Where can I find one?

  1. Where can I buy a N64? I don't want to buy one from Ebay or any other online stores. How much are they?

    User Info: mariobros_128

    mariobros_128 - 12 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. No major secondhand store (Electronics Boutique, GameStop, etc.) carries such an "old" system anymore, but if you have any local pawnshops or pawnshop-type trade-in places (such as FunZone) they may carry some of the older consoles. Chances are these retailers will overcharge, so the end price may very well end up as the same for a cheap N64 + shipping from an online market. As for price range, probably $20-50 depending on included accessories. As a tip, you can probably haggle a price down at a mom-and-pop store. ;)

    User Info: Shotgunnova

    Shotgunnova - 12 years ago 0   0

Other Answers

  1. ebay is actually a very good online site
    I get all my retro gaming stuff there or at local secondhand stores.
    They're only abou $60 at the very max try getting one forabout $30

    User Info: gameguiy

    gameguiy - 12 years ago 0   0

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