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007 Awards Guide by Mr E

Version: Final | Updated: 12/12/2003

           000              000      0070070070070 ==========================
        00    00         00    00    0070070070070            ===============
      007      00      007      00           0070            /
     007        00    007        00         0070____________/
    007         00   007         00        0070    /
   007          00  007          00       0070____/
   007         00   007         00       0070
    007       00     007       00       0070
     007    00        007    00        0070
       0000             0000          0070

                            TWINE64 007 Awards FAQ
                            by Mr. E & Vivagorditas


FAQ Table of Contents...

-Copyright Information & history
-007 Award reference sheet
-Walkthru's forward
 -Mission 1: Courier (SA)
 -Mission 1: Courier (alt. glitch method) (SA)
 -Mission 2a: King's Ransom (AGENT)
 -Mission 2b: King's Ransom (SA)
 -Mission 3: Thames Chase (00A)
 -Mission 4: Underground Uprising (Agent)
 -Mission 5a: Cold Reception (SA)
 -Mission 5b: Cold Reception (00A)
 -Mission 6: Nightwatch (00A)
 -Mission 7: Midnight Departure (AGENT)
 -Mission 8a: Masquerade (AGENT)
 -Mission 8b: Masquerade (00A)
 -Mission 9a: City of Walkways 1 (AGENT)
 -Mission 9b: City of Walkways 1 (SA)
 -Mission 10: City of Walkways 2 (AGENT)
 -Mission 11: Turncoat (SA)
 -Mission 12: Fallen Angel (SA)
 -Mission 13: A Sinking Feeling (00A)
 -Mission 14: Meltdown (AGENT, SA, 00A)
-Mr. E's times using the walkthrus
-Special thanks & sources
-Contact information


Copyright Information...

Copyright 2001; by Douglas B. Hoyer (Mr. E) & Vivagorditas
Do not publish or post any or all of this FAQ without the express permission of
the authors.

Version 1.2--1st revision completed December 2002--by Doug Hoyer (Mr. E)...
Table of Contents & title image added; spelling errors corrected; "Nightwatch"
walkthru revised (alt. strategies added).

This FAQ is currently authorized to be posted on GameFAQS, GameWinners,
Bond-Station, Bondgames, and The Mr. E Website! (NOTE: a full-color version,
embellished with images, background music, and hyperlinks can be viewed on The
Mr. E Website!, Bond-Station, and Bondgames).


007 Award reference sheet...

Courier- Secret Agent (2:00)
Suit Skins
1.  Bilbao Cigar Girl [EVIL]
2.  Bank Clerk (female) [GOOD]
3.  Bank Clerk (male) [GOOD]
4.  Elektra Bodyguard (black suit) [EVIL]
4a. Alternate face
5.  Businesswoman [GOOD]
5a. Alternate face
6.  Bank Staff [GOOD]
6a. Alternate face
7.  Lachaise Bodyguard (brown suit) [EVIL]
7a. Alternate face
8.  Lachaise Bodyguard (blue suit) [EVIL]
8a. Alternate face
9.  Businessman [GOOD]
9a. Alternate face
10. Office Worker [GOOD]
11. Commuter [GOOD]
12. MI-6 Agent [GOOD]
12a.Alternate face
13. Salesman [GOOD]
14. Suited Thug [EVIL]
15. Zukovski Guard (gray suit) [GOOD]
16. Zukovski Guard (dark blue suit) [GOOD]

Kings Ransom- Agent (2:20)
Team King of the Hill Multiplayer Scenario
(Players score extra points for their team by possessing "The Hill", a special
area in each map. Keep the opposing team away from The Hill.)

Kings Ransom- Secret Agent (3:45)
Security Skins
1.  Elektra Bodyguard (brown pants) [EVIL]
1a. Alternate face #1
1b. Alternate face #2
2.  King Guard [EVIL]
2a. Alternate face
3.  London Police (caucasian) [GOOD]
4.  London Police (black) [GOOD] NOTE:This character is glitchy & can walk thru
5.  MI-6 Security [GOOD] NOTE: This character has Simon Mills' (Dr. Zhivago...a
    TWINE programmer) face.
5a. Alternate face #1
5b. Alternate face #2
6.  Bank Security Guard [GOOD]
6a. Alternate face
7.  Spanish Police [GOOD]
7a. Alternate face
8.  Henchman [EVIL]
8a. Alternate face
9.  Thug [EVIL]

Thames Chase- 00agent (4:25)
Exotic Multiplayer Weapons
(Starting Weapon: Seamaster Speargun
Pickups available: Delta 900 Mag, GL 40, Sticky Grenade, X-Ray Glasses.)

Underground Uprising- Agent (2:15)
Castle Multiplayer Arena

Cold Reception- Secret Agent (3:15)
Skyrail Multiplayer Arena

Cold Reception- 00agent (3:05)
Exotic Skins
1.  Skiing Bond [GOOD]
2.  Elektra King (skiing) [EVIL]
4.  SCUBA Mercenary [EVIL]
5.  SCUBA Terrorist [EVIL]
6.  Skier [EVIL]
6a. Alternate face

Night Watch- 00agent (2:20)
Forest Multiplayer Arena

Midnight Departure- Agent (3:05)
Soldier Skins
1.  Colonel Akakievich [GOOD]
2.  Forest Mercenary (green uniform) [EVIL]
3.  Forest Mercenary (khaki uniform) [EVIL]
4.  Kazakh Soldier [GOOD] NOTE: This character has Kev Harvey's (Skellington...
    a TWINE game designer) face.
4a. Alternate face #1
4b. Alternate face #2
5.  Mercenary Leader [EVIL]
6.  Parahawk Pilot [EVIL]

Masquerade- Agent (3:15)
Air Raid Multiplayer Arena

Masquerade- 00agent (4:20)
Scientist Skins
1. "R" [GOOD]
2.  Doctor Warmflash [GOOD]
3.  IDA Physicist [GOOD]
4.  Kazakh Scientist [GOOD]
5. "Q-branch" Scientist [GOOD]
5a. Alternate face

City of Walkways 1- Agent (3:35)
Civilian Skins
1.  Istanbul Bond [GOOD]
2.  Christmas Jones (violet dress) [GOOD]
3.  Air Traffic Controller [GOOD]
3a. Alternate face
4.  Bathing Woman [GOOD]
4a. Alternate face
5.  Bathing Man [GOOD]
6.  Builder [GOOD]
7.  Bus Driver [GOOD]
8.  Istanbul Female [GOOD]
9.  Jogger [GOOD]
10. Runner [GOOD]
11. Market Trader [GOOD]
12. Tourist [GOOD]

City of Walkways 1- Secret Agent (3:50)
Covert Skins
1.  Covert Bond [GOOD]
2.  Undercover Bond [GOOD]
3.  Saboteur [EVIL]
4.  Terrorist (blue-gray pants) [EVIL]
4a. Alternate face
5.  Terrorist (olive drab pants) [EVIL]
6.  Undercover Mercenary [EVIL]
6a. Alternate face #1
6b. Alternate face #2

City of Walkways-2 Agent (3:40)
Wild Fire Multiplayer Weapons
(Starting Weapon: Frinesi Special 12
Pickups available: Meyer TMP, Soviet KA-57, GL 40, Frag Grenade.)

