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Puzzle Solutions by SnapDragon

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 11/19/00

Pokemon Puzzle League for N64
Puzzle Solutions FAQ v1.0
Nov. 19, 2000

By: SnapDragon

Update History
v0.1 - All Class 3 solutions added
v0.2 - Class Special 1 and Special 2 solutions added
v0.3 - Class Special 3 solutions added
v1.0 - Class 1 and 2 solutions added - FAQ is done!


Hey all!  This FAQ contains the solutions to all the puzzles at Pokemon Puzzle
League's Puzzle University.  Use at your own peril - do you REALLY want to
deprive yourself of the satisfaction of finally solving the one that has you
stumped? :)

However, if you absolutely positively cannot get past a puzzle and you're seconds
away from killing everyone around you with a rusty chainsaw, well, you've come to
the right place!

I'm also interested in hearing about solutions that require LESS than the given
number of moves.  If you find one and want your name enshrined in my FAQ for all
eternity, send it to dkisman@acm.org!

- SnapDragon


Here's how I specify the solutions:

Basic Puzzles:
The columns range from A to E (left to right) and the rows from 1 up.  To solve
the puzzle, simply position the cursor at each specified column and row and swap.
Unless otherwise noted, wait for any chains to stop before doing the next swap!

3D Puzzles:
Instead of listing the columns from A to E, the column will be relative to the
cursor's current position.  So a "2L" means 2 columns to the left, "S" means the
current column, and "3R" means 3 columns to the right.  Rows are specified as
Thus, to execute "3R4 1L2", move 3 positions to the right from the cursor's
starting position, and then to row 4.  Swap.  Then move 1 position to the left
and to row 2.  Swap.
Unless otherwise noted, wait for any chains to stop before doing the next swap!

Action Puzzles:
This is my favourite class of puzzles, but solutions are hard to specify!
They'll be described similarly to Basic puzzles, except there are almost always
timing issues.  Any timing instructions will be written in brackets immediately
after the swap they apply to.  If an instruction applies to several swaps (which
should be done in quick succession), these swaps will be enclosed in {braces}.
The "1st drop" is the moment when gravity takes over after the first line
disappears.  The "2nd drop" is the next time gravity takes over, etc.

