Shiranui-Bogard - Either performs Sakura Fubuki or taunts, saying, 
"Hona, Ganbatte! (Okay, do a good job!)"

Blue Mary - Performs Straight Slicer and then a Mary's Spider

Li Xiangfei - Performs Dai Kokuchou and sticks her tongue at the 

Takuma Sakazaki - Comes in wearing his Mr. Karate mask and performs a 
Hao Shoukuu Ken

Ryo Sakazaki - Jumps and performs an aerial Kou oh ken

Robert Garcia - Dashes and performs a mini-Ryuoku Ranbu

Yuri Sakazaki - Performs either the Hien Rekkou or Yuri Double Chou 
Upper and then does her cheer Winpose

King - Performs her sliding kick and finishes with a modified Silent 

Eiji Kisaragi - Disappears and performs the Slicing Mist next to his 

Kasumi Todoh - Taunts the opponent by saying, "Honki de kudesai!" 
(Don't hold back on me!) and then performs 

Mr. Geese Howard - Performs his Vacuum Throw and grunts

William Kane - Performs his Dai Kaiten Geri and finishes with his 
Sen'en Satsu Kon while taunting as he leaves

Ryuji Yamazaki - Performs a modified Sadism on his opponent, saying, 
tari ne na..." = "You're not enough for me..."

Mr. Rugal Bernstein - Performs his Genocide Cutter and then laughs

Kyo Kusanagi - Performs Orochi Nagi

Benimaru Nikaido - Performs Electrigger (and says it while doing it 
too) and then leaves

Goro Daimon - Performs Tenchi Gaeshi and grunts

Saisyu Kusanagi - Either performs Yami Barai or Oni Yaki and grunts

Chizuru Kagura - Performs Boukatsu: Hatei no Reifu and finishes by 
saying "Mada owatenae wae yo!" = "This isn't over yet!"

Shingo Yabuki - Shingo shouts, "Totsugekiiiii!" = "CHAAAAAAARGE!!!" and 
then runs and grabs the opponents legs while shouting, "YACCHATTE 
KUDASAI!!!" = "GO GET 'EM!!! (A.C: As I understand, it's almost like 
saying, "Go kick their @$$!")

Chin Gentsai - Performs his Ryuurin Hourai

Athena Asamiya - Performs a modified Shining Crystal Bit healing attack 
(as it hits the opponent if they're too close to her) while saying, 
"Todoke koko ro ni...Ganbatte!" (Search your [deep] into heart...and 
good luck!) or "Gomen ne!" (I'm sorry!)

Sie (Shii) Kensou - Performs a Ryuu Sougeki and then eats a Nikku man 
while saying, "Umaide!"

Bao (Pao) - Performs his Psycho Ball Attack: MAX and then rolls off the 

Hinako Shijou - Performs her Tsukidashi attack

Kim Kaphwan - Dives in performing his Hishou Kyaku and then finishes 
with his Kuu Sajin

Jhun Hoon - Performs his Hiko Geshi and then taunts, saying, "Kimi no 
tokui waza de kinasai!" (Come at me with your best move!) and finishes 
with a Kuu Sajin; if the opponent is close to him before he performs 
the Kuu Sajin, Jhun will say, "Koko wa watashi ga." (I'm right here!)

Chang Koehan - Falls onto the screen from his Tekkyuu Dai Assatsu

Choi Bounge - Either taunts the opponent with VERY WEIRD dances or 
performs his Shippuu Tatsumaki Zan

Commander Heidern - Appears as a shadow, performs his Moon Slasher and 
jumps out

1st Lieutenant Ralf (Vincent) Jones - Flies onto the screen with is 
Kyuukouka Bakkudan Punch and then performs a mini-Galactic Phantom

2nd Lieutenant Clark (Paul) Steel - Jumps in with his CD attack and then 
grabs and throws the opponent towards your character, saying, "Hey! 

Sergeant Leona Heidern - Crouch-Dashes towards the opponent and plants 
a bomb on them (which explodes on contact) all-the-while saying, "HEART 
ATTACK...Makete owari!" (HEART ATTACK...you've lost and [now] it's 

Private Whip - Performs either her Whip Shot or her Boomerang Shot

Yashiro Nanakase - Flies in with is Sledgehammer and then performs his 
Missile Might Bash and then waves "Bye bye!" as he disappears

Shermie - Performs her Shermie Spiral and then blows a kiss as she 

Chris - Either performs his Shooting Dancer or Shooting Dancer Thrust 
and then disappears

Goenitz - Performs his Yonokaze while shouting, "Soko desu ka!" (RIGHT 
HERE!) and then disappears

Iori Yagami - Performs a modified Reverse Style No. #108: Yami Barai 
while shouting, "Raku ni wa shinen zo!" (You won't die that easily!)

Mature and Vice - Each (either one comes out randomly) Decide the 
opponents fate by Deciding them ^_^

K' (K-Dash) - Either performs his Blackout (which hits the opponent) or 
Crow's Bite

Maxima - Maxima flies in next to the opponent and picks them up by 
their neck, strangling them

K9999 (K Four-Nine) - Jumps with his A attack and then performs his 
"Warero!". He then SLOWLY walks off of the screen while looking behind 
him...DARING the opponent to try something!

Vanessa - Dashes in and performs her Machine Gun Puncher onto the 
opponent, saying, "Ikuwai yo...Hona! Hona! Hona! Mattai masho..." (Here 
I come...Okay! Okay! Okay! See you later...) or "Ara, zanen." (Oh, I 
didn't get em'.)

Ramon - Performs his El Diablo Amarillo attack 

Seth - Jumps in with a kick, says, "Iku ze, Ama-chan..." (Here I come, 
pretty boy...) and then performs a modified Sho-Yoh, taunting with, 
"Ii! Tsurani natta janei ka!" (Hey! You're not so pretty anymore!) But 
if Seth misses or the opponent blocks his attack, he states, "Yaru 
janei ka!" (You're pretty good!)

Lin - Performs his Hiten Kyaku and jumps out

Kula - Well, Kula doesn't come out, but Candy does and performs a 
sliding Arabesque; in 2001, however, Kula peforms the Arabesque.

Angel (Ang-hel) - Jumps in and performs her Beyond the Flames

Original Krizalid - Performs a modified End of Eden rush and then 

Advanced Krizalid - Performs a weak Typhon's Rage and leaves

Long - Rematerializes from bones and ashes and then performs a low, 
unblockable, palm thrust

Gorgon, the Black Lion - Jumps in with a large slash from his claw, 
roars, and jums back out.

Kyo Special - Performs his Style No. #108: Yami Barai and rams the 
opponent with his shoulder (K.o.F Evolution only)

(Dark) Kyo Special - Performs a modified Style No. 75

Athena Special - Flies onto the screen and creates a "Mystical Phoenix" 
around her, which hits the opponent if they're too close to her (K.o.F 
Evolution only)

(Dark) Athena Special - Either performs a modified Psycho Shoot or 
performs a small combo (has to be up-close to register) and finishes 
with her signature "V wink" pose and says, "Ganbatte!" (Good luck!)

(Dark) Goro Daimon - Performs his Tenchi Gaeshi, tauntes and leaves 
(K.o.F Evolution only)

(Dark) William Kane - Performs his Ippon Zuri Nage and leaves (K.o.F 
Evolution only)

(Dark) Chizuru Kagura - Performs a mini-San Rai No Fu Jin and taunts, 
saying "Mada owate nai wa yo!" (This isn't over yet!)

(Dark) Ryuji Yamazaki - Jumps next to the opponent and performs his 
Sarashi Kubi by picking them up by their neck and then strangling them

Alfred (From Real Bout Fatal Fury 3) - Dives in from an angle 
screaming, "MAYDAY! MAYDAY! Honki ka ya?" (MAYDAY! MAYDAY! [Hey,] were 
you serious?) (K.o.F Evolution only)

(Dark) Alfred - Performs his Wave Rider DM onto the opponent and 
finishes by giving the player a smile, a thumbs up, and asking, "Honki 
ka ya" (Was that all?)

Athena (Japan's rendition of the Greek goddess embodied within Athena 
Asamiya) - Performs a flaming sword attack

Another Benimaru (Benimaru after a night on the town) - Performs a 
modified Raijin-ken

Another K' (K Dash) (looks like him before the cloning stuff started) - 
Performs a sliding attack

Duke Edwards (SNK's version of Cody from Final Fight, but Duke's from 
Burning Fight!) - Duke performs his patented Submarine Screw and jumps 

Cosplayer Kyoko (A young woman who's such a fan of Kyo's that she 
decided to dress-up like him and imitate his moves!) - Kyoko flies in 
with a R.E.D. Kick and finishes with the modified Style No. 75 and 
Kyo's signature pose: "He he, moetaro!" (He he, you got burned!)

Baijang (A GIANT Panda) - Performs a rolling attack

Lieutenant Fio (From the Metal Slug Series) - Fio glides onto the 
screen with a hang-glider and suddenly falls off and lands on her face.  
She gets up and either hits the opponent with a palm strike (if they're 
close) or salutes and asks, "Daijobu de?" (Are you okay?)

(Dark) Lieutenant Fiolona - Fio slowly drags out a HUGE pipe in an 
attempt to whack the opponent and then slowly drag it back off screen! 
(K.o.F Evolution only)

Rocky (From Robo Army) - His chest opens and he shoots out a big ball 
of plasma energy towards the opponent

Sie (Shii) Kensou, the (forgotten) Psycho Soldier (He was the second 
player's character in the game) - Performs his Ryuu Sougeki.

(Awakened) Kaede (From the Last Blade Series) - Appears with his 
Soukukaze and then performs his Kuzuryuu attack

Lilly Kane (Billy Kane's sister; who seems too young to be Joe 
Higashi's girlfriend) - Lilly walks onto the screen and cheers for the 

Duck King (From Fatal Fury 2) - Performs a dancing quack attack!

Kaoru Watabi (Athena's biggest fan) - Kaoru, stating, "Kaoru, ikimasu!" 
(Kaoru's coming!) performs a dashing attack and then cheers for the 
player by saying, "Mina-san, ganbatte!" (Good luck everyone!)

Nakoruru (From Samurai Showdown) - Heals her caller, saying, "Onegai!" 
(Please [Oh Earth]!)

Another Robert (Robert 10 years ago when he was training at the 
Kyokugen-ryuu dojo) - Taunting like Dan (from Street Fighter fame), he 
performs his Ryuuga!

King Lion (The Evil Boss from Kizuna Encounter) - Either rushes at the 
opponent and performs a series of punches or performs the "Lion's 

Foxy (Kula's other superior) - Performs a dashing attack, saying, 
"Kochio!" (I'm up here!)

Kang Baedal (The Original Jhun Hoon) - Performs two tornado attacks

Kim Jae Hoon (From Mark of the Wolves) - Performs a Ryuusei Raku and 

Kim Dong Hwan (From Mark of the Wolves) - Comes onto the screen 
trampling his opponent, and then either performs a Shiden Kyaku or "The 
Ponpe Dance" in an attempt to taunt you

Kim Sue-Il (From Kizuna Encounter) - Performs a rushing attack and then 
goes into his Hisen Zan

Gai Tendou (From Buriki-One) - Either performs a dashing elbow attack 
followed by a rising uppercut or he enters wearing a long hood that he 
discards and performs two kicks and a taunt

Syo Kirishima (The Original Kyo Kusanagi) - Either dives in and 
performs a small combo, shouting, "Ore no kobushi ga MAKANI MOERO!" =  
"My fist IS ON FIRE!" or appears riding a motorcycle and rams it into 
the opponent, shouting, "Temae...ore no bike ni nani shiagande!" =  
"You...WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED TO MY BIKE!". If he miss his initial 
attack, he taunts the opponent, saying, "Katchi kite shobu shiagare!" =  

Cool Choi (Self-explanatory) - Performs his Shissou Hishou Zan and 

Smart Chang (Self-explanatory) - Performs his Tekkyuu Dai Kaiten and 

Neo & Geo - These two walk onto the screen and count (in Japanese) from 
3 to 1 and then explode!

G-Mantle (From the Card Fighters Clash Series) - Laughs and throws a 
rose at the opponent!

Unknown (Ryuhaku Todoh, Kasumi's Father from the Original Art of 
Fighting Series) - Performs his Kasane-Ate!

Another Iori Yagami (An alternate Iori Yagami) - Jumps in with a kick, 
performs his Tsumagushi and finishes by saying, "Tsumaran!" ([You're] 
Not funny!)

                          "Special Introductions"

(Note: I know you've been waiting for this!) ^_^

1. Terence "Terry" Bogard vs. Andrew "Andy" Bogard 

(In 1998)

Terry and Andy bring their hands together and bow as a show of respect 
and get ready to battle.

(In 1999 and 2000)

Terry bends over and puts his hands on his knees (similar to what a 
baseball player waiting on a base looks like) and grabs his hat, 
saying, "Get ready!" While Andy cracks his knuckles and stretches his 
hands with a determined smile. 

2. Terence "Terry" Bogard vs. "Joe" Higashi 

(In 1999)

Terry bends over and puts his hands on his knees (similar to what a 
baseball player waiting on a base looks like) and grabs his hat, 
saying, "Get ready!" While Joe cups his chin and looks at Terry with a 

(In 2000 and 2001)

Joe cups his chin and looks at Terry with a smile while Terry gets 
ready to battle.

3. Terence "Terry" Bogard vs. Blue Mary

(In 1998)

Terry, with his cap on backwards, gives Mary a thumb's up and smiles as 
he gets ready to fight.  Mary, blushing, calls over to Terry, saying, 
"Come on, handsome boy..."

(In 1999)

Terry removes his hat and bows at Mary as she calls over to him, 
saying, "LET'S FIGHT, TERRY!"

(In 2000 and 2001)

Terry bends over and puts his hands on his knees (similar to what a 
baseball player waiting on a base looks like) and grabs his hat, 
saying, "Get ready!" While Mary stretches and gets ready to fight, 
saying, "LET'S FIGHT, TERRY!"

4. Terence "Terry" Bogard, Andrew "Andy" Bogard, "Joe" Higashi and Mai 
Shiranui vs. Li Xiangfei

(In 1999)

Xiangfei waves her right/left arm in cirle while pointing at her 
adversary and shouts, "Makenai zo!" = "I WON'T LOSE [THIS TIME]!"

5. Terence "Terry" Bogard vs. Mr. Geese Howard 

(ONLY in 1996)

Terry, with his back to Geese, turns and shakes his fist at his hated 
adversary, shouting, "GEE~SE!"; Geese laughs and becons Terry to fight, 
saying, "C'MON!"

6. Andrew "Andy" Bogard vs. "Joe" Higashi 

(In 1999)

Andy cracks his knuckles and stretches his hands with a determined 
smile while Joe cups his chin with a smile and looks at Andy.

(In 2000 and 2001)

Joe cups his chin with a smile and looks at Andy while Andy beckons Joe 
to come and fight him.

7. Andrew "Andy" Bogard vs. Mai Shiranui-Bogard

(In 1997)

Mai appears in a wedding dress and says, "Nengu no osame doki yo, 
Andy!" = "It's time you gave up and married me, Andy!", while Andy 
stares nervously; Mai then throws away the bouquet and changes into her 
fighting garb ready for battle.

(In 1998)

Both Andy and Mai bow at each other with smiles on their face and get 

(In 1999)

Mai holds a baby in her arms and smiles as it reaches out for Andy, 
shouting, "Papa! Papa!".  Andy, shocked out of his mind, struggles to 
accept the truth while Mai reveals that the baby was only an illusion 
created by her fans.  Andy then blushes as Mai laughs at him and they 

(In 2000)

Andy scrathes his head as Mai calls to him; Andy looks away, ignoring 
her ash she turns around and sighs in disappointment.  The two then get 
ready to fight.

(In 2001)

Andy, shocked out of his mind as a toddler starts walking towards him 
from Mai's side of the screen, struggles to understand where it came 
from; the baby disappears and Mai reveals that the baby was only an 
illusion created by her fans.  Andy then blushes as Mai taunts him, 
saying, "Hona, Ganbatte!" = "Hey, do a good job!" and they begin.

8. "Joe" Higashi vs. King 

(In 1998)

Joe turns around and puts on his "World Kickboxing Championship" belt 
that he won during the tournament and mocks King by laughing at her.  
King then sighs and shakes her head in disbelief while saying, "Ha, ata 
no itai ne..." = "Oh, what a headache..."

9. Blue Mary (Ryan) vs. Terence "Terry" Bogard, Andrew "Andy" Bogard, 
or "Joe" Higashi

If Mary wins, she crosses her arms and smiles devilishly, saying, "I 

10. Takuma Sakazaki vs. Ryo Sakazaki, Robert Garcia and Yuri Sakazaki

(In 1998)

Takuma, wearing his Mr. Karate mask, stands and laughs at his students; 
each time having a different effect:

Ryo, perturbed, scratches his head.

Robert covers his face in shock and shakes his head in disbelief.

Yuri, obviously knowing who it is wearing the mask, shouts at her 
father, saying, "Oto-san, NO!" = "Dad, NO!"

Takuma then removes the mask and kicks it away, destroying it in the 

11. Takuma Sakazaki vs. Ryo Sakazaki, Robert Garcia, and Yuri Sakazaki

(In 1999-2001)

Ryo brings his arms towards his chest and poses with a serious look, 
shouting, "OSU!"

Yuri brings her arms towards her chest and poses with a smile, 
shouting, "Osu!"

Robert brings his arms towards his chest and also poses with a smile 
while Takuma brings his arms toward his chest and poses with a more 
stern look than Ryo.

(In 2001)

*If Takuma wins the fight, he will turn his back to the player and his 
defeated pupil and give a nasty smirk as his teeth gleam.

12. Takuma Sakazaki, Ryo Sakazaki, Robert Garcia and Yuri Sakazaki vs. 
Kasumi Todoh

(In 1999 and 2000)

Kasumi gets into a defensive stance and says, "Kyokugen-ryuu: Kaku go 
shite morai masu!" = "[Warriors of the Art of Kyokugen-ryuu]: Prepare 
to be defeated!"

13. Ryo Sakazaki vs. Robert Garcia

(In 1999)

Ryo performs a mini-Zenretsu ken and beckons Robert to fight him, 
saying, "Ora, Ora!" = "Bring it on!" while (at the same time) Robert 
performs a mini-Genei Kyaku and points his left/right fist at Ryo, 
saying, "Hona, ikimase!" = "Okay, let's do it!"

(In 2001)

If Ryo wins, he will perform a small kata and end in a defensive 
stance, shouting, "Osu!"

14. Ryo Sakazaki vs. King (1998)

Ryo, with his hands on his hips, smiles and fixes his gi while King 
blushes and pats her cheeks while trying not to look at him.

(In 1999 and 2000)

Ryo beckons King to get ready, shouting, "Ora Ora!" = "C'mon [King]!"
King, turned around and wearing a hat, turns and faces Ryo; she then 
throws away the hat and says, "Hisashiburi ni...(tanoshimi masou ne!)" 
= "[It's] Nice to meet you...(I haven't had this much fun before!)

(In 2001)

Ryo, puzzled, scratches his head while King bows in respect.

15. Robert Garcia vs. Ryo Sakazaki, Yuri Sakazaki, or Takuma Sakazaki

(In 2001)

If Robert wins, he performs a small crescent kick and then poses with a 

(In 2002)

If Robert wins, her performs a Genei Kyaku and then poses with a smile.

16. Robert Garcia vs. Sie (Shii) Kensou

(In 1997 and 1998)

Kensou taunts Robert, saying, "Donnai de ka?" = "[Hey,] What's up/How's 
it goin'?" while Robert replies, "Bochi, bochi, denna." = "[It's] Okay, 
I guess."  (A.C: This is showing that Robert and Sie speak a southern 
dialect of Japanese other than the more well-known regular-northern 

17. Yuri Sakazaki vs. Ryo Sakazaki, Robert Garcia, or Takuma Sakazaki

(In 2001)

If Yuri wins, she gets onto her knees and poses with a smile.

18. King vs. Ryo Sakazaki, Rober Garcia, Yuri Sakazaki, or Takuma 

(In 2001)

If King wins, she adjusts her bowtie, removes her blazer and then bends 
over and smiles at the player, saying, "Kona mono no kai?" = Is that 

19. King vs. Mai Shiranui-Bogard or Hinako Shijou

Facing away from her old teammate, King turns and strokes her hair 
back; she then beckons them forward, saying, "C'MON BABY!"

20. William "Billy" Kane vs. Iori Yagami

(In 1997)

Billy, with his back to the player, points his staff at Iori and 
shouts, "I WISH I COULD TEAR HIM APART!"; Billy then gets ready. 

(In 1998)

Billy (with a special cameo by Eiji Kisaragi) shakes "their" fists 
violently at Iori, shouting, "I WISH I COULD TEAR HIM APART!"  Billy 
then looks around puzzled as to what happened and gets ready to fight.

(In 2002)

Billy points to Iori saying, "Who's turn is it?" as Eiji appears behind 
him with his arms crossed.  Eiji's eyes gleam and he then disappears as 
Billy and Iori get ready to fight.

*If Billy wins, he performs a little dance and ends with his back to 
the player.

21. Ryuji Yamazaki vs. Yashiro/Yashiro O.T.E, Shermie/Shermie O.E.L, 
and Chris/Chris O.D.F

(1997, 1998, and 2002)

Yamazaki rears back and laughs psychotically at his opponent, hunching 
over with his tongue sticking out and giving a crooked smile while his 
left/right arm hangs idly.

22. Mr. Rugal/Luger Bernstein vs. Commander Heidern (Jeidern in the USA 
for '94 and '95)

(In 1998)

Commander Heidern poses and points at the sky, saying, "Shosen kisama 
wa nagare boshi; ochiru umi ni atano da!" = "Your Fate is like that of 
a shooting star; ALWAYS destined to fall!"
Rugal, with his arms crossed, laughs and sarcastically remarks, "Zako 
ga!" = "You're so pathetic!"

23. Mr. Rugal/Luger Bernstein/OMEGA Rugal vs. Chris/Chris O.D.F

(ONLY in 1998)

Rugal rears back and laughs; he then looks at Chris and states, "Kono 
hiwo mate ta zu!" = "I've been waiting for this day!"

24. Mr. Rugal/Luger Bernstein vs. Mature

(ONLY in 1998)

Mature blushes and winks at her former employer, beckoning him to come 
to her and saying, "Toriko ni stagemasu wa..." = "I [shall] captivate 

(In 2002)

Mature becons her lover, saying, "Subete wo nuki totte sashi agemasu 
wa..." = "I shall take everything out of you..."

25. Kyo Kusanagi vs. Iori Yagami

(In 1996)

Kyo, with his back to Iori, asks, "Doushitemo yaru no ka [Yagami]?" = 
"Are you sure you wanna' to do this [Yagami]?"
Iori, with his back to Kyo, replies, "Imasara inochi go ika 
[Kusanagi]?" = "Are you begging for your [worthless] life [Kusanagi]?"

The two then get ready to battle.

(In 1997)

Kyo, with is back to Iori, says, "Keri o tsukeyo ze, Yagami!" = "Let's 
finish this, Yagami!"
Iori, with his back to Kyo, replies: "Kisama no shio, motte na!" = 

The two then get ready to go all out!

(In 1998)

Kyo raises his left/right hand and lets a flame burn, saying, "Honoo 
ga...omae o yonderu ze!" = "The Flame...is calling!"

Iori then raises his right/left hand and lets his flame burn, saying,  
"Nara moetsukiro...isagi yoku na!" = "Then burn out...as it demands!"

(In 1999)

Iori stands and holds up his flaming left/right hand and states,  
"Kutobari zakonatta ka!" = "You're not dead [yet]!"

Kyo grabs his left/right wrist as his hand burns, remarking, "Temae no 
tsugou de ikichanae yo!" = "I don't live at your behest/command!"

(In 2000)

Kyo looks at Iori and remarks, "Daro na...iku ze!" = "I knew it...let's 
just get it on!"

Iori, tired of seeing Kyo's face every year, says, "Gotaku wa 
iranzo..." = You don't have to talk..."

(In 2001)

Kyo, standing next to Iori, asks, "Temae no honoo wa nani'iro da?" 
"[Tell me Yagami,] what's the color of your flame?"
Iori, with his back to the player and his hands in his pockets, looks 
at Kyo and answers, "Itai koto sore dake ka?! Nara ba..." "That's all 
you have to say to me?! Then...[SEE FOR YOURSELF!!!]

(In 2002)

If Kyo defeats Iori, he takes off his jacket and swings it over his 
right/left shoulder saying, "Manzoku Shitaka, Yagami?" = "Are you 
satisfied/Is this enough, Yagami?"

If Iori defeats Kyo, he poses and says, "Otonashiku shite ire ba rakuna 
mono wo!" = "It would have been easier if you had just stayed still!"

26. Kyo Kusanagi vs. Saishuu Kusanagi

(ONLY in 1998)

Kyo gets ready, shouting, "Iku ze!" = "Here I come!" while Saishu, with 
is arms crossed, remarks, "Omo yageru nae yo, Kyo...NUSHIKA!!!" = 
"Don't be so overconfident, Kyo"...YOU'RE NOT LISTENING TO ME!!!

27. Kyo Kusanagi vs. Chizuru Kagura

(In 1998)

Kyo gets ready, shouting, "Iku ze!" = "Here I come!" while Chizuru 
waves her right/left arm in a circular motion and poses, creating a 
small mirror.

28. Kyo Kusanagi vs. Shingo 

(In 1998)

Shingo stops Kyo for a moment and points at his new gloves, saying, 
"Hora! Kore! Kore! "Heh, heh, moetaro!" (Giggling) Gonante?" = "Hey! 
Listen! Listen! "Heh, Heh, you got burned!" (Giggling) Didn't I sound 
like you?"

Kyo, puzzled, scratches his head and remarks, "Nani yatten da ka..." = 
"What are you doing..."

(In 1999)

Shingo trys to hide his tears by covering his face, but the feelings 
become so overwhelming that he rears back and LITERALLY screams,  

(In 2000)

29. Kyo Kusanagi vs. Benimaru Nikaido

(In 1998)

Benimaru points at Kyo, saying, "Iku ze, Kyo!" = "I'm comin' for you, 
Kyo fixes his gloves and smiles, replying, "Yaro ka, Benimaru!" = 
"Let's do it, Benimaru!"

(In 1999)

Benimaru turns and points at Kyo, saying, "Kyo, yaru ka!" = "Kyo, let's 

Kyo merely removes his headband and burns it, sullenly remarking, "Iku 
ze..." = "Here I come..."

30. Benimaru Nikaido vs. Yuri Sakazaki, Mai Shiranui-Bogard, Chizuru 
Kagura, Leona Heidern, Blue Mary, Shermie, King, and Mature

(In 1998)

Benimaru charmingly poses and remarks, "Iku ze, kowaii ko chan!" = 
"Here I come, pretty one!"

31. Benimaru vs. any female

(In 2000-02)

If Benimaru wins, he puts his left hand on his head and shakes in 
disbelief, finally saying (with sorrowful eyes), "Gomen ne..." = "I'm 
[so] sorry..."

32. Goro Daimon vs. Kyo Kusanagi and Benimaru Nikaido

(In 1998)

Daimon-sama bows in respect for his comrade, poses, and gets ready to 

33. Saisyu Kusanagi vs. Mr. Rugal Bernstein 

Saisyu, with his back to the player and hands in pocket, asks, "Katteru 
tou omono ka...washini?!" = "You think you can defeat...ME?!"
Rugal, with arms crossed, answers, "Yeah!"

34. Saisyu Kusanagi vs. Vice

Vice stands and spits onto the ground, furiously stating, "Anta miteto, 
hara tatte kurun da yo!" = "Whenever I see your face, I get angrier and 

35. Chizuru Kagura vs. Yashiro/Yashiro O.T.E, Shermie/Shermie O.E.L, 
Chris/Chris O.D.F, and Ryuji Yamazaki

(In 1998)

Chizuru, wearing the garment of the Yata Clan Shinto Priestess, waves a 
special wand across herself, initiating the sacred 1800-year-old ritual 
of sealing the powers of Orochi.

36. Chizuru Kagura vs. Orochi

(In 1997)

Chizuru, wearing the garment of the Yata Clan Shinto Priestess, 
discards the outfit, focuses all of her energy and says, "Sa, owari ni 
shimasu?" = "Well, shall we finish this?"

37. Chizuru Kagura vs. Iori Yagami

(In 1998)

Iori, with his back to Chizuru, turns around and says, "Sugu rakuni 
shite yaru!" = "I'll end your suffering quickly!" while Chizuru waves 
her right/left arm in a circular motion and poses, creating a small 

38. Shingo Yabuku vs. Kyo Kusanagi

(In 2000 and 2001)

If Shingo wins:

Shingo poses, brings his left/right fist to his chest, and then turns 
his back to the player, saying, "Yo~shi! Yarimashita yo, Kusanagi-san! 
= ALL~RIGHT! I did it, Mr. Kusanagi!"! 

Shingo then repeats, "Kusanagi-san? Kusanagi-san?" just as he sees Kyo 
lying on the ground; Shingo is agape with shock!

39. Shingo Yabuki vs. Iori Yagami

(In 2000 and 2001)

Shingo points at Iori and states, "Kusanagi-san no mae ne, kono ichiban 
deshi no Shingo ga aittesu! KONO UNYOUNYO!!!" = "Before you face Mr. 
Kusanagi, I [Shingo Yabuki], his number one student, will face you! YOU 
[???]!!!" (A.C: Sorry, but I don't know what the hell "UNYOUNYO!" 
means; any help?)

