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Guide and Walkthrough by Tarrun

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 03/04/2007

The World Is Not Enough

Table of Contents

I - Introduction
Legal Information
Version History

II - Miscellaneous 

01.0 - Cast of Characters
02.0 - Weapons
03.0 - 007 Awards

III - Walkthrough

000.0 - Basic Strategies
001.0 - Courier 
002.0 - King's Ransom
003.0 - Thames Chase
004.0 - Underground Uprising
005.0 - Cold Reception
006.0 - Night Watch
007.0 - Midnight Departure
008.0 - Masquerade
009.0 - City of Walkways Part One
010.0 - City of Walkways Part Two
011.0 - Turncoat
012.0 - Fallen Angel
013.0 - A Sinking Feeling
014.0 - Meltdown

Welcome to my The World Is Not Enough FAQ. 

Any questions, comments, corrections, or contributions are welcome, my email 
is tarrun75(at)gmail(dot)com. Please make sure to add something related to 
The World Is Not Enough in the subject line so I don't have to figure out 
what game you're talking about. Also, questions regarding something that's 
already covered in the guide will not be answered. Credit will be given to 
anything sent to me that I add or major corrections. For corrections, please 
email me only if it's something really important, something that will clearly 
confuse anyone reading.

Legal information:
This document is copyrighted Tarrun 2005. This guide may not be reproduced 
under any circumstance except for personal or private use. It may not be 
placed on any web site, magazine or otherwise distributed publicly without 
advanced written permission. This guide may not be used for profit, and may 
only be used on the following websites:


Use of this work on any other web site or as a part of any public display is 
a violation of copyright and is strictly prohibited.

Version History

First Submission: Version 1.0

II - Miscellaneous 

01.0 - Cast of Characters

01.1 - The Good Guys

James Bond - The man with the plan, James Bond needs no introduction. As the 
top agent at MI-6, Bond is the first agent sent to protect Elektra King, 
daughter of recently killed oil tycoon Robert King.

Christmas Jones - A nuclear physicist that joins Bond to stop Renard 
from setting off a nuclear warhead. 

M - The head of MI6, M is a close friend of Robert King, which makes her more 
determined to find his killer. 

Robertson - An MI6 agent that handles all reconnaissance for Bond's mission. 
He gives you tips and advice throughout the game.

Q - The gadget king, Q works at MI6 developing useful items for Bond. 
However, he's getting up there age-wise and will probably need a replacement. 

R - Q's apprentice, R (played by John Cleese) is taking up the reins when Q 
retires. He provides you with tips about some of your gadgets.

Zukovsky - Bond's old enemy has become a legitimate businessman in the 
past few years. He owns a caviar factory and a casino, but that doesn't 
mean he won't have valuable information concerning Renard and Elektra, 
as well as have contacts with his old comrades at the KGB.

01.2 - The Bad Guys

Renard - This is your main enemy, the average homicidal psycho. He was shot 
in the head, but rather than killing him, it's slowly moving through his 
skull. Although it will eventually kill him, in the mean time he's lost all 
feelings of pain. Renard stole a nuclear warhead and plans to detonate it 
near Istanbul.

Elektra King - The daughter of Robert King, she killed her father in order to 
take over his oil business. She plans to destroy all of her competitors' 
pipelines to control the oil industry.

Gabor - Elektra's bodyguard, he's loyal to her to the end. If you plan on 
getting to Elektra, you'll have to get through Gabor first.

Davidov - A traitor who has been secretly working for Renard. You must kill 
him and take his place to track down the maniac.

Bullion - Zukovsky's bodyguard; like Davidov, he's actually a traitor and has 
been secretly working for Renard. 

02.0 - Weapons

AT 420 Sentinel 
Clip Size: 4
Ammunition: Missiles
Description: It's as big as a breadbox, but twice as powerful. The Sentinel's 
rate of fire includes automatic or seeking.

Delta Mag 900 
Clip Size: 5 rounds
Ammunition: Bolts
Description: Decent rate of fire, powerful, and equipped with a scope, the 
Delta is a pretty good weapon to use. It's also more or less silent, which 
makes it great when you're trying to avoid attracting attention. The one 
downside is that it has a high reloading time.

Deutsche M45
Clip Size: 25 rounds
Ammunition: .45 ACP
Description: A power submachine gun, consider yourself well off if you're 
able to pick this weapon up. Can fire in either automatic or burst fire.

Deutsche SA90 
Clip Size: 20
Ammunition: 7.62
Description: High power, long-range scope, large clip; the SA90 has almost 
everything you could want in a rifle.

Frag Grenade
Clip Size: N/A
Ammunition: N/A
Description: You're average grenade; it has a five second timer on it before 
it explodes.

Frinesi Special 12
Clip Size: 8
Ammunition: 12 Gauge
Description: A shotgun that fires pump-action or automatic, very powerful, 
but with a short range.

Clip Size: 1
Ammunition: 40MM
Description: A grenade launcher, great for crowd control. Grenades can 
explode upon impact or have a five second timer on it.

Ingalls Type 20
Clip Size: 30 rounds
Ammunition: .45 ACP 
Description: Imagine the Meyer TMP with more stopping power and a silencer, 
and you've got the Ingalls. It's a great weapon; make sure to use it if you 
pick one up. 

MB Pow 90
Clip Size: 50
Ammunition: 5.7MM 
Description: A very powerful machine gun, used by many of Renard's henchmen.

Meyer Bullpup
Clip Size: 30
Ammunition: 5.56MM
Description: A machine gun that packs a nice punch and fires in automatic or 

Meyer TMP
Clip Size: 25 rounds
Ammunition: 9MM
Description: A small machine pistol, it fires quickly but it lacks the same 
kind of punch that other weapons like the Raptor or Ingalls have. Its two 
rates of fire are automatic and single.

Mustang .44
Clip Size: 6 rounds
Ammunition: .44 Mag
Description: Take the Raptor Magnum, add more power, but slow down the rate 
of fire and reload time. It does come equipped with a scope, though, which 
can come in handy. This weapon is an absolute godsend in hostage situations.

Mustang Mar-4
Clip Size: 30
Ammunition: 5.56
Description: A high-powered machine gun with a long-range scope. Consider 
yourself lucky if you manage to pick one up. Comes in automatic or burst 

Mustang Mar-4GL
Clip Size: 30
Ammunition: 40MM
Description: Similar to the Mustang Mar-4, but with a grenade launcher as an 
alternate fire.

Raptor Magnum
Clip Size: 8 rounds
Ammunition: .44 Mag
Description: One of the most powerful pistols in the game, a hit to the chest 
or head will almost always be a kill. Its alternate rate of fire adds a laser 

Clip Size: 1
Ammunition: Missiles
Description: A rocket launcher that fires a single rocket, very powerful with 
a long range.

Seamaster Speargun
Clip Size: 2 rounds
Ammunition: Spears
Description: It may only have two rounds per clip, but the Speargun is 
actually pretty powerful. It fires one or two spears at a time, depending on 
the rate of fire.

Soviet KA-57
Clip Size: 30
Ammunition: 7.62MM
Description: My personal favorite when it comes to machine guns. Great 
stopping power, nice clip size, it's a great on all counts. Fires in 
automatic and burst.

Sticky Grenade
Clip Size: N/A
Ammunition: N/A
Description: A Frag Grenade that, as the name implies, can stick to walls and 
other surfaces. It has a five second timer before detonating.

Stun Grenade
Clip Size: N/A
Ammunition: N/A
Description: A grenade that knocks an enemy unconscious rather than kill 
them. They will remain incapacitated for about fifteen seconds.

Suisse SSR 4000 
Clip Size: 5
Ammunition: 7.62MM
Description: The only sniper rifle in the game, it has a long-range scope and 
packs quite a punch. The only downside is that each bullet must be loaded 
individually, making its reload time high.

Watch Dart
Clip Size: 12
Ammunition: Tranquilizer Darts
Description: A tranquilizer gun built into your watch. Hitting an enemy with 
this will instantly knock him out for about twenty seconds. 

Watch Grapple
Clip Size: N/A
Ammunition: N/A
Description: A grapple built into your watch that can be attached to specific 
walls. You can use the rope to climb up otherwise unreachable areas.

Watch Laser
Clip Size: 100
Ammunition: N/A
Description: A laser built into your watch, it uses the same energy that the 
Stunner does. It can cut through locks and such, but can also be lethal.

Watch Stunner
Clip Size: 100
Ammunition: N/A
Description: A taser built into your watch; it will stun an enemy for a few 
seconds. If you get close to the enemy while firing the Stunner, you will 
punch them unconscious. Even though it drains quickly, the Stunner recharges.

Wolfram P2K
Clip Size: 16 rounds
Ammunition: 9MM
Description: Bond's weapon of choice, you begin every mission with this 
weapon. It's quick to reload, has a nice range, and is up the ladder in 
stopping-power. Although it's loud, it can be equipped with a silencer. Use 
this weapon until you collect enough ammo for a better one.

03.0 - 007 Awards

Difficulty: Secret Agent
Time: 2:00
Reward: Business Skins
Description: Multiplayer skins like the bank clerks, businessmen, Elektra's 
bodyguards, et cetera.

King's Ransom
Difficulty: Agent
Time: 2:20
Reward: Team King of the Hill Scenario 
Description: A team earns points for possessing a specific point on the map. 
The more team members on the "hill", the more points are scored.

King's Ransom
Difficulty: Secret Agent
Time: 3:45
Reward: Security Skins
Description: Multiplayer skins like MI-6 security guards, Spanish police, 
London police, et cetera.

