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FAQ/Walkthrough by Snow Dragon

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 10/27/07

   FAQ/Walkthrough v1.0
   Written by Snow Dragon © 2007.
   All rights reserved.
   Contact at [sdfaqs@gmail.com]

   = | =================
   = | =================

   1  Intro
   2  Story
   3  Start Screen
   4  Controls
     4.1  Basic Moves
     4.2  Advanced Moves
   5  Items
     5.1  Power Stars
     5.2  Coins
     5.3  Caps
     5.4  Bricks
     5.5  Miscellaneous Items
   6  Enemies
     7.1  Minor Foes
     7.2  Bosses
   7  Walkthrough for All Courses
     7.1   Prelude
     7.2   Bob-Omb Battlefield
         7.2.1   Big Bob-Omb on the Summit
         7.2.2   Footrace with Koopa the Quick
         7.2.3   Shoot to the Island in the Sky
         7.2.4   Find the 8 Red Coins
         7.2.5   Wing to the Sky
         7.2.6   Behind Chain Chomp's Gate
         7.2.7   100-Coin Star
     7.3   Whomp's Fortress
         7.3.1   Chip Off Whomp's Block
         7.3.2   To the Top of the Fortress
         7.3.3   Shoot Into the Blue Wild
         7.3.4   Red Coins on the Floating Isles
         7.3.5   Fall Onto the Caged Island
         7.3.6   Blast Away the Wall
         7.3.7   100-Coin Star
     7.4   Tower of the Wing Cap
     7.5   Jolly Roger Bay
         7.5.1   Plunder in the Sunken Ship
         7.5.2   Can the Eel Come Out to Play?
         7.5.3   Treasure of the Ocean Cave
         7.5.4   Red Coins on the Ship Afloat
         7.5.5   Blast to the Stone Pillar
         7.5.6   Through the Jet Stream
         7.5.7   100-Coin Star
     7.6   Cool, Cool Mountain
         7.7.1   Slip Slidin' Away
         7.7.2   Li'l Penguin Lost
         7.7.3   Big Penguin Race
         7.7.4   Frosty Slide for 8 Red Coins
         7.7.5   Snowman's Lost His Head
         7.7.6   Wall Kicks Will Work
         7.7.7   100-Coin Star
     7.7   Big Boo's Haunt
         7.7.1   Go on a Ghost Hunt
         7.7.2   Ride Big Boo's Merry-Go-Round
         7.7.3   Secret of the Haunted Books
         7.7.4   Seek the 8 Red Coins
         7.7.5   Big Boo's Balcony
         7.7.6   Eye to Eye in the Secret Room
         7.7.7   100-Coin Star
     7.8   Bowser in the Dark World
     7.9   Vanish Cap Under the Moat
     7.10  Hazy Maze Cave
         7.10.1  Cavern of the Metal Cap
         7.10.2  Swimming Beast in the Cavern
         7.10.3  Elevate for 8 Red Coins
         7.10.4  Metal-Head Mario Can Move!
         7.10.5  Navigating the Toxic Maze
         7.10.6  A-Maze-Ing Emergency Exit
         7.10.7  Watch for Rolling Rocks
         7.10.8  100-Coin Star
     7.11  Lethal Lava Land
         7.11.1  Boil the Big Bully
         7.11.2  Bully the Bullies
         7.11.3  8-Coin Puzzle With 15 Pieces
         7.11.4  Red Hot Log Rolling
         7.11.5  Hot Foot It Into the Volcano
         7.11.6  Elevator Tour in the Volcano
         7.11.7  100-Coin Star
     7.12  Shifting Sand Land
         7.12.1  In the Talons of the Big Bird
         7.12.2  Shining Atop the Pyramid
         7.12.3  Inside the Ancient Pyramid
         7.12.4  Stand Tall on the Four Pillars
         7.12.5  Free Flying for 8 Red Coins
         7.12.6  Pyramid Puzzle
         7.12.7  100-Coin Star
     7.13  Dire, Dire Docks
         7.13.1  Board Bowser's Sub
         7.13.2  Chests in the Current
         7.13.3  Pole Jumping for Red Coins
         7.13.4  Through the Jet Stream
         7.13.5  The Manta Ray's Reward
         7.13.6  Collect the Caps...
         7.13.7  100-Coin Star
     7.14  Bowser in the Fire Sea
     7.15  Snowman's Land
         7.15.1  Snowman's Big Head
         7.15.2  Chill With the Bully
         7.15.3  In the Deep Freeze
         7.15.4  Whirl from the Freezing Pond
         7.15.5  Shell Shreddin' for Red Coins
         7.15.6  Into the Igloo
         7.15.7  100-Coin Star
     7.16  Wet-Dry World
         7.16.1  Shocking Arrow Lifts!
         7.16.2  Top O' the Town
         7.16.3  Secrets in the Shallows & Sky
         7.16.4  Express Elevator - Hurry Up!
         7.16.5  Go to Town for Red Coins
         7.16.6  Quick Race Through Downtown
         7.16.7  100-Coin Star
     7.17  Tall, Tall Mountain
         7.17.1  Scale the Mountain
         7.17.2  Mystery of the Monkey Cage
         7.17.3  Scary 'Shrooms, Red Coins
         7.17.4  Mysterious Mountainside
         7.17.5  Breathtaking View from the Bridge
         7.17.6  Blast to the Lonely Mushroom
         7.17.7  100-Coin Star
     7.18  Tiny-Huge Island
         7.18.1  Pluck the Piranha Plants
         7.18.2  The Tip Top of the Huge Island
         7.18.3  Rematch with Koopa the Quick
         7.18.4  Five Itty Bitty Secrets
         7.18.5  Wiggler's Red Coins
         7.18.6  Make Wiggler Squirm
         7.18.7  100-Coin Star
     7.19  Tick Tock Clock
         7.19.1  Roll into the Roll Cage
         7.19.2  The Pit and the Pendulums
         7.19.3  Get a Hand
         7.19.4  Stomp on the Thwomp
         7.19.5  Timed Jumps on Moving Bars
         7.19.6  Stop Time for Red Coins
         7.19.7  100-Coin Star
     7.20  Rainbow Ride
         7.20.1  Cruiser Crossing the Rainbow
         7.20.2  The Big House in the Sky
         7.20.3  Coins Amassed in a Maze
         7.20.4  Swingin' in the Breeze
         7.20.5  Tricky Triangles!
         7.20.6  Somewhere Over the Rainbow
         7.20.7  100-Coin Star
     7.21  Castle Secret Stars
         7.21.1   The Princess's Secret Slide (x2)
         7.21.2   The Secret Aquarium
         7.21.3   Bowser in the Dark World (8 Red Coins)
         7.21.4   Tower of the Wing Cap (8 Red Coins)
         7.21.5   Cavern of the Metal Cap (8 Red Coins)
         7.21.6   Vanish Cap Under the Moat (8 Red Coins)
         7.21.7   Bowser in the Fire Sea (8 Red Coins)
         7.21.8   MIPS the Bunny (x2)
         7.21.9   Talking to Toad (x3)
         7.21.10  Wing Mario Over the Rainbow
         7.21.11  Bowser in the Sky (8 Red Coins)
     7.22  Bowser in the Sky
     7.23  Epilogue
   8  Credits & Copyrights


   = | =====
   1 | INTRO
   = | =====

Hello there, and welcome to my FAQ/walkthrough for Super Mario 64.  There are
already plenty of guides for this game out there, but it's such an enduring
classic and it's so much fun that I couldn't resist getting my hands dirty with
it.  Mario 64 was the game that opened the floodgates for three-dimensional
platforming adventure and introduced audiences worldwide to the Nintendo 64.
With new characters and expansive worlds, the game really helped audiences warm
up to the concept of gaming in an extra dimension.  I personally think it's a
blast, even eleven years later, and I had a blast writing this guide.  (Eleven
years?  Really?  Mercy's sakes, that makes me feel old.)

If you have any questions to ask about the guide or any suggestions or
corrections, you can email them to me at [sdfaqs@gmail.com], and I will respond
when I have the time and inclination.  I am a busy college student with lots of
homework who also has a job, so don't expect me to set any speed records for
email replies.

This guide is dedicated to my girlfriend April.  She loves this game just as
much as I do, maybe more.  To hear her gush about getting the stars on Rainbow
Ride is absolutely mesmerizing.  She is just a fantastic woman, and I'm glad to
have spent the last 15 months as her boyfriend.  I love you very much, April,
and I always will.  :*


   = | =====
   2 | STORY
   = | =====

There's actually not much in the way of story in Super Mario 64.  Princess
Peach invites Mario to the castle for a bit of cake and (I assume) quaint
socialization.  But when Mario arrives, his plans for a piece of cake have been
thrown wildly off course by the evil King Bowser, who has captured her and her
friends and trapped them and the Power Stars that give the castle its great,
er, power (and fresh pine scent) in a series of portraits throughout the

Whoa, what a mouthful!  And yet, I probably spent more time on the story than
the game itself did.  They don't do a whole lot of talking in this game.  They
introduce you to your Lakitu camera guide, and then it's into the castle
jumping into paintings.  Who needs story?  You can jump into a painting that
leads to a snow land!  Now that's gaming savvy, folks.

Other plot details will unfold as the game moves forward, but there's only one
way to find them all out - play through it!  First-generation 3D may not have
aged well, but to me, this game is just as fun to play now as it was when I was
in junior high when it came out.  It truly has to be played to be appreciated.

Let's get to it!


   = | ============
   = | ============

The first screen you see after the title bears Mario's face and asks you to
press Start.  You can have some fun here though, if you like.  Press A to make
a hand pop up on the screen.  With this hand, you can grab various parts of
Mario's face and stretch them out, making funny faces and the like.  When
you've squeezed this activity dry of entertainment, press Start to go to the
file screen.

You can save up to four adventures on one cart.  Next to each file, you will
see how many Power Stars you have collected in each game.  You can start up one
of the files by clicking on it with the A button - you will start outside the
castle - or you can do one of four things to it:

SCORE: The green button.  Click on a file once you have clicked this button.
       It will show you how many Power Stars you have gotten in every world and
       whether you have secured the 100-coin Star for each world.  If you press
       A, you can see another column showing the top saved coin counts for each
       world, as well as which files those scores were achieved on.

COPY: The blue button.  If you have any empty files, you can copy the data from
      an occupied file to them.

ERASE: The red button.  Click on the file you want to erase.  You will be asked
       if you are sure you want to do this, since this is an irreversible
       action.  Pick yes if you're sure, and no if you're not.

STEREO: The pink button.  You can choose monaural or stereo sound, or you can
        configure the sound to play through a headset.  Honestly though, in 11
        years of playing the game, I've never messed with this setting once.


   = | ========
   = | ========

   --- | -----------
   4.1 | Basic Moves
   --- | -----------


- Begin the game.
- Pause the game.  When Mario is standing still, you will have a range of
    options to choose from while paused; these disappear if you pause while he
    is moving.


- Run by tilting it fully forward.
- Walk by tilting it just slightly forward.
- Aim the cannon if you are inside it.  Left and right move in their respective
    directions, but the up and down controls are inverted (i.e. pushing up will
    move the cannon down, down moves it up).
- Climb onto or drop off of ledges you are hanging onto.
- Climb a pole by pressing up, slide down it by pressing down.  At the top of a
    pole, you can press up again to do a handstand atop the pole.  Sometimes,
    this will earn you an extra life.  It's always worth it to check!
- Press Up and Down in a steady rhythm to maintain altitude when flying.


- Used for jumping.  Tap once to jump.
- To do a double-jump, you must jump immediately after landing from the first
    jump.  Mario will reach a little higher and say "woohoo" instead of "wah".
- To do a triple-jump, press the A button immediately after landing from the
    second jump.  Mario will go high in the air and do a somersault of sorts
    along the way.  You must be running to perform a triple-jump.  You will
    also use the triple-jump to enter into flight while wearing the Wing Cap.
    When wearing the Wing Cap, you do not have to be running to do the triple-
    jump needed to begin flying.
- Jump off a pole you are hanging onto.  Mario will jump off in the direction
    his back is facing.  This applies to handstanding on the top of the pole
    as well.
- If you are in the cannon, use this button to fire yourself off.


- When standing, Mario will punch.  If you press it three times rapidly, Mario
    will bust out a little sort of punch-punch-kick combo.
- If you jump straight up in the air and press B, he will do a jump kick.  This
    is useful for knocking over some objects that a punch won't.
- While running, jump and press B to dive.
- If you are next to something you can pick up, Mario will grab it.


- C-Left and C-Right will turn the camera if it can be turned.  The camera in
    this game can be a bit iffy at times, but you can usually get it to do what
    you want with a little finagling or slight movement of Mario.
- C-Up will bring the camera very close to Mario.  In this mode, he can look
    around without moving and survey his surroundings.  Note that you are still
    subject to getting hit by enemies while in this position.  If the camera is
    panned out as far as it can go, it will come in just a bit closer to the
    scene; pressing it again will bring up the close-up view.
- C-Down will pan the camera out.  From a normal standing position, you can pan
    it out once; from close-up view, you can pan it out twice.


- Will bring the camera directly behind Mario and allow him to move.  This is
    not a particularly useful angle.  Press the button again to leave this


- Hold it down to duck.
- Press the analog stick while ducking to crawl.  This will help you enter
    small holes (e.g. the igloo in Snowman's Land), as well as traverse some
    surfaces that are too slippery to cross by walking and/or running.

   --- | --------------
   7.2 | Advanced Moves
   --- | --------------

In alphabetical order.

BACKFLIP: Hold Z to duck, then press the A button.  Mario will do a backflip
          from the crouching position.  A bit higher than a double-jump, but
          not as high as a triple.

GROUND-POUND: Jump, and then in midair, press Z.  This is a very useful move.
              It activates certain switches, is used to advance certain
              sequences, and can help kill some enemies.

LONG JUMP: Press Z and then A in one fluid motion.  If done correctly, Mario
           will do a very long jump forward (hence the name of the technique).
           Don't press them at the same time or you'll do a ground-pound by
           mistake.  You will need to know how to do this move to cross several
           wide pits later on in the game, so it is worth learning how to do it
           early on in places that offer lots of room to practice it (like
           Bob-Omb Battlefield).

SOMERSAULT: While running forward, turn around, and then while skidding, press
            A.  You should do a backwards somersault.  Has about the same
            height as a triple-jump, but not as useful for getting to far-away

WALL KICK: Jump toward a wall, and at the exact moment of contact, press A to
           kick off it and get to an otherwise unreachable area or get some
           height off a jump.  You can do several wall kicks in a row up longer
           chasms.  This move is also key to getting a few Power Stars and
           making it through a few tough areas, so master it early.


   = | =====
   5 | ITEMS
   = | =====

   --- | -----------
   5.1 | Power Stars
   --- | -----------

Power Stars are what gives Peach's castle its power, charm, and refreshing pine
scent.  To protect them from Bowser, she has hidden them in the portraits
throughout her castle.  It is up to you to find them.  There are 120 in all.
You don't get anything special for tracking them all down, but there are a few
extra things you can do if you do.

Each world inside a portrait has six stages, each of which will give you a
Power Star if you complete it.  You can also get a Star for finding 100 coins
in each world.  That makes 105 Power Stars earned within the castle's various
paintings.  There are 15 others that are hidden in various side courses
throughout the castle.

You may be called upon to do various things in order to earn a Power Star.
Sometimes they are sitting out in the open, waiting to be collected.  In other
cases, you may have to defeat a boss, collect eight red coins, open treasure
chests in a certain sequence, find a certain number of preordained secret spots
(usually five), race against someone, retrieve something for someone, or
demonstrate mastery of one of the three caps or a certain technique (like the
Long Jump or the wall kick).

At various points, you will need to collect a certain amount of Power Stars in
order to proceed throughout the game.  Some doors require you to collect so
many Stars to open them.  Or, you may have to have a certain number to be able
to fight Bowser.  Sometimes, you will have to collect a certain Star to trigger
an event.  To beat the game, you will need a minimum of 70.

This guide will tell you how to get all 120 Power Stars, so if you're stumped,
hopefully you won't be for too much longer!

   --- | -----
   5.2 | Coins
   --- | -----

In your travels, you will encounter three different colors of currency.

YELLOW: A yellow coin is worth one, and will heal one piece of your life meter
        if you are hurt.  Being the most abundant, they are as such worth the
        least.  If you collect 100 of these in a world, you will earn a Star
        for your troubles.  Most enemies give these up when you kill them, and
        they can be found in yellow blocks on occasion.  Sometimes getting
        certain groups of them can yield a 1-Up, as can getting certain coins
        in the correct sequence (e.g. getting a ring of eight in an unbroken

RED: There are eight of these in every world.  They are equivalent in value to
     two yellow coins, and will heal two pieces of life if you are hurt.
     Finding all eight coins in one world will reveal a Power Star; one level
     of each world is dedicated to this pursuit.  These are not given away as
     prizes by enemies, nor can they be found in boxes.

BLUE: The rarest type of coin in the game.  These are equivalent in value to
      five yellow coins, and will heal five pieces of life if you are hurt.
      Larger enemies or those that are harder to kill tend to give these away.
      These are especially handy when you're going after the 100-coin Star in a
      world.  They are not found in boxes, but you can sometimes make a group
      of them appear by ground-pounding a switch with a picture of a blue coin
      on the top.  Those blue coins that appear when you ground-pound a switch
      are only around temporarily; if you do not get them when they are around,
      they will disappear forever.

   --- | ----
   5.3 | Caps
   --- | ----

As with coins, there are three kinds of cap that Mario can don throughout his

WING CAP: Found in red boxes.  To unlock the Wing Cap, you must press down the
          red switch in the "Tower of the Wing Cap" course.  To access that
          level, you must have at least 10 Power Stars.  When you accrue this
          amount, a beam will shine into the lobby of the castle.  Press C-Up
          and look directly into the light to go to this course.

          With the Wing Cap, Mario can fly.  To begin flying, perform a triple-
          jump from either a standing or running position.  You will also
          automatically begin flying if you shoot yourself out of a cannon.

          To maintain altitude in the air, press up and down on the analog
          stick in a steady rhythm.  Hold up on the analog stick to do a
          nosedive toward the ground, and hold down to do a neat flourish
          upward.  If you need to end your flying session abruptly, press Z to

          It is worth your while to learn how to fly well.  There are many
          points later in the game where you will be called upon to retrieve
          airborne coins or navigate the skies in an expert fashion.  Practice
          flying early on so that you will struggle with it later.

METAL CAP: Found in green boxes.  To unlock the Metal Cap, you must press down
           the green switch in the "Cavern of the Metal Cap" course, which is
           located within the Hazy Maze Cave world.

           The Metal Cap effectively makes Mario invincible.  He can kill just
           about any enemy just by running into it.  Not only is he impervious
           to enemy damage, but he will also not lose health when underwater or
           when walking through toxic gas.

           Being metal does make Mario heavier though, so your jumps will be a
           bit shorter, and you will also sink to the bottom if you jump in the
           water.  However, when metal, you can walk at a rather brisk pace
           along the ocean floor, a fact which you must sometimes exploit to
           earn Power Stars.

VANISH CAP: Found in blue boxes.  To unlock the Vanish Cap, you must press down
            the blue switch in the "Vanish Cap Under the Moat" course, which
            you will be able to access once you reach the basement and pound
            the two pillars down there.

            Donning the Vanish Cap makes Mario both invincible and invisible.
            While invisible, he can pass through many surfaces, including
            nearly all fence-type walls.  (He'll still walk on fence-type
            ground - talk about perfected technology.)  Some Power Stars are
            hidden behind walls that require you to put on the Vanish Cap, so
            it is worth your time to gain access to it.

   --- | ------
   5.4 | Bricks
   --- | ------

There are different types of bricks that Mario will encounter in his travels as

LARGE BRICKS: About as tall as Mario.  He can punch them open.  Sometimes they
              contain yellow or red coins, but they may also hold nothing.
              These are the type of bricks that will appear when Mario touches
              a ground switch.  They can also be ground-pounded.

TINY BRICKS: Mario can pick these up and throw them.  They can only be broken
             open by throwing them at a wall, at which point coins are liable
             to fly all over the place.  They cannot be punched or ground-
             pounded.  These are relatively rare.

CRAZY BRICKS: They have kind of a zigzaggy crazy face on the side, hence why I
              call them that.  When Mario grabs one, he will bounce three
              times, each time higher than the last.  At the end of the third
              bounce, the brick will crash open and let you have the coins.
              These are often located near precarious surfaces, making them
              very dangerous to pick up.  If you want to risk picking one up,
              you can play it conservative by holding back on the analog stick,
              thus decreasing the distance (but not the height) of the bounces.

   --- | -------------------
   5.5 | Miscellaneous Items
   --- | -------------------

1-UP: 1-Ups are tiny green mushrooms that give you extra lives.  Sometimes they
      are hidden in boxes, but more often you'll find them sitting on ledges or
      floating in the air.  You can also make them appear by doing things like
      collecting a ring of coins in an unbroken circle or doing a handstand at
      the top of a flagpole.  Some 1-Ups will attempt to "run away" from you,
      and while some of these are worth the effort to get, others are not,
      whether it's because of the small space you're standing on or their
      proximity to a cliffside leading to certain death.

CANNON: In each world there is a cannon.  To use it, you must talk to the red
        Bob-Omb.  Unlike their black counterparts, red Bob-Ombs are peace-
        loving creatures, and although they don't like the cannons, they will
        let you use them since they know you're a good guy.

        While inside a cannon, left and right movement remains the same, but
        the up and down controls are inverted.  To shoot yourself out of the
        cannon, press A.  As with the caps and certain advanced techniques, it
        is worth your time to learn how to use the cannon effectively, since
        getting certain Power Stars depends on your talents with it.

HEART: Seen floating around, especially in later worlds, running through one of
       these will restore your life.  These are handy to be around, especially
       in places where a long fall can really take the wind out of your sails.
       Best of all, they can be used infinitely since they do not ever

FLOOR SWITCH: Touching this maroon panel with an exclamation mark (!) on it
              will cause bricks to appear, often with the intent of helping you
              access an area or an item you can't otherwise get.  The duration
              of this switch is temporary, but unlike a blue coin switch, you
              can touch it over and over again as needed.

SHELL: Mario can ride on Koopa shells in this game.  They can be earned either
       by finding them in yellow boxes or by stomping on a wandering Koopa
       Troopa.  While they are powerful - you can kill most enemies just by
       running into them, and you can also skate along surfaces that would
       normally hurt or even kill you, like lava, quicksand, and that nasty ice
       water in Snowman's Land - they are also very fragile.  Running into any
       wall or otherwise hard surface will make them disappear.  You can also
       get rid of one if you are tired of riding it by pressing Z to duck.


   = | =======
   6 | ENEMIES
   = | =======

A glossary of all the enemies in Super Mario 64 along with their real names.
The official names of the enemies are gathered from various other websites, but
the descriptions are all mine.  For the most part, the enemies' real names are
not used within the walkthrough, often replaced instead by descriptors of their
appearance, except in the cases of those enemies that are referred to within
the game by name.  This is done in the interest of casual gamers who are only
trying to figure out how to beat a level and have no interest in getting bogged
down in names and trivia.  The enemies' real names are listed here purely for
reference purposes.

Each section is arranged in alphabetical order.

   --- | ----------
   6.1 | Minor Foes
   --- | ----------

AMP: A tiny sphere that moves around in circles.  If Mario touches it, he'll
     get electrocuted and lose health.  These are often seen hovering around
     some central object, such as a pole, but sometimes they will appear out of
     thin air to harass Mario during a tricky platforming segment (e.g. inside
     the pyramid in Shifting Sand Land).

BOB-OMB: A familiar enemy from the Mario series.  When you approach a Bob-Omb,
         it will light its fuse and start running behind you, not breaking away
         until it explodes.  You must either outrun it or turn around, pick it
         up, and throw it.  Bob-Ombs will explode immediately upon hitting the
         ground after being thrown.  If a Bob-Omb's explosion touches another
         Bob-Omb, that Bob-Omb will explode as well.

BOO: A ghost found in Big Boo's Haunt and outside the castle near the fountain.
     Boos will disappear from view if you face them, but will move toward you
     when you turn your back to them.  You can destroy them by ground-pounding
     them.  Depending on where you find them, they may yield a blue coin or a
     yellow coin.

BOOKEND: A book monster found in Big Boo's Haunt that pops out of the bookshelf
         and tries to sink its teeth into you.  It can be kicked or jumped on.

BUBBA: A giant fish that will eat Mario if he swims too close.  This results in
       instant death for Mario, no matter how much life he has.  There is no
       way to defeat them.

BULLET BILL: Appearing only in Whomp's Fortress after Whomp has been defeated.
             They move rather slowly, but tend to follow Mario.  They will
             explode shortly after popping out of the cannon.  They do not give
             out any coins, but can be jumped on nonetheless.

BULLY: A variant on the Bob-Omb found in Lethal Lava Land.  They cannot and
       will not be picked up.  If they see you, they will aggressively try to
       push you off the platform into the lava.  You can fight back by punching
       or kicking them, or by running into them while riding a shell.  The only
       way to kill them is by knocking them into the lava.

CHUCKYA: Looks like a Bob-Omb, but is bigger, purple, and more aggressive.  If
         a Chuckya catches Mario, he will turn and throw him regardless of what
         consequence it may have.  You can get severely hurt from a fall
         suffered as a result of a Chuckya throw, or even die if you are thrown
         off an edge.  To defeat one, run behind it while it is stopped and
         pick it up, then throw it onto the ground.

FWOOSH: The cloud on Tall, Tall Mountain who will blow you away and make you
        lose your hat if he catches you in his windy breath.  He cannot be
        defeated, only avoided.

GOOMBA: The mainstay of the Mario series.  When they see Mario, they will
        become alert and attempt to charge directly at him.  They have no other
        line of offense, however, and thus are very easy to defeat.  In certain
        levels, you may also encounter very small or very large Goombas.

GRINDEL: Like a Thwomp, except made up to look like a mummy.  They have a bit
         more versatility than Thwomps, as they can also jump up and down while
         moving back and forth in a straight line.  They appear in the pyramid
         in Shifting Sand Land.

HEAVE HO: A small red enemy with a wind-up key on his head.  He carries a tray,
          which he will attempt to slip under Mario's feet.  If he is
          successful in doing this, Mario will launch backwards high into the
          air - high enough that he'll get hurt when he lands.  This can be
          used to your advantage on occasion, but is mostly annoying.  Heave
          Hos sometimes have to stop to wind up so they can move again; if you
          are trying to avoid one, this is a prime opportunity to slip by him.

