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FAQ by SReich

Version: 1.3.3a | Updated: 12/05/2001

Pokemon Puzzle League FAQ V. 1.3.3a (Dec 5th, 2001) 
By Steven Reich (yoshi1001@aol.com) 
My Website: http://www.smbhq.com/pokewatch/ 
Copyright 2000-2001 Steven Reich. Do not use any part of this FAQ without 
my permission or I will send Pavel Chekhov to "Waporize" you. 
1. About this FAQ 
2. Questions 
3. Puzzle University 
4. 1P Stadium 
5. 2P Stadium 
6. Spa Service 
7. Marathon 
8. Time Zone 
9. Characters 
10. The "Master" Code/Other Info 
11. Media Guide 
12. Advanced Strategy 
13. Conclusion 
1. About This FAQ 
This faq will get you started, but assumes you have basic knowledge 
of the game. It also compares it to its predecessor, Tetris 
1.3.3a (12/5/2001): Fixed a problem with the FAQ edition.

1.3.3 (12/4/2001): Added Transcripts for some movies.

1.3.2 (6/23/2001): More Advanced Strategy, plus other items. 
1.3.0 (1/14/2001): New Advanced Strategy section. 
1.2.9 (1/12/2001): New Pokemon Puzzle Challenge info. 
1.2.8 (11/24/2000): Finished profiles. 
1.2.7 (11/10/2000): New Music Guide section. 
1.2.5 (10/20/2000): New "Cinema Guide" section. 
1.2.1 (10/20/2000): Mewtwo code info, as well as other stuff. 
1.1.9 (10/12/2000): New info in section 10, Spa Service, and characters. 
1.1.6 (10/7/2000): Lots of stuff, but check out The "Master" Code. 
1.1.4 (10/6/2000): Character, spa service info. 
1.1.2 (10/5/2000): Character, legal info. 
1.1.0 (10/4/2000): Yet more puzzle info. 
1.0.8 (10/2/2000): Yet more puzzle info. 
1.0.7 (10/1/2000): More puzzle info. 
1.0.5 (10/1/2000): More misc. updates. 
1.0.3 (9/30/2000): Added info on the puzzle master. 
2. Questions 
Q: Who is the Puzzle Master? 
A: I'm not sure entirely. Ritchie says Giovanni hasn't even seen the 
Pokemon Puzzle Master. However,(spoiler) Mewtwo (more on him later)  
claims to be the puzzle master, and Giovanni definitely saw him. 
(Though if you asked him, he'd probably say, "Mewwho?") 
Q: Mewtwo? 
A: You sound like Pokemon: The First Movie! Actually, if you go to 
sound test SFX 269-272, you'll notice that these are battle voices 
of a certain Phillip Bartlett-voiced character that likes to talk 
about destiny (read: the Twoster). Additionally, the voices  
preceding that belong to a series of Pokemon identical to Ash's. 
In fact, the Pikachu voice is exactly the same as the Pikachu clone 
from Pokemon: TFM. Technically, it should be Pikachu, Blastoise, and 
Venusaur, but oh well. Additionally, SFX 382-385 contain additional 
Mewtwo phrases, including an introduction phrase. 
Q: So how do I battle Mewtwo? 
A: Beat Gary the second time on very hard. You will go to the  
victory cutscene, but this time Ash will notice something odd  
about the trophy, and you will be warped to Mewtwo's chamber  
to battle him. 
Q: Can you play as Mewtwo? 
A: Well, sort of. 
Q: What do you mean, "Sort of?" 
A: There's a code, but it's kinda crippled. See the 2-Player Stadium section. 
Q: How do I unlock the hidden characters? 
A: To unlock all the hidden characters (except Mewtwo), go to the 
2P Stadium character select screen and hold down L, R, and Z on 
BOTH controllers. This is very similar to the Tetris Attack code 
of the same nature. 
Q: But no one else is around! 
A: You can do it. Get creative (ever hear of a chin?). 
Q: Wait, isn't that woman in the puzzle elite called Prima? 
