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Charlotte Guide by JPalanca

Version: 2.5 |

     by: Joe Palanca

Any replies, cool ascii pictures of Charlotte, more info, etc. that I can
use, e-mail me Joe Palanca (jgpalanca@csupomona.edu).

This Guide is available through me, and via FTP :
sanar.kaiwan.com /user/dvillnva/neogeo_faqs 'charlott.faq'
ftp.netcom.com /pub/vi/vidgames/faqs 'charlott.faq'

It is also at the WWW page :

This guide is strictly PUBLIC DOMAIN - it's FREE and no one should profit
from selling any part of this guide to anyone.  If anyone uses part of this
guide in another publication, please acknowledge your source of information.


The original Charlotte FAQ/Guide was only used as a personal notepad for my
friends and myself.  It was a way of writing down notes about what she could
or couldn't do, which combos worked, which moves were effective, etc.  After
a while, a friend suggested that I type it out and make into a mini-FAQ just
for fun.  Eventually, people started making Strategy Guides/FAQs for each of
the characters in Samurai Shodown ][.  Of course, my friends told me to
revise and refine mine into a true FAQ, which is what you're reading now.

To me, Charlotte is the 'best' character in the game.  Of course, I've played
many people, using other characters, and I myself have used other characters,
and from this experience, I can say that there really is no 'best' character.
It really depends on the player and how he/she uses the character's moves.
When I first played SS1, I used Gen-an (whom I've made a FAQ/Guide for as
well).  As word of SS2 spread, I noticed more people playing SS1 and one of
them was exceptional with Charlotte.  He played almost toying with opponents
using Charlotte and seemed unbeatable (with the exception of those no-
nonsense-way-too-serious Haohmaru players who are still around today playing
SS2).  After a while, I started using her and began to learn how to use her
in SS1.  Then SS2 hit the arcades and I was there.  Of course, I was pretty
good with Gen-an in SS1, so the first character I used was him.  I soon found
out that with all the changes in SS2, it was hard to play him like I did in
SS1.  So I tried Charlotte, and soon found that she was even better in SS2.
That began my continuous use of Charlotte.

I guess to write a FAQ/Guide for a character, you would have to be an expert
in that character.  I'm not an expert with Charlotte, but I feel that I know
enough about her to write this.  I've played the best in SS2, and although I
don't always win, I always give my opponents a run for their money.


Version History
Pros and Cons of using Charlotte
Differences of SS1 and SS2 Charlotte
Map Key
Character Information
Moves and Their Uses
General Strategies
Specific Strategies
Charlotte's Ending


0.5 - Basically, my written (untyped) notes for my personal use and
        occasional use of my friends

0.7 - A typed up, more organized version of the above

1.0 - Basic guide; move list; quotes; ending; misc. info

1.5 - Pros and cons; differences; general strategies; combos

2.0 - Specific strategies

2.5 - Overdue update with better strategies, combos, etc.


S N K  -  For this kick-butt game
Shawn Holmes (shawnh@qb.island.net) and 
Scott Fujimoto (sfujimoto@delphi.com)
        Original writers of the Samurai Shodown ][ TapFaq;
        Scott Fujimoto for the historical background information from his
        Character History FAQ
Kenichiro Tanaka (tanaka@maya.com)
        Japanese manual
Geese Howard (dvillnva@kaiwan.com)
        Curator of Kaiwan site (archiving this faq there)
Damone (damone@ios.com) 
        For putting this up on his web page
Andy Eddy (vidgames@netcom.com)
        Curator of Netcom site (archiving faq there as well)
Kelya Saddrick (kisaddrick@csufullerton.edu)
        My Charlotte rival who helped test combos and strategies;
        contributing writer
Jason Saddrick (jsaddrick@csufullerton.edu)
        Use of his personal arcade (yes this guy owns a SS2 upright) and for
        giving me a NEO GEO in the first place;
        contributing writer
Tanya Lorellei (tlorellei@csufullerton.edu) and 
Jodi Lumsdane (jblumsdane@csupomona.edu)
        Editing/spelling corrections, suggestions, etc.


        Charlotte is one of those characters that you have to like in order
to play her.  Because of Samurai Shodown I, she wasn't as popular as she
should have been in part two (see below for differences).  Most people over-
looked her abilities.  In my personal opinion and many others, she is one of
the better characters in the game.