Turncoat- Secret Agent (3:20)
Capture The Briefcase Multiplayer Scenario
(Each team has a briefcase at their base. Capture the opposing team's case--
return it to your base to score: you need to possess both cases to score.)

Fallen Angel- Secret Agent (2:45)
Gadget War Multiplayer Weapons
(Starting Weapon: Silenced Wolfram P2K
Starting Gadget: Body Armor
Pickups available: Ingalls Type 20, Sticky Grenade, X-Ray Glasses.)

A Sinking Feeling- 00agent (2:55)
Navy Skins
1.  Commander Bond [GOOD]
2.  Renard (black uniform) [EVIL]
3.  Nikolai [GOOD]
4.  Mercenary [EVIL]
4a. Alternate face #1
4b. Alternate face #2
5.  Russian Sub Crew [GOOD]
5a. Alternate face
6.  Special Forces [EVIL]
7.  Sub Crew (brown shirt) [EVIL]
8.  Sub Crew (gray shirt) [EVIL]

Meltdown- Agent (complete level-no target time)
Contemporary Skins
1.  Christmas Jones (white dress) [GOOD]
2.  May Day [EVIL]
3.  Alec Trevelyan [EVIL]
4.  Wai Lin [GOOD]
5.  Max Zorin [EVIL]

Meltdown- Secret Agent (complete level-no target time)
Classic Skins
1.  Tuxedo Bond [GOOD]
2.  Baron Semedi [EVIL]
3.  Jaws [EVIL]
4.  Oddjob [EVIL]
5.  Scaramanga [EVIL]

Meltdown- 00agent (complete level-no target time)
Golden Gun Multiplayer Scenario
(Collect all 3 parts of the Golden Gun, which eliminates with a single shot.
Eliminate all your opponents with the Golden Gun to win the game.)



To start off I want to give a few tips and a guideline for any shortcuts or
abbreviations I might use.

I HIGHLY recommend that you use controller style 3 ("infiltration"). This is by
far the best configuration for this game as well as all other FPS games. This
is not just my opinion, but is a proven fact. Almost every world record for
TWINE, GE, & PD has been set using this configuration. It has many advantages,
chief among which is speed. It doesn't take long for this config. to become as
second-nature to you as the default style. Don't argue...just use it!

Always use the pause menu to switch weapons/gadgets/items. This can save quite
a bit of time over the course of a level.

Enemies, baddies, bad guys, Renard's men etc. all mean the same thing--moving
targets. If I do not state a weapon to use, just assume to use any weapon or
just trust your instincts.

Sometimes I don't give specific directions. I am relying on the fact that if
you are trying to get awards, you have a good or excellent knowledge of the
level layouts.

All the walkthrus were written using the fastest techniques I know of, but in
most cases I give alternate strategies as well if they are easier and don't
take too much more time.

Ok, now onto the walkthroughs...

Mission 1--Courier--Secret Agent--(2:00)--Suit Skins

To start off with, run as fast as you can to the safety deposit room, enter the
booth on the right and pick up the items from the box. Next turn around and run
to the security guard by the metal detector. While running, pause and equip
your appointment card and use it as soon you get to the officer. Skip the
cut-scene and you will see a Lachaise body guard collapse. Turn to your right
until you see the brown door that leads to the stairwell and go thru it (just
forget about the collapsed body guard). While running, pause and equip your
silenced P2K. Go thru the door on the other side of the stairwell, turn left
and shoot the guard. Grab his weapon, turn right and shoot the other two
bodyguards while running. Go to the end of the hall and turn right. (Note: once
you are out of P2K ammo, equip the Magnum.) Shoot the rest of the body guards
you encounter and enter the first door on your right. Kill all bad guys that
are in the room and then enter the room. Equip your Safe cracker, open the safe
and pick up the Swipe card from within. Exit the room the same way you came in.
Turn right down the hall, equip the swipe card and open the metal door at the
end of the hall with it. Equip the Magnum, kill the body guard in front of you
and then (standing outside of the room), pause and equip the Data Scrambler and
use it on the VCR. Turn around, proceed down the hall, round two corners, kill
any remaining guards you encounter and equip the Swipe Card again. Use it on
the metal door on your left, enter the room and equip the Keypad Decryptor. Use
it on the keypad ahead, get the money, exit the room and turn right. Once in
the hallway, go through the door on the left that leads to the stairwell. Go
down the stairs, exit the door at the bottom and turn right (make sure you're
not armed or you'll get a "Mission failed"), follow the hallway...go thru the
doors, ignore all people and exit the level through the revolving door.



Mission 1--Courier-- Alternate Glitch Method

While waiting for the action to start, already be holding your A-button. When
the action does start...let go (to equip your watch-stunner). Run directly to
the safety deposit room. Zap the woman in there as you run by her to the
privacy booth (the screen will now start flashing "Mission Failed", but don't
worry about it). Pick up the items from the box inside the near booth. Now
simply run to the bank's main exit (the revolving door). For some reason (a
glitch obviously) you complete the mission, and you can do it on every
difficulty. Not only do you complete it quickly and simply, but you also unlock
the next level and get the 007 Award on Secret Agent.



Mission 2a--King's Ransom--Agent--(2:20)--
Team King of the Hill Multiplayer Scenario

In this mission, shoot every bad guy you come into contact with, but you don't
need to stop to kill them. There is no one that you can't let them kill this
time around (except M--but she will not be bothered anyway on this difficulty
level--she just stays in her inner office and no bad guy comes in) and
remember, this is agent, so it's not like you can't let them shoot you.

After the intro turn around and run through Moneypenny's office and turn right
(pick up the "pen grenade" from Moneypenny if you like, but it's not
necessary), take the first left, turn right, run to the end of the hall, turn
left, go to the end of the hall, activate the hand pad and go through the
security door and activate the emergency lockdown switch. Exit the room, head
to the end of the hall, turn right, take the first left, turn left again and
head to the end of the hall, turn right, equip your watch-stunner and go
through the EXIT door. Turn right and you should see a terrorist hanging on a
cable, "sweep" by the door--zapping the hanging guard with your stunner (NOTE:
This will Kill him as he falls when he loses consciousness). Equip a gun and
head down the stairs--killing the baddies on the stairs as you go. Once at the
bottom, quickly go through the door (to avoid dealing with the group of
terrorists sliding down the ropes), Pause and re-equip your watch-stunner. Pass
the 1st security guard, follow the hallway and zap the 2nd security guard you
encounter (to avoid the "lockdown lower floor" objective ). Follow that hall
to the sprinkler system, killing any baddies you encounter along the way.
Activate it, turn around and go back the way you came from. Cut across the main
room (bearing diagonally to the right) and then follow the hallway until you
come to a palm-scanner on the left wall. Activate it and duck down so you can
get through the door faster. Stand up and run to Sir Robert inside the vault.
After he gives you the detonator, exit the vault and head quickly to the Q-Labs
killing (or at least hitting) any bad guys you encounter along the way.