A: Well, yes, one episode of the TV series had her and called her 
Prima, but the game calls her Lorelei (her proper name). 
Q: Aren't there lots of other codes? 
A: Yes, but since I haven't found them myself, I can't legitimately 
claim them. Once they become common knowledge, I'll tell you. 
3. Puzzle University 
Tetris Attack Equivalent: Puzzle Mode. I'm not sure if the basic  
puzzles are the same, but I doubt they all are. 
Types of Puzzles 
Basic: Standard puzzles. 
3D: Puzzles in 3-D mode. 
Action: In these puzzles, you usually need to move tiles while others 
are clearing. 
Class 1: 
Puzzles: 30 (all basic) 
Background: Ritchie and Sparky 
You shouldn't need much help with these. 
Class 2: 
Puzzles: 50 (30 basic, 10 3D, 10 action) 
Background: Lorelei and Poliwhirl 
The basic puzzles are harder, but the new 3D and action are pretty 
Class 3: 
Puzzles: 50 (30 basic, 10 3D, 10 action) 
Background: Brock and Vulpix 
The 3D and action puzzles are harder, and the basics are extremely tough. 
As an added challenge, see if you can beat puzzle 30 with one move still 
Puzzle tips: 
- When you first see a puzzle, be sure to count the number of each 
block color. Make sure you always have at least three. 
- Figure out the possible clearings of the blocks. 
- When all else fails, experiment. 
- A strategy that works particularly well for small-move puzzles is 
to check how many possible first moves there are, and work through 
- Generally speaking, 3D puzzles are just puzzles with a small 
"activation" area and a large combo/chain. 
- Start an action puzzle with the assumption you need to move pieces 
while others clear. 
- I know it sounds more Jedi master than puzzle master, but sometimes 
you need to feel where the blocks should go rather than think about it. 
Puzzle Questions 
Q: What happens when you beat the puzzles? 
A:1. You get to see the credits. (nice, considering the puzzle mode usually 
gets jipped) 
2. You get 130 "Special Puzzles." 
Q: What do you get for beating the Special Puzzles? 
A: Nothing! 
Q: What? 
A: Well, okay, the credits, but you already saw them. 
Q: Is there a code for the Special Puzzles? 
A: See The "Master" Code below. 
Q: I need help with a specific puzzle. 
A: Gamefaqs has a perfectly good puzzle FAQ. 
4. 1P Stadium 
Tetris Attack Equivalent: VS Com. This mode was considerably shorter, 
with 10 stages on Easy, 11 for normal, and 12 for hard and very hard. 
Tetris Attack Ladder: 
1-8 Yoshi's Friends->9. Hookbill Koopa->10. Naval Piranha 
Easy->11. Kamek 
Hard/Very Hard: 
Medium->12. Bowser 
Pokemon Puzzle League Ladder: 
1. Gary->2. Brock->3. Misty->4. Lt. Surge->5. Erika->6. Koga-> 
7. Sabrina->8. Blaine->9. Tracey->10. Team Rocket->11. Giovanni 
Easy->12. Ritchie->13. Lorelei->14. Bruno 
Medium->15. Gary 
Very Hard/Super Hard: 
Hard->16. Mewtwo 
Note: If you lose (nay, when you lose) to Mewtwo, you go back to 
the second Gary battle (I think this rule was Gary's idea). This 
also happens if you select return to select. 
Stadium Questions 
Q: Argh! The computer just got really hard all of a sudden! 
A: Yes, this has happened to me several times, first on Lorelei 
on Hard, then with Tracey on very hard, and again with Lorelei 
on very hard. Just keep trying (don't worry, you get unlimited 
tries, though the continue counter stops on 99). 
Q: Does Pokemon choice affect the amount of garbage sent? 
A: No. 
Q: How do I access Very Hard mode? 
A: On the level select screen, hold Z and press L, L, B, A. 
Q: What about Super Hard? 
A: Forget I mentioned it, unless you have an IQ of 200.  
Stadium tips: 
- Convert garbage into chains by lining up blocks under the forming  
- Start out strong with some chains and combos. 
- If they get on your nerves...turn the SFX off! 
