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Multiplayer FAQ by jekirby

Version: Final | Updated: 08/04/2002

        _____  _          _      _             _     _     ___
       /_  __// /  ___   | | /| / /___   ____ / /___/ /   /  _/___
        / /  / _ \/ -_)  | |/ |/ // _ \ / __// // _  /    / / (_-<
       /_/  /_//_/\__/   |__/|__/ \___//_/  /_/ \_,_/   /___//___/

              _  __      __     ____                       __
             / |/ /___  / /_   / __/___  ___  __ __ ___ _ / /
            /    // _ \/ __/  / _/ / _ \/ _ \/ // // _ `// _ \
           /_/|_/ \___/\__/  /___//_//_/\___/\_,_/ \_, //_//_/
                             ____ ____ _________
                            /   //   //__  /___/
                           / / // / /   / /__/
                          /___//___/   /_/

The World Is Not Enough (N64)
By: jekirby (jekirby22@hotmail.com) DO NOT SEND ME FLAMING E-MAILS
A Basic Multiplayer Guide 07/03/02 FINAL VERSION
I)Version Updates
II) Legal Junk
  a. I know, I know...
  b. Please don't, it's against the law...
  c. Thank You Section
III) The Basics
  a. Default Controls
  b. Strafe, Live, Kill, Jump, Duck!
  c. Using Glasses/Goggles
  d. Secondary Fire Mode
  e. Damage
IV) Multiplayer Settings
  a. Arena
  b. Team Arena
  c. Capture the Flag
  d. Capture the Briefcase
  e. King of the Hill
  f. Team King of the Hill
  g. Uplink
  h. Last Agent Standing
  i. Golden Gun
  j. Weapon Settings
  k. Screen Split
  l. Weapon Detail
  m. Friendly Fire
  n. Maximum Score
  o. Duration
V) Arenas
  a. Air Raid
  b. Castle
  c. Field of Fire
  d. Flashpoint
  e. Forest
  f. Frostbite
  g. Hidden Volcano
  h. Istanbul
  i. Labyrinth
  j. Merchant
  k. MI6
  l. Silo Surprise
  m. Sky Rail
  n. Submarine
VI) Human Players
  a. The Smart
  b. The Crazy
  c. The Unstoppable
VII) Great Tips/Tricks
  a. Strafe
  b. Sniper
  c. Know the Arena
  d. Radar
  e. Character selection
  f. Don't shoot Allies
  g. Sneak around
  h. Weapon choice
  i. Weapon mode
  j. "Use the Force Luke!"
  k. Know where the weapons are
  l. Crouch
VIII) Game Scenarios
  a. I just wanna use the bathroom!
b. That's MY Pipeline!
  c. Hide and Seek
  d. "You can't win Powers!"
  e. "Watch Your Step"
  f. Zzzzz... Ahhhhhh!!!
IX) Weapons
  a. AT 420 Sentinel
  b. Delta 900 Mag
  c. Deutsche M45
  d. Deutsche M95
  e. Deutsche SA90
  f. Frag Grenade
  g. Frinesi Special 12
  h. GL 40
i. Ingalls Type 20
  j. MB POW 90
  k. Meyer Bullpup
  l. Meyer TMP
  m. Mustang .44
  n. Mustang MAR-4
  o. Mustang MAR-4GL
  p. Raptor Magnum
  q. RL 22
  r. Seamaster Seagun
  s. Soviet KA-57
  t. Sticky Grenade
  u. Suisse SSR 4000
  v. Wolfram P2K
X) Codes/Earnings
  a. GameShark Codes
  b. Earnings
XI) Al Bots
  a. Al Bot Files/Character List
XII) End Notes
  a. End Note #1
I)Version Updates:
     Version 0.1: This was the original version, just typed it up.

     Version 0.2: Formatted the guide more correctly to be posted, saved it
as Text with Line Breaks.  Put in correct e-mail.  Added the Section Great
Tips and Tricks.

     Version 0.3: Corrected some spacing, added the Section Great Tips and
Tricks' a., b., etc.

     Version 0.4: Put this section in, added title The World Is Not Enough
007.  Corrected almost all the spacing (I hope).  Changed stars to the = and
-.  Added model of Human player.  Added CJayC and ToastWomble to the Thank
You section.  Added cheats section.

     Version 0.5: Added the section Game Scenarios.  Also added the weapons
section.  Spent hours in the process.  Also something that took me two hours
was the new Al Bots section.  I hope you like it!

     Version 0.6: Put in lines to make charts at bottom.  Made many things
look better and easier to read.

     Version 0.7: Fixed the head on the model.

     Version 0.8: Added one more Game Scenario to the FAQ.  Changed a small
part of the guide using grammar, and such.  Prayed the head was fixed the
correct way this time.

     Version 0.9: Added the weakest spot picture.  Clarified a few things.

     FINAL VERSION: Took out some info that had showed what I was going to do
with the guide and my hopes.  Last Version, so enjoy!

