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Choi by Big Russian

Version: 1.2 | Updated: 05/30/01

Character Guide for Choi Bounge
King of Fighters '99: Millenium Battle
King of Fighters: Evolution (DC)

By Big Russian (Beni Jenkins)

Version 1.2
-Added updated Mukuro Zuki info
-Added Kailu Lantis to thanks, 
 whom I cannot believe I forgot

Version 1.0
-Done.  I'll add things as needed

Version 0.99
-Finished Combos, need to format

Version 0.95
-Added Thanks & Closing

Version 0.90
-Added Story, Strategy, and Fun Facts

Version 0.45
-Moves, DM's and Striker Usage complete

Version 0.35
-Still working, got moves done

Version 0.10
-Compiling data, A work in progress


Do not post this FAQ or it's any of it's contents anywhere without my 
permission.  I have posted this FAQ at gamefaqs.com and this is the only 
place I want it to be until further notice.  If you wish to use or quote 
part of my FAQ, email me.  If I am given proper credit, everything is fine. 



1. Introduction to Choi
2. Background Story/Profile
3. Command Moves
4. Special Moves
5. Desperation Moves
6. Choi as a Striker
7. Combos
8. Strategy
9. Choi Fun Facts
10. Closing Remarks and Thanks


If I were to be asked whom I thought was the least-appreciated character in 
KoF (Sports Team guys notwithstanding) I'd definetly say that it was Choi.  
Not that he isn't appreciated as being an effective character by the KoF 
community, because he most certainly is, but I've heard few people say that 
they relied on him as I did.  I've never been in an Arcade where Choi was 
being played.  A sad misfortune, to be sure, since I desperately want to 
learn from someone better than me.  

I have limited experience with KoF in the Arcade as well, due to the fact 
that there were never KoF machines around when I wanted them.  Now, I look 
on the internet and I cannot find a Choi FAQ to reference, so I decided to 
start writing.  This may turn out to be crap by someone else's standards, 
but I hope it turns out better than that.  With that having been said, on 
to the FAQ.  ^_^


Birthplace:            Korea
Birth date:            October 25, 1961 (39 at the writing of this FAQ)
Height:                1.53 m (5')
Weight:                44 kg (96 lbs)
Blood type:            B
Hobbies:               Cutting things
Favourite food:        Crab
Favourite sport:       Gymnastics
Most valuable:         His claws, which he made himself
Hates the most:        Kongyaku

Fighting style:        Taekwondo with self-taught claw fighting

Before he and Chang were known as partners in crime, Choi lived a happy and 
relatively peaceful life.  As the proud owner of a butcher shop in a small 
Korean suburb, he enjoyed his work, for precision cutting came as a natural 
talent to him from the time he was very young.  Being small of size, it came 
in rather handy sometimes when the going got rough.  He loved a good fight, 
especially when he got to use his claws to slash his oppressors, claws he had 
fashioned himself.  Choi also had a wife, whom he loved very much... but 
something stirred within him that made him hunger for a more exciting life.  
He had a desire to see more of the world, and he wanted to live a life of 
action and danger.

One cool night, Choi was standing outside his butcher shop, staring at the 
stars and contemplating their magic.  As nice and peaceful as it seemed, the 
hunger for excitement crept up into his conscious thoughts.  He was about to 
wish upon the stars to bring him his desire, when suddenly a huge mountain of 
a man came tearing around the corner, at speeds that men his size should not 
be able to achieve.  He slammed right into Choi, who was too surprised to 
move out of the way.  The big man tripped as Choi went sailing through the 
air, both of them falling to rest a moment later.  

When the dust settled, Choi got a good look at the guy.  He was shocked.  The 
man before him was taller than anyone he'd ever seen, bald and bearded, with 
a gut the size of a live cow.  Over his shoulder, a large iron ball gleamed, 
it's chain trailing down his back.  Choi then noticed that this ball was 
shackled to him.  Suddenly, a realization came to Choi.  "Could this be the 
infamous criminal, Chang Koehan?  That would mean that he's just escaped from 

The big man rose up, dwarfing the small butcher.  At first, it seemed that 
he had a mind to crush the little guy where he stood, but then, his face 
softened up as he introduced himself.  It was indeed Chang Koehan.  He had 
indeed just escaped from prison.  "It's not so bad!  The food's good, the 
people are funny, and the life of crime is really exciting!"  Excitement?  
That was the magic word for Choi.  An idea crept into his head.  This guy 
looked like a big lummox, that's probably why he always gets caught... but 
with his brawn and Choi's brains...