- On higher levels, the battle comes down to who's the first not to have a 
gargbage clear. Don't be that person. 
5. 2P Stadium 
Tetris Attack Equivalent: VS mode. 
This is basically the same as before, but with a human opponent, the 
option of 3D mode, as well as different game options. Look there for 
more info. 
Q: Hey! You were going to tell me how to battle as Mewtwo! 
A: Oh, yes well, the code (from cheatcc.com) is to go to the character 
select screen, hold z on controller 1, and press B, Up, L, B, A, Start, A, 
Up, R (Bulbasaur). This will allow you to play as Mewtwo. 
Mewtwo: Ahem... 
A: What? 
Mewtwo: There are a few stipulations, aren't there? 
A: Oh, yes. My site coworker has reminded me to warn you of some limit- 
ations of this code: 
1. When the code is entered, the game shifts immediately to the Mewtwo 
stage background. Both characters use Pikachu. 
Q: You mean both Mewtwos, right? 
2. No. Player 1 is Ash, and Player 2 gets to be Mewtwo. 
Q: What if I put Player 2 on COM (via the options menu)? 
3. Mewtwo will be computer controlled (but at the set level)? 
A: Does 3D mode work? 
4. Mewtwo can be played on all variations of 2P mode, but the 3D AI  
will be limited, as usual. 
Q: Anything else? 
5. In order to go back to change settings, choose no at the play again 
screen. Choosing yes will go right back to another battle. 
6. Spa Service 
Tetris Attack Equivalent: Stage Clear. It also had a special battle 
after the third round. 
Not much to say here that isn't in the manual, except that with 3D 
mode, it becomes much harder. 
Q: Um...why is James wearing women's clothes? 
A: Wouldn't you like to know?  
Q: Argh! Giovanni is so tough! I can't beat him! 
A: Calm down, or else you'll break something! Your first, immediate  
priority has to be finding a combo, and not stopping. However, this 
will probably not be enough. Your only true hope is to get a Super 
Jigglypuff Stop (for lack of a better name). This occurs when the 
blocks have nearly reached the top of the screen. when this happens 
ANY combo or chain will max out the block freezing time to five 
seconds. This effect continues until the blocks have been cleared  
from the danger zone, so it may be in your best interest to keep 
some there until you can clear everything out. Two good SJSes, or 
one exceptional one should give you enough time to knock out  
Q: I still can't win! 
A: It wasn't easy for me either. Just keep trying. 
Q: I can't damage Giovanni at all! 
A: Only combos and chains will harm Giovanni. 
Q: So, um, how much damage do these chains and combos do? 
A: I don't know about chains: but combos follow this formula: 
#Of energy taken away=combo size-3 
Q: What do you get for beating Butch and Cassidy? 
A: You get to watch a cutscene of them being thrown in jail. 
Q: That's it? For being so hard to beat, and only getting to try once? 
A: Well, if you return to select, you get another chance, but you lose 
your high score. 
7. Marathon 
Tetris Attack Equivalent: Endless. Aside from a few options, the same. 
You're going to lose eventually. just try to make chains and combos to 
stop the tide. 
8. Time Zone 
Tetris Attack Equivalent: Time Trial. Once again, 3D mode is new. 
All I can say is play it like Marathon, because aside from the time 
limit, it is. 
9. Characters 
From: Pallet Town 
Who he is: Ash Ketchum desires to become the greatest Pokemon Master in 
the world. 
Pokemon: Pikachu, Squirtle, Bulbasaur 
From: Pallet Town 
Who he is: Gary Oak is the grandson of Professor Oak. Nobody likes his selfish 
attitude, except for the cheerleaders who follow him everywhere.  
Pokemon: Krabby/Kingler, Growlithe/Arcanine, Nidoran (female)/Nidoqueen 
From: Pewter City 
Who he is: A gym leader, Brock has many brothers and sisters, which he raised 
until his father showed up again. 
Pokemon: Vulpix, Geodude, Zubat 
From: Cerulean City 
Who she is: Misty is someone who could probably end up next to the word 
"tomboy." She blames Ash for breaking her bike. 