Class 1 - Basic Puzzles

Puzzle 1-01

Puzzle 1-02

Puzzle 1-03

Puzzle 1-04

Puzzle 1-05

Puzzle 1-06

Puzzle 1-07
D3 B1

Puzzle 1-08
D2 E2

Puzzle 1-09
D2 D1

Puzzle 1-10
A1 D1

Puzzle 1-11
C1 C3

Puzzle 1-12
B2 C3

Puzzle 1-13
C1 D1

Puzzle 1-14
C2 D1

Puzzle 1-15
A1 C3

Puzzle 1-16
E1 D1

Puzzle 1-17
C2 C1

Puzzle 1-18
B1 D1 C3

Puzzle 1-19
E2 C1

Puzzle 1-20
D1 C3

Puzzle 1-21
C1 B2 A1

Puzzle 1-22
B5 B3

Puzzle 1-23
D1 C2

Puzzle 1-24
D2 D5

Puzzle 1-25
D2 B2

Puzzle 1-26
C3 C1 C3

Puzzle 1-27
E1 D1

Puzzle 1-28
B3 A2 B1

Puzzle 1-29
C2 D1

Puzzle 1-30
D2 C2 C1

Class 2 - Basic Puzzles

Puzzle 2-01
C2 C4 B4

Puzzle 2-02
E2 C3 C1

Puzzle 2-03
C4 C2

Puzzle 2-04
D1 D2 C1

Puzzle 2-05
B1 D1 C2 C1

Puzzle 2-06
D2 D5 C3

Puzzle 2-07
C4 B1

Puzzle 2-08
E1 D1 B1

Puzzle 2-09
D2 D1

Puzzle 2-10
B1 A1 D1

Puzzle 2-11
C2 D2 E1

Puzzle 2-12
B1 D3 E1

Puzzle 2-13
C8 C2 E2

Puzzle 2-14
C2 B1

Puzzle 2-15
D1 B1 E1

Puzzle 2-16
A3 D1 C1

Puzzle 2-17
B3 A3

Puzzle 2-18
C7 C4

Puzzle 2-19
D1 C5 B3 D1

Puzzle 2-20
E1 C3 B1

Puzzle 2-21
E2 D2

Puzzle 2-22
E1 D1

Puzzle 2-23
B1 C5 C2

Puzzle 2-24
C1 C2 A1 B1

Puzzle 2-25
E3 E1

Puzzle 2-26
B3 A2 B2

Puzzle 2-27
C3 D3 C4 C2

Puzzle 2-28
C4 D4 E3

Puzzle 2-29
B3 C2 B2

Puzzle 2-30
B3 D1

Class 2 - 3D Puzzles

Puzzle 2-31

Puzzle 2-32
2L2 2L2

Puzzle 2-33

Puzzle 2-34

Puzzle 2-35

Puzzle 2-36
S9 1R5 1L3

Puzzle 2-37
2L6 S3 4R3

Puzzle 2-38
2L11 1R11

Puzzle 2-39
4R5 S1

Puzzle 2-40

Class 2 - Action Puzzles

Puzzle 2-41
B3 B3 (just before 1st drop)

Puzzle 2-42
B2 A2 (immediately)

Puzzle 2-43
E1 A3

Puzzle 2-44
B2 C3 (before 1st drop)

Puzzle 2-45
A2 D2 A2

Puzzle 2-46
A1 D2 (somewhat before 1st drop) {D1 E1} (quickly)

Puzzle 2-47
D1 E2 (immediately)

Puzzle 2-48
D1 D3 D1 (before 2nd drop)

Puzzle 2-49
C6 C5 C3 (during 1st drop) C2 (during 2nd drop) D1 (just before blocks land)

Puzzle 2-50
B3 C1 (just as the block lands)

Class 3 - Basic Puzzles

Puzzle 3-01
B2 B3 C4

Puzzle 3-02
C3 D6 D2

Puzzle 3-03
C3 D3 B2

Puzzle 3-04
C5 C2

Puzzle 3-05
A1 E1 D1

Puzzle 3-06
D1 C2 D4

Puzzle 3-07
D3 C2 D1

Puzzle 3-08
C2 C1 E4

Puzzle 3-09
D10 D6 C5

Puzzle 3-10
C4 D4 B2

Puzzle 3-11
C1 E2 C2 C4 C1

Puzzle 3-12
D1 D4 D2

Puzzle 3-13
D4 E1 D4 A3 A1

Puzzle 3-14
C1 D2 C2

Puzzle 3-15
B4 D2

Puzzle 3-16
C2 B2 C3

Puzzle 3-17
D2 D3 E3

Puzzle 3-18
C4 D4 D1

Puzzle 3-19
B1 D1 C6 C2

Puzzle 3-20
B2 C2 B5

Puzzle 3-21
C3 D2 C2 B2

Puzzle 3-22
B1 C3 D3 E1

Puzzle 3-23
C4 D3 D2

Puzzle 3-24
D1 B4 B3 B1

Puzzle 3-25
B7 B6 C4

Puzzle 3-26
B4 C1 C2 B2

Puzzle 3-27
C4 B3 B2 C2

Puzzle 3-28
B2 E3 D4

Puzzle 3-29
D1 C1 B4 B6 D4

Puzzle 3-30
E5 E6 D7 E5
or, E6 {E6 D7} (quickly)  *** 1 UNDER ***  (thanks yoshi1001!)

Class 3 - 3D Puzzles

Puzzle 3-31
3L3 1L1

Puzzle 3-32
5R4 1L4 1L1

Puzzle 3-33
2R9 S9 1R9

Puzzle 3-34
4L1 2L6

Puzzle 3-35
8R1 3L1

Puzzle 3-36
8L1 1L3 1L3

Puzzle 3-37
7L6 S10 (quickly)

Puzzle 3-38
1L6 S7 1R5

Puzzle 3-39
1L6 2R6 1L3

Puzzle 3-40
8R1 1L2 1L2

Class 3 - Action Puzzles

Puzzle 3-41
B2 D3 (just before 1st drop) D3 (during 2nd drop)

Puzzle 3-42
C4 C2 (as blocks land)

Puzzle 3-43
B5 {B4 B2} (before 1st drop)

Puzzle 3-44
D2 C1 (just as blocks land)

Puzzle 3-45
B1 {C4 C2} (before 1st drop)