"Hey Koehan!  I gotta proposition to make!"

The rest is history.

Choi chose to remain living at home, continuing to work at his butcher shop.  
However, late at night, when his wife was asleep, he would leave to begin his 
criminal adventures with Chang.  They had a great time; Chang and his iron 
ball were a human wrecking crew, and Choi terrorized the night-goers with 
his steel claws and rabid laughter.  They mugged many people, and knocked 
over (sometimes literally) many stores, accumulating a large amount of cash.  
He was having the time of his life, and really becoming good friends with 
Chang, though he made some pretty stupid mistakes at times.  Choi felt that 
he'd finally found his calling in life, and he grinned savagely every night 
as he realized his dreams.

That all came abruptly to a stop, however, one fateful evening.  Chang and 
Choi were casing a target.  It was a young woman.  She looked wealthy, and 
certainly defenseless.  The two bandits decided to scare her and take her 
purse.  Just as they readied for the strike, they were swept up in a tornado 
as white as snow!  They knew they were being attacked by a man, but he moved 
so swiftly and gracefully... it was as if they were being assaulted by an 
irresistable force of nature.  When they had been throughouly trounced, 
they got a good look at their assailant.  Wearing a white Taekwondo Gi, 
it was none other than internationally renowned martial artist, Kim Kaphwan!  
The two were dumbfounded at their bad lUck.  They were caught this time 
for certain.

Kim spoke. "You must be Chang and Choi.  I've heard about the two of you.  
Terrorizing the people of this fine town... I'm going to rid the world of 
you scum once and for all!"

Chang and Choi screamed, fearing their deaths!

Kim raised one eyebrow in wonder.  "Uhhh... no, I don't mean I'm going to 
kill you."

Chang and Choi sighed in simultaneous relief.

"Instead, I'm going to whip the two of you into shape by training you in the 
ways of Taekwondo!  Through rigorous discipline, the two of you will be 
reformed into model citizens once again!"

Chang and Choi screamed again!

After many failed escape attempts (all of which were Chang's fault, he and 
his big mouth!), Chang and Choi began to learn the arts.  Though they were 
strictly opposed to the training, the swift and violent beatings that Kim 
layed upon them were enough to get them to cease their protestations.  At 
least, externally...

Chang and Choi still planned on escaping, they just had to wait for the right 
opportunity. Kim came to the two one evening after a hard day of training and 
told them his plans.  He decided to enter the new King of Fighters tournament, 
with three fighters being the regulation.  The two ex-criminals figured out 
the rest.  They were the other two fighters.  Choi came up with a plan to 
escape after the tournament, but Kim thwarted it, as he would continue to do 
every year leading up to the KoF 99 tourney.

That time, however, Kim had been in contact with his old sparring partner, 
Jhun.  An imposing and frightening man (for Chang and Choi anyway), Jhun 
thought Kim's method of justice was soft and ineffective.  When Kim accepted 
his challenge to see who's justice method was the best, the more subtle (???) 
way of Kim, or the ultra-violent (!!!) way of Jhun, Choi was the unfortunate 
one.  He ended up drawing the short straw, so to speak, and began training 
under the brutality of Jhun's methods of justice.

Currently, Choi's skills have improved greatly.  He feels very confident that 
he and Chang can nail Kim and Jhun and escape after they win the 
tournament... yes, indeed!  They'll be unstoppable!!  (Yeah, right...)


1) Sankaku Tobi

Command: Jump against a wall, and as you touch it, push the joystick/pad 
         in the opposite direction.

