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Reviewed: 05/28/01 | Updated: 05/28/01

Luckily, donald only has to walk down a corridor to rescue his girl.

Crash Bandicoot is a respected game, it's sold a hell of a lot and has spawned 4 sequels, another one soon to appear for the PS2, and now that 'corridor platforming' has become all the rage, developers have stopped making 3d platformers and have got into the habit of making crash clones or: 2.5d platformers.

Donald duck is the most blatant rip-off of Crash Bandicoot I've seen so far, and it's a lot less fast flowing and fun, but it is still - perversely - quite fun, I'll start from the top.

The graphics are fairly sharp and very cartoony and disney-like, big colourful fields, flowing waterfalls, rainbows, crooked buildings, creaky corridors, and while all being ultimately unspectacular, they do the job without any real faults at all.

The voice acting in the game is pleasingly authentic, but not NEARLY enough of it, we have less than half of the intro sequence the playstation version had and then no more! It really is disappointing. The sound effects are instantly forgettable, and sometimes absent, for instance, there's no footstep sounds when you're walking, this isn't really important at all, but it is slightly unnerving. The music in the game is AWFUL, they are the most uncatchy sickly sweet pieces of noise I've heard in a platformer for a long time, and that is saying a LOT.

Have you played Crash Bandicoot? If so I really don't need to write anything about this game's gameplay at all, it's classic crash minus the frantic fun, running and jumping along seems very mundane, and apart from the being chased levels (Which do muster an odd tinge of excitement' and the bosses (which get progressively easier) there are NO varieties in gameplay, and the settings used for Donald's levels aren't used for different challenges crash-style (For instance, they could have a section where you have to ride along a boulder on the temple world) Instead, it's the same dodge the enemies jump onto the moving platform jump over the holes, but with slightly different wall colours, which is disappointing.

The game length is even worse! Pathetically easy (Even for a kid's game) and only 20 short levels (Not including the boss battles) There is SOME added longevity with the collection of the toys (Although this only really adds a couple of seconds worth of challenge to each level) and the time trials, and let's face it, Time trials are a cheap way of increasing a game's lifespan. But even with all these additions, Donald duck will be collecting dust a few days after you first play it.

But this IS a kids game, and what it sets out to do it may do with a disgusting lack of enthusiasm or ideas but it's fairly faultless, and for kids who find games like Banjo Kazooie 'too hard' this might be the perfect rental, but go any further and you'll be cheated.

Rating:   3.0 - Fair

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