Mission 2b--King's Ransom--Secret Agent--(3:45)--Security Skins

While waiting for the action to start, be holding your stick to the right. go
thru the door and proceed thru the next door ahead. Go to the right and then
left at the 1st crosshall. Turn left again at the next hall, wait a moment for
a baddie to drop in the window and kill him. Turn around and proceed to the
end of the hall. Turn right at the end and kill the two enemies you see there.
Wait a moment for another enemy to drop in the window ahead and kill him also.
Round the left-hand corner ahead and kill the 3 enemies up ahead. Proceed fwd.
quickly and hit the hand pad on the left wall. Enter the security office and go
up to the computer on the right-hand side of the room and hit your B-button to
lockdown the upper floor. Turn around, exit the office and head all the way
back the way you came from and enter M's office, killing all enemies you
encounter along the way. As soon as you enter her inner office, side-step right
as you're going fwd. and kill the enemy standing next to M. You must now escort
her all the way back to the security office you just came from (Don't get out
of her line-of-sight or she will stop following you).There will be only 3
enemies along the way (provided you killed all the others as you went to her
office)...kill them as you go. As soon as M enters the security office, leave
her and head back the way you came from. When you get near to her office, turn
left instead of right this time and proceed to the end of the hall. Turn right
and kill the enemies around the corner, then move fwd. to the stairwell door
directly ahead. Before opening the door, equip your watch-stunner. Go thru the
door and "sweep" past the door on the right, zapping the 3 guards hanging from
the ropes (this will KILL them as they are hanging from ropes & will fall when
they lose consciousness). Re-equip a gun and shoot the enemy on the 1st landing
below you from the top of the stairs. Go down the stairs to where he was
standing and kill the 2 enemies on the next landing Re-equip your watch-stunner
and proceed to the bottom of the stairs. Immediately, turn to the right and
quickly exit thru the door (just ignore the guards coming down the ropes). Pass
by the 1st MI-6 guard you see and follow the hallway. Stun the second MI-6
security guard you come across (to eliminate the "lockdown lower floor"
objective). Re-equip a gun after passing him and cont. on straight ahead to the
end of the hall, killing the 3 enemies you encounter along the way. Turn right
at the end of the hall and enter the room ahead. When you enter, turn left and
kill the baddie at the far end of the room, then hit the sprinkler switch on
the wall to your right. Exit the room quickly to avoid an enemy who drops down
a hole in the ceiling. Turn left at the same hall you came from and cut across
the 1st lg. room you come to (veering to the right). Go to the left at the hall
on the far side of the room.

NOTE: If your health is low, stop at the 1st small
office you come to (on the left side). There is body armor in this room along
with 2 enemies. One enemy (on the right) can be easily killed by shooting the
computer you'll see on the desk. Kill the other enemy on the left of the room
before you enter & then get the body armor from behind the desk & exit the

Proceed on ahead the way you were going. Follow the hall--making a couple of
right-hand turns until you come to a security door on the left-hand side. Hit
the palm-scanner on the wall, pause and equip your watch-stunner and enter the
vault area. Zap the MI-6 security guard who's next to the guy lying on the
floor near the vault door. This will eliminate the "bring a doctor" objective.
Enter the vault and go right up to Sir Robert King and get the detonator. After
the cut-scene, exit the vault and make sure to zap the MI-6 guard again as
you're leaving.  Re-equip a gun and go back the way you came, shooting the
enemies you encounter along the way. When you get to the lg. room again, turn
right and go down the hall a short distance until you come to the Q-labs and
enter the door (on your right). The level will now end.



Mission 3--Thames Chase--00Agent--(4:25)--Exotic Multiplayer Weapons

Start off by running after the female assasin. As you go up the stairs, be
turned to the left a bit (as you run). When your red sight dot intersects the
baddie ahead...stop and fire until you're sure he's dead.

Alternately...you can jump up on top of the Q-boat and shoot the 1st enemy from
there--I find this more difficult & time consuming, but it's less likely you'll
take hits.

Proceed on, pick up his weapon and switch to it. Run right up the next set of
stairs and spray the bad guys w/ mach. gun fire as you pass by (if you don't
kill them, that's okay...just hitting them will slow them down enough to get by
relatively unscathed). When you run around the corner, aim for the barrel ahead
and shoot it (this will kill the enemies who run out of the bldg...P.S. a lot
of times the barrel blows up by itself). Keep going and run down the steps to
the left. As you are going around the corner...have your aim-point raised. Run
directly toward the baddie ahead and above (by the ladder) and try and shoot
him on the move (if you have to stop for a moment to aim better, do so). After
killing him, keep going ahead and climb up the ladder. Once at the top,
Immediately turn to your left and kill the other hostage-holder (once you near
the guards, you have only a short time to kill them before they execute the
hostages). Pick up their ammo and go back down the ladder.

Alternately...you can stop & use your sniper rifle to take out the two hostage
holders from by the corner of the wall, but again, I find this more difficult
and slower.

Turn left and proceed on thru the short passageway. Spray the scuba terrorists
w/bullets as you run by them. Run into the warehouse. Shoot the barrel ahead to
kill the bad guy on the ground floor and then IMMEDIATELY aim for the middle of
the doorway above. If you're good, you can kill all 4 enemies as they run into
the bldg. You should be able to get at least a couple of, them (NOTE: They go
to these spots...one on either side of the doorway, one right behind the boxes
you jump up, & one directly opposite him-on the walkway above you). Edge out
from behind the crates to kill those that you missed as they ran in...you can
back out from under the walkway w/ your aim-point raised to get the one above
you. Jump up the boxes and as you run for the doorway...aim twds. the door and
shoot the guy who comes running in. As you run out the door, shoot the guy
standing just outside (to the left). Run down the stairs and into the doorway
ahead. Stop just a bit inside the corridor entrance and shoot an enemy that
comes running twds. you (sometimes he's not there). There sometimes is a baddie
crouched behind a nearby barrel on the left. If he's there, kill him and then
kill the guy ducking behind a barrel at the far end of the hallway. Proceed on
fwd and go thru the door. Run all the way to the end of the 1st long aisle
(between the crates) and turn to your right. Kill the guy hiding there in the
corner, then quickly turn around and kill an enemy who'll come running twds
you. Move fwd to the 1st right turn, raise your aim-point, and kill the enemy
up on the ledge ahead. Now quickly run fwd and to the left. Run directly twd
the hostage-holder and kill him. Turn around quickly. Sometimes the last bad
guy in here will come running towards you...be ready to kill him if he does. If
he doesn't, he'll be hiding in the corner opposite of the other guy who was in
the other corner. Take the time to go & kill him (he'll come out at the most
inopportune time & shoot you if you don't). Now run over to the beam w/ the
grapple targets on it and grapple it. Jump from the grapple line onto one of
the crates, then jump from crate to crate and over to the ledge at the far end
of the room. Pick up the body armor lying there and jump down to the floor. Run
back to your grapple line and climb up again. Jump to the nearby ledge this
time and then run to the door on the left. Go thru, bear to the left and go up
to the next door. Before opening this door, aim a bit to the right. Now open it
and shoot the bad guy ahead. Proceed on thru the door, turn to the right and
run out the doorway. Follow the way--rounding the corner-- and shoot the guy up
ahead. Round the next corner and continue on to the stairway on the right. Have
your aim-point to the left as you run up the stairs and shoot the guys there as
you run up. Bear to the left at the top of the stairs and really spray a lot of
bullets into the large group of enemies there as you run by them to the subway
entrance across the street. Run into the entrance and you're done.