Pokemon: Horsea, Psyduck, Staryu 
Lt. Surge 
From: Vermilion City 
Who he is: A veteran of...something, Lt. Surge is also known as  
"The Lightning American." 
Pokemon: Jolteon, Raichu, Magneton 
From: Celadon City 
Who she is: In addition to being a gym leader, she also sells 
Pokemon: Tangela, Weepinbell, Gloom 
From: Fuchsia City 
Who he is: A Pokemon-training ninja, Koga specializes in the poisonous 
Pokemon: Venomoth, Voltorb, Golbat 
From: Saffron City 
Who she is: Having  developed her psychic powers as a child, Sabrina has 
split into two people-one who trains Pokemon, the other embodied in a 
doll who just wants to play. The recombination of these two people was 
the topic of three episodes of the TV series widely considered to be some 
of the worst ever created. 
Pokemon: Abra, Hypno, Alakazam 
From: Cinnabar Island 
Who he is: Blaine is a recluse with a hairpiece, which he wears to hide his 
identity while working at the Big Riddle Inn. 
Pokemon: Arcanine, Charmeleon, Magmar 
Tracey Sketchit 
From: Orange Islands 
Who he is: A Pokemon artist, Tracey sketches them. 
Pokemon: Marril, Venonat, Scyther 
Team Rocket 
From: Viridian City 
Who they are: Quite simply, Jessie, James and Meowth continuously fail to 
capture Ash's Pikachu. 
Pokemon: Wheezing, Arbok, Golbat 
From: Viridian City 
Who he is: Giovanni is the head of Team Rocket. He funded Mewtwo's creation, 
but Mewtwo destroyed his HQ. 
Pokemon: Sandslash, Persian, Nidoking 
From: Unknown 
Who he is: Very little is known of this character, aside from his friendly 
Pokemon: Sparky (Pikachu), Zippo (Charmander), Happy (Butterfree) 
From: Indigo Plateau 
Who she is: One of the great Pok

mon trainers of the world, Lorelei is widely  
revered across the globe. 
Pokemon: Cloyster, Dewgong, Poliwhirl 
From: Indigo Plateau 
Who he is: Bruno is another great Pokemon trainer who stresses the connection 
between the Pokemon and their trainers. 
Pokemon: Onix, Hitmonchan, Primeape 
From: New Island 
Who he (it?) is: Mewtwo is the result of millions of dollars put into  
years of cloning research. However, due to abuses by his early trainers, 
Mewtwo detests humans. 
Pokemon: Pikachu, Squirtle, Bulbasaur (Mewtwo's profile actually leaves 
open a very good Monty Hall joke involving,"clone number 1, clone number 
2, or clone number 3?") 
10. The "Master" Code/Other Info 
At least, that's what Bob Barker would call it. Go to the title screen, hold Z, 
and press A, B, R, A, A, B, R, A (Abra twice). This will trigger a chime. If you 
go back to the game, all the difficulties in 1P Stadium mode, and all the 
puzzles will be available. If you enter the code again, these features (unless 
otherwise earned) will disappear. If you want them back, re-enter the code  
The Profile Glitch 
Note: This works  regardless of the visibility of Mewtwo's profile. 
1. Go to Mewtwo's profile (use the R button till you get to the end). 
2. Hold Z  and press A, B, and R. 
3. Go to the title screen and wait until the profile demos come up. 
4. The pictures should be replaced by the title screen, which becomes more 
messed up with each person. 
The glitch disappears when the unit is shut off. 
If you leave the game on the post-2P game victory screen for a while, the 
game freezes. 
Profile demos: 
Giovanni's and Bruno's locations are misspelled. 
Plot Errors 
Mewtwo should be off his anti-human kick, since this game occurs after 
Pokemon: The First Movie 
There should only be one Sabrina voice, since Ash banished her other  
As I covered before, Giovanni has seen the Puzzle Master. 
In the cinema scene after you beat Mewtwo, the award is clearly engraved 
only on one side. However, on the congratulatory screen, the award is 
engraved on both sides (this is really just the programmers trying to be  
cheap and hoping we wouldn't notice). 