Thames Chase
Difficulty: 00 Agent
Time: 4:25
Reward: Exotic Weapons
Description: Your starting weapon is a Seamaster Speargun, and possible 
pickups include the GL40, the Delta 900 Mag, and Sticky Grenades.

Underground Uprising
Difficulty: Agent
Time: 2:15
Reward: Castle Arena
Description: It's the area you see during the cinematic after completing 
Underground Uprising.

Cold Reception
Difficulty: Secret Agent
Time: 3:15
Reward: Sky Rail Arena
Description: A very large area with a gondala going from one end of the arena 
to the other.

Cold Reception
Difficulty: 00 Agent
Time: 3:05
Reward: Exotic Skins
Description: Bond and Elektra in their skiing outfits and scuba divers.

Night Watch
Difficulty: 00 Agent
Time: 2:20
Reward: Forest Arena
Description: Pretty self-explanatory. 

Midnight Departure
Difficulty: Agent
Time: 3:05
Reward: Soldier Skins
Description: The Colonel from Masquerade, the forest mercenaries, parahawk 
pilots, et cetera. 

Difficulty: Agent
Time: 3:15
Reward: Air Raid Arena 
Description: The level takes place on a plane while it's in mid-air. One of 
the more unique levels in my opinion.

Difficulty: 00 Agent
Time: 4:20
Reward: Scientist Skins
Description: R, a Q-branch scientist, Dr. Warmflash, et cetera.

City of Walkways Part One
Difficulty: Agent
Time: 3:35
Reward: Civilian Skins
Description: Istanbul Bond, Christmas in a dress, air traffic controllers, 
the women and men in towels, et cetera.

City of Walkways Part One 
Difficulty: Secret Agent
Time: 3:50
Reward: Covert Skins
Description: Covert and undercover Bond, miscellaneous terrorist outfits, and 
the like.

City of Walkways Part Two
Difficulty: Agent
Time: 3:40
Reward: Wild Fire Weapons
Description: Your starting weapon is a Frinesi Special, and possible pickups 
include the Meyer TMP, Soviets, GL40s, and grenades.

Difficulty: Secret Agent
Time: 3:20
Reward: Capture The Briefcase
Description: Basically the same as Capture the Flag, you must collect the 
opposing team's briefcase and bring it back to your base.

Fallen Angel
Difficulty: Secret Agent
Time: 2:45
Reward: Gadget War Weapons
Description: Your starting weapon is a silenced P2K and body armor for a 
gadget; possible pickups include the Ingalls, Sticky Grenades, and X-Ray 

A Sinking Feeling
Difficulty: 00 Agent
Time: 2:55
Reward: Navy Skins
Description: Renard in his black outfit, members of the Russian sub crew, 
Nikolai, et cetera.

Difficulty: Agent
Time: N/A
Reward: Contemporary Skins
Description: Classic characters like Alec Trevelyan, Max Zorin, Wai Lin, and 
May Day. 

Difficulty: Secret Agent
Time: N/A
Reward: Classic Skins
Description: More memorable Bond characters such as Baron Samedi, Jaws, 
Oddjob, and Scaramanga. 

Difficulty: 00 Agent
Time: N/A
Reward: Golden Gun Scenario 
Description: Collect the three pieces of the Golden Gun littered around the 
arena and kill your opponent(s) with it. The player to kill every enemy with 
the Golden Gun wins the match.

III - Walkthrough

Note: This walkthrough is based on 00 Agent. 

000.0 - Basic Strategies

- Even though this is a first person shooter, don't run in every room 
unloading clip after clip. There's a time and a place, my friend; and until 
you figure out when those times are, take it slow. Crouch behind objects for 
cover, peak around corners for enemies, and try to take enemies down from a 

- Reload as often as you can. This isn't like Goldeneye; reloading a weapon 
doesn't take a split second, which means if you're in a firefight and run out 
of ammo, you're up the creek without a paddle. 

- Strafing is your friend. Don't just stand around shooting, the idea is to 
kill your enemies and take minimal damage. Strafing between objects like 
crates or trees allows you to quickly get a few shots in without the risk of 
injury or death.

001.0 - Courier

Mission Objectives:
- Collect your equipment. (Agent, Secret Agent, 00 Agent)
- Avoid civilian casualties. (Agent, Secret Agent, 00 Agent)
- Collect Sir Robert's money from the vault. (Agent, Secret Agent, 00 Agent)
- Crack the safe and obtain a security pass. (Agent, Secret Agent, 00 Agent)
- Destroy the security tape. (Secret Agent, 00 Agent)
- Escape with the money. (Agent, Secret Agent, 00 Agent)

You begin the mission at a receptionist's desk; the woman tells you that 
there's a safety deposit box waiting for you, so let's check it out. Take a 
right and enter the double doors. The security guard says that the privacy 
room has been set up for you, enter the first room on the right and open the 
box to find the Appointment Card.

Return to the main room and talk to the security guard by the metal detectors 
and show him your Appointment Card (hold A and press B to cycle through 
gadgets; press Z to use it). A cinematic plays, showing Bond handing over his 
weapon and entering Lachaise's office. After a bit of dialogue, the "Cigar 
Girl" assassinates Lachaise and makes a break for the exit. Using his multi-
purpose glasses, Bond activates the Flashbang Pistol that was in the safety 
deposit box and knocks everyone in the room unconscious.  

When the cinematic ends, look down at the unconscious guard and kill him. 
Cruel? Maybe, but he won't treat you with the same kindness when he wakes up 
so don't pass up a free kill. 

Enter the office on the right; there's a civilian inside, make sure not to 
kill him. However, behind the door at the other end of the room is an enemy, 
so open it and be ready to fire. His death should attract another enemy from 
the other room; kill him and collect his Magnum. There's another enemy at the 
end of the hall, use the door as cover and take him down.

Run down the hall and peek around the corner. If you're playing on 00 Agent, 
a police officer will be standing there. Despite his hostility, you can't 
kill him. Sorry, find some other way to incapacitate him; punches will knock 
him out and darts put him to sleep for a few seconds. There's also an enemy 
behind him (or, on the easier difficulties, a bad guy will replace the cop), 
so shoot him from behind the wall. 

Open the door on the right, but don't go inside. There are two enemies: one 
armed with a Meyer TMP. Kill the two of them and wait for reinforcements to 
come from the other room on the left. Two more brutes and a cop (00 Agent 
only) will enter, so take the cop down first to avoid failing the mission. 
When the commotion dies down, open the cabinets and collect some extra ammo. 

Now head through the door at the other side of the room; there are a pair of 
civilians in here, as well as a safe on the right. Use the safe cracker to 
open it and grab your very own security swipe card. 

If you're playing on Secret Agent or 00 Agent, leave the room through the 
door at the opposite side of the room and take a right, watch for any stray 
enemies trying to sneak up behind you. The very last door is locked, so use 
your new swipe card to unlock it. A bad guy and a cop (00 Agent only) will 
attack you, so knock the cop out and kill the guard. In the far left corner 
is some surveillance equipment; run over and use the data scrambler to 
destroy the backup video of the events that have taken place. 

After you've completed the objective (or after cracking the safe on Agent), 
head back to the beginning of the hallway where the mission began. The very 
last room on the left requires the swipe card, so use it to gain access. Run 
over to the keypad and use the keypad decoder (that's some great foresight) 
to unlock the gate to the vault. Grab the brief case on the table and 
complete the objective. 

Now it's the simple matter of getting outside. No jumping out the window like 
in the movie, we're too classy for that. Head downstairs, either by taking 
the elevator or staircase. Make sure to unequip your weapon; the main lobby 
is filled with Swiss police, but they won't attack if you're unarmed. Walk 
through the revolving doors to complete the mission.

002.0 - King's Ransom

Mission Objectives:
- Protect all MI6 personnel. (Agent, Secret Agent, 00 Agent)
- Avoid civilian or security casualties. (Agent, Secret Agent, 00 Agent)
- Find Sir Robert King. (Agent, Secret Agent, 00 Agent)
- Activate the top floor lockdown. (Agent, Secret Agent, 00 Agent)
- Rescue M. (Secret Agent, 00 Agent)
- Escort M to the security center. (Secret Agent, 00 Agent)
- Activate the sprinkler system. (Agent, Secret Agent, 00 Agent)
- Activate the ground floor lockdown. (Agent, Secret Agent, 00 Agent)
- Escort Dr. Warmflash to the injury victims. (Secret Agent, 00 Agent)
- Get to the Q labs. (Agent, Secret Agent, 00 Agent)

Terrorists are attacking MI6 headquarters? Bold move, to say the least. When 
the mission begins, M tells you to find Sir Robert, so leave her office and 
talk to Money Penny. She's hiding in the corner of the secretary's office, 
and she gives you a pen grenade. The security guard in here will tell you to 
activate the lockdown in the security center.

Enter the hallway, almost immediately a terrorist will come through the 
window on your left. Thankfully, you'll have some help from the security 
guards, but don't completely rely on them. Kill the enemy on the left and 
then look down the hall; two more terrorists are heading your way, but the 
security guards are blocking your view. Make sure to shoot around them, and 
kill the two terrorists. 

Take the first left, and then another; a terrorist will be breaking through 
the window right about now, so take care of him. Head up the hallway and peak 
around the left corner; you should see a fire extinguisher. Shoot it, and all 
three enemies will be killed in the blast. Continue that way and yet another 
terrorist will jump through the window, so kill him as well. 