40. Shingo Yabuki vs. Kasumi Todoh

(In 1999)

Shingo, with his back turned to Kasumi, nervously browses through his 
notebook, saying, "Fukushu, fukushu..." = "[I gotta'] Review, 
review..." Kasumi, annoyed, sternly remarks, "Techou nanka miruna!" = 
"Don't you look at that memo!" and Shingo, startled, puts it away and 
gets ready to fight. 

*(A.C: Despite what some may think, SHINGO DOES NOT HAVE FEELINGS FOR 
KASUMI! This is actually a parody from Art of Fighting 3!)

41. Heavy D! vs. Lucky Glauber and Brian Battler

(In 1998)

Heavy D! points at Lucky/Brian, smiles, and says, "Kattaze te morau 
ze!" = "I'm gonna win this one!"
Lucky smiles and gets ready.
Brian smiles and replys, "Sa, ikuze!" = "Okay, let's go!"

42. Chin Gentsai vs. Athena Asamiya

(In 1998)

Athena brings her palms together and bows in honor of her master, 
saying, "Yoroshiku onegai shimasu!" = "I'm pleased to meet you!"

43. Chin Gentsai vs. Sie (Shii) Kensou 


Kensou holds two meat buns and Chin holds two sake gourds; they then 
have a gourging contest, but get so full of food/drink that they near 
passing out/throwing up and quit so they can fight! 

(In 1999-2001)

Chin shakes his head in approval as Sie (Shii) eats his meat bun.

44. Chin Gentsai vs. Bao 

(In 1999-01)

Chin shakes his head in approval as Bao (Pao) bows with a smile and 
says, "Ganbarimasu [shishou]!" = "Good luck [master]!"

45. Athena Asamiya vs. Sie (Shii) Kensou

(In 1998)

Kensou lets his feeling for Athena show by opening his arms and 
blushing (at which a small heart flies away), saying "Mmm~ATHENA!!!"
Athena, mortified, looks at the player and then Kensou and remarks, 
"Mo, hazukashii na..." = "Oh, how embarrassing..."

(In 1999)

Kensou, with his head hung low, smiles and mumbles, "(Wai wa Athena no 
Knight yasakai!)" = "(I'll be Athena's Knight in Shining Armor!)"
Athena, getting ready, says, "Ganbarimasu! Eh' Nani?" = "Good luck 
[Kensou]! Eh' What [did you say]?"
Kensou then holds his head low in disappointment and gets ready.

(In 2000)

Kensou, frustrated, finally tells Athena (and the audience) how he 
feels, shouting, "[Athena] O, ORE WA OMAE NO KOTOGA...SUKINANYA~!!!" = 
"[Athena] I, I...LOVE YOU~!
Athena, puzzled, looks around hoping that no one saw what happened, 
mumbling, "Ah...um...um..."

*If Athena wins, she says, "A, Anone Kensou? kiiteiru?" = "H, Hey 
Kensou? Can you hear it?"


Kensou clenches his fist and looks to the sky, saying, "Athena, henji 
kiitahen!" = "Athena, I haven't heard an answer yet!"

(In 2001)

Kensou grits his teeth and grunts while Athena says, "Nani? 
Onaka...Iitai no?" = "What? Does...your stomach hurt?" (A.C: This time, 
Kensou's annoyed that Athena thought nothing of what he said last year; 
but actually she's toying with him by avoiding the subject!)

(2001 Un-used)

Kensou grits his teeth and shouts, "Yappa Athena wa SUKINANYA~!!!" = "I 

*If Kensou wins, he grits his teeth and grunts, saying, "Athena; Onna 
wa omae dake ya naiyade!" = "Athena; You're not the ONLY girl, you 

(In 2002)

Kensou, poses and calls Athena, who's turned away occupied by 
something; Athena turns around saying, "Kensou-san, Gomenasai." = "I'm 
sorry Kensou." Kensou, distrought, stutters about as Athena says, 
"Atashi Kensou-san, Niku-man, tabe chatta!" = "I've eaten your mea-

If Kensou defeats Athena, he covers his eyes as he starts crying. ;)

46. Athena Asamiya vs. Bao (Pao)

(In 1999)

Athena gives a cheerful smile and says, "Ganbatte ne!" = "Give it your 
all [okay]!"

47. Sie (Shii) Kensou vs. Bao (Pao)

(In 1999)

Kensou cracks his knuckles and stretches his neck (trying to impress 
Bao), but only ends up straining himself, saying, "Honmono chuugoku 
Kempo~[Ita]~ oshetaru wa!" = "I'll teach you~[ouch!]~[the ancient art 
of] Kempo! 

48. Bao (Pao) vs. King, Blue Mary, Kasumi Todoh, Li Xiangfei, Leona 
Heidern, Whip (Seirah), Vanessa, Hinako Shijou, Foxy, Kula and Angel 

(In 1999-2001)

Bao (Pao), embarrassed, scratches his head and says, "Iroiro oshiete 
kudasai ne..." = "Please, teach me many things..."

49. Kim Kaphwan vs. William (Billy) Kane, Ryuji Yamazaki, Mr. Rugal 
Bernstein, Yashiro Nanakase/Yashiro O.T.E, Shermie/Shermie O.E.L, 
Chris/Chris O.D.F, Iori Yagami, Mature, and Vice

(In 1997 and 1998)

Kim, with his back turned to the player and his head darkened and eyes 
gleaming, states, "Aku wa yurosan!" = "EVIL WILL NOT BE FORGIVEN!" and 
gets ready to back up what he just said by kicking their butts!

50. Kim Kaphwan vs. Iori Yagami, K9999 (K Four-Nine), Kula Diamond, 
Foxy, Angel, Original Zero, and Igniz

(In 2001)

Kim faces his opponent, and with his eyes gleaming, points at them, 
saying, "Iku zo..." = [You'd better hope there's a Hell big enough for 
you and your twisted ambitions...because] "I'm coming...[for you]"

51. Kim Kaphwan vs. William (Billy) Kane, Ryuji Yamazaki, Mr. Rugal 
Bernstein, Yashiro Nanakase/Yashiro O.T.E, Shermie/Shermie O.E.L, 
Chris/Chris O.D.F, Iori Yagami, Mature, and Vice

(In 2002)

Kim faces his opponent, and with his eyes gleaming, points at them, 
saying, "Aku wa yurusan!" = "EVIL WILL NOT BE FORGIVEN!" and gets ready 
to back up what he just said by kicking their butts!

51. Kim Kaphwan vs. Jhun Hoon

(In 1999 and 2000)

Jhun points his left/right leg at Kim and states, "Watashi ni katteru 
ka ne, Kim-kun?" = "Do you think you can best me, Kim?" Kim's eyes 
gleam as he cups his chin with a smile and gets ready to fight.

52. Kim Kapwhan vs. May-Li

(In 2001)

May Lee confidently says to herself, "Watashi no subete o butsukemasu!" 
= "I'm going to use everything I've got!" while Kim stretches his legs 
and gets ready, saying, "Iku zo!" = "Here I come!"

(In 2002)

May Lee confidently says to herself, "Watashi makimasen!" = "I won't 
lose!" while Kim stretches his legs and gets ready, saying, "Iku zo!" = 
"Here I come!"

53. Jhun Hoon vs. Choi Bounge

(In 1999 and 2000)

Jhun points his left/right left at Choi and states, "Kimi no watashi ni 
tsuite kureka ne, Choi-kun?" = "Do you wish to come with me, Choi?"

Choi mockingly replys, "Anta datsu wa...mo...iya de yansu!" = "I 
don't...uh...want to go with you!" and they begin.

54. May-Li vs. Foxy, K9999 (K Four-Nine), Angel (An-hel) OR (Ang-hel), 
Original Zero, and Igniz

(In 2001 and 2002)

May Lee points at her dastardly foe and states, "Detanda! N.E.S.T.S no 
kaizo ningen!" = "You've shown yourself! You cyborgs of N.E.S.T.S!"

If May Lee wins, she bends over and says, "Bakuhatsu te shinai yo ne?" 
= "You're not going to explode are you?"

55. May Lee vs. Kula Diamond

(In 2001 and 2002)

May Lee points at Kula and states, "Iitanda...N.E.S.T.S no kaizo 
ningen!" = "N.E.S.T.S cyborgs...you've shown yourselves!"; But Diana 
appears and points her rapier at May Lee, saying, "Itsumo dori nii..." 
= "Do what you just did...[okay Kula?]".

IF Kula wins, then Diana appears and joyfully picks her up and hugs her 
tightly, saying, "Yoshi! Kyou wa koko madde da!" = "All right! [Well,] 
That's enough for today!"

56. Kim Kaphwan vs. Chang Koehan (1998)

Kim shakes his head, knowing that Chang didn't learn his lesson...and 
proceeds to "re-educate" him.

57. Kim Kaphwan vs. Chang Koehan

(In 1999)

Chang points at Kim and shouts, "Danna, tekagen shinei zo!" = 
"Mr.[Kim], I'M GONNA' SHOW YOU EVERYTHING I'VE GOT!" while Kim shakes 
his head and proceeds to "re-educate" him.

58. Kim Kaphwan vs. Choi Bounge (1998)

Kim shakes his head, knowing that Choi didn't learn his lesson...and 
proceeds to "re-educate" him.

59. Chang Koehan vs. Choi Bounge 

(In 1998)

Chang and Choi both lift the tails of their shirts and flap them at 
each other while laughing.  (A.C: This is the most bizzare thing I've 
ever seen!)

(In 1999)

Chang looks at his friend Choi.  Sadly they both realize that they're 
never going to escape their cursed fate and sigh in despair before 
getting ready to fight.

(In 2000)

Choi bows and says, "Sasate itado ikimasu ka?" = "Can I slash you?" As 
Chang curtsies and replys, "Koman teru pu!" = "[Please] don't [hurt] 
me!" (A.C: If anything, they're making fun of Kim and Jhun)

(In 2001)

Chang holds Choi's claws and prepares to fight while Choi holds up 
Chang's ball.  The two then realize what they're doing and throw each 
other their respective weapons! ;)
60. Comm. Heidern vs. 1st Lieutenant Ralf (Vincent) Jones and 2nd 
Lieutenant Clark (Paul) Steel

(In 1998 and 2001)

Commander Heidern stands with his instructor's stick and throws it 
away; getting ready to battle.

(In 2001)

If Commander Heidern defeats any of his men, he points at the player 
and states, "Ninmu Zokkuso yo!" = "Continue with the mission!"

61. Commander Heidern vs. Sergeant Leona

(In 1998 and 2001)

Leona, fixing her modified Battle Dress Uniform, salutes her superior 
and states, "Leona Heidern kanarazu, ninmu shikou shimasu!" = "[I,] 
Leona Heidern, will successfully complete my mission/task [Sir]!"
Heidern then salutes and gets ready to fight.

*(In 2001, Leona will solute anyone on her team when they are defeated, 
including Private Whip)

62. Commander Heidern vs. Igniz

(In 2001 ONLY)

Commander Heidern, wearing his trench coat, states, "Arifureta 
akutouda." = "You're a simple/common foe/bad guy."; Heidern then 
removes his coat, takes out his beret (thus putting it on) and gets 
ready for the final battle. 

63. 1st Lieutenant Randolph (Vincent) Jones vs. 2nd Lieutenant Clark 
(Paul) Steel

(In 1996, 1997 and 1998)

Ralf poses and shouts, "Iku ze, Clark!" = "Here I go, Clark!" 
Clark removes his shades and poses, shouting, "O~!" 
Ralf AND Clark pose and shout, "CROSS CHANGER!!!"

(In 1999)

Ralf stomps on the ground and beckons Clark to fight, saying, "Shia! 
Kakatte ki na, Clark!" = "Shia! Show me what ya' got, Clark!" 
Clark, with his cap in his left/right hand, flips it onto his head and 
give Ralf a thumb's up, replying, "Okay Ralf!"

64. 1st Lieutenant Randolph (Vincent) Jones vs. Sergeant Leona Heidern 
and Private Whip (Seirah)


Ralf smirks and gives a two-fingered salute.

65. 1st Lieutenant Randolph (Vincent) Jones vs. 2nd Lieutenant Clark 
(Paul) Steel, Sergeant Leona Heidern and Private Whip (Seirah)

(In 2000-02)

Ralf stomps on the groud and beckons his comrade to fight, saying, 
"Shia! Kakuto gokkodemo hajimeru ka!" = "Shia! LET'S GET READY FOR A 

66. 2nd Lieutenant Clark (Paul Steel) vs. Sergeant Leona Heidern and 
Private Whip

(In 1999-01)

Clark takes of his cap, using it as a solute instead.

67. Sergeant Leona Heidern vs. Private Whip

(In 1999)

Whip rocks back and forth on her heels as she waits for Leona to 
finishing tieing her bootstraps; Leona finishes, not noticing that Whip 
was waiting on her and says, "Omatase?" = "Did I make you wait?". The 
two then prepare for battle.

*In 2001 and 2002, Leona will solute any of her former comrade-in-arms 
if they lose to her.

68. Sergeant Leona Heidern vs. Iori Yagami

(In 2001)

Leona stands with her right/left hand partially covering her face and 
exclaims to the opponent (while transforming into her Riot of the Blood 
persona), "Chikara wa seigyo dekiru kedo, sore ni tayoru tsumori 
wanae!" = "I can control my power, but I have no intention of using 

69. Private Whip (Seirah), K' (K-Dash) and Maxima vs. Kula Diamond

(In 2000)

Diana appears in front of Kula and points her rapier, saying, 
"Hisashiburi na, genki ni shite ta?" = "It's nice to see you [again], 
how are you doing?" and then disappears.

70. Private Whip (Seirah) vs. K'

(In 2002)

Whips says, "Ikoni shite nakya." = "You must be a good boy [from now 
on]."  While K' retorts, "Yuu ja ne ka." = "I don't know about that/I 
can't make any promises/that's a bit too much to ask." 

71. Private Whip (Seirah) vs. Krizalid

(In 1999)

Krizalid states, "Anata to tattakau no ninarutoha na..." = "I didn't 
expect to be fighting you..." While Whip removes her Desert Eagle and 
points it at him, saying, "Hontou no koto wa mada shiranai no ne." = 
"You still don't know the truth, [do you...]" She then puts it away and 
gets ready.

72. Yashiro Nanakase/Yashiro O.T.E vs. Shermie/Shermie O.E.L

(In 1998)

Shermie waves and giggles, saying, "H~i!"
Yashiro salutes with a smile and replys, "Tanoshimo ze..." = "Let's 
have some fun..."

(In 2002)

Yashiro, covering his face as his eyes gleam, mutters, "Patsun patsun 
da na..." = "[Man,] you're so hot/fine/beautiful..." ; Shermie replies, 
saying, "HI!"

If Shermie defeats Yashiro, she gleefully shouts, "Yashiro, kako ii!" = 
"[Oh,] Yashiro, you're so handsome!"

73. Shermie vs. Kyo Kusanagi, Iori Yagami, K' (K-Dash), and Kusanagi

Shermie says, "Hito ga miteruto, moeru wa ne..." = "I get myself going, 
when others are watching..."

74. Yashiro Nanakase/Yashiro O.T.E vs. Chris/Chris O.D.F

(In 1998 and 2002)

Chris gleefully holds up his left/right arm and shouts, "YASHIRO!"
Yashiro salutes with a smile and says, "Yo'!"

75. Yashiro Nanakase/Yashiro O.T.E vs. Iori Yagami

(In 1998)

Yashiro, turned around with his hands in his pockets, turns and faces 
Iori while clutching is right/left wrist and saying, "Yada na...tsuyo 
so...TEGA!" = "[Oh no] "he" looks strong...YEAH RIGHT!"

(In 2002)

Yashiro, turned around with his hands in his pockets, turns and faces 
Iori while clutching his right/left wrist and saying, "Itakushicha Ii 
ya yo...TEGA!" = "This is my first time, so be gentle...NOT!"

76. Shermie/Shermie O.E.L vs. Chris/Chris O.D.F

(In 1998)

Chris gleefully holds up his left/right arm and shouts, "SHERMIE!"
Shermie waves and giggles, saying, "Hi~!"

(In 2002)

If Shermie defeats Chris, she gleefully shouts, "Kuruchi, kawaii!" = 
"[Oh,] Chrissy baby, you're adorable!"

77. Mature vs. Vice

(In 2002 ONLY)

Mature beckons her protege, saying, "Sa, irashai..." = "Now, come to 
me..." as Vice replies, "Honto, omoshiroi janai ka!" = "Well now, this 
should be very interesting!"

78. K' (K-Dash) vs. Kyo Kusanagi 

(In 1999)

K' faces Kyo while his right/left hand burns; Kyo stands and looks at 
K' while his right/left hand burns and extinguishes the flame; K' looks 
at his hand and clenches his fist, putting out the flame, and then 
looks at Kyo.

79. K' (K-Dash) vs. Maxima

(In 2000)

K' stands and sardonically says to his friend, "Honki ka ya?" = 
"[Maxima, man;] Are you SURE [you wanna' do this]?" while Maixma pounds 
his fist into his palm and grunts.

(In 2001)

K' stands and sardonically says to his friend, "Maji ka temae?" = "Are 
you serious?" while Maxima pounds his fist into his palm and grunts.

(In 2002)

K', with his right/left hand on his hip, smirks at Maxima and says, 
"Tekagen nashi da ze..." = "I'm not gonna hold back..." as Maxima 
pounds his fist into his palm and grunts.

80. K' (K-Dash) vs. K9999 (K Four-Nine)

(In 2001)

K9999 points at K' while he transforms into his "alternate" form, 
saying, "Gakari sassen da!" = "You'd better not disappoint me!"
K' sardonically stands and shouts, "Nameten ja ne zo, temae!" = "DON'T 

(2001 Un-used Special Introduction)

K9999 points at K' as he poses in his "Temae mo Icchimai!" stance, 
shouting, "Temae no tsura miteruto makatsukun da yo! = "Looking at your 
face pisses me off!"
K' sardonically stands and shouts, "Chanto narae yo!" = "YOU'D BETTER 

*If K' wins, he turns his back to the player, spits on the ground, and 
looks at K9999, saying, "Anta...yabai ze?" = "You...you're dangerous, 
aren't you?" 

(In 2002)

K' sardonically stands and shouts, "Kii kii hime wo agasasette yaru 
K9999 transforms into his alternate self and shouts, "MITERO!" = "JUST 

If K' wins, he turns away from the player and spits on the ground, 
remarking, "Otokono hisuteri wa teni oenai ze!" = "I can't do much 
about screaming boys!"

81. K' (K Dash) vs. Kula Diamond

(In 2000-01)

Diana appears in front of Kula and points her rapier at K', saying, 
"Itsumo dore ni (suru ba ii no yo!)" = "Do as you just did." Kula then 
remarks, "Anh!" = "Okay!"

If K' wins, he takes out his shades, puts them on, and smiles, saying, 
"Kimi ga warui ze...omae." = "You look...freaky."

(In 2002)

Diana appears in front of Kula and points her rapier at K', saying, 
"Boku-chan de wa, ano koni wa kattenai yo!" = "Little boy, you won't be 
able to beat her!" while  K' smirks and remarks, "Tsubusozu kora!" = 
"I'll CRUSH you!"

If K' wins, he takes out his shades, puts them on, and smiles, saying, 
"Boku-chan te dare nanda yo!" = "So WHO'S the little boy [NOW]!?"

82. K' (K Dash) vs. Original Krizalid

(In 1999)

K', with his right/left hand on his hip, smirks at Krizalid, saying, 
"Kattazu kette yaru ze!" = "I'm gonna' take [your stupid ***] down!" 
Krizalid then replys, "Yatimero, clone fuzei ga..." = "Come and try, 
you worthless clone..."

83. K' (K-Dash) vs. Clone Zero

(In 2000)

Clone Zero smirks and remarks, "Urageri mono ka..." = "You little 
sneek...", while he cracks his knuckles and gets ready to defeat his 

84. K' (K Dash), Kula Diamond, and K9999 (K Four-Nine) vs. Original 

(In 2001)

Original Zero, kneeling next to his pet, Gorgon, arises and says, 
"Welcome to [your] DEATH! I am your Executioner..."; Gorgon roars and 
then jumps off the screen as the two warriors begin. 

If Zero defeats K', Kula Diamond, and K9999:

Original Zero turns his back as Advanced Krizalid jumps in next to him 
and remarks, "Shinpo no nai mono tachi da!" = "You haven't 
developed/evolved at all!"

85. Maxima vs. Krizalid (as Mid-Boss)

(In 1999)

Maxima trys to scan Krizalid, but remarks, "Sasugo ni yomene na..." = 
"I can't read you..."

86. Maxima vs. K' (K-Dash) 

(In 2000)

Maxima trys to scan his friend, but states, "Sasugo ni yomeni na..." = 
"[Damn,] I can't read you..."

(In 2001)

Maxima pushes his right/left fist into his left/right palm and gives a 
long grunt.

87. K9999 (K Four-Nine) vs. Kula Diamond

(In 2001)

Diana appears and says to K9999, "Sonnanja ue no kawari kabatte morau 
no ka?" = "Won't you protect (Kula) for me as a replacement for "the 
one above"? (i.e. either Foxy or Igniz; as much as I can figure)
K9999, appalled, shouts, "URUSEI! ORE NI NEIREI SURU NA!!!" = "SHUT UP 

88. Vanessa vs. Blue Mary, King, Athena Asamiya, Kasumi Todoh, Mai 
Shiranui-Bogard, Hinako Shijou, Li Xiangfei, Mei-Li, Sergeant Leona 
Heidern, Kula Diamond, and Private Whip

Vanessa poses and mutters to herself, "Wakai wa ne!" = "[Oh my,] You're 
[so] young!" and then gets ready.

89. Vanessa vs. Seth

(In 2000-02)

If Seth wins, he gives a deep sigh, and then looks at Vanessa and says, 
"Kono shigoto muetani janai no!" = "You're not cut out for this line of 


If Vanessa wins, she sighs and gives a sly smile, remarking, 
"Shirafunara makenai te ta desu yo!" = "I can beat you whenever I'm not 

(In 2002)

Vanessa poses, putting her hands behind her head and smiling, saying, 
"Shirafunara makenai te ta desu yo!" = "I can beat you whenever I'm not 

90. Seth vs. Original Zero

Seth points at O. Zero and then shouts, "Ii ze ute koi!" = "Now, LET'S 
START!" before getting ready to battle.

91. Ramon vs. K' (K Dash)

(In 2000)

If Ramon wins, he poses and raises his left/right arm above his head 
and smiles, saying, "Wasa dori da ze...anta..." = "Well the rumors were 
true...about you..."

92. Ramon vs. Vanessa

(In 2001)

Ramon, trying to cover his face, displays his feelings for Vanessa and 
says, "Vanessa, yappari kirei da!" = "Vanessa, YOU'RE SO BEAUTIFUL!"
Vanessa, embarrassed, covers her face and shakes her head in disbelief.

If Ramon wins, he gallantly gets onto his knees and says, "Otei yo, 
Miss Vanessa?" = "Miss Vanessa, will you give me your hand?" (A.C: 
That's what it translates out to, but what Ramon REALLY means is "Miss 
Vanessa, will you MARRY me?")

(In 2002)

Ramon, trying to cover his faces, displays his feelings for Vanessa and 
says, "Oh, Vanessa! Nouraku no soko made, ouryuu nanda!" as Vanessa 
points and shoots an imaginary bullet at him, causing him to fall down

93. Ramon vs. Clone Zero

(In 2000)

Ramon jumps up and down, getting loose, but nervously states, "Karu ku 
ikimasu ka! Karu ku na?" = "I'll go easy on you! [*gulp!*] Easy, okay?"

94. Lin vs. Benimaru

(In 2000)

*If Lin defeats Benimaru, he turns his back to the player as he crosses 
his arms and poison drips from his fingers, saying, "Jishiki kashou 
ga..." = "You're too frail/sensitive..."

95. Lin vs. Kula, Foxy, Angel (Ang-hel), K9999 (K Four-Nine), and 
Original Zero

If Lin wins, he says, "Tekozu te iiru yo da na!" = "Looks like you're 
having a hard time!", as Rai (a fellow Clanswoman) appears and remarks, 
"Mataku da!" = "Certainly!", as she is followed by Chitto (who giggles) 
and Sai. 
(A.C: This makes no sense to me! I might have the translation wrong, 
but I'm pretty sure this is correct.  Any help?)

96. Lin vs. Original Zero

(In 2001)

Lin says "Long, Kisama no jyaki wo kanjiru...detemae!" - "Long, I can 
feel your evil presence...[NOW] SHOW YOURSELF!"
Lin then strikes at Original Zero, but Long appears and blocks the 
attack, saying, "Koko madde kureta na...bozu..." - "You have come this 

(If Lin is defeated)

Long appears and shouts, "Damare...yowaki mono tachi yo!!!" = "[ENOUGH 
FROM YOU]...you weaklings!!!"

97. Kula Diamond vs. K' (K-Dash), Maxima and Private Whip (Seirah)

(In 2000)

If Kula wins:

Diana appears and Kula says, "Nani?" = "What?" 
Diana replies, "Mada owate nae, kiwo nukuna!" = "This isn't over yet 
[Kula], so stay focused!"
Kula then remarks, "Wagata!" = "[Okay,] I understand!"

(In 2001)

Diana and Foxy appear next to Kula and raise their rapiers together, 
shouting, "Yabo no tame ni!!!" = "FOR [OUR] DESIRES!!!"

98. Kula Diamond vs. Clone Zero

(In 2000)

Kula and Diana appear and Zero states, "Kutari de kuru ka? 
Omoshiroi..." = "You [dare to] face me two against one? [Very] 

99. Kula Diamond vs. Foxy

(In 2001)

Diana appears and leans on Foxy's shoulder, saying, "Uchia ze dori ne?" 
= "Remember what we discussed during the meeting." as Foxy answers, 
"Wakata." = "I understand." Diana then takes the lollipop out of Kula's 
mouth and disappears while Kula says, "Ora! Hajimeru ka!" = "Come on! 
Let's get started!"

If Foxy wins, she says, "Daijobu?" = "Are you okay?"


If Kula wins she shouts, "Katta!" = "I did it!" as Diana appears and 
states, "Genki yaru ne!" = "[You're] pretty good!"

100. Kula Diamon vs. K9999 (K Four-Nine), Angel, Original Zero and 

Diana and Foxy appear and raise their rapiers together, saying, "Yabo 
no tame ni!!!" = "FOR [OUR] DESIRES!!!"

101. Foxy vs. Igniz

(In 2001 ONLY)

*If Foxy wins, she changes into casual attire, followed by Diana and 
Kula.  She then says, "Shoshiki no kihon wa hito nano yo; Ue ga baka 
dato shitaga kurou suru." = "The basics of an organization are its 
people; If the [superiors] are inferior then the workers must work 
harder because of them."

102. Angel (An-hel) OR (Ang-hel) vs. Kula Diamond, Foxy, K9999 (K Four-
Nine), Original Zero, or Igniz

Angel makes a silly face and sticks her tongue out, saying, "Acchi ike! 
Acchi ike!" = "GO AWAY! GO AWAY!" 

(in 2002)

*If Angel faces Kula, she zips up her sleeve zippers while muttering, 
"Oshaburi shiteru yo, puku!" = "[Look!] She's sucking on a lolypop, 
[sound made when lolypop is removed from one's mouth]"

*If Angel faces K9999, she zips up her sleeze zippers while muttering, 
"K9999 wa kodomo da nya..." = "You're still just a kid K9999..."

103. Igniz vs. Private Whip (Seirah), K' (K Dash), Kula Diamond, and 
K9999 (K Four-Nine)

(In 2001 ONLY)

Igniz announces, "Erebareshi shikumei no otoshigo...Ima koko ni chikara 
wo shimeshu!" = "[I'll-begotten child], you who have been chosen and 
favored by Destiny...[Come] and show me your power!" and gets ready to 

If Igniz wins, he turns around as his female consort, Misty, appears; 
Igniz holds her tenderly and caresses her face with his hands as he 
looks passionately into her eyes, saying, "Hitto wa nanika wo nasu tame 
ni sei wo uke...Nashi oeta toki, shinde yuku..." = "People are given 
life to do something...and once it is performed, they die away..."

104. Kusanagi vs. Kyo Kusanagi, Iori Yagami and K' (K-Dash)

(In 2002 ONLY)

Kusanagi shakes as he furiously taunts, "Touga no gotoko moetsukiro!!!" 

105. Kusanagi vs. Private Whip (Seirah), Chang, and Choi

(In 2002 ONLY)

Kusanagi shakes as he furiously taunts, "Temae!  Sude de shobu 
shiagare!!!" = "YOU! FIGHT ME WITH YOUR BARE HANDS!!!"

106. Kusanagi vs. K9999 (K Four-Nine)

(In 2002 ONLY)

K9999 shouts, "KUSANAGI!" as he transforms for battle; Kusanagi shakes 
as he furiously remarks, "San" wo tsukero yo, kono dekosuke yaro ga!!!" 

                           "Fighting Techniques"

Here's where the "legendary" warriors really shine.  Here are the names 
of all the special techniques for each fighter, along with a semi-
accurate translation (thanks to Kao Megura) and some translational 
commentary by me!  Enjoy!


Terence "Terry" Bogard


Clutch Throw

Buster Throw

(Additional Attacks)

Back Fist

Hammer Fist

Rising Uppercut

(Special Techniques)

Power Wave (A.C: Call it what you want; "Power Wave" "Energy Wave" 
"Force Wave" whatever)

Round Wave

Rising Tackle

Burning Knuckle

Power Charge = "Force Rush"

Power Dunk

Crack Shoot (A.C: I could argue this 'till the day I die: IT SHOULD BE 

Power Drive = "Force Drive"

Power Shoot (A.C: Same with "Crack Shoot")

(Final Moment Strike)

Power Geyser!