Pokemon Puzzle Challenge 
A few months after the release of Pokemon Puzzle League, a Game Boy Color 
game called Pokemon Puzzle Challenge came out. This game, produced in Japan, 
follows the basic premise of the Game Boy Tetris Attack. The game does not 
feature a 3-D mode, but has a Garbage mode not featured in PPL. Even so, the 
games are fundamentally the same. 
Fun Facts: 
- This is the only Pokemon game produced for America first. 
- This is the only game truly based on the Pok

mon TV show. Other games have 
used bits and pieces from the TV series (such as the Japanese theme in 
Pinball or the Jigglypuff gag in Hey You, Pikachu!), but not to this extent. 
- All the video scenes are in mono, thereby limiting the Mewtwo voice effect. 
- This game was only Mewtwo's third voiced appearance in a TV episode, movie, 
or game. The other two are Pokemon: The First Movie and Bye Bye Psyduck's 
who's that Pokemon. 
- Out of all the Pokemon used in the game, only Tracy's Marril is a  
Gold/Silver species. 
11. Media Guide 
Cinema Scenes 
Here is a listing of all known cinema sequences in the game, and how to 
see them. 
(U) Unvoiced character 
(E) Exclusive cinema appearance 
Scene 1: Game Intro 
How to see it: If you can't find this one, you're really pathetic, because 
that mans you haven't figured out how to press any button (other than Z) 
at the title screen. 
Cast (in order of appearance): 
Ash Ketchum 
Professor Oak(E) 
Announcer (E) 


Ash: Hi Professor Oak.
Pikachu: Pika?
Oak: Hello, Ash. I have an important message for you. They're starting an 
official Puzzle League tournament and you were selected as one of the 
Ash: Haha. I'll go sign up!
Pikachu: Pika pi.
Oak: I'm so proud of you, Ash! Being selected for this event is such an 
honor. Well there's no time to explain everything. You must hurry.
Ash: Well, let's go!
Pikachu: Pika!
Oak: Wait! Don't forget to see me in my office at Puzzle League Village!
Ash: Yeah!
Oak: Did you hear me, Ash?
Narrator: Eager to prove themselves in this new typr of Pokemon battle,
Ash and Pikachu race to Pokemon Puzzle League Village.
Ash: There it is, Pikachu. Are you ready for another new challenge?
Pikachu: Pikachu!
Description: Basically, this scene consists of Professor Oak telling Ash all  
about the Pokemon Puzzle League. 
Rating: Okay, I guess. 2.2 (out of 4) 
Scene 2: Hard Labor 
How to see it: Beat 1P Stadium on the hard setting 
Cast (in order of appearance): 
Ash Ketchum 
10,000 extras 
Description: A few seconds long, shows Ash and Pikachu with the trophy 
in a stadium. 
Rating: Forgettable. 1.8 (out of 4) 
Scene 3: Meet the Puzzle Master 
How to see it: Beat 1P Stadium's  Gary II on the very hard or super hard 
Cast (in order of appearance): 
Ash Ketchum 
10,000 extras 


Ash: Yay! Ha ha ha!
Pikachu: Pika! Pika!
Ash: Huh? What's going on in my trophy?
Pikachu: Pika?
Ash: Ahh!
Pikachu: Cha!
(Light shoots out of the trophy)
Mewtwo: Welcome, Puzzle champion. I am the Puzzle Master. I doubt 
you have what it takes to defeat me. It is my destiny to crush all who 
oppose me.
Description: Starts out like no. 2, but the the trophy warps Ash to the 
chambers of (dum dum dum) Mewtwo, the true Puzzle Master (shame on you if you  
didn't see this coming). 
Rating: Easily the most dramatic of all the cinemas. Also has great music. 
3.7 (out of 4) 
Scene 4: Weakling Human! 
How to see it: Lose to Mewtwo (I know, REAL hard) 
Cast (in order of appearance): 
Description: Mewtwo says, "I have no time for games," possibly one of the 
best (and most ironic) video game quotes ever. This is also one of the few 
times in the history of Pokemon that Mewtwo smiles, if ever so slightly. 