Now switch from the P2K to your Deutsche and look down the hall; three 
terrorists about fifty feet away. Quickly kill them and head to the end, the 
security center is on your left. Run over to Robinson and activate the 
security panel on the right to shut the blast doors.

As you're heading back up the hall, Money Penny radios in and says that M is 
being held hostage. Luckily, she hasn't been moved from her office and 
there's only one terrorist guarding her. Switch over to your Raptor and 
retrace your steps back to the beginning, killing any terrorists that get in 
your way (there may be one around the second corner near the window, and 
usually two right outside Money Penny's office). Enter M's office and kill 
the terrorist on the right. Don't panic about M dying, there's no risk of her 
being shot; the lone terrorist focuses all of his attention on you. 

When she's safe, M asks you to escort her to the security center as a 
precaution. Lead her there, only three more enemies should have spawned: one 
by the blast door, one by the now-destroyed fire extinguisher, and one by the 
security center itself. When M is safe, return to the first hallway and take 
a left to the area you haven't been. 

Around the corner are two terrorists, so strafe around it and kill them with 
your Deutsche. On Secret Agent and Agent, there's armor in the meeting room 
on the right. Head through the door at the end of the hall that leads to the 
stairs; up to three terrorists have repelled down from the ceiling and are 
hanging around (literally) to attack you. Strafe back and forth and kill 
them, and then head down the stairs. Before going down each flight, look over 
the edge and check for enemies, there are a few on the first two floors. When 
you reach the bottom, three more terrorists begin repelling down to attack. 
Equip your Watch Stunner and knock them out before they reach the bottom.

Enter the ground floor through the door and talk to the security guard; he 
mentions that there are fires in the lobby, but the sprinkler system isn't 
automatically turning on, so it's up to Bond to activate them manually. 

Continue down the hall and enter the main area that branches off. Run 
straight and three more terrorists will appear, chasing after a terrified 
scientist. When the scientist ducks into the room on the left, shoot the fire 
extinguisher to kill the three of them. Take a right at the end of the hall 
and enter the darkened room; there's a terrorist hiding in the back, so kill 
him and turn on the sprinklers. Turn around and shoot the terrorist that's 
about to drop through the hole in the ceiling, and then exit the room. A pair 
of enemies are at the opposite end of the hall, so kill them with your 
Deutsche and run down and collect their ammunition. Take a left at that end 
of the hallway and head through the door that requires handprint 
identification; the security panel is inside, so activate the lockdown on 
this floor. 

Now return to the main area and head down the only hallway that you haven't 
explored yet. In the room on your left are two terrorists, so open the door 
and shoot the computer inside to kill one of them (make sure to back up 
first), and then shoot the other on the left.

Continue down the hall, past the medical center, and reach the vault by the 
main lobby. Head inside and talk to the security guard by the actual entrance 
to the vault; he asks you to get the doctor from the medical center and 
escort her to the vault. It's only down the hall, so there should only be one 
or two terrorists on the way there or the way back. Lead Dr. Warmflash to the 
vault and continue inside to find Sir Robert, who promptly dies as soon as 
you arrive. 

Right about now, Q rings in and requests your presence in the Q labs. In case 
you didn't see it, the labs are in the hallway that leads to the stairs, so 
head back that way. One or two terrorists may have spawned in the halls, and 
at least two of them are in the main area with the map, so keep you Deutsche 
on hand. Enter the Q labs to trigger the cinematic and complete the mission.  

003.0 - Thames Chase

Mission Objectives:
- Pursue the female assassin. (Agent, Secret Agent, 00 Agent)
- Rescue the hostages. (Agent, Secret Agent, 00 Agent)

The assassin will run past you right in the beginning of the mission, but 
remember not to shoot her. It really won't matter, though, because she's 
extremely fast. In fact, you'll probably lose sight of her in seconds, so you 
won't have to worry about accidentally killing her. 

Run up to the edge of the docks and crouch down; a boat will appear with two 
enemies inside, so wait for them to pass before continuing. Take a right and 
head up the stairs, there's an enemy on the opposite side of the docks, so 
kill him from there and proceed. Remember, even though it's hard to hit him 
at this distance, his chances of making contact are just as bad, so it's 
better to be safe. Run over and collect his weapon; from here, look up the 
stairs. You should be able to make out a blue van and two green uniforms; 
again, kill them from here to reduce your chances of being shot.

When the two of them are dead, run up the stairs and peak around the corner. 
Another enemy is by the wall on the left, so unload your clip on him and 
collect the set of weapons dropped by the trio. 

As you're doing this, a pair of enemies will run out from the shack on the 
right and attack you, so quickly shoot the blue/black barrel near the door to 
kill them (they might actually do it for you). There's still another 
terrorist in the shack that's shooting through the window, so kill him and 
collect his rifle. 

Leave the shack and head down the stairs across from the doorway. There are 
up to three terrorists holding hostages in the shack on the other side of the 
inlet, so equip your new rifle and take them all down with headshots. When 
the hostages are safe, collect any ammunition lying around and continue 
through the stone passageway on the right. Take a left and kill the three 
scuba divers (with spear guns no less) that attack you, as well as the three 
terrorists positioned on around the rim of the area. There's one on the roof 
directly in front of you, one on the outside of the boathouse in the far left 
corner, and a third standing in the same general area, except on the 
boathouse that you just left. 

Enter the boathouse and kill the terrorist facing away from you; I suggest 
blowing up the barrel next to him. Enter the open area, but quickly back 
away; four enemies enter through the doorway on the second floor and position 
themselves around the room. There are two at the doorway, on one the right 
side of the room, and the other directly above you. Inch forward so that you 
can see about half of one of the terrorists' bodies. Use your rifle to shoot 
him in the head, and then repeat this with the second guard by the door. Now 
face the crates and strafe towards the barrels until you see a portion of the 
third guard and take him down like you did the previous two. As for the final 
guard, face the back wall and walk backwards until you see his head; use your 
P2K or Spear Master to take him down. 

Jump up on the boxes and two more terrorists will appear. Use your Raptor to 
take them out, and then collect all of the weapons on the second floor. Leave 
the boathouse and look over to the rooftop of the building directly across 
from you. Use your rifle to kill the two snipers and head down the ramp. 
Inside the building, there are three guards hiding behind crates and barrels 
(none that explode), so wait for them to stand up and take them out with 

Enter the warehouse through the door on the right. Run straight, but before 
you turn left to continue to the end, kill the guard hiding in the right 
corner. His companion hiding deeper in the maze of crates will probably hear 
this, so quickly turn around and defend yourself. Head to the end and kill 
the guard standing on the second story, and then take a left and kill the 
terrorist holding hostages (note that these hostages don't appear on Agent). 

Look up in the middle of the area and find the yellow and black bar on the 
ceiling. Fire your Watch Grapple at the bar to create a rope that you can 
climb up. Head through the two doors and kill the terrorist on the other 
side. Jump down onto the docks, and you'll receive a reminder about the 
female assassin. Look left and kill the guard hiding out (00 Agent only) and 
then run right, up the docks. 

Kill the two guards standing on either side of the crate and watch out for 
the passing boat. Follow the dock to the stairway on the right, but make sure 
to kill the scuba divers on the large ship first. There are two enemies on 
the stairs, so kill them with your Deutsche. Run up the stairs, and another 
pair will attack you. Kill them and continue up; there are two more 
terrorists by the subway entrance. When the area's clear, head down to the 
subway to complete the mission.

004.0 - Underground Uprising

Mission Objectives:
- Rescue the hostages. (Agent, Secret Agent, 00 Agent)
- Defuse the terrorists' bomb. (Agent, Secret Agent, 00 Agent)
- Pursue the female assassin. (Agent, Secret Agent, 00 Agent)
- Avoid civilian casualties. (Agent, Secret Agent, 00 Agent)

You begin the mission with five minutes and thirty seconds before the bomb 
explodes. It doesn't sound like much, but it should be plenty of time. The 
main idea of this mission is to not murder a hostage by accident. The 
terrorists are right next to a civilian or hostage nine times out of ten, so 
watch where you aim. Also, civilians will be running back to the surface 
throughout most of the level, and at least one of them will die more often 
then not. However, this doesn't count as a casualty because you weren't the 
one who made the kill, so hang back and wait for any civilians to pass you to 
avoid failing the mission.

Run down the stairs and turn left; three or four civilians will pass by you, 
and the two terrorists in the ticket booth will begin attacking. Shoot the 
computer in the right window to kill them both, and then fight the guard 
standing on the left side of the area. Head down the path on the left side of 
the booth, past the soda machines is an escalator. A terrorist runs up it; so 
take him down before he gets the chance to fire off a round. Crouch down and 
allow the escalator to bring you to the bottom; there are two terrorists with 
a pair of hostages (not in Agent). Unload a bullet or seven into each of them 
quickly; unlike in previous hostage situations, these terrorists will execute 
their hostages after being shot at. 

After the hostages are safe, collect all of the ammunition lying around (as 
well as body armor on Agent and Secret Agent), and then return to the ticket 
booth. Head right and kill the guard standing against the left wall before 
continuing. Crouch down, equip your Raptor, and crawl down the escalator on 
the left. Two terrorists appear and run up, so quickly kill them. Another 
terrorist soon follows, except he's on the opposite escalator. Wait until he 
stops about three-quarters of the way up, and then stand and take a few cheap 
shots. Collect their weapons and continue down.

