What is the best method of picture quality using the N64 on a 50" plasma HD TV set?

  1. I'm in the NTSC region using a late period N64 console which cannot be customized with RGB. Realizing that S-video is my only cable option, i'm still not happy with how stretched and blurry things look even when I go to full screen 4:3. What i'd like to know is if there are any conversion boxes or adapters available that can improve and sharpen the picture quality of a Nintendo 64 running on a 50" plasma HD TV? (which can do 1080p). Are there any special cables I would need as well?

    User Info: Damion_Michaels

    Damion_Michaels - 12 years ago
  2. I've done some studying and I think I understand WHY it looks so bad on a 50 inch screen. First of all the Nintendo 64 has a relatively low native resolution of 256x224, 320x240, 640x480 interlace...not progression big M. The problem is I'm stretching an image of a lower resolution than my plasma TV's native resolution of 1080. There just isn't enough pixels to cover such a wide radius, so images are often blockish and stretchy looking, especially in 16:9 wide screen on a game that is not programmed to run in that mode. Additionally the Nintendo 64 uses trilenear filtering as a default resolution filter. Trilenear filtering is usefull for smoothing out jagged and blocky looking sprites. But it can appear to make games look very blurry as well. This is much more apparent with larger TV sets and Plasma or LCD TV models. The Nintendo 64's default filter was designed to look best under a CRT screen due to the way the colors and brightness are projected. This machine DID come out in 1996 after all I suppose. The problem is that my HDTV (nice as it is) has a very poor internal upscaler and so lower resolution displays are gonna really look ugly on it.

    So I know now what's wrong and why it can't look all too hot with any cable or cord. But what i'm asking now is...does anybody have some really good alternative ideas that I can use to make the N64 display look better. (Of course I really don't want to go out and buy another standard TV set with a CRT monitor just for a Nintendo 64 system.) i'm all ears for ANY suggestion no matter how expensive it sounds...thanx guys.

    User Info: Damion_Michaels

    Damion_Michaels - 12 years ago

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  1. Certain games require an expansion pak those games can have a definition boost its like 500p from normal
    other games that dont need it use normal 480p

    User Info: bigM10231

    bigM10231 - 12 years ago 6   3


  1. No. The problem with the blurriness of the N64 has nothing to do with your cables, or television, its very definitely because of the hardware anti-aliasing that became the signature of the system.

    The only thing that can be done about this is to emulate... but don't do that, because its wrong... a competent computer running N64 games can spit out a much better resolution, which would probably give you the results you want.

    But... to answer your question... no. The N64 is a blurry system. Nintendo made a choice between blurry, and terribly pixellated (ala Playstation 1). I prefer a blurry Mario64 over a pixellated Tomb Raider. Your mileage may very.

    User Info: darthcerebus

    darthcerebus - 12 years ago 5   8

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