• Debug Mode

    While the demo is playing and Press Start is flashing, press Right, Up, B, B, Up, Left, B, Z. You will see the words Debug Toggled if done correctly.

    Debug ModeRight, Up, B, B, Up, Left, B, Z

    Contributed By: Mezmorize99.

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  • New Orleans Track

    A secret track that can only be played on Time Trial and V.S.
    To unlock, get all 20 platinum trophies or get at least gold on every Amateur and Intermediate championship, then click on Practice on the main menu and go to the ranch area. There will be some hens running around and some eggs on the floor. Smash 20 of them, a sound will play then the track is unlocked.

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    New Orleans TrackGet all 20 platinums

    Contributed By: Chrisgfl and lordeilluminati.

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  • Unlock Characters

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    DeweyGet first place on all three of the amateur circuits to unlock Dewey
    HeueyYou MUST have a Transfer Pak and Mickey's Speedway USA for Gameboy. Transfer some information from the GB to your N64
    LouieBeat all the circuits in normal mode.
    ProfessorWin the Platinum Trophy in Frantic Finale on Professional mode
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  • Unlock different TV screens

    Here you will see how to change what is on your TV Screen when starting the game

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    Mickey Mouse(standard TV screen) start a new game or continue your progress
    Mickey Mouse and PlutoComplete the final trophy race, Frantic Finale and rescue Pluto
    Professor Ludwig Von DrakeTo see Ludwig Von Drake every time you start up the game and see the TV, defeat all staff ghosts and receive Ghost Medals for all tracks.

    Contributed By: DDRPenguin72.

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  • Unlockables

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    Digital SpeedometerWin a gold or platinum on mirrored Motorway Mania
    Disable Boost PadsWin a gold or platinum on mirrored Frantic Finale
    Frantic Finale tournamentCollect all 4 car parts
    Heckle ButtonWin a gold or platinum in the first 3 circuits on Amateur and Intermediate
    Mirror ModeEarn a gold on every tournament
    Negative CoinsWin a gold or platinum on mirrored Traffic Troubles
    Rainbow GooWin a gold or platinum in the first 3 circuits on Amateur
    Tiny RacersWin a gold or platinum on mirrored Freeway Phobia
    Unlimited RetriesWin a gold or platinum in the first 4 circuits on Amateur, Intermediate and Professional
    Victory Vehicles circuitWin the first 3 circuits on Professional

    Contributed By: Starky27 and dylanbme.

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  • Fast Start

    Just like in Mario Kart64, when the third red light glows press A, if you did it correctly you'll rocket across the starting line.

    Contributed By: General Eric.

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