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General FAQs

FAQ/Walkthrough (N64) 07/15/07 A I e x Final 238K
FAQ (N64) 01/23/97 KLambert 1.4 53K
FAQ (N64) 07/11/96 RiGoR 11K
FAQ/Move List (N64) 01/01/99 WSiglerJr 1.00 38K
FAQ/Walkthrough (N64) 10/18/03 Alexander S 1.5 75K
FAQ/Walkthrough (N64) 10/08/01 BobDaMunky / ALanzing 1.0 145K
FAQ/Walkthrough (N64) 10/22/04 BSulpher / ZoopSoul 1.5 802K
FAQ/Walkthrough (N64) 06/18/04 Coffee 1.83 126K
FAQ/Walkthrough (N64) 07/24/06 Crystal Castles / me frog 1.1 795K
FAQ/Walkthrough (N64) 11/08/05 CWall 1.3 557K
FAQ/Walkthrough (N64) 10/01/02 GavLuvsGA Final 105K
FAQ/Walkthrough (N64) 07/10/05 Kirby021591 1.1 217K
FAQ/Walkthrough (N64) 07/11/99 marshmallow 1.0 122K
FAQ/Walkthrough (N64) 07/08/14 Ryan Harrison / skcin7 1.20 384K
FAQ/Walkthrough (N64) 09/16/13 SilentMJay 1.1 272K
FAQ/Walkthrough (N64) 10/27/07 Snow Dragon 1.0 256K
FAQ/Walkthrough (N64) 10/22/09 Wiej 1.00 426K
FAQ/Walkthrough (N64) 07/27/06 WithTheDawn 1.0 136K
FAQ/Walkthrough (N64) Part 1/2 07/28/03 GreenFlag 2.5 118K
FAQ/Walkthrough (N64) Part 2/2 07/28/03 GreenFlag 2.5 161K
Spoiler-Free Walkthrough (N64) 11/01/04 nucleargamer12 1.2 22K
Walkthrough (N64) 08/09/00 BJ 1.1 89K
FAQ (N64) 05/02/00 Jdude84 1.2 97K

Maps and Charts

Castle Map (1st Floor) (N64) (GIF) 09/12/04 The Vic Viper Final 21K
Course 01: Bob-Omb Battlefield Map (N64) (GIF) 10/07/13 StarFighters76 51K
Course 02: Whomp's Fortress Map (N64) (GIF) 10/07/13 StarFighters76 45K
Course 03: Jolly Roger Bar Map (N64) (GIF) 10/07/13 StarFighters76 64K
Course 05 Map (N64) (GIF) 09/12/04 The Vic Viper Final 23K
Course 05: Big Boo's Haunt Map (N64) (GIF) 10/09/13 StarFighters76 86K
Course 06: Hazy Maze Cave Map (N64) (GIF) 09/24/13 StarFighters76 84K
Course 07: Lethal Lava Land Map (N64) (GIF) 09/24/13 StarFighters76 66K
Course 08: Shifting Sand Land Map (N64) (GIF) 09/24/13 StarFighters76 95K
Course 09: Dire Dire Docks Map (N64) (GIF) 10/09/13 StarFighters76 49K
Course 10: Snowman's Land Map (N64) (GIF) 09/24/13 StarFighters76 50K
Course 11: Wet-Dry World Map (N64) (GIF) 10/09/13 StarFighters76 68K
Course 13: Tiny Huge Island Map (N64) (GIF) 10/11/13 StarFighters76 66K
Course 14: Tick Tock Clock Map (N64) (GIF) 10/11/13 StarFighters76 94K
Course 15: Rainbow Ride Map (N64) (GIF) 09/24/13 StarFighters76 72K
Extra: Bowser In The Dark World Map (N64) (GIF) 10/15/13 StarFighters76 31K
Extra: Bowser In The Fire Sea Map (N64) (GIF) 10/15/13 StarFighters76 48K
Extra: Bowser In The Sky Map (N64) (GIF) 10/15/13 StarFighters76 47K
Extra: Cavern Of The Metal Cap Map (N64) (GIF) 10/13/13 StarFighters76 21K
Extra: Mushroom Kingdom Castle Map (N64) (GIF) 10/15/13 StarFighters76 122K
Extra: Princess Secret Slide Map (N64) (GIF) 10/15/13 StarFighters76 37K
Extra: The Secret Aquarium Map (N64) (GIF) 10/15/13 StarFighters76 14K
Extra: Tower Of the Wing Cap Map (N64) (GIF) 10/13/13 StarFighters76 20K
Extra: Vanish Cap Under The Moat Map (N64) (GIF) 10/13/13 StarFighters76 30K
Extra: Wing Mario Over The Rainbow Map (N64) (GIF) 10/15/13 StarFighters76 31K

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