II) Legal Junk:
  a. I know, I know...:  This is a part that most of you will skip, I know.
I don't really want to have to type this, but for my sake I will.  Many
things I will use to help you and all others visiting this I found from
experience!  I, jekirby, created this FAQ/Guide on my own and used names,
etc. that were created by people other than I and respect that.  Some people
may have found out information that I have used before I did, but I do not
know how to give credit if I didn't learn this from them directly.  In short,
do not e-mail me saying that you or someone was the first to do something and
told all others how to and that I said I found it first, because I didn't.
  b. Please don't, it's against the law...:  You may use this for your
personal gain, and to transfer it to your own site you must contact me and
NOT change it in any way!
  c.  Thank You Section: Thanks to all who helped in creating this game, it's
great!  Also I would like to thank CJayC, creator of the website,
ToastWomble, the one who helped me make the Human model look about 3 times
better.  I also would like to thank Steven Lee for contributing the Scenario
"Watch Your Step".  I'll list everyone to thank so it is more distinctive if
you are looking.
                              Eurocom Crew
                              EA Games
                              Steven Lee
III) The Basics
  a. Default Controls:
         Control Stick- Move around, easy to remember
         Directional Pad- Look Around
         L/R- Aim (C Up and C Down to Zoom when Aiming)
         B- Reload, Open doors
         A- Scroll upwards through weapons
         C Right/C Left- Strafe Right/Left
         C Up- Jump (Stand up when ducking)
         C Down- Duck
         Z- Fire Weapon
         (Default Settings)
  b. Strafe:  This is very useful when in combat, hold C Right to Circle your
opponent, so they must keep turning to shoot at you.  There are many
different ways to strafe, learn them.  It can cause less accuracy on your
part put it causes much more accuracy loss on their part! You can also
Jump/Duck while strafing so try that!
  c. Using Glasses/Goggles:  To use the X-Ray Glasses/Night Vision Goggles
hold B and Press A.  They can be very useful!
  d. Secondary Fire Mode:  To activate the secondary fire feature, select the
gun you would like to use it on and hold B, then Press Z.  Note: Not all
weapons have this feature.
  e. Damage: __
            /  \
           (    )  <----- Head: Extremely sensitive, 1-2 hit kills
            \  /
         ---   ---
        /          \
        | |   <--|-|------- Chest: Somewhat sensitive, 9+ hit kill
        | |      | |
        | |      | | <----- Arm: Strong, 14+ hit kill
        | |      | |
         -  _____ -
           |     |
           |  |  |
           |  |  | <----- Legs: Strong, 34+ hit kill
           |  |  |
           |  |  |
          /___|___\  <----- Shoes: Very Strong, 42+ hit kill

     Weakest spots:
   Top of Head: Extremely sensitive, 2- hit kill
       /  \
      (    )<--------------Other Head spots: Extremely sensitive, 2- hit kill