Rising Force!


Andrew "Andy" Bogard


"Gourin Kai" = "Strong Fall Variation"

"Kakaekomi Nage" = "Enfolding Throw"

(Additional Attacks)

"Age Men" = "Face Blow"

"Uwa Agito" = "[Region] of the Upper Jaw"

"Shimo Agito" = "[Region] of the Lower Jaw"

(Special Techniques)

"(Geki) Hishou-ken" = "(Unseen) [Blurring] Fist [Strike]"

"Zan'ei-ken ~ Gadankou" = "Slashing Ghost Fist ~ Rapturous Bullet"

"Shou-ryuu Dan" = "Soaring Dragon Shot"

"Gekiheki Haisui Shou" = "Wall-Shattering Palm [Thrust]"

"Kuu Ha Dan" = "Rising Air Shot"

"Yami Abise Geri" = "Dark Rain Kick"

"Gen'ei Shiranui ~ "Shimo Agito" ~ Uwa Agito" = Altered Style of [the 
Shiranui]: "Shining Ghost ~ "[Region] of the Lower Jaw" ~ "[Region] of 
the Upper Jaw"

(Final Moment Strike)

"Chou Reppa Dan" = Altered Style of [the Shiranui]: "Supreme Impact 

"Hishou Ryuusei-ken" = Way of [the Shiranui]: "[Blurred] Meteor Fist 

"Zane'ei Reppa" = Way of [the Shiranui]: "Spirit Breaker"

"Zane'ei Shitou Reppa Dan" ~ "Hiryuu Bakuha Dan" = Way of [the 
Shiranui]: "Spirit Shattering [Strike] ~ Soaring Dragon [Strike]"  


"Joe" Higashi


"Hiza Jigoku" = "Tormenting Knee [Strike]"

(Muay Thai Variation) Leg Throw

(Additional Attacks)

(Muay Thai) Low Kick

(Muay Thai) Sliding [Attack]

(Special Techniques)

Hurricane Upper[cut]

(Muay Thai) Slash Kick 

(Muay Thai) "Ougon no Kakato" = "(Muay Thai) Golden Heel [Slashing 

Tiger['s Fury] Kick

"Bakuretsu-ken ~ Finish" = "Exploding Fist ~ Finish"

(Final Moment Strike)

"Screw Upper[cut]" = "TORNADO!"

"Bakuretsu Hurricane Tiger Kakato" = "[Wrath] of the Storm Tiger"

"Shijou Saikyo no Low Kick" = "[The World's First-ever] Strongest Low 
Kick in Recorded History!"

[Kick] of the Golden Tiger

Double Cyclone


Mai Shiranui-Bogard

"Shiranui Gourin" = "Flameless Fall"

"Fuusha Kuzushi" = "Destruction from the [house of] Gales"

"Yume Zakura" = "The Enchanting Cherry"

(Additional Attacks)

"Sankaku Tobi" = "Triangular Leap"

"Dairin Fuusha Otoshi" = "Squall Drop"

"Benitsuru no Mai" = "Dance of the Flamingo"

"Koku'en no Mai" = "Dance of the Black Swallow"

"Ukihane" = "Perched Quill"

"Yusura Ume" = "The Uncultivated Cherry Blossom"

(Special Techniques)

"Kachou Sen" = "Breeze of the Blossoming Butterfly's [Fluttering]"

"Ryuu Enbu" = "Waltz of the Fire Dragon"

"Sachio Dori" = "[Bird] of Sunset"

"Toki Tsubute" = "[Cherry-tinted] Bird [of Destruction]"

"Hishou Ryuu'en Jin" = "Form of the Flaming Sky Dragon"

"Hakuro no Mai" = "Dance of the Snow Heron"

"Hissatsu Shinobi Bachi" = "Leathal Swarm of the [Unseen Assassins]"

"Musasabi no Mai" = "Dance of the Great Flying Squirrel"

(Final Moment Strike)

"Chou Hissatsu Shinobi Bachi" = Way of the [the Shiranui] = "[The 
Unseen Bee Assassins]"

"Mizudori no Mai" = Way of [the Shiranui] = "Dance of the Waterfowl" 

"Hou'ou no Mai" = Way of [the Shiranui] = "Dance of the [Deathless 
Crimson Bird]"

"Shiranui-ryuu Kyuubi no Kitsune" = Way of [the Shiranui]: "[The 
Beauty] with Nine Tails"


Blue Mary


Victory "Nage" = "Throw of Triumph"

Head Throw

(Additional Attacks)

Hammer Arch

Climbing Arrow

Double Rolling

(Special Attacks)

Mary's Spider

Mary's Reverse Facelock 

Mary's Head Buster

Mary's Spin Fall

Mary's Crab Clutch

Mary's Vertical Arrow ~ Clutch

Mary's Straight Slice

Mary's Rolling Backdrop

(Final Moment Strike)

Mary's Dynamite Swing

Mary's Splash Rose

Mary's Typhoon


Li Xiangfei


"Kadoma" = "Boisterous Shining [Sword]" (A.C: Mr. Megura called the 
"Sword" a "Falx." A Falx is long, thin, curved sword")

"Ryukuchi Kou'en" = "[Backwards Strike] of 1,000-Strong"

(Additional Attacks)

"Sou Shouda" = "Striking Palm"

Kyuuho: "Kousentai" = Arching Stride: "Back-spinning Thigh"

Fukuho: "Kousentai" = Crouching Stride: "Back-spinning Thigh"

(Special Techniques)

"Nanpa" = "The Rippling Dream"

"Senri Chuu'ou ~ "Kankuu" ~ "Shinsaiha" = "Shining Arm of the Emperor" 
~ "[Form of the] Piercing Sky" ~ "Hold of Misfortune"

"Bankaku Kou'en" = "[Backwards Strike] of 10,000 Nights"

"Ekisupo" = "Scorched Confidence" (A.C: Don't ask...)

Esaka: "Atemi Kougeki" = Good Times/High Spirits: "Self-hitting Attack"

"Tenpou Zan" = "[Slash that cleaves the Heavenly Mountain]"

(Final Moment Strike)

"Dai Tetsujin" = "Great Iron [Warrior]"

"Chou Pai-Long" = "Great Pallid Dragon"

"Majinga" = "[Quivering Heart Fang]"


Takuma Sakazaki


"Ippon Seoi" = "One Arm Over-the-Shoulder [Throw]"

"Oosotogari" = "Great Surface Gathering"

(Additional Attacks)

"Oni Guruma" = "[Encircling] Demon"

"Kawara Wari" = "Dividing Surface"

"Keima Uchi: Oiuchi" = "Strike of the Armored Warrior: Chasing Strike"

"Hisha Otoshi: Dan Tsubushi" = "Nest Drop: [Bullet] Destroyer"

(Special Techniques)

"Ko'ou Ken" = "Strike of the Shining Tiger"

"Mouko ~ Burai Gan" = "[Mark of the] Feral Tiger ~ Stone of Deceit"

"Sanchin no Kata" = "Form of Three Battles"

"Shouran Kyaku" = "Kick of Rebellion"

"Zenretsu-ken" = "Swift [and Sure-Killing] Strike"

"Hien Shippu Kyaku" = "Soaring Squall Kick"

(Final Moment Strike)

"Hao Shikou Ken" = "Strike of [THE Ultimate]"

Kyokugen-ryuu Ougi: "Ryuuko Ranbu" = Secret Technique of the [utmost] 
Limit: "[The Tiger and Dragon's Dance of Destruction]"

"Shin Kishin Geki" = "Wrath of the Dark God"

"Kou-satsu Jin" = "Way of the Slaying Tiger"


Ryo Sakazaki


"Tani Otoshi" = "Gorge Drop"

"Tomoe Nage" = "Overhead [Judo] Throw"

(Additional Attacks)

"Hyouchuu Wari" = "Dividing Ice Pillar"

"Joudan Uke" = "The Greater Task"

"Gedan Uke" = "The Lesser Task"

(Special Techniques)

"Ko'ou Ken" = "Strike of the Shining Tiger"

"Mouko ~ Raijin Setsu" = "[Mark of the] Feral Tiger ~ [Assault] of the 
Thunder god"

"Mouko ~ Raijin Gou" = [Mark of the] Feral Tiger ~ Might of the Thunder 

"Kohou" = "Tiger Cannon"

"Kohou Shippu Ken" = "[Blast of the Storm Tiger Cannon]"

"Hien Shippu Kyaku" = "Soaring Squall Kick"

"Zanretsu-ken" = "Swift [and Sure-Killing] Strike"

Kyokugen-ryuu: "Renbu Ken" = Way of the [utmost] Limit: "Furious Punch 

(Final Moment Strike)

Kyokugen-ryuu: "Hao Shoukou Ken" = Way of the [utmost] Limit: "Strike 
of [THE Supreme]"

Kyokugen-ryuu Ougi: "Ryuuko Ranbu" = Secret Technique of the [utmost] 
Limit: "[The Tiger and Dragon's Dance of Destruction]"

Kyokugen-ryuu: "Tenchi Haou Ken" = Way of the [utmost] Limit: "[Proof 
of Absolute Supremacy: The Strike of the ULTIMATE]"


Robert Garcia


"Ryuuchou Kyaku" = "Kick of the Pouncing Dragon"

"Kubikiri Nage" = "Slashing Neck Throw"

(Additional Attacks)

"Kouryuu Koukyaku Geri" = "Plunging Dragon Kick"

"Ryuuhan Shuu" = "Springing Dragon Kick"

"Nidan Soukutou Geri" = "Kick of the [Two-Edged] Sword"

"Ura ken" = "Back Fist"

(Special Techniques)

"Ryuugeki Ken" = "Strike of the Dragon"

"Ryuuga" = "Dragon Fang"

"Hien Shippu Kyaku" = "Soaring Squall Kick"

"Ryuu Zanshou" = "Slash of the Flying Dragon"

"Sen'en Renbu Kyaku" = "Dance of the Swift Encircling Kick"

Kyokugen-ryuu: "Renbu Kyaku" = Way of the [utmost] Limit: "Furious Kick 

(Final Moment Strike)

Kyokugen-ryuu: "Hao Shoukou Ken" = Way of the [utmost] Limit: "Strike 
of [THE Ultimate]"

Kyokugen-ryuu Ougi: "Ryuuko Ranbu" = Secret Technique of the [utmost] 
Limit: "[The Tiger and Dragon's Dance of Destruction]"

Kyokugen-ryuu: "Muei Shippu Judan Kyaku" = Way of the [utmost] Limit: 
"[Strike of the Unseen Maelstrom]"

Kyokugen-ryuu: "Muei Senpuu Judan Kyaku" = Way of the [utmost] Limit: 
"[Strike of the Unseen Whirlwind]"

Kyokugen-ryuu: "Hai Ryuuga" = Way of the [utmost] Limit: "Inverse 
[Spiraling] Dragon Fang"

Kyokugen-ryuu Ougi: "Gansou Ryuuko Ranbu" = Secret Technique of the 
[utmost] Limit = "[Unstoppable Tiger and Dragon Dance of Destruction]"


Yuri Sakazaki


"Oni Harite" = "Slap of the Demon's Palm"

Silent "Nage" = Silent "Throw"

"Tsubame Otoshi" = "Dropping Swallow"

(Additional Attacks)

"En Yoku" = "Wing of the Swallow"

"Senkai Kyaku" = "Spinning Kick"

(Special Techniques)

"Ko'ou Ken ~ Hao Shoukou Ken" = "Shining Tiger Strike ~ Strike of [THE 

"Raiou Ken" = "Strike of the Shimmering Lighting"

Yuri "Chou" Uppercut: "Kuuga" = Yuri's [patented] "Super" Uppercut] 
"Sky Fang"

Double Yuri "Chou" Uppercut: "Ura Kuuga" = Yuri's [patented] "Super 
Uppercut": "Inverse Sky Fang"

Yuri "Chou" Knuckle: "Hien Shippu Ken" = Yuri's [patented] "Super" 
Knuckle: "[Mark of the] Flying Swallow"

Yuri "Chou Mawashi Geri ~ Hien Shippu Kyaku" = Yuri's [patented] "Super 
Spinning Kick ~ Soaring Squall Kick"

"Hyakuretsu Binta" = [Yuri's patented] "100 Violent Slaps!"

(Final Moment Strike)

"Hien Hou'ou Kyaku" = [Yuri's patented] "Kick of the Flying [Deathless 
Crimson Bird]"

"Hien Rekkou" = [Yuri's patented] "Fierce Flying Stab!"

"Shin Chou Uppercut" = [Yuri's patented] "True Super Uppercut!"

Kyokugen-ryuu: "Hao Shoukou Ken" = Way of the [utmost] Limit: "Strike 
of [THE Ultimate]"

"Metsu Zan Kuuga" = [Yuri's patented] "Decimating Sky Fang Slash"

"Yuri's Chou Enbu!" = "Yuri's Super Exhibition/Demonstration!"

"Gansou Hien Hou'ou Kyaku" = [Yuri's classic] "Unstoppable Deathless 
Flying Firebird Kick"




Rush Hold

Buster Hook

(Additional Attacks)

Sliding Kick

Trap Kick

(Special Techniques)

Venom Strike ~ Double Venom Strike

Trap Shot

Surprise Rose

Tornado Kick

"Kick of Illusions"

(Final Moment Strike)

"Dance of Illusions"

The Silent Flash...


Eiji Kisaragi



(Special Techniques)

"Ryu Ei Jin" = "Slashing Shadow"

"Kikou hou" = "Spirit Blast"

"Kage Utsushi" = "[Art] of the Shadow"

"Kotsuba Giri" = "Bone Slicer"

"Tenba Kyaku" = "Kick of the Wild Stallion"

"Kasumi Kiri" = "Slash of Mists"

"Zentetsu Ha" = "Slash of the Great Steel [Blade]"

(Final Moment Strike)

"Zantetsu Torouken" = Art of the [Kisaragi]: "Slash of the Steel 


Kasumi Todoh


"Maki Age" = "Twisting Lift"

Aikido "Nage" = Way of the Peaceful Spirit "Throw"

(Additional Attacks)

"Hiji Ate" = "Striking Elbow"

(Special Techniques)

"Kasante Ate" = "Piled [Force] Strike"

"Senkou Nagashi" = "Creased Fan Plummeting down into the Drain" (A.C: 
Don't ask)

"Hakusan Tou: Dageki Bougyou" = "[Form of the] Peach Tree on the Snowy 
Mountain: Defensive Strike"

"Messhin Mutou: Joudan Atemi" = "[Way of the] Demolished Body: [Torso] 

"Sasshou Inshuu: Chuudan Atemi" "Lethal Palm [and] Shadow Kick: [Waist] 

"Tatsumaki Souda: Nage Dageki" = "Strike of the Storm Spear: Throwing 

(Final Moment Strike)

"Chou Kasane Ate" = "Great Piled [Force] Strike"

"Shingan Kuzu Otoshi" = "[Ginger] Drop"


Mr. Geese Howard


"Tate Katate Nage" = "?"

"Shinkuu Nage" = "Vacuum Throw"

(Special Attacks)

(Double) "Reppu-ken" = (Double) "Storm Fist"

"Ja-ei-ken" = "Merciless Shadow Slash"

"Joudan Atemi Nage" = "[Aerial Counter] Attack Throw"

"Chuudan Atemi Nage" = [Mid-drift Counter] Attack Throw"

"Hishou Nichirin Zan" = "Slash of the Gleaming Sun"

(Final Moment Strike)



Baron Wolfgang Krauser


Cliff-hanger Drop

"Kaiser" Driver (91) = Heir to the House of Strohlheim: "Sovereign" 
Driver (91)

(Special Attacks)

"Blitz Ball" = Heir to the House of Strohlheim: "Assailing Orb"

"Leg" Tomahawk = Heir to the House of Strohlheim: "Two-headed Axe Blade 
Leg [Strike]"

"Kaiser" Suplex = Heir the House of Strohlheim: "The Sovereign's 

"Kaiser" Kick = Heir to the House of Strohlheim: Kick of the 

"Kaiser Duel Sobat" = Heir to the House of Strohlheim: "Spinning Kick 
of the Sovereign's Battle"

(Final Moment Strike)

"Kaiser" Wave = Deed of Succession to the House of Strohlheim: "Proof 
of the Sovereign's Divine Right"


Mr. Big


Million Dollar Buster

High Lifting Throw

(Special Techniques)

Ground Blaster

Spinning "Lance" = Spinning "Javelin"

"California Romance"

Crazy Drum Dram

(Final Moment Strike)

[Get ready fo' my] BLASTER WAVE!


William "Billy" Kane


"Jigoku Otoshi" = "Hell's Drop"

"Ippon Zuri Nage" = "[Dangling Hooked Fish] Throw"

(Additional Attacks)

"Dai Kaiten Geri" = "Great Spinning Kick"

"Boutaka Tobigeri" = "Pole Vaulting Kick"

(Special Techniques)

"Senpuu Kon" = "Vortex Cane [Attack]"

"Shuuten Renpa Kon" = "[Point of Imminent Death] Kane [Strike]"

"Sen'en Sakkon" = "Encircling Wailing Kane [Strike]"

"(Kaen) Sansetsu Kon: Chuudan Uchi ~ Tsuki" = "(Fiery) [Attack of] the 
Three-Segmented Kane: Torso Strike ~ Torso Thrust"

"Kyoushuu Hishon Kon" = "Soaring Kane Battery"

"Bojutsu-ryuu: Karyuu Tsuigeki Kon" = "Way of the Staff: [Form] of the 
Relentless Fire Dragon"

"Bojustu-ryuu: Suiryuu Tsuigeki Kon" = "Way of the Staff: [Form] of the 
Relentless Water Dragon"

(Final Moment Strike)

"Chou Kaen Senpuu Kon" = "[Fury of the] Great Flaming Vortex"

"Dai Senpuu" = "Great Whirling Kane [Strike]"

The Salamander's Stream

"Ifrit" Crisis = "[Malevolent Spirit]" Crisis


Ryuji Yamazaki


"Shimi Age" = "The Strangling Lift"

"Bun Nage" = "THE Throw"

(Additional Attacks)

"Bussashi" = "The Stabbing"

(Special Attacks)

"Hebi Tsukai" = "Serpent Master"

"Hebi Damashi" = "The Serpent's Deception"

"Yakiire" = "[This is what I'm feelin' right now...]"

"Sabaki no Aikuchi" = "[Fate's Bladed Messenger]"

"Suna Kake" = "Showering Sands"

"Bai Gaeshi: Kyuushuu ~ Dan Hassha" = "[It's gonna' hurt you WAY more 
than me]: Absorption ~ Flaming Bullet Shot"

"Sadomazo" = [PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE HIT ME!!!! I dare ya'...]

"Bakudan Pachiki" = "[I gotta' headache that I'd love to give ya'...]"

(Final Moment Strike)

The Guillotine = [You're ass is mine now!]

The Drill: Punch "Ranbu" ~ Kick "Ranbu" ~ Repeating "Pachiki" ~ 
Repeating "Hebi Tsukai" = [Hehehehe...Well, le' me put it to ya' like 
this: I'm gonna' BEAT the **** outta' ya, KICK your ***, PUT you six 
feet under, and SHOW YOU WHO'S YER' DADDY!!!]

"Akumu shoshite kyouki..." = "Nightmare and Insanity..."


Mr. Rugal (Luger) Bernstein 


The Scorpion's Deathlock

The Scorpion's [Mark]

(Additional Attacks)

Double "Tomahawk" = Double "Two-headed Axe Blade Strike"

(Special Techniques)

"Reppu-ken" = "Storm Fist"

Ominous Barrier

"God Press"

"Kaiser" Wave = [Taken from the] Deed of Succession to the House of 
Strohlheim: "Proof of the Sovereign's Divine Right"

"Genocide Cutter" = "Slash of 1,000,000 deaths"

(Final Moment Strike)

"Gigantic Pressure"

"Dead-end Scream"


OMEGA Rugal (Luger)

(Special Techniques)

Gravity Smasher

Vanishing Rush

Dark Genocide = "The Merciless Slaughter"

(Final Moment Strike)

The Will of (Luger)

Destruction O.M.E.G.A

"Kaiser Phoenix" = "[Taken from the] Deed of Succession to the House of 
Strohlheim: "The Sovereign's Great Fury" 


Kyo Kusanagi


"Hatsugane" = "The Forged (i.e. made by a blacksmith) Iron"

"Issetsu Seoi Nage" = "One Arm Over-the-Shoulder Throw"

(Additional Attacks)

Foreign Style: "Naraku Otoshi" = Foreign Style: "Hades (classic name 
for Hell) Drop"

Foreign Style: "Goufu You" = Foreign Style: "The Explicit Thunder Axe" 
(A.C: It sounds better instead of "Positive Thunder Axe")

Style No. #88: "Un-named"

(Special Techniques)

Style No. #75: "Modified Style"

Style No. #100: "Oni Yaki" = Main Style of [the Kusanagi] No. #100: 
"Burning Demon"

Style No. #101: "Oboro Guruma" = Main Style of [the Kusanagi] No. #101: 
"Sunset Wheel"

Style No. #108: "Yami Barai" = Variable Style of [the Kusanagi] No. 
#108: "Creeping Shadow"

Style No. #114: "Aragami" = Main Style of [the Kusanagi] No. #114: "The 
Untamed Bite"

Style No. #115: "Dokugami" = "Main Style of [the Kusanagi] No. #115: 
"The Vile Bite"

Style No. #125: "Nanase" = Main Style Variation of [the Kusanagi] No. 
#125: "[Wrath of] Seven Torrents" (Traditional)

Style No. #128: "Kono Kizu" = Main Style Variation of [the Kusanagi] 
No. #128: "[Brand of] Nine [venomous] Wounds" (Traditional)

Style No. #127: "Yano Sabi" = Main Style Variation of [the Kusanagi] 
No. #127: "The Corrosive Eight [Marks]" (Traditional)

Style No. #401: "Tsumi Yomi" = Main Style Variation of [the Kusanagi] 
No. #401: "Form of Transgression" (Traditional)

Style No. #402: "Batsu Yomi" = Main Style Variation of [the Kusanagi] 
No. #402: "Form of Retribution" (Traditional)

Style No. #427: "Hikigane" = Unconfirmed Style of [the Kusanagi] No. 
#427: "The Iron Torrent" 

Style No. #717: Rainbow Energy Dynamite Kick - "Koma Hofuri" = Main 
Style of [the Kusanagi] No. #717: Decimating Energy Arch Kick: "[Coming 
of the] Whirling [Demon] Slayer"

Style No. #910: "Nue Tsumi" ~ "Ryuu Iri" ~ "Tora Fuse" = Main Style of 
[the Kusanagi] No. #910: "Slashing [Three-headed Demon]" ~ "Killing 
Dragon" ~ "Deceptive Tiger" (A.C: Although Mr. Megura chose to call it 
a Chimera [Three-headed Demon], I chose to make it easier to understand 
for those of you who do not know of the monsters in Greek Mythology) 

Style No. #212: "Kototsuki You" = Main Style of [the Kusanagi] No. 
#212: "Rising Moon Harp"

Foreign Style: "Migiri Ugachi" = Foreign Style: "Time Thrust"

Unknown Style: "Aoki" = Unknown Style Variation: "Azure Demon"

(Final Moment Strike)

Reverse Style No. #108: "Orochi Nagi" = Inverse Style Variation of [the 
Kusanagi] No. #108: "[Reaping] Shears of the [Serpent Demon]"

"Saisyu Kessen-ryuu Ougi:" Non-style Method = "Secret Battle Technique"

Style No. #182: "Un-named"

Unknown Style No. #524: "Kamijiri" = Unknown Style [of the Kusanagi?] 
No. #524: "Godly Destroyer" [Now playtime is REALLY over!]


Benimaru Nikaido:


Catch Shot

Frontal Suplex

Spinning Knee Drop

(Additional Attacks)

Flying Drill

Switchblade Kick

(Special Techniques)

"(Taiku) Raijin-ken" = "(Air-countering) Trembling Lighting Fist"

Shinkuu Katategoma = "One-Handed Vacuum Top"

"Iai Geri" = "Un-sheathed Blade Kick"

"Handou Sandan Geri" = "Upshot Three-Segment Kick"

Super Inazuma Kick = Super Lightning Flash Kick

Benimaru Collision

(Final Moment Strike)

(Taiko) Raikou-ken = "(Air-countering) Shimmering Lightning Fist"


"Genei Hurricane" = "Storming Shadow"

"Raijin Ten" = "Assembly of Lightning Fragments"


Goro Daimon:


"Juuji Shime" = "Crossbar Strangle"

"Okuri Ashi Barai" = "Guiding Leg Sweep"

"Tsukami Tataki Tsuki" = "Assualt Grab"

(Additional Attacks)

"Tama Tsubushi" = "Destroyer of Wealth and Riches"

"Zujou Barai" = "Above-the-head Sweep"

"Jiraishin" = "Trembling Mine"

"Chou Oosotogari" = "Great [and] Enhanced [Physical] Hold" (A.C: It's 
Judo, okay!)

"Chou Ukemi" = "Great Plunge"

Nekko Gaeshi = "Base Restoration"

"Tenchi Gaeshi" = "Cosmic Base Restoration"

"Ura Nage" = "Reverse Throw"

"Kumo Tsukami Nage" = "Cloud-Seizing Restoration"

"Kirikabu Gaeshi" = "Decreased Base Restoration"

(Final Moment Strike)

"Judo-ryuu Jigoku Gokuraku Otoshi" = "[Style of the Gentle Way] Hell-
to-Heaven Fall"

"Judo-ryuu Arashi no Yama": "[Art of the Gentle Way] Mountain of 

"Nekko Nuki" = "Base Removal"

"Zoku Kirikabu Gaeshi" = "Decreasing Base Restoration"

"Buko Nukki Ura Nage" = "Base Removal Reversal Throw"

"Zoku Tenchi Gaeshi" = "Continuous Increased Base Restoration"

(A.C: I think "base" is another word for "Earth", but I could be 

"Furinkazan" = "The Four Elements"


Saisyu Kusanagi:


"Hikiri Tsuchi" = "The Flame-Mimicing Hammer"

"Ippon Seoi Nage" = "One Arm over-the-shoulder Throw"

(Additional Attacks)

Foreign Style: "Gou Tsui" = "Thunderous Hammer"

Foreign Style: "Kubu Tsuchi" = "Head Hammer"

(Special Techniques)

Style No. #100: "Oni Yaki" = Main Style of [the Kusanagi] No. #100: 
"Burning Demon"

Style No. #108: "Yami Barai" = Main Style of [the Kusanagi] No. #108: 
"Creeping Shadow"

Style No. #110: "Nata Guruma" = Main Style of [the Kusanagi] No. #110: 
"Severing [Bladed] Wheel"

Style No. #427: "Kamu Kakari" = Main Style of [the Kusanagi] No. #427: 
"Divine Congregation"

Style No. #721: "Homura Gasane" = Main Style of [the Kusanagi] No. 
#721: "Blazing Spire"

(Final Moment Strike)

Reverse Style No. #108: "Orochi Nage" = Inverse Style Variation of [the 
Kusanagi] No. #108: "[Reaping] Shears of the [Serpent Demon]"

Style No. #1127: "Tsumugari" = Main Style of [the Kusanagi] No. #1127: 
"City of the Great Closing Eye" (A.C: Even changing the words confuses 
me! This doesn't make sense!  "City?" why not "Land" or something that 
does makes sense?)


Chizuru Kagura


"Reigetsu" = "Order of the Moon"

"Kaiten" = "[Encircling] Heavens"

(Additional Attacks)

Joukatsu: Sonsou "Zheng Zheng" = Un-deciphered: "[The] Unaltered Gong"

Joukatsu: Sonsou "Cang Cang" = Un-deciphered: "[The] Unaltered 

Joukatsu: Sonsou "Cong Cong" = Un-deciphered: "[The] Unaltered Melody 
of the moving waters"

(Special Techniques)

The 100th Revival: "Tenjin no Kotowari" = 100th Revival of [the Yata]: 
"Reckoning of the Heavenly Gods"

The 108th Revival: "Tamayura no Shitsune" = 108th Revival of [the Yata]: 
"[Jewel-like Melody] of the larger Harp"

The 212th Revival: "Shinsoku no Norito ~ Tenzui" = 212th Revival of [the 
Yata]: "Ceremonial Prayer of the Shinto ~ Divine Blessings"

The 212th Revival Duplication: "Choumon no Isshin" = Duplication of the 
212th [Yata] Revival: "Solitary Needle on the Mountain Summit's Gate"

(Final Moment Strike)

Alternate 85th Revival: "Reigi no Ishizue" = Substitution of the 85th 
Revival of [the Yata]: "Foundation of the [Formless] Technique"

Alternate 1st Revival: "Sanrai no Fujin" = Substitution of the 1st 
Revival of [the Yata]: "Battle Formation of the Three Gales"


Shingo Yabuki


"Hatsugane" = "The Forged (i.e. from a blacksmith) Iron"

"Issetsu Seoi Nage Fukanzen" = "Unfinished One Arm Over-the-Shoulder 

(Additional Attacks)

Foreign Style: "Goufu (Kakkodake)" = Foreign Style: "Thunderous Axe 

(Special Techniques)

Style No. #114: "Aragami Mikansei" = Main Style of [the Kusanagi] No. 
#114: "The "Tamed" Bite"

Style No. #115: "Dokugami Mikansei" = Main Style of [the Kusanagi] No. 
#115: "The "Non-Poisonous" Bite"

Style No. #100: "Oni Yaki Mikansei" = Main Style of [the Kusanagi] No. 
#100: "Non-Burning" Demon"

Style No. #101: "Oboro Guruma Mikansei" = Main Style of [the Kusanagi] 
No. #101: "Non-Setting" Sun Wheel"

Style No. #212: "Kototsuki Mikansei" = Main Style of [the Kusanagi] No. 
#212: "Incomplete Moon Harp"

Unique Style: "Nie Togi" = Original Style of [the Yabuki]: "Art of the 
Sword Blade"

Unique Style: "Gecchuu" = Original Style of [the Yabuki]: "Moon Elbow"

Unique Style: "Tsuki Hiji" = Original Style of [the Yabuki]: "The 
Prodding Moon"
Shingo Kick!