Mission 4--Underground Uprising--Agent--(2:15)--Castle Arena

Run down the hall to the 1st room. Ignore the men thru the windows ahead and
bear to the right, shooting the enemy near the escalator. Proceed down the
escalator on the far left and shoot the 2 enemies that come up the stairs at
you. Pick up their weapons as you pass by them and switch weapons to the Raptor
Magnum. Turn left at the bottom of the escalator (ignoring the other enemies in
the area) and continue on ahead. Around the 1st right-hand corner you'll come
to is your one and only hostage situation for this level. As you swing around
the corner to the right, wait for your auto-aim to acquire first one and then
the other hostage holder--killing each in turn. Try to do this quickly and w/o
stopping. Head down the escalator you come to and go left at the bottom. Follow
the way (ignoring the enemies) until you come to the train tracks. Hopefully
your timing is such that you can run right out (to the left) onto the tracks to
the door on the far side of the tracks. If you have to wait a few seconds for
the train to pass, do so, and then proceed to the door and go thru it. Follow
the way, passing thru the room and into the broken down subway train--killing
the enemies inside (blocking your way). On the other side of the train, ignore
the enemies and jump up onto the platform on your left. Turn left at the room
at the end of the platform. Follow the way to the 1st bathroom door (on the
right) that you come to (killing the enemy near the bathroom doors). Enter the
bathroom (Mens) and go to the last stall at the far end of the room. Check if
there's an enemy next to the stall and if so, take a second to kill him before
entering the stall. Take a piss (just kidding) and equip your Bomb-defuser.
Defuse the bomb with rapid clicks of your Z-button until it's just past half
way defused. Then let the red line go all the way down and now hold the
Z-button continuously (the timer will go down to only 2 seconds, but it will
not blow up & you will defuse the bomb very quickly). Exit the bathroom and
turn right. Go thru the hole in the wall, killing the 1 or 2 enemies you
encounter as you proceed ahead thru another door and to the pad-locked door
you'll come to on your right. Shoot the lock off, Pause and equip your watch-
grapple and enter the door. Grapple the target you'll see at the top of the
stairwell (this way is much faster than running up the stairs & you don't have
that rather difficult jump over the broken section of stairs to jump across).
Start climbing up (facing the same way you were as you entered the stairwell).
Kill the enemy above and ahead as you climb up, and jump off the rope at the
top. Turn right and kill the enemy you encounter as you proceed to another pad-
locked door at the top of the staircase. Shoot off the lock and exit. Bear to
your right and run directly to the rope hanging from the hot-air balloon.



Mission 5a--Cold Reception--Secret Agent--(3:15)--Skyrail arena

This award couldn't be simpler to earn. All you need do is to keep tapping your
up-C button as you ski downhill shooting at enemies. NOTE: DO NOT hold up-C
continously...you must tap it (and as rapidly as you can). Remember to take the
left-hand side (both times) when the path splits as that way is shorter and
there is body armor to pick up if you go that way. The 1st body armor is on the
ground in the open and the 2nd one is on top of the cabin roof you'll come to
(slow down for just a second before coming to the cabin roof or you'll
overshoot the armor). Other than that, just be prepared for the barrels you
have to blow up (near the towers) and dispatch as many enemies as you can as
you pass by them.



Mission 5b--Cold Reception--00Agent--(3:05)--Exotic Skins

This award is earned precisely as the previous one was. The ONLY difference
being the somewhat added difficulty of staying alive as you take more damage
from bullet hits and explosions.  NOTE: This is the ONLY 00agent level that you
DO have auto-aim on.



Mission 6--Nightwatch--00Agent--(2:20)--Forest Arena

NOTE:Be prepared to restart a fair number of times due to the somewhat random
nature of this level: (i.e. positions of guards, directions cameras are facing,

While waiting for the action to start, Hold your stick to the left and slightly
downward and be pressing your A-button with the back of your thumb. When you
see the action has started, click your B-button 2 times very quickly w/ the
front of your thumb (while still holding the A-button w/ the back of your
thumb). Your phone-tap will now be equipped. Tap the phone, turn back around,
and run for the door. Hit your B-button to open the door, start running thru
and hit your jump button to jump over the rail. While in the air--turn to the
right and start strafe-running (i.e. fwd. & side-step buttons simultaneously)
to the right--behind the hedges--and hugging the left wall. Run thru the
gateway on the right side and run thru the poolyard along the right side of
the pool. Run thru the next gateway and move along the left wall (behind the
hedges). Follow that wall all the way until you come to the brown door on the
bldg. Go thru the door and then thru the other door of the small vestibule.
Turn to your left and tap the phone on the small red table adjacent to the
door. Run to the other interior door in this room and go thru it into the
square hallway. Go to the right, around a corner, and enter the door you'll see
on the right side (just ignore the guard in this hallway if he sees you). Tap
the phone on the table ahead, turn around and exit thru the same door you
entered. Turn right and go directly to the door leading to the outside
(directly opposite of the door you entered the square hall from). Veer to your
right and head directly twds. the gateway across the courtyard (ignore both
guards in this area...you may take a shot or two, but they won't follow you).
While running, arm your silenced pistol. Bear a bit to the right as you pass
thru the gateway and shoot the lock off the brown door ahead. Pause and equip
your watch-dart. Enter the bldg and proceed fwd. to the little room on the
right. Enter, dart the two guards, pause and equip your Safe-cracker. Open the
safe, pause and equip your camera, then photograph the document inside.

NOTE: It is possible to open the safe & get the photo w/o dealing with the
guards in the room at all. Just go slightly inside the doorframe to open the
safe & take the photo--it's a little tricky to do, but if you go just far
enough--and not too far--into the doorway, you can do it w/o alerting the
guards at all.

Turn around and exit the room. Go thru the door to the right (leading outside
into the small forested area). Pass thru the gateway ahead--hugging the right

NOTE: an alternate method is to stop just below the gateway--raise your
aim-point overhead--and shoot the camera located up there. This way is actually
a more sure way of getting thru the level as this cam tends to catch you many
times--and you can still easily make the target time doing it this way.

Run thru this area as quickly as you can, ignoring the guards, (just run by
them...again, they won't follow). While running, re-equip your pistol. Stop by
the last tree before the little bldg. and shoot the cam over the door (if
you're a very good shot--you can shoot this cam on the run to save time, but
it's not necessary for making the target time). Pause, equip your camera again
and enter the bldg. Cycle thru the cut-scene and then photo the document on the
table directly ahead. Turn to the left and photo the last document on the desk
and then tap the last phone next to the document (NOTE: Don't get too close to
the desk or a camera outside the window will see you). Now exit the bldg and
run up to the rear of the car outside and hit your B-button.



Mission 7--Midnight Departure--Agent--(3:05)--Soldier Skins

NOTE: Strafe-run (i.e. fwd. & side-step buttons simultaneously) at all times
throughout the level. If an alarm ever goes off...just restart. But this is one
of the easiest of all 007 awards to earn--as long as you don't have an alarm go
off--you can pretty much run thru the entire level ignoring EVERYONE except
Davidov, and make the time.

Start by strafe-running down the road. Pass by the first 2 enemies you encouter
(ignore them) and then shoot Davidov ahead in the distance (try and get a head
shot so that he's fallen and drops his cellphone before you reach him).

Alternately, you can turn into the 1st opening in the trees on the right--
follow the way around the corner, shoot the guard directly ahead, shoot the
radio a bit further ahead, and then kill Davidov. This way is much easier
actually and you're more sure of getting by without having the alarm triggered
(obviously), but it is slower. However, you still have plenty of time to do
it this way if you're just going for the 007 award and not worried about
getting your best possible time.

