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Combo FAQ by Shin Starmie

Version: 2 | Updated: 02/10/02

BY: Shin Starmie (shinkuu_hadouken@hotmail.com)

   You know the drill, Toonami faithful. If you wanna use it, ask me.
No modding it, period. No using without my permission, period. None
of that crap will be tolerated, period!!! It's that simple, people.
For further reference of viewing, it's Courier New, ten-point size,
72-74 chars. per line. KoF99 is (c) SNK (with the US version being (c)
SNK and Agetec), etc.

   Now, if you'll notice the title, you'd see that this is primarily
intended for the Playstation version of KoF99. However, this stuff may
very well be usable on the arcade, Neo Geo cart/CD, and Dreamcast ver-
sions as well. Note, though, the DC version is called "The King of
Fighters Evolution"...but it's still the same game. They only screwed
up on the naming like they did with the DC port of KoF98.
   Anyway, all this is is simply a couple of combos I found myself.
There are some combos from older KoFs that are in their respective
Combo FAQs by other people, and I've written them down to try'em out.
Should they still work, then I'll include them here and credit the
source file that they came from. (That is, of course, assuming that it
wasn't something I'd found by fluke or by trial and error on the Gameboy
version of King of Fighters 95, in which case, I'll note it as such.)
If they don't work, then oh, well!!!

   Hey, here's something that may help you out. It's how I have those
buttons on my controller laid out. It's kinda similar to how I do my
controller for Street Fighter...and probably how Capcom's gonna have
the default for CvS Pro when they decide to release it.
Light Punch = []     Heavy Punch = /_\
Light Kick  = X      Heavy Kick  = O
Striker (Hp + Lk) = R1    Knockdown (Hp + Hk) = L1
Evade 1 = R2              Evade 2 = L2

Other notes
   It's assumed that you know how to do the basics (Activate Counter
Mode, etc.), so I'm not going to go into all that. If you don't know
those abbreviations you see in fighting game FAQs by now, then don't
even bother, mortals!

a.) Mai Shiranui: "Shiranui Mai, mairimasu!"
1.) Hp+Lk, wait, qcf-qcf+Lp
    -Yuri must be your Striker
    -Your enemy has to be within range for Yuri to connect (duh)
    -Wait until Yuri begins the THIRD rotation of her Chou-reppa, THEN
     do the fan super
    -The level is irrelevant, however, it works better if you use Lp.
     Oddly, the Hp version tends to only get ONE hit!

2.) 2p+Lk; j.Hk, s.Hk, qcb+Hp > hcf+Hk
    -A Counter Mode hyper cancel; do the hcf+hk instantly after the
     qcb+Hp...you CAN do a qcb+Hk before the qcb+Hp, but that makes it
     a much harder combo to whip out!
    -Counter Mode requires a Lv3 meter to use, if you forgot...

3.) j.Hk, s.Hk, hcf+Hk / qcb+Hk / qcb+Hp / qcb+Hk > qcb+Hp
    -You have relatively nice options to end this combo...four of'em!
    -Only the hcf+Hk knocks the enemy down consistently; the qcb+Hp
     won't always do that whether you do it alone or from the qcb+Hk

b.) Yuri Sakazaki: "Yuri...CHOU-REPPA! CHOU-REPPA! CHOU-REPPA!"
(heeheehee...you can see who my fave chara next to Mai is...)
1.) j.Hk, s.Hp, qcb+Hk
    -Outside of corners, and even occasionally in them, it's smarter
     to use qcb+Lk, as the qcb+Hk doesn't always come out fast enough
     to count in the combo. Even then, don't try this from a s.Hk, for
     that matter...
    -Like them Shotos in SF, this has insane dizzying potential

2.) j.Hp, s.Hp, dp+Hp, dp+Hp
    -Six hits in CvS, but up to five here
    -One of Yuri's standard combos, even older KoF combo guides should
     have this one!

3.) Hp+Lk, wait, dp+Hp, dp+Hp
    -Mary must be your Striker
    -Wait until she throws your opponent
    -Except for the second dp+Hp, this works for ANYONE who's got an
     uppercut, and it can be a serious confuser's tactic, too
    -AI Krizalid (first form) seems to be the biggest sucker for Mary
     helper setups; he blocks her slide, but STILL GETS THROWN!!

c.) Ryou Sakazaki: "Ora, ora!"
1.) j.Hk, s.Hp, hcb+Hk
    -Knocks down like Gouki/Ryu
    -Mad dizzy potential
    -Strangely, this gets more hits than if you tried it with the s.Hk
     instead; especially if you do this as a corner combo