KLEPTO: A vulture that patrols the skies of the Shifting Sand Land.  At first,
        you will find him holding a Power Star in his claws, but after you
        retrieve that, he will swoop down on you if he sees later on and try to
        steal your hat.  If he does, you must jump on him to get him to let go
        of it and get it back.  Not having your hat is a very bad thing, as you
        will take increased damage if you are not wearing it.

KOOPA TROOPA: Koopa Troopas in this game are very timid, and if they see you
              heading toward them, they will try to run away.  When Mario
              bounces on one, he will pop out of his shell, which Mario can
              then ride around on in a state of semi-invincibility.  There is
              also a certain other Koopa Troopa which Mario can talk to and
              race against.

LAKITU: Although there is one filming you, they also appear as an enemy very
        late in the game.  They often fly low enough so that you can kill them
        by jumping and kicking them.  You can also kill them simply by hitting
        them from underneath with your head.  They throw Spiny enemies out at
        you, which are by all appearances invincible and don't give away coins.

MAD PIANO: Found in a single room in Big Boo's Haunt.  He is guarding a red
           coin.  When Mario approaches the Mad Piano, it will bare its fangs
           and go after him in a mad rampage.  It is not defeatable.

MANTA RAY: Found in Dire, Dire Docks, this gentle creature is the key to a
           Power Star thanks to the rings he releases from his tail.  If you
           swim through one of these rings, your oxygen will be refilled.
           Gentle though he may be, his tail can still hurt Mario.

MONEYBAGS: An enemy that disguises itself as a coin, but reveals its body if
           Mario gets too close.  If you run up to it thinking it is a coin,
           you may run into it and hurt yourself.  Their coins scatter very
           quickly when they are bounced on.  Found only in Snowman's Land.

MR. BLIZZARD: A small snowman who will follow Mario's movements and throw
              snowballs at him.  Similar to the Mr. I enemy found in Big Boo's
              Haunt and Hazy Maze Cave, you can kill this enemy by running
              around him in circles.  He will eventually tip over, shrink, and
              reward you with multiple coins.

MR. I: As his pun-tastic name would suggest, Mr. I is a floating eyeball.  He
       will follow your movement, and if you stand in front of him too long, he
       will fire a weird pink blob at you.  Kill these guys by running around
       them in a circle.  There is also a giant version of this enemy found in
       Big Boo's Haunt.

PIRANHA PLANT: Usually, Mario cannot see these until he approaches them and
               they grow out of the ground (the exception being Whomp's
               Fortress, where they lie sleeping and must be snuck up on).
               Mario can kill a Piranha Plant by punching it, jumping on it, or
               diving at it.  If disturbed, they will shoot fire.  Later on in
               the game, you will meet both tiny and giant variants.

POKEY: A cactus that will follow Mario if he is nearby.  Mario can knock
       segments off of Pokey by punching or kicking him.  If Pokey is left
       alone after being attacked, he will regrow segments.  When all the
       segments are destroyed in rapid succession, he gives up a blue coin.

SCUTTLE BUG: Spiders that inhabit dark areas such as Big Boo's Haunt and the
             Hazy Maze Cave.  They can sometimes pop out of pits to attack

SHYGUY: In this game, Shyguys are exclusively flying enemies, and they also
        shoot fire at you.  When they are close, they will swoop to attack.  If
        Mario kills one by jumping on it, he will be launched high into the air
        and will fall to the ground slowly while spinning with his arms put
        straight out.  They can also be punched or jump-kicked.

SKEETER: A bug that can skate along the water.  He is green and has very thin
         legs.  Their mobility is severely limited when they do not have any
         water to walk on.  They tend not to attack aggressively, although they
         presumably count as enemies because they hurt you when touched and
         give up coins when stomped.

SNUFIT: A close relative of the Snifit from Mario 2.  They float seemingly
        without aid and shoot bullets from their snouts.  You can defeat one by
        jumping on it.  They appear in the Toxic Maze in the Hazy Maze Cave.

SPINDEL: A rolling mummified log found in the Shifting Sand Land's pyramid.  It
         cannot be defeated.

SPINDRIFT: An enemy with a white head with a flower on top.  They usually
           appear in snowy areas.  When Mario jumps on their heads, the same
           thing happens as when he jumps on a Shyguy's head.  They have no
           real means of attack but will shimmy forward faster than their usual
           rate if Mario is nearby.  They can also be punched.  Spindrifts are
           occasionally found in dangerous areas, making it a very risky
           prospect to jump on them.

SUSHI: A shark swimming around Dire, Dire Docks.  Sushi is possibly the least
       threatening shark of all time.  I have tried numerous times to get hit
       by him, and I just can't seem to do it.  He must be one of those
       vegetarian sharks like in "Finding Nemo".

SWOOPER: A purple bat that will, true to its name, swoop down from the ceiling
         in an attempt to hit you.  They fly pretty haphazardly and usually
         aren't aiming directly at Mario.  

THWOMP: A giant blue block that drops to the ground at regular intervals.
        Thwomps love stomping.  Stomp, stomp, stomp.  If you are under one when
        it lands, it will squish you and deal heavy damage.  Unlike in other
        Mario games, you can walk on Thwomps in this one, a fact which you can
        occasionally use to your advantage.

TOX BOX: A large boxy enemy that rolls around the Shifting Sand Land.  There
         are a few of them, and they are all confined to their own maze in the
         corner.  They are hollow on the inside, meaning that if Mario is
         standing in the right spot when one rolls over him, it may just go
         over him without doing any damage.  Otherwise, he'll get squished like
         a bug.  Tox Boxes are indestructible.

UKKIKI: A monkey on Tall, Tall Mountain.  He will steal your hat, but only if
        you talk to him or get it blown off by Fwoosh higher up the mountain.
        He chitters and chatters a lot, but is mostly harmless, and is even
        good for a Power Star at one point.

WHOMP: A walking slab of stone that looks like it got punched in the teeth and
       went cross-eyed.  When Mario approaches, it will hop and fall onto its
       face in an attempt to crush him.  They will lie flat for a while,
       allowing Mario to ground-pound the weak spot on their backs.  Mario can
       also squeeze a few extra coins out of a Whomp simply by walking on his
       back while he is down.

   --- | ------
   6.2 | Bosses
   --- | ------

BIG BOB-OMB: The king atop the summit in Bob-Omb Battlefield, and the first
             boss Mario faces.  He will give you a Power Star if you can defeat
             him in a fight, which you must do by throwing him onto the ground
             three times.  If you try to throw him off the mountain, he will
             scold you for not fighting fair and restart the battle from

BIG BOO: A giant ghost that you will run into several times in Big Boo's Haunt.
         He is not very good at switching up his strategy, as you kill him the
         same way every time you encounter him (ground-pound him three times).
         Each time you defeat him, he will give you a Power Star.  Like regular
         Boos, he shies away when looked at directly but will move in for the
         attack when you turn your back.

BIG BULLY: Found in Lethal Lava Land, this variation on the Bob-Omb is not by
           any means a nice guy.  If he sees you encroaching on his territory,
           he will try to push you off into the lava.  You must retaliate in
           kind, either by punching or kicking him.  There is also a blue
           variant made of ice, found in Snowman's Land, who is equally
           aggressive.  Killing a Big Bully usually earns you a Power Star.

BIG PENGUIN: A fellow that you can race in Cool, Cool Mountain for a Star.  He
             is quite rotund, and is not beneath dirty trickery, using his
             weight as a means of pushing you off the track, although
             hypocritically, he will cry foul if you attempt to cheat.  He will
             give you a Power Star if you beat him legitimately.  If you return
             to Cool, Cool Mountain to race him when you have all 120 Power
             Stars, he will be even bigger and will have gained even more
             weight, presenting a formidable challenge for you.

BIG SNOWMAN: The massive centerpiece of Snowman's Land.  He doesn't like
             intruders in his face and will try to blow them off his mountain.
             There is a penguin walking around in front of him, who is there
             presumably because he is too heavy for the snowman to blow off.
             The wind the snowman blows is powerful enough to knock Mario off
             the mountain entirely.  If knocked off, Mario will also lose his
             hat, which you should recover immediately.

EYEROK: The guardian of the one of the Power Star inside the pyramid in
        Shifting Sand Land.  His weak spots are the eyes on his hands.  He has
        a variety of methods for defeating you, including smashing you with his
        fists and sweeping you off the side of the platform.  Unlike other
        characters that are articulate, Eyerok speaks in very primitive

KOOPA THE QUICK: A giant Koopa Troopa that likes to race Mario on foot, with a
                 Power Star as the stakes.  You will meet him twice in the
                 game - once in Bob-Omb Battlefield and again in Tiny-Huge
                 Island.  Although he's fast, Mario is faster, although there
                 are some situations that give KtQ the upper hand.

UNAGI: A giant eel that lives in Jolly Roger Bay.  If Mario gets near him, he
       will sometimes come out to play.  He has a Power Star attached to his
       tail and a scary set of teeth seemingly eternally grafted onto his face.
       Mario cannot hurt Unagi, and will endure pretty severe damage if he
       happens to touch him.

WHOMP KING: The king of Whomp's Fortress.  He is bigger than other Whomps, but
            is defeated the same way (by ground-pounding his back).  He will
            give Mario a Power Star when you ground-pound his back three times
            successfully.  Once he has been defeated, a tower-like structure
            will appear in place of his arena, and you can reach some floating
            islands via a wooden plank as well.

WIGGLER: Inhabits a cave on Tiny-Huge Island.  He will get really mad when you
         flood his home by ground-pounding the pool on the tiny island.  You
         can jump on him three times to defeat him, which works out nicely
         since he doesn't want the Power Star anyway - claims it does weird
         things to him.  Wiggler claims to be a nice peace-loving guy who likes
         to stare up at the stars, but the Power Star definitely doesn't make
         it seem that way.


   = | ===========================
   = | ===========================

   === | =======
   7.1 | PRELUDE
   === | =======

That greedy Mario.  When food calls him, he's got to answer!  In this case, the
lovely Princess Peach appears to have written him a letter telling him there's
a cake waiting for him at her castle.  So Mario, being the apparent cake fiend
that he is, takes the first pipe to the Mushroom Kingdom and heads for Peach's
castle.  Once you're free to move, head for the front door.

At the drawbridge, you'll be accosted by the Lakitu Bros., who will be filming
your exploits as you play the game.  They'll give you the skinny on the camera
controls, telling you that you can turn the camera with C-Left and C-Right,
zoom out with C-Down, and zoom in with C-Up (which allows you to stand still
and scope out your surroundings).  You can also go way in close up on Mario by
pressing R, although this often isn't a very good angle to use.

When Lakitu's out of your face, go in the castle.  Bowser's voice comes at you
from parts unknown, and he tells you he's got Peach in his clutches once again.
What else is new?  And so the adventure is on.

The logical course of action from here is to find a door you can go in without
needing any Power Stars.  Luckily, as you enter the castle, there's one up the
stairs to your left that you can go in, and in that room, there's a painting of
marching Bob-Ombs on the wall.

Paintings such as these (along with other hidden wall passages) are the key to
finding the 120 Power Stars that Bowser has stolen and hopes to use in order to
take over the Mushroom Kingdom.  There are more found throughout the castle,
and we'll get to them all in due time, but for now, let's just head into Bob-
Omb Battlefield.

   === | ===================
   === | ===================

LOCATION: As you enter the castle, go up the steps to the left and enter the
          door with the star on it.  No Power Stars are required to open the

   ----- | -------------------------
   7.2.1 | Big Bob-Omb on the Summit
   ----- | -------------------------

To reach the top of the mountain in the middle of the level, stay along the
dirt road for the first part.  Arrowed signs will tell you where you need to
go, and they'll take you first over a sturdy bridge and past the Chain Chomp
(whom we'll deal with in a later mission).  The next bridge tilts when you
stand on it, so don't linger on it - get past it and hop up the stone steps to
reach a clearing where some Bob-Ombs are wandering around.

You don't want to hang around here too long either.  If you stand in one spot,
you're liable to get pelted by some giant water balloons that do some fair
damage to you.  Make your way over to the caged wall to the right and go
through the open part, then turn right and weave through the rolling black
balls (they hurt too).  Once you get out of that valley, you're on the road to
the top of the mountain.

Walk up the road to the summit until you reach a part of the mountain that is
indented.  You can hop inside this little arched alcove, and if you stand
perfectly still in the middle of it, you'll be warped to an identical, but
higher point on the mountain - in fact, right near the top!  Hooray for easy

It's not much farther to the peak, so make your way up and then approach the
giant Bob-Omb with the crown on his head.  He's the Big Bob-Omb, ruler of all
he surveys, and he wants to challenge you to a battle since you look like a
puny pipsqueak.  He'll give you his Power Star if you prove you can throw down
with him on his turf.

In order to defeat Big Bob-Omb, you have to pick him up and toss him onto the
ground three times.  To pick him up, run around to his back - an easy feat,
since he's an extremely slow, lumbering brute - and press B to hoist him up in
your hands.  Once you have him, toss him.  You must toss him onto the ground
around you, however - if you toss him off the mountain, he'll jump back on and
scold you for not fighting fair, and you'll have to start all over again.

After you succeed in picking him up and tossing him three times, he'll explode
and hand over his Star, and he'll also tell you that you can visit any time you
want by returning to this specific level (choose the star on the menu called
"Big Bob-Omb on the Summit" when you hop into the Bob-Omb Battlefield wall

There you go!  Your first Power Star!  You can now open doors marked with a
"1", so feel free to explore Whomp's Fortress and take a ride on the Princess's
Secret Slide (where you can earn two Power Stars, allowing you to unlock the
doors with a "3" on them).

   ----- | -----------------------------
   7.2.2 | Footrace with Koopa the Quick
   ----- | -----------------------------

When you enter this level, you'll see a large Koopa Troopa standing around at
the beginning.  When you talk to him, you'll find he's jonesing for a race, and
that the goal lies at the top of the summit where you just fought Big Bob-Omb.
Accept the challenge when prompted and start running.

Since you just had to get to the top of the mountain to fight a boss there, you
should have no trouble finding your way there this time.  Take the same route
you took last time.  Koopa the Quick has no shortcuts up his sleeve and is
actually a pretty slow runner compared to ol' Mario.  You just have to run and
not stop for any reason.

If you're ahead of him by the time you reach the mountain, you can seal the
deal for sure by taking the warp hidden in the alcove on the mountain.  Just
stand in it, go straight to the top, and take a double-jump to get to the peak,
then wait about 15 to 20 seconds for Slowy McSlowpants to catch up.  When he
finally reaches the summit, approach him to get the Star you won from him.

   ----- | ------------------------------
   7.2.3 | Shoot to the Island in the Sky
   ----- | ------------------------------

This level's title is pretty self-explanatory - shooting involves cannons,
obviously, so now we get to have our first experience using the cannons.  To
open them up, talk to the red Bob-Omb at the beginning of the stage.  Unlike
the volatile black ones, red Bob-Ombs are peace-loving creatures who don't like
the cannons but will deploy them if it means helping you out.

Once the cannons are ready, you have two options for getting to the floating

The first is straight ahead in the clearing with the Goombas and the Koopa
Troopa.  There is a trapezoidal concrete fixture out in the clearing.  Run up
to the top of it and drop inside to enter the cannon.  When you are allowed to
aim, point up toward the island so that the crosshairs are positioned about an
inch above the top of the tree that you should barely be able to see.  If done
right, you should shoot out of the cannon and grab onto the tree.

The second option makes it easier to reach the island but takes longer to get
to.  You'll have to go up the mountain toward where you fought the Bob-Omb King
in order to reach it.  When you find the cannon that shoots water balloons, go
forward from there and jump over the pit (or walk across the plank provided).
The cannon is near the far end of the grass overhang.  When you enter it, point
almost straight forward at the island.  Position the crosshairs so that they
are just barely above the tree on the island.  Shooting from this position
should make you grab onto the tree.  After grabbing it, slide off of it.

Once you are on the floating island, the Power Star is located on the yellow
"!" box near the edge.

   ----- | --------------------
   7.2.4 | Find the 8 Red Coins
   ----- | --------------------

As you'll soon find out, each of the game's 15 courses contains exactly one
level in which you must hunt down eight red coins in order to obtain a Power
Star (and not only that, but many of the castle's secret courses require you to
collect eight red coins as well - but we'll get to those later).  Bob-Omb
Battlefield is the course that'll pop your red coin-hunting cherry, so to
speak.  They're all lying out in plain sight, so let's set about finding them
with the help of this handy numbered list.

1.  From the beginning, walk straight forward.  You should see one above the
    two platforms that move up and down and turn over when they reach the top
    of their path.  Stand on one and jump once it reaches the top to snag it.

2.  Across from there, in the open clearing, you'll see a red coin nestled atop
    a triangular black rock.  Simply run up the rock to get it.

3.  Go over to Chain Chomp.  There is a red coin floating just over the post to
    which he is attached.  Get in, get it, get out.

4.  From Chain Chomp, cross the bridge that tilts, jump up the stone steps, and
    head left into the clearing with the four wood poles.  There's not just one
    red coin over here...

5.  ...but two.

6.  Run back through the clearing, avoiding the constant water bomb assault as
    you go, and make your way toward the concrete ground with the cage wall.
    When you get there, walk over to the left and drop off.  There is a hidden
    area down the slope where you should find a 1-Up, a floor switch that will
    open the cage door ahead, and the sixth red coin.

7.  Get back up to the concrete ground and go through the cage door, then
    straight.  You should see a red coin way up the hill ahead.  Run up the
    hill - don't jump or you'll slide to the bottom - and keep plugging away
    until you've grabbed the coin.

8.  Run up the mountain until you find the cannon you can use near the cannon
    that shoots water balloons.  Point yourself at the floating island,
    positioning the crosshairs just above the tree.  Once you hit the tree,
    slide down and grab the eighth and final coin.

When you find all eight red coins, the star will appear in the area where you
picked up Nos. 4 and 5.  Head that way, and before you know it, you'll be one
Power Star closer to the 120 mark.

   ----- | ---------------
   7.2.5 | Wing to the Sky
   ----- | ---------------

Although you don't necessarily *need* the Wing Cap to beat this one, having it
certainly helps.  If you don't yet have the Wing Cap but want it for this
mission, you'll need to get at least 10 Power Stars and then touch the red
switch in the Wing Cap course.  (To get to the Wing Cap course, go to the
center of the castle lobby, stand on the circle in front of the stairs, press
C-Up to zoom in, and then look up into the light.  To access this course, you
need at least 10 Power Stars.  See Section 7.4, "Tower of the Wing Cap", for
further details.)

Once you have the Wing Cap, use a cannon to get yourself to the island in the
sky, upon which there is another cannon.  You'll be using that cannon to net
yourself the Power Star.  Grab the Wing Cap before dropping into the cannon.

Once inside, you'll see that when you point yourself forward, you can shoot
yourself through some coin rings.  Those coin rings are the key to unveiling
the Power Star.  You'll have to pass through each one at least once in order to
make the Star pop up.

You can get through the first three easily without even flying.  Just point
yourself at the top coin of the first ring you see.  That'll put you through
the first ring without having to fly, but once you sail through the air for a
moment, you'll take to the skies instantly if you're wearing the Wing Cap.

All you have to do is fly through the middle of each of the five coin rings.
Keep yourself steady by alternating between slight shifts of up and down on the
analog stick, and fly back to the floating island where you can get the Wing
Cap if you feel like it's about to run out or if you're getting nowhere.  Also
remember that in order to start flying from a standing position, just do a
triple-jump (you don't have to be running, you'll take off on the third jump if
you do it right).

As you fly through the rings, you'll see the numbers 1-5 appear.  This is how
you'll know if you're doing it right.  It's hitting these specific target spots
that make the Star appear once you've touched all of them.  When you get it, it
will appear down in the clearing where the Power Star from "Find the 8 Red
Coins" appeared.

There are other target-point levels in future courses ... but thankfully, none
of them involve cannon fire and flying like this one does.

   ----- | -------------------------
   7.2.6 | Behind Chain Chomp's Gate
   ----- | -------------------------

From the beginning of the stage, walk forward and up the bridge, then cut a U-
turn to find Chain Chomp.  Chain Chomp is a nasty creature who doesn't take
kindly to strangers being all up in his grill, and he's not too fond of being
chained up either ... perhaps you can help him with his predicament?

Getting the Power Star here is simple.  You merely have to free Chain Chomp by
ground-pounding the pole that his leash is attached to three times.  Get a good
camera angle with the C buttons and wait for him to attack so that he'll be
calm while you try to get to his pole.  When you think you've got it, jump up
on the pole, jump straight up, and press Z.  Do this as quickly as you can
three times.  Around the second time he'll notice you and pound you in the face
probably, so run if it looks like he's eyeing you.

If you start running low on health, hit up some of the surrounding areas for
coins to restore power.  You don't have to hang around the area the whole time,
but it goes without saying that you need to do it without dying.

When you successfully pound the pole three times, Chain Chomp will bounce about
excitedly.  He even gets so excited that he smashes the cage behind him, the
one that was housing the Power Star, before he hops away, never to be seen
again (or at least until the next time you enter this world).  Grab the now-
free for another notch on your belt.

   ----- | -------------
   7.2.7 | 100-Coin Star
   ----- | -------------

A detailed step-by-step analysis of how to obtain 100 coins in Bob-Omb Battle-
field.  Note that this section will not tell you how to get as many coins as
possible - only how to get the minimum 100 for the Power Star.

To get the 100-coin star for any given course, you must get 100 coins in a
single run-through of the level without dying.  When you get the necessary
amount, the star will appear right above the spot where you got the 100th
coin.  When you grab it, you will be prompted to save.  Always choose to do so.

1.  From the start, walk forward and punch the large bricks for the coins they
    hold, then pick up the small brick and throw it at the wall to the left of
    the cannon.  (6/100)

2.  Kill all Bob-Ombs over to the left up to the caged door, then stomp both
    Goombas and get the row of coins lying underneath the bridge.  (17/100)

3.  Get the red coin at the top of the rotating platforms.  (19/100)

4.  Go up the bridge and throw the Bob-Omb for a coin, then find the Koopa
    Troopa in the clearing.  Bounce on him to get him out of his shell, then
    board it.  Cruise around the area, killing all the Goombas while riding the
    shell and getting the red coin atop the black rock.  (33/100)

5.  Get the red coin on top of Chain Chomp's post.  (35/100)

7.  Cross the tilting bridge and turn left.  There are two red coins in the
    clearing that will add to your total, plus a few Goombas who will yield a
    single gold coin each.  (42/100)

7.  Also in this area are four wooden poles.  There is a nifty trick you can do
    with these poles.  If you run around them in circles while sticking close
    to it, they will yield some modest coinage - five coins per pole.  This
    will bring the total to...  (62/100)

8.  If you're feeling gutsy, go back to Chain Chomp's pole and do the same
    thing for more coins.  (67/100)

9.  Explore the clearing ahead for coins.  There is a small brick to be thrown
    at a wall, Bob-Ombs to be killed, and a ring of coins surrounding a patch
    of flowers.  (If you run around the ring and get the coins in perfect
    ordered sequence, they'll yield a 1-Up.)  (82/100)

10.  Drop into the area where you open the cage doors with the floor switch,
     and kill the Bob-Omb and get the red coin.  (85/100)

11.  Walk through the opening in the cage wall and run up the hill to snag the
     red coin.  (87/100).

12.  Start up the mountain path.  When you see a Bob-Omb over to the right of
     the path, get him to blow up, either by grabbing him and throwing him or
     by letting him chase you long enough.  (88/100)

13.  Continue up the mountain.  When you find the Bob-Omb manning the water
     bomb cannon, grab him and blow him up, then grab the coins ahead of the
     cannon.  (94/100)

14.  Go ahead a little more and grab the coins by the open cannon.  (99/100)

15.  Blast over to the floating island and grab the red coin in the tree.
     (101/100 **SUCCESS**)

   === | ================
   === | ================

LOCATION: In the lobby there is a door on the ground level marked with a "1",
          meaning you need to collect one Power Star to unlock it.

   ----- | ----------------------
   7.3.1 | Chip Off Whomp's Block
   ----- | ----------------------

Much like the first stage of Bob-Omb Battlefield, the first stage of the second
world has you climbing to the world's peak to face off with the boss of that
world.  Let's get a move on then, shall we?

Head up either the dirt slope or the concrete slope that leads way up.  The
concrete slope is much safer, and we're only trying to speed through the level
anyway, so take that for now.  (You'll need to go the other way when you go for
the 100-coin star.)

At the top of the slope, you'll see a set of steps to your left, and at the top
of those, a sleeping Piranha Plant.  If you walk slowly up to it (which you can
do by pushing the analog stick forward very lightly) and press B to punch it,
you can kill him without him waking up and snapping at you.  For your trouble,
you'll get a blue coin.

Move to the next part by either running across the falling bridge or scootching
up against the wall and sneaking up on napping Piranha Plant.  Wait for the
rotating wooden plank to roll around to you, walk to the middle when it goes
near the other end, and run to the next platform when it reaches across.  You
will encounter two mini-Whomps who will help prepare you for the big one just
ahead.  When they sense you nearby, they will approach you and attempt to body
slam you.  Run out of the way when they do this, then ground-pound them (jump
and press Z) to break them and pick up their modest coin reward.

After those two guys, you'll see a turning duo of platforms that will take you
up to the man himself, Whomp.

Whomp is gigantic but easy to take down.  If you don't know how to ground-pound
by now ... well, you should, but in case you don't, it's easy.  All you have to
do is jump and then press Z (located on the back of the middle peg of the N64
controller) while in midair.  You need to pound him on his back, which you can
do when he is face-down following an attempted body slam.

Just like the miniature versions of himself, Whomp will run at you when he
notices your presence and attempt to smash you by falling onto his face.  When
he comes near you, stand as close to him facing him as you can, then run under
him when he does the little hop just before his face slam.  He lies on his face
for quite a bit, giving you ample time to jump on top of him and pull off the
ground-pound.  It'll take three of those to do him in.  Run away when he tries
to squish you, then jump on him and pound him while he's down, and you'll have
another boss in the bag, as well as another Power Star to add to your rapidly
growing collection.

   ----- | --------------------------
   7.3.2 | To the Top of the Fortress
   ----- | --------------------------

Take the same path as the level before to the top of the stage.  Instead of
finding Whomp there, you'll see a tower where he used to be.  First, run around
the base of the tower punching the walls.  One of the sections will explode
when you punch it and show you a hidden 1-Up.  Once you have that, start
climbing the steps that go around the wall of the tower.  Some are stationary,
while others move in and out.  You can reach them all with single jumps - just
rotate the camera as needed to make it a little easier on yourself.  The last
platform will take you to the top of the spire, where you should have no
problem seeing the Power Star.

   ----- | ------------------------
   7.3.3 | Shoot into the Wild Blue
   ----- | ------------------------

Hop up to the concrete slope near the start, then turn left into the pool of
shallow water.  Run through that until you find the red Bob-Omb.  Talk to him
to open up the cannon right next to you, then immediately drop into it.