(Final Moment Strike)

Foreign Style: "Kake Hourin" = Foreign Style: "Dynamic Shining Phoenix"

Unique Style: "Mu Shiki" = Original Style of [the Yabuki]: "Un-named"

Burning Shingo!


Heavy D!


Stomach Buster

Inverse Stomach Buster

(Additional Attacks)

Rock Crusher

(Special Techniques)

D!'s Rolling Soul Driver

D!'s Ducking Combination

D!'s Blasting Uppercut

D!'s Soul Flower

D!'s "Shadow"

D!'s Dancing Beat

(Final Moment Strike)

D. Crazy!

D! Magnum!


Lucky Glauber


Dunk Buster

Lucky's Crash

(Additional Attacks)

Lucky's Kick

(Special Techniques)

This is my Lucky "Death Jump"

This is my Lucky "Death Dunk"

This is my Lucky "Cyclone Break"

Lucky Vision

This is my Lucky "Death Shoot" (A.C: Same with Terry)

This is my Lucky "Death Heel"

(Final Moment Strike)

This is my "Death Jump"

My Lucky Driver = [Oh ye~ah!]


Brian Battler


Eat my "Atomic Drop" Punk!

Chew on this! "Rock Buster"

(Additional Attacks)


(Special Techniques)

Spinning Body Press

"Brian" Tornado

Eat my "Rocket Tackle" you wimp!

Hah! Nobody can stop my "Hyper Tackle"

Try my "Brian Hammer ~ Double Hammer" on for size!

D.D.T =

"Samurai Bomb"

Oh yeah! "TIGER DRIVE!"

You'll be in Intensive Care after you taste my "Shoulder Backbreaker ~ 
Buster Bomb"

(Final Moment Strike)


Watch out for my "BIG BANG TACKLE"


Chin Gentsai


"Gou Inshu" " Wine drowning!"

"Gyaku Ashi Nage" = "Reversing Leg Throw"

(Additional Attacks)

"Suiho Hyoutan Shuu" = "Smash of the [walking] Drunkard"

(Special Techniques)

"Hyoutan Geki" = "Attack of the [Wine] Gourd"

"Kisui Shuu" = "[The Devil's Breath]"

"Suihai Kou ~ "Fun'en Kou" ~ "Gou'en Shourai: Kai" = "Mouth of Raging 
Fire ~ "Beckoning of Fire: [Modified]"

"Ryuurin Hourai" = "Mountain of the Sage's Retreat"

"Kaiten-teki Kuutotsu Ken" = "Flying [Thrust] of the Spinning Idiot"

"Suikan Kanou ~ Shoushuu Rikugyo" =  "[Attack of] the Butterfly Fish"

"Bougetsu Sui ~ Rouja Hanhou ~ Rigyou Hanhou" = "[Damn, I'm out like a 
light!] ~ Counter-Strike of the Serpentine Dragon ~ Counter-Strike of 
the Carp Fish"

(Final Moment Strike)

"Gouran Enpu" = "The Boisterous Inferno"

"Gouran Shourai" = "The Boisterous Beckoning Flame"

"Suisou Enbu" = "Master of the Drunken Flame Dance"


Athena Asamiya


Psychic Throw

Psychic Bit Throw

Psychic Shoot (A.C: Refer to Terry)

(Additional Attacks)

The Phoenix Bomb

"Sankaku Tobi" = "Triangular Leap"

"Renkan Tai" = "Thigh Succession"

(Special Technique)

The Psycho Ball!

The Psycho Shoot! (A.C: Terry)

"Phoenix" Arrow! = Arrow of the [Deathless Crimson Bird]

(Psychic) Teleport!

Psycho Sword!

"(Nu)" Psycho Reflector! = "Nu; as in the Greek Letter, means "NEW"

Super Psychic Throw!

(Final Moment Strike)

[Form of the Sacred Shining Crystal] ~ Crystal Shoot!

Phoenix Fang Arrow! = Arrow of the [Firebird's Fang]!

The Psychic 9!

Athena's Psycho Medly! ~ Athena's Healing! ~ "Mamoiro Gatame" = "[Pink 


Sie (Shii) Kensou


"Hakkei" = "[Psychic Energy Blast]"

"Sunda" = "Measured Strike"

"Tomoe Nage" = "Overhead [Judo] Throw"

(Additional Attacks)

"Kobokushu" = "Strike of the Tiger"

"Kousentai" = "Spinning Thigh [Strike]"

(Special Techniques)

"Choukyuu Dan" = [Yeah! It's my] "Super [Dragon] [Shot!]"

"Ryuu Sougeki" = "The Slashing Dragon's Claw"

"Ryuu Renga: Chiryuu ~ Tenryuu" = "Rapid Dragon Fang [Strike]: The 
Dragons of Heaven [and] Earth"

"Ryuu Renda" = "[Wrath of the] Dragon!"

"Ryuu Gakusai" = "Great Dragon Jaw Smasher"

"Senkyuutai" = "Arching Thigh Drill"

"Sen Shippo" = "Swift-as-an-Arrow [Strike]"

(Final Moment Strike)

"Shinryuu Seiou Rekkyaku" = "[Punishment] of THE SHINING DRAGON GOD!"

"Shinryuu Tenbu Kyaku" = "Dance of THE DRAGON GOD!"

"Chouryuu Renken" = "[Fury] of the Great Dragon!"

"Senki Hakkei" = "[The old man's] Psychic Energy Blast!"

"Nikku Man o Kuu" = [Oh man! I'm so hungry, I gonna' "Eat a Meat Bun!]"

"Choukyuu Dan Ryuu no Chikara" = "Great Dragon [Eye]"


Bao (Pao)


"Gen'ei Tougi" = "[The Practice of] the Invisible Head [Bash]"

Critical Throw = "[Aiyaiyaiyai!]"

(Additional Attacks)

"Sankaku Tobi" = "Triangular Leap"

"Soushou" = "Palm Strike"

"Hikida" = "[Mark of the] Slicing Snake"

"Kawasaki" = "The Skin Cutter"

"Senheki Shuu" = "Spinning Wall Kick"

"Senshou Shuu" = "[Floating] Flash Kick"

"Rikatsu Shuu" = "Reverse Sliding Attack"

(Special Techniques)

Psycho Ball!

Rising Psycho [Ball] Attack!

Leaping Psycho [Ball]!

Psycho [Ball] Reflector!

Crushing Psycho [Ball]! ~ "Hontai Kougeki!" = "Body Attack!"

Rising Psycho [Ball] Crush!

Leaping Psycho [Ball] Crush!

Crushing Psycho [Ball] Reflector!

(Final Moment Strike)

Psycho Ball Attack: "DX!" = "Deluxe!"

Psycho Ball Attack: "MAX!" = "Maximum!"

Crushing Psycho Ball: "SP!" = "Special!"


Hinako Shijou


"Tasuki Nage" = "Throw"

"Uwate Nage" = "Sumo Throw"

(Additional Attacks)

"Harite: Sandai" = "The Stretched Palm: Millennium"

"Harite: Nishiki" = "The Stretched Palm: Brocade"

(Special Techniques)

"Tsuppari" = "Thrust"

"Nodowa" = "Ringing Throat"

"Maemitsu Tataki" = "[Unseen Rushing] Strike"

"Kakeguri" = "Twirling Procession"

"Tsukidashi" = "Outwards Thrust"

"Tsuki Otoshi" = "Falling Thrust"

"Kote Nage" = "Small-Hand Throw"

"Kake Nage" = "Hanging Throw"

(Final Moment Strike)

"Yorigiri" = "[Slashing] Procession"

"Gasshou Hineri" = "[The Way of Playing with Hands folded in Prayer]"


Kim Kaphwan


"Kubikime Otoshi" = "[WAY out there] Neck Drop"

"Sakkyaku Nage" = "Lethal Leg Throw"

(Additional Attacks)

"Kuuren Geki" = "Rapid Air Pummel"

"Dora Yup Chagi" = "Spinning Side Kick"

"Neri Chagi" = "Decent Kick"

(Special Techniques)

"Mangetsu Zan" = "Slash of the Full Moon's Crescent"

"Sanren Geki" = "The Three Rapid Strikes [of Justice!]"

"Haki Kyaku" = "Kick of Ambition"

"Hien Zan ~ Tenshou Zan" = "Heavenly Flying Slash"

"Hisshou Kyaku" = "Soaring Kick"

"Ryuusei Raku" = "The Falling Meteor"

"Kuu Sajin" = "Grinding Air [Strike]"

(Final Moment Strike)

"Hou'ou Kyaku" = "Kick of the [Deathless Flaming Bird]"

"Hou'ou Hiten Kyaku" = "Heavenly Kick of the [Deathless Flaming Bird]"

"Hou'ou Tenbu Kyaku" = "Dance of the Heavenly [Deathless Flaming Bird]"

Zero "Kouri Hou'ou Kyaku" = Zero "Distance [Deathless Flaming Bird] 


Jhun Hoon


"Handou Geki" = "[Traditional] Attack"

"Kai Senpuu" = "Great Tornado"

(Additional Attacks)

"Ryuurou Shuu" = "Waterfall [Strike]"

"Ryouko Geki Jin" = "Assault of the Hunting Tiger"

(Special Techniques)

"Haiki Geki" = "Exhaustion Attack"

"Mangetsu Zan" = "Slash of the Full Moon's Crescent"

"Kuu Sajin" = "Grinding Air [Strike]"

"Soushou Jin: Shuusou Kyaku ~ Taikyoku Ha" = "Way of the Stalking 
Eagle: [Slash] of the Eagle's Claw ~ Great [Eagle's] Tear"

"Kirikae Kougeki: Dousa Go ~ "Omote" ~ "Ura" = "Style Change: A 
Different Path ~ "Frontal" ~ "Latter"

"Ryuoko Jin: Hiko Geki ~ Mouko Geki ~ Shuuko Geki" = "Way of the 
Hunting Tiger: Assault of the Flying Tiger ~ Assault of the Wild Tiger 
~ Assault of the Charging Tiger"

"Taikyoku Ha" = "The Great [Battle] Disengagement"

(Final Moment Strike)

"Hou'ou Ressou Kyaku" = "[Rage] of the Mad [Deathless Firebird]"

"Hou'ou Tenbu Kyaku" = "Dance of the Heavenly [Deathless Firebird]"


May Lee (a.k.a Li Jinju)


The Crow's Wing

Circle of Swans

"Omote Enbu" = "Frontal Exhibition"

"Urab Enbu" =  "Rear Exhibition"

(Additional Attacks)

"Kuusetsu Geki" = "Air Strike"

"Hero Uke" = "The Hero's Return"

Sliding Kick

(Special Techniques in Regular Tae Kwon Do Student mode)

The Lightning Needle ~ [Launching] Kick ~ [Mark of the Terrible Giant 
Lizard] ~ Lightning Edge ~ [Prancing Swordfish] ~ Surprise Air ~ Air 

"Mawashi Geri" = "Whirling Strike"

"Gedan Geri" = "Low Strike"

"Kakato Otoshi" = "Falling Heel"

"Gada Hanshu" = "Counter-Strike"

"Sanren Kyaku" = "[Strike] of Three Swift Kicks"

"Ushiro Mawashi Geri" = "Reverse Whirling Strike"

Blazing Intercept

(Special Techniques in Model for Heroism and Justice mode)

Full Motion Chop!

"May Lee" Kick!

"May Lee" Chop!

"May Lee" Break!

Shining Thunder Strike!

(Final Moment Strike for timid citizen mode)

"Shinjuu Kyaku" = "Strike of the Beast God"

"Ryuu Getsurin Kyaku" = "Graceful Moon Kick"

The Way of the Frog...

(Final Moment Strike for model of Heroism and Justice mode)

Dynamic May Lee!

May Lee's patented "The End..."

May Lee Double Kick!



Chang Koehan


"Hagan Geki" = "The [Face Smasher]"

"Kusari Jime = "Fetter Strangle"

(Additional Attacks)

"Hiki Nige" = "Evasion Slide"

(Special Attacks)

"Tekkyuu Dai Kaiten" = "Great Iron Ball Spin"

"Tekkyuu Funsai Geki" = "Great Iron Ball [Smash]"

"Tekkyuu Taiko Uchi" = "Drumming Great Iron Ball Thrust" 

"Tekkyuu Hien Zan" = "Rising Iron Ball Slash"

"Dai Hakai Nage" = "Throw of Great Destruction"

(Final Moment Strike)

"Tekkyuu Dai Bousou" = "Great Iron Ball Charge"

"Tekkyuu Dai Assatsu" = "Great Iron Ball Crush"

"Tekkyuu Dai Bokusatsu" = "Death Blow of the Great Iron Ball"

"Tekkyuu Dai Sekai" = "World of the Great Iron Ball"


Choi Bounge


"Zoujo Sashi" = "Head-Riding Stab"

"Geketsu Tsuki" = "Disemboweling Thrust"

(Additional Attacks)

"Sankaku Tobi" = "Triangular Jump"

"Mukuro Zuki" = "Bone Thrust"

"Toorima Geri" = "[Mark of the] Unseen Killer"

(Special Techniques)

"Hishou Shissou Zan" = "Rushing Flying Slash"

"Senpuu Hien Sashi" = "Flying Stab of the Whirling Monkey"

"Tatsumaki Shippu Zan" = "Slash of the Tempest"

"Hishou Kuuretsu Zan" = "Sky-Slashing Tear"

"Kaiten Hien Zan" = "Flying Slash of the Whirling Monkey"

"Kishu Hien Zuki" = "Surprise Attack of the Flying Monkey"

"Hishou Kyaku" = "Soaring Kick"

(Final Moment Strike)

"Shin Chouzetsu Tatsumaki Shinkuu Zan" = "The True Unleashed Vacuum 
Tornado Slash"

"Shin Chouzetsu Rinkaiten Toppa" = "The True Unleashed Whirling Bladed 
Ring [Stab]"

"Shin Engetsu Rin" = "The True Crescent Moon"

"Hou'ou Kyaku" = "Kick of the [Deathless Firebird]"


Commander Heidern


The Back Stabber...

Lead Belcher

Critical Drive

(Additional Attacks)

Shooting "Narnagel"

(Special Techniques)

The Slashing Cross

The Slashing Moon

The [Slashing] Neck Roll

The Storm Bringer

The Bringer of Death

(Final Moment Strike)

"The Finishing Whisper"

"Heidern's" End


1st Lieutenant Randolph (Vincent) Jones


Dynamite Headbutt

"Nozan Lighto Bombu da!" = "Northern Light Bomb!"

(Special Techniques)

"Vulcan" Punch = "[Brand of the Fire god]"

"Ralf" Kick!

"Ralf" Tackle!

"Kyuukouka Bakudan" Punch = "Dive-Bomber Punch"

Super Argentinean Backbreaker

(Final Moment Strike)

"Baribari Vulcan" Punch = "[What! You're the one who pissed me off? Now 
you're feel the Wrath of the Fire god!]"

"Umanori Vulcan" Punch = "[Horse-mounted] Wrath of the Fire god"

"Galactica Phantom!" = "SPACE GHOST"

"Baribari Ultimate Phantom" = "[Wrath] of the Space Ghost"


2nd Lieutenant Clark (Paul) Steel


"Nageppanashi" German = "The way the German's Throw" (A.C: Yeah, I know 
it sounds horribly stupid; can YOU think of something better?)

Fisherman's Buster

Death Lake Screw

(Additional Attacks)

Clark Stomp!

(Special Techniques)

Vulcan Punch = "[Brand of the Fire god]"

Clark's "Napalm Stretch!" = "Explosive Extension!"

Clark's Frankensteiner

Clark's Rolling Cradle

Clark's own "Super Arabian Burglary Backbreaker!"

Super Argentinean Backbreaker

Clark's "Mounting Tackle"

The "Clark Lift"

Clark's Sleeper Lift (D.D.T)

And to finish it all off: Clark's "Flashing Elbow" [Drop]!

(Final Moment Strike)

Clark's "Ultra Argentinean Backbreaker!" = "[Clark Spark!]"




Leona/"Yami no Naka Orochi no Chi ni Mezameru Leona" = "Leona Awakened 
within in the Darkness by the Blood of the [Dark Serpent god]"

"Kakusai" = "Awakening"


"Leona's" Crusher = "The Lioness's Punishment"

"Heidern" Inferno

Order Buckler

(Additional Attacks)

The Striking Arch

(Special Techniques)

The Slashing Moon

"X-Caliber" = "[The Sword of Truth]"

Baltic Launcher

The Eye Slasher

The Ground Saber ~ Gliding Buster

Type 1: Earring "Bakudan" = Earring "Explosive"

Type 2: Heart Attack

(Final Moment Strike)

The Mark of "Victory"


The "Spark of Rebellion"

The Grateful Dead...


Private Whip (Seirah)




(Additional Attacks)

The Whip Shot

(Special Techniques)

The Desert Eagle

Code BB: Assassin Strike

Code SC: Boomerang Shot

Code "Kaze": Hook Shot = Code "Wind": Hook Shot

Code "Yuuetsu": String Shot Type A = Code "Bravery": String Shot Type A

Code "Chikara": String Shot Type B = Code "Power": String Shot Type B

Code "Shouri": String Shot Type C = Code "Victory": String Shot Type C

Code "Ame": String Shot Type D = Code "Candy": String Shot Type D

(Final Moment Strike)

Code KW: "Sonic Slaughter"

Code FW: "Raging Shot"


Yashiro Nanakase


Lever Blow

"Hatchet" Throw = "Miniature Axe" Throw

(Additional Attacks)

"Bash of Pity"

"Stepping Side Kick"

(Special Techniques)

The Rising Clash

The Streaming Counter (Still)

Missile Force Barrage

The Sledgehammer

(Final Moment Strike)

Barrage of One Million Punches

The Final Impact

[Error] Code: "2002"


"Kawa Ita no Daichi" Yashiro = Yashiro "of the Thirsting Earth"


"Baku" = "[The Outraged Earth]"

"Beki" = "[The Forceful Earth]"

(Additional Attacks)

"Saku" = "[The Conspiring Earth]"

"Bu" = "[The Contemptuous Earth]"

(Special Techniques)

"Kujiku Daichi" = "The Wrenching Earth"

"Odoru Daichi" = "The Dancing Earth"

"Niragu Daichi" = "The Right of the Earth"

"Musebu Daichi" = "The Devastating Earth"

(Final Moment Strike)

"Araburu Daichi" = "The [Utter Rage] of the Earth"

"Hoeru Daichi" = "Thunderous Roar of the Earth"

"Ankoku Jigoku Gokuraku Otoshi" = "[Fall of the Cosmos]"

The Harm-Ageddon




The FIRST Shermie Flash

Frontal Flash

(Additional Attacks)

Standing "Shermie"

(Special Techniques)

"Shermie's" Whip

Spinning Axle Kick

"Bakunyuu" Suplex = "Large Breast" Suplex

"Shermie" Shoot = (A.C: TERRY!)

The "Shermie" Twist 

"F-Captured" = "F-Cup-tured"

"Shermie's" Cute Clutch

(Final Moment Strike)

"Shermie's" Flash

"Shermie's" Fete

The Lightning Wizard


"Arekuruu Inabikari no Shermie" = "Shermie of the Ecstatic Lightning"


"Hagu Rai" = "[The Lightning's Wrath]"

"En Rai" = "[The Fiery Lighting]"

(Additional Attacks)

"Kou Rai" = "Spark of Lightning"

(Special Techniques)

"Mugetsu no Raiun" = "Tempest of the New Moon"

"Yatanagi no Muchi" = "[Mimicry of the Yata Slashing Whip]"

"Shajitsu no Odori" = "The Pragmatic Waltz"

"Raijin no Tsue" = "Staff of the Thunder god"

(Final Moment Strike)

"Ankoku Raikou-ken" = "Black Thunderbolt of the Shimmering Lightning"

"Shuukumei...Gen'ei...Shinshi" = "Destiny...Illusion...Truth"

"Raikou no Tsue" = "Staff of Lightning"

"Unmei no Ya" = "The Fateful Arrow"




Spinning Step

Air Drop

(Additional Attacks)

The "Twirling Display"

Inverse Anchor Kick

Carry-off Kick

(Special Techniques)

Chaining Slide Strike

The Scramble Dash

"Direction Change"

The Air Hound

Gliding Stomp

Dancing Shot: Step ~ Thrust

(Final Moment Strike)

Sliding Chain Strike

The Twister Drive

"Orochi no Chikara kaihou saseru" = "Transormation into the [Vessel] of 
[the Serpent God]"


"Honoo no Sadame" Chris = Chris "of Destiny's Flame"


"Chi no Batsu" = "The Chastisement of Blood"

"Ten no Tsumi" = "The Transgression of Heaven"

(Additional Attacks)

"Muyou no Ono" = "The Axe of Vanity"

"Jukei no Oni" = "Splitting Demon"

"Setsudan no Koto" = "The Harp of Judgment"

(Special Techniques)

"Taiyou o Iru Honoo" = "Flame of the Sun"

"Kagami o Hofuru Honoo" = "Flame of the Slaying Mirror"

"Tsuki o Tsumo Honoo" = "Flame of the Slashing Moon"

"Shishi o Kamu Honoo" = "Flame of the Voracious Lion"

(Final Moment Strike)

"Daichi o Harau Gouka" = "Purifying of the Earth by the Fires of 

"Ankoku Orochi Nage" = "[Reaping] Shears of the Dark [Serpent god]"

"Sanagi wo Yaburi, Chou wa mau..." = "From it's Cocoon, the Butterfly 
flutters away..."



(Special Techniques)

"Yonokaze" = Might of the Wind: "Swirling Gale"

"Hyuuga" = Will of the Wind: "Disappearance"

"Wanpyuu Tokobuse ~ Mametsu" = Might of the Wind: "Increased/Decreased 
Vacuum Air Slash"

"Yamidoukoku" =

(Final Moment Strike)

"Shin yaotome Mizumi" = Revelation of the Gale: (?)

"Shin yaotome Jittsouko" = Revelation of the Gale: (?)


Orochi = "[Manifestation of the] Serpent god"


"Heave of Invisibility"

(Special Techniques)

Reckoning of the Eight-Headed Serpent god: "Dark Shot"

Mark of the Eight-Headed Serpent god: "Advancing ~ Aerial Shield"

Wrath of the Eight-Headed Serpent god: "Lightning Bold"

Sign of the Eight-Headed Serpent god: "The Bright Light"

Retribution of the Eight-Headed Serpent god: "Soul Steal"


Iori Yagami/"Tsuki no Yoru Orochi no Chi ni Kurufu Iori" = "Blood of 
the [Dark Serpent god] Awakened within Iori on a Full Moon's Night"


"Sakahagi" = "Inverse Lashing"

"Saka Sakahagi" = "Reversed Inverse Lashing"

(Additional Attacks)

Foreign Style: "Yuri Ori" = Foreign Style: "The Fracture Lily"

Foreign Style: "Yumebiki" = Foreign Style: "Shooting Dream"

Foreign Style: "Goufu In" ~ "Shinigame" = Foreign Style: "Implicit 
Thunderous Axe" ~ "The [Grim Reaper]"

(Special Techniques)

Style No. #100: "Oni Yaki" = Alternate Style of [the Kusanagi?] No. 
#100: "Burning Demon"

Style No. #108: "Yami Barai" = Alternate Style of [the Kusanagi?] No. 
#108: "Creeping Shadow"

Style No. #127: "Aoi Hana" = Main Style of [the Hakkeshu/Yagami] No. 
#127: "Hollyhock Blossom"

Style No. #212: "Kototsuki In" = Inverse Style of [the Kusanagi?] No. 
#212: "Falling Moon Harp"

Style No. #311: "Tsumagushi" = Main Style of [the Hakkeshu/Yagami] No. 
#311: "Scouring Talon"

Un-known Style: "Kuzukaze" = Un-known Style: "Foaming Tempest"

(Final Moment Strike)

Reverse Style No. #108: "Yasaka Zuki" = Inverse Style Variation of [the 
Yagami] No. #108: "The Eight Chalices of Wine"

Reverse Style No. #306: "Saika" = Inverse Style Variation of [the 
Yagami] No. #306: "The Shining Jackal"

Reverse Style No. #311: "Saku Tsumagushi" = Inverse Style Variation of 
[the Yagami] No. #311: "Slash of the Scouring Talon"

Reverse Style No. #327: "Yami Sugi" = Reverse Style Variation of [the 
Yagami] No. #327: "The Fading Darkness"

Forbidden Style No. #1211: "Ya wo tome" = Forbidden Art of [the Yagami] 
No. #1211: "[Deliverance of the] Eight Maidens"

Forbidden Style No. #1229: "Enou Homurakegare" = Forbidden Art of [the 
Yagami] No. #1229: "Blazing [Cup]"




Death's Touch

Back Rush

(Additional Attacks)

The Crematorium

(Special Techniques)

Death Row

The Metal Massacre

"Despair" = "Fear"


"Ebony Tears"


(Final Moment Strike)

The Gates of Heaven

The [Wonderful] Lights of the Night = "Nocturnal Lights"

The Eternal Illusion




Death's Blow

Back Rush

(Additional Attacks)







Robe of Mithan

(Final Moment Strike)

Negative Gain

The Withering Surface

The Withering Earth


K' (K-Dash)


The Spot Pile

Knee Strike

(Additional Attacks)

One Inch 

Knee Strike

(Special Techniques)

The "Ein" Trigger = "First"

The Second [Shot] ~ Shell

The Blackout

"Minute" Spike = "Flash" Spike 

The Crow's Bite

(Final Moment Strike)

The Heat Driver

The Chain Driver

Red Star Road




The Dynamite Drop

Vice Choke

(Additional Attacks)

The Mongolian [Chop]

(Experimental) System Type M-9: M.A.X.I.M.A. Missile

(Special Techniques)

System Type No. #1-2: M.A.X.I.M.A. Scramble/Double Bomber/Bulldog Press

System Type No. #3: M.A.X.I.M.A. Lift/Centoun Press

System Type M-4: V.A.P.O.R C.A.N.N.O.N.

System Type M-11: D.A.N.G.E.R.O.U.S. A.R.C.H.

System Type M-19: B.L.I.T.Z. C.A.N.N.O.N.

(Final Moment Strike)

Defense System Type M-ALPHA: B.U.N.K.E.R. B.U.S.T.E.R.

Defense System Type M-BETA: M.A.X.I.M.A. R.E.V.E.N.G.E.R.

Defense System Type M-GAMMA: M.A.X.I.M.A. C.A.N.N.O.N. 

Defense System Type M-OMEGA: M.A.X.I.M.A. S.P.L.A.S.H.E.R.


K9999 (K Four-Nine)


"Kiero!" = "Get lost!"

"Itsumade Yonden da yo!" = "Quit playin' around!"

(Additional Attacks)

"URESEI!" = "Shut up!

(Special Techniques)

"Acchi ke ittero!" = "Ge~t outta here!

"Warero!" = "Split!"

"Kukakero!" = "Shatter!"

(Final Moment Strike)

"Tsuki..." = "STRIKE..."  



"Kore wa, maru de..." = "This is, so..."




[There's my] Dynamite Puncher!

[And this's my] Clenched Puncher!

(Additional Attacks)

[Oh, there's my] One-Two Puncher!

[Look out for my] Sliding Puncher!

[Watch my] Machine Gun Puncher!

[Wait a minute...Oh yeah! There's my] Parrying Puncher!

Dashing Puncher

Hunting Eagler

Puncher Vision ~ Uppercut Puncher ~ Straight Puncher ~ Weaving Puncher"

(Final Moment Strike)


Cr~a~zy Puncher!

