N64 Composite Connection Mystery?

  1. I have a Dynex HDTV with Component/Composite hookups. If my N64 is plugged in (correctly) it does not register. However, I have found a workaround. If I plug in another composite device (XBOX 360 for example) that registers, I can switch out the composite cables Indiana Jones-style and get the 64 to appear. Everything works perfectly from that point on as long as I don't shut off the 64 or change the input. If I change the input from, say, Component/AV to HDMI and back, the 64 goes back to not registering.

    My ultimate solution was to hook everything up through a composite switcher. Even ran through the switcher the same problem exists (but the Indiana Jones routine is replaced by a button). This is just super weird and I would love to know what the cause of this problem is. Even better would be a solution so I don't have to have such a complicated set-up.


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    telfus - 7 years ago

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  1. Hey I have a solution for you my friend. Check this out. All the new RGB switches and most modern HD TV's have composite connectors. To use the RGB with audio switcher try this for me. Plug the yellow video connector from the n64 AV cable into the green port of the RGB switch. Then plug in the red and white audio cable into the audio of the RGB switch. This is the most complicated step next. When you select input on your TV be sure to select AV vs. Component. The only difference between component video and standard video is that component splits the video into three channels Red Green and Blue while standard AV just uses one channel which is yellow. Just remember that yellow = green and you will not have any issues. This method will work with all AV devices connected to a RGB switch. Let me know if this works for you.

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