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Awards Guide by EReiter

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 01/09/2001

The World Is Not Enough N64 - 007 Awards Guide V1.0
Copyright 2001 Evan Reiter

Table of Contents
1. Intro
2. Quick-Reference Chart
3. 007 Awards Guide
4. Copyright Info
5. Release/Addition Dates

1. Introduction
Hey everybody! Welcome to the second hearty serving to the magical buffet of 
video game strategies (among other things) known as the Internet. This is my 
second guide written, a predecessor to my somewhat successful 00 Agent Guide. 
I know you've all been waiting for this anticipated document, and now, it's 
here! (Break out the booze, and get me a lampshade! Yee-haw!) Unfortunatly, it 
is not quite finished yet. There are a few awards I haven't been able to 
acheive yet... *bows head in shame*... and even the ones I have gotten aren't 
all listed... yet. But they will come with time. Updates will be few, but once 
I've beaten Chrono Cross, you can expect a metric assload of updates, so fear 
not! Anywho, without furthrer rambling, I present to you...


<quick Monty Python "AhhhhhhhhhhAHHHHHAhhhhh" fanfare>

2. Quick Reference Chart
Note that this chart, like the rest of the guide, is not complete.

This chart is organized as follows:

level - difficulty - time - award
Note also that A = Agent, SA = Secret Agent, and 00A = 00 Agent

I suggest you copy and paste this chart onto notepad (word wrap on), then 
print it out for even easier reference.

Courier - SA - 3:05 - Business Skins
King's Ransom - A - 2:20 - Team King of Hill
King's Ransom - SA - 3:45 -  Security Skins
Underground Uprising - A - 2:15 - Castle
Cold Reception - SA - 3:15 - Sky Rail
Cold Reception - 00A - 3:25 - Exotic Weapons
Night Watch -  00A - 2:20 - Forest
Midnight Departure - A - 3:05 - Soldier Skins
Masquerade - A - 3:05 - Air Raid
Masquerade - 00A - 4:20 - Scientist Skins
City of Walkways I - A - 3:35 - Civilian Skins
City of Walkways I - SA - 3:45 - Covert Skins
City of Walkways II - A - 3:00 - Wildfire Mode
Turncoat - SA - 3:20 - Capture the Breifcase

I know it's crappy, but you'll live.

3. 007 Awards Guide
A yes, the section we've all been waiting for. Too bad it's not complete... 
heh heh... well, at least you'll have some scraps to feed off of until the 
next update. For ease of use, you'll need a fair knowledge of the level's 
layout, how to complete mission objectives, etc. So, you'll need to know where 
everything is and how to use it. I'm not telling you how to do things. I'm 
telling you how to do them fast. If you don't have a good idea of the way 
things go, check out my other guide, located wherever you found this one. 
(Maybe there was some self-promotion in that, but I'm serious...)

Business Skins
Beat Courier on Secret Agent in 3:05 or under.

Dash to the right immediatly and head for your safety deposit box. As you run 
back to the security gate, equip your appointment card and quickly flash it to 
the gaurd. Mash random buttons to skip the cutscene.

Dash through the leftmost doors, run past the stairway, and in the next 
hallway quickly kill anyone and everyone in the area. Run around the corner to 
the left and head though the first door you see, then the next, quickly 
blowing the brains out of anything that moves and doesn't yell, "Don't shoot!" 
Quickly crack the safe and head through the door you _didn't_ come in through. 
Run to the right, swipe the card, plow through the door while at the same time 
equiping the data scrambler, and shove it in the VCR. Plow through the gaurds 
(you may need to kill them if they are in the doorway), and run all the way 
back around to the other silver metal door. Swipe the card, equip you keypad 
decryptor while headed for the keypad, decrypt away, and take a quick sip of 
ice water as the obscenely slow door slides open. Grab the breifcase and haul 
your "Tight-Ass Brit" outta that bank.

Team King of the Hill Mode  
Beat King's Ransom on Agent in 2:20 or under.

This one is EASY. Take a quick practice run through the level to warm up, then 
play through it again really fast without stopping to kill enemies. Pshaw. 

Beat Underground Uprising on Agent in 2:15 or under.

Round the corner, too the right, down the RIGHTMOST escalator. Ignore all 
terrorists unless I say otherwise. Head left then right, shoot the terrorists 
holding the hostages, the right. Head for the subway, and, if you're lucky, 
you'll be able to make it to the cubby before it hits you. Do not stop. If the 
subway hits you then, obviously enough, start over. If you make it to the 
cubby, wait for it to pass, then head strait for the bathrooms. Kill the two 
terrorists near the bathroom entrance, kill the one in the bathroom, then 
diffuse the bomb as quickly as possible (Be careful!). Continue on through the 
level until you reach the end. You'll probably have to kill the gaurds on the 
stairway. Enjoy your new multiplayer level!

Sky Rail
Beat Cold Reception on Secret Agent in under 3:15.

This one isn't too hard. First, don't use your right thumb for about ten 
minutes. Then, play the level as normal, except tap the Up-C Button like 
there's no tomorrow. See my normal guide for tips.

Exotic Weapons
Beat Cold Reception on 00 Agent in under 3:25.

Use the exact same strategy as Sky Rail. (Above)

Soldier Skins
Beat Midnight Departure on Agent in under 3:05.

Hit the ground running. Follow the dirt road until you reach the airfield. 
Ignore all enemies. Kill Davidov if you see him to save time. When you reach 
the airfield, head immediatly to the flight controller, ignoring the two 
gaurds outside. Kill the guard in the stairwell. As soon as the flight 
controller begins speaking, head back down the stairs. The plane will 
automatically land. Head strait for it, killing the two gaurds on your way 

Air Raid
Beat Masquerade on Agent in under 3:05

Run to the General Ak., flash him your papers, run to Dr. Jones, flash her 
your papers. Dash to the elevator.  As you wait for Christmas to reach the 
elevator, equip your watch grapple. 

As soon as she gets that yummy ass of hers through the elevator door, sprint 
for the door controls, hit 'em, and head through the door, continuing until 
you reach Renard. Hit start to skip the cinematics, then immediatly look up 
and grapple (you did equip your grapple, didn't you?). Charge the 3 enemies 
and blast them all. Collect their ammo and about now Jones should have the 
door open. Speed through and run. Just run. Push the large "thing" and 
simultaneously spray flak everywhere. When the "thing" is crushed by the 
doors, bounce off the box and over the "thing", still spraying flak. When you 
reach Renard, ignore the enemies, trigger Renard's babbling, and double back 
to grab onto the black/yellow stripped bar. Speed into the other open door and  
make a mad dash for the exit, ignoring every enemy you encounter. When you 
reach the 'vator, whip around and blast the three blue suits while you wait 
for the game to take over.

4. Copyright Info
This guide is written by and copyright ME, Evan Reiter. This guide may not be 
sold, ripped off, or ANYTHING of the like. If you wish to post this guide on 
your site, then ASK first. Basically, you may only use it personally OR with 
my permission. Otherwise, I'll send you to hell with my magical powers.
 This guide should be found ONLY at:
The following sites are allowed to use it if they wish:
 If you accessed it from anywhere else, e-mail me immediatly.

5. Release/Updates
1/9/01 - First Release

~End of Document~

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