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Red Coin Guide by insannescorp55

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 09/06/03

                  Super Mario 64 Eight Red Coin Star Guide FAQ
            Super Mario 64 Eight Red Coin Star Guide FAQ version 1.0
                              For Nintendo 64 only
                               By insannescorp55

Name     :                       Elliot Olsen
E-Mail   :                thecolonelkfc80@hotmail.com
Updated  :                         9/06/03
ICQ      :                        197486358
AIM      :                      greatmilinko55
Homepage :               http://n1videogames.8m.com/
Location :                      United States

 iii)Game Basics
   v)Red Coin Star Guide
   -Bob-omb Battlefield
   -Whomp's Fortress
   -Jolly Roger Bay
   -Cool, Cool Mountain
   -Big Boo's Haunt
   -Hazy Maze Cave
   -Lethal Lava Land
   -Shifting Sand Land
   -Dire Dire Docks
   -Snowman's Land
   -Wet Dry World
   -Tall Tall Mountain
   -Tiny Huge Island
   -Rainbow Ride
  vi)Boss Level Coins
   -Bowser in the Dark World
   -Bowser in the Fire Sea
   -Bowser in the Sky *COMING SOON*
 vii)The Castle's Secret Courses
   -Vanish Cap Under the Mote
   -Metal Cap Cavern
   -Tower of the Wing Cap
   -Secret Aquarium
   -Wing Mario Over the Cloud
  ix)Version History
   x)Contact Info
  xi)Copyright Info

Summer is here! Thats right, school is out for the summer so I figured I'd
waste that time writing an FAQ or two. This is my first, and also the first
time I've written an FAQ in a long time. Look forward to a boss FAQ on Super
Mario World, and also possibly a full FAQ for this game.

I recently got my Nintendo 64 for my past birthday. This game is one of the
best that came with it. Super Mario 64 is currently one of my favorite games on
the Nintendo 64 and is pretty easy to me so I decided to write this FAQ.

This FAQ was originally supposed to be for getting all 120 stars in the game. I
called it a 'Star Guide'. After looking over some of the FAQ/Walkthrough's
already on GameFAQs, I realized that is all they were. I figured there is a lot
of FAQs for this game already so I decided just to do this FAQ to show how to
get all of the stars requiring to get all eight red coins in a level. This FAQ
will walk you step by step through the process and hopefully help you out a

I will usually say, "Go right" or "Go left" a lot in this FAQ. I use these
terms without changing the camera view throughout the whole level. So if you
cange the camera view, you will have to go a different way than I say.

I apologize for any spelling or grammar mistakes that I make in this FAQ though
there shouldn't be many. I hope this FAQ will help you througout your playing
of this excellent game, and have fun! If anything you find is inacurate, please
notify me and you will be given full credit for the fixing of the mistake.

Here are the main controls:

A: Jump
B: Attack
Z: Crouch
C: Camera Controls
R: First Person Perspective
L: Not Used
Analog Stick: Moves Mario
Control Pad: Not Used
Start: Pause

Here are the controls in detail:

While standing, running, or sliding, press the "A" button to do a regular jump.
A regular jump can be used to reach low ledges and defeating enemies.

To perform a double jump, right after doing a regular jump, press the "A"
button and you will to a second higher jump. Most ledges can't be reached by a
regular jump, which is why this is needed.

To perform a triple jump, right after doing a double jump, press the "A" button
and you will do a third, even higher jump. These are used little but are needed
for extremely high ledges.

To do this jump, press the analog stick eiter left or right, then move the
analog stick in the other direction, then press the "A" button to do a side
jump. Side jumps are the best for reaching really high ledges. They can be done
from a running state or standing.

Running towards a wall then pressing "A" to jump towards it then "A" again to
kick off of it and go higher. If there is two close walls that go up, you can
use this to kick off of each to get to the top

The backflip is very useful. To excecute it, first press the "Z" button, then
press "A" to jump backwards. It has the same height as the double jump but you
can't grab on to ledges while doing this jump.

This jump is the longest jump in the game. No jump can get your further than
this one. You must be running to do this one. Just press "A", "B", "Z" and run

This jump is used to go long distances and is very useful. While jumping
forward at a high rate of speed, press the "B" button to do a slide in the air
which will launch you farther than any other jump. You can also use the analog
stick to control the jump in the air. Thus, you can move left and right while
doing this jump.

While running at a high rate of speed, press the "B" button to do a slide. To
end the slide early, press the "A" button to jump out of it. Slides can be used
to beat enemies and to go down hills and mountains faster than walking or

A slide kick is a much better attack than just sliding is to run, press the "Z"
button, then press "B" to do a slide kick. 

To do a pound, jump up at any height and press the "Z" button to make Mario do
a flip and hit the ground hard with his butt. This is good for mostly all
enemies especially bigger ones that can't be killed by regular punches. When
falling from high distances, doing a pound will reduce the amount of damage
when you hit the ground.

While in a stationary position or a slow run/walk, press the "B" button to do a
single punch which can kill a lot of enemies.

A combo can be done one of two ways. You can do a double punch by pressing the
"B" button twice fast. You can also throw in a kick at the end by pressing the
"B" button one more time. This can be used for a group of enemies or a strong

While standing in place or slowly running or walking press the "A" button to
jump the press the "B" button to do a kick in the air. A jump kick can be done
from any level and is great for taking out flying enemies.

This is the most useless attack in the whole game. Press and hold the "Z"
button to be in a crouch position, then press the "B" button and Mario will go
a trip which has no range and is very weak.

Crawling is important for sneaking up on sleeping enemies so that you can kill
them without getting harmed. Start in a crouched position, then just move
yourself with the analog stick to crawl around.