This test was conducted, using a Wolfram P2K, on a multiplayer Human, with
100% health.  The shoes often take no damage at all.  I noticed that the
further up you go anywhere on the body, the more damage is dealt.
IV) Multiplayer Settings
  a. Arena: Probably the most popular of the game types, its Arena, no teams,
and no special Flags or anything.  All you must do to win is destroy the most
opponents.  Staying alive helps prevent them from raking up Kills, get to
know your opponent well, know what makes them tick, what they forget in
combat, etc., it's very useful!  Make them tick if you can if you get ticked,
but be careful if you're a guest.  Gain Accuracy and skills, witch is always
needed, sneak around and know witch gun to use when.  And be sure to know the
arena.  If you have a sibling and you earn a level, play it a few times then
play it with them to get a head start.  Learn where the guns are!
  b. Team Arena: Now with teams, go around destroying every enemy however you
like.  If you gain secret motions, or whatever you'll win easier (ex. Jump 4
times in front of team member means that you are going after Player4, Jump 3
times in front of them to signal you are going after Player 3, and so on,
Duck and Stand 3 times in front of team member to signal that you will
sniper, etc.).  If you are fighting AL Bots, you can just talk with your
friend(s), but if you're on with an Al Bot, good luck predicting their next
move so you don't do the same.
  c. Capture the Flag: You are spit in two teams to do Capture the Flag.
When playing a Kill is equal to 1 point and taking the opponent's flag from
their stand to yours is equal to 10 points, and after their flag touches your
stand it magically goes back to theirs, and in this one you may use weapons
when carrying a Flag.  If you die while carrying a Flag it stays in Midair
for about 5 seconds, and if one of your team members touches it within that
time they get the chance to score by carrying it to your stand, if the other
team touches it, it flies to their stand, and if nothing touches it for the
time period it is returned to the right base, no points added.  When you have
the flag just run to your base, and if they get your flag, do what you can to
stop them from touching their stand.  Not as fun as Capture the Briefcase,
but still a fun, heart pounding scenario!
  d. Capture the Briefcase:  The same as Capture the Flag with 2 differences.
1) Now the Flag is a Briefcase and 2) To score by taking their briefcase to
your stand you must have your briefcase in your stand.
  e. King of the Hill:  No teams, but still fun, Kills score 1 point, and for
every 1-3 seconds you stand in the small purple circle somewhere in the arena
(is shown on Radar and known as the Hill) you gain a point.  Get in the Hill
and KO any people that try and take it from you, so before you get in the
Hill, grab Mucho Ammo and Armor, and hold your ground to become King!
  f. Team King of the Hill:  Create two teams and Battle over the Hill.  The
more team members in the Hill at the same time, the faster points rake in!
One person should be in or fighting for the Hill at all times!
  g. Uplink:  Two Teams once again, and three Uplinks scatted throughout the
Arena (numbered 1, 2, and 3)(shown on Radar).  The Uplinks look like little
Radar things (with a number on them), and start out Gray, a single touch will
change them to your teams' color, and the longer they are that color, the
more points you rake in.  On screen are three Uplink Icons that show what
color the 3 Uplinks are.  Ex. 1 is Red 3 is Blue while 2 is Gray.  The Icon
for Uplink 1 would be Red, 2 would be Gray, and 3 would be Blue (same on
Radar).  The Uplinks will stay the same color until a team member of either
team changes its color by touch; after it becomes touched it stays that color
no matter what until a team member of the other team touches it.  You'll get
the hang of it!
  h. Last Agent Standing:  Basically you have the same objective as Arena,
but now everyone has a set number of lives to live.  Stay on the move and get
Armor and a good gun before and after a fight.
  i. Golden Gun:  There are three parts to the Golden Gun spread and hidden
in with weapons on this game, get everything on the floor you can and kill
who has 1 part of the gun.  Get the three parts and switch to the Golden Gun
to 1 hit Kill anyone.  Raised Accuracy is needed for this because others can
kill you if you keep missing and must reload.
  j. Weapon Settings:
     I) Standard- Use the weapon pick-ups from the Map.
     II) Convert- Start Weapon: Silenced Wolfram P2K
Start Gadget: Night Vision Goggles Pickups Available: Deutsche M95, Suisse
SSR4000, and Delta 900 MAG
     III) Combat- Start weapon: Raptor Magnum
Start Gadget: Body Armor Pickups Available: Deutsche M95, Meyer Bullpup, GL
40, RL 22, and Frag Grenade
     IV) Rapid Fire- Start Weapon: Soviet KA-57
Start Gadget: Body Armor Pickups Available: MB PDW90, Meyer Bullpup, and
Mustang MAR-4
     V) Close Combat- Start Weapon: WolframP2K
Pickups Available: Raptor Magnum, Mustang.44
     VI) Sniper Combat- Start Weapon: Suisse SSR4000
Pickups Available: Deutsche M95, Deutsche SA90, and Night Vision Goggles
     VII) Explosive- Start Weapon: GL 40
Start Gadget: Body Armor Pickups Available: Mustang MAR4-GL, RL 22, AT420
Sentinel, Sticky Grenade, and Frag Grenade
     VIII) Exotic- Start Weapon: Seamaster Speargun
Pickups Available: Delta 900 MAG, GL 40, Sticky Grenade, and X-Ray Glasses
     IX) Wild Fire- Start Weapon: Frinesi Special 12
Pickups Available: Meyer TMP, Soviet KA-57, GL 40, and Frag Grenade
     X) Gadget War- Start Weapon: Silenced Wolfram P2K
Start Gadget: Body Armor Pickups Available: Ingalls Type 20, Sticky Grenade,
and X-Ray Glasses
  k. Screen Split: Choose Vertical or Horizontal (only when 2 Humans are
playing with any Al Bots).
  l. Weapon Detail: The lower, the less detail to your guns, and the faster
you go, the higher, the more detail in your guns and the slower you walk (not
that much slower).
  m. Friendly Fire: On to damage team members, off not to (only when teams
are on).
  n. Maximum Score: Set a Maximum Score to stop the battle when it is met.
  o. Duration: Set the number of minutes a battle will last.
  V) Arenas
  a. Air Raid: This level is a pretty big sized arena with the main plane and
the SR-71 Blackbird in the back.  The 3 best spots that I think there are is
the "Secret Spot 1".  Grab a few guns (a Sniper) and some Armor and battle
your way up into the cockpit, break the window on one side, and jump up on
the ledge like you are going to jump off, but don't.  Turn slowly around
until you see a small "ramp" or the thing separating the two windows in the
cockpit and walk up it.  Straight ahead of you is a dorsal fin.  Behind that
is a hole, go around the hole to the ledge and you won't be blown off, pull