Puzzle 3-46
{B5 B5 D5 D5} (before 1st drop)

Puzzle 3-47
D1 {D2 C2} (between 1st & 2nd drops)

Puzzle 3-48
A1 E1 (immediately) B1 (between 1st & 2nd drops)

Puzzle 3-49
A3 D3

Puzzle 3-50
C7 {C6 C5} (before 1st drop)

Class Special 1 - Basic Puzzles

Puzzle S1-01
C1 B2 B1

Puzzle S1-02
C5 B4

Puzzle S1-03
D3 D1

Puzzle S1-04
C2 C5 C3

Puzzle S1-05
C1 C2

Puzzle S1-06
B2 C3 D3

Puzzle S1-07
B1 E1 C3

Puzzle S1-08
C3 B1

Puzzle S1-09
D1 C1

Puzzle S1-10

Puzzle S1-11
C4 D4

Puzzle S1-12
E3 E1

Puzzle S1-13
C2 C4 E2 B1

Puzzle S1-14
A1 C1 D1

Puzzle S1-15
B2 C3

Puzzle S1-16

Puzzle S1-17
C5 B5

Puzzle S1-18
D1 B3 C4

Puzzle S1-19
D1 D2 C1

Puzzle S1-20
B7 C7

Puzzle S1-21
C2 A1

Puzzle S1-22
D1 D8 D2

Puzzle S1-23
B2 B3

Puzzle S1-24
B6 C5 B3

Puzzle S1-25
B2 D5 D2 D1

Puzzle S1-26
C1 D2 C4

Puzzle S1-27
D2 C2 C1 D1 C5

Puzzle S1-28
D2 E1 D3

Puzzle S1-29
B2 C2 C1

Puzzle S1-30
D2 A1 C1 B1

Class Special 2 - Basic Puzzles

Puzzle S2-01
B4 C4

Puzzle S2-02
B3 B10 C7 C4

Puzzle S2-03
A4 A3 C2

Puzzle S2-04
B2 E1

Puzzle S2-05
B1 A1 B1

Puzzle S2-06
A3 B4 B3 A1

Puzzle S2-07
A5 D5

Puzzle S2-08
B3 C3 B2

Puzzle S2-09
C4 C4 D5 D6

Puzzle S2-10
D2 E1

Puzzle S2-11
A3 C3

Puzzle S2-12
B1 A1 D1 E1

Puzzle S2-13
B4 C2 E1

Puzzle S2-14
C2 D1 C1 C5

Puzzle S2-15
B2 D2 C2

Puzzle S2-16
B2 E2

Puzzle S2-17
D2 D5

Puzzle S2-18
B3 C3

Puzzle S2-19
A1 B4 A4

Puzzle S2-20
B4 B4

Puzzle S2-21
C1 C3 A1 D1

Puzzle S2-22
C1 B3 C3 A2

Puzzle S2-23
B3 D3 C2

Puzzle S2-24
B1 D2 B2 C2

Puzzle S2-25
B4 C4 D4 B2

Puzzle S2-26
B1 C3

Puzzle S2-27
D4 D4 E2 C3 C1

Puzzle S2-28
E5 E5 E6

Puzzle S2-29
B3 D5 D5

Puzzle S2-30
C2 C3 C4 C1 C3

Class Special 2 - 3D Puzzles

Puzzle S2-31
1L4 2L5

Puzzle S2-32
S7 8R7 4L5

Puzzle S2-33
3R2 4L8

Puzzle S2-34
6R3 4R4 1L3

Puzzle S2-35
8L4 1R3 1L3  *** 1 UNDER ***

Puzzle S2-36
9R7 3R1

Puzzle S2-37
4R6 S5 S1 S3

Puzzle S2-38
2R11 S11 2R4 8L6

Puzzle S2-39
3L3 1R4 1R4

Puzzle S2-40
S4 1L3 2R3 1L2

Class Special 2 - Action Puzzles

Puzzle S2-41
C4 C4 (just before 1st drop) {E3 D3 E3} (quickly)

Puzzle S2-42
C2 {B2 A2 D2 E3} (between 1st and 2nd drops)

Puzzle S2-43
E3 D1 (immediately before blocks land)

Puzzle S2-44
C2 {C3 B3 C3 D3} (quickly)

Puzzle S2-45
D2 E2 (quickly) B2 (quickly) A2 (very quickly)