While in deep water, Mario can swim great distances. This is an importand skill
to learn and perfect. To swim slowly, press the "A" button and hold it. To swim
faster, repetedly press the "A" button. To pick things up in the water, press
"B". Pressing up on the analog pad will cause Mario to swim deeper and pressing
down will cause him to swim towards the surface. To jump out of the water,
press down and "A" while at the surface. The only thing you have to look out
for is Mario drowning. While under water, your health meter will come up. Every
once in a while, a piece of the meter will disappear. To get it back, all you
have to do is swim to the surface and let Mario get some air.

Most trees and poles can be climbed by Mario. To attach to a pole, just jump
onto it. You can use the analog stick to move around the pole or up and down
it. Once on the top, press up again to do a handstand on the top, then you can
press the "A" button to do a really high jump. While on a pole or tree, press
"Z" to release it and "A" to jump away from it. There is lots of stuff hidden
atop of trees and poles so make sure you go up all of them.

If you happen to be hanging on a ledge during the game at any time, these will
come in handy. You can press "Z" or down to release the ledge and fall down, or
you can press "A" to jump up or up to slowly climb up.

Here is a list of other controls:

The camera view can be controled by pressing the "C" buttons and the "R"
button. Pressing C^ will cause you to be in first person view where you can
look around but not play the game. Pressing "R" will make you play in first
person mode. C(down) will cause you to go out of first person mode. C> will
make the camera move right. C< will make the camera move left. If the camera
can't move any more you will hear a buzzer. While not in first person mode,
C(down) will make the camera move further away from Mario.

When you start the game and see Mario's face, if you press anything besides
start, you can play with his face. You can grab his hat, nose, cheeks, mouth,
and both ears. To grab any of these parts, press "A". "B" will change the size
of Mario's face, and the C buttons will control the camera view.

iii)Game Basics
The story is quite simple, like most Super Mario games. When you start the
game, you read a letter from Peach saying that she wants you, Mario, to come to
the castle because she has baked a pie for him. When Mario arives inside of the
castle, he is greeted by a deep voice that threatens him and tells him to
leave. Could this be the work of Bowser? As you talk with Toad, he tells you
that Bowser has locked up all of the castles residents and has stolen all of
the castles star power. Now, you must battle harsh monsters and complete
tedious tasks to get all of the stars back, free the enslaved royalties, and
get bowser the hell out of their castle.

The Goal
The point of this game is also pretty simple. Getting stars is your main
priority. To get these, you must beat bosses, collect certain items, help
comrades, and race people up mountains. Your second priority is to collect up
the castles treasures. These are hidden in some enemies, up trees, in boxes,
and some just laying around. Finially, you must give bowser a boot out of the

The Stars
Like, I said, getting stars is the main point in the game. Now I will go into
detail about the stars. In the whole game, there is a total of 120 stars in the
entire game, seven in each level, and one is every bonus levels. The first six
stars are specific tasks given a name that has something to do with the task
you must complete to get the star. These titles are given at the beginning of
each level. The first star is usually acquired by beating a boss or getting to
the end of the level. In every level besides bonus levels, you can get a star
for getting all eight red coins in each level. A seventh star can also be
obtained at the end of regular levels by getting one-hundred coins. The other
stars are gotten by doing various things. The number of stars you have is
constantly displayed in the top right corner of your screen. After you get a
star, you are given the following options: "Save and Continue", "Save and 
Quit", or "Continue without Saving".

The Coins
In every level there is a set number of coins. All of the coins in a level
appear in three different colors. Yellow, Red, and Blue. Yellow are the most
common and are worth one point and also raise your health meter by one unit.
There is always eight red stars in a level. They are worth two points and two
units on your health meter. Blue stars are the rarest. They are worth five
points and fill five units on your health meter. At the end of the level, your
coins are counted and for every fifty coins you collect you will get one extra
life. Once you get one-hundred coins you get, you will get a star.

The Courses
All fifteen of the courses can be reached from the castle. The worlds have been
created by Bowser to try and stop you. Each level has a total of seven stars.
All of the courses have Bowser's minions who try to stop you. Some you can kill
but others must be avoided. Mostly everthing that you can kill will give you a
coin. There are also friendly monsters that will help you, like the pink Bob-

The Bonus Courses
Eight bonus courses are hidden among the fifteen main courses. Three of these 
courses will have colored blocks at the end of them. Most bonus courses are
smaller than main courses and contain only one star.

The Health Meter
The most important thing to check on is your health meter. The health meter is
made up of eight pie-like sections. Every time you fall down too far or get hit
by an enemy your health will go down. There is no pre-determined amount that
your heath go down, it all depends on how far you fall or what enemy you hit.
You will also loose health after being under water for a long time. You can
replenish your health simply by coming up out of water. Coins will also
replenish your health. A yellow coin will replenish one unit. A red will
recover two units. A blue coin will get back five units.

Extra Lives
Unlike in previous Super Mario games, you don't get a one up for getting 100
coins. Well, not right away. In most every level, there is blocks containing
1-up mushrooms or ways to trigger 1-up mushrooms to appear. After getting a
star, and exiting the level through getting the star, you will get one extra
life for every 50 coins that you obtained in the level.

These are all of the items that I know of in the game. "What it does" isn't
very detailed. Sorry.