7 Good Reasons to play as CHARLOTTE:

--> Excellent range and speed for A and B slashes
--> Variety of ways to counter jumpers
--> Air AB nice wide-area attack
--> Crouching AB can override many other moves
--> Easiest moves to memorize and learn
--> Has beautiful mural in backdrop
--> Sexiest character in game

4 Bad Things about CHARLOTTE:

--> On average she's a slow jumper
--> Not very effective without weapon (unless you know how to use her ^_^)
--> One of the hardest characters to master
--> She cuts her hair at the end :(


        Charlotte wasn't as good in Samurai Shodown I as she is in Samurai
Shodown ][.  Her AB attacks were given much more range and almost all of
her attacks do more damage.  Her jumping ability has been slowed down, but
her anti-air attacks are more effective.  Her Splash Fount was toned down a
bit on damage and her Power Gradiation has her jump back a little allowing
her room to recover now.  She has been given a fireball attack (Tri-Slash),
although it is slow to get out and can be seen coming a mile away.  Her hair
is longer now and her second color is now red instead of green (I personally
liked the 'plucky' color).  Her background has changed, making it, probably,
the best in the game.  She also seems a lot more cold and evil (esp. with her
close-up pic).

Map Key :

Quotes : B -- Quote at beginning of game.
         BM -- Quote before match.
         AM -- Quote after match.
         BV -- Quote before mirror match.
         AV -- Quote after mirror match.
         I -- Interlude quotes. (J = w/Judge, M = w/Mizuki,
                                 A = w/Mizuki and Amakusa)
         F -- Quotes before final match.

Background : Any historical or fictional basis for the character.
Weapon : What he or she fights with.
Full of : What drops out when he or she gets split.
Occupation : What type of fighter he or she is classified as.
Nationality : What country he or she comes from.
Voice : Name of the Voice Actor for the character.
Ranking : According to Gamest, the Japanese magazine for video game fanatics.
Notes : Assorted items of interest.

Normal Attacks : The attacks are usually presented in left and right columns.
If the entry does not appear in the right column, then the attack is the same
as the one in the same position in the left column.

All jumping attacks, and only jumping attacks, hit high.  Most crouch kicks
hit low.  Everything else usually hits neither high nor low.
Exceptions are noted as follows :
"*" means an attack hits LOW when normally it would not (slashes and standing
"**" means an attack does NOT hit low when normally it would (crouch kicks).

Whenever a swing is blocked, the attacking character usually reels back for a
second, then recovers.  However, certain swings do NOT reel back; the
character continues to swing while his or her opponent blocks, and recovers
"#" indicates a swing that follows through when blocked.
Note that all kicks do not block reflect.

Special Moves :

Key : "!" means a weapon is required to perform the special move.
      "L" means the special move hits low.
      "H" means the special move hits high.
      "*" means the special move ticks off 1 or 2 points of damage.
      "**" means the special move ticks off 3 or 4 points of damage.
      "***" means the special move ticks off LOTS of damage.

Damage : Weapon      ---> caused by direct strike from weapon
         Fire        ---> caused by direct hit from flames
         (no label)  ---> damage resulting from tosses, grabs, open handed

Poses : You can select what pose your character does after he/she wins! After
defeating your opponent, if you hold your joystick in a specific position
(i.e. up, down, left, right) until his/her name is called, he/she will do a
specific pose.


The Noble Revolutionette (From SS1)

An accomplished swordperson, beloved by the common people of France,
Charlotte has risen to save the masses from the disasters that victimize her
country.  Famous quote : "Let them eat steak."
Weapon : Laroche
Alma Mater : Taught by the French fencing tutor, O. Le Paine
Age : 27
Birthplace : Versailles, France

The Other Rose of Versailles (From SS2)

In 1972, Riyoko Ikeda wrote a famous manga (Japanese comic) series called The
Rose of Versailles.  It concerned the various dealings in Versailles right
before the French Revolution.  The main (fictional) character was Oscar
Francois de Jarjayes, an aristocratic woman who wore men's clothing and a
sword, and became the head of the guard at Versailles.  Despite her
background, she later turned on her employers and joined the French
Revolution.  Note that Charlotte throws a rose every time after winning a
fight.  As far as I know, Oscar never visited Japan. ^_^

SS2 - Charlotte throws roses again.  Also in her scene, the carpet has a
giant rose on it and there are bowls of roses at the ends of the hall.  And
she's still at Versailles.  "Rose of Versailles." Hmm...

(Japanese Manual)
Charlotte commissioned a mural depicting her victory over Amakusa.  The
artist's brush flew, as if possessed, and painted the form of a demon
Charlotte had never seen before.  "I must destroy Ambrosia, afterall..."

(English Manual)
The lady knight and artisan, Charlotte commissioned her court magician and
artist to lock the soul of the evil Amakusa in a priceless wall mural.  How-
ever, the artist was possessed and produced a painting containing a hideous
creature of ungainly power.  The painting sends chills down Charlotte's
spine : "As prophesied, our next battle will involve the dreaded Ambrosia..."