Result:  Choi will jump off of the wall, increasing the height and distance 
         he can reach. This is a very useful move for escaping from corners 
         or dropping down on an unsuspecting enemy.  The nice thing about 
         the move is that you can still perform any attack that you'd 
         normally be able to perform in mid-air, including the Hishou Kyaku 
         and Chouzetsu Rinkaiten Toppa.

2) Mukuro Zuki

Command: Back or Forward + A
Result:  Choi thrusts forward with his claws, body turned sideways, while 
         appearing to nearly lose his balance on one leg.  It only hits 
         once and comes out slow, but this move is awesome when comboed.  
         It guard crushes, which means that any move succeeding it is 
         unblockable.  It can cancel into a special move, and also into 
         the Hou'ou Kyaku DM if you use the B button version.  This can 
         be your main form of damage.  More in the Combos section.

3) Toorima Geri
Command: Back or Forward + B
Result:  Choi flips his body forward and strikes the enemy with his heel.  
         It's a nice little overhead that's Worked pretty well for me.  
         Don't abuse it, or it loses it's usefulness.



1) Tatsumaki Shippuu Zan
Command: Charge Down, then press Up + P

Result:  Choi rapidly spins, twirling upward with his claws outstretched, 
         slicing the opponent several times. This move is good for 
         chipping damage in a corner (though it leaves you wide open if 
         they live through it), and can be used as an anti-air from a good 
         distance away, but there are better moves to use for that (like 
         jump CD). This is a fun move to use in Counter Mode, though, 
         due to the fact that you can cancel it into a Chouzetsu 
         Rinkaiten Toppa.

2) Hishou Kyaku

Command: While in the air, roll the joystick or pad a quarter circle from 
         down to forward and press Kick

Result:  Choi diagonally dives on his opponent, flapping his arms and 
         attacking with rapid kicks to the head. This move is highly useful 
         for covering yourself in the air, and quickly punishing missed 
         moves by your opponent.  You can also cancel this move into a DM 
         while in Counter Mode, making it a great move to use while in CM.

3) Senpuu Hien Sashi
Command: Charge Back, then press Forward + P
Result:  Choi spins towards his his enemy longways, like a rotating spear, 
         striking with his claws.  After the first strike, you can follow 
         it up with two more by simply pressing the direction you want him 
         to fly in and any button.  This is called the Houkou Tenkan, and 
         is listed below as a separate move.  

         On the whole, I prefer to use the Hishou Kuuretsu Zan instead of 
         this move, as it comes out faster and you can fake out with the 
         wall jumps.  That move is also listed below.

4) Hishou Kuuretsu Zan
Command: Charge Down, then press Up + K.  If you hold K, you'll attack 
         after hitting the wall.
Result:  Choi screeches and jumps up into the air.  Depending on where 
         you are in comparison to the wall and to your enemy, Choi will 
         either leap over the head of the enemy or bounce off the wall.  
         If K is held when he hits the wall, Choi spins at the enemy like 
         a spear (just like the Senpuu Hien Sashi) and strikes with his 

         You can follow this move up with the Houkou Tenkan for another 
         1 or 2 strikes. You can also change direction, just like with 
         the Punch version.  Note that the B version makes Choi attack 
         on a 45 degree downward slope.

5) Houkou Tenkan

Command: Press any direction + P or K during Senpuu Hien Sashi or 
         Hishou Kuuretsu Zan

Result:  A repetition of the previous strike, in whatever direction 
         you like.  You can use this to escape after an unsuccessful 
         strike, or to juggle if the situation permits.

6) Kaiten Hien Zan

Command: Roll the joystick or pad a quarter circle from down to back 
         and press Punch

Result:  Choi rolls on the ground forward and slowly advances. Once 
         it hits, Choi continues to roll up the body of the opponent, 
         jumping backwards after hitting several times.  This move is 
         like a vacuum.  If the enemy is hear you  and not blocking, they 
         may get sucked into it for most of the hits.  However, throwing 
         this move out isn't always safe, so use it sparingly.  You can be 
         countered by a quick opponent. You can use the Kishuu Hien Zuki 
         before this move hits, though. 