(Knockout Blow)

"Gaia" Gear = "Earth Spirit" Gear




Arm Whip

The Flying Mayor (A.C:The throw is actually called the "Major"; not 

(Additional Attacks)

"Teikyuu" Drop Kick = "Floating" Drop Kick

(Special Techniques)

Tiger Neck Chancery

Rolling "Sobat" ~ Flying Body Strike = Rolling "Spin Kick" ~ Flying 
Body Strike (A.C:It's actually called the Rolling "Savate", not 

"Hiki Otoshi" = "Standing Drop"


"Gambit" Step = "Trick" Step

(Final Moment Strike)

"El Diablo Amarillo" = "[Coming of] the Yellow Devil"


(Knockout Blow)

"El Diable Tiger Load" = "Yellow Devil Tiger Load"




"Hiji Ate Kara no Hadou Uchi" = "Surging Elbow Strike"

"Tomoe Nage" = "Overhead [Judo] Throw"

(Additional Attacks)

Rolling "Sobat" = Rolling "Spin Kick"

[Shoulder] Tackle

"Mae Age Geri" = "Rising Kick"

Sliding Kick

(Special Techniques) 

"Sho-Yoh" = "Shimmering Dawn"

"Doh-Kuzushi" = "Body Destroyer"

"Ashi-Tori" = "Leg Trapper"

"Kyu-Getsu" = "Arching Moon"

"Koh-Getsu" = "Descending Moon"

"Raku-Getsu" = "Falling Moon"

"An-Getsu" = "Moon of Darkness"

"Ei-Getsu" = "Cleansing Moon"

(Final Moment Strike)

"Morote-Sho-Yoh" = "[Palm Strike of the] Shimmering Dawn"

"Irimi-Nadazuki" = "[Moon swaying over the Sea] Strike"

"Doh-Tori-Shichimonsatsu" = "[The Seven Deadly Plagues of Oblivion]"

"Shigure Rangiku" = "[Rain of the Chaotic Order]




"Akuzan" = "Killer Grip"

"Akuzan Ki" = "Grip of the Killing Demon"

(Additional Attacks)

"Benpatsu Ken" = "Strike of the [Braided Pigtail]"

(Special Techniques)

"Muei Kusashu" = "Strike of the Red Sand Palm"

"Kasumi" = "Mist"

"Hiten Kyaku" = "Soaring Heaven Kick"

"Hike Kyaku" = "Soaring Feather Kick"

"Jatotsu Ga" = "Thrusting Serpent Fang"

"Tetsuzan-bu: "Rasatsu" ~ "Nagi ~ "Hakei" = "Dance of the Iron Blade: 
"Lethal Web" ~ ? ~ "Crest of the Wave"

(Final Moment Strike)

"Higi Hakkyoku Ken: Dakai" = "The [Righteous] Eight Limit Fist: 
"Breaking of the Gridlock"

"Hizoku Ougi: "Yougou ~ Doku Shukou" = "Greatest Technique of the 
Hizoku: "Opposition of the Shadow ~ The Hand of [Death]"

"Hizoku Ougi Ranbu: Doukugi" = "Great [Dance] of the Hizoku: "Moth of 

"Hizoku Ougi: "Senshu Ragan Satsu" = "Greatest Technique of the Hizoku: 
"1,000 Killing Blows"


Kula Diamond


Ice Tomb

Behind Slash

(Additional Attacks)

One Inch

Slider [Shot]

The Lizard...

(Special Techniques)

"Diamond" Breath = "Ice" Breath

Counter [Shot]

The Crow's Bite

(Final Moment Strike)

"Diamond" Edge = "Ice" Edge

Freezing [Finish] = "[It's so cool!]"

Freeze Completion




The Third Key

The Twelvfth Key

(Additional Attacks)

The Seven Sacred Metals

The Seven Precious Minerals

The Seven Known Cycles

The Seven Forms of Evaporation

(Special Techniques)

Horn of the Unicorn 

The Tree of Knowledge and Wisdom...

The Tree of Beginnings and Endings...

Nature's Hope

[The sacred metal] Planunium

...And none shall forget the Memory of Noa...for they will look to the 
sky, to the Seven Stars...and always remember, now and forever, his 
great deeds...

(Final Moment Strike)

Listen now! All of you...to the song of our lady; "The Poetry of 
Cygnus,"  Hear it being sung by the ministrels deep within the Woods of 
Knowledge...under the Light of the Silver Moon...

Hear me now, Oh Savior on High!  ...This Prayer of my people...of my 
race... of my Planet, and deliver us from evil!

Oh sweet and innocent Honey Bee, humming along a fruitless path...


Angel (An-hel) OR (Ang-hel)



The Starlit Field...

(Additional Attacks)

[Oh, can't you just stop this] Senseless Chatter!

...At the Wasteland...

(Special Techniques)

[Isn't is beautiful?]  This...Red Sky...of Japonesia?

The Roulette of the Maniac Killer! [You're next...heeheeheeee!]

[Oh noble color] The Formalist's Blue, CITIZEN OF THE WORLD, We welcome 
you here...to Ryuguu.

"Repun Kamui" = "Spirit of the Sea"

...From Beyond the Flames!

Farewll Ryuuguu [Kingdom of Dragons]...for now, I must seek Shelter 
from the [oncoming] Storm...yet I take with me a Lamp, to the Secret 
Pathway of the Sanctuary...

Damn this worthless feeling...This Impotent Symptom!

[Away I say! Away! That cursed] Buggy and Coffin [will damn us all!]

[Oh look! Look!]  See, that Train of Cherry Blossoms [growing there!]

[I'm gonna] RIDE YOUR CYCLE!!! [C'mon baby...come to mama...]

This [quaint] Full Moon, [bathing a rather boring] Evening

[Wow...Look!] That Crown underneath the Sky!

[Mother, may I go to the garden?] To the Garden to Play with the 

A State of Healthlessness.

(Final Moment Strike)

The Unknown Victim Conscious...

And THIS will be your test!  A test of Loyalty, FOR THE LIBERALISTS!!!

...The Wind's Fairground...


Original Krizalid


The Dead Fall

(Additional Attack)

Spinning Slash

(Special Techniques)

"Typhon's Rage" = "Wrath of the [Ultimate Demon]" (A.C: In Greek 
Mythology, "Typhon" was the greatest of all monsters; only Athena of 
all the Olympians, refused to run and hide in fear and face the monster 
head on...even though Zeus was the one who defeated it)

The Rising Dark Moon

The Lethal Impact 

The "Negative Anguish"

Path of the Demon

(Final Moment Strike)


Desperate Overdrive


Original Zero


"Nage" = "Throw"

(Additional Attack)

"Jagai Kusetsu" = "Sinister Body Blow"

"Genma Kokushou" = "Demonic Ghost Chop"

(Special Techniques)

"Zankaze Enpa: "Ouga" ~ "Shouha" ~ "Hankyou" ~ "Satsuma" = "[Tear of 
the Slashing Wind]: "Fang of the Phoenix" ~ "The Rising [King]" ~ 
"Mirror of Rebellion" ~ "Demon of Death"

"Shikka Koujin" = "Raging Fire Flash"

"Mabukousou" = "The Demon's Dance of the Crimson Melody"

(Final Moment Strike)

"Gokusa Zanjin" = "Form of the Imprisoning Chain Slash"

"Hakura Messhou" = "White Void of Oblivion"




The Blue Noah

The Red Noah

(Special Techniques)

The Divine Arrow

The Genocide Void

Chain-Blade Trans-Axial Plain Slice

Chain-Blade Sagittal Edge Slice

The Nega Genesis ~ The Genesis

(Final Moment Strike)

The Idiom Blade

The Chaos Tide


                           "The Words of Kings"

I decided to add the all the character winning quotes here so you can 
see how much everyone changes throughout the years.  Note that I'm 
still working on this section because I still have to get some of the 
quotes translated from the Japanese versions of K.o.F 1998 and 1999.

But other than that, enjoy!


Terence "Terry" Bogard in K.o.F 1994:

Against Team Italy: "Celebrities are often copied."

Against Team Mexico: "Let's to it again sometime!"

Against Team England: "Don't give up [on] fighting!"

Against Team Japan: "We aren't famous for nothing!"

Against Team United States of America: "You can't beat us with just 
[raw] power!"

Against Team China: "It's going to be our century!"

Against Team Korea: "You've got the WRONG members!"

Against Team Brazil: "[Oops!] We might have overdone it!"
Terry in 1995:

"You had guts kid...now clean them up off the pavement!"

"You've improved all right, but I still won easily!"

"Even though it only took a few seconds, it was still a good fight!"

Terry in 1996:

"Aw~, lighten up! With your punches, you had to lose!"

"If you don't have fangs, don't flap your gums!"

"You brought out the wolf in me! A~o~h!"

Terry in 1998:

"Say what? It's no [coincidence]: This is why I'm here EVERY year!"

Terry in 1999:

"Spare me the sour grapes!"

"Be cool!"

"THIS is what makes a legend!"

"Talk about a disappointment!"

Terry in 2000:

"Now you know my power; next time...PREPARE YOURSELF!"


"Watch it, pal; I'm just getting started!

Terry in 2001:

"It's easy to lose, but tough to keep winning!" (A.C: PREACH ON, 

"Fighting's brutal; You can only bet on yourself."

"Do you hear me? I'M NO SHOW FREAK!""

Terry to Andy:

"We've fought a lot, but jee! Sibling rivalry is great!"

Terry to Blue Mary:

"Well, [did you] get a work-out? All work an no play... ;)

Terry to the Ryu-Kou-no-Ken Team:

"Your Kyokugen training does not show its rewards."

Terry to the N.E.S.T.S Team:

"[Ya' know,] I'd like to know what all the fuss is about!"

Terry in 2002:

"Let's go more relaxed.  It's a tournament, you know." :)

Terry vs. Ryo:


Andrew "Andy" Bogard in 1994:

Against Team Italy: "Admit it: You are a fraud!"

Against Team Mexico: "We managed to win this time!"

Against Team England: "[You should] stop street fighting!"

Against Team Japan: "You need more training!"

Against Team United States of America: "You can't beat us with just 
[raw] power!

Against Team China: "You can't advance from here."

Against Team Korea: "[Your] team suits you very well."

Against Team Brazil: "[This] was a good session for us!"

Andy in 1995:

"You can't win with just tough talk, wimp!"

"You just don't have what it takes pal! Take a powder!"

"You move like an elephant in a tutu! Hit the showers!"

Andy in 1996:

"If you can't win, then go play a puzzle game, pansy!"

"In fighting, concentration is...uh...hmmmmm...Gee, I forgot."

"Faith is what wins...that and devastating left hook!"

Andy in 1998:

"If you want to be the best, its practice every day, pal."

Andy in 1999:

"On the whole, you're tough; but I transcend tough!"

"You need proof instead of words! Do you understand now?"

Andy in 2000:

"You can't win with personality only!"


"I guess I'm still a bit outta' shape."

Andy in 2001:

"Mental strength is the secret; experience taught me that."

"Your eagerness to fight really moved me..." (*sniff*)

"We both can't lose, but WE alone know victory."

Andy to the Josie no Kakuto Team:

"[Wow!] She didn't flinch at all! Women...you gotta' love 'em!"

Andy to Mai Shiranui-Bogard: 

"These tournies are dangerous; PACK UP AND GO HOME, MAI..."

Andy to Terry:

"I know all of your moves well...THAT'S WHY I WON!!!"  "YAHOO!"

Andy in 2002:

"You can't touch this ninja.  I'm a "Shiranui Whirlwind"!


"Joe" Higashi in 1994:

Against Team Italy: "Don't claim to be us, weaklings!"

Against Team Mexico: "Maybe we were too strong..."

Against Team England: "Well, I warned you!"

Against Team Japan: "YOU REALLY [HAVEN'T HEARD OF] ME?"

Against Team United States of America: "You guys are just big!"

Against Team China: "Times are changing, remember!"

Against Team Korea: "Why? I'm [just sooooo] disappointed!"

Against Team Brazil: "Even an army can't stop us!"

Joe in 1995:

"At this pace, I can win before lunch! "Yo~sha~!"

"Sorry about your nose; I could recommend a good doctor."

"You never had a chance against the kick-boxing king!"

Joe in 1996:

"Tough luck guys, you got the short straw with me!"

"If I were you, I'd roll over and pretend to be dead!"

"I saw through you like...well, something transparent."

Joe in 1998:

"How's that? I'm the Satan of Martial Arts."

Joe in 1999:

"[Ya' know,] you bring a song to mind: [Ever] heard of the, "Loser 

"You talk too much and show too many weak points!"

Joe in 2000:

"Can you hear it? Huh? Those cheers are for me!"


"Hey, don't throw in the towel so soon!"

Joe in 2001:


"You LET me win?  LOL!  All losers say that!"

"[Do you] like my victory pose?  Ora! Ora!"

Joe to the Garou Densetsu Team:

"[Yeah!] Without me, this team's lost!"

Joe to the Josie no Kakutoka Team:

"Silly chicksters! [Now] you've seen my stuff!"

Joe to the Korean Team:

"Now, I think you know: Morality doesn't win fights."

Joe in 2002:

"That's the best you got?!  No wonder I blew you away!"

"What happened to that Muei Thai bartender?"  "Let me guess: she got 
scared of me?" ;O


Mai Shiranui-Bogard in 1994:

Against Team Italy: "You've all gotten weaker!"

Against Team Mexico: "[The] men I know are much stronger!"

Against Team England: "Are you trying to copy us?"

Against Team Japan: "What a weak little fellow!"

Against Team United States of America: "Never under-rate women again!"

Against Team China: "How did you like my ninja-tricks?"

Against Team Korea: "How did you like my technique?"

Against Team Brazil: "Women are the final weapon!"

Mai in 1995:

"Trapped in my spell of beauty, another peasant bites the dust!"

"I thought you were stronger than that! Aw, bummer city!"

"Another blow for ninja lady hood has been struck today. Bonzai!"

Mai in 1996:

"You did pretty well: you actually touched me."

"You need more than that to beat a Shiranui ninja!"

"Cheer up buckos! There's always next time!"

Mai in 1998:

"With a body and strength like this, you thought YOU stood a chance?"

Mai in 1999:

"Beauty, strength, sensitivity, and charm; Do you really think you can 
beat me?"

"Were you too easy, you ask? You were too weak to be "easy"!"

"TOO E-A-S-Y! You're just too easy! Hahahahahahahaha!"

Mai in 2000:

"I'm hot this year! This just might be my millennium!"



Mai in 2001:

"Didn't someone once say, "Power becomes the lady"?"

"You really can't complain about my shape, can you?"

"My foe is thwarted! "Super Babe" does it again!"

"I wanted to feel it more! I'm a little disappointed..."

Mai to Andy Bogard:

"You undersestimated me, Andy.  I'm no Slam Dunk!" ;P

Mai to Blue Mary:

"And THAT'S for ditching me!" >:(

Mai to the Psycho Soldiers Team:

"Yeah, yeah: "ESP".  I know.  If you had it, you WOULD be tough."

Mai in 2002:

"Hey!"  "Don't TOUCH the talent!" ;O

Mai to the Garou Densetsu Team:

"Now you guys tell this to Andy: "TIE THE KNOT YOU FOOL!" >:(

Mai to Angel:

"Get serious!"  "You thought that costume would REALLY work?"


Blue Mary in 1998:

"This isn't about logic! It's about smashing your face in!"

Mary in 1999:

"A First-Rate warrior wins without lifting a finger!"

Mary in 2000:

"Okay! Uh oh! I wonder where I got that line?"


"[Aw, this is] No good...I can't give up this soon!"

Mary in 2001:

"[Do you] like my Commando Sambo? It kicks in KOF battles!

"Eveyone knows their limits; you just got more than others."

"I have no pity for you.  You disgrace us battlers..."

Mary to Terry Bogard:

"You're not yourself. Don't hold back for my sake."

Mary to the Josie no Kakuto Team:

"It's been a while...I hate to bloody a buddy..." :(

Mary to the N.E.S.T.S Team:

"You cannot escape! Now tell me what's what!"

Mary in 2002:

"I can't even trust my teammates! Just what have I gotten myself 


Li Xiangfei in 1999:

"Since I win, you buy dinner. First, some Dim-sum..."

Xiangfei in 2001:

"Next time, and EATING contest; I can't lose that!"

"Time to buy a souvenir badge; you're going home!"

"Whew! Now I'm hungry! See you later; it's chow time!"

Xiangfei to the Garou Densetsu Team:

"You may be famous, but a name [is] all you got..." >;p

Xiangfei to the Psycho Soldiers Team:

"Chinese Psychic Combat?"  Have you been eating poppies?"

Xiangfei to Sie (Shii) Kensou:

"If it's meat dumplings, MY RESTAURANT RULES!!!"

Xiangfei to Chin Gentsai:

"Hey gramps, look: I'm a "Dunken Master" too!" *hick!*  


Takuma Sakazaki in 1994:

Against Team Italy: "Jeff would be crying in Heaven."

Against Team Mexico: "You can't copy my fighting [style]!"

Against Team England: "GO HOME NOW!!!"

Against Team Japan: "You're still far from us!"

Against Team United States of America: "You could be much stronger!"

Against Team China: "You did a good job too!"

Against Team Korea: "Always be on the alert!"

Against Team Brazil: "I was more skilled than you!"

Takuma in 1995:

"Come again slug; just try and beat me! Nyah, nyah!"

"Stop whining. You're face will heal...in a few years!"

"The way of Kyokugen-ryuu in invincible. Real tough!"

Takuma in 1998:

"Wow! You're a disgrace! You'd better hang it up, kid!"

Takuma in 1999:

"Kyokugen-ryuu is the true way of battle!"

Takuma in 2000:

"You should talk less; it'll do you a lot of good!"


"Was I just a tad too overconfident?"

Takuma in 2001:

"We knew we won...me and this old wound..." (Takuma shows his back to 
the player during his winquote; on his back are three claw marks...)

"Kyokugen-ryuu once [again] proves [that] it's the ULTIMATE form of 

"Kyokugen-ryuu knows [nothing of] "retreat"...IT ONLY KNOWS 

Takuma to King:

"Ryo's a good man, King.  He's waiting for you!" ;)

Takuma to Heidern:

"If we get the chance, how about forming our own team?" (A.C: LOL!)

Takuma to the N.E.S.T.S Team:


Takuma in 2002:

"Here's a salute to you: A BIT RASPBERRY!!!"

"Yes...Thank you..."

Takuma to Ryo Sakazaki and Robert Garcia:

"YOU stop ME?" "HAH!"  "I guess I showed you!"

Takuma to Yuri Sakazaki:

"More showy moves, eh'?  Stick to the fundamentals."


Ryo Sakazaki in 1994:

Against Team Italy: "This time...WE WON!"

Against Team Mexico: "WE'RE alike? NO WAY!"

Against Team England: "Stop now or you'll REALLY get hurt!"


Against Team United States of America: "You shouldn't fight anymore!"

Against Team China: "Go home before you get hurt!"

Against Team Korea: "[You're] no match for Kyokugen-ryuu!"

Against Team Brazil: "We earn our living [by] fighting!" 

Ryo in 1995:

"Gee, you really need to work on your technique."

"Fight, fight, fight: It's the only way to get tough."

"There are no second chances pal, now go home and wrap those wounds!"

Ryo in 1996:

"A moment of weakness, months of pain."

"Alright! Kyokugen-ryuu proves its power again. Woo! Woo!"

"Kyokugen-ryuu is an art that will never fade away."

Ryo in 1998:

"Absolute Karate: that's Kyokugen-ryuu, and don't you forget it, 

Ryo in 1999:

"Disrespect Kyokugen-ryuu will you? Now savor the pain it brings!"

Ryo in 2000:

"Kyokugen-ryuu Karate is peerless; but you realized that all too 


"I let my guard down, but I'm not out yet!"

Ryo in 2001:

"Winning or losing isn't everything; You'd know that if you trained."

"[What?] YOU thought you'd beat Kyokugen-ryuu?  YOU [BETTER] GET 

"POWER IN ADVERSITY" "That's the Kyokugen way!" :)

Ryo to King:

"I know it's rude to hold back here.  I'll make it up to you later, [I 

Ryo to Robert:

"ROBERT?! FOCUS [DAMNIT]! You look like a weenie!"

Ryo to Terry:

"The 'Unbeatable Wolf'! YOU'RE LEGEND ENDS HERE..."

Ryo in 2002:

"You're tough, kid!  Work on your moves and you got a future!"

Ryo to Yuri Sakazaki:

"Still interested in being a ninja, eh?"


Robert Garcia in 1994:

Against Team Italy: "Now it's clear [as to] who's stronger!"

Against Team Mexico: "Are you trying to copy us?"

Against Team England: "You'll get hurt! Stop [this] now!"

Against Team Japan: "I enjoyed that!"

Against Team United States of America: "You're just a bunch of fools!"

Against Team China: "4,000 year old history? HA!"

Against Team Korea: "You need to train more!"

Against Team Brazil: "You've got to enjoy life!"

Robert in 1995:

"What, again? I'm just too much for a wimp like you."

"You're one of the strongest opponents yet...NOT!"

"You can't beat me with your one-pattern fighting techniques, 

Robert in 1996:

"You guys were as tough as noodles. What a bore!"

"Jeez, that was pathetic! Pull yourselves together!"

"Haste makes bruises, guys; Now split before I get mad."

Robert in 1998:

"Underestimate my strength, eh'? You're dumber than you look!"

Robert in 1999:

"If everyone loves a winner, then I'm freakin' irresistible!"

Robert in 2000:

"True fighters need composure; buy you were comatose!"


"For THIS to happen...how pathetic..."

Robert in 2001:

"Self-conscious" you say?  "Totally concieted" you say?"

"It's okay if you wanna win, but whining if you lose is [just] sad."

"No [beginner]'s strong at first: it's all hard work and sweat!"

Robert to the Garou Densetsu Team:

"Another 'Duel of Destiny'...but this time, I won!"

Robert to Yuri Sakazaki:

"Yuri, your Kyokugen spirit is STRONG! What a [babe]!"

Robert to Sie (Shii) Kensou:

"Hey, let me know what's up with you and that girl, okay?" ;)

Robert to the N.E.S.T.S Team:

"You MUST know this: I WILL **** YOU UP!!!"

Robert in 2002:

"I hope YOU'RE not the strongest! Feed me, Seymour!"

Robert to the Garou Densetsu Team:

"I think your reputation's getting the best of you, fool!"

Robert to Takuma Sakazaki:

"Uh, Master...Maybe it's time for you to retire, don't you think?"


Yuri Sakazaki in 1994:

Against Team Italy: "Isn't my bro's team stronger [than this one]?"

Against Team Mexico: "[Now] you'll regret not including me!"

Against Team England: "Almost! Get stronger!"

Against Team Japan: "I'm a master of Kyokugen-ryuu!"

Against Team United States of America: "This is my real strength!"

Against Team China: "Teach me Chinese Martial Arts!"

Against Team Korea: "Interesting team, but [ultimately] weak!"

Against Team Brazil: "Soldiers: CHEER UP!"

Yuri in 1995:

"Oh fudge! Over so soon? Now I'll never lose those extra pounds!"

"Why are you being such a weenie? I was hoping for a better workout!"

"Why am I so strong? Talent, just pure talent!"

Yuri in 1996:

"Lighten up! If you want to try again, I'm available!"

"Tough AND a babe! I'm just too much!"

"Oh, stop moping; even in defeat, smile, smile, smile!"

Yuri in 1998:

"I AM KYOKUGEN-RYUU! Face it Ryo: you're not good enough to sweep for 

Yuri in 1999:

"Skill over power, spirit over skill; THE SECRET TO VICTORY!" :)

Yuri in 2000:

"Any monkey can fight; [but] like, ya' gotta use your intellect!"


"Not too shabby; but you're still a wimp!"

Yuri in 2001:

"I don't have a pet phrase! [But] like, you're totally wrong!"

"I WON! I WON! [Oh yeah,] I'm hot today!"


Yuri to Ryo:

"Hahahahaha Ryo! I guess I'm the TRUE Kyokugen heir!"

Yuri to Robert:

"[You've been softened by the life of the [Aristocracy]"

Yuri to the Ryuu-Ko no Ken Team:

"Well? With my Kyokugen power, I am one INVINCIBLE chick!" ;)

Yuri to the Josie no Kakuto Team:

"Hehehe! I guess without me, that's all you're capable of." ;p

Yuri in 2002:

"Oh!" "You should hold back a little!"  "[Jeez!]"

Yuri to the Ryuuko no Ken Team:

"The day's coming when I'LL be master around here!" ;p


King in 1994:

Against Team Italy: "[You can] challenge me anytime!"

Against Team Mexico: "It seems that we've won this time."

Against Team England: "You can't beat a REAL fighter!"

Against Team Japan: "Weaklings!"

Against Team United States of America: "[You have] great power...but 
that's all."

Against Team China: "[You're] strong; [indeed, you are] worthy of your 

Against Team Korea: "MY kick is matchless!"

Against Team Brazil: "Find another [line of work]!"

King in 1995:

"Okay, let's call it a day before you really get hurt!"

"So you won't be saying "Babe" anytime soon, right beefcake?"

"Hit the showers stud. I am woman, hear me roar! Ua~h!"

King in 1996:

"What? Over so soon? Talk about fast!"

"You lack nothing as an opponent; you have nothing either."

"Next time, come to my place; the drinks are on me."

King in 1998:

"In battle, one's sex means nothing...it's who's left standing that 

King in 1999:

"I said, "Don't mess with me!" Now get lost, limpy!"

King in 2000:

"Fait Accomplis (i.e. "that which is already proven true") bores me 
silly! I long for a worthy opponent."


"Okay, okay...NOW I'm ready!!!"

King in 2001:

"Ask yourself this: "Why do I fight?"

"I warn you: The pursuit of a mere fight is folly."

"Know your place; failure to do so means [that] you lose!" 

King to the Garou Densetsu Team:

"You regulars sure are [tough]!  Whooping you's no small feat!" 

King to the Ryuuko no Ken Team:

"I want to party with you again sometime soon!"

King to Ryo Sakazaki:

"Still worried about last time?  You think too much, buddy!" ;p

King to Takuma Sakazaki:

"I know you saved my life, but that doesn't matter here."


Eiji Kisaragi in 1995:

"Victory is near. Let the heaven's sing, "KISARAGI"!"

"My Ninjitsu is invincible! And I'm not too bad either!"

"The path of the ninja is the path of victory. You lose!"


Kasumi Todoh in 1996:

"To win, you must believe in yourself; but I think you're hopeless!"

"I think you should apologize for your poor performance!"

"Someday, everyone will know of the power of Todoh...No, not the dog!"

Kasumi in 1999:

"The way of Todoh prevails! The Martial Arts, they kick!"

Kasumi in 2000:

"All of my [techniques] are superb! I can withstand any attack!"


"A foreseeable fluke, but I'M NOT THROUGH [YET]!!!"


Geese Howard in 1996:

"Hmph! I'll break anyone who blocks my way to world conquest!"

"Hey: want the power to live again? Sorry, your time just ran out!"

"So how does it feel to be ruled by OVERWHELMING power?"


Wolfgang Krauser in 1996:

"YEAH! I just love it when I can maim people and get money too!"

"If you can win, then you'll be the world's strongest. IF, that is."

"Under my absolute power, all of my foes lie in their graves."


Mr. Big in 1996:

"What? I need a reason to fight? How 'bout your ugly mugs?"

"You thought yourselves heroes, huh? That's so funny, I'm crying!"

"I can beat you with one finger! Now get outta' my way, trash!"


William Kane in 1995:

"WHAT was THAT? Over so soon? Bummer dude!"

"Too bad "defeat" isn't in my personal dictionary!"

"I've no business with losers. Now hit the pavement, slug-face!"

Billy in 1998:

"How does it feel to be well done?  But I bet you taste terrible!"

Billy in 2002:

"You [idiot]! You can't beat me! Not even if it's a fluke OR Fate!"

Billy to Terry Bogard:

"Your demise would make my day!"

Billy to the Hero Team:

"[Phew]!"  "Your moves stink!"


Ryuji Yamazaki in 1998:

"Annoying! Annoying! Annoying! You just so [****kin'] annoying!"

Yamazaki in 2002:

"You look like a splattered pomegranate, pinhead!"

"You WANT to get sliced up like a chopped-up tree?"


Mr. Rugal/Luger Bernstein in 1994:

Against Team Italy: "Was that all of your power?"

Against Team Mexico: "You [can] leave Kyokugen-ryuu to me...[WHILE YOU] 

Against Team England: "You shall be the most exquisite of [my] 

Against Team Japan: "I'll exhibit you AND your father!"

Against Team United States of America: "You shall be my main 

Against Team China: "Justice has NEVER prospered!"

Against Team Korea: "I've [now] found a good addition."

Against Team Brazil: "Your family awaits you..."

Mr. Bernstein in 1995:

"Try again. Next time, I'll show you how powerful I truly am!"

"You never had a chance, blowhard! Good day!"

"I'm more than a god; I'M A SUPERSTAR!!! HAHAHAAAAAA!!!"

Mr. Bernstein in 1998:

"Now repeat after me: "I will not challenge a GOD again!"

Mr. Bernstein in 2002:

"Have you done your packing?  YOUR LIFE'S JOURNEY [IS] OVER!!!"

Against the Garou Densetsu Team: "You call your strength legendary?!  
Talk about spin!"

Against the Ryuuko no Ken Team: "Kyokugen-ryuu Karate...I've surpassed 
you LONG ago!"

Against the Josie no Kakutouka Team: "Now that's quite an outfit. I'll 
add it to my collection."

Against the Shin Shujinkou Team: "The light of the moon helps one 
understand the night's darkness..."

Against the Yagami (KOF '96) Team: "Only the sane are crazy in a crazy, 
mixed-up world."

Against the Psycho Soldier Team: "Happiness is but a dream; Pain is the 
true reality!"

Against the Korean Team: "Evil makes the world go round.  Now do you 

Against the Ikari no Senshi Team: "Heidern, you will make a monkey of 
me NO MORE!!!"

Against the '97 Special Team: "All reality is pre-Destined; even your 
pathetic Fates."

Against the New Faces Team: "I'm sorry, but I've LONG since transcended 

Against the Neo Hero Team: "Act like a guinea pig and get experimented 

Against the KOF 2000 Team: "So THIS is the best you mangy mercenaries 
can do?"

Against the N.E.S.T.S Team: "There are those in the world you just 
can't betray."


Kyo Kusanagi in 1994:

Against Team Italy: "WE'LL BE THE CHAMPIONS!"

Against Team Mexico: "This is the end of Kyokugen-ryuu!"

Against Team England: "Impressive; but I saw it coming!"

Against Team Japan: "THAT'S the fate of a fraud!"

Against Team United States of America: "THIS IS TOO EASY!"

Against Team China: "[Your] cheap tricks won't work!"

Against Team Korea: "My fists are hard to beat!"

Against Team Brazil: "My fists are on fire!"

Kyo in 1995:

"Burn in the fury of my flames you worthless weakling!"

"That's it? Well, I'm not angry; just disappointed."

"So long Weenie King! We won't meet again."

Kyo in 1996:

"Stop moping around and butch up, you weenie!"

"Eat my Flames of Fury wimp! Grovel before the [might of the] Kusanagi"

"Wow! Back to the gym for you! You really are pathetic!"