| Item Name     | What it does                    | Description               |
| 1-up Mushroom | Gives you one extra Life        | Green, small, moves       |
| Arrow Lift    | Moves in direction of arrow     | Two arrowed platform      |
| Block         | Contains coins, climbing        | Large, orange, cork-like  |
| Blue Block    | Contains a Vanish Cap           | Overhead, blue            |
| Blue Coin     | 5 coins, fills health 5 units   | Large, blue               |
| Bouncing Box  | Bounces 3 times and gives coins | Small, has face, wobbles  |
| Green Block   | Contains a Metal Cap            | Overhead, green           |
| Heart         | Fills health part way           | Spinning, stationary      |
| Magic Carpet  | Follows Rainbow Trail           | Only in stage 15          |
| Metal Cap     | Makes invincible and metallic   | Found in green blocks     |
| Mobile Block  | Can be pushed to reach ledges   | Big, purple edges         |
| Purple Switch | Timed event is triggered        | "!" on it, purple         |
| Red Block     | Contains Wing Cap               | Overhead, red             |
| Red Coin      | Collect 8 per level for a star  | Unusualy places, red      |
| Shell         | Like a skateboard               | In yellow blocks          |
| Signs         | Gives useful information        | Found in most levels, wood|
| Stars         | Opens Star doors, 120 total     | 7 in each level, 15 others|
| Tossing Block | Contains coins, killing enmies  | Similar to regular blocks |
| Vanish Cap    | Makes invisible, avoids enemies | Found in Blue Blocks      |
| Water Switch  | Raises, lowers water level      | Only in stage 11          |
| Wing Cap      | Makes Mario fly                 | Found in Blue Blocks      |
| Yellow Block  | Contains various things         | Found in every level      |
| Yellow Coin   | Worth one coin                  | Found in enemies/blocks   |

v)Red Coin Star Guide
Originally, this FAQ was written to tell you how to get all 120 stars in the
game. But since that was too much work for me, I decided just to do an FAQ on
my specialty in this game, getting the eight red coins. Eight red coins can be
found in every main course and most bonus courses.

Stage 1: Bob-omb Battlefield
Find the 8 Red Coins
Here is a list of all of the eight coins in the first level.

1. From the beginning, walk forward off of the grass onto the muddy part of
this level where there are a few Bob-ombs are. If you keep walking forward to
where this section of the course ends, there is an elevator made up of two
platforms. Once one is down, jump on it and ride it up. Above you now is the
first red coin.

2. From the elevator, jump onto higer land that the elevator brings you to. In
the field directly in front of you is the next coin. There is a large hill you
must climb and at the top there is the second red coin.

3. From here, go back to where the first elevator that you just rode. The large
barking Chomp in front of you is your next obstacle to get the next red coin.
On the post that is holding him in there is a red coin. If you don't get in and
out quickly, you will get attacked by Chomp. Quickly jump in and grab the coin
then dash to the other side to safety.

4. Cross the see-saw bridge directly in front of you and turn left. Don't jump
up to the higher ground just yet. In this field not too far away is the fourth
coin in between two posts.

5. The fifth one is in between the other set of posts in that same field. If
you noticed, there is a blue star that will become yellow once you get all
eight stars.

6. Go back towards the see-saw bridge. Now jump onto the higher land that I 
told you not to before. In the middle of this field is a small mound with a 
cannon on it. Jump into the cannon. If you look towards the mountain where King
Bob-omb was, you see a barred fence just beyond a stone bridge. In this fence
is a hole that you would normally go through to proceed onto the rest of the
level. If you look closely, you can see a red coin glimmering in the distance.
You can't just walk up to it from here because it is a steep hill. Here is a
small diagram showing you how to shoot the cannon.

                              _/                   \_
                            _/                       \_
                          _/                            \_
Cannon View ---------->  |              \/                |
(Kind of) ------------>  |                          ______|
                         |          >        <     |      |
| Key |                  |                      ___|______|
>,< - Crosshairs         |              /\     |          |
O - Coin                 |_                    |         _|
                           \_                  |       _/

As the diagram shows, you want the tops of your two horizontal crosshairs to be
about even with the topmost portion of the mountain that is visible through 
the cannon.

7. Upon getting the sixth coin, you will start sliding back down the hill. You 
should arrive near the stone bridge you just shot yourself over. From here, 
facing the direction in which you shot yourself, walk off of the left side of 
the bride. Underneath of the bridge is the seventh coin.

8. Fron here, backtrack all the way to the beggining of the level to where the 
pink Bob-ombs are. Jump in the cannon directly in front of them and just shoot.
Don't worry about aiming, it should bring you do a good position. Now right in
front of you is a hill with a cannon on top of it. From here, aim straight up
and you will see the floating isle. Move the cannon to the place where the
floating isle sticks out most then straight up and shoot. You should land on
top of the floating island. From here, the last coin is on top of the tree.

After you get the eight coin, go in between the location of stars four and five 
and viola! There is your star.

Stage 2: Womp's Fortress
Red Coins on the Floating Isle
1. At the start of the level, jump onto the ledge that is in front of you 
leading up to the top. Once the ground becomes level, you will see three stone
pillars with faces that try to knock you off of the ledge. On top of the middle 
one is a red coin.

2. Continuing on, you will see two huge blocks with faces that try to smash
you. Go pass the first one and once you get to the second one, jump up to the 
next furthest ledge, then jump on top of the large block with the face on it.
As it goes up, you can see a red coin just below a floating island.

3. Continue up the level, you will see a small set of stairs and on top of the 
stairs a red pirahna plant. Sneak up to it, hold "Z" then move, until you are
in killing range. Kill the plant and get the coin behind it.

4. Right next to the plant, there is a very small ledge with a red coin on it.
You need to walk right up against the building or else you will fall off of the

5. Once on the other side of the bridge, you will see a bridge that rotates 
around. When it comes to the side you are on, walk on to it then into the 
center so that you don't get pushed off by the section of the mountain that the
bridge rotates under. Once the bridge stops moving, go to the end of it again 
and wait for it to start moving. There is a row of coins you will get and in 
the center is a red coin. When the rotating bridge gets to the side you started
on, get off.

6. The gap that the rotating bridge covered also has a red coin in it. Look 
down into it and you can see the coin. Jump down and grab it. You will now be 
in a pool of water. By going further into the pool, you will come to a large 
incline that will bring you to where you started.

7. To get the next two coins you must have already beat Thwomp. Go up the 
mountain to where Thwomp was and there will be an upright board. You need to 
knock it over to get to the seventh star. First give it a punch then, jump up 
and kick it and it will fall over and you've got yourself a bridge. Cross it, 
then jump onto the next island for the coin.

8. The next one is on one of the rotating islands that are close by.

The star is found in the very beginning. If you backtrack to the spot where the
level started, you can't really miss it.