Two terrorists are standing in the corner on the right, kill them both and 
then run left. Down the hall is your second group of hostages; this time the 
terrorist on the left is standing almost directly in front of his hostage, so 
if he crouches down and/or you miss your shot, there's a very good chance 
that you'll end up killing the civilian. Take your time and use the Raptor's 
laser sight as a precaution. When both terrorists are dead, continue down the 
escalator to the actual tracks. On this level in the main hall, a group of 
five or six civilians run past you as a terrorist chases after them. Kill the 
terrorist and take a right; two more enemies are standing in the corner, so 
take them down as well. 

At the end of this hallway are the tracks along with three more terrorists 
and hostages (not in Agent). Quickly kill the enemies with your Raptor, and 
watch out when attempting to shoot the terrorist at the end; you won't have 
any time to get closer, so aim carefully.

On the left side of the tracks (on the opposite side) is a door leading to 
the other portion of the subway. This is obviously dangerous, as the subway 
car flies past you every couple of seconds. Right after it passes by, jump 
down and run to the small inlet just before the door. Wait there for the 
train to pass by again, and then head to the exit. 

Run through this room and exit through the door at the other end. You end up 
on another set of tracks, but thankfully there aren't any moving trains to 
watch out for. Open the door to the train on the right and kill the enemies 
inside. Jump up into the car and head through to the other end; when you open 
the door to leave you'll find the last set of hostages (not in Agent). There 
are three terrorists, and the closest and farthest are holding hostages. Take 
them out the same way you did the others, and run down to the end of the 
tracks and take a left. 

There's a guard in the main hallway, so kill him and get ready for the next 
pair that appear from behind the ripped metal gate. When they're both dead, 
enter the men's bathroom (the one on the right) and check all of the stalls 
for hiding terrorists. The last stall contains the bomb, so equip your bomb 
disposal kit and check it out.

When you get close to the bomb, two bars will appear on the right side of the 
screen: a blue one on top that represents the "life" of the bomb and a black 
one under it that represents how close you are to triggering the bomb's anti-
tampering mechanism. Face the bomb and begin to defuse it, you'll notice that 
the bottom bar begins to fill up; don't allow it to, or the bomb will 

When the bomb's been defused, leave the bathroom and head right past the 
metal gates. Break the lock on the door on the right and enter inside. The 
stairway in front of you explodes, hinting that you should use your Watch 
Grapple to get up. However, it's been my experience that you're a sitting 
duck while climbing up the grapple, so don't bother. Instead, head up the 
stairs to the point where it broke off. Kill the terrorist on the other side 
and jump across the gap. You have to be fairly close to the edge before 
jumping, but there's enough leeway to make it doable. Once on the other side, 
run up the stairs, killing the last pack of terrorists as you go, and break 
off the lock on the door at the top. You'll see our female assassin escaping 
in a balloon, so run up to the balloon to complete the mission.  

005.0 - Cold Reception

Mission Objectives:
- Draw the terrorists away from Electra. (Agent, Secret Agent, 00 Agent)
- Destroy the fuel dump at Tower 1. (Agent, Secret Agent, 00 Agent)
- Destroy the fuel dump at Tower 2. (Agent, Secret Agent, 00 Agent)
- Get to the bottom of the peak. (Agent, Secret Agent, 00 Agent)

Just to let anyone who reads this know, I played through this level twice to 
get a better idea of where enemy placements were. It didn't work, but do you 
really need a long, descriptive strategy here? Not really, I'm sure if you 
entered this level with the concept of "shoot everything that moves" you'd do 
just fine. However, I did my best to pick up all of the enemy locations, so 
here they are...

After skiing down the first slope and turning left, you're greeted by three 
enemies standing still in front of another drop. Even though you're weapon is 
the P2K, each enemy takes only a single hit to die. Past the terrorists, drop 
down the slope and a parahawk flies by you; you really don't need to worry 
about it, though, it takes too much to kill them and they really don't attack 
you until near the end of the mission. 

Continue skiing (not that you really have another choice) around the next 
bend; there's a guard standing around shooting at you, followed by three more 
and a parahawk. Now drop down into the cave, there are eight terrorists, 
grouped in two sets of four scattered around. Each group should look 
something like this:

           /           / 
          /           /
         /           /
         \      x  _ \  
          \ x     |_| \ 
           \      x    \
           /         x /
          /   B       /   

Yeah it's bad, but it gets the point across so there's no need to make fun of 
my terrible ASCII abilities. Don't feel pressured to kill every single enemy; 
even if you pass by them, they won't follow you or anything like that. Fight 
through both packs; at the end is a jump guarded by two terrorists. Kill them 
along with the skier that sneaks up from behind. Shoot him before he drops 
something to trip you up, and then speed up and hang left. There's a fork in 
the trail just up ahead, so if you start heading left now you'll be able to 
take that path without any trouble. There are two guards in front of a jump, 
and after landing there are another two along with body armor (yes, even on 
00 Agent). 

Past the body armor is a tractor, and around the next corner is Tower 1. 
Shoot the barrels to destroy the fuel dump and continue down the slope. A few 
more enemies on skis, as well as a pair of parahawks and a snowmobile will 
attack you; play it safe and make sure to have your AK equipped around this 
section. Head inside the small cave begin picking up speed and hanging left 
again. Take the left path when the trail forks and you'll end up on top of a 
small hut with another bulletproof vest. Just ahead is Tower 2, so hit a 
barrel to complete objective C. 

Now it's the simple matter of getting down the mountain alive. However, with 
full armor this shouldn't be a problem. Cross the bridge and shoot the 
barrels next to the tractor to send everyone nearby flying. Ski past the 
large building on the right and kill the three guards next to it; a parahawk 
flies by not afterwards, and a snowmobile jumps over you on the next jump. 
Don't shoot it or you'll take damage from the explosion. 

In the final stretch, there are a half-dozen enemies hiding by the trees on 
either side of the trail, so shoot as many of them as you can. A parahawk 
flies at you, and there's another pair of guards in the middle of the trail 
next to some trees, but that's about it. At the end is a long row of barrels; 
shoot them from a distance to avoid taking damage. Electra's chopper is on 
the other side of the barrels, so ski a few yards more to finish the mission.

006.0 - Night Watch

Mission Objectives:
- Avoid alerting Gabor. (Agent, Secret Agent, 00 Agent)
- Avoid alerting Davidov. (Agent, Secret Agent, 00 Agent)
- Avoid any casualties. (Agent, Secret Agent, 00 Agent)
- Find telephones and plant wiretaps. (Agent, Secret Agent, 00 Agent)
- Photograph evidence. (Agent, Secret Agent, 00 Agent)

Even though the mission objectives are constant throughout all three 
difficulties, the number of documents that you have to photograph and phones 
you have to tap vary. Here's a quick list of all changes:

Agent: two phones, two pieces of evidence
Secret Agent: three phones, three pieces of evidence
00 Agent: four phones, three pieces of evidence

And keep in mind that all of the telephones and pieces of evidence won't be 
present on the lesser difficulties, so you won't have your pick of which ones 
to complete the objective with.

Also, you can't kill anyone in this mission. No one. Which means the only two 
ways of incapacitating someone is by using your Watch Darts or punching their 
lights out (best used when combined with the Watch Stunner). Just be warned 
that if you use a tranquilizer dart on someone, they'll wake up about thirty 
seconds to a minute later. This gives you enough time to get from Point A to 
Point B, but if you have to wait around or complete part of an objective, 
don't be surprised if you have to deal with them again. Unless it's 
specifically noted otherwise, your best bet is to stick with your fists and 
keep them down for the count.

Oh, and one final note. You can't knock Gabor or Davidov out without failing 
the respective objective. Also, you can't attack anyone while they're in the 
area without catching their attention. 

Now that that's been covered, it's time to get down to business...

After a quick reminder from Robinson and R about being stealthy, you find 
yourself in your bedroom. The first thing to do is tap the telephone on the 
desk near the door (1/4); there's no way to get back here if you forget to. 
Open the door that leads to the balcony and jump over the left railing. Drop 
down into the courtyard and crawl to the locked gate. Shoot the lock off and 
activate your x-ray glasses; wait for the guard to walk up to the gate and 
begin heading back down, and then follow him. Knock him out and run down to 
the high wall. Activate your glasses again and wait for a guard to walk in 
front of the security building. Follow after him and knock him out, make sure 
that you're crouched to avoid being seen by the guard in the building through 
the windows. Return to the door and equip your Watch Stunner; enter inside 
and zap him for a few seconds and knock him out as well. Use your data 
scrambler on the small gray box to disable all of the cameras in the area.

Now return to the main courtyard. Crawl left between the wall and the bushes; 
at the end are three guards talking to each other. Activate your glasses and 
look through the archway to make sure that Gabor isn't coming, and then knock 
the three of them out with your Watch Darts. Head through the archway, 
there's a guard overlooking the pool. Sneak up behind him and punch him out. 
Head around the pool and enter the garden. There are two guards walking up 
and down the main rows and two more in front of the door leading to the 
dining room. Here's another one of my terrible ASCII maps of the garden:

           |                               |
           |             .   . .  .  .          
           |       __    .   .    __  .     
           |      |  |   .   .   |  | .    |  
           |      |  |   .   .   |  | x    |
           |      |  |   .   .   |  | .    | 
           |      |__|   .   .   |__| .    |
           |             .   .        .  x
           |       __    x   .    __  .  x   
           |      |  |   .   .   |  | .    |
           |      |  |   .   .   |  | .    |
           |      |  |   .   .   |  | .    |
           |      |__|   .   .   |__| .    |
           |             .   . . . . .     |
           |_____________       ___________|
                         |     |

Those dots represent the path that each of those guards take. The one on the 
left walks up and down, while the one on the right walks around the shrubs on 
the right. Also, Gabor occasionally is in the area, and his round takes him 
completely around the perimeter.