Move the field of vision down a lot and left a little until you are looking at
an enclosure held up by four brick columns (there is a very thin flagpole above
this).  Point at the second one from the left, which looks small but is really
just far away, then move the crosshairs above it so that they are next to the
thin flagpole.  If you do this right, when you blast off, you'll hit the brick
column and land by a coin ring surrounding a flagpole that leads down.  Slide
down it to find this quest's Power Star.

   ----- | ------------------------------
   7.3.4 | Red Coins on the Floating Isle
   ----- | ------------------------------

As in Bob-Omb Battlefield, you've now reached the point in Whomp's Fortress
where you're forced to track down eight red coins in order to get the Power
Star.  Let's get on it!

1.  Start by jumping up to the dirt incline leading up.  The first coin can be
    found floating over one of the jutting rocks with eyes.

2.  As you make your way up the concrete steps, you'll find a Thwomp around the
    middle of them.  Jump one step behind him, then when he comes down and is
    sitting on the step below you, jump on top of him.  When he rises back to
    his regular position, you'll find a red coin up there.

3.  Continue forward to the sleeping Piranha Plant at the top of the brick
    steps.  Punch him out and you'll find a red coin behind him.

4.  Right near that is a red coin up against the wall on a narrow piece of
    ground.  Press up against the wall and sidle up to it.

5.  Drop down onto the gravel slope below to find another one.  If you don't
    get it on the way down, use a long jump to get some momentum, then hop
    forward for that last little inch to grab it.

7.  Return to where you got Coin #4 and run onto the rotating wood ledge.  When
    it gets to the other ledge, stand at the end, but let it take you around to
    grab coins.  (A 1-Up will also appear at some point during the proceedings,
    but it starts out far away from you and rolls off the wooden ledge rather
    quickly.  Bothering with it is not recommended.)

7.  Pass the two mini-Whomps and ride the rotating lifts up to the top tower.
    Explore the ground around the tower until you see a large wooden plank
    standing on end.  Get a fair distance across from it, then run, jump, and
    kick it.  It will start to wobble.  While it is wobbling, run/jump/kick it
    again to knock it over, forming a bridge over to the floating isles in the
    title of this quest.  Jump from the arrow-shaped mass to the brick floor
    for coin #7.

8.  Coin 8 is nearby from there.  Leap from one spinning flat island to the
    next until you reach it.

When you get the eighth coin, the Power Star will appear down at the beginning
of the level, between the sleeping Piranha Plant and the patch of flowers with
the eight gold coins surrounding it.  Make your way carefully back down there
and take it for the win.

   ----- | --------------------------
   7.3.5 | Fall Onto the Caged Island
   ----- | --------------------------

Climb up the tree located next to you at the start.  You'll coax an owl out of
the tree named Hoot.  Once you jump back onto the ground, he'll tell you that
he can take you far above the island if you grab onto him and hold on tight.  I
guess you could say he'll give you a real bird's-eye view? Eh? Eh? No?

To get the ride out of him, jump at him and hold A.  You'll hang on as long as
you hold the A button down, but he won't let you ride forever - he does let go
at some point.  (If he does let go and you miraculously don't fall to your
death, you can get him out of the tree again by climbing it again.)  While he's
got you in the air though, you need to use him to find the Power Star for this
mission.  Work quickly and carefully.

As the title states, you're looking for the "caged island".  It's pretty easy
to find if you just hold the analog stick to the right as you fly.  It's got a
round wooden floor and is enclosed with a black chain-link wall, and to get the
star, you'll have to drop in from the top.  Keep the owl at or near that point
and look carefully for your shadow to appear in the circumference of the small
cage.  When you think you're sufficiently above it, let go of the A button to
drop in.  If you did it, congratulations!  If not, keep at it - as long as you
are able to hold A and keep the owl in the general area, you'll have it before

   ----- | -------------------
   7.3.6 | Blast Away the Wall
   ----- | -------------------

Go to the cannon and drop in.  You are looking to blast away a portion of a
wall here that will reveal a Power Star to you.  Move the cannon over to the
right where the gravel slope is.  It is surrounded on either side by brick
walls.  One wall is close to you, one is farther away.  Point yourself a little
above the top corner of the farther wall so that you hit it, then shoot
yourself at it.  If done correctly, you should smash the corner of the wall and
you'll see a little more than half of the Power Star sticking out of the wall.

Again, enter the cannon.  You'll see a few coins directly above the star.
Point the crosshairs so that the middle is right between the first and second
coins above the Power Star.  When you blast off, you should hit it dead-on,
thus sealing the last of the six regular Power Stars to be found in this area.

   ----- | -------------
   7.3.7 | 100-Coin Star
   ----- | -------------

A detailed step-by-step analysis of how to obtain 100 coins in Whomp's
Fortress.  Note that this section will not tell you how to get as many coins as
possible - only how to get the minimum 100 for the Power Star.

1.  Walk up slowly and punch the Piranha Plant while he sleeps to nab the blue
    coin from him.  (5/100)

2.  Go toward the small brick and the patches of flowers nearby.  Throw the
    small brick at the wall and get the ring of coins around the far flower
    patch.  (16/100)

3.  Backtrack and jump up to the gray stone path.  Grab the coins on the slope,
    then drop off to the left and get the ring of eight in the shallow water.

4.  Get the row of coins in front of the cannon.  (34/100)

5.  Backtrack a tad and do a long jump up the black gravel slope with the red
    coin on it.  You'll have to do a small hop to reach the coin.  (36/100)

7.  Go past the cannon to a blue coin switch.  Ground-pound it to activate it
    (jump and press Z).  The four coins it yields will all appear in plain
    view.  There is also another small brick to throw at a wall that will give
    you three coins.  (59/100)

7.  Go all the way back to the beginning and get the five coins up the dirt
    slope.  Continue up it after getting them.  (64/100)

8.  Jump over the rock guys that pop out of the wall to get the red coin.

9.  Make a U-turn at the top and go up the concrete steps.  Jump on top of the
    Thwomp you meet on the way up.  He will lift you up to a red coin.

10.  Continue forward and punch the Piranha Plant when you sneak up on it.
     Grab the red coin behind him as well.  (75/100)

11.  Press up against the wall and scoot over to the next red coin.  (77/100)

12.  Backtrack a smidge, run across the bridge that falls when you stand on it,
     sneak slowly across the thin plank, then punch out the other Piranha
     Plant.  (87/100)

13.  Just ahead of you is a rotating wooden fixture.  Walk to the middle when
     the end comes around to you, then stand at the end in order to get the
     coins as it comes back around.  (93/100)

14.  Proceed forward to the mini-Whomp.  When he tries to slam you, walk on his
     back to squeeze one coin out of him.  You can do this five times.  When
     he is no longer yielding coins this way, ground-pound him to get five at
     once.  (103/100 **SUCCESS**)

   === | =====================
   === | =====================

After collecting Power Stars in Bob-Omb Battlefield and Whomp's Fortress, you
ought to have enough stars by the time you've finished both in order to access
the Tower of the Wing Cap.  There's nothing subtle about how it makes itself
known to you.  When you have ten Power Stars, you'll see a beam of light
shining down on the sun circle in the middle of the castle lobby.  Stand in the
center of the sun circle and press C-Up to zoom in way close.  Look up into the
ceiling and everything will fade to white, and then you'll be in the new area.

Opening up the Wing Caps is pretty easy.  Just make sure you're above the
fairly wide tower and press Z to land from your flying position.  Just jump on
the big red button to activate Wing Cap blocks (the red ones) all throughout
the castle.

Using the Wing Cap is a bit difficult to get the hang of, but once you've got
the basic feel for the controls, you should be able to do most things you need
to with it fairly easily.  To take off, you do a triple-jump, although unlike
the regular triple-jump which requires you to be running to pull it off, you
can start flying by triple-jumping from a standing position.  When you want to
land, press Z.  While you're in the air, it's just like flying an airplane -
pull the analog stick back to move up and lightly press it forward to steady
yourself and move downward.

The cap courses also have a Secret Star you can earn by getting eight red
coins.  For the strategy on how to get the Tower of the Wing Cap's Secret Star,
see the appropriate subsection in the Castle Secret Stars section (7.21.4).

   === | ===============
   === | ===============

LOCATION: As you enter the castle, you will see a door over to the far right up
          some steps with a "3" on it, meaning that three Power Stars must be
          collected before you can enter.

   ----- | --------------------------
   7.5.1 | Plunder in the Sunken Ship
   ----- | --------------------------

Swim out to the far end of the bay and dive down into the water (by holding Up
on the analog stick - inverted controls, y'know), where you should see a sunken
ship with a decidedly toothy eel sticking his head out the window.  You need to
get into that very window to get the Power Star from this stage.

To get in there, you'll need to lure the eel out.  This is easily managed by
getting down near him at his window (make sure you don't touch him, he hurts
you pretty badly) and then swimming up to the surface.  As soon as you've
recovered your oxygen, dip back down and you should see him swimming freely
about in the water.  While he's out for a swim, make your way into the black
void of his window.

You'll now be inside the sunken ship, where you have naught for air but a tiny
area near the top of the ship.  If you manage this part correctly, however, you
won't even have to go up there for air.

Before you are four chests, which you must open in the correct order so that
the water becomes drained from the ship and you're able to move around inside
it freely.  If you open them in the incorrect order, you'll get electrocuted
and have one of your eight pieces of life hacked away.  If it gets too bad, you
can always go up to the corner and surface for air to replenish all your life.

The first chest in the sequence is right in front of you, below you.  When you
open it, an air bubble will pop out.  Swim into it to swallow it, and you'll
have your entire air supply replenished.  Helpful!

When you turn around, there will be three more chests in front of you.  Swim
over to the far one on the left, then to the one across from it to the right,
and then finally to the one in the middle.  Open them up in that order.  When
you complete this sequence, the ship will shake and the water will drain out so
that you can breathe right.  From here, jump up the ledges until you reach the
very top where the yellow "!" block is.  Pop it open and grab the Power Star
that comes out.

   ----- | -----------------------------
   7.5.2 | Can the Eel Come Out to Play?
   ----- | -----------------------------

Here's another one where you have to lure out the eel (Unagi is his name), but
this time he's hiding out in a wall, and he's a lot easier to coax out to boot.
Go once again to the far end of the bay and dive down.  Get down to about the
top of the jet stream (the stream of bubbles flowing up at you that you can't
swim through) and look around to see his head poking out of a grate on the rock
wall.  Get close to him, but not too close.  If he senses you around, he'll
stick his head out and look around, then start slinking his way out of his
comfy little alcove.

Resurface for an air refill or grab some nearby coins, then start pursuing the
eel.  As you can see, he's got one of those Power Stars attached to his tail,
and it's your job to extract it from him.  This is simple - you don't even have
to hit him or anything.  Just swim up close and touch the star.  When the game
registers the touch, it will bounce off his tail and into a preordained spot
below the cave he lives in.  Swim over there and grab it for the win.

   ----- | --------------------------
   7.5.3 | Treasure of the Ocean Cave
   ----- | --------------------------

This level requires you to visit a part of Jolly Roger Bay you won't have to go
to very often - the aforementioned ocean cave.  To get it, simply go out to the
far end of the bay, dive down, look for the ring of eight gold coins (when you
swim through the middle of it, a 1-Up will appear), and then swim through the
tunnel behind it to reach the cave.

You'll have to be careful here - the stone pillars seem to know when you're
approaching and will tip over and fall on you.  They are easily avoided by
long-jumping past them (if you don't know how to do that, you just run forward
and press Z and then A in close but distinct sequence - you'll know if you
pulled it off by Mario's "wahoo!").  You need to get past them to a raised
platform with four chests like the ones you encountered in "Plunder in the
Sunken Ship".

They're arranged all nice and symmetrically, so we'll just call them Front,
Left, Right, and Back.  Open them in the proper sequence: Back, Left, Right,
Front.  When you get all four chests open, the Power Star will pop out of the
front one and all you have to do is perform a short hop to obtain it.

   ----- | ----------------------------
   7.5.4 | Red Coins on the Ship Afloat
   ----- | ----------------------------

Despite what the title of the level tells you, they're not all on the ship -
just a few of them are.  None of them are in the ocean cave, though, thank
goodness.  They're all in the bay area of the stage, and they're all easily
found.  Let's get to tracking them down!

1.  Go in the water and dive down.  Almost immediately you will see a clam to
    your left.  When you approach him, he'll open his mouth to reveal a red
    coin.  Grab it before he snaps his mouth shut and hurts you (and don't
    touch him, either, that hurts too).

2.  Swim ahead up the incline to find another clam who also has a red coin in
    his mouth.  Follow the same steps as with the first coin to safely take it.

3.  Swim down into the area with the jet stream and the eel, all the way down
    to the ocean floor.  There's yet another clam down there keeping yet
    another red coin in his mouth.  Make your way back to the surface once you
    have it.

4.  Swim back to near where the red Bob-Omb is.  Swim below the large wooden
    floating board to find a fourth clam nearby.  No prizes for guessing where
    his red coin is hidden.

5.  Find the red Bob-Omb that opens the cannon.  Behind him is a very thin
    pointy contrivance sticking out of the water, which you can climb like a
    pole when you jump onto it.  At the very top is a red coin.  Do a handstand
    at the very top to snag it.

6.  Stay on dry land and go over to the concrete plateau with the dark red
    floor switch.  When you stand on it, bricks will appear between the thin
    ledges ahead, allowing you to easily reach the floating ship nearby.  When
    you jump from the final row of bricks to the boat, there's one waiting
    right there for you.

7.  Go to the opposite end of the ship and double-jump to reach the raised
    portion.  Grab one of the two coins up here.

8.  Grab the other one that you didn't grab just now.

In a miracle of convenience, when you grab the coins on the boat last, the star
will be right there nearby.  Isn't that handy?

   ----- | -------------------------
   7.5.5 | Blast to the Stone Pillar
   ----- | -------------------------

If you haven't talked to the red Bob-Omb in this area yet, he's over on one of
the ledges over to the right as you begin the level.  Swim over to the thin
pointed pole with the red coin at the top of it, climb it, and then jump off
and talk to him.  He will open the cannon back at the beginning of the stage.

Climb into the cannon and look for the stone pillar hinted at by the title of
the level.  There are actually three of them, and they really don't look very
pillar-like at all - more like giant stalagmites sticking up out of the water,
if you ask me.  But you didn't, and anyway, those are what you're looking for.
The bottoms are thick and you can't hang onto them, but if you shoot for the
thin tops, you can hang onto those like you would a flagpole.  Shoot for the
one on the left and point your crosshairs slightly above it so that you hit the

Once you've successfully grabbed a stone pillar, look around.  You should see a
concrete ledge with a yellow "!" box on it.  This contains the Power Star you
need to complete this particular level.  Climb all the way up the pillar and
press Up so that Mario is doing a handstand on it, then turn yourself in the
appropriate direction and jump to the ledge, holding forward on the analog
stick so that you have a better chance of making it.  And of course, pound open
the box from underneath to release the star for collecting purposes.

   ----- | ----------------------
   7.5.6 | Through the Jet Stream
   ----- | ----------------------

Have you gotten the Metal Cap yet?  If you haven't, you're plumb out of luck.
You need it if you want to get the star held within this mission.  To get it,
visit the Metal Cap course hidden within the Hazy Maze Cave, which is located
in the castle's basement.  (And to get THERE, you'll need to have defeated
Bowser in the Dark World first.)  Without the Metal Cap, you won't be able to
get the Power Star found here.  See section 7.10.1 for the lowdown on how to go
about accessing the Metal Cap.

Once you've got the Metal Cap at your disposal, you're in business.  Go to the
area over by the pirate ship and jump up on the stone plateau with the floor
switch.  There is also a Metal Cap box on this plateau.  Get the Metal Cap,
then do a Long Jump into the water and watch yourself sink like a rock.  You
don't have much time to complete your objective, so act quickly.

When you get to the sea floor in metal form, all you have to do to get the Star
is jump directly into the jet stream - that is, that mess of bubbles that you
couldn't get into before as regular Mario.  Your added weight will help you
break through the barrier and collect the Star with ease.  If your Metal Cap
runs out, just swim back to the top, grab another one, and have another go at
it until you make it.

   ----- | -------------
   7.5.7 | 100-Coin Star
   ----- | -------------

For the easiest time getting the 100 coins needed for the star, enter Jolly
Roger Bay via "Red Coins on the Ship Afloat".  It's tough to get the 100 here
since there's just barely that many coins in this area.  However, it can be
done, and we're gonna do it - right now!

1.  From the start, walk back some to find a yellow "!" box containing three
    gold coins.  (3/100)

2.  Swim over to the stone pillars from the fifth mission.  One has a ring of
    coins surrounding it.  (11/100)

3.  Swim back to the thin spiky pole near the red Bob-Omb and get the red coin
    at the top.  (13/100)

4.  Run across the wooden plank floating in the water and double-jump to get
    the column of coins by the concrete plateau.  (18/100)

5.  Atop the concrete plateau is a floor switch.  Press it and use the bricks
    that appear to get the coins on the thin ledges.  (33/100)

6.  Jump across to the floating ship and get all the red coins on it.  (39/100)

7.  Go all the way back to the beginning and swim underwater.  Get the eight
    gold coins situated in a horizontal ring around the rock.  (47/100)

8.  Get the four red coins located in the clams' mouths underwater.  (55/100)

9.  Swim toward the ocean cave to find a vertical ring of eight gold coins.  If
    you swim through the middle of it, a 1-Up will appear and float away from
    you.  Just concentrate on the coins for now.  (63/100)

10.  Swim through to the ocean cave.  When you surface, you'll see a blue coin
     switch to your right.  Ground-pound it, then run left a little to find a
     line of six blue coins spaced out in a row.  Grab them all.  There aren't
     many coins in Jolly Roger Bay to begin with, so it's important to get them
     all.  (93/100)

11.  There are three Goombas walking around in this area.  Squish them all.

12.  Make your way through the falling stone pillars to the chests, then go
     right from the platform.  There is a ring of coins over there that will
     seal the Secret Star for you.  (104/100 **SUCCESS**)

   === | ===================
   === | ===================

LOCATION: As with Jolly Roger Bay, three stars are required to open the door
          leading to this world.  The door is on your left as you enter the

   ----- | -----------------
   7.6.1 | Slip Slidin' Away
   ----- | -----------------

As soon as your feet touch the snow in this chilly world, you'll get a message
directing you to the cottage on your right.  Enter via the open chimney.

When you drop into the cottage, you'll find an icy slide ahead of you.  Start
down it.  The important thing here is that you're able to make your way to the
bottom.  It doesn't matter how you do it, only that you do.  So for now, take
the wide turns slowly and slide until you find a row of five gold coins point-
ing at a wall.  If you just run into the wall, you'll find an invisible passage
that will take you to the bottom (and net you two 1-Ups along the way, plus a
third one in a yellow box when you reach the end of the course.

To retrieve the Power Star for the level, exit the cottage through the door at
the bottom.

   ----- | -----------------
   7.6.2 | Li'l Penguin Lost
   ----- | -----------------

Your mission here is to return a lost baby penguin to its mother.  There are
two identical baby penguins, one at the top of the mountain and one at the
bottom.  The one at the bottom is a fake, and the mother will reject it if you
try to bring it to her.  Therefore, your only choice is to deliver the correct
baby penguin from the top of the mountain all the way to the bottom.

Jump up onto the chimney of the house, but don't drop in; instead, leap to the
hill above and grab the penguin.  Now hit the mute button on your remote to
drown out the incessant crying.

Slide down the mountain.  Don't push any extra directions, just let yourself
slide until you reach the snowman's head at the bottom.  Find the bridge with
the hopping snowmen and cross under them when they leap coming toward you.
Once you have crossed the bridge, walk down the wooden slope to its base.  Drop
from the base onto the roof of the house below (you will sustain minor damage,
but it's faster this way).  From there, walk off the house and locate the
mother penguin.

In gratitude for returning her offspring to her, the mother will reward you
with a Power Star.

   ----- | ----------------
   7.6.3 | Big Penguin Race
   ----- | ----------------

Enter the cottage via the chimney as you did in "Slip Slidin' Away".  This time
you will see a rather large penguin who is prepared to race you to the bottom.
Sounds like a challenge - let's take him on!

In order to get the Power Star in this level, you must beat the penguin to the
bottom fair and square.  This means you CANNOT take the shortcut that was
introduced in "Slip Slidin' Away".  If you take the shortcut, the penguin will
accuse you of cheating and withhold the Star, and you must race him again.

Lest we uphold the penguin as a bright and shining moral compass, however, it
should be noted that dirty trickery is not beneath him either.  He has a way of
running you off the track that is particularly aggravating, and he can catch up
to you as if by magic if you get too far ahead of him.  This makes the few
occasions where you can fall off the track onto a lower portion not as good a
shortcut as you might think.

The parts to be most careful on are the sharp curves.  Luckily, the penguin
usually takes them fairly slowly as well, so if you want to take your time on
them, you can.  The last one is particularly nasty, but easily navigable if you
turn into rather than try to take the sharp corner (which will almost always
result in you falling off).  Toward the end, the penguin will put out a little
extra "oomph", but just stay the course and align yourself in the middle once
you hit the tunnel.  If you're in the lead when you reach the ice path, you're

When he loses, the penguin will concede defeat and reward you with a Power
Star, inviting you to come back any time you please.


1.  If you make it to the bottom and lose the race, there is an easy way to get
    back to the top of Cool, Cool Mountain to challenge him again.  Upon
    exiting, go away from the mother penguin and over to the bridge that
    appears to be a dead-end (the one with the red coin at the bend).  Stand
    still at the end of the bridge and you will be warped back to the top of
    the mountain.

2.  If you return to challenge the penguin when you have collected all 120
    Power Stars, you will notice that he has gained a substantial amount of
    weight.  You will not earn a Star for beating him this time, but it does
    add a nice dimension of challenge to the race.

   ----- | ----------------------------
   7.6.4 | Frosty Slide for 8 Red Coins
   ----- | ----------------------------

Not a difficult level, but it helps to go in some semblance of order, generally
from the top of the mountain to the bottom.

1.  Climb the tree in front of the house at the beginning to reach the first

2.  Slide down the frosty slide that takes up most of the mountain.  Along the
    way, you should see a red coin nestled in a corner against the wall.

3.  Ride the rickety lift that crosses by the red Bob-Omb on the floating
    island.  At the top of the lift is a red coin.

4.  Cross the bridge with the two hopping snowmen and go across the patch of
    dry land that comes just after it.  At the end of a dead-end bridge is a
    red coin.  (Across from this point is where the Star will appear once you
    collect all eight coins.)

5.  Near the mother penguin at the bottom of the mountain is another tree with
    a coin at the top.

6.  Go away from the mother penguin and the house to a bridge that bends in the
    middle and then turns into a dead-end.  At the bend is a red coin.

7.  Go even further down from the bridge to where it appears as though there's
    nothing there.  Look around the wall to find a red coin.

8.  Go back to the bridge from Coin #6 and stand at the end of it.  You will
    warp back to the top of the mountain.  While standing on the bridge that
    you end up on, turn the camera toward the large slope behind you.  Jump to
    the slope.  When you begin sliding, you should see a yellow "!" box and a
    red coin tucked away behind an ice pillar at the bottom.  Just before
    reaching the bottom of the slope, jump so that you don't slide off the end
    and into the abyss.  Upon landing safely, grab the red coin.

Once the Power Star appears, go to the end of the bridge that Coin #4 was
located at.  To get to the other side, you must perform a Long Jump.  If you
do not know how to do that, here you go: As you are running, press Z, and then
quickly after pressing Z, press A.  If Mario goes "yahoo" and makes an enormous
leap, you've done it correctly.  That long leap will help you reach the other
end of the bridge and get that Star.

   ----- | -----------------------
   7.6.5 | Snowman's Lost His Head
   ----- | -----------------------

Go left (relatively speaking) as you enter the level, over the hump, but be
careful not to slide too much.  There is a wooden platform containing a
snowball on a pedestal.  When you approach it, it will talk to you, telling you
it needs a head to go with its body and will follow you if you know where one
is.  And we're off!

When the conversation ends, the ball starts rolling down the slide.  You need
to go and stay slightly ahead of it.  Do not get too far ahead or you will mess
it up.  The idea is guide the snowball so that it reaches its destination
properly, and the way to do that is by staying in front of it at all times.

When you see the snowman's head, get yourself in front of it, then veer just
around it, quickly get back behind it, and jump to stop.  Turn the camera so
you can see the snowball coming.  If you did it correctly, the snowball will
run into the head and bounce up onto the pedestal, creating a whole body.  If
you did it wrong, the snowball will roll on past the head and off the mountain.
Pause the game, choose Exit Course, and return to the level to try again.

The snowman will give you a Power Star in return for reassembling his body.

   ----- | --------------------
   7.6.6 | Wall Kicks Will Work
   ----- | --------------------

For this one, you need to activate the cannon.  Go to the bottom of the
mountain and ride the rickety lift up to the floating island with the red
Bob-Omb.  Jump off the lift and talk to him to open it up, then ride the lift
back to the bottom when it comes back around.  Enter the cannon when you reach
the bottom.

The cannon points you in the right direction, but you need to aim lower.  If
you point the cannon all the way down and look over, you will see a tree off in
the distance across the bottomless pit.  You need to get over there.  Aim at
the tree, but point the crosshairs at the underside of the rock above it.  If
you are successful, you will blast over and either hit the tree or stop when
you slide into the fence.

Go over away from the tree and cannon to find a narrow ledge.  You must cross
this ledge in order to reach the Star.  You will encounter in this space two
Spindrifts.  If you jump on these guys, you will be launched way into the air
spinning around, and will descend very slowly.  Since you're in such a
dangerous space here, you don't want to do that.  Get rid of them by punching
them instead.  When you reach the other end, you will see a chasm that you must
Long Jump across.  If you are not sure how, a sign in front of the pit will
explain how.

The heart will replenish your health, which is great if you fall (and here, you
just might do that more than a few times).  What you will need to do to reach
the Star is perform the wall kick technique (hence the name of the level).  The
first time is easy; just jump toward the wall and press A as soon as you touch
it.  You should kick off the wall and reach the next ledge.  This is basically
what a wall kick is, and it's a very handy technique to learn.  If you need to
practice it a few times, this is a great spot to do it, because the next wall
kick you have to perform is much harder.

To get up to the next ledge, start running and jumping from the middle of the
ledge you're currently on.  What you must do is perform a triple jump, then
wall kick off the wall you triple-jump to.  This is definitely a little taxing;
even I still can't do it right the first three or four times I try it.  Just
remember that you have to be running and jumping to perform a triple jump;
measure out the point you need to start from and plan your jump-and-kick

When you have reached the next ledge, walk slowly and cautiously along the very
thin ice road.  The Power Star is floating all by itself just at the end.  Jump
to reach it.