2.) j.Hp, s.Hp, dp+Hp
    -Like Yuri's, this is one of Ryou's basics. Old KoF joints should
     have this combo listed!
    -It's safer to use dp+Lp outside of corners
    -Then again, in some corner cases, it's safer to stick with Lp, as
     like Ken's, Ryou won't always knock down after a dp+Hp

3.) j.Hp, s.Hp, qcf+Hp
    -ANOTHER basic, old-school combo
    -Unlike his uppercut, this knocks down without fail (though I don't
     think it did in older KoF games...)

d.) Robert Garcia: "Ryuuuuuuuuuugeki-ken!"
1.) j.Hk (.db), d.Lp, fw+Hk
    -Hits a lot like Ken
    -Like Ken/Yuri, will NOT knock the enemy down AT ALL

2.) j.Hk (.db), d.Lp, fw+Hp
    -Won't knock down
    -With this and #1, I can't seem to get this to work from the
     d.Hp for some reason...

3.) j.Hk (.dn), d.Hp, up+Hk
    -Knocks down
    -As with Ryou/Yuri, the light version may be the better choice
    (-this is probably why it won't work for the d.Hp...sucky motion
    registry, perhaps?)

e.) King: "Com'on, baby!" (yeah, I bet you want me to, huh?)
1.) j.Hk, s.Hk, hcb+Hk
    -Let the s.Hk hit twice to get the most hits outta this
    -Regardless of button, it's pretty stylish...but the Hk version has
     more hits and thus more style

2.) j.Hp, s.Hp, dp+Hp / dp+Hk
    -The dp+Hp doesn't flow that well if your placement is wrong
    -Oddly, the dp+Hk WILL NOT combo from even so much as the FIRST hit
     of her s.Hk; the initial somersault shell MISSES no matter what!

3.) 2p+Lk; j.Hk, s.Hk, qcf+Lk > hcb+Hk
    -Counter Mode Hyper Cancel
    -The hcb+Hk part of the combo has to be done with even tighter
     timing than Mai's; despite the long hit stun, the super won't
     combo at all if you're so much as a split-second off

4.) j.Hk, s.Hk, hcf+Hp / hcb+Hp
    -Stylish; the hcb+Hp doesn't knock down, though
    -To add to that dilemma, the hcb+Hp leaves you close to your prey
     and VERY vulnerable even if it does connect!

5.) j.Hk, s.Lp, qcb-qcb+k
    -Tough to do with a normal controller...get a stick!
    -NONE of her other normals will combo into this, which is a beyond
     odd for supers of the Shin-shouryuu-ken variety...

f.) Kyou-1 aka 94 Kyou "....."
(Really, I haven't heard him say a word! What he has said, I can't even
1.) j.Hk, s.Hp, fw+Lp, dp+Hk
    -VERY stylish (Kyou? Style?! Who knew?!?!)
    -May work for Kyou-2 and Shin Kyou...not sure
    -The qcb+p and qcf+k CAN combo from the fw+Lp, but getting all of
     their hits is pretty stinkin' difficult to do

2.) j.Hp, s.Hp, fw+Lp, qcf+Hp
    -Should be an old-school Kyou combo from 94 and 95, assuming he had
     his fw+Lp back then...
    -A stubborn combo if I ever saw it: it doesn't knock down, and even
     with the fast fireball, it STILL won't always count as a full
     combo (Then again, like SFZ3, this game doesn't like jump-ins very
     much, either!)
    -Avoid using this in corners, lest you be pounded on. Kyou-1 lacks
     the dp+p that Kyou-2 and Shin Kyou have! (Hey, I thought Shin Kyou
     HAD an uppercut in 94!!!)

g.) Athena Asamiya: "Asamiya Athena, ikimaaaaaaaasu!"
(Hmmm...like Yuri, I once hated Athena. Now that I've actually used her
and seen the um...occasional bug...in her hcb-hcb+p super...I actually
kinda like her...)
1.) j.Hk, d.Lk, dp+Hp
    -Typical combo, though this is the only way I've gotten that thing
     to get all its hits...