Make sure you've got his phone and proceed on up the road a short distance
until you come to the first opening in the trees you'll see on the left side.
Go in there and continue on fwd. bearing to the right as you run thru the
clearing. Pass by the cabin on it's left side and enter the next opening in the
trees just a ways beyond it (on the left). Run past the guards and run into the
left-hand opening in the trees ahead. Follow the path a short distance until
you come to the river. Cross the river and turn to the right. Hug the trees and
continue on fwd passing by the bridge and coming back onto the road. Proceed on
up the road and go left when you come to the fork in the road. A short distance
beyond the fork, you'll come to an opening in the trees on the right side.
Enter here and follow the path. You'll come up behind a crossbowman. Shoot him
as you're running and then bear to the left. Stay up on the embankment and run
past the barricade and right out onto the airfield. Run straight across the
field directly twd. the control tower bldg. door (on the left side of the
bldg). Shoot the guard near the door as you're running twd. it. Enter the door
and head twds. the stairway at the far end of the room. Go up the stairs and
shoot the enemy at the 1st landing as you run. Continue on up the next flight
of stairs and go right up to the air-traffic controller. As soon as he starts
speaking, jump up onto the control panel and go thru the window (no need to
shoot it--it will break when you walk thru it) and double-jump (i.e. hit your
jump button just before you hit the ground) to the ground below. Go out onto
the air-strip and when the plane lands, run up to it. As soon as the guy inside
starts talking, run away from the plane in any direction (this will cut his
little speech short and end the level quite a bit faster).



Mission 8a--Masquerade--Agent--(3:15)--Air Raid Arena

Start by running over to Col. Akakievich by the truck off to your left. Pull
out the transport documents while he's talking (wait until his last words of
text are fading before you hit the Z-button to show them to him). Now run over
to the far side of the area to where Christmas is and stand thru her little
speech. Show her the documents and then run to the elevator (don't run too
close by the barrels next to the wall or Christmas will get stuck behind them
when she follows you...a glitch). Equip your watch-grapple while waiting for
Christmas to get to the elevator. Once you've both ridden down, wait for
Christmas to walk far enough past the door to get by her (the dummy will stop
& block you if you try and leave to soon ). Run down the corridor, veer
slightly left at the end and hit the switch ahead. Run thru the adjacent door
and then go to the right thru another corridor. Once thru it, bear to the left
and hit the switch by another blast door. Press START to cycle thru the
cut-scene and quickly pull your stick back and just slightly to the left.
Grapple the target above. Equip your pistol while waiting for the rope to come
down & then climb up.

Jump off the rope and run to the left. Kill all the enemies you encounter
(sometimes 1 or more, of the 3 will have been killed by friendlies) and pick up
their weapons and ammo. Switch to the Meyer TMP and wait for Christmas to open
the nearby blast door. Run into the corridor and push the cart and shoot
enemies as you go. When you come to the side-corridor to the room w/ the
computer (on the right side), stop, and run around the right side of the cart.
You can just run over the side of it from here instead of jumping over it.
Proceed on up the corridor, killing the guards as quickly and efficiently as
you can while you go. Run close by Renard and as soon as he starts talking, run
back the way you came from. After the cut-scene w/ the bomb, continue running
and jump up to catch the yellow and black striped bar hanging horizontally from
2 chains. After another cut-scene, run to the left and shoot at the 3 enemies
as you run into the corridor near them. Jump over the fire on the floor and
bear to your right. Strafe at the enemies here as you go by them into the next
corridor. Go to the left and into yet another corridor and run as fast as you
can into the elevator ahead (shooting at enemies as you go). Once in the
elevator, turn around and shoot any remaining enemies that may come running at



Level 8b--Masquerade--00agent--(4:20)--Scientist Skins

This is one of the harder awards to earn. There are a lot of enemies to take
out in a relatively short period of time . You will probably need to make a
fair amount of attempts before you make it.

Start out the same way as for the Masquerade agent award (see previous

After climbing up the rope out of the blast pit, kill the 3 guards as quickly
as you can and pick up their weapons. Try and get head shots on them to save
time. As soon as Christmas gets the blast doors open, run into the corridor and
duck down behind the cart. Push the cart fwd as you are shooting the enemies in
front of it. Again, try and get head shots to save time. Once you've gotten the
cart pushed just far enough fwd to squeeze thru into the short side corridor
leading to the room on the right w/ the computers in it, turn & kill the enemy
in there. Now, stand up, run in & pick up the circuit board off the floor. Turn
around and run back out, going over the side of the cart and then over the
front (you won't have to jump over the cart if you do it this way, you can just
run over it). Move fwd as fast as you can while killing the guards. Take cover
behind the pillars on the side of the corridor when you must reload. After
they're all dead, hightail-it twds. Renard and turn around again as soon as he
starts talking (you should be able to get almost to the yel. and blk. striped
bar [hanging horizontally from 2 chains] before the cut-scene w/the bomb is
triggered). Be ready to jump for the bar after the cut-scene ends. After you're
carried out of the corridor on the bar, run to the left as fast as you can,
spraying the enemies in the chamber w/ bullets as you make your way to the next
open corridor. If you don't have much health left, jump up onto the walkway on
the right side of this corridor to avoid the fire (if you do have a lot of
health left, just stay on the floor and jump over when you come to the fire).
Spray the enemies in this chamber w/ bullets as you veer to the right and run
into the next corridor. After emerging from that corridor, bear to the left and
run into one last corridor. Fire at the enemies in the chamber at the end of
the corridor as you run twds. them and into the elevator behind them (Don't hit
the friendlies in the corridor. It would be a shame to fail the mission because
of that when you're that far along ). Once in the elevator, turn around & be
prepared to shoot any enemies you missed on the way.



Level 9a--City of Walkways 1--Agent--(3:35)--Civilian Skins

For this award, follow the same walkthru as for COW 1 (SA) with one exception..
..the body armor is located on the dock by the boat (lying on the ground in the
open). There is however, no need to pick up the body armor unless you think you
really need it. Other than that, the level is the same except that there are
fewer enemies and it is therefore easier.