Stage 3: Jolly Roger Bay
Red Coins on the Ship Afloat
1. As soon as you start, jump into the water in front of you. If you dive to 
the bottom, you cans see two clams. The one to the left has the first red coin 
inside of it.

2. From the clam, swim forward a little bit and you will come to another clam 
that has the second coin in it.

3. Past the third clam is a large trench where the eel is swimming around. Dive 
all the way to the bottom of the trench and get the coin out of the clam's 

4. Now swim back up to the surface. By backtracking just a few feet you will 
see three poles. Facing where you started, you must climb up the leftmost pole. 
You should be able to climb up it from the water's surface, but if for some 
reason you can't, you can always use the cannon located on a small hill in the 
beginning of the level.

5. From here, facing the beginning, swim left until you reach a ledge with a 
pink Bob-omb on it. You will see a large piece of wood afloat right next to 
this ledge. Jump on it then fall into the shallow water below. There will be a 
clam with the fifth coin in its mouth.

6. Jump back onto the piece of wood, then use a double jump to get onto the 
platform just beyond it. On top of this platform is a purple button with a "!" 
on it. Trigger the button the a path of blocks will connect four larger paths 
leading to the ship.

7. Make your way to the other end of the ship. You will probably think you need
to use the box sliding around on the deck of the ship, but by touching this,
you will actually get hurt. Because of the ship rocking back and forth, this
ledge is hard to get up even using a double jump. I suggest getting very close
to it with your back to it. Hold the "Z" button then press the jump button, and
you will make it up easily. The seventh coin is right up on this higher deck of
the boat.

8. Right next to the seventh coin is the eighth.

The star will appear in between coin seven and eight on the deck of the boat.

Stage 4: Cool, Cool Mountain
Frosty Slide for 8 Red Coins
1. Right from the start of the level you can see this one at the top of the
tree in front of the lodge.

2. Instead of sliding down the hill in front of you, go behind the place where
you started and there is a broken bridge. Don't stand on the bridge for too
long or you will be warped. Slide down the large drop next to this bridge and
then jump out of the slide once you reach the bottom or else you will die. From
the small ledge you are on, there is a red coin behind an square, ice pillar.

3. Go Forward to the edge of the platform you are on. You can jump then slide
down a few feet. Just don't jump off of the wrong spot or you will fall to your
death. Once there, you will see another broken bridge with a coin on it.

4. On the side of this part of the mountain is a long wooden slope. Go down it.
Once at the bottom, you will see there is a hollowed out spot under the bottom
part of the slope. There is a short bridge under this part with a coin under
it. The broken part of this bridge will also warp you to the top of the

5. Facing the last coin you got from outside of the hollow spot, go right and
at the endge of the mountain is a red coin.

6. Stay on this same level of the mountain and go past the big penguin who lost
her baby. It is on a tree near a cannon.

7. Go on the lift right near this tree and ride it all of the way up to the
top. Right at the top of the lift is a coin.

8. Once at this section of the level, walk past four trees and a cannon. You
will be on the lower level of this section. Jump up to the higher section and
there is the coin in the corner of the mountain.

The star in this level is the hardest in the game thus far. Right near the last
coin is the bridge with two snowmen jumping up and down it. From here, you can
jump to where coin three was found. Run to the very edge of this bridge and do
a long jump by pressing "Z", "A", "B", and running simultaneaously.

Stage 5: Big Boo's Haunt
Seek the 8 Red Coins
1. Surprisingly enough, with all of the vast area outside of the mansion, there
is absolutely no coins outside of the mansion. Enter the mansion and go inside
the first door to the left of the downstairs. By walking past the piano, it
will come alive and start attacking you. Lure it out far enough so that a red
coin is revealed under the piano. Grab it and exit out the other door. Not the
one that you came in at.

2. You come into a small library. The chairs and some books in the bookcase
will attack you so watch out. On top of the first bookcase is one red coin.

3. In this same room on top of the other bookcase is the second red coin in
this room.

4. Backtrack into the main room of the mansion with all of the doors in it. Go
on the other side of the stairs and go in the door right next to the stairs. In
the middle of the room where a Boo is, there is a red coin. You can easily jump
there but if you aren't confident, the ledge between the two points is easy to
walk over.

5. Go back out into the main room. Go up the large staircase. Turn right and
take the door furthest from the stairs. Once in this door, walk to the other
side of the bookcase. There is a red coin in the corner but don't just waltz
over there and get it. The floor has a trick door in it. By walking over it,
it serves as a see-saw and you will fall to the room that coin four is at. If
you run across it, you should be safe, but if you aren't confident, you can
walk around it.

6. Go back into the main room. From the door you were just in, go in the one
right next to it. Pass the giant eye and into the next room. These coffins are
kind of like the clams in Jolly Roger Bay. They will open when near, but close
fast and will hurt you. A red coin is under the first coffin on the right side
of the room

7. In the same room, look under the middle coffin on the left side.

8. Go back to the top floor of the main hall. From the stairs, go left and into
the first door you come across. There is a red net-type floor here. Across a
small gap is a red coin.

To get the star, go out of this room and back into the main hall. It is right
there to the left of the stairs on the upper level.

Stage 6: Hazy Maze Craze
Elevate for 8 Red Coins
1. From the start of the level, take the right path until you come to a door.
Go through it, then jump down the pole in the next room. From the bottom of the
pole, turn right until you come to a staircase. Go up it and onto the ledge at
the top of it. At the top is a service elevator with four arrows on it. It is
pretty easy to operate. All you need to do is step on the arrow in which you
want the elevator to go. There are three large blocks floating around in this
area. Go to the first one for the first coin.

2. Not far from the location of the first block with the coin in it is the
second block with another coin in it.

3. Over a small bar a little further from the first block with the coin in it
is yet another block with a coin inside of it.

