1. Darren Hyland Additional Animation
  2. Lee Ames Additional Art
  3. Carl Cropley Additional Art
  4. ULF Dahl Additional Art
  5. Hans Johansen Additional Art
  6. Helen Jones Additional Art
  7. Adrian Smith Additional Graphics
  8. Andy Bee Art
  9. Michael Condrey Associate Producer
  10. David Whittaker Audio Director
  11. Rob Hubbard Audio Technical Director
  12. Gary Edwards Character Animation
  13. Gary Edwards Engine Design
  14. Simon Kirk Engine Design
  15. Tim Rogers Engine Design
  16. Rob Watkins Engine Design
  17. Pamela Trucano Executive Director
  18. Neil Haldar Executive Producer
  19. Jon Horsley Executive Producer
  20. Simon Mathew Executive Producer
  21. Bill Beachman Game Design
  22. Kev Harvey Game Design
  23. Aaron Jenkins Game Design
  24. Rob Benton Lead Artist
  25. Neil Baldwin Lead Musician/SFX
  26. Rob Watkins Lead Programmer
  27. Michael Robsinson Lead Quality Assurance
  28. Bill Beachman Producer
  29. Tim Rogers Producer
  30. Hunter Smith Producer
  31. Martin Hollis Producer and Director
  32. Mike Duffil Programming
  33. Simon Mills Programming
  34. Tim Rogers Programming
  35. Tim Wilson Technical Director
  36. Chris Jackson Tools Programming
  37. Kevin Marks Tools Programming
  38. Andy Mitchell Tools Programming
  39. David Luoto Voice Over Director


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