Rating: I see this one far more than I'd like, but it's okay. 3.1 (out of 4) 
Scene 5: Congratulations! (Major Spoiler) 
How to see it: Beat Mewtwo 
Cast (in order of appearance): 
Ash Ketchum 
Description: Mewtwo (not shown) teleports Ash and Pikachu back to their pool, 
where Ash comments that the experience might have been a dream (this is the 
guy who spent weeks looking for Vermilion city). However, Pikachu notices that 
Ash has received a deluxe paperwei-I mean the Master trophy. 
Special Note: Mewtwo's teleportation effect also appears in Pokemon: The First 
Rating: Videotape this one, but only because you'll want proof. 2.7 (out of 4) 
Scene 6: The Sundance Kitt and Caboodle 
How to see it: Beat Butch and Cassidy in Spa Service 
Cast (in order of appearance): 
Officer Jenny (U)(E) 
Description: Officer Jenny shuts the doors on a police van and Butch and  
Cassidy say, "We want another chance!"  
Rating: Nice to see Officer Jenny, but insufficient given the difficulty.  
2.7 (out of 4) 
Scene 7: Blasting Off Again! 
How to see it: Beat level 6-5 in Spa Service 
Cast (in order of appearance): 
Description: In their balloon, the following dialogue occurs: 
James: We were careless! 
Jessie: No, we were selfish! 
Meowth: We were careless and selfish! 
All 3: Team Rocket's blasting off again! 
Rating: Somewhat funny. 3.3 (out of 4) 
Scene 8: Arrivederci, Giovanni! 
How to see it: Beat Giovanni in Spa Service 
Cast (in order of appearance): 
Description: Giovanni says, "Let's see how you do against the Puzzle Master!" 
Rating: Seems thrown in. 2.1 (out of 4) 
Note: Songs marked as "unknown" are probably original, but not verified. 
Used: Puzzle Village, Ash's Theme 
Source: 2BA Master (Verse) 
Rating: 1.6 (out of 4) 
Used: Ash's Panic Theme 
Source: 2BA Master (Chorus) 
Rating: 2.5 (out of 4) 
Used: Gary's Theme 
Source: Pokemon World (Verse) 
Rating: 2.4 (out of 4) 
Used: Gary's Panic Theme 
Source: Pokemon World (Chorus) 
Rating: 2.8 (out of 4) 
Used: Brock's Theme 
Source: Viridian City (Verse/Chorus) 
Rating: 2.3 (out of 4) 
Used: Brock's Panic Theme 
Source: Viridian City (Verse/Chorus) (yes, I know Brock is from Pewter) 
Rating: 2.5 (out of 4) 
Used: Misty's Theme 
Source: Catch Me If You Can (Verse/Chorus) 
Rating: 2.4 (out of 4) 
Used: Misty's Panic Theme 
Source: Catch Me If You Can (Verse/Chorus) 
Rating: 2.5 (out of 4) 
Used: Lt. Surge's Theme 
Source: TV Show 
Rating: 2.8 (out of 4) 
Used: Lt. Surge's Panic Theme 
Source: TV Show 
Rating: 3.0 (out of 4) 
Used: Erika's Theme 
Source: What Kind of Pokemon are You? (Chorus/Verse) 
Rating: 2.7 (out of 4) 
Used: Erika's Panic Theme 
Source: What Kind of Pokemon are You? (Chorus/Verse) 
Rating: 3.1 (out of 4) 
Used: Koga's Theme 
Source: Unknown 
Rating: 2.4 (out of 4) 
Used: Koga's Panic Theme 
Source: Unknown 
Rating: 2.5 (out of 4) 
Used: Sabrina's Theme 
Source: Everything Changes (Verse) 
Rating: 2.6 (out of 4) 
Used: Sabrina's Panic Theme 
Source: Everything Changes (Chorus) 
Rating: 2.8 (out of 4) 
Used: Blaine's Theme 
Source: My Best Friends (Verse) 
Rating: 2.9 (out of 4) 
Used: Blaine's Panic Theme 
Source: My Best Friends (Chorus) 
Rating: 3.1 (out of 4) 
Used: Tracey's Theme 
Source: Unknown 