B: "Has the evil king returned back?"
BM: "To protect the honour of my family, I'll never lose!"
AM: "In France, there is no impolite person like you. It's reasonable
     I win!"
BV: "You imitate my distinguished family. I (will) never forgive you."
AV: "Protecting the honor of my family means all to me!!"
IJ: "Where'd you, evil king?"
F: "Where are you, evil king?"

Background: Based on Oscar Francois de Jarjayes from the Rose of Versailles
            manga. Note the rose on the tapestry where you fight.
Weapon: Epee
Full of: Roses
Occupation: Knight and Artisan
Nationality: France
Voice: Harumi Ikoma
Ranking: 2
Notes: Charlotte comes from a distinguished family. Her pigeon's name
       is Pierre. She has a slight crush on Haohmaru.
       All of the characters in the game can be seen in the mural. Mizuki
       appears as a giant skeletal figure on the right.



Standing Far                         Standing Close

A/B -- Thrust                        A/B -- Bell Punch
AB -- Far High Triangle Slash        AB -- Close Triangle Slash
C -- Short High Knee Hop
D -- Medium Knee Hop
CD -- Far Low Knee Hop

Crouching Far                         Crouching Close

A/B -- Short Thrust                   A/B -- Bell Punch
AB -- Far Ground Triangle Slash       AB -- Close Ground Trangle Slash
C/D -- Crouch Kick
CD -- Roundhouse


A -- Quick Down Thrust
B -- Extended Down Thrust
AB -- Air Triangle Slash
C -- Knee Thrust
D -- Down Kick
CD -- Down Kick

Notes: The "lines" that Charlotte draws with her AB slash remain lethal
       a split-second after she slashes. Thus an opponent can be hit
       if he moves into a slash immediately after she "draws" it.
       Also, note that all of Charlotte's AB slashes can hit an opponent
       nearby behind her.
       Charlotte's standing and crouching ABs can be interrupted by a
       Special Move, as long as the move has registered before she is done
       drawing her triangle.
Slashes : Charlotte's A and B slashes are fairly fast.  Use these to keep
opponents away if they're too close.  However, be careful with her B as it is
different in close and far away.  Her standing B and AB are extremely useful 
against jumpers.  Her crouching AB can also be used against jumpers and to 
knock other characters out of special moves (i.e. Haohmaru's Ougi Resshin 
Zan).  Her far AB is good range, but know your distances, as her close AB, 
like B, can mess you up if you're expecting to do a far AB.

Kicks : Her standing kicks..er..knees are great counters for air attacks.
Her Jumping C kick works well as an air counter, and her Jumping D kick has
priority over most moves (i.e. most of the time you'll kick Haohmaru before
he can uppercut...or even trade hits at worst).  Her crouching C is extremely
fast, and works well for interrupting attacks.
Splash Fount                | Dashes towards opponent, striking repeatedly
  Press Slash Repeatedly    | with sword, hitting up to three times for
                        **! | weapon damage.
This is especially useful for finishing off opponents with little or no life
left.  Otherwise, this is a very dangerous move to use, as it leaves her
open to attack whether she hits with it or not.  One way of preventing a
counter is to tap A when you think she's going to stop.  But don't tap it too
much or you'll perform a second Splash Fount which will for sure be countered
by a mega damage attack.  Tapping A as she finishes will usually send out her
A attack which is usually faster than anyone's counter (normally an AB or
special move).  The coolest thing is when she does this move, she sounds like 
she says, "Bastard!"
Power Gradation        | Leaps vertically, striking ground with
                       | weapon, creating a long beam of energy,
 / | \  + Slash        | hitting for multiple strikes of weapon
O  O  O             *! | damage.
This is useful as an uppercut move, but it lacks the range of most uppercuts.
However, it is one of her fastest moves and is (I believe) faster than anyone
else's uppercut.  Usually I use this move if I'm against a continuous jumper,
off a combo, or if I accidentally over jump and need to put distance between
me and my opponent.  This is also good, if they overjump you or are coming
down from a special attack (i.e. Gen-an's shedding, Nakoruru's Mamaha flight,
or Cham Cham's jumping scratcher).
Tri-Slash              | Draws a triangular shaped projectile
                       | that flies horizontally to hit for fire
-O | \  + Slash        | damage.
   O  O             *! |
This is a fairly slow fireball move.  It is probably the slowest fireball
move in the game.  Added to the fact that the motion she does makes it 
visible a mile away, it seems like a pretty useless move.  But it can be used
to her advantage.  It's great for slow jumpers, as it can catch them in the
air.  Another use for it is, because of it's slowness, it can be used to
bring opponents closer (jumping towards her) so she can do some major damage.

