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Speech Translation FAQ by The True Warrior

Version: 2.0 | Updated: 04/03/01

The King of Fighters 1999: Evolution

Extra Striker Speech Translation FAQ v.2.0 (April 3,2001)
For Japanese and American Sega Dreamcast and arcade, created by SNK of 
Japan © (2000)
FAQ created by The True Warrior [e-mail: thetruewarrior2002@yahoo.com 
OR thetruewarrior@hotmail.com]

Legal Stuff:

This FAQ and anything related to and/or associated with it is the 
property of me, (Edwand Rivers).  Anyone viewing this document should 
not, cannot, and will not copy and/or duplicate it without expressed 
written permission from me and only me.  Also, this FAQ is protected by 
Federal Copyright Laws and is written for GameFAQs.com.

(So in other words: NO unauthorized duplication or copying!)

About this FAQ:

This is a speech translation FAQ, meaning that it is for those of you 
wishing to understand what the characters in the game are saying to 
each other before, during, and after a fight.  This is also to help you 
if you are interested in studying the Japanese language or wanting to 
memorize famous quotes from your favorite characters.

How this works:

The Character listings go in the order that they are in on the 
character select screen, starting with Seth.  First, there is listed 
the Japanese pronunciation, which is followed by the English 
translation.  (Note: I am still in the process of accurately describing 
the words and phrases, so some of the translations may be off or 

The Extra Strikers!

Seth – N.E.S.T.S Cartel Operative
Vanessa – N.E.S.T.S Cartel Operative
Goro Daimon – From King of Fighters 1998
Billy Kane – From King of Fighters 1998
Ryuji Yamazaki – From King of Fighters 1998
Kyo SP (SPECIAL) – Exclusive character from the King of Fighters Series
Chizuru Kagura – From the King of Fighters 1998
Athena SP (SPECIAL) – Exclusive character from the King of Fighters 
Alfred – From Real Bout Fatal Fury Special: Dominated Mind
Fio – From Metal Slug
Gai Tendo – From King of Fighters Battle de Paradise
Syo Kirishama – From the King of Fighters Battle de Paradise 

What this FAQ needs!
The Credits!


1.	(Initial Strike) Ikuze Ama-chan...E tsurani nata janei ka! = Let's 
go pretty boy...Hey! You're not so pretty anymore!
2.	(Missed Strike) Yaru janeika! = You're pretty good!


1.	(Initial Strike) Ikuwaiyo...Ora (repeats)...Upper!  Mattai Masho! 
= Let's go...C'mon (repeats)...Upper!  See ya next time!  (Don't 
you just love her?) ^_^ 
2.	(Missed Strike) Aye...Zan zen dame! = Aye...I missed it!
3.	(Blocked Strike) Ata! Tata! Tata! = Ouch! (Repeats).

Goro Daimon

(Daimon-san doesn't say anything in particular; he just shouts or 

Billy Kane

(Billy doesn't say anything in particular; he just says his signature, 
"Hey! Hey! Hey!" or laughs as he strangles or hits your opponent.)

Ryuji Yamazaki

1.	(Initial Justice Strike) (Performing his tornado punch) Ippen 
shin de ka!  Moro tarine na! = Waste away and die!  You're not 
enough for me!
2.	(Initial Dark Strike) (He just laughs as he grabs your opponent 
by the neck and strangles them!)


1.	(Initial Justice Strike) (Throws out a Creeping Darkness) Kurae! 
= Eat This!
2.	(Initial Dark Strike) (Throws out a Creeping Darkness and then 
performs his Modified Style No. 75) Kurae! Akubi ga teruze... = 
Eat This!  You make me yawn...

Chisuru Kagura

1.	(Missed Justice Strike) Madda owate nai wayo! = It's not over 
2.	(Initial Dark Strike) Kore ga mikiri te? = Could you see through 
3.	(Missed Dark Strike) Madda owate nai wayo! = It's not over yet!


(All Athena says is, "Ganba te!" which means, "Good Job!")

Alfred.  From Real Bout Fatal Fury Special: Dominated Mind

1.	(Initial Justice Strike) (Flying at your opponent) MAYDAY! 
MAYDAY! (*Smiling at you*) Honki kai? = MAYDAY (An emergency term 
used by pilots in crashing airplanes) is that all/it?
2.	(Initial Dark Strike) KURAE! WAYVU RAIDA!!! Honki kai? = EAT 
THIS! WAVE RIDER!!! Is that all/it?  (The Wave Rider is and 
attack that Alfred performed in RBFFS: DM)


1.	(Initial Justice Strike) (Falling off of her hang-glider) 
Aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh! (Then she gets up, whacks your opponent, and 
runs off of the screen.)
2.	(Missed Justice Strike)  Da, dai jobu de? = Are you okay?  (O_O)  
(Why would she say this if she's supposed to ATTACK the 
3.	(Initial Dark Strike) (Drags out a HUGE pipe in an attempt to 
smash your opponent.)  (?)  (She says something, but it's too low 
to decipher; though all I know is that it's just a word people 
say when they attack; like "Chesto"!)

Gai Tendo

(Gai doesn't say anything in particular; he just poses and shouts at 
your opponent.)

Syo Kirishama 

1.	(Initial Justice Strike) Oreno Kobushi ga makani moero!!! = MY 
2.	(Missed/Blocked Justice Strike) Katchi kite shobu shi agare! = 
Come closer and fight!  (Or, it could be, "Don't walk/run away! 
Come closer and fight!) 
3.	(Initial Dark Strike) (Ramming his motorcycle at your opponent) 
Teme! Oreno bikuni nanshi agan de! = HEY! WHAT THE **** ARE YOU 
DOING TO MY BIKE!  (Easily the coolest striker attack in the 
game!  Substitute the asterisks for one of two profane words that 
would fit in with it. ^_^)

*(And, as a special bonus; here's Krizalid's in-game speech!)

1.	(Intro) Mini yaki tsukite...Shinu gai E! = I WILL BURN MY 
2.	(Intro vs. K') Yatimero, Kurone fuzei ga! = Come and try, you 
****ing clone!  (Something to that extent people!)
3.	(Intro vs. Whip) Anata to tatakau koto ninarutohana! = I didn't 
expect to fight against you! 
4.	(Performing Lethal Impact) Amai! Shine! = Weak/Pathetic! Die!
5.	(Performing the End of Heaven/Eden) Misette yaru...Warega chikara 
O! = I'm going to show you...MY TRUE POWER!
6.	(Performing Desperate Overdrive) Butsu bureru! = Time for a/the 
7.	(Winpose) Kona mono de katteru noka? = Do you think you can beat 
me with your power?
8.	(Defeated) Kona hazuhaaaa! = I can't believe this/This isn't 
possible/How could I lose! 

(And that should do it!)

What this FAQ needs:

Well, this FAQ is done!  If there's anything else though, feel free to 
mail me!

The Credits!

Welcome to the most important part of the FAQ!

1.	SNK.  For making this game before they "died" :(.  SNK WILL LIVE 
2.	Kenta Sato.  For translating everything for us!  This guy is too 
good at this game! I can barely manage to tie with him!  Keep it 
up...my true rival...
3.	CJayC.  The man that makes it all possible; You get a large cut 
of the glory dude!

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