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Kim by Joe Higashi

Updated: 01/31/01

Kim Kaphwan
The King of Fighters 1999 (Neo-Geo cartridge)
Character faq
Copyright Joe Higashi(aka Louis)

For any request ,one can e-mail me at joe@j-fan.com,i am also registered at the 
orochinagi forum under the 
nickname Joe Higashi(www.orochinagi.com),which gathers lots of KOF great players 
from everywhere in the 
world,I myself improved my gameplay with Kim ,gleaning some advices.In this faq,i 
have tried to match the 
names of Kim's kicks with Tae Kwon Do moves,if you disagree with my interpretation 
,just tell me. 
I-Command list jargon
A=light punch   B=light kick  C=strong punch  D=strong kick
QCF=quarter circle forward
QCB=quarter circle back
HCF=half circle forward
HCB=half circle back
Back,forward=charge back for 2 seconds then forward
Down,up=charge down for 2 seconds then up
DM=desperation move
SDM=super desperation move (performed when the life gauge is flashing red)
II-Basic commands for KOF (reminder)
-Dash: forward forward  quickly
-Back step: back back quickly
-Emergency escape forward: push A&B together (forward +A&B)
-Emergency escape backward: back +A&B
-Moving attack: during emergency escape,push any button (A to D)
-Body toss attack: push C&D together
-Houdini body toss escape: when you get caught in body toss,back or forward + any 
button (A to D)
-Knockdown recovery: push A&B right before a knockdown
-Razz: push start button
-Guard deflect: release a combo attack on your opponent within the time limit 
while he/she is in guard position

-The power gauge

It increases when you attack,you can stock up to 3
With one gauge you can perform:

a)A super special move (also called DM)
b)The forward guard cancel emergency escape:forward+A&B in guard position
c)The backward guard cancel emergency escape:back+A&B in guard position
d) The guard cancel blow away attack: push C&D in guard position

With 3 gauges stocked,you can trigger off either:

*The counter mode (push A,B,C together)

The power of your character increases temporarily,he turns red:
You can use super special moves whenever you want
You can link special attacks,special moves,super special moves with a cancel move 
from a moving attack
You can link special moves to super special moves( super cancellation attack)
However guard cancels are not allowed in this mode

*The armor mode (push B,C,D together)

The defense of your character increases temporarily,he turns yellow:
You can guard against super special moves without losing life(annoying for scrubs 
and cheesers)
You can stay invincible while sustaining an attack (you cannot be comboed)
You can smack your opponent into the 22nd century with hte moving attack
However super special moves and guard cancels are not allowed in this mode

III-Kim Kaphwan

A) Personal datas

Fighting technique: Tae Kwon Do
Birth date: December 21
Age: 29
Country: South Korea
Blood type: A
Height: 176 cm
Weight: 79 k
Favourite food: Yakimiku (Korean barbecue)
Dislike: Evil!! (i.e "Aku wa yurusan"!!)

About Kim:
Kim's main goal through entering the KOF tournament is to turn his  
teammates(Chang and Choi) into model citizens.These two villains were given the 
chance to train with Kim who tought them the art of Tae Kwon Do,though they just 
keep thinking about escaping and breaking free from him.
Kim also has two sons(Kim Dang Hwan and Kim Jae Hoon),who briefly appeared in the 
Fatal Fury series (by SNK) and are now available as characters in Garou:Mark of 
the wolves, the latest Fatal Fury.
This year Kim is helped by Jhun to perform his huge reconversion task.

B) Poses

Normal entry pose:Kim stretches his legs,making his talons touch the ground,then 
he says"Ikuzo",and stays in a pose for 1 second.
Entry pose against Chang:Kim stands holding his waist with his hands,while Chang 
is talking,then kim shakes head and says "Ikuzo".
Entry pose against Jhun:Kim has his arms crossed while listening to Jhun,he is 
holding his chin with his hand as if he were thinking,then his eye sparkles.

Winning poses (at the end of a match hold A,B,or C to see Kim's different victory 

1-(A button):Kim quickly performs a few kicks(shadow fight),and says "Ah!"
2-(B button):Kim runs his hand through his hair,his teeth sparkle
3-(C button):Kim wipes up his forehead with his backfist and says something like 
"Nakamakama ote maide"(i'm not sure).
Taunt-Kim raises his hands shrugging as if to say "come on"

IV-Kim's Moves

A) Basic moves

1-when close,forward C:a "frankensteiner"(i.e from Steiner the wrestler),Kim 
smashes down the opponent's head with his legs.(Bam!)