B/AB/D/CD            Falls and throws opponent over shoulder
If you've played against the computer, then you know that this move can be
one of the cheesiest in the game.  Her throw is only rivaled by Genjuro's and
Cham Cham's on speed.  9 out of 10 times you will throw your opponent if you 
run up to them and attempt to throw.  I use this to my advantage when I'm 
landing close to my opponent or have little life left and they try a special 
move (i.e. Ukyo's apple slice or Jubei's shimmering sword strikes) as I'm 
getting up.
Super Deformed Transformation        Unfortuantely, not one of the better
                                     looking ones...but she is the sexiest
-O \  |  / O- -O \  |  / O- + D      out of the doll. :)
    O O O         O O O

1.  AC:  Bends epee (actually, flicks off opponent with epee).
2.  BD:  Tosses a rose and says "Allons!"
3.  AC(weaponless):  Same as 2.
4.  BD(weaponless):  Same as 2.

Note: "Allons" is French for "Let's go!"
Power Special:               |
Splash Gradation             | Slashes a seven pointed star that strikes
                             | for breaking damage.
-O \  |  / O- -O + B         |
    O O O                **! |
This move is great.  This move takes off a good amount of blocking damage
(for those dynamic finishes) and puts distance between you and your opponent.
But be careful!  There are a number of characters who can still reach you one
way or another if they know how (i.e. Genjuro's cards can reach Charlotte be-
fore she can recover).  Know your range with this move and when to use it. It
is best used to hit people running at you, attacking with a slow move, or (of
course) jumping at you.  Another good thing about this attack, is that she
turns around, giving her a slight invulnerability.  So if your opponent is
close and performs a quick slash, do the move and break their weapon!

- If she wins with little energy left, she doubles over slightly holding her
        gut with a pained expression before doing one of the following.
- Rose: A rose falls from the sky. Charlotte catches it, and laughs
- Uh-huh: Charlotte plays with her hair and says, "Uh-huh"
- Kiss: Charlotte kisses her epee, and says "Au Reviour" ('Good-bye') 
- Smile: Same as Uh-huh, but she continues smiling

First and Second Armed Win:   First and Second Unarmed Win:
Up: Kiss, Uh-huh              Smile, Smile
Down: Rose, Kiss              Rose, Smile
Left: Uh-huh, Rose            Smile, Rose
Right: Kiss, Uh-huh           Smile, Smile

--> Jump AB, Crouch AB (you must land so that it is the far crouch AB)*
        This is one of the most powerful combos in the game.  Although not as
damaging as Haohmaru's or Genjuro's, this can still do some damage.  You can
also buffer the Crouching AB with a Tri Slash, but most of the time you knock
your opponent down or dizzy them, which prevents the Tri Slash from connect-
ing.  You can also use the Splash Gradiation (if you have it), but once again
it most likely will not hit.
--> Jump D or CD, Crouch AB (see above)*
        Same thing as above, and you can buffer with one of the two special
moves as well.  However, this isn't as strong, but is usually safer.  Some-
times, the Jumping AB or D will knock them too far away and stun them too
long to get the Crouching AB in.  Or you may jump in too close and knock them
out of reach of her close crouching AB.
--> Jump C or D, Crouch C, Crouch D or CD
        This is a basic kick combo that works if she's unarmed.  Doesn't do
too much damage, but it does enough and also pushes your opponent away if you
need some breathing room.
--> Jump C, Power Gradiation
        Basic combo, but dangerous if they block.  I only use this against 
the CPU or to finish off an opponent with minimal life left.
--> Jump C, Crouch C, Crouch A, AB, or CD
        This combo is fast and annoys a lot of people.  You have to be fairly
close when you jump in with the C kick or you won't be able to connect with
the Crouching CD if you choose that as the final attack.  If you use the A,
you can add one more A slash at the end.  This combo is a basic setup, which
can vary on the moves you choose after setting up with the jumping C.
--> Crouching or Standing AB, Tri-Slash or Splash Gradiation
        This is an add-on that I mentioned in the earlier two combos.  Once
again, the Tri-Slash may not connect.  If you do the Standing close AB (the
one that hits twice), you can buffer the second hit with the Tri-Slash or
Splash Gradiation.  Or if you do the Close AB and knock them too far after
the first hit (i.e. usually happens with Haohmaru), quickly buffer with the
Tri-Slash, or you'll eat an AB slash since they'll have enough time to
recover while you're still pulling in your epee.