   ----- | -------------
   7.6.7 | 100-Coin Star
   ----- | -------------

Depending on how well you perform on the cottage slide, the amount of coins you
get may be different than the amount I get.  Adjust your count accordingly.
The 100-coin run is best attempted by entering Cool, Cool Mountain via "Slip
Slidin' Away".  The coin count listed here is based on my first successful
run-through of the cottage slide and everything thereafter.

Make sure also that you do the slide first.  You do not want to get 100 coins
while on the slide and then totally miss it because you're going too fast and
can't stop and backtrack to get it.

1.  Get the red coin from the tree and all the coins leading into the chimney
    of the cottage.  (7/100)

2.  Successfully reach the bottom of the slide, getting as many coins as you
    can along the way.  Do not take the shortcut.  In the run used for this
    walkthrough, I got 71 coins.  Depending on your performance, you may get
    more or less.  Adjust your strategy accordingly.  (78/100)

3.  Exit the house and get the three red coins at the bottom of the mountain.
    See section 7.6.4, "Frosty Slide for 8 Red Coins", if you do not recall
    their locations offhand.  (84/100)

4.  Go up the wooden ramp beside the cottage and kill the Spindrift at the top.

5.  Go up past the snowman that throws snowballs at you and get the coin at the
    end of the dead-end bridge.  (89/100)

6.  Long Jump across the bridge to the point where the Power Star appears in
    "Frosty Slide for 8 Red Coins".  Jump up from that ledge to find a blue
    coin switch.  It will reveal two blue coins; collect both. (99/100)

7.  Jump off from there onto the frosty slide.  There is a row of five coins
    ahead.  Jump as soon as it appears to stop your downward trajectory, then
    jump more as needed to snag the Star.  (104/100 **SUCCESS**)

   === | ===============
   7.7 | BIG BOO'S HAUNT
   === | ===============

LOCATION: Go through one of the wooden doors in the lobby.  At the end of the
          hallway, you will see a Boo.  When you pursue him, he disappears
          through the wall.  Follow him out the door.  You will be in a
          courtyard-type area with several Boos floating around.  Locate the
          one in the back left-hand corner and ground-pound him.  A cage with a
          miniature house will pop out of him; Mario will shrink down and jump

   ----- | ------------------
   7.7.1 | Go on a Ghost Hunt
   ----- | ------------------

To reach Big Boo's Haunt, go to the hallway with the Boo at the end.  When you
pursue him, he will go outside out of your reach.  Go outside through the door
and then go left and to the back corner.  Most of the Boos have coins in them,
but one has a cage with a haunted house in it inside him.  When you've tracked
him down, turn your back to him so that he creeps up on you.  When he is close
enough, jump and ground-pound him to get the cage out of his body and enter the

Having been thusly taunted, enter the mansion.  To reveal the main boss, you
must first kill all the minor Boos you can find.  There are six doors on the
bottom floor; we'll start with the one near you on your left.  If you have
unlocked the Vanish Cap, you can grab it here and pass through the giant panel
with the picture of the Boo to find your first two.  (If you haven't, you
should visit the Vanish Cap course.  See section 7.9, "Vanish Cap Under the
Moat", for details on how to get it.  You will need the Vanish Cap to beat some
levels later on in Big Boo's Haunt as well.)  If you cannot pass through the
panel, turn your back to it until two Boos come through it.  To kill them, jump
while your back is turned to them and ground-pound them.  Each Boo here will
give you a blue coin and will say "Ghosts ... don't ... DIE!" when you kill it.
Ghosts don't die, eh?  We'll see about that.

When you exit the room with the bookshelves and the chairs that float up in the
air and divebomb you, you will come out the door that was on your left and in
the back when you entered the mansion.  Move next to the door against the back
wall on the left.  In this room you will find a Boo and an eyeball-shaped foe
named, appropriately, Mr. I.  You can kill Mr. I by running around him quickly
in a circle (you must stay close to him for his vision to follow you).  When he
shrinks and dies, he too will yield a blue coin.  Leave this room the way you
came in and enter the door against the back wall on the right.

Run across the bridge quickly before it collapses and takes you below with it.
You won't die, but it is a major inconvenience, so try to successfully cross it
the first time.  At the end of the bridge is a Boo for you to pounce.  Get him,
then go in the door right there.  You must be careful in this room, especially
when sidling against the wall on the thin floor.  Try to jump over the Boo onto
the safe ledge with the red coin, then butt-pound him from there.  When you
kill that Boo, you should hear a chime indicating that you have destroyed them
all.  Return to the main foyer.

When you enter the foyer, you will meet Big Boo.  The only difference between
him and a regular Boo is that Big Boo takes three ground-pounds to kill instead
of one.  This is not a difficult task, but he is a bit bigger, so you need a
better jump to get above him.  Either double-jump or do a backflip (hold Z,
then press A) to get the height necessary.

After three successful pounds, the Power Star will appear and fly up to the
next floor.  Stand on the panel in the floor to make some stairs rise that will
allow you to reach it.

   ----- | -----------------------------
   7.7.2 | Ride Big Boo's Merry-Go-Round
   ----- | -----------------------------

Enter the mansion and go in the door against the back wall and on the right on
the first floor.  Instead of crossing the collapsing bridge, jump over the
railing and into the water below.  When you get out of the water and onto land,
you should see a wooden door.  Go inside to reach the "merry-go-round" the
level title is talking about.

After defeating five regular Boos, you will once again face Big Boo.  The
procedure for defeating him is no different than it was in "Go on a Ghost
Hunt", although it might be a little more difficult because of the spinning
surface you're on.  If you handled him once though, you can surely do it again.

The Power Star will appear by the door just off the merry-go-round when victory
is yours.

   ----- | ---------------------------
   7.7.3 | Secret of the Haunted Books
   ----- | ---------------------------

Enter the mansion, go up the stairs, and go in the door on the wall to the left
toward the back.  You should be in a room with bookshelves on either side of
you.  As you go down the hallway, jump to neutralize the books that shoot out
at you from both shelves.  When you get to the bookshelf at the end around the
curve, three books will pop out - one on top, one in the middle, one on the
bottom.  Hit them in this order: top, bottom, middle.  When you enter the
combination successfully, the bookshelf will move out of the way to reveal a
door.  Just behind that door is the Power Star, in plain sight.

   ----- | --------------------
   7.7.4 | Seek the 8 Red Coins
   ----- | --------------------

Enter the mansion, then go in the door closest to you on your left on the first

1.  In this first room is a grand piano that looks normal enough, but reveals
    its fangs and chases after you when you get too close.  When it comes out
    of its space in the corner, go where it was to find the first red coin.

2.  Go in the other door in this room and look on top of the bookshelves to
    find the second...

3.  ...and third red coins.

Go back into the main area and enter the door against the back wall on the
right on the first floor.

4.  Cross the collapsing bridge and enter the door ahead of you.  Sidle up
    against the wall to cross the thin part, then grab the coin while getting
    around the Boo.

Back in the main area, go up the stairs and into the door against the back wall
on the left on the second floor.

5.  Work your way along the red mesh floor, making sure not to fall to the
    area below.  The red coin is at the back of the room.  If you fall, exit
    the room, go back up the stairs, and try again.

When you have the fifth red coin, go back to the main area and in the door
against the back wall on the right on the second floor.

6.  Kill the Mr. I if you want, then go into the room with the six caskets.
    Approach the casket in the front to your right.  When it stands up, grab
    the coin underneath it.

7.  Approach the coffin in the middle on the left in like fashion.  It will
    also stand up, allowing you to get the red coin underneath it.

Finally, go back to the main area and go in the door just to the right of the
one you just exited.

8.  Kill the two books with fangs, then go around the bookshelf and get the
    red coin.  Be careful that you don't walk on the trap floor in the middle
    of the room, or you'll fall down and into the water where that incessant
    merry-go-round tune is playing.  Walk around to be safe.

When you get the eighth red coin, the Power Star will appear on the second
floor in the main foyer, over by the window where the beam of light is shining

   ----- | -----------------
   7.7.5 | Big Boo's Balcony
   ----- | -----------------

Go into the house and up the stairs, then into the door over on the wall to the
right.  Kill the two books that come out of the shelf, then jump on the raised
platform.  Press C-Up to look around with the camera and look up.  You should
be able to see a ledge above you with a door against the wall.  The easiest way
to get to that door is to do a double-jump and then wall-kick off the wall to
your right (on your right assuming you are facing the door).  Once you get up
there, go in, then go through the double doors on the right.

You will be outside on the roof of the mansion, where you must again fight Big
Boo.  Same as before, ground-pound him three times.  That's the easy part.  The
hard part is getting the Power Star that he leaves behind.

The Star will perch on the very top of the house, a place that is extremely
difficult to get to.  It takes a combination of advanced technique and a little
elbow grease.  When you exit the door, Mario will be facing you.  Go to the
right, since it's easier to see what's happening over that way.  To get to the
flat surface over there, just do a Long Jump toward the top of the roof and
then a single jump to cap it off.  Works like a charm.

Now you must get over to the Power Star.  Use the same technique of Long
Jumping followed by a single jump to reach the top of the roof safely.  Once
you are on top of the roof, walking over to the Star is relatively easy.  You
cannot change the camera angle while up here, so press C-Up every so often to
come up close and make sure you're not about to walk off the roof.  When you
are next to the flat surface where the Star is, slide over onto that surface
to reach it.  There is also a 1-Up right here in a box, presumably placed here
because if you can make it right here, you deserve something for your trouble.

   ----- | -----------------------------
   7.7.6 | Eye to Eye in the Secret Room
   ----- | -----------------------------

If you don't have the Vanish Cap yet, you won't be able to do this level.  Go
to the Vanish Cap course and press the blue button at the end to activate all
blue blocks, which contain Vanish Caps.  For details on how to get to the
Vanish Cap course, see section 7.9, "Vanish Cap Under the Moat".

If you do have it, you're in business.  Enter the mansion and go up the steps,
then do a Long Jump over to the isolated balcony where you find a door and a
blue Vanish Cap block.

As you know, the Vanish Cap has a limited duration, and in this particular
instance you must act quickly.  Once you have the Vanish Cap, you must quickly
go in the door by where the blue block is located, do the same double-jump and
wall-kick combo that you performed to get to the balcony in the previous level,
and run around to the blue panel with the Boo on it and pass through it.  If
you perform all this within the duration of the Vanish Cap, you will be face-
to-face with a giant Mr. I.  If you miss, get the Vanish Cap again and try

Defeating a giant Mr. I is no different than defeating a regular one.  Just run
around it in a circle, keeping close to it until it gets dizzy, shrinks, and
pops out of existence.  Instead of getting a blue coin from this one, however,
you'll get a Power Star, which you can collect and be on your merry way.

   ----- | -------------
   7.7.7 | 100-Coin Star
   ----- | -------------

For fastest results, enter Big Boo's Haunt via "Ride Big Boo's Merry-Go-Round".

1.  Collect all coins hidden in bricks and contained within enemies outside the
    mansion.  When you get them all, you should have... (30/100)

2.  Enter the mansion and go in the door on the wall to the left toward the
    front on the first floor.  Get the red coin behind the piano.  (32/100)

3.  In the adjacent room, kill the book that comes out of the bookshelf and get
    his blue coin, as well as the red coins on top of the bookshelves.

4.  Get the Vanish Cap, go behind the blue panel, and kill both Boos for their
    blue coins.  (51/100)

5.  Go back into the main area and go in the room against the back wall on the
    left on the first floor.  Kill the Boo and the Mr. I.  (61/100)

6.  Return to the main area and go in the room against the back wall on the
    right on the first floor.  Kill the Boo in this room.  (66/100)

7.  Drop down to the merry-go-round and kill the five Boos necessary to get to
    Big Boo.  Get all five blue coins.  Leave when Big Boo appears.  (91/100)

8.  Ride the lift that takes you back to the starting point of the stage.  At
    the top, run circles around the Mr. I for his blue coin.  (96/100)

9.  Go back into the house and go in the door on the wall to the right on the
    first floor.  Ground-pound the Boo and collect his coin.  (101/100

   === | ========================
   === | ========================

*The eight red coins found here are covered in a separate section.  For tips on
 getting the eight red coins, see section 7.21.3, "Bowser in the Dark World (8
 Red Coins)".

*Also note that there are no 100-coin Power Stars in the Bowser stages.

Once you have eight Power Stars, you can enter the first of three stages in
which you must do battle with the nefarious Bowser.  You enter this stage
through the sliding double doors at the top of the stairs.  It looks like you
are running toward a painting of Peach, but it slowly morphs into Bowser, and
before you can reach it, the floor falls out from beneath you, transporting you
to the Dark World.

Move forward, being especially careful at the thin parts.  Wait until the fire
puffer stops blowing to move past it, then walk onto the rotating square
platforms.  Run up the stone hill to where the second fire puffer is, and wait
for it to do its thing before heading up.

Jump across the rotating set of four platforms over to a wooden area with three
Goombas.  In the yellow block in the center, you'll find a handy-dandy 1-Up.
Snag it, then move to the walkway with the crystals and the electrocuting
enemies.  Getting hit by them is a minor setback, but it only takes away one
piece of life pie.  After this walkway, navigate the yellow platform moving
back and forth and then move across the two sets of square platforms carefully.

Take a detour for a second 1-Up if you like, then move to the blue teetering
ledges that tilt when you stand on them.  Hop up the wooden steps after
destroying the two Goombas and touch the switch to turn the insurmountable
incline into easy-to-climb steps.  Once at the top, jump into the pipe to reach

The key to beating Bowser is not by jumping on him but by throwing him into one
of the spiked bombs that surround the ring.  To do this, you must first find a
part of him that you can grab.  In this case and in all future cases, that will
be his tail.  Run around him in circles until you catch up to his tail, and
grab it by pressing B.

What do you do now that you've got him in your clutches, though?  Swing the
analog stick in circles as well.  Do this at a fairly fast pace and you will
build up momentum, eventually swinging him faster and faster.  Let go of him
when you are directly facing a spiked bomb.  If you successfully throw him into
it, it will blow up and launch him into the air.  If he falls off the ring, he
will jump back and you will have to try it again.

When you land a hit, Bowser will surrender for now.  He vows to return later,
but he leaves behind a key.  This key will allow you to reach the courses down
in the basement.

And so the plot thickens...

   === | =========================
   === | =========================

The first thing you should do after beating Bowser in the Dark World is go and
unlock the Vanish Cap.

To get to the Vanish Cap course, go downstairs to the locked door, which you
can now open with the key you got from the Dark World.  Once down there, go
down the winding hallway with metal walls and into the wooden door at the end.
In the new room, there is another nondescript wooden door; it is within the
same field of view as the door that leads to Hazy Maze Cave (that door has a
star with no numbers on it).  When you enter, you should see a pool of water in
front of you.  Jump in.

Dive down and follow the path underneath to a new area with two pillars.  If
you read the sign, you will see that it says: "It is decreed that one shall
pound the pillars."  Sounds like a job for you, Mr. Ground Pounder!  Jump and
press Z on each of the pillars to squash them down.  When they have both been
pounded, the water level will lower significantly.  Exit the castle through the
metal door below.

You can now run about the emptied moat.  Toward the opposite end, you will see
a square hole that you can drop into.  This is the entrance to the Vanish Cap

Once inside, slide down the large hill to the bottom, being careful not to
slide all the way off into the abyss.  (You will not lose a life for failing
the course.  Instead, you will just be ejected into the feeder pool at the
bottom of the castle waterfall.  It's not far from the course entrance, so it's
easy to get back there.)

Avoid the fire puffer spheres and jump from the first tilting ledge up to a
large plateau where you find a "!" block containing coins.  The pair of ledges
nearby rotates, and for the most part they're stationary, but when they reach
the top, they'll tilt, dumping you off if you're standing on them.  Jump from
the ledges to the next big wide teeter-totter.  After that, there are two more
pairs of rotating ledges.  Tilt the teeter-totter ledge down at the far end and
jump to each of the ledges as they head toward the bottom of their trajectory.
At the last one, ride it up and do a double-jump up to the final ledge.

Here you'll find the big blue button that will activate all the blue blocks,
all of which contain Vanish Caps.  Save when prompted, then exit the course in
whatever manner you see fit.

   ==== | ==============
   7.10 | HAZY MAZE CAVE
   ==== | ==============

LOCATION: Go down into the basement and down the metal winding hallway into the
          basement maze.  Look for a door with a star on it on a raised
          platform.  Inside you will see a black oily-looking pit.  This is the
          Hazy Maze Cave.

   ------ | -----------------------
   7.10.1 | Cavern of the Metal Cap
   ------ | -----------------------

Before you beat any of the levels in Hazy Maze Cave, your first priority should
be unlocking the Metal Cap, which will render you impervious to health lost by
running into enemies, being underwater, or being in toxic smog.

At the beginning of Hazy Mazy Cave, the path forks left and right.  To get to
the Cavern of the Metal Cap, take the left fork and Long Jump over the pit.
Go around the pit and Long Jump over to where the giant boulders are rolling,
being careful not to get hit by any of them (keeping against the wall on the
left will help you do this).  Once past the boulders, enter the metal door you
see and ride the shiny square platform down.

Walk down the way and board Dorrie the plesiosaur.  Ground-pound her back to
make her lower her head, then stand on her head to raise it back up, facing in
the direction you want to go as a means of sort of primitively guiding her.
You want her to take you to a set of metal double doors.  Once she takes you
over to them, jump on the red platform in front of the plateau, then go through
the doors.  In this room is a black pit much like the one that brought you to
Hazy Maze Cave.  This one leads to the Cavern of the Metal Cap.

*Note that the red coins for the Cavern of the Metal Cap are listed in their
 own section, which is section 7.21.5, "Metal Cap Course (8 Red Coins)", along
 with the other Castle Secret Stars.  This section only tells you how to get
 through the Metal Cap Course.

Run through the opening hallway, killing the Snifits with your awesome metal
invincibility, until you reach the main corridor.  Here you must be ultra-
careful, because if you fall into the water and you don't have the Metal Cap
on, the current will sweep you away, and if you don't make it to land, you will
be ejected from the course and deposited in the feeder pool in the castle moat
(also where you appear if you fail the Vanish Cap course).

Jump carefully to each new ledge, not jumping any more than absolutely
necessary.  Walk slowly across the stone bridge, then jump to each of the next
two grass-topped platforms and jump on top of the green switch to activate all
green blocks.  Save when prompted, then either go for the red coins or leave
the course by pausing and choosing Exit Course.

   ------ | ----------------------------
   7.10.2 | Swimming Beast in the Cavern
   ------ | ----------------------------

You met Dorrie just a few minutes ago when you used her to get to the Cavern of
the Metal Cap.  We'll be using her services again in this level.  Take the same
fork to the left, again avoiding the rolling boulders and riding the shiny
square platform down to the winding dirt path.  Jump on her, ground-pound her
back to bring her head down, then walk onto her head to make her raise it back
up.  From here you can navigate her, albeit not very intuitively.

You can basically make her veer either left or right by facing in the direction
you want her to go or moving over to that side of her head.  This time, we want
to steer her to the giant plateau in the middle of the lake, where the Power
Star we want is sitting.  Move over to the side of her head that faces toward
the middle and jump off onto the plateau when you get her next to it.  Collect
the ring of coins if you like before getting the Star.

   ------ | -----------------------
   7.10.3 | Elevate for 8 Red Coins
   ------ | -----------------------

Take the right path along the fork, using a Metal Cap if you need to so you can
barrel through the spiders.  Avoid them and the fire that blows up out of the
pits and go through the small door at the end.  Slide down the pole to your

When you come off the pole, go all the way to your right.  You should find some
steps that lead up to the work elevator.  To operate the work elevator, just
walk onto an arrow.  The elevator will continue in the direction of the arrow
you pressed until it runs into something or you push another direction.  Going
from the elevator's start point, let's get the red coins.

1.  Go left, forward, left, forward.  Punch the brick you cross by to reveal
    the first coin.

2.  Keep going forward.  The next one is to your right, just a bit out of
    reach.  Move the elevator over some, then back to the left once you've
    gotten the coin out of the brick.

3.  Continue forward, past the Mr. I.  At this point, the elevator will cross
    underneath a small obstacle.  You will lose your footing if you touch this
    part, and will likely slide off the elevator and have to start over.  Just
    jump over this small hump and punch the brick just past it for #3.

4.  Go to the left.  There is a red coin in the open sitting on a cliff in the
    corner.  Jump off the elevator and grab it, then get back on the elevator.

5.  Go back toward the entrance to the room using the elevator.  You should see
    the pole you climbed down to drop onto the floor, and beside it, a pole on
    a tall cliff.  Go for that pole on the cliff.  When you reach it, jump onto
    it and climb it.  Dismount the pole and walk onto the yellow-and-blue
    checkered lift.  This lift will follow a predetermined path once you step
    on it.  Let it follow its path, punching the brick that you come to.  After
    you have punched the brick out of your way, you will be taken to the fifth
    coin shortly.

6.  The lift will then pass underneath two "n"-shaped barricades.  Jump on top
    of the first one to get that sixth coin.

7.  There is a ledge shortly after the two barricades that has the final two
    red coins on it.  Grab the seventh one...

8.  ...and the eighth one...

...and then fall to the floor and grab the Power Star that appears in the
center of the room.

   ------ | --------------------------
   7.10.4 | Metal-Head Mario Can Move!
   ------ | --------------------------

Take the path to the left and take the elevator down as if you are going to
visit Dorrie.  When you reach the bottom, look to your left.  You will see a
Metal Cap block.  Bust it open and grab the cap, then head quickly down the
slope.  When you get to the water, Long Jump over to the left and cross the
terrain.  When you get near the surface of the water, you will find a floor
switch, which you can only touch if you are Metal Mario.  (This whole sequence
may take a few tries.)

After successfully pressing down the switch, the wall will open up and reveal a
door that you can enter.  Ignore the spider that pops out of the pit, then
perform two Long Jumps to reach the Star.

   ------ | -------------------------
   7.10.5 | Navigating the Toxic Maze
   ------ | -------------------------

Make sure you have the Metal Cap before tackling this level, since its property
of invincibility will be a big help here.  If you have not unlocked the Metal
Cap, follow the instructions in section 7.10.1, "Cavern of the Metal Cap",
before going any further.

Make your way along the right path of the fork to the door and slide down the
pole.  Look to your left and you should see an open passageway with a wooden
door just at the top of the hill.  Enter the door, then jump into the pit you
see.  You are now in the Toxic Maze, a labyrinth populated by a dense layer of
noxious gas that will slowly eat away at your health.  First and foremost,
grab the Metal Cap in the green block straight ahead of you.  Being metal will
keep you from losing health to the gas.

Turn right at that Metal Cap once you've gotten it and face forward.  You
should see a blue coin switch on a raised brick platform.  Turn immediately
around and make a left, following the trail of blue coins.  When you see the
blue coin trail go up, keep going to the Snifit just ahead.  There are also
some holes here where if you fall into them, you will slide around, making it
difficult to get up.  Just above these holes is an alcove with a metal door.
Jump up there and enter that door.

Avoid the fire puffers and the swooping bats and ride the elevator up.  When
you reach your destination, you will find the Power Star over in the corner by
the fence wall.

   ------ | -------------------------
   7.10.6 | A-Maze-Ing Emergency Exit
   ------ | -------------------------

Return to the Toxic Maze from the previous level, "Navigating the Toxic Maze".
As before, get the Metal Cap straight ahead, activate the blue coin switch, and
follow the trail of blue coins.  This time, however, when the blue coins start
going up, wall kick off the wall at that exact spot and you'll reach another
alcove, which also has a metal door.  Go in, run down the winding hallway, and
board the elevator.  At the top, go in the metal door you see.

To reach the Power Star here, you must climb across the bars on the ceiling.
Hang onto the bars by jumping and holding A when you hit the ceiling.  Holding
A will allow you to keep your grip.  If you let go of A, you will fall.  Keep
this in mind as you navigate the bars.  You must hold A while using the analog
stick or you will drop, most likely to your demise.

The Power Star is over to the right, sitting in the open.  If you so desire,
you can take a detour to the left and grab the 1-Up in the yellow box.

   ------ | -----------------------
   7.10.7 | Watch for Rolling Rocks
   ------ | -----------------------

An easy level if you know where to go.  And where exactly do you go?  I'm glad
I asked!

Take the fork to the left and Long Jump across the pit.  Go through the door,
then around the pit, and then Long Jump again over to the rolling boulders.
Keep to the left wall so they don't hit you, and move past them to the metal
door, but DON'T GO IN THE DOOR!  Stay there in front of the door and look at
the walls on either side of you.  It takes two wall kicks off these walls to
find a hidden ledge containing the Power Star you need to beat this mission.

   ------ | -------------
   7.10.8 | 100-Coin Star
   ------ | -------------

1.  Bop the spider in front of you.  (3/100)

2.  Take the fork to the right and get the spider that jumps out of the pit.
    You will only get coins for the first one.  (6/100)

3.  Get the coins along the wall just before the door leading to the work
    elevator area.  (11/100)

4.  Kill both the spiders on the ground.  (17/100)

5.  Board the work elevator and the first four red coins from "Elevate for 8
    Red Coins".  (25/100)

6.  Climb the pole to the upper area and get the other four.  Ignore the star
    when it appears.  (33/100)

7.  Go in the door leading to the Toxic Maze.  Get all the coins leading up to
    the entrance hole.  (38/100)

8.  Kill the Snifit ahead of you.  (40/100)

9.  Activate the blue coin switch and get all seven blue coins that result from
    it.  (75/100)

10.  Kill the nearby Snifit as well.  (77/100)

11.  Take the door leading to the Power Star for "A-Maze-Ing Emergency Exit".
     Kill the two bats in this room.  (79/100)

12.  Take the elevator up.  If you drop straight down off the ledge, you can
     land where the rolling boulders are coming at you.  (Look very carefully
     with the camera before attempting this drop.  It's actually somewhat
     easier than it looks.  Also make sure you have enough health to take a
     whack from one of the boulders, in case that happens.)  When you make the
     drop, quickly get over to the wall on the left and get the coins.

13.  Go through the metal door and get the ring of coins around the yellow 1-Up
     box.  (92/100)

14.  Ride Dorrie and get on the big plateau in the middle.  Collect the ring of
     coins around the Power Star for "Swimming Beast in the Cavern".  (100/100

   ==== | ================
   ==== | ================

LOCATION: Out in the open in the basement maze.  It's the painting with the
          giant scary-looking flame on it.