out your sniper and shoot everyone on the SR-71 Blackbird.  Later when you're
down to a lower range weapon fall in that hole (this is why to carry a few
guns).  You may have to slowly turn around (go to fast and you might
accidentally jump off of it) and anyone switching between the SR-71 Blackbird
and the "Main Plane" will pass under you. You can still see each other but
it's a good spot if no one else knows how to get there.  The final "Secret
Spot" is on the SR-71 Blackbird, you walk on top of it but not the wings, at
least usually, so jump over the mound stopping you from getting on the wings,
and there isn't any wind, mystically.  Have fun.  And if you prefer not to be
at those places I have another great spot to work off all your enemies.  The
cockpit.  Simple, has a gun near it, only one entrance.  But also this level
is hard to park it in one place, because once you die you want to run all
around to get the gun/guns that you like, so sometimes I just run around the
whole level, killing all my enemies and getting guns, but you'll die
eventually doing this.
  b. Castle: Probably the Smallest Arena, Castle has two floors that contain
many rooms, the room directly across the main passage area from the Library
upstairs is probably one of the few good "Hold your Guns and Ground" areas,
because there is only two entrances, but you pretty much are on your own
here, find your own strategy works here.  This is probably one of the most
difficult areas too.  But that doesn't mean it isn't fun.  And if your
desperate you could go to where you find the body armor or the adjacent room,
which has only one entrance.  This is also a good level to stay on the move.
  c. Field of Fire: If you've seen The World Is Not Enough, than you know
this level comes from one scene where you find this area is a place for
villagers to test their faith.  Don't do that here (walk in the fire) because
it shows how much faith you have by damaging you.  Also be careful walking
across the bridge, to get the special gadget.  You should probably hold your
ground outside the cave, and when they come out you can attack them.  Or on
the little ramp that has the AT 420 Sentinel on it, because using your radar
and aiming, along with guiding your missile, you could stop anyone from
entering, unless they spawn in that room.
  d. Flashpoint: The best area here is probably in the room with the map of
Elektra's Oil Pipeline, with extra light.  Be careful, this is the hardest
place for me to play Multiplayer at.  I suggest exploring until you find your
personal favorite spot.  But the map room has Night Vision Goggles, which
will show people in green, very helpful at any room in this level.  If you
stand around where the goggles appear you can easily guard two entrances.
  e. Forest: Dark and Creepy this forest is, it's fun too though, be a darker
character so that you blend in with the trees.  This is great for team
battle, and not, because of all of the ambushing points.  To do the "Hold
your Guns and Ground" style here, go in one of the buildings and hide under
the stairs, when someone enters, pop out and shoot, or go upstairs and aim at
the door.  To find the Night Vision Goggles here head your way through the
creek to the area where it turns and ends off, a little before you reach
there near the trees is the Night Vision Goggle, which are Very effective
  f. Frostbite: Brrrr!  Bring your fur coat because the only warm place here
is that Cabin, and someone is likely to shoot open that big window!  Using
the tunnel systems is very effective here, start somewhere and head for the
tunnel that leads you up to where the Red Flag is on Level and shoot all
above ground as you make your way to the start of your underground check.  Or
the "Hold your Guns and Ground" style means probably going downstairs in the
Cabin and getting in the corner so that you face the tunnel, and shoot all
coming by.  And if you know the elevated area where the Red Flag stands, near
the rock tunnel, go there and sniper everyone on one half of the level, watch
your radar so that you don't have someone pop up out of the tunnel when you
are sniping, or they could have a quick kill.
  g. Hidden Volcano: Ow! Hot now!  Here there are three floors, with a big
fat elevator, try and use the elevator to go from floor 1 to floor 2 and from
floor 2 to floor 1 because since the Radar shows as if everyone was on the
same floor, you may want to use the elevator do go down, see if a battle is
there, if so, jump, and up you go away from it.  The top floor is probably a
good place NOT to hold your ground, since everyone is there.  The basement is
probably the best for the "Hold your Guns and Ground" style.  If you happen
to find a GL 40 and want to confuse Human players got to the first floor and
bring the elevator down, turn it to TIME, not IMPACT, then stand by the
buttons.  Aim up at an angle to the corner and shoot, the grenade will go
bouncing one floor above you!  It's VERY LOW accurate and usually won't kill
anyone, but it does confuse him or her.  Make sure to bring the elevator
down, or the Grenades might fly back at you.
  h. Istanbul: Not too hot, not too cold, it's Istanbul!  I think the best
spot for the "Hold your Guns and Ground" style is the room with the Body
Armor.  One entrance, regain Armor, only needs a good gun, so get one before
you come here.  There is a high Balcony here, great for Sniper, because a
Sniper gun is on it, but the hole in the rail means a "Secret Spot"!  Run
towards the hole and jump just before you fall and hold forward!  Boom, you
land on the Building thing (don't know what to call it, balcony???), pretty
good for Sniping with a non-Sniper, such as a GL 40 or the Meyer Bullpup, if
you know what I mean.
  i. Labyrinth: An actual maze to walk in; find a circular brick spot with
only one entrance for the "Hold your Guns and Ground" style.  Otherwise
you'll encounter everyone just trying to go through the maze for weapons!  A
very hard level to play, but around the area where the hill is if you walk
around it is (!)X-Ray Glasses(!).  Now you can see through the bushes and
bricks that make up the maze!
  j. Merchant: Oh, one of my personal favorites! Merchant offers two floors
of action connected by a set of stairs and two elevators.  The elevators may
be open, if so all you need to do is run in them, otherwise you'll take the
stairs or press B on the button making one come in a few seconds.  If you're
looking for action on Standard weapons, come here!  Upstairs offers a variety
of Powerful and Automatic weapons, and body armor, along with the fact that
most of the time almost everyone will be up there.  So, if you're looking to
"Hold your Guns and Ground" go to the toilet-less, sink-less bathroom
upstairs and either stare out the door ducking and aiming up to where the
heads would pass, or taking cover in the door-less stall.  If you're too