* - Usually dizzy combos

The most common description of Charlotte players is their two common tactics.
They are either Kamikaze Jump attackers or Pokers.  

Kamikaze Attack : This involves jumping a lot and staying constantly on the
offensive.  Most players will keep jumping with AB.  It works fairly well 
too!  But occasionally you get some that use the A, B, or C attacks, and that
can be fairly devastating.  Charlotte has some fast slashes and kicks, and
not many people are quick enough to retaliate to these Kamikaze attacks.

Poking Method : Pokers will gauge the attack carefully and strike with the 
very tip of Charlotte's toothpick. Kind of like Haohmaru and his standing B 
slash.  This is an annoying tactic that frustrates many players.  Charlotte
can use this to her advantage since her A slash has high priority, long range
and is fast to come out.

Playing Turtle : This is playing defensively and using anti-air attacks and 
her crouching A or B to keep opponents at a distance.  A cheesy tactic by
most players.  Most feel that this doesn't require too much skill, which is
why it is labeled cheesy.  However, against the CPU, it is wise to use this
when it begins to play in its own cheap style.

On the ground - Charlotte is one of the best ground fighters.  If you're
playing characters like Cham Cham, Genjuro, or Ukyo, I find it best to run at
them a lot with quick strikes.  It seems to confuse and irritate them as they
cannot get their moves out.  Other characters like Haohmaru or Charlotte,
herself, should be played carefully.  Use your standing and crouching A's to
test their range.  More often than not, they'll try to slash back with a more
powerful move (i.e. AB) then hit them with a crouching AB. 

In the air - Charlotte is a good jumper, but not one of the best.  Her air
AB and C are her best air to air attack moves.  Air to ground attacks can 
encompass anything in her repetoire.  Usually, a good air AB can setup for a

Unarmed - Most people think that Charlotte sucks without her toothpick, which
is true if you don't play her.  But for those that do, like me, she can still
be as dangerous.  A good example is that playing level 4 CPU, I got caught
early in the second round by Mizuki's POW special.  She had most of her life
bar still intact, but I still managed to beat her using those long, powerful
legs of Charlotte.  I tried the whole round to get my weapon back, but ended
up killing Mizuki before I had a chance to.  Sure, Charlotte's A, B, and AB
attacks are rendered useless, but there's got to be a reason for those long,
(sexy,) powerful legs of hers.  And there is!  Her kicks are very, very use-

*I've only played full games on levels 1-5.  I've played occasionally on the
higher levels, but not enough to rate that level of play.  The cpu plays
basically the same way against Charlotte at all levels, only becoming more
offensive (with the exception of Haohmaru...see below) at higher levels.*

