Is N64 the worst Nintendo console?

  1. I've been thinking about this and talking about this with friends but I just get completely shot down for saying this. I consider the n64 to be the worst Nintendo console (out of NES, SNES, N64, Game Cube, Wii, and Wii U.)

    I know a lot of people are going to obliterate me for saying such a sin but here's how I feel about the system. It's good, I'm not saying I hate it at all, but I just think it aged badly. It's really not anyone's fault, it was amazing and revolutionary at the time and I played it all the time in college but there are hardly any games it can go back to and fully enjoy them. The only games that have aged well and are still amazing are banjo kazooie-tooie and majoras mask. I've played most of the prominent n64 games too. People say mario 64 controls like a dream but playing it just makes me want to play galaxy because I think that controls way better. Ocarina of Time doesn't do it for me anymore, even the 3ds version. It used to be my favorite game and now I can't play through it all without wanting to play wind waker or a link to the past instead. Go back and play golden eye, you remember it being a blast but now it's just a struggle to play. Again, I once loved all these games and I'm not saying that they were poorly made, it was the first attempt and now we have all these great polished games because of it. I just don't think it stands the test of time like many people think, I consider the SNES to be the best console ever made.

    I want to know what your opinion on this is or what games you think did stand the test of time or if I should just go die that's cool too.

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    SoullessGamer64 - 5 years ago

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  1. I wouldn't use the word 'worst' more like it didn't age gracefully. There are certainly worse consoles out there (Atari Jaguar, CDi) but we're talking strictly Nintendo but I can definetly see where you're coming from about the N64.

    The graphics didn't age well on most games. It was the beginnings of the 3D game worlds so it was new technology that was still trying to be figured out on how to be used to its fullest extent as well as how to control the games
    in 3d. Remeber there wasn't a set standard on how games controlled like there are now. When you play a brand new FPS, you won't have a issue w/ controls since they control pretty much the same for 10 or so years. Same w/ baseball games, space shooters etc since there is an accepted standard for the game controls. N64 games controlled perfectly for the time since there wasn't much to compare them to. Video game controls and game paddles have gotten more sophistaced in the 20 years since the N64.

    At the time of release it was an amazing system. Seeing Mario, Castlevania, Zelda go full 3d was amazing but since the system's release the controls are antiquated and outdated. And don't get me started on the camera issues most games had.

    The N64 is my least played Nintendo system but I wouldn't call it the 'worst' Nintendo console. The Wii is the worst console and the only reason is due to the motion controls. Its a novel, fun, cute concept and everyone loved it at first but it grew tiresome. Yeah its cool at first to swing the controller like a sword in Zelda but after an hour or so into your game session, you wished you could to just kick back and use a traditional paddle. If they had an option on all Wii games where you could switch between motion control or game paddle would of made it better. The motion controls trump the backwards compatiblity w/ the GC, trumps the Nintendo store and the name didn't help either. Granted N64 wasn't that creative of a name but it sounded a hell of a lot better than Wii.

    Long story short: N64 isn't the worst, the Wii is.

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  1. No, it isn't.

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