4. Right next to the third coin is a ledge with the fourth coin on it.

5. Head with your service elevator back to where you first got on. If you look
around, you will see a ledge with a pole coming out of it. This is your next
destination. You will have to take the elevator. Climb up the pole then up to
a platform. There is a block,but there is nothing on it. Right next to the
block is an automatically moving elevator that follows a certain path. Stand on
the front of it destroying any blocks or obstacles in your way. Along the path,
there will be a red coin. You must be standing on the front of the elevator or
else you won't get it.

6. Soon after the fifth coin, the ride will come to a series of arches you must
jump over. On top of the first arch is a red coin.

7. Towards the end of the ride of the elevator you will come to a large
floating island with a coin on it.

8. On the other side of the platform is another coin. If for some reason, you
happen to fall off of either elevator, you can always return to the spot you
got it from and there will be another one.

The star is located in the same room on the floor. It is right in the center.

Stage 7: Lethal Lava Land
8 Coin Puzzle with Fifteen Pieces
1-8: This has to be the easiest level to get all eight coins and the stars in.
Luckily, they are all in one small place and the star is right next to it. From
the start of the level, jump the first gap, then turn left through the arch.
Following this path, turn left at the intersection and over the bridge that
opens and closes. Follow this path and then you will come to a large platform.
It is a puzzle that is made up of fifteen pieces. When they are together the
right way, they form a picture of Bowser. The only hard part is that the
pictures are always moving, and falling in will kill you. To tell when they
will move or not, they will shake just before they move. Gather all eight coins
inside of this area. Here is a diagram:

 --- --- --- ===
| o |   |   | A |       <--- Something like that...
 ---+---+---+===        <--- The upper-right corner doesn't move + has the star
|   | o | o |   |
|   | o | o | o |
| o |   |   | o |
 --- --- --- ---

The star is also in this section. It is on the only block that doesn't move of
the puzzle. It is the block that is discolered.

Stage 8: Shifting Sand Land
Free Flying for 8 Red Coins
1. From the start of the level, walk the opposite way in which you are facing.
At the end of this path, you will find a red coin. You want to take this part
slow though. It is a lot harder to get than you think. There is a hill, then
the sand you can walk in, then the sand you can't walk in. If you go up or down
too much, you can easily slide to your death.

2. Go back the way you were facing and walk until you come to a large gray
building. In it is two large blocks and a small block. The large block furthest
away from you will have a coin in it. Just do a stomp to get it.

3. Straight in front of you out of the building is a small maze with these huge
boxes roaming up and down them. Use the holes in the bottoms of the boxes to
avoid getting squished, then make a quick jump to the area with a coin. You can
not miss it. Don't fall in though because you can't jump out of this quicksand.

4. After getting out of the maze there will be an oasis. From the exit of the
maze you can see a palm tree. Go towards it and right next to it is a pool of
water. There is a coin in the deepest part.

5-8. To get five through eight, you will need to be able to get wing caps. From
the oasis, walk up to the pyramid. At the first level of the pyramid will be a
wing cap box. Get the wing cap then fly to a pillar. There is a red coin near
all of the four pillars in the level. You can either use the wing cap, cannon,
or both to get all four of them.

The star is located on top of the building where coin two was. You can take as
long as you want to get the coins because the wing cap will always re appear.

Stage 9: Dire, Dire Docks
Pole Jumping for Red Coins
1. Swim through the hole in the first pool into the room to where you found the
ship for the first star. The ship won't be there if you already got the first
star. I am not sure if you can get the red coins before you get the first star.
Anyway, go to the purple "!" button and press it. Instead of goin up the path
that it makes to where the ship used to be, turn around and you will see
another path that it will make. Go up this one and you will come to a floating
ledge. On it is the first coin.

2. From this ledge, two poles will move back and forth. When the one on the
left comes, jump on it. On the ride to the next platform, there will be a coin.

3. Towards the end of the ride to the next ledge is another coin lower than the

4. When the pole gets to the platform, jump off on to the platform and there
will be another coin on it.

5. Wait until the moving pole comes back then ride it back to the starting
point. This time, take the right pole. You will come to a series of poles that
you will have to transfer from to get to the next platform. To easily do this,
face your back to the pole you want to transfer to and jump. Get off at the end
of this chain of poles. At the platform you get off at, there will be one pole
going out from that platform. Ride this one and when you get off the platform
there will be a coin.

6. From here, ride back two platforms. From here take the right pole instead of
the left like last time. You will do a few transfers until you come to a pole
that runs perpendicular to the last few poles you transfered. At the end of
this one is a pole.

7-8. This one is tricky. Stay on the pole you were just on. There will be
another pole running parallel to the one you are on and a few walls between the
two. Here is a diagram to show you.

                                     Pole Goes Right --->
Overhead ---->    ooooOooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooOoooo
View -------->   ====================                ========================
                                     <--- Pole Goes Left

The "O's" are the coins. The one on the bottom is coin six. the "o's" are the
path of the two poles. The "=" are the walls. The poles go in opposite
directions which make it extremely hard. Mario's Back should be facing the
other pole. When the both poles are past the walls, it is time to jump. Snag
the two coins once on the second pole. Just think: If you screw up, you won't
get hurt because you'll fall into water.

The star is in this room, on the second platform.

Stage 10: Snowman's Land
Shell Shreddin' for Red Coins
1. Right from the start of the level, walk right on the right side of a small
valley. Walk down this vally until you come to a pine tree. Go past it and past
another one. Make a quick left turn and there is the first coin.

2. Continue along the right side of the big ice bully's pond. You will have to
walk over a small incline and then right over it is the second coin.

3. Go over a small slope where you will come to a tree near a sign post. Go up
the tree and do a handstand on it. Face your back away from the hill right next
to the tree. This is really hard to do. You want to aim for where the two edges
meet. You should land just a few steps away from the top of this hill. You need
to run and do a jump slide to get up. If someone knows a better way to get up
this hill please email me. Anyway, once up the hill, walk right and at the end
of the path you will come to another coin.