Cham Cham : Medium to Hard.  Cham Cham is a small character, and sometimes
        hard to get combos off of.  Occassionally, the jumping AB will miss
        her, especially if she's ducking.  The easiest way to beat the
        computer Cham Cham and most Human players is to continually stay on
        the offensive.  Run at Cham Cham a lot.  Jumping can be dangerous if
        you don't know when to do so.  Cham Cham has her upward boomerang
        throw and jumping scratcher moves to knock Charlotte out of the air.
        If Cham Cham jumps, either use and anti-air attack, or use the
        jumping C.  If timed right, the jumping D overrides Cham Cham's
        jumping scratcher move. Running at Cham Cham and keeping her within
        range of your slashes disables a lot of her attacks.  Her boomerang
        throws are slow to come out as well as her monkey attacks.  Use
        Charlotte's ducking A to interrupt Cham Cham's specials and use her
        ducking AB when Cham Cham misses an attack.  Another note for
        jumpers, is to watch out for those that run underneath and attack as
        you land.  Cham Cham can easily do this.
Charlotte : Hard.  The computer Charlotte likes to poke a lot with her epee.
        It can be frustrating at times because most of these toothpick
        attacks are just to get you to slash and miss resulting in a CPU
        combo or mega-damage attack.  It is also used to get you to jump,
        resulting in a 'skipping knee, I'll use my body to hit out out of the
        air, ultimate air counter attack' (I read this once and loved the way 
        that was put, so naturally I had to use it.).  A sure way to win is
        to play turtle and wait for mistakes.  But be careful, because the
        CPU loves to run up and throw against this type of strategy (no
        matter which character is used; this is what made Charlotte a love-
        to-hate character in SS1).  Human opponents use three basic
        strategies (the ones described above).  Refer to general strategies
        to find out how to beat human opponents, because it would be like
        playing against me and I've played every way possible that Charlotte
        can be played. ;D  One thing to note against Kamikaze jumpers, and
        any type in general.  The key to countering Charlotte's air attacks 
        is to do the opposite attack.  If she jumps with a slash, use a kick
        and vice versa.  However, this only works if the opponent jumps first
        and you come up a second or so after.
Earthquake : Easy.  Against the CPU Earthquake, I like to play the Kamikaze
        Jumper.  As far as I know, Earthquake has no good anti-air attacks
        (anyone using Earthquake and disagrees, please let me know which
        moves are used to do so and illuminate me because I use Earthquake
        regularly against the computer *it's soooo easy to cheese with him*)
        and is a slow jumper.  I've never played a human player who uses him
        (once again, let me know so I can play you), so I don't have any
        strategies to give on that subject.  However, some basic tips for
        countering are as follows.  If he disappears and drops from on top,
        block then step forward with the B or if he's in the corner, use the
        AB.  You can kick him out of the Fat Chainsaw with the D or CD kick
        and occasionally you can get him with the AB (although I usually end
        up trading hits).  If he does his Fat Copy, stand at one facing the
        other and do the standing AB slash.  You'll hit him either way.  Most
        of the time the CPU use the A version, putting him on the left.
Galford : Medium.  I like to play two types of ways against Galford.  Kami-
        kazi Jumping usually works in lower levels of CPU play, while the
        Cham Cham method works well at all times.  The only problem with
        Kamikaze jumping is Galford's speed to run under and backstab or do
        his Strike Head.  He can also use his teleporting dog (what kind of
        fighter uses a dog to do his dirty work).  With close fighting, it
        can be dangerous if you're not careful.  Galford can be very hard to
        fight close in if used right.  CPU Galford likes to jump a lot, so
        counter attack with standing AB, jumping AB, and Power Gradiation.
        If your POW is full, he is an easy character to catch with it, esp.
        while jumping.  The CPU usually runs in while Charlotte is in her
        power up animation, so cancel the animation by doing the Splash
        Gradiation as soon as your POW hits full and you'll get the CPU
        Galford 7 out of 10 times.  The other times he'll take massive block-
        ing damage.  CPU and human players like to run in, roll in, and trap
        you to perform the Strike Head.  This is one of those life drainers,
        so you don't want to get caught in this.  This is a very good reason
        to keep him at least one character space away, or use the doll move
        if you can do the motion fast enough (YES! One good reason to have
        this move available!!!).  Use crouching A's and C's to keep a running
        and rolling Galford away.  If Galford does his double image move,
        stand in front of one image, facing the other and do her standing AB
        slash.  You'll hit the right one no matter which one it is, because
        her AB can hit behind as well.  If he disappears and drops from the
        sky, block and step forward with the standing AB or B.  If he does 
        his chameleon move (disappears), then look at Poppy to find out where 
        he is.
Gen-an : Medium to Difficult.  I can't figure the CPU out on this one.  Some-
        times I wipe his @$$ all over the floor and sometimes he beats me
        senseless.  On lower levels (1 & 2), Gen-an can be played anyway you
        like as long as he's in the first row of opponents.  However, if he's
        in the second row or on higher levels, this is a good strategy to 
        beat him.  Play turtle.  Use anti-air attacks as Gen-an likes to jump
        50% of the time.  The other 50% of the time, he likes to slide kick
        you into the corner continuously.  Use your crouching A and C to keep