7) Kishuu Hien Zuki

Command: Press Punch during the Kaiten Hien Zan, before it hits the 

Result:  Choi dives foward out of his roll and strikes with both claws.  
         Can be used as a surprise maneuver, and can be cancelled into a 
         DM if you're in Counter Mode.


1) Hou'ou Kyaku
Command: Roll the joystick or pad a quarter circle forward, then a half 
         circle from forward to back, then press Kick.

Result:  Choi runs along the ground with his hands by his sides until he 
         meets with the enemy.  When the move hits, he goes into a 
         series of strikes using his claws, feet, and his body.  He ends 
         up twirling like a tornado, then kicking the enemy into the air 
         with a kick similar to Kim's.

         This move is great when the B button is used because it comes out 
         quick and can be easily comboed (especially when used with the 
         guard-crushing Mukuro Zuki).  More on this in the combos section.

2) Shin! Chouzetsu Tatsumaki Shinkuu Zan

Command: Roll joystick or pad in a half circle from forward to back twice, 
         then press Punch
Result:  Choi begins to spin at a rapid rate, and a huge tornado forms 
         around him.  You can move back and forth during this, so press 
         the enemy.  To my knowledge, you're invincible during this, so 
         use it to your advantage.  Best use of this move is to catch 
         and juggle a fallen enemy.  The SDM version is the best for this.

3) Shin! Chouzetsu Rinkaiten Toppa

Command: While in the air, roll the joystick or pad a quarter circle from 
         down to forward twice, then press Punch

Result:  Choi dives on his enemy from the air, surrounded by orange wind 
         (too... much... tang...).  The A button version makes Choi dive 
         straight down, while the C version makes him dive at a 45 degree 
         angle.  The SDM versions are both like the C version, flying at 
         an angle.


Here is an outline of what Choi does when called as a Striker.

The move is called "Chouhatsu Sanmai".  During this, Choi will come out 
from the side of the screen just like all strikers and if the opponent 
is far away, he will do one of three taunts.  This has the effect of 
lowering the enemy's Power Gauge.  If the opponent is close, Choi will 
do a Tatsumaki Shippuu Zan that will either hit two times close up, or 
11 times if they're a bit father out.

What makes Choi's Striker unique is that he can attack after he's 
taunted.  If the enemy gets close to Choi while he's taunting them 
(any taunt, it doesn't matter which one), then he attacks with the 
Shippuu Zan.  This gives Choi great use as a Striker, since he can 
both lower the opponent's Power Gauge AND attack in the same Striker 

A good time to use this is at the end of a match.  Save all 5 bombs 
for the final match.  There are plenty of times when you'll break even 
with your opponent and you'll both be near death.  You can use him as 
an attacking deterrent (due to the automatic pop-up) and to ensure 
they don't get a game-winning super or worse, Armor or Counter mode.  
I've won several matches this way, and let me tell you from experience 
that it's quite effective, even if it's just to eat a few more seconds 
off the clock or to scare off the opponent.

Personally, I'd rather be using him as a fighting character, but 
that's me.  :)


Okay, before I list the combos, let me just say a few things.  First, 
this section isn't a section to outline every single combo in Choi's 
arsenal, just a few basic combos, then a few more advanced combos.  
Some can be done easily in everyday play, and some only with hours of 
practice (or a lot of experience).  I'll leave it up to you which are 

Second, know that while combos are the fastest and most 'economical' 
way to drain an opponents' life bar, there are other ways to win.  I 
generally go for short combos because I'm certain they'll connect.  
If you can perform the "Triple All-Beef Phatty McBoot Combo" without 
batting an eyelash, more power to ya.

UPDATE: It seems the majority of combos involving the Guard Crush 
of the Mukuro Zuki (when preceeded by a move) only work in the 
Arcade version, as this bug seems to have been taken out of the 
DC and PSX versions.  Command moves usually lose their 
special properties (such as overhead or guard crush) when 
preceeded by another move in a combo).  This ommittance was 
apparently a mistake on the part of the programmers corrected in 
the home versions.  Thanks to Duo Yang (Sophia) who told me it 
didn't work for him.