4. Turn back around and continue along this upraised path. Near where you first
got on this path is another coin.

5-6. Coins five through six are both located on this path. Just walk left along
the path you are on and they are both towards the bottom.

7-8. At the bottom of this hill is two blocks. One contains a star, the other
contains a shell. Get the shell at the right block. Get on it and ride up the
hill in front of you. Go forward until you come to the Big Bully's pond. There
are two coins on the surface of this pond. If you loose the shell by running
into a pole like I have done many times, you will have to start all over.

The star is right in the beggining of the level. You can walk there or ride the
shell you just got if it still lasts.

Stage 11: Wet Dry World
Go to Town for Red Coins
Now this part is really tricky and will probably fool some people. The thing
about Wet Dry world is that it does matter how you enter the picture. Depending
on where you enter the picture, the water level will start out different. If
you jump in low, the water level will be close to the ground. If you jump in on
the top, the water level will be higher than the highest the highest switch
could make the water go. For this particular task, you want the water level to
be as high as it possibly can be. So when you are entering the level, jump as
high as you can into the picture so that the water level will be very high,
higher than the highest switch can get the water. You need to get to the
underground town below this part of the town. In one corner is a cage in a
corner. If you have the water level high, you can jump, hang and pull yourself
over the top. If the water level isn't it's highest, ther is still another way
to get up to the cage.

First you need to activate the cannon. The bob-omb is on a platform that is
slightly higher than the highest switch. There is a floating platform next to
where the bob-omb is that you muts do a triple jump off of to get to the bob-
omb. The cannon is at the top of the hill on the island thing right next to the
bob-omb. Now you can shoot yourself into the cage from this point.

Either way you get there, once in the caged, swim down and through the tunnel,
going under then over some bars. Once in the underground town, you can hit a
switch just below the entrance which will lower the water level to the bottom.
If you don't have a lot of health left, I recommend first swimming back up to
the surface then getting the switch.

1. From the start, walk forward and you will start to see a vanish cap. Don't
get it once there though. Walk down the alley right next to the cap. Do a few
wall jumps than you will get up to the top of the one building. On top is a
block that has a red coin in it.

2. A building right next to the one you are on will have another block on it.
Jump over to this block, break it and there will be another coin in it.

3. After this, you can go back to the floor of this room. There is a small room
inside of this one in the middle of the room. There is a small step in the back
of this room. On top of it is yet another block with a coin in it.

4. Climb the walls of this small room you are in. Walk slowly around the edges
until you come to the first block. Do a stomp then get the coin. You can try
jumping to the one on the other side, but I've never done it.

5. Walk around the other edge and get the other block with a coin in it.

6. In front of the room you were just in is a house near the door. There will
be a house next to this with a red roof. Wall jump off of this onto another
building that is gray. On top of this is a block with a coin on it.

7. In the same small room that you are walking atop the walls, there is a small
house in front of the room that looks like a small school house. Do a wall jump
from the wall to either side of the house. On top of the house is a coin.

8. On top of this house is a pole. Climb up it. Follow the path until you come
to a platform. In front of it is a block with a coin in it.

The star is in the building with a pole on top of it where you found coin 7.

Stage 12: Tall, Tall Mountain
Scary 'Shrooms, Red Coins
1-4. From the start of the level, go right over two gaps until you come to a
large hole on the left side of the mountain with lots of big mushrooms. On
these are four red coins. They are really hard to get the first time but once
you get used to the mushrooms and are good at jumping, you can easily jump and
get all of them.

5. When you get the first four, go onto the main path and around the corner
into an area with moles in it. When you come to the moles area, run over to the
platform furthest away. Once on top of this hill, jump to the next platform to
get the fifth coin.

6. Next to the fifth coin is the sixth coin. Pretty easy, huh?

7. Jump to the ledge right next to the one you got coin five and six to get the
seventh coin.

8. Jump from ledge to ledge until you reach the final ledge. See the mushroom
below? that is your destination. You can do a long jump from the pointed part
of the ledge you are on, but it is very risky. The second choice is to go back
down to the ground and do a long jump from there, which is much safer.

The star will appear on a mushroom platform near the moles. Do a long jump to
easily reach it.

Stage 13: Tiny Huge Island
Wiggler's Red Coins
Before we start, let me ask you this: Have you activated the cannon? If so, go
into the right painting, or the huge world. If you haven't activated the
cannon, go into the left side, or the tiny world.

If you didn't activate the cannon, and are in the tiny world, here is how to
activate the cannon. To reach the pink Bob-omb, go to the grassy island with
tube on it and jump onto the platform next to it using a side sumersault,
backflip, or maybe even a double jump. Run right until you come to a beach. Run
into the water, then left. Talk to the pink Bob-omb then go towards the pipe.
Go back to the pipe and back to the same location except in the huge world.

When you are in the huge world, jump into the cannon. Aim towards the tree. You
want the tree in the lower part of the screen so that you will grab onto it.
Cross the bridge and go into the entrance. Now you can find the coins,

1-5. The first six coins are located on pillars closely arranged right in the
same part of the level. You can get all of these coins just by using regular

6. Once you get the fifth coin, jump to the left until you come to a pillar
with the sixth coin on it.

7. The seventh coin is located on the top ledge. To reach this, you need to do
a running double jump. This is hard to do. Start running, then jump once so you
will land right on the edge, then do another jump, then snag the coin.

8. Carefully jump down to the previous platform. Do a long jump to the only
platform near this one that you haven't gone to. Use the building to do a wall
jump up to the top. Get the coin.

The star will appear right below the last coin, but be careful jumping down.

Stage 14: Tick Tock Clock
Stop Time for Red Coins
You need to stop time for this one, well actually I'm not sure, if you did it
without stopping time, tell me.