2-When close forward D:Kim grabs the opponent and throws him away to the other 
side of the screen.

*Close standing A: a quick jab that hits high.

*Far standing A: a mid section punch,it has a fair range but is not comboable,i 
sometimes use it to end a poking combo.

*Crouching A: a  low jab,Kim crouches to perform it.It is the starting point of 
many combos with Kim.

*Jumping A: a quick flying  punch.Very useful for easy crossups (crossups or 
crossovers),and jumpin attacks.

*Close standing B: a two hit  kick,it is basically called "dubon chaki" in Tae 
Kwon Do.Kim kicks in the opponent's leg then in the mid section.It can be 
interrupted (see combos).

*Far standing B: a sort of   front kick aimed at chest, i don't use it a lot 
except for ending some poking game.

*Crouching B: a quick crouched  kick,hits low,excellent for poking but there is a 
timing to get,it can be linked to a crouching A.

*Jumping B: a direct leapt front kick (looks like a "touio ap tchagui"),you can 
crossup like with the jumping A,a good priority airborne.

*Close standing C: a back kick (from "dui tchagui" in Tae Kwon Do).this move is 
THE true weapon of Kim,it turns out to be the main axis for many essential 
combos,it must be interrupted at the first hit.

*Far standing C: it looks like the close version,Kims raises his knee and hits 
with his talon,stretching his leg, then he slightly bends it before 
replacing.Utility of this move? i sometimes kick an opponent dashing to me,since 
it has a good range,though it triggers off slowly.

*Crouching C:a  half circular kick aimed at face ( "dorlyo tchagui"),like the 
close standing version,it is ideal to combo whatever you wish after.Also useful 
against air attacks.

*Jumping C: this move has 2 versions

-upward:it looks like the jumping B,though less vertical.you can punish a jumping 
opponent with it.
-backward or forward:a strange kick,Kim hits upside down with the upper part of 
his foot.It can be used for jumping attacks,but learn to time it.

*Close standing D:a two hit high kick("chico chaki"),also calles hammer kick,it 
can be interrupted either after the first or second hit according to the move that 
will follow(see in the combo section).However,this kick cannot be linked after a 
jumping attack,you will have to start combos from a standing position.

*Far standing D:A circular kick outward aimed at face,it can be used against 
attacks from air,or push away close opponent.

*Crouching D: a long sweep

*Jumping D:like the C,this move has two versions

-upward:Kim's leg extends upward in a half circular move (to me,it looks like 
takuma's jumping CD),you can use it like the C version.
-backward or forward:Kim kicks downward with the sole of his foot (ouch x_x),feel 
free to abuse it in your jumping attacks.

*CD body toss: a long  horizontal kick ,the "mico chaki" is used to unbalance your 
opponent in Tae Kwon Do,in this case,it turns out to work well since it knocks 

*Jumping CD: a powerful horizontal kick,use it to quiet down your foe in the 
air,it knocks down.

*Moving attack (any button A to D during emergency escape):a half circular back 
kick while moving forward ("goulo duitbal tchagui").

B) Command moves

*forward A: a double leapt forward kick,it can be interrupted at the first hit but 
you have to be very fast( forget the easy timing of the forward A kick in the KOF 
97 and 98).

*forward B: the neri chagi ,from Korean "nae ryo tchagi",is an inside front kick 
from up to down.Kim raises his stretched leg as high as possible,then smashes with 
his talon and the sole of his foot,this two hit kick is an overhead,useful against 
opponents guarding low .(not comboable)

C)Special moves

*Crescent moon slash (Hangetsuzan): QCB Bor D

This move comes out quickly and will punish any jumping opponent.I personally link 
it most of the time,but it can also be used as a single move,to harass and 
surprise your foe,the lag time after the move being kind of short,Kim may remain 
safe even against a guarding opponent (at least the B version).

*Flying slice (Hien zan): down,up Bor D
With this move,Kim can easily counter aerial attacks,by adding down  K at the end 
of the D version you can do an extra talon hit.Once again Kim remain quiet safe 
with this move,even if the opponent is guarding,add the extra hit,it may happen to 
hit a reckless one,and it forces him to guard until the end,and so reduces the lag 
time after the move.

*Comet cruncher: back,forward Bor D

A move made of two kicks;Kim slides on the ground to kick low,then he performs a 
jumping hammer kick ("tuio chico chaki") aimed at face.Very good range,the D 
version  crosses an awesome part of the screen.This move is useful to surprise and 
baffle  your foe.