afraid to go upstairs, or just know you wouldn't survive, grab the Meyer
Bullpup that is downstairs, put it on secondary fire mode (automatic), and
hide in the safety deposit room, waiting for anyone to walk in, and get
blasted by about 30 bullets.  If you're heading downstairs, don't jump from
the top of the stairs, you'll commit suicide by accident, so run down one
flight then jump to safe about 3-5 sec.
  k. MI6: No doors, no bathrooms, no more than one floor, one empty floor, is
the MI6 level.  This is probably a good spot to Kill and Run, and stay on the
move, because there really isn't one good spot to defend off in all these
Halls.  The only one I can think of that works somewhat well is the one-
entrance room that has red lights on the wall, just travel the maze until you
find it, but by the time you get there you probably have about half of your
damage taken from meeting enemies on your travel.  Have fun.
  l. Silo Surprise: Looks like this was from the Cold War, but it ended in
1989, oh well, that's probably why half of the light bulbs have burned out!
Many shadowy places offer good areas to hide, stay away from the explosive
barrels, and shoot them if an enemy gets too close to them, Cold War Style.
  m. Sky Rail: Another one of my personal favorites because of all the light,
the tram, and the size of it, its Sky Rail.  Snipers will rule here, unless
you manage to get past them.  Usually the snipers will be in the room up high
with 3 windows, on a Sky Rail, or up high where the Flag is in capture the
flag.  If you become a sniper the Sky Rail is where you will probably rule
most, you see your opponents movements, but loose accuracy, and you almost
never get hit.  If you do last agent standing stay on that rail.  Also, you
can jump off the Sky Rail without dieing so if you need ammo try and drop
down on it, then run to the elevator and get back on the rail before it moves
  n. Submarine: Like other submarines, you don't want to be in one if you're
Closter phobic, this level offers halls and rooms, so when roaming watch out
when you turn for enemies in the shadows.  This is probably one of those
levels where you should find what works for you, or at least with you.
VI) Human Players
  a. The Smart: The smart players usually gained this from experience, or in
my case fighting, let's say silly, people, like my sister who would run in
circles around ammo doing a chant so that when she got it she would shoot
right, and by the time the chant was over I had aimed and shot the ammo
damaging her in the explosion.  If you're not "A Smart" then you are probably
not crazy or unstoppable, because those wouldn't come to a Web site to find
help for their position, I know, from family.  So most people reading this
are at least 2/3 of a Smart person (in the game).  Smart people are usually
either roaming around getting guns and killing people, or hiding in a quiet
corner hoping one will fall for his trap (Snipers, or Reg. Guns).
  b. The Crazy: Some people are just crazy.  Kill them and they try to "Get
Revenge" on that Al Bot that killed them (even though you killed them).  No
helping them.
  c. The Unstoppable: There really isn't, it's just some people can't be
stopped by you.  Just go for them only, do whatever it takes to beat them in
a battle and try to get more kills by killing others.  If you want to, go
ahead and grab a team mate, and both shoot at them.  But I recommend grabbing
the smaller fish if you can't fry the bigger fish.
VII) Great Tips/Tricks-
  a. Strafe: I recommend strafing almost all the time, shooting, running,
anytime you don't know what will happen.  A sniper above shooting ammo next
to you, a grenade, or even a team member who is attacking you because
Friendly Fire is On.  Know how to strafe and just as importantly when.  Know
the arena well enough to where you could strafe through a door with your back
turned.  Strafe at an angle to get to weapons quicker.  And last but not
least, you can duck and strafe! (If you want)
  b. Sniper: Snipering can be very effective.  Best you sniper in an area
where you can get new sniper ammo quickly.  When you sniper use the aimer and
Zoom in if you must.  Also very important is to watch your radar.  When you
are Snipering watch to make sure someone doesn't sneak up behind you.  Also
watch out for other snipers that are within firing range of you.
  c. Know the Arena: Learn the arena and learn it well!  This maximizes your
radar efficiency.  What I mean is that it can help you determine if the
opponent is in which room.
  d. Radar: Know your how to use your radar!  This is very important, at
least so you can tell if around the next corner is an enemy.
  e. Character selection:  Choose YOUR character wisely!  For example, you
probably don't want to be a rainbow colored character, simply because you'll
be easily spotted.  Try to be blended in with the background a little.
  f. Don't shoot Allies: If for some reason you are on teams and chose to
have friendly fire on, only shoot your allies when they shoot you.  Otherwise
you forget about the enemy and start killing each other until either:
     1) Time runs out
     2) Opponents win
     3) One of you realizes how crazy that is.
  g. Sneak around: Sneaking around is what you would probably do in a real
life situation, so try it here.  Don't announce to everyone "I'm hiding in
the Elevator!!!" instead tell other's "Josh is hiding in the Elevator" so
that everyone heads to them.  Once I followed by brother to a closed room on
the MI6 level when I was like only 10 feet or so behind him and then when he
went in to get the weapon I was toward the end of the hall and threw a Frag
Grenade and ran.  He was just walking out the door when it blew up and I only
was damaged like 10% from the explosion.  To make them think you aren't
following them strafe a lot and shoot like you are trying to get away from
someone so the may think that you are a different dot on the Radar or you are
trying to escape.  Just pray that they don't look at your radar!  Sniper
Spots: There are spots throughout the level where it is better to sniper!
For example, if you want to sniper don't stand in the middle of a room and
aim around, choose an elevated spot higher to shoot downward where they won't
see you as easily, and a corner area, like in the corner of the stage, so
there are less areas to be attacked from, but some levels have good spots to
sniper that aren't in the middle of the stage.  If you find a good sniper
spot try to keep it a secret, so you don't have to fight off some players.
  h. Weapon Choice: Make sure to choose a good weapon.  Don't choose a
Wolfram P2K over a Soviet KA-57, unless you are extremely low on bullets.
Yet in a small arena don't choose an AT420 Setinel over a Meyer Bullpup,
because you will Kill yourself also.
  i. Weapon Mode: Some weapons are better in their second mode, for example