1. On the series of bars, go from the first bar to the second to get the first

2. The second coin is located right on the second bar.

3. Do a double jump to the third bar then once again to the fourth bar. On the
way you should get the next coin.

4. The fourth coin is located on the fourth bar.

5. Do a double jump to the set of two bars.

6. In between this set of bars is a coin.

7. This one is found while jumping up to the next set of bars.

8. Go all the way up and you will find this one.

The star is located on one of the double sets of bars.

Stage 15: Rainbow Ride
Coins Ammased in a Maze
From the start, do a long jump onto a pole in the distance. Climb all the way
up it until you see four rotating platforms. Jump to the large structure to the
left. This is the maze.

1. From the entrance, run straight and do a long jump and get the first red

2. Get back to the first platform near the entrance. Jump up to the next
platform and up to the one above that and get the second red coin.

3-5. Do wall jumps up and up until you wind up getting three coins.

6. From the coin you found on a log, long jump to the upper left corner for the
sixth coin.

7-8. Go back to the log-like thing. Follow the path down which will bring you
outside to the seventh, eight, and the star. 

vi)Boss Level Stars
Besides the bonus courses and regular courses, there is levels especially for
boss battles. Basically the boss fights with Bowser. Those levels can give you
a star for getting eight coins.

Boss Level 1: Bowser in the Dark World
1. The boss levels are pretty straightforward and you follow a basic path so I
won't go into so much detail in this level. If you got the Metal Cap, get it
then at the first flame-shooter is a coin, hang on the ledge to get it.

2. The flame thrower will be shooting over a purple "!" button. Hit it then go
back to the first platform you were on and there will be blocks leading to the
second coin.

3. You will come to a path with a few crystals with electrified balls floating
around them. The third crystal has a coin behind it.

4. Continue through the level until you come to a platform with a large moving
block under it. Hang off of the right side of it, then drop down when the
floor is under you.

5. Soon after, you will see two square floors that move in a pattern around
each other. When one comes by, hop onto the upper-left side of it. When you
come around you shoud get it in the upper left corner.

6. When you come to a platform with a Goomba on it, fall off of the left side,
and follow the path. You will come to a platform with an electified ball that
floats around a centerpoint.

7-8. Continue until you come to floors that rotate. Here is a diagram to get
the last two coins.

   ___O___   _______    _______

      ________         \_
         *             * \_     O

The two "O's" are the coins. The "*'s" are where the rotating floors rotate on.
Youw want to get the second platform up high enough so that you can jump up and
get the coin. Then jump across the platforms until you come to the ledge with
a coin below it.

The star will appear next to the pipe that leads to the showdown with Bowser.

Boss Level 2: Bowser in the Fire Sea
1. This level is pretty straightforward and you follow a basic path so I won't
go into so much detail in this level. To get the first coin, walk over the
first set of sinking roofs and when you come to a fork in the road, take the
steel path. Up at the top of this, over a small gap, is the first coin.

2. Now go back to the main path. Follow it until you come to one of these
rotating floor dealies. You'll know what I'm talking about after you see it. On
the first rotating floor dealy is the coin.

3. After a series of rotating floor dealies there will be a pole. Climp up it
and jump into this room. This coin is hard to see. In the upper right corner,
in the air is the third coin.

4. At the end of this room is an elevator. Jump on it then quickly jump off
back into the room. Below where the elevator was in the fourth coin. Jump down
and do a stomp (jump + "Z") so you don't get hurt.

5. Go back to the elevator, and this time ride it all the way up. Continue
through the level until you come to a small pyramid. Run up to the top of it.
There is a small path up on the top of it that is wooden. Take it and up on the
top is a small platform with a bully on it. You don't have to kill him because
he can't get off of this platform.

6. Continue through the level and you will soon come to a set of floating
platforms connected by stairs. On the third floating platform, you will see a
shadow. Wait until the stairs are fully extended upward and you will see it.

7. Further in the level, you will come to a pool of lava with a lot of floating
roofs on it. There are fire shooters along the one side. The second one has a
coin in front of it.

8. Further in the level, you will come to floating platforms with poles coming
out of them. On the third one is a red coin.

To get the star. Do a handstand on the third pole and then do a high jump off
of it. The star is on this platform. 

vii)The Castle's Secret Courses
Besides the fifteen regular courses, there is the eight secret courses. Not all
of them have red coin stars in them, but most of them do. I had to make up most
of the names for these courses because a lot of them weren't given. It is
obvious which courses they are. I will probably give locations just to clear up
anything that may get people confused though.

Vanish Cap Under the Mote
-Stars Needed to Enter: 8
-Task Needed to Enter: Drain mote around castle.
-Overcoming the Task: After beating Bowser the first time, search around the
  castle until you come to a room with two square pillars and the room is
  almost filled with water. Do a stomp on each of the pillars and the mote will
-Location: In the mote, there is a small square hole leading to this area.

1. The first part of this level is a large hill with quite a few ledges
sticking out. From where you start, fall right down and you will land on a
ledge with the first star on it.

2. Jump left as far as you can using a regular jump. You will start sliding
down the hill and hopefully land on another ledge with another red coin on it.

3. Jump to the next ledge to the right. Now fall off the edge so that you will
start sliding directly under it. You should find a coin here. 

4. There will be a slightly higher platform to the left of this. Jump up onto
that and there will be a red coin on top of it.

5. You can now slide all the way down the hill. Walk to the right and up along
the long hill. At the end, you will see an elevator. Ride the elevator up and
jump onto the see-saw bridge. The coin is right above this edge of the see-saw

6. Wait until this end of the see-saw bridge is down relatively low, then run
to the other side and snag the coin.

7. Go through the series of elevators after the bridge and on the transfer from
one to another, there will be a coin.

8. Once at the end of the level, there will be one just beyond the cap switch,
next to a translucent wall.

To get the star, first make sure you have the vanish cap available, and get the
cap right next to the switch. Then run through the translucent wall that the
last coin was in front of.