Kyo in 1998:

"You just ain't got it, so stop whining and get lost!"

Kyo in 1999:

"Huh? Don't tell me? Thought I was a clone?"

Kyo in 2000:

"Resistance is Flammable! No one can stop my flame!"



Kyo in 2001:

"This isn't what a real battlefield should be!"

"Victory was pre-destined. I'm not in your bush league!"

"It's all experience.  FIGHT ON, DUDE!!!" :)

Kyo to K':

"Business with N.E.S.T.S?  I'll introduce you personally!" 

Kyo to Iori Yagami:

"Follow me no more..."

Kyo to the N.E.S.T.S Team:

"As you've been so nice, I've returned your favors!"

Kyo to Goro Daimon:

"You've still got it! I haven't had [this much fun in a LONG time]!" 

Kyo in 2002:

"That's the pepper! That's the stuff! O~oh YEAH!"

"You're pretty good; You got me to BURN!" ;p

Kyo to the Yagami (KOF '96) Team:

"You're weighing me down.  [This is] the "kissoff" losers!'

Kyo to Iori Yagami:

Kyo to the New Faces Team:

"Will you never learn?  Or must I show you more punishment?!"

Kyo to the N.E.S.T.S Team:

"You can only get stronger if you alter your body.  Are you guys happy 
with that?"


Benimaru Nikaido in 1994:

Against Team Italy: "Now I've got lots of fans!"

Against Team Mexico: "[That] was quite enjoyable!"

Against Team England: "You'd look better in a dress."

Against Team Japan: "My looks and power are true!"

Against Team United States of America: "This is my style in battle."

Against Team China: "Did you [seriously] think you could win?"

Against Team Korea: "You were shocked by my attack!"

Against Team Brazil: "Let's have more fun fighting!"

Benimaru in 1995:

"Someone who looks as good as [I do] just has to win! Later..."

"The rumors of your strength seem greatly exaggerated, you pansy!"

"Lambs are tougher than you! How do I know? Well...uh...um..."

Benimaru in 1996:

"There just aren't enough complements to praise my beautiful fighting!"

"So fighting can be cool! [Visual appeal] is [the key]!"

"If you can't win elegantly, you can't win at all, stumble buns!"

Benimaru in 1998:

"My reason for winning? I'm just cool...real cool."

Benimaru in 1999:

"Watch me now. A flower's life is brief..."

"I'm sorry.  The god of Victory [just] smiles upon me!"
Benimaru in 2000:

"You're fiery fighting almost wilted my "Rosy" beauty, bud!"


"Humph! It's still not over, twerp!"

Benimaru in 2001:

"[Do you] like this pose?  It really suits me, eh?"

"You know my style, "Win beautifully."  Got it?"

"What's up stooges?  Too much for ya', eh?"

"Victory is mine...so long as my "Coolality" remains..."

Benimaru to the Hero Team:

"Bond with your teammates; trust is what wins battles."

Benimaru to the Yagami Team:

"What a rag-tag bunch!  Are you fighters or prisoners?!"

Benimaru to Seth:

"Sorry [ol' friend], but I must insist that I move on to the next 

Benimaru in 2002:

"You're pretty good, but you no match for me!"

Benimaru to the KOF 2000 Team:

"O~oh!  I BET that hurts, eh'?"


Goro Daimon in 1994:

Against Team Italy: "Keep practicing hard!"

Against Team Mexico: "Good [fighters], as I expected!"

Against Team England: "You are obsessed by [your] desires!"

Against Team Japan: "I hate copy-cats!"

Against Team United States of America: "Be determined to win!"

Against Team China: "[You have great potential!]"

Against Team Korea: "Um...uh...almost!"

Against Team Brazil: "A peaceful world is the best one!"

Daimon in 1995:

"Life is only training. Training and bowling."

"You did good slick! Ciao for now!"

"You had no chance against me, the ULTIMATE fighting machine!"

Daimon in 1996:

"Fighting is all instincts. Instincts and steel muscles."

"If you think you have what it takes, try me one more time!"

"I read you like an open grade school reader, pal!"

Daimon in 1998:



Daimon in 2001:

"WHOO! I haven't been this pumped in a long time!"

"Yup, KOF is special...[boy,] I just can't stop jittering!"

"Whew! What a contender!"

Daimon to Kyo Kusanagi:

"YEAH! THAT WAS A FIGHT! What a nostalgia rush!"

Daimon to Shingo:

"[You must] work to surpass your master; [but] You've got 
possibilities, though."

Daimon to the Ikari no Senshi Team:

"What razor sharpness! Just like a soldier..."

Daimon in 2002:

"You have no defense."

Daimon to Kim Kaphwan:

"Our methods may differ, but our goals are the same.  Help me out 
[here], pal!"


Saisyu in 1995:

"Is that all you have? Get a life pal! Now shove off!"

"Is there no one to match my power? Oh, I'll just go mad!"

"My strength comes from hate! And not those chemical substitutes!"

Saisyu in 1998:

"Defeat is defeat. Fighting's no picnic, kid!"


Chizuru Kagura in 1996:

"Trying with all of your might is the true path to victory!"

"Those of us who have a reason to live have the true power to win!"

"You can't defeat me until you understand what true power is!"

Chizuru in 1998:

"Playtime's over. Winning is [just] too easy! [And] you can't lay a 
finger on me!"


Shingo Yabuki in 1998:

"Did you see me, mom? I, I...WON!!! KINGOFTHEWOR~LD!!!"

Shingo in 1999:

"I just get tougher.  Kyo, I'm coming for you!"

"I must go farther: To perfect my fighting style and sense of humor."

Shingo in 2000:



"One more time!!! (I gotta try again)!!!

Shingo in 2001:

"I DID IT! I AM THE [VICTOR]! I owe it all to my master!

"Your efforts aren't in vain; you just MIGHT win next time!" ;)

"I won't hold back; I'm always on the [edge]!"

Shingo to the Iori Yagami:

"If you've got beef with Kyo, then you gotta get through ME first!"

Shingo to Kyo:

"Master Kyo...I FINALLY DID IT AT LAST!!! [YAHOO~!!!] :D

Shingo to K':

"There's definitely something REALLY scary about that guy..."


Heavy D! in 1994:

Against Team Italy: "[Aw,] your fans must be disappointed."

Against Team Mexico: "We can beat anybody!"

Against Team England: "Muscle counts here, girls!"

Against Team Japan: "My punch is invincible!"

Against Team United States of America: "You [guys] came across REAL 

Against Team China: "We know all of your attacks."

Against Team Korea: "You [guys] put me to sleep!"

Against Team Brazil: "You weren't worthy [enough]."

Heavy D! in 1998:

"Slow! You're attacks are too slow! I read you like a storybook!"


Lucky Glauber in 1994:

Against Team Italy: "WE ARE THE [DOPEST]!"

Against Team Mexico: "My karate was [better], huh?"

Against Team England: "You can take us on again anytime!"

Against Team Japan: "You guys were the No. #1?"

Against Team United States of America: "We're seasoned fighters!"

Against Team China: "You're no match for us!"

Against Team Korea: "[That was] much easier than expected!"

Against Team Brazil: "We outweigh nuclear [weapons]."

Lucky in 1998:

"Wake up! It's too early for bedtime!"


Brian Battler in 1994:

Against Team Italy: "[At least] make it a little enjoyable!"

Against Team Mexico: "Karate [huh]? That's nothing!"

Against Team England: "You're not strong enough!"

Against Team Japan: "GO HOME!"

Against Team United States of America: "You're no match for us!"

Against Team China: "Psychic powers [huh]? Yeah, right!"

Against Team Korea: "[Well,] the team combination ain't too bad!"

Against Team Brazil: "Stop [pretending] to be soldiers!"

Brian in 1998:

"You're defense means nothing...nothing to my tackling, that is!"


Chin Gentsai in 1994:

Against Team Italy: "You [guys] need more training!"

Against Team Mexico: "I'm too old for this."

Against Team England: "[Oh boy, the] wife's gonna' scold me again!"

Against Team Japan: "I'm stronger when I'm drunk!"

Against Team United States of America: "[Ha!] You [guys] were beaten by 
an old man!"

Against Team China: "...[and] I won the drinking [competition] too!"

Against Team Korea: "Would you like to be my students?"

Against Team Brazil: "Sake's the best! [Ya' guys] want some?"

Chin in 1995:

"Gee, you looked bad, but your fighting skills looked worse!"

"To make things easier for you, next time, I'll fight drunk!"

"You need a lot more work. Go back to the gym, tadpole!"

Chin in 1996:

"Pwaaah! After that, I REALLY need this!"

"Winning is tough, just like old beef jerky in my pocket."

"This meeting was destined. How 'bout a swig? It's choice!" 

Chin in 1998:

"O, ouch! Whew! I can beat you! But age is something different."

Chin in 1999:

"How about that, kid? I still go the stuff!"

Chin in 2000:

"Whew! I'm beat! [Boy,] I wish I was a striker!"


"Hey, you should RESPECT your elders!"

Chin in 2001:

"This is your era: DON'T SCREW IT UP!"

"Hmmmm.  This win [makes me very happy]."

Chin to the Athena Asamiya, Sie (Shii) Kensou, and Bao (Pao):

"Hmmmm. I'll be keeping my eye on your future, kid."

Chin to the N.E.S.T.S Team:

"Evil deeds make evil souls."

Chin in 2002:

"Ugh!"  "Whoo!" "That was close!"  "Feel like doing it again?"


Athena Asamiya in 1994:

Against Team Italy: "You [could've] at least [tried to] beat us!"

Against Team Mexico: "You rely on power too much!"

Against Team England: "I'm sorry [about that], sisters."

Against Team Japan: "We were lucky; this time."

Against Team United States of America: "You [guys] stink!"

Against Team China: "NEVER impersonate us AGAIN!"

Against Team Korea: "[Your] team is not well-balanced."

Against Team Brazil: "Life is more than just fighting!"

Athena in 1995:

"I may be a woman, but I'm one tough, fabulous, babe!"

"There's no tea time for heroines! Let's go!"

"You weren't that bad; you were pathetic! Go home!"

Athena in 1996:

"I just love it when these battles go full contact!"

"Watch me in the next fight! This time, I might even try!"

"Wow! That was fun! Let's do it again soon, okay?"

Athena in 1998:

"Sorry about that! :) Are you hurt? I guess I got a bit carried away."

Athena in 1999:

"[Boy!] Everyone got so strong! I gotta' train harder!"

Athena in 2000:

"I won't say that you're weak...(I'll just think it, okay?") :)


"What went wrong this time, huh?"

Athena in 2001:

"A fighting idol's life is rough, but I've got my fans to think about!"

"Like my new costume?  I think it's just darling!" :)

"This crystal's pretty, eh?  It keeps me focused!"

Athena to the Josie no Kakutouka Team:

"An all women's team? Can I join next time?"

Athena Chang Koehan:

"What? Where's Jhun?!  What's going on here?"

Athena to Sie (Shii) Kensou: 

"You've gotten much better, but you still need more practice."

Athena to the N.E.S.T.S Team:

"Now promise me that your evil deeds end here!"

Athena in 2002:

"Huh? Another match?" "G...GR~EAT!" "I love my life! [NOT!!!!]" 

Athena to Sie (Shii) Kensou:

"Been skipping your workouts, eh'?  I'll tell the master..." ;p

Athena to Iori Yagami:

"Why do you use your power for evil?  [It makes me so sad...]"


Sie (Shii) Kensou in 1994:

Against Team Italy: "You [guys] are famous, but so am I!"

Against Team Mexico: "Your reputation isn't true!"

Against Team England: "Beauty means nothing in a [real] fight!"

Against Team Japan: "That was a good fight! Let's do it again 

Against Team United States of America: "Is this the limit of sports?"

Against Team China: "See! WE'RE the REAL fighters!"

Against Team Korea: "You aren't as strong as you look!"

Against Team Brazil: "Don't worry; we're too strong!"

Kensou in 1995:

"If you want to beat me, you'll need years of practice!"

"So, do you still think I fight like a girl? You twit!"

"I can read you like an open book, moron: time for a rewrite!"

Kensou in 1996:

"Yes, I'm an original! No one does it better!"

"Pull yourselves together! Now, on your bellies and give me 100."

"You hit your wall bud, and you can it Kensou."

Kensou in 1998:

"[With] new threads...[and a] new attitude...THE NEW KENSOU'S COMIN' AT 

Kensou in 1999:

"I'm no psychic, but I am a psycho!"

Kensou in 2000:

"Beaten as you were, you'll realize "to fear is to lose!"


"I can't let myselt lose like this!"

Kensou in 2001:

"I'M SMOKIN'!  ...(and this dumpling's good, too!)"

"This dumpling's awesome! You can have it IF you win...NOT!"

"My moves aren't magic, they're pure skill!"

Kensou to the Korean Team:

"Justice." Those who speak of it know it least..."

Kensou to Li Xiangfei:

"You want a SNACK?! NOW?!?  [You] got a tapeworm or something? [Jeez]!"

Kensou to the Ryuuko no Ken Team:

"Dragons, Tigers...[They're all] just beasts. [However], I am a 
creature of reason."

Kensou to Athena Asamiya:

"I am A-O.K!  Don't worry about me!" :) 

Kensou in 2002:

"There are no strange additives in my dumplings, dude!"

Kensou to Athena Asamiya:

"Uh...uh...Athena...uh... Oh, nevermind..."

Kensou to Robert Garcia:

"I always thought you needed an image change."


Bao (Pao) in 1999:

"Oh yes! I'm victorious and happy as an oyster!"

Bao in 2000:

"Let [us] meet again! See you later crocodile!"


"Hamana, hamana...I lost! But I was SO close!"

Bao in 2001:

"Heh heh, I can't always rely on psycho power!"

"Let's play again soon!  See you later, alligator!" (He FINALLY got it 
right after two games!)

"I may be a kid, but I'm no child!" >:(

Bao to the Josie no Kakutouka Team:

"That was enlightening! And fun, too!  Let's do it again!"

Bao to the Korean Team:

"Huh?  They're not here?!  Where's Athena's fans?"

Bao to the Psycho Soldiers Team:

"WOOHOO!!!"  "This makes me a REAL Psycho Soldier!" :D

Bao to K9999:

"M-mamma...I'm scared!!!" 


Hinako Shijou in 2000:

"[Ooops!] I reacted without thinking! [Are] you okay? ...[oh,] I didn't 
think so..."


"[Oh~,] This Heavenly Body has fallen from Grace!"

Hinako in 2001:

"I gotta show my sumo team mates what I can do!"

"I'll need more practice to be a REAL sumo wrestler!"


Hinako to the Japan Team: 

"Team Japan, you say?  You had a tosser [on your team], didn't you?"

Hinako to the Korean Team:

"Champions of Justice?"  You gotta be kidding me!"


Kim Kaphwan in 1994:


Against Team Mexico: "I'd like to [challenge] you again!"

Against Team England: "You [challenged] the wrong [team]!"

Against Team Japan: "You'll get stronger by training."

Against Team United States of America: "Don't make light of Tae-Kwon-

Against Team China: "My [kicks] are invincible!"

Against Team Korea: "I'm not going to forgive you, [YOU] FRAUD!"

Against Team Brazil: "WE will go forward!"

Kim in 1995:

"Justice always wins. Sulk in defeat, you bad person you!"

"I fight in the name of Justice! Meet my wrath kimchee breath!"

"I cannot lose: I fight for truth, justice, and the Korean way!"

Kim in 1996:

"You need to find the true meaning of battle: PAIN!"

"You can't win by luck alone, but it sure helps, eh'?

"The only enemy I have is me...and my old girlfriend...and..."

Kim in 1998:

"Hey guys, how about it? Let's do the Tae Kwon Do thing!"

Kim in 1999:

"What a boring opponent; too overconfident!"

Kim in 2000:

"My sons should learn to fear battle.  [Man,] WHAT A RUSH!!!"


"Carelessness is an awesome energy!"

Kim in 2001:

"You want to beat me? THEN GET AN ARMY FOO'!

"Whoo hoo hoo...YOU CAN'T EVER BEAT ME!"

Kim to Chang Koehan and Choi Bounge:

"If you want power, [then] follow me; I will make you mighty!"

Kim to May-Lee:

"Hmmmm. I read you like a book! You're TOO WEAK for justice! 
[Ahahahaha!!!]" *eyes gleam*

Kim to the Ryuuko no Ken Team:

"Kyokugen-ryuu is strong, but nothing to Justice's might!"

Kim to the N.E.S.T.S Team:

"[Oh boy]! I'll make upstanding humans of you yet!"

Kim in 2002:

"How about it?  You'd be a champ at Tae Kwon Do?" ;)


Jhun Hoon in 1999:

"You're really weak! Throw in the towel!"

"I shouldn't have underestimated you. Next time, I'll fight with all of 
my ability!"

Jhun in 2000:

"I'LL HEAR NO WHINING [FROM YOU]! Take this, please!"


"[Man,] Who'da thunk it?!"


Jinju Lee (a.k.a "May-Lee) in 2001:

"I AM HEAVEN'S WRATH! I live to destroy evil!!!

"I AM JUSTICE'S SERVANT! I yeild to no one!"


"My victory pose is proof of Justice, right?"

"I am Justice! Don't you think [so], master?"

May-Lee to Kim Kapwhan:

"Master! Thank you [so much] for the match!!!" :D

May-Lee to Iori Yagami:

"He's HERE!  [What a] freak!  But I whooped him good!"

Jinju Lee (a.k.a "May-Lee") in 2002:

"You'd be SO~ much happier finding your inner child, [dude]!"

May-Lee to Iori Yagami:

"I'm so [stumped]!  Why are you so evil?"


Chang Koehan in 1994:

Against Team Italy: "You [guys] are handsome...but that didn't help."

Against Team Mexico: "Only your words are bold!"

Against Team England: "[Well, of course] THIS is the natural result!"

Against Team Japan: "DAMN YOU! GET OUTTA' HERE!!!"

Against Team United States of America: "You're just a bunch of kids to 

Against Team China: "I smell "injustice".

Against Team Korea: "Stop copying us, NOW!"

Against Team Brazil: "Did you enjoy my iron ball?"

Chang in 1995:

"No matter how hard you train, you can't beat me, you insect!"

"You may have speed, but I have this big iron ball."

"Don't piss me off! I have the strength of 1000 linemen!"

Chang in 1996:

"Hey, I could'a told you that I'd win before the match!"

"You thought you could beat us? Do you believe in Santa Claus too?"

"Hahahaha! Even beating up on idiots has its good points!"

Chang in 1998:

"A CRUSHING victory...hehehe."

Chang in 1999:

"You're potential energy...I'm irresistible force!"

Chang in 2000:

"You're one lucky individual! I've given up [on] wasting losers [like 


"I'm down, but not out, FOO'!

Chang in 2001:


"What a bore! Must I ALWAYS win?"

"Left it to your strenght?  What a bonehead!"

Chang to the Hero Team:

"The "Reborn Hero Team"?  Never heard of it..."

Chang to the Japan Team:

"The "Reborn Japan Team"?  Never heard of you..."

Chang to Choi Bounge:

"Hey! My practicing [has] actually paid off!"

Chang in 2002:

"Yeah! One more time: YEAH!"

"Scooby doo doo wop.  Doo wop, ah doo doo..."


Choi Bounge in 1994:

Against Team Italy: "Now WE can be famous too!"

Against Team Mexico: "You're blood is delicious!"

Against Team England: "[It's] so exiting to chop up beauties!"

Against Team Japan: "Have you [guys] lost your spirits?"

Against Team United States of America: "Your body is no use in war!"

Against Team China: "You [guys] finish already? Heehee!"

Against Team Korea: "Your iron nails are rusty!"

Against Team Brazil: "You should've given up!"

Choi in 1995:

"No one beats me! I fight for justice...and lots of cash!"

"I love the sound of stainless steel on raw flesh. YES!!!"

"Those who play with razors are bound to get cut. Better watch out!"

Choi in 1996:

"Cut and gouge! Cut and gouge! The terror of my claw lives!"

"I'll carve my name into all who dare challenge me!"

"I may be short, but boy! I sure know how to move!"

Choi in 1998:

"A quick win! A quick victory! This time, I'm really free!"

Choi in 1999:

"I'm a little monster who kicks big butt!"

Choi in 2000:

"O~h...the mutilation...the twirling...THE ECSTACY!"


"Oh, ho, those stairs in front of me are pur~ty!"

Choi in 2001:

"Ping! I win again!"

"Too fast for the human eye am I!"

"I CANNOT be emulated! Not now, not ever! Yes!"

Choi to the Psycho Soldiers Team: 

"I have had ENOUGH of your [stupid] psychic power!"

Choi to Chang Koehan:

"Hey CHANG: Guess who worked out a little more?"

Choi in 2002:

"There's nothing like the touch of youth..."


Commander Heidern (Jeidern in the USA) in 1994:

Against Team Italy: "[You guys] wouldn't last a minute in [A REAL] 

Against Team Mexico: "[Your fighting style] is nothing!"

Against Team England: "Don't [you] underestimate me!"

Against Team Japan: "Next time, I WILL kill you!"

Against Team United States of America: "I can show you [REAL] Hell 

Against Team China: "To fight, one must know HELL!"

Against Team Korea: "Nobody can stop my chop!"

Against Team Brazil: "Next time, I WILL kill you!"

Heidern in 1995:

"Some fight to win, I fight to kill. Scary, isn't it?"

"You can't avoid the bite of my steel!"

"You can't win against REAL style like ours, fool!"

Heidern in 1998:

"You say you let your guard down...I think you're just a weenie."

Heidern in 2001:

"I'll say one thing: I am invincible."

"Don't you get it: lost concentration means DEATH!"

"KOF always has great guys, but they're just brawlers."

Heidern to the Hero Team:

"Alright you guys...I'll interrogate you later."

Heidern to the N.E.S.T.S Team:

"Sorry; there is no escape.  You will tell me everything."

Heidern to Clark Steel:

"What are you doing? DON'T DAYDREAM ON DUTY!!!"

Heidern to Whip:

"WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN?!  Submit your report [to me] later..." 


1st Lieutenant Randolph (Vincent) Jones in 1994:

Against Team Italy: "We're stronger in [REAL] fighting!"

Against Team Mexico: "WE ARE SOLDIERS!"

Against Team England: "Don't spoil your pretty faces!"

Against Team Japan: "We're [bred] for war!"

Against Team United States of America: "You're no match for us!"

Against Team China: "FIGHT WITH YOUR OWN FISTS!"

Against Team Korea: "WE RISK OUR NECKS TO FIGHT!"

Against Team Brazil: "[You] claim to be us? You've got the nerve!"

Ralf in 1995: 

"No matter how hard you try, you'll just hit the wall loser!"

"Next time, I'll use only one hand...NOT!"

"You're so bad, I could'a killed you five times foo'!"

Ralf in 1996:

"You fought like a star; the guy who plays the corpse, that is."

"You guys fought well...NOT! Now get outta' our way!"

"Me! Lose to you? Not now, not the next millennium!"

Ralf in 1998:

"That's enough for now...I can only be forgiving so much..."

Ralf in 1999:

"I can survive anything...EVEN NUKES!"

Ralf in 2000:

"Total firepower? OF COURSE! I WAGE WAR TO WIN, FOO'!"



Ralf in 2001:

"You think soldiers lose? GET LOST [PANSY]!!!"

"An on-the-ropes punch! No one can win without it!"

"NOW do you understand? My punch hurts!"

Ralf to Commander Heidern:

"Getting old, Sir?  You can't just retire, you know."

Ralf to the N.E.S.T.S Team:

"Another [bad guy]! YOU'LL PAY FOR THIS!!!" (A.C: "Minion of Evil"? 
That's sooooo out of Ralf's league it's not even funny)

Ralf to the Hero Team:

"...Nothing but nuisances! YOU'LL PAY FOR YOUR INSOLENCE!!!"

Ralf to Private Whip:

"YOU! If you were alive, you should've come to see me!" ;)

Ralf in 2002:

"Me? Lose to a putz like you?!  You're a regular laugh riot!"

"How needs a team when you're a fighting god like me?"

"I'm not gonna lose on a "Punching" game!"

Ralf against female characters:

"Take it easy on chick? NO WAY!  This is the 21-Century, baby!"

Ralf to the Hero Team:

"I'm a "One-Man-Battallion"!"


2nd Lieutenant Clark (Paul) Steel in 1994:

Against Team Italy: "You've disappointed me!"

Against Team Mexico: "This is just a warm-up!"

Against Team England: "Leave here if you don't wanna' get hurt!"

Against Team Japan: "You're just an amateur in the rules of war!"

Against Team United States of America: "Go home and enjoy sports!"

Against Team China: "China is so mysterious!"

Against Team Korea: "Will you join our team?"

Against Team Brazil: "A perfect disguise!"

Clark in 1995:

"Oh, how I long for a real battle. This is just too easy!"

"With strength like yours, losing was to be expected."

"Go back home, wimp.  I don't waste my time with amateurs."

Clark in 1996:

"Now, now: these things happen. Never to me, of course..."

"You don't know your own weaknesses melon head!"

"Hey, don't take your pathetic loss personally! It's just business."

Clark in 1998:

"Losers have no rights...that's what history's all about."

Clark in 1999:

"I had fun...for about five seconds. A new low..."

Clark in 2000:

"You [have] nothing to regret; You came this far, right?"


"You messed me up good...[but] you gonna go NOW?"

Clark in 2001:

"My battle experience shows, SO YOU CAN'T BEAT ME!"

"Even a fool fights armed! [Just look at me]: Fists AND a Gun!"

"Hate the sight of blood? THEN GET OUTTA' THE BATTLE BIZ!"

Clark to Heidern:

"The Way of Assassins lives.  (But I thought I was a goner!)

Clark to Whip:

"Dominatrix! You're okay! You had me worried [there], babe!"

Clark to the N.E.S.T.S Team:

"Your deeds are evil.  I want you to know that." 

Clark to the Hero Team:

"What a bunch of hooligans! But [now] all your [nonsense] is over!"

Clark in 2002:

"Duty's" a female dog!"  "Oh, think about it, [you] fool!"

Clark to the KOF 2000 Team:

"On a separate mission, eh?  Combat's a drag, ain't it?"


Sergeant Leona Heidern in 1996:

"You guys really need help! There's no way you can win!"

"Oh lighten up, you wimps! It's just a tournament."

"You're lucky to be alive...now pick up your livers and go."

Leona in 1998:

"Had enough? THEN BEAT IT, FOO'!

Leona in 1999:

"Why did you do it? You never had a chance..."

Leona in 2000:

"You should have expected that; I know I did..."


"I have failed my mission...and await [further] orders.

Leona in 2001:

"Now GET OUT OF HERE...if you want to live, that is."

"I'm always the victor; you should have known that."

"To fight is to win...or lose; That's it. Wait a minute..." o_O?

Leona to Commander Heidern:

"I've mastered assassination. My mission conintues, sir."

Leona to the Yagami Team:

"You're mission is over.  I'll finish it for you..."

Leona to the Hero Team:

"I'm taking you ALL into custody, [ASAP]!"

Leona to May-Lee:

"Are you kidding me?!"

Leona in 2002:

"Oh stop whimpering! A wound like that won't kill you!"


Private Muchiko (Whip) in 1999:

"All show, now substance!"

Whip in 2000:

"What a fierce sneer! Well, at least you still have spunk!"


"I better think of a new strategy!"

Whip in 2001:

"You fought well! Even my whip "Voodoo" has improved!"

"I won because I believe in my weapon. That's all that's important."

"My [team] is loaded with talent, but talent alone doesn't win."

Whip to the Ikari no Senshi Team:

"It's been ages you guys! I'm glad that we had [some] time together!"

Whip to the N.E.S.T.S Team:

"What a sloppy organization! You really thought you'd win?"

Whip to Kula Diamond:

"I'd like take some time to chat with you."

Whip to K':

"Don't rush through battles; learn to enjoy the pain." ;)

Whip in 2002:

"No one has a hope against my dazzling bullwhippery!"

Whip to Billy Kane:

"Those who get in my way will feel my whips sting."

Whip to the N.E.S.T.S Team:

"Well guys, it's time we had a little talk..."


Yashiro Nanakase in 1998:

"You're not too bad...that is, you're second."

"You wanna' know how I won?  Ask that loser over there!"

Yashiro in 2002:


Yashiro to Chris:


"Quiet down, you fly!"

Against Angel:

"Ape ME, will you?  You "Bargain Basement Boob! [SHUT UP!]"


Shermie in 1998:

"Game over pal! :) Don't forget to save! :) Sweet Dreams! :)

Shermie in 2002:

"All things considered, I'm the critic's choice!" ;)

"What? Me, lonely?  Soon, there will BE no nore humanity!"

Shermie to Chris: 

"This is where it all began...and end[ed]."

Shermie to Angel:

"You should find a new stylist; Talk about your silly costumes!"

Shermie to Kyo:

"We cannot stop the gods!  All of you, DIE!!!"

Shermie to Iori Yagami:

"A new evening falls upon the world, celebrating the godless night!"


Chris in 1998:

"You make me laugh chump; and laugh and laugh..."

"I can't stop...laughing!"

Chris in 2002:

"That was very fun, yes?"

"That was a gas! 'Ten-hut, loser!"

"You did well for the insects that you are."

"No matter how hard you try, "Trash" is trash!" ;O


Goenitz in 1996:

"Your invitation has brought you your own destruction...toodles!"

"Now, the world will burn in the flames of hatred and chaos will 

"With the end of your pathetic performance, so ends humanity..."


Iori Yagami in 1995:

"A rose blooms best near death...and you're in full bloom pal!"

"Another young one bites the dust...tough break dweebs!"

"Oh, cheer up; you never had a chance to begin with!" 