Hug to right wall and use the shrubs for cover. Peek around the right side 
and knock out the two guards standing in front of the doorway to the villa, 
as well as the guard walking around the shrubs if he's in the way. Enter the 
villa and tap the telephone on the left (2/4), and then head through the 
doorway on the right. On 00 Agent, there's a guard walking around the 
hallway, so use the Watch Stunner to prevent him from shooting you and knock 
him out. Take a right and head inside the room to find another telephone on a 
small desk (3/4). 

Afterwards, return to the hallway and enter a courtyard with a second 
security center. There are two guards in the courtyard itself, so use your x-
ray glasses to survey the area before heading outside. When the one walking 
around the perimeter passes by the doorway, use a tranquilizer dart to knock 
him out and then sneak up to the other one in the right corner. Knock him out 
with the Watch Stunner and run over to the security center; there's a third 
guard inside, so take him down the same way you did before. Disable all of 
the cameras in the area and then head over to the archway across the 

There are two different paths to take, a courtyard on the left with a 
security center and a stable that leads to the end of the mission. Take the 
left path first; destroy the lock on the gate and watch out for the guard 
doing his rounds along the perimeter. If you can keep things quiet, follow 
behind him and use your Watch Stunner. If he sees you, switch to the Watch 
Dart and knock him out from afar, but get ready for the guard in the security 
center to investigate the noise. When both of them are out of the picture, 
disable the cameras and return to the archway.

Shoot the lock on the door to the stable and enter inside. There's a small 
room on the right with the first piece of evidence. Equip your Watch Stunner 
and enter the room; two guards are inside, so stun them until they drop their 
weapons and punch them out. In the very right corner is a safe, use your safe 
cracker to unlock it and take a photograph of it with your camera (1/3). 

Leave the room and exit the stable through the door on the right. There's a 
long, wooded pathway that leads to the last security center, but you first 
have to get through the group of guards at the beginning. Equip your Watch 
Dart and hide behind a tree; there's a good chance they know you're in the 
area, so be quick about knocking them out. 

When they're all unconscious, run down the path and enter the security center 
at the end. There will be a small cinematic where you see Davidov walking 
down the trail, hinting that this last portion of the mission has a time 
limit to it. Quickly run over to the desk on the left and tap the telephone 
(4/4) and photograph the papers right next to it (2/3). In the center of the 
room is another desk with a small slip of paper on it (it almost looks like a 
plane ticket), photograph it (3/3) to complete the objective.

Quickly get out of the security center; remember that Davidov is coming your 
way. Hide behind the building while your list of completed objectives is 
updated. When it's finished, you'll receive a new objective: get into the 
back of Davidov's car. However, if you took too long and Davidov is in sight, 
wait behind the security center until Davidov enters the building before 
crawling over to his car. Use the Action Button on the trunk of the car to 
climb inside and complete the mission. 

007.0 - Midnight Departure

Mission Objectives:
- Eliminate Davidov. (Agent, Secret Agent, 00 Agent)
- Pick up Davidov's phone. (Agent, Secret Agent, 00 Agent)
- Get the controller to land the plane. (Agent, Secret Agent, 00 Agent)
- Find Dr. Arkov's ID badge. (Secret Agent, 00 Agent)
- Find an item to bribe the pilot. (Secret Agent, 00 Agent)
- Board the plane. (Agent, Secret Agent, 00 Agent)
- Avoid civilian casualties. (Agent, Secret Agent, 00 Agent)

This mission isn't as strict when it comes to stealth, but you still have to 
be quiet to avoid setting off the alarm. If you do, not only will it attract 
the enemies around you, but heavily armed reinforcements will also begin 
tracking you. However, the positive is that you're allowed to kill once 
again, so no more Watch Stunner or Darts. Also, you're equipped with night 
vision goggles, which makes things a lot easier when trying to get head 

You begin at the end of a path next to Davidov's car. Follow the path around 
the bend and take a right into the wooded area. Beyond a tree around another 
corner is a guarded facing away from you, turn on your goggles and shoot him 
in the head. Pick up his Deutsche M95 and immediately equip it; if you look 
straight ahead you'll see the main path that you branched off of before. 
Davidov should be passing by your field of vision any moment, so look through 
your scope and put a few rounds in his head. The M95's highest rate of fire 
is burst, but quickly shooting off three bursts of fire should be more than 
plenty to make Davidov eat the ground. 

(NOTE: If you aren't able to kill Davidov, he will be standing inside the 
flight control tower near the end of the mission.)

After he dies, three enemies will come to investigate what's going on and 
sound the alarm. Shoot the radio that activates the alarm to kill the three 
of them in the blast; luckily, no one else will come and attack. 

Run over to Davidov and pick up his phone to complete another objective; look 
right, there are two terrorists perched on a cliff at the end of the path. 
Equip your M95 and switch the rate of fire to single; activate your night 
vision goggles and kill them. Head down the dirt road and destroy the radio 
in the side to avoid any possible alert. To your left is another wooded area, 
there are a few enemies scattered around, but only one should be in your way. 
Kill the enemy in the clearing from afar, and then run into the woods and 
enter the small hut on the left. Pick up Dr. Arkov's ID badge on the table 
with the radio on it, and then return to the main path. 

Continue down the road and kill the two guards who try to attack you. Look 
right, there's a radio behind a small barricade. Before you destroy it, shoot 
the terrorist behind the tree on your right. Collect his weapon and look down 
the path, there are two guards on the bridge; use your sniper rifle (the 
Suisse SSR 4000) to kill them with ease.

(NOTE: If at any time up to this point an enemy sounded the alarm, the bridge 
will be guarded by a military convoy.)

Cross the bridge and run down the path. After a few hundred feet, you'll come 
across a truck being guarded by three soldiers. Equip your Deutsche M95 (make 
sure to have the rate of fire on burst) and quickly gun them down. Jump into 
the back of the truck before it drives away, and you'll have a free ride 
directly to the heart of the airport. If you don't make it into the truck in 
time, you're forced to walk. The path is relatively empty, but make sure to 
check behind the trees for any surprises. 

When the truck stops by the flight control tower, kill the two guards by the 
tower from inside the back of the truck. Climb out and look around; there are 
four watchtowers scattered around the airport, the three farthest from the 
right have guards in them. Use your SSR to kill them, and then look across 
the airport to the cement compound being guarded by two soldiers: one in the 
entranceway and one walking around the outside. Snipe them both from your 
position before entering the compound. There are two enemies in here behind 
the last truck on the right; kill them and look in the back of the first 
truck. On Secret Agent, there's a sports bag in the back that you can use to 
bribe the pilot with. 

On 00 Agent, however, the bag will be in a different place. Outside of the 
compound is a large warehouse with two guards inside. Shoot the barrel to 
kill them both and collect the sports bag next to them.

Either way, after collecting the sports bag for the pilot, run back to the 
flight control tower and head inside. There's a civilian on the left, so make 
sure not to get trigger-happy. If you haven't killed Davidov by now, he'll be 
by the stairway at the end of the hall. 

Head up the stairs and kill the terrorist at the top of the first flight. At 
the very topic is the air traffic controller, talk to him and he'll agree to 
give the plane its landing clearance. 

Once the conversation ends, run back outside and head over to the plane. Talk 
to the mercenary on the other side, and after making sure that you have your 
ID badge and a bribe, the mission ends.

008.0 - Masquerade

Mission Objectives:
- Infiltrate the facility. (Agent, Secret Agent, 00 Agent)
- Christmas must survive. (Agent, Secret Agent, 00 Agent)
- Avoid casualties. (Agent, Secret Agent, 00 Agent)
- Pick up the locator card. (Secret Agent, 00 Agent) 
- Escape from the blast pit. (Agent, Secret Agent, 00 Agent)

Run left and talk to the guy in the military uniform on the left; he asks to 
see your transport documents, so show them to him. He tells you to find the 
IDA physicist who can tell you where you're supposed to go. Check out the 
other end of the area, there's a woman in black shorts and a gray shirt; talk 
to her and show her the transport document. Christmas tells you to head down 
in the elevator, so go over to the building and enter the elevator. When both 
of you are in the elevator, it begins its descent to the weapons area.

When the gate opens, head down the hall to the blast door. Use the control 
panel on the left to open it, and then follow the path right and open the 
blast door in the room. 

There's a brief cinematic where Bond confronts Renard; but before he's able 
to complete his mission, Christmas appears and blows his cover. Renard's 
henchmen attack afterwards, and both Bond and Christmas jump into the blast 
pit to avoid being killed.

Inside the blast pit, so have a pretty good view of the three soldiers that 
are still in the area. Remember, you can't kill the guys in the military 
uniforms, but they won't attack you either. The only enemies are Renard's 
mercenaries; you can identify them by their blue jumpsuits. The first 
terrorist is on a green platform that is slightly raised. The second is on 
the left, his head barely sticking out from above the wall. The last soldier 
can be seen through the tower of red bars; you can just make out his beige 

When all three of them are dead, turn around and look straight up; there's a 
grapple hook in the ceiling, so use your watch to climb up from the pit. 
Collect all of the weapons, including the AKs from the dead military 
soldiers, and head through the open blast door. There's a large metal cart 
between you and the two terrorists, so crouch behind it and aim through the 
bars to kill them. When they're dead, push it forward until the next pair 
appears, and repeat the previous strategy. Now look right, there's a small 
room with a lone guard inside. Kill him and pick up the locator card that he 
drops before continuing to push the metal cart. A third pair of henchmen 
attacks you, and past that the blast door closes on the cart, preventing it 
from going any farther. 

