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Reviewed: 09/03/02 | Updated: 09/03/02

"Zero eh, it fits this game."

The King of Fighters series was always in my opinion the King of Mediocrity. As average as the previous installments were, this game is bad on all levels. I'll explain why this was a poor last hurrah for SNK.

Story: 1/10
Some guy named Zero decides to hold the King of Fighters tournament in order to steal the Zero Cannon (no Mega Man jokes please) and beat up the finalists in order to syphon energy for the Zero Cannon. Why do all this? Zero is gonna use this weapon to take over the world! The flaw that I already see with this plan is that if you're going to take over the world, then why fire a weapon capable of destroying it? Also, in SNK tradition, all the fighters are idiotic. My reasoning is that ever since 97, the tournament was held as some plot for world domination with the winners being used as a pawn. If it were me, I'd stop participating after the second time that happened. Oh wait, they have to ignore logic, for SNK, is DUMB!

Music: 5/10
A mixed bag. Every team has there own theme. Some are good, such as the Art of Fighting team's theme. Some suck, such as the Psychic Team's. The psychic's theme sound like some Pac Man music. Overall, if you really want to play this game, then have a walkman on hand.

Sound Effects: 1/10
What you'd expect from a fighting game, a bunch of grunts and people yelling out the names of their special attacks. My problem is that a lot of the voices sound uninspired, as if the voice acting staff was bored to tears while doing this. Then again, if I was doing voices for a KOF game, then I'd be bored as hell too.

Gameplay: 1/10
The same old trite gameplay you expect from the KOF series. 4-on-4 format with 1 character being a striker. A striker is someone who doesn't actually fight, but does a run-in, ala WWE. Problem is, there are secondary strikers that you can choose from before each match, WITH EVERY CHARACTER! I appreciate the variety and choices that are offered, but that's just too many considering there are over 40 fighters. Also, the strikers are darn near useless. I'd rather have a physically capable fourth fighter actually throw down, maybe SNK thought that the player doesn't want that. It would also help if they described what each striker does. As far as combat goes, against the computer, there is only one thing you need to do: SWEEP. I literally blow through the AI opponents by sweeping them to death. Against a human, just play like you would Crappy Fighter (aka: Street Fighter Alpha) since all these losers are rip-offs of Capcom characters.

Translation: FUNNY!
SNK is known for having horrendous translation in their games, and that tradition continues here. There are such corny lines as: ''You chacha was good, maybe better than my lucha'', ''Fait accomplis, you bore me'', and my favorite ''Zero eh, it fits you!'' Don't you just love how SNK characters cut each other down verbally with their mad wit!

To Rent or Buy: I think not!
You can't rent Neo-Geo games and they were overpriced as is. I wouldn't waste time downloading this game since it is just King of Fighters 99 or 98 with a new villain (Today's Moral: New isn't always better)

If you download this game, then I'll mourn the loss of time you suffered. The only good that comes from this game is that whenever you play it, you'll remember that you're a lot smarter than these lamers.

Rating:   0.5 - Unplayable

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