• Wrestlers

    DebraHighlight Terri on the wrestler section screen and press c-right or c-left
    Fabulous MoolahHighlight Mae Young (Unlock her first) Hit C-Right or C-Left
    FunakiGo on Taka (when picking a character) and press left or right c
    GoodfatherHighlight Godfather and press C-Left or C-Right
    Howard FinkelHighlight Earl, and press C-Right once or press C-Left three times
    JaquelineHighlight Ivory then press C-Right or C-Left
    Jerry "The King" LawlerHighlight Jim Ross (after he is unlocked), then press C-Left or C-Right
    Micheal ColeHighlight Earl Hebner (after he is unlocked), then press C-Left 3 times or C-Right times
    Paul BearerHighlight Earl Hebner (after he is unlocked) at the character selection screen, then press C-Left twice or C-Right twice


  • Float in Mid-Air

    First, Create someone with Taunt 196. Start a match with the wrestler and get on the announce table. Perform Taunt 196. Half-way through the taunt, kick while you're in the air. You will now be floating. You can have all 4 people do this for a 4 way fight in the audience.

    Contributed By: GTAGoldeneyeMGS.

    5    3

  • Infinite continues

    Save the game before a match in championship mode. Exit the match when you only have one continue remaining. Turn off the game and reload your saved game to start again with the maximum number of continues.

    Contributed By: Bestoffuture.

    7    3

  • Walk in the crowd

    Start a guest referee match. This code works best with The Rock. It doesn't matter who the wrestlers are (No pun intended). Start the match and as referee, run out of the ring and on the table. Stand on the bottom left corner of the table, and proceed to hold the analog stick left and the c-left button at the same time. You will begin to shake and slowly move to the left. Wait until your right foot is off the table, then let go of the stick and button. You will complete your taunt, but you will be suspended above the floor! Run around in the crowd and do whatever you like, you can kick people from above, etc.

    ***WARNING*** If you get Irish whipped, quit the match! The black void past the crowd is limitless and your game will freeze and possibly glitch if you run too far out.

    Contributed By: AJKDJEminem.

    7    1


  • Easily unlock Backlash arena

    To easily unlock the Backlash arena, you must first have purchased the Armageddon arena. Then start a Pay-Per-View with the arena set to Armageddon. The Pay-Per-View should actually take place in the Backlash arena.

    Contributed By: Dave 008 Bond.

    9    0

  • Getting the Smokin Skull Belt

    Play through WWF World Championship Mode with Stone Cold Steve Austin. Once he is the WWF champion. Go to the player section screen and play for the WWF World Title. You will notice the the design of the WWF World Belt has change to the Smokin Skull Belt!.

    Note. This would happen if Stone Cold is the WWF Champion.

    Contributed By: montymouse.

    7    2

  • How to get Mr. Socko.

    Play as Mankind, then let Mankind get his special. When Mankind taunts he will pull Mr. Socko out of his pants. Mr. Socko will stay on Mankind's hand until the end of the match. Unfortunately you can not assign this to a Created Wrestler. Also you must let Mankind finish his special taunt in order for this to work.

    Contributed By: Nomad Z 2000.

    7    1

  • Unlock Andre The Giant

    There are 2 ways to unlock Andre.

    -Eliminate him in Survival Mode. He'll be the last person to come out.
    -In Championship Mode, win every match in the 2nd part of the WWF Title Mode (when you're defending the belt). You'll face Andre in the final match, and if you defeat him, he'll be unlocked.

    Contributed By: MTRodaba2468.

    9    0

  • Unlock Cactus Jack

    To unlock cactus Jack, play the hardcore championship mode, and win all of the matches. At the end, Cactus will come out and fight you. Beat him, and he will become unlocked.

    Contributed By: dude123.

    7    0

  • Unlock Earl Hebner

    There are two ways to unlock the WWF senior referee

    1. Buy him at the SmackDown! Mall for $10,000
    2. Start a WWF Title Career in Championship Mode as a new contender and do the following in this order.

    -Win your first match
    -Be one of the first 20 superstars eliminated in the Royal Rumble
    -Win the rest of your matches

    Now when you go to the Suerstar Select screen, you'll see Earl Hebner's portriat.

    Contributed By: MrDeePay.

    3    2

  • Unlock Ken Shamrock

    There are only 2 ways to unlock Ken.