   ------ | ------------------
   7.11.1 | Boil the Big Bully
   ------ | ------------------

Follow the pathway with the arrows and go up the steps.  You'll meet your first
Bully Bob-Omb here.  These guys can't be picked up; instead, they like to ram
into you and bump you, hopefully into the scalding lava.  You can fight back
though; when one gets close, give it a punch.  Repeat this until you punch it
into the lava.  He will drown, and a coin will pop out.  This is a good preview
of what the boss of this level will be like.  Continue left, running around the
Mr. I and killing him, then going forward.

Go past the sliding Bowser tiles to face two more Bob-Omb Bullies.  Avoid the
fire bars on the spinning platform, then jump across the wooden planks onto the
gray platform.  You'll notice the gray platform receding into and surfacing
from the lava, but if you stay in the middle of it you'll be fine.  Jump from
there to the raised platform to face the Big Bully.

Since he's bigger, punching isn't quite as effective.  You can knock him a fair
distance back by jumping and kicking him though.  Try not to let him get the
upper hand on you, as if he does he's liable to bump you several times in a row
and maybe even kill you.  Keep it up on offense, jumping and kicking when he
approaches you.  Try to move forward a little after bumping him, and before
long you will knock him right into the lava.

Upon victory, the Power Star will appear on a nearby gray plateau.  Use the
steps that appear to reach the platform, but don't dilly-dally - they do fall
down once you step on them.

   ------ | -----------------
   7.11.2 | Bully the Bullies
   ------ | -----------------

Return to the same platform where you fought the Big Bully.  Ignore him and
find a black mesh raft on the other side.  This raft will take you over to
another platform where you will face three small Bullies as opposed to one
large one.  It can be tough to tackle all three at once, but try to get at
least one near an edge away from the others.  If you are far enough away, the
others will ignore you, allowing you to tackle one in peace.

With one out of the way, it's much easier to get the other two.  Still, don't
tackle them simultaneously if you don't have to.  Work on isolating one and
killing him, leaving just one left to deal with.

When you get rid of the last one, the Big Bully will appear again to harass
you.  He appears quickly and out of nowhere, so be on your guard or else he'll
stand a good chance of getting you into the lava.  Employ the same strategy as
before, however, with the jumping and kicking, and he should be a piece of
cake.  The Power Star will, mercifully, appear on the platform you're currently
standing on this time.

   ------ | ----------------------------
   7.11.3 | 8-Coin Puzzle With 15 Pieces
   ------ | ----------------------------

You'll not find an easier red coin stage than this in the entire game, because
there's no other course in the game where you'll find all eight lumped together
in the same space.  Maybe you've seen the sliding Bowser puzzle about, pieces
shifting and whatnot?  They're all over there.  Make your way toward it.

There's not much strategy here.  Basically, if you see a piece shaking under
your feet, jump to another one to avoid falling into the lava.  All eight coins
are on the puzzle.  When you grab them, the Power Star will appear on the
concrete square over in the corner near the puzzle.  I always do this one first
when I get to Lethal Lava Land.

Oh, and if the puzzle completes itself successfully, it will spit out coins
from the middle.  Keep that in mind when you're going for the 100-coin star.

   ------ | -------------------
   7.11.4 | Red-Hot Log Rolling
   ------ | -------------------

Behind you when you start the course is a Wing Cap box.  Long Jump over to the
island and get the Wing Cap, then set yourself into flight by triple-jumping.
Fly over to the corner of the island that is fenced off by a black wall.  Go
around the fence and land on the stone steps at the far end of the log.  Board
the log and watch it roll.

The direction it rolls depends on which side of it you're putting your weight
on.  Therefore, you want to get more toward the front of it so it doesn't roll
off the rail.  With each jump you make, the log will inch a little further
forward.  Move it until you are next to the stone ledge on the other end, at
which point you can jump over to it, run down the ramp, and collect the Power

   ------ | ----------------------------
   7.11.5 | Hot Foot It Into the Volcano
   ------ | ----------------------------

Go forward until you get to the first Bob-Omb Bully, then turn right.  Go down
the steps and jump on the gray platforms over to the spinning platform that
surrounds the volcano.  Jump onto the volcano, walk up it, and drop in.

Proceed in the direction you start out facing.  You will work your way here
on ledges around the perimeter of the volcano's interior.  Avoid the first fire
puffer and punch the Bob-Omb Bully off the ledge (don't expect to get his coin
though).  Look at the wall just after him and notice the square portion in it.
Walk up to it, but don't get in its way; when you approach it, it will pop out
like a Murphy bed and try to crush you.  Wait until it recedes back into the
wall before continuing.

Hop carefully along the floating mini-islands, then jump after the first of two
fire puffers has stopped.  Punch another Bob-Omb Bully off the ledge, then walk
carefully along the twisty path and jump onto the pole at the end.  The poles
are very short, meaning you will have to jump from one to the next.  Remember
when jumping that you will jump off in the direction that Mario's back is
facing, so make extra-sure you're aligned with the next pole before taking the

Once you have successfully jumped from pole to pole and to the final ledge, you
can easily retrieve the Power Star.

*Note that if you die while inside the volcano, you will automatically be
 transported there when you jump back into the painting.

   ------ | ----------------------------
   7.11.6 | Elevator Tour in the Volcano
   ------ | ----------------------------

Once again, drop into the volcano, but this time, move in the opposite
direction, behind you, until you reach a yellow-and-blue checkered lift.  After
a short distance, you will notice that the pre-determined path (set out by the
black dots) ends, and you will have to jump from one lift to the next before
the first one falls.  Get used to this, you will have to do it again in a

Not long after the first one falls, the second one will drop as well.  Jump to
the pole before it drops (you have plenty of time).  Climb the pole, but not
all the way - you don't want to get burned by the spinning bars of fire.  Wait
for an opening, then jump to the island and climb the next pole.  Jump off the
pole near the top and onto the floating island, then make your way across the
floating steps and grab the Star.

   ------ | -------------
   7.11.7 | 100-Coin Star
   ------ | -------------

1.  Go forward and turn left, then go up the pathway and kill the Bob-Omb
    Bully.  (1/100)

2.  Run around the Mr. I and get his blue coin.  (6/100)

3.  Go get the Koopa shell, in the yellow box across from where you start the
    level.  Ride under the drawbridge near where you battled the Mr. I for some
    coins.  (11/100)

3.  Ride over to the island where you get the Wing Cap, then ride the crescent-
    shaped platform for its coins.  (14/100)

4.  Get the five coins on the gray platform near that.  (19/100)

5.  Get all the red coins on the Bowser puzzle.  Ignore the Star.  (35/100)

6.  Wait for the puzzle to complete itself and get the coins it spits out when
    it achieves this.  (40/100)

7.  Ride the crescent ledge nearby and get the four coins plus a 1-Up.

8.  Get the coins on the receding gray platform just before the Big Bully.

9.  Ride each of the four gray receding platforms beside the platform where the
    three small Bullies are located.  (53/100)

10.  Nearby is a platform with a ring of coins surrounding a Mr. I.  Grab the
     coins and knock the eye guy out too.  (66/100)

11.  Ride the hill in the corner of the level for coins and a 1-Up.  (71/100)

12.  Get the ring of coins on the platform where the trio of small Bullies
     resides.  (79/100)

13.  Go over to the zigzagging path with the crazy brick on it (the one that
     makes you bounce in the air when you grab it).  Go to the opposite end of
     that path to find a receding gray platform that has five coins on it.

14.  Jump up the steps from that receding platform and over to a stone plateau
     on which two Bullies reside.  Get the ring of coins on this plateau.

15.  Get the three coins on the ring spinning around the volcano.  (95/100)

16.  Enter the volcano.  Go behind where you start and get the coin in front of
     the yellow-and-blue checkered lift.  (96/100)

17.  Turn around and get the coins on the twisty path.  (99/100)

18.  Get the first coin on the next stone path.  (100/100 **SUCCESS**)

   ==== | ==================
   ==== | ==================

LOCATION: Turn left at the Lethal Lava Land painting and go to the dead-end.
          You can actually jump into this wall, which leads to this world.

   ------ | -----------------------------
   7.12.1 | In the Talons of the Big Bird
   ------ | -----------------------------

Go over to the stone structure and do either a somersault or a backflip onto
the top of it.  Up here, you'll find a yellow box and a red box.  In the yellow
box is a shell you can ride on.  Mount it and head toward the four pillars.
You want to head toward the ones behind the pyramid.  When you get back there,
get rid of the shell by pressing Z, then run up the pillar (for some reason you
can run up the particular material these columns are made out of).

Wait for Klepto the vulture to swoop by.  You will see that he has a Power Star
in his clutches.  He should generally fly around you for the most part, which
is what you want (right now, anyway).  When he gets close enough, jump on him
or touch him.  This will get the Star out of his claws and onto the ground
below.  Drop down and get that sucker.

   ------ | ------------------------
   7.12.2 | Shining Atop the Pyramid
   ------ | ------------------------

As in the previous level, somersault or backflip onto the stone structure where
the Koopa shell box is located.  Grab the shell and ride over to the pyramid.

There is a perimeter to the pyramid that you can walk around, but with the
shell, this method is unnecessary.  With the shell, you won't have to deal with
the enemies that blow fire (the flying Shyguy is particularly annoying) or the
fact that the surface gets thinner the higher up you get.

Assume that when you are going toward the pyramid, you are facing north.  That
means the Power Star is on the west side of the pyramid.  Ride over on the
shell to it, over the quicksand, and then jump up onto it.  Scale the surface
of the pyramid using the shell.  You won't be able to just move up it, so when
you lose your momentum and can't go up anymore, jump to get up the pyramid.
Repeat the jumping until you reach the Star.

   ------ | --------------------------
   7.12.3 | Inside the Ancient Pyramid
   ------ | --------------------------

Once again, take the Koopa shell over to the pyramid, but this time go in the
hole at the base of the pyramid on the west side to enter it.  Once you are
inside the pyramid, from the introductory corridor, go right.  Avoid the
Goombas and the mummified Thwomp, then jump across the ledges over the
quicksand (don't worry, it's slow-sinking and you can jump out of it) and go up
the wide set of stairs you find.

Avoid the guy who electrocutes you and do a Long Jump over the mummy Thwomp's
space.  Climb up the pole and then over the slope that leads into the sand trap
by holding onto the bars (remember to hold A while tilting the analog stick in
the direction you want to go).  Hop up the steps and avoid the rolling mummy
log by hiding in the alcove against the wall.  When you pass him, you will find
a heart that refills your health.  Take advantage of it before moving on.

Get over the thin up-and-down walls and run past more electrocuting enemies to
the thin ledge against the wall.  Be careful that they don't shock you as you
scoot along, and climb up the pole at the end to the next floor.  Avoid the
jumping mummy Thwomp, then do a double-jump up the slope and catch the next
ledge up to find the Power Star you need in order to complete this mission.

*As in the volcano in Lethal Lava Land, if you die while inside the pyramid,
 you will start inside it upon re-entering the stage.

   ------ | ------------------------------
   7.12.4 | Stand Tall on the Four Pillars
   ------ | ------------------------------

If you've mastered the art of flight by now, this level should be a cinch.  If
you haven't ... well, not so much.

Get on top of the stone structure as before, but this time, get the Wing Cap.
What you need to do is fly to and stand atop each pillar once (don't even have
to ground-pound them, just perch atop them).  When you have touched all four
pillars, you will see the top of the pyramid spin off and explode, revealing an
opening in the top.  Fly over to it.  (You should be able to do all this with
just one Wing Cap, but if yours runs out, there are other places around the
level where you can pick up another one.)

Upon entering the pyramid, you'll be inside a large cage without a top.  It
will descend and come to a stop in front of a large cube, right below that
cube's opening.  Jump in and go down the slope.  Approach the tomb and you will
enter into battle with the boss of this chamber, Eyerok.

When Eyerok attacks with one hand, the eye on his other hand will become
vulnerable.  See which hand is attacking, then run up to the other one and
punch the open eye.  When you punch one, you can expect one of a few other
attacks to come up.  Sometimes he will beat the ground with both fists; other
times he will simply attempt to sweep you off the platform.  Whatever he does,
get out of his way when you see a hand coming at you and punch an eye when you
see it open.

Each hand of Eyerok's takes three hits to do in.  When it gets down to one
hand, expect a lot more sweeping, but with one hand, you can stand in front of
it and let it push you, punching the eye when it opens (and it will).  After
you have destroyed both hands, Eyerok's spirit will return to the darkness, and
the Power Star will pop out of the tomb.

   ------ | ---------------------------
   7.12.5 | Free Flying for 8 Red Coins
   ------ | ---------------------------

1.  The first red coin is right behind you as you start the level.  It is a bit
    tough to get, as you can't simply run over to it.  Run for most of the way,
    then when you get within reach, crawl to it.  Crawl back until it is safe
    to run again.

2.  Punch the brick at the end of the stone structure where the yellow box

3.  Go to the maze area where the Tox Boxes are rolling around.  There is a red
    coin located plumb in the middle of the maze.

4.  Take a dip in the oasis at the far back corner of the level.  (Klepto is on
    patrol in this area, so see that you don't get your hat stolen while going
    for this one.)

5-8.  The rest of the red coins are in the air situated between the four
      pillars.  To get these, you will have to fly using the Wing Cap - hence
      the name of the level.  There are three places to get a Wing Cap:

      1) Atop the stone structure near the beginning of the level.
      2) In the corner of the Tox Box maze.
      3) On the west side of the pyramid.

      Get any of these three Wing Caps and take flight, using the pillars as
      stops between each one.  I recommend using the Wing Cap located at the
      pyramid, since it's a good middle stop and it's not likely it'll run out
      as long as you're getting coins close by.  The more coins you can get in
      one flight the better.  Also, try not to land anywhere that's surrounded
      by instant-death quicksand.

When you get all eight coins, the Power Star appears atop the stone structure
with the yellow and red blocks.

   ------ | --------------
   7.12.6 | Pyramid Puzzle
   ------ | --------------

Enter the pyramid via the entrance at the base on the west side.  Again, as in
"Inside the Ancient Pyramid", you must make your way to the very top of the
pyramid, and in fact, the path is the very same as the one taken in that level,
right up to where you get the Power Star.  Instead of jumping up to the ledge
where the old Star was though, you must now drop down onto a smaller one.  Hang
on to the edge of the platform, then drop down and get the coin.  When you get
the coin, you will see the number 1 appear.  There are five coins like this
that you must get to unlock the eponymous puzzle.

The next coin is below the first one.  View the drop carefully, because it can
be tricky to make.  You can't just hang on to the square you're standing on and
drop; it's just a little farther out than that.  Look down, estimate the short
distance over, and just barely jump forward on to it.  When you get the coin,
you will see the number 2 appear.

The third coin is directly below where the first one was.  You must turn around
and make the very same type of jump that you used to get #2.  Make the leap and
grab the coin to make that magic 3 appear.

The other two coins are in the sand trap that whisks you along.  Make sure you
get them or you'll have to make a long trip back.  It's fairly easy to get them
though, especially if you keep jumping to stall the forward march of the sand

Once you have all five coins, the Power Star will appear at the end of the sand
trap.  Let it whisk you over there; you will have to jump just slightly to get

   ------ | -------------
   7.12.6 | 100-Coin Star
   ------ | -------------

1.  Get the red coin located far behind you at the start.  (2/100)

2.  Kill the enemies in your immediate vicinity at the start: the two Bob-Ombs,
    the flying Shyguy, and the Pokey.  To kill the Pokey, punch his body
    segments until you've got him down to the head, then punch his head.  He
    yields a blue coin.  (11/100)

3.  Get the coins from the crazy brick at the beginning (the one that bounces
    when you grab it).  Make sure not to fall in any quicksand, and give
    yourself plenty of room for it to bounce.  (16/100)

4.  Kill the Goombas underneath the stone structure and get what coins you can
    from the bricks nearby as well.  (24/100)

5.  Kill the Pokey over by the quicksand.  (29/100)

6.  Get the red coin in the Tox Box maze.  (31/100)

7.  Grab the red coin in the oasis in the back corner.  (33/100)

8.  Destroy the Pokey located by the two back pillars.  (38/100)

9.  Grab the row of coins between the two back pillars.  (43/100)

10.  Kill the Pokey in the corner opposite the oasis, over by the second crazy
     brick.  (48/100)

11.  Grab the crazy brick.  Position yourself first so that you bounce over
     between the two back pillars.  (53/100)

12.  Get each coin atop each pillar.  (57/100)

13.  Obtain the four red coins situated in the air around the pyramid.  You
     will need the Wing Cap.  (65/100)

At this point, enter the pyramid.

14.  Just to the left of the corridor you start in is a blue coin switch.
     Pound it, then turn to face the large quicksand pit in the middle.  Jump
     in and get the three blue coins in the column.  (80/100)

15.  Kill all Goombas on the ground level.  (86/100)

16.  Get the two coins leading up to the steps that lead up to the next tier.

17.  Grab onto the fence ceiling where the ring of coins is located and
     collect them all.  (96/100)

18.  Kill the next three Goombas ahead.  (99/100)

19.  Climb the pole.  Skip the coins located along the fence ceiling and grab
     one of the four coins on the steps ahead.  (100/100 **SUCCESS**)

   ==== | ================
   7.13 | DIRE, DIRE DOCKS
   ==== | ================

LOCATION: Through the sliding door to the left right as you enter the basement.

   ------ | ------------------
   7.13.1 | Board Bowser's Sub
   ------ | ------------------

Dive under the water and look for a tunnel you can swim into.  The tunnel will
go up (there's a space where you can catch your breath to heal) and then back
down.  When you come out on the other side, go up to the surface and you will
see a large submarine belonging to Bowser.

Find the ledge over against the wall where the Metal and Vanish Cap blocks are
found.  On that ledge also is a floor switch.  When you touch it, some bricks
will appear right beside you that allow you to get to the top of the submarine.
The Power Star is on the other side of the fin with Bowser's face emblazoned on

*Once you beat this level, you will be able to access the second Bowser stage,
 "Bowser in the Fire Sea".

   ------ | ---------------------
   7.13.2 | Chests in the Current
   ------ | ---------------------

You don't have to go anywhere to do this level - the chests are all right below
you at the start.  There are four you must open in order to get the Power Star.
The first one in the sequence is the one closest to the pink clam.  From that
one, swim to your left and go in a circle until you've opened three of them.

The final chest is on a raised bit of ground, right next to the whirlpool.  You
have to be very careful when opening this one, since getting sucked into the
whirlpool means instant death.  You must be facing the chest to open it, so if
you start getting sucked in backwards, swim away, grab some of the coins in the
rings nearby, and turn to face it when you have ample room.  The camera is not
very agreeable in this case, so you will have to do the best you can as far as
making contact with the chest.

Luckily, when you open the fourth chest, the Star appears far away from the
whirlpool.  Swim over to where it pops out and grab it.

   ------ | --------------------------
   7.13.3 | Pole-Jumping for Red Coins
   ------ | --------------------------

NOTE: If you do not see any poles when you attempt this stage, it is because
      you have not completed "Bowser in the Fire Sea".  You must complete that
      stage so that the submarine will leave the dock and make room for the
      poles needed to complete the stage.  If you have not beaten Bowser the
      second time, go do that, then come back and do this.

Take the connecting tunnel over to where you got the first Power Star in "Board
Bowser's Sub".  Once you're over there, hit the floor switch again, but this
time, don't go on the bricks behind you.  Go over to the ramp that leads into
the water to find another set of temporary bricks that goes even higher.  When
you successfully hop up the bricks to the L-shaped ledge...

1.  ...you'll get your first red coin.

2.  Turn left after getting the first coin to find a pole going toward more red
    coins.  Jump on the pole and position yourself toward the top to run into
    the second one.

3.  After getting the second coin, slide down the pole a little to catch the

4.  The pole will soon reach a platform with a red coin.  Drop off the pole to
    obtain the coin, then jump back on and ride back to the L-shaped ledge.

5.  Go to the other end of the L and wait for a pole to come by.  Ride it over
    to another ledge where you will see a Power Star silhouette lying flat to
    the ground.  Look around to find a blue coin switch across the way.  Jump
    to the first pole, then to each of the other two using the camera (the
    camera is actually extremely agreeable here).  Line up your jumps before
    going to the poles, then hit the switch and get the six coins that appear.
    Go to the other end of the ledge and jump on the pole that appears.  It
    will take you to a red coin surrounded partially by a red fence.

6.  Ride the poles back to the platform with the Star shadow.  Go to the other
    end of the ledge and catch that pole, riding it over to the far wall.  That
    pole will meet at a perpendicular angle with another pole, which you should
    jump to.  The pole you are now on is crossing by a couple of red walls with
    an open space between them.  Another pole is passing by that space at the
    same time.  Jump to the new pole and ride low on it to catch one of the red
    coins (depending on which direction you're moving).

7.  Stay on the pole and ride it to the other end to get another one.

8.  Jump back to the previous pole and ride it to get the final coin.

When the Power Star appears, ride the appropriate poles back to the ledge to
pick it up.

   ------ | ----------------------
   7.13.4 | Through the Jet Stream
   ------ | ----------------------

As in Jolly Roger Bay, here you must again use the Metal Cap to overpower the
forces of nature and break through a current to get a Power Star.  This time,
however, it's a bit different.  Go through the connecting tunnel to the dock
and you'll see what I mean.

At the bottom of the water you will see a grate out of which rings are rising.
To get the Power Star to appear, you must swim through five of these rings.
The best way to do this is to get to the surface of the water directly above
where the rings are appearing and swim downward into them.  Once you hit the
number 5, the Power Star will appear right on the grate.  This is where you
need the Metal Cap.

Get out of the water and find the green box containing the Metal Cap.  Once you
have, do a Long Jump off the wooden ledge toward the jet stream.  If done
correctly, you should land at the base of the hill where the grate is located.
From there, it's an easy walk into the current to grab the Star.

   ------ | ----------------------
   7.13.5 | The Manta Ray's Reward
   ------ | ----------------------

As you enter the stage and dive into the water, you should notice a large manta
ray swimming around.  As he swims, he leaves behind large rings, and to receive
the reward spoken of in the title of the level, you must swim through those
rings - five of them, to be exact, one after the other, no skips.

This can be fairly demanding, but because of the fact that when you swim
through a ring your health is restored, you can pretty much stay in the water
indefinitely as long as you stay close to the manta ray.  The targeting on the
rings can be pretty spotty, which is what makes the level somewhat frustrating.
If you can, try to swim through the exact middle of them without hitting the
edges, and try to swim through them before they get too big.  If you keep it up
in this fashion, you should hit the jackpot eventually.

When you have swam through five consecutive rings, the Power Star will appear
just above the whirlpool.  Swim down carefully to get it, making sure you don't
get sucked in, thus wasting all that effort.

   ------ | -------------------
   7.13.6 | Collect the Caps...
   ------ | -------------------

Not sure why this level is named what it is, because you only have to collect
one cap - the Vanish Cap.  What you have to do is swim through the connecting
tunnel over to the dock.  Once you get there, look to your left and down.  In
the corner you should see a Power Star trapped behind a cage.  You will need
the Vanish Cap to reach it.

The Star is easy to reach.  Do a Long Jump directly outward from where you get
the Vanish Cap.  Swim over the jet stream and then down to the inside of the
cage; you should reach it with plenty of time to spare on the cap.  Make sure,
however, that you don't swim too close to the hole at the edge of the stage.
If you get sucked in, you will turn up in the lake outside the castle and will
have to give the stage another go.

   ------ | -------------
   7.13.7 | 100-Coin Star
   ------ | -------------

For best results, enter the level via "Pole-Jumping for Red Coins".

1.  On a slope near the surface of the ocean at the beginning, you'll find five
    coins in a straight line.  (5/100)

1.  There are two columns comprised of five coins each down by the whirlpool.
    Be careful when retrieving them.  (15/100)

2.  Swim along the floor of the ocean around the treasure chests.  (18/100)

3.  There are three rings of eight coins each leading into the tunnel that
    connects the ocean to the dock.  (42/100)

4.  Along the bottom of the water in the dock, there is a ring of eight coins
    lying flat against the floor near three clams, the last of which has a
    Koopa shell in it.  (50/100)

5.  There are five coins sitting in a row along the wooden walkway that lines
    the perimter of the dock area.  (55/100)

6.  Get all the red coins from "Pole-Jumping for Red Coins".  (71/100)

7.  Find the ledge among the poles with the blue coin switch on it.  Pound it
    and get all six of the blue coins.  (101/100 **SUCCESS**)

   ==== | ======================
   ==== | ======================

*The eight red coins found here are covered in a separate section.  For tips on
 getting the eight red coins, see section 7.21.7, "Bowser in the Fire Sea (8
 Red Coins)".

*To access this stage, you must have at least 30 Power Stars and you must beat
 the first level of Dire, Dire Docks ("Board Bowser's Sub").

Board the platform to start it riding through the lava.  This is an easy
opportunity for a 1-Up, since you have to jump onto the ledge when the platform
starts to dip underneath the lava.  Jump back onto the platform when it
resurfaces, then use the two gray platforms to the side when it goes back under

As a rule, you should avoid the Bob-Omb Bullies in this stage, since they're
even more trouble here than they were in Lethal Lava Land (because of the close
quarters).  If you've taken some hits from the lava already, get some coins by
stomping Goombas or running through the life-refilling heart.  Run ahead to the
pole and jump off it onto the tilting stone ledges, then go up the next hole
into the caged purple enclosure.

Ride the stone lift up to the next tier, jumping over the fire from the puffer
if it's blowing while you ride the platform across.  Run up the gray ramp, then
get the ring of coins by holding A and climbing across the ceiling if you want.
Avoid the two Bob-Omb Bullies and go ahead up the golden ramp to the purple
ledge.  There is an interconnected series of these that expands and contracts.
Just make your way up and jump to the winding stone path when the ledges

The platforms ahead are generally safe if you stand in the middle of them, but
wouldn't you know it, they've got fire puffers stationed there.  Stick to the
ones without fire puffers in front of them, advancing carefully.  Ahead of that
are a couple of poles that you can use to get through the brick passages,
although you can also take a wall-kick shortcut if you're savvy.  However you
choose to pass through, you'll have to run across a collapsing bridge at the
end of the way.  Drop into the series of rings to be taken to the battle with

This time, Bowser has a few additional tricks up his sleeve.  When he jumps
extremely high, he can tilt the platform severely, causing you to slide. To
counteract this move, just keep jumping until equilibrium is restored.  He can
also teleport from place to place, making it harder to get around him.  And
it's now harder to run around him, as he spins faster than he did in the Dark
World.  However, it's still possible to catch up to his tail - it's just not
the cakewalk it was before.

Still, it only takes one toss into one of the bombs around the perimeter to do
him in for now.  Of course, he will vow his revenge and make big threats and
blah blah blah, but now you're the one with the key to the second floor.  Now
you can access all kinds of crazy new worlds. What lies in store for our
intrepid plumber?  We shall see...