(Charging down) Crouching B, Crouching A, Up + Punch (Shippuu Zan)

(Charging down) Jump-in D, Crouching C, Up + Punch (Shippuu Zan)

Jump-in D, Crouching C, QCF HCB + B (Hou-ou Kyaku)

Crouching B, Crouching A, Forward + B (Toorima Geri), QCF HCB + B 
(Hou'ou Kyaku)

Crouching B, Crouching A, Forward + A (Mukuro Zuki), QCF HCB + B 
(Hou'ou Kyaku)
Note: The guard crush properties of the Mukuro Zuki makes the DM 
in this combo UNBLOCKABLE!

Jumping Cross-up C (may hit twice if the C hits high enough), 
(Charging down) Crouching C, Up + Punch (Shippuu Zan)

Jumping Cross-up C (as above), Standing C, Forward + B 
(Toorima Geri), Standing B, QCF HCB + B (Hou'ou Kyaku)

Jumping Cross-up C (as above), Crouching B, Crouching A, QCF HCB + B 
(Hou'ou Kyaku)

Jumping Cross-up C (as above), Standing C, Forward + A (Mukuro Zuki), 
QCF HCB + B (Hou'ou Kyaku)
Note: As above, the Mukuro Zuki before the DM makes it UNBLOCKABLE!

(While in Counter Mode)
(In air) QCF D (Hishou Kyaku), QCF x2 + C (Rinkaiten Toppa)


Strategy with Choi is relatively simple, and open to modification by 
whatever means you're comfortable with.  Note that these tips are 
merely meant as guidelines for the way I play, and you may not be 
comfortable playing how I do, or you may have better ways.  If you 
feel that something in this section needs correction or clarification, 
please feel free to e-mail me.

First of all, know that Choi jumps higher and moves faster than any 
character in the game.  Add his tiny size to that, and you've got a 
very dangerous character.  While leaping around madly and slashing 
may be effective against some scrubs (and fun, to boot!), you'll get 
better results with controlled bursts of offense.  Allow me to 
outline a few offensive strategies.

Foremost on the list of strats are the use of his normal moves.  His 
crouching D comes out relatively fast and can be used with impunity.  
His CD, both standing and jumping, should be used to cover you and 
to push the enemy back.  His jumping C is his best combo starter, 
especially when you cross up (see Combos section above).  His 
standing or crouching B can be used to chain special attacks or a 
Hou'ou Kyaku executed with B.  Most of his normal attacks other 
than that are simply not as effective as those listed above.  
Recapping: Standing and Jumping CD, Crouching D, Standing or 
Crouching B.

His command attacks are great.  As you saw in the Combos section, 
that Mukuro Zuki (Forward or Back + A) can guard crush and can be used 
to make a (B) Hou'ou Kyaku unblockable.  This by itself makes Choi a 
menace.  And as far as his overhead goes, well who doesn't like an 
overhead?  Because he's so small, it doesn't always look like an 
overhead, which can be used to fool opponents into blocking in the 
wrong areas.  Use that speed to your advantage, fake them out, then 

I hate to sound like a broken record, but Combos are easily the fastest 
way to do damage as Choi.  After you lay into them for a few seconds 
with the odd special move, you'll have a DM cocked and ready to fire.  
Start crossups and low/high combos.  Tack that (B) Hou'ou Kyaku onto 
the end of everything.

On a side note, I think it goes without saying, but Counter Mode is 
the way to go for Choi.  With the ability to link all of his supers, 
it makes every move he does a potential match-ender.  Very dangerous 
in the right hands.

If it's single move strategy you're after, I have a few strats to 
outline on that basis, too.  Not everyone can do combos like crazy.  
You should work towards those larger and more complicated combos, 
but nothing's wrong if you don't feel like doing so.