To your right is a crate, jump on it and drop down onto the cart to continue. 
Use the walls as cover against the seven or eight more guards down the 
corridor. Try and lead a few at a time away from the main group to make it 
easier. When you reach the end, talk to Renard in the elevator; a quick 
cinematic hints that there's a bomb about to explode, so run back up the 
corridor and jump up to grab the yellow and black railing before the half-
closed blast door. Another cinematic shows Bond escaping from the corridor, 
and you regain control when you drop down at the blast pit. 

Three more terrorists will attack you from the left, so kill them and enter 
the corridor leading back to the beginning of the level. The open blast door 
is blocked by fire, so use the green platform on the right to jump over it. 
From the platform, shoot three of the four terrorists in the area before 
dropping down and killing the last of them. 

Continue down the corridor and take a right, there are two terrorists 
fighting a group of military soldiers. Allow Renard's henchmen to kill them 
to prevent an accident casualty, and then open fire. Collect their weapons 
and head to the corridor on the other side of the area. There are three more 
terrorists by the elevator, so kill them and enter the lift. Christmas is 
inside as well, so sit there until the explosion reaches the elevator to 
complete the mission.  

009.0 - City of Walkways Part One

Mission Objectives:
- Locate Zukovsky. (Agent, Secret Agent, 00 Agent)
- Keep Christmas Jones alive. (Agent, Secret Agent, 00 Agent)
- Do not eliminate your allies. (Agent, Secret Agent, 00 Agent)
- Retrieve Zukovsky's computer files. (Agent, Secret Agent, 00 Agent)

The next three missions, the two City of Walkways and Turncoat, are the three 
most difficult levels in the game. Regarding the City of Walkways, you're 
main problem is having to deal with the enemies equipped with GL40s and 
RL22s. If you're caught in the blast, expect to lose at least half of your 

But even with the risk of losing chunks of your life, that's not the whole 
problem. You're main weapon will be the Meyer TMP, which lacks enough 
stopping power to kill an enemy without draining a lot of ammunition. This 
means that you're going to be low on ammo more often that not, on top of the 
constant barrage of attacks.

You begin the level in a small dock house near the main warehouse of 
Zukovsky's caviar business. Run up the ramp and enter inside; there's a 
padlocked door on your left that leads to an office. Break the lock and enter 
to trigger a cinematic; when Zukovsky enters the room, Bond asks for 
information relating to Elektra and Renard. At first, the ex-KGB is hesitant, 
but when Elektra's brutes attack his factory, he agrees to give Bond any 
information he has in exchange for protection. Everything he has on the 
subject is stored in a computer on the other side of the area. 

Head through the door on the other side on the room and stop at the beginning 
of the ramp. There are two terrorists at the bottom; one of them runs about 
halfway up on the left and the other about two-thirds of the way up on the 
right, so stay by the door and kill the latter when he comes into view. 
Strafe right and quickly kill the other guy, and then head down the ramp. On 
Agent, there's a Soviet and a few crates of ammo in the corner, but otherwise 
you're stuck with the Meyer. 

Take a left and exit the warehouse. The dock runs left, with two guards on 
the lower level and two on the high. Run up to where the dock turns and hide 
behind the stacked palettes. Shoot the right guard on the higher level from 
there and wait for the two on the bottom to run over to you. Kill them and 
make a break for the ramp; shoot the guard and open the warehouse gate by 
flipping the lever next to it. 

Three more terrorists are waiting at the end of this room, two with Meyers 
and one with a GL40. Stay back and kill all three of them from behind cover; 
collect their weapons and hit the switch on the right to bring down the 
elevator. If you couldn't guess, there's going to be a welcoming committee 
coming down with it (two on Agent, three on Secret Agent, four on 00 Agent). 
When the doors open, shoot your only round from the GL40 to take them all out 
in one swoop and enter the elevator. When it reaches the top, leave and peek 
around the corner; there are two guards at the end of the hall, so kill them 
one at a time from behind the wall.

Head down the hallway and jump onto the conveyor belt on the other side of 
the room; run past the window to avoid being shot and quickly switch belts to 
continue. Look down into the room below you, there are four or five guards 
hiding behind and on top of crates; use this vantage point to pick a few of 
them off, and with any luck the one with the GL40 will fire into a crate and 
kill himself. 

Follow the conveyor belt to the bottom and kill the guard at the bottom. Turn 
around and head down the path (make sure to kill the GL40 solider from afar 
if you didn't before); peek around the crates to find each of the guards in 
the area, don't forget the guy on top of the crate to your left. When they're 
all dead, collect their weapons and flip the switch on the side of the wall 
to open the gate back by the conveyor belt. Return there and head back 

This is where things begin to get complicated. No doubt you've already taken 
damage, and there are three soldiers with RL22s in the area that are ready to 
blow you apart. 

Run over to the right side of the dock and crouch down; you should be able to 
see a guard with a GL40, so take him out from there. Head down and crawl to 
the dock house. Kill the guard inside and flip the switch on the left. Hug 
the back wall and kill the enemies by the boat. Be quick about it, because 
the soldier with the RL22 might decide to get in on the firefight. 

Return to the gate and continue left, there's a guard standing by a bunch of 
crates at the end. Kill him and head down; you can't see him, but the guard 
with the RL22 is at the other end of the dock. Run up the dock (sounds 
suicidal, I know) and equip you night vision goggles; when you see the guard 
about to fire a rocket, strafe in one direction to avoid it. As you close the 
distance between the two of you, unload as many rounds as you can to kill 
him. Run up the dock and kill the guard behind the crates near the end; from 
here, take a right and kill the two guards, one actually on the docks and the 
other next to the warehouse (with another RL22). Avoid his missiles by 
strafing and take cover from the other enemy with an RL22 by hiding where the 
other guard was. When you're ready, run along the warehouse wall until the 
final guard comes into view. Kill him quickly and run up the stairs leading 
into the warehouse. 

Two terrorists are on the bottom floor, but on Agent there are a pair of 
Zukovsky's bodyguards as well, so make sure not to accidentally kill them. 
Head upstairs and kill the next pair of guards from the stairway, peeking 
your head over the side until you can just make out their heads. On the top 
floor is a guard in the main area with a GL40, along with three others in the 
small room on the other side. More than likely the one with the GL40 will 
blow himself up, and you can kill the others by shooting through the windows. 

Enter the room and run over to the computer in the corner. Use the covert 
modem to access all of Zukovsky's files on Elektra and Renard, and then climb 
down the ladder to your left. Around the corner of the warehouse is one last 
terrorist, so kill him and continue to the next warehouse.

010.0 - City of Walkways Part Two

Mission Objectives:
- Return to Zukovsky. (Agent, Secret Agent, 00 Agent)
- Collect the equipment from Zukovsky's car. (Agent, Secret Agent, 00 Agent)
- Do not eliminate your allies. (Agent, Secret Agent, 00 Agent)
- Destroy the attack helicopter. (Agent, Secret Agent, 00 Agent)

Just when you thought it was over, there's a part two. While I personally 
don't think that this mission is very difficult (at least when compared to 
the hell that you just went through), there are a few areas, especially near 
the end, that can be tricky. Luckily, you'll be equipped with better 
equipment (Soviets, body armor, GL40s) and there will be more offensive with 
Zukovsky's bodyguards. 

Immediately when the mission begins, turn around and pick up the treasures 
left for you: a Soviet, Sticky Grenades, and some armor. Run over to the 
doorway on the other side of the room and enter the docks. Pull the lever on 
the left to lower the bridge, and a helicopter with a blade hanging down from 
it will fly down the middle. There are also two guards on the other side of 
the bridge, so take them out from here with your P2K (no need to waste your 
Soviet ammo just yet). When they're dead, head to the other side and enter 
the warehouse (make sure to avoid the helicopter).

Follow the maze of crates around the corner; there are two of Zukovsky's 
bodyguards fighting the three terrorists on the ground floor. They might be 
able to kill a few or all of them, but more than likely the guard in the room 
on the second floor will kill them when he fires a shot from his GL40. The 
positive is that this will probably kill his comrades as well, leaving you to 
hang back and kill the GL40 guard where he can't reach you.

Head to the end and kill the guard by the stairway. Now look up and throw 
your Sticky Grenade into the window where the GL40 guard was. The explosion 
will kill the three remaining enemies in the room, so head up the stairs and 
collect all of the ammunition in the room, which includes the GL40 and some 
extra ammunition, Soviet rounds, and 9MM ammo. Run down the opposite set of 
stairs and head for the door; two guards will drop down in front of you, so 
kill them with your Meyer (you still shouldn't have used your Soviet yet).

You enter a large open area with caviar vats and catwalks connecting the two 
warehouses. Run up the catwalk on the far left and strafe across, there's a 
guy with an RL22 on the roof to the right, and strafing will avoid being hit. 
At the end, enter the warehouse and follow the trail of crates to the open 

Another pair of Zukovsky's bodyguards are fighting three terrorists down the 
hall; there's one on a crate in the front, one on the right in a small gap, 
and one on the left at the end of the hall. When they're dead, equip your 
GL40 and head to the other side; quickly fire a grenade near the two guards 
by the door (one of them has a GL40). Around the left corner are two more 
guards, one inside a large crate with boxes of ammunition in it. 