   ==== | ==============
   7.15 | SNOWMAN'S LAND
   ==== | ==============

LOCATION: On the second floor, enter one of the doors with a star on it.  You
          will see several paintings in this room.  There is a wall-length
          mirror in this room that you can see all of the paintings in as
          well... or at least, all of the paintings except one.  Look at the
          snowman picture in the mirror; you will see that it does not have a
          live counterpart.  Also, when you approach the wall, it will ripple,
          signalling that you can enter.

   ------ | ------------------
   7.15.1 | Snowman's Big Head
   ------ | ------------------

To start this level out, go around the stage.  You will find some familiar
faces; the snowmen from Cool, Cool Mountain (whom you can kill by running in
circles around them just like Mr. I) and the Spindrifts, and new enemies like
the hopping baddies disguised as coins.  Avoid the big enemies like the icy
version of the Big Bully.  Also, be careful not to touch the water here
either - its subzero temperatures will send Mario flying, having the same
effect basically as lava.

You want to keep going around until you reach a series of mounds coming from a
hole that get bigger and bigger.  These will push you off the ground into the
frozen water.  If you touch this particular pond, you will lose life faster
just by being it, and what's worse, when you come out, you won't recover life
automatically.  Run against the mounds that the ice block shooter spits out and
do a triple-jump onto the top of it to reach the mountain.

Go up the dry path and up the thin wooden walkway.  When you reach the frozen
path in front of the snowman's head, he will notice you there and start blowing
wind in an attempt to get you off his mountain.  You must use the penguin that
walks back and forth along the path to get by this wind.  If you are blown off
the mountain, not only is retracing your steps a long and arduous process, but
you will also lose your hat in the gale.  Should you lose your hat, recovering
it is priority number one.  Without your hat, you'll take increased damage from
bad guys, and you don't want that.  Find your hat and put it back on before
retrying the mountain cross.

The penguin is the key to getting by the snowman without getting blown away.
You must walk on his left side so that he will block the wind for you.  When he
starts the walk toward the Power Star, follow his pattern.  He will walk slowly
at first, then in front of the wind.  He will then go backwards a little, that
part is important.  Once he does that, however, he'll basically make a blind
run toward the other side.  Stay on his side the whole way and you should make
it past.

There is a bit more walking after this point, and to get on top of the
snowman's head, you must do a double-jump.  After getting on top of his head,
you should see the Power Star not too far away.

   ------ | --------------------
   7.15.2 | Chill With the Bully
   ------ | --------------------

On the way to get the first Power Star in Snowman's Land, you no doubt saw a
blue version of the Big Bully from Lethal Lava Land with one horn on top of his
head instead of two.  That's who you're going up against here, and the fight is
different in that you're on a platform of ice and it's a little more precarious
now, but the method in which you defeat him is no different.

Try to get onto the platform quickly.  If he's nearby when you go up the path
to the ice arena, he can see you and run toward you, effectively scaring you
and making it hard to get an advantage on him.  Once you're in the ring and he
charges at you though, just make like you did with the previous boss Bullies,
jump-kicking in a steady rhythm until you've knocked him off into the water.

The Power Star will appear in front of you upon the Bully's defeat.

   ------ | ------------------
   7.15.3 | In the Deep Freeze
   ------ | ------------------

Easy as pie.  The "deep freeze" referred to in the title is to your left as you
begin the stage.  Go over to it and get underneath the part of the ice that
hangs over the edge; you will find that you can jump in from here.  Once inside
the deep freeze turn the camera so that you are viewing Mario sideways, and
turn him so that you facing his right side.  Do a double-jump and you will grab
on to another higher part of the deep freeze.  From here you will be able to
jump out onto the top.  Jump out to the left and into the nearby hole to get
the Power Star.

   ------ | ----------------------------
   7.15.4 | Whirl from the Freezing Pond
   ------ | ----------------------------

Go around the stage over to the ice block shooter.  There is a small bit of
land on the other side of where the ice blocks fade out.  Go to this tiny
peninsula.  Your presence should attract a Spindrift to come out of the frozen
water.  When he shimmies out of the water, jump on his head and use the height
you get from the bounce and the slow fall to glide across the water.  You
should land in an area with two yellow boxes.  One contains a Koopa shell,
which we'll talk more about later; the other contains the level's Power Star.

   ------ | -----------------------------
   7.15.5 | Shell Shreddin' for Red Coins
   ------ | -----------------------------

Remember that Koopa shell we just mentioned in the previous stage?  We're going
to use it here.  You need to make your way to the ice block shooter and use the
same method to get across the pond as you did in the last stage - that is, jump
on a Spindrift's head and glide across to the area behind the wall.  There are
however, a few red coins you can get before you have to deal with the shell:

1.  Go right from where you start and go all the way to the corner.  Lying in
    the open on the ground near a Spindrift enemy is the first red coin.

2.  Out in the open field past the ice Bully's arena you'll find another open-
    air coin.

Now, go over to the ice block shooter and get on the peninsula on the other
side of where the ice block trail ends.  Wait for one of the Spindrifts to
come out of the water, then jump on his head and glide over to the top of the
wall across the frozen pond.  In one of the yellow "!" boxes is a Koopa shell.
Board the shell.  You will need it to get the remainder of the red coins.

3-6.  There is a slope not far from the box the shell was obtained from.  If
      you turn the camera before getting the shell, you should be able to see
      the first of these four.  Make your way up the slope, getting all four
      coins.  Avoid the snowman enemy at the top, he is not worth the hassle.
      When you have all four of those coins, turn right and hop off into the
      open snowfield.

7-8.  These are located on the surface of the water below the ice Bully's
      platform.  You must have the shell to get these; if you lose it before
      you get them, pause and choose Exit Course and try again.

The Power Star will appear near where you start out when you enter Snowman's
Land, near the cannon.

   ------ | --------------
   7.15.6 | Into the Igloo
   ------ | --------------

Near the ice block shooter, you may have noticed a very steep slope with coins
on it.  This slope will lead you where you want to go, but to get there, you
will have to have the Koopa shell.  As you have a couple of times already, go
over to the ice block shooter and wait for a Spindrift to come out of the
water, then jump on him and use his bouncy glide to get to the wall across the
lake.  Get the Koopa shell, then come back to the ice block shooter and go up
the slope.

To get up the slope, you will need to jump in order to get the momentum
necessary to clear it.  Also, at the top, there is a tiny fence blocking the
entrance to the igloo, and although it's tiny, it's enough to neutralize the
shell and send you sliding down into the chilly waters, so it's imperative that
you remember to jump over it.  Once you make it, hold Z and use the analog
stick to crawl into the igloo.

When you enter and start down the hallway, you will see above you a Power Star
encased in ice.  This is what you're after, and to get it, you will need your
handy-dandy Vanish Cap.  The Vanish Cap is located in the back right-hand
corner of the igloo, and you will have to jump over a lowered wall to reach it.
Once you have it, run back to the beginning, jump up into the ice block, and
grab the Star.

There is much else in the igloo that is also worth your time to explore.  There
are 1-Ups a-plenty, an ice wall with 20 coins trapped inside (great for helping
you get that 100-coin Secret Star), and the red Bob-Omb who activates the
cannon.  Although the cannon's services are not exactly essential in Snowman's
Land, it's nice to know that they can be opened up.

   ------ | -------------
   7.15.7 | 100-Coin Star
   ------ | -------------

Because their coins scatter so easily and it can be tough to get them all, the
hopping enemies that disguise themselves as coins will be excluded from this
section.  It is easy to get 100 coins without worrying about them though.

1.  Kill the three Spindrifts over by the deep freeze.  (9/100)

2.  There are two coins leading up to the bouncy guy that we already said we're
    not going to worry about.  (11/100)

3.  Start heading over to the right.  Run circles around the snowman to kill
    him and get his three coins.  (14/100)

4.  Go over into the corner, get the red coin, and kill the Spindrift.

5.  Kill the flying Shyguy.  (21/100)

6.  Go over to the open snowfield.  Get the coins from the Spindrifts and
    the snowman, as well as the red coin.  (32/100)

7.  Kill the two Spindrifts leading up to the ice block shooter.  (38/100)

8.  Jump to the top of the ice block shooter and go up the mountain, even past
    the snowman's head, getting all the coins leading up to the Power Star, but
    don't get the Power Star.  To get off the mountain, have the snowman blow
    you off, then retrieve your hat.  (43/100)

9.  Go back to the ice block shooter.  Bounce off a Spindrift and glide over to
    where the shell is located.  Get the other six red coins still remaining
    from "Shell Shreddin' for Red Coins".  (55/100)

10.  Go up the steep slope to the igloo and get all the coins leading up to its
     entrance.  (63/100)

11.  Enter the igloo.  Kill the two Spindrifts and the Goomba at the beginning.

12.  Kill any enemies remaining in the building.  (75/100)

13.  In the corner where the red Bob-Omb is located, you will find a yellow "!"
     box containing three coins.  (78/100)

14.  Get the Vanish Cap and get all the coins trapped in the ice wall.

15.  Get the three coins in a line behind the coin-filled ice wall leading to
     the dead-end.  (101/100 **SUCCESS**)

   ==== | =============
   7.16 | WET-DRY WORLD
   ==== | =============

LOCATION: The portrait on the second floor with the picture of the pond skimmer

   ------ | ---------------------
   7.16.1 | Shocking Arrow Lifts!
   ------ | ---------------------

In Wet-Dry World you will have to make frequent use of the diamond-shaped
switches that raise and lower the water level.  For this level, the water
starts out at almost exactly its proper height; you only need to raise it a

Jump onto the long bridge behind you and go all the way to the back of it to
step on a floor switch.  Beside you should appear some platforms leading over
to a whitish brick structure.  Atop this is a diamond switch.  Run into it to
raise the water level.

Turn the camera until you find some floating planks just underneath some
floating platforms with orange-bricked sides.  Swim over to the square plank
and do a double-jump onto the the orange-sided platform with the gray-checkered
surface.  Here you will find the arrow lifts the title is talking about.  As
you step onto each one, ride it over to the next one.  They will line up in a
logical sequence, eventually taking you over to a ledge with a yellow block.
The yellow block contains the Power Star.

   ------ | ---------------
   7.16.2 | Top o' the Town
   ------ | ---------------

As the name of the level implies, you will have to reach the high point of the
stage to find the Power Star here.  When you drop onto the square plank at the
beginning, you will see ahead of you a curving path that dips into the water
and stops abruptly.  Go over to that and walk up the path.  On the dry ground,
jump onto the long wooden plank sitting flat on the ground.  Do a triple-jump
onto the brick ledge above and behind you, then jump up and to the left.  You
will meet a purple enemy resembling a Bob-Omb called a Chuckya.  If he picks
you up, he will take you to the edge of the cliff and toss you off, and it's
hard work getting back up here.  To get rid of him, run around him to his back,
pick him up, and toss him onto the ground.  He yields several coins when he

From this plateau, go to the edge to find a thin wooden board.  Do a double-
jump up onto it and walk carefully across it, making sure not to get shocked by
any circling baddies.  The board ends at a large platform with a fire shooter;
avoid it and jump over to the spinning ledge, and from there, over to the ledge
with the yellow box containing the Power Star.

   ------ | -----------------------------
   7.16.3 | Secrets in the Shallows & Sky
   ------ | -----------------------------

This is one of those stages where you must activate five hidden checkpoints in
order to reveal the Power Star.  Begin searching for them by diving into the
water and finding the diamond switch along the floor that will bring the water
to its lowest level (i.e. so you can walk along the ground).  When you have
done that, set about finding the five checkpoints, which are covered here in no
particular order.

1.  Go over to the corner that is caddy-corner from the one where you just hit
    the diamond switch to lower the water level.  You should see a large metal
    block against the wall over there.  When you start pushing on it, you will
    reveal one of the secret checkpoints.

2.  Push the metal block to the left so that it is positioned underneath a
    yellow box that you will also find nearby.  Jump on top of the metal cube
    when you have it under the box, then jump and hit the yellow box.  Several
    coins will pop out and another number will appear, revealing the

3.  Jump up to the brick ledge with the enemy who scoops you up and tosses you.
    There is another metal cube inside the wall.  Push on it to reveal a

4.  Raise the water level to approximately mid-height.  Jump onto the ledge
    with the long wooden plank lying flat against the ground (the one described
    in 7.16.2, "Top o' the Town", where you must triple-jump to the ledge
    behind it).  On this same ledge there is a tall cylindrical column with a
    yellow box atop it.  Triple-jump to the top of that cylinder and hit the
    box for checkpoint #4.

5.  On this same ledge is a floor switch.  It will reveal a set of bricks next
    to you that will take you to the top of a large fenced box, on top of which
    is the box containing the final checkpoint.  Hit it to reveal it.

When you get that fifth checkpoint, the Power Star will appear over on the long
bridge just behind the starting point for the stage.

   ------ | ----------------------------
   7.16.4 | Express Elevator - Hurry Up!
   ------ | ----------------------------

For this level you need to put the water level all the way at the bottom.  Not
far from the switch for that is a brick blocking entrance into a very tall
fenced area.  Punch the brick out of the way; it is important that it not be
there for the task you are called to complete here.

You are also going to have to make your way up, but without the aid of water.
This is where some enemies you have seen around will come in handy.  You may
have seen some red guys with wind-up keys on their heads carrying trays with
footprints on them.  You need their help.  Jump up to the first brick ledge you
can reach and go over to that guy.  Now, when they fling you, they will toss
you backwards, so you want to make sure when you're being flung that they are
facing away from the wall, and that they are relatively close to the wall in
question (not too close, you don't want to hit the wall and fall, but you don't
want to be too far away either or you'll get hurt).  You need to do this twice.

After the second time, you will be on the tier with the cylindrical pillar and
the floor switch.  Go over to the floor switch and touch it, then climb the
bricks nearby to get on top of the fenced area.  Drop onto the other side of it
onto some wooden ledges sticking out.  One half of this ledge is stable, and on
that stable part you will see the Power Star inside the fence.  That's the one
we're wanting to reach.  The other half will start going down when you step on
it.  Stay on that elevator as it goes down.

The elevator will stop just above the hole in the fence.  As soon as it stops,
drop down, go inside the fence, and either somersault or wall-kick onto the
elevator (wall-kicking is probably the fastest, cleanest, and most efficient
method).  When the elevator reaches the top, the Star is yours.

   ------ | ------------------------
   7.16.5 | Go to Town for Red Coins
   ------ | ------------------------

Head to the top of the level where the Chuckya is located, but instead of going
onto the ledge where he is, go the other way.  You will grab a line of coins
and make your way down a 45-degree slope, and at the bottom of that slope,
there is a diamond switch.  Touch it to raise the water to this level.  Now,
head over to the opposite side of the level.  You should find a square plank
with an orange-bricked platform above and to the side of it.  Go there.

Jump on the wooden plank, then get at the edge of it farthest from the orange-
bricked platform above.  You don't have much running space, so it may take a
few tries, but once you manage it, you'll be on the platform with the red
Bob-Omb.  Talk to him to open up the cannon, which is not too far from where
you currently are.  When it's open, swim over to the hill, walk up it, and
drop into the cannon.

You are aiming for the far opposite corner of the stage, which is fenced in and
which you cannot reach otherwise by jumping.  Point the cannon as far down as
you can and point straight at the area you're aiming for.  Then, from there,
tilt the cannon up.  Tilt it until you can no longer see the hollow brick
cylinder with the 1-Ups inside it.  At that point, you are ready to fire.  You
should land in the fenced-off partition in the corner.

Once you are there, swim down, then over through the long tunnel.  You will
come up on two grates, one with an opening in the bottom, the other with one in
the top.  As soon as you get through the second one, swim directly down and
look in the corner to find a diamond switch.  This will bring the water level
as far down as it can go.

You are now ready to start searching for red coins.

1.  Go to the building in the middle of the "town", which has a steeple and
    where is located the silhouette for the Power Star that will appear when
    you get all eight coins.  Just in front of that silhouette is a brick step
    leading up to it; ground-pound the brick to reveal the coin.

2.  Walk along one of the sides of the thin wall that surrounds the building.
    At the end of the wall is a brick.  Punch it open to reveal a coin.

3.  Walk along the other side of the wall and do the same to the other brick on
    the other side.

4.  Go over to the corner where the Vanish Cap block is located.  Go into the
    corner and do a series of wall kicks against the stone wall and the brick
    building to get up to the roof.  On the roof, you will find a floating
    brick.  Crunch it open to get another red coin.

5.  Do a Long Jump over to the nearby building with an orange roof.  Punch the
    brick open over there to find a coin.

6.  Wall-kick between the thin wall of the middle section and a gray building
    with a flat roof to reach the gray building's roof.  Up there is another
    brick containing another red coin.

7.  Head over to the corner where there is a fenced-in area with a Vanish Cap
    block inside.  Do wall-kicks off that and the building across from it to
    reach the roof of that building.  Avoid the fire being blown and punch the
    brick open for the seventh coin.

8.  Return to the middle area and do a backflip onto the top of the steepled
    central building to reach the final coin.

Once you obtain the eighth coin, the Power Star will appear in the alcove below
you.  Drop in and take it.

   ------ | ----------------------------
   7.16.6 | Quick Race Through Downtown!
   ------ | ----------------------------

Once again, you must use the cannon to blast over to the sectioned-off area
that leads to the underground city.  Raise the water level as needed to reach
it, then blast over and swim through the tunnels.  Again, upon swimming through
the second grate, swim straight down and tag the diamond switch in the corner
to bring the water to its lowest level.  Now, you need to get the Vanish Cap.

The Vanish Cap is in the corner across from the diamond switch you just tagged.
You must grab it and, before time runs out, run over to the caged area in the
other corner and pass through the wall with your powers of invisibility.  If
you don't reach the wall in time, go back and get the Vanish Cap and try again
until you've worked out the route.

Once inside, you must scale the structure in the corner.  To get up to the
first step, you will have to do a wall kick between the structure and the cage.
After achieving this, you can simply make small jumps the rest of the way up to
the Star.

   ------ | -------------
   7.16.7 | 100-Coin Star
   ------ | -------------

1.  Jump up behind you at the start and hit the yellow block for three coins.

**At this point, swim to the bottom and tag the switch that will bring the
  water to its lowest point.

2.  Kill the pond skimmer on the ground level.  (6/100)

3.  Punch all the bricks sitting up against the wall.  (18/100)

4.  Jump up to the first brick plateau and pounce the walking pond skimmer.

5.  Ground-pound the blue coin switch and grab all six blue coins along the
    edge of the ledge.  (51/100)

6.  Get back on the ground floor and push the metal block over underneath the
    yellow box.  Jump on the metal block and get the coins from the block.

7.  Have the red guys flip you backwards and up two tiers.  Run around the
    cylindrical pillar for a ring of eight coins.  (69/100)

8.  Jump on top of the pillar and get the coins from the yellow box.  (79/100)

9.  Go over to the metal cube against the wall and push it all the way into the
    corner.  Hop on top of it and do a double-jump to get the coins in the
    yellow block.  (82/100)

10.  Touch the floor switch over by the edge and climb up the bricks to the top
     of the fenced elevator.  Get the coins from the yellow box.  (92/100)

11.  Do a triple-jump off the long wooden plank on the ground to the brick
     ledge against the wall.  Do a backflip over to the right, walk down the
     steps, and get the line of coins before the slope.  (97/100)

12.  Go over to the Chuckya, run behind him, pick him up, and toss him onto the
     ground.  (102/100 **SUCCESS**)

   ==== | ===================
   ==== | ===================

LOCATION: A smaller-than-usual portrait of a mountain and some mushrooms, found
          on the second floor.

   ------ | ------------------
   7.17.1 | Scale the Mountain
   ------ | ------------------

Start running up the mountain past the three Goombas.  You should know how to
perform the Long Jump by now, because you'll need to do two in a row to pass
the chasms ahead.  Walk the winding mountain road around the tall mushrooms.
You will pass a group of Monty Moles and Bob-Ombs and then find a Chuckya.
Throw him if you like, then walk across the board and jump over to the pointed
overhang below where Ukkiki the monkey is running around.  Avoid him; he wants
to steal your hat.

Walk away from the monkey over to the large log and jump on it.  You will have
to make your way across it carefully, since it will tilt as you walk across it.
Jump toward the middle of the log to maintain your balance.  Jump over to the
ledge on your left when you reach the end of the log.  This can be a tricky
leap to make, actually; a Long Jump may be in order if the regular one doesn't
cut the mustard.

You will have to walk along a ramp where black balls are falling and rolling at
you, much as in Bob-Omb Battlefield, except these are all over the place.
Evade the suckers as best you can and slide down the path at the end to reach a
trio of Goombas.  Long Jump across the waterfall, then watch out for the cloud
ahead.  He's got a mean face on.  Don't let him get near you.  If he blows his
breath at you, your hat will fall off and you will have to retrieve it from the

Move past him and go along the tangled-vine ground, where you'll find yet more
Goombas, and use the floor switch to reveal a brick that will help you get the
column of coins.  Your hardest walk yet is up ahead, across a very thin stone
walkway that arcs around the waterfall.  Once you clear that bridge, you're
golden, as you can just walk up the rest of the mountain and grab the Power
Star at the tippy-top.

   ------ | --------------------------
   7.17.2 | Mystery of the Monkey Cage
   ------ | --------------------------

Return to the very top of the mountain.  As you are crossing the stone arc in
front of the waterfall, you should see a Power Star in a floating cage.  Go to
the top of the mountain to find Ukkiki running around.  If you catch him, he
will agree to give you something good if you let him go.  Choose "Free him" and
follow him over to the cage.  He will drop along with it, and the Star will
appear on a ledge beside the waterfall in Ukkiki's usual spot.  Drop down and
fetch it.

   ------ | -------------------------
   7.17.3 | Scary 'Shrooms, Red Coins
   ------ | -------------------------

Go forward and do the two Long Jumps over the pits, then stop at the mushrooms.
The first four coins are on these mushrooms.

1-4.  Jump to the first mushroom, then jump along the ones closest to the wall.
      Each mushroom can be reached in a single jump.  Acrobatics are not
      recommended here.  For the third coin, your jump will have to be a little
      more precise than the others, since the mushroom you are jumping to is
      smaller.  When you have all four, jump back to land.

      You can also take a detour to the yellow box for a 1-Up if you like.

When you have the first four coins, return to land and go forward to the Monty
Moles.  Turn to the cliff wall with the hanging vines and begin jumping up the
cliff sides.

5.  Jump up to the top of the ledge with the indented left wall.  You cannot
    hang onto the edge of this one; do a double-jump if necessary.

6.  Drop back down to the left and do a double-jump to the left to reach the
    next one.

7.  Do a double-jump from a standing position facing right.  You will hang on
    to the edge of another cliff.  Go toward the four Monty Moles over in the
    corner and hop over to the L-shaped ledge to the left.

8.  Double-jump to the slanted ledge up and to the right.  Jump from there over
    to the left toward the ledge that dips before you.  Turn back around and
    leap over to the long pointy cliff for the last red coin.

When you have all eight coins, drop to the bottom where all the Monty Moles
are.  You will see the Power Star on a mushroom across the way.  It can be
difficult, but when you are not being accosted by moles, do a Long Jump over to
that mushroom and jump to reach the Star.

   ------ | -----------------------
   7.17.4 | Mysterious Mountainside
   ------ | -----------------------

Climb the mountain until you reach the cloud that blows your hat off.  Go past
him to the line of coins ahead.  When you get those coins, turn left and look
at the wall.  When you approach it, you will notice that it ripples the way a
portrait in the castle does when you get near it.  You can enter this section
of the mountain.  Jump in and get ready for a ride.

There is no one to race here, thankfully.  It'll be enough to worry about just
surviving.  This is more like the Princess's Secret Slide ... on crack.  The
curves are very wide and there are no rails, so make conservative turns.  After
the first three blue coins, you will see a wooden section over to the right.
You need to take that detour, otherwise you will run into a dead-end, drop off,
and lose a life.

After you take the wooden detour, the slide gets significantly easier.  There
are no more wacky detours to take, and you only need to worry about making the
leaps and the curves.  At the end of the course is a ramp with a hole at the
top.  When you drop into the hole, you will find yourself in an otherwise
inaccessible alcove on the side of the mountain, and the Power Star will be
right in front of you.

*If you die while on the slide, you will reappear at the start of the slide if
 you re-enter the level.

   ------ | -----------------------------
   7.17.5 | Breathtaking View from Bridge
   ------ | -----------------------------

Go up to almost the very top of the mountain, to the ground switch located just
before the stone bridge that wraps around the waterfall.  This is where you
need to be for this one, and you need to be able to make a fairly blind jump
with dead-on accuracy to get the Power Star.

Touch the ground switch and go over to the waterfall.  Before attempting the
leap, look down at the waterfall.  You will notice a brick in front of an
opening behind the water, and in that alcove behind the waterfall is the Power
Star you're looking for.  Make sure you've got a good bead on it before you try
the jump, and most of all, have patience, because this may take several tries
to perfect.

The best approach I have found is to go forward from the ground switch and jump
to the waterfall from the side.  This makes it easier to gauge the distance
than if you attempt the leap from the stone bridge, and the odds are much
greater than you will land on the brick directly and not cling to the side,
which will increase your chances of falling.

   ------ | ----------------------------
   7.17.6 | Blast to the Lonely Mushroom
   ------ | ----------------------------

For this one you will need to track down the red Bob-Omb.  He is located on a
ledge that is usually out of your normal sights.  Go to the Chuckya and run
along the wooden board past him to the floating ledge.  Look down from the
edge and you will see him.  (Get rid of the Shyguy first, however - it really
sucks to be looking for the Bob-Omb and all of a sudden find yourself running
around like a chicken with your head cut off because you got tagged by a flame
while you weren't looking.)

Finding and reaching the cannon is no cakewalk, either.  It is located
underneath the path next to the "scary 'shrooms" (from the red coin level).  To
reach this path, go to the mushroom over by the Monty Moles, where the Power
Star appeared at the end of "Scary 'Shrooms, Red Coins".  Long Jump to that
mushroom, then turn back to face the road by the scary 'shrooms.  Long Jump
over and you should make it.  Follow the thin path to the cannon.

You're not clear yet!  Drop into the cannon.  You will find a tall mushroom
with a Power Star atop it, which can only be reached by shooting out of this
cannon.  You will have to summon all your awesome cannon firing skills to pull
this one off!  Position your crosshairs so that the bottom triangle is touching
the top of the clouds.  You should hit the surface of the mushroom and skid a
bit; jump to claim the Star.

Woo!  You got it!  Pat yourself on the back for that one, it's no picnic.