Level 9b--City of Walkways 1--Secret Agent--(3:50)--Covert Skins

Start by strafe-running straight to the ramp ahead and up it to the door at the
top. Open the door and run fwd, rounding the corner to the left and then
heading straight for the pad-locked door. While running twds. it--lower your
aim-point and when the red dot intersects the lock...fire to shoot it off (try
and hit it on the move, but if necessary, stop for a moment and aim). Go thru
and you'll get a cut scene. Press START (to cycle thru the cut-scene) and then
turn a bit to the left and run thru the doorway ahead. Turn left and run down
the ramp (ignore the 2 baddies-just run by them as fast as you can). Run off
the ramp on the left side. There is a KA-57 that a dead Zukovski guard  dropped
on the floor there. Pick it up, switch to it and proceed left around the corner
to the door (never stopping of course). Open it and run right out. Continue on
ahead, rounding the corner and head straight up the near ramp (ignore the guys
on the lower walkway). Shoot the enemy at the top of the ramp as you're running
and then bear to the right, and head straight for the switch on the wall ahead
(also ignore the other enemy on the upper walkway). Hit the switch and run thru
the adjacent doorway bearing to the right. Shoot the 2 enemies on the left as
you run twds. them and then the 2 on the right. Hit the elevator switch and
shoot the 2 enemies inside on the right as it's coming down. Shoot the other 2
(on the left) as you're running in. Hit your jump button to make the elevator
ascend. At the top, run out to the right and shoot the 2 enemies ahead as you
run twds them. Bear to the right and jump up onto the conveyor belt and ride it
past the little room (still strafe-running while on the belt). Turn to your
right and run twds the guard rail ahead. Jump over the right end of the rail
(going full speed). While falling, push your stick to the right to spin around
in the air. You should land next to the switch on the wall. Hit it, turn around
and run around the corner to the right (ignore all the enemies in the area you
dropped down into). Kill the guard on the far side of the corner (he has a
grenade launcher--be sure to take him out). Proceed on and kill the enemy ahead
of you as you run, then turn right and go out the doorway. Go to the right
outside the doorway and run down the ramp ahead and twds. another guy with a
gren. launcher (as long as you keep strafe-running, he shouldn't hit you). Run
straight twds. him and kill him, then turn to the left and kill the guy in the
shed ahead of you. Hit the switch on the wall to the left, turn around and run
back out. Stay on the lower walkway and run all the way to the other end and
around the corner to the right. Kill the enemy near the top of the descending
ramp and head down the ramp. Make a left Hairpin turn at the bottom and proceed
on fwd. As soon as you are next to the side of the ramp, side-step (left) under
it to pick up some body armor. Side-step back out and continue straight on
ahead twds a guard w/ a rocket launcher (ignore the men on the boat). Watch for
his rockets...they are slow and easy to avoid w/ your side-step buttons. Kill
him, pick up his Rocket Launcher and then go up the nearby ramp to the left.
Make a hairpin turn at the top and run straight down the long walkway you're
on. Kill the bad guy behind the crates as you run and continue on straight fwd.
There is another enemy w/ a rocket launcher ahead. Run twds. him, avoiding his
rockets as previously mentioned. Kill him and run to the right. Go straight
into the large warehouse. Once inside, bear to the right and go twds. the ramp
on the far side of the room. Run up the ramp and make a left turn. Run straight
to the ramp on the opposite side of the room (ignore the enemies on this
floor). Run up the ramp and make a right-hand hairpin turn. As soon as you
clear the handrail, make a left (the baddie in this room almost always kills
himself w/ his gren. launcher--kill him if he doesn't). Run to the door near
his body. Open the door and kill the enemy who will be straight ahead. Run
around the corner to the right and kill the 2 bad guys there as you run twds
them. Pause and equip your Covert Modem and proceed on straight ahead to the
computer on the table. Install the modem then turn almost completely around to
the left. Run to the trap door in the floor and drop down the hole. If you
catch the ladder, jump off it, then run ahead and around the corner. Run past
the enemy there and make a right onto a walkway. The level will end once you
move fwd on it a ways.



Mission 10--City of Walkways 2--Agent--(3:40)--Wildfire Weapons

Start out by turning around and picking up the body armor, weapon, and ammo...
arm the KA-57, then turn back around and head for the door (NOTE: if trying for
a very fast time, you can eliminate this step and just start by going fwd).
Open the door, proceed a short distance fwd and pull the red-handle (by
pressing your B-button) on the console to your left. Immediately proceed fwd
onto the still lowering bridge (run to one side of the bridge to avoid the "Saw
Chopper"). Run straight up to the door ahead, open and go thru it. Run around
the crates and past the friendlies. Shoot at any remaining enemies as you run
(your auto-aim should acquire the guy in the window above for just a moment, be
ready for it and try and get that guy--he has a grenade launcher). Run right up
the ramp and swing quickly around the room and drop down the other ramp (ignore
any remaining baddies upstairs). Follow the way to the next door and go thru it
(you can shoot at the guy who drops down at you if you want to, but it's not
necessary). Run fwd. and go up the ramp ahead (over the storage tanks). Strafe-
run all the way across this ramp and when you get to the cut portion, aim for
the other side and jump (going full speed). Run fwd. to the door straight ahead
(no need to bother w/ any of the enemies in this area). Go thru the door,
around the corner, and turn down the 1st aisle you come to--firing at enemies
as you run straight to the door. Exit the door, then the 2nd door beyond and
out into the open again. Run thru the shed ahead at full speed-bearing to the
left. Run around the corner to the 2nd storage tank area. Run up the middle
ramp and when you get to the break in the ramp, jump over to the other side
(at full speed). Kill the enemy on the ramp as you run twd. him (ignore the guy
on the other ramp w/ the gren. launcher--as long as you keep going full speed,
he shouldn't hit you). Proceed on to the door ahead and enter the bldg. Turn
right--down the first aisle you come to and shoot at the guy behind the barrel
as you run by him. Head directly for the door shooting at the enemies in front
of it. Even if they're not killed, just keep going...open the door just beyond
them and go thru. Run up to the next door, open it and immediately run out and
onto the long ramp. Run as fast as you can to the platform ahead and once
there, go down the ramp and over to the car's trunk to pick up the Sentinel
(rocket launcher). Turn around and run out to the raised drawbridge (shooting
the barrel next to the upraised bridge and picking up the body armor off the
ground as you go). Equip the Sentinel and run all the way out to the upraised
bridge and turn your back to it.

(I recommend that you keep the Sentinel on GUIDED...it's easy to waste a
lot of missiles on AUTO and you only need to hit the chopper 3 times on agent,
which you can do in a single pass of the chopper. Wait until he hovers in front
of you and fire off a shot...you can get another shot off as he's slowly moving
fwd...and the final shot when he's directly over your head--and keep in mind
that you can go back to the trunk of the car for more missile ammo if needed).

As soon as he's history, turn around and start running onto the bridge as it's
still coming down. Don't even bother to shoot at the 2 enemies ahead. Just run
past them, bearing to the right and up the ramp into the warehouse.



Mission 11--Turncoat--Secret Agent--(3:20)--Capture the Briefcase Scenario

NOTE: The locations of the enemies is somewhat variable on this level. The key
to earning this award is to never stop running. So be prepared to make a number
of attempts as this is a moderately hard award to earn.