the Meyer Bullpup, because the secondary mode is automatic!  Remember that
not all guns have a secondary fire mode.  Some of the secondary fire modes
are silent, that is good in single player, and in multiplayer the best use is
to quiet down the noise so that a player might not notice you shooting at
them as easily as if you were shooting a Frinesi Special 12 for example.  But
remember that the Frinesi Special 12 has a secondary AUTOMATIC (!!!!!!) mode
that can very easily Kill someone in like what, two seconds!  Many tactics
come into play on this game.
  j. "Use the Force Luke!": Don't be over confident, because then if you fail
it will enrage you, but don't be under confident, because then you will more
likely loose.  Hope that you win, but don't hope you win by a ton of points,
because then you might think you could do much better.  In short think that
you can do it if you try hard and don't set your goal too high.  Another
thing is not to play if you are too mad.  Then you can't even think well.
And last but not least do what the manual to the Nintendo 64 and every other
system says- take a ten to fifteen minute break from video games every hour,
and if that isn't possible for you then do it every hour and a half or so.
It lets your mind rest, eyes rest, fingers, and skills even, so you wake up
with more energy.
  k. Know where the weapons are: Know where the good and bad weapons lay.
That way you aren't unarmed. Pretty easy once you get the hang of it.  It
should come naturally...  At least it did for me...
  l. Crouch: Crouching can be very effective.  But not all the time.  Just
make sure that you don't do that all the time!
VIII) Game Scenarios
a.	I just wanna use the bathroom!:
  Team Arena (2 vs. 2)
  Weapon Mode: Any
  Max Score: Any
  Duration: Any
  Characters: Any (Preferably ones that stand out)
  Arena: Merchant
       What you do:
  Two players are people who need to use the bathroom (can be anyone, but
preferably someone who stands out, like the divers) and they must remain
unarmed while running around the Merchant level looking for the bathroom
(each team has one person who needs to use the bathroom). The first players
that don't need to use the bathroom run around the arena trying to kill the
other teams member who needs to use the bathroom. The players that are
allowed to use guns cannot protect their team members and must not kill
anyone but the person on the other team that needs to use the bathroom. If
the member of the team that needs to use the bathroom makes it safely to the
bathroom they must then run downstairs and into the main room or the safety
deposit booths and stand for five seconds, then the other person needs to use
the bathroom and must make it to the bathroom before they can shoot again
(must go downstairs to meet team member and tell them they now must use the
bathroom). Keep switching off until you get tired or time runs up/max score
is meet.
  b. That's MY Pipeline!:
  Team Arena (2 vs. 2)
  Weapon Mode: Any
  Max Score: Any
  Duration: Any
  Characters: Elektra (either one), Sir Robert, Renard (either one), Electra
Bodyguard (either one)
  Arena: Frostbite
       What to do:
  Elektra (Blue Team) thought that Renard (Blue Team) killed Sir Robert King
(Red Team), her father, and the pipeline was her's, but Sir Robert is
apparently not dead, and wants his pipeline back. Then Sir Robert offers to
pay her bodyguard (Red Team)double what she was paying her if he would finish
off Renard for kidnapping Elektra, and then Renard and Elektra's bodyguard
face off on the snow as Elektra and Sir Robert start fighting in the green
pipes going through the snow. Whichever team has most points at end wins the
  c. Hide and Seek:
  Arena (3 or 4 players)
  Weapon Mode: Any
  Max Score: Any
  Duration: Any
  Characters: Any
  Arena: Any
  Special Notes: Turn ALL Radars OFF and hiders may only use the Wolfram P2K
       What to do:
  Choose one person to be the "Seeker" and send them out of the room while
the ones who hide go hide.  Have the hiding people look at the wall, ceiling,
or somewhere so that they don't give out clues to where they are hiding.
Then when the seeker comes in he must find at least one hider then the race
begins!  If he kills one of the hiders (using any weapon) then he begins a
race with that hider to find and kill the other one or two hiders before the
other.  If the previous hider wins the seeker must leave the room and the
hiders find new hiding spots and you start over.  If the seeker wins the
hider he/she raced with must be the seeker and leave the room.  Continue
until you must stop or get tired.  This is just for fun, so no one wins,
unless you all agree on a scoring system.  *NOTE*: The hiders may feel free
to run for it to a new hiding space while the seeker is present, as long as
it doesn't die, it is still a hider, so you CAN change hiding spots.
  d. "You can't win Powers!":
  Arena (4 of any combo of Al's and Humans, preferably humans)
  Weapon Mode: Explosive
  Max Score: Any
  Duration: Any
  Characters: Any
  Arena: Submarine
  Special Notes: Health is at 10 for everyone but Al's (can't go that low)
       What to do:
  This is just one quote I loved from one of my favorite scenes of Austin
Powers the Spy Who Shagged Me, that was said by Robin Swallows after a few
consecutive attempts to destroy Austin Powers, which completely backfired and
hit her, but anyways this is the main point of the game, it's so hard to win!
I chose Submarine because all the hallways and small rooms would make it hard
to escape the explosions, which destroy enemies, and usually destroy you too!
It's very hard to win at this and usually people use explosives, a bad idea.
  e. "Watch Your Step":
  Team Arena (2 vs. 2)
  Weapon Mode: Explosive
  Max Score: Any
  Duration: Any
  Characters: Any
  Arena: Air Raid
       What to do:
  Everybody gets on top of the airplane and dukes it out with Grenade
Launches.  It's pretty funny to see the other guy get blown off.
*NOTE*: Steven Lee contributed this.  See the Thank You section.
  f. Zzzzz... Ahhhhhh!!!
  Arena (1 vs. 1 vs. 1 vs. 1)
  Weapon Mode: Any
  Max Score: Any
  Duration: Any
  Characters: Any
  Arena: Any
       What to do:
  Everyone stays up very late, until maybe 4:00 in the morning, but still
dark outside.  Make sure not to have sugar within half an hour of the time
you start to play it and make it a contest on staying up.  Start out sniping
and after one gets very tied they may fall asleep, then you each kill him/her
about ten times each, and snipe slowly until one falls asleep, and each kill
him/her about 10 times each, and continue until one is left, the one who
didn't sleep is the winner and then they pause it to show they won with ten
points ahead of 2nd (about), who is ten points ahead of 3rd (about), who is
about ten points ahead of 4th (about), while fourth has about 5 points give