*Flying kick (Hisho kyaku): during jump QCF Bor D

Many players use it to pressure the opponent,and even to cheese him while guarding 
in a corner,it's a bit cheap, though ^_~.Whatever, you may get punished by some 
anti air attack,but very often it surprises your foe since it is released very 
quickly.It can also be linked after the first hit of the forward A command.

*Haki kyaku: down down Bor D
Kim stomps the ground with the sole of his foot.It hits when close,and then you 
can perform the Hou ou Kyaku DM or SDM (it's not easy at least for me,but once you 
can master it ,you'll be rewarded).Then try to 
insert it within a combo with the DM after.

D) Desperation moves (DM)

*Hou ou kyaku: QCB,forward Bor D

Kim's famous DM,it can be done airborne.If you can't link it,try to perform it 
against a jumping foe.

*Ascending firebird kick: QCF QCF Bor D

A new DM for Kim this year.(though he lost one)
It's basically a violent circular back kick aimed at face throwing the opponent in 
the air,then Kim smashes him to the ground with a kind of neri chagi.If performed 
well,it can punish a jumping opponent,but it is also connectable.

V- Combos or the keys to victory

A) Useful chain combos and poking games

Note:Be as close as possible

Standing A,forward A
Standing B(1 or 2 hit),forward A
Standing C(1 hit),forward A
Standing D(1 or 2 hit),forward A
Crouching B,crouching B,crouching B (it tends to work better on Chang and Choi)
Crouching B,crouching B,crouching A
Crouching B,crouching A,forward A
Crouching B,standing A
Crouching B,crouching B,standing B

these 2 following ones require a very precise timing

Standing A,standing C(1 hit),forward A
Crouching A,standing C(1 hit),forward A

B) Interesting Combos

note:you can jump in with any button (Ato D),i have symbolized it by a 
interrogation mark.

Jumping ?,crouching A,Hien Zan D,down D

Jumping? ,crouching B,crouching A,Hien Zan D,down D

Jumping ?,standing C(1 hit),Hien Zan D ,down D   (to perform this one you must 
push C,after having charged down but before doing up,while Kim is standing)

Jumping? ,standing B,Hien Zan D,down D  (same comment as above)

Jumping? ,standing C(1 hit),Comet Cruncher Bor D

Jumping? ,standing C(1 hit),Hangetsuzan B

Standing B(2 hit),Haki kyaku

Jumping?,standing C(1 hit),Haki kyaku  (push down a first time before landing 
,then trigger off the standing C ,then push down Bor D)

Jumping?,standing C(1 hit),forward A(1 hit),QCF Bor D

C) A few advanced combos

Jumping?,standing C(1 hit),Hou ou kyaku DM or SDM   (perform a QCB C just before 
landing then a forward D)

Jumping?,standing C(1 hit),ascending firebird kick DM or SDM  (perform a QCB 
C,then a QCB D)

Jumping?,standing C(1 hit),Haki kyaku,Hou ou kyaku DM or SDM

Jumping?,crouching B,crouching A,forward A(1 hit),Hou ou kyaku DM or SDM    

D)Combos starting from the Hammer kick (close standing D)

Standing D(1 or 2 hit),Hangetsuzan Bor D   (D version fails against Choi)

Standing D(1 hit),Haki kyaku

Standing D(1 hit), Hou ou kyaku DM or SDM   (you must be very quick)

Standing D(1 hit),ascending firebird kick DM or SDM   (perform a QCF D,then 
another QCF D)

Standing D(1 or 2 hit),forward A(1 hit),Hou ou kyaku DM or SDM  

E) The "Chang" Combo

This one only works against Chang

Standing B(1 hit),Haki kyaku,Hou ou kyaku DM   (perform down B,down B,then 
QCB,forward Bor D)

Final word about combos: I am not really sure about it that's why i put it here
In fact i found out that after a jumping attack,it was possible to link a 
crouching C,only against certain characters,it works for Chang Choi 
Jhun,Maxima,maybe for others
After the crouching C,you can link any DM or SDM.

first of all thanks to SNK for having created KOF and Kim
To make this Faq,i used the KOF 99 booklet for thebasic commands,the names of 
moves... I also used some infos at the neo geo webpage(www.neogeo.co.jp)
I also used the Real Bout Special booklet to get the japanese names of some 
moves(Haki kyaku),then a hiragana dictionnary to translate.
I found the names of Tae Kwon Do moves in some books dealing with it and the way 
to learn it
Thanks to Gunsmith ;reading his faqs encouraged me to make one.
And finally thanks to Gamefaqs,for gathering so much help for gamers

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