   ------ | -------------
   7.17.7 | 100-Coin Star
   ------ | -------------

For the best shot at getting 100 coins, enter the level via "Mysterious
Mountainside".  Enter the mountain, then sacrifice a life so that you start
over at the slide with a coin count of zero.  This will be easier to keep track
of in terms of putting together a coherent guide.

Also, as with any course that contains a slide, note that the amount of coins
one gets will vary, and you will have to adjust your strategy accordingly.  The
run-through used here is the first successful one I managed in which I also
managed to score an optimal amount of coins.

1.  In the run-through of the slide used here, I managed 54 coins.  (54/100)

2.  When you exit the slide, jump straight down over the railing.  You will
    land next to the 1-Up that is beside you when you start the stage.  Go on
    and kill the three Goombas at the start.  (57/100)

3.  Go down the side of the mountain and grab the crazy brick.  Hold back on
    the analog stick so that you don't get too wild with it.  Grab the coins
    that pop out.  (62/100)

4.  Get the ring of eight by the wall.  (70/100)

5.  Proceed to the hanging vines by the Monty Moles.  Do not attempt the red
    coins on the scary 'shrooms unless you're feeling really lucky.  Get the
    four red coins along the way up.  (78/100)

6.  Grab the coins under the vine canopy across from the Monty Moles.  It is
    just like grabbing any other grab-able ceiling.  Press and hold A and tilt
    the analog stick to navigate.  When you have these five coins, drop back to
    the bottom and move forward.  (83/100)

7.  Toss each of the Bob-Ombs ahead for a coin apiece.  (86/100)

8.  Hurl the Chuckya onto the ground.  (91/100)

9.  Run across the wooden plank ahead of the Chuckya.  (96/100)

10.  Kill the Shyguy hovering around Ukkiki.  (98/100)

11.  Bop two of the three Goombas after the rolling black ball portion of the
     mountain.  (100/100 **SUCCESS**)

   ==== | ================
   ==== | ================

LOCATION: On the second floor, enter one of the doors with a star on it.  You
          should three paintings, each of a pair of Goombas.  The one on the
          left will take you to the tiny version of the island, while the one
          on your right will start you off in the huge version.  The painting
          in the middle leads nowhere.

   ------ | ------------------------
   7.18.1 | Pluck the Piranha Flower
   ------ | ------------------------

Enter the world via the tiny painting and make the easy jumps over to the left.
Head for the pipe and jump in once you reach it.  You will be switched over to
the parallel version of the island, which is absolutely gigantic.  Stay on this
island that you land on; you need to do some fighting here.

Walk around until you see a giant Piranha Plant rise from the ground.  It will
attempt to blow fire at you.  All you have to do to kill it is land one square
hit on it, either by punching it, kicking it, jumping on it, doing whatever.
There are five such Piranha Plants located about the island.  When you have
decimated all of them, the Power Star will appear over in the corner by the
picket fence.

   ------ | ------------------------------
   7.18.2 | The Tip Top of the Huge Island
   ------ | ------------------------------

Of course, for this one, you will need to enter via the huge painting, because
you are going for the top of the "huge island".  Those are some huge Goombas at
the beginning!  Note that if you do a regular jump to kill them, they'll give
you only one coin, but if you ground-pound them, they'll give up a blue coin
instead.  Remember that when going for the 100-coin star.  Walk through the
door beside the wooden post.

Swim through the water over to the beachy slope.  Bounce on the Koopa and get
his shell so you cruise over the water; this is helpful because there's a fish
down there who will eat you and take one of your lives if he gets you in his
stomach.  Cruise over the water over to the land where the Shyguy and giant
Goomba are, and get rid of the shell there, since it has now outlived its

The wind will blow you forward at the next ledge.  You won't be able to make
the jump up to the next one, but that's okay, since the wind will catch you and
give you a ride.  Scary, yes, but helpful.  Scootch along the side of the very
thin rail, then kill the big Goomba and walk down the wooden ramp.  As long as
you keep walking, the wind here should not affect you.

It's a little bit harder to avoid the rolling black orbs here than it has been
in the past.  They roll down the steps in a straight line, and you kind of have
to stay over to the right to avoid them.  Only make the jumps between balls,
and when you reach the hole that they're coming out of, look around to find a
pipe up a hill.  Go up to that pipe and jump up to the ledge beside it to find
a big Goomba.  Stomp him, then do a somersault up to the cliffside.

Do a double-jump up to where the Chuckya is located and toss him out of the
way, then walk around the wooden ramp.  When you walk up the next grassy hill,
you will see a yellow "!" block at the top.  This contains the Power Star you
need to officially beat this quest.

   ------ | ----------------------------
   7.18.3 | Rematch With Koopa the Quick
   ------ | ----------------------------

Well well well, look who came crawling back!  To face off with Mr. The Quick,
enter Tiny-Huge Island via the large painting.  Go through the door to the
beach area.  Continue forward as if you are traveling to the top of the
mountain.  When you reach the hole that the giant black balls roll out of, go
forward instead of up.  You will see two big Goombas, once fenced in and one
"out to pasture", so to speak.  Behind them is Koopa the Quick.  Chat him up.

You should have already passed the flag on the way over here, so you know that
you'll be going backwards through the stage for the race.  To start out, get
ahead by doing Long Jumps.  If you want to get a really big boost on him, do a
Long Jump off the top step where the black balls roll down; you'll take some
damage when you land, but you'll have a major lead.

The wooden bridge is the trickiest part of the race.  This is where Koopa the
Quick has a major advantage and you don't.  While you struggle against the
wind, Koopa breezes through it like it isn't there.  Turn the camera so you are
facing Mario from the side and can see better.  If Koopa is close behind when
you get to the bridge, you can be cheap and let him push you across, then run
over to the pole when you reach the grass.

The race mostly depends on you getting a good lead at the beginning, and
there's no better way to do that than by Long Jumping.  Just make sure the Long
Jumps are successful and you don't end up accidentally ground-pounding.  If you
have a big enough lead by the time you get to the windy bridge, you should have
it in the bag.  The race will be close no matter what though, so keep that
steely determination and give it your all the whole way.

The finish flag is in the corner by the pipe.  Koopa the Quick will hem and haw
a little bit when he loses, but ultimately he will give up his second Power

If you lose the race, jump into the pipe to Tiny Island, then go back through
it to Huge Island and return to the spot where you found Koopa the Quick.  He
will be there and willing to race as many times as you need to.

   ------ | -----------------------
   7.18.4 | Five Itty Bitty Secrets
   ------ | -----------------------

Despite any hints you may try to divine from the title of the level, enter
through the large painting, not the small one.  Go through as if you're going
to the top of the mountain, and go in the first pipe you find (the one next to
where you finished the rematch with Koopa in the last level).  When you enter
the pipe, you will come out in the tiny island.  There are five secret points
you must activate to reveal the Power Star.

1.  From the pipe, go backwards.  Talk to the red Bob-Omb and have him activate
    the cannon, which is just over to your left.  You should see the tiny open
    cannon hole, which you cannot squeeze into, but if you walk over the hole,
    you will reveal the first of the secret points.

2.  Go to the beach area to the top of the hill.  Above two coins you should
    a jagged wooden board leading into a hole.  Touch the area near the hole to
    find a secret point.

3.  Swim over to the door that takes you to the beach area.  You are too small
    to fit through it, but it is one of the secret points.

4.  Go back to secret point #2 and jump up and to the left.  Ignore the Koopa
    and go around to the square hole that the giant black balls normally come
    out of.  This is another secret point.

5.  From there, go to the very top of the island, farther even than you did for
    "The Tip Top of the Huge Island".  At the very top of the island is a pool
    of water.  Step in the middle of it to reveal the fifth point.

When you activate all five secret spots, the Power Star will appear on an
island way out of the way.  Go down to the hole that spits out that black balls
and go a little bit forward in the direction they roll.  Below you should see a
pipe.  Jump down to it, but don't go in it.  (If you do, just pop back through.
The Star won't disappear.)  Get rid of the Piranha Plant, then look carefully
beside the edge of the cliff next to the pipe.

If you look down on the side of the cliff closest to the pipe, you should see a
ground switch.  Touch it to reveal a pathway of bricks leading out to the isle
where the Power Star is waiting.

   ------ | -------------------
   7.18.5 | Wiggler's Red Coins
   ------ | -------------------

All the red coins are located in a single cave.  To reach that cave, start in
the huge portion of the island.  Go through to the beach and swim over to the
grassy hill with the Shyguy and the big Goomba.  You should already have the
cannon activated by now.  If you haven't, cross over to the tiny island and go
to the spot where the cannon would be in the huge island.  The red Bob-Omb will
be awaiting your order.

When you're in the cannon, look up and around for a tree.  Point at it, then
move up until the crosshairs are aligned with the clouds on the left.  When you
take this shot, Mario will land in the tree.  Slide down the trunk and kill the
big Goomba, then walk carefully along the winding wood leading to the cave

In here are all the red coins you need to beat the stage.

1-6.  Starting with the one over by the cliffside to the right, you can reach
      each of the first six with a single jump.  The last one can be slightly
      tricky to reach with a single jump, so if that doesn't feel safe, try a

7.  Jump up to the cliff with the blue coin switch.  This requires a double-
    jump.  Walk over by the fire blower and grab the red coin.  Make sure not
    to get hit by the wandering flames.

8.  Go over to the corner of the cave where the two tall cliffs and the
    silhouette signifying where the Power Star will appear are located.  Do
    wall kicks between the two cliffs to reach a 1-Up and the last red coin.

When you get that last red coin, you need only drop down to get the Star.

Also, in this cave, you may have seen Wiggler running around in the area above.
Don't worry about him right now - we'll deal with him in the next level...

   ------ | -------------------
   7.18.6 | Make Wiggler Squirm
   ------ | -------------------

Enter the level via the huge painting.  Go in the door to the beach, then
continue as if going to the top of the mountain.  When you reach the pipe just
before the windy bridge, enter it and switch over to Tiny Island.  Continue in
tiny mode to the top of the island, where the pool of water is located.  In the
middle of the pool, do a ground-pound.  This will drain the water, allowing you
to access Wiggler's lair.  Nearby the drained pool is a pipe.  Go in it and
return to Huge Island.

Go to the top of the mountain.  The pool will still be drained, but this time
you should be able to drop into the hole.  Enter.

Wiggler is not happy about what you've done to his house.  You've flooded it
and gone and made him all mad.  To add insult to injury, jump on him one time.
He will get even angrier and start walking around faster.  Do it a second time
to make him angrier still.  Now he will start hopping around in addition to
running.  When you hit him the third time, he will finally calm down and give
you the Power Star, which he doesn't want because it's been doing strange
things to him anyway.  I'm sure you'll be glad to take it off his hands though!
Grab it from the middle of the arena.

   ------ | -------------
   7.18.7 | 100-Coin Star
   ------ | -------------

For best results, enter the huge side of the level.

1.  Ground-pound the three big Goombas at the start.  It is important that you
    ground-pound them rather than jumping on them, because you will get fewer
    coins for a jump than a ground-pound.  Ground-pound all three.  (15/100)

2.  Run around the wooden post until it spits out coins.  (20/100)

3.  Cross over to the beach.  Run all the way up the hill and grab the coins at
    opposite ends.  You'll get a 1-Up for your trouble.  (22/100)

4.  Kill the Shyguy on the sandy hill.  (24/100)

5.  Jump on the Koopa Troopa and ride his shell.  Run into him while riding it
    to get a blue coin out of him.  (29/100)

6.  Go over to the grassy hill with the Shyguy and the big Goomba.  Kill them
    both (remember to ground-pound!).  (36/100)

7.  Climb in the cannon and shoot up to the tree.  When you hit it, slide down
    and kill the big Goomba, then get the coins situated along the winding wood
    planks.  Do not go in the cave at the end.  (46/100)

8.  Go back to the cliff with the tree.  There is another cliff below with a
    big Goomba walking around.  Jump off toward him and ground-pound to hit
    him.  (51/100)

9.  Return to where the cannon is and Long Jump over to the windy area.  Let
    the wind carry you upward to the box with the 1-Up.  Get the coins along
    the thin side railing.  (56/100)

10.  At the pipe, ground-pound both big Goombas.  Do not go in the pipe.

11.  Go down the windy bridge and up along where the black balls roll.  Get the
     five coins aligned in a row on the way up.  (71/100)

12.  Go up to the hole that spits out the black balls and go forward down the
     hill from there.  (76/100)

13.  Kill both big Goombas across the way.  (86/100)

14.  Continue up the mountain.  Kill the giant Goomba and the Chuckya.

15.  Walk around to the wooden plank and get the coins in a line that are
     there.  (101/100 **SUCCESS**)

   ==== | ===============
   ==== | ===============

LOCATION: On the second floor, go upstairs to the sliding door.  Enter and find
          the clock.  You can enter Tick Tock Clock by jumping into the clock

          Depending on where the big hand of the clock points when you enter
          the level, the parts will move at varying speeds.  At 3:00, the gears
          will move slowly, making many levels easier.  At 6:00, they move at a
          moderate pace.  At 9:00, they will move very fast - good luck getting
          anything done then!  And at 12:00, time will stand completely still!
          Some levels will require you to manipulate this phenomenon to achieve
          certain desired results.

   ------ | ------------------
   7.19.1 | Roll into the Cage
   ------ | ------------------

Go over to where the pendulum is swinging and jump up the steps onto the
conveyor belt.  We're going to start exploring the clock!  At the end of the
conveyor belt, there is a yellow-sided block.  When it dips a little, that
means it's about to rotate.  Wait for it to do it once, then climb atop it and
jump over to the ledge on the side.  Wait for the pendulum to swing across,
then run up the ramp to three more rotating blocks.  They all rotate at the
same time, so wait to climb them after they shift.

Watch out for the bar that jumps out of the wall - it will push you off the
edge if you're in the way.  Go up to where the clock hand is moving flat across
the floor and watch out for the fire blower.  Make your way up the spinning
platforms up to a thin walkway.  At the end of the walkway, drop onto another
of the spinning platforms, then hop over to the conveyor belt and get the Power
Star inside the cage.

   ------ | -------------------------
   7.19.2 | The Pit and the Pendulums
   ------ | -------------------------

Go back to where you got the Power Star in the first stage ("Roll into the
Cage"), but this time, jump on top of the cage and keep going forward.  Advance
until you reach a pole.  Climb it, then do a handstand at the top to reveal a
1-Up.  Jump off and go to the left.

Avoid the tossing enemy, since he's liable to toss you right off the edge if he
gets a hold of your feet.  Wait until he stops moving, then run past him over
to the other side of the ledge, where you should see a triangular platform
rotating around and around.  Jump onto it, then go over to where you see two
pendulums swinging.  Behind them, you'll find the Power Star.

Jump over just slightly to the path leading to the Star.  You'll have to jump
to it instead of drop, because it isn't quite connected.  Walk past the first
pendulum when it swings past, cross under the cube that rises and descends, and
jump past the second pendulum to the Star.

   ------ | ----------
   7.19.3 | Get a Hand
   ------ | ----------

NOTE: The clock must be moving for you to be able to complete this stage.

Apparently this game and subtlety are complete strangers, or at best passing
acquaintances.  "Get a Hand"?  Really?

So obviously, a clock hand is going to figure pretty heavily into this one.
Begin the journey up the clock.  Go up the three rotating blocks to the ledge
with the yellow coin block and the flame shooter.  You'll have to wait around
here, so you might be avoiding flames for a while.  Wait for a clock hand to
pass by.

When you see a clock hand coming your way, hop on it.  You want to ride it
around to an alcove where you'll find a Power Star.  When the level title says
"get a hand", this is what they mean.  Just ride the clock hand around to the
Star and jump in the box and grab it.

   ------ | -------------------
   7.19.4 | Stomp on the Thwomp
   ------ | -------------------

NOTE: The clock gears must be moving for you to reach this Power Star.  For
      best results, enter when the big hand is on or near the 3.

Easily the toughest stage in Tick Tock Clock, if only because it requires you
to go all the way to the top, and there are a lot of precarious jumps and
difficult walkways on the way up.  No time like the present, so let's get a
move on.

Jump past the pendulum and hop up the steps to the conveyor.  Go over to the
block that rotates and jump onto it when it is sitting still.  Move to the side
and hop past the next pendulum, running up the ramp to three more rotating
blocks.  Once atop those, jump over the bar that pops out from the wall, run
past the flame shooter, and get on the spinning circle platforms.  Jump over
the cage with the Star silhouette in it and continue forward until you reach a
pole.  Do a handstand at the top of the pole to earn a 1-Up.

Hop up onto the nearby ledge with a life-filling heart and restore any pieces
of life pie you lost on the journey so far.  Leap over to the yellow-topped
platform moving up and down and jump from there to a spinning circle.  (This
one's a bit of a sticky wicket, since the camera's pretty fussy here.  Pan out
as far as you can with C-Down, then jump to get an overhead angle.)  Jump over
to the short curved path, and go up the two rotating blocks to a flat ledge.
From there, you will see a longer path along the wall above you that you can do
a double-jump to.  Go that way.

Avoid the four pushing bars, then jump carefully to each of the three conveyor
belts.  You will soon come to two brown platforms spinning 360 degrees.  Don't
bother using both of them; jump onto the first one and then double-jump over
the second one to the next section of the path.  Jump to each of the two
triangle ledges, which rotate just like the squares, up to where the flame
shooter is.  At this point, wait for the clock hand to come around.

When you jump onto the clock hand, stand on the part just before the pointer.
Jump to the conveyor belt when it reaches.  You will now see the Thwomp that
you have been seeking this whole time.  Wait patiently on the treadmill for him
to drop.  When you have a good bit of timing, do a running double-jump over on
to his head.  When he rises, you will see the Power Star on a platform just
behind him.  Jump over to it.

Congratulations!  You deserve a hearty handshake for beating that one.

   ------ | --------------------------
   7.19.5 | Timed Jumps on Moving Bars
   ------ | --------------------------

Go to the cage containing the first Power Star from "Roll into the Cage" and
jump over it, continuing forward.  Go up the pole to the restoring heart, then
jump from the yellow-topped platform to the spinning circle, as described prior
in "Stomp on the Thwomp".  Jump from the short curvy piece of land over to the
fence-type land.  When you jump up to the raised part, you will see three bars
popping out of the wall at different intervals.

To get to the Power Star, you must hop to each one as it pops out of the wall.
This is fairly easy to do, and you have plenty of space in which to do it, so
take as many tries as you need.  For the best results, turn to face the next
one before it pops out, then jump when it does.  Jump from the third bar into
the cage to find the Star.

   ------ | -----------------------
   7.19.6 | Stop Time for Red Coins
   ------ | -----------------------

Enter the clock when the big hand is pointing at 12:00.  This will cause the
parts inside the clock to stand still.  Better yet, you don't have to go
anywhere, because all the red coins are right there at the beginning behind
you.  You need only to jump up from platform to platform.  Each platform with
coins on it will have two apiece.  Should you fall from a great height, there
is a refill heart to restore your lost health.  When you get the two red coins
at the top, the Star will appear not far below.  Drop down one ledge and jump
outward to it to reach it.

   ------ | -------------
   7.19.7 | 100-Coin Star
   ------ | -------------

Go in when the big hand points at 3 for the best results.  Slight movement will
help you reach more coins than it will prevent you from getting.

1.  Kill both Bob-Ombs at the beginning.  (2/100)

2.  Get the coins from the yellow "!" block down by the life-refilling heart.

3.  Get the first two red coins.  With the platforms spinning, you won't be
    able to manage many more than that.  (16/100)

4.  Go over to the conveyor belt in front of the rotating block.  Do a double-
    jump atop the block to get both the coins.  (18/100)

5.  Pop open the yellow block behind the pendulum.  (21/100)

6.  Get the coins from the yellow block on the ledge with the flame shooter and
    the clock hand from "Get a Hand".  (24/100)

7.  Jump over the cage containing the Star from "Roll into the Cage" and go on
    to the pole.  Get the line of coins sitting beside it.  (29/100)

8.  Get both sets of coins from the two yellow boxes by the launching enemy.
    Wait until he winds down and stops moving to get them.  (35/100)

9.  Go over to the path leading to the Power Star from "The Pit and the
    Pendulums".  At the end of it is a blue coin switch.  Jump on it, pound it,
    then run back to the large platform before the narrow path leading to the
    switch.  There are seven, count 'em, SEVEN blue coins on the ledge, and it
    would behoove you to collect every last one.  (70/100)

10.  Return to the pole and continue up the clock until you get to the square
     platform above the two rotating blocks.  If you look over to your right
     and jump atop the cage with the Star from "Timed Jumps on Moving Bars",
     you'll see a yellow block with coins in it.  (73/100)

11.  Go back to the left and continue your walk up the clock.  Go past the four
     pushing bars, then when you pass them, jump up into the cage behind you
     and above the bars and go over to the yellow block at the opposite end.
     Get all the coins inside.  (83/100)

12.  Pop open the yellow box located after the three small conveyor belts.

13.  After getting past the two spinning brown ledges, take a detour to the
     large alcove over to the right.  Go behind the hole and hit the yellow box
     up for a big payload.  (96/100)

14.  Jump up onto the two rotating triangular ledges and up to the curving
     path.  Avoid the flame that the sphere spits out and get the first of the
     two boxes that has ten coins in it.  (106/100 **SUCCESS**)

   ==== | ============
   7.20 | RAINBOW RIDE
   ==== | ============

LOCATION: As you enter the third floor, turn to your right and double-jump up
          the brick plateau.  Jump over to the opening in the wall.  You will
          see in this room a hole surrounded by bricks.  This is Rainbow Ride.
          (Unless there's a beam of light shining up out of it - then it's
          "Wing Mario Over the Rainbow".)

   ------ | ----------------------------
   7.20.1 | Cruiser Crossing the Rainbow
   ------ | ----------------------------

Cross the bridge in front of you and hop onto the magic carpet, which will
follow a predetermined path as marked by the rainbow.  Jump onto the circular
stone ledge to avoid the fire puffer, then hop back onto the carpet (it will
disappear if you stay off it for too long).  After the carpet falls off its
pathway shortly thereafter, jump to the four spinning stones.

Go to the right over to the gray ledge and another magic carpet.  Ride its
course, jumping when it passes underneath a barricade.  It will soon come to
two more carpets, one going right and one going left.  Choose the one to the
left.  When you get to the part where you're moving up in circles, you will
have to jump over the wide swinging bars as they go past you.  Jump quickly
from the bar back to the carpet.

When you have gotten over that, you will have to jump over a series of
barricades and then onto a trio of ledges that fall when you stand on them.
Leap from those to the pathway leading to the flying ship, which is where you
are supposed to go for this quest.  At the bow of the ship (the front) is the
Power Star.  When you drop into the ship, you will meet some ferocious winds,
but nothing major.  Just run against the wind and jump up to the Star.

   ------ | ------------------------
   7.20.2 | The Big House in the Sky
   ------ | ------------------------

Return to the point from the previous stage ("Cruiser Crossing the Rainbow") in
which you have a choice of carpet to take, the one on the left or right.  This
time, choose the one on the right.  Get over the giant glass structures by
walking right up to them and double-jumping to grab the edge, quickly returning
to the carpet each time.  The carpet will soon make its way around a wall into
a giant building.

In this house, the fireplace will shoot fire out at you, so jump off the carpet
to avoid it and then quickly get back on.  The carpet will go outside through
the front.  Again, jump on the glass boxes to keep from getting bumped off, and
get back on the carpet at the other end.  After two of the glass boxes, the
carpet will go back into the house through the other side.  Again, avoid the
fireplace's wrath, though this time try to stay on your carpet if you can.

At this point, the carpet will go straight up through a hole in the roof.  Atop
this roof, in the open air, is the Power Star.

   ------ | -----------------------
   7.20.3 | Coins Amassed in a Maze
   ------ | -----------------------

By "coins" they mean red coins.  You may have noticed a giant gray structure in
this stage by now.  It is indeed mazelike in construction, and all the red
coins you need are located in it.

To get to it, look behind you at the start.  You should see a pole that you can
Long Jump over to.  Do that and climb up it, then go over to the spinning
circles.  Jump on the first one, killing the Lakitu when he pops up, then jump
on the one to the left.  From there you should see a series of gray platforms
with a flat yellow one going back and forth underneath them.  This will lead
you into the maze.

A helpful hint: You can view the entire maze at once by pausing.

1.  As you enter from the right, go up the winding path.  On the outside of
    the maze on a fringe cliff, you should see a coin.  Jump outside to get it,
    then re-enter the same way you came in.

2.  Go to the left and down onto the ground where the Star silhouette is.  To
    the left of that silhouette is a high ledge with a coin on it.  Wall-kick
    against the blue back wall to reach it.

3.  Go back up to the area to the right of the Star silhouette, then go up and
    left to the dead-end.  Avoid the flame shooter.

4.  Go back from that dead-end a little bit, then wall-kick up to the next one.

5.  You will now be on a set of floating stairs.  Jump up to the right to reach
    the next coin.

6.  Jump over to the trapezoidal ledge to the left to reach the sixth coin.

7.  Do a double-jump from that trapezoidal ledge you're standing on to the left
    and you'll find coin #7 on a (relatively) high-up platform.

8.  From where you got coin #5, jump up and to the right.  You will see the
    coin floating far away from any bit of land.  To get it, do a Long Jump,
    but hold back when you get near the coin.  You should retrieve it and
    sustain minor damage on the fall.

When you have amassed all eight coins in the maze, the Power Star will appear
at the very bottom.

   ------ | ----------------------
   7.20.4 | Swingin' in the Breeze
   ------ | ----------------------

Long Jump to the pole behind you and slide down it.  Run over to the tilting
stone teeter-totter and tilt it so that the end next to the gray platform
beside it is up.  Jump over to that gray area and wait for the swing to come
by.  Go from there to the logs that fall when you stand on them.  Go left and
then up and right, avoiding the fire puffer.

Ride the flat yellow platform over to where the lone Goomba is.  Jump up the
bits that are sticking out of the wood slope.  You must hit each one on the
money, since the slope is slippery enough to send you straight down.  When you
reach the top, go left to the swing.  Avoid the fire puffer at the other end
and you've got another Power Star in the bag.

   ------ | -----------------
   7.20.5 | Tricky Triangles!
   ------ | -----------------

Once again, turn around at the start and do a Long Jump over to the pole.  Take
the same basic route that you took in "Swingin' in the Breeze", but this time,
when you get to the wooden ledges leading up to that Star, continue to the
right.  You will pass over an almost-triangular wooden ramp and over a lot of
those dropping logs, until you reach a floor switch.

The duration on this switch is ruthlessly short.  You will have to act very
quickly if you want the Power Star.  Here's what I typically do: go over to the
fourth triangle, hold Z and do a quick backflip, then jump from the second
triangle on the top directly to the stone ledge.  This works on a pretty
consistent basis for me, and it will help you get the Star too (hopefully you
remember how to do a backflip by this point).