or take.  If the winner isn't too tired then I suggest that he/she uses a
marker to write looser or something not harmful on each of the others hands
or something that is commonly washed through the day.  Fun only one night
with the same people though, then they wanna mark your hand all day.
IX) Weapons
  a. AT 420 Sentinel:
       Ammo: Missiles
       Zoom: about 4x
       Max Ammo/Clip Size: 4 rounds
       Range: Very High
       Damage: Very High
       Overall: Very Effective from a distance, otherwise explosion may hurt.
       Rating: **** (out of *****)
  b. Delta 900 Mag:
       Ammo: Bolts
       Zoom: about 4x
       Max Ammo/Clip Size: 5 rounds
       Range: Medium
       Damage: High
       Overall: Effective as a sniper, but takes long to reload.
       Rating: *** (out of *****)
  c. Deutsche M45:
       Ammo: .45 ACP
       Zoom: no zoom
       Max Ammo/Clip Size: 25 rounds
       Range: Medium
       Damage: Medium
       Overall: Not the best choice, but somewhat effective.
       Rating: ** (out of *****)
  d. Deutsche M95:
       Ammo: 9mm
       Zoom: about 4x
       Max Ammo/Clip Size: 30 rounds
       Range: Medium
       Damage: Low
       Overall: Not so great, but it does have a laser targeter.
       Rating: ** (out of *****)
  e. Deutsche SA90:
       Ammo: 7.62mm
       Zoom: about 4.5x
       Max Ammo/Clip Size: 20 rounds
       Range: Very High
       Damage: High
       Overall: Great weapon, scored high in every section!
       Rating: ***** (out of *****)
  f. Frag Grenade:
       Ammo: N/A
       Zoom: N/A
       Max Ammo/Clip Size: N/A
       Range: High
       Damage: Very High
       Overall: Good, but usually your opponent can run from it.
       Rating: *** (out of *****)
  g. Frinesi Special 12:
       Ammo: 12 gauge
       Zoom: no zoom
       Max Ammo/Clip Size: 8 rounds
       Range: Low
       Damage: High
       Overall: A good close range weapon, takes long to reload.
       Rating: *** (out of *****)
  h. GL 40:
       Ammo: 40 mm Grenade
       Zoom: about 2x
       Max Ammo/Clip Size: 1 round
       Range: High
       Damage: Very High
       Overall: Good to use from a short distance, surprisingly, but low on
ammo, which will bring score down.
       Rating: **** (out of *****)
  i. Ingalls Type 20:
       Ammo: .45 ACP
       Zoom: no zoom
       Max Ammo/Clip Size: 30 rounds
       Range: Medium
       Damage: Medium
       Overall: Your average rapid-fire weapon.
       Rating: *** (out of *****)
  j. MB POW 90:
       Ammo: 5.7mm
       Zoom: about 1.5x
       Max Ammo/Clip Size: 50 rounds
       Range: High
       Damage: Medium
       Overall: New players of FPS' will like, and many Goldeneye fans will
be disappointed, as it has less rounds and it takes about half a round to
kill someone.
       Rating: *** (out of *****)
  k. Meyer Bullpup:
       Ammo: 5.56mm
       Zoom: about 2.5x
       Max Ammo/Clip Size: 30 rounds
       Range: High
       Damage: High
       Overall: A great weapon, to make even better switch to Secondary Fire
       Rating: **** (out of *****)
  l. Meyer TMP:
       Ammo: 9mm
       Zoom: no zoom
       Max Ammo/Clip Size: 25 rounds
       Range: Low
       Damage: Medium
       Overall: Not the best automatic, but a cool looking one!
       Rating: ** (out of *****)
  m. Mustang .44:
       Ammo: .44 Mag
       Zoom: about 3x
       Max Ammo/Clip Size: 6 rounds
       Range: Medium
       Damage: High
       Overall: A good pistol, but not so great on the ammo side.
       Rating: *** (out of *****)
  n. Mustang MAR-4:
       Ammo: 5.56mm
       Zoom: about 2x
       Max Ammo/Clip Size: 30 rounds
       Range: High
       Damage: High
       Overall: A great weapon, my favorite automatic.
       Rating: ***** (out of *****)
  o. Mustang MAR-4GL:
       Ammo: 40mm Grenade
       Zoom: no zoom
       Max Ammo/Clip Size: 1 round
       Range: High
       Damage: Very High
       Overall: A very good weapon, not much ammo, but a great weapon!
       Rating: ***** (out of *****)
  p. Raptor Magnum:
       Ammo: .44 Mag
       Zoom: no zoom
       Max Ammo/Clip Size: 8 rounds
       Range: Low
       Damage: High
       Overall: It's a pretty good Pistol to make head shots with.
       Rating: ** (out of *****)
  q. RL 22:
       Ammo: Rocket
       Zoom: about 2x
       Max Ammo/Clip Size: 1 round
       Range: Very High
       Damage: Very High
       Overall: Very good weapon, but must throw away after one use!
       Rating: **** (out of *****)
  r. Seamaster Seagun:
       Ammo: Spears
       Zoom: no zoom
       Max Ammo/Clip Size: 2 rounds
       Range: Low
       Damage: High
       Overall: A hard gun to use because you must be close and moving to
dodge attacks, which greatly lowers accuracy.
       Rating: ** (out of *****)
  s. Soviet KA-57:
       Ammo: 7.62mm
       Zoom: no zoom
       Max Ammo/Clip Size: 30 rounds
       Range: High
       Damage: High
       Overall: A highly effective weapon, built by the Soviet.  Great for
close combat, because there is no zoom (which will lower rating).
       Rating: **** (out of *****)
  t. Sticky Grenade:
       Ammo: N/A
       Zoom: N/A
       Max Ammo/Clip Size: N/A
       Range: Very High
       Damage: Very High
       Overall: Very effective, but you will almost always get some damage
from the giant explosion (which will hurt it's rating).
       Rating: **** (out of *****)
  u. Suisse SSR 4000:
       Ammo: 7.62mm
       Zoom: about 5x
       Max Ammo/Clip Size: 5 rounds
       Range: Very High
       Damage: High
       Overall: Very effective, but takes a while to reload.
       Rating: **** (out of *****)
  v. Wolfram P2K:
       Ammo: 9mm
       Zoom: no zoom
       Max Ammo/Clip Size: 16 rounds
       Range: Medium
       Damage: Low
       Overall: An okay gun to start out with, can be silenced.
       Rating: ** (out of *****)
X) Codes/Earnings
  a. GameShark codes: (GameShark 3.0 or Higher)
           /GameShark Codes\_____________________________
          |Enable Codes-                    F10A9240 2400|
          |                                 F10A6804 1000|
          |Unlock Everything-               50001501 0000|
          |                                 81112F70 0101|
          |Unlock Exotic                    80112F82 0001|
          |Unlock Wildfire-                 80112F83 0001|
          |Unlock Gadget War-               80112F84 0001|
          |Unlock Forest-                   80112F7B 0001|
          |Unlock Sky Rail-                 80112F7C 0001|
          |Unlock Air Raid-                 80112F7D 0001|
          |Unlock Castle-                   80112F7E 0001|
          |Unlock Team Hill-                80112F7F 0001|
          |Unlock Capture Briefcase-        80112F80 0001|
          |Unlock Golden Gun-               80112F81 0001|
          |All Guns-                        80112F6C 0001|