Metal Cap Cavern
-Stars Needed to Enter: 8
-Task Needed to Enter: Get to room in Underground Lake in Hazy Maze Craze.
-Overcoming the Task: Go to the Underground Lake in Hazy Maze Craze. Get on the
  giant sea monster. Do a stomp, then walk onto his head. There is a small door
  across from the star in this section with a red dock right near it. Not the
  door with the "!" button near it. Go in this door and run left.
-Location: Left side of room. Use islands to get there if you Metal Cap runs

1-2. Use the islands to the left of this room to get to a large ledge kind of
like a wide pillar. On top of this is two coins.

3-4. Behind the cap on the island right behind the one where you got coins one
and two. They are on this island.

5-8. Enable the metal cap then around the island where the Metal Cap switch is
is four coins.

To get the star, before your Metal Cap runs out, walk over behind the island
with the metal cap on it and there will be a star inside of a circle of coins.

Tower of the Wing Cap
-Stars Needed to Enter: 12
-Task Needed to Enter: Basically all you have to do is have twelve stars.
-Location: In the entrance of the castle, after getting twelve stars, a light
  will appear. Stand in the center, then look up at it with the C button and
  you will transport to the level.

1-8. All of the coins in this level ar in between on of the four towers. They
are in pairs of two in between each tower, and they are all located in the
middle of a ring of regular coins.

The star is at the only safe place that you can land: the tower in the center.
It is right next to the wing cap button.

The Secret Aquarium
-Stars Needed to Enter: 3
-Task Needed to Enter: Be able to get into room leading to 'Jolly Roger Bay'.
-Location: Go to the room that leads to 'Jolly Roger Bay'. Once in this room,
  go right and jump into the square hole in the wall.

1-4. You will see a ring of coins from where you start. There are four of these
in the level. Each of them has one red coin in the middle of them.

5-8. Go down to the floor of the aquarium and in each of the four corners is a
red coin.

To get the star, go to the middle of the aquarium. On the bottom of it is a
pavilion with the star on it.

In-Game Codes
-Bonus Final Message-
Get all 120 stars then go back and face Bowser. You will see a different 

-Control Camera During Credits-
To control the camera during the credits, simply beat Bowser with a controller 
in port B. During the credits, use the controller in port B to move the camera.

-Easy Healing-
If you have taken some damage, just jump into some water then come to the 
surface and your health will be recovered.

-Extra Coins-
Whenever there is a post in a level, just run around it five times and a coin 
will pop out. This is great to get all 100 coins and great to fill up your 
health meter.

-Fat Penguin Race-
After getting all 120 stars, go to the Penguin Race in level 3 and he will be 
fatter, harder to beat, and have a new message for you.

Once you have gathered all 120 stars, there will be a cannon outside of the 
castle. Shoot yourself onto the roof of the castle and talk to Yoshi. He will 
give you 100 lives and an improved triple jump.

ix)Version History
Version 1.00
 -Added Neoseeker to site list
 -Submission date: 7/26/03
 -Final Revisions.

Version 0.90 or whatever the Hell it is
 -Finished 'Rainbow Ride' guide.

Version 0.80
 -Finished 'Tick Tock Clock' guide.
 -Finished 'Tiny Huge Island' guide.
 -Finished 'Tall, Tall Mountain' guide.
 -Finished 'Wet Dry Land' guide.
 -Small update to 'Shifting Sand Land' guide.
 -Finished 'Snowman's Land' guide.

Version 0.67
 -Another small update to 'Introduction' section.
 -Small update to 'Introduction' section.
 -Small update to 'Controls' section.
 -Added diagram to 'Lethal Lava Land' guide.
 -Large change to 'Table of Contents'.
 -Fishished 'Bowser in the Fire Sea' guide.

Version 0.50
 -Finished 'Tower of the Wing Cap' guide.
 -Finished 'Bowser in the Dark World' guide.
 -Finished 'Dire, Dire Docks' guide.
 -Finished 'Shifting Sand Land' guide.
 -Added section 'Boss Level Stars'.
 -Finished 'The Secret Aquarium' guide.

Version 0.33
 -Finished 'Lethal Lava Land' guide.
 -Finished 'Hazy Maze Craze' guide.
 -Finished 'Metal Cap Palace' guide.
 -Finished 'Vanish Cap Palace' guide.
 -Small update to the 'Contact Info' section.
 -Made 'The Castle's Secret Courses' its own section.
 -Finsihed up stage five.

Version 0.20
 -Major update to 'Copyright Info'.
 -Added a few new section in 'Game Basics'.
 -Added one move to 'Controls' section.
 -Finished stage four.
 -Finished stage three, one fifth of guide finished.
 -Redid and finished stage one and two.
 -Decided to change the document to 'Eight Red Coin Star Guide' instead of just
  'Star Guide'. Hopefully a full FAQ/Walkthrough will come out before the end 
  of the summer from me.

Version 0.11
 -Finished up the 'Codes' section.
 -Figured the 'Characters' section would take to long. So I got rid of it!
 -Added a lot to the 'Game Basics' section. That is almost finished but I will
  probably add a lot more to it.
 -Finished up stage 1, starting stage 2.
 -Major addition to level 1 star 5.
 -Added section for codes and patch codes.

Version 0.01
 -Small update to 'Contact Info'
 -Added challenge 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6 of stage one.
 -Started and did not complete the following sections: 'Game Basics'.
 -Started and completed the following sections: 'Introduction', 'Controls',
  'Items', 'Version History', 'Contact Info'.
 -Document Started.

x)Contact Info
I am currently open to all types of feedback reffering to this FAQ any other 
FAQs by me or other contributions I have made to this site. Please email me 
first if you would like to use my FAQ on your website and I will probably let 
you. If you have any additional questions, comments, or feedback, feel free to 
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I rarely use my AIM and ICQ so it is unlikely that you will reach me there. If
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Email: thecolonelkfc80@hotmail.com
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xi)Copyright Info
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