Iori in 1996:

"This is your last fight; a memorable final performance!"

"Geez, sorry you guys, there's no cure for stupidity!"

"Well, you had to die sometime...now is as good a time as any!"

Iori in 1998:

"There's no value in a broken toy, which is what you losers are!"

Iori in 1999:

"Do as you like...it's not my job to kill you."

Iori in 2000:

"It's like I'm assisting [in a] suicide! ...Hate not me; Hate your 
[own] weakness!"


"How long ya' gonna' gloat? [GET THE **** OUTTA' HERE!!!]

Iori in 2001:

"[You] Putz!"

"Never come near me again, maggot!"

"What a waste...of time..."

Iori to the N.E.S.T.S Team:

"N.E.S.T.S isn't even on my radar screen!"

Iori to Kyo Kusanagi:

"What's the matter Kyo? YOU CALL THAT FIGHTING?!"

Iori to the Japan Team:

"For the Team?"  [Are you kidding me?!] "GET SERIOUS [YOU BUNCH O' 

Iori to Vanessa:

"[If I catch] you again, I'll [**** you up good]...WOMAN OR NOT!!!"

Iori in 2002:

"Remember me when you look at the moon!"

"Escape or Die?  It's your choice!"


Iori to Kyo Kusanagi: 

"You don't know your Fate?  How about "HELL ON EARTH!" [NOW DIE!!!]"

Iori to Mature and Vice:

"Act like a cherry blossom and scatter, you pinheads!"

Iori to Benimaru Nikaido and Goro Daimon:

"I have no need for you, so why don't you DIE?!"


Mature in 1996:

"Life is one bargain after another. Now the bargaining is over..."

"I'm sure you all have dreams; I'll show you the way to dreamland..."

"You must pay for your sins! The time of atonement has come..."

Mature in 1998:

"Good night, forever. Have a million sweet dreams..."

Mature in 2002:

"You can touch me, [but] It'll cost [you] your life..."


Vice in 1996:

"The weak must be defeated; that is my only compromise."

"Through time, mankind's only nature has been evil."

"Humans are always rushing to self-destruction. You gotta' love these 

Vice in 1998:

"Well, I guess I'm through; there's no more bones to break!"

Vice in 2002:

"I say "goodbye" to you now, but I do it with a smile!" ;)

"You're already gone?! But I'm not finished with you yet!"

"One million smiles, and then "Goodbye"..."


K' (K-Dash) in 1999:

"And now, the finish...GET UP FOO'!"

"Blood...my fist is soiled with your blood!"

"I'm enough..."

K' to Kyo Kusanagi:

"I didn't think I'd meet you here.  But since you're here, I've got 
some questions to ask..."

K' (K Dash) in 2000:

"If you can't win, [then] **** OFF!"


"Don't make light of me! I'll get [your ***] next time!"

K' in 2001:

"Fights [that] you know you'll win are such piffle paffle, eh?"

"You're no match for me! Really...(*giggles*)...you make me cry! 
(*starts laughing*)

"You've had enough.  Realize that you've been beaten!"

K' to the Japan Team:

"The "Japan Team"? Why are [those guys] dredging up the past?"

K' to the N.E.S.T.S Team:

"You came to defeat me?!" (*laughs out loud*) "Humph!" "IN YOUR DREAMS 

K' to Kula Diamond:

"Why is it that I feel like I know you?"

K' to Whip:

"I expected a lot from you..." *sighs* "I'm so disappointed..."

K' in 2002:

"Put you three together, and you get a bunch of losers!"

"Even if all of you came at me at once, I'd still feel like I wouldn't 

K' to Whip: 

"That was quite a pilgrimage you made."

K' to the New Faces Team:

"Guilty as charged."

K' to Kula Diamond:

"Now you bleed over there and think about what you've done."


Maxima in 1999:

"I read your moves like the funny papers!"

"I feel good...and my arm is making a good sound."

"You wanna' know the secret to my strength? Sorry, that's TOP SECRET!"

"It's amazing that you're still alive! I didn't think anyone could 
surive that!"

Maxima in 2000:

"You'd best give up than be wrong...I know I'm faster than you."


"Do as you like; I'll fight you anytime..."

Maxima in 2001:

"Wanna' go again?"

"Could you feel the pain? That was my [goodbye] smash!"

"The victor is chosen.  No need to die over this..."

Maxima to K':

"I think you need my help; wouldn't you agree, partner?"

Maxima to the N.E.S.T.S Team:

"All right guys: I'll save you, but you WILL answer my questions! [Got 

Maxima to the Yagami Team:

"[Have you learned from your beating]?  We'll take over from here!"

Maxima in 2002:


"You're the last ones?  Then it's almost "Checkmate"."

"My arm is omnipotent!"

Maxima to K':

"You NEED me you ungrateful sap!"  


K9999 (K Four-Nine) in 2001:


"YOU CALL YOURSELF TOUGH?! Don't make me laugh! (*starts laughing*)


K9999 to Commander Heidern:

"I will win...NO MATTER WHAT!!!"

K9999 to K' (K-Dash), Maxima, and Whip:

"YOU'RE ALL GNATS! All you traitors, you!"

K9999 to the Japan Team:

"All you flashy panzies...you're just SOOOOO weak!"

K9999 to Kula Diamond:


K9999 in 2002:

"How does it feel to lose to the conqueror of the world?"

"Hahahahaha!!!  Kneel before me, NOW!"

"I don't like the way you talk."

K9999 to Angel:

"Don't come any closer to me..."

K9999 to K':

"I get pissed off when I'm around you...I mean RE~ALLY pissed off!!!"


Vanessa in 2000:

"Let's do this again...if you butch up a bit, that is!"


"How cruel...at least stay for a while? [Won't you]?"

Vanessa in 2001:

"Well, I did win. Not bad for a girl, eh? :)

"It's a rough world, so I'll take over from here!"

"How do you like adult women? [Oh, hey!] Don't get me wrong..."

"[I] saw a good training machine on an infomercial: buy it!" :)

Vanessa to Ramon:

Thank you so much! You were soooo helpful! :)

Vanessa to K'

"You've butched up a bit! I bet your sister's happy!" :)

Vanessa to the Ikari no Senshi Team:

"Quite a collection of creeps...proof that troubles brewing..."

Vanessa in 2002:

"O~oh yeah! I'm gonna drink to my success!"

"You need a little more work."  "Uh...[actually] a LOT more..." ;)

"I am woman: HEAR ME ROAR!!!" ;)


Ramon in 2000:

"You're expression was classic! :) ...Much better than my "lucha!"


"Thanks for the facial, pinhead!"

Ramon in 2001:

"Can't take my "Aerial Slayer"?  Yeah, I didn't think so."

"If you don't have balance, you can't go the distance!"

"Try your own best efforts!"

"I prefer "fair play"."

"If you don't have balance, you can got "Aerial!" ;)

"YOU'RE CHEATING!  You gotta fight fair! C'mon, man!" :)

Ramon to Vanessa:

"I won! Let's celebrate! How 'bout some tequilla?" ;)

Ramon to Heidern:

"[Well], my eyepatch is cooler!" ;p

Ramon in 2002:

"My Lucha's better in real life than on TV, eh?  I'm TOO much!" :)

Ramon to Joe Higashi: 

"When I fight with you, I have SO much fun!"

Ramon to Vanessa:

"I win! Now, about our date [that we] wagered, Senorita...Ole'!"


Seth in 2000:

"For [my] victory, bring wine and chinchilla...it is all that I 


"Don't celebrate yet...I'm hard to shake!"

Seth in 2001:

"Call my style "Self-Defense"...but oh, it's so much more..."

"You gotta know your foe...and bugs are a BIG help. Hehehe..."

"Sorry; an agent just doesn't roll over and lose."

Seth to the Hero Team:

"Did you learn anything?  If you've got info, [you'd better] tell me 

Seth to Vanessa:

"We both have [the] ability, but I won this time."

Seth to the Ikari no Senshi Team:

"With all of you guys here, I [just know something was wrong]."

Seth to Benimaru:

"[Aw man], I'm so happy! A chance to mix fists..." 

Seth in 2002:

Seth to the Ikari no Senshi Team:

"[I] guess you're only tough when your boss is with you..."


Lin in 2000:

"My venom has no antidote... Death is the only cure..."



Lin in 2001:

"Full of yourself...as ever."

"My venom works slow...real...slow."

"If you want to live, then you must risk your life!"

"[It's] a little Flying Pirate trick; DIS IT AND DIE, FOOL!"

Lin to the N.E.S.T.S Team:


Lin to the Japan Team:

"Lightning? Flame? DON'T MAKE ME LAUGH!!! (*laughs maniacally*)

Lin to Seth:

"I can't do business with you..."


Kula Diamond in 2000:

"There, I won. Are you happy?"


"Oh, what a bore..."

Kula in 2001:

"Thanks for the scrap! I had a major blast!"

"No problem with me! [No,] not one scratch!"

"Hello? [Diana: Yes, Kula?] I won! [Diana: That's GREAT!] Who's next?

Kula to the Ikari no Senshi Team:

"These guys were scary!"

Kula to the Hero Team: 

"I couldn't let you win.  Gotta problem with that?"

Kula to K' (K-Dash):

"You remind me of [my] childhood.  Oh, nevermind..."

Kula to K9999 (K Four-Nine):

"Whew! You look TERRIBLE! [You] better get medical help!"

Kula in 2002:

"I won. Now, where's my prize?" ;)

Kula to Kyo Kusanagi:

"Those flames...they're just like [his]..."

Kula to K' (K-Dash)

"Now Diana: I told you to stay away from smokers..."

Kula to K9999:

"I hate this guy.  Let's beat it, Candy."


Foxy in 2001:

"If you want to support you bloated ego, then get more ability!"

"One shot to the chest and it's "nighty-night"!"

Foxy to the Ikari no Senshi Team:


Foxy to the Hero Team:

"You should know that no one escapes the organization."

Foxy to Kula Diamond:

"You fought well, [but] you [must] give more!"

Foxy to K9999 (K Four-Nine):

"The ORGANIZATION made a selection? This, perhaps?"


Angel (Ang-hel) in 2001:

"If it's a sin to be mighty, THEN CALL ME THE DEVIL!" >:p

"Had enough tosses and punches? You're all the richer for them!" ;)

"Wow! This little one...IS JUST TOOOOO CUTE!"  ;D

"Be good to me or bad...It is I who always prevails!"

Angel to the Korean Team:

"Justice vessel? [Hah!] TALK ABOUT A L-O-S-E-R!!!"

Angel to the Hero Team:

"You...traitors! I'll take care of you ALL!"

Angel to K9999 (K Four-Nine):

"I don't want to hurt you, so you must defeat me."

Angel in 2002:

"Aw, nuts!"  "Still breathing?!  So much for "mouth-to-mouth..." ;O

Angel to female characters:

"Girls your age shouldn't grab like that!" "BAD BAD BAD!" ;)

Angel to Kyo Kusanagi:

"Hey! There you ARE!"  "SHUT YOUR CAKE HOLE!!!"


Krizalid in 1999:

"Useless. It's so hard to find good help these days!"


Zero in 2000:

"Zero does not mean "Nothing"! I AM THE ALL THAT IS TOUCHED BY NONE!"


Original Zero in 2001:

"[Do] you want to be consoled?  [No,] you're too pathetic for that!"

"A piddling vessel such as yourself could only hold so much power!"


"I knew this [would] be: too bad you didn't."

Original Zero to the Psycho Soldiers Team:

"Your psychic powers pale [in comparison] to those of N.E.S.T.S!"

"If you're the KOF [victors], then mankind is finished!"

Zero to Commander Heidern:

"Hah! Heidern, the difference in our strength is [so] obvious!"

Zero to the Ryuuko no Ken Team: 

"Kyokugenryuu Karate?  It looks more like disco dancing." *laughs out 

Zero to the Psycho Soldier Team:

"Your psychic powers PALE to those of N.E.S.T.S!"

Zero to the Japan Team:

"The "Legendary Team Japan".  A pretty tired legend indeed..."

Zero to the Garou Densetsu Team: 

"Hungry Wolf?"  "Thing again before tangling with a lion..."

Zero to the Korean Team: 

"FOOL! N.E.S.T.S is the only TRUE Justice!"

Zero to the Yagami Team:

"Mere yelping dogs [you are].  N.E.S.T.S fears [nothing from you]."

Zero to the Josie no Kakutouka Team:

"Forgive me, ladies.  I never get used to fighting women..." *sulks in 

Zero to the Hero Team:

"FOOL! You know not your own abilities!"

Zero to the N.E.S.T.S Team:

"[And] to think [waste] like you could have been in N.E.S.T.S!" 


Igniz in 2001:

"I AM the chosen one...the leader of all."

"I am nearly a god...No, wait: I AM A GOD!!!"

"All is pre-destined.  You must realize that."

"No one knows of my power? So it is for a god like me!"

"Is [not] justice but [a] weakness?  Try again, and again, and..."

Igniz to the Garou Densetsu Team:

"So, "Fatal Furies": is warm-up all over?"

Igniz to the Japan Team:

"My clones are FAR more superior to you, Kyo Kusanagi!"

Igniz to Commander Heidern:

"So, Heidern: shall we draw up a treaty of defeat?" *laughs*

Igniz to the Psycho Soldiers Team:

"THAT is not psychic power! SHOW ME YOU TRUE STRENGTH!!!"

Igniz to the Josie no Kakutouka Team:

"We still have some time [left]...let's have some more fun!"

Igniz to the Ryuuko no Ken Team:

"Did you think you could win without your Kyokugenryuu secrets?"

Igniz to Iori Yagami:

"Is THAT the extent of your power, Iori Yagami?"

Igniz to the Hero Team:

"Such weakness! Is that ALL of your hate?" 

Igniz to the K' (K-Dash), Kula Diamond and K9999 (K Four-Nine):

"Over so soon, my pretty guinea pigs?"


Kusanagi in 2002:

"Hallelujah, brother!" "YOU JUST MET YOUR MAKER!" *laughs sadistically*

Kusangi to K' (K-Dash):

"You're as grateful as an elephant! Get lost, you clod!"

Kusanagi to K9999:

"You gotta FOCUS your power..."

Kusanagi to Iori Yagami: 

"I hope you learned your lesson, [sh*t]head!"

             "Song Names and Japanese Lyric Translations"

Almost wrapping this FAQ up, but I can't leave out the coolest feature 
it has!  For your viewing pleasure, here are all of the famous songs 
that make the King of Fighters series so much more than it was in the 


                          It all began in 1994...

The Introduction - The King of Fighters "Kaimaku" (Opening)

MVS Cabinet Title Theme - The King of Fighters 1994 "Kaisai" (Ceremony)

Character Selection - "Shika Kutsujoku ka no Sentaku" (The Choice 
between Death or Shame)

Team Japan - "Esaka" (High Spirits/Good Times)

Team Brazil - Jungle Bouncer

Team England - "Ne!" (?)

Team Italy - The Napolitan Blues

Team United States - Slum No. #5

Midway Intermission - "R&D e Mukau" (Going to R&D)

Team Mexico - "Ryuuko no Ken" (Fist of the Dragon/Tiger)

Team Korea - "Usa" = (?)

Team China - *Psycho Soldier! (The King of Fighters Version)

Stage Cleared - Clear

Mysterious "R's" Challenge - "Kettou" R&D (Dueling R&D)

After Duel Demo - Um...

Mr. Rugal Bernstein's Challenge - "Ketchaku" (The Aftermath)

The Tournament's Outcome - Pure Bon 

The Decision - Happy Jah!

See you next time! - The Sunset Sky (Part 4) (The Papaya Version)

                        'Kept on rollin' in 1995...

The Introduction - K.O.F '95 (The King of Fighters 1995)

Game Type Selection - "Akuma no Select" (Select the Demon)

Character Selection - "Dotou no Select" (Select the Chaos)

Japan Team - Funky "Esaka" (High Spirits/Good Times)

Team Middle East - Desert "Requiem" (Elegy)

Team England - "Tsuchi o hau Bass" (The Crawling Soul Pacer)

Team Italy - Club-M ~ "Aozora" ni Flute (The Clear Sky Flute)

Team United States of America - "Arashi no Saxophone" (The Story 

Midway Intermission - Rugal "Sanka" (Mr.)

Team Mexico - "Ryuuko no Ken" ~ "Yureru Otoko Gokoro" (The Fist of the 
Dragon/Tiger) ~ (The Stirring Man's Emotion)

Team Korea - "Ryo" (The Tiger)

Team China - "Senritsu no Dora" (The Shuddering Gong)

Stage Clear - "Kono yo no haru" (Springtime)

Rugal's Surprise - "Naki no R...Aishuu no D" (Crying R...Sorrowful D)

Mid Boss Challenge - HAL to the Bass to the Melody

Rugal's Challenge - Guitar to O.M.E.G.A.

Revenge? Atonement... - Rugal "shoumetsu"! (Disappearance)

The Tournament outcome - KID

What now? - "Namida-san, Sayonara" (Goodbye tears)

Next year! - "Saraba, seishun"! (Farewell, youth)

Credits - The Sunset Sky (Part 5) ~ LIEBE

Game Over - "Yokubou no uzu..." (The Storm of Greed...)

                     The Pieces fell in place in 1996...

*The Introduction - "Violent fighting to come again..."

"As the year flew by from the excitement, we now declare the opening of 
our special team tournament again..."

                               "In 1996..."

Character Selection - Roulette 

The "Shujinkou" Team (Hero) - "ESAKA?" (High Spirits/Good Times)

"Ikari Densetsu no Senshi" Team (The Legendary Angry Warriors) - 
Rumbling on the City

"Josei no Kakutouka" Team (Fighting Women's) - Get'n up

"Garou Densetsu no Senshi" Team (Warriors of the Legendary Hungry Wolf) 
- Big Shot! "Seki" (?)

Enter Mr. BIG - Dust Man

Enter Baron Wolfgang Krauser! - *"Requiem Nitanchou" K. 626 Dies Lrae 

ENTER GEESE HOWARD! - Geese ni "Katakori" (Stiff Shoulder for Geese)

The Yagami Team - "Arashi no Saxophone 2" (The Stormy Saxophone 2)

"Ryuuko no Ken" Team (Fist of the Dragon/Tiger) - "Kamikirimushi" (A 
Long-Horned Beetle)

Kim Team - Seoul Road

Psycho Soldier Team - *Psycho Soldier! (Remix '96 version)

Stage Clear - ORA ORA! (Come on!)

Mid Boss Intermission - "Mamorishisha" (To Protect...)

Mid Boss Challenge - Fairy

Boss Intermission - "Kaze..." (Wind...)

Boss Challenge - Trash Head

A fine wind blows... - "Sora e..." (To the sky...)

Fate - Self

Pride - Den! 

Honor - Den! Den!

Life - Den! Den! Den!

The Credits - Rising Red

*("Requiem Nitanchou" was actually taken from one of Mozart's 

                     ...And it came to the end in 1997...

The Introduction - The 4th Fire

MVS Cabinet Title Theme - The 4th Fire (Beta Version)

Character Selection - Order...

Random Character Select - H.C.C.

We're now going to our cameraman... - Satellite View

The "Shujinkou" Team (w/o Kyo Kusanagi) (Hero) - Japan

"Ikari Densetsu no Senshi" Team (The Legendary Angry Warriors) - Bali

"Garou Densetsu no Senshi" Team (w/o Terry Bogard) (Warriors of the 
Legendary Hungry Wolf) - Monaco

Midway Intermission - S.N.N.W

The Psycho Soldiers (w/o Athena) - China 

Here in the United States... - America

The New Faces Team - Bloody

Kim Team - Korea

Kyo Kusanagi - "Esaka" Forever! - (High Spirits/Good Times)

Terry Bogard - "Kuri to itsumade mo..." (Forever enclosed...)

Athena Asamiya - *Psycho Soldier! (Remix '97)

Ryuji Yamazaki - C62 "Shirokuni" (White Country)

Blue Mary - *Blue Mary's Blues...

Billy Kane - *London March

Shingo Yabuki - Still Green

Iori Yagami - "Arashi no Saxophone 3" ~ Cool Jam (The Stormy Saxophone 


It begins now... - "Kioku..." (Memories...)

BEHOLD! - "Kyoukaku" (The Astonishing Blaze)

LOOK OUT!!! - Control Crisis

All will be explained soon... - "Subete wa mezame no tame ni..." 
(Everything was for the Awakening...")

Orochi no Senshi (Warriors of the Orochi) - The Rhythmic Hallucination

You hopeless fools! - "Kaigen..." (The passing of time...)

AWAKEN! - The Origin of the Mind

Destiny - "Mu" (Space)

And this concludes our Special Presentation... - Episode I

Please stay tuned for another informative message from our sponsors! - 
Episode II

Hello Ladies and Gentlemen... - Episode III

Thank you for tuning in to this special presentation... - Episode X

...and now the Tournament highlights! - Crime and Punishment

"Are you ready, Yagami?" - The Last Fire...

"Let's just get it on, Kusanagi!" - "Futari" (Two of a kind)

Continue - Countdown 

The Credits - Mirthless

                  ...But now it comes, and here we go! 
        K.O.F is here again! Nothing's gonna stop because it's 19-98!

The Introduction - Cipher

MVS Cabinet Title Theme - Cipher (Beta Version)

How to play - OK?

Character Selection - THE KING OF FIGHTERS!

The "Shujinkou" Team (Hero) - "ESAKA?" (High Spirits/Good Times)

"Ikari Densetsu no Senshi" Team (The Legendary Angry Warriors) - 
Rumbling on the City

"Josie no Kakutouka" Team (Fighting Women's) - Fairy

"Garou Densetsu no Senshi" Team (Warriors of the Legendary Hungry Wolf) 
- "Kurikinton Gomame" ~ The Guitar Version (?)

Team United States - *Slum No. #5

"Ryuuko no Ken Team" (Fist of the Dragon/Tiger) - The Art of Fighting 
(Tribal Soul Remix)

The Psycho Soldiers Team - *"Shin! Senritsu no Dora" (The TRUE 
Shuddering Gong)

The Kim Team - *Seoul Town/Seoul Road

The Yagami Team - "Arashi no Saxophone 2" (The Stormy Saxophone 2)

The New Faces Team - Bloody

The "Oyaji" Team (Father's) - *In Spite of One's Age

Ryuji Yamazaki - C62 ~ Shirokuni (White Country)

Blue Mary - Blue Mary's Blues...

Billy Kane - *London March!

Iori Yagami - "Arashi no Saxophone" (The Stormy Saxophone) (Enhanced 

Shingo Yabuki - Still Green

Mr. Rugal Bernstein - *The RR

"Shin Josei no Kakutouka" Team (The TRUE Fighting Women's) - Ne!

Kyo Kusanagi vs. Iori Yagami (CPU) - "Arashi no Saxophone 3" ~ Cool Jam 
(The Stormy Saxophone 3)

Kyo Kusanagi ('95 Version) vs. Iori Yagami (CPU) - "Esaka" (Good Times) 
(Enhanced Remix)

Iori Yagami vs. Kyo Kusanagi (CPU) - Esaka Forever!

"Kawa ita no Daichi" Yashiro (Yashiro of the Thirsting Earth) - The 
Rhythmic Hallucination

"Arekuruu Inabikari" no Shermie (Shermie of the Ecstatic Lightning) - 
The Fanatic Waltz

"Honoo no Sadame" Chris (Chris of Destiny's Flame) - The Mad Fantasy

Wait a minute! - X

Where are we? - XX

Who's that?  No...IT CAN'T BE! - *XXX

THIS ISN'T OVER YET!!! - The Last Dance...


Stage Clear - W

Continue - Revive

Service Selection - Get the Advantage

The Credits - Zero

*(Whichever version of Slum No. #5 that you listen to in K.O.F 1998 
(Original or Arranged) will always be the Remixed version)
*(The Original Soundtrack Version of "Shin! Senritsu no Dora" is quite 
different than the console Arranged Version; apparently, SNK decided to 
use an enhanced version of the 1995 song for 1998)
*(The Original Soundtrack Version of the Korean Team's theme is listed 
as "Seoul Town", which was Kim Kaphwan's theme from "Real Bout Fatal 
Fury"; the console Arranged Version, however, was changed to "Seoul 
*("In Spite of One's Age" is the author's favorite KOF song) 
*(The Original Soundtrack Version of "London March" has a different set 
of lyrics than the Arranged Version)
*(The Arranged Soundtrack Version of "The R&D" is listed as "The R&R")
*(The Original Soundtrack Version of O.M.E.G.A Rugal's theme is listed 
as "XXX", but to the experienced K.O.F fan, it's actually the remixed 
version of "Ketchaku R&D" (The R&D Aftermath)


The Introduction - Burning DNA

MVS Cabinet Title Theme - Burning DNA (Beta Version)

How to Play - Standby

Character Selection - Standby (Extended) 

"Ikari Densetsu no Senshi" Team (The Legendary Angry Warriors) - 

"Garou Densetsu no Senshi" Team (Warriors of the Legendary Hungry Wolf) 
- 176th Street

"Josei no Kakutouka" Team (The Fighting Women's) - SHA-LA-LA

"Ryuuko no Ken" Team (Fist of the Dragon/Tiger) - "RYU-KO" (Dragon-

Psycho Soldiers Team - Psycho Sonic Trip ~ Dance at the Patty Field

The Korean Team - The Way to Rebirth...

Midway Intermission - Dangerous Toys

The "Shujinkou" Team (Hero) - KD-0079

Kyo-1 & Kyo-2 - "ESAKA?" (Acid Remix Version) (High Spirits/Good Times)

Stage Clear - The Survivor

Mid Boss Appearance - Final Battle?

Let me see what you've got... - Mechanical Blessing

Hmmm...Interesting. - Hello! Goodbye...

Now you'll see what TRUE power really is! - Dear Fallen Angel

Betrayal - Escape from Sector 7-0-5-9-9

Let's get outta' here! - Collapse

W, Who's there? Is that... IT'S YOU!!! - Meeting Again

Kyo Kusanagi - Tears...

Iori Yagami - Sadistic Eyes...

Continue - The Melting Point

Are you okay? - Silver Lining

There it goes! - Mysterious Drop

Looks like we're all here... - Good Afternoon

Hold on! Where's... - C.C. Trick

Someone didn't make it... - Without saying Goodbye...

Oh Andy...Andy...ANDY? WHERE ARE YOU GOING! - Will you marry me?

The Credits - Crossfire


The Introduction - '00

How to Play - BE-TA 

Character Selection - BE-TA (extended version)

"Ikari Densetsu no Senshi" (The Legendary Angry Warriors) Team - The 

"Garou Densetsu no Senshi" Team (Warriors of the Legendary Hungry Wolf) 
- Terry 115

"Josei no Kakutouka" Team (Fighting Women's) - Come up smiling!

"Ryuuko no Ken" Team (Fist of the Dragon/Tiger) - Beauty and the Beast

Midway Intermission - Cat Tail

Psycho Soldiers Team - Will...

The Korean Team - Wild Party

The Benimaru Team - The Inner Shade...

The "Shujinkou" Team (Hero) - KD-0084

Kyo - Goodbye, "Esaka"... - (High Spirits/Good Times)

Iori - "Arashi no Saxophone 4" ~ Stormy Scream (The Stormy Saxophone 4)

Hey! What's going on? - Freeze!

Kula Diamond - Ice Place

Stage Clear - LV-1 (single player) LV-4 (team)


...And I am the beginning! - Slasher Zero

Look at the sky...the shooting stars...  - Crystal (versions 1-7)

Staff Role - Dream Eater...


The Introduction - Flesh Reconstruction Plan (version 1.0)

MVS Cabinet Title - Flesh Reconstruction Plan (version 2.0)

How to Play - Flesh Reconstruction Plan (version 3.0)

Character Selection - HIT ME!

Pre-Battle Theme - HIT ME MORE!

The Japan Team - The Matchless Flame...

"Ikari Densetsu no Senshi" Team (The Legendary Angry Warriors) - The 
Whip of "Atashi"

"Josei no Kakutouka" Team (The Fighting Women's) - The Queen of 

"Garou Densetsu no Senshi" Team (Warriors of the Legendary Hungry Wolf) 

Midway Intermission - Flesh Reconstruction Plan (BETA version 1.0)

The Yagami Team - The Immortal Sun...

"Ryuuko no Ken" Team (Fist of the Dragon/Tiger) - "Ryuuko" Fighting 
Spirit (The Dragon's/Tiger's)

The Psycho Soldiers - Psycho [Friends]!

The Korean Team - "NERI CHAGI"! (Descending Kick)

The "Shujinkou" Team (Hero) - BIG PAIN!

Stage Clear - Fighting Spirit (version 1.0)

The N.E.S.T.S Team - The Dominant Corporation of N.E.S.T.S: Darkness...

Well, you've made it this far... - Flesh Reconstruction Plan (BETA 
versions 2.0 and 3.0)

FIGHTERS"!!! - 0 (Zero)

A new day begins...and so does the birth of mankind's new GOD! - I AM 

Any Challenger - Fighting Spirit (version 2.0)

The Conclusion - Anger? Pity? Comfort? Happiness?

Game Over - Fighting Spirit (version 3.0)

       The King of Fighters 2002: Challenge to the Ultimate Battle

The Introduction - 2002...

MVS Cabinet Title - 2002... (Extended)

How to Play Screen - How to Play!

Character Selection - Select

Stage Japan - J

Stage Korea - Progress

Stage Cambodia - Deserted Town

Stage China - Red Wind

Stage Italy - Napolitan Trance

Stage Netherlands - The Netherlands

Stage Mexico - Tacos Dance!

