Im trying to figure a game out please help?

  1. i remember a game in which there was an overworld/level with a board walk on a beach at night. may be for 64 ps1/ps2 or gamecube. Any guesses welcome.

    User Info: LaytonmanII

    LaytonmanII - 7 years ago
  2. Some more info please?

    User Info: GothamsSavior

    GothamsSavior - 6 years ago
  3. What genre are we talking here? Adventure, simulation, fantasy, rhythm, etc.?
    Any characters you remember?

    User Info: hyperhippy92

    hyperhippy92 - 6 years ago
  4. Honestly, that's pretty vague. That's could be various Mario games, Resident Evil, Crash Bandicoot to even Syphon Filter. Any details you can remember from the game like gameplay, was it a shooter, side scroller, maybe an action adventure like Tak or Turok? More details would be appreciated. Or heck, since it's been 3 years maybe you know what it is already. Sharing that would be cool too.

    User Info: JohnathanHyde

    JohnathanHyde - 3 years ago

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