Leave the warehouse and head to the next one; an attack helicopter will begin 
firing at you, so hide in the entranceway of the warehouse to avoid being 
shot. The chopper will stick around the front for a while, but after about 
thirty seconds it'll go away. Now enter the warehouse and take a right, 
there's another body armor in the corner.

Take the right exit from the warehouse that leads to an open area with more 
caviar vats. There are three catwalks that lead to the other side; take the 
one on the far right, but wait for the chopper to cut through it and destroy 
the barrels first. Equip your Soviet and night vision goggles and run up the 
catwalk, there's a soldier with an RL22, so quickly gun him down before he 
gets a chance to fire a rocket. Look to the middle catwalk and kill the guard 
by the end before heading down and entering the next warehouse.

When the maze of crates ends, shoot the barrels near the two terrorists. Not 
only will the explosion kill the two of them, but the small flame will move 
across the floor and ignite the other barrels next to the other guard. Just 
make sure to get away from the end of the hall, there are barrels stacked 
behind you that will explode. Head over to the end of the warehouse and kill 
the two terrorists at the exit. 

Exit the warehouse and begin to leave the docks, but back up when the attack 
helicopter attacks. When it passes you, follow behind it; there's a terrorist 
in the area at the end with an RL22. Equip your night vision goggles and kill 
him with your Soviet when he comes into view. Continue up to the main area 
and run down the ramp in the middle. Pick up the AT 420 Sentinel in 
Zukovsky's trunk and run over to the raises bridge (make sure to destroy the 
barrel first). 

The helicopter will pass by you twice, and then hover over your head. When it 
does, switch you rate of fire to Automatic and unload all four rockets at it. 
Reload and repeat, if you run out of ammunition you can pick up more in 
Zukovsky's car, but unless you miss the chopper you shouldn't have to.

When the chopper explodes, the bridge will lower; there are two guards on the 
other side, so kill them with your Soviet and enter the warehouse to complete 
the mission.

011.0 - Turncoat

Mission Objectives:
- Pursue Bullion. (Agent, Secret Agent, 00 Agent)
- Rescue the hostages. (Agent, Secret Agent, 00 Agent)
- Avoid innocent casualties. (Agent, Secret Agent, 00 Agent)

Just as a note, there's another mission objective - "Christmas must survive". 
However, since Christmas never actually appears in the mission, it's 
pointless to add.

In my opinion, this mission is the worst in terms of annoyance. The streets 
of Istanbul are littered with civilians, but the problem doesn't come with 
accidentally killing them, rather the terrorists doing so. In every mission 
previous to this, enemies were allowed to kill civilians (apart from 
hostages) without it counting as a casualty. Not here, though. If you kill a 
civilian, you fail. If a terrorist kills a civilian, you fail. If a civilian 
has a heart attack somewhere on the other side of the city, you fail. This 
becomes frustrating because you might be ten yards away from an innocent, and 
an enemy will still manage to hit them as they fire erratically. 

Also, there are a few times where you're forced to jump across rooftops. If 
you're unfamiliar with first person shooters, you'll soon realize that 
there's nothing more aggravating than jumping puzzles (probably as irritating 
as climbing a ladder and getting stuck at the top), and this holds true in 
The World Is Not Enough; running towards the ledge and jumping too soon or 
not far enough will lead to an instant death, forcing you to repeat the 

I could go on about how much I despise this level, but I'll stop here.

Before the mission begins, the cinematic makes a point of showing Bond forget 
his P2K, but don't think you'll have to fight anyone unarmed. Turn the corner 
of the alley and climb up the ladder on the left, at the end of the catwalk 
is a P2K. Jump down and run down the street; two enemies appear from behind 
the parked van, so hide behind the car on the left and kill them.

Pick up their Magnums and immediately equip it; three enemies appear at the 
end of the street, two with Magnums and one with an Ingalls. Use the Magnum's 
scope to kill them from a distance and run over to collect their weapons. 
There's another guard on your right and two more join soon after. Kill them 
and take a left down the alley, there's are a lot of civilians but no one 
looking for your blood, so don't get trigger happy. 

Equip your Ingalls and head to the end of the alley, take a right and kill 
the two guards in front of you. There are up to two more guards at the end of 
the street, either in the corner on the right, at the beginning of the 
smaller path on the left, or both. Kill them from behind cover and continue. 
Take a left and kill the guard in the corner as well as the two that appear 
at the end of the road. As you're about to enter the door on the left, 
another guard appears, so kill him as well.

Run up the stairs and look left, there are up to two hostages in this area.

                  ________    ___________________
                 |  __________________________   |
                    |                         |x5| 
                    |                     H x1|  |
                 |  |                         |  |
                 |x3|        ________         |  |
                 |  |       |        |        |  |
                 |  |       |        |        |  |
                 |  |       |        |        |  |
                 |  |       |        |        |  |
                 |  |       |________|        |  |
                 |  | x2                      |  |
                 |  | H                       |  |
                 |  | x4                      |  |
                 |  |_________________________|  |
                 |_____x6_________________    ___|
                                           JB    |

Just to clarify, that thin ring around the area is a second level. The three 
guys in that ring are, naturally, on that higher level. Also, the exit at the 
bottom and the one in the top left corner are on the lower level, while the 
one at the top is on the higher level. Got it?

You should have at least five rounds in your Magnum for this to work well, 
but anything above two will still get the job done. Kill the enemy labeled X1 
on the map to release his hostage (note that this hostage won't always 
appear) and quickly look left and kill the enemy labeled X2 to release the 
second hostage (this hostage will always appear). Now back up out of view, 
the remaining three enemies will try to shoot you if you're in view, putting 
the hostages at risk. Wait for them to run down the stairs past you before 
reappearing at the archway. Stand in the back right corner so that you can 
attack X3 on the second level without being attacked by the other guards in 
the room, and then look left to kill X4. Stay under the back walkway, but 
enter the room and look in the far right corner and kill X5. Lastly, move 
away from the walkway about three feet and look up to find the last guard 
(X6) and kill him. 

Once everyone's dead, collect their weapons and pick up the body armor under 
the walkway near X1. Leave the area through the archway on the left and head 
up the stairs, there's a guard halfway up but he's facing away from you. When 
you reach the higher level, pick up any of the weapons that weren't dropped 
over the side and continue through the door on your left. There's a guard at 
the top of these stairs, so kill him and take a left. From the doorway to the 
rooftop, kill the enemy on the adjacent building and head outside, another 
guard will appear from the left, so take care of him as well. 

In the back corner of this rooftop is a portion of the stone that's broken 
off, hinting that you're supposed to jump to the next building. I suggest 
strafing diagonally to pick up more speed, allowing you to jump farther. On 
the other roof, head right and kill the two guards through the drying laundry 
and run down the ramp on your right. Kill the guard in the far left corner as 
well as the two in the building through the windows. Jump up onto the ledge 
and hop onto the balcony. Leave the apartment through the door across the 
room and kill the two guards in the hall, in these close quarters it wouldn't 
be a bad idea to use your shotgun. Enter the room on the right and kill the 
guard at the door, in the adjoining room are two more guards as well as 
another pair on the balcony to your right. Kill the four of them and head 

At the far end of the area, you'll see an enemy climbing up the roof, quickly 
pull out your Magnum and kill him before he gets the chance to attack. Take a 
right and kill the guard on the right, use the ladder behind him to climb up 
and continue the chase. Equip your Ingalls and kill the pair of enemies on 
the other side of the hanging clothes, and run to the end of this area. There 
are two enemies here, both near the end. The very last hole on the right has 
a ripped gate, so drop down into the market and equip your Mustang. Run down 
the hall and take a right, there are six or seven enemies guarding a single 

                     x   x  x|
                _____x_      |   
                       | x   |  
                       |     |  
                       | x1 H| 
                       |     | 
                       | x  x|__ 

The enemy labeled X1 is the one holding the hostage, meaning that killing him 
will allow the hostage to run away. However, there's a very good chance that 
one of the enemies in the back will accidentally kill him while trying to get 
to you. Your best course of action is to strafe into the room and basically 
kill everything you can as quickly as you can. This will probably be the only 
time you see this in the guide, but charge through the room and worry about 
not dying later. This can be one of the trickiest areas in the level due to 
the cramped space, but it's fairly simple if you just run in and get it over 

Take a left and kill the three guards at the end of the hall. When they're 
dead, equip your Magnum and run halfway down the stairs. Look through your 
scope and kill the guard near the door holding the hostage. 

The next room contains yet another hostage along with four enemies. Use your 
Magnum and kill the one on the right to free the hostage; back into the 
previous room and allow the hostage to run to safety before reentering and 
killing the rest of the enemies in the room. Head through the door at the end 
that leads to the market, there are three enemies inside, with one holding a 
final hostage. Kill the guard in front of you and quickly take down the enemy 
to your right to free the hostage, and then head for the door, making sure to 
watch out for the guard around the corner on the left. When you enter the 
second part of the market, kill as many enemies as you can while strafing 
left. In the corner of the room is a doorway leading to a set of stairs; 
enter that room to trigger the ending cinematic and complete the mission.

012.0 - Fallen Angel

Mission Objectives:
- Open the security. (Agent, Secret Agent, 00 Agent)
- Rescue M. (Agent, Secret Agent, 00 Agent)
- Stop Elektra from warning Renard. (Agent, Secret Agent, 00 Agent)
- Do no eliminate your allies. (Agent, Secret Agent, 00 Agent)

After the insanity that was the two City of Walkways and Turncoat, the last 
three missions should seem like a walk in the park. 