Puzzle S2-46
C5 {E3 C4} (quickly)

Puzzle S2-47
A3 E3 (exactly at 2nd drop)

Puzzle S2-48
B1 {C5 C7} (before 1st drop)

Puzzle S2-49
E2 {B1 A1 B6 C6} (between 1st and 2nd drops)

Puzzle S2-50
B1 C4 (swapping red and pink as they fall - this is EVIL)

Class Special 3 - Basic Puzzles

Puzzle S3-01
D1 D4

Puzzle S3-02
B2 C1

Puzzle S3-03
D2 A3 A2

Puzzle S3-04
D2 D1 E2

Puzzle S3-05
B4 B2 D2

Puzzle S3-06
B7 B1 A1

Puzzle S3-07
B2 C2 C1

Puzzle S3-08
D3 D1

Puzzle S3-09
D4 C3 D3 E3

Puzzle S3-10
B3 E2 D2

Puzzle S3-11
C1 C3 B3 A2

Puzzle S3-12
B4 C2 D2 C2 E2

Puzzle S3-13
C8 C4 E3 D2

Puzzle S3-14
C1 C2 C3 B2

Puzzle S3-15
B1 B2 C7 C3

Puzzle S3-16
D5 E1 D1 C2

Puzzle S3-17
D4 A3 B1

Puzzle S3-18
B1 D3 C2 C3

Puzzle S3-19
D1 A2 D6 D2
or, D1 D2 A2 (between 1st & 2nd drops)  *** 1 UNDER ***

Puzzle S3-20
D4 C2 C3

Puzzle S3-21
A2 B3 C4 E2

Puzzle S3-22
B5 C1 D5 D6

Puzzle S3-23
E3 D3 B2 C4

Puzzle S3-24
C1 D3

Puzzle S3-25
B4 C5 C2

Puzzle S3-26
C5 D3 E5 D2

Puzzle S3-27
B1 B5 B2 C2

Puzzle S3-28
C4 B4 C1 B2

Puzzle S3-29
E3 D5 B1 D1

Puzzle S3-30
D7 D8

Class Special 3 - 3D Puzzles

Puzzle S3-31
3L4 1R4 1L9 1L7

Puzzle S3-32
3L7 S7 3L1 1L3

Puzzle S3-33
5R4 1L6 1L6 1L6

Puzzle S3-34
S3 2R3 1L3

Puzzle S3-35
2L8 2L6 6R8 2R6 4L3

Puzzle S3-36
5R11 8R1 3R5

Puzzle S3-37
1L6 S2 2R6 S2 1L3

Puzzle S3-38
2L1 3R1 8R1 3L1 2L2

Puzzle S3-39

Puzzle S3-40
2L5 S5 4R5 S5 2L5

Class Special 3 - Action Puzzles

Puzzle S3-41
D1 D3 C4 (quickly)

Puzzle S3-42
D3 {E3 D4} (quickly) B5 (just before 1st drop, so all greens land together)

Puzzle S3-43
B3 C2 (just before 1st drop) B2 (quickly)

Puzzle S3-44
A5 {B3 E4} (quickly)

Puzzle S3-45
C5 {C3} (as fast as humanly possible)

Puzzle S3-46
C4 B2 E3 {E1 D4} (quickly)

Puzzle S3-47
D1 B1 (JUST before first line forms - the later, the better) 
   C3 (in the tiny pause between 1st & 2nd drops)

Puzzle S3-48
B3 D3 (just a tiny bit slower than humanly possible)

Puzzle S3-49
D3 C1 (just before 1st drop)

Puzzle S3-50
D5 D5 (just before 1st drop) C1 (just after 1st drop) A2 (as blue blocks drop)

SnapDragon - (Class 1-3, Special Class 1-3 solutions)
yoshi1001 - 1 under solution to 3-30

If you have a better/cooler solution than one of mine (especially solutions that use
fewer swaps than are given), please send it in!

Questions?  Comments?  Contributions?  Corrections?  E-mail me at dkisman@acm.org!

Legal junk
Do not use this FAQ on your page without asking my permission (which will probably be
granted!).  Anyone who violates this will be tied to a flagpole with their own
intestines.  I'm not kidding...

Copyright (c) 2000 Derek Kisman (aka SnapDragon)

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