        him away.  If you just block, he'll eventually get you in his knee-
        basher hold.  If Gen-an sheds, use the far crouching AB to hit him as
        he jumps out of his skin (literally) or use the Power Gradiation to
        hit him as he comes down.  Use the jumping D or far crouching AB to
        knock him out of his Slaughterhouse Tumble.  Stay within range of her
        far crouching AB slash in case Gen-an does his claw grab or Poison
        Cloud attacks.  Block and counter.  Play human players like the CPU.
        Gen-an has some quick and long range A slashes as well as fast C kick
        attacks.  Many human players use this to their advantage.  The best
        is to keep them away by using opposite techniques.  Use the C kick if
        they try to A slash you and the A slash if they try to C kick you.
        Gen-an is also a floater in the air, and you can easily get under and
        behind or just get with range to do the close standing B, AB slash,
        or one of her standing kicks to counter him.
Genjuro : Medium.  You can pretty much play (loud-as-hell) Genjuro like
        (just-as-noisy) Cham Cham.  The following strategies work for both
        CPU and human players.  First of all, all of Charlotte's normal 
        ground attacks and most of her air attacks are faster than Genjuro's.
        Genjuro's AB slashes have one big weakness : you can see it coming!
        Many of Genjuro's combos use regular moves to set them up, esp. the 
        AB slashes.  Charlotte's A slashes are very effective in interuppting 
        ALL of Genjuro's attacks.  Watch out for Genjuro's CD kicks.  Their 
        range is deceptive and they stay out longer than most.  CPU Genjuro
        likes to throw, so keep some distance between (2 or more character
        lengths) unless you're playing offensively.  If Genjuro does his
        slide attack from 2 or more character lengths away, either use the
        crouching AB or jump straight up and AB (timing is essential for
        this).  If he's closer when he performs the move, then either block
        (good luck) and counter or duck (fun, but risky; timing is critical).
        Genjuro's uppercut move isn't great and rarely used.  So jumping
        occasionally works, but don't get carried away, because some of his
        air attacks have priority.  Genjuro's card throw is good for counter-
        ing Charlotte's missed attacks, especially her Splash Gradiation (POW
        special), so be careful.  Last note : Human players like to use the
        card throw to get you to jump into his POW special.  So DON'T jump if
        Genjuro has a full POW meter!
Hanzo : Medium.  I play him a lot like Galford, only Kamikaze Jumping more
        because of his fire snake.  Use the ducking AB slash to hit Hanzo
        after his dissappearing log thing.  Basically, the strategies are the
        same for him and Galford.  The one difference I can think of is when
        he does his chameleon move (dissappears).  With Galford, you can see
        where he is by the dog.  With Hanzo, listen for footsteps so you can
        tell if he's running at you.  Another helpful detail to tell you
        where he is, is that Kuroku (the referee) is always in between the
        two fighters except when one is running at the other, someone is hit
        (in that case he raises a flag) or Hanzo does his double-image tele-
Haohmaru : Varies.  I could write a whole FAQ on just how people use this
        guy.  He is probably the most used character in the game (Ukyo may be
        but I've played against Haohmaru more).  I don't know what to write.
        If I wrote every strategy you could use against him, I would have to
        seperate just this section into a second part of the FAQ.  Basically,
        use any technique I've described so far and any I will describe
        further on.  Poking a lot with A is very useful.  You can also run up
        and crouching C or A attack them.  An annoying tactic that most play-
        ers hate is running up and using a standing A slash, then a crouching
        A slash, and continually switching between high and low attacks.  
        I'll just use the rest of this space to say, "Haohmaru players are 
        usually the worst players out there.  They're way too serious and 
        need to loosen up and try someone new!  And I don't mean Genjuro or 
        Ukyo!  Use Jubei at least or even CHARLOTTE!"  One thing I will say 
        however regarding his magic move (the seven hit thing).  Many human 
        players like to do this when opponents are down to very little energy 
        left.  The best counter is to throw him.  YES, he CAN be THROWN!  He 
        has to be within grabbing range.  He is also vulnerable when his back 
        is towards you (this is very tough to catch).  I've hit him occasion-
        nally with a crouching C while he was in the middle of the move.  If 
        you can do neither of these, jump and you get hit once, get knocked 
        down and take minimal life loss.  Of course, if you have nothing left 
        then you're on your own...  There are three points in the move in 
        which you have a chance to stop him.  When he begins the move, half-
        way through the move, and right before the final two hits.
Jubei : Medium.  The CPU loves to play turtle.  Then again, so do most human
        players.  Play him anyway you want to with the following in mind.
        Our sight, impaired friend, Jubei, likes to throw his ground wave to
        get you to jump at him.  Jubei's air attacks all have priority over
        Charlotte's.  The exception is if you're close enough to do her
        jumping C.  Charlotte's jumping AB is one of the easiest moves for
        Jubei to catch (sword catch move).  So as much as possible, refrain
        from using it against someone who knows how to use this move.  (I
        know this because I love catching Charlotte's jumping AB when I use
Kuroku : Easy.  I've only played him on level one, so it's relatively easy to
        beat him using the Kamikaze Jumping Method.  Scott Fujimoto's
        complete Kuroku guide has a good strategy to use with Charlotte in