When the mission begins, run over to Zukovsky and pick up the P2K he dropped; 
he dies, asking you to avenge his nephew's death with his final breath. To 
your left is a spiral staircase, run up it and talk to Zukovsky's bodyguard, 
who tells you that Elektra went through a security door that requires 
fingerprint identification. Continue up the stairs and kill the guard through 
the door, two more appear at the doorway, so take care of them as well. Enter 
the room and pick up the crates of ammunition on the desk. There's also a 
fingerprint scanner on the table as well, how convenient, don't you think?

There are three more guards on this level, so kill them and head back down to 
the room with Zukovsky. Take a left and head through the door leading 
outside. Look right and kill the guy in the corner, and then head left. Look 
over the ledge and kill the guard on the balcony; collect his weapon and run 
to the far left area with the hole in the ceiling. From the balcony, kill the 
guard near (or on, occasionally) boat as well as Bullion, who's directly 
under you behind a barricade. Also, just to be safe, destroy the barrel on 
the docks to avoid getting caught in the blast later on. 

Drop down into the hole to pick up some body armor. Use your machine gun to 
kill the five guards in the hallway. At the end, turn left and kill the pair 
of enemies in the room. Run down the ramp and shoot the two guards on either 
side of the room; the door leads outside, so run over to Bullion and scan his 
fingerprints. Remember that even if he falls into the water, you can still 
dive in and scan his prints. 

Return to the room with Zukovsky by heading back up the ramp (watch out, the 
two guards in here have been replaced) and exiting through the door to the 
right. The room adjacent to the one with Zukovsky now has a terrorist in the 
upper level; you can either kill him or ignore him.

Since the area here has been cleared out, simply run over to the security 
door and use the fingerprint scanner to open it. When you enter, you'll see 
Elektra running up the stairs, but don't chase after her. If you examine the 
room, you'll see that there are two metal blast doors that will trap you if 
you try to run through. Not only that, but poisonous gas will emit from the 
vents on either side of the room. If this happens, you'll have to use your 
Watch Grapple and climb up through the hole in the ceiling. However, there's 
a much safer way to go. Look in the far right corner, there's a camera; a 
second one is also placed on the left right above you. If you destroy both 
cameras, the blast doors won't shut on you, allowing you to pass through 

Run up the spiral staircase and look left, there are two guards here. Kill 
them, but don't pick up their weapons. Enter the area on the right and shoot 
the guard, and then turn back into the hall where another pair of enemies 
have spawned. Like before, don't collect their weapons. 

Return to the area you were just in and head down to the end; M is in the 
last prison cell on the right. Shoot the lock and enter the cell, Elektra 
will appear with Gabor. She takes M away with her and leaves you, unarmed, to 
fight Gabor.

Luckily (or unfortunately if you were expecting a great fight), Gabor doesn't 
put up much of a fight. Simply run up to him and start punching, he won't 
even get a single shot off. When he dies, pick up his weapon and return to 
the hall. Pick up all of the weapons that you left in the hall and run up the 
stairs opposite the prison. At the top are two guards, kill them and head 
into Elektra's room. There's a quick cinematic where Elektra mocks you, 
confident that you won't pull the trigger. When the scene ends, prove her 
wrong and put a bullet or seven into her skull. After a few seconds, the 
mission ends.

013.0 - A Sinking Feeling

Mission Objectives:
- Board the submarine. (Agent, Secret Agent, 00 Agent)
- Locate and rescue Christmas. (Agent, Secret Agent, 00 Agent)
- Gain access to the control room. (Agent, Secret Agent, 00 Agent)
- Avoid submarine crew casualties. (Agent, Secret Agent, 00 Agent)
- Escort Christmas to the mine room. (Agent, Secret Agent, 00 Agent)
- Destroy the steering controls. (Agent, Secret Agent, 00 Agent)

If you remember back to the beginning of this guide, one of the tips outlined 
in the Basic Strategies section said to be careful and avoid running into a 
room, shooting like a maniac. Well, this is really the one exception to this 
rule. Once you enter the sub, don't hold back. Unload rounds like there's no 
tomorrow, use your most powerful weapon as soon as you get them. 

However, the beginning of this mission requires complete stealth. You have to 
kill enemies quietly and quickly, and also only one at a time. 

After the cinematic ends, equip your pistol with its silencer and turn 
around. Crouch down and crawl left until you come up behind the guard walking 
around this area. Sneak up behind him and deliver a clean headshot. Pick up 
his MB Pow and head over to where the sub is. Kill the guard standing by the 
alarm and wait there for a moment, another guard should be walking by any 
second, fire a third round to take him out of the picture. Collect his weapon 
and run to the end of the submarine via the walkway; dive off the edge and 
climb up onto the sub's stern. Crouch down and crawl along the left side (to 
avoid being seen by the remaining guards) to the porthole in the middle. 
Climb up the ladder and drop down, objective A complete. 

Climb down the next ladder, but stop about two-thirds of the way down. Equip 
your x-ray glasses and look straight down, there's a guard standing right 
below you, but he blends in to the floor without the glasses. Shoot him in 
the head and climb the rest of the way down.

You're first job is to find Christmas; even though she doesn't appear in a 
set room, you won't have to search each one, thanks to the x-ray glasses. 
Head through the door that you were facing when you climbed down (not the one 
near the alarm) since it leads to a dead end, if Christmas isn't there, 
return to the main ladder hallway and check the room on the left. If she's in 
either of these rooms, kill the guard holding her there and talk to her. 
After that she follows you to the mine room at the other end of the sub.

If she isn't there, though, you still have some searching to do. Leave the 
hall through the door near the alarm and look through the wall in front of 
you with the glasses. If she's in either of the two rooms, free her and 
continue up. If she's in the room on the right or you haven't found her, take 
the right hallway up and kill the two guards in the area. You've probably 
attracted some attention by now, and there are four or five guards in the 
room at the end of the hall. Kill them and head through one of the three 
halls (check for Christmas if you still haven't found her). Take a left and 
continue up the submarine, after heading through two doors you'll come to the 
control room on the right. Open the door and kill the three guys inside, but 
don't enter it yet. Continue onwards and kill the guard in the room on the 
right (I think this is another room that Christmas might be in, but I've 
never found her here). Past this area is a ladder on your left that leads 
down to the mine room, climb down and Christmas will follow you. 

Once she's safe, return to the control room. Enter inside and check out the 
small room in the far left corner. There are two more enemies in this room as 
well as the steering controls. It's a lone consol with two big levers; 
destroy it, and a few seconds later the mission will end.  

014.0 - Meltdown

Mission Objectives:
- Enter the reactor chamber. (Agent, Secret Agent, 00 Agent)
- Eliminate Renard. (Agent, Secret Agent, 00 Agent)
- Stop the meltdown. (Agent, Secret Agent, 00 Agent)
- Escape from the flooding sub. (Agent, Secret Agent, 00 Agent)

The last level in The World Is Not Enough has a little bit of a twist with 
it. There are hardly any enemies, without thinking about it I'd say five or 
six guys. However, before you can save the world you'll have to swim from the 
control room to the reactor chamber on the other side of the submarine. This 
can cause problems due to the sub's blandness; it's easier than you think to 
get lost and end up back where you started if you aren't careful. There are a 
few air pockets scattered throughout the sub, but make one wrong turn and 
you'll lose quite a few health points before you can catch your breath.

There are two ways to figure out where to go. Either learn the path through 
trial-and-error, or follow the green lights hanging along the sub walls. 
Whichever way you decide to get through, this guide will hopefully make it 

Drop down into the water and swim through the doorway near the floating 
corpse. Come up for air and then swim down, take a left after swimming 
through the door; the first door under you is open, so swim that way. There's 
an air pocket in the room about halfway down this hall.

Continue down and take a right when the hall splits (note that it's a right 
if the air pocket above was on your left), the other end is blocked by pipes. 
Swim down and follow the corridor to the middle doorway, and then head that 
way. Halfway down is another air pocket, which you'll probably be needed by 

Swim the rest of the way down through the door and enter the next hall by 
heading through the long, broken window in front of you. Take a right and 
swim up to the air pocket before the last leg. After refilling your oxygen, 
continue along the pathway; eventually you'll reach a ladder leading to the 
reactor chamber. Swim the rest of the way up and equip your pistol (or MB Pow 
if you collected one in any of the air rooms), when you come out of the 
water, kill the two enemies at the end of the hall (one of them is hanging 
from the ceiling).

Collect their weapons and run over to the other side of the room and grab the 
body armor in the water. Equip your Watch Grapple and look up through the 
door; attach the grapple to the yellow and black hook point and climb up. Two 
more guards are at the other end of the hall, so kill them as well. Grapple 
up through the white door in the middle to enter the reactor chamber.

You'll see Renard, but you can't attack him. However, on the left side of the 
area is a large red button just begging to be pushed. Push it and the nuclear 
rod will shoot out and pierce Renard's chest. Not only does this kill Renard, 
but it stops the meltdown as well. 

The only thing left to do is escape. Return to the rope you used to climb up 
and continue to the top. An enemy rappels down from the room above, so kill 
him and jump onto the ledge. Grapple up to the next area and kill the two 
guards at the end of the hall. Similar to the first non-flooded hall, one of 
them drops down from the doorway. Grapple up to the next area through that 
door and run over to the open door in the middle. It's a short climb, but 
grapple up to complete the mission.

Congratulations on completing the game. Hopefully you found this guide 
useful. Thanks for reading.

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