Rating: 2.3 (out of 4) 
Used: Tracey's Panic Theme 
Source: Unknown 
Rating: 2.6 (out of 4) 
Used: Team Rocket's Theme 
Source: Double Trouble (Verse) 
Rating: 2.5 (out of 4) 
Used: Team Rocket's Panic Theme 
Source: Double Trouble (Chorus) 
Rating: 2.9 (out of 4) 
Used: Giovanni's Theme 
Source: TV Show 
Rating: 2.4 (out of 4) 
Used: Giovanni's Panic Theme 
Source: TV Show 
Rating: 2.5 (out of 4) 
Used: Ritchie's Theme 
Source: Together Forever (Verse) 
Rating: 2.4 (out of 4) 
Used: Ritchie's Panic Theme 
Source: Together Forever (Chorus) 
Rating: 2.7 (out of 4) 
Used: Lorelei's Theme 
Source: Pokemon Dance Mix (Verse) 
Rating: 2.6 (out of 4) 
Used: Lorelei's Panic Theme 
Source: Pokemon Dance Mix (Verse) 
Rating: 2.9 (out of 4) 
Used: Bruno's Theme 
Source: TV Show 
Rating: 2.5 (out of 4) 
Used: Bruno's Panic Theme 
Source: TV Show 
Rating: 2.6 (out of 4) 
Used: Gary II's Theme 
(Duplicate of BGM #3) 
Used: Gary II's Panic Theme 
(Duplicate of BGM #4) 
Used: Mewtwo's Theme 
Source: Unknown 
Rating: 3.4 (out of 4) 
Used: Mewtwo's Panic Theme (does Mewtwo really panic, though?) 
Source: Unknown 
Rating: 3.2 (out of 4) 
12. Advanced Strategy 
You may ask, "What separates a good player from a great player?" The 
truth is, it's a combination of experience and tactics. Consider the 
Threading the Needle 
This measure involves dropping a block into another group, which is 
sitting above a group of clearing blocks. Visually: 
* BB 
* BB 
* BB 
* -- 
* BB 
*B - 
* 2X 
When a garbage block comes down, most people know you can deal every 
bit of it back to your opponent, but did you know you can send back 
more damage than you recieve? You do this by staggering your clears 
aling the block. Visually: 
* *C*B 
* *C*B 
* *C*- 
* *-* 
* * * 
*-* * 
*-* ** 
Of course, this example is highly idealized. 
Okay, I confess there is really no way for me to show you this one.  
Basically, it requires that you have more than one group of tiles with 
one or more garbage blocks in-between them. What you do is instigate clears  
on both sides, then move to stagger clears. It is possible to create mammoth 
chains in this manner. 
The Drill 
At higher levels, this is the method used by the computer. Basically, it 
starts with a vertical chain down the side, turning into a horiziontial 
chain at the bottom of the stack. 
13. Conclusion 
My Parents: For obvious reasons. 
NickWhiz1's Tetris Attack FAQ: For Time Trial info. 
VGF: For hosting my site. 
Nintendo: Duh. 
Mewtwo: He gets angry when I don't thank him. 
Me: Everyone needs self-esteem. 
Rachel Lillis: Even if I'm sick of Misty's "good battle!" 
The Continental Congress: 200+ years late, but still... 
cheatcc.com: Bulbasaur code. 
The Merriam Webster and Garfield Dictionary: For helping me spell arrivederci.

Link2458: For some of the transcripts. 
Places Authorized to host this FAQ: 
Copyright 2000-2001 Steven Reich. Do not use any part of this FAQ without 
my permission or I will send Pavel Chekhov to "Waporize" you. 
Steven Reich (yoshi1001@aol.com) 
My Website: http://www.smbhq.com/pokewatch/ 
Closing Quotes: 
"I have no time for games!"-Mewtwo 
"Can't win 'em all!"-Lorelei 
"What! No fair!"-Me 

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