    1. Eliminate him in Survival Mode.
    2. Buy him in the SmackDown Mall for $50,000.

    NOTE: Ken is seen in the European Championship paths in Championship Mode. He will not be unlocked if you beat him.

    Contributed By: MTRodaba2468.

    7    4

  • Unlock Linda McMahon

    Start off as a new contender for the WWF Championship in Championship Mode. Win the first match, then win the Royal Rumble. Win all your matches up to the Fatal 4 Way at Wrestlemania. Lose the Fatal 4 Way, then win your next match. At the final chapter, Linda will come out and make an announcement. She'll now be unlocked.

    Contributed By: MTRodaba2468.

    8    0

  • Unlock Mae Young/Fabulous Moolah

    There's only one way to unlock these two old (really old) women wrestlers. You must eliminate one of them in Survival Mode. Both wrestlers share the same slot. Mae Young is costumes 1 & 3. Fabulous Moolah is costumes 2 and 4.

    NOTE: Mae Young appears in Championship Mode. She can't be unlocked that way, though.

    Contributed By: MTRodaba2468.

    5    2

  • Unlock Mick Foley

    There are 2 ways to unlock the Hardcore Legend.

    1. Eliminate him in Survival Mode.
    2. In the WWF Championship Mode, as a new contender, win all your matches, including the Royal Rumble, and the Wrestlemania Fatal 4 Way.

    Contributed By: MTRodaba2468.

    7    0

  • Unlock Shane McMahon

    There are two ways to unlock Shane McMahon

    1. Eliminate him in Survival Mode
    2. Complete the Intercontinental Championship Mode by having the last match between you and the McMahon men (Vince & Shane)

    Contributed By: MrDeePay.

    7    3

  • Unlock Shawn Michaels

    There are 3 ways to unlock Shawn.

    -Buy him in the SmackDown Mall for $50,000
    -Eliminate him in Survival Mode
    -As the WWF Champion in Championship Mode, win all your matches up to the 9th chapter. Lose this match. In the final chapter, you'll face Shawn for the championship. After this match, he'll be unlocked.

    Contributed By: MTRodaba2468.

    11    5

  • Unlock the Ho

    There is one way where you can play as one of the Godfather's lady friends, and that is to buy her at the SmackDown! Mall for a massive $500,000.

    Note - The Ho appears in Championship and Royal Rumble, (on exhib. 'random') but can't be unlocked through those methods.

    Contributed By: MrDeePay.

    11    0

  • Unlock Vince McMahon

    There are 2 ways to unlock the owner of the WWF.

    1. Eliminate him in Survival Mode.
    2. In the WWF Championship Mode, win your first match, then in the Royal Rumble, after 20 other contestants are eliminated, allow yourself to be eliminated. You'll now start a feud with Vince McMahon (shades of 1999). Win the rest of your matches. Vince McMahon will be unlocked after your last match.

    Contributed By: MTRodaba2468.

    6    2


  • Copy Tag Team Partner's Special

    In a tag team match, when you have your special running, grapple your opponent (strong), and press L, R, A, & B simultaniously. You'll do your partner's special!

    Contributed By: MTRodaba2468.

    6    0

  • Get More Weapons

    When you have already picked four weapons from the crowd and cannot get any more, stand next to the barricade where you get the weapons from. Use the D-pad to position your wrestler against the barricade and press left-c to ''exchange'' your current weapon(s) for other weapons.

    Contributed By: FrozenFusion.

    4    2

  • Manager Assistance

    Start a single match, then hold C-Up + C-Down + Z on controller three if your wrestler is player one to have a third player control your manager. Hold C-Up + C-Down + Z on controller four if your wrestler is player two to have a fourth player control your manager.

    Contributed By: Nomad Z 2000.

    6    3

  • Steal an opponents Taunt

    To steal an opponent's taunt, move the control stick around clockwise during a match and an opponent's taunt should be performed.

    Contributed By: Dave 008 Bond.

    8    2

  • Steal Opponent's Special

    In any match, when you have your special running, grapple your opponent (strong), and press A & B simultaniously. You'll do your opponent's special!

    Contributed By: MTRodaba2468.

    14    1

  • Steal Opponents Signature Submission

    With special, and your opponent is on the ground where you would normally tap A to apply your submission, instead tap A+B to copy the opponents signature submission. Clearly, this will not work if the opponent does not have a signature (special) submission.

    Contributed By: Robert Wagner.

    5    1

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