The Japan Team - Tears... (Remix)

"Ikari Densetsu no Senshi" Team (The Legendary Angry Warriors) - Jungle 
Bouncer Remix 

"Garou Densetsu no Senshi" Team (Warriors of the Legendary Hungry Wolf) 
- "Kurikinton Gomame" Remix

"Josei no Kakutouka" Team (Woman Fighter's) - Diet

"Ryuuko no Ken" Team (Fist of the Dragon/Tiger) - Beauty and the Beast 

Mid-Boss Intermission - The Challenger...

Mid-Boss Challenge - (?)

Psycho Soldier Team - Psycho Soldier! (Remix '02)

The Kim Team - "Seoul ni Ikou" - (Beckoning Seoul)

The Yagami Team - "Arashi no Saxophone 2" Remix - (The Stormy Saxophone 

The '97 Special Team - "Yuuwaku no Toki" (A Time of Temptation)

The New Faces Team - Bloody Remix

The Hero Team - KD-0079 Remix

The "Neo" Hero Team (New) - KD-0084 Remix 

Victory Demo - The Winner!

The N.E.S.T.S Team - (?)

Kusanagi Theme - "ESAKA?" (High Spirits/Good Times)

Boss Intermission - Revival

OMEGA Rugal/Luger Bernstein - The Last Dance Remix

It's finally over...or is it? - At Last!

Staff Roll - Festive Mood

Continue - Continue?

                             *Psycho Soldier!
Psycho ball ga hikari hanachi, (The Psycho Ball is showing the light,)
Athena no sugata terashidasu no (which reveals Athena's arrival,)  
Psycho Soldier ga yami o saite, (The Psycho Soldier is cutting through 
the darkness,)
Athena wa yume o suki dasu no,  (Athena rescues the dream,)
Psycho power o kokoro ni himete, (Containing the Psycho Power inside 
your mind,)
Hateshinai michi o hashiru      (Running on a road that has no end)
Ima wa mo aozora mienai kedo... (Now everyone can see the clear blue 
Fire! Fire! Psycho Soldier!
Fire! Fire! Psycho Soldier!
Psycho soldier ga yami o saite, (The Psycho Soldier is cutting through 
the darkness,)
Athena wa yume o suki dasu no,  (Athena rescues the dream,)
Psycho beam no kagayaki nokoshi, (The Psycho Beam leaves the shine,)
Athena wa mirai o motome tabidatsu, (When Athena journeys to find the 
Honoo no yoni moeru hitomi, (With eyes that burn like fire,)
Kibo no kakera o mitsume, (To watch the piece of Hope,)
"Ima wa mada namida wa misenai wa!" ("I won't let anyone see me cry!")
Fire! Fire! Psycho Soldier!
Fire! Fire! Psycho Soldier!
Psycho beam no kagayaki nokoshi, (The Psycho Beam leaves the shine,)
Athena wa mirai o motome tabidatsu, (When Athena journeys to find the 
Dare hitori shiranai ashita, (No one knows what the future holds,) 
Hino tori no sugata karite,  (Taking the mark of the Phoenix,)
Honoo no yoni moero hitomi   (With eyes burning like fire,)
Kibo no kakera o mitsume,    (To watch the piece of Hope,)
Psycho power o kokoro ni himete, (Containing the Psycho Power inside 
your mind,)
Hateshinai michi o hashiru... (Running on a road that has no end...)

* (Different English Version Translation)

Athena's name is magic,
Mystery...is what you see,
Her crystal is the answer,
Fighting fair to keep us free,
She's just a little girl with power inside burning bright,
You'd better hide if you're bad...
She'll get you,
She'll read your mind and find out if you believe in right or wrong,

Fire! Fire! Psycho Soldier!
Fire! Fire! Psycho Soldier!

                             Blue Mary's Blues

Kiss me!
Awaku gin'iro ni tokeru machi, (that melts softly in the sliver light)
Utsuri ki na ashioto, (in the constant footsteps)
Nagare-dasu neon no uzu ni, (Flowing into the neon whirlpool)
Hisomu kage toraete...(Capture the striking shadow)

Nigasani! (I wont let you go!)
Kiken wa yami yo mo, (The deadly night)
Nerai uchi kimeru wa, (makes a good [attempt])
Awaku gin'iro ni tokeru machi, (that melts softly in the silver light)
Utsurigi na ashioto, (in the constant footsteps)
Nagare-dasu neon no uzu ni, (Flowing into the neon whirlpool)
Hisomu kage toraete... (Capture the striking shadow)

Nigasani! (I won't let you go!)
Kiken na yami yo mo, (the deadly night)
Nerai uchi kimeru wa, (makes a good [attempt])
Hari-tsumeru kodou osaete, (Keep that tense pulse)
Thrill ni kyojiru, (and offer the thrills)
Come on baby!

Jikan no naka ni suberi-ochita, (Into the times)
Kaze no kioku, (The memory of the wind)
Sou! Yaseta kokoro'o itame-tsukete, (A thin heart beats)
Nemuri ni tsuku kikoeru Blues ga... (Sleeping and listening to the 

Touch me!
Shiroku machi ni utsuru take-iki (The white waves reflected by the 
Hitogomi in kieteku, (A crowd of people disappears)
Omoi-kiri nakitai yofuke wa, (The night when I want to cry out)
Cocktail de kanpai... (I just toast to the cocktails)

Hirusagari, (In the afternoon)
Reizouko akete mo, (When I open the refrigerator)
Dog food dake hieteru... (Only the dog food is frozen)
Tsurai toki, (When I'm stressed)
Kanjiru mama ni, (as I often feel)
Harley tobashite kime-komu, (I ride my Harley like crazy,)
Come on baby!

Kagami ni utsuru senaka mitsume sagashi-dasu mirai, (Seeing the back of 
my reflection in the mirror)
Sou kasanaru omoi o sotto tsutsumi, (I wrap up all of my feelings)
Sora ni nageru, (and throw them into the sky,) 
Soshi te sugao ni kiss-shi te jibun homeru no, (I kiss my true self)
Love myself genki-zukeru wa tsuyoku, (I really love my self and I cheer 
Nee tooku de hibiku Rythmn kikoete-kuru, (I hear the rhythm that comes 
from far away) 
Shuu na Blues ga, (the surreal Blues...)

Kiite Humm... (Listen)


Before I close this huge FAQ, I'd like to give you (the reader) the 
opportunity to see some of the most exclusive parts to the amazing King 
of Fighters series!  Behold, the Songs of Fighters!

                           The Song of Fighters '95
(Imagine Terry Bogard's '98 theme with Terry, Kyo, Robert, Ryo, Mai, 
King, Clark, Chang, Chin, Sie, Eiji, Benimaru, Yuri and Athena singing 

Terry: Yeah! Mina dokan de bukan de omoikkiri buttobasu ze!

            (Everybody hit as hard as you can!)

Terry: Sate! Bokureta tokoro de, itsumo no yatsu ikuze!

            (When the time comes, I'll use my favorite move!)

Terry: Sa, mina ganbatte ko ze!

      (Alright everybody, LET'S GO!)

Terry: Okay!

Terry: Jidai tobi koete, Jump up!

      (Over a century, Jump up!)

Terry: Nan de mo ari no battle ni exciting!

      (The battle with no rules is exciting!)

Kyo: Rival tachi ni mezetai ze "nice fight!"

    (I'll show this "nice fight" off to all my rivals!)

Kyo: Atsui ne honto nakama dakara, you know?

    (They're very hot true friends, you know?)

Benimaru: Mina ganbaru yo, 

         (Everbody's gotta do more,)

Guys: "Hey! Hey!"

Benimaru: Dakara makenai tsuyosa aru ne!

         (This is the strength that won't lose!)

Everyone: Kimi no tonari ni ageru yo genki!

         (I'll give this spirit to the next person!)

Everyone: Sa, ashita kara tomodachi sa,

         (Starting tomorrow, we're all best friends,)

Everyone: Let's Go!

Everyone: Mainichi no fight tsurai koto aru sa,

         (There's always a consequence in a fight,)

Everyone: Kino no teki ima, tomodachi sa, itsu datte kokoro tsujiteiru 

         (An enemy yesterday, a friend today, our minds are always 

Everyone: Atsumaro yo mina,

         (Together everybody,)

Everyone: My best friend!

Yuri: Ona no ko dakara (Let's Go)

     (Because I'm a woman)

"Kotchi, kotchi!" (Here, here!)

Yuri: Amaku miteru to..."Haoshoukoken!" (If you undersetimate me...)

Benimaru: Soitsu wa kowai! Kirei na hana wa, nagameteiru dake de 
manzoku sa,

         (That's scary!  Oh beautiful flower, just looking at you makes 
me full,)

Benimaru: Sank You!

Mai: Otoko no ko na no ni, (Even though [you're] a,)

Mai: Shy boy!

Mai: Makete kuyashiku narani nante? (How could you not be shy after 
losing the game?)

Mai: "Kuyashikattara kakatterasshai!" (If you get upset with me, then 
just bring it on!)

Mai: Yowai otoko no hana o akasu, (I'm gonna beat up this shy boy,) 

Benimaru: "Oh no!"

Everyone: Shippai wa kowai yowaki ni naru yo ne,

(Failing is bad, and that makes me even more timid,)

Dake do ima jibun tsuyosa o, (But now, my strength,)

Daiji da ne yuki ashita no koto, okay! (And courage ???)

Genki daki okuru mainichi, (Only happiness illuminates every day,)

Athena: Dare mo ga mamoritai mono aru ne hitotsu wa,

       (Everyone has someone who's important to them,)

Itsu no hi ka tsuyoku naro madda haruka,

(I'll get stronger in the future,)

Ryo: Ima no yo naka ni, "Yeah, yeah!"

    (Even in today's society,)

Chang: Kiai irun dasu oretachi mina,

      (Everybody needs spirit,)

Mai: Awasete chikara takusan motto,

    (Let's all push together,)

Saiko no toki o wakete ageru, (I'll share with you the best time I 

"Let's sing!"

Mina atsumareba (That's all right!)

(If everyone will gather around)

Omatsu sawagi!

([Come'on] be apart of it!)

Sie: "Gottsu tanoshii de!" (That's exciting!)

King: Kowai mono nashi HERO dakara, (There's nothing I'm afraid of now 
because a hero!)

King: Sa, yasundeiru toki wa nai no, Let's Fight!

     (We don't have time to waste,)

Everyone: Atsuku-naru kobushi, (the fist is getting hot,) 

Kyo: "Na? Moetaro!" (What? You got burned!)

Mitakunai mono ni... (There are things that I don't want to say...)

Kyo: "Kurae!" (Eat this!)

Guys: Yume wa kanau mono shinjiru jibun no, chikara made aru yo, 

     (You can make dreams come true, with this strength,)

Gals: (Yo yu u ne) "Yoyutchi!" (Too easy!)

Everyone: Jidai tobi koete, Jump up! (Over a centry, Jump up!) 

Nande mo ari no battle sa, (There's no rules in this battle,)

"Oh Surprise!"

Guys: Saiko saiko! ([We're] the Strongest!)

Gals: Omake ni pretty! ([We're] the best and the prettiest!)

Minoga shitara kito, kokai suru yo, (If I miss this one, then I'll 
curse myself,)

Yes check!

Ichido dake battle kotoba wa iranai, (We'll fight only once, you don't 
even have to say the word,)

Kyo kara rival nareru yo! (From now on, wer're rivals!)

Yume o kanae yo shinjiru jibun no! (LET'S MAKE THE DREAM COME TRUE!)

Chikara wa madda aru yo, (We still have the strength,)

Terry: We have a dream!

Terry: We have a dream!

Everyone: Donna toki mo warai kakette, (Always show me a smile!)

Everyone: That's all right!

Everyone: Utaitai ne ureshi toki Let's sing a song! 

         (I want to sing a song when I'm happy!)

Everyone: Kanashi toki mo tsurai toki mo, Yes do it!

         (Even when you're sad, even when you're suffering,)

Everyone: Namida ni nanka aitaku nai sa, Don't cry now,

         (I don't want to meet with tears,)

Everyone: Tobidaso yo shiranai michi e, let's go yeah!

         (We'll go down the unknown road,)

Hashiridaso! Haruka kanata so far away,

(Let's start running!) (Far, so far away,)

Nani ga aru ka shiranai keredo, (Even we don't know what's going on,)

Don't be afraid!

Hikari afureru tobi akete awatake! (Open the door with light!)

My road,

My heart,

Oh, bright day!

                          The Song of Fighters II

Everyone: Higa tsuitara fighting! Fighting!

         (When the flame is touched by fighting!)

          O matsu sawagi tomera renai! All Right Go! Go!
         (A celebration and crowd can't stop!)

          Guts & Dreams...

Kyo: Real na battle, moero sa soul... (Real battle, burning soul)

Benimaru: kare na pose kimetara... (I'm gonna make a beautiful pose)

Athena: Hato ni yuki, pinchi ni smile! (Courage for the heart, get 
ready to smile)

Iori: Jigoku e ochiro! (Go ta' Hell!)

King: Ah- tanoshi mana kya (let's just have fun!)

Choi: Ah- kore kara ga show time! (It's show time!)

Shermie: Ah- mori aga-ro! (Everybody cheer up!)

Shingo: Kino yori yume ni chikazu-kuyo, kitto motto dakara... (Today 
I'm getting closer to the dream unlike yesterday, well [gotta put in] 
more soul)

Everyone: Nobori tsumeru tension! Tension! (The rising tension!)

          Tsuwa-mono zoroi, (And their great strength)
          Monku nashi no party! Hey! Hey! 
         (It's the party with no excuse)

          Guts & Dreams 

Choi: Kiri kiri mai mai yamera renai! (I can't stop twirling and 

King: Tozen shori, mesa shi te...Ready go! (certainly victory, I'm 
aiming for it...)

Shingo: Akoga reitsuka teni-suru, (?)

Shermie: Ocha mina kiss o todoke ta iwa! (I WANT TO GIVE YOU ALL A 

Kyo: Ah- Kyo o kazasu, (?)

Athena: Ah- Ikioi-de come on! (Come on mood!)

Benimaru: Ah- deaete lucky, (This lucky meeting)

Iori: (Laughs)

Athena and Shingo: Kitto motta dakara! (?)

Everyone: Tobi chiru ase happy! Happy! (I'm sweat-splashing happy!)

          Great kibun! (A great feeling!)

          Butsuke aeru, crazy ya! Ya! (Crushing! Crazy!)

          Guts & Dreams!

          Guts & Dreams!

          Guts & Dreams!

King: Ah- sonoki ni nata wa, (Now I'm going to concentrate)

Benimaru: Stage wa itsumo sekai-ju! (The stage is everywhere!)

Everyone: Kitto motto dakara! (?)

          Higa tsuitara fighting! Fighting!

         (When the flame is touched by fighting!)

          O matsuri sawagi tomera renai! All Right go! Go!

         (A celebration and crowd can't stop!)

          Guts & Dreams!

          Nobori tsumeru tension! Tension!

         (The rising tension!)

          Tsuwa-mono zoroi,

         (their great strength)

          Monku nashi no party! Hey! Hey!

         (This is the party with no excuse!)

          Guts & Dreams!

          Tobi chiru ase happy! Happy!

         (I'm sweat-splashing happy!)

          Great kibun! (A great feeling!)

          Butsuke aeru! crazy ya! Ya! (Crushing! Crazy!)

          Guts & Dreams!

          Guts & Dreams!

          Guts & Dreams!

          Higa tsuitara fighting! Fighting!

         (When the flame is touched by fighting!)

          O matsuri sawagi tomera renai! All Right go! Go!

         (A celebration and crowd can't stop!)

          Guts & Dreams!

           Nobori tsumeru tension! Tension!

          (The rising tension!)

           Tsuwa-mono zoroi,

          (Their great strength)

           Monku nashi no party! Hey! Hey!

          (It's the party with no excuse!)

           Guts & Dreams!

           Tobi chiru ase happy! Happy!

           Great kibun! (A great feeling!)

           Butsuke aeru! crazy ya! Ya! (Crushing! Crazy)

          Guts & Dreams!

          Guts & Dreams!

          Guts & Dreams!

           Higa tsuitara fighting! Fighting!

         (When the flame is touched by fighting!)

          O matsuri sawagi tomera renai! All Right go! Go!

         (The celebration cannot stop!)

                              Yuki o dashi te
                             (Show of Bravery)

Nagai kami no onna no ko, (The girl with the long hair,)
Kare no konomi wa shitteru no? (Do you know what she likes?)
Nobashi hajimeta kami wa yatto kata ni tsuku no, (I let my hair grow 
and now it's at my shoulders,)
Dokoka ni ki no kiita Cupid wa inaika na, (Is there any Cupid with good 
Fushigi na maho kakette kare furi mukasete, (Don't let her hear my 
heart pound,)

My Love,

Mo, tomaranai no itsudemo tokimeite, (I can't stop every time my heart 
Kono kimochi wakatte hoshii kizuite yo hayaku! (I want you to know what 
I'm feeling, so hurry and look!)
Ima wa tomodachi dake do, (Now we're friends,)
Tokubetsu na hito ni naritai, (I want to be special,)
Atogo senti kami nobitara ki ga deruka mo, (If I grow my hair longer, 
maybe I'll become more courageous,)
Hoshi ni negai kakeru doka kiseki okoshi te, (I want to pray to the 
stars and make this dream come true,)
Kare ni mune no kodo kikoenai yo ni, (Don't let her hear my heart 

My Love,

Hashiri dashiteiru, (I'm starting to run,)
Ima sugu tobi dashi te, (I'm going outside right now,)
Kono omoi o uketomete yo issho ni itai zutto, (to catch this feeling at 
least once in my lifetime,)

My Love,

Mo, tomaranai no itsudemo tokimeite, (I can't stop everytime my heart 
Kono kimochi wakatte hoshii kizuite yo hayaku! (I want you to know what 
I'm feeling, so hurry and look!)

My Love,

Hashiri dashiteiru, (I'm beginning to run,)
Ima sugu tobi dashi te, (I'm going outside right now,)
Kono omoi o uketomete yo issho ni itai zutto... (To catch this feeling 
at least once in my lifetime...)

                             Kaze no Allegory...
                            (Tale of the Wind...)

*Sung by Iori Yagami! :)

Kurai roji ura miageta yozora ni, (In a dark alley, looking up at the 
night sky,)
Hoshi ga hitotsubu koborete-iru, (A falling star splashes,)
Tozashi ta kankaku o sora e hanatsu, (unfelt in the night air,)
Mukashi no hikari de teshi te-kure... (Illuminate me with your old 

Kono mama hitori kieru mo ii, (Disappearing from humanity might be good 
Don't break my soul tonight,
Kawa ita kaze to sure-chigau... (Passing through the dry wind...)

Sabita pride korogaru rakugaki,
Yaseta mikazuki yoru ni ukabu, (Sing, crescent moon, appearing in the 
Toraeta eien wa sono ba kagiri, (Capture eternity for the moment,)
Yake ga tooku e kowarete-yuku... (Sunrise is coming far away...)

Dokoka de hitori nageku mo ii, (Crying alone might be good too,)
Don't break my soul tonight,
Tsumetai kumo ga nagareteku... (The bitter cloud is falling...)

Kono mama hitori kieru mo ii, (Disappearing from humanity might be good 
Don't break my soul tonight,

Kaze ga otoshi ta allegory... (Tale that the wind [left behind]...)

*(And now, the last full-length song from the King of Fighters Series)

                             Yuuhi to Tsuki...
                      (The Setting Sun and the Moon)

(Kyo Kusanagi and Iori Yagami stand together in a grassy field.  With 
backs turned to each other, the two stand alone out in the distant 
Japanese countryside.  Kyo watches as the sun sinks slowly into the 
horizon and Iori glances at the full moon up above.  A soft wind blows 
and caresses Kyo while a cold gale spitefully roars at Iori...)

(Kyo looks above the setting sun, reminiscing of Yuki and her golden 
smile. He sighs and timidly begins)

"Ore o kari-tateru hageshisa wa," (The things that motivate me,)
"Kimi no hohoemi ni iyasareta."   (Are hidden by your smile.)

(Lowering his head, Kyo pauses and then returns the smile with added 

"Terekusakute ienai, kedo kimi no koto o mamotte-itai..."
(I'm a little shy in saying this, but I want to protect you...)

(Iori, with his hands in his pockets, turns and peeks at Kyo. He then 
greets the moon with face of scorn and begins)

"Ai da nukumori da kudaranai..." (It's useless to speak of love...)
"Nani mo mamorani, shinjanai..." (I can't protect anything, I can't 
"Ore ga fureta Subete no mono, kowasu dake sa..."(Everything I touch, 
will be destroyed...)
"Ima wa nikushimi ga moeru..." (Rage is burning inside of me...)

(Giving the moon an cruel smile)

"Saki-hokoru, kodoku na tsuki yami no naka de yurete-iru..."
(Blooming, the lonely moon sways in the darkness...)
"Sou; hitori de ii...honoo wa tsuki yo no kakera..."
(Yes; loneliness is good...and fire is a piece of the moon...)

(Kyo glances at Iori and revisits the vermilion colored sun.  He begins 

"Sora o somete-yuku akane-iro," (Crimson is covering the sky,)
"Nazeka, yasashisa o kajiteru."  (Somehow, I'm feeling something 

(Looking back at the ground, he closes his eyes and clenches his fist 
in anguish)

"Dare mo ga mina daiji na hito," (Everyone has someone who's important 
to them,)

(The apparition of Yuki appears behind Kyo and wraps its arms around 
him in a quaint little embrace. Kyo opens his eyes, raises his hand and 
looks at his glowing palm)

"Mune ni tomosu maru de yuuhi no you ni..." (Burning inside of them 
like a sunset...)

(A small flame leaps from his hand to his chest, and he looks back at 
the rust-tinted sky)

"Yoru ga kite, fukai yami ga machi ya hito o tsutsunde mo,"
(Night is falling, and the vast darkness is covering the cities, the 
people, and the sea.)

(Kyo smiles again)

"Sou; kesaya-shinai kokoro no nukumori dake wa..."
(Yes; but it cannot fade out the warmth of the heart, at least...)

(Both Kyo and Iori look at the sky and sing together)

Kyo: "Yoru ga kite,"(Night is falling,) Iori: "Saki-hokoru,"(Blooming,)
"fukai yami ga,"(and the deep darkness)  "Kodoku na Tsuki"(The lonely 

Iori: "...yami no naka de yurete-iru..."(...swaying in the dark sky...)

Kyo: "Sou," (Yes,)                           Iori: "Sou," (Yes,)
     "keysa-shinai..." (but it cannot fade out...) "hitori de ii" 
(loneliness is good...)

Iori: "Honoo wa tsuki yo no kakera..." (Fire is a piece of the moon...)

Kyo: "Yoru ga kite, (Night is falling,)  "Saki-hokoru," (Blooming,)
"fukai yami ga," (and the deep darkness) "Kodoku na tsuki..." (the 
lonely moon...)

Kyo: "...machi ya hito o tsutsunde mo." (...is covering the cities, the 
people and the seas.)

Kyo: "Sou," (Yes,)                      Iori: "Sou," (Yes,)
     "keseya-shinai, (but it cannot fade out,) "hitori de ii," 
(Loneliness is good...)

(The sun vanishes from view as night looms overhead.  Yuki disappears 
and Kyo and Iori look at the moon)

Kyo: "Kokoro no nukumori dake wa..." Iori: "Honoo wa tsuki yo no 

Kyo: "The warmth of the heart, at least..." 
Iori: "Fire is a piece of the moon..."

(The two then look at each other with empty eyes, turn around, and part 
ways, knowing that they will see each other at the next tournament...a 
small flame jumps from Iori's palm and soars in the night air towards 
the moon...)

                           What's left to Finish

Well, that' s about it!  THIS FAQ IS _COMPLETE_!!!


                             The Credits!

*The song "Ne!" starts playing as of The True Warrior accepts dozens of 
large flour bouquets and cheers from the huge audience of the many 
readers out there!

He blushes and walks onto the stage in a massive auditorium.  The 
audience grows louder and louder until he stands next to the podium and 
arranges his notes.

The cheers and the music die down while The True Warrior clears his 
throat, ready to speak to the whole world that is watching...

"Well, truthfully, I never thought I would do something like this, but 
I always knew that somewhere out there, there were people who liked the 
characters of the King of Fighters series so much that they just, flat 
out, wanted more!"

"I gave them more.  I know that there are many people out there who 
always asked the question, "What's he/she saying? Or asking their 
friends if they knew what their favorite character was saying during 
their special introductions."

"The cries turned to pleas and I became restless just like everyone 
else, but I was determined to do something about it: I made it my 
job...no, my mission, to find out what each of our favorite K.o.F 
characters were saying during what and when.  That way we could stop 
the asking, the entreating, and the frustration."

"But I wouldn't be here today if it weren't for the many helpful and 
willing people out there who allowed me to come this far..."

"I knew this FAQ would take a long time to finish and that I would need 
help, and I'm very grateful and fortunate that those whom I asked were 
indeed able to help."

Ladies and Gentlemen, without further adieu, I present to you...THE 

*The audience stares in wonder in anticipation of whose name would be 
the first to be called.

KAO MEGURA! - This man is a legend in his own time.  He helped me 
sooooooo much with this that I don't know how to repay his kindness.  
He gave me permission to use all of his King of Fighters FAQs so I 
could make this one more COMPLETE!

Truly a man to respect and admire...NEVER EVER EVER EVER FORGET HIM!

(The audience applauds and cheers)

JOSEPH PALANCA! - Right up their with Mr. Megura!  He also helped me 
soooooooo much! If it weren't for his generosity and willingness to 
help, I would have been stuck a long time ago and probably would have 
never finishing this thing.  He gave me permission to use his FAQs as 
well, allowing this one to truly be COMPLETE!

NEVER EVER FORGET ABOUT HIM EITHER!  He was a big contributor to the 
King of Fighters Series in the past and helped ALL of us expand on its 
deep gameplay aspects!

His website, www.jgpalanca.com, is a great place to see his archives 
and his latest works too!

Sheila Kosla! - Ms. Kosla helped me out quite a bit with her neat 
dialogue FAQs back in '96!  Though somewhat under appreciated, it does 
go without saying that she is truly a legend!

(The cheers grow loud)

*********!!!!!SAIKI!!!!******** - YOU_ARE_THE_MAN_SAIKI!  If it 
honestly weren't for you, I would not have started this FAQ and would 
be seriously missing out on what the King of Fighters series really 
means to us fans!

You are beyond a legend my friend...you aided me with the character 
translations from KOF 2000 and also with the full-length songs too!

I owe you sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo^100 
much that I doubt I could repay you in full by the end of this 


(The audience stands and applauds while the cheers become deafening)

"The Raging Hurricane" HURRICANE HIGASHI! - Believe it or not, you 
helped me out on one of the most critical aspects of KOF 2000: the 
alternate striker system!  From your highly cool endings FAQ to you 
willingness to help, I guess this may seem like it's overrated, but you 
deserve thanks just like everyone else I mentioned!


KAILU LANTIS - Thanks for all the pep-talks and encouragement; I really 
needed it for this bad boy! I suggest everyone check out his monster 
KOF Story FAQ here at GameFAQs too! It's awesome!!!

OROCHI K'- Thanks a bunch for the K.o.F R-2 dialogue FAQ that you gave 
us! Also, thanks for giving me permission to use it (even though I 
chose not to)!  You're right up there with Higashi and Saiki when it 
comes to gratitude!  KEEP PLAYIN' AND HAVE FUN!!!

DEUCE - The AWESOME DEUCE MUGEN! Helping me again!  A dream come 
true...  But seriously, THANKS A LOT for your help with Igniz' quotes!

GUNSMITH - Thanks for allowing me access to your KOF 1999 Speech FAQ 
(even though I didn't need use it)! You're a great FAQ writer, but I 
see how the Orochinagi Forums sap your life away...heck, it's got me 

PUAR! - Your Galactica Phantom site (puar.hypermart.net) is AMAZING!!! 
You helped me out BIG TIME, even when I didn't need it! ROAR LOUD AND 

KENTA SATO! - My eternal rival in ANY fighting game.  You're too good 
man.  No matter how many times we fight, I'll always consider you 
better than me because you have the skill that only a TRUE WARRIOR 
could have, and the patience and friendliness that associated with it 

From vocal translations to the highly unknown written Japanese dialogue 
that most of use wouldn't even begin to think about, you are one of the 
greatest friends I've ever had!

THANKS SOOOOO MUCH KENTA!  (Keep at it cuz' I'm not finished with you 
yet...if you know what I mean.  "He, he...Moetaro?") ;)

GESHWINNE DARKSOUL I! - Man, you don't know how much of a great help 
cuz' one day I'll see just how good you are!!!

THANKS go to BOTH OF YOU for helping with the KOF 2001 dialogue!  I 

If you would like to see the other things that Kubikiri and Chris have 
done, check out his website: http://www.angelfire.com/art2/kubikiri/

PAULY YAGAMI!!! - Thanks for pestering me and making sure I was able to 
finish this HUGE thing!  I owe'd it to you for a long time and now the 
time has come! ENJOY!!!

Zero speech translation help!  I'm very grateful!


The guys at the Fighting Game Message Board, the KOF 2001-02 Message 
Board, Neo-Geo.com Message Boards, and Orochinagi Message Boards! 

(The audience grows weary of clapping and shouting)

(The True Warrior bids everyone to take their seats as he closes the 
FAQ, but not without another final tribute)

CJAYC! - If it weren't for you, THIS FAQ WOULDN'T EVEN BE HERE!  You're 
the man with the plan and you rule!  NEVER FORGET THAT!

And finally, YOU OUT THERE READING THIS FAQ!!! I hope you like what I 
did with this game, as it's my all-time favorite fighting game series!

Well readers, this is where I say goodbye and thanks!  Until next 
                              *End of F.A.Q*

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