2.) j.Hk, qcf-qcf+Hk
    -Heh, think Gouki. 'Nuff said.
    -AI Krizalid is a sucker for this, too. He's an even bigger sucker
     for the super outright...
    -Outside of Counter Mode, this is RIDICULOUSLY hard to do. It CAN
     be done, however...guess it's really time for me to get new

3.) j.Hk, s.Hp, fw+Lk, dp+Hp / qcb+Hk
    -The s.Lp sometimes chains in better than the s.Hp
    -Very stylish!!! And she looks pretty friggin' hot doing it, too!
     (yeah, 'specially this color edited Athena that I based on one of
     my friends...heeheeheehee!!!)

h.) Takuma Sakazaki: "....."
(And Takuma doesn't even say anything! Well, not on the Psx. And I
don't wanna be cruddy and put an attack up there like I did someone else!)
1.) j.Hk (.db), d.Lp, fw+Hk, qcf+Hp
    -Ryou's old KoF95 kick...yuck...(at least, it was how Ryou did it
     on the GB version of KoF95!)
    -That d.Lp'd the ONLY way to set it up, oddly...
    -Odder still, as you see, you can follow up with a fireball

2.) Hp+Lk, wait, fw-hcf+.p
    -Yuri as helper
    -Do the motion the instant she comes out and starts hers
    -Charge the super until she does her third rotation
    -Depending on which button you used, one of two things can occur:
          a. If you used Lp, you may be able to let it fly AS she
             starts her third and final rotation
          b. If you used Hp, timing is vital: let it out too early or
             too late in the course of that third rotation, and that
             fast-flying thing will MISS. IT WILL MISS COMPLETELY.
    -This CAN work with Mai/King-style helpers, but given their lack of
     horizontal range, you'd have to time it even tighter than if Yuri
     were your helper

3.) qcf+Lp, qcb-hcf+Hp
    -See the notes on Iori #2 below.
    (-Unlike Iori, though, it was Ryou on KoF95GB I had run into this
    with...Takuma doesn't hit the GB scene until 96)

i.) Terry Bogard: "Hey, com'on, com'on!"
1.) 2p+Lk; j.Hk, s.Hp, qcf+p > qcb-hcf+p
    -Counter Mode hyper cancel
    -You'll have to be faster on the draw either way you do the qcf+p
    -Remember: 99 Terry's qcf+Hp is a crap Hadou-shou-like version of
     his qcf+Lp Power Wave...why they gave him this crap is beyond me.

j.) Iori Yagami: "Sono mama de shine!"
1.) 2p+Lk; j.Hk, s.Hp, qcf+Hp > qcf-hcb+p
    -Counter Mode Hyper Cancel
    -Strangely enough, the timing on this is nowhere near as tight as
     it is for other peeps. Go fig, eh? Or is it that the qcb-hcf+p is
     just too friggin' fast for its own good? ^_~
    -Would've been slick if you can do cancels all the time; this would
     have been simply EVIL as a Lv3 super...just look at CvS and CvS2

2.) qcf+Lp, qcf-hcb+Hp
    -Corner combo
    -You should be near the other end of the screen
    -This slick joint is an old-school combo that any KoF95-98 guide
     should have. Thing is though, I had found it by fluke on KoF95
     for GAMEBOY long before I had ever looked into any guides. And
     besides...the first real guide I had seen this in wasn't even a
     KoF guide. Anyway, it's one of the few old-school joints that
     still works.
    -In addition, I think that a LOT of people are still capable of
     doing this sort of thing. (NO, I am NOT going to attempt it with
     Kyou-1! His crap fireball annoys me enough as it is! Besides...I
     like Kyou-2 better. Freestyle, baby!!!)

Stuff to be Added Here
Hmmm...how about other people's combos, as well as the ones I had wrote
down, assuming that they still work here in KoF99. Also, if any of you
have any combos for KoF99 to add (or older ones to be attempted), then
drops me a line. So far, however, there aren't too many of them older
combos that still work. (You can, for instance, delay the timing on
Shin Kyou's qcf+k, k all you want. The first part of the Lv3 Orochi-nagi
will MISS. No matter what you do, IT WILL NOT CONNECT in this game.)

I most likely will need the help of others on this, as there are some
peeps in KoF99 I simply do NOT like. (Kyou, for one, has some extremely
NASTY combos and comboing potential, but I don't like him...or his lil'
clones. And then there's Robert...I would've actually used him in 95/96
...but they HAD to makt him a stinkin' CHARGE CHARACTER!!! And I'm NEVER
using Kurt Angle, uh, I mean, Kim Kaphwan. Com'on, just look at the man's
Capcom artwork in CvS and CvS2...it's an excuse for me to dislike him even
more than I already do!!!)

Revisions of Mortal Kombat
02/08/02: An extra combo or two; minor corrections and formatting
          corrections made
02/06/02: Original file typed up and sent off!
(01/30/02: Version 1 written down, originally intended as notes)

So, until next episode!!!

file is (c) 2002 shinkuu_hadouken@hotmail.com

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