           Note: On Unlock Everything you unlock things you would have to
earn through earnings.
_/b. Earnings:\___________________________________________________________
| Multi Level          Single Level         Difficulty             Time   |
|   Castle          Underground Uprising       Agent               2:15   |
|  Sky Rail           Cold Reception        Secret Agent           3:15   |
|   Forest              Night Watch           00 Agent             2:20   |
|  Air Raid             Masquerade             Agent               3:15   |
|    Scenario            Level               Difficulty            Time   |
|Capture Briefcase      Turncoat            Secret Agent            3:20  |
|Team King of Hill   King's Ransom             Agent                2:20  |
|  Golden Gun             All                00 Agent               Any   |
|    Skin               Level               Difficulty             Time   |
|Contemporary            All                  Agent                Any    |
|  Classic               All               Secret Agent            Any    |
|   Covert         City Walkways 1         Secret Agent            3:50   |
|  Scientist          Masquerade             00 Agent              4:20   |
|    Suit              Courier             Secret Agent            2:00   |
|  Civilian        City Walkways 1            Agent                3:40   |
|   Soldier       Midnight Departure          Agent                3:05   |
|    Navy         A Sinking Feeling          00 Agent              2:55   |
|  Security         King's Ransom          Secret Agent            3:45   |
|   Exotic          Cold Reception           00 Agent              3:05   |
XI) Al Bots
  a. Al Bot Files/Character List:
*Note*- You can use Q, I know because of a Game Save on this site I recently
checked out, where the first player in multiplayer will be set to him, but if
you change him you can't change him back.  Interesting... Gameshark maybe?
/Al Bot Files\_____________________________________________________________
|Character           Health                    Settings                    |
|James Bond            150                Good, Team Player                |
|Istanbul Bond         150                Good, Team Player                |
|Convert Bond          150                Good, Team Player                |
|Undercover Bond       150                Good, Team Player                |
|Commander Bond        150                Good, Team Player                |
|Skiing Bond           150                Good, Team Player                |
|Tuxedo Bond           200                Good, Team Player                |
|Doctor Jones          100                Good, Collector                  |
|Christmas Jones #1    100                Good, Collector                  |
|Christmas Jones #2    125                Good, Team Player                |
|Renard #1             150                Evil, Assassin                   |
|Renard #2             150                Evil, Assassin                   |
|Elektra King #1       100                Evil, Assassin                   |
|Elektra King #2       100                Evil, Assassin                   |
|Cigar Girl            100                Evil, Assassin                   |
|Bilbao Cigar Girl     100                Evil, Assassin                   |
|Valentin Zukovsky     125                Good, Normal                     |
|Bullion               100                Evil, Collector                  |
|Gabor                 100                Evil, Team Player                |
|M                     200                Good, Team Player                |
|Robinson              100                Good, Team Player                |
|R                     100                Good, Team Player                |
|Moneypenny            100                Good, Collector                  |
|Doctor Warmflash      100                Good, Collector                  |
|Davidov               100                Evil, Team Player                |
|Colonel Akakievich    125                Good, Normal                     |
|Lachaise              100                Evil, Collector                  |
|Sir Robert King       100                Good, Normal                     |
|Nikolai               100                Good, Team Player                |
|AirTrafficController  75                 Good, Team Player                |
|Female Bank Clerk     75                 Good, Collector                  |
|Male Bank Clerk       75                 Good, Collector                  |
|Bathing Woman         75                 Good, Collector                  |
|Bathing Man           75                 Good, Normal                     |
|Builder               75                 Good, Team Player                |
|Bus Driver            75                 Good, Team Player                |
|Elektra Bodyguard #1  125                Evil, Assassin                   |
|Elektra Bodyguard #2  125                Evil, Assassin                   |
|Businesswoman         75                 Good, Collector                  |
|Bank Staff            75                 Good, Collector                  |
|Istanbul Female       75                 Good, Collector                  |
|Forest Mercenary #1   100                Evil, Team Player                |
|Forest Mercenary #2   100                Evil, Team Player                |
|Helicopter Pilot      75                 Evil, Team Player                |
|IDA Physicist         75                 Good, Team Player                |
|Jogger                75                 Good, Team Player                |
|Runner                75                 Good, Team Player                |
|Kazakh Scientist      75                 Good, Team Player                |
|Kazakh Soldier        100                Good, Team Player                |
|King Guard            100                Evil, Team Player                |
|Lachaise Bodyguard #1 100                Evil, Team Player                |
|Lachaise Bodyguard #2 100                Evil, Team Player                |
|London Police #1      90                 Good, Normal                     |
|London Police #2      90                 Good, Normal                     |
|Businessman           75                 Good, Team Player                |
|Office Worker         75                 Good, Team Player                |
|Communer              75                 Good, Team Player                |
|Market Trader         75                 Good, Team Player                |
|Mercenary             125                Evil, Team Player                |
|Mercenary Leader      125                Evil, Assassin                   |
|MI-6 Agent            100                Good, Team Player                |
|MI-6 Security         100                Good, Normal                     |
|Parahawk Pilot        100                Evil, Team Player                |
|Q Branch Scientist    75                 Good, Team Player                |
|Russian Sub Crew      75                 Good, Team Player                |
|Saboteur              125                Evil, Assassin                   |
|Salesman              75                 Good, Team Player                |
|SCUBA Mercenary       110                Evil, Normal                     |
|SCUBA Terrorist       110                Evil, Normal                     |
|Bank Security Guard   75                 Good, Team Player                |
|Skier                 100                Evil, Normal                     |
|Spanish Police        90                 Good, Normal                     |
|Special Forces        125                Evil, Assassin                   |
|Sub Crew #1           100                Evil, Team Player                |
|Sub Crew #2           100                Evil, Team Player                |
|Terrorist #1          100                Evil, Assassin                   |
|Terrorist #2          100                Evil, Assassin                   |
|Suited Thug           125                Evil, Assassin                   |
|Henchman              125                Evil, Assassin                   |
|Thug                  125                Evil, Assassin                   |
|Tourist               75                 Good, Team Player                |
|Undercover Mercenary  100                Evil, Team Player                |
|Zukovsky Guard #1     125                Good, Team Player                |
|Zukovsky Guard #2     125                Good, Team Player                |
|Baron Samedi          150                Evil, Assassin                   |
|Jaws                  300                Evil, Assassin                   |
|May Day               175                Evil, Team Player                |
|Oddjob                250                Evil, Assassin                   |
|Scaramanga            200                Evil, Assassin                   |
|Alec Travelyan        200                Evil, Assassin                   |
|Wai Lin               175                Good, Team Player                |
|Max Zorin             200                Evil, Assassin                   |
XII) End Notes
  I hope that you enjoyed this guide and that it benefited you.  I certainly
enjoyed making this.  jekirby
End of Document (c) 2002 by jekirby (jekirby22@hotmail.com) DO NOT SEND ME

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