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Animal Forest is a game where you can live freely in a fictional world. You can talk to your neighbors, shop, write letters, and do whatever you want.

Time passes in the game as it does in reality. As time goes by, morning, noon, and evening, with the colors and backgrounds of the trees changing according to the four seasons. Even when you're not playing the game, someone in the village is writing to you or moving in unknowingly.

Up to 4 players can live in the village inside the game's cartridge. You cannot play at the same time, but there are various ways of playing and communication, such as organizing scavenger hunts using the in-game bulletin boards and exchanging letters at the post office.

Occasionally visit your friend's village (cartridge). The inhabitants as well as the landscape in each village varies from cartridge to cartridge. With use of N64 Memory Cards, new encounters and discoveries are waiting for you.

The village in the cartridge is full of events and lots of unique experiences. Each person has their own way of playing Animal Forest. Find your own way of enjoying and play little by little every day.

You can catch fish by using a fishing rod at the river. From ordinary fish like crucian carp and carp to legendary fish, there are various fish living in the river. You can also decorate your room with the fish you catch.

Bug Catching
If you love insects, take a net and search around the village. Gently approach insects and catch them with the net. As with fish, the insects you catch are registered in a list.

Tree Chopping
If you hold an axe in your hand and swing it down on a tree several times, even a thick tree will be chopped down.

Of course there are shops in the village! You can buy various things at this shop run by Mr. Tanukichi. The store's assortment changes from day to day, so be sure to check it out every day.

Decorate your room with your favorite furniture!
There are many items in Animal Forest, including various pieces of furniture. There are so many different types that you can decorate your room with your favorite furniture to create your own unique room.

The seasons also change!
With it's built-in clock function, time flows in Animal Forest in the same way as in the real world. Not only are there daily changes such as the weather and the passage of time in the morning, noon, and night, but also the seasons change as the moon advances.

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