You can use the Shippuu Zan as an anti-air, but several higher-priority 
moves can knock you out of it or trade hits with you.  You're not Chang, 
so trading hits isn't a good idea.  However, sometimes the A button 
version can be used safely and in the right situations, hitting for 
a few hits when they don't expect it.  The best time to use the C 
version is when you're being crossed up, especially in the corner.  
Not as devastating as it was in previous games, the Shippuu Zan can 
empty a gauge pretty fast if you catch the opponent at the right 
moment.  Just as they reach the apex of their hop or jump, you can pop 
up with this move and kiss a large chunk of their life goodbye, as the 
Shippuu Zan hits multiple times on the way up.  Where it would toss 
them away out in the open, in the corner it juggles for a few more hits.  
In 98, this usually sounded the end of a match, but here, it's just a nice 
little bonus and a good deterrent for those pesky cross-up combo 

Still in single move strategy, using the Senpuu Hien Sashi and the 
Hishou Kuuretsu Zan at the right moments can be thoroughly frustrating 
for your opponent, making it that much easier for you to win.  One of 
the biggest complaints about Choi is the annoyance factor, so use it 
to your advantage.  Make him make as much noise as possible!  These 
two moves fit the bill.  Choi is all, "RAKEE!  RAKEE! RAKEE!" and 
don't forget his hilariously annoying taunt.  Use both versions to 
surprise your opponent, juggle them for a couple of hits, and annoy 
them thoroughly.

Use the Hishou Kyaku repeatedly.  Sometimes the repetition of a move 
is the last thing they expect, and sometimes it's exactly what they 
expect.  Depending on who you're playing against, repeating this 
move can be a serious threat.  Those who have uppercuts which 
autoguard or quick retaliation moves may punish you for it, but if you 
mix up what you do while in the air, you can sometimes do a threepeat 
with the Hishou Kyaku to either do massive chip damage or hit them when 
they fail to successfully retailiate.  Either way, you've got a winner.  
Just don't overuse it, or the effectiveness wears off with their 

The Kaiten Hien Zan to Kishuu Hien Zuki can be effective as well.  
Going through with the Kaiten Hien Zan can often mean disaster during 
it's long recovery time.  Less so when the Kishuu Hien Zuki is used to 
strike out.  As with all of Choi's moves, use this carefully.  If you 
mix this in with a few other moves, they won't even see it coming.  
Since he rolls up into such a small ball, it makes the perfect follow 
up to any blocked crouching attack (especially those that don't push 
you back very far).

Choi's (B) Hou'ou Kyaku comes out fast and punishes quickly.  Use it 
to punish whiffs and blocked moves, and to stop distant jump-ins cold.  
An alternative to using Shippuu Zan when stopping a cross-up or an 
attempted escape from the corner by your opponent is the Chouzetsu 
Tatsumaki Shinkuu Zan DM.  Especially in it's SDM form, this can end 
a match if it connects near the corner.

Not to be denied, the Rinkaiten Toppa can be used in place of the 
diving kick in some circumstances, to rain death from directly above 
the opponent (and the unwise may not know which way to block!), or to 
cause general fear and mayhem.  It comes out quick and connects, so 
it's usually safe to throw out at random, just don't get predictable 
with it or you'll find yourself sucking on a Haohshokouken or equally 
nasty super.

As fast as Choi is, he's not faster than a bullet, so to speak, so 
be careful with your single moves and when you use them.  Soon you'll 
develop your own flow and will be able to use Choi more effectively 
in your own way.  I hope this section has been helpful for you.


1) Choi has often been thought to be a parody of horror film icon 
"Freddy Krueger" of the "Nightmare on Elm Street" series of teen 
scream cult horror movies.  I'd say this was a safe bet, looking at 
his KoF 94-95 costume.  The claws and the hat are the biggest clues, 
but who knows why they made him so small, or gave him such a high 
pitched voice?  I guess going along the lines of the "parody" theory, 
these could be attributed to Choi being like unto a caracature of 
Freddy, meant to exaggerate certain features to make a character 
more (or less) frightening.

2) Choi has been in every King of Fighters game ever made except 
for the portable games (excepting Card Fighters Clash).  Why this 
is true mystifies me.  Don't get me wrong, I like Choi, but they 
take out "cooler" and "more popular" characters like Billy Kane, 
Eiji Kisaragi, Geese Howard, etc, and then leave in silly characters 
like Chang and Choi.  Personally, I'm glad this is true, but it 
still seems somewhat strange.