        it, so you may want to check that out.  It can be found at the FTP
        sites listed at the beginning of this FAQ.
Kyoshiro : Medium.  Kyoshiro has a very long reach.  You can usually Kamikaze
        Jump against him, but he does have his twirling uppercut type move
        as well as a couple anti-air moves.  I think the best way to attack,
        if you like to jump, would be to use the jumping C or D.  This helps 
        to set up for combos as well.  Don't stay too close to him, because
        the CPU likes to get you into a throw or hold.  Also, make sure you
        hit with your strikes, because both CPU and human players like to use
        his pole-kicking attack because of its temporary invulnerability as
        he jumps back slightly.  If he does his POW special, the best thing
        to do is block and AB after because of its bad recovery.  If you
        can't take the damage, then the following must be timed right and
        done in certain spots (practice this to find out how).  I've used the
        jumping AB and D to knock him out of his POW special and his spinning
        uppercut type attack.
Mizuki : Easy to Medium. Wait at the start of the round for her to jump, and
        jump and AB her if she does so.  Then start crouching and A-thrusting
        her when she gets close.  You will usually hit her out of many moves
        while not getting hit in return.  When she's low on life, jump and AB
        her relentlessly.  She'll usually screw up her defenses and get
        creamed. Usually, if you're within range, use the far crouching AB.  
        It works well, as sometimes she doesn't block.  Usually, she'll throw
        that demon dog of hers (another fighter who uses an animal to beat up
        her opponents), and you'll slash both of them.  You can even do this
        with the jumping and standing AB if timed right.  Be careful when
        she has a full POW meter.  She likes to throw her POW special at
        least twice when she has it.  Usually right away, then right before
        she loses it.  Occasionally she'll send out the dog, the POW special,
        and do an AB slash all at once.  Watch out for her range attacks, as
        she uses them to get opponents to jump into her POW special.
Nakoruru : Easy.  I've got one thing to say about Nakoruru : ANTI-JUMPING
        ATTACKS.  Nakoruru is basically an aerial fighter.  I know, because
        I've used her often.  Her ground attacks aren't as good as her aerial
        attacks, so most of the time you'll find Nak jumping at you.  Also
        effective is because Nak is a high jumper, you have enough time to
        run under and attack as she lands.
Nicotine : Easy.  This little guy can be played by any three styles above.
        Just don't underestimate him, CPU or human players, because he's not
        THAT weak.  He can be a good fighter if his full repertoire of moves
        are used, but I've rarely seen anyone do so (I've seen only two 
        people good enough to beat me with him.).  CPU like to roll under and
        attack against Kamikaze jumpers.  Also watch out when the CPU rolls
        at you because he's most likely gonna throw you.
Sieger : Medium.  Against the CPU, use the Kamikaze Jumping method.  All the
        combos I've listed are easy to perform on him.  Just don't get too
        crazy with jumping, because he can perform some good anti-air attacks
        every now and then.  I haven't had much experience with human players
        so I can't say much.  But those that I have had experience with, the
        same method of fighting the CPU works on them as well.  You can knock
        him out of most moves, but his grab (where he slaps you silly) can
        go through her attacks if she initiates them.  Block first, then
        counter with a Crouching AB.
Ukyo : Medium to Hard.  Basically, he's like Haohmaru.  He can be played too
        seriously.  Against CPU, use any of the three methods above.
        Depending on the difficulty level, you can beat him with one of the
        three (Kamikaze Jumping works for levels 1 and 2 only).  Against
        human players, it depends on how they play.  If they play like normal
        people do (trying to get combos and playing for the fun of it), then
        play anyway you like.  If they play cheesy (continuous Swallow Swipe)
        then run and roll or jump over the SS until you have him in a corner
        and beat him senseless.  I really don't have a strategy against
        cheesy fighters with Ukyo, because it's hard to fight against that
        using Charlotte.  I usually just lose and play a different character
        like Nakoruru or Cham Cham to beat the cheesiness out of them!!! :D
Wan Fu : Medium.  Wan Fu can be played exactly like Sieger, except tone down
        on jumping, because Wan Fu has that reliable uppercut move.  Against
        human players, watch out for the jumping CD, crouching CD combo. It's
        well used and very effective.  Don't jump too much against human
        players, because Wan Fu has the fastest uppercut move in the game,
        and players know that.  Only jump to get combos off and to counter
        air attacks.  Watch out for the butt attacks.  Use the Power Gradia-
        tion to counter these.


  After defeating Mizuki, Charlotte is standing in the forest. "Once again,
my motherland is safe!" she says. At this moment, Pierre flys to 
her. She says "Pierre!  What is it?  Hey, he is..."  Pierre flies off the
left of the screen, and Charlotte follows him.  Charlotte runs to the place
where Haohmaru is lying on the ground, and looks concerned.  Suddenly,
Oshizu enters from the opposite screen and cries, "Haohmaru!"  Charlotte
reaches out her hand and whispers, "Haoh..." then runs off, embarrassed.
Haohmaru wakes up and shakes his head, with Oshizu by his side.
 The scene shifts to where Charlotte is standing at the top of the cliff,
looking down at the forest.  She says, "Love...makes me uneasy. I must
train myself more!" She then grabs her long hair, and cuts it, throwing it
in the air as Pierre flies off into the distance.

END OF CHARLOTTE STRATEGY GUIDE/FAQ.                  (C)1995,1996 JGPalanca

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