While waiting for the level to begin, hold your A-button, then release it as
soon as the action starts (to equip your watch-stunner). Start running after
Buillion. Round a couple of corners, proceed on and when the 2 enemies come out
from behind the blue van, stun them (only enough "juice" to make one drop his
weapon). Pick up the dropped weapon, continue on past them and zap everyone of
the next group of enemies you encounter as you go by--just teeny little zaps
each--only enough so that they don't fire their guns. After rounding the corner
past those enemies, equip the pistol as you continue running. Round the next
corner to the right and shoot the enemies you encounter in turn (ignore those
that are relatively far out of your path) and pick up their weapons as you run
on. Switch to a better weapon and continue on. Round the corner to the left and
head down the narrow alley twds the bathhouse door ahead (on the right side)
killing those enemies in your path as you go (be careful about not hitting
innocent bystanders--you will get a "Mission Failed"). Enter the bathhouse and
when you get to the large room, turn to the left and shoot the hostage-holder
ahead. Turn to the right and shoot the hostage-holder in the corner diagonally
opposite the first (sometimes there's only 1 hostage-holder in here--the first
one I mentioned). Run into the far booth on the right to pick up the armor and
then quickly head for the door to the stairway (ignore all other enemies that
I don't specifically say to kill). As you're heading up the stairs, have your
aim-point to the left and shoot the guy on the stairs. At the top, make a hard
left, shoot the guy in your path and run directly for the door and go thru,
Make another hard left and head up another stair case. If a baddie pops out at
the top of the stairs, shoot him as you run up. At the top make a hard right
turn all the way around the bldg. as you emerge out onto the roof. Align
yourself with the broken handrail and make the jump to the next bldg. at full
speed. Proceed on ahead past the clotheslines and make a right as you pass the
end of the small bldg. Run down the path ahead and shoot the baddie that comes
running twds. you (many times, he's not there  ). Avoid the enemy in the
courtyard you reach and head straight for the boxes. Jump onto them and then
make the jump over to the next bldg. Turn left, shoot the bad guy(s) in front
of you and enter the room. Head for the door the innocent woman comes out of,
go thru and turn right. Shoot the guy behind the boxes and go thru the door
near his body (on right). Shoot the enemy just on the other side of the door
and proceed on--bearing to the left. Shoot the men in your path as you run
outside. Continue fwd. and turn right when clear of the wall. Kill the enemy by
the ladder and climb up it. Turn left at the top and fire at the bad guy(s) you
encounter as you run to--and over--the wooden planks onto the next roof. Shoot
the guy at the far end of the roof as you run twds. him and jump into the hole
in the grating just past him. Turn around at the bottom if necessary and run
down the aisle into the door ahead. Shoot all the guards in this short hall
(making sure to kill the hostage-holder in particular). Turn left out the door
and kill all the enemies in your path in turn. Go down the stairs and kill the
hostage-holder by the door ahead. Go thru the door and fire at the men in your
path as you run to the next door directly ahead. Go thru the door, bearing to
the right, and kill the last hostage-holder near the door. Go thru the door,
run a short distance fwd. and then make a hard right and go thru the doorway
(which is the level exit).



Mission 12--Fallen Angel--Secret Agent--(2:45)--Gadget Wars Weapons

While waiting for the action to start, hold your A-button down. As soon as it
does start, release it to equip your watch-stunner and head up the nearby
staircase (don't pick up the pistol off the floor). While going up, give the
friendly guard a good zap so that he drops his weapon. Pick it up as you run by
(if done smoothly, you won't even have to slow down). Pause and arm yourself w/
the KA-57 he dropped. At the top of the stairs, shoot the enemy thru the door's
barred window ahead and enter the room. Shoot at the other 2 enemies in the
room as you run to the table by the window diagonally opposite the door. As you
pick up the Palm-scanner off the table, look thru the window and kill an enemy
ahead by the security door. Turn around and exit the room the same way you
entered and go back down the stairs. Run to the double doors downstairs and go
thru. Bear to the right and go thru the double (brown) doors to the outside

(after going thru the door, you may stop for a moment to kill the bad guy to
the right before proceeding on--but it's not necessary).

Instead of going down the dirt path, stay on the walkway above and round the
corner. Drop down to the roof killing the enemy on the roof (either directly in
front of where you dropped down or in the corner to the right). Now kill the
enemy who is either on the boat or on the dock near the boat (if he is on the
dock, you can kill him by shooting the barrel near him--it's obviously an
easier shot). Then run around the corner to a spot next to the square hole in
the floor. Shoot Buillion from here (if you kill him from this spot he'll
almost always fall in such a way that you can get his palm-print). Give him a
good blast (if you have to fire a 2nd burst at him, he usually falls into the
water). You can get his palm-print from here (it can be a little touchy to get,
but it does work). Now re-equip a gun and retrace your steps all the way back
to the room where you picked up the palm-scanner. Go thru the room and out the
opposite door from which you entered. Turn left and if you see a baddie ahead..
...kill him. Pause and equip the palm-scanner and use it on the pad on the wall
next to the security door (try and do it as you're running twd. it). Go thru
the door and equip a gun. Move just a bit fwd of the door (so any remaining
enemies outside it won't shoot you), but don't go too far into the room, glass
panels will drop and gas will kill you if you do. Now shoot the cam.

(NOTE: You can escape the sealed gas chamber by grappling a target thru a hole
in the ceiling & climbing up the line, but this takes longer).

Now go thru the room and run up the stairs. At the top, go to the left and kill
the 3 enemies ahead of you at the end of the hallway (one of them may be in the
jail cell area). Don't pick up all of their weapons--leave at least one of them
on the floor. Go to M's cell and shoot the lock to free her. Cycle thru the
cutscene, and then just run past Gabor and out the door (don't even bother with
punching or zapping him). Pick up the weapon you previously left on the floor
as you leave the jail-cell area and run to--and up--the nearby stairs. Equip
the weapon you picked up as you're running up the stairs and shoot the two bad
guys in the room at the top of them as you're running twds them. Go thru the
doors and then the next set of doors also and then you'll trigger a cutscene.
After cycling thru the cutscene--pull your trigger to kill Electra (you will
already be aiming at her)--If you hesitate even a second, you may get a MISSION
FAILED.  While waiting for the level to end, turn back twds the door and shoot
any guard(s) who might come running in.



Mission 13--A Sinking Feeling--00agent--(2:55)--Navy Skins

Start by running along the wall to your left and turn left at the edge of the
water. Run along the sidewalk almost to the end and jump in the water twds the
back of the sub. Climb onto the sub at the tail and run twds the front of the
sub along the left side (to avoid being seen by the men on shore). Run up to
the ladder on the sail and climb up. Jump down and drop thru the hatch. Go to
the 2nd hatch, get onto the ladder, climb down a short distance then hit your
jump button...you will land right in front of a guard--shoot immediately to
kill him, then take and equip his weapon (you will land so close to him that
he'll put his hands up).

NOTE: Use your x-ray vision to check for Christmas' whereabouts and avoid those
rooms that she's not in. Christmas will be in one of 4 rooms in the sub: Either
in one of 2 rooms off the first corridor (which you landed in); or in one of 2
rooms around the corner on either end of the first crosshall you come to.
Wherever you find Christmas, after killing her guard...make sure you walk up to
her and she starts talking...if you don't, she'll just stand there like a dummy
(for a nuclear physicist, she can be pretty stupid).

Once you have rescued her, get to the torpedo room at the very front of the sub
as fast as you can. She will follow you as long as you don't get too far ahead
of her, and she is safer if you do stay ahead of her as the guards don't
actually shoot at her--they only shoot at you--and she only gets killed if she
gets caught in the line of fire as they're shooting at you. When proceeding
thru the sub--of course--kill all enemies you encounter along the way.  If she
was in one of the first two rooms, go left at the 1st cross hall and proceed
fwd thru the first hatch you come to and turn right at the 2nd crosshall, then
go left thru the already open middle door in the crosshall (from here on, the
route will be the same no matter where you found her). If she wasn't in one of
the first two rooms, go fwd into the 1st crosshall and look to the right with
your x-ray vision. If she's in that room, go in and rescue her, then proceed on
fwd in the sub, going thru a hatch to the 2nd crosshall. Turn right at the
already open middle door (as I previously, the route from here on will be the
same no matter where you found Christmas). If she wasn't in any of those 3
rooms, turn left at the first crosshall, proceed fwd thru the 1st hatch you
come to...just on the other side of it will be another door on your right.
Christmas will be in the room that door opens up into. Rescue her, go back out
and turn right. At the 2nd crosshall just beyond the room. Turn left and enter
the middle door in the crosshall (again, the route from here on will be the

After turning into the middle door in the 2nd crosshall, turn left at the end
of the corridor, pass thru a hatch, and go thru the hatch just beyond it on the
right. Continue straight on ahead...passing thru 2 more hatches and turn right
at the end. Move fwd a short distance and drop down into the hatch in the floor
(on your left). Wait for Christmas and as soon as she climbs down the ladder,
climb up the ladder and go back the way you came from (once Christmas is in the
torpedo room, you don't have to worry about her anymore). Go back the way you
came from and open the 2nd door on the left that you come to. This is the
control room. Kill all the men inside, go to the other door in the room. Open
it and kill the guard(s) in that room and shoot the machine you see there (the
steering controls).