3) Wanna hear Choi sing?  "Monster Maezuka", Choi's seiyuu 
(voice actor) does a song called "Choi Bounge Ondo" on one of 
the King of Fighters CD's (I'll look up which one and tell you 
later).  Here are the lyrics to that song in romanji.

Choi Bounge Ondo
Arrangement / Composition: Monster Maezuka
Singer: Monster Maezuka


Zenkoku no King of Fighters Fan no minasama, 
asshi ga KOF no hana no wakiyaku, 
kagayaku joen dan'yuushou Choi Bounge deyansu.  
Asshi to issho ni kono ondo ni notte 
kyuukyoku no mai o tanoshimu deyansuu!! 
Choi to odoreba kono yo wa Bravo 
Choi to Choi to Choi to Choi Bounge Ondo 

Migaki-nukareta kono tsume o teki no Body ni sakuretsu da! 
Aa Aa yaru deyansu Kaikan deyansu Tatsumaki Shippuuzan! 
Iya na yarou o buchi no meshi 
(ima da!!) shouri no otakebi ukkikki. 
Kim no dan'na yo mite-okure 
yuushou-surebai no ichiban ni kani tabehoudaii 
Choi to waraeba kono yo wa bara iro 
Choi to Choi to Choi to Choi Bounge Ondo 

Kitae-nukareta kono Muscle de teki no haigo ni High Jump 
Oh Yeah!!  Tobu deyansu kiri-kiri mai deyansu 
Hishou Kuuretsuzan!! 
Tsurai shuugyou ni taenuite (yaru zo) ouja no Pose kekkekke. 
Son'na kouha na asshi demo sugao 
wa tottemo ochame na Lonely Wolf. 

KOF de yuushou-sureba taibou no jiyuu no mi ni nareru deyansu!  
Shika mo Spotlight o abite kyuukyoku no 
wakiyaku kara hana no shuyaku ni nareru ka mo sou naeba mou 
"Otegami choudai" nante iwanakute mo 
tsugi kara tsugi e to Fan Letter ya Love Letter ga mou ippai 
todoite kyawaii on'na no ko kara mote-motee Hiihihhi! 
to iu koto wa akogere no Athena-san 
Mai-san Yuri-san Nako-chan kara mo aaa!!  
Yume no you deyansuu 

Choi to asobeba mina Paradise 
Choi to tanoshime Happy Happy Happy 
Choi ka ichiban mina hizamazuke!!  
Choi to Choi to Choi to Choi Bounge Ondo 

A, Kim no dan'na doo deyansu  kono ondo E?  
Urusai choushi ni noru na?  
Shuugyou ga tarinai?  Wa, su, suimasheen!!  
Dan'na, yu, yurushite wa!  
Gya!!  H, hengee  Ai ga ho-shi-ii



My second FAQ is complete!  This one went by much faster 
(mostly since I didn't have to compile tons of information 
like I did for the 'History of Sumo' in my E. Honda FAQ).

First, I'd like to thank my fiancee, Jessica, for not 
killing me when I used her as a scratching post for Choi, 
and for her undying support.  You're getting downright 
wicked with Mai, Jess!

Second, Kailu Lantis (who has been very kind).  I used 
his profile info and, with permission rewrote his 
character background info into my own words.  His hard
work on the KOF Story FAQ has long been appreciated 
by the KOF community.

Third, the guys and gals on the KOF ML (kof@dhp.com), 
especially Punny.  He clarified a few points for me, 
extended my combos and informed me of the unblockable 
status of the (B) Hou'ou Kyaku after a Mukuro Zuki.

Fourth, to Agetec for releasing this game over here.  
Despite my complaints about the editing of Chin, this 
game got me back into Fighting again.  Why I left is 
beyond me.

Special thanks to CJAYC for his awesome site and for 
posting my FAQs.

Finally, to my friends and family who always give me their 
support in all my projects, no matter how small.  
Thanks, everyone.

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