The Power Star is waiting for you at the top.

   ------ | --------------------------
   7.20.6 | Somewhere Over the Rainbow
   ------ | --------------------------

For this level you will need to enlist the aid of the red Bob-Omb and his
cannon travel services.  If you have not yet found him and opened the cannon,
go to the red coin maze.  Drop to the bottom and go all the way to the left,
where you will find a blue coin switch and a life-refilling heart.  Do a
double-jump up to the wall, then wall-kick from the double-jump.  You will have
to do many wall kicks to reach the top, but when you do, you should find the
red Bob-Omb all by himself up there.

When you have activated the cannon, go to the flying boat from "Cruiser
Crossing the Rainbow".  (The path is detailed in the section 7.20.1, the
section that walks you through that level.)  Walk through the windy part of the
ship all the way to the back, where the cannon is located.  Hop into it.

The cannon should point you to almost the exact point you're supposed to go.
You will see a rainbow ring and a pole.  Point the crosshairs in the exact
middle of the ring, lined up with the pole, and you should hit it.  Jump off
the pole and either avoid or kill the Chuckya, then hit the yellow block to
reveal the Power Star.

   ------ | -------------
   7.20.7 | 100-Coin Star
   ------ | -------------

1.  Go forward onto the magic carpet.  Jump off before the first fire puffer
    and get the ring of coins on the stone circle.  (8/100)

2.  Jump from the carpet to the four spinning stone circles.  Jump and kick the
    Lakitu and retrieve his coins.  (13/100)

3.  Get both rings of eight coins on the spinning circles.  (29/100)

4.  Enter the red coin maze and get all eight red coins.  Ignore the Star when
    it appears.  (45/100)

5.  Kill both Bob-Ombs at the bottom of the maze.  (47/100)

6.  Go to the left end of the maze and hit the blue coin switch.  There is one
    blue coin against the wall denoting where you should start wall-kicking;
    the other five are at the top.  It can be difficult to get them all, but
    it's a major boost to your count.  (77/100)

7.  Return to the four spinning stone circles.  Go to the left and slide down
    the pole.  Kill the Shyguy at the bottom by punching him, then get the line
    of coins ahead.  (84/100)

8.  Get the column of coins on the swing.  (89/100)

9.  On two of the falling logs ahead are a pair of coins.  Get both those pairs
    of coins.  (93/100)

10.  Ride the flat yellow ledge across to the lone Goomba and stomp him.

11.  Go up the wooden ledges to the top and get the line of coins on the
     ground.  (99/100)

12.  Go back down, go to the right, and get the coins on the wooden ramp.
     (104/100 **SUCCESS**)

   ==== | ===================
   ==== | ===================

In addition to the Power Stars hidden in the castle walls, there are 15 to be
collected inside the castle itself.  Sometimes you can gain them by talking to
people or by completing mini-courses found in places besides wall paintings.
You need them all, however, to work toward that total of 120.  Fortunately,
most of the castle's Secret Stars are easy to collect (key word: most - there
are a few doozies).  Before meeting Bowser at his final battle arena in the
sky, scour the castle thoroughly to make sure you've picked up the following 15
Power Stars.

   ------ | ---------------------------
   7.21.1 | The Princess's Secret Slide
   ------ | ---------------------------


To reach Peach's secret slide, enter the castle, go up the stairs but not
through the locked double doors and hang a right.  You'll see a door with a "1"
on it, meaning you need one Power Star to be able to enter.  Open it up to get
to a room with three stained glass windows bearing Peach's praying likeness.
The one on the right will take you to the slide.

The first Power Star is easy to obtain - you merely need to make it down the
slide in one piece.  There are no especially tricky turns or jumps to worry
about, so getting down the slide is easy.  When you cross the finish line, hit
the yellow "!" box on the raised platform to reveal the star.


Once you have the first one, return to the secret slide once more.  This time,
you can earn a second Power Star if you complete the slide in under 21 seconds.
This is difficult to pull off if you take on the slide in its entirety, but
fortunately, there's a shortcut you can take.  Start down the slide, making
sure you're sliding on your butt, not your stomach (so you can jump when you
need to).  When you exit the gray brick corridor, veer to the left and jump off
over the left yellow side rail.

When you do this, the camera will revert to a top-down view so you can see what
you're passing over.  When you see Mario's little shadow over the lane of the
slide, press Z to do a ground-pound and land safely.  If executed correctly,
this will shave several seconds off your time and allow you reach the finish
line with more than enough time to spare.

The Power Star will appear if you touch the finish line before the clock passes
the 21-second mark.  Grab it and be on your merry way.

   ------ | -------------------
   7.21.2 | The Secret Aquarium
   ------ | -------------------

Enter the room that takes you to Jolly Roger Bay, and from the painting on the
wall, look to your right.  You should see a black alcove up in the wall.  You
can either double-jump or somersault to it.  When you go in, you'll enter a
secret area completely covered in water.  (In case you haven't been swimming
before you enter this area, the controls are inverted - that is, you hold Down
on the analog stick when you want to swim up, and Up when you want to swim
down, and of course you tap A to move forward.)

You can't go up for air, but then again, it's not really necessary since the
aquarium is a very compact space and there are coins everywhere that allow you
to regain oxygen.  You earn the Power Star here, as you do in many of the
castle's Secret Star courses, by collecting 8 red coins.  Concentrate first on
the four in the upper area, all of which are located inside a ring of gold
coins.  When you have those four, you can find the others along the floor of
the aquarium, one in each of the four corners.  They are spaced fairly close
together, so if you do not dilly-dally, you shouldn't have to worry about

When you get all eight coins, the star will appear in the middle of the area on
the floor.  Grab it and you'll be dropped back off in the castle's main lobby.

   ------ | --------------------------------------
   7.21.3 | Bowser in the Dark World (8 Red Coins)
   ------ | --------------------------------------

1.  There is a floor switch in front of the first fire puffer.  Press it down
    by stepping on it, then grab the red coin nearby using the brick provided
    by the switch.

2.  While the switch is activated, run back to the beginning of the level.  Out
    on a three-brick-wide ledge is another red coin.  Grab it before the bricks

3.  Along the walkway with the little ball guys that shock you (just past the
    first 1-Up in the yellow "!" block), there is a red coin hidden behind a

4.  After that walkway, you will see a yellow block moving in and out from one
    side of a ledge to the other.  A red coin is hidden just on the other side
    of the gray ledge (turn the camera so that you are seeing Mario from the
    side to see it).

5.  Just after Coin #4 is the fifth coin.  Ride the large square platforms and
    stand on the corner of one of them to be guided to it.

6.  After riding the square platforms, jump off onto a thick wooden plank
    leading to a Space Needle-shaped ledge.  One of those electric guys is
    circling around the pointed pole, and there's another 1-Up in a yellow "!"
    box.  Oh, and a red coin.

7.  Return to the main course.  Stand on the edge of the teeter-totters just in
    front of you to tip the other end up.  Do this with both of them so that
    you can reach the "r"-shaped ledge at the top.  Turn the camera 180 degrees
    to find another red coin.  Long Jump over to the first "r" ledge, then do
    regular jumps to the other two.

8.  Jump off the two teeter-totters onto a ledge with two Goombas.  Kill them.
    If you turn the camera, you should be able to see the last red coin on a
    thin ledge nearby.  You can either jump or walk over to it.

When you have all eight red coins, the star will appear beside the pipe leading
to Bowser.  Jump up the wooden steps to the switch, which will turn the steep
incline into steps that you can climb.  Save when you collect the star.

   ------ | -----------------------------------
   7.21.4 | Tower of the Wing Cap (8 Red Coins)
   ------ | -----------------------------------

All the red coins in the Tower of the Wing Cap are situated way high up around
the tower.  You won't be able to get them if you land, because the altitude you
get from triple-jumping off the tower isn't enough to grab them, and so you'll
have to start steadying yourself from the moment you get in.

The coins are perfectly positioned so that you can grab them all in a line as
you lose altitude.  When you enter the course, veer to the right and then come
at the first two head-on.  From there, follow the trail of gold coins all the
way around, keeping yourself steady by lightly holding the analog stick forward
and quickly bringing it back some when you start to dip down.  If you can learn
to stay steady and not steer too far off-course, you should have the Secret
Star in just a few tries.

It appears on the tower when you've netted all eight red coins, so just move
over that way once you see it pop up and press Z to land when you're over the

That's not the last of the Wing Capping you'll have to do by a long shot.  It
gets harder from here .... oh yes, MUCH harder....

   ------ | -------------------------------------
   7.21.5 | Cavern of the Metal Cap (8 Red Coins)
   ------ | -------------------------------------

1-2.  You'll find the first two in the alcove just over the stone bridge, near
      the end of the course.  There is a 1-Up sitting there with them.

3-4.  These two are located behind the green Metal Cap switch.

5-8.  To get these, you must first hit the switch to activate the Metal Cap.
      Once you have, put one on and then drop in the water near the platform
      that the green switch is on.  The four are located at the foot of the
      platform in the water.  If the Metal Cap runs out before you can get
      them, you must make it back to land or else be swept away, then get
      another Cap and try again.

When you get the eighth red coin, the star will appear in the water at the base
of the same platform, toward the back.  Upon obtaining it, you will be ejected
from the Hazy Maze Cave.

   ------ | ---------------------------------------
   7.21.6 | Vanish Cap Under the Moat (8 Red Coins)
   ------ | ---------------------------------------

1.  From where you start, walk directly forward and slide down the hill to the
    first red coin.  Jump just before reaching the ledge to stop your slide.

2.  Turn the camera so you can see the next red coin, then take a single jump
    over to it.  Ground pound so you don't hurt yourself.

3.  Jump down to the yellow "!" block containing the 1-Up, then over to the
    1-Up sitting out in the open.  The third red coin is directly below the
    ledge with the 1-Up in the open on it.  Turn the camera so you are facing
    Mario from the side, then jump down and, once again, jump to end the

4.  There is another red coin on a ledge nearby.  It only takes one jump to
    reach it.

5.  Farther down, you will see a ledge that tilts when you stand on it just
    after a pulley-type platform.  There is one red coin on the end right in
    front of you...

6.  ...and one at the other end as well.

7.  When the rotating pulley ledges get to the top of their trajectory, they
    will tilt, knocking you off if you're on them.  Tilt the wide teeter-totter
    ledge down and jump across the ledges when they're at their lowest (or
    close to lowest) points.  As you are jumping across, you will find the
    seventh coin.

8.  Once you reach the Vanish Cap switch, touch it to activate the blue blocks.
    Get a Vanish Cap from the block nearby and get the red coin on the green
    carpet.  The Secret Star will appear inside the caged area, and if you're
    invisible you can cross through and obtain it.

   ------ | ------------------------------------
   7.21.7 | Bowser in the Fire Sea (8 Red Coins)
   ------ | ------------------------------------

1.  Go up the wire walkway between the first Bob-Omb Bully and the health-
    restoring heart.  The red coin is above the hole in the top of the walkway.

2.  When you climb up the first pole at the end of the ground level, you will
    jump off it onto a stone ledge that tilts when you stand on one side of it.
    There is a red coin at the far edge of that ledge.

3.  After the two tilting stone ledges, you will climb up a pole into a boxed
    purple area.  Jump off the pole and look around in the corners around the
    ceiling.  You should see a red coin.  (Tilt the camera as needed; it can be
    a toughie to root out.)

4.  Walk over onto the stone lift from there.  As soon as you walk onto it,
    step back off and drop into the hole that it leaves behind to get the
    fourth red coin.  You will land right at the life-refilling heart, so don't
    worry about the damage you take.  You will have to retrace your steps some
    after getting this coin.

5.  Once you have taken the stone lift up, go forward past the fire puffer to a
    grey pyramid-shaped ramp.  To the side of that ramp, you should see a
    detour consisting of a yellow walkway.  Walk up that slope, punch the
    Bob-Omb Bully off the cliff, then snag the red coin.

6.  After the two Bob-Omb Bullies ahead of the fifth red coin, there is a
    series of ledges and ramps connected to each other that contracts and
    expands.  Along this path, you'll find a red coin at the top of the third
    purple ledge.  You'll have to wait for the ledges to expand to grab it.

7.  Go up the winding stone walkway to a series of purple ledges that rise and
    sink in the lava (the ones where you're safe just standing in the middle
    of them).  There are two fire puffers along this path, and there's a coin
    right in front of the second one.

8.  Ahead of another life-restoring heart you'll find a couple of short poles
    attached to platforms that rise and sink into the lava.  Climb to the top
    of the second pole and do a handstand at the top of it, and when the pole
    goes up, you'll touch the final coin.

To get the Secret Star that appears, go back to the pole before the one you
did the handstand on to get the eighth coin.  Wall kick up the brick walls to
get on top of them, then do a double-jump over to the plateau the Star is
located on.

   ------ | --------------
   7.21.8 | MIPS the Bunny
   ------ | --------------

When you reach the basement after beating Bowser in the Dark World, you will
run across a yellow rabbit named MIPS.  Much like the White Rabbit in "Alice in
Wonderland", he acts like he's in a hurry to be somewhere else.  He's holding
some stars in his possession though, so it's up to you to wring them from him.

You'll meet MIPS twice - once the first time you go into the basement, and
again when you have 50 Power Stars.  MIPS is very fast, so when you chase him,
make sharp turns around the corners and dive if you get close to him.  He may
be a tough catch, but he goes in circles, so it's easy to learn his route.  The
main thing to remember is that you have to catch him twice, so if you seem to
be missing some Secret Stars later, think about MIPS and try to remember if you
caught him twice.

   ------ | ---------------
   7.21.9 | Talking to Toad
   ------ | ---------------

Peach has several of her Mushroom Kingdom retainers planted throughout the
castle.  Be sure to talk to all of them, because some of them have Power Stars
to give you!


Go to the basement and find the room with the black pit that leads to Hazy Maze
Cave.  Don't go into Hazy Maze Cave, but search around the pit for a Toad
standing in a corner.  Talk to him to get the Star.


After beating Bowser in the Fire Sea, take the key and unlock the double doors
that lead upstairs.  Search around the corridor where you find Wet-Dry World
and Tall, Tall Mountain until you find a Toad up against the wall.  Talk to him
to earn the Star.


Enter the door that leads to Tick Tock Clock and Rainbow Ride (you need 50
Power Stars to get in).  The Toad with the Power Star is in a corner to the
right of the clock.

   ------- | ---------------------------
   7.21.10 | Wing Mario Over the Rainbow
   ------- | ---------------------------

To reach this area, go to the third floor and jump up to the brick plateau in
the corner on your left as you enter.  Jump over to the opening in the wall,
then go over to the hole.  "Wing Mario Over the Rainbow" is the one with a
bright pillar of light shining out of it.  (If you don't see a shiny beam of
light, you're headed for Rainbow Ride.)

In order to earn the Secret Star here, you will have to summon the might of all
your Wing Cap skills in order to find eight red coins.  This is one of the
hardest side courses in the game, for three reasons:

1) The coins are spread out across varying altitudes

2) You have to use the cannons at various points to get the proper height, and
   it can be tough to get a sense of where you are when you blast out of a
   cannon with the Wing Cap

3) If you fall off the course, you'll plummet straight down into the lake
   outside the castle, and you'll have to go all the way back up to the third
   floor just to try it again.

On the other hand, you can also know that when you follow a rainbow, you will
end up at some sort of surface if you follow it to its end.  This is very
important.  If you are just flying around aimlessly and you think your cap's
about to run out, find a rainbow and follow it to land.  Almost all clouds and
platforms have either a Wing Cap or a cannon on them, so you'll rarely be

So here we go, tracking down all eight red coins.

1.  The first one is a freebie.  It's right behind you on the cloud you start
    out on; you can just walk over to it.  Don't think this is any indicator of
    this course's difficult or anything.

2.  Look around for a ring of coins surrounding the rainbow.  Get the Wing Cap
    and fly through the ring and follow the rainbow down.  On the cloud you
    land on, there will be a rainbow to your left and right, and a Wing Cap on
    this cloud as well.  Also, a red coin.

3.  Take the rainbow to the left and down.  The pink ledge down here is the
    lowest point of the course.  Down here, you will find the red Bob-Omb who
    will activate the cannon for you.  There is also a red coin down here, and
    a pole that seemingly has no purpose, until you climb it and do a handstand
    on it and realize that it gives you a 1-Up.

4.  Point the cannon at the Bob-Omb and then go straight up to find another
    cloud.  On that particular cloud are a red coin and a Wing Cap box.

5-6.  Return to the lower cannon.  From that cannon, point to another ledge
      with a pink top.  It also has a cannon on it.  From that cannon, look for
      a cloud high up in the air with poles on its underside.  Shoot to the top
      of the cloud to find two red coins.  There are also boxes containing a
      Wing Cap and a 1-Up.

7.  Get the Wing Cap, triple-jump, and fly down to the poles beneath the cloud.
    At the bottom of the tiny central pole is a red coin.  Get it, then jump
    onto that tiny pole and drop straight off it onto the cloud below.

8.  From the cloud you landed on, if you look off in the distance, you should
    see a gray cloud with a red coin inside it.  Fly over to it and fly through
    the cloud to get the coin.  DO NOT ATTEMPT TO LAND ON IT!  It is not a
    ledge like the white clouds are.  You will slip through it if you ground-
    pound onto it.  Fly through and grab the coin without landing.

When you get all eight red coins, the Power Star will appear on the cloud where
you started off the course.  Fly back to it and grab it.

   ------- | -------------------------------
   7.21.11 | Bowser in the Sky (8 Red Coins)
   ------- | -------------------------------

1.  Toward the beginning you will see a giant metal cube.  Push it back toward
    the ledge you just came from, then climb up on it and do a double-jump to
    get the first coin.

2.  After you run up the straight wall and jump across the spinning circle, you
    will find a red coin in the corner of the next stone walkway.  It is
    guarded by a miniature Piranha Plant.  Punch him out or jump him, then grab

3.  At the other end of that same stone walkway, drop down to the long stone
    ledge below the wooden teeter-totter.  Face forward once at the bottom and
    investigate the edge to the right.  You should see a very tiny overhang
    with a red coin on it.  Carefully go down and get it, then resume your
    normal course.

4.  At the top of the riveted ground that you can run straight up (after the
    floor switch that creates the steps), there is a red coin at the very top
    near the edge.  Once again, be careful when retrieving it.

5.  Start riding the ledge with the arrow on it.  After the life-refilling
    heart, jump onto the square piece of wood, then quickly double-jump over
    the diamond-shaped piece of wood above it to nab another coin.

6.  On a thick spinning stone circle, you will see a red coin at the base of a
    triangular column with a flame shooter at the top.

7.  Go from the sixth coin and climb the pole.  You will come to two ledges
    moving in and out, with a pole between them.  The seventh coin is atop that

8.  The final coin is EXTREMELY well-hidden.  Go up to the pipe leading to the
    final Bowser confrontation.  Go down to the ledge surrounding it and look
    back at the stone stairwell leading to the ledge.  You will see that there
    is a ledge attached to the back of it, and underneath the stairs you will
    see the shadow that betrays the coin's location.  Jump back there and get

When you have all eight coins, the Star will appear behind the pipe leading to
the battle with Bowser.

   ==== | =================
   ==== | =================

*The eight red coins found here are covered in a separate section.  For tips on
 getting the eight red coins, see section 7.21.11, "Bowser in the Sky (8 Red

*To access this level, you must have at least 70 Power Stars.  If you have less
 than that, the stairs leading up to the level will go on endlessly, and you
 won't be able to reach them no matter how hard you try.

Here it is!  The big shebang!  The final showdown!  Let's move, move, move!

Follow the arrow up the series of platforms of increasing height and make your
way over to the zigzagging path.  The zigzag will tilt when you step on it, but
if you make a solid run across it, this shouldn't affect you at all.  Run up
the extremely steep slope as indicated by the arrows, then walk around to the
spinning circle and get the 1-Up from the yellow "!" block.

There's another 1-Up not too far from that one.  Punch out the mini-Piranha
Plant on the stone walkway ahead, then at the opposite end of the walkway, drop
down carefully and look behind the pole.  Go back up to the teeter-totter and
over to the quartet of rotating ledges, where you can easily earn yet another
extra life just by making a simple jump.  Ahead you will meet a mini-Whomp, who
can be easily bypassed if you go right up to him and hold Z to duck.  He will
hop over you and land on his face, and you can skip him.

Jump up to where the flame shooter is when there's an open point, then quickly
go from there to the triangular ledge.  When you get to that triangle, turn and
face the path ahead.  You will notice that the Chuckya has noticed you and has
run over to where you are.  Get in a position away from him and Long Jump over
to the platform, running past him to get away from him.  He is not worth
messing around with.

Touch the floor switch to create steps that you can go up that lead to the
riveted floor ahead.  Despite how it looks, you can stop at any point you want
on this ground and you won't slide off, which is helpful since there are a
number of fire puffers you have to carefully make your way past.  Run around to
the platform with the arrow on it, making sure to watch out for the miniature
Piranha Plant that pops up.

Jump over the various barricades and off at the end to where the two Bob-Ombs
are patrolling.  Skip them and go across the two spinning circles to the pole.
At the top you'll meet two Goombas.  Pounce them and jump to the pole between
the two ledges moving in and out.  Move past the Bob-Ombs up the stone path to
the two sets of rotating ledges.  Jump from one to the next.  When you make it
up, you will be on the last segment before facing Bowser.

Walk against the wind and look behind one of the pillars to find a 1-Up.  When
you reach the blue steps, the wind will stop blowing.  Hop into the pipe to
initiate the final battle.

Bowser seems to have toughened up quite a bit.  Instead of one hit, it now
takes three to do him in.  He's also added some new tricks to his arsenal.
Still, you kill him in the same way as you did the other two times - run around
him, grab his tail by pressing B, then tilt the analog stick until you have the
momentum to throw him into one of the bombs around the arena (press B again to
throw him).

Moves that Bowser will try on you in this round:

- Often he will blow several small flames into the air, most of them red, a few
  of them blue.  The red ones rain down and stay in place, but the blue flames
  split off in four directions and bounce along the ground.  It is difficult to
  do anything while the ground is covered in fire, and he may try other moves
  while this is happening.  Fortunately, if you are low on health, a few of the
  flames will turn into coins.  If you need a pick-me-up, be on the lookout for

- He may charge directly at you.  This is a very difficult attack to get away
  from, since he doesn't just go in a straight line, he kind of homes in on
  you.  However, it has the advantage that when he skids to a stop, he leaves
  his tail wide open for grabbing.  If you can get away from him and get his
  tail though, this is a great way to go after him.  Bowser tends to only do
  this attack when you are far away from him, so if you keep close quarters,
  you can prevent a lot of lost damage from this.

- When he jumps, he will send shock waves through the ground that will hurt
  you.  These always come in pairs.  Simply jump over them each time they come
  near you.  They'll knock off only a single bit of life, but everything here
  adds up.

When you have scored two hits on him, Bowser will obliterate most of the arena,
leaving only a star-shaped ground to fight on.  This significantly decreases
your fighting space and makes it extremely claustrophobic, making that last hit
a little tougher (but all the sweeter for landing it).  Nothing has changed but
the lay of the land, however.  You still only need to run around him and throw
him by the tail into a bomb.  Just one more...

...and you've done it!  You've beaten Bowser and made the kingdom safe for
another day!  Go grab the biggest Power Star of them all, then pop some popcorn
and sit back for the final cutscene.

   ==== | ========
   7.23 | EPILOGUE
   ==== | ========

With the Power Stars intact, Mario restores peace to the Mushroom Kingdom.  He
rescues Peach and all their friends from the paintings in the walls.  Peach
rewards Mario with a kiss on his big honkin' nose, and then celebrates the
occasion the best way she knows how: by making Mario a cake.  A kiss and a
cake.  Hmmm.  I guess a man like Mario is happy enough with the simple things.

After the credits roll, 

Now that you have beaten the game, some other things have changed within the
game as well:

- Whenever you do a triple-jump, it is now adorned with a sparkly trail of
  stars.  Shiny!

- The penguin in Cool, Cool Mountain has put on quite a bit of weight.  There
  is no second Star for beating him, but if you race him in his new fattened-up
  state, you can wring a bit more challenge out of that particular stage.

- Best of all, if you got all 120 Power Stars, a new cannon has opened up: the
  one outside the castle by the lake.  Where can you go from here that you
  haven't been before?  The answer: up to the castle roof.  Shoot yourself up
  there and walk around.  You will find three 1-Ups before running into your
  old friend Yoshi.  Unfortunately, he's just the messenger for the Mario 64
  development team, and you don't actually get to ride him.

  When he has delivered his message, he will give you the development team's
  gift: 100 extra lives!  What?  Where were these things when we were in Tick
  Tock Clock and Rainbow Ride!  Too little, too late, says I, but if you like
  exploring nooks and experimenting with all kinds of crazy crap that will
  probably get you killed, you'll probably have some fun with it.

Congratulations on beating Super Mario 64!  And thanks for reading the guide!


   = | ====================
   = | ====================

Well, it looks like this is the end of our adventures with Super Mario 64.  If
you had half as much fun reading this guide as I did writing it, then I've done
my job.  There are so many people to thank for this guide:

>> Brian Sulpher - without his intervention, this guide would have been forever
   banished to the Land of Scrapped Projects.  He convinced me to go ahead and
   do the guide for my own enjoyment even though there's already a metric ton
   of others up, and he's the one who saved the guide from the abyss and sent
   me back a copy in progress long after I'd deleted my own.  So, he's the one
   you should probably be thanking more for this guide's existence, not me.

>> Dave McCutcheon (ZoopSoul/ZoopNOVA) - for shooting the breeze with me about
   the game and everything else and becoming an awesome friend.

>> My beautiful girlfriend April - for always being there and listening to my
   silly ramblings.

>> My parents for giving me the gifts of writing talent and video games.

>> All the sites that post this guide, whether I put it there or they post it
   with my permission.

I'm proud to host this FAQ on the following reputable websites:


These three websites represent the places where the guide was originally
submitted.  If you want to use this guide on your website, you have my
permission to do so.  Requesting permission is merely a formality (although
it's still just polite to do).  The only thing I ask is that you not change
any words within the document, and that you credit me as the original author of
the document.  You may convert it to HTML format if you wish to add
screenshots.  Plagiarism is, always has been, and always will be strictly
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This version of this guide (1.0) is © October 27, 2007 by Snow Dragon, all
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GameFAQs, Honest Gamers, and Neoseeker.

Thanks so much for reading the guide!  Hope you had fun playing Super Mario 64.
Be sure to tip your waitresses, and have your pets spayed or neutered.

Goodbye, everybody!


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