Mission 14--Meltdown
--Agent--(complete level...no time req.)--Contemporary Skins
--Secret Agent--(complete level)--Classic Skins
--00agent--(complete level)--Golden Gun Scenario

NOTE on difficulty levels: The only differences between the 3 difficulty levels
in Meltdown are...
A) The amount of time your air lasts (45 secs. for agent & 22 secs, for Secret
Agent and 00agent)...
B) The damage you incur from being shot or drowning...
C) Not having auto-aim on 00agent.
All enemies and items are
present & in the same locations & the reactor meltdown takes the same amount of
time (9:45) in all 3 difficulty levels. The one walkthru will work for all 3
awards (it was written for the 00agent diff. so it'll only be easier on the
other two difficulties).

A couple of general tips:
-Even if you just can't get used to controller style
3 for normal play...USE IT FOR THE SWIMMING PORTION OF THIS LEVEL! It is far
faster and much, much easier to control & steer Bond w/ style 3. Just try it
and you'll see what I mean. After you emerge from the water, you can pause and
switch back to your regular controller style if desired.
-When swimming, keep going in a generally downward direction until you get to
the narrow, horizontal opening w/the floating body nearby,..then go in a
generally upward direction (there are 5 green lights along the way of the
correct path on the downward portion of the swim).

When the level begins, walk fwd and drop down into the water. Turn and swim
thru the opening into the next room (don't bother turning the valve-wheel on
the wall...all it does is turn off a jet of steam). Turn around to face the way
you came from, take a last breath and swim downward (the 1st green light should
be on the wall to your right). Swim down thru the opening, level off and go fwd
thru the opening ahead. Immediately after passing the threshold, turn downward
(the 2nd green light should be to your right). Swim down the shaft to the
bottom (spin 180 degrees while swimming down). Level off and swim to the end of
the passage and turn downward again. Swim down this short shaft (the 3rd green
light will be on the wall of the shaft), again--spin 180 degrees while swimming
down. Level off and swim fwd a short distance until you come to the 1st opening
below you (the 4th green light should be next to the hole--to your right). Swim
down this long shaft spinning 90 degrees to the left as you swim, passing by a
fallen ladder, and proceeding on to the very bottom (the 5th and final green
light is near the bottom of this shaft--if you need air, there is a room next
to the green light where you can get some...there is also a mach. gun on the
floor of the room). Level off at the very bottom (a floating body should be
here) and swim fwd thru the narrow horizontal opening and turn right. Swim a
short distance fwd and turn upward...(just a bit before you come to the end of
the passage). Swim up thru the opening and proceed all the way to the top of
the shaft (spin as you swim up so that the grating [normally a floor] is to
your right). level off at the top and swim fwd thru the opening ahead.
Immediately after passing the threshold, turn upward and swim up thru the
opening. Swim all the way up this long shaft to the surface. Spin on the way up
so that the long grill (normally a floor) is to your right. NOTE: Equip your
gun as you swim up the shaft.

Pop up out of the water, run fwd a bit (the water is choppy near the hole you
came out of and will throw off your aim). Kill the enemy there and wait a
moment for another to slide down a rope and kill him also. Pick up their
weapons, reload and turn around. Run to the other side of the opening you came
out of (there is body armor very close to the far side of the hole...don't miss
it). Continue fwd until almost the end of the passage and look up thru the
hatch there for a grapple target (pretty high up there). Grapple it, turn to
face the way you came from and climb up. There will be an enemy to kill when
you get to the top (he'll be ahead and on the left side of the passage behind a
jet of steam). Kill him and then jump off the rope and go fwd. Look up the hole
w/ the white hatch hanging down. Grapple the target you see there. Turn to face
the way you came from and climb up. Jump off the rope and go fwd. Jump up on
the pipes on the left side of the room and hit the red button (by hitting your
B-button). This will kill Renard and stop the meltdown. Turn to face the rope
you jumped off and kill an enemy you'll see sliding down a rope (if you're not
fast, another will slide down also). Now climb back onto the same rope you
jumped off and climb up a short distance and jump to where the enemy's body
fell. Look up thru a hatch you'll see above you and grapple the target you see
at the top. Turn to face the far end of the room and then get on the rope and
climb up. At the top, there will be another guard ahead (behind another jet of
steam). Kill him, jump off the rope and go fwd. Another enemy will slide down a
rope. Kill him also (this is the last enemy). Look up the hatch he came thru
and grapple the target at the top. Turn to face the way you came from and climb
up. Jump off at the top and walk fwd a short distance. Look up the hatch there
and grapple the target you'll see. Climb up the rope. When you get near the
top, the level will end.



Courier, Courier--alt. glitch method, and King's Ransom (agent) walkthrus by
Vivagorditas and Mr. E--
All other walkthrus by Mr. E


Mr. E's times using these walkthrus...

Courier (SA)- 1:32
Courier (SA)(glitch)- 0:12
King's Ransom (Agent)- 1:37
King's Ransom (SA)- 2:57
Thames Chase (00agent)- 3:44
Underground Uprising (Agent)- 1:55
Cold Reception (SA)- 2:26
Cold Reception (00agent)- 2:31
Nightwatch (00agent)- 1:55
Midnight Departure (Agent)- 2:09
Masquerade (Agent)- 2:43
Masquerade (00agent)- 3:58
COW 1 (Agent)- 2:44
COW 1 (SA)- 3:03
COW 2 (Agent)- 2:37
Turncoat (SA)- 2:41
Fallen Angel (SA)- 1:52
A Sinking Feeling (00agent)- 2:25
Meltdown (00agent)- 2:22
Meltdown (Agent)- 1:38 (different method-[special fast time way])
Meltdown (SA)- 1:41 (different method-[special fast time way])


Special Thanks and Sources...

Special Thanks: For Detailed 007 Award info: www.angelfire.com/games3/twine64/
007awards.html and codes.ign.com
For posting my FAQ: to GameFAQS, Bond-Station, and Bondgames.
For Tips: www.gamewinners.com/n64/WorldIsNotEnough.htm
For TWINE64 background info: to Skellington & Doctor Zhivago of EUROCOM/U.K..
For HTML help & posting of the FAQ on Bond-Station: to Goldenboy.
EXTRA SPECIAL THANKS to pernicious_p for the invaluable info he provided. This
FAQ would never have turned out as well as it did without him.
VERY SPECIAL THANKS to Ian Flemming for thinking up James Bond and giving us
all a